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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 16, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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carley: car there is a little bit of cholesterol and vitamin k. rob: thank you so much. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ brand new look so good on you. brian: mercy me play here? steve: mercy me of course they did. they were part of the all-american summer concert series. today we asking you to stop by 8:00 this morning. first 100 people in line are going to get a free flu shot thanks to our friends at walgreen's. katie: good for them. you are getting a flu shot this morning? brian: going to do it without any novocain. not going to have to knock me out or anything. i'm pro-shot.
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steve: tiniest little needle. i didn't realize they did it. okay, when is the pinch and they already put the band-aid on. katie: you are one of the brave ones. me and the other guy not so much. steve: if you are around 8:00 come on by could get a free flu shot. brian: bombshell correction overnight by guess who the "new york times." this happening again. walking back its report or clarifying a an accusation of sexual misconducted against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. katie: correction says the so-called victim has no recollection of the decades old incidents. steve: so the victim doesn't remember. griff jenkins joins us live from washington, d.c. where 2020 democrats are already calling for the justice to be impeached anyway. this is a little complicated, isn't it? griff: it is, steve, katie, brian, good morning. it is a major correction and "new york times" is having to revise this story
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allegations surfacing from a new classmate clinton connected lawyer steyer. the alleged victim doesn't remember the incident. "times" writing in part in their correction we corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with mr. stier, the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode. this comes after the president was already vigorously dengetionding kavanaugh earlier in the day on twitter saying brett kavanaugh should start suing people for libel and the justice department should come to his rescue. the lies being told about him are unbelievable, false accusations without recrimination. when does it stop? they are trying to influence his opinions, can't let that happen. this correction comes also after nearly all of the 2020 democratic candidates began calling for kavanaugh's impeachment. warren, sanders, castro, buttigieg, beto. two of the senators who grilled kavanaugh a year ago during his hearings kamala harris and cory booker.
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vice president biden not using the i word but issuing this statement this weekend's report in the "new york times" raises profoundly troubling questions about the integrity of the conversation process that put kavanaugh on the supreme court in the first place. there is no indications that there are plans to begin impeaching kavanaugh and senate jewish area committee chuck grassley says he will defend kavanaugh very vigorously. one of these corrections, steve, katie and brian, corrections come and go. this one is going to get a lot of attention today. steve: no kidding, griff. thank you very much. also the "new york times" 5:00 in the afternoon put out a tweet and said i'm not going to use the language from these allegations because it's not appropriate for breakfast time. but at 5:00 they tweeted out what happened what brett kavanaugh allegedly did, quote: may seem like harmless fun. may seem like harmless fun, they said. then two minutes later they put we have deleted earlier
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tweets poorly phrased. and then a retraction vanished at 11:00. the paper then apologized. they said we deleted a previous tweet regarding this article it was offensive and we apologize. katie: offensive and wrong. the facts don't add up to this. you know, the kavanaugh hearings got a lot of attention. the accusations got a lot of attention. what didn't get a lot of attention was a report that the senate judiciary committee issued by both republican and democrat investigators on november 2nd, 2018. 400 plus pages showing that not a single allegation, including the one by ramirez had any evidence to support the claim or any witnesses who corroborate the accusations. there were a number of people referred for criminal prosecution for lying. there was one woman who admitted to investigators that she made it up for attention. if the "new york times" had done any research or fact-checking at all, they would have known from the beginning this allegation was false and they continue to use sources connected to the clintons as credible
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sourcing without any kind of questions in terms of their credibility. and what their motives may be. brian: book is coming out. this looks like something you might see if you cut a deal with a newspaper and say would you like to publish some excerpts from upcoming book. instead this came out in opinion column. it talks about in the column debbie ramirez who she was shy girl went to college extremely bright and made fun of for being a cheerleader. made fun of for dropping her consonants. and made fun of not speaking fluid spanish. i graduated around college. glad i wasn't stuck in ivy league education. she does clarify ramirez was never asked to testify for did she volunteer to testify. they try to say in this guy max stier has another account that he saw, that he witnessed about kavanaugh
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when he was in college that was very similar. so, for many people to say that debbie ramirez's story that couldn't be verified or corroborated and she wouldn't come forward now all of a sudden they say we have another story but the female involved in that story does not remember. steve: in fact, brian, the fellow you are talking about, max stier who is described as a respected washington laurel but he was working with apparently the bill clinton legal team when he was at williams and conley, he made the accusation to the authors who are "new york times" reporters but he won't talk about it. and their account of his memory is based completely on what other people say he said. katie: right, right. debbie ramirez refused to get interviewed by the senate judiciary committee but was interviewed by the fbi. and, yet, still, there is no evidence. steve: right. police, in addition, the insinuation is that there was an fbi cover-up. ramirez gave list to the fbi and to the senators of 25
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individuals who may have had corroborating evidence. and according to this particular book, apparently the fbi did not investigate. although i don't know exactly how they would know that. katie: point out that the investigators on the senate judiciary committee have just as much pull and power when it comes to these investigations as the fbi. if you lie to a senate investigator, you are lying -- it carries the same weight as lying to an fbi agent. brian: that's a great point. we should say does not remember everything. called multi-pill "new york times" members to verify the story. she was getting corroboration and back up. wait a second you said you blacked out portions of it and now you want to tell a u.s. supreme court justice nominee he shouldn't sit on the supreme court now he is. uncorroborated unsubstantiated allegations during last year's confirmation process was dark and embarrassing for the chapter for the senate. rally behind timeless principles such as due
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process, presumption of innocence, i look forward to many years of service to come from justice kavanaugh. the president also came out in his behalf and almost every presidential -- democratic presidential candidate outside of amy klobuchar and joe biden says he should be impeached. katie: which is what they have wanted since the beginning of his nomination process by the way. steve: miranda divine from the "new york post" says so no corroboration, no evidence, no victim, no witnesses only hearsay of one but the paper is fine with defaming kavanaugh all over again. what do you think of emailing us at also we are on facebook this monday morning. brian: something else that happened. saudi arabia series of drone attacks that interrupted $5.7 million of -- million barrels of oil production. they were rocked by these drone attacks. obviously armed with missiles. with rockets. the houthi rebels were thought to be the perpetrators but some aerial
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footage reveals and secretary of state confirms that we believe iran was behind it. look, even if the houthi rebel ds it iran was behind it. they are financing, i mean, that's basically a tribe. they are financing, supporting and propping up that regime. katie: now we know the iranians have proxy groups all over the world but especially in yemen in saudi arabia and aiming missiles and obviously other weapons of war at civilians in that region and also has done a good job of trying to interrupted the flow of oil. but, of course, president trump is tweeting about this as he often does. he says saudi arabia oil was attacked. there is reserve to believe that we know the cull patriot are locked and loaded depending on verification but waiting to hear from the kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack and under what terms we would proceed. plenty of oil. steve: that's right. the president of the united states yesterday afternoon did meet with the new defense secretary mr. mark
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esper. what did they talk about? we don't know yet. but, nonetheless, for the president to say we are locked and loaded waited for saudi arabia to tell us who they think did it, a lot of question marks about what is going to happen next. keep in mind, this is such a big hit on the iran coast site it turned off 5% of the world's crude oil. 5%. it's going to take weeks to fix. nonetheless, a lookout of people are thinking well, if it is iran, they just want us to get into a war with them. katie: of course. the president tapped into the reserves over the weekend as well which he also announced. brian: look, we have a lot of the oil. i think this cannot go without retribution. kellyanne conway weighed in. >> this president also, through his energy policy bill has made us less dependent on these foreign dictators and bad regimes for our energy supply. we now, in the u.s., are net exporters of natural gas and oil at the highest levels
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this country has ever seen and that will continue. people always complain nothing is in the u.s. anymore. of course that has changed under president trump. we have energy under our feet and off our shores. iran attacks saudi arabia it has 100 times we are prepared to take action. steve: big question is what has that going to be? they have provoked us before. think about the tankers they have seized. they shot one of our drones out of sky and now it looks like this. even though the houthi rebels are saying oh, we did it 100 percent. yeah, right. brian: we have video of all of it. drone attacks extremely disturbing from a security standpoint. what keeps it from happening here. we have to keep the strait of hormuz open and protect the world's oil supply. that comes with being the united states of america. even though we make a lot of it ourselves. we have to, in this case, make sure the middle east has a sense of normalcy and that has to happen. katie: europeans needs to step up as well as we go
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after the cause. we will be covering that all morning. steve: kellyanne conway makes a great point. why are we dependents on somebody else for our energy? katie: exactly. brian: we do have a responsibility to the free world. we have the number one defense and we should not duck from that 135u7bszability. katie: we also have a responsibility to get over to carley shimkus. carley: hello, good morning. steve: the strike signs are out. carley: big story happening here in the united states. fox news alert breaking overnight nearly 50,000 general motors workers walk off the job. employees at america's largest automaker are demanding better pay, healthcare and job security. production is expected to stop at 55 facilities arranged the country and we will have a live report from the picket line in just a few minutes. the woman accusing patriots' wide receiver antonio brown of sexual assault will meet with the nfl today. the former trainer is suing brown claiming he attacked her three times. his lawyers deny the accusations.
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right now brown is allowed to play as the league investigates. he scored his first touchdown with the new england patriots helping his new team to win 43-0 over the miami dolphins. the lead singer of the cars rick owe ocasek has died. >> she's my best friend's girl ♪ she used to be mine. carley: ocasek found dead in new york city apartment. cawfs death is unknown. foul play is not suspected. hall of fame 13 top 40 singles. rick ocasek was 75 years old. eddie money on friday and now. this. steve: beto o'rourke making this pledge on the debate stage last week. >> hell yes we will take your ar 14, ak 47.
