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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the official induction will be announced november 7th. obviously, i'm voting for "my little pony" and care bears. [laughter] >> dana: that's the "the five" five." hey, bret. >> bret: u.s. intelligence officials say that they were behind. the attack has cut that nation's oil output in half. trump says the u.s. is "locked and loaded." russia is warning against any military retaliation. fox news coverage tonight. a senior iranian official now says that his country is prepared to fight a full-fledged war with the u.s. we begin with white house correspondent, john. >> good evening to you.
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president trump says that he will soon send his president to saudi arabia. perhaps targeting similar oil facilities in iran. >> president trump was careful today. he said that it sure looks like they were behind it. >> president trump: we're having some very strong studies done, but it certainly looking that way at this moment. we'll let you know. as soon as we find out definitively, will let you know. >> of the president stood in sharp contrast to his secretary of state. mike pompeo, yesterday, saying definitively, iran was responsible. president trump says that he is not seeking war with iran. >> president trump: i don't want war with anybody, but with all of that being said, we'd certainly like to avoid it. >> president trump has not promised to saudi arabia that he
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will come to their defense. he says that the u.s. and saudis will have to sit down and work that out. he will meet with the iranian president, hassan rouhani next week. >> president trump: we'll see what happens. i think they would like to make a deal. i know they'd like to make a deal. they'd like to do it on certain terms and conditions, and we won't do that. >> the president, today though, disputed the parameters of any meeting. saying "the fake news is saying that i am willing to meet with iran. that is a fake statement as usual." the white house has said that president trump would meet without preconditions. >> president trump: no preconditions. no. if they want to meet, i'll meet you. >> he is happy to take a meeting with no preconditions. >> president trump: not as far as i'm concerned. no preconditions.
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>> some democrats suggest that iran may have crossed a line that demands a military respons response. >> this may well be the thing that calls for military action against iran if that's what the intelligence supports. >> but utah senator, mitt romney saying the u.s. should not purchase a paid in any military response, tweeting direct engagement by a u.s. military would be a grave mistake. the u.s. has continued arm cells, , sales so saudi arabia n defend itself. while the president says of the u.s. is locked and loaded and ready to respond in the tweets, he is not yet ready to make a declaration as to who was behind it. see 11. >> bret: john roberts live. tensions have already been some
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simmering. what is already the world's most dangerous neighborhood. he tells us where things stand right now from our middle east newsroom. >> at the facility continues to burn, the attack is threatening to engulf the region. 5% of the world's oil supply has been cut, leading to the biggest hike in oil prices since the first gulf war. despite numerous from iran, evidence is mounting against them. >> initial findings. >> the u.s. has reached the same conclusions. satellite images of the damage, alleging that the description s came from iran.
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oil facilities were attacked from across the persian gulf in the islamic republic. iran has called the u.s. claims maximum lies. >> with these attacks and defensive measures is in line with their maximum falsehood policy. >> it is now ready to fight a fully fledged war with the u.s. it is capable of reaching u.s. facilities in the region. it is also the latest in a series of provocations. it also led president trump to strike a military strike. it led vladimir putin and turkish president to discuss the future of syria. there is absolutely no chance of a meeting with president trump at the u.n. general meeting next week. >> this is being called an
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attack, not only on saudi arabia, but also on the world's economy. there was a glittering hope of dialogue between the u.s. and iran. >> bret: thank you. stocks are down today. the nasdaq was off 23. in the meantime here in the u.s., new york city prosecutors have subpoenaed president trump's tax returns. the district attorney sent a subpoena, reporting eight years of the president's personal and business returns. he has subpoenaed the trump organization. the accountants say they will fully comply with their legal obligations. one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, which brexit has all of the news, apparently has printed some that was not fit and left out some that was.
