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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  September 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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is all about - that they get to the convention with horse trading with delegates but we have to leave it there. that's it. we are out of time. come back next sunday on the next revolution where it will be televised. see you then. ♪ ♪ mark: hello, america. this is like liberty 11 and we have a great guest. tom homan, how are you sir? >> thank you for having me. mark: i seen you on tv around a little bit. >> i'm out there fighting the good fight. mark: and you are the former acting director of ice and the six executive associate director of the border patrol for a time. >> executive social director at ice and started my immigration one person career in the border patrol back in 1984. mark: and you are also a police
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officer so you spent your whole life trying to protect people in this country in various ways. you were the acting director of ice from 2017-2018 what is ice? >> ice is an acl melbourne in 2003 after 911 he created dhs and took to legacy agencies and u.s. customs service informed ice. immigration customs enforcement. has 20000 employees and three major branches within ice. hsi, homeland security investigations into criminal investigations and 400 criminal statutes and enforcement and removal operations but they enforce immigration laws and then with the office of principal legal advisors, attorneys and lawyers. mark: aoc and i like to call her [inaudible] and wasserman schultz and his others when they
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talk about abolishing ice the talking about abolishing a whole lot, custom service the customs service. >> yes. mark: so once people get past the border patrol into the interior of the country they go into our neighborhoods and communities and ice steps in and also the enforcement side, prosecutors and so forth to get involved in prosecuting these cases. we have democratic candidates running for president or members of congress saying we should abolish ice they want to abolish the old custom service and abolish interior enforcement and they want to abolish prosecutorial influence, all of it. >> they want to abolish - let's look what i did my lecture is director but they want to abolish an agency to rescue hundreds of women from sex trafficking but want to abolish an agency the same thousands of children's and they want to abolish an agency that sees
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opioids in this country in one year to kill every man, woman and children in this country twice. not once, twice. they want to abolish an agency that's the number one participant with the fbi in terrorism task force. they want to abolish an agency that does gun trafficking investigations and narcotics investigations. our missile technology is smuggled overseas and our agency invested bad. we've removed hundreds of nazis from the united states over the years and send them back to face trial. we removed [inaudible] wanted by countries all over the world that they want to abolish an agency arrested 127,000 criminal aliens last year, not just illegal aliens but illegal aliens are a criminal violation. they want to abolish an agency that 90% of every alien they arrest either has a criminal conviction or is pending
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criminal charges they want to abolish an agency that keeps this country safe. that enforces laws they enacted the relevant abolish an entire federal agency and everything i talked about then to do their job. ice is not making this up. ice is enforcing the laws they inactivate if they don't like it, stand up and legislate. do your job but don't vilified the men and women that leave the safety of the home every day to defend this nation. mark: those men and women and what i want to ask you about them because i watch the hearing you rat the other day and i learned absolutely nothing other than they wanted to attack you and wanted to create a character of you and accuse you of being a racist and accused you of being inhumane and a lot of the same people who say the same thing about the president and his supporters and they don't give you an opportunity to respond.
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they are basically there to smear you. i want you to respond to that and i also want to know who are these people in ice, the vast majority of one ethnic group or another ethnic group? that never discussed either. >> as far as smearing, look, take your best shot but you will not bully me or shut me up and i'm proud of my 30 for your career. i think i saved many, many live in my career with numerous investigations and operations. they want to smear the border patrol but what they don't talk about it forever troll saved over 400,000 people that would have died border patrol did not rescue them. they can take their best shot at me. they will not bully me. i'm proud of my career. i served my nation probably. again, i will say if they don't like what i do, if i'm a racist for enforcing laws they enact, what does that make them. mark: they pass them back they enact laws, i enforce them.
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these personal attacks, have adequate adherence you will not learn a lot. the hearings are about the truth. in the past two years - since the democrats took over the house is not about getting to the truth or about looking at something and getting to the facts to legislate. this is about vilifying this administration and president. probably the finest president in my lifetime and i can talk about that later but it's not about getting to the truth, mark. it's about making speeches, attacking myself and the president had men and women of ice and border patrol, not letting me respond with the attack you for five minutes and then they won't let me respond because they got their soundbite. that's what it's about. it's not about transparency or truth but about political theater. they fill me to the base of the texas president. mark: you worked at forever troll so what percentage of the border patrol is say, hispanic?
