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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 15, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> good sunday morning, joining me exclusively on sunday morning futures kevin mccarthy is here on the trump administration blaming iran for the attacks on the world's largest oil facility in saudi arabia, it is rattling global markets, raising questions how it could impact the price of gasoline and how the us should respond. republican leaders and what comes next now that william barr has a grasp at the justice department ig report on the origins of the russia probe. will nancy pelosi bring usmc a
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to the house for for a vote? homeland security secretary kevin mc howinin on how safe is the homeland today after the attacks of 9/11. and lawmakers on the left and the right. republican senator marsha blackburn. where will they find common ground on gun reform, immigration and government spending, that and more on sunday morning futures. ♪ >> we begin with the white house blaming iran for yesterday's attack on the world's largest oil facility in saudi arabia, forcing the kingdom to cut it daily oil output by nearly half. the iranian backed houthi rebels claimed responsibility.
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mike pompeo is pointing the finger at iran saying tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on saudi arabia. rouhani pretend to engage in diplomacy amid calls for de-escalation. iran has launched unprecedented attacks on the world's energy supply. there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen. democratic senator from connecticut chris murphy pushed back tweeting this is such a responsible simplification and how we get into wars, the saudi's and houthis are war, the saudi protect the houthi i the houthi's attack back, iran is backing the houthis and has been a bad actor but it is not as simple as houthi equals iran, lindsey graham calling for a military response saying in a tweet it is time for the us to put on the table and attack on iranian oil refineries. if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment. joining me is house minority
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leader kevin mccarthy, great to see you. thank you for joining us. your reaction? >> it is what iran is doing. the same country that shot down one of our unmanned drones, the same country that put bombs on tankers, has attacked saudi arabia 100 times. we need a united front. the way the trump administration has handled this has been tremendous. what he has done by making sure we are not at war, military units over there to send a clear message to iran but at the same time trying to claim they are at the table negotiating, they are the terrorists around the world, never should have had the agreement in the first place in trying to disrupt the cost of oil. thank god america changed the course a decade ago. the republican majority congress
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lifted our ability to export 30 countries, saudi arabia will shut down 5.7 million barrels a day and evaluate, fluctuate the price of oil because america is stronger on energy production. griff: what about the tweet about a military response? >> any given time the military is prepared but we need the facts and to find what iran is doing today but the answer the president gave, the drone was appropriate in the response. griff: you are not encouraging a military response? >> i don't think it ways a military response at the moment. griff: iran behind this, why wouldn't they take responsibility? >> that is the way iran plays,
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why go in front, and in the persian gulf this is what they did with billions of dollars the administration provided. they didn't become more democratic, they funded terrorism because that is what they want to accomplish. >> how significant is this? two major saudi oil installations, they caught their output in half. >> the action they have done before, they use speedboats to go on to tankers and disrupt tankers by putting bombs on them. they tried to push the world into war. i think the world needs to isolate iran and get them back to the table to have a different negotiation in this is why donald trump is correct why that agreement, iran can never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.
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if they are doing this, if they had more powerful weapons, what would we be talking about this morning? there would be no questions. griff: is the rest of the world with us on this? does the president and congress need to ensure that others recognize that? >> the difficulty is when you get a response like the democratic senator it makes the world question is the united states united to q when you are an elected official we should speak with one voice especially when there is an attack on another country such as your self. put politics aside of what you think of this president but stand united, causing terrorism. >> let me ask about priorities, you came from the membership meeting, the vice president, mike pompeo as well, tell me how that went and what priorities are. >> a tremendous success.
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we have been on a 6-week break, came back from the summer break we never should have had but we are passing that right now. here we are, guaranteed at a minimum 180,000 jobs, gdp would grow up and why we are negotiating with an agreement with china wouldn't it be nicer to have america stronger? china was no longer the number one country to trade with. mexico became number one, canada became number 2. the stronger we are, the better agreement we will have with china but it comes down to one person. nancy pelosi has the power. griff: why won't she bring it? >> i'm not sure yet. tell me who is opposing it. it only makes america weaker. we need to be strong at this moment.
