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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> it was a nice idea. pick a great show. >> set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five," you never know what's coming. "special report" is up next, bret baier. >> bret: animals are great in studio tonight, thank you. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, democrat on democrat warfare in houston, at least rhetorically, for the first time in the campaign, all of the top-tier democratic presidential candidates will be together on one stage for a three hour marathon debate expected to feature sharp attacks at the candidates try to differentiate themselves. meantime, back in washington were journalists of all strikes have described a circular firing squad with democrats mumbling over impeachment. we are in houston, the side of the third round of the democratic debates, we will have previews and predictions on tonight's event later in our program. plus, president trump is speaking right now to the press before leaving the white house. we will bring you that video here on fox when it comes in. first, democrats make the biggest move yet towards the
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goal of removing president trump from office. the head of the house judiciary committee says "make no mistake about it, he is pursuing impeachment." here's the problem, the speaker of the house fuses to use that word, doesn't want to speak about it anymore, and some democrats from moderate districts are speaking out about just how uncomfortable they are with the process. we have fox team coverage on this, senior capitol hill producer breaks on the democrats in disarray over impeachment, but we begin with correspondent david spunt, also on capitol hill, with what exactly democrats did today and what they are hoping to buried >> good evening to you, democrats voted to move forward with an impeachment investigation, not a formal impeachment vote. in this case is very important, there is a distinction, those democrats want to push further than the four corners of the mueller report and in this case when you talk about impeachment, wording is everything. >> i have it, the resolution is agreed to. welcome to fantasy island, let the show begin.
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>> with a tally of 24-17, democrats on the house judiciary committee voted to move forward with an impeachment investigation against president trump, but there's mixed messaging. >> some call this process an impeachment inquiry, some call it an impeachment investigation. there's no legal difference between these terms. >> the resolution reads to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to president donald j. trump. now, democrats can calm our witnesses, ask more questions, and have more time to ask those questions. a majority of house democrats are actively calling for such an investigation. some go a step further and want impeachment hearings to begin on the house floor. house speaker nancy pelosi is cautious on the subject. >> if we have to go there, we will have to go there, but we can't go there unless we have the facts, and we will follow the facts. >> the president following the development from the hill, weighed in on twitter. republicans are confident the votes for a formal impeachment of the president simply don't
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exist. >> i dare you to do it. in fact, i double dog dare you to do it. >> formal impeachment proceedings would only happen if pelosi signs off. she calls impeachment divisive and prefers not to overuse the word. >> are not answering any more questions on the subject. we will follow the facts. that's what it is. >> there was a long laundry list of topics the speaker and other democrats would rather discuss than impeachment. freshman new york congressman anthony brindisi flipped his district from red to blue and there's no fan of the i word. >> is a democrat representing a moderate districts, voters sent me back home to get things done. i'm worried as investigations ramp up it does take the attention away from some of the issues. >> the first witness to be subject to these rules, corey lewandowski, president trump's original 2016 campaign manager, he is scheduled to appear next tuesda tuesday. >> bret: david spunt on capitol hill, thank you.
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house speaker nancy pelosi says she is just not going to talk about it anymore. impeachment is becoming an increasingly divisive issue among democrats, as you just saw. senior capitol hill producer is here with that part of the story. good evening. explain, if you will, the pressure that speaker pelosi is under from both sides, really. >> this is what happens when you get the house majority, you get more moderates and you get more liberals and that's what house speaker nancy pelosi is dealing with across the spectrum in her caucus. keep in mind that obviously impeachment is good for the liberal base, it fires them up, but if democrats don't wind up impeaching the president, could that be an issue and inflame those liberals -- say this is just a panacea for them, that's a problem. but at the same problem list of some of the work for republicans. republicans want to portray democrats as being too extreme and for impeachment and that's wayne david's speech you heard the congressman talk about concern. i talked to a freshman democrat from southern florida who also flipped the district last term.