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(bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum >> i strongly support the second amendment. i don't want to take yours or anyone else's guns. >> hell yes we are going to take your ar 14, ak 47. we are not going to allow it
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to be used against fellow americans anymore. brian: 2020 beto o'rourke doing a 180 on gun control. now he is claiming he will take people's guns await a minute this hitting home for our next guest who lost his daughter meadow in the parkland shooting. he says democrats aren't serious about tackling real issues. here to explain is andrew pollack himself author of "why meadow died" the people and policies that created the parkland shooter and the danger to america's students. not only about your daughter but about what is going on in america and the reason behind it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, brian. brian: can you bring you into this debate because you are intimately involved. >> yes. brian: how do you feel about him taking assault weapons away. >> first, i don't even know what their meaning of assault weapons are. i don't think they are really looking at the underlying factors of these shootings. they are not addressing mental health, committing violent people. so it goes on their background or arresting these people when they make
3:19 am
threats. those are the real issues. not banning guns. look, they are talking about assault. whatever assault weapons are. in his home state, a few months after my daughter was murdered, there was a shooting at santa fe. i went to santa fe. there was a shotgun and pistol. what about those victims? you know, so they are just pushing an agenda. they are really not concerned about really what's going on. brian: backing that up, here is beto o'rourke when is he running for the senate had a different sense when he was talking just to the people of texas. >> at a rally in florida in may of this year when the president was ranting and railing he says how do we stop these people from coming here and someone yells out shoot them. the crowd roars they are asensed and he smiles and he laughs his consent. has the blood of those 22 people in el paso on his hands. brian: he said in 2018 he was running for senate wasn't going to take your guns away. there yesterday he said the
3:20 am
president was blood on his hands. you met the president. he wanted to talk to you after the shooting does the president have blood on his hands? >> the president did more about school shootings than any other administration. he formed a federal school commission to look into school safety where he ended those leniency policies started by the obama administration and for me it's all about holding kids accountable law while they are juveniles. brian: your story is fascinating. the research investigation did you should put everybody else to shame in the area. finally, 20 seconds, similarity between the dayton shooter and your shooter and that is these people were problems in their teens and their record was expunged when they went over 18. would you like to see that changed? >> of course i want that. that's one of the factors that make a difference is background checks don't work if you don't give criminals background. and that's my whole point when it comes to these democrats. they are really not focusing on the issue of giving people background so it works when they go to get the gun. brian: violent 17-year-old will be more likely violent
3:21 am
at 22 butner know becaus 22 butt it because of privacy rules. brian: sorry i never got a chance to meet meadow thank you for putting this book together. >> thanks, brian. brian: thousands of protesters arrested outside of microsoft store calling for the company to cut ties to the. tom homan used to runt agency. he is fired up about this. day 23.
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brian: welcome to monday, glad you are up. hope you are dressed. here is headlines now. the sell of e cigarettes
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could be banned in new york. calling or officials to meet this week calling it a health emergency. working on a federal ban spike in vaping illnesses. i will walk over here and continue reading. brian: one says she got hooked on flavored cigarettes and contracted a lung illness that put her in a coma and an associated press investigation find vapes are also laced with illegal drugs. tests revealing some products marked as cbds were substituted for synthetic marijuana in at least 13 states. the drug has sent dozens of people to the hospital. here is katie and steve. indicate indicated thank you, brian, for that walk through. herb appreciate it. >> dozens are you will staging a sit in while blocking traffic that works well. demanding the tech giants cancel its contracts with ice.
3:26 am
♪ this is the price ♪ of business with ice. steve: our next guests warning them not to threaten a company that employees americans pointing out if it were not for ice thousands of criminals would be walking those same streets. >> fox news contributor and retired ice director tom homan joins us now with more. mr. homan, what is your reaction to these protests and strikes? >> i think it's ridiculous. i wish they would read a book. or study. go to the ice website. and see what ice does. do they really want to stop a company from helping ice arrest thousands of child predators that prey upon children? do they want shut down agency that have rescued thousands of children from these predators? shut down season of opioid in this country to kill every man woman and child twice. do they want to stop the agency that stops technology from going overseas in the wrong hand like missile technology that kills our
3:27 am
war fighter or second largest agency on the joint terrorism task force we prevent a lot of terrorism from coming in this country from the visa security program. they arrest 127,000 criminals off the streets in this country last year. not just illegal aliens committed crimes against u.s. citizens. they want this company to stop working with us? if you want to affect change go to the hills of congress and tell them to make change. this is ridiculous. study the issue. if you study the issue, you would thank ice rather than vilifying them. steve: i think if you explained it to them like that they would say no. we don't want criminal aliens here in the united states. but a lot of them know exactly what ice does and, yet, they still do that why do they do that? what is their political agenda? >> open borders. i mean, these people think people should be able to come to this country against our laws which drives down wages, which causes, you know, a strain on our social services, hospitals,
3:28 am
schools, it makes no sense. i mean, the left is so far out of control on this issue, it makes zero sense to me. after three decades doing this i'm amazed every time i see a report let's shut down ice. let's stop working with ice. threaten companies working with ice. it's a world beyond me. katie: california is in the news again as lawmakers there just in the sanctuary state of california, of course, just passed a bill banning private prisons and some ice detention centers. as you know ice has had a hard time getting local authorities there to turn over criminal aliens and hold them with ice before they can go commit more crimes and hurt other people. but what does this mean in terms of fewer ice detention centers in that state? >> well it, means it's going to blow up in their face. this is pathetic attempt to shut down ice in california. it's not going to hurt. did california study this issue that 72% of everybody in ice detention are in detention because congressman dates it. federal law mandates they be
3:29 am
detained. so ice couldn't release them even if they wanted. to say 90% of everybody ice arrests is a public safety threat with criminal conviction or pending charges. they want to shut it down highest detention in the facility. much higher than california's detention standards. what are they going to accomplish? move illegal aliens get arrested. move them out of state, away from their families and away this from their communities and away from the ngos and the immigration attorney network there. put them in lesser facility with less detention standards it. doesn't make sense. they are going to cause thousands of u.s. citizens to be unemployed. steve: well, but then, tom, they would be able to say look we stood up to the federal government and look what we did, we shut down that place here in california. >> at whose expense? the safety of the community that have criminal aliens running around and at the expense of the illegal aliens they think they are protecting. they are put in a facility
3:30 am
out of state. they changed nothing. this is political theater, steve. you are right. it makes absolutely zero sense. katie: certainly puts a lot of americans at risk when there are criminal aliens running around in the streets. tom homan thank you for your perspective as always. >> thanks for having me. steve: it is exactly 6:30 right now in new york city. thousands of auto workers at this hour are on strike after calling off talks with g.m. yesterday. we're live outside one of the plants coming up next. katie: parents set up the camera to catch an american flag vandal. they caught their son doing something much more patriotic. >> to the flag of the united states of america. katie: the father and son are here live coming up. steve: that is so cute. ♪ brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue. ♪ ♪
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. 49,000 auto workers walk off the job overnight. steve: that's right at midnight. general motors employees across the country demanding better pay and better benefits. katie: christina partsinevelos is from the fox business network and she is live at a g.m. plant in arlington, texas where the picket lines are moving. christina? >> yeah. they are moving slowly. you are seeing a lot of the shift workers changing over right now. there is 11 gates around this massive plant that makes full size vehicles and cheviy, the i suburbans, for example, the cadillac he is can a ladies. so you have some of these employees here. there is about 4,000 workers that could potentially strike today. what we know is that the union members are demanding, like you mentioned. >> better pay. what of the contentious issues throughout this entire negotiation is healthcare costs. right now according to g.m. the workers only pay about 4% of their healthcare cost
3:35 am
which is the national average which is about 25%. so that is a very contentious issue as well as reopening up several idle plants why you are seeing strikes all across the country today starting today as of midnight. 46,000 employees potentially striking at 55 different locations. the uaw vice president though, the main negotiator says their demands need to be met. listen in. >> we are standing up for fair wages. we are standing up for affordable, quality healthcare. we are standing up for our share of the profits. >> a lot of employees here aren't allowed to speak to me because they have to go through the union president. one woman told me she has been here six years never experienced a strike because there hasn't been a g.m. strike in 12 years. should they continue on the streets for the next several weeks or so they will be
3:36 am
paid $250 u.s. by the unions. negotiations resume at 10:00 a.m. eastern time in detroit. back to you. steve: thank you very much. 250 bucks a month from the union. charles payne from making money with charles payne over on fox business joins us right now. we'll haven't seen this for a long time. >> no, we haven't. i think there is a lot of things going on here. union sense change of the tide public perception. polls more recently that suggest a greater, you know, appreciation or approval rating for unions 60's and 70's when we used to look for the union label. kind of feeling with this whole era of greed. particular whether i general motors. they have put themselves in awkward bind. while they sell more cars in china they don't make any money off those cars. all the money they make comes from america. americans buying big giant suvs and trucks. so they are in a pretty awkward position. they have had clumsy
3:37 am
handling announcing closing of plants two weeks before christmas: meriam barnes just met with the president. g.m. getting more public as well. listen, we have made a pretty good offer, 7 billion in new investments, 5400 higher paying jobs and we will reopen some of these idle plants. unlike the back room battles that used to kind of have these things last forever. the public may get a blow by blow and we will get to decide -- steve: charles, christina was just talking about how currently the uaw-gm contract where the employees only pay 4% of their healthcare which is amazing because the national average she said was 25%. obviously g.m. shouldering the giants burden of that would like the employees to pay more. >> the old cadillac tax -- i mean cadillac healthcare is a union healthcare thing. brian: you mean from obamacare? >> that great healthcare.
3:38 am
unions have been able to wrangle out pretty good concessions including healthcare. only 4%. a lot of people watching like yeah i will take that too. katie: that's a big topic for sure. you know, they have to negotiate that on their own. we want to get to another topic this morning. perdue pharmaceutical. purdue pharma being blamed for triggers opioid crisis. deal to avoid thousands of lawsuits. what does this mean? and people who say they were victimized enough for them? >> many families are going to say no. you know. if you lost someone or, you know, listen, here is a company in 2007-2008 executives admitted that they had aggressive marketing and that they knew this was addictive and, yet, they didn't change anything. so, here's the thing. brian: mislead doctors. >> they mislead doctors and the public.
3:39 am
they knew this was an addictive product. this is where the sackler family who owns purdue is coming from. they are saying you can settle with us now. maybe $12 billion decade. and that's the money well, the thing is, communities, especially small communities need that money now to serve the public, to help curb the crisis. you know, so it's really tough for these smaller communities, rural areas to say we will fight new court because they spent the last decade putting money overseas. it's a myriad of -- i mean, if you can figure this thing out, it's the gorian north of financial situations. talking about a minimum of 10 years trying to unwind where all the cash is and trying to figure out where it goes. divvying it up ultimately. it's a tough one. brian: how corrupt? this is unbelievable. that they are doing. this. >> it is unbelievable. and, again, it circles back to original conversation with general motors.
