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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 14, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump saying this morning that osama bin laden's son, hamza bin laden was killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation. leland: we don't know who in that video is hamza, but we'll get to that. kristin: welcome from headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher. leland: welcome back. kristin: thank you. leland: the democratic debate. kristin: they only had three hours. leland: hamza bin laden was seen as a leader for the future generation of the terrorist group. and joining us now with the details, as iffy as they are, scant as they are.
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>> that's right, leland. the white house made the announcement in a statement this morning, quote, hamza bin laden, a high ranking son of osama bin laden was killed in a counterterrorism operation in the afghanistan-pakistan region. the loss of hamza bin laden knows only deprives them of his skills and connection to his father for the group. he was responsible for planning and dealing with various terrorist groups. this is the second time in two months we've learned that hamza was dead. last week our colleague asked mark esper about him. >> hamza bin laden was killed by, in some way, in the last year. where was he killed? did the u.s. kill hamza bin laden and where was it? >> i don't have the details on that, if i did, i'm not sure how much i could share with them. >> but hamza bin laden is dead? >> that's my understanding.
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leland: he was believed to be about 30 years old. there was a one million dollar bounty on his head. he was described as an emerging al-qaeda leader. it was not aware where and when the operation took place. the white house did not explain this and some speculate it might have taken place in pakistan. confirmation by president trump of hamza bin laden's death and ambiguity and why say afghanistan-pakistan unless it's to save someone from embarrassment. it comes as the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and there were more attacks against the united states and the west. leland: a few years ago, i interviewed his brother and there was a hydra-like character
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to al-qaeda. kristin: many holding campaign events after that fiery third debate in houston. doug mcleway joins us. >> good afternoon. still resonating beto o'rourke's remarks that may go down in the still young election season by the most controversial by any candidate yet. >> hell yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47, not going to be used against fellow americans anymore. >> it provoked a lot of angry responses against gun rights groups. t-shirts with the caption beto not. and joy reed asked him how would
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people would protect their ability to use these weapons by using them? here is beto's response to that. >> we don't go door-to-door to enforce almost any law in the united states. i don't think we do that for any law in the united states. i only raise that because others have said this is something that we would fear if there were mandatory buyback programs. no, we expect people to follow the law and that's certainly what i believe will happen. >> beto's comments contrasted with some more moderate proposals against other democratic candidates on thursday night. >> if you want action now, if you want action now, we've got to send a message to mitch mcconnell. we can't wait until one of us gets in the white house. we have to pass those bills right now to get this done. >> i'm the only one up here that's ever beat the n.r.a. only one that beat the n.r.a. nationally. i'm the one that brought the brady bill focus and into law. >> and it could be a high stakes
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golf ball for democrats, maybe not in the democratic primaries, but certainly in a general election. while polls show more americans favor tighter restrictions on background checks and high capacity magazines, pushing for more gun control has not done democrats well in the elections in the past. and president trump seizing on that. telling at the baltimore retreat that beto's proposal of confiscation would lead law abiding americans totally defenseless if someone walks into their house. that may resonate with trump's base. kristin: thank you. leland. leland: with that we bring in florida congressman, good to see you, sir. >> hey, leland. leland: boy, it seems that beto o'rourke gave republican district their next campaign ad. >> he did. the way he went after that and the fervor he went after it,
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every american not just republicans and conservatives, but people that enjoy the second amendment, every american because that's the beginning of a slippery slope. let's go after the second amendment. let's go after the first amendment. you can't say this. leland: in fairness when he said this, he got an awful lot of applause and now he's walking it back, why do you think that is? >> i think the blowback from other democrats, they're saying you handed the republicans talking points for the next 15, 20 years. because it does say the mindset of what most of those people running for presidential on the democratic side, their mindset is exactly that. leland: there's a few people are saying he said the quiet part out loud. still, there continues to be a huge drum beat, as you point out, not only from the left, but also from the middle and some from the right on the issue of something in terms of enhanced gun restrictions, control, call it what you will. this is the latest bill that came out of the house.
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now, you voted against both the house gun control measures bill, the bipartisan background check act is what it's called and the enhanced background check act. what those do are up on your screen. the president has said and been on the record that he wants some type of new gun legislation and he's willing to sign it. he called powerful background checks at one point. is there anything you'd be for? >> yeah, but before we could talk about that, we have to go back what the second amendment is for. it's for preventing a tyrannical government, it shall not be infringed. that's number one. saying that, number two, the republicans have passed four things in the last congress. we passed a fix knicks, president trump rolled back the bump stock. the school safety program and act that put more money into mental health care. this is a mental health issue period, it's not--
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a gun is an inanimate object and the person that picks it up does bad. leland: enhanced gun act. individuals prohibited to obtaining firearms to those with mental issues-- based on what you said you should be for that, right. >> not at all. leland: i'm confused. >> what they did with the background checks-- i'll help unconfuse you. those things, if you go back with the expanded background checks, it would pass, it would prevent me passing a gun to a family member, a grandfather to his grandson, this is an overstep and again we need to you can talk about the penalty responsibility. leland: i've got to button this up. you would be for adding mental health to this full stop. >> not at all. you have to deal with the red flags, when people go on the --
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go ahead. leland: you're there on that. i want foreign affairs, your thought on hamza bin laden being killed. this is the tweet from the ambassador from pakistan to the united states lucas tomlinson brought up earlier, it's noteworthy that president trump said somewhere in the pakistan-afghanistan region instead of location, to save someone from embarrassment. are you saying the pakistanis still aren't helping? >> what he's doing, he's trying to say we're not going to tell you where we found him because it divulges what your reconnaissance is. leland: saying where he's killed isn't going to divulge that, does it? >> say it again. i didn't hear that. leland: saying where it was
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doesn't-- >> hamza has been eliminated from the face of the earth and will not be leading that organization. leland: all right. congressman, we appreciate it as always. good so you. safe travels back up here to washington where it almost feels like fall now. coming up later in the show reaction from the democratic side of the aisle. texas congressman vincente gonzalez, and also shooting on border patrol agents. we'll get into later with the congressman. kristin: the wall street journal reporting saudi arabia will shut down half of oil output in the wake after coordinated attack against the world's largest oil processing facility. and the attack set the facility and a nearby oil field on fire. a military spokesman for the group says they deployed at least ten drones in the attack. the shutdown will reportedly
