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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: i would buy your jersey if you had one. >> i would buy your jersey too. >> dana: i will have to get you an extra extra-large. >> you are having dinner tonight. >> dana: i'm stressed about it. thanks for joining us, everybody, i'm dana perino. here is shep. >> shepard: a fox, we are waiting for president trump to speak in this hour, u.s. officials say kaylee mcghee stomach iran is responsible for the attack sending global markets and the red and raising concerns that america could get involved in the confrontation in the middle east. it happened the largest oil processing facility. the key oil field disrupting more than 5% of the worlds we will supply. the rebels in yemen are saying they are behind the attacks. but u.s. officials released satellite photos that show the damage. the official say attackers used cruise missiles and drones fired
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from a rainy and soil. president trump's warning on twitter now america is as he puts it "lost and loaded to respond if necessary but kaylee mcghee stomach iran is behind the attack and absolutely no chance the iranian president will meet with president trump during united nations general assembly next week. more on tehran's response i had to. the latest rounds of tensions of course between iran and the united states since president trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with other world powers and re-imposed crippling sanctions on tehran. we have coverage, benjamin hall for reporting from iran and john roberts live from the white house. >> president trump is not ruling out the possibility of a meeting with iranian president next week at the u.n. general assembly in new york city, although this attack would complicate the prospect. the u.n. ambassador saying to dave to the u.n. security
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council that the united states believes iran is responsible and the president morning there could be consequences for iran "there is reason to believe we know the culprit locked and loaded depending on verification but waiting to hear from the kingdom of saudi arabia who they believe is the cause of this attack and under what terms we would proceed -- proceed. it is unclear what the next move might be. the human national security council met to talk about possible military action. the secretary defense mark esper tweeting "i returned to the pentagon a meeting at the white house where dod leadership brief the commander-in-chief on the situation. the united states military with interagency team is working with our partners to address the unprecedented attack and defend the international rules based order that is being undermined by iran" the vice president chief of lock and load it could mean a different things but not
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necessarily the military action is imminent, listen here. >> i think locked and loaded means america today under this president is far better prepared to handle these sorts of events because we are now and the exporter of oil. >> analyses to determine exactly where the attack was launched from while rebels in yemen claim responsibility that the u.s. officials tell tomlin at the pentagon that the cruise missiles involved in the attack came from iranian soil. secretary of state pompeo pointing fingers at iran saying "there is no evidence the attack launched from yemen." and we condemn iran's attacks and united states will work with allies to make sure energy markets well supplied and iran held accountable for its aggression. some democrats suggesting this morning that retaliatory strikes by the united states against iran may impact beyond the cards
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the cards. listen to senator coons chris coons. moran is the dangerous spot -- of terrorism and this may be the thing that calls for military action against iran if that's what that intelligent supports. >> mitt romney says the united states itself should not get involved in military response tweeting directing engagement by u.s. military in response to attacks on saudi oil would be a grave mistake. it can defend itself, if saudi arabia response against iran attacks, we should support in a nonkinetic role. the president has authorized the release of petroleum from the strategic petroleum reserve. it doesn't look like that is necessary at this point, but oil prices definitely spiking in europe 50% to about $63 a barrel right now, which is the biggest one-day jump since 20 -- 2009.
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shep we will hear from the president when he leaves arizona and the 4:00 hour. we we don't know how much he will say but you will have something to comment on. >> >> shepard: arena ant officials -- officials deny the attacks and call the accusations unacceptable and baseless. team fox coverage continues with benjamin hall from the studio, ben. >> some confusion where these attacks came from. and quickly came responsibility that they have been behind the attacks but over the weekend, moving to iran with ever mounting evidence they are responsible for the attacks. and by the way, that is still burning. saudi arabia has not commented on the extent of the damage but a pinpoint strike which left 5% of the oil supply disrupted. now saudi arabia claiming this was a coordinated cruise missile and drone attack by iran.