3:40 am
you know, america pushing back on corporations. big business and big business greed. steve: so purdue pharma files bankruptcy to derail 2,000 lawsuits. where does it go? stay tuned. thank you very much. >> i think they will settle. i really do. the smaller cities and states and rural towns have to. brian: good luck on your show today. >> you got it, thank you. katie: over to carley. carley: scary situation unfoiledding over the weekend and clean up begins today. major deck collapse that sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital. firefighters say the seconds and third floor pancaked and fell at the jersey shore. >> i looked over and i saw people running and screaming and the whole thing caving. in it was horrible. then you seen them coming out with babies and everything. it was just horrible. it was the worst thing. carley: the collapse happening during the annual new jersey firemen's convention. firefighters and children among those hurt. a man is accused of making up a shooting threat so he wouldn't have to spend time
3:41 am
with his parents. police say the man admits to sending a bogus email to los angeles county fair officials about someone planning to shoot up the fairgrounds. he wanted to -- he wanted an excuse not to go. according to the "l.a. times" the fair spent $200,000 for more security after recent shootings. well, a new move to ban chocolate milk from the largest school district in the country according to the new york post. the new york city department of education is concerned about sugar content. dairy farmers worry it might stop kids from drinking milk all together. there is a war over chocolate milk now guys. steve: okay. >> always a war over something. steve: move on over. janice dean the weather machine is outside where it's a pretty nice start to the week. >> it is beautiful. hi, my friends what are your names. >> ella. >> garland. >> and. >> ezra. janice: are you all together. >> illinois. janice: thank you for coming bright and early. can you give you a hug after
3:42 am
this weather report. >> absolutely. janice: i have to ask. i want to have you look at humberto. the good news it is going to remain offshore. we will see indistrict impacts like rip current and certainly large waves and beach erosion. the good news is it is not going to affect land. watch this system that could develop over the next couple of days. we don't think that's going to affect the u.s. at all. all right. ready for hugs? yea. throw back to katie, steve, and brian. katie: all right, janice. brian: i never saw a back toss. brian: i don't think it's been done on cable. steve: see if they want flu shots. we are giving them away at 8:00. brian: do you have to get somebody's permission to do it. steve: i think you need an actual nurse. brian: i want to check the brain room. i wanting to find out. come up straight ahead andrew yang and epic dance moves inspiring next guest who is a big fan. she won't vote for him. she is voting for president
3:43 am
trump. steve: only catch she won't be president trump's friend and the president has responded to her. that writer here with reaction coming up next ♪ ♪ hair down ♪ to his knees ♪ got to be a ♪ do what he please ♪ having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks.
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steve: democrat andrew yang and epic dance moves right there inspiring our next guest who is a big fan but she will not vote for him for president because she is going to vote for president trump in 2020. she tweeted about it and it's getting a lot of attention. she tweeted, quote: here's the things i'm voting for trump but i won't be friends with trump. i'm not voting for yang but i would definitely be his friend. the president weighing in tweeting, quote: i'm okay with that. with more is the author of that initial tweet cathy
3:47 am
dillon. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: let's take this apart. if i recall. why are you voting for trump if you will not be friends with trump? >> because honestly i really think that results are more important than rhetoric. and while the president is a very, you know, he he is thing that i don't agree with the way he says it. he is about results. look at the supreme court. looking at moving the embassy in israel. and foreign policy. while i don't like some things he tweets or says, i do want to vote for him. steve: just out of you're curiosity on the other side of all the democrats, why andrew yang? >> well, andrew yang is a fun guy. i feel like a lot of the democrats are trying way too hard. for instance, beto o'rourke has to act like a high school skater boy to get attention. try too hard. andrew yang dances after his
3:48 am
rallies. i do believe he is a genuine person. when it goes to the president. i think a lot of people agree with me. they know he has his rhetoric important to vote for him because they like his results. especially the religious community. steve: i know you watched the debate the other night with your family at your brother's basic training graduation. and nothing else to do. your family is not political. you watched the debate and your family did not like, in particular, i understand senator warren, which is odd, because she is your u.s. senator. >> yes. my family is from massachusetts. she is a senator. and they honestly didn't like anyone. no one stood out to them. they kind you have liked mayor pete a little bit. they thought he was a nice guy. my father is a army veteran theyhood that in common. no one stooped out to them. elizabeth warren was saying a lot of good things. whoever wrote it was great but they felt she was phoney.
3:49 am
steve: going forward you will vote for trump but you can't be friends with him. what's the reaction been since you tweeted that out and of course the president retweeted it. >> so it's been overwhelming. i have never had the president tweet at me before. i have tweeted at him and said some of the things i thought. but it's been completely overwhelming. i just can't believe how many people agree with me about this that they know that he says things that are a little bit brandish and a little bit, you know, kind of not in line with a lot of people's religious values. but is he really protecting the religious community. is he pro-life. and a lot of different things is he delivering on. i think it's really important to look beyond just the rhetoric. steve: kassy, do you think that's what will come down to in the 2020 election a lot of people who voted for him the first time or last three and a half, four years will say you know, i really don't like the tweets but i really like what he is getting done so yep, he has got my vote?
3:50 am
honestly ivetteed for him in 2016 i didn't know what we would get. now he has proven himself. now i know my next vote is assured in the next election. i know a lot of people feel that way. kassy dillon. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. steve: parents set up a camera to catch a vandal destroying their american flag. the doorbell cam caught something much different. their son. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. steve: that kid and his dad here live to talk about the pledge of allegiance. ♪ only in america ♪ dreaming in red, white, and blue. ♪
3:51 am
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katie: parents attempting to catch a criminal in the act by installing a ring doorbell caught this adorable footage of their 5-year-old son instead. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. to the republic for which it stands under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. steve: how great is that? here with more behind that patriotic salute which has now gone viral is the father mike of virginia and his son preston. guys, thank you for joining us today from d.c. >> good morning, thanks for having us. steve: mike, why did you install one of those video doorbells? >> preston helped me about a couple months ago around the fourth of july put up the flag in the first place.
3:55 am
and as we were installing it i was explaining the importance of why we respect the flag and now we can never let it hit the ground. one day a few weeks ago we were driving and taking him to day care before he started kindergarten and we noticed the flag was ripped down and laying down on the ground and preston was pretty upset the flag was touching the ground. my wife jessica suggest weed put up a ring doorbell to catch someone that might do it again. brian: let me ask you something. you noticed he was gone. and you yelled for him. you didn't know where he was. you didn't know until you looked back at the video where he was. what was that situation like? >> oh, yeah. we just went for a bike ride and, you know, he was following behind knee in the barge as i was putting his bike away and i turned around and noticed he was gone. you get that panic. i started screaming for him and i had no idea where he went at the moment. katie: preston, where did you learn the pledge of allegiance and why did you decide to say it? >> because i used to say --
3:56 am
i cy say pre-k and then do it in kindergarten when i was 5. i learned. katie: do you love america? >> yes. steve: preston, can you say the pledge of allegiance for us? >> yeah. steve: say it. let's hear it. >> i will hold the flag and you say it? >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> awesome. katie: bravo. good job, preston, amazing. very cool. steve: good luck. mike and preston thanks for joining us live. >> great. thanks for having us. brian: good job ring doorbell caught another great moment instead of a great crime. steve: my kids know i'm watching on that so they will go hi dad. brian: coming up straight ahead, dan bongino who also
3:57 am
says the pledge of allegiance before every appearance will be with us live. senator chris coons on why beto o'rourke screwed up and michelle malkin here plus we are giving out free flu shots today on fox square. be the first 100 and we will stick you. who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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like low blood calcium; serious infections which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. ♪ ♪ brian: clay walker another artist who we have played on this show. have we rigged this game. steve: brian, everyone comes on our show. katie: summer is almost over. brian: just trying to get indicatey of thkatiejealous of u missed. filling in for ainsley today. katie: yes. steve: ainsley is so off because today her daughter's first day of school. busy three hours. if you want a flu shot
4:01 am
walgreen's is giving out free to the first 100 who appear on our square. steve: headline brett kavanaugh fit in with the privileged kids and shy did not. what it goes on to say there is -- that we heard story about brett kavanaugh with inappropriate behavior. however, what was left out of the "new york times" story is the fact that the supposed victim doesn't remember a thing about it. and the guy who made the accusation won't talk about it and their account of his memory is based on what other people say he said about it. so, where is the there there? brian: evidently, there is a book coming out and this is basically an excerpt from the book. the writer here in the opinion section of the "new york times" feels important enough to bring up if there was another story similar to
4:02 am
what he claimed debbie ramirez claims which she can remember of something that happened in college that was inappropriate. so, the ah-ha moment is this guy max stier who said oh yeah i heard of something else. i'm a washington attorney and the female student declined to be intliewd said max stier is referring. to say go on to paint a very sympathetic picture might be observant about debbie ramirez a naive kid who goes to school great grades valedictorian made fun of for being a cheerleader. made fun of for dropping her consonants and made fun of because she couldn't speak spanish. made fun of because she had knock-off black and red jordanians. as i said earlier how back a place was this ivy league school. must have been one of the most bullying cultures in the history of man according to this column. katie: brett kavanaugh was the privileged one. brian: as if he was responsible. katie: accusation made by
4:03 am
ramirez walls thoroughly investigated by republican and democrat investigators on the senate judiciary committee a year ago. a report was released. ramirez refused to be interviewed by the committee investigators. she was interviewed by the fbi. so, all of this we knew was not true and had no evidence based on a number of investigation interviews. almost a year ago. but the "new york times" then had an editor's note trying to kind of walk back what they had published saying the book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the incident. that information has been added to the article. so, where is the accusation is coming from clinton connected political operatives who for some reason are bringing up brett kavanaugh again when this was the number one thing that united not just conservatives but a lot of people throughout the country who said this is unfair. it's uncorroborated and you are dragging someone's reputation through the mud for political reasons and doing the me too movement a
4:04 am
huge disservice in the process because they are allegations not true being made. steve: even though the alleged victim according to the editor's note does not recall what they are talking about. a look at all the 2020 democrats who have lined up and are ready to essentially get rid of this guy who is sitting on the supreme court and let's move on and find somebody else. i wonder how that vote comes out. elizabeth warren says he should be impeached. kamala harris says he must be impeached. beto o'rourke supreme court. castro says he should be impeached and bernie sanders says i support any appropriate constitutional mechanism to hold him accountable. this all based on this story which as we now have heard that the alleged victim does not remember anything about it. katie: none of the 2020 candidates are recalling their impeachment calls because they have actually thought this way since brett kavanaugh was under oath
4:05 am
making his statements about this at his committee hearing last year. brian: klobuchar says i want more investigation and so does joe biden and a long diatribe about it. others going for the impeachment. now this other revelation is out. should these other candidates come out and say you know what in the more i think about it, he shouldn't be impeached. maybe i should just go on to something else. they probably aren't going to do that my sense is the president of the united states did not waste any time going to brett kavanaugh's defense. can't let brett kavanaugh give radical left democrats liberal plus opinions based on threats of impeaching him over made-up stories. false allegations and lies. this is the game they play. faking crupghts news is working overtime #protect kavanaugh. he is smart. he shouldn't play into it. he has the job. don't play into it. no words 'b. it. katie: presidential candidates who want to be president next year are calling for the impeachment of a supreme court nominee not because is he guilty of
4:06 am
anything, there is no evidence of any of the accusations but simply because he was appointed by president trump. that's why they want him to be impeached. steve: the cover of the "new york post" today says supreme smear. talks about the miranda divine column. also also there is another one by the editors of the op-ed page. they say the larger motive here is to further blacken kavanaugh's name in service of a political agenda. it is shameless. and it is disgusting. what do you think about it? email us or post us on our facebook. brian: another big story this week as it has the last few weeks this week the reporting is that the president is going to put forward some type of gun reform measures. but beto o'rourke's comments at the debate aren't helping. that according to even our next guest coming up or one of our guests coming up senator chris coons a democrat trying to get something done. that will be effective. i take him at his work.
