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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 16, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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minimal gun control. thanks for joining us on this he hasn't been ablethank you. fine monday. we are back here at noon eastern. now harris will be on upstairs. as the vaping crisis grows, new york's governor's taking matters into his own hands to toodles! >> harris: stop the sale of flavored "the new york times" is under fire for skirting the truth. e-cigarettes. ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love, the paper made a key revision to a so-called bombshell report that's the retirement plan. about the latest sexual assault with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, allegation involving supreme court justice its for my future. brett kavanaugh. you're watching "outnumbered overtime." annuities can provide protected income for life. i'm harris faulkner. "the new york times" reported a learn more at retire your risk dot org. former classmate at yale university witnessed kavanaugh too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. expose himself to a female the only one to combine a safe sleep aid student. it went after publishing back up and the 12-hour pain-relieving in the newspaper noted the strength of aleve. alleged victim declined to be that dares to last into the morning. interviewed, and her friends say so you feel refreshed. she doesn't even remember the aleve pm. there's a better choice. reported incident. meanwhile, a slew of 2020 democrats immediately called for kavanaugh to be removed from the high court. they're america's bpursuing life-changing cures. in a country that fosters innovation >> it's just very clear to me that this was a rushed and here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer
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botched investigation. the american people deserved by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... better, and given the fact that it appears as though it's all the ones after that. brett kavanaugh lied under oath, which is a crime, i think he has disqualified himself for service on the supreme court. >> harris: that's pouring while the facts. chief white house correspondent john roberts' life with more of the facts. they don't care about your feelings. >> the facts matter and, you're right, they don't care about your feelings. the facts are facts. "the new york times" is guilty of admission of choice at best, journalistic malpractice of the worst. this after a piece of the week and detailed new allegations against justice brett kavanaugh when he was at yale. the article says a former classmate of kavanaugh, max stier, whence dominic minnis and peering in and in proper way to female student. the incident is detailed in a
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new book, in which they say in the book that female students declined to be interviewed and that her friends say that she does not recall the incident let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages happening. the key fact that she does not recall such an incident was left took advantage of any american senior, out of "the new york times" or worse, that it was some way to take your home. article. president trump, yesterday tweeted that kavanaugh should learn how homeowners are strategically using a sue "the new york times" for libel, this morning said, "just reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, out, kavanaugh accuser doesn't pay for healthcare, preserve your portfolio and so much more. recall incident. do you believe what these horrible people will do or say? a reverse mortgage loan they are looking to destroy and isn't some kind of trick to take your home. influence his opinions. it's a loan, like any other. they should be sued." "the new york times" itself big difference is how you pay it back. walked back the article, adding an editor's note saying, "an find out how reverse mortgages really work earlier version of this article with aag's free, no-obligation reverse mortgage guide. which was adapted from a forthcoming book did not include one element of the books of with a reverse mortgage, you can pay whatever you can, account, regarding an assertion by your classmates that he when it works for you, or, you can wait, and pay it off in one lump sum when you leave your home. pushed his penis' the hands of female student. discover the option that's best for you. the book reports of the female student decried to be call today and find out more.
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interviewed, and friends say shd i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust em, i think you can too. to the article." as he pointed out, by the time the times walked back the article, several democratic presidential candidates were already on record as saying kavanaugh should be removed from the court. the comment from beto o'rourke, here's what elizabeth warren said in a treat. "last year the kavanaugh nomination was rammed through the senate without a thorough investigation of the allegations against him. confirmation is not exoneration, and these news revelations are disturbing." like the man who appointed m, kavanaugh should be impeached." "the new york times" also deleted it and apologized for each wheat that was promoting the article, so "the new york times" is getting it from a number of different sides today on this article. we like we haven't heard the last of it. >> harris: i wonder if you would hear any of these 2020 democratic candidates come back and say, "we only knew what they read in the times."