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>> 56%. over half. mark: ice - >> and not only that but 56% latino and the vast majority are ex- servicemembers with people that serve the nation in the military and when they got out they chose to continue to serve the nation and put that kevlar vest on everyday and that gun and defend this nation from the border. mark: isn't it strange then to suggest that the people who are doing the jobs and the people who are the supervisors and the directors are racist? >> that's what they got. they have no argument for their position on these issues so they throw the race card out. mark: now, ice. what percentage of ice is hispanic would you guess? >> last i knew is close to 40%. mark: give or take. >> again, a lot of ex- military and people who are chosen to serve their country for their life. these are american heroes and people that don't make a lot of
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money and put themselves in harm's way everyday for this nation and every day they wake up from democratic leadership that they are nazis or hitler run concentration camps and keep going to work everyday and serving this nation. i love everyone like i said my testimony and i will defend the men and women of arbitral and the men and women of ice to the day i die. they deserve that from us. these are true american heroes. mark: this committee you testified for was there a single democrat who came to the the defense of ice? >> oh, no. absolutely not. mark: no one? was there a single democrat who came to the defense of the job that ice is doing a enormously difficult circumstances? >> no. mark: there was there a single democrat who objected to situate cities? >> absolutely not. mark: was there a single democrat who said we should enforce our immigration laws? >> quite the opposite. mark: with a single democrat who
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came up with a proposal for reforming our immigration laws? >> i brought up and they insulted me in my opening statement and i stuck with these hearings aren't about getting to the truth and every time a policy is enacted for some sort of operation happens where you think those who knowingly and violated our laws may be negatively affected you are quick to have a hearing and within today's come back to capitol hill in my opening statement is where are the hearings on sanctuary city's? where other hearings on the floor is a settlement agreement? where are the hardest attacking men and women shooting under border facilities and burning down of facility? where are those hearings? i asked that in my opening statement and they said it's about transparency and good government and taking your time and giving a terrible title to a hearing to raise . mark: what do they call the hearing? >> with adherence to child separation. mark: stop right there.
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i had a gentleman here not too long ago who told me that he's an expert on the sex slave crimes in this country which are horrific but many of them happen at the border. 30%, tell me if this figure is right, 30% of those who come into this country of adults claiming that those kids who are with them are there kids are lying in that they are not there kids. >> that 30% came out and needed a pilot program in dna testing in one sector at the border and during that pilot of the 30% people claiming to be parents dna prove they were not. mark: and knowing that what is the suggestion these people make on the left that they should stay with these adults or they should be separated from these adults? that means three out of every ten cases you people who are lying about those children who
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they belong to and those could be the sex predators or the coyotes or the people who kidnapped these kids in order to get in or saw the kids or push them into the sex slave industry i have yet to hear anybody on that committee this week or any democratic president looking at it and any so-called journalist explain how we are supposed to know in advance who is who and don't you need to separate them in order to figure out who is who you mac. >> absolutely. we've been separating families for decades and this is not started under president trump. like i said many times if you and i if i'm in a car tonight and i get stopped for a dui i will get separated when i was a police officer in new york and rested her father for the mystic violence the child begged me not
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to take the father out of the home but i did. it's unfortunate and sad but we have to do our job. were talking about they want the claim to care but they cared about 31% of women making attorney get rate. children are dying in criminal cartels are making millions of dollars a day in the same cartel the murdered border patrol agents. if they cared about the life and fix the loopholes and secure the border. securing the border will save lives. 31% women won't be raped and criminal cartels will not keep getting rich. mark: this all makes so much sense but when we come back i want to ask you why do we have to defend what is just, good and right against what is radical and insane and wrong? ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to watch levin tv most week nights but give us a call at 844 - levin tv and join us at levin tv or blaze .com and don't forget "unfreedom of the press".