4:07 am
here is beto o'rourke muddying the waters for democrats hospital to get something legitimately done in my opinion. talking about his mandatory buy back. listen to this. >> we must, as a country, buy those weapons, take them off the streets all together. >> americans will, who own ar 15s, ak 47s will have to said them to the government. >> not just red flag laws but going well beyond that buying back every existing ar 15 and ak 47 that's on the streets. >> hell yes we are going to take ar 15 and ak 47. >> you wonder how many political ads will have that last 30 seconds i'm going to come for your guns in political ads going up to 20206789 now the republicans are going to be able to say see, there are democrats coming for your guns. brian: can't say paranoid if they are saying it. katie: this is not gun buy back this is confiscation.
4:08 am
beto o'rourke is being honest the way the left wants for the last 30 years. brian: broker is desperate to get over 2 hers for the vote. he hasn't done that yet. tried everything from walking on your counter to screaming at you. katie: and dentists. brian: rather than imply why don't i say donald trump is responsible directly for mass shootings. listen. >> at a rally in florida in may of this year, when the president was ranting and railing, how do we stop these people from coming and someone yells out shoot them. the crowd roars. they are asense you had. the president smiles and he laughs. his consent. has the blood of those 22 people of el paso on his hands. steve: i will tell you what the president of the united states was actually on the phone yesterday with chuck and nancy. they were talking about what would happen apparently the democrats both told the president that any gun control must include the house passed bill to expand
4:09 am
background checks or risk no legislation moving through the house. the white house spokesperson indicate you had that the president wanted to find bipartisan legislative solution but has made no commitments. katie: president also wants legislation that will actually address the problem just because there is a political risk to doing something that not just infringes on assessment rights but doesn't solve the problem. brian: put something out democrats say doesn't go far enough. the president says why am i doing anything. so that's why everyone has got to get together behind the scenes before they come together in front of the cameras. see if that can happen in 2019. meanwhile 9 minutes after the hour. go to carley shimkus for more on a strike. carley: that's right. a big strike taking place this morning. a fox news alert happening overnight nearly 50,000 general motors workers walk off the job. this is a live look in arlington, texas, where employees are on strike. can you see them in picket lines demanding better pay, healthcare and job security. production is expected to
4:10 am
stop at 55 facilities arranged the country. we'll have a live report from the picket lines in just a russia cared out a massive befoe dozen diplomats were kicked out of the u.s. yahoo reports the counterintelligence operation was a key reasonable why president obama closed two compounds in maryland in 2016. at the time the president said the russians were expelled because of election interference. the report claims russians were tracking devices used by elite fbi teams. north korean dictator kim jong un is open to a new summit with president trump according to a south korean newspaper kim sent a second letter to the president last month expressing his willingness for another sitdown. the two last met at the dmz in june and agreed it resume nuclear talks. sings that meeting north korea has test-fired several short range missiles.
4:11 am
week two nfl action the falcons outlast the eagles 24-20 in nail biter as hulaian jones fields it with a late touchdown. the refuses blow refs blow a c. rams fumble all too familiar feeling for the saints calling it incomplete pass drew brees leaving early with a hand injury. rams won 27-9. and a massive fire. look at that film. erupting minutes before the tennessee titans hosted the indianapolis colts. there was mechanical device used to shoot flames. likely no one was hurt. last thing. you don't want the field on fire before the game. i would say this good job on the emergency operation what is do you do if one of those things blow up? the guy is out there with a fire extinguisher. carley: that's a lot of smoke. steve: i don't know if it's
4:12 am
so smart to have that thing there. brian: you are just thinking about that now? they do fireworks all the time. steve: did you realize it had gone the other way how many people would be -- that was a bad idea. brian: i signed off on it so i feel personally responsible. katie: i like your pun there the players are fired up. steve: meanwhile, fox news alert, we were telling you this. president trump says the united states is locked and loaded after iran denies attacking that saudi oil refinery. so what happens next? brian: senator chris coons sits on the foreign relations committee. we will ask him that and talk a little guns.
4:13 am
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and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at brian: a fox news alert now. the u.s. is locked and loaded following a crippling on facility. blame iran for the attacks. iran denying any involvement while warning, quote: we have been constantly preparing ourselves for a full-fledged war. democratic senator chris coons sits on the foreign relations committee. he is a busy guy. great to see new person. great to see you. >> great to see you. brian: senator, if it is tied directly to iran, what's appropriate action for america. >> first, i want to seat intelligence it. seems credible that the houthis don't have the sort
4:17 am
of advanced drones that carried out this crip politic strike on saudi oil facilities. my hope that the will consult with his generals, his diplomats, his advisors will look farad hard at the. iran is one of the most dangerous state sponsors of terrorism. this may call for military action against iran if that's what the intelligence supports. brian: what about people who say we got our own oil we don't need that oil as much as we used to not our problem. what do you say to that. >> one of the things that has kept america safe and secure for decades is a global network of alliances. obviously our alliance with the saudis has been badly strained by the murder of khashoggi and some of the other things that mbs the crowned prince has done. this is a moment where iran is really pushing our resolve. and is really testing to see whether we are actually going to stand up and if there is attacks by iran on close allies by jordan, israel or the saudis, we need to take seriously taking action against them.
4:18 am
brian: great to know republicans and democrats would be behind that action if it should take place and the evidence would be overwhelming as it seems. move over to brett kavanaugh and the revelations or allegations that popped up in an machine column in the "new york times." now suddenly we get -- basically the new stuff is there is another allegation similar to the first that the person does not want to come forward and doesn't recall it that way and the other person is just a lawyer in washington. does this change your opinion on kavanaugh. >> my concern about that expanded fbi background check, that week that senator flake and i worked to secure was that it ended up being very narrow and very limited in its analysis. everybody, i think, judge kavanaugh, dr. ford, debbie ramirez, all of us involved in this deserved a more full some background check. i have sent a letter to the director of the fbi asking for more clarity about why they didn't interview more people. i think it's important that they be fully investigated
4:19 am
but as you know, i'm supporting joe biden for president. that's roughly the position joe has taken as well. brian: he wants more investigations? >> yes. brian: are you disturbed by the "new york times" their standards walking back another major story? >> what i understand here and this has just changed this morning is that the book was clear. the article was not. and that may be an issue that they need to be clearer about. brian: let's move on and talk about beto o'rourke. i know you have been working hard. >> trying. brian: with senator toomey. >> yep. senator senator senator manchin and others to get something subta substantively de and not politically done. nowhat are we going to see this week. >> still 20 people running for president in the democratic party. i will respect and understand how beto o'rourke has huge passion because his hometown was turn up by another one of these mass
4:20 am
violence. i am working on legislation that could actually pass. president trump if you are watching, you have an opportunity here to genuinely lead our nation. expanding background checks. making a difference in terms of extreme risk protection orders. something that was signed into law by governor scott now senator scott in florida after parkland or the toomey coons bill that would make sure that law enforcement is notified when a convicted felon lies on the background check form and tries to buy a gun. there is a whole range of things. brian: i can't imagine anyone having a problem with that to be honest. >> my hope that would be part of a broader package. brian: how do you feel about a violent 17-year-old having his record expunged when he turns 18 because of. rules. >> there are ways we can and should strengthen what kind of information is saved and stored in the national system and how it is shared with law enforcement and how it impacts who is able to
4:21 am
access guns. i think the sweet spot here is finding a way to mike background checks stronger and broader. i do think we should take up and vote on the universal background check bill that came over from the house. but i don't think the president should miss this opportunity to say here's what i will support and frankly with leader mcconnell and republicans and democrats working together in the senate, we can make a difference that will save lives. brian: okay. see if people are in the mood to compromise or play politics. senator, thank you so much. hope to see new new york. congressman ilhan omar sparked outrage for saying some people did something on 9/11. now she claims she is the victim. >> as a muslim, not only was i suffering as an american who was attacked on that day, but the next day i woke up as my fellow americans were now treating me as suspect. brian: dan bongino fired up about that and the expanded interview that you are going to see coming your way. there is dan. ♪ ♪
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
4:25 am
♪ brian: we're back with a fox news alert. 49,000 auto workers walked off the job overnight. steve: that's right. general motors employees across the country are striking this morning and demanding better pay. this is a live look at a plant outside in pennsylvania. katie: christina partsinevelos from the fox business network is live outside of the g.m. plant in arlington, texas, where the picket lines are up and moving this morning. christina? >> yeah. they are up and moving. moving slowly right now because it is still very, very early. we happen to be at the gate where all management drives through. there are about five employees right behind me. they work the shift between 4:00 and 8:00 a.m.