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maybe she's more concerned about tearing the president down and building america up. >> we talked about the trade with canada and mexico is $1 trillion, the trade with china is $500 million and it is important not just for the trade deal but for the economy with that number in terms of trade, the canadian election coming up, do you expect this to happen in the next 2 months? >> it is already ratified. canada is waiting for us to act. we should pass this this month. what did they accomplished? democrats don't know what is happening. the imaginary impeachment, the majority leader, the speaker denies they advance the question about a press conference, that is what they accomplished last week. not one thing you can point to
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in this democrat majority has found a problem it made a solution to. there was a poll done with democrats. democrats can name the investigation but can't name legislation democrats passed. >> the democratic debate last week, did you watch it? it was no mention at all of the economy. so many of them were talking about a recession so what are they doing to push back on recessionary climate here and there was no mention about it. >> talking impeachment. this economy is our strongest economy in years. one reason we didn't talk about it, they haven't done anything to achieve it. when we passed tax reform not one democrat voted for it. the administration brought common sense regulation they fought back on it. here's an economy, in the last 13 months the hourly wage went up 3%.
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the participation rate from the age of 25-54. 76.3%. the greatest since 2002. this is reaching everybody in america no matter your gender, your race, everybody had the best economy they ever had. >> the employment rate is at a 50 year low. they don't want to touch it. >> they don't have anything to do with it. if you listen to the democratic debate this is not the same democratic party we found in the past. this is become a socialist democratic party. the new aoc tlaib and others call himself. what is unique about it is in there and democratic debate in the democratic primary you have the number 2 person having to explain how their socialism is different. what did bernie sanders recently say? free healthcare for anyone illegal, free education, the citizenship matter anymore in the democratic party? isn't eric older far to the left saying democrats gun too far.
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>> is the squad face of the democratic party, tell me about that? is this push from progressives doing this? even jerry nadler is facing a primary challenger. >> the chairman of ways and means, chairman of appropriations, they are facing a primary from the socialist democratic wing. that is aoc. this is not a family fight. this is more for the heart and soul of the democratic party. what is happening? nancy pelosi has the title of speaker but no longer the power. they run the floor. have you ever heard of a democratic running for president afraid to go to the apack conference? they won't on a trip to israel to learn about the middle east or meet with the israeli government. >> what are you going to do on the other side fighting the real progressives in terms of getting
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your voice heard and getting the republican party policies out there? >> you have to be clear on the contrast. the democratic debate, they want to guarantee an income for people who can work but are unwilling. goes against the heart and soul of what america believes. jillian: you don't think america will vote for this. what if elizabeth warren is the candidate? >> the possibility today is elizabeth warren is going to become. >> you don't think so? >> the party has passed biden by. he's a very nice man but i don't believe he is up to the job at this moment in time. i think he should have run four years ago. he has run two times before and failed, don't know why it will change this time. >> is that the ticket? elizabeth warren versus donald trump? >> it would be. it will be socialism versus freedom. it will be about immigration. who wants to secure the border
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and who believe citizenship doesn't matter. it will be about healthcare. the you want medicare for all? take away 170 million americans -- it will be about the environment. do you want to take straws away or do something about the ocean? do you realize 90% of the plastic that goes into the ocean comes from rivers? you will find the republicans introducing legislation, focus on those and do something. >> will republicans be more vocal about the environment? i am not hearing it. >> we had a great breakout session. dan crenshaw has a bill that can extract co2 from the air. they are building it on a large scale. why wouldn't we enhance any company that wants to extract co2 from the air. i tell you, more trees being planted is good for the environment. why don't we plan to trillion
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trees? ethiopia what they just did a month ago planted 300 billion trees and 12 hours. we can do better. >> when we come back we will get leader mccarthy's thoughts on the republican victory in the north carolina special election and a draft of the doj ig report in the hands of william barr. also ahead, kevin mc alinin and the terrorist attacks of 9/1118 years ago. on twitter, maria bartiroma one sunday morning futures, we will be right back.
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we are going to get to the bottom of the russia probe. you were among the leaders out there making sure people understood what took place, you exposed the fridays congressman nunez did, what should we expect? >> devon and john radcliffe, how much we have done on this. we had to pull this information out. people at the highest levels of the government causing this problem. we came the closest, i respect this attorney general so greatly, the way he handled this, believes in accountability but he believes in the rule of law. >> will we see accountability really. they are recommending charging and indictments.
7:19 am
>> the number 2 at the fbi going after individuals trying to prosecute them believing they lied when he is lying himself. when law enforcement upholding the law, that to me is where we have to stand for accountability. >> anything about jim comey is getting off. >> i do not believe jim comey -- america sees the president is correct about firing this individual. what would it be if this man was in his job today? what he was doing, what he is saying. the democratic party wants mccabe to come to a fundraiser. >> a lot of people point to the cia being the mastermind, john brennan, will we see john brennan answer some questions? >> anyone with any association should be held accountable. i had a conversation with lindsey graham. and we will not stop and attorney general william barr, doing what is right.