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>> evidence shows that whether it be -- iranian weapons, the initial finding shows that yemen has claimed. >> the u.s. has reached the same conclusion, raising satellite images of the damage and the path of destruction, the entry point of the missiles suggested the attack came from iraq or iran. iran has strenuously denied and the u.s. has further evidence that it did come from iran. although iranian in yemen claim they are behind it, they wouldn't have the capability to launch a coordinated pinpointed attack 500 miles away from the rebel stronghold. so we can come evidence slowly pointing to iran and the u.s. behind that viewpoint. >> shepard: benjamin what more do we hear from iranian officials on the attack? >> very, very quickly shep, they denied this as they have with all the attacks behind recently,
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the u.s. drones shot down and felt oil tankers. they called the u.s. accusations maximum allies and added tehran is prepared to fight full-fledged war with the u.s. and warned they are armed with advanced missile technology capable of reaching u.s. facilities in the region. while this is going on iranian president hassan rouhani and vladimir putin, today to discuss the future of syria. by the reunion government spokesperson said there is no chance of meeting with president trump as the u.n. general meeting next week. the fact is we could go there was optimism about dialogue and a sense that there was a chance -- that seems a long way away and right now in the middle east, a lot more attention and a lot more worry about the attack. the question is how does saudi arabia respond? >> shepard: benjamin hall live in jerusalem, thanks. later this hour why america's strongest allies pushing for a bit of caution when it comes to
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you could be coughing up the cash for this. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me-ow. >> shepard: breaking news joe stan, state prosecutors in new york have just subpoenaed president trump's accounting firm to demand eight years of his personal and corporate income tax returns. that according to the report of "the new york times" just now citing sources. quoting from the times report, the subpoena opens a new front and wide range effort to obtain the tax returns which mr. trump initially said he would make public during the 2016 campaign, but has since refused to disclose. the subpoena issued by my by office late last month soon after it opened a criminal investigation into the role that the president and his family
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business played in hush money payments in the run-up to the election. that again from "the new york times." the hush money references about the money given to the actress stormy daniels who claimed she had an affair with the president trump denies the affair. talks are urgent now keeping an eye on wall street and the last hour of trading here after the attack in saudi arabia on the world's largest oil processing plant. we'll prices spiked in world markets dropped after the spike. the fox business network, reporting from the new york stock exchange. >> you are right, that oil price gained percentage in more than ten years afterward if that attack. of course as we know saudi arabia one of the largest net exporters in the world. so that is, of course, making equity futures and of course, investors very anxious about what the effects of higher fuel can mean to a lot of companies around the world. so if you look at the dell, you
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just showed us, but still down right now as you can see about 116 points. the worst of the session down around 150-160 points for the first day down about nine. not surprisingly, a lot of tech companies are moving lower, airlines in particular. they have to pay a large fuel bills, large energy bills so if you look at jetblue, american, united, they are all moving down. they can be set up some of course the cruise operators royal caribbean one of note, and the larger concern, higher energy prices will slow down the global economy when there are enough pressures out there especially with the u.s. trade china were to contend -- to continue. >> shepard: the new york stock exchange, holding the ground all that is left of newly opened building in maine after propane explosion that killed a firefighter and injured half a dozen other people. would you look at these pictures? that is what is left.
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according to officials in farmington where ash and debris fell from the sky this morning. the town about 70 miles north of portland, a man busted, i shouls say several firefighters in a local fire chief are still in the hospital along with a person who worked inside of the building. ambulance worker treated and released. the building has, was the new home of a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities. workers say they evacuated after maintenance crews reported they smelled gas. firefighters arrived to investigate, and not long after that, the deadly blast happened. w gme television, and let perillo live, dan. shep a tragic day in the town of farmington. about two hours outside of the city of portland as you were mentioning and today, dozens of first responders who are trying to cut through the pieces of what is left of this building.