4:26 am
there are some earlier. they just switched over. one woman told me she works on the money line because she is putting on the door latches for a lot of these suvs. this plant in arlington focuses on suvs union members fighting for particular demands. first one fairer wages. another one contentious i want to focus on is healthcare. right now according to g.m. workers only pay 4% of their healthcare costs. when you compare that to what the national average for large corporations in america, according to the kaiser institute it's about 25%, at least, up until 30%. g.m. wants to shift some of that cost onto the workers. the workers don't want that. you are having a lot of people weigh in. everybody, including democratic candidates and i want to start with one tweet we are seeing from elizabeth warren. she is stating that auto workers deserve good wages. comprehensive benefits and economic security. and she goes on to say that she supports those that are striking. then you have julian castro focus on for a second he
4:27 am
brings in the ceo of g.m. made $22 million last year. 281 times the median g.m. worker. i stand with the 46,000 uaw members who have moved to strike, fighting for affordable healthcare and fair wage. so this plant behind me does focus on large suvs. they are striking across the country expecting about 50,000 employees. 55 different locations. and all plants right now have ample supplies to last so there will be no shortage in inventory for at least 57 days. if this strike continues past then, saved a lot of trouble going forward. we are expecting negotiations to resume exactly at 10:00 a.m. eastern time in detroit. these workers are staying here. and they may have to stay for a long time. we don't know. we will send it back to you. brian: all right, christina. steve: the last strike was two days. will it be longer than two? katie: shall we take bets? not doing that no.
4:28 am
steve: meanwhile, you know, we are always talking about fox nation which, if you don't have it yet, go to and figure out all about it because there is some great shows. they asked me what i was watching this week on fox nation and i got four things. one of my favorite series is from that man right there, what made america great. brian kilmeade goes to all sorts of places. that's the nasa building. i alamo and lincoln memorial. brian: thanks, steve. steve: i loved the lincoln memorial i have been on the outside. katie: daughters of american revolution as well. brian: women have done more to keep our history than anybody understands especially that organization. that's nasa, the history of space travel that's out there because it's been 50 years since we walked on the moon. that is the biggest garage ever. that's where they keep the rockets. steve: on planet earth the space shuttle could go in and out without having to bend over. the man who killed usama bin
4:29 am
laden when the world first met rob o'neill. the host of that was peter doocy back in the day. the most watched documentary in the history of fox news channel like that. also, cooking with doocy when our cookbook came out. i love going over to martha mccallum's house and she made her mom's special kind of boozey pumpkin cheesecake which was amazing. and, also, cooking with doocy, i went to the home in washington, d.c. to talk to kellyanne conway. and, you know, we don't just cook in the series. we also talk about the person's life history. listen, here is kellyanne conway. did you have a lot of money growing up. >> no we did not have a lot of money. we had a lot of love and lot of food. the matriarch of the family my grandmother being there everyone knew from far and new they could come and get a meal at any time. there is always something on the stove. food is about family and
4:30 am
love and tradition. any time -- we only went out to eat if it was for a special occasion. steve: then it was a big night. >> otherwise, we were happy to be at home. steve: do you know what she is doing right there? she is teaching me how to make nieki. katie: very good italian. steve: go to google store or apple store wherever you get your apps and figure it out. brian: if you have a smart tv and netflix at the bottom and icons at the bottom go to fox nation. you will get the same icon click it on and get the same quality that you get to watch all your shows you will get with the fox nation. katie: watch on your phone tv or tablet anywhere you have the fox app. steve: working on how to actually see it on your toaster. because a lot of people are watching their toaster right now. katie: some people buy smart toasters. brian: right now just seeing my reflection but working on
4:31 am
fox nation. steve: your friends at nasa. top story, the "new york times" has issued a major correction over misconduct claims against justice brett kavanaugh. turns out the victim does not remember what happened. katie: dan bongino says journalism is dead. he is on deck. ♪ still rolling around in a ♪ free bird ♪ bobbing up down, up down, up down ♪ we got what we got ♪ we don't need the rest ♪ turned this mance comes parking lot sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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4:34 am
brian: the "new york times" walking back portions of its report of a new sexual misconduct allegation of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh admitting the so-called victim has no recollection of the decades old incident. katie: here to react fox news contributor and former nypd officer dan bongino.
4:35 am
dan, take it away. >> yeah. listen, guys, very rarely do stories get in under my skin and burrow like a tick. this is a multiple university level disgrace to human kind. one the "new york times" because i have got -- i want to get past the emotions and get some points. the "new york times" is a disgrace. this is not a newspaper anymore. okay? this is a conspiracy theory blog at this point nothing more. there is no new accusation. okay? and are we all clear on this? there is no new accusation against brett kavanaugh. that should never ever be -- here is what really happened a democrat connected lawyer who doesn't like brett kavanaugh says he saw something and brett kavanaugh may have exposed himself to a woman in some way. the alleged victim of this has no memory of this at
4:36 am
all. let's be clear here. there is no new allegation. this is total conspiracy theory. secondly piling on the debra ramirez story. she says there was a witness to this guy kenneth apple who allegedly heard about it. well, apple says, well i heard about it from someone else. and the someone else he said he heard about it from says i don't have any memory of this incident either. so your new information is what? an eyewitness that wasn't an eyewitness says there was another eyewitness that didn't witness anything and then there is another alleged crime or inappropriate incident from an activist for the democrat party and when they get in touch with the person says i have no memory of this incident at all. listen to me, guys, and katie, this is a dad, okay. i don't know brett kavanaugh. but i was a secret service agent at the white house when a lot of people who did know him were there who i have spoken. to say brett kavanaugh is not only a good man, he is a great man. i can't vouch for him personally but i can vouch for the people to know him.
4:37 am
what is happening to this guy is a disgrace in this country it. is an embarrassment. this guy has to go to his church and look at his fellow members of his church and family while these reports are being written about him in the paper. this is a disgrace. brian: i just think it's important for people to understand they wrote the story and then they amended the story but they stick to the story and the quote was the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode. now, this is all part of a book. we all know the newspapers oftentimes will take an excerpt from a book and they will say it's a big book and excerpts whether it's kiddy kelly or andrew pollack who was just on and the "new york post" paid for that. take an excerpt from the book take an excerpt from the book. instead come up new story breaking news in the opinion column and then you realize you don't have enough to the story and walking it back. >> brian, if you are going to take an excerpt from the book. an excerpts you may want to take is the part where the alleged victim says she has no memory of the incident.
4:38 am
you may want to include that excerpt, okay? it's like writing a book about a guy going into a bank. robbed it. and leaving out the excerpt that he was going to the atm to take money out. kind of an important excerpt to leave out, is it not? this has to be -- here is one of two explanations. either the "new york times" is full of colossal moron with the iq of a rabbit or secondly, the "new york times" is deliberately trying to smear a good man because they are trying to send a message ahead of some supreme court case. listen to me, there is no option c, okay? those are your two options. you say is dead and this is exhibit a on that. i'm sure you were watching on september 11th. took live to the commemoration where the families of victims read the names one of them is nicholas jr. who mows mother died in the south tower he
4:39 am
was wearing a t-shirt that said some people did something to call attention to congresswoman omar. listen to this. some women did something to quote the congresswoman from minnesota. we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that. why your confusion? en that day 19 islamic terrorists, members of al qaeda killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage is that clear? steve: okay. so that's what we said last wednesday on 9/11. yesterday she was on face the nation with margaret brennan. she said do you understand why people found that offensive that some people did something statement. she responded this way. watch this. >> what i was speaking to was the fact that as a muslim not only was i suffering as an american who
4:40 am
was attacked on that day but the next day i woke up as my fellow americans were now treating me as suspect. steve: so she was talking about the backlash against muslims. >> the backlash? steve, she is a member of the u.s. congress. think about that. what long-term short-term backlash she d. she suffer from? she said something grossly incentive. the golden rule when you are digging yourself in a hole stop digging. how narcissistic do you have to be after being called out by this gentleman to then make it about yourself again. do you know why that story gets under my skin, too? i'm older than ilhan omar. i was a secret service agent in long island. i remember that day like everyone else vividly. i remember the calls and tips we got about potential criminality afterwards were from patriotic muslim americans.
4:41 am
have instances of islamophobia for pretty stupid behavior? of course we did. incidents. our american muslim friends were embraced after 9/11 and ilhan omar making this out like this is some rampant islamophobic country where muslims like her were targeted after 9/11 for doing something wrong, that's not what happened on some kind of a mass scale. to say make this about her using that kind of language is digging a hole even deeper. she needs to apologize and move on. brian: every three weeks she says something of accusing someone else of thinking out of con texas. i have never seen someone accuse more people of taking her out of context than this congresswoman. , brian, out of context. just read her tweets. they are not dog whistles. some of them are open anti-semitic tweets not taking them out of context to put quotes around her own words. katie: most of the time her actions speak louder than the words she is tweeting out. we will see her again i'm sure. dan bongino, thank you.
4:42 am
>> thanks, guys. katie: jetblue is one of the most popular airlines in the country. now its chair of the board has a bold message about the border. joel peterson joins us about his advice for security up next. ♪ put your arms around me, baby ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ i just want to fly ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ put your arms around me baby. over... under... hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expenses at
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they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ carley: we are back with headlines. a man accused of burning down 120-year-old synagogue will face a judge today. matthew was due in court in minnesota. he is charged with arson in connection with last week's devastating fire. police haven't given a motive but say there is no reason to believe it was a hate crime. no one was in the synagogue at the time of the fire but one firefighter was hurt. college athletes could soon
4:46 am
get paid to play in colorado. two state senators vowing to reintroduce a bill that would allow student athletes to earn money for competing. different from california's bill which would allow athletes to get paid only for autographs and endorsements. the ncaa is warning of severe cons sequences if pay for play laws are enacted. guys? >> all right. thank you very much. katie: jetblue announcing cutting costs to savings goal. on chopping block. steve: what impact could it have on customer service. brian: who could you act? steve: he is sitting next to me. >> joel peterson founding partner and chairman of peterson partners. brand new book called the 10 laws of trust, builds the bonds to make a business great. welcome. thanks so much for joining us. >> if you really think about what we offer.