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perhaps there was an error, i don't know. >> maybe monkeys will fly out of >> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. the president said to speak in the next hour, the first time we a certain part of my anatomy, are seeing him since he said the but i doubt that, too. u.s. is locked and loaded and >> harris: john roberts, from response of the attacks on a the white house lawn! saudi oil field. salty! thank you very much. we also will watch to see if the president says anything about meanwhile, new york post "the new york times" walking back at so-called bombshell on columnist slammed in an op-ed. brett kavanaugh. all that, plus one of america's "the brett kavanaugh lynch mob biggest cities is looking to ban can't let it go. the democrats want to preach chocolate milk from its schools. we will explain why that's a this narrative can frame court terrible idea. justices over a new sexual misconduct allegation, so that's all add on "the daily briefing" ." shady, even the newspaper >> harris: nearly 50,000 doesn't seem to believe in it. autoworkers have gone on strike maranda is here right now come against general motors for the right next to me on the first time in 12 years. mezzanine. president trump is urging the welcome to the program for the two sides to come together and first time. why did you call this latest make a deal. allegation against kavanaugh fox business that's grady trumbull's life for us in detroit, michigan. can we do it in correct "shady?" >> it is. "the new york times" has walked back to me. order? >> we will have to wait and see. they have admitted that this can't do on my contract so-called new allegation, the incursions are going on miles victim doesn't recall it and from here in downtown detroit doesn't want to talk about it. did not even talk about it to this is what we are seeing at this plant just a modest number
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the reporters. the so-called witness, alleged of protesters and picketers witness to these incidents 35 years ago with brett kavanaugh right now. it's a snapshot of what we are who has done mike was supposed seeing across the country is of expose himself to a young about 49,000 employees are on female student who can remember, the witness to that is a clinton strike. with their fighting for, they say, is higher wages, better connected lawyer who would not talk to the journalist either. benefits, and importantly here is job security. this is just not a story, and it this plan is such a close in is pure and simple journalistic january of 2020. malpractice for this plant has lot of temporary workers who don't want that. "the new york times" to dress it up as if it's a fresh allegation they say gm made profit in 2018 against brett kavanaugh. >> harris: i want to push in a of almost $12 billion, so there little bit with -- and i is some wiggle room, according believe, for the writing of the people at the times in the book authors, those two people wrote to them. these strikers are only making a book, his name is max stier. about $250 a week while they are on strike, and for now there is that's who you are talking about no end in sight. was connected to former president bill clinton during what i call the white house sex >> how long can you do this? we don't want to do it at all. but i guess we will be out here scandal. i don't call it the lewinsky until we -- scandal. she was on the person >> ultimately we will get an perpetrating it. agreement with general motors. that's just me. we are going to reach an but what more do we know about this person? agreement. whether it's today or tomorrow. no one knows the time frame. we talked to the fbi. he worked on that part of the but that is our job, that is our
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story. goal. >> as for general motors, they are potentially losing millions >> this max stier, he was part of dollars each day this strike of the legal team defending goes on. president clinton during that according to analysts, they have sandal. and guess who was acting on the other side? 11 weeks of inventory. it was brett kavanaugh. they can keep going for a while because he worked for until this continues, but it kenneth starr. so there was obviously some will defect dealerships for some history between them to start time. these strikes will set the tone with. and you also see -- this max for future contract negotiations, because this deal with gm is what industry stier is very heavily connected watchers are calling a template democratic operative within for deals that still have to be washington, d.c. he then whispered to senators struck with fiat chrysler and during the time of the ford, the other two of the confirmation hearing last detroit three. year -- >> harris: 11 weeks of >> harris: you corroborated that he talked of people, inventory, but 11 weeks of this would be a lot anyway. senators of the fbi. >> the book actually says it. good to see you. thank you. he didn't go on record. he didn't want to speak publicly new york governor andrew cuomo with the fbi. he didn't want to speak publicly issuing an emergency executive to these authors. order to ban the sales of flavored e-cigarettes. declaring vaping a public health what does that tell you but the emergency. credibility of these claims? this comes as an there's no corporation. there is no witness, and no -- associated press report claims cbd vapes and edibles could be spiked with cheap and illegal >> harris: let's go forward,