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shut down 5% of the world's daily crude oil production. turning now back to our top story. president trump saying this morning that osama bin laden's son, hamza bin laden was killed in a move that the white house says undermines al-qaeda's activities. we'll bring in veteran and retired colonel david hunt. colonel, first i'd like to get your reaction to this news. it was first reported back in late july, now it's just now being confirmed by president trump. what might be the reason for that delay? >> operation security is the only thing i can think of, maybe relationships to pakistan. that's a long time to delay something this successful. it could be confirmation, too, although i doubt it. they could have blown him up so bad you couldn't identify him, but we've got technology that could do that. my bet is operational security. we celebrate the fact that we
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get a very bad guy dead. killing him and killing his dad has not taken al-qaeda back from afghanistan. i'm glad we're killing terrorists, but people saying this will affect al-qaeda in a negative way, it hasn't. it's a movement, it needs leadership and it will find one. we need to go after countries supporting them as well as kill people like bin laden. kristin: would it be fair to say you think this is symbolically going to have a big impact, but operationally have little of an impact? >> yes, yeah, i think it's -- i'm glad, look, i'm glad he's done it, but we all have a step every time it happens. 18 years of fighting the war on terror has deinvolved into nation building and training forces. we need to get back to the war on terror and kill more like bin laden and make those who support them, like pakistan, or anybody else, pay for it. kristin: so what's your opinion of the news that president trump
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was at least considering inviting some members of the taliban to camp david to try to hash out a peace agreement? do you think that was a good idea? he's since canceled those talks, i want to make that very clear. >> yeah, yeah, he did. we don't need to talk to the taliban or the afghan government. we need to talk to n.a.t.o. to pull our 14, 17,000 soldiers out which i think we ought to do and leave in some area, maybe a thousand shooters and support from n.a.t.o. and ourselves and do one thing, which we've stopped doing, kill terrorists. we don't need the afghan government's approval or the taliban to say we're leaving, but we're going to put forces up in the mountain range. whatever we want to do. i want to still kill terrorists and we've been at this 18 years and to me it was a little side show when we talked about the taliban at camp david when i don't think we-- we don't need anybody's permission to pull these guys out. we need to inform n.a.t.o. and find out how to get a force together that does one thing,
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which is kill terrorists and hurt nations that support them. kristin: president trump has made it very clear that somehow, some way he wants to draw down u.s. troops in afghanistan. do you think that's a good idea? >> absolutely. after what, we did a phenomenal job with about 100 army rangers and five supportive teams and air force and hundreds of millions of dollars. after no more than two years we should have left and left a counterterrorism force and it's been successful. there hasn't been an attack out of afghanistan since 9/11, yes, but we have devolved into killing terrorists and into nation building which we've failed in iraq and afghanistan. i think we ought to come out and leave counter terrorist force with n.a.t.o. taliban is back in this country. in the end this have it's not gone well nation building.
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we should go back to what we do very well, kill bad guys. kristin: president trump is announcing his national security advisor next week. who should it be? >> i've known three of them and both with sharp elbow if they don't dpree with the boss. i like former intelligence officer or former military guy. i like mcmasters for his background and bravery, but jones security advisor under the obama administration, he quite. mine would be a man, woman and a military man or woman, but they've got to get along with the executive branch whoever it is. kristin: we should find out next week according to president trump. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. kristin: leland. leland: there are still some parts of the bahamas virtually cut off from aid and now, as if to make matters worse, they're
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in the bulls eye of tropical storm humberto. adam klotz is in the extreme weather bureau with the forecast, as ominous as it is. >> currently with winds at 50 miles per hour gusting up to 65 miles per hour. the center of circulation is sitting just off to the east of the abacos, and there is grand bahama further off to the west. the good news with the system is where it's currently spinning. you can see the action and the heavy rain and most intense winds all to the north and to the east of those islands. that doesn't mean they're out of the woods, but i think the worst of this, the absolute worst of this is going to miss them and stay a little farther off to the east. still, we're looking at most of the islands under tropical storm warnings. we did see tropical storm warnings along the eastern coast of florida, those have now been pulled because the system continues to drift off to the east which is going to keep the united states mostly in the clear. here are our tropical models and you can see the motion. from where we sit right now, beginning to run to the north, staying well off the coast of florida and then taking a very
9:17 am
sharp turn and heading out into the middle of the ocean and maybe eventually over bermuda. again, here is what we're looking for, forges the motion of this storm. you see that sharp turn. it gets up to a category 1 storm and runs out to a category 2, maybe over bermuda by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. the good news, leland, as far as the united states goes, maybe some rip current risks, but we're not concerned about the tropical storm winds or anything of that nature getting to the coast. leland: they're awfully concerned about it. thanks, adam. kristin. kristin: our steve harrigan is live on the ground in the bahamas and we know they're still recovering from dorian, but what are they doing now to prepare for humberto? >> recovering, and this certainly complicates their efforts. keep in mind, d.o..ion just two weeks ago was a category 5 with 18 miles per hour winds that sat over the northern part of the bahamas for more than 36 hours. the devastation in some of the
9:18 am
northern islands is pretty much complete. you have more than 10,000 houses destroyed, about 60,000 people homeless. now the storm is taking a similar path, but keep in mind as adam said, a lot less severe. 60 mile per hour winds instead of 185. you see people on the islands just trying to scrap together some shelter, often with no electricity, just using hammers and blue tarps, trying to shelter from the storm. this new tropical storm has complicated their efforts and also, aid efforts as well. it's also complicated the recovery effort. there's been a slow, steady increase up to 52 now killed by dorian and this storm has made it harder for the search and recovery operation toss continue. keep in mind authorities still say 1300 people missing from dorian. kristin, back to you. kristin: it doesn't seem fair for the folks in the bahamas, but i guess the weather, mother earth doesn't care.
9:19 am
steve harrigan, thank you. leland: all right, so felicity huffman is going to spend two weeks in jail for her role in the college admissions scandal. what it means for the case of lori loughlin and her possible defense we're learning about coming up. let's be honest, insurance can feel a little outdated. the paperwork... the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... it's like you're stuck in the 90s. that's why esurance makes it simple with an app that has everything you need because that's how we live nowadays. rad. your id card is on a bodacious tiny future tv. wow! you're really committed to this whole 90's thing, aren't ya? no, i'm just saying what's in the script. that's true. everything we're saying's in the script. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless.
