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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 13, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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friends." we just talked to steve about the lineup coming up. it's going to be big. let's give him extra time. jillian: brian will like that. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ [speaking spanish] welcome to texas. >> houston, we have a problem. >> my campaign will now give a freedom difnsdz of $1,000 a month for an entire year to 10 american families. >> i wrote the damn bill, if i may say so. >> this problem, senator sanders with that damn bill that you wrote and that senator warren backed is that it trust doesn't the american people. hell yes we are going to take your ar 15, your ak 47. >> i want to say no. actually i want to translate that into spanish. no. [laughter] >> you know, i think i am the only person on the stage who has been a public school teacher. >> in terms of democratic
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socialists to equate what goes on in venezuela with what i believe is extremely unfair. >> there is so much we have done. i will do what the rest of them do twice over. okay? >> president trump can you go back to watching fox news. [cheers] steve: live from new york city it's fox news as the democrats take the debate stage down in the great city of houston. welcome, it's the post game show here at "fox & friends." ainsley, welcome back. ainsley: thank you so much. i went to south carolina for a brief little trip. brian: you arrived back safe and we were able to watch on the plane. any of the debate? ainsley: i was back earlier than the debate. we were able to all watch it last night. top democratic contenders taking the stage down in houston. >> steve: they were united against the president. medicare for all quickly divided the stage. brian: we had a lot of reporters to choose from to cover the post game show and together we unanimously chose griff jenkins. griff, you have been named the reporter to recap the
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three hour extrafagan zoo texas the university. congratulations. griff: thank you. i accept the honor and take that serious task. about the only thing the 10 candidates agreed upon on the stage last night was the disdain for trump. and division really was about the entire vision for america that you had front and center vice president biden flanked by warren and sanders. the main issue healthcare and, of course, medicare for all. watch. >> my plan for healthcare cost as lot of money, it costs $740 billion. it doesn't cost $30 trillion. >> we pay for it. those at the very top, the richest individuals and the biggest corporations are going to pay more. >> medicare for all is the most cost effective approach to providing healthcare. i wrote the damn bill, if i may say so. >> the push to the left, the progressive push continued throughout the night and also under attack was
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president obama's legacy. we saw some lesser known candidates elevate themselves like hue julian castro taking shots at biden. then had you senator kamala harris who in previous debates really attacked biden chose instead her thoughts on president trump scripted manner. the one that stood out was struggling beto o'rourke who took a very aggressive stance when the issue came to gun control. watch. >> hell yes we are going to take your ar 15, your ak 47. we are not going to allow it to be used against a fellow american anymore. [cheers and applause] griff: guys, the big take away no lane for any moderate voices, senator amy klobuchar able to get out of blocks with her moderate approach. of course, finally, that moment everyone is talking about on social media businessman andrew yang offering a freedom dividend 10 families, $1,000 a month. who knows where that goes. the next debate is in october. we will see who is there, guys.
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steve: all right. thank you very much, griff. you know, for bernie sanders with the 30 trillion-dollar healthcare extravaganza, i wonder if he could afford loss zengs. the entire debate like he was trying to clear his throat. he needed a lozenge. brian: last time he didn't scream 1977. sooner or later he raspiness. record player. i could not get enough vinyl. ainsley: they have to be careful going after joe biden. people like him. i know he is running for president but julian castro credit sizing him a lot of people don't like it because they trust joe biden and like joe biden. kind of like if you date someone, don't know them, it takes a while to get to know them. if you have been a friend for a long time best relationships. this guy was a record.
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this guy was the vice president of the united states. people have to go after him for age and mocking him. steve: right, at the same time, joe biden would like to fix obamacare. brian: right. ainsley, they did not listen to you. ainsley: what is this? this is the "new york post." brian: biden babbles through the democratic debate. ainsley: at one point you have to opt, in you don't have to opt. in next moment julian castro says get your story straight are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago. that's one of the things trending on twitter. brian: i cannot get my head wrapped around what he said about iraq and iraq. that's when came back and said wow, there was a lot there. steve: ainsley's point, hey, did you forget, joe biden, what you said two minutes ago? suggesting is he way too old for the job. here is the interplay. >> my problem with vice president biden and corey pointed this out last time every time something good about barack obama comes up oh, i was there, i was there, i was there. that's me too.
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and then any time somebody questions part of the administration we were both part of he said well, that was the president. he wants to take credit's work but not have to answer to any questions. [cheers and applause] >> i did not say i don't -- i stand with barack obama all 8 years. good, bad, and indifferent. that's where i stand. i did not say i did not stand with him. steve: there you go, castro calls out biden. it's having. email us this morning at who you thought was the winner? ainsley: they both served under president obama. steve: they both stood with him. ainsley: sometimes you stand with him and sometimes you don't. what is castro saying i never stood with him? brian: one of the questions from jorge ram most to joe biden do you want to apologize for expelling
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8 trillion immigrants he calls them migrants. brian: he says you know that was the president's decision. really? steve: joe biden says i was vice president. ainsley: castro is so far down the list he is trying to have his breakout moment. he watched kamala harris do it if the first debate and now he is trying to do it going against joe biden. steve: had those people polling at 1%. the bomb throwers they weren't there. there was more of a debate regarding healthcare. clearly people are dug in on do they want to fix obamacare or medicare for all. they were dug in on one thing, that is that this president is not a good guy because he is a racist, they say. watch this. >> anyone who supports this is supporting racism. only people who buy into this president wants hateful rhetoric around immigrants are people who don't know any. >> let me also call out the fact that we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a morality threat to people of color all across this
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country. >> we know donald trump is a racist but there is no red page of courage for calling him that. >> president trump, you spent the last two and a half years full-time trying to sow hate and division among us. and that is why we have gotten nothing done. brian: it's really sad when you can just call the president a racist, sexist, white supremacist and no one even cares or everyone just accepts it. steve: ask the follow-up question what do you mean? what are you referring to? brian: there was a lot of red hot issues that abc didn't put the candidates in a box to explain. number one is are you still for decriminalizing the border? joe biden, is it true that nobody who is in prison for -- anyone in prison for a nonviolent crime should be let out? does that make any sense? and he was never asked about that. steve: listen, klobuchar and harris were really hit for their records as former prosecutors when it came to criminal justice. ainsley: the president is
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saying, look, i'm not a racist. i just want our country to stay safe. i want to know who is coming into our country. he says look at the unemployment numbers for for for african american poverty rates have also reached the all-time in our history record lows. i mean, how do you lose this debate? steve: that was the president last night speaking in front of republicans in baltimore during the debate while it was going on. in fact, i think when kamala harris said okay, mr. president, go back to watching fox news. i think at that moment he was actually speaking to the republicans. he couldn't watch fox news. brian: i think that's great. if the president had free time and watching this, he would be tweeting up a
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storm. steve: he hasn't tweeted anything. brian: i think it's great. he is busy trying to rally the troops in baltimore. i guess he was cheered on the inside, somewhat jeered when he walked into the building. there were protesters out there because of the comments made about baltimore which turned out to be almost 100 percent accurate. earlier we were telling you about some of the things joe biden said were unorthodox. if you really want to him on the back. hey, joe, $780 billion in a stimulus program. in charge of paying it out. where did the money go. number two, in charge of pulling the troops out of iraq. general mattis wrote a book trying to explain to you the dangers of this sunni group rising in al maliki's corruption. why didn't you listen? instead, you got a meandering answer and allowed to get away with it. the one thing when you talk about meandering is how he ended the answer, believe it or not, on iraq. steve: well, he was asked about slavery at one point and he talked about poor schools, and then he talked
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about a device that a lot of people used to have in their living room. >> play the radio, make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone. make sure the kids hear words. a kid coming from a very poor school -- or very poor background will hear 4 million words fewer spoken by the time they get there. brian: at least he didn't say vic tol victrola. steve: the fact he brought up record player. ainsley: he forgot sony walkman. it was the number two tweet. steve: the president tweeted out or retweeted out an image that actually showed, i believe, the president's head -- or rather joe biden's head there, right there, that's on facebook. meanwhile, mike huckabee tweeted this out. yep, record player. if elected every home will have a coal oil lamp, a wash
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board, cast iron kettle and a new set of horseshoes, you go, joe. remember, joe 3030. brian: 30330. it's important talk about buying and kid around about record player. one thing that did work that was effective closing play where you put a record look like a suitcase and you can walk around with that record playing which defies logic that was an era in which we landed on the moon. we could do everything. we were able to walk around with a record playing while we went around our day. ainsley: that was jam box. brian: it was the head of its time. steve: it was a toy. just for kids. brian: no kids used it? ainsley: they mocked people. maybe not the smartest thing to say if you want to appeal to a younger audience. brian: we will see. steve: that's part of his authentic nature. to him people listen to the radio, they watch the television and they have a record player. i wouldn't be surprised if he has a record player in at
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his house. ainsley: my grandparents had one in living room. steve: we had one too. ainsley: i inherited it. steve: i told mine in a garage sale for 75 cents. brian: somebody turned a profit. ainsley: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. parents look at this. a day care worker holding a little girl upside down by her ankle and that is not even the worse part of the story. steve: biggest story of the day the democratic debate last night. how did they do? brand new dials you won't see anywhere else coming up next most? most? loud ♪ like a freight train ♪ ♪ its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. > ainsley: top 10 democrats candidates making pitch to you the voter in the democratic debate. what were the top moments last night and how did you, the americans, react. here is partner and president maslansky and partners and author of "persuasion" that great book. great to see you. congratulations on the release of your book. let's start with healthcare. here is a montage about what the democrats said about healthcare last night. >> on medicare for all. costs are going to go up for wealthier individuals and costs are going to go up for giant corporations. but for hard-working families across this country, costs are going to go down. >> medicare for all is
3:18 am
comprehensive healthcare, covers all basic needs. >> of the 160 million people who like their healthcare now, they can keep it. if they don't like it, they can leave. ainsley: look at the lines, the blue is the top the democrat. the yellow is what we always look at independents because they really choose the elections and the red is the republicans. what did your folks say about this? >> the democrats gave it a b plus, independents a d and republicans an f. not surprised at all by the republicans. and as you say important to look at the independents. what i thought was fascinating is medicare for all polls so well. people talking about how great it is. it is really not resonating with the voters. best moment in healthcare was joe biden's moment if people want to stay with healthcare plans they should be able to. people aren't so far to the left as we might see based on how the conversations are going. ainsley: there was moment no when julian castro wanted his moment of fame he mocks joe biden the former vice president and keep in mind castro served on his cabinet. he mocks him for his age and
3:19 am
his memory, not sitting well with a lot of people. let's watch this and get your reaction. >> are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? i mean, i can't believe that you said two minutes ago that they had the to buy in and now you are saying they don't have to buy in. >> anyone but grandmother who has no money. you are automatically enrolled. >> automatically enrolls people regardless of whether they choose to opt in or not. ainsley: lee? >> i don't know what he was doing. independents and democrats a c. republicans gave it an f. people were just shocked. why would he be going after biden? if you want to go after trump, they get it. go after some of the other candidates they get it. this was his former vice president. this is somebody that he used to support. it just looked petty. it didn't look good and i don't think this is going to serve him well at all. ainsley: democrats slam the
3:20 am
president on his immigration plans. watch this. >> we have a crisis that donald trump has created and hopes to profit from politically. >> donald trump has a dark heart when it comes to immigrants. he built his whole political career on scapegoat and fear mongering and migrants. >> the only people who buy into the president's hateful rhetoric about immigrants are people who don't know any. ainsley: lee? >> independents an b, democrats an a. it is not working for independence. what are you going to do for me. don't just attack him. ainsley: thank you, lee. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you just heard beto beo o'rourke talk about gun grab and now is he talking about a cash grab. people are talking about it. tomi lahren is up next. ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning. we begin with your headlines and a fox news alert. a houston police officer shot trying to stop a group of carjackers. listen to his fellow officers dramatic call for help. >> i need gauze an a -- we need an ambulance over here now. jillian: one suspect is dead. two others in custody and a fourth is on the run. accused of mugging a priest before shooting that cop. the city's police chief says he has had enough. >> i'm tired of the children of our community being shot
3:25 am
throughout this nation and either you do something or don't show up. we don't need you here. >> at last check that officer was in surgery. new details of that dramatic take down off the couple on the run for more than two weeks. 50 officers surrounded a remote home after a tip that suzanne and blain. at first he refused to come out when he did the officers used a stun gun. the officers prison van to face murder charges. the feds investigating any possible accomplices. a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. steve: thank you, jillian. beto o'rourke doubling down on his promise to confiscate legally owned guns. some of them. >> if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield. [cheers] >> if the high impact, high
3:26 am
velocity round when it hits your body shah reds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that so that you would bleed to death on battlefield and not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers, hell yes we are going to take your ar 14, your ak 47. brian: can you hear the gun sales going up on that. is this a winning message to voters? they certainly reacted positively. tomi lahren is here from fox nation. were you surprised by the reaction when he said that? >> the reaction in the room which i'm certain was predominantly democrats. but i know everyone on twitter, the democrats were maybe excited about it but the republicans we just said i told you so. like i said on twitter last night and i will say again today, finally they are being transparent. we have been saying this for years that they want to take our guns, they want to take our guns it was oh you stupid hillbillies we don't want to take your guns. now coming out and saying it proudly. not just beto robert francis but elizabeth warren
3:27 am
incremental changes. what that really means let's gradually chip away at it so that people don't realize their second amendment rights are being corroded and lead to what we actually want which is a con i confiscation. ainsley: we don't want the government to tell us how -- what we can buy or can't buy? are they say would go he don't take the guns away from the good guys because of one or two bad guys? what is their message. >> our message is freedom over everything. all of this gun control is just infringement after infringement after infringement. the democrats like to come up with these solutions like the background checks and red flag laws. if you dig deeper you realize these are infringements designed to slowly corrode away our second amendment rights until they completely take them off the table. we are seeing this because just a couple years ago, just when hillary was running they said no, no. we are not going to take your guns, not going to take your guns. flash forward saying it blatantly another four or five years what's the message going to be then?
