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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 17, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: it is september 17th. happening on the east coast donald trump firing up a new mexico crowd while defending brett cavanagh over claims of sexual misconduct. what the president is demanding as democrats reveal their new plan of attack and iran closing the door to any chance of talks with the us after the white house is the regime is likely behind a saudi oil drone attack. what happens next in this chess match to avoid war.
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spice up your lives, sean spicer's dancing with the stars debut as everyone is talking. ♪ >> we start with this. did you see that? sean spicer looked like he was having a great time spicing up the dance floor on dancing with the stars, good morning or good evening, you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday
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morning. thank you so much for joining us. donald trump firing up a crowd of supporters at a rally in new mexico. the president touting his accomplishments while slamming democrats and the new york times for limited tax on brett kavanaugh. >> thank you, new mexico. i withdrew the united states from the horrible 1-sided iran nuclear deal that was no good. now you have a president who is standing up for america and we are standing up for new mexico. the left tries to threaten, bully, intimidate americans into submission. they say let's impeach justice cavanagh. the new york times had to put out a major apology, had to change their story and they still want them to be impeached.
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the times is that. long-lived the new york times. >> griff jenkins joins us live this morning from washington as democrats prepared to open and impeachment inquiry. good morning. >> there are a lot of calls for impeachment including several democrats running for president, harris, booker, warren, booker and buttigieg, but gerrymander made it clear he's not moving in that direction. >> we are concentrating our resources on determining whether to impeach the president. >> that didn't stop his colleague, congresswoman ayanna presley from announcing she will be introducing a resolution today to open an inquiry into impeachment and get a supreme court justice, issuing the statement saying sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the nation's highest court and brett kavanaugh's confirmation process set a dangerous precedent, we must demand justice for survivors an
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old cavanagh accountable for his actions, but chairman of the judiciary committee opposes it, tweeting bluntly if never isn't willing to go there no one should go there. fellow member of the senate judiciary committee tom tillis had this to say. >> american people are tired of it, even house democrats wondering if they should go anywhere with this new story, the facts did not substantiate the allegations and they may need to move on. >> as for the times glaring correction in omitting the alleged victim does not remember the incident in the allegation, the president has demands. >> i call for the resignation of everybody at the new york times involved, the times is dead, long live the new york times. >> the president has headaches today because chairman nadler is opening hearings into possibly impeaching the president, focus, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. >> thank you.
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much more to come on this, democrats are still calling for brett kavanaugh's impeachment despite that clarification by the new york times and fox news contributor molly hemingway is poking several holes in their hit piece explaining why the papers guilty of journalistic malpractice. >> they claimed it was a new allegation, turns out it is not new and not even an allegation and what they put in the new york times story they didn't mention the alleged victim herself says she has no recollection of this incident. that is journalistic malpractice. the book doesn't come out until tomorrow. we have secured copies in advance and we were reading it and we found this very important piece of information. it is important when reporting on these things to be factual, to provide the full context. having an allegation that runs wild for days without mentioning the victim does not recall the incident is unacceptable.