4:47 am
we offer great leg room. we offer leather seats. we offer tv. fast wifi. we offer -- none of those things -- so we have changed, i think we serve pepsi now rather than coke. for some people that's a big deal. katie: that's your most controversial? are you sure you are willing to go for that now? >> some people who like it. katie: are you ready for the backlash on that one? brian: about the cleaning, do you see a problem with it. >> these are small flights. very quick turn around flights. it's a very small percentage of our planes. steve: you are a businessman and look at how your business operates and you figure out okay, we can do this to make it more efficient and do that to save money it. all is in the right spirit. from that point of view, you wrote an op-ed about to build a wall or not looking at our southern border. and you looked at it as a businessman would. >> yeah. it seems to me that it's silly for us to be arguing about whether we build a wall or use technology. whether there are pros and cons to everything and it is
4:48 am
kind of a both and rather than either or. steve: you write in some places building a wall is overall effective that's a known fact, right? >> right. steve: yet, when you go down to washington, d.c. people aren't for that. >> they have an agenda. they are trying to sell something which is basically their own constituents. they are trying to get votes and win elections and that's the business they are in. but, for the formal person who is just operating. we just want the problem solved. there is a business way of going about that. costs and benefits. you look at both of them and come up with a conclusion and move forward. brian: comes up with the private sector come up with the metrics to make it happen or change it. >> sure. right. brian: let's talk about the 10 laws of trust from your business. should we all know that you picked up in the airline business? >> more than just the airline business, there is a crisis of trust in our society. whether that's we don't
4:49 am
trust politicians, we don't trust attorneys. we don't trust the news media. we don't trust wall street. we don't trust business executives. and this is the serious problem. trust is the loan can' lube brit for getting things done. >> laws and principles that allow to you increase the trust levels in an organization. brian: you got to earn it. >> you have got to earn it. you have got to do it every day. conversation time. action in time. steve: a lot of people trust jetblue to get them from point a to point b. congratulations. a real success. check out his book. thank you very much. katie: good to see you. thank you. steve: meanwhile straight ahead the fda is warning about something that could be in your medicine cabinet that could cause cancer. dr. saphier is here with a warning and she is next. ♪ i will make you laugh ♪ you make me cry
4:50 am
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>> names like bubble gum, cotton candy, captain crunch, which was my favorite. these are obviously tarktsed to young people. katie: new york governor andrew cuomo executive action to ban the sale of flavored ecigarettes warning they drive up cigarette use young people. this as a texas mom reveals her vaping habit caused mysterious lung ailment that
4:54 am
forced her into a medically induced coma. dr. nicole saphier joins us now to react. we should also say governor cuomo in the executive order need to be included in new york's antitobacco ads as well. what is your reaction to the state of new york taking this action? >> you have two issues when it comes to the vaping. i understand people are get a little concerned right now. have you increased nicotine addiction amongst our youth which is really what this is gearing towards. a lot of these marketing tactics and flavors are geared towards children. seeing upticks in kids using ecigarettes which is being shown to be a gateway drug into regular tobacco cigarettes. not necessarily synonymous with the illnesses happening right now. we don't actually know what's causing that we are seeing it enemy soft flavors. the far majority of them tend to be in the thc-containing ecigarettes. that's not necessarily what these executive orders and call to action. focusing on making sure our children are not addicted to nicotine when it comes to
4:55 am
illnesses. adults do things not healthy for us to smoke, drink, overweight. so federal prohibition doesn't necessarily work and i don't necessarily think that that's the right cause. but we do need to focus on keeping our kids healthy. katie: there are concerns about marijuana being smoked in some of these types of ecigarettes causing other problems. another topic that a lot of people use zantac popular heart burn drug allegedly the fda looking into whether it causes cancer. >> before everyone gets nervous put a pause on this real quick. finding very small amounts of mdma in zantac. earlier this year we had a couple of heart medications pulled from the market because they also carried certain mdma and other products. we have all been exposed to mdma. we see it in tobacco smoke, beers, cheeses, very low levels are everywhere. that's what they are seeing in this medication. although we don't want to be consuming mdma, let's not cause such cause for concern. if you are prescribed or told to show you will be
4:56 am
getting your flu shot live with "fox & friends." janice is out there. they will be giving us water and food afterwards. thank you for being here. see new an hour. katie: all right. looking forward to it. katie: her son was killed by illegal immigrant in drunk driving crash. this angel mother says her posts about immigration are being silenced by facebook. she joining us live next hour. ♪ ♪ this is our country. ♪ ♪ ♪ . .
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good just to be alive, everything is a home run. if you are alive, everything is good. steve: not only good song a great way to look at life. brian: do you look at life like that, call us? or tweet us. katie: an email. brian: should you shoot for higher? what about number two? katie: you can. you should be happier above-ground. brian: we should be happy, because we are live. we're not in a three-second delay. steve: we are live. if you go out to our building, dr. nicole saphier is getting her flu shot. walgreens had a big sign, get your flu shot now. we're do it live here. sam coming up at conclusion of the hour. we're going getting them. if you're in the neighborhood, stop by at 48th and 6th avenue. we'll give you a free flu shot to thanks to our friends at walgreen's. brian: what flu are we shooting
5:01 am
against? katie: seasonal flu. the shot is every year. steve: the experts in the medical business figure out a flu vaccine cocktail. we hope the one this year it is one of the three. katie: that is the goal. steve: we have news before we get our flu shot. "the new york times" walking back its report on an accusation of sexual misconduct defense supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. brian: this is unbelievable. the correction says the so-called victim has no recollection of the decades old incident. the guy, lawyer, remembers the incident, why they wrote the story and wrote the book. katie: it is made-up. griff jenkins are 2020 democrats calling for justice's impeachment. reporter: this is a big one. "times" forced to correct a story on fresh allegations claiming a lawyer connected to
5:02 am
clinton max stier, turns out the allegations were not investigated and alleged victim does not remember the incident. "the times" writing we corroborated with two officials who communicated with mr. stier. the female student declined to be interviewed, friends say she does not recall the episode. even before the correction, president trump was vigorously defending kavanaugh. tweeting, that brett kavanaugh should sue people. false accusations without recrimination, when does it stop. they are trying to influence his opinions. can't let that happen. democrats on the campaign trail began calling for kavanaugh's impeachment. senator kamala harris, cory booker grilled kavanaugh a year ago along with warren, castro, buttigieg. front-runner biden is not calling for impeachment, stopping short he wants more investigation. writing in a statement, this weekend report in "new york times" raises profound
5:03 am
troubling questions on the confirmation process that put kavanaugh on the court in the first place. there is no indication yet to plans to attempt to impeach, further investigate kavanaugh. one year to the date, guys, christine blasey ford came forward with the allegations against kavanaugh and that bruising hearings that followed. brian: we're forced to relive. if they're not changing a headline, changing content of explosive opinion story based on a book that has not been released yet. steve: the attorney, the clinton connected attorney griff was referring to alleged witness to the incident is described as respected d.c. lawyer, former yale classmate of kavanaugh. i'm sure it is just a coincidence that mr. stier actually worked on bill clinton's legal team during the monica lewinsky episode when he was at williams and connolly. katie: quite ironic, right?
5:04 am
dan bongino was on earlier and had some things to say about this latest allegation. >> "the new york times" is a disgrace. this is not a newspaper anymore, okay? let's put that to bed. this is not the paper of record. this is the paper of hot garbage. if you're going to an excerpt from the book, an excerpt may take the part where the alleged victim has no memory of the incident. what is happening to this guy is a distrace in this country. this is embarassment. he has to go to his church, look at fellow members of his church and family while reports are being written about him in the paper. this is a disgrace. katie: it's a disgrace. the facts for a long time have proven otherwise. they're still running with the same story. steve: they're running with the story. the victim does not remember a thing. the guy i referred to who made the accusation won't talk about it. katie: no victim then, if there is no -- steve: apparently their account of his memory is based on what other people say he said. katie: victim says she -- i
5:05 am
don't remember anything happening then there is no -- that is not being a victim. steve: like debra ramirez apparently gave senators and fbi 25 people who could corroborate her story about misdeeds with mr. kavanaugh, she didn't remember anything either. it was a boozey night, i don't remember anything. six days, later, oh, i remember things. katie: senate investigators, both republican and democrat talked to a number of those people, not a single person could corroborate any of the claims not just for miss ramirez interviewed by the fbi but a number of other allegations. they released a 400 page report, which the media glossed right over concluded none of the allegations against justice kavanaugh including the one "new york times" is re-upping with ramirez was proven true at all, had any kind of evidence, they're acting like this a new situation. brian: i don't know if you heard, congresswoman omar tends
5:06 am
to be controversial. latest one, u.n. should take over border enforcement and do an investigation on our own country. that is fantastic. said negative things about border patrol, compared them to 400 years ago what happened in ghana. we'll put that aside. focus on what she said about 9/11. she was angry she believes muslims were not treated well after 9/11. she said some people did something to somebody. that really rub ad lot of people the wrong way, i don't know, like us and nicholas haros whose mom died on 9/11. he wore a shirt as he read her name and had a statement to follow. >> some people did something said a freshman congresswoman from minnesota. we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that. why your confusion? on that day, 19 islamic terrorists, members of al qaeda killed over 3,000 people and
5:07 am
caused billions of dollars economic damage. is that clear? brian: yeah. steve: his point of view. we had him on the channel. he sat down with sean to explain. yesterday she was on with margaret brennan on "face the nation." margaret brennan, asked her, do you understand why people found that offensive, that some people did something business? and here's how, she did not respond directly, but instead she responded this way. >> 9/11 was an attack on all americans t was an attack on all of us. i certainly could not understand that the weight of the pain that this victims of the families of 9/11 must feel. i was speaking to, was the fact that as a muslim not only was i suffering as an american who was attacked on that day but the next day i woke up as my fellow americans were now treating me
5:08 am
as a suspect. katie: blaming america again. not surprised. steve: talking about the backlash against muslims. brian: backlash was so bad she ended up being a u.s. congresswoman. it was hard to overcome that. unbelievable. steve: a woman by the name of cassie dillon, founder of lone cover serve tiff. she joined us from l.a. half hour ago. she put out a tweet, here's the thing i'm voting for trump but i wouldn't be friends with trump. i'm not voting for andrew yang but i definitely would be his friend. brian: he is fun. steve: he can crowd serve. she, her tweet made a lot of news because the president tweeted back at her. there you see andrew yang dancing. the president tweeted, i'm okay with that. brian: that blew her away. katie: president doesn't want any new friends. brian: she didn't tweet at him. she didn't even put at real donald trump.
5:09 am
he somehow noticed it. here is what she said to steve. >> we think results are more important than rhetoric. while the president is a very, you know, he says things that i agree with ault time the way he sass it, he has results. he delivered promises important to me. look at supreme court. advocacy in israel. different foreign policy achievements. while i don't like some things he tweets or says i do want to vote for him. steve: how many people come 2020 will be of that opinion, i either voted for him or i didn't vote for him. i don't like certain aspects of his personality or his tweets. she said but i am going to vote for him because he got a bunch of stuff done. brian: i harken back to fact the biden people are starting to attack elizabeth warren, if you put donald trump against elizabeth warren, go to middle america they're much more to look at his last four years i like those results as opposed to a liberal from massachusetts.