3:28 am
steve: that was without a doubt the high point for beto o'rourke after the debate. afterwards, they actually put out a fundraising tweet that reads simply beto has a ban for that. that was something. a lot of people just tuned in to see if he would. but regarding whether or not congress and the president get anything done aside from the democrats, they all say something needs to be done. there is a poll out that came out this week. most americans want to see congress pass gun restrictions. so, if most of america wants that to happen, what do the republican does? what does the president do? >> this is an education issue. because, again, people are hearing things like increased background checks, red flag laws and think that's a simple solution. it's not. dig deeper and understand rights are at stake. steve: what do you mean education? >> education into what red flags laws really would do. brian: or what assault weapons are. >> they don't know what assault weapons are. because they think ar 15 stands for assault rifle but
3:29 am
it does not. they would say you are unstable because you are on fox news and take your guns. red flag laws without due process they can never guarantee that are a problem. i caution republicans and president trump to move and do this to appease the left. the truth of the matter is the left is never going to be happy with what you do. you are never going to be able to do enough. instead of infringing on the rights of millions of americans who voted for you and are law abiding gun owners don't do that to appease the left. they're not going to like you anyway. keep the constitution at the forefront and you will win again in 2020. brian: if you don't do anything and still got your base not going to budge. if you want suburban women they say more and more they want some type of gun reform. that's why the president is speaking to senator murphy of connecticut. senator manchin and pat toomey. that seems to be what's going on behind the scenes. >> it's great to have the discussion, again, i would ask donald trump and i would ask the republicans to make sure they are listening to their base. there is a reason why we get so fired up as gun owners
3:30 am
out there and second amendment advocates when you start chipping away. it always starts like this. common sense, common sense. then it turns into well, you don't need. this you don't need that it's just common sense. you don't need an ar 15. this is just gradual. be careful when you start slicing away your rights because us will not get them back. be very careful, republicans in how do you that. steve: tomi lahren was really up really late last night. catch tomi on if you would like more information and go to the app. store and down load it today. >> i like it cope it not like the bernie, constant. ainsley: he cannot speak without moving his hand. tomi can. brian: imaginary bouncing ball. ainsley: go get some sleep, tomi. rob schmitt is having breakfast with our friends down there in texas at the
3:31 am
house of pies. pete: good morning, house of pies institution in houston, texas. i'm here with three houstonians going to tell us they have a wide swath of his opinions on some of the biggest issues from last night. everybody watched the debate. and we are going to have more of it coming up here in a couple of minutes. we hope you stay tuned. ♪ ♪ the pain and swelling. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. bookers can book literally hundreds of daily deals... [so, any plans for this weekend?] you bet bookers have plans this weekend. with daily deals of 30 to 50% off,
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...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> our problems didn't start just with donald trump. the first is just how dangerous donald trump is. >> there is enormous, enormous opportunity once we get rid of donald trump. >> donald trump in office on trade policy, you know, he reminds me of that guy in the wizard of oz, you know, when you pull back the curtain, it's a really small dude? [laughter] steve: later george stephanopoulos not going to take the debate referring to him because is he not as
3:35 am
tall. steve: rob schmitt our "fox & friends" co-host is at the house of pies where, rob, i don't see any pie. ainsley: good point. rob: no pie. it's kind of early although i have been up all night i could eat pie and feel good about it. house of pie. this is open 24/7. everyone knows the house of pies in houston. we are going to start with christina. you are a pediatrician. you are not here to talk about healthcare. you are here to talk about guns. you have a big group, obviously. >> that's right. rob: you are here for common sense gun legislation. tell us what you you want. >> we are a grassroots gun sense organization. and you mentioned healthcare. as a pediatrician healthcare is an important issue to me. but, gun violence is a huge part of healthcare in america. and a huge public health epidemic. so, we are for gun sense legislation, background checks. extreme risk protection orders and keeping kids
3:36 am
safe. rob: beto is owning the gun debate right now started his entire opening speech is about guns. are you a beto fan. >> personally i was a huge beto fan when he was running for senate. i wish he had won. i am a fan certainly of what he is saying regarding gun sense legislation. rob: i want to go to you. we tried an assault weapons ban in this country we had it for 10 years. a lot of people say it didn't work well. beto is talking about taking away assault weapons, ar 14s, and ak 47s. tell us why that is going to work this time if he gets elected. >> i don't know if it will work or not. we don't have a lot of experience with that. that's not really my main thing. my main thing is background checks. whether it's assault weapon rifle or pistol as long as you are going through a background check and deemed fit to own a gun and have you trained and know how to use a gun you should be able to have that gun. rob: you are all about guns, i get that absolutely. roberts is a landscaper in
3:37 am
houston. is he kind of an indication of a changing houston landscape itself politically. your family were all republicans. you are leaning the other way. i want you to tell us why. >> well, i like -- i mean, i just like a more democratic form of government in that to me that means that we all work together for common good. rob: yeah. >> i think the problem in my opinion with the republicans, not that they don't have good ideas at times, but they have gotten to where they are only interested in their own agenda. rob: you said to me earlier that you want to a smaller government. you say that the government is getting too big. that doesn't sound too liberal. >> i just think because a person is a democrat means they believe in big government. i think these are issues that everybody ought to work on, not just democrats or republicans. rob: all right. thank you, guys, very much. we are going to slide just tout other side of the restaurants with and talk to james here. james is retired and he is
3:38 am
born and raised in houston. and if you couldn't tell who he voted for, it's on his shirt and on his hat. james, good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. rob: good morning to you. thank you for coming in early this morning. i know it's hard to get up early. what you saw last night, you said you were worried about socialism. >> yes. rob: the plane flew over last night the trump plane flew over. what did you make of the debate? >> socialism clown act. rob: not your thing? >> there is nothing there for them to really support the american people. everything elizabeth wants to do is destroy america. everything bernie wants to give away is going to bankrupt america. rob: what does president trump do that excites you so much? you have hat on and got his shirt on. >> he is a business man. that's why i voted for him. he has straightened out a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of that a lot of the other politicians have never even addressed to
3:39 am
take care of. rob: okay. all right. james, lifelong from houston and you are also a gun owner as well. >> absolutely. rob: i know you have opinions about that. we might have to get that later. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. rob: house of pies, houston texas. people here get up early come in and drink coffee and talk about politics. steve: they do indeed. rob, because we didn't see any pie there, i looked at the menu. if i were there i would have the chicken fried steak two eggs any style. rob: that's not a pie. >> guy says chocolate pie shut best. funny name of the i will get it for the next hit and have it on the table. brian: great job, rob. both sides. imagine showing up and everyone is wearing the same t-shirt, embarrassing. steve: seems like that was the theme there 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with pictures we haven't seen
3:40 am
before. >> good morning. these are brand new satellite images showing an infected island story u.s. bombing campaign. smoking craters in areas once covered with forest in iraq. u.s. warplanes dropped more than 30,000 pounds of laser guided bombs killing more than 25 isis firefighters. the american led major transit hub for terrorists going in and out of syria. a disturbing picture shows a day care worker dangling a child by the ankle. political science say the 5-year-old girl was being bullied and assaulted by other children as two workers sat down at table in columbus, ohio. the man, joshua tenet eventually picked the girl up by her ankle and put her in the back of the room. tenet and another work face child endangerment charges. well, you can call this guy a jail birdie. a man hijacks a golf cart trying to get away from police. see him riding on the course north of west palm beach in florida. he took the cart after telling the pair of golfers he had a gun.
3:41 am
police arrested jerome. they say he is a suspect in a string of car robberies. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: thanks a lot, jillian. steve: that particular story took place in west palm beach and janice dean for the folks down in florida, it's like deja vu all over again. here comes another storage. janice: we are watching a potential storm humberto would be the next named storm. take a look at it. a lot of showers and thunderstorms moving into the bahamas. it's not named yet. we do think it's going to become humberto. i want to stress that this track is not set in stone we still don't know where the center of circulation is going to be. gives you a good indication that the bahamas could be affected by this as well as florida and parts of the southeast even as a hurricane. okay? so we need to watch this not only today but through the weekend. tropical storm warnings in effect for all of those affected in the bahamas from the last storm from dorian and we have tropical storm watches now for the east coast of florida.