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you can see just moments ago, let me step out of the way to show you a live look at the scene right here and across the ground, snow, here in the state of maine but that is not snow, that is insulation that has come from the exploder building that happen around 8:10 this morning. first responders on the scene, you can see a lot of the debris is floating up in the air. not much has been cleaned up as they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. as you mentioned earlier, what we have been told this is a gas or propane leak but they have not said which is which just yet. they are trying to figure out my long process with the state fires -- fire marshal's office. one firefighter was killed. one of the first ones on the scene, the sheriff who was one of the first people describing this as a war zone. he spent a few years in iraq and came in to see what he described as almost what he saw on 9/11 with all the debris falling down from the sky. so a tragic scene for us today.
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the reviewer videos sent in by a lot of viewers in the area when this first happened in just the destruction is unimaginable. shaking homes, not only here in the farmington area, but also for miles away. i think we have some sound with a witness from that scene. >> pretty devastating. i heard it and processed what was happening. i went behind the shed because things were just flying everywhere. >> and a lot of that is still flying up here with the wind picking up. a lot of debris floating around. right now, we are still waiting on the identity of the firefighter who was killed in this incident. just a tragic loss for this small community north of portland, maine. life in farmington, i am dan lampariello. >> shepard: thanks, dan. the dangerous ingredient inside some vapes, head the drugs that is putting people in the hospital.
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♪ >> shepard: an investigation finds e-cigarette company spiking their products with potentially deadly synthetic marijuana and claiming it is oil. this man told the associated press, two puffs put him in a coma and nearly killed him. the ap reports it sent the vape cartridge to a leper scientist found it contained synthetic marijuana compound blame for nearly a dozen deaths in europe. cbd comes from marijuana plants but does not get you high and has been exploding in popularity as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and much more. the ap investigation found
12:23 pm
e-cigarette companies have been cashing in on that phrase by marketing fake cbd products which actually contain cheaper in the illegal synthetic marijuana. this all comes as the feds investigate hundreds of reportedly vape related illnesses and six deaths across the country. jonathan's reporting with more. jonathan. >> high, shep some swear by medicinal properties and the growth of legal cbd with a shadow industry of fake cbd products using potentially dangerous substitute ingredients and that is exactly what happened to jay jenkins, a student at the military college of south carolina. he took two puffs of a blueberry flavored cbd vape his friend bought at a convenience store and wound up hospitalized in a coma with acute respiratory failure. >> the doctor said if my roommate got there 2 minutes later, there would be nothing
12:24 pm
they could do. it would be in a casket by now. >> shepard: the associated press took the products to an independent lab and determine instead of cbd, it contained a marijuana compound, shep. >> shepard: how widespread is this product, do we know? >> the ap wanted to get to the bottom of that so they looked at consumer complaints and law enforcement actions. based on that, they purchased 29 product including a vapes and even edibles such as gummies. something to the lab along with that suspicious vape that jenkins used before he became sick. 30 samples in all, and of those 30 samples marketed as cbd products, ten of them tested positive for synthetic marijuana. >> these compounds, some are extremely potent. some are 700 plus times of cbd. >> because deliberately buying suspicious products, cautioned that a sample is not
12:25 pm
representative of the overall cbd market, however, the poison control center says it considers cbd and emerging has her because of the potential for mislabeling and contamination. and some breaking news just today, the cdc has opened its emergency operations center to insist and to provide enhanced support and multiagency investigations into e-cigarette or vaping related injuries and death, shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie come alive for us, thanks. new york said to become the second state to ban fruity and candy flavored e-cigarette. new york governor andrew cuomo said in response to the deadly outbreak of lung illness across the country, possibly linked to vaping, the band would block the sale of any flavor that is not tobacco or mental, the governor said sweet flavored e-cigarette's are "obviously targeted to young people."