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"new york times" is backtracking on a story detailing of new sexual misconduct allegation against supreme court justice, brett kavanaugh. they now admit that they omitted some key facts. howard has her key story. >> "the new york times" wrote an editor's note writing a glaring admission on kavanaugh. times reporter's said that he exposed himself. the woman in question won't comment and several of her friends say that she does not recall it. that crucial point was left out of the story by the times reporters. he wasn't identified.
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the two officials are said to have spoken with him. a source close to the justice told fox news that this was a disgusting effort to smear justice kavanaugh. democrats knew of the allegations last year and said nothing. "the washington post" said today that they passed on the same post last year. the justice department should come to his rescue. the president seized on the time's correction. elizabeth warren, kamala harris, beto o'rourke, demanded kavanaugh's impeachment. >> it appears that he lied under earth oath, which is a crime. >> president trump: "the new york times" made another terrible mistake. it's a shame that a thing like that could happen. how can they do a thing like
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that and destroy somebody's life russian mark it may seem like harmless fun the magnitude of the allegation requires a high level of proof. the time's correction an admission that it felt short of that standard. bret. >> bret: let's get a reaction. a few thoughts on this. >> well, you know, if you have an allegation that you've gotten sort of secondhand and you haven't talked to the person who is alleged to have witnessed the event, and you also find out that you are not able to talk to the alleged victim, and people tell you with the alleged victim doesn't remember the episode, it's very easy to figure out what you do. you don't publish the story. i mean, that story is nowhere near the standard that should be met for publishing a story so
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shocking and damaging about someone, anyone, whether they are supreme court justice or anyone else. there was a time, and it was long ago, when "the new york times," i used to write years ago, when it have gone near the story. and yet, here we are. >> bret: why. dumb a question mark i mean, why do you think this has happened? >> i think it's because of a submission as on the part of predisposition to believe. if you really want to get to the root cause of the scum the root cause of all of this that we are seen dominic seen is roe vs. wade. this is a decision that is so legally flimsy and so desperately wanted and clung to buy people, that they are afraid that any hint of a change in the direction of the supreme court could mean that the decision to
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legalize abortion could be struck down. that is the wellspring of this. >> bret: it was striking to see the presidential candidates jump first. >> exactly. did any of them back down? >> bret: when you look at virginia, for example, the lieutenant governor, fairfax, who has two women who have come out on camera and told their stories, there's not allowed and echoing that he should leave his office. >> all of that is utterly political. these candidates attacking kavanaugh are struggling to get oxygen for their campaigns. and they know that that plays well with a big segment of the democratic party. so they come out and join this impeachment call. and of course, in the situation,
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virginia is desperate for them, because they have a governor who is a black face. >> bret: he denies that he was the guy. >> well, he sort of admitted it and then denied it, right? senior officials in that state, the lieutenant governor as well has a problem. so does the state attorney general. so, those guys all went by the board, you'd end up with a republican governor, and that is not something the democrats in virginia will tolerate. that's the silence on this issue. >> bret: yet. quickly, i want to turn to iran and saudi arabia and the president's comments. >> he was talking about how strong our military as compared to the way it used to be. i don't think that there's any real chance that he will launch a military strike on iran because of a strike on saudi arabia. if it was a strike on the united states, that would be a different matter. i can't really see him doing this.
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it is a wonderful example of trump. trump talks a big game a lot of times, and people taken seriously. and they think, he's crazy. the truth is, he's very cautious when he gets down to it. his bark is always worse than his bite. >> bret: thank you. presidential front runner, clarence thomas hearing in 1991, reportedly did not believe that hill's sexual misconduct allegations. that man, of course, is joe biden. that is one of several allegations in a new report called high-tech lynching. here's a preview. >> biden told me personally that he didn't believe it. he said, "i don't know why she did this." joe told me he didn't believe her. a lot of people told me that too. >> they were in love is my view. at one point, not in a carnal way or salacious way, i think
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that they were very much a thing. >> i don't know if he did all those things. she said he did. he didn't dominic said he didn' didn't. that to me tilted in the favor of justice thomas. >> i said, ted come what you think happened? >> he said, i think those two people were very heavy with each other. i think they had a very close relationship. i think part of it might have been. >> he was a wreck during this whole time. just a wreck. physically, emotionally wreck. and he said to me, jack, you know what this is? it's a lynching. and i said to him, "clarence, if that's the way you feel." >> let's just be clear here.