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she told me "it's sucking all the air out of all the good things we are doing" and that's what house speaker today shut down questions about impeachmen impeachment, that word is toxic, bret. >> bret: so how could getting bogged down in impeachment for democrats affect other issues? >> it's kind of like approaching a black hole here. you get across that event horizon and it just starts to consume everything. you know, they have to fund the government, they have to deal with the trade agreement with canada and mexico. they have to deal with guns, perhaps, here. the government is only funded for two and a half more weeks and here's the issue, you could see a scenario president trump, who watches a lot of television, get so incensed at seeing all these headlines about impeachment, that he says, look, i'm not going to work with democrats in all these key issues, guns, funding government, the usmca. that's a problem. keep in mind behind closed doors right now one of the big issues and that government funding fight is the border wall. what prompted the government shutdown last year? the border wall. that's an issue here, so as we
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go forward here, that's something to watch as they try to fund the government and wrap some of these things up in the next couple of weeks. >> bret: a lot of balls in the air on capitol hill, chad pergram keeping us honest up there, thank you. tonight, president trump is continuing his delicate balancing act on gun control. if chief white house correspondent john roberts has s congressional republicans. good evening, john. >> good evening to you, the president's helicopter in his way to baltimore where he will address the house republican congress. a lot to speak to them about tonight, one of the most pressing issues, what to do about increasing calls for gun control in the wake of recent mass shootings buried the president just departing the south lawn right now on marine one having just said that he had a good meeting today on guns and that they are making good progress on the issue of background checks. >> president trump and the white house playing it close to the vest today on what measures he may support to keep guns out of the hands of mass killers. >> he will in due course --
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>> joe manchin, who has been consulting with president trump saying he hopes the president of the right thing. >> it's a moment, a presidential moment, and i'm hoping he takes advantage of it. >> together with republican senator pat toomey and democrat chris murphy, is proposing to expand criminal and mental background checks to include gun shows and online sails. of today, the ceos of 145 companies, including twitter, wilbur, levi strauss, yelp, and more, sent a letter to all 100 senators urging them to pass a bill to require background checks on all gun sails and a strong red flag law. president trump supports so-called "red flag protection orders." it is that he is open to closing some of the loopholes and background checks, but he is under pressure from the nra not to go too far. republican senator lindsey graham believes the president will back a measure that could attract bipartisan support. >> i think the president understands the nature of the problem and with his leadership
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i think we can get a compromise. our democratic colleagues have been pretty reasonable and if the white house doesn't sign off, it's not going to go anywhere. >> is president trump considers what he is willing to back on guns, he was applauding last night's supreme court ruling on immigration by a 7-2 margin, the court lifted a ban on the new policy to deny asylum to migrants who traveled to third countries to reach the u.s. border. the decision only lifts an injunction that acting customs and border protection commissioner mike morgan is optimistic. >> the fight is not over so we are still going through uranus and the actual merits of this case right now, but right now what that means, while that's going on, we can fully implement this rule along the entire southwest border and hit this crisis. >> mexican officials today said they disagree with the supreme court ruling, president said he had a good conversation with president trump yesterday that the relationship between the two countries is good, and that president trump appreciates efforts mexico has made to's
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dough might stanch the of migrants. president trump also gave another parting shot to his former national security advisor john bolton. the president waiting on some issues bolton wasn't tough enough. "in fact, my views on venezuela and especially cuba were far stronger than those of john bolton. he was holding me that." >> the president today had lunch with the secretary of state mike pompeo. they discussed who might be the next national security advisor and as he was leaving the white house just a few minutes ago, the president shot down rumors that mike pompeo could take on both roles as henry kissinger did between 1973 and 1975. the president saying pompeo will remain secretary of state, will not take on the additional role, and that they have about 15 candidates, bret, that they will go through to find the next national security advisor. an announcement still likely to come next week. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn, thank you. once we get that tape from the president talking to reporters
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before he left the white house we will bring it to you. the federal budget deficit increased by $169 billion in the first 11 months of this fiscal year. the treasury department saying that puts the total deficit at $1,070,000,000,000 for the budget year so far. the current national debt, meantime, is just over 22 and a half trillion dollars. stocks were up today, the dow gained 45, the s&p 500 finished ahead a fraction. the nasdaq rose 25. now to the reason we are here in houston tonight. ten candidates, three hours, one stage, and a really big banner flying over the debate site today. the third round of the democratic presidential debates will be the first time the top candidates are all together on one stage. so the question, will front runner joe biden be the top target, or will it be the surging senator elizabeth warre senator elizabeth warren? correspondent peter doocy is here with a preview tonight. >> there we go! >> elizabeth warren is looking beyond trump.