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>> all right, so the f.d.a. has panel that's voting in favor of a test drug that could be the first federally approved treatment for peanut allergies. more than 1.4 million with be eligible for the pill that would have to be taken regularly to be effective. and it would be $400 a month after that. and considering peanut allergies are deadly, this could be a life-changing invention for some folks. f.d.a. is consider going to con final approval on this in january. watch this. kristin: former desperate housewives star, felicity huffman sentenced to jail.
9:24 am
christina with more, hi, christina. >> a lot of people are taking to social media saying that huffman should have gotten a harsher punishment. she must report on october 25th. she's asked to do time at an all female facility closer to her home. she's the first parent to be sentenced in the sweeping college admissions scheme. in addition to two weeks in prison, a federal judge in boston, a $30,000 fine and 250 hours of community service, and includes fuller house and hall mark channel star, lori loughlin. while huffman admitted to pay $15,000 boost her daughter's sat scores, lori loughlin and her
9:25 am
husband accused of paying $500 to get their daughters in. now they face more time in prison up to 40 years behind bars each. they have not admitted to anything as opposed to huffman admitted to it and still got prison time. a lot of defendants could learn from her. even though she's sentence today prison she feels better because she feels clarity. after she got sentenced i would have asked marshals to arrest me and take her directly to the detention center. >> the prosecutors asked for one month behind bars and she got two weeks half of what they asked. loughlin and her husband, they've asked they get three years. >> like if i'm any parent in
9:26 am
the case i'd be nervous now. leland: and we'll talk about that later in the show. antonio brown can play in the new england game on sunday. will he take the field against the dolphins? bill belichick is the only one who knows, but about we'll talk about it coming up.
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quickbooks. backing you. >> the white house releasing a statement today saying that hamza bin laden, the high ranking member of al-qaeda and osama bin laden's son was killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation. for more details we'll bring in mark meredith live from the north lawn. >> thank you, as you mentioned, president trump making this statement from the white house about hamza bin laden's death, not only a leader, but the son of the former terror leader osama bin laden. it doesn't go into the timing of the death.
9:31 am
he was killed in a counterterrorism operation in the pakistan-afghanistan region. and the white house did release a statement. >> the loss of hamza bin laden not only derived al-qaeda of important leadership skills and symbolic connection to his father, but undermines operational activities of the group, that's the statement that we got from the white house earlier today. president trump is not at the white house right now he is at his golf club in sterling, virginia. we have an idea what's on the president's mind because of some of the retweets earlier today and that had to do with the inspector general and he's nearly finished a report detailing the chain of events that led to the fbi surveillance of the trump campaign in 2016. michael horowitz says they've conduct added a lengthy review. they're currently under review by attorney general bill barr.
9:32 am
>> i would ask the attorney general to work sunday. he probably does anyway. after the church release the report and get it released to the american people. they're entitled to know what happened. >> fox news has been able to confirm that later tonight, president trump will have dinner with the parents of otto warmbier, a college student held for over a year. he was returned in a coma and died. and his parents say he was tortured while in north korea. and the dinner comes as the president continues to try to get north korea abandon their nuclear program. and guys, back to you. kristin: president trump may not be at the white house right now, but the construction are. you did a great job talking over that. >> and they stopped when they finished. they're doing the fence line over here. kristin: of course. thanks for talking over it,
9:33 am
mark. leland. leland: college football season means a rehash of the yearly conversation about paying or allowing compensation, maybe sponsorships or athletes. and they will consider a bill considering just that come january. for that we bring in former congressional candidate and radio host who is wearing a decidedly neutral tie on the day that the clemson and the ga gamecocks play. sec football in south carolina are a religion and now you're going to pay people? >> i'm not sure if we're going to pay. as a candidate i learned not to wear orange or garnet, half the state votes the other way. it's red, white and blue. and some senators are trying to introduce a bill to try to allow student athletes too get endorsement deals and earn money while they're a college student.
9:34 am
i'm going to thread the needle a little bit-- >> hold on, you can thread the needle on clemson or gamecocks. thread the needle on this, pick a side. >> the california bill i would be against. i don't want south carolina's bill to be like california's because i don't want south carolina to follow california. i don't want students making deals with adidias. i understand with big problems like clemson and carolina, these schools make millions and millions off the programs and we need to be mindful that the student athletes are trying to go to school and perform on the team and often times they have to have side jobs. i'm okay for some form of compensation for every player if t the -- but having agents and promoting nike and adidias. leland: they're promoting
9:35 am
adidias and nike and it's going to the school. >> and that's why the school can use its own logo and the carolina or clemson logo, but not the students' likeness. leland: the california bill is not yet law. gavin newsome will sign or not sign and then obviously the south carolina bill comes up in january. the ncaa has come out tough about it. evidently they don't like much competition. they say they're going to exclude california schools potentially from all competition and so if they follow suit in south carolina. it does sort of beg the question of, does the ncaa have the best interests of the students in mind or its own best interests in mind? >> well, look, i'm not giving the ncaa a pass here when they complain and lament big money in college athletics, that ship sailed a long time ago. i believe there need to be reforms. if we don't allow students to
9:36 am
promote adidias and all that, i i'm -- where we're having completes, but the schools don't need to exploit their students's names and likenesses. and these are student athletes, focus on their academic career. i love college sports and that-- >> that ship sailed a long time ago as you pointed out. in some ways there's as much money in college as pro football, but they're not getting a share of it. would that help them to fulfill the academic dreams and requirements for a life after football if maybe they could make a few bucks while they're in college and weren't working at subway? >> that's why i said i do support there being a little profit in the bigger schools. in the smaler schools, they subsidize that. but in clemson, carolina, i'm
9:37 am
all for them not working at subway. >> and and totonio brown his joy from the raiders, to the patriots, and lawsuits against him climbing misconduct. according to the nfl he has the opportunity to play tomorrow. should the patriots start him? >> well, look, antonio brown clearly attracts a good bit of drama where he goes and that's a separate issue. as to the sexual assault allegations, this is the united states and i hope the nfl does what the american judicial system does, you're innocent until proven guilty and i think they're doing the right thing until investigating. they need to take it seriously, but i also understand you know we're in a culture right now, people throw allegations at famous folks a lot. antonio has a drama problem. i don't know whether these allegations are founded or unfounded they need to be fully
9:38 am
investigated, but at the same time he wasn't prosecuted. leland: not only not prosecuted, has not been charged. as far as we can tell there's not a -- this is a civil case. and now that we've got this out of the way, i'm going to say this, go tigers. [laughter] >> go tigers. leland: we're flipping that tape. good to see you, my friend. >> good to see you. kristin: the country is in the middle of its deadly drug everdose crisis in history and democratic presidential candidates are promoting their plans to tackle the epidemic. more on what those candidates are proposing coming up. gold has stood the test of time. even since 2000, the value of gold has increased by over 400% and owning easy... ...with rosland capital, a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900 to get started.
