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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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help of his friends in colorado. all he could think about was getting home to his kids. he is very lucky to be doing that. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues next, goodbye. jillian: tuesday, september 17th, fox news alert, the trump administration says iran will be held accountable after all signs point to the rogue regime's appointment in the attack. rob: their supreme leader throwing nuclear negotiations out the window, the president demanding resignations at the new york times over the misleading piece against brett kavanaugh. jillian: that's not stepping the left from moving forward with kavanaugh's impeachment. the new steps house democrats plan to take today. rob: how many branches of government are there and can you name them? >> three of them, judicial --
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[was all] jillian: could you pass this constitution quiz. rob: we will show you what happens when we the people are put to the test, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ rob: on our way live, killer whether the last few days, unbelievable. jillian: summer is not over, that is the headline. rob: not missing that, "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning.
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carley: thanks for starting the day with us. donald trump firing up a crowd of supporters at a rally in new mexico. rob: target a compliment and slamming democrat in the new york times for attacks on brett kavanaugh. >> thank you, new mexico. the horrible 1-sided iran nuclear deal. it was no good. now you have a president standing up for america and we are standing up for new mexico. the left tries to threaten, bully, intimidate americans into submission, let's impeach brett cavanagh. the new york times had to put out a major apology, change their story and still want him to be impeached. the times is dead, long live the new york times. jillian: democrats prepared to
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open and impeachment inquiry. >> despite 2020 democrats, many of them all calling for brett kavanaugh's impeachment, jerry nadler made it clear he is not moving in that direction. >> we are concentrating resources on determining whether to impeach the president. >> that didn't stop massachusetts congresswoman iona presley, ruling her resolution today to open impeachment inquiry into the supreme court justice issuing the statement, quote, sexual predators do not deserve a seat on the highest court and brett kavanaugh's confirmation process set a dangerous precedent. we must demand justice for survivors and hold brett kavanaugh responsible for his actions. and the graham blasting on twitter saying if nadler isn't willing to go there no one
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should go there and senator tom tillis had this to say. >> the american people are tired of it, house democrats wondering if they should go anywhere with this. facts do not substantiate allegations they need to move on. >> is for the time clearing correction that the alleged victim does not remember the incident, the president is demanding action. >> i call for the resignation of everybody at the new york times involved in the kavanaugh -- the times is dead, and the long live the new york times. >> reporter: the president, holding and impeachment inquiry today, the house judiciary committee to focus on obstruction of justice and abuse of power. rob: brit hume says the new york times piece should never have been published let alone used as
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a basis for impeachment calls against brett kavanaugh. carley: he says the paper should be held accountable for abandoning its core principles in favor of activist reporting. >> an allegation you got secondhand when you haven't talked to the person alleged to have witnessed the event and find out you can talk to the alleged victim and people tell you the alleged victim doesn't remember the episode it is easy to figure out what you do. you don't publish the story. that story is nowhere near the standard that should be met for publishing a story so shocking and damaging about someone, anyone, supreme court justice or anyone else. there was a time and it wasn't long ago when the new york times used to -- i use to write years ago, wouldn't have gone near this story and here we are. >> the new york times has issued corrections to 7 trump related stories including the botched
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report on a russian informant. >> donald trump ratcheting up his rhetoric saying it looks like iran is responsible for attacks on saudi arabia's oil spot, the president insisting he wants to avoid a war. >> we have the strongest military in the world, we spent more than $1 trillion on our military, no one has come close. i don't want war with anybody but we are prepared. jillian: this as iran appears to shut the door on diplomacy. ayatollah coming any saying there will be no talks with the us at any level. tensions rise between the us and iran, democrats are going to the president. congresswoman ilhan omar claiming sanctions on iran have put our country on the brink of war. kim jong un suspected serial killer is behind bars linked to at least four brutal killings in florida. police arrest and charging robert hayes in the 2016 murder
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of rachel day. investigators are tying him to the unsolved murders of three other women. authorities believe he's connected to a fifth murder in 2008. carley: general motors striking today 2 after both sides failed to reach a deal. 50,000 union workers in 19 states are demanding better paying job security. gm releasing a statement saying negotiations have resumed and the goal is to reach an agreement building a stronger future for our employees and business. rob: manhattan's district attorney subpoenas donald trump's accountant for 8 years of tax returns, the da investigating his hush money payments made in 2016 campaign. six years of returns by house democrats but that case is tied up in court. carley: antonio brown denying a