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miranda, we don't have much time. i want to get to this because synthetic marijuana. rick leventhal is looking into you write about this. it for us from our new york city newsroom. this story just gets bigger by how is it true that perhaps the the day. >> it does, harris. times not only made a mistake but might've been running away in fact, the fda may soon ban and the other direction? some of these products with the did they do it quickly and what you know? president support. states including new york art waiting. >> they have this alleged, pushing legislation to raise the minimum age and stop deceptive supposed fresh allegation. ads warning a significant dangers from stuff you can legally buy and many convenience stores. it's not just flavored e cigarette's cause of concern, page two on the sunday review section. but as mentioned, products there was no trace in the news marketed as cbd. pages. vapes and gummy's possibly have nothing to indicate -- it was like they had a a little and detonated bomb and they left it extract from the plant. there, buried in their they say cbd relaxes you and newspaper, so that someone else could detonate it. cures ailments, it's warned that who detonated it? most don't have any cbd and then right on cue, those democratic prayed and said containing presidential candidates, synthetic marijuana or other straight out of the block. >> harris: and now, what does dangerous chemicals. the new york law specific targets flavored e-cigarettes the times do? there are all these memes all with fruit and candy names like over the social media, like a bubblegum and cap'n crunch. it would ban their sale, raise turtle trying to get its the minimum percentage to a 21, reputation back on the goldfish are going overhead. and eliminate deceptive what do you do? marketing practices. lastly, the cdc said that you can't put this back in the
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bottle. >> you can't. they have issued so many e-cigarettes were confirmed or probable cause of 380 cases of corrections. they had to correct tweets, lung disease and six deaths and re-correct their tweets, then re-corrects the re-correction of 36 states in the u.s. the tweets. virgin islands. then they've issued another one. the president said he is pushing for a federal ban of vaping >> harris: what does brett kavanaugh do at this products. point? >> i think president trump is right. i don't think you should sit >> i'm not relying or waiting there like a punching bag while for the federal government. they keep on coming after him. i don't expect them to do anything responsibly. to act responsibly, because i've never seen them act responsibly. our destiny is in our own hand the conservative judges, on the supreme court. which president trump has every right to a point. they were taking action. >> driven by researchers the more there are -- researcher shamil >> harris: every president , senator blumenthal's also does. >> of course. calling for the end of flavored they want to destroy vapes pitch to kids. president trump, and by proxy, they want to destroy >> the chemical reactions brett kavanaugh. involving the slavers i think brett kavanaugh should take the president's advice and potentially create new compounds and chemicals that are deeply start suing. >> harris: wow. i know you will stay on the dangerous and damaging to the story. miranda divine with "the new york post." respiratory organs. thank you. a justice department inspector, the lungs, airways, of people general michael horowitz, handing over his draft report who use these products. now on the origins of the russia >> as many as 8 million adults
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investigation to attorney general bill barrette of its highly anticipated public and 5 million juveniles are release. they are getting their first look at how chief intelligence vaping. according to the health and human services secretary, and the number of high school middle correspondent catherine herridge is tracking all of us for us. and middle school kids doing it when to be expect to see this went up almost 80 percent last year. >> harris: we will stay on it. publicly? >> the best guesstimate is late thank you very much. accused rapist antonio brown has hit the gridiron for the september order october. patriots over the weekend as they we've obtained this letter, it really says the pfizer a second accuser reportedly has come forward today. investigation is in its final sportscaster jim gray will join stages without confirmation from me and asked to break it down. inspector general ♪ horowitz drafts are now with the justice department and the fbi. in the letter to congressional you should know about the newday va guaranteed cash out loan. oversight committees, horowitz outlines a multistep review it lets you take out an average process with fbi director of over 50,000 dollars. christopher wray, and i called and got 51,300 dollars. attorney general william barr, after more than a million i called and got 54,200 dollars. records and more than 100 witnesses. we called and we got 58,800 dollars. a key hurdle remains classification. and how much the report will be blacked out or rejected, on so, if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, national security grounds. call newday usa. horowitz writes, "we have now begun the process of finalizing our report by providing a draft of our factual findings to the