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>> what we need is big structural change. >> as joe biden is looking back to obama. ♪ >> at the last debate, some democrats were critical of obama for not being progressive enough on health care and deportations. >> did you say those deportations were a good idea, or did you go to the president and say this is a mistake, we shouldn't do it, which one? >> mr. vice president it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't buried you and vote president obama more than anybody in this campaign, you can't do it when it's convenient and then dodge it when it's not. >> but biden is undeterred and now candidates hoping to catch him are guessing which strategy he will follow tonight. the one from the first debate where he was on defense -- >> my time is up, i'm sorry. >> or the one from the second debate where he was on offense. >> a thousand prisoners freed, kamala harris. >> the trump campaign is trying to print on its debate with a big banner behind a plane that
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says socialism will kill houston's economy, vote from 2020. low polling for dome of poorly -- so they can showcase top contenders on one night, but they overlooked two potential hurdles. the panthers on the buccaneers. andrew yang tweeted "why would you have a democratic debate at the same time as an nfl game? football fans vote too." if he is polling higher than both the texans on stage tonight, beto o'rourke and julian castro, but they're not the only ones who might enjoy a home-field advantage because is also where the candidate who gained the most the summer and might have the most to lose tonight had her first job teaching law. elizabeth warren. >> and my office was -- >> the biden campaign is telling us tonight that he is going to focus on calling for action and progress instead of just plans, but remember, the thing that makes elizabeth warren so popular with progressives is all
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of the plans and this is going to be the first time that democratic primary voters will see them side-by-side on the same stage as they decide who they like better. >> bret: that's the key dynamic to watch but then you have the other candidates who are really looking for oxygen. >> right, and if you are outside of the top tier -- there's only three polling, on average, and double digits. what you do, is this the time you have to start looking for a hail mary, and what is it? >> bret: peter doocy, be here in the spinner later, thank you. let's get to president trump. let's listen in. >> we give them a two week reprieve and so we will be doing the tariffs on october 15th instead of october 5th or 1st. if there were going to be set on october 1st, we are moving it to october 15th because they are having their 70th anniversary and i will do that again in honor of president xi. and that's it.
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any questions? >> [inaudible] >> i wouldn't. i think he's fantastic, but actually spoke to mike pompeo about that, and he decided -- and he and i -- i get along with him so well, we have a lot of the same views and a couple of little different views, but he likes the idea of having somebody in there with them and i do too. i think that we will have an answer for you. we have 15 candidates, everybody wants it badly, as you can imagine, we will probably next week sometime make that decision. we look forward to that. >> [inaudible] >> we have at least ten more. a lot of people want the job and it's a great job. it's great because it's a lot of fun to work with donald trump and it's very easy, actually, to work with him. you know why it's easy? because i make all the decision
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decisions. >> [inaudible] >> you call baltimore one point rodent infested. what's your message now as you had to baltimore? >> we are going to baltimore right now. i look forward to it. we are going to be with the republican congressman and i think it's going to be a very successful evening. we had a tremendous election on tuesday and you saw the results on tuesday night. one gentleman was dan bishop. he was not doing so well three or four weeks ago. we got the message out, he won the election. he was losing substantially and he ended up winning fairly easily. that's dan bishop. and greg murphy won by a lot more than it was expected. he won by many points and a lot of people thought that was going to be a close race, so we won two seats in congress on thursday and i guess the press didn't talk about it too much. they would have if they lost, but they won.
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the republicans had a great night on tuesday. >> are you considering any kind of interim deal with the chinese where they make a commitment on intellectual property? >> at something people talk about, i'd rather get the whole deal done. we've taken and many, many billions of dollars of tariffs. i'd rather get the entire chinese -- if we are going to do the deal, let's get it done. a lot of people are talking about and i see a lot of analysts are saying interim deal, meaning we will do pieces of it, the easy ones first, but there's no easy or hard. this deal is there's not a deal but it's something we would consider, i guess, but we are very -- we are doing very well. we are doing very well. i did a little bit of a delay in honor of president xi because it's their 70th anniversary in china. >> what you expect out of the debate tonight? >> well, it's too bad i'm going to miss it, i didn't even tell
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them about that, so maybe it's not that important, but it is important. it's going to be very interesting, i look forward to going home. i'm going to have to watch it as a rerun because many of you are coming to baltimore with me. i don't expect too much different. you have three people that are leaving. i sort of think that those three people are going to take it to the end, it's going to be one of those three i think, but you never know and politics. you know better than i, you never know and politics. >> [inaudible] >> who you think your strongest opponent is? >> i think -- look, they all have their weaknesses and their strengths. i think that they are very different. you certainly have a lot of different voices up there, but it would look to me like it would be elizabeth warren and it looks like joe maybe will be able to get there, maybe not, i don't know. and certainly bernie is there. he's number three, but i think
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because they are so far in the lead, the three of them, and if you remember, i'm sure you forget by republican primaries but i went to the lead at the very beginning and stayed there. if you don't make a really major mistake -- he should be able to make it. i would imagine biden would be able to make it. if he doesn't make any major mistakes. we will see what happens. >> [inaudible] >> the minute you called "my african-american in 2015, he says he's leaving the republican party because you're pursuing a pro-white agenda. what you say to him? he used to be a supporter of yours. he is a supporter of yours. he's a supporter of yours. >> i don't know you're talking about. >> he's the man he pointed out at the rally and called "my african-american." >> i don't know. with tremendous african-american support. i would say i'm at my all time high. i don't think i've ever had the support that i have now and i think i'm going to do very well with african-americans.