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mark: tom homan, make an excellent point. our prison system, federal, state, local jails, county jails are filled with adults separated from their children but you never hear about that. oh my goodness, your suffering parents from the children and children from their parents but we have to do that and do it all the time and obama did it, too. i suspect every administration has had to do it if you want to care about children to figure out who's who and what's what but i'd ask the question this hostility toward ice and border patrol is irrational and yet it's a campaign issue for the left in the campaign issue for people running on the democrat side for president of the united states. why is that? >> they resist this president. to attack eisenberg patrolled the way they do they don't want
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this president to succeed on the border. that's his number one campaign primus and they want to send 2020 you failed your number one campaign promise but you know what this president is too good and won't fail. the numbers are already down 56% of the border because of him. mark: what numbers? what's down? >> from the high back in may. mark: down - >> this president has taken on building the wall and to create a national emergency and finally getting mexico to do something, guatemala - his action alone caused a decrease in crossings. it's a sad day in america when the country of mexico has done more to secure our borders in congress whose responsibility is to secure the border. mark: this is a very profound point. we elect these people into congress first and foremost protect us and we don't need them redistributing wealth or taxing but protect us. am i right that many of the terrorists on 911 overstayed their visas? >> yes. mark: immigration is a national issue. >> especially right now with the crisis on the border border patrol almost half of the agents
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are no longer on the line. if you are somewhere in this world wants to come into this country it's hard to get a plane ticket because you go through a bunch of databases and hard to get a visa because we have the visa security program and run the intelligence database with derogatory information on there so if you want to come to this country to do harm you will, the way 12-20 million other people do illegally through the southwest border especially now when half border places are not working because were changing diapers and making baby formula or hospital runs. mark: 's as part of the reason why the media and the left are one and the same downplaying, asserting and don't do stories on the mayhem ms 13 in their file and vicious and the death threats or other criminals that come across the border. when you pray that their state you are suggesting that everyone comes across the board as a criminal? no, did i say that? but if someone comes across the border illegally and there are
10:20 pm
criminals more criminal fear that should be here do you think that's why they downplay it? >> truth is about 20% of those coming across illegally to have prior, history. mark: 20%. >> yeah, we looked at what we received from the border patrol to detained about 20% but let me add this. when you enter the country illegally to violate the law but it's a violation of the 1325 illegal entry and it's a crime to enter illegally and it's not okay. when i first became my structure identified and said your stoking fear and immigrant community. i said if you're in this country illegally interested violate the laws of the country you are not supposed to be comfortable. it's not okay but you should be worried that someone is looking for you but that's the way it is supposed to be. i've felt the fight concert congress in active laws.
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there are consequences to violating our laws but a lot of commerce, democrat side of the house, on a different set of rules for those who are here illegally it's okay to violate laws and don't detain them in this whole cave-in with smuggling children, don't arrest them and you got governors and mayors now with gavin newsom in california we got someone convicted of a crime and they are pardoning them because the and the serious criminal conviction can be deported. they can be deported how many u.s. citizens has he done that for? it's ridiculous. mark: what about democrat candidates for president who are campaigning for free healthcare for illegal immigrants. >> i saw that in the debates and it's disgusting. these are people that want to run for the president of the united states and the number one response ability should be to secure our country and protect americans. but when they raise their hands they want to get free medical care and several want to give do
10:22 pm
away with all the tension we should not contain these people. they want to reward those who entered illegally with the daca people in that illegal program that was created by obama so when you talk about balancing ice and giving free medical care and giving them pathway to citizenship even though they violate our laws. mark: drivers licenses. >> and we will not detain you. when you start throwing this all out your enticing more people to come to this country illegally. here we have a president who is taking action to decrease 56% recently and they are throwing gas on the fire. rather than helping secure the border which is the top they want to keep enticing for people to come. in my opinion, there's it's about votes. that's why they don't want the citizenship questions on the census and is about power and electoral college and about their power. when i explained to them is not just about enforcing the law. this is about saving lives. if you care about these people
10:23 pm
like you say you do stop enticing them because they put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations for their abused, died or raped. let's do the right thing for the american people first. that was my last testimony that upset them because i brought - the one this is right on. for the left is about power and politics taking red border states and making them purple and eventually blue. you know what? they are succeeding. we'll be right back. ♪ so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters," i'm aishah hasnie. the united workers auto union goes on strike against general motors. they are said to be far apart on several issues. the automaker is offering better wages and a profit sharing plan. oxycontin pharma filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in new york. they reach an agreement in principal worth up to $12 billion to settle some lawsuits. humberto is 785 miles west of
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bermuda. mark: tom homan, sanctuary cities. i never heard of them ten years ago and it's an odd name. are these really flawless cities, rogue cities, while the state that are defined federal immigration law against the citizenry of the united states? >> absolutely. i think it's criminal and think it's inside american. when they say sanctuary sanctuary for criminals. it's not stationary for american citizens or for the law-abiding people. it's a sanctuary of a criminal and not even a century for illegal aliens that have committed no crimes but let me explain why but they say sanctuary cities are important because they want victims and witnesses of crimes to not be afraid of law enforcement.