3:42 am
so that gives you a good idea. the national hurricane center center says we need to be prepared. especially for florida. there are some of these computer models that go into the gulf of mexico as well. a lot of uncertainty with this storm system so the bottom line is keep apprized of all the latest forecast. we will do the best we can to make sure everyone knows. the florida region, both coasts of florida up towards the southeast need to monitor the storm and of course the bahamas. some of the same areas affected by dorian will get hit again by a possible tropical system in the next 24 to 48 hours. back to you. steve: storm season not over. janice: not at all. ainsley: just when things were getting back to normal here comes another one. steve: i don't think hurricane season ends until the end of november. meanwhile talking about the debate that man right there andrew yang announced he is giving away free money at the debate. is that just trying to buy votes or could his plan actually work for some people? brian here is a guy that will probably say no it
3:43 am
with l. not work. charles payne is crunching the numbers next. hi, charles u ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ go ahead and tell everybody ♪ i'm the man, i'm the man, i'm the man ♪ yes, i am, yes, i am ♪ run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. run with us. i wanted more that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better.
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we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover?
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(grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum brian: 14 minutes before the top of the hour, judgment day for actress felicity huffman. ainsley: the hollywood star is going to be the first parent sentenced in that college admissions scandal. steve: aishah ha hasnie is outside the courthouse where she will learn if she does time. >> she will arrive this afternoon and could walk away from this without any jail time all because of this recently released report from this probation office. it's very favorable to her. as you know felicity huffman pled guilty to paying $15,000 for a proctor to correct her daughter's sat
3:47 am
exam. the judge weighing several things today among them about a dozen letters of good character written by celebs like eva longoria on her behalf. now this report from the probation office might lend her some leniency. basically they are telling the judge listen, there is no real victim in this crime. nobody that lost any specific amount of money. on the other hand. the judge has to consider the message this case is sending perhaps making an example out of huffman to hold the wealthy parents accountable in this. prosecutors are asking for one month behind bars, a year of supervised release and $20,000 fine. huffman her team wants year of probation. 215 hours of community service and $20,000 fine. of course, prosecutors have argued that confining her to her hollywood home with that infinity pool isn't quite the punishment that she deserves. other parents involved in this scandal are going to be watching this very closely since she is the first parent to be sentenced
3:48 am
including parents like lori lock lynn and her husband. she actually pled not guilty, so she'll be going to trial. she is actually facing four years in prison. if she is found guilty, this whatever happens today, could have an impact on her case. steve: a big day in boston. we will have the coverage live. aishah thank you for the live report. brian: i think she has already been through enough. she understands how wrong she was. i think putting her in jail is a. ainsley: she has been remorse. paid 15,000. lori laughlin 500,000. signing autographs going in there unfortunately that might determine her sentencing. brian: i guess. so. steve: thisteve this time tomor. stay tuned. ainsley: elizabeth warren taking aim at big money donors on the campaign trail. calling her hypocrites and howie carr says they are right quek most? what i need ♪ dollars, dollars
3:49 am
♪ that's what i need note
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> i don't go behind closed doors to fancy fundraisers with corporate ceos and millionaires. >> we beat it by building a grassroots movement across this country. not showing up behind closed doors with millionaires. >> this is how we build an america that reflects our values not just where the money comes from with the billionaires and corporate executives. ainsley: elizabeth warren blasting big money donations but critics are now calling her out. steve: that's the montage of her various sound bites. "new york times" analyzes, pete, how elizabeth warren
3:53 am
raises big money before she denounced big money in an op-ed from democrat down in pennsylvania. ed rendell flat out calls her a hypocrite writing, quote: warren didn't seem to have any trouble taking our money in 2018 but suddenly we were power brokers and influence brokers in 2019. brian: howie carr took senate money and put in presidential campaign. senate money is where all the big money came from, right? >> right. exactly, brian. she raised all that money last year, $10 million for a senate race. she didn't have a particularly hard fight, so she cashed all this money as reynolds sairendell said the sae calling fat cats for giving money to joe biden who is ed rendell's candidate. as soon as she gets into the presidential race, she transfers $10 million from the senate campaign account to the presidential campaign account and then demands that everybody else stop
3:54 am
taking the money from the same people she got the money from. this is an old trick in politics. joe kennedy is doing the same thing in senate fight against ed markey in massachusetts. again, it's a sign of, you know, she tries to have this both ways. steve: it's a good soundbite. rendell also points out that warren criticized biden for swanky fundraiser which turns out rendell threw and joe biden fundraiser a bunch of them had actually donated $2,000 to -- wait for it, elizabeth warren. this was the way she operates, steve. i remember the first senate campaign she went on msnbc and they said do you own any stocks, merchandise warren? and she said no, i don't own any stocks just mutual funds. you know, she claims she provided the intellectual foundations to the occupy
3:55 am
movement. you know, when that was briefly, you know, the cause of the day. and then as soon as it went south, you know, crime, you know, drugs, et cetera. she said someone asked her did you say you supplied the intellectual foundation? i don't remember saying that. so they showed her the video. you know, she is -- she is not a nice person. she was playing it safe last night. you know, i think she is just waiting for -- you know, with the three top contenders, bernie, biden and her. she is the spring chicken. she is only 70. waiting for the other two to stumble. she wasn't saying anything. ainsley: does it work? the average american might not be readings all the newspapers. hear her talk about denouncing big money. i don't have a lot of money in my bank account. i like her, check. >> you know, that's a good point, ainsley. i think she is counting on the low info voter crowd.
3:56 am
but the problem is some polls have asked the respondents who is your second choice? and she is not the second choice of many biden people. she is the seconds choice of a lot of bernie people. brian: yeah. >> bernie is going nowhere. you will need the jaws of life to pry him out of this fight. i think she has a ceiling. steve: howie, real quick, were you surprised abc did not ask her about that native american claim from back in the day? >> i was not surprised. i mean, she got a pass on that. they didn't ask anybody about the impending indictment of andrew mccabe. i mention felicity huffman she must have been heartened last night when joe biden said he doesn't think people should be in prison for nonviolent crimes. every lawyer will cite that this afternoon in boston here. brian: it will be very interesting. you can rob a bank. steve: howie carr, thank you very much. thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot. thanks for having me.
3:57 am
brian: straight ahead, the president's son, donald trump jr. will be here. he has a brand new book. judge jeanine and geraldo rivera. ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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4:00 am
>> i want to be clear, joe, in the united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as the canadians or any other major country on earth. >> this is america. >> yeah, but americans don't want to pay twice as much. >> let me tell you something, for a socialist you have got a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do. >> hey, joe, it's better than say no, we can't. let's say yes, we can. [laughter] >> i never believed what cheney and bush said about iraq. voted against the war in iraq. do not have to buy it. >> you just said that, you just said that two minutes ago. you just said two minutes ago they would have to buy.
4:01 am
in you said they would have to buy in. >> qualified -- >> are you forgetting what you said? are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? >> this is why the debates are becoming unwatchable. this reminds everybody of what they cannot stand about washington. scoring points against each other, poking at each other and tell each other my plan, your plan. look. >> that's al that's called the democratic primary election. that's called an election. you know. that's what we are here for. it's an election. brian: 100 percent agree with castro. what are you there for if you are not going to take each other on. steve: at the same time got mayor pete calling for unity only way to beat donald trump is with unity and devolved into a food fight. ainsley: there is a fine line. you don't want to go too far. you don't want to mock someone's age especially the former vice president. a lot of people upset about that. brian: you don't want to get personal. if you don't engage with the
4:02 am
other person on issues why are you there together to begin with? 2020's top contender as you probably picked up from open faced off in houston last night. ainsley: while they were united against our current president. it all went down hill over healthcare. steve: griff jenkins joins us from texas, southern university where the heated exchange occurred last night just about 13 hours ago. griff? griff: it sure did, guys. good morning. all 10 candidates on one stage. they couldn't agree on anything other than the fact that they want to replace donald trump and don't like him. it was healthcare front and center. remember three years ago the outlier bernie sanders suggesting medicare for all? now it's front and center. they are really divided over how they get there. here is a little bit of the exchange as they attacked vice president biden. >> my distinguished friend, the senator on my left has not indicated how she pays for it. >> those at the very top, the richest individuals and the biggest corporations are going to pay more. >> medicare for all is the
4:03 am
most cost effective approach to providing healthcare. i wrote the damn bill, if i may say so. griff: if you were looking for daylight between wa warren and sanders you didn't get that you had julian castro a member of the former obama administration former hud secretary taking multiple shots at vice president biden over president obama's legacy. watch. >> he wants to take credit for obama's work but not have to answer to any questions. >> i stand with barack obama all 8 years. good, bad, and indifferent. griff: we always look for a moment to stand out in these debates. when the issue came to gun control it was the struggling beto o'rourke who took a very aggressive stance that a lot of people are talking about. >> hell yes we are going to take your ar 15, your ak 47. we are not going to allow it to be used against fellow americans anymore.