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>> so far this month the new york times has issued corrections to 7 trump related stories including the botched report on a russian informant. donald trump saying it looks like iran is responsible for attacks on saudi arabia's oil supply, the president insisting he wants to avoid a war. >> we have the strongest military in the world, we have spent more than $1 trillion on the military, nobody has come close. i don't want war with anybody but we are prepared more than anybody. >> this comes as iran appears to shut the door on diplomacy. kia telecom and he saying there will be no talks with the us at any level. tensions rise between the us and iran, democrats are blaming the president. congresswoman ilhan omar
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claiming sanctions on iran have put our country on the brink of war. also breaking overnight, alabama police officer gunned down in the line of duty, shot in the face chasing a wanted felon. the suspect is in custody as the city mourns the officer. >> in our community our heroes where the police uniform and one of our heroes has died in the line of duty. >> reporter: he was a 13 year veteran of the department, leaves behind two daughters and a fiancé, he is the 30th officer killed in the line of duty this year. a fire department in morning after a fire captain is killed in a devastating gas explosion. the fire chief among 7 people injured. captain michael bell was
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investigating the smell of gas when suddenly up. this happened in farmington, maine. firefighters saluting the veteran. the blast sending debris into the air. first responders say it looks like a war zone. a former trump campaign manager told not to answer questions from the house judiciary committee, the white house advising corey and asking not to discuss conversations he had with the president or senior advisers after the 2016 election. former aides rick dearborn and rob porter also subpoenaed to testify today. they are not expected to appear as the white house asserts they have immunity. two north carolina congressman will be sworn in today, dan bishop, greg murphy taking the oath of office in washington after winning special elections we followed for you last week, donald trump stumped for bishop
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who beat democrat dan mccready by 2 percentage points. murphy defeated democrat alan thomas. donald trump awarding the medal of freedom to new york yankees pitcher mariano rivera. the nation's highest civilian honor. you have to listen to this. the two entering the ceremony, rivera's game song. the pantomime native who became us citizens that he was the happiest man in baseball when he learned english. >> tried to be the best for america. i am proud to be an american. rivera was inducted into the baseball hall of fame earlier this year, he is the 7 sports
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icon donald trump has awarded the medal. that's one of the greatest walk-up songs for sure. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour and donald trump energizing supporters to make his case in new mexico. >> they want to abolish all production of oil and natural gas. the democrats want to completely annihilate new mexico's economy. >> democrats be worried that new mexico could flip. our next guest is seeing red in 2020 and the crash caught on camera. a motorcyclist falls nearly 70 feet off a cliff. how he was able to walk away.
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>> we are going to turn this state and make it republican.
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>> democrats want to completely annihilate new mexico's economy. and the green new deal it goes way. no more cows, number airplanes, no more trips. >> donald trump blasting the green new deal during his rally in new mexico vowing to turn the state read in 2020 citing its booming oil economy. should democrats be worried? joining me from the from 2020 advisor board, thank you for joining us, what do you think of the number of people at the rally last night in new mexico? >> this president the way he handles the crowd and connects with the american people is tremendous and we saw that in new mexico. if you look at new mexico, the eighth largest energy producer in the country. >> let's bring up that graphic.
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mexico's crude oil production been, 249 million barrels of crude oil produced in 2018. >> it is unbelievable and when you look at how many jobs that supports, 95,000 it contributes $13 billion to that local economy alone. the president's administration that statement has created 35,000 new jobs and thousand of those jobs manufacturing jobs, one barack obama said he would need a magic wand to create a this is fertile ground to turn red and it wasn't since 1992 that the state voted for a republican president. >> listen to democrats, they are saying the republicans are focusing on states like new mexico because they are desperate. here is what a dnc official said, lifecycle democrats crushed republicans in new mexico because voters are fed up with donald trump's toxic healthcare agenda and broken promises, this gop strategy looks like they are concerned
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about a realistic pathway to 270 electoral votes. >> democrats need to be very concerned because when you look at the hispanics in this country, there is nearly 50% approval rating for this president and no wonder why when you have an unemployment rate at the lowest level in american history by a group of people so they are going to come out, when you couple that with the fact that this is a border state and new mexicans understand the need for securing the border and a wall and protecting our country you really have a force to be reckoned with. >> let's move on to this other topic. brett kavanaugh and his article that came out in the new york times, they had to backtrack on it saying it was wrong. is what the president has to say. >> they are calling for his impeachment. i call for the resignation of everybody at the new york times involved. the times is dead. long live the new york times.