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fbi for classification, determination, and marking. we will now proceed with our usual process for preparing final drafts public and classified reports." as part of the standard inspector general review process, former officials who signed off on the fisa will have the chance to provide comment for the final public report. they include former director james comey, who signed off on the first surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aid. his former deputy, andrew mccabe. the bureau's top lawyer, james baker. former fbi agent peter strzok, hf@6t,á!x4÷s shmyxlz when you have diabetes, ♪ lawyer lisa page, among other dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, witnesses. this morning a senior republican but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. on the house judiciary committee try great-tasting boost glucose control. said the recent report on comey shows he violated fbi policy and the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs the bureau's employment agreement, and he said that is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. backs up attorney general barr's recent statements. in fact, it provides 60% more protein >> he said there was a failure of leadership at the upper than the leading diabetes nutrition shake echelons of the fbi. and contains only 1 carb choice. that is certainly true, and that enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control includes comey, mccabe, baker, strzok, paige. as part of a healthy diet. there's a basis for good sermon at humana, we believe your
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about what took place. then he uses the term "political healthcare should evolve with you. and part of that evolution surveillance." means choosing the right "unauthorized surveillance." medicare plan for you. humana that is scary. >> a very important part of this can help. with original process, harris, will be the medicare, you're covered for public testimony from the hospital stays and doctor office inspector general michael e horowitz. visits, but you'll have to pay a at this point, deductible for each. a medicare senator lindsey graham has publicly committed to doing that supplement plan can cover your as soon as possible the report deductibles and co-insurance, is available for everyone to but you may pay higher premiums read. i think it's worth noting that and still not get prescription the house judiciary committee that also has direct oversight drug coverage. but with an all-in-one humana medicare for this process has yet to call advantage plan, you could get inspector general horowitz over the coming findings, just from a all that coverage plus part d couple weeks ago. that report, as i understand it, prescription drug benefits. you really kind of sets the table get all this coverage for as low as a $0 monthly plan premium in for the fisa findings we will have fairly shortly. most areas. and humana has a >> harris: interesting. don't know if that's because of large network of doctors and the summer recess and if they will still do it. hospitals, so call or go online we are watching it. glad you're still on it. today. find out if your doctor catherine, thinking. police in florida have arrested is part of the humana network a suspected serial killer. and get your free decision wait until you see how they guide. discover how an caught him. all-in-one humana medicare and democratic leaders are advantage plan could save you ramping up the pressure on money. there's no obligation, so president trump when it comes to call or go online right now. gun reform. i knew about the tremors. they're trying to sweeten the
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i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo! >> harris: a second woman has come forward to accuse antonio brown against sexual misconduct. the latest allegation comes as the nfl is set to interview brown's first accuser today. that first accuser claims brown sexually assaulted her twice and
10:14 am
raped her on a third occasion. veteran sports broadcaster and fox news contributor jim gray joins me now. jim, this story tends to get bigger by the day, as well as other big news today. last friday the patriots hired him. didn't know he'd play. helped them in a big win yesterday. where are we? >> a day off for the patriots. they won. the commissioner will be talking to this accuser. they've got to find out what's accurate and what the facts are. i mean, there's so little facts that we know publicly, other than what has come to light in this lawsuit. all of this stemming from a couple of years ago with the girl that was a former trainer of his. they had been together in that circumstance for quite sometime. brown says all of this did not happen, but there's such a litany of misconduct that "sports illustrated" had all these accusations.