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clarence thomas did not go in that night to get confirmed. he went back to that hearing. whether he got confirmed or not, i don't think he cared. he was furious. >> he believes that he was the first supreme court justice elected by the people. despite those allegations, americans were still with him. but here's the thing. he said, "buddy, the liberal media will stop at nothing to change the minds of black people. i give you 15-20 years, and i guarantee you, their opinion of me will be unfavorable in the community." >> she said, i have it all figured out. don't you? >> you can see the full reports beginning wednesday on fox nation. up next, we will take you to the scene of the nation's oldest and largest political stump. first, here's what fox village around the country are covering tonight.
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i town official in farmington says a propane gas explosion has destroyed a building and killed a firefighter there. at least six other people injured. the building was evacuated after someone smelled gas. the explosion occurred after firefighters. these next images may be disturbing. a warning here. fox 9 has three separate videos showing mobs beating victims who police say were vulnerable targets for valuables like cell phones. police say they have made 15 attacks so far. a crippling police officer shortage this is a live look at chicago from our affiliated dominic affiliate fox 32. nine people were killed over the weekend and gun violence over the weekend. about 350, or according to chicago police. that is down from 2018.
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that is tonight's live look. a special report. will be right back. as a struggling actor,
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in action today. he was the 17th u.s. combat in that country this year. there have also been three noncombat deaths. more than 2400 americans have died in the nearly 18 year war in afghanistan. an associated press investigation says that some people are substituting cheap and dangerous street drugs for cannabis extract cbd. vapes and other products marketed as helping arrange of ailments and said have sent dozens of people to emergency rooms around the country, because they were spiked with synthetic marijuana. unlike real cbd, which does not have psychoactive qualities, synthetic marijuana gives an intense high. representatives acknowledge that spiking is an issue, but say that many companies are reputable. also tonight, new york governor, andrew cuomo is issuing a ban of
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flavored cigarettes. the band could go into effect. there it is. democratic presidential candidates flocked to the nation's oldest and largest. that is where he is tonight. >> democrats running for president are promising diversity in south carolina, where black voters make up nearly 60% of the democratic primary elective. >> i'm pretty sure, at least in my party, that the days of a ticket, where you got to people of the same race and gender are over. >> buttigieg is also part of a second-tier tip because of this. he believes talk like that helps republicans. >> when even this president and mitch mcconnell are open, we know that we have a moment on
3:23 pm
our hands. >> trump and mitch mcconnell are at least open to reform. that fear is what got us here in the first place. some candidates are focusing on each other, the front runner is focusing on trump. >> remember when he came down his gilded escalator at trump tower, he announced on the way down, one reason is running is because of all of those mexican racists. >> elizabeth warren paused about ending corruption. to silently celebrate the endorsement of the work and family's party, whose national director explained "senator warren strikes fear into the hearts of the ones who the system. "some are already looking ahead to succession. >> my only real criteria is somebody who would make a good
3:24 pm
american president in the event that i die. >> before candidates could talk to voters on twitter, all they had was. stump speeches at an actual stump. biden, buttigieg, . if you don't come, you can't wi win. >> bret: thank you. up next, the latest on a huge strike affecting one of the nation's big automakers. we'll talk about that. hundreds of medical staff on one of hong kong's. announcing police use of force. it comes after new violence over the weekend rocked this semiautonomous. protesters have vowed to keep up those demonstrations ahead of their october 1st celebration of the ruling chinese communist
3:25 pm
party's 70th year in power. all settlements in the west bank, including deep into the heart of the largest palestinian city. this comes as he attempts to shore up nationalist support before tomorrow's election. the national authority says such a move would be illegal. it forest'sthe fires are often y land owners. slight delays in the area at several airports in malaysia and indonesia. authorities shut schools at some of the parts of of those countries. will be right back so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength.