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african-american support has been the best we've had and i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that from an employment and unemployment both -- employment and unemployment -- well, i think this, i think this, it's very simple. if we have the best numbers we've ever had for african-americans in terms of employment well. today.udible] >> we had a big meeting on guns and we had a big meeting on ethanol. we had a great meeting with chuck grassley, mike rounds. we had -- kim was there. i will. we had some terrific people. we had a meeting on ethanol. we had a meeting on guns, separately and different people and i think we made some good progress on background checks and guns. i think we had a great meeting on ethanol for the farmers.
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i think we had a -- our ethanol meeting was a great meeting, let's see what happens, but there's been nobody better to farmers than donald trump, that i can tell you. i think we made a lot of progress on ethanol and i think we made a lot of progress on guns, yes. >> [inaudible] >> at some point, yes, he will -- certainly they want to meet, they'd like to meet. i think it's something that will happen, and we will see, but kim jong un, i think something can happen, yeah. >> [inaudible] >> senator tim kaine says you're pointing national security rest and democrats are calling for a vote to overturn your national emergency. what's your response to that? >> the wall is being built, we need the wall for purposes of national security. the military is behind it all the way. if any project that they may delay a little bit, it's only a delay, they will get built, but the wall is something that we
3:21 pm
need. we are going to be building hundreds of miles of wall. we had come as you know, a supreme court decision, which was outstanding. we also had a supreme court decision yesterday on asylum and that was a very, very big decision and it was a 7-2 decision. the asylum decision was very vague, but we had a very good decision on the wall and wall funding in the wall is going up as we speak. we intend to have approximately -- you know, maybe something short of 500 miles of wall. that would be almost everything that we need. about 500 miles is what we need and we are going to be very close to that by the end of next year. >> [inaudible] >> approved a resolution defining the panels and investigation -- the impeachment investigation. are you concerned at all? >> i'm not. we've done the best job of any president in two and a half years in office. our economy is incredible,
3:22 pm
rules, regulations, everything that we've rolled back have really led to a resurgent economy. if you look at all of the things we've done for the military, what we've done for the vets. if you look at everything we've done from an economic standpoin standpoint, to a national security standpoint, i think our country is in one of the best conditions that it's ever been in. i think the economy may be the strongest it's ever been in the history of our country and people know we are doing a great job. they do play politics and they continue to play politics and a lot of people think that's the only way, but you know what? most people think that helps me. it's really an embarrassment to our country. we've done a great job, yes. >> kim jong un wants new conditions and negotiations with the united states. are you accepting new conditions for the negotiations? >> we are going to see. i think north korea would like to meet. i think you probably heard that.
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i can tell you that iran wants to meet and china wants to make a deal, so we have a lot of interesting things going on. >> [inaudible] >> i haven't seen the andrew mccabe situation. i really don't know about it yet. i heard it was big news before but i have not been able to find out exactly what happened with andrew mccabe. something happened that was very big, it was just breaking as i walked out. but i haven't seen it yet. >> what exactly have you and the first lady -- >> we haven't told him anything. except don't vaped. we don't like vaping. >> i don't think she's scared of anything. i think she's a smart woman and i think she knows exactly what she's doing. we have the strongest economy in the history of our country, we are about ready to break the record again. stock market, we broken the record on jobs,
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african-american, we just broke the record again, you know that. if you look at hispanic-american, asian american -- the best employment and unemployment numbers in the history of our country. it with women we are 71% -- 71 euros. think of this, 71 years, the best numbers and 71 years. i think we've done a great job. there are those that say the best job in the history of our country for the first two and a half years, so pretty much that's the story. >> [inaudible] >> so we had a big meeting today on guns. we had a big meeting today on ethanol. both meetings went very well. a lot of progress was made i believe on the background checks and various things having to do with guns. we are dealing with the democrats and we are -- i think we are very well. it seems like they'd like to do something and i can speak for republicans, they'd like to do something.