10:15 am
he's in debt to a lot of people. there seems to be a whole lot of issue. now this is at the top of the list. >> harris: he's had no lack of drama along. from the helmet issue when he was with the raiders. you talked about this woman. now reportedly there are two. if you are leadership for the new england patriots, are you regretting hiring antonio brown today? are you regretting playing him yesterday? bill belichick said, glad he was here yesterday, after the game. >> well, i think there has to be some sort of process in these allegations. if you're regretting it, you wouldn't have been hired him. >> harris: do you think they do? >> they saw he taped a conversation with jon gruden, his coach, and then played that on social media. they saw he went to cryotherapy, came in, didn't tell him he had bad feet, had been frozen. came in in a hot air balloon. acted horribly to get out of the raiders. if that conduct wasn't bad
10:16 am
enough before these allegations surfaced, and if you didn't know about the allegations, that conduct in and of itself should have been enough to say, hey, we don't want to mess with this. but they decided to go ahead because he's a great player, >> harris: big story in the nfl, a second moment has not harris. reportedly come forward to great players and great @ lets accuse patriots wide receiver antonio brown of sexual misconduct. "sports illustrated" is reporting that brown hired an artist to paint a mural of trump bad behavior. only those two people went on himself, and over the course of between them. none of us know because we don't have the facts yet. that project appeared naked he should not have been hired. he should have been suspended behind her with just a hand towel covering his private area. for that behavior with the the latest allegation comes at the nfl is said to be raiders and the steelers. interviewing brown's first it should have never even come accuser today. to this. she claims brown sexually but now that he's here, they assaulted her on two occasions have to take a good long look at this before they put him on the and raped her in a third. exempt list. we will have more of this you can't just have someone developing story coming up later making an accusation without any this hour. meanwhile, as we await facts to substantiate it. president trump's proposal to tackle gun violence, >> harris: they're talking to one of those women and a "the new york times" is reporting that democratic leaders nancy pelosi and relative of antonio brown as chuck schumer told the president well, who will defend him. jim gray, speaking plainly, as they would join him for a you always do, speaking your
10:17 am
historic signing in the rose garden if he backed a bill the mind. good to see you. house passed on background i'm harris. thanks for watching. checks. but president trump apparently here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. didn't commit. we're about to hear from meanwhile, he tweeted this president trump on what's turned today. out to be a jam packed day to "the big questions, will start the workweek. democrats move the goalpost, and i'm dana perino and this is "the is this just a ploy to take your guns away? i hope not on both counts, but i daily briefing." will be able to figure it out." i want to bring in a bret baier, looking live there at the east wing of the white house as chief political thinker and president trump any minute now executive editor of special is set to award the latest repair. there's an opportunity for something bipartisan. civilian honor to a baseball legend. what do you think with all your it will be the first time we've seen the president since tensions with iran hit a new sources, whether it can or can't high. we'll see if he has anything to happen? >> good afternoon. say about attacks on oil fields i'm hearing that there something in the works. of the white house, the in saudi arabia, which threaten president, is probably going to to send gas prices soaring. come forward with what he sees, he could also address "the new what they see, as possible. possibly as early as this week, depending what we are dealing york times" about an with in iran and saudi arabia. but it may come out this week. the consensus in republican circles is that something has to happen.