4:04 am
griff: a couple of takeaways, the issue of the economy and jobs did not come up in any significant fashion in the moderate lane we saw secretary klobuchar try to. it didn't gain steam. and andrew yang offering a freedom dividend 10 families $1,000 a month. what may be a gaffe for vice president biden when he referred to the record player appearance. record player being out of date can i tell you as a parent of teenage girls you can go to urban outfitters get vinyl records and get them today and record player it plays bluetooth. you don't have to connect the wires anymore. maybe it was a brilliant move. brian: did you have a closing play as a kid and do you agree with kids it's a toy and not something to be cherished? >> well, listen, of course it's a toy. i have to side with steve on this. how else could i view it. steve: obviously if brian
4:05 am
remembers it. brian: you put the record in a case and you were able to carry it around while the record played. ainsley: like a boom box. brian: defied gravity and next thing you know you were on the moon. [laughter] steve: that laugh belongs to charles payne host of making money. good to have you. one other interchange gout a lot of attention and what ainsley was referring to earlier where you had julian castro essentially he was mocking joe biden's age when he said you don't remember what you said two minutes ago? it's all about healthcare. watch this. >> barack obama's vision was not to leave 10 million people uncovered. he wanted every single person in this country covered. my plan would do that. your plan would not. >> they do not have to buy in. they do not have to buy in. >> u. just said that two minutes ago they would have to buy. in you said they would have to buy in. >> to qualify for medicaid automatic. >> are you forgetting
4:06 am
already what you said just two minutes ago? i mean, i can't believe that you said two minutes ago that they had to buy in and now you are saying they don't have to buy. you are forgetting that his healthcare plan would not automatically enroll. you would have to opt in. my healthcare plan. we that's a big difference. i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you're not. >> that will be a surprise to him. brian: turns out he was right. turns out that was astro was wrong on this that biden said you didn't have to buy in. >> something happened one day in the oval office between biden and castro back in the day and castro can't let go. steve: he was on the attack all night. >> he has been really tough when it comes to biden and angry when it comes to biden. ainsley: what do you think about that though when you talk to women, lee carter said when she was polling people they thought it was disrespectful and down right mean. >> yeah. it felt mean. it felt like it was unnecessary. the tone, the anger that keeps permeating to the top when castro speaks on a litany of topics whether he
4:07 am
is right or wrong, it just makes it feel like he is the wrong person for this time when the nation is saying hey, we would like a healer. and as far as the medical, you know, where we are coming on healthcare, it seemed to me that the moderates did okay last night. biden did okay. and because, you know, when you start talking about trillions of dollars, and how you are going to raise that money, i still don't think elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, i mean bernie sanders would adequately explain to the american public. steve: bernie tried to explain and elizabeth whether she had a follow-up question did not answer the question. >> right. steve: big question is for the people watching the debate last night, do you think they understand the democrats' plan and do they like it. >> no, they don't understand the plans. because no one has articulated the nuances of these plans at all. broad brush is great. okay. so i'm going to wake up one day and everything is going to essentially be free. life is going to be burial. i remember fdr one of his
4:08 am
famous speeches four freedoms. three of them i think were natural and we all embraced. you know, the idea of freedom from wants. you can interpret that different ways. i think us wanting things is what drives us. brian: absolutely. >> it's what motivates us and how we get better things. that's how you do go from a close and play to the moon. because we want it. brian: there is no in between step. ainsley: few of them were saying you can keep your health insurance if you like it or opt in to the government plan which i think a lot of it resonates with. they then have you andrew yang promising a lot of money. he came on "fox & friends" and said i'm going to give every family a thousand dollars a month. that's 1 $12,000 a year. that sounds amazing. who would want that but can we afford it? he actually said he was going to give that to 10 families right now. steve: out of his pocket. >> it's time to trust ourselves more than our politicians. [cheers] >> that's why i'm going to do something unprecedented tonight. my campaign will now give a freedom dinksd of $1,000 a month for an entire year to
4:09 am
10 american families, someone watching this at home right now. brian: what do you think about that charles? by the way his plan was on the wrong side. i'm not sure we were supposed to read into. ainsley: people say he is buying votes. >> pushing universal basic income which has failed in its experiments over the last several years. it's intriguing idea. i don't know what he gets from it. how do you qualify for this? right? in other words, i do think there is a problem with lower income, middle american families access the money whether it's a bank account to start a business and those kind of things. he is not saying what you have to do to maybe earn this money. the idea of just giving it away in a lottery is ridiculous. you can't really say, you know, and in a period where you have got millionaires and billionaires saying they are going to pledge hundreds of millions of dollars michael bloomberg to sway opinions to make americans think a certain way. you know what? they're all trying to buy votes which is sort of ironic because they railed
4:10 am
against citizens united. brian: he described what he did already. he said i did it. he goes some of these families call me up and said thanks, i bought a guitar. fantastic. everybody who gets a guitar you have always dreamed and you haven't even earned it. >> you haven't taught anyone any skills. you haven't improved their lives. you got them material stuff and that's the failing of all of this. and funny try universal basic income they say the amount of these folks that went into the labor force and it didn't change. why would it? why i look for a job if there is always a check in the mailbox. steve: for the 10 families to get the $1,000 a month you probably have to go online, register on twitter or something like that. ainsley: i thought that's all? steve: could explain why andrew yang actually right now at the moment is leading on the drudge poll in who won. ainsley: it's not actually coming out of his pocket. it's his campaign. brian: about race and they brought up the president being race and they also talk about reparations again.
4:11 am
even though joe biden never answered the question. let's looks at the montage. >> did he answer any? brian: nope. >> anyone who supports this is supporting racism. only thing that buys into this president wants hateful rhetoric around immigrants are people who don't know any. >> let me also call out the fact that we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a morality threat to people of color all across this country. >> we know donald trump is a racist. witbut there is no red bag red badge of courage for calling him that. >> president trump you spent the last two and a half years full time trying to sow hate and division among us. that is why we have gotten nothing done. >> here is the irony i think. these candidates were the antithesis of what they are describing america to be. you can't brag that your father slept on a dirt floor in china and now you are standing on that stage. you can't brag that your mother and grandmother were single parents from a foreign country and they came here to this country
4:12 am
perhaps only speaking spanish. you can't brag that your father came here and that you became the first black woman attorney general. they are themselves living examples of why their rhetoric is so wrong. they have achieved the kind of success that they are telling the audience is unachievable because of the man in the white house. i'm more nuanced than that. i'm looking at what is happening on the ground. in new york city, the biggest pay gap between black women and white men is in new york city. if you really want to attack real racism, real white supremacy, you need to go into these places where it hurts families every single day. i'm not afraid of a tweet. i'm not worried about a tweet. i'm not worried about a president trump being misconstrued in something that he says when reporters put a mic in his face. i am worried that last year in this city de blasio 89% of the people arrested for marijuana were black and hispanic. those are the real issues of race on a day-to-day basis.
4:13 am
i'm my own neighborhood progressives moved in called the cops on black kids playing basketball in the street. that's what i'm worried about. that's the day-to-day racism that i care about. so that rhetoric that they are talking, is just designed to keep people afraid and it's not helpful for this country. brian: can't legislate those problems. none of those can be legislated out. >> minimum wage said you can't legislate someone to love me, beat me up. the way they portray this country every time they speak, it's like a hopeless place where there is no opportunity for black people or hispanics and they themselves are asians and they themselves on that stage put that toler rest. there is hope, your parents could come here from one of these countries and you could be running for president. there is hope. steve: only in america. >> only in america. i couldn't do that in japan. brian: thank you, charles. andrew mccabe one step
4:14 am
closer to facing criminal charges, perhaps. our next guest used to work at the doj and says it's only going to get worse for mccabe. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. these days we're all stressed. i hear you, sister. stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally.
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♪ ♪ steve: a criminal indictment could be on the way for
4:18 am
former deputy fbi director, think of that. former fbi director andrew mccabe. the u.s. attorney from washington, d.c. now recommending, apparently, moving forward with charges against mccabe for lying to investigators about leaking to the media about the fbi's clinton foundation investigation. the doj rejected mccabe's last ditch appeal to avoid criminal charges. joining us right now to discuss is former doj official and former trial lawyer ian prior. ian, good morning. >> good morning. steve: how much peril is mr. mccabe in? >> i think he is in a good deal of peril here. look at some of the people in the trump orbit that essentially went down for a similar charge, right? i mean, roger stone has been charged for bying against the fbi. george papadopoulos, mike flynn. the turned. andy mccorroborate integral in starting the whole investigation that led to the mueller report which ended up being a dud. now he is the one that has his turn to face cons sequences potentially, most likely for lying to the fbi.
4:19 am
steve: and these potential charges are from -- they stem from the inspector general report, mr. horowitz which came out we are not talking about the one is he working on now. we are talking about the one that came out last year. the one he is working on right now could be bad not only for mccabe but for a lot of other people, right? >> absolutely. look, i think this is just the beginning for andy mccabe, the inspector general report into fisa abuses mccape was obviously central in that process. and then you have the durham investigation that involved not just the fbi, not just mccabe and comey but the intelligence community at large and what they did with the russia investigation. so, what we are seeing here with andy mostly cloudy skies cabe if he does get invited is that something that the department of justice could use to try and get him to flip on others in the intelligence community. that's something to look for. steve: well now, wait a minute. give us some names. who are you talking about there? >> you know, i think john brennan. i think james clapper, susan
4:20 am
rice. all of the people on the top of the chain in the broader intelligence community. what information were they using to try to start this investigation to leak to the press to leak the dossier information to the press. i think there is a lot there and having a prosecution, a, you know, a smart prosecution that is based on facts and law, that they can then use to potentially strike a deal with mccabe to go after bigger fish will be interesting to see. steve: it will, indeed. we did reach out to the doj. we have not heard back from them. however we have heard from ian prior. thank you for your point of view. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. 7:20 in new yor new york city. democrats making their pitch about the military at the debate in houston. >> we are not going to bomb our way to a solution in afghanistan. >> we have got to put an end to endless war. steve: joey jones lost both legs in a bomb blast in afghanistan. what does he think about what he heard last night? he's next. billions of mouths.
4:21 am
4:22 am
billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. it works great on bathtubs. and even stainless steel. try clean freak from mr. clean.
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4:24 am
jillian: good morning, welcome back. we have headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. a houston police officer is shot trying to stop a group of carjackers. listen to his fellow officers' dramatic call for help. >> i need gauze. i need a chest seal. gauze and a chess sealed. we need an ambulance over here. now. jillian: one suspect is dead. two others in custody. a fourth is on the run accused of mugging a priest before shooting that cop. the city's police chief says he has had enough. >> i'm tired of the children of our community being shot throughout this nation and either you do something or don't show up. we don't need you here. jillian: at last check the officer was in surgery. patriots' wide receiver
4:25 am
antonio brown speaks out for the first time since being accused of sexual assault. >> in a time of crisis all i ask ask is love, dedication and focus. stay 230e u focused. the devil is going to try to bring down when you get closest to your goals. the key is don't let him. jillian: he never mentions the accusations in this video in the training facility. former trainer claims he sexually assaulted her multiple times. brown's lawyers denies all allegations. secretary of state mike pompeo will not be the next national security advisor. president trump says he considered the idea of getting pompeo both titles but decided against it. there are 15 candidates under consideration right now. the president is looking to replace john bolton, who was just fired. is he expected to announce his decision next week. that's a look at your headlines. brian, send it to you. brian: thanks. jillian. beto o'rourke vowing to pursue gun confiscation if
4:26 am
he is elected president. >> if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people. [cheers] >> on a battlefield. if the high impact, high velocity round when it hits your body shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that, so that you would bleed to death on a battlefield and not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers, hell yes we will take your ak 14, your ak 47. brian: doubling down on fundraising boat toe having a ban for. that is that a good strategy for that? u.s. bomb core technician and fox news contributor joey jones. what's your reaction to his statement. >> no, you won't, beto. no, you won't. you couldn't take my girl and you haven't heard my respect. how are you going to take my guns? that's my response there. the truth of this is we have an epidemic for sure in this country. but that epidemic is that young people aren't respecting life and death. they are taking their own life. that's the true epidemic is suicide.