5:10 am
katie: looking at field, certainly will be a contrast, that is for sure. making that argument, that is who the president is trying to talk to. he won over some people, even if they don't like all of the tweeting he does. brian: i'm trying to talk to carley shimkus. how could i possibly do that? carley: i'm right here by the magic of television here i am. we have a fox news alert. president trump says the u.s. is locked and loaded ready to respond to the saudi oil field attack. the president waiting for verification who was responsible for the drone strike at that disrupted production of nearly 6 million crude oil bears. the u.s. accusing iran of launching the assault. iran denies any involvement. another alert breaking overnight. nearly 50,000 general motors workers walk off the job. this is a live look in nashville, tennessee, where employees are on strike. you see some of them in picket lines, demanding better pay, health care and job security. production is expected to stop
5:11 am
at 55 facilities around the country. overnight purdue pharma files for bankruptcy. it comes day as of the company reached a tentative settlement with state and local governments over the opioid crisis. purdue pharma made billions off the painkiller oxycontin by allegedly using deceptive marketing. the bankruptcy filing is to protect purdue pharma from nearly 3,000 lawsuits. one of the greatest baseball players of all time will receive the nation's highest civilian honor. mariano rivera will be receive the presidential medal of freedom. he was on "fox & friends" to explain were he supports president. >> trump, as he is president i i respect him. carley: he was inducted to the baseball hall of fame. great day for him.
5:12 am
brian: that is a great day. i imagine rudy giuliani will be there today. i can't america's number one yankee fan, who walk around with rings, rivera supply ad lot of them. even red sox fans like mariano rivera. that is how great a person he is. steve: the greatest of all time. carley, thank you. switching gears, her son brandon was killed by an inlegal immigrant in a drunk driving crash. this angel mother says her post about immigration are being silenced by facebook. marianne mendoza will join us live with her story coming up.
5:13 am
5:14 am
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5:16 am
♪ steve: word on capitol hill is that something this time might actually happen regarding guns. the big question is what. over the weekend the president of the united states spoke on the phone with chuck and nancy. essentially what they told the president, was any gun control must include the house-passed bill to expand background checks. the white house was asked for comment. they said that the president indicated he wanted find bipartisan legislative solutions but made no commitments. so what would capitol hill agree to on a bipartisan basis?
5:17 am
good question. brian: right. i will add something to that. senator chris coons was here a democrat earlier, i believe he is sincerely going after something that will work and be effective. he said look, if the house gets a vote in the senate, even if it doesn't pass, chuck schumer did his job, right? chuck schumer got the vote from the house. nancy pelosi says she does her job. they go to the point of doing something that will actually pass. then everyone would be put on the clock to see, it has to be effective. it has to not infringe on the second amendment right but react to rash of shootings. katie: the goal for the white house is going to be getting something passed that actually solves the problem. they don't want to push through some kind of background check legislation like the one in the house that nancy pelosi was upset last week she was getting asked about it, not getting a vote in the senate. steve: she went crazy. katie: there is big risk pushing through something that infringes
5:18 am
on the second amendment, that doesn't stop these things from happening. steve: one of the most played sound bites at the last debate, beto o'rourke talking about how he will come after your guns. a mandatory gun buyback plan is something he talked about for a while. watch this. >> we must, as a country buy those weapons. take them off the streets all together. americans who own ar-15s, ak-47s, will have to sell them to the government. not just red flag laws, going well beyond that, buying back every existing ar-15 oar ak-47 on the street. hell yes, we'll take your ar-15, your ak-47. brian: so many democrats who want something done, said you just blew it. that is the fear, every time a republican said they're coming for your guns democrats would say that is paranoid. you're being paranoid. no one wants your guns. he just told you he wants your guns. katie: he is being quite honest how the left felt about gun
5:19 am
control over the last three decades. elizabeth warren made a similar statement not in those terms last week, you do one thing, you keep going, you do another, solidifying, the argument. this isn't about common sense reform. this is about complete out right bans. we should point out last year when beto o'rourke was running against senator ted cruz for the texas rate. he had the opposite view. he said if you own an ar-15 as keep it as an american. use it lawfully. steve: he was running for u.s. senator in texas. beto was down in plano, texas, to the north of dallas. he had this connection between the shootings we've seen and the president of the united states, donald trump. >> at a rally in florida of may of this year when the president was ranting and railing, he says how do we stop these people from coming here. someone yells out, shoot them. the crowd roars their ascent. the president smiles and he
5:20 am
laughs his consent. he has the blood of those 22 people in el paso on his hands. brian: no, he doesn't. that was so out of control. by the way, we all know it was traumatic to actually represent el paso and see the shooting. i get it. how you react as a leader to hypersensitive situations or high stress situations describes how you would be as a president. he is eliminating himself from legitimate, legitimate valuation. we have evaluated you under pressure, you have snapped saying things so extreme even your own party is walking away from what you're saying. steve: they have to come up with something bipartisan. that is what the president says. "new york times," big story today, they published a new accusation against justice brett kavanaugh over the weekend before noting the accuser actually doesn't remember what they talk about ever happening. katie: coauthor, "justice on trial," carrie severino is fired up. she is next.
5:21 am
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♪ steve: time for your news by the numbers. 1127, pounds. that is how much marijuana was found inside of that abandoned suv. also inside, a wallet with the driver's i.d. texas deputies say, they want to return it. good. next, $599,000, that is the cost of san francisco's least expensive house. they just dropped the price of a one bedroom, one bathroom cottage after months of no offers. 600 million for that house.
5:25 am
3-year-old laneey stevens giving the funds to the k-9 unit in her town. job well-done. katie: thank you, steve. to the big story today, "the new york times" making a major revision to its latest report about another sexual misconduct allegations against supreme court justice bret today gnaw. he updated story. the female student involved, quote, declined to be interviewed. friend say she does not recall the incident. the piece claimed justice kavanaugh exposed himself at a party back in college. brian: similar to a story that deborah ramirez said was not able to be validated. several outletses reported allegation and several 2020 democrats pushed to impeach the justice. chief counsel, policy director at judicial crisis, network i should say, coauthor of "justice on trial," a look at the kavanaugh case.
5:26 am
carrie severino. this was excerpt about a book came out. what was your take about the allegations printed in the opinion piece? >> i had a chance to read the whole book cover to cover. there was no corroboration of ford allegations, a mere reds allegations, swetnick allegations coming in. they didn't find anything new. they pedaling new allegations reported to senate democrats at time. they were so weak even the incredibly incredulous senate staffers did not follow up on them. they left out things in "the new york times" coverage of the piece, that the very woman alleged to have been involved in these allegations herself says, she doesn't remember them. so this is the weakest of the weak type of allegations. it is really a shameful attempt to reignite these smears against judge kavanaugh that are utterly baseless. katie: carrie, the inconvenient
5:27 am
facts about justice kavanaugh have been ignored. at committee hearing the senate came out with 400 page report, the investigation chasing down leads, doing number of interviews, they actually found no evidence that corroborated any of the allegations against justice kavanaugh but did find a number of witnesses refuting the allegations that had been made. >> absolutely. it is interesting, it buried in the book are even corroboration of some of the same things we found in "justice on trial." how concerned leland kaiser was after looking back at christine blasey ford's allegations saying, this doesn't add up. there is a lot of things, they just kind of brush over like the fact that people not only don't corroborate things but undercut the allegations. the fact that democrats are using this to call for impeachment, to call for more investigations, really this strikes me as a political attempt here by liberals in general. they want to intimidate the court. they want to intimidate justice kavanaugh. i don't think it should work.
5:28 am
brian: your book became a best-seller there was such thoroughness, it was reporting not opinion. this guy max stier? who is he? he is lawyer from washington but remembers the story but the accuser doesn't remember the story. what can you tell us about this guy? >> right. they don't mention that max stier, who they present as just a neutral thought leader in washington, he actually worked for bill clinton back when he was defending him against the lewinsky scandal. that is when brett kavanaugh on the other side. these guys go way back. they have a long running feud, right? of course there is motive here. on top of which, the story doesn't even have him corroborating that he passed around this gossip, not to mention that the alleged woman again doesn't seem to believe it herself. this is the most extreme hearsay and gossip that is being pedaled around as an attempted to smear kavanaugh further. katie: pedal lag of hearsay an gossip, can you talk about the
5:29 am
media roll going back to last year when justice kavanaugh was announced with his nomination, really what they have done to publish allegations without any kind of he have, including over the weekend? >> this is kind of a case in point of unfortunately what we've seen is a pattern in some of the media where you an allegation that they throw out there, it's a bombshell, new exciting information. when you start digging deeper, turns out they knew all along there were a lot of holes that they kind of brushed over and didn't talk about. some cases we reveal in "justice on trial," they knew other people refuted things, they chose not to include that information in their stories. that is a real concern. it, we don't know the full story. that people's reputations are being trashed, are being damaged irreparably based on absolutely uncorroborated information. you can't just run with this. of course, you know the politicians are happy to go hand in hand with it. they are just willing to do whatever it takes to undermine
5:30 am
the excellent judges that this president has been putting up. that's a shame. brian: you have got to wonder if there is another supreme court justice up for nomination, say not worth it for me and my family. not worth it. not that the pay increased that much. if you're going to have your family dragged through like this, this is with the entire republican party in your, backing you up from the bush sector to the trump sector, and still he was unprotected about all this. carrie, that is why your book is must-read. congratulations on it. thanks so much for joining us today. >> thanks. good to be here. brian: eight illegal immigrants charged with sexual assault in one sanctuary county. michelle malkin has had enough. she will be here live. katie: she is next with a message for the leaders in that county.