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new accusation of sexual misconduct. and artist tells sports illustrated the nfl's i made unwanted advances towards her when she was working at a mural on his home in 2017, he denies accusations from a former trainer who claims he attacked her three times. she reportedly met with nfl officials monday as the league investigates her claim. rob: the cleveland browns getting the first win of the season, 23-3 blowout of the new york jets. must be terrible. odell beckham junior made 6 patches from 161 yards and a touchdown, the jets use their third string quarterback after a backup injured his ankle. might be a bad one. the jets in for a rough year. carley: i heard you come lamenting the weather earlier today. that was from a of the weekend
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the weekend. >> everyone in the northeast. rob: this guy swimming with the fishes. >> this is not a little guy. this is a big storm. the good news is it will stay away from land and bermuda but we will see a hurricane close to the coast. we will feel the effects of big waves and recurrence and beach erosion but the good news is it will move northeast and skip bermuda which is great but it will be a strengthening storm over the next couple days. this area of concern we have to watch. we have to see the center of circulation form and then get a better idea where it will go in the next couple days. most model say it will curve out to see but there are a couple models that kind of bring it into the caribbean and maybe affecting florida and the southeast. we have to watch. we are still at the peak season. forecast today, an area of low
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pressure in the gulf of mexico will bring potential for heavy rain for the southeast texas coast including houston. we are looking at potential thunderstorms across portions of the west as well as portions of the mid-atlantic. otherwise a spectacular forecast for new york city. 77, all sunshine. a beautiful time of your. jillian: are you doing some golfing? rob: i probably should. >> i will check you out on instagram. carley: never heard a hurricane made cute. rob: ten minutes after the hour. a rally, rio rancho rally in hopes of turning new mexico read. the state has not gone to a republicans in 2004, could
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donald trump turn the tide? our next guest says it is not as much of a long shot as it might seem. jillian: his dance moves, check out that outfit. sean spicer dancing with the stars debut has everyone talking. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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...and protects from future stains. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. >> for whatever reason it has been quite a while since a republican won this day. we will campaign for every vote and we will win the great state of new mexico. rob: the president looking to flip the democratic stronghold of new mexico rallying a big crowd the promises to protect voters liberties from guns to the natural gas industry that is fueling the state's economy. jillian: mexico hasn't voted for republican president of candidates in 2004, what else
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does he need to do to flip the state? we are asking former director of the republican party of new mexico, ash right. thank you for chatting with us this morning. what do you think donald trump needs to do to get it done? >> i think donald trump is doing his part, created a great economy in new mexico, crude oil production like he mentioned is skyrocketing, small businesses at an all-time high being created every day, hispanic and female employment is also at an all-time high. the real question is can the actual campaign on the ground translate that into hard votes? republicans have in my opinion roughly three main core issues they have to address, one is voter registration. if you look at it, 45% of all registered voters in new mexico are democrat, only 30% are republican. republicans have a long way to
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go to increase their portion of voter registration or capture a large number of independents to be successful in the state. the other part of being successful in the metropolitan areas of the state. if you look where albuquerque is or santa fe which is in the center of the state donald trump lost those two kelly the loan by 85,000 votes in 2016. they have to find a way to capture more independents or increase republican turnout. the only way to actually make them successful. rob: a tricky part for republicans in those bigger cities. in 2016 hillary clinton wins by 70,000 votes, 385,000 to 26,000 votes. gary johnson has 74,000 votes, 9%, you don't have him in the mix this time. the president needs to pick up
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pretty much all gary johnson's vote. is that possible or bridge too far? >> it is possible but it is going to be a challenge, the challenge comes in breaking it down by county. gary johnson as you are mentioning is a curveball republicans have to address. he ran on a moderate ticket and the question, can republicans continue to message hard conservative voters in the western part of the state working in oilfield jobs and at the same time produce a message that will play well with independents in larger metropolitan areas where mister johnson performed well? >> new mexico is the state with the highest population of hispanic people and among hispanics donald trump has a 25% approval rating of the chairman of new mexico's republican party says one thing donald trump
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could do to improve that number is toned down his rhetoric in terms of immigration policy, securing the border with --'s tone needs to change. do you agree with that and you think the message will reach the president? >> i think that is probably right in a border state like new mexico. the third populist county is on the border. that was a state, county susanna martinez won in 2010 when she was running for governor, a resident of that county, a county that is now wildly democrat. i can see that message and not sure that will translate and get all the way to the white house, because they are looking at messages that affect lot of people across the country but that is where he is coming from. rob: and aggressive move by the trump campaign. got a question for you.