10:18 am
in a political sense. otherwise it will be used as a real cudgel against republican candidates. especially in some of those districts, suburban districts, where democrats had such success in 2018. i think what you are seeing here is the democrats trying to appeal to president trump for this big moment in the rose garden, with democrats alongside. the question is, what does it look like? there are 76 house bills dealing with some aspect of gun control or gun legislation in the house. there are 22 of them in the senate. of those, there are more than 300 cosponsors of these bills up on capitol hill. so there is a momentum building that perhaps hasn't happened up until this point on this issue. >> harris: how about that. when you consider the summer we've had, weekend after weekend, at one point with mass shootings, you can understand how people are getting to the point, can they talk? i want to get to this, the 2020 democratic candidates are
10:19 am
talking about this in the last debate. mayor pete buttigieg of indiana criticize beto o'rourke of texas' comments on gun control at the democratic debate, saying they played right into republican hands. now beto is fighting back, posting this on twitter. "leaving millions of weapons of war on the streets because trump and mcconnell are at least pretending to be open reform, that calculation and fear is what got us here the first plac place. let's have the courage to see what we believe in fight for it." how does that point all of this? is any but even listening to them who would vote on capitol hill anyway? >> i think that org is trying to swing for the fences to change his position in the 2020 race. clearly he was most impassioned, having just had the el paso shooting. his hometown, his district. he has said that line played again and again, "yes, we are going to take your ar-15s and
10:20 am
ak-47s," and that fits into a narrative that some folks with the nra are pushing back on any kind of gun control legislation. they will play it as a sound bite, and some democrats see that as a negative in the political sphere. inside the democratic caucus in the primary voters, what he said fires them up. >> harris: the thing that really resonated and hopefully our viewers caught this, is the number that you give house legislation bills right now. 76. that there is momentum to get something done. the president there had met with a bipartisan group with senators murphy and joe manchin, and pat toomey, a republican from pennsylvania. let's see where it takes us. bret baier on the program today, always great to see you. we will see you at 6:00 p.m. eastern with "special report." president trump warning the u.s. is locked and loaded against attackers of a saudi oil facility, as some u.s. officials are pointing the finger at iran. ♪
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>> harris: one of the most successful drivers in nascar history has passed away. modified stock car racing at racer michael stefanik was filled doughnut killed in a single engine plane crash on sunday. police say the crane done my plane is piling turned back toward an airfield in rhode island when it crashed into a wooded area. reportedly he was able to walk away from the scene, but succumbed to his severe injuries. 6-time nascar hall of fame nominee, he was 61 years old. fox news alert on height might heighten tensions in the middle east. present terms of the united states is locked and loaded against attackers of the saudi oil facility. why the commander in chief does not believe dominic u.s. officials previously pointed the finger at the iranians. they deny the allegations. meanwhile, republican
10:26 am
senator lindsey graham tweeted this. "it's now time for the u.s. to put on the table and attack on iranian oil refineries, if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment." rich edson as more from the state department, and what could a retaliation look like, rich? >> good afternoon, harris. secretary of state mike pompeo was calling on other countries to join the united states and condemn iran for these attacks. the u.s. is also releasing satellite images that officials say suggest the attack came from the direction of either iraq or iran. instead of yemen. iraqi officials have denied the attack originated from their country. iran denied involvement, and the iran-backed hootie rebels and responsibility. they said they used drones to attack a facility. the turbine estrogen is keeping its focus on iran. >> we must all be clear eyed about this event. a direct assault on the world
10:27 am
energy supply. claims of responsibility have been made, but at secretary of state mike pompeo has clearly stated, there is no evidence that the attack came from yemen. the emerging information indicates that responsibility lies with iran. >> iranian former minister has tweeted on this. he says, "having failed at max pressure, secretary pompeo is turning a stuck in yemen because the illusion that superiority will lead to military victory. living iran want an disaster. "this is an attack on the infrastructure. there is still an investigation. china says it would be responsible to assign blame. russia says there should be no rush to conclusions. the price of oil spiked on the attack. the department of energy since the u.s. stands ready to deploy oil from the strategic petroleum reserves, if necessary. over the last several months,
10:28 am
and situation between the united states and iran significantly deteriorated. next week at the united nations general assembly, both president trump and iranian president hassan rouhani are expected to be there. as for any suggestion that they might meet, the iranian government has said no chance. harris? >> harris: wow, that is the update. rich edson, thank you very much. i'm going to take that into my next conversation, retired army lieutenant colonel dana davis >> translator: . senior fellow and military expert at defense priorities. good to see you today. let's rich edson let's off let's start where rich edson left off. they won't won't be with our officials, including the president. how does that inform us about what needs to happen militarily? >> in terms of militarily, we have to recognize what's going on here in saudi arabia. this is at its heart a continuation of the sentries-long struggle between shiite and sunni islam, and a direct relation to the proxy war going on down in yemen between iran and saudi arabia.