4:27 am
there is a gun violence problem. but there isn't a piece of legislation in washington, d.c. could pass would take the guns used in places like chicago off the streets because they are already owned and used illegally. and so this is a red herring. it's an emotional talking point. the democrats are using and to an extent it's working. mainly because the part of america that lives on the coast that lives in places that can't own guns don't know much about guns or how they are purchased. so, when you use a term like universal background check. people think that means essentially what's happening today. you go into a gun store to buy a gun and you have to pass a background check. what they don't know is that the federal government is so inept at doing its own job if you fill out a background check and the federal government takes three days to get back to you, that firearms dealer can hand the weapon over to you without passing the background check. that's the type of system we have? place and that's how badly the government is at enacting it. by all means let's pass
4:28 am
legislation that's tremendously more bourbon some and that much harder to enforce. >> i hear you. a couple of things. the president has already done the fix nics program to update the background checks. already got rid of bump stocks and now considering things like the fbi being notified if you fail a background check. i have no problem with that there are some things he can do the president is considering doing it. it you give me one thing that you would like to see done to make everybody's kids a little safer and the shoppers at the next walmart a little more secure? >> yeah. absolutely. i would like for people to quit having this debate the way we are having it. to quit having it in an uninformed and impassed way. because i truly believe these crazy people that take guns and do bad things are just as much inspired by the fact that they are contributing to a vicious national debate as they are by anything else. the second thing i would do is i would love to have law enforcement in every city in this country have the ability to throw the book at people that commit gun crime instead of using things like their ethnic background or
4:29 am
low income as reasons for them not to go to jail those things we can fix through other programs. people of a certain race should never be targeted. to use that as a reason to not put someone in jail who has used a gun as a crime makes no sense. brian: you have another area of expertise it's the military and the war. pete buttigieg the mayor of southbound says this president is taking advantage and using troops to advantage. listen. >> when i am president, an authorization for the use of military force will have a built-in three year sun set. congress will be required to vote and a president will be required to go to congress to seek an authorization. because if our troops can summon the courage to go overseas, the least our members of congress should be able to do is summon the courage to take a vote on whether they want to be there by the way, we also have a president right now who seems to treat troops as props or, worse, trools for his own enrichment. brian: is that how you view the president?
4:30 am
>> no. this is another baseless statement trying to attack the character of donald trump without attacking the legacy or i guess you would say the track record of donald trump. the fact is when you talk about congress using authorization to send us to war, this is a congress that can't decide to pay the bills until the final hour and then they ask for extensions over and over again to get the bills paid for the next two weeks or three months. do you think that kind of congress would be responsible and pass legislation to send us to war the next time a 9/11 happens? that's asinine. i would love to have a congress that would enact and go out and do something when we have people attack us. but the truth is we need some sort of continuity. people call this an 18-year war. that's a lie. this is a war that has been fought over and over again for 18 years. it's been many wars because there has been many presidents and many elections and unfortunately the political narrative and campaign slogans like bring our troops home take precedent over keeping us safe. the one thing you did not hear on that stage last night was one idea on what they would do differently to
4:31 am
keep our country safe. it was all about what they can do to get votes. i'm not a upon for pete buttigieg to claim or elizabeth warren to say what we are doing in afghanistan does nothing to keep us safer. so proof is the fact we haven't had a 9/11 since 2001. that's pretty good proof to me. i will claim victory on that one. brian: that's what senator lindsey graham has said too. that is winning. that's why we appreciate what you do and your insight here today. >> thanks, brian. brian: thanks, joey jones and also, took an excerpt from joe mattis' book and asked joe biden he told you al qaeda group come back if we pulled out he warned you and did you nothing except shut him off. could someone have read that book or take that excerpt and asked him about it? but they didn't. meanwhile 29 minutes before the top of the hour. the mystery of a missing man solved after more than 20 years thanks to google earth. that story next. plus, rob schmitt is eating and talking with voters in
4:32 am
houston and we are paying him. rob, what's going on? you are going to be with us next. he promises to eat cake. ♪ ♪ ♪ ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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4:35 am
>> donald trump has a dark heart when it comes to immigrants. >> we have a crisis that donald trump has created and hopes to profit from politically. >> the only people though who actually buy into this president's hateful rhetoric around immigrants are people who don't know any. >> i'm the opposite of donald trump in many ways. he says build a wall. i'm going to say to immigrants come to america because if you come here, your son or daughter can run for president. >> all those people are seeking asylum. they deserve to be heard. that's who we are. wwhere a nation says if you want to flee and fleeing oppression, you should come. >> legalize america. begin with those more than 1 million dreamers. make them u.s. citizens right now. steve: that's all the candidates last night. by the way, according to
4:36 am
correspondent peter doocy in the spin room, all the candidates went to the spin room to answer questions from reporters except joe biden. ainsley: really? bret had a lot of them on his show last night. steve: in houston at this moment we have "fox & friends first" co-host rob schmitt. he is at the house of pies. rob, you got a pie. rob: steve, i got it just for you it's the bayou go. it kind of looks like mud. believe me it tastes a lot better. ainsley: when you do these diners steve is so focused on the food. he always comments on what everybody is eating. steve: everybody looks at the food. ainsley: he wants to see what the kitchen looks like. i'm proud of you for eating the food. rob: we can take you to the kitchen. if i had to do these diners all the time i would gain 100 pounds. ainsley: do they have one of those round about things, the circular things where the pies are always
4:37 am
spinning? rob: i ate the entire thing already. brian: diner? rob: we are going to talk if you want to stop talking about food we'll talk to jason about politics after last night's debate. jason here, you live in houston. >> yes, i do. rob: are you from houston or are from you nearby. >> i'm from amarillo, actually. a texas guy. rob: travel back and forth. >> um-huh. rob: when we are talking about last night's debate and talking about 2020 in general you had a very interesting answer. that is what is your biggest concern about the next president? >> the biggest concern is i want somebody that believes in my actual values. everything else about economy and everything aside. i want somebody who says hey, i want to be able to say this person believes what i do and helps stand for the rights and fundamental of what i actually believe in. that's it. would you have this person at your table with you? would you invite him over for thanksgiving dinner and talk to you? that's what i want. rob: as a democrat, you don't find that in president trump but, let me ask you, who do you find that in on the stage last night of the
4:38 am
10 people you saw? >> well, again, there were still arguments between everybody else. i have -- i have always loved bernie. and i have. i have always loved bernie. the only thing the reason why i say i don't have that specifically is because it is still, again, the same thing that's always exist you had, it's always the same platform, same people. rob: you think yang is a little different. has this plan to give everybody $1,000 a month and automation and robotics take jobs which i think are pretty good concerns to have. >> they are. rob: what do you think about thinks plan to fix it? >> i have talked about this before. i don't really think quick band-aid is what it is. automation the same thing i know there are concerns about that especially bowers i do work with companies that do try to do it. i know people need jobs. but the automation aside, that still provides jobs for other people that can make all of the automation itself. you know, it's a change in what the jobs are.
4:39 am
rob: okay. >> >> changing one job to make another job. rob: thank you for your time this morning we will let you have a bite of the pie. rob: i will take one more bite for steve so he knows i'm eating the pie. it's good pie, steve. it's very good. brian: rob, you had the guest of the day. how smart is he? ainsley: i agree with him invite someone to thanksgiving dinner? yang seems like a fun of fun. he crowd surfs, he dances. rob: he is definitely having the most fun of anybody. i mean, we were just talking to the owner. this is a very liberal establishment. they have a lot of very democrats come in to eat. brian: i'm getting that. rob: brian, you know what i mean? we're talking about a democratic debate good place to be for that because you are getting a wide swath of opinions. steve: indeed. joining us from the house of pies. there are a whole bunch of them down there in houston. rob, thank you very much. we will see you in about an hour or in about another piece of pie from now.
4:40 am
ainsley: go for the key lime next. brian: in my town the house of pancakes ihop closed only thing bad when an ihop closes what comes in next that can use a building shaped like that. like a triangle. maybe have you got to send it to disney or something. how do you have a law office in the former house of pancakes. ainsley: what did this used to be? this used to be a bank. brian: it doesn't have a pointy top. ainsley: maybe ihops. jillian: i would love to be inside your brain for five minutes. brian: empty building, what can we do? ainsley: it's a maize. jillian: let's talk about your headlines while brian gets his thoughts together about what that building is going to turn into. the cdc is narrowing proib of a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping. the agency now investigating 3 will 0 confirmed or probable causes in 36 states and the u.s. virgin islands. down from the 400 cases
4:41 am
reported last week. at least six people have died. president trump says he and first lady melania have warned their 13-year-old son barron about the dangers of videotaping. the white house is working to ban eflavore flavored ecigar seen leaving a nightclub in florida. police just found his body inside a submerged car in palm beach. tipped off after a man using google earth saw the car sitting in pond. the neighborhood was under construction when molten went missing. it's unclear how the car efnsded up in the water. students have permission to cut class in the name of climate change. the new york city department of education will allow kids to skip school if they have their parents' permission to attend a protest in manhattan. new york city mayor and hopeful bill de blasio says new york city stands with our people. they are our conscience. and a jay walker is hit with instant karma. watch this as a driver
4:42 am
slammed on their breaks because a man is walking across the street. he gives the driver the stink eye. you see that? but then -- yep. right into the pole. the headache inducing video out of canada is going viral. the man, as you can see, clearly not in a crosswalk. have you got to watch where you are going especially if you are going to give the stink eye to someone. steve: he is lucky that guy stopped. ainsley: better him running into that pole than the driver running into him. >> time to learn about the weather and janice dean. >> look at this amazing traffic. birthdays from arkansas. where are you from, honey? >> pennsylvania. >> what's your name? >> anthony. >> anthony, thank you for coming today. how cued cute is he. happy birthday, my love where are you from. >> michigan. janice: awesome. take a look at the maps. i want to tell you about a tropical system that's going to be named we think sometime today or tomorrow this would be humberto. the problem is heavy wind and rain to the bahamas. will it effect the u.s.