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>> even after the new york times had to go back and correct the article we still have the 2020 democrats calling for brett kavanaugh's impeachment, pete buttigieg, julian castro, you can see they immediately came out and said we have another allegation, he needs to be impeached and they haven't gone back on that. >> ethics are gone. it is clear journalism is on life support. the fact that the new york times jumped on a story they historically would -- there were no sources, the accuser was saying she didn't even remember who committed this. this is -- we live in the age of narratives, propagandized storylines, not facts, matter. when you look at the jussie smollett attack, the russia collusion hoax, the covington capital bullies, elizabeth warren lying for decades about
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her native american heritage. these are all narratives, and this political activism among the liberal media pushing narratives regardless of the facts. >> the scary road to be going down when the accuser herself since she doesn't recall it happening but yet they still -- >> there must be accountability for people who make these accusations. i have a daughter and a son i am raising and i fear for them with all these types of accusations that have no merit. heather: thank you for joining us, 18 after the top of the hour. it is national constitution day and our next guest is teaching new servicemembers how important that document is. the history lesson for everyone up next. you've had quite the career.
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>> new details emerging on the death of rick ohk-6, dying of heart disease according to the medical examiner. his family saying he passed away peacefully in his sleep. his sons revealing their father was a prolific doodler. did you know this about him, posting this photo on twitter writing we found this last do on his armchair. he couldn't have known what it would end up meaning to us. we love him so much. about the hunter resting comfortably after suffering a heart related emergency.
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dmz reporting dog whose real name is wayne chairman began to feel pain in his chest over the weekend and was taken to the hospital in colorado. he remains under a doctor's care. it's not clear if he will need surgery. the reality tv star joins "fox and friends" last month to speak on the recent loss of his wife, she died of cancer in june. high school seniors nationwide receiving a special gift as they enter the armed forces. our community salutes giving away u.s. constitution pocket guide to thousands of teenagers in here to discuss the importance of educating new servicemembers on the nation's most important document, the founder and president of ocs, doctor kenneth hartman, thank you for joining us this morning, so important. this is a copy of what you are handing out. >> 229 years ago today the founders signed the constitution, 12 years ago i started an orientation to recognize and honor high school
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kids graduating high school and going directly into the military. 1% of kids who decide to stand in the watchtowers, the other 99% enjoy the freedoms, this year we decided to produce a document to educate these kids about the oath they are taking to defend this document and in order for us to expect them to do that they need to know what it is, this is the first year we've given this a way to them. >> picking up the slack and what is not being taught in schools. >> absolutely. they take an oath to defend this precious document and many of the issues we are struggling with right now is a country, the answers lie here in the hope is they will take this on their journey, put it in their pocket, read about the founders, read about this precious document, the blueprint for democracy because we need them, we expect them to uphold that and we can't expect them to uphold it if they don't understand it. >> a blueprint or a map, how we journey forward from here. you and i were talking before
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the segment began that this would be the first class of students born prior to 9/11. >> class of 2020 will be the first high school seniors enlisting in the military who were born after 9/11. we do 30-50 v ceremonies all over the country where we honor these kids and their parents because parents are an important piece of this and the military having a difficult time getting kids to a list in the military. we are supporting that decision like kids going to college and the fact that you do come to our ceremony helps our nation. >> seems like it just happened yesterday, thank you, appreciate it, 25 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump a lector find the crowd in new mexico. what are voters saying about his
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rally. todd pyro just talked to some of them. good morning. >> reporter: last night it was donald in the desert. this morning we bring you some of those conversations and then a few minutes we will focus on immigration. we spoke to a lot of folks who are very pro-the trump immigration policy and also some protesters, all that when "fox and friends first" returns. in our energy level and now you can get it back. jumpstart your heart-healthy energy with the circulation superfood of superbeets by humann. one teaspoon of superbeets every day supports healthy circulation and promotes improved energy. - as we age, as we get older, we all need help, and so superbeets provides that in one small scoop. - [narrator] the power of nutrient-rich beets found in superbeets helps unlock the key to better cardiovascular health,
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>> a look at our top headlines for you this morning starting with a fox news alert. iran war's war and diplomacy, the supreme leader saying there are no talks with the us, this as donald trump says it looks like iran is responsible for attacks on saudi arabia's oil supply.