12:26 pm
officials in michigan announced a ban earlier this month. in the meantime, the governor of california at gavin newsom looking into a similar band but state lawmakers would probably need to pass legislation to make it happen. investigators looking into whether a black-market operation in wisconsin could be linked to a spike in vape related deaths and illnesses across the nation. we reported on this last week. police arrested two brothers and early 20s accused of them running an empire of illegal drugs and they say more risk of becoming. investigators say they rated these two brothers homes and condo that they were renting, seizing $1.5 million worth of drugs and the stash included more than 31,000 vape cartridges filled with thc. the compound and mirror that does get you high. the cops say they also found 100,000 empty cartridges and 57 mason jars filled with thc oil. investigators say the vaping
12:27 pm
cartridges had colorful rappers like candy. 5 milligrams of thc, but the police say the brothers were filling them with 1 gram each so people who use them would be inhaling a whole lot more thc than they realized. autoworkers putting the brakes on production and hitting the picket line as of late, really. astounding numbers. dozens of general motors plants and warehouses across the country shut down. what we are hearing from both sides next. ♪ embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour with the top of the news headlines, watching to making a case iran to blame, saudi oil is back. and the closest allies says wait just a minute. plus whistle-blower edward snowden looking to get out of russia. and water bottle becomes a lifesaver after hiker send a message begging for a note. but first general motors and the auto workers union trying to reach a deal today after almost
12:32 pm
50,000 workers walked off of the job today. a source close to the negotiation telling fox news talks today have been tense. union members demanding annual pay raises and the larger share of the company's profits. according to the associated press, gm officials have made strong offers including better wages and benefits. president trump tweeted about this yesterday pushing both sides to make a deal. strikes underway at manufacturing and distribution centers across the nation from california to new york. the fox business network reporting from detroit where union members are striking, brady. >> shep this is where union contract negotiations are going on with general motors. we have an update for you. someone close to the negotiations tells us the two sides basically exchanged words today to try to get back on track after the strike was announced over the weekend. that source tells us the main
12:33 pm
sticking point right now is gm's footprint in mexico. the store says the largest footprint in mexico out of detroit automakers insofar, is refusing to bring back any production to the united states. now we talked to several workers out here who say, look, gm has been making record profits in recent years including $12 billion in 2018. so there is money to share with us as well. but right now is the negotiations are ongoing, it does not look like there is an end in sight. >> we might be here for a while. that is my fear. we can't make it on 20, $50 a week. gm might not want to budge. i'm just here trying to prove a point, that is it. how long can we do it? we don't want to do it at all but we will be out here until we can. >> gm put an affair over -- put forth an offer over the weekend with $7 billion to invest to keep jobs in the u.s. including
12:34 pm
almost 5,000 jobs here in the u.s. to add to those jobs. right now, the talks are ongoing, and we will follow the latest out of detroit, shep. >> shepard: brady trimble live. and fox urgent with brand-new information inside of the white house right now, the president is speaking and it is on the attack on saudi arabia's oil facility which the united states blames on iran. the president speaking to reporters about it and set the united states is prepared for conflict but hopes it does not come to that, a few more quotes from the president whether iran is responsible and i'm quoting "well, it is looking that way but we will let you know definitively. that is being checked out right now." the president said "it certainly looks like iran was behind the attack." he doesn't want war with iran but the united states is more prepared for conflict than any in history. i'm quoting again with all of that said, we certainly would
12:35 pm