4:43 am
coast line? this is the european model and it comes very close to what dorian did just the last week or a week ago. and this is a gfs model, a weaker version of it but still impacting parts of florida and the southeast. bottom line is we have to watch it and we will bring you the very latest. wave to everybody. happy friday my friends. [cheers] brian: almost like the concert series. that's how big this crowd is. ainsley: it's friday. brian: i guess. so. steve: meanwhile they both worked in the obama administration. now they are fighting over who will be the president obama's heir. >> i'm fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you're not. >> that will be a surprise to him. ainsley: robert wolf also worked for president obama. we will ask him what he thinks. the winners and the losers. steve: good morning, sir. ainsley: hey, robert. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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>> every time something good about barack obama comes up he says oh, i was there, i was there, i was there. that's me too. and then any time somebody questions part of the administration we were both part of he said that was the president. i mean, he wants to take credit for obama's work but not to have to answer to any questions. [cheers] >> i did not say i don't -- i stand with barack obama all 8 years. steve: well, that was one of the talked about moments from the presidential debate in houston last night. who won and who lost? we have somebody who is going to talk about that. ainsley: former economic advisor to president obama and fox news contributor mr. robert wolfe, hey, robert. >> how are you. ainsley: who won? who lost? >> last time i was with you guys i was talking about how cringe-worthy these debates were. last night was a good night for the democratic party. why do i think that? i think moderates won the night. i think joe biden started right off on healthcare. amy klobuchar had the line
4:48 am
of the night on healthcare when she said to bernie yes, you wrote it. i read it. it's bad, no not bold. steve: page 8. >> set the tone and synthesized really you can have your insurance and you can have healthcare. ainsley: page 8 said you can't keep your insurance. 1,149,000,000 americans. >> joe walked in and walked out as the frontrunner. elizabeth warren overtook bernie clearly she has the populist in the left lane. it was a great night for beto o'rourke. he had home field advantage. he took it. he ran with it. and then lastly i would say corey was like the adult on the stage. really the union fire in chief. i thought it was a good night. steve: julian castro would have lost a lot of support this morning if he had a lot of support given what he had said. >> we were speaking off camera about it. one as brian said before julian was wrong. joe biden did say you could go right into the insurance. and number two i thought it
4:49 am
was off base saying oh, did you forget? i think that will be a losing night for julian castro. i would say he was the biggest. he lost on the stage big time. ainsley: like biden or not. like his policies or not. a lot of women especially that i have talked to before the show said they thought it was disrespectful. he was the vice president. they serve together in the same administration. and it was frankly a little mean. >> it was off. it was mean and off. i don't mind the idea of a redebate. i just think that you can respectfully debate. brian: here is how abc helped and it was rahm emanuel on sunday who came out and said what is going on? we cannot give illegal immigrants healthcare. you cannot decriminalize border crossings. you cannot have medicare for all. and they didn't even ask him. >> they didn't make them raise their hands. brian: george stephanopoulos said do you want to give illegal immigrants healthcare? he put him on the griddle on that. that would have been an opportunity for the so-called moderates like joe biden -- >> -- i think there is no
4:50 am
question, brian, that they didn't have to do the are you for or against and i think that helped the entire night for the democrats. i think that was lose losing proposition last time. no question about it. steve: one other thing at the last debate. barack obama was portrayed as a villain. last night everybody loved him. >> there is no question he was giving bear hugs last night. i think it makes sense. is he 97 percent popularity. ainsley: you came on and everyone said ghat world? america loves this president? why are they doing this. >> it did not work. ainsley: democrats that is. >> it doesn't work when you are hitting the guy that you are going to actually ask to be your number one surrogate if you are the nominee. brian: your message to the seven that didn't make the stage? >> i think have you got to talk about the economy. one thing really disappointed no one talked about jobs and wages. there was nothing on the economy. that will be the number one issue by far. and i thought abc did a good night but they totally missed on that. how you cannot speak about
4:51 am
the economy. brian: thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on. steve: all right. it's sentencing day for felicity. we will take to you boston next. people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low. at visionworks, our sales are good on all of our frames. why are you so weird? get 60% off any pair of glasses. no exclusions. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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4:54 am
brian: judgment day for actress felicity huffman. ainsley: the hollywood star will be the first parent sentenced in the massive college admissions scandal. steve: aishah hasnie outside that courthouse where she will be sentenced later on today and aishah the big question is whether or not she will get prison or probation. >> yeah. whether she is going to home or going to jail. she could very well go straight home and that is because of this recently released report from the probation office. it's very favorable to her.
4:55 am
as you know felicity huffman, of course, pled guilty to paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her doctor's sat exam. so the judge is weighing a couple different things today. several things here. about a dozen letters of good character written on her behalf by celebrities like eva longoria. and now this report from probation office that might win her some leniency here. they basically tell the judge, listen. there really is no victim in this crime. nobody that lost any specific amount of money here. on the trornd toronto on the otd there is a message the judge is sending hold the wealthy accountable. prosecutors are asking for one month behind bars. a year of supervised release and $20,000 fine. huffman and her team, of course, want instead a year probation, 250 hours community service and that $20,000 fine. of course, prosecutors have argued that confining her to her hollywood home with things like an infinity pool not quite a punishment.
4:56 am
safe to say other parents of course involved in this scandal are watching this very closely including also another celebrity actress lori laughlin she pled not guilty. she will be going to trial. she actually faces up to 40 years in prison if she is found guilty. again, this case and how it comes out could have an outcome for her, too. has an impact on her. steve: it's going to be big news later today. aishah, thank you very much for the live report. ainsley: she has been very apologetic. steve: she has. brian: her husband wrote a positive letter for her. ainsley: so did a lot of those women on desperate housewives. brian: the whole cast. maybe even key griff. ainsley: we have geraldo rivera, judge jeanine here for the final hour ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ just what i need ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
♪ >> we come to texas. >> houston, we have a problem. >> my campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1000 a month for an entire year to 10 american families. >> i wrote the damn bill, if i may say so. >> the problem, senator sanders, is that damn bill that you wrote, that senator warren backed is that it doesn't trust the american people. >> hell yes, we'll take your ar-15, your ak-47. >> all i want to say no. i want to translate that into spanish. no. >> i think am only person on the stage who has been a public school teacher. >> in terms of democratic socialism, to equate what goes on in venezuela what i believe is extremely unfair. >> i'm going like the rest of
5:01 am
them do, twice over, okay? >> president trump, you can go back to watching fox news. steve: there you you go. live on fox news the democrats take the stage in the great city of houston. welcome to the postgame show. and fox and friends on this very busy friday. we whittleed it down to 10. all the candidates lining up talking about their plans. >> many of you might have watched. many of you might not have. if you didn't we have all the highlights. brian: brian: yes we did working through the night searching for them. steve: what was number one? brian: i looked at you as number one. the next debate will be back to two stages because tom steyer is now in. they have to brick it up to six and six or six and five. steve: you saw the big stage last night? brian: what will you do for driven's time.
5:02 am
he has sick days coming to him. he has personal days. now we need him to keep an extra day. steve: griff jenkins is joining us from houston to recap. ainsley: you have gone from the border, to the hurricane, now to the debate stage. brian: same outfit. reporter: the debate stage was really interesting, brian, ainsley, steve. good morning. there wasn't any anything they agreed on other than they have disdain for donald trump and want to replace them. they were all moving toward as progressive left with the exception of amy klobuchar and main issue was health care and "medicare for all." >> my distinguished friend, my senator on the left does not indicate how she pays for it. >> those at very top, richest individuals, biggest corporations are going to pay more. >> "medicare for all" is the most cost effective approach to providing health care. i wrote the damn bill, if i may say so.
5:03 am
reporter: it was expected vice president biden would come under attack certainly from sanders and warren. there was no daylight between the two of them. there was a moment that stood out from one of lesser candidates. beto o'rourke struggling a little bit, when they got to issue of gun control he took a very aggression is stance. >> hell yes, we'll take your ar-15, ak-47. they will not be allowed to be used against fellow americans anymore. [cheers and applause] reporter: beto is here in the area, talking to other networks. i talked to him off-camara. do you want to start a conversation about this? do you want to take away people's ar-15s? he says. that will come up in the 4th, 5th, 6th, debate. you saw julian castro, former member of obama administration, former hud secretary taking on vice president biden about obama es legacy. >> he wanted to cover everyone.
5:04 am
i want to build on that one, get to 100% coverage. disappointing the vice president's plan leaves 10 million people out. reporter: takeaway that is clear the obama legacy will continue to come under scrutiny as we get to other debates. one other thing that didn't come up, issue of jobs and economy, guys. led by senator amy klobuchar not getting much traction at all. we found out businessman andrew yang want to give 10 family as freedom dividend $1000 a month. we'll see what happens. joe biden bringing vinyl back. get parents out there. as i mentioned last hour i hope they do that. i haven't owned one of those record players. bluetooth to the speakers. my kids are growing up on it. maybe it will catch fire. maybe it will be another gaffe. brian: best way to hear elo on the record player. ainsley: i have my grandparents
5:05 am
englebert humperdink. brian: i don't know if there was synergy. steve: the play was probably the late '60s. geraldo rivera joins us right now, fox news correspondent at large. what do you make of? ainsley: hey, geraldo. steve: what do you make of the record of the people who we heard last night on the stage? >> i don't have a record player by gramma phone, crank it up. makes all kinds of music. ainsley: did they play off of him a little bit though? >> it is attractive crowd. very nice people. they presented in respectful way, generally speaking. gave the american people, this is the, you know, the pick one from column a or one from column. about. i don't think there is anything there that should rattle president trump. each of them individually would have a difficult time taking on the president. if i could talk about two particularly. i thought beto o'rourke who i don't particularly like, but is
5:06 am
a man who went through the fire of that awful mass murder in the walmart in el paso, i thought he was very noble and very admirable taking on the president the way he did. he wants to take away ar-15s and ak-47s and president is a racist. i disagree vehemently with all those things. but i thought the way he expressed it, made me think he might be, a great candidate for senate in the state of texas one more time. i think that is where his ambition probably should be directed because i don't think that he is presidential material at least not yet. i was, you know, i'm very keen on role models as a latino in this country. i love, i think one of the reasons aoc is so important to latinas and latino youngsters. so i give her a pass on a lot of the more radical notions but, julian castro, and joaquin castro, two very accomplished
5:07 am
people. one a cabinet secretary and mayor, other one a congressman, coming from poverty the way he took on joe biden, beat up old joe, i wanted to stand up to protect the former vice president. that was like a mugging. i didn't like it. i didn't appreciate it. it was rude. it was ill-mannered. it was factually incorrect. i think he eliminated himself in many ways from the race. top three did okay. biden was less vulnerable last night than he had been in the previous two contests. elizabeth warren was so smart. so sincere. brian: on biden, you can't give him a pass. you had general mattis just write in a book that biden blew off the suggestion and warning about al qaeda coming back into iraq. he blew up the question. he said afghanistan needs to be divided. he got confused with that and iraq. i think his teeth almost fell out. he never answered a question. >> the thing about biden, brian,
5:08 am
what people are looking for, whether or not this guy has the right stuff physically to stand the, does he have the stamina. does -- brian: i don't think so. >> does he have the physical verb to stand up to the challenges of the office. to me i thought he was less fragile last night he had been with the bloodshot eyes last time and rambling, kind of unpointed answers the first time around. i thought he had settled some. i don't think that his long-term prospects in that regard, you know, physical charisma, are all that, all that great. but i did think that he held his own. "crazy" bernie sanders did also, i think that he is so kind of you know, ramshackle i don't think he is going anywhere. ainsley: they were trying to paint the president racist. listen to the sound bites. >> anyone that support this is is a racist.