3:25 pm
we will see what can happen, but we are always protecting our second amendment. i want to make it clear our second amendment will be protected. >> [inaudible] >> well, we are dealing on venezuela right now. it's going to be a very interesting period of time. we're also trying to help a lot of venezuelans who are dying. they have no food, they have no water, and we are trying to help. a lot of them have escaped, so to speak, into columbia and different places. we are trying to help those people that have been able to get out, but we are dealing with a lot of things having to do with venezuela. my attitude on venezuela is a very tough one and frankly my attitude on cuba is a very tough one and in a way they go hand-in-hand because cuba has always made it possible for venezuela to do what they are doing and frankly, that's ending now, and likewise venezuela
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through the oil took care of cuba. a lot of that is ending right now. >> [inaudible] >> i don't believe that. i don't think the israelis have been spying on us. i really would find that hard to believe. my relationship with israel has been great. you look at golan heights, you look at jerusalem, with moving the embassy to jerusalem, becoming the capital, you look at even the iran deal, what's happened with iran. iran is a much different country than it was two and a half years ago and it's in a much different position. now, i don't believe that. i wouldn't believe that story. anything is possible, but i don't believe it. >> are there any democrats debating tonight that you absolutely respect? >> i respect all of them. >> all of them? >> i respect everyone. it takes a lot of courage to run for office. i respect all of them. see that? i'm getting to be much better as a politician. you never thought you'd hear
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that answer. >> [inaudible] >> i think so. it depends really on the democrats. it depends on whether or not the democrats want to take your guns away because there's a possibility that this is just a ploy to take your guns away, or whether or not it's meaningful. if it's meaningful, we will make a deal. if this is a movement by the democrats to take your guns away, then it's never going to happen because we are never going to let that happen. we will always be there for our second amendment. so we're going to see. if the democrats want to make a deal, we can make a deal. >> [inaudible] >> bret: president trump on the south lawn talking to reporters as he often does as he often does nowadays. wish they could turn off the road as a marine one so you could hear him better but the audio sounded pretty good there. insisting china and iran and north korea want to sit down and
3:28 pm
talk. talking up the u.s. economy saying it is booming. also talking about the debate tonight saying he thinks it's probably biden, warren, and sanders that will be the last three standing, but he said a lot can happen in politics and at the end they are saying respects everybody on the stage because it takes a lot to run for office and then saying he probably wouldn't have heard that from me before i'm getting to be a better politician, on the south lawn. let's get perspective on this debate and what the president just said from one of the candidates who did not qualify for this stage. john delaney is a former congressman from maryland and a businessman. if also running for the democrac nomination, he joins us from washington tonight, fair and balanced, after the president, thanks for being here. listening to the president on the south lawn, specifically may be about the economy first, about his perception that america is still the place that the world is investing in that he believes things are going well. you've been out on the trail,
3:29 pm
what do you think? >> i think america will always be the place -- we have terrific free markets and the rule of law. in the economy is doing reasonably well. unemployment is low and directionally those are all pretty positive things, but when you travel around this country coming to realize that it's very, very concentrated. i mean, last year 80% of the money for start up businesses went to 50 counties in this country out of 3,000. you go around iowa, where i spent a lot of time, all 99 counties. if you see town after small town shrinking. there's not jobs for young people. it's putting huge pressure on rural health care. so there's huge parts of the country that have been hollowed out. the president promised he would do something about that when he ran for office, he hasn't done anything about that. one thing i would definitely disagree with him that he says he's been the best president for farmers -- i would argue he's been the worst. every acre of ground in iowa is worth less today than it was when he was inaugurated because of this trade were that he's in.