like to avoid it. the strike knocked out 5% of the world's deadliest -- i should say daily oil supply saturday causing oil prices to spike up 15% today and world markets have dipped. most of the oil goes to asian countries with chinese foreign ministry sang the officials there would not place blame and less an investigation gets answers. british officials called the attack outrageous but said they also with not pointing any fingers until they get all the facts. the united states almost immediately blamed iran. reporting live from the state department, rich edman. >> of foreign affairs sent a release and an initial investigation the weapons used and the attack were arraigned in weapons and investigations are still ongoing to determine the source of the attack. that just came out. the secretary of state mike pompeo calling on other countries to join the united states and condemn iran for this. the british foreign secretary tweeted on this a
12:36 pm
while ago "today i spoke with saudi, german, french u.s. counterparts to make sure u.s. condemns the attacks on the oil facilities in saudi arabia. we will work with international partners with the widest and most effective response." they are short of blaming iran specifically for the attacks. there was a meeting this morning at the united nations security council with the situation in the middle east. russia said no rush to conclusion a russian's ambassador to the united nations said his country's concern about president trump's tweets and referenced that the u.s. is locked and loaded. >> we have enough problems besides this and the major point in that golf would be a major disaster. we want to avoid it at all cost including to demonstrate -- >> the turkish foreign ministry
12:37 pm
"we emphasize the importance of avoiding any provocative steps to undermine the security of the region and the gulf." turkey, russia, the leaders met today and turkey but discussing the situation in syria, shep. >> shepard: rich admin on more for the president, to speak alive, mitch mcconnell on the set speaking about justice brett kavanaugh, listen. >> cooperating evidence whatsoever. and reporting, the story ran not in the new section, but on the opinion page. in fact, mr. president, they have already had to issue an enormous correction. the writers conveniently failed to note that the supposed victim herself declined to be interviewed. and several of her friends say she has no memory of any such thing happening. we all remember this pattern
12:38 pm
from last time around. shoot first, rectify the action later. and here is another familiar pattern just like last september, little things like facts and evidence did not stop democrats rushing to exploit this. even as the media was trying to backpedal, a number of the democratic presidential candidates were hysterically calling for justice kavanaugh to be impeached. on the basis of this flimsy, uncooperated, they are calling for justice kavanaugh to be impeached. and that includes several of our
12:39 pm
own senate colleagues. and even after the massive correction, knowing that group has backed off of this ridiculous threat, this laughable suggestion is already earning scorn throughout the country, across the political spectrum. the majority of senators of the american people rightly reject of the politics of a substance thing and she did just. it is justice that is transparent and self-serving today. but it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a bad case of sour grapes. this is not just a left-wing obsession with one man. it is part of a deliberate effort to attack judicial independence. six of the democrat presidential candidates plus one who has quit to run for the senate have publicly flirted with attacking
12:40 pm
the supreme court. court packing, court packing. today is a bold new democratic idea, back in the 1930s. just a few weeks ago, some democrats nakedly support the supreme court justices in writing. our colleague sent the core and outlandish brief, gratefully intoning that the supreme court is not well. they said. the supreme court is not well. here was the punch line: either issue rulings we like, or we will pack the court. the cash either issue rulings we like or we will pack the court. this is not normal, political behavior. these are the actions on the political party agenda that is so ailing to the constitution, that they feel threatened by fair and faithful judges.
12:41 pm
mr. president, this is what i would say. when the simple notion that judges should be favorable to the constitution it looks like an attack on your agenda, maybe it is your agenda that needs a makeover, not our independent judiciary. when you are this willing to launch unhinged personal attacks, you reveal a whole lot more about your own radicalism then the men and women you target. this is my commitment, mr. mr. president. and the commitment of all my republican colleagues. as long as we remain in the senate, we will fight to reserve our fair and independent judiciary. >> shepard: mr. mcconnell speaking on the senate floor about accusations against the supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. accusations which came to light in "the new york times."