5:09 am
>> only people who buy into the president's hateful rhetoric around immigrants are people who don't know anything. >> the fact that we have a white supremacist in the white house. he pose as mortal threat to people of color across this country. >> we know donald trump is a racist. there is no red badge of courage for calling him that. >> president trump, you spent the last 2 1/2 years full time trying to sow hate and division among us. that is why we have gotten nothing done. ainsley: geraldo, is the president a racist? >> you know, i love the president. i have known him for 45 years. he is not a racist. i don't think he has a racist bone in hiss body but i have told him personally, ainsley, his rhetoric sometimes is so sloppily he makes himself vulnerable. he opens to the charge racism. racism is the kind of charge so easy to throw at you, so difficult to rebut. but when the president says, sha hole countries and nfl players that kneel are sons of pitches,
5:10 am
mexicans are rapists, immigrants. he should emphasize the positive. he had integrated organization from the beginning of his business career. he is a person who, you know passed criminal justice reform. that is stuff he should embrace. his staff should look for like the country. should be more diverse. the charge of racism, you know i think that the people on that stage probably would say that all republicans are racist unless they denounce the president and denounce the gop. i think that, again -- brian: mayor pete said that. >> that is charge easily level. brian: mayor pete said if you endorse the president's immigration policies you're basically a racist. >> yeah. i think mayor pete is sweet guy. i think he is too small in many ways for the job but he is certainly engaging. i think he is very charismatic. i understand why people have an
5:11 am
affection for him. but, i think that to consider mayor pete as presidential material is kind of farfetched. that is just my opinion. steve: with the postgame analysis. geraldo rivera, thank you very much. have a great weekend. geraldo. >> you too. brian: talk about have a great weekend, jillian is dangerously close to starting her weekend. jillian: aren't we all. good morning. let's begin your headlines with a fox news alert a houston police officer shot trying to stop a group of carjackers. listen to his fellow officers dramatic call for help. >> i need gauze. i need a seal. 3907. we need an ambulance over here. jillian: one suspect is dead. two others in cows did i. a fourth is on the run, accused of mugging a priest before shooting the cop. the city's police chief says he has had enough. >> i'm tired of the children of our community being shot
5:12 am
throughout this nation. either you do something or don't show up. we don't need you here. jillian: at last check that officer was in surgery. the justice department which reveal the name of an individual suspected of helping the 9/11 attackers. did the oj will give the name to a small circle of people including the victim's families who are suing the saudi government. saudi arabia denies any involvement. attorney general bill barr could have invoke ad state secrets privilege to withhold the information but decided against it, due to quote, exceptional circumstances. the estranged husband of missing mother jennifer dulos. photos dulos pleaded guilty to a new evidence tampering charge. police found his missing wife's dna in a truck he used. dulos lawyer sending a message to prosecutors. >> mr. dulos is not guilty. we have three words to the state, bring it on. jillian: the judge issued a gag
5:13 am
order in the case. jennifer dulos has been fisting since may. her body hasn't been found. steve: it is such a mystery. ainsley: thank you, jillian. julian castro has a wish for 2020. >> get back michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania, finally turn texas blue and say good-bye to donald trump. [applause] steve: he is from texas but the sift is the poll showed hillary clinton would win texas. our next guest said they were wrong. and he was right. his 2020 prediction coming up. ♪ because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at
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aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. ♪ >> get back, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, florida, georgia, arizona and finally turn texas blue. ainsley: democrat julian castro claiming that his home state of texas is within the party's reach in 2020, could the lone star state really turn blue. joining me texas agriculture commissioner. thanks for being with us. >> good morning on friday the 13th, from the 13th floor of fox studios, week 13/13. good morning. ainsley: good morning to you. so look at texas. is there a chance that it could turn blue? you have a lot of illegal
5:18 am
immigrants coming up there. if they get the right to vote eventually, they could vote for democrats. you have beto o'rourke who did well. you have got julian castro resonating with the voters. what do you think? >> it is not going to happen? ainsley: no? why do you say that? >> they said it was close last time. all the polls were wrong. he won by 10 points. he will win by much bigger margin. it will be a landslide for trump. we love trump here. these pollsters using same old tired methods they used last time. it is just not going to happen. trump will take texas. there is no doubt about it. ainsley: if you look approval rating among republicans in your state or in the state of texas it is 87%. they really like president trump. ted cruz got 50.9% as a senator when he ran against beto o'rourke. beto got 48.3. that was pretty close. >> we had done much better if trump had been at the top of the ticket. i give beto o'rourke credit.
5:19 am
he did a great job campaigning against senator cruz. but that is not the issue today. you know, trump is top of the ticket. none of the statewides are out there. i go around texas all the time campaigning for president trump. they call me trump's man in texas. let me tell you, trump will win huge and win big league here in texas. texans will not vote for somebody that wants to take our guns, raise our taxes, kill our babies, you know, make us get rid of our cows, shut down our oil and gas wells and leave the border wide open. we're not voting for that. i promise you. trump will do well in texas. i don't care what the polls say. they're all wrong. trump has got this. he will win by much larger margin than last time. as i travel around the state, i talk to people, i have not one texan that voted for trump not voted for him again. i do find a lot of people that didn't vote for him the first time -- ainsley: we talk about all the
5:20 am
people from california moving to texas so they don't have to pay the state taxes. if you look at south texas, very democratic country, i used to live in san antonio, castro family is very well-known there, very democratic. people talking about it. also bush country. people are fans of both president bushes. they are from texas. some of that crew, some conservatives don't like the current administration. >> well the people that are moving from california are conservatives. they're tired of what is going on in liberal california. ainsley: that's true. >> if they stay in the conservative fleet of texas and conservatives free from other states. the people moving in help donald trump. as far as the bushes, george p. bush, land commissioner he supports the president. he endorsed him. all the conservatives in texas are behind the president. we'll make sure he wins. >> thank you, sir. thanks for coming on with us. good to see you. >> anytime. ainsley: speaking of beto o'rourke. first he wanted your guns.
5:21 am
>> hell yes, we'll take your ar-15. your ak-47. we'll not allow it to be used against our fellow americans anymore. [cheers and applause] ainsley: now he want your money. judge jeanine pirro is on deck. she has a lot to say about the cash grab. come on in, judge. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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5:25 am
inside of your body because it was designed to do that, so you would bleed to death on a battlefield, not get up to kill one of our solers. hell yes we'll take your ar-15, your ak-47. steve: democratic 2020 presidential hopeful beto o'rourke take extreme stance, vowing to take away certain guns. brian: he is third in the poll. immediate fund-raising on beto, having a fan for that. as opposed to the plan for that. >> here is justice, justice janine, author of the new book i saw in the columbia, south carolina airport. radicals, resistance and revenge. judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: what did you think of the debate and beto saying that about guns? >> i find it fascinating. typical of the left. these guns are out there, you better watch it, they will shoot you anytime. it is people behind the guns. it is about personal
5:26 am
responsibility but look the united states supreme court held having a gun is a personal right t has got nothing to do with militia. we can all have a gun. the question whether or not there can be some, you know, amendments around that? in 1928 in this country, machine guns were outlawed. all right. but in 19994 we had assault weapons ban. nothing is conclusive about whether or not that reduced crime. so what are we talking about here? what we should be doing, is finding out those people who are getting these guns, who shouldn't be getting the guns. brian: goes to background checks. the president, you get the sense figuring out about doing something, seriously bit. meets with murphy and manchin, multiple times. two democrats. pat toomey as well, chris coons. three democrats and also mitch mcconnell i will take your lead, mr. president. you have to tell me where to go. >> right. brian: do you get the cents with your contacts and gut feeling the president will put something forward? >> i don't think there is any question the president will put something forward.
5:27 am
brian: i think that is huge question. i don't think he will put something out there. >> have i spoken to him about this recently? no. i'm not in a position to say what he is going to do. what i can tell you is that the issue is more about the individual and background checks. look, i used to sign pistol permits when i was a judge, okay? did i have a background check on anyone? no. i did, there were certain questions. did the guy have a criminal record. the problem is hippa. you want to get down to it. it is hipaa, privacy, medical records. if you're on psychotropic drugs, if you had frequent visits to a mental facility, that is what i want to know. that is where the danger is. brian: your therapist, compelled to come forward, that blows up the confidentiality you might have. >> so they have got to figure out a waiver to hippa. to me that is a fundamental issue. steve: judge jeanine, you've been following whole russia collusion thing, fisa thing, all that stuff, it's a lot of your new book. andrew mccabe yesterday
5:28 am
revealed, sounds like his attorney tried to cut a deal. please don't prosecute me. but it sounds like he will be prosecuted based on what they found in the inspector general's report, that came out last year. where he was not forthcoming regarding media leaks. >> yeah. steve: how bad is this for him? >> this is horrible. it's a taint not just on him but the fbi as deputy director and acting director of the fbi. he was a foy who tried to unseat a sitting president literally and, his whole operation, by the way, i talk about this in my book, but i also believe he is the first to fall. i have a chapter in the book called, rats desserting the ship, where they will start pointing fingers at each other. why did it take so long? because the attorney general, as he said, things don't quite hang together, the attorney general is waiting to see who is coming forward with new witnesses, who will be blaming the other person and mccabe, thank goodness, let me say one thing, he is presumed innocent.
5:29 am
right now the man is presumed innocent but at the same time what we've got to recognize is that there are a whole bunch of people who were involved in this thing and i think he is going to be, if he convicted the first to fall. the first of many. brian: christopher steele wanted to get out of in front of it, he feels he will be thrown under the bus by these guys, whatever he doing. accused lying four times, three under oath, one on tape. the fact that he told two of his underlings to go to "the wall street journal" with a story. >> right. the amazing part of it, brian, he was given the on to as he lied to the inspector general's investigators and fbi he was given an opportunity to take it back look, you sure you want to go with this? he is arrogant. consistent with everything he has done. ainsley: will felicity huffman behind bars for paying to get her kid in school? >> i think she will make it -- she is, give her credit. she came out said, i did it whereas the other one like i'm above the law.
5:30 am
that is what americans don't want. they want you above the law. this is what the mccabe thing i think is starting to prove, there are not two systems of justice. she may get some time. steve: check out her new book remarked calls resistance and revenge. judge jeanine. >> what are you doing saturday night? brian: hello, that's why we got cable. my vcr broke. my turntable is on the fritz. steve: ladies and gentlemen, behind door number one donald trump, jr. ainsley: yea. >> look he has a new book. ♪ 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected.
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>> our problems didn't start just with donald trump. the first is just how dangerous donald trump is. >> there is enormous, enormous opportunities once we get rid of donald trump. >> donald trump in office on trade policy, you know remind me of that guy in "the wizard of oz," you know when you pull back the curtain, it is a really small dude? [laughter]. brian: shock to the system, the democrats contending to be president of the united states don't like the president of the united states. steve: donald trump, jr. >> seems to be all they have got. when you're doing nothing but talking about trump, but also neglecting all of the incredible things he has done says all you need to know about the democratic party. steve: i would bet that you would say the big winner last night was donald trump? >> i think without question. i mean you had, basically this socialism free-for-all. we're getting rid of "medicare for all," getting rid of private insurance. we're not talking about major
5:35 am
things. we're not talking about six million new jobs in the economy that was unheard of. remember there was no magic wand for one million manufacturing jobs. we're putting people back to work. biggest one they neglected 6.2 million people off food stamps. that is real problem for the democrat party, they are the party of dependents. they need people to be depent ant on big government, because if you're not, they don't offer anything. we saw nothing new. we saw no plans. that is scary for them. ainsley: you know what i noticed? robert wolf was on the curve very couch sitting where you are, good friends with biden and obama. he said i wished they talked about the economy. they're only economy thing we heard if you're very rich you will pay for it all. >> you seen that with blue check mark twitter. they go online. we've done a great job convincing the average american they haven't benefited from tax cuts. they won't talk about jobs created because of it. they won't talk about people pulled off food stamps, not
5:36 am
dependent on government. they won't talk about the sound bites. no one in media will hold them in check. there is no accountable. that is why you have the radical ideas. if you contest them, you're a racist. i think you maybe saw the aoc response to that, there was a lady put out this incredible ad, who went through, the cambodian genocide, two million people killed. disaster that is socialism and communism. that they're all espousing. and this cambodian woman, she is racist. it is not the answer for everything. it is become the left-wing political easy button. we can say, hey, i don't like the way the numbers work, racist. math, you've seen it. racist. it is really sad. it is creating division. really not addressing a problem. racism is a real problem. it is just not the answer to every problem. that is what it has become. i think people have seen it. i think the american people see it. it is getting old. it's a shame.