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♪ >> bret: negotiations are back on between general motors and striking united auto workers. the union says that gm had offered his last deal earlier, fox business network joins us. >> good evening to you. right, it's the first strike in 12 years. nearly 50,000 walking off the
3:30 pm
job from michigan to texas. the united auto workers union wants gm to increase wages, protect jobs. they closed three plants in the u.s. global car sales are falling and offering to invest $7 billion in u.s. factories, including an increase in wages, and adding new jobs. workers say that that's not enough. >> we been keeping this compay running, and now this company is making record profits. they are making it off of our labor, and they don't want to give anything back, and they want to continue to take. that's not right. i feel betrayed. >> been described as being tense for both sides, still far apart.
3:31 pm
dragging down other carmakers, like fard forward, even tesla. fox business. bret. >> bret: purdue pharma has filed for bankruptcy? >> yes. so this was inspected. part of a settlement for over two dozen states. the settlement includes $10 billion in cash with the billionaire sackler family, owners of purdue, contributing to three and a half-$4 billion. this isn't the end. over 20 states rejecting. criminal and civil complaints against the sackler's.
3:32 pm
bret. >> bret: all right, susan. thank you. this time, that labor is coming from unskilled and mostly foreign workers in a very low tech environment. dan is in washington state tonight. >> apple pickers in washington state scramble. the orchard owners relying almost entirely on foreign guest workers, brought in from mexico on visas. a program that has tripled in the last decade. bringing them in legally and illegally. former trump supporter says that the rising cost of these workers is killing his bottom line. >> it's kind of scary, because these farmers got so large, that the payrolls on any given week are huge. >> the 25,000 temporary workers in washington state must make at least $15 per hour, $3 above the state minimum. farmers also have to pay for the housing and transportation from
3:33 pm
their home to the farm and then back when the season is over part dominic. they can no longer rely on a largely immigrant workforce. they would lower wages and likely keep more food production in the u.s. >> we can import our workers, so we can import our food. >> the president wants to. >> and a u.s. worker who is not willing to accept this lower wage can be replaced. >> the changes would shift some of the transportation costs to guest workers and streamline applications. all impacting the record quarter million diesel holders, who work on farms. the number, growing each year, in spite of the high price tag for farmers.
3:34 pm
>> dan, thanks. president trump says the u.s. is locked and loaded. an attack on the world's largest oil processing facility in saudi arabia. will get the latest from the panel when we come back. babiesg to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. the paperwork, the searching for id cards... that's why esurance makes it simple with an app, so you're not stuck in the 90s. wow, that tiny tv is the bomb. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. wow, that tiny tv is the bomb. [dogs [dogs whimpering]ering] ♪
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and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ >> president trump: it would look most like like it was iran. secretary pompeo and others will be going over to saudi arabia at some point. they also know something that most people don't know, as to where it came from, who did it. we will be able to figure that out very quickly. we pretty much already know. i'm not looking to get into new conflict, but sometimes you have to. >> those who take advantage of the situation have to make such comments to reassure the saudis to feel secure, so that they can move ahead with their goals. such comments are condemned, unacceptable, and categorically
3:39 pm
baseless. if i'm the president did not point the finger directly as iran, but almost out there. u.s. intelligence officials privately said that this attack, which happened in saudi arabia, the biggest facility in the world, was at the hands of iran. this obviously affected the price of crude oil today. it is shooting up, as you see. what lies ahead, anybody knows. let's bring in our panel. susan page, washington bureau chief of "usa today," and mollie hemingway. chris. it seemed the president was a little cautious today and wanting not to get ahead of where the facts were. >> chris: and this is a bold and administration.