3:30 pm
>> bret: they counter that they've given billions of dollars -- 15 billion to the farmers. and they believe that the china deal is going to get through to the present. i will let you answer that, but i want to ask about the debate tonight. >> sure. listen, i think the farmers for that money, but they don't want handouts, they want markets. if they want there to be open markets. i'm the only person running for president who supports the trans-pacific partnership which would be the best thing to ever happen to rural america and i think you can won rural america on that one issue. >> bret: okay come on the debate tonight, you're not on the stage tonight and really joe biden is in the position of being one of the only moderate democrats or centrist democrats on the stage. you're not on there, congressman tim ryan, john hickenlooper is out of the race, governor bullock is not on the stage. what you think about joe biden, and can he win that? obviously are still running for
3:31 pm
this nomination, but a lot of pressure on biden tonight. >> listen, i think everyone can won. the question is who's the best candidate? i think we got three people were front runners right now i think they're all vulnerable for different reasons. i think senator warren and senator sanders are vulnerable because they are too far to the left and they are fundamentally running on things that a majority of the american people will not get behind. and i think vice president biden, who is more kind of a moderate, if you will, or kind of find common ground, i don't think he's put forth some new ideas and i think the country is always looking for new ideas and who tells the better story about our future. so i think the three front runners bret, are vulnerable and i think the vice president ran i was kind of squatting on all the more moderate-oriented voters but as you know, it's a long way to go, almost five months or a little less than five months before the first votes are cast and i think is going to be a lot of action in this primary because more people starting to
3:32 pm
tune in and the people whose stomach tune and closer to the election tend to be more moderate. >> bret: last debate you got in a pretty heated back-and-forth about not doing things that are fantasy. if you are elizabeth warren and bernie sanders in the same ideological space essentially but they are doing well. you're not on that stage tonigh tonight. can elizabeth warren and bernie sanders -- there's a plane flying overhead from the trunk and payments as "socialism will kill houston." that is what they talk about -- can they beat general trump in a general election? >> they can but i think -- i think if you put a whole new economic model of the united states on the ballot in 2020, i think that feels very risky to me. if the 2020 election is about decency, is about solving problems, it's about thinking towards our future and figuring out ways to find common ground
3:33 pm
and do things to help workers and help communities and address climate change and things like that, in a common sense way, that feels like a much better chance of beating the president been running on socialism or a whole new economic model of the united states of america because i think at the end of the day when you get to the general election, a lot of voters are not for some of those things and they worry about how any of the stuff is going to get paid for, what does that mean for our kids and grandkids in terms of the debts we are going to leave the them. we do need real solutions -- >> bret: are you going to make the october stage? >> we are working on it. >> bret: all right. john delaney in washington, we appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: up next, why a man was one of the top law enforcement officials in the country is now facing the prospect of going up against the justice department. we will be right back. ♪ (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way!
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♪ >> bret: welcome back to houston. a frequent object of
3:38 pm
president trump's scorn may soon be facing a different kind of wrath from the federal government. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with new details on the andrew mccabe case. good evening. >> good evening. the former fbi deputy and acting director andrew mccabe is one step closer to criminal indictment tonight after a source close to his legal team confirmed to fox news that the justice department rejected his last-minute appeal. his legal team recently met with the deputy attorney general to argue against federal criminal charges for misleading investigators over his role, a media leak in the clinton foundation just before the 2016 presidential election. the email said the department rejected your appeal of the decision in this matter. any further inquiries should be directed to the united states attorney's office. fox news has learned that u.s. attorney for washington, d.c., recommended moving forward with charges based on the findings of a 2018 inspector general report. mccabe, now a cnn contributor, was fired over those findings within days of his retirement.
3:39 pm
justice department inspector general michael e horwitz concluded mccabe "lacked candor on at least four separate occasions about his role in a media leak that confirmed the fbi's probe of the clinton foundation." he also found mccabe violated fbi media policy because confirmation of an ongoing investigation was not in the public interest. rather, the leak was designed to benefit mcc against criticism he was compromised because his wife took more than $600,000 from democrats for 2015 state senate race. last month mccabe filed a civil wrongful termination case against the fbi and justice department. tonight the u.s. attorney's office is not commenting on any pending action. bret. >> bret: continued to follow this, thank you. president trump's pick to be permanent secretary of the army says u.s. troops will have to stay in afghanistan for some time. brian mccarthy told the senate armed services' committee today the danger posed by total withdrawal is too great.
3:40 pm
>> you have roughly two or three of the most sophisticated terrorist organizations on the earth in those mountains, so we can't take our eye off the ball there. until a time where there's a much greater maturity and strength within the afghan government. >> bret: mccarthy and the president's choice as air force secretary barbara barrett appeared at the confirmation hearing today. both are expected to be confirmed. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says continued rocket fire from gaza is making another war against power, which is in a coastal strip. inevitable, netanyahu is taking a tough stance against israel's enemies i had a big election next tuesday. meanwhile tonight, there are revelations about israel's treatment of perhaps its greatest ally, the u.s. state department correspondent rich edson has the story. >> a claim that u.s. officials caught a top american ally spying on the united states.