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9:43 am
shopping center, of all places and then police came in to try to separate them. you see the scuffles and ensuing arrests later on. wow, kristin, we're up to a couple of months of protests in hong kong. kristin: and every weekend it's more and more intense. leland: it seems like beijing is getting ready to crack down. kristin: and they clashed on proposals in houston, but they did not mention how they would fight the opioid crisis which is linked to thousands of deaths. we'll go to the heritage foundation and former director of the office of drug policy, charmaine yost. charmaine, the candidates may not have mentioned the opioid epidemic during the debate, but they've put out proposals on their campaign website and
9:44 am
campaign trail and one of the most controversial ones is one put forward by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and it's this idea of endorsed, supervised injection sites. they do not provide drugs, but they do allow a safe space with medical personnel for addicts to come in and essentially get their fix. am i stating that properly? >> that's exactly right. thank you very much for coming back to the issue since it doesn't get as much attention in platforms like the debates. this is an idea that's been kicking around for a while and basically the fad diet of the drug policy arena. it's like all of us, you want the quick fix with issues like this, but opioids and drug addiction in general is a complex and multi-faceted issue. you're not going to normalize it by saying, hey, this is where you can do this safely and imply that there is a safe way of using drugs to address addiction. what is the correct way of looking at this is at the same time the trump administration
9:45 am
just in the last couple of weeks announced an additional 1.8 billion in grant funding to go to state and local communities who are trying to address this at the local level. look, addressing addiction is an intensive intervention with the person who is struggling and it has to be done at the local level. you have to wrap them around with services and not look for the quick fix, but be in it for the long haul. >> the flip side, people who support this like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren say it would save lives and they point to countries like canada where at least canadian officials believe that it has been effective. what's your response to that? >> again, the long-term. what are we looking at? are we looking at the safe one episode or are you looking to help people long-term stay safe, long-term break these cycles of addiction and find a way to get back to a healthy life. >> another proposal that's being put forward, this is proposed by pete buttigieg and andrew yang,
9:46 am
they have put forward an idea of decriminalizing opioids, that it would essentially eliminate some of the stigma tied to that, people who might be too afraid to come forward and based on your smile, i think you oppose that, why? >> it's an old idea that's circling around. the reason we have the f.d.a. that evaluates drugs, so some are not safe. we have to have a structure built around them so people understand and able to interact with their doctors taking a drug that has a specific niche use for it and opioids are a great gift to us in terms of the ability to use and to address pain when we need them, in the right circumstances. you don't go out and just say, hey, you know, you can use this safely and under your own-- under your own use, however you want to do it. >> before you go, i have to ask you about the uninsured rate in this country because for the first time in nearly a decade, it has gone up and democrats are saying that it's because of the
9:47 am
trump administration's weakening of obamacare or the affordable care act. you don't think so? >> just the opposite is true and they're seizing on this, it's a tiny minuscule, less than 1% drop. what's really going on. the more important data we're looking at is the result of the trump administration offering regulatory relief to states. there were seven states that took advantage of the regulatory relief that was offered from the administration and they're driving the first decrease in premiums that we've seen since obamacare went into play. kristin: i know this is going to be talked about a ton in the coming months. >> thank you. kristin: on the campaign trail. thank you very much. leland. leland: elon musk will have some things to say about this, a new comet, is it headed to earth? next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
>> a live picture as massachusetts senator and 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren speaks at the democratic convention in springfield. a lot of eyes on her. we'll keep an eye on what she says there in massachusetts.
9:52 am
details are still sketchy, but there's been a deadly exchange of gunfire near the southern border. one border patrol agent is in the hospital. the fbi, among others, investigating and jacqui heinrich with the details from new york. hi. >> hi, leland. yeah, very few details available right now. but customs and border protection not yet confirming whether the people involved in this shooting were in the country illegally. but here is what we do know. around 8:00 last night local time two border patrol agents pulled over a car on a remote stretch of road in texas, 35 miles from the u.s. border in del rio. according to ccp, two people were in the car. one fired at the two agents. one was hit and the other officer returned fire shooting and killing the gunman. first responders brought that injured officer to the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. >> to my understanding, he's
9:53 am
already been released, that the gear worked as it was supposed to. he suffered, i think, very minor injuries physically of course, we don't know what else is going to happen there, but it looks like he's going to be okay. >> the second person in that car that was pulled over was taken into the custody. the whole incident is under investigation by the fbi, texas rangers and custom and border protections office of professional responsibility. so far no agency has answered our questions as to why those agents pulled that car over in the first place. we don't know the identity, gender or citizenship status of anyone there. the officers have not been named. we're hoping for more answers pretty soon. leland: we're working our sources here in d.c. as well. back to you as details warrant. thank you. kristin. kristin: check it out. scientists say a newly discovered comet likely originated from outside of our solar system, marking what could
9:54 am
be the second ever discovery of an interstellar comet. experts are working to confirm its interstellar status, but say that the object is headed inward toward the sun. currently about 260 miles away from the sun and expected to stay outside of earth's orbit. leland, don't worry, it's not coming near. leland: how long is it going to be until elon musk, whatever he means to you, is going to tweet he wants to do something with this comet? >> probably tweet about it in a few days. leland: later today? >> later today. this comet was discovered by an amateur astronomer and it's his hobby. leland: and they argue they need more money, but couldn't find a comet. >> and nasa talked about crowd sourcing discoveries like this. he was in croatia. leland: billions of dollars and the hubble telescope and it's some guy in his back yard who
9:55 am
discovers it. kristin: that's how big the universe is. leland: the next interview with nasa you have to ask about this. kristin: okay. leland: and confirming had a hamza bin laden, the son of osama bin laden is dead. perhaps how it happened and a little more details on where and why that matters when we come back. we've seen a thing or two. even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you
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9:59 am
saying aishah hasnie, the son of usama bin laden was killed in a us counterterrorism operation. welcome back. >> our two, more details on hamza bin laden, a leading voice for the future of al qaeda being groomed to take over the group his father founded. lucas tomlinson joins us with more details on this. >> the white house announcing in a statement this morning, it does not mention where or weapon the operation took place. hamza bin laden, the son of usama bin laden, was killed in a united states counterterrorism operation. last month in his first tv interview, jennifer griffin asked mark asper about it. >> hamza bin laden was killed in the last year.