3:40 pm
i think that as he has gone on come at the beginning, i think the foreign policy piece of it was maybe the most challenging for trump. i think as he has gone on, he has gotten a team around him that reflects his last interventionalists since abilities. i think that he is doing he's doing. >> iran is one of the most dangerous state sponsors of terrorism. this may be the thing that calls for military action against iran, if that's what the intelligence supports. >> bret: susan. >> so interesting that senator coons was willing to say that. i did see a change in view on the president's part. i think initially his tweets and comments were pretty aggressive. locked and loaded was a pretty aggressive turn. while this afternoon, he seemed to be taking one step back. i think you saw the saudis also trying to take one step back. before, we were hurtling toward a military confrontation there. that said, this is a difficult part of the world, where the crisis will not be over even if
3:41 pm
we get past this one. >> bret: there are people on capitol hill, as you know, molly, that say, listen, iran can't punch you in the nose too many times without responding. you have a drone shoot down. now you've had saudi attacks. it does affect the u.s. in oil. your thoughts on that and the response to question him or >> it is important to make sure that you have good intelligence. there are assertions. that needs to be determined. even if iran is attack in saudi arabia. i think of the tweet that donald trump sent five years ago when he said, we do not need to fight saudi arabia's wars. we are in a loose informal alliance with saudi arabia. but we need to remember what our interest in the region is, which is to make sure that we eliminate anti-u.s. terror attacks and that there are no long-term disruptions to the oil supply. while this is significant and it needs to be monitored, it's also
3:42 pm
important that if we think action be taken, that the same people on capitol hill actually authorize that through the constitutional process, where they are the ones to determine if we go to work. >> there were always conditions, because the conditions, if you look at it, the sanctions are not going to be taken off. i have no meetings scheduled. i know they want to meet. i know they are not doing well as a country. iran has a lot of problems right now. >> bret: chris. before the dream of the obama and dominic administration. it was very ambitious, and as it turns out, it was not meant to be. trump is going in, and the iran that he's going to deal with, and maybe he can do the deal, or maybe he can put them in the kim jong un box. >> bret: we should put it in
3:43 pm
perspective, susan, that these sanctions are really having a crippling effect on iran. i mean, there's no doubt about that. >> susan: yes. clearly. iran is desperate to get out of these sanctions. on the other hand, are there preconditions? >> bret: there's sanctions. >> susan: you could take your pick. >> bret: that's right. >> susan: i would mostly bet against a meeting with the iranian president, but who know knows. >> mollie: well, we have discussed whether that would be possible. members of congress have strongly discouraged some of these iranian people to even come to the u.s. it is important that if you do want to avoid conflict, you have to talk to people whether you have conditions or don't have conditions. that has to be a part of the process, particularly if you want to avoid a conflict that we don't have a clear pack dominicf
3:44 pm
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td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ i think it's a sad day in
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journalism. >> what do you do now? >> what we do now is what i called for, which is for the house to begin an impeachment inquiry. >> my concern here is that the process was a sham. >> a one year anniversary reenactment. embarrassing chapter they wrote last september. >> president trump: how can they do a thing like that and destroy somebody's life question mike i mean, they are destroying lives. it's fake news. it's just fake news. >> bret: this bombshell piece. another allegation against justice kavanaugh. adding an editor's note. it did not include one element of the book's account. the book report said that the female student declined to be interviewed. she does not recall the incident. that has been added to the article. the president added to his comments of .