10:29 pm
the truth is all we want is access to their jail. so unless a police officer is resting a victim or witness we don't know they existed one of the bad guy in the jail. if we did note there is a victim of a crime they can get a visa. that is false. the other narrative . mark: these are people already adjudicated and they are criminals in these counties, states, local jails and before they get out ice wants to be notified so they can get rid of them. >> these are people are arrested on local or state charges and they chose to lock them up and put them in a jail cell for either a danger to the public or flight risk so you already put them in a jail cell and our asking is let them know before you release them because we have probable cause based on fingerprint information that he's in the country illegally. they say we want victims or witnesses to come forward and
10:30 pm
the other thing they say is for protecting immigrant community. wrong. when you release a criminal alien from a county to will go back to the very community in which they live and reoffend in the community and we see that as recently in the country montgomery county, maryland at eight victims of rape, seven and immigrant committee. tell me how your protecting that immigrant community connect when you release them you put the immigrant community at greater risk for crime. we could get the bad guy in a jail and get the bad guy but when you release them into the community ice has to go to the community to find them and they will probably find others that weren't on our radar. tell me - one of these politicians needs to explain to me how exactly for protecting the immigrant immunity. finally, i will say this but i do any politician to go to the immigrant community and s on this one question, would you rather have ice in your community or in the county jail? they will save the county jail.
10:31 pm
sanctuary cities with our officers at great risk. rather than in arresting a bad guy in the county jail for his behind the bar and doesn't have weapons now we've got to go knock on the door. i'm telling you it's a matter of time when the men and women of ice do not go home because of put in a position they should not have had to be put in. mark: i wonder how many of these governors, newsom and the others, live in these communities are talking about where these criminals are released back into these communities and reoffend? none of them fit for them it's all politics and theater and narrative and positioning and so forth. here's another problem i have with sanctuary cities. the left promote them. it is odd. ensuring cities with sanctuary cities if you believe in that, you basically nullify federal law, right? if you nullify federal law who used to do that connect the
10:32 pm
confederacy. they used to nullify federal law and said look, where estate and we can do what we want to. they use to camouflage it as it states rights so they said we can nullify federal law, too. this has gone full circle and so what the left has said is we can nullify federal law. no, the left likes centralized government and federal law for they don't have their logic the route. this nullification is a huge issue from a constitutional perspective, as far as i am concerned. and also, the president tried early on in the form of justice tried early on to enforce federal law in these sanctuary areas by withholding grant monies and then court stuff and then you can do that which was shocking. now you're able to subsidize sanctuary cities with federal government should be able to withhold funds from communities that are run by these leftists
10:33 pm
who are harming their communities and violating federal law and should be able to withhold federal funds that they would from a contract or anyone else. >> that decision is under doj and they are doing it at the highest level i think they will when it's in the long run but i think there violating the law when i was a special agent i rested u.s. citizens for harboring and concealing elite illegal alien in their home. i rested business owners for harboring and concealing illegal alien in their home of business. how is it different from the get fingerprint back - when you get arrested you get your fingerprints run through the database and get information that this person is in that jail and we deported him before so we sunday retainer. if we don't get access to the jail when we have probable cause summer is here in better relation of bylaw how is that not harboring and concealing connect you to your date needs to look at that. i want dod - it's a criminal
10:34 pm
violation to harbor and conceal? why is it okay for a sheriff to do it or mayor or government but not okay for the you and i to do it to connect that's what i want doj to look at. mark: great points. and city councils and mayors and county commissioners and governors who do this sort of thing should be punished under existing law, just like any other citizen. i agree with you. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c.
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♪ mark: tom homan, i have a question for you. have you ever appeared on cnn? mac once. mark: what happened? >> i was interviewed by jeff blitzer and we've been at it for about 20 minutes. i think i won the argument. mark: in argument? >> he wanted me to say that the zero-tolerance was inhumane.
10:39 pm
everybody wants to talk about the 2500 that were separated because her parents were prosecuted for child can go with a plan to lock up but that doesn't happen anywhere in this country or with u.s. citizens. i tried to say was inhumane is the government takes pretty good care of these children and licensed facilities. he did not want to talk about was the 14000 children that were in custody of the government that were smuggled by criminal organizations because their parents chose to hire a criminal organization to put them in the trunk of a car or back of their trailer but that's inhumane but no one wants to talk about that. the interview was back and for forth. mark: i'm a little the facts about these so-called journalists. that's why i wrote this book. he's arguing with you. shouldn't he be - he's just an illustration but shouldn't a journalist be trying to glean information from you about what you're doing and what you are doing it and so forth? what is this argument stuff? in other words, the advocacy. >> they come in with a preset opinion. mark: where you buy the back? or been on cnn since?