7:20 am
he will take it wherever the evidence in fact lie. >> you said this is the closest thing to a coup, both sides of the aisle should be outraged by that. >> during the campaign when they were concerned donald trump could win, don't worry, we have an insurance policy. now we are finding that insurance policy out, those people should be held accountable, no one ever runs for president, should have to go through that again. jillian: a special election -- >> two special elections in north carolina, this takes 19 seats for republicans, 31 democrats it on the seats donald trump won. this seat donald trump won. we won by 900 votes. we won by 4000, just 2% growth, 13 more seats and 6 more to go. >> should we look at this as telling in 2020?
7:21 am
we talk about a lot of retirement in the republican party. >> i am not concerned about the retirement. maybe 42 years or 20 years, this is not a revolution, not a retirement. these people want to make america stronger, we are united -- democrats should be concerned when you look how we won this race, democrats voting for republicans because democrats have a record. they were afraid nancy pelosi was too far left, she's now a moderate. aoc and others, a new socialist democratic party. this is not the democratic party of all, this is the socialist of a credit party and a scary time for those democrats in north carolina when they decide to vote a different way. >> really important interview, good to see you, thank you so much. up next, kevin mc howinin.
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has mexico and guatemala helped stem the flow of migrants from central america? what is the status of the wall? the acting secretary has new information on the progress being made on that front and the secretary on keeping the homeland safe 18 years after 9/11. we will be right back. oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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>> two border regions in a deadly shootout on the southern border in texas, the agents pulled over a vehicle friday night west of san antonio when a person inside opened fire wounding one agent. the second agent returned fire killing the shooter, the incident highlights the dangers border patrol agents face every day and it comes ever showdown looms on capitol hill. top democrats are announcing they will force another vote in the house and senate in an
7:26 am
attempt to terminate the national emergency the president declared to get funding for the border wall. joining me is kevin mc howinin my thank you for joining us. let's get a status check after a lot of pushback from democrats in terms of money for the border wall, funding, how would you characterize funding? are you facing any funding shortfall that would mean canceling project? >> first, let me acknowledge your point about dangers our agents are facing on the border, their training and effective response but it highlights the dual nature of what we face at the border, the border security and humanitarian aspects of working to counter all year long but in terms of the funding i would highly two areas, one, we have significant investment in border security, the president
7:27 am
after additional border wall funding his first day in office, we received some funding, not the full amount we asked for, it is being directed to build a wall but declared a national emergency, additionally permit of defense funding as well as military construction funding we are now deploying to fund additional wall projects including key areas of the border where we need to replace wall that is not effective at all and also extend coverage of the border. we will have 450 miles of wall by 2020, ramping up the pace of construction. >> 450 miles by the end of 2020 and arresting human smugglers, you are seeing the numbers go down in terms of those people in custody. this is the first time is releasing the august data. give us the data in terms of where we are.
7:28 am
>> what we saw was significant progress on the border. a 20% decrease, ports of entry without documents, 56% decline. you've got to disrupt the flow and the government of mexico stepped up, 20,000 national guard on the southern border and starting with guatemala and el salvador and honduras targeting human smugglers, the arrest they made in the last several months, that is based on our leadership engaging central america and focusing on a shared problem in the joint response, we are seeing the impact of that. >> you saw a supreme court ruling on asylum, give us your
7:29 am
sense in terms of the impact, this is being called a game changer. >> the other side of the coin, in addition to disruptions in international partnerships the efforts were taken using existing law in the books, we can't get congress to fundamentally change the system, using the existing law in the books and innovative ways, we have integrity and that process and those who don't have a valid claim to stay in the united states. this recent supreme court ruling giving a tool to address the asylum problem, inviting this over time. it is another thing to put in place and coming weeks and months to make sure we don't have to release people that don't have a valid claim. >> talk about what is in the law in terms of immigration. the president's get 6 on the democrat stage, democrats like
7:30 am
to talk about the push on illegal migrants coming into this country as if that is the policy. we left in how many people on a regular basis every year? >> on one side of our efforts at the department of homeland security, we are -- citizenship and immigration services bureau has naturalized more, over 1 million people with a lawful process, a huge part of the effort in the department to ensure that lawful immigration system is effective and properly processing people for citizenship but to come unlawfully are not allowed to stay and to emphasize the most generous nation in the world in terms of refugee and asylum applications and continue to do
7:31 am
that as well. >> if we are letting in 1 million or billion every year, the illegals we are talking about are jumping the line. people who waited to get their naturalization through the green card process, they've done it the legal way and illegals trying to get it first. >> that is including the supreme court ruling, so important because it allows us to combat that unlawful entry by repatriating people trying to jump the line and focus on those. >> i want to take a short break. i want to ask how safe we are 18 years after 9/11, including his mission, 18 years after 9/11. marsha blackburn is here on the
7:32 am
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>> we are back with kevin mc howinin, the world's most single most important piece of oil infrastructure destroyed with a drone attack. how worried should we be a drone attack and take out important facilities here?