3:49 pm
while you're at it, the russian witch hunt hoax. they broken her down and ruined her reputation. she can never recover and will never return. "the times" is dead. long live "the new york times." back at the panel. hemingway has a book called justice on trial that deals with the brett kavanaugh hearings. was active on twitter as this all develops. because i think actually broke the news that they had not included what was in their book, which is that the alleged victim of the incident had said through several friends that he does not remember any such thing. that was not included in this exclusive "new york times" stor story. >> bret: do think that they
3:50 pm
would not have edited have dominic had that not been in the book? >> mollie: the whole thing is just a relitigation of last year, where they tried to take these allegations that were made by deborah ramirez, which at the time, were considered so lacking in credibility that even "the new york times" that they couldn't confirm them. but now, a year later, we are supposed to believe that they are somehow credible. >> bret: in the meantime, 2020 democrats called for kavanaugh's impeachment. here is jerry nadler on impeaching brett kavanaugh. >> we are going to question the fbi director on this whole thing. and then, we will make other determinations. we are concentrating our resources on determining whether
3:51 pm
to impeach the president. we have to concentrate on that first. >> bret: basically, it's not happening. >> susan: impeachment. >> bret: a brett kavanaugh. it's not happening. >> susan: this is a mess. "the new york times" made a mess of this. i think that would probably acknowledge this. there is one question. that is why there was no interview. a respected bipartisan person now, who try to tell the fbi about something he saw. a u.s. senator encouraged the fbi. >> bret: hold on.
3:52 pm
hold on. hold on. i have something that goes to this point. senator chuck grassley, who obviously ran the kavanaugh hearings addresses everyone. >> took 25 written statements. we laid out the information we received, including some of the ugliest of plans. in the end, there was no credible evidence to support any of the allegations. my office never received anything from mr. stier or his unnamed friends. after interviewing eight people related to the ramirez allegations, not once was mr. stier's name mentioned. >> mollie: there were all sorts of allegations. this one we are told was told to to senate democrats. they didn't even
3:53 pm
credible as though julie allegations. if it were something that did need investigations and the senate democrats didn't think that, that is really saying. he has never said that he's talked to the actual majority. >> susan: he wrote a letter saying that he would like the fbi. if you are venting a supreme court nominee, you ought to follow up on an allegation. the u.s. senator says this is worth doing. >> mollie: no, he knows how the allegations are set up. he was part of the discussion about that. you don't want to make any allegation. you don't want to slow down the working of an allegation process just for a delay tactic. >> bret: let me just talk politics for a second. before the election, the kavanaugh was actually a big way
3:54 pm
for republican support. independents were actually saying, wait a second. i can see where this was a republican issue. there were a couple of other things that happened, including a pipe bomb or that change the conversation before the midterm elections. but politically, how does this play today? before so, these are base intensifiers, right? well you are quite right that the republican backlash against what they saw as a persecution of brett kavanaugh, they said, where's the due process? this is outrageous. this made them mad. it had an equal reaction on the left. what you saw this week was sort of a botched rollout of what democrats want to focus on in the year as they run up to 2020, and brett kavanaugh's nomination was part of that. >> bret: i just remember talking to mothers who are worried about their kids going to college and not having due
3:55 pm
process. we will see how this one pans out. when we come back, sandman one more time. ♪ ty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? . ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ our because of smoking.ital. but we still had to have a cigarette. had to. but then, we were like. what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding?
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♪ finally tonight, president trump presents the medal of freedom to hall of fame baseball pitcher marianne know rivera. >> he has lived the american dream and shines as an example of american greatness for all to see. >> bret: rivera 13 time all-star five time world series champion with the new york yankees. he was the first player in history of the sport to be elected unanimously into the baseball hall of fame. off the field hariano foundation provided inspiration to children from low socioeconomic background empowering them to achieve better futures. congratulations to mariano rivera.
4:00 pm
you don't want to face him if you are in the playoffs. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha mccallum starts right now. hi there, martha. >> martha: hey there, great. great moment for rivera at the white house. breaking tonight perhaps tonight we may get a look at what 2020 could look like square park. elizabeth warren about to make an appearance down there. she comes to president trump's home turf in new york city tonight. thousands, we are told, are gathered there. she is going to make her case against four more years. she doesn't stop there. she is also going after a member of the trump family specifically. as we speak, president trump on his way to a rally of his own tonight to the other side of america. is he going to new mexico. a state that the trump team thinks that he can win in 2020. dueling candidates will be live tonight on the campaign trail on this monday evening when they get in place. good evening


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