10:00 am
where was he killed? >> i don't have the details, not sure how much i can share with you. >> but hamza bin laden is dead. >> he was believed to be around 30 years old. in february the state department put a $1 million bounty on his head, the first step before drone strikes are authorized to collect terrorist leader. us official described him as an emerging al qaeda leader who threatened attacks against the united states in the past. the us missouri routinely flies jets and bombers over pakistan in an airport or into afghanistan, does not conduct airstrike leading some to speculate the cia killed hamza bin laden in pakistan, the third member of the lot and family kill thereafter usama bin laden was killed in 2011 and his 23-year-old brother khalid. pakistan's former ambassador to the us said, quote, there is still ambiguity where he was killed.
10:01 am
somewhere in afghanistan pakistan region, unless the purpose is to save someone from embarrassment. that person could be pakistan's prime minister, donald trump made no mention of hamza bin laden three days ago, they spoke on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> say it best when you say nothing at all, there's a lot on said in the president's statement. on 9/11 we did hear from al qaeda's leader who conceivably knew that hamza bin laden was dead. >> our qaeda's current leading figure released a statement calling on more attacks against the united states and the west. as a point of reference there's $1 million bounty on hamza bin laden's head, they had a $20 million bounty on his our here he --'s head.
10:02 am
>> bin laden built it, they lopped off one head, even his, it can be built and go on. we will watch that. >> us officials say counterterrorism operations are like gardening, tend to the garden and cut off the head. >> we heard the whack a mole example. keep your metaphor this saturday. thank you. >> how many metaphors? >> we gave more minutes. >> let's see if the democratic texas congressman has one, a member of the house service committee, congressman, thank you so much for chatting with us. let's start with this news about hamza bin laden's death. what was your first reaction? >> makes me proud and i applaud our intelligence community and our military and our allies who helped in this effort and it is important to send a message to
10:03 am
these terrorist groups around the world that we will hunt them down in any corner of the world and it doesn't end when an incident occurs. here we are many years after 9/11 and still doing the same thing we did right after that attack. it is an important message the terrorists around the world now that we stop at no end to prevent this from ever happening again, or any of our allies. >> let's talk about something that affects a lot of people in your states, in texas, donald trump giving the green light from the supreme court to continue strict asylum laws and specifically deny asylum to nearly all migrants trying to seek asylum from countries other than mexico. what has the reaction been from a lot of constituents in your district and people you talk to
10:04 am
in your state? >> i was one of the members who filed a bill earlier this year asking for asylum-seekers to be able to ask for asylum within their own country, good to an embassy in your country and go through the immigration process there and if you are granted asylum, have the document with you where you can find to the united states legally. having thousands of people show up to our border and asking for asylum is disruptive. we don't have the capacity. my heart goes out to these people, we should do more in those 3 central american countries were 75% of asylum-seekers are coming from, guatemala, honduras and el salvador. we should invest money on the ground to assure their security and prop up their economy the way we have mexico. mexican nationals are not coming to the united states anymore, they are going home at a higher rate because their economy is prospering and we should create the same climate in those central american countries.
10:05 am
and so we do that we will deal with this on the southern border. >> you talk about strain on the system, do you support these new asylum rules by the trump administration? >> i don't know if that is the process we should be taking but i believe we should have immigration court that embassies around the world where people can ask for asylum, or neighboring countries and go through the process. most of the witnesses and factual evidence you need to prove your case is usually in your home country. in that respect i think that is the best process. i don't care what side of the aisle your on clearly having 100,000 people show up at the border is chaotic. i don't think we have the capacity to handle at this moment in time. we need to find a way to deal with it and -- >> we don't have time and i want to ask one question about the debate.
10:06 am
you were at houston and this took center stage, guns and beto o'rourke's comments, i'm not going to use the phrase he did, he supports mandatory buyback of all assault weapons. do you support that? >> i do not feel that is necessary. times for stronger background checks. if you need to come back in a week i have no problem with that. we need common sense legislation, and magazine capacity. other measures that are sure to bring real security. >> what beto o'rourke said is muddying the waters for democrats saying we are not trying to take away your guns? >> not really. that is his opinion and how he feels, he has gone through a tragic time the past few weeks in his hometown. i have great respect for nato --
10:07 am
beto. i don't know the entire party agrees with him but we are having a conversation that needs to be had. we clearly have a problem with these massacres occurring in our country. it is interesting, if you look at the 70s and 80s these arms whereas available as they are now but we weren't having these mass killings. what is causing it? what is the root cause? we should have an intense social study of what is happening in our country and what has developed and brought us to this point. >> they will debate that on capitol hill, thank you. >> fox news sunday tomorrow, bill hammer, golf courses worldwide, in for chris wallace, taking the weekend off golf to prepare for his interviews with
10:08 am
rhode island congressman, i am sure guns will come up in that interview. check in at 11 am from the fox news channel. howard kurtz has press secretary sean spicer. i think sean spicer has a big event coming up this week or next week, dancing with the stars. see if we get some preview pictures. >> maybe we could get a little sample. >> howie and john nancy together. >> a ratings grabber right there. many democratic hopefuls out and about on the campaign trail after the big democratic debate, the third one in houston, texas. do you think the debate changed anything in the race? >> it reenergized the gun debate. no one just picking up what your last guest was saying, no one with presidential aspirations has taken on the second amendment like beto o'rourke. >> he is we are going to take your ar 15, your ak-47, fellow
10:09 am
americans anymore. >> that provoked a flurry, just as controversial, texas state representative briscoe kane, ready for you, robert francis. he called that a death threat. more broadly the o'rourke comments every energized the gun control debate. many the democratic field. >> no one has ascended to the white house, i will fight this and bring a fight to the nra, the gun lobby they have never seen before. >> i am proud that year after year, trump, the nra and as president i will not be intimidated by the nra. >> everyone favors an assault weapon ban.