12:42 pm
accusations which involved, accusations of a report of victim but of a reported witness and details of which fox news has not confirmed and as a result i will not be reporting. but i would venture to guess many of you have heard about this and mitch mcconnell speaking out against it. the details are available to you online at any time. back to the president. the president is speaking at this moment at the white house. i mentioned to you he talked about the conflicts with speed 18 and specifically, the -- iran and specifically saudi arabia oil fields that diminish the oie time being and in addition, caused a spike in oil prices, something around 15% today while sending oil markets retreating. the president talking about the details of what the calm and some regarding the attack will play back the president's talk
12:43 pm
inside the white house in just a moment. you know how this works, the president speaks. they recorded it and once he finishes, the ticket to a playback station and we play it for you. in addition, the president has noted he will be taking questions from reporters on his way to marine one for a trip that is coming up this afternoon. so two events from the president coming up. it is my understanding within the next half-hour. i have just gotten word like that second, that the president has finished speaking at the white house for this first section session. so after they get their act together, we will play that out as it happens. we will send it to simultaneously come on michael sr. fellow of foreign policy at the brooklyn institution, a nonprofit public policy organization. what do you see here and what are your concerns? >> high shepard, the fundamental reality, we are in a strong position because there is a lot of global oil supply, more than 3 billion barrels i believe in
12:44 pm
various kinds of strategic stockpiles around the world. so even though this is obviously a serious action and we suspect iran is behind it and that will be born ault, the world oil markets will probably calm and frankly this resales much about iran weakness under the severe sanctions as anything else. i think the trump administration thinks they should play it cool and sort of hint at military responses but not necessarily conduct them yet and perhaps not conduct them at all. i think that is the right, basic approach. maybe we can look into stronger missile defenses around some of these facilities as we do the forensic analysis to try to resolve once and for all where the weapons came from. but on balance even though regrettable, i think the oil markets will handle it. i think on balance, it shows just how little iran has by any cards to play. >> shepard: expecting the president shortly. we will play that as we get it, but michael the bigger picture, there was a time when oil prices factored in risk to oil
12:45 pm
facilities. there is a name for that. it has sort of been on the side for a while, but with this new drone technology, and instability in the region come i wonder the bigger picture how concerned you are this sort of thing can happen again. >> i do worry because what we need to do is stop this kind of thing directive energy defense, laser beams to shoot down in indefinite numbers small threats. if you have to use a missile to take out each drone, the economics are against you, the geography is against you, and the laser technology is coming along but it's not quite economical. in fact, not enough to protect saudi oil facilities. on balance, there will be built ongoing vulnerability here. we can do a little better with these kind of facilities, maybe not each and every one but the most valuable, the most fragile. i think that is the next step to look into how much better defense you can do. there will be a certain amount of vulnerability, however, no matter how you look at it. >> shepard: for expressing
12:46 pm
concern that this thing might escalate and that urging parties to relax, find out what is happening, no specifics before making any further moves. >> yeah, i think that is right. i'm not a big supporter of president trump's foreign policy overall, but his willingness to take a minute, you know, not retaliate for the drone shoe down over the summer. but otherwise, not look for a big conflict himself, that may serve him well because the overall balance on sanctions is working to the trump administration's advantage. we are applying a lot of economic pain to iraq. the end game is not so clear. what do we finally do with iran is not so clear it. but they by day, the sanctions are biting quite severely inside of iran. we need to keep that as our number one weapon, the economic weapon. >> shepard: the president is about to speak now. this is from the oval office a short time ago with a guest, you know how it works, they: the reporters.
12:47 pm
they began to record it, after it is over, they play it back and so we will have that for you. i'm told in a manner -- in a matter of seconds. speaking on a number of topics but the early going of this appearance, regarding saudi arabia, our ties to saudi arabia, what sort of action of the united states might be willing to take. how strong our position is and what we get from the iranians. what we get from that, the iranians have said repeatedly your maximum pressure campaign is -- the economy is not destroyed. we do not capitulate to your wants but the fact seem to be different. the economy is apparently have verse. >> i think they are in recession and they have lost 70 to 80% of their oil exports in the last couple of years with a lot of that falling off in recent months since we picked up the pressure. so they can model by the sense that it's no democracy in any proper sense of the world.