5:31 am
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♪ >> the united states of america. to the republic for which it stands, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. steve: through go. i goes back to get his dad. your shot of the morning, pint-sized patriot caught saluting our flag on the family's home ring doorbell. brian: he was not punished. 5-year-old preston and his dad joined us earlier to share more about the patriotic moment, how well he still remembers the pledge. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> one day a few weeks ago we were driving, taking him to day-care before he started kindergarten. we noticed the flag was ripped out, laying down on the ground. my wife jessica suggested put up a ring doorbell to catch someone might do it again. katie: he learned the pledge in kindergarten. very, very cute. steve: that is adorable. brian: funny thing about the story. he was outside, he didn't know
5:35 am
where he was, he yelled for his son, he got panicked. he didn't know until they reviewed later the bell, that is where he was. >> funny thing he is out for a bike ride in his pajamas. bring in michelle malkin, author of ""open borders, inc."" who is funding america's destruction. pleasure to see you. >> good morning. steve: montgomery county, maryland you used to live not far from there when you were in the washington, d.c. area. apparently, when you, it has become now a sanctuary county for the most part and eight illegals have been arrested in the county on sexual assault charges since it was determined that they would be a sank wear. does this surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me and montgomery county has been operating as the most extreme sanctuary space in america for a long time now. what happened in july was that
5:36 am
an executive order was adopted that not only, i mean, essentially codified this wall of obstruction that has been built between local and state authorities and the federal immigration officials. they are barred from going inside of the montgomery county jail to to intercriminal cale yen suspects. 48 hour notice that the county will give to illegal aliens in their custody, to let them know i.c.e. is looking for them. another run notice. this is the catch-and-release problem that has been endemic in america, at least we've identified since the september 11th terrorist attacks. the demonizing of i.c.e. agents goes on every day by the montgomery county executive and the county council. the people have found enough. i found a new calling as community organizer for america because the rally that i helped organize on friday was the
5:37 am
second in the course of my book tour. i'm going to be targeting sanctuary cities across america, going back to colorado on friday to do the same thing because on saturday many of these social justice warriors subsidized george soros will target the i.c.e. facility there. this is endangering america. that is what people need to understand. these criminal aliens are committing crimes that are 100% preventable. people like the montgomery county elites are allowing it to happen, endangering everybody in their communities. brian: michelle a lot of people watching they like to argue this way. people get arrested on everyday basis. people committing crimes here illegally, why are you focusing on illegals. you used word preventative. it is unnecessary. the crimes they perpetrate, the damage they do, the killings that at the do, pull off, are all unnecessary. just because we're not enforcing the laws on the book. marla wolf knows that feeling.
5:38 am
she is a angel mom, she is going after these policies like you were. >> that's right. brian: let's listen to her. >> it ads to our grief. it is so completely devastating that the laws in this county are protecting criminals. my husband came here from venezuela when he was eight. joined the fbi when he was 25. here we have a legal immigrant working to protect america. he is killed by an illegal. so our laws need to change immediately. our law enforcement needs to work together with i.c.e. if i.c.e. wants a particular individual, it is because they are a criminal that needs to be deported. katie: michelle. >> it is time to #stand with i.c.e. marla put it so well. she was at the rally with another angel mom, arlene cohen, who lost her son. and who worked in law
5:39 am
enforcement or the military. so this is a danger not only to law-abiding citizens but others in the so-called, migrant community who are being victimized. there are no voices for those people. i shouted at mark elrich, who showed up on the other side with antifa, with these radical open borders sovereignty erasers. he didn't come over to the other side. he represent everybody in montgomery county. he is supposed to. but they have chosen sides. they have chosen a side against america. my book in part is dedicated to angel families like marla's, like arlene's, ronil singh who has been completely forgotten about by all the california democrats. you never hear it from the part of open borders media. you never hear anything about people victimized by illegal alien crime, that mess of a democratic debate. katie: border patrol over the weekend said they arrested 4,000 plus criminal aliens that had prior criminal convictions just
5:40 am
this year. those are the ones they are arresting. not the ones that are crossing over and being harbored by sanctuary cities. we appreciate your work on this issue. >> it is time to make america safe again. president trump cannot do it alone. katie: thank you, michelle. talk to you soon, your book is "open borders, inc.," who is funding america's destruction. brian: president doing it on all executive orders. can't get congress to do anything. you have to act alone, to read us the news. katie: more headlines right now. edward snowden defending his decision to leak sensitive government documents. snowden who is in exile in russia is insisting he did not violate his oath to protect the constitution. >> we did not say there is oath of secre secrecy agreement. there is oath of service. the oat
5:41 am
president, support and defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies, direct quote, foreign and domestic. carley: snowden released a new memoir called, permanent record. >> woman accusing patriots wide receiver antonio brown of sexual assault will meet with the nfl. the former trainer is suing brown claims he attacked her three times. his lawyer denies the accusations. envelope network reports that patriots owner robert kraft would not have signed brown if they knew the allegations before the deal. brown is allowed to play as the league investigates. brown scored the first touchdown with the patriots yesterday. dolphins won 43-0. "dancing with the stars" premiers tonight. christie brinkley is out. the model broke her arm during rehearsal. her daughter sailor takes her
5:42 am
place. >> she calls it the silver lining. we found the silver lining in a terrible situation. carley: she had hours to fill the routine. she fit in her mom's arm. there is a all-star cast including former white house press secretary sean spicer. brian: is spicer favored to win it all? katie: i don't know the odds. brian: i know he is used to tap dancing in the press room. steve: indeed. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean has got the weather. janice: my friends here who are going to get flu shots in a moment with me, stay tuned for that. perfect weather do outdoor through shots. hi, everybody. hurricane humberto is expected to strengthen. good news saying offshore.
5:43 am
we'll watch you, bermuda, you could get action over next couple days. hoping it doesn't make a landfall. we're watching this area of concern out in the atlantic that could potentially affect bermuda as well. that is something we're keeping an eye on. there is the forecast for the rest of the nation. are you ready to see everybody get their flu shots today? yea. thank you for coming. so exciting. we're getting flu shots! steve: we'll be out there in five minutes. katie: thank you, janice. brian: will the needle go through the muscle? katie: stop talking about it, please. all right. first draft report on fisa abuse is done. what happens next? brian: attorney emily campano is here to weigh in. we'll find out how much she weighs as well. steve: how are you?♪
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♪. steve: highly anticipated report from the inspector general on potential fisa abuses is nearly done. the i.g. has submitted his first draft to the doj and the fbi this weekend. so what can we expect to happen next? katie: fox news contributor, attorney, emily compagno joins us now. what can we expect? >> we'll see. at the moment basically the doj sent a letter to four different congressional committees, we have it, we're reviewing, in the purview of the doj and fbi. they're reviewing it for classified information much like we saw the last time after the mueller report. so it remains to be seen how long that will take. eventually once the classifications have been designated and with some redaction, they will submit it to congress. steve: is this one of those instances the people who are involved get a chance to talk to the fbi and the doj about it, you know, i know i'm in there.
5:48 am
you probably shouldn't file charges against me? >> that is something has been happening throughout this entire thing. for example, this past thursday andrew mccabe's attorneys sent letters to them saying they wanted to know whether the grand jury return ad deck lynn nation of indictment, whether the charges for him were presented to grand jury. the standard they argue is so low. there is 99.9% of the grand juries return a yes on indictment. if this has happened we want to know about it. obviously there is no double jeopardy in that sense. they have not get an answer with that. katie: previous inspector general report, not the current one? >> this is on going discussion and it won't stop. brian: when we look at the report, in theory shouldn't both parties be concerned about this? right now it involves russia there are other fisa applications. this is top secret situation. almost all of them are okay, do
5:49 am
we end up with an autopsy of the whole process? >> you're right. everyone should be concerned. what is most problematic as a citizen these things were politicized in the past. with the big verizon issue a few years ago, when it suits a certain party there clamoring over this. as citizens we should know whether our government is weaponizing surveillance components for use against us. keep in mind viewers we have the on going investigation by the u.s. attorney of connecticut. he has broader subpoena powers and broader reach powers. despite the million documents and all the weeks spent on this particular investigation, that one could be more thorough. brian: steve, you point out, john huber is working on something. >> that one is the clinton foundation investigation. brian: exactly. steve: stay tuned. >> thank you, emily. appreciate it. steve: meanwhile it is feeling like fall here in new york city. we're heading outside fox square
5:50 am
to get our shots. brian: why is she crying? katie: because it hurts. let's check in with sandra smith what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up the latest on a drone attack on a major oil facility in saudi arabia. who the trump administration is blame. the market reaction this morning. plus "the new york times" updating that bombshell kavanaugh report noting that the accuser does not recall the alleged assault. we'll have the latest on that. top democrats urging president trump to take action on gun control. how far is the president willing to go? we may find out today. congressman jim jordan, doug collins is on deck. our a-team is ready to go, for a brand new week, live from "america's newsroom," top of the hour. we trust usaa more than any other company out there.
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♪ steve: we're rolling up our sleeves, "fox & friends" flu shot day is here once again on fox square. walgreens is giving out free flu shots all morning long. now our turn, brian. brian: never got a flu shot in the rain. see if it works with janice. walgreen pharmacist jamal downer is here. how are you doing? what should we know about the flu shot. why should we get it? >> the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself against influenza. every flu season is different. we never know when it will peak. its important to get flu shots for yourself and for your family. steve: we'll use the golf voices because janice is currently getting her flu shot. the thing about the flu shot of, i think is so revolutionary, the last couple years they -- >> it didn't even hurt. steve: tiny little needle. >> tiniest needle.
5:55 am
you barely feel it. brian: does it work on men to? >> yes. steve: one of the things jamal, higher? brian: higher. should have warn my tank top. >> look at those guns. brian: a lot of people think i'm using hgh the answer is no. steve: one of the misconceptions you heard it a million times if you get a flu shot -- brian: you can talk a normal voice. i hear you. >> the flu shot cannot give you the flu. we use the dead virus so it can't give you the flu. a common misconception. it is not true. brian: you can get a low-grade fever, right? >> you can get a low grade fever. the body is producing anti-bodies to react to the vaccine. that is not you getting the flu. brian: a chance of me getting flu as opposed to know? >> you have to wait two weeks. it will indecrease dramatically. >> getting our flu shots early
5:56 am
which is very important. >> exactly. janice: you're the pharmacist. you have a very gentle touch. it was like nothing. brian: do you practice on mannequins? steve: go ahead. i was outside of my local walgreens in jersey, i saw a sign, flu shots are free. >> flu shots are free to most patients with insurance. look at that. >> i feel i'm getting extra, bigger vial. brian: we used to do obstacle courses but now getting in shots. are we getting older? >> if you want to go to the nearest walgreens is, go to or the mobile app. and get a flu shot. fight for first dances fight for blast offs
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fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens.
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you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> that's amazing.
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♪ >> i just got one. >> thanks to walgreens for coming. >> bill: thanks, guys. good day to be outside. breaking overnight. watch the story. locked and loaded. that's the message from the president, hinting at a possible u.s. military response to iran. so far today, oil prices are soaring. good morning, everybody. hope that you had a great weekend. i am bill hemmer, live a new york city. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. claiming responsibility, but the trump administration pointing the finger directly at iran. the president tweeting "there is reason to believe that we know the culprit.


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