10:10 am
everyone here favors magazine limitations. >> this is music to the ears, donald trump mentioned these and this is what ted yoho is speaking about the proposal. >> the way he went after that and the firm her he went afterwards, every american, not just republicans or conservatives or people who enjoy the second amendment but every american because that is the beginning of a slippery slope. >> let's go after the second amendment, let's go after the first amendment. >> in washington let's look for the focus to shift away from the gun control issue, four democrats probably more will attend a black caucus interview. we will be watching that. >> more on the gun debate with a political panel coming up but the president and his team setting up for a fight over tax cuts that of the 2020 election.
10:11 am
larry kudlow announcing tax cuts 2.0. >> gather together the best ideas from the hill and the administration and outside folks, significant new ground and middle-class tax relief, put something out sometime in the middle of next year, tax cuts 2.0 is where we are. >> with that we can subscribed man around town, former trump adviser and member of the heritage foundation, steve more. i was going to say a man who never met a tax cut he didn't like. >> i was on your show 3 weeks ago and said no recession. the economy has improved. >> because the stock market, does the stock market reflect
10:12 am
the economy? three weeks ago the stock market didn't mean anything. >> the stock market is a perfect indicator, a sign people have more confidence and the other thing, we got a pretty good jobs report with wages rising. all of that -- >> might possibly -- >> one more. >> on the tax cuts horizon, tax credits working in 2017, 7 have million more jobs than people to fill them today and wages rising and that is a result of the tax cut. larry kudlow is talking about another tax proposal, the first was for businesses and they want to do something for the middle class. >> another group -- >> i was looking at data on the wage increases for middle-class workers.
10:13 am
since trump was elected -- >> our deficits top $1 trillion. i've not heard anybody say the tax cut will pay for itself. >> in 2018, the fiscal year is up at the end of this month. tax revenue in 2019, higher than any year in american history, you don't have a revenue problem but an overspending problem. i am with you. the way republicans and democrats in both parties been too much money, republican spend more on the military, democrats -- if the tax cuts put more people to work and -- >> is there a limit? you can make that argument,
10:14 am
taxes go to 0. >> i'm not saying that. when trump came to office we had the highest business taxes in the world. my problem with the democrats in the democrat debate they keep talking how they are pro-worker but so antibusiness. you can't be antibusiness and pro-worker, you can't have jobs without employers. trump is unapologetically pro-american business, they want businesses to be more competitive and american businesses, a small corner grocery store or google, when they do better they hire more workers, pay their workers more. >> in 2014 you made this point about the deficit. we will put up one of the quotes. it is there and that is steve more at the heritage foundation. maybe this debt bubble will reverse. in 2008-2009 real estate crash
10:15 am
could look like a picnic by comparison. $14 trillion -- >> i don't think i was wrong. >> will get worse if it is a larger number. >> there is one thing, i like to measure the debt as a share of our economy. of the economy is bigger the main thing we always have is grow the economy, your ability to finance the debt. the thing that changed a lot in 30 years is interest rates when i came to washington were 10% or 11%, now they are to present. >> it begs the question we do have a spending problem and as fervent a proponent of the president's policy as you are i have not heard the land he says
10:16 am
i'm not going to. >> one of the biggest entitlement programs has been obamacare. >> social security and medicare. >> social security is not the problem with our overspending problem. welfare and the big increases in the military spending. >> social security and medicare out for what? >> 35%, include all the entitlements, you are right. at some point you take on those programs. i want to see the private sector play a bigger role. medicare is a big problem. why in the world -- medicare for all. >> it will make the debt bubble and the debt problems today look like a picnic.
10:17 am
>> green new deal and student debt and medicare for all, you are talking tens of trillions of dollars. >> we are talking real money pretty soon. >> economy is healthy. >> we are that 3 weeks ago too. >> and afghan presidential spokesman saying the country would only consider reaching a peace deal with the taliban after it national election later this month. donald trump is in the talks with the insurgent group after claim response really for a bombing that killed one american soldier in kabul. >> overseas this might affect the us economy as well. former prime minister david cameron of the united kingdom saying he is sorry. he gambled on brexit by putting it on the ballot in 2016, never dreamed british voters would pull the trigger on getting out of the eu. now cameron is saying i deeply regret the outcome and accept that my approach failed. he says he is sorry about the division this is caused but
10:18 am
defended the decision to call for the vote in 3 years later the uk is still trying to pull together an orderly exit, either hard brexit or soft brexit. the fight goes on with no conceivable solutions on the horizon. >> the bahamas work to recover from hurricane dorian, tropical storm humbertoh is threatening more bad weather. we have more from the extreme weather center. >> the tropical storm sitting 30 miles off the coast, winds at 50 mile-per-hour gusting to 55 miles an hour. where is the storm heading next? i will let you know after the break. you know, baker, i can help you with -- with that. oh, no, it's fine. thanks, though. a man should cut his own lawn. [ lawnmower engine rattling ]
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10:22 am
>> tropical storm humberto moving toward the bahamas where residents are working to recover from the deadly force of hurricane dorian. the extreme weather center, we have more. how bad will it be for the folks to recovering from dorian? >> this will not be another dorian. it is going to be bad enough but not as bad as they saw. your center of circulation is just to the east, the way the system is formed is in the best
10:23 am
interests of these islands because all the real extreme wind and heaviest rain are to the northeast. we call that the dirty side of the storm. doesn't mean these islands are out of the woods but the worst of the storm is not going to be running into grand bahama like they did dorian. this is where the system currently sits, everything highlighted in yellow is tropical storm warnings so still pay attention to this system. it could have been worse was we saw tropical storms along the florida coast that have been lifted because the system is expected to stay far enough off the coast that you will see choppy surf, rip parents but some rain, but not tropical storm situation we were thinking 24 hours ago. all the storm as keep it well off the united states coast before shooting into the atlantic towards bermuda. they will need to pay attention to this by the middle of the upcoming week or late in the week. here's the forecast running
10:24 am
pretty much right along the coast but far enough off that outside some rain bands the system intensifies, heading towards bermuda jumping to a category 2 hurricane but that will be something happening in the middle of the upcoming week, late in the week. we will be watching. >> we head to nassau, steve harrigan on the ground as he has been since dorian was there. >> the worst of it, 80 miles north of us, that is generated a tremendous amount of anxiety here in the bahamas. you have homes destroyed, pretty much wiped off the map by that category 5 storm dorian, two weeks ago people scrambling to get out on ferries and planes, leaving a place that has been totally devastated by that storm and a new storm coming in, this one is a lot less severity, 50
10:25 am
mile-per-hour winds as opposed to 185 mile-per-hour winds, moving past quickly. it could leave 6 inches of rain. when you look at conditions there you see what it could do to people, they have tarpaulins where once there were roofs, people living outside with no electricity. it slows 8 efforts, concerns moving back and forth to the islands and slows recovery efforts as well. there is still a search for missing. the death toll is at 52 right now but the government still says 1300 people are missing from dorian and this new storm slows down efforts to recover missing loved ones. >> hats off to you and your crew in incredible conditions and recording. thank you. >> beto o'rourke hitting the campaign trail in texas after
10:26 am
making comments on gun control. more on that and the rest of the democratic field next.