7:36 am
>> it was a serious attack in the department of defense, on appropriate defensive measures. we don't have a hostile actor supported by the iranian government with that capability toward the united states. that said, drones or unmanned aerial systems present a homeland security concern with no authority from congress to do research and development and start countermeasures across the secret service or cvp on the border or tsa protecting our airports. the key issue we are getting better at right now. >> the department of homeland security was created after the horrific attacks on september 11th. this week we acknowledged 18 years ago, i took this picture of what the north and south
7:37 am
towers looked like after the horrific attack, the worst attack on our country where 2977 people lost their lives. this is the scene of the north and south towers now pulled, what can you tell us about the homeland 18 years later? >> we have come a long way. i was honored to be there last week, the view you took is similar to the customs and border protection and fema offices in the freedom tower. for cvp they came back to lower manhattan 2 years ago for the first time after the 9/11 attack and people who were there on 9/11, in the 93 attacks as well, showed the commitment to protect the country. our strategy going forward is to continue to invest in those areas that helps us prevent significant attack, trying to access the united states, that is dhs's mission in terms of
7:38 am
operational authority on the international side but also to empower communities, to prevent mass attacks and targeted violence with increasing concern. >> what are you doing going forward did you a new package? new tools in uping the security of america? >> we will be issuing a new counterterrorism strategy that reinvests in things that are so effective. it identified, approaching the united states, tsa technology that keeps our aviation system, recognizing dhs has a role in training, the awareness and assessment, active shooter training, supporting local communities and identifying individuals and helping create to interdict that. and never worried about the al qaeda or isis sponsored attack
7:39 am
and help communities for targeted violence that happened domestically as well. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. we just heard from the acting dhs secretary on the situation at the border. my next guest introduce new legislation to combat asylum, fraud and protect migrant children for human trafficking. joining us is senator from tennessee marsha blackburn who sits on the armed services judiciary and veterans affairs committee. thanks for joining us this morning. what can you tell us? you heard from kevin mc howinin. tell us about what you are pushing for? >> what we are doing is requiring dna tests for individuals who come to the border with a child and do not have documentation to show that that is their child. we have had a problem with this child recycling program or rent a child program and this is aimed at making those children
7:40 am
safe and what we have learned from kevin and the border patrol is sometimes if they ask someone to take a dna test they will say this is not my child. this will give us that confirmation that they are related and have that relationship with the child and can move forward with their asylum process. the test takes 90 minutes. they get the results and then, if someone needs to be deported they are immediately deported. if they need to face a criminal charge they will face the charge. >> where are they deporting 2? your heard kevin say the number of human smugglers arrests are going up. i wonder if part of that, the arrests have gone up and this renting of the children is so outrageous to me, someone told me they rented their child out
7:41 am
for $80 or something. do you have any sense how this program worked? is this going on today? >> what we know as the cartels are involved in this trafficking of human beings and drugs and we knows we have to secure the border because of that and when you look at smugglers and traffickers that are coming over and these children are being placed in sex trafficking gangs, ms 13 gangs, this is a way for us to make certain those children are properly taken care of and that these traffickers are prosecuted. as they catch more of these smugglers this is a way to deport them back to their home countries or prosecute those that need to face prosecution. >> do they go to whatever country they were coming from? showing video right now when i went to the border and i was stunned at the number of
7:42 am
children that were either alone or with people. it was clear to me that they were using children as a way to have access. >> that is right and the treatment of these children by the coyotes as they are coming forward. every girl 12 years old and above gets a pregnancy test. it is heartbreaking when caseworkers say ask someone taking a child if they are in the country legally or illegally. this dna test that will take 90 minutes will help us to root out these smugglers and protect these children. >> work that congress has to do in terms of finishing off legislation for the border. do you expect to get this done? are you facing pushback from your colleagues on the left? >> one of the things that is beginning to happen, you are seeing this as democrats, and
7:43 am
saying you had to secure the border, and the problem of fentanyl, and in your community. the problem of the sex trafficking today more than ever, we have more people in slavery than ever in the world history and women are very concerned about the issue and are pushing for something to be done. >> turned in a pulmonary version of the long-awaited report on alleged fisa abuse, senator blackburn, you're on the judiciary committee and we will ask about the evidence and what she expects from that finished report, stay with us, back in a moment. ♪