5:37 am
you do disservice to those actually afflicted by it. brian: the other sparring session was julian castro. used to work with joe biden. there was friction at the christmas party, it is playing out at this stage. listen here. he has a problem with biden's approach. >> my problem with vice president biden, cory point the out this happened last time, every good about barack obama comes up i was there, i was, that is me too. everybody times question part of the administration we were both part of. that is the president. he wants to take credit for obama's work but not have to answer to any questions. [cheers and applause] >> i did not say i don't stand, i stand with barack obama all eight years. good, bad and indifferent. that is where i stand. i did not say i did not stand with him. brian: so, that was a win for who? >> i think it's a win for donald trump again. listen, reality is this, if it wasn't for donald trump being in
5:38 am
the office right now, joe biden wouldn't even be on that stage. democrats would not be talking about joe biden. there is this notion maybe he is the guy that can beat donald trump. no one calls him for the daily, monthly or weekly gaffs that happened but the daily gaffs where he gets things totally wrong. you saw last night, we shouldn't incarcerate people for non-violent crimes? you want to release bernie madoff? these are minor errors. his campaign will not let him be on the campaign stump without a teleprompter. ainsley: who is tougher to beat, biden or one of the extreme progressives? >> i think they're both relatively easy to beat. i think there are different tactics, right? the reality i don't think anyone had some sort of breakout performance. i think probably the person who actually been sort of least impressive throughout the process that i thought would have been much more formidable person would have been kamala. brian: she was terrible. >> not genuine at all. the sound bites don't really
5:39 am
work. she is only one laughing at her jokes. steve: i was watching debate with my family, i asked them a couple times, can you imagine what it would be like if donald trump was on the debate stage against any one of these people? >> it would be a bloodbath. steve: because your father is freewheeling to say the least in this format. >> he is not a sound bite guy. he doesn't do politics based on 50.001% of people believe this so -- he does things he wants to do because they're the right thing to do. you have seen that with a lot of the things that he pushed that haven't necessarily been conservative talking point. whether it is prison reform with the first step act. whether opportunity zones. that is not the republican base. it is just the right thing to do. and at that is what you have to do when you're the president for all americans. he has done that. brian: real quick, they are moving on impeachment now. one of the things, one of the things they're saying president is using his office to benefit his business. you're running his business.
5:40 am
airplanes stopping in scotland and where they normally wouldn't. are you guys benefiting financially from the president? >> it is ridiculous. first of all he is not involved with those things. they also neglect to talk about the fact we voluntarily stopped doing any international deals. i mean, just think of the opportunity cost, the amount of deals that i have done over the last 10 years extrapolate over eight years what will be his presidency. that is a lot of deals. we, someone bought a cheeseburger at trump hotel. it is asinine. you see the the anything in a desperate attempt to stop him from doing this. another four more years of this, this direction, it will be hard for the democrats to ever win a national race again because american people won't be dependent on them for their success. donald trump is the only guy on
5:41 am
these stages actually created jobs. he is the only guy who has done it prior to politics. he is not a lifelong politician. he has had people, their families, their families well being, dependent on his success each and every day. he brought those values to the white house. that is consider we're winning finally. brian: brad parscale, this is the beginning after trump dynasty, people looking to you to continue that. four years or two years, president's done? are you going to continue? >> my only focus, my only focus is 2020 for him. you know, i'm doing a lot of that stuff as an outsider on the campaign because i believe in it. i'm the father of five young kids. when i see some of the notions of this, i sigh push for socialism, my mother escaped communist country, right? she left that system. my grandmother is 93 years old, still living, she watches cnn that is all they got in europe, in tears calling me, don, you don't understand how bad it is.
5:42 am
i do get it. why i'm fighting against it so vehemently. this is interesting, when i talk about that, i talk with my mother, i talk with her. that is funny, how come you don't have anyone from the former soviet bloc espousing great virtues of socialism and communism. how come you don't have one person from venezuela talking about the spoils -- we're being spoon-fed this. we're being indoctrinated. all the democrats talking about our values, no, not our values, their values. it is why they don't want school choice. it is why they don't want charter schools. they want to get young american indoctrinated to their programs and socialist learnings in school through public education and everything. they have been doing it for decades. brian: we'll talk more on the radio. >> sounds good. ainsley: book comes out in november. >> the book comes out in november. i get to talk about all of these things. ainsley: you can order it now. go to amazon and preorder it. steve: thank you very much for joining us live.
5:43 am
>> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead former vice president joe biden took center stage last night. is he still the front-runner after the debate? mark penn knows a lot. he will be here to talk about it. ♪
5:44 am
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brian: former vice president joe biden taking heat during last night's debate, kind of. >> are you prepared to say tonight that you and president obama made a mistake about the deportations? >> the president did the best thing that was able to be done. >> how about you? >> i'm vice president of the united states. >> not only do we have 87 million people uninsured, underinsured, you have to defend the fact that 500,000 americans
5:47 am
are going bankrupt. >> you said two minutes ago they would have to buy in. are you forgetting what you said -- ainsley: so will this impact joe biden's spot as the democratic front-runner? >> here with reaction, former clinton strategist, former chairman of the "harris poll," mark penn. >> good morning. steve: joe biden was the front-runner going in. now going out where is he? >> oh, i think he comes out just about where he has been, a front-runner, not in the 40s but in kind of the low 30s, in a big multicandidate field. he has one attribute that should not be underestimated. people like him. they think he is a decent guy. they think he has been compassionate to people. they think he has been through some tough life experiences. i think last night's attacks on him, unlike maybe some of the early ones boomeranged particularly castro. when castro went after him, he
5:48 am
seem mean-spirited over the top. ainsley: i could not agree with you more. whether or not you will vote for him or not he was the vice president. castro was on his cabinet. when i was listening to that, he cast commenting on something joe biden said, age, mocking someone's age, mocking someone's memory. people like this guy. >> yeah. look, i think that is exactly it. look, you saw that he also i think reinforced his position last night as a moderate, fighting back on "medicare for all." i think those two things, deflecting the attacks, putting himself more firmly in the moderate camp, not abandoning obama. i think he had a good comeback. he comes out of this, well, i got through this, i'm still the front-runner. i think overall the debate was a little bit of snoozer outside some of those attacks. the first time i have seen offer lottery for people to increase
5:49 am
their -- brian: hey, mark, what changed then? if biden stayed the same what changed? >> not a lot changed. i think warren continues to edge up. right now, when i projected this out, i don't see anyone coming to that convention with 50%. i think biden may come out kind of the leader in delegates. i think warren and sanders, unless one of them knocks the other out, which i don't see, are both coming to the convention with substantial delegates. i think harris has that possibility. booker has that possibility. steve: really? >> coming with some delegates. who is really going to swing this to 50%? i'm not sure we know. brian: no winner-take-all in lot of these. steve: preview of coming attractions. mark penn, thank you very much. >> you bet. steve: meanwhile what are voters in houston saying about last night's debate in houston? rob schmitt is having breakfast with them. you will hear from him next first, let's check in with bill hemmer for preview of
5:50 am
coming attractions. >> turn up the turntable. ainsley: record player. >> you're all invited, all right? in a moment here charges for andrew mccabe, when star and what it means. republicans hit their annual retreat. the president was there. steve scalise will tell us what they talked about. was there a winner and loser from last night? lara trump is our headliner. ten minutes, top. hour. we'll see you then. some of thes been omitted to avoid
5:51 am
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hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. ♪. steve: the debate last night was in houston. this morning we're live in houston at house of pies. rob schmitt joins us with reaction to the debate. robert? >> a few people here love to talk about this stuff. mario, first of all he is cab driver. you like the economy you see right now. tell us what you think about 2020.
5:54 am
>> i think donald trump is going to take it. he is doing so great with the economy. when i drive around the city, i see some people working. i see job signs, hiring signs everywhere i go from the airport to the south park, third ward, fifth ward, houston, texas is working baby. >> thank you so much. slide to john before i knock something over. sad story, 9/11 just passed. you lost a family member in 9/11. you're worried about? >> foreign policy. my aunt was in north tower, 101st floor. scares me so many people seem to have forgotten about horrors that happened that day. to people it looks like another piece of violence on tv. reality people across the the world have deep avowed hatred for what we stand for in america. if we decide we'll pull out, we seen the same things in other places where we pulled out, like libya or iraq. >> you're worried about what democrats are proposing and what trump is proposing.
5:55 am
walking away from afghanistan? >> i am libertarian. i praise trump when he does good things. scold him when he does bad things. i think it is naive, that all of the problems afghanistan seen for the last century will -- >> go away. mary, mexican-american immigrant but pro-wall, right? >> yes. >> tell us why. >> i am here from the united states. born in the united states. my grandparents are from mexico. >> okay. >> they came over and they worked very hard and they struggled. and they did it the legal way. they became night citizens. and i don't think, i am very much for the wall. >> you don't like what you're hearing from the 2020 democrats? >> no. i think the wall needs to be built. there are, there is a right way and wrong way. we welcome anybody to come in over to this country, but there are laws and, you don't just come over and get everything free. >> understood. mary, thank you so much.
5:56 am
we appreciate it. more "fox & friends" a after the break. stay tuned. ♪ fight for first dances fight for blast offs fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens. be right there baby. unlike ordinary diapers pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly
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our thanks to walgreens if you'd like to stop by between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. eastern. by the vice fate fate and health restrictions may apply. to speak we don't get the
6:00 am
flu shot, right? the professionals do. >> i'm going to miss it. we will go to the doctor's office and get it together. >> you can get a shot at walgreens anyway. have a great week and everybody see you back on monday. >> good morning there is a ton of new reaction pouring in this morning after the top democrats bring the heat at the houston last night. tearing into each other and tearing into president trump as we say good morning on a friday on bill hemmer live in new york. it will be a good three hours. >> i'm julie banderas i'm julie banderas ayrton for sandra smith this morning. the candidates hitting health care. highlighting the differences between moderates and progressives on the stage. >> my plan for health care costs a lot of money. my distinguished friend the senator on my left is not indicated how she pays for it. >> we pay


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