10:27 am
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about nuplazid. >> our top story, donald trump saying in a statement that hamza bin laden was killed in a us counterterrorism operation, the son of usama bin laden was seen as a future potential leader of al qaeda. the president says the move undermines important operational activities. >> no matter where you are on the gun debate, and beto o'rourke's comments, there is a t-shirt for you. beto o'rourke's campaign has the t-shirt on the left saying what he is going to do to your a are 15. and the texas republican party with a play on the texas state flag same beto, come and take
10:31 am
it. we bring in jessica ehrlich and john thomas to discuss the politics of all this on the left and right respectively. it seems as though that was a gift to every republican and even moderately red district. >> it is. it did a couple things, beto's host of senate in texas are flushed down the drain. that's not going to happen because that kind of mandatory confiscation plan isn't popular. >> he walked it back in the past 24 hours, we are not going to go door to door. >> don't know what that means. >> i'm not sure he did either. >> here is the impact of what beto said. it's more profound than his cheap political points for his own selfish political career.
10:32 am
one is he fueled the concern of so many gun owners about that slippery slope argument, yes, we just want background checks but we don't want to take your guns. he talked about our worst concern and the other is this. he showed that everyone on the democratic stage can score points, score money, score camera time if they anchor further to the left on gun control. the incentive is there to go harder to the left in future debates. >> in important point, someone said he said the quiet part out loud. the argument you're hearing about beto o'rourke's comments is the argument you heard when donald trump, candidate trump said we are going to build a big wall, the supposition in the republican party was we have to be in the middle on immigration and he went hard to the right, to the extreme and won on that
10:33 am
issue. is there a chance democrats are distancing themselves, could he be on to something? >> i don't think it will be an issue that is going to be one issue for democrats in this upcoming election in 2020 but as people get older this is a huge issue we have seen polling with millennials and all the young people who have been impacted, rather from parkland and other shootings, they take it on as one issue voters. we don't see that across the board. we see a lot of other presidential nominees as far to the left as beto did on this issue. we will certainly see it be used over and over but it is the same argument used for decades now it hasn't gotten any change in traction. >> he said what john was saying, so many gun owners are worried about this. tris coons of delaware talking
10:34 am
about it. >> i frankly think that cliff will be safe for years, second amendment rallies with organizations trying to scare people, i don't think having our presidential candidates like congressman o'rourke did, and take people guns against their will is -- >> i ask you that question. did he hurt the party or any democrats 2020 chances? >> i don't think so. what we have already seen is this has been for decades, republicans who believed democrats across the board want to take your guns already believe that. they are already voting for other candidates and there will be a ton -- >> that is not the issue that republicans got that. it is voters in the middle that
10:35 am
happened to own guns. they didn't know what to believe on the rhetoric. all they have to do is listen to what your party says they will do. it is no longer -- >> your making a broad jump. you are making a jump from beto o'rourke. the presidential nominee -- >> we've got to go. it was chris coons who said it is not wise politically or policy wise. nice to see you both, thanks for keeping it on topic on this one but whatever t-shirt cell we will try to get a count on. >> felicity huffman will spend 14 days behind bars for her role in the college admission scandal. more on what this means for other parents next.
10:36 am
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>> welcome back on this saturday. felicity huffman is thinking where she will spend 14 years in prison after becoming the first parent to be sentenced in the college admission scandal. look for some big hollywood names also charged. christina coleman has this. >> a lot of people, even though she apologized she says she was ashamed and told the court she was going to try to live a more honest life, saying in part there were no excuses or justifications for my action. and the educational community and actions. she is asked to do time at an all female facility closer to
10:41 am
her home. a federal judge in boston sentenced the celebrity to 250 hours of community service, eight years probation and a $30,000 fine, twice what she paid to improve her daughter's sat scores. >> too many people buy into the reality the only consequence of this is imprisonment, as a convicted felon myself it is a lifelong stigma. it is devastating. >> lori laughlin and her husband are accused of paying 30 times more, and to get their daughters and to usc. and pretending to be rowers, they do not please guilty to charges of money laundering. they face 40 years in prison each if convicted. it is unlikely to survive that
10:42 am
much time. >> my advice would be the proverbial ostrich to make a decision. there's a lot of data out there. that is good news for her. >> the hearing is scheduled for october 2nd. >> they discovered some interesting emails in the case. christina coleman has a lot more on that. >> we will bring in former federal prosecutor -- there we go. i don't want to butcher it and let you say it. >> surprised my partner. >> helps a lot debate we have been having.
10:43 am
>> the sentencing guidelines probation is 6-month, the war was lost for the prosecution in terms of any harsh sentence, when probation told them the sentencing guidelines, the loss amount was nothing, that is a huge factors that drives white-collar cases and once you get to 0 to 6 and the guidelines anything goes. >> if i am one of the parents awaiting sentencing or if i am lori laughlin who pled not guilty, mia a little nervous after seeing this? >> i don't know that you are more nervous, you get a sense of certainty where this is going to. there are different defendants and administrators high up in the scheme and parents on the low end but there are other differences, it is to their benefit. it is a different situation.