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>> i am back with senator marsha blackburn, attorney general william barr has a draft of the
7:47 am
ig report on the russia probe. we have been talking about this for two years. what should we expect? >> we are going to find out when they did it. i am looking forward to the inspector general's report and i appreciate that he has taken his time to properly repair the report and i appreciate the job william barr is doing. i've got to tell you i really do believe they are doing this right, being very careful, meticulous. as they bring the report forward, if there are indictments, it has to be rocksolid. the program and called it the closest we have ever seen to a cool to take over the country. are we going to see accountability? so far looks like jim comey is getting off. >> you will see accountability and we at the judiciary
7:48 am
committee are looking forward and when i talk to tennesseans when i was around the state they say we want to know who did this and here's the reason, they are sick and tired of having federal agencies, whether it's the epa, the irs, the corps of engineers tell them what they can and cannot do and law-abiding citizens say the government ought to be there to help this country the a better country and not to pick on certain people in certain areas. >> the trump administration reassures saudi arabia it is standing by the kingdom to support the region after yesterday's attack on a major oil field. iran is heading back and mike pompeo for blaming tehran for these attacks as the white house confirms the death of usama bin laden -- usama bin laden's son, hamza bin laden in afghanistan, in the pakistan region.
7:49 am
hamza bin laden was considered an emerging leader of al qaeda. a former cia analyst and senior pentagon official who sits on the house armed services and homeland security committee and co. chairs the cyber security subcommittee, great to have you on the program. you did three tours in iraq yourself. what is your reaction to what the place in saudi arabia? >> i was a militia analyst. i traveled around iraq looking at the connection between the iranian government and the shia militia class plotting against our bases. i've seen the playbook before. iran provides material, training, advice, counsel on how groups around the middle east can improve their capabilities. i have no knowledge who is responsible for the attack but i would not be shocked if it was a local group, houthi group enabled and supported by iranian
7:50 am
leadership. >> mike pompeo said this has iran's fingerprints all over it. it doesn't have to be the leadership of iran. >> we have a problem with iran and the way they intend to sell chaos around the region. this is what we are going to see more and more in warfare, lack of accountability, iran saying it is not us but truthfully my guests come my assessment is it is something different. >> i'm studying to be a middle east analyst a long time ago, saudi oil gets hit. what we have done is increase our output, a different
7:51 am
strategic situation. in the united states, to stabilize prices. >> stay with me. we will be right back. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> we are back with congresswoman alyssa slot can. have you gotten any sense from nancy pelosi she will bring it to the floor? >> we've had amazing numbers, spoke with speaker pelosi but the negotiator who has been great from the administration side. i've seen a lot of negotiations. and coming from michigan.
7:55 am
making sure if the canadians or mexicans violate living up to the agreement. and we are going to see jobs continue to michigan down to mexico. >> requiring any maker to make $16 an hour. >> what happens if this doesn't happen, we can't tiptoe around it. >> better labor standards and it is not in some side agreements. they will sign it. >> why we hearing this from candidates, to be all the way to the left. this is a working town, they see both 5 get together and get something done.
7:56 am
>> for me from -- i have a mandate to work across the aisle, people are sick of the vitriol of the tone and tenor of politics. the democratic debates in michigan. i wrote an op-ed and if you're interested in looking at what happens in michigan, your plan for the future of work, the economic vision, affirmative plan. >> that is what we have to do every single day. you've got to be civil and have decency. we've got to be able to disagree respectfully. if you do those things that is a way forward down the road to winning the mission. >> i love the fact that you said your dad is a democrat and your mom. >> my dad is a republican. my mom who passed away, my dad was a republican, my mom was a democrat. we always got along in michigan. in michigan we fight over sports, not politics. that is so polarized. >> you are working on
7:57 am
prescription drugs. >> that is what people pull me in the grocery store about. moms who say my son is rationing his insulin. >> it is great to have you. sunday morning futures, have a great day, i will see you tomorrow on fox news. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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howard: breaking news on the buzz meter, two new york times reporter say there was a second incident of brett kavanaugh exposing himself at a party. president trump says the supreme court should sue for libel. as abc frames the democratic debate mainly around liberal issues, the pub admits -- pundits grudgingly call joe biden the winner. >> biden is senile. >> there are so many things with that. rookie, low blow. >> yeah, it was personal. that was disgraceful. it was way t


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