12:48 pm
they have 74 years, but the president himself does not have that much power relative to the security forces, you know by the way the economic pressure campaign last time brought this guy hassan rouhani who may have his flaws, not the best negotiator overall but certainly more moderate than hard-line iranians. democracy, they have to worry about public opinion going against them. the bottom line, however, if the hard-line republican guard revolutionary guard forces, excuse me, really want to keep the confrontational approach here, they will do it for quite some time to come, even if the economy is hurting. i think that means the end game of what negotiations you will ultimately get, what terms you can realistically expect to achieve that is going to be a hard question. day by day, we are doing well with the sanctions. >> shepard: michael hanlon from the brookings institution, thank you as always. speak with thank you, shepard. >> shepard: a lot to consider
12:49 pm
because if you are a rainy and an iranian interest, why would you be behind an attack of this sort to disrupt the world market in this way? what would your end game be and certainly the iranians have suggested they don't want war. the united states have said we don't want war. the united states wants to talk this through and get a new deal. the iranians with that they do that will be another matter. the president. >> president trump: thank you very much. it is a great honor to be with the crown prince of bahrain, he is a friend of mine at the country is a friend of ours. we will always be with him. and i know they will be with us. we have a tremendous relationship militarily, but we also have a tremendous economic relationship, trade, and we will be discussing all of those things. we will certainly be discussing what took place over the last two days in saudi arabia. we will be discussing the release. but our relationship has never been stronger than it is right now. that is largely based on the
12:50 pm
relationship that we have. so i look forward to having our discussion. >> thank you mr. president, great pleasure to be here. >> president trump: would you like to say something? >> i would like to think the president for receiving me and my delegation today. i'm here to conveyed the greetings of his majesty. to strengthen the relationship based on shared values and where they overlap. ideals. we primarily, the president said, will focus on discussions related to soon security enhancement and trade enhancement. we signed an agreement to purchase our first patriot missile, and it could not come at a better time. >> president trump: good timing. >> absolutely. we strengthen to secure trade with the world, and we have concrete ideas how we can do that. >> president trump: thank you very much. i look forward to the day to spend time with you. thank you all very much. i will be doing a news conference outside in a little while. it's part of the trip.
12:51 pm
we are going to mexico and other places. for two and a half days, many of you will be with us. i look forward to that, but in particular, i look forward to our meeting. >> thank you. >> have you seen evidence, proof that iran? >> president trump: with looking that way. we will have some strong studies done, but it is certainly looking that way at this moment. we will let you know. as soon as we find out definitively, we will let you know but it does look that way. >> mr. president, do you want war with iran? >> president trump: i don't want war with anybody. we have the strongest military in the world. we have spent more than $11.5 trillion and no one has come close. we have the best equipment in the world, the best missiles and as you said, there is nothing
12:52 pm
even close. but no, i don't want war with anybody. but we are prepared more than anybody. two and a half years ago, i will tell you it's not the same thing. and what we have done, we have totally rebuilt the military and so many different ways. we have rebuilt it, and there is nobody that has the f-35, the best fighter jets, the best rockets, the best equipment, but with all of that said, we certainly would like to avoid it. >> mr. president, what options do we have with the military? >> president trump: we have a lot of options, but i'm not looking at options. we want to find who did this. we are dealing with saudi arabia, the crown prince and some of your other neighbors. we are all talking about it together and we will see what happens. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: welcome i have no meeting scheduled. i know they want to meet. i know they are not doing well
12:53 pm
as a country. iran has a lot of problems right now that two and a half years ago and even a little bit more than that when i came in. it is hard to believe it's almost been three years. but two and a half to three years ago, they were causing a lot of trouble. we will see what happens. but we will let you know definitively. as you know, there are ways to see definitively where they came from. we have all of those ways. that is being checked out right now. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: there were always conditions because the conditions if you look at it, the sanctions won't be taken off. the sanctions are the conditions. that is why the press reported it. the biggest thing you can talk about are the sanctions. the sanctions are massive. there has never been sanctions put on a country like that. i think we have a tremendous future but not the way they are behaving. we will see what happens in terms of the attack. the secretary pompeo and others will be going over to saudi arabia at some point to discuss what they feel they will
12:54 pm