3:41 pm
that's according to a report in politico. and israel denies it. the report cites three former u.s. officials saying the u.s. government believes israel is most likely behind surveillance devices that intercept cell phone communications. in a letter lester to commerce, department of homeland security officials acknowledged they found evidence of these devices in the washington, d.c., area. and also here near the white house where they could attempt to spy on top american officials, including the president. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also denies as government spies at all in the u.s. >> no intelligence connection to the united states. no spying and it's rigorously enforced without any exceptions. >> the report claims the trump administration never responded to or condemned israel. the white house and state department refused to comment on the story. >> i don't have any knowledge of that. i did see some of the reports. i think we ought to be on our guard not only with regard to our adversaries, but some of our
3:42 pm
allies. >> the only american sentence to life in prison for spying for an ally, jonathan pollard, arrested in 1985 for passing documents to israeli officials. u.s. paroled him in 2015. the u.s. has a close relationship with israel, one has grown stronger under the trump administration, moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, recognizing israel's claim to golan heights and an intense sanctions campaign against iran in washington. rich edson, fox news. >> bret: you just are the president on the south lawn say he does not believe that israel is fine on the u.s. next up, our panel right here in houston about the debate and impeachment. ♪ let's be honest, insurance can feel a little
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♪ >> what we need is big structural change in this un poll done in the last year has us trump, sometimes in double digits. >> donald trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> you have three people that are leading. i sort of think that those three people are going to take it to the end, biden would be able to
3:47 pm
make it. if he doesn't make any major mistakes. >> bret: president trump weighing in on the debate tonight, the stage, ten democratic candidates. a lot of people looking at joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, the top three. as you look at the latest polls, iowa and new hampshire, the average post, you can see that biden still holds a lead, especially nationally, but let's see that ball again -- there you go. in iowa, still big, in new hampshire, not that big. warren has been surging as of late. let's bring in our panel here in houston. mo elleithee, executive director of georgetown institute of politics and byron york, chief political spohn and of the "washington examiner." your thoughts as the stage is here? what are people looking for this debate? speak of the first time joe biden and elizabeth warren have shared the stage, they are emerging as the front runners. she's been ascendant.
3:48 pm
she's the only one who's had sustained momentum. warren and sanders was sort of occupy the same space in the democratic field and it really sort of preventing each other from taking biden had on. do they start to mix it up? they've been lockstep up until now. the third dynamic, people like pete buttigieg, kamala harris, cory booker, who seem kind of stagnant, can they finally have their brick to make breakthrough moment that they can then sustain coming out of this? >> bret: the moderates are largely off the stage except for joe biden. maybe you can put amy klobuchar. >> amy klobuchar just barely got in, as a matter of fact. biden does have a 9.5 percentage point lead, but you know, on september 1st, it was 13.5% and on july 1st it was 16.5%. it's actually getting smaller. i think for this group, even
3:49 pm
though we've gone from 20 candidates now to ten candidates, i think the real fight for the people in the bottom of the pack is fighting the perception that there is really just three candidates no now. >> bret: you have biden and warren. if the going but is that they are going to at least have some fireworks. take a look. >> we can step back and say something we don't often say enough. barack obama is an extraordinary man. he had character, courage and vision. >> this is the place. my first full-time teaching job in law. i taught contract law and commercial law, i taught legal writing. >> bret: so they are setting up the dynamic there. what do you make? to think biden is coming out swinging or place kind of defense? >> he stole the front runner and front runners don't often go on offense, but he might.