10:29 am
bottom line is the united states thinks military is not a proxy for us to be used to bail saudi arabia out from their bad decisions about going into this war. american interest is not -- our security is not at risk here. we do not need to get into a situation where we could get into a war that doesn't even involve us. >> harris: i've heard you say that part of the problem for the saudis that they stuck so long in that proxy war with yemen without a resolution. to note that end game is? there exposed on their border. >> that absolute can sue point. there is no end game. we tried to end this, the senate did, with a vote to withdraw american sport back in march. i really wish president trump hadn't have vetoed that, because that four study review to get into a negotiating solomon. this attack may not have happened. that's what needs to happen right now. saudi arabia needs to end this war down there, and italy where the tensions. then they can work on their bilateral issues. continuing this on right now will lead us to potential for a
10:30 am
regional war that we could get sucked into pay that would be catastrophic. >> would it be getting sucked into it, or with senator lindsey graham, getting into it by hitting iran's refineries? >> i say sucked into it by a bad decision. senator graham is just flat out wrong on this. he couldn't be any more wrong. and i respect senator graham on several issues, but man, he is wrong on this one. >> harris: why? >> because there is no way a war could actually improve the situation. if we think the oil situation is put at risk right now, just imagine how much worse that would be if there was an all-out war. the most important thing for our security is that iran has unequivocally said, "if we attack them, they are going to go into all-out war. they will attack our ships in the gulf and our bases throughout the region." one can't re-curse them? >> we probably could, but at what cost? road to go to a war that would cause our own ships maybe to get sunk? >> harris: before i let you
10:31 am
go, are you worried today about israel, more than you were yesterday before this started happening? >> i don't think there's anything different there. israel has been pretty intense and discuss dumb i antagonistic towards saudi arabia, and vice versa. >> harris: they are already coming from an existence, that's why i asked. i was to come for that matter. thank you for your expertise. the democrats reportedly planning to close down my their political attacks on three specific targets ahead of 2020. who are they? we will get into it. loans. a mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. that could save you tens of thousands over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa.
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really? book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. >> harris: police have arrested a suspected serial killer in florida. robert hayes is charged with first-degree murder in the 2016 death of the south florida woman. now investigators say dna could link hayes to the brutal killings of four other women, dating back more than a decade.