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houthi rebels claiming responsibility but investigations don't support that. donald trump calling for resignations over the botched reports on brett cavanagh. congresswoman presley will introduce a resolution today calling for impeachment inquiry against cavanagh. the cleveland browns getting their first win of the season with a 23-3 blowout of the new york jets. browns receiver odell beckham junior made 6 catches for 161 yards and a touchdown and the jets had to use their third string quarterback, backup trevor simeon hurt his ankle. i don't know but it looks like it. the president is expected to roll out a bipartisan gun-control later this week, part of it will reportedly be a smart phone apps to let private gun sellers run background
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checks. what impact if any could this have on the second amendment, joining me his attorney with the us line second amendment expert emily taylor, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's bring up some of these possible proposals being floated around reportedly from the trump administration, increased penalties for purchases, bun purchase than for people on a terror watch list, helping with red flag laws, improving mental health services, expediting death penalty for convicted shooters, we know this president is behind that, he said times and smart phone apps for background checks. start with that one. how would this work? smart phone apps for background checks? >> any time someone in the business of profiting from firearm sales, when they make a firearm sale there's a federally
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mandated background check where they wire information against the fbi system and see if you are qualified. the proposal here is to make the background check system mandatory for all sales including private sales and the way it would appear the white house wants to do this is developing an apps for your smartphone and run the background check for private sales. >> issues when it comes to the second amendment? >> put aside the issue of with universal background checks would make us safer because i am certain they would not. the government, the federal government has a long history of not interfacing well with the public when it comes to their websites, their it issues. think about the obamacare website that is still virtually nonfunctional. it's disturbing to me to put the ability of the federal government to offer a smart
1:33 am
phone apps in between an american citizen and the second amendment rights. >> it is a they facto registry. what about other ideas being floated around? any of those ideas do you think could curb the gun violence? >> it is hard to say. keep in mind we can't unring the bell on firearms in this country. we have a second amendment right to bear arms that many american citizens choose to exercise and there are so many firearms out there right now that restricting who can legally buy, how you can legally buy is a nonstarter for preventing violence because bad people who want to get their hands on a firearm to do a bad thing are going to do it whether there's a law in place that will try to stop them. they will buy them on the black market so it is difficult to say. one of the most dangerous ideas being floated right now is the
1:34 am
red flag law. they are drafted in a way that is really abusive, substantive due process and procedural due process, as an attorney is quite concerning to me. heather: you mentioned background checks would not have stopped the last two mass shootings because they were bought on the private market. what about that whole? why aren't there background checks when someone purchases a gun in a private market? >> i dislike the term loophole. that is something the left and the anti-gun folks used to make it sound like there's something sneaky or underhanded going on which is not the case. keep in mind that until 1998 there was no such thing as a federally mandated background check for the purchase of firearms. what we have is the brady handgun violence prevention act passed by democratic house and
1:35 am
senate signed by democratic president and they specifically exempted private sales because there really is an unfair and perhaps unlawful restriction on the right of the people to engage in their second amendment, to exercise their second amendment rights and to engage in private sale and commerce within their own state. >> it is definitely something that is being discussed. we will see what the trump administration has to say about these proposals coming out before the end of the week. thank you for joining us. now to another fox news alert. the leader of isis issues a chilling warning of new attacks and an audio recording. he says daily operations are underway on different fronts citing several regions in asia and west africa but did not provide specifics. the terror leader urging soldiers to free isis supporters
1:36 am
from jail with force. this was his first public statement since april. a fox news alert. a bomb has just gone off near a campaign rally, the president is safe, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack just yet. this bombing comes one day after a us green berets killed in combat in afghanistan. the justice department is not identified that soldier, the 17th american servicemember killed in afghanistan this year. this is the first death since donald trump canceled peace talks with the taliban. he called off the discussions when an american soldier was killed in an attack. a fox news alert, general motors strike entering day 2 failing to reach a deal.