3:50 pm
she really has been ascendant. if the challenge warren has is if she wants to go after biden, how does she do that? everyone that has gone right at him up until now in a debate has faltered. why? because democrats still like joe biden. they kind of react badly when someone has gone right at him. >> bret: but what about the gaps? some of them big, some of them bigger than ever mike others. does that come up with a candidate confronting biden on details? bernie has done it on the trail, but does it come up in the debate do you think? >> we get all excited about the gaffes, we don't know how much they really affect voters. we do know he still reading. i think one thing that strategists and other candidates would want to do is use the gaffes. it's kind of a proxy for whether he's too old to be president. he's kind of forgetting things, he's slowed down a bit. he can't pull a fact to mind immediately like younger candidates do. whether they're going to go there or not, i don't know. but they have to break out of
3:51 pm
this idea that it's only sanders -- biden, sanders, and warren, and nobody else. >> bret: we will see if there's another moment in this debate, we will have 11-1 coverage after the debate. the other big news, democrats on the house going forward with impeachment, investigation impeachment, or the announcement of investigation of impeachment. a lot of rhetorical back-and-forth. democrats divided on this issue, take a listen. >> i'm worried that as investigations wrap up it does take the attention away from some of the issues that are important to voters in districts like mine and other districts represented by moderate democrats. >> very disappointed that nothing was said about impeachment, his bigotry, his racism, his policies that have racist overtones to them that are impacting people. >> bret: we are not the only ones noting this. obviously politico with the headline impeachment dumpster
3:52 pm
fire. sienna and saint are already botching the impeachment fight. it's late. democrats can't figure out if they're trying to impeach trump or not. mo, what about this? >> are they doing? >> yeah. >> here's what we know. democrats -- that the house has an oversight responsibility which democrats in the house have chosen to exercise and they are holding investigations. the problem is not in what they are doing. the problem is and what they're calling it. if this is like a quintessential messaging problem i have right now were some of them want to call impeachment, some of them don't want to call it impeachment. both of them wanting to do that for very different political reasons. my argument to democrats is just pick one. you were doing the thing, just pick what you want to call it and stick to it. >> bret: speaker pelosi had a tough time at this press conference saying i'm not talking about it anymore. >> that's it, i'm not going to say anything else. the vast majority of house democrats think trump should be impeached, right?
3:53 pm
>> i think a vast majority of democrats believe there ought to be -- that we ought to move to like a formal inquiry. >> but they just can't do anything and time is really passing. in 1998 window clinton was impeached, ken starr delivered his reports to congress on september the ninth. they made it we started and impeachment. the house voted for and impeachment inquiry and by december the house voted to impeach him. it would be very hard to see, given the state of democrat disarray on this right now, see them doing that. >> bret: monmouth pull out just days ago as should trump be impeached or compelled to leave the presidency august 2019, 35%, no should not, 59%. the house judiciary committee, good idea or bad idea and it's 51-41. nadler making the case that they're going to make the own, but what are the exactly th i all goes out doesn't seem
3:54 pm
to be set in stone. does it become a problem for the ten people on the stage tonight? i assume they can't not address this, or abc can't not ask this. >> they'll get the question. what's interesting -- they will get the question here. they're not getting the question out on the stump though. >> bret: they're not choosing to talk about it on their own. >> when they're doing their townhouse -- right, no one is putting it in their stump speech. why? it doesn't poll well, but what does paul well in all the samples is that a majority of the american people believe that the president should not be reelected, so that's what they want to focus on. the democratic candidates for president want to focus on making the electoral argument against them, not this argument. >> have it they were living off balance since the mueller report? so many of them thought this was going to be it, this is going to be handed to us, tied up in a bowl and then we can impeach him and everybody will agree, and it just didn't happen. it's not been on their feet
3:55 pm
since then. >> bret: last debate, two words were used, impeachment and mueller. tonight i bet they will. thank you, guys. see you afterwards. when we come back, a very colorful birthday for a young cancer patient. ♪ teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental. why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the
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>> bret: finally tonight, a community celebrates one of its own. ♪ >> happy birthday! >> bret: 4-year-old whitaker weinberger is in remission after battling stage four neuroblastoma for most of his life. whitaker left the transformers character bumblebee and is thrilled when he sees a yellow car. bumblebee transforms from a car into the transformer. his mom posted on facebook asking for their alexandria, virginia, community to line the street with yellow cars during his walk to preschool on his birthday. word spread on social media and the surprises, as you can see, did not disappoint. if they didn't transform into transformers but even got his customized yellow car, his own, and he thought it was pretty
4:00 pm
cool. that's great, happy birthday. thanks for inviting us into her home tonight, that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. i will be back at 11:00 p.m. eastern time for up-to-the-minute coverage of the debate here in houston, 11-1:00 a.m. we got you covered. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: we will be watching all that with you tonight. great to see you in houston there this evening and tonight, a new plot twist in the ongoing story of mr. andrew mccabe. a good evening, everybody, i martha maccallum here in new york. so the department of justice, for whom he worked for 21 years, has reportedly overruled his appeal plea and they will move forward with charges against him for lack of candor when agents are questioning him and they say that he was leaking fbi material to the press. >> i had no time ever intentionally misled director comey, the inspector general, or


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