10:36 am
phil keating is investigating it for there in miami for fox with the latest. phil? >> harris, he is an enigma assembly known as the daytona beach killer. a salacious story which garnered a lot of media attention at the time, and for 14 very long years the deaths and cases of three and possibly a fourth all tied to this mysterious serial killer. remained unsolved. very little for investigators to go on. later today, they say not anymore. 57-year-old robert hayes was arrested last night in palm beach county for a murderer there, three years ago, of a woman named rachel bay. but he's also to believed to be the serial killer three prostitutes 12 to 14 years ago and possibly a fourth. this morning he appeared in his blue prison outfit and was denied bond, charged with first-degree murder. back in 2005 and 2006, investigators tied the killings
10:37 am
to the same unknown suspect. all were shot in the head, with a .40 caliber smith & wesson. all of their bodies were found naked and face down within a mile or two of each other. all the women were left in remote and wooded areas. it turns out the new suspect, robert hayes, lived in daytona beach at that time. studying in college as a person in his mid-20s. daytona beach's police chief held a news conference this morning praising the use of genetic genealogy in this case. it match the dna found at the palm beach county victim to two of the daytona beach victims, and then to people related to robert hayes. >> we had nothing, and we were able to come from nothing to determine his dna and get the actual guy in custody. that's huge. >> so far he has not been charged with any of the daytona beach murders yet, but he's in custody in palm beach. so the town's police chief says they've got time to spare. florida's department of law enforcement created this
10:38 am
genetic genealogy investigative tool department just a couple of years ago, and it says already it has identified four suspects in four previously unsolved and long-cold cases. harris? >> harris: chilling. phil keating, thank you very much. democrats are said to be pulling out a new strategy for 2020. axios is reporting the party wants to portray president trump's supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as three villains, defining their respective branches of government. let's bring in the power panel. noelle nikpour, a former republican congressional candidate. she needs a no, a political science professor. great to see you, and every book on the program. let's begin just with jeanne. will this work it? >> i think democrats -- it will in the primary. absolutely, taking on the president is the thing democrats want to the primary. i don't believe it works for them taking on justice kavanaugh. i do think that
10:39 am
mitch mcconnell is someone's democrats want to see you home dome i don't i go. i don't think brett kavanaugh is a good strategy, but the average was what democrats want to see for the primary. as he moved to the general, things change but. >> harris: interesting. >> i really don't see that they have an alternative to do anything else, because right now we have got consumer confidence, consumer spending off the charts. we have jobs that are plentiful, we have -- excuse me -- a booming economy. what exactly are they going to do? they have to manufacture something. the think they are going to do is to fill in eyes three republican avenues, three republican people. >> harris: what are the villain principles? as we seen with just a kavanaugh today, if they walked back any farther the entire newspaper of the times would be falling to the ocean going backwards. they had to cope writers who worked on a book, some of the things omitted from the book against kavanaugh, and vice versa, ended up in the paper.
10:40 am
it was based on someone who didn't witness the latest allegations against kavanaugh. so how does it villain eyes then, if you will >> i happen to be with howard kurtz. when this first came out. we all agree it was a journalistic horror on the part of "the new york times," to put that in. on the democrats jumped on it. they should not have. this was not a winning strategy for the democrats. that said, all presidential elections are fought out against the incumbent or who is leaving office. just like the voters wanted somebody not like barack obama in 2016, that's what democrats want if they look at 2020. when you talk about running against the president and against mitch mcconnell in the senate on things like gun control, those strategies. running against justice kavanaugh, given what we know about the situation, the facts, is not a winning strategy. particularly in the rust belt, that is not going to pull
10:41 am
independents and moderates where they need to pull them. you have many in the party saying that. >> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi has told her advisors that it's hard to move the public mood on the president alone. and she's urging her caucus to crank up anti-mcconnell attacks. that's according to axios. there is one word -- they don't need names, republicans -- there is one word that go against democrats and it seems to work. socialism. >> absolutely. socialism is one of the key things that is scary. i think that is why a lot of democrats -- if you look, the candidates that are pretty much top-tier excluding biden are pretty much -- they have socialism as their agenda. socialism is scary, because socialism to most americans is pretty much the unknown. we have never had a true government that operated 100% with socialism. the fact that they are touting this -- aoc's green new deal,
10:42 am
that's not even feasible. these plans are not well thought out. we saw what happened -- >> harris: at least not how to pay for them. >> when obama had the health care, that you can keep your own doctor. pelosi saying that we don't know what's in the bill until it's out. >> harris: what would you suggest republicans now is the target at least two of the three? the times may have taken kavanaugh off the list, but would you say? >> the democrats really don't have a choice but to take someone like mcconnell and go full charge. like i said earlier, what exactly is going to be the narrative that they can run against and get more people attracted as their base when we've got really a great economy and people have jobs? >> harris: the answer back as i hear you saying, noelle, is to come back with the policy? >> absolutely. manufacture something. and double down on it. >> i don't think you need to manufacture. if you 70 or 90%, what
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