10:40 pm
>> of course not. mark: ever been invited to cnbc? >> never been invited. mark: what about meet the press? or this week? or face the nation? >> no. very few people want to talk to me as ice director but i was afraid to speak the truth and i would not play political games. i've done this for 34 years and worked my entire life single from the mine to investigator and first ice director that came up through the ranks so i know this game. he will not be added that they don't want to hear the truth or fax. facts are not on their side. mark: new york times. >> i've interviewed with the new york times. mark: how did that go? >> i told him i thought and based on my experience i gave them the information. mark: washington post? >> yes. mark: that they start. >> but you don't see it show up
10:41 pm
in print. sometimes you'll see a separate but the information i share you never see that. mark: when you watch this, given the position you are in, given you are a public figure and you see how your basically censored from some newsrooms or what you say is not accurate or fully reported and then you watch your protagonist in aoc and how they get enormous amount of time attacking ice and you and attacking immigration in the country and so forth so you serve 30, years and hundreds of thousands when you consider a 34 year period of people coming and going you think the american people are getting an honest
10:42 pm
objective perspective of what is taking place? >> from the media? absolutely not. that's why i'm out there doing what i'm doing. i've got to switch to aoc for a minute. she is the first one called for the abolishment of ice. she wants to constantly attack me. she had may have been a terrible bartender in her day which is a terrible harassment. every time she opens her mouth about immigration she is wrong but i tried to set the record straight with her several times which wants to abolish ice rather than do her job at the want to be a congresswoman, legislate. during my one year as i structurally took over 5000 terminals of the streets of new york that walked out of their sanctuary city jail. mark: what do they want to do about those criminals connect let them roam the countryside to
10:43 pm
make absolutely. she wants to talk about people dying in nice custody. children dying in ice custody. a child has never died in ice custody. ever. if you look at the death in custody and in ice it's a best in the nation. we had the highest retention standards in the industry to the point where when i was ice director i had a sheriff's said i cannot provide the standards to u.s. citizens why am i doing it for - the one here's something that confuses me. these people are coming into this country illegally, the adults for sure, voluntarily. we are not sending people down there and pushing them over the border. if word get back to guatemala or anyplace else, south of the border, or for that matter other parts of the world that ice, border patrol are these horrific entities that force people to drink from toilets that won't give them food and abuse them and it's racist and so forth,
10:44 pm
why would they leave their own cultures and societies in countries? if the immediate first treatment is so horrific they wouldn't. >> even they know better. they know they're not drinking out of toilets. it's a ridiculous claim. if the congresswoman was actually told that it's her responsibility to turn around and demand to speak to someone about that but what she did not show you is our facilities have an apparatus that has a commode down the bottom and sink with two different water lines you can drink out of it and was taking out of toilets. that was ridiculous on her up account. i'm not seen or talked about immigration once and be accurate but she is wrong one 100% of the time. mark: how many times has nancy pelosi been on the order? >> non- that i know of. and she meets with immigration advocates of the time but refuses to meet with angel moms are handled as interdistrict. these are people that are living
10:45 pm
a nightmare and lost a child at the hand of someone that was not supposed to be here and nancy pelosi known to me with them but to me with the immigration advocates? it's ridiculous. mark: how many times the structure been on the board? >> i don't know of any. mark: you were at one point the acting director of ice and i know that's not border per per se but how may times have they met with you one-on-one? >> zero. nancy closely, chuck schumer and never talk to me about immigration. again, they don't want to hear the facts but very false narrative they are pushing mostly against this president and any one that works in this demonstration. mark: let's be honest, they don't know anybody but they know what the advocates say with the various groups say and they know what the so-called reporters say and they know all that but when it comes to talking to the experts in the federal government, civil servants, who
10:46 pm
were on the border in dealing with the interior and all the other issues they don't wan who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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♪ mark: when you testified the other day, tom woman, debbie wasserman schultz said
10:50 pm
everything he said was a lie. i think of how often she's been on the border and how she sat down with you without the [inaudible] and talk to you in detail about your knowledge of what's been taken the work for democrat presence and will begin president and your response to her. >> i've never met with her. she's never asked what ice does or doesn't do or conditions at the border. i was under oath so if i lied under oath, prosecute me. when i asked her what did i say was inaccurate? give me one thing. she cannot answer me she shut me down but i've forgotten more than you ever knew. she wants to drop a bomb and walk away because she's afraid to have a discussion because her facts don't support her position. i said you want to go toe to