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[chanting] >> 50,000 union workers in 19 states demanding better paying job security. gm releasing a statement, negotiations have resumed and their goal remains to reach an agreement that build a stronger future for our employees and business. from the briefing room to the ballroom. former white house press secretary sean spicer tried to shimmy his way into america's hard. spicer making his dancing with the stars debut with neon green ruffles, quite an outfit, the judges unimpressed by his salsa giving him a 12 out of 30. last minute addition to the show doing a little better, earning a score of 18 with the foxtrot filling in for christie brinkley
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who broke her arm. goodness. a tough show. a massive crowd fired up in new mexico during a jampacked keep america great again rally, strong immigration policies while slamming attacks on brett kavanaugh. todd pyro is in new mexico with voter reaction. we need you to go on dancing with the stars. >> and in the on green rubble shirt, what the nation wants. good morning from the land of enchantment. it was some enchanted evening for donald trump and his supporters inside their. there are also some protesters. we decided to focus on so many issues with both sides. we will bring you what we talk about with immigration specifically whether you think donald trump's policies are racist. >> know.
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>> if someone is going to do something they need to do it the right way and trump brings that out and is not afraid to say it. >> legally, illegally, hard to patrol. >> don't cross over illegally. bring your kids, rear families. >> for americans, doesn't matter what culture, anything, he is for america. >> are you protesting the president tonight? >> i believe donald trump is a danger to the country and we need to do the best we can to protect our first amendment right into the best protest we can. >> what really stood out from a lot of those protesters is how much they felt supporters of donald trump who are latino, called them horrible names, they were harsh in their criticism of those individuals. coming up new at 5:30 we will talk to the folks why the president was here. do they think the president can
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flip new mexico in 2020? interesting responses when we join you again in an hour. back to you. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the our.aded to court but not to face the thousands of lawsuits against them. the latest on the multibillion-dollar deal in the works. two police officers made for internet gold. the a hilarious prank that is going viral this morning.
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>> we are back with a help alert. the cdc activating emergency operation center to combat the vapeing crisis. the operational center will
1:44 am
serve to track emergencies, share information and coordinate responses. this comes as a seventh person dies from a vapeing related illness hours after the governor signed an executive order calling to ban illegal vapeing product. a little girl who did just days after contracting a brain eating amoeba. lily got sick shortly after swimming in a river in texas. the condition is extremely rare and almost always deadly. there are only four known survivors in the us. today purdue pharma set to appear in court after filing for bankruptcy to resolve thousands of lawsuits connected to the opioid crisis. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness is here with more on what we can expect.
1:45 am
>> the first step for purdue pharma after filing for bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy protection over the weekend so the initial hearing will be held in federal court in white plains new york for the bankruptcy process. what we can expect from this is more of a housekeeping type of hearing so they will appear before the judge, the judge wants to know can they keep up with expenses as it goes through the chapter 11 bankruptcy process, it will be authorizing those payments to employees and paying other bills, other vendors and all that as well, not facing any of these states the file lawsuits against purdue pharma for its role in the opioid crisis in the us. >> let's talk about another company that had problems, boeing max jets, will step into the cockpit. >> that is what we are hearing, the faa head stephen dixon is reportedly planning to step into the cockpit of a flight
1:46 am
simulator to see what changes boeing has made. this is a necessary step to get these planes into the skies by us airlines. we've known united, southwest, american airlines all canceled their flights on these jets through early january because they are still waiting on the faa approval to get these planes cleared. >> we always love having you with us. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. cross-country campaigning in full swing as the democrats and the president rally their supporters all over the nation but it turns out the 2020 victory may boil down to a handful of counties. jim mclaughlin is here breaking down the top 10 the count up next.