10:44 am
your kids were involved in it and drag it into this corruption. you are all looking for distinctions between the defendants and the baseline might be 14 days. >> what does that mean for lori laughlin? stuff felicity have and get 14 days she is facing up to 40 years. is there any chance she faces anything close to that? >> it will be driven by the guidelines in the ballpark for that. it could drive some of these individuals to go to trial, there's not that much risk going to try with the loss amount is 0. >> so much focus is on the parents because of hollywood's liberties charged in this. what about the people that allowed this scheme to happen, people behind the scenes, pulling the strings, what does
10:45 am
this say to you about that? >> it doesn't tell them much, not an overly happy message, to see anyone jailed. a customer of their corrupt business. when you talk about coaches that were corrupt and admissions offices and certainly the schemers themselves, they will be in a different universe than these parents who are in the ballpark of 14 days. >> there's been a lot of criticism of where felicity huffman will serve her time. any insight on where that will be? there was a report that she is trying to serve it in a prison that has no bars. >> the infinity pool is not good temperature. the reality is they tried to design this, the designation of a low designation like a minimal security facility and geography, what is close to home so family members can see you in the same
10:46 am
general community so there would be something out west that is a low security facility. it is still not what you want to be doing. i would rather be in the house with the infinity pool than in a federal camp. >> i would rather be there as well. final question. when you watch how these cases are prosecuted, how would you rate the job these prosecutors are doing and investigators have done given that this is the largest college admission scandal ever in us history? >> i have been on my soapbox for a long time. it is an interesting case, still unfolding, still probably things to come. they are using white-collar settings for some of the defendants which is always interesting to me. it is a wide net, 51 defendant including parents. there will be a lot of stories and differences between the cases that rattle through the system over the next few months. a lot to handle. >> thanks for coming in.
10:47 am
>> check this video from saudi arabia. iranian backed rebels flew drones into saudi oil refineries. how this could affect every one of us when we fill up our cars next. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call,
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>> a coordinated drone attack on the world's largest oil refinery is sparking huge fires in saudi arabia and heightening tensions in the region. kitty logan with more on the aerial assault and who is taking responsibility. >> reporter: houthi rebels in yemen claimed responsibility. it is not the first time they have carried out a cross-border attack against saudi arabia but certainly the most brazen. what we are seeing is two major facilities in saudi arabia which were hit in these predawn attacks. ten drones in all were used in these strikes, caused explosions, sparked huge fires. these fires are apparently under control but it is thought that oil production -- we don't know by how much. it is also not clear if anyone
10:52 am
was injured in these attacks but of 47 tightlipped about the details of what went on but we know the saudi arabian military, to find out more about who was behind this. they have been battling houthi rebels since march 2016. the houthi rebels, these attacks will continue unless the saudi government ceases the military campaign. this has escalated, rocket attacks, this is the first time they used drones on such a scale in these attacks.
10:53 am
this is the heart of the saudi arabian oil industry. they have a direct impact on oil prices. we have to wait and see what comes out of the markets on monday. >> i think i know the answer to this question but do you want to move -- what if you get paid to do it? even better. don't go to google. we will tell you how that dream can be your reality. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more.
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leland: always in the customer service business. popeye's is giving some customers a solution to a possible serious problem. the fried chicken fast food restaurant is telling those who cannot get their hands on the chain's sold-out chicken sandwich to byob. not your own beer, but your own bun. they will fill the bun with three chicken tenders to hold over hungry customers who haven't gotten popeye's chicken sandwich. kristin: i have so many questions about this. first of all, why are they sold out to begin with? it's just chicken tenders, a bun, can't you put them together and we have more chicken sandwiches? also, am am i supposed to run home and get a bun and bring it to popeye's? i'm just going to go to chick-fil-a for that or shake shack. they have a great chicken sandwich. leland: no, they do not.
10:58 am
i've tried it. no. the chicken sandwich wars has a clear winner. it's the original chicken sandwich which is chick-fil-a. i would feel as though i was not being loyal if i went anywhere else. kristin: it's pretty basic. i might suggest this, because for this next segment i have a an idea for what business you might be able to open if you want to move to the italian countryside. leland: what a segue. kristin: you could open a popeye's. the italian countryside wants you to move there. they are offering folks $27,000 to help repopulate some deserted villages. you've got to stay for three years, go to an area with less than 2,000 residents and open a small business of any kind, as long as a it contributes to the local economy. you can go open a popeye's or if you prefer, a chick-fil-a, boom, you're living in the italian countryside. leland: with my chick-fil-a. there are some communities in america that do this. i feel like italy has them beat. kristin: yeah.
10:59 am
leland: with the way you pronounce that town, and i'm not going to try to, you're well on your way to speaking italian. kristin: did i sell you on it? leland: yes. while you're dreaming about your italian house tomorrow, check out fox news sunday. bill hemmer has taken the weekend off of golf to sit in for chris wallace. he's got david sisilini from the house judiciary committee on. i don't know, i think the issue of guns might come up in this. kristin: just a little bit. leland: just a little bit. the house has the two bills out about gun control and now it is up to the senate. you've got beto o'rourke weighing in on things, et cetera. kristin: he sure had quite a moment during the debate this past week. there was a lot of concern -- leland: you were there in houston. kristin: yes. leland: when he said that, we're going to take your ar-15s away. kristin: hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15s away. leland: was there a collective
11:00 am
gasp. kristin: the media laughed. we were like oh, is this the kind of curse that abc was trying to keep -- leland: but everybody paid attention. kristin: we've got five seconds left. we've got to go. arthel: just days after the u.s. reflected on the tragedy of 9/11 in which nearly 3,000 people were killed, president trump confirmed the death of hamza bin laden, the son of the master mind of those attacks, osama bin laden. he was killed in a u.s. counter terrorism operation near the afghanistan, pakistan border. the exact date and time were unclear. reports of his death, his possible death, first came this past july. hello everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining, i'm eric shawn. hamza bin laden believed to be an emerging leader of al-qaida. this comes as presiru


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