make a statement soon. but they also know something that most people don't know is to where it came from, who did it, and we will be able to find that outcome a figure that out quickly. we pretty much already know. >> mr. president, are we prepared for war? >> president trump: the united states is more prepared than any country in the history, in any history, if we have to go that way. as to whether or not we go that way, we will see. we will have to find out definitively who did it. we have to speak to saudi arabia. they have to have a lot of in the game also. and we know they are willing to do that. i think everybody knows they are willing to do that. so we will be meeting with saudi arabia. we will talk to saudi arabia. we will talk to uae and many of the neighbors out there that we are close friend with. we are also talking to europe. a lot of the countries we are
12:55 pm
dealing with whether france, germany, et cetera, talking to a lot of different folks and figuring out what they think. but i will tell you, that was a very large attack, and it could be met with an attack many, many times larger. very easily by our country but we will find out who definitively did it first. >> mr. president you said iran is responsible for the attacks. >> president trump: i didn't say that. why did you say that? i said we think we know who it is, but i didn't see anybody, but certainly it looks like it was iran but i didn't say it the way you said it, go ahead. >> you will find out in great detail in the near future. we have the exact location of just about everything. you will find out at the right time, but it is too early to tell you that right now. >> officially that oil prices. >> president trump: they haven't risen very much and we have strategic oil reserves which are massive. we can release a little bit of that. in other countries including,
12:56 pm
bahrain, and you bring it right down. so that's not a problem. we are not $5. that is not a problem. >> mr. president -- >> president trump: you have to remember we are the largest producer of gas and oil. so a lot of people in the old days, this happened over the last short period of time, we are number one in the world by far. by far. so i never want to be benefited that way, but the fact is, there are those that say we benefit. i don't view that as a benefit, but we are certainly, we take in more money than anybody else from energy, not even close. >> mr. president, do you think it is the responsibility -- >> president trump: i think it is certainly the responsibility of them to do a big deal of defense, certainly. i also think it is their responsibility of the saudis, if somebody like us, which are the
12:57 pm
ones that are going to help them, i know that monetarily, we will be very much involved in paying for that, something that is much different than the president would mention, john put the fact is, the saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do something. they will be very much involved, and that includes payment. they understand that fully. but they are going to be, look, very upset. they are very angry. they know pretty much what we know. they know pretty much what they came from, and we are looking for the final checkpoints. and i think you won't be surprised who did it. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: we will be discussing it, yes, we will be discussing it. we are going to see. the election is on tuesday. so like tomorrow. we have an election tomorrow.
12:58 pm
so i would think it would be afterwards, okay? but you do have an election. a big election tomorrow in israel. and that will be a very interesting outcome. it is going to be close, a close election. >> [inaudible] >> president trump: i don't want to comment on that. the relationship is very good, but i don't want to comment on that. i just don't think it's appropriate for me to comment. >> are you willing to go to north korea? >> president trump: probably not. i don't think we are ready for that. i will do it at sometime in the later future. and depending on what happens, i'm sure he will come to the united states also. i think we have a ways to go yet. >> the auto workers in the strike? >> president trump: we will have a great relationship with the autoworkers. i have tremendous results from to i don't want general motors to be building plants outside of the country. they have built manylants i china, mexico, and i don't like
12:59 pm
that at all. my relationship has been powerful with the auto workers, not necessarily at the top person or two, but the people that work. nobody has brought more companies into the united states. you know, i have japan, germany, many countries bringing car companies in open plants and expanding plants. big things are happening in ohio, including lordstown, a very positive thing that is happening. we have many plants that are even being renovated or expanded or built new right now in the united states. many more that we have had for decades and decades though nobody's been better to the autoworkers to me. i would like to see it work out, but i don't want general motors building plants in china, mexico. this is before my watch. and i don't think they will be doing that. i had meetings with mary barra, the head of gm. and i don't want them leaving our country.
1:00 pm
i don't want them building in china. i don't want to build them in other countries. i don't want these big, massive auto plants built in other countries. and i don't think they will be doing that anymore. you know, general motors makes most of its money in the united states. and it is too bad they spent billions and billions of dollars outside of the united states before i got here. one of the things very important in the u.s. embassy, which we have to have approved, not only for the unions, but for the auto workers, the farmers and that manufactures and everybody. everybody wants mca, more important, but people wanted, i'm sad to see the strike, hopefully it is a quick one. > >> president trump: it's never exhausted. in fact, the crown prince can tell you especially in your part of the world it's never exhausted until the final 12


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