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heather: donald trump passes victory in 2016, several battleground states from democrats. can he have a repeat performance in 2020? here to break down ten key counties the president should target is pollster jim mclaughlin. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. let's take a look at all the counties we are talking about it there was an article in the hill that brought up specifically these counties and we want your taken we will begin with the new hanover county in north carolina. what about this one, wise at one to watch? >> a fun fact, michael jordan and lera trump were both born,
1:51 am
it is down by the beach, part of wilmington. the interesting part, pretty solid republican over the last few years and we all know how close north carolina was last time. donald trump won it but didn't win by the margin he would have won, an important county to watch. what you have is a lot of folks, your urban core in wilmington but also a lot of folks moving from up north coming down here. a lot of retirees, liberals and conservatives but it will be interesting, look at a lot of issues, they -- there are not a lot of liberals there. what we are seeing from democratic candidates for president is probably going too left in this county so that should help the president. >> the republican convention is in north carolina, the president has been there several times. let's talk about new hampshire. >> a county called hillsboro
1:52 am
county, a lot of boston transplant. even though the president lost new hampshire people forget this, he lost by 3000 votes and you can look at hillsboro county on election night, the president won by 500 votes, a huge issue is taxes. a lot of people from massachusetts have moved up there to get away from higher taxes. all these democrats running for president are calling for higher taxes. they don't have an income tax. that will give the president a real advantage in hillsboro county. >> pennsylvania, why this states, why this county specifically? >> pennsylvania the president won by 44,000 votes. it was part of the blue wall, erie county, no republican his won erie county in 20 years, the president won it last time.
1:53 am
what you have are a lot of blue collar working-class democrats. they are pro-second amendment, pro-life and again if democrats moved to the left in the presidential primary -- >> what about wisconsin? >> outside madison, a suburb of madison, progressive left of center voters but then the role section and rural voters in wisconsin used to vote democrat but they are working-class rural voters who responded to the president's message in the last election. >> in arizona. >> very diverse county and the president won last time by 3% of the host, becoming more diverse and again you have a lot of
1:54 am
retirees, very tax sensitive giving the president a leg up. heather: in new mexico last night a huge crowd, thank you, appreciate you joining us, see what happens and we will be right back, stay with us.
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>> welcome back. rosanne make her come back revealing she is going on a comedy tour with andrew dice way
1:58 am
starting this week, rosanne was fired in 2017 over controversial wes about former obama advisor valerie jarrett, rosanne blasting her former costar blaming her for getting 5. rosanne telling the daily mail with somebody just doesn't care how their actions affect you, what is there to talk about? she said she never watched the spinoff the connors. jeff bridges using his star power to help steve bullock get on the 2020 democratic debate stage. >> my buddy steve is the only governor in that race, the only one who won in a trump state among the candidates. his voice needs to be heard. >> bullock didn't make the cut for the debate and bridges supported the montana governor during his election bid in 2016.
1:59 am
it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. of florida police officer serving overseas is promoted in a unique way, travis moss watching from iraq by skype as his wife accepted his new lieutenant badge. the army soldier from tampa will return to the fourth after his deployment early next year. the bad. a miami police officer plays a sly prank on his partner. watch this. [screaming] heather: did you hear the screen? the officer sneaking behind the cop in the patrol car scaring him with a snake. the department writing on facebook leave it to your partner to keep you on your toes. terrifying video showing the surfrider plunging off the side of a cliff into water. rick cobb making into a ledge
2:00 am
and climbing back up with the help of his friends in colorado. all he could think about was getting home to his kids. he is very lucky to be doing that. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues next, goodbye. jillian: tuesday, september 17th, fox news alert, the trump administration says iran will be held accountable after all signs point to the rogue regime's appointment in the attack. rob: their supreme leader throwing nuclear negotiations out the window, the president demanding resignations at the new york times over the misleading piece against brett kavanaugh. jillian: that's not stepping the left from moving forward with kavanaugh's impeachment. the new steps house democrats plan to take today. rob: how many branches of government are there and can you name them? >> three


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