10:51 pm
toe, let's go. i make the challenge again but i'll go toe to toe any day. mark: i tell you what. i'll make it easy for both of you. you'll be there on right debbie wasserman schultz to sit here and be an honest, objective moderator let's go toe to toe but she won't. i'll tell you why. for the last several years since donald trump has been president always gotten on the immigration issue is propaganda from the media and the left. horror stories. propaganda. no matter how much you and others like mark morgan, president of the united states, trying to present the facts and get it out to the american people you are met with a narrative and ideological effort to shut you down. the american people need to understand it's one of the important reasons to have you in the program. the democrat party and so-called journalists of the left have their way there will be no border. there will be no law in ice will be abolished the transition into something that is useless in the border patrol will be up to its highs in baby formula and
10:52 pm
diapers and the society in this country will be gravely endangered. this is a hugely important issue and the media are part of the problem. the media are pushing this propaganda. this is white what you're doing is so important and the president is up against that. this is why congress won't give him the funding flat out to do a wall when congress supported it ten or 12 years ago. the same congress, same democrats supported it ten or 12 years ago and they are denying it now. they denied the there were caravans coming up to the border when the president said there was. they denied there was a human crisis is a manufactured crisis. they never have to eat those words apparently the president said it's not manufactured. the president that i will move funds out of the budgets of a statutory legal authority and they called him an unconstitutional dictator who is out to get minorities and who is a racist. i just hope you make people figure it out with the help and
10:53 pm
they understand what's going on in this country. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget most week nights you can watch levin tv, levin tv just go to blaze tv .com to sign up or give us a call at 844 - levin tv, 844 - levin tv. if you remember the media you ought to read this book. i'll be right back. ♪ i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's,
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♪that i'm a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun♪ ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that i'm a traveller transitions™ light under control™ ♪ mark: president trump is trying to enforce existing immigration laws to secure the border. it's not anti- immigrant in his pro- legal immigration but supports ice and back them up and support the border patrol, backs them up but getting no help from congress, even the republicans are not doing a hell of a lot. he's called a racist in a immigrant, anti- latino, by the
10:58 pm
left and the media and you been doing this long time i'd like your opinion of what the president - >> first of all, the president is not a racist. i spent 34 years studying people trying to figure people out. he's not a racist. he someone to love this country. he someone that wants you to stand up when the national anthem is being played and someone that wants the america you and i grew up and flying on porches and this is a president who works with - i worked with many presidents even ronald reagan and respect them off because i respect the office of the presidency. the president has done more, in my lifetime, and this president when trying to secure this border to protect america. he supports law-enforcement and i know he wrote a series of executive actions but could have done in one simple sentence that you will now enforce laws on the books which we were not doing the past eight years. i came back from retirement to
10:59 pm
work this president because he heard his speech in arizona and impatient to listen to it for 45 minutes and he was right on every point he made. he gets it and understands it. do you know why? because this president take the time to talk to the experts on the border and people like myself who have done this for decades. he listened to us. he's delivering on those promises with 56% dropping most recent illegal border crossings because this president and only this president - democrats have not offered up one stick of help other than to drop more enticements to undermine what he's doing. and he's still succeeding. this president won't feel the american people and he will keep his promise to the people. mark: every president cannot take this heat and a lot would buckle. all he's trying to do is what he
11:00 pm
is supposed to do and follow up on his campaign promise and protect the american people. tom, it's been a great honor to meet you. politicians next on "fox news sunday." bill: i'm bill hemmer in for chris wallace. escalating tensions in the persian gulf as the u.s. blames iran for an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply. ♪ ♪ >> we hope that we can make a deal, and if we can't make a deal, that's fine too. bill: the president weighs his options on tehran, ends peace talks with the taliban and makes a move on trade with china after announcing national security hawk john bolton is out. >> john wasn't in line with what we were doing. bill: we'll ask what the move means for u.s. foreign policy with counselor to the president kellyanne conway, only on "fox news sunday." ♪ bill: then, democrats in disarray over impeachment.


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