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how many times the word democracy is mentioned in the constitution. >> 15,429. rob: 15,425. neither of those numbers are right. i the streets to see if people know the history of our country on today which is constitution day. carley: happy constitution day. >> how many branches of government are and can you name them? >> three of them. >> judicial? >> you get some good answers. interesting when we do this. that is coming up next, stay tuned. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better.
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>> a fox business alert, purdue pharma will file bankruptcy joining a settlement deal with the company. rob: more on the hearing. >> purdue pharma filing for bankruptcy after negotiating a multibillion-dollar settlement to settle these lawsuits that have been filed against the company. what we are seeing is an initial court hearing in white plains new york in federal courts, a housekeeping, the judge is going to meet with purdue pharma. of the company can continue paying its bills as a go through this chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process, make sure it can pay employees, vendors, all of that is the first step in the bankruptcy filing. rob: i couldn't believe i read
2:24 am
about this yesterday with netflix and seinfeld, how much netflix paid for bloom me away and it is only estimates. >> this is a huge deal that seinfeld will be coming to netflix, streaming all 180 episodes starting in 2021. this is a huge deal for netflix. they lost their major shows including the office and friends which are moving to competitive streaming services once they start picking up, netflix really needed something big, this is a good one. lots of competition in the streaming wars. rob: for 25 years, $500 million. >> that is seinfeld. i think he has a future in comedy. rob: a billionaire now i think. thank you so much. it is constitution day if you didn't know. i the streets of new york to see
2:25 am
how well we the people know the constitution. how many branches of government are there and can you name them? >> 3 of them. executive, judicial, legislative. >> three branches, judicial, treasury. ♪ rob: how many times is the word democracy mentioned in the constitution? >> 542. rob: you are a little high. it is mentioned 0 times in the entire constitution. how many amendments are there in the bill of rights? >> i am not sure. 24 or something. >> tell me what the bill of rights is. >> what something costs.
2:26 am
rob: what is the first amendment? your right to? >> freedom of speech. rob: freedom of speech. your first amendment, what is it? >> the right to free press. rob: we are doing it right now. >> speak your mind. rob: what is your second amendment? >> guns. >> the third amendment, have no idea. >> the language of the second amendment is clear enough about the right to bear arms? >> every american has the right to hang a pair of bear arms on their wall. how can it be misconstrued? rob: what do the constitutional convention meaning? >> i have no idea. you did better than anyone. rob: you get a brand-new car, you can pick it up tomorrow.
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jillian: the woman who said the first amendment was to love each other is my favorite person ever. rob: you've got to give people a break. everybody freezes in that moment when the camera is on them and people go blank. carley: the camera is on you, your nervous. let's try and add that. that is amazing. meantime, a fox news alert, tensions escalating with iran over drone attacks on saudi oil field. bret velicovich says we need to take aggressive action against the rogue regime. rob: the president electrifying a crowd in new mexico. what are voters saying this morning? todd pyro is live. there he is, coming up next.
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rob: top headlines, fox news alert, alabama police officer guns down in the line of duty, shot in the face while chasing a wanted felon. the suspect is in custody. jillian: donald from calling for resignations over the new york times botched report on brett kavanaugh. congresswoman iona presley will introduce a resolution calling for impeachment inquiry against brett kavanaugh. rob: the cdc to combat the they thing prices have a seventh person dies from of apeing related illness. the governor there announced the use of flavored he cigarettes, the president is working on products and stores nationwide. donald trump says all fine point
2:32 am
to iran's involvement in the unprecedented bombings of saudi oilfields. >> proof that iran is behind it? >> it is looking that way. i don't want war with anybody but we are prepared more than anybody, we wanted to find a definitively who did this in dealing with saudi arabia, the crown prince and so many other neighbors. we are talking about it together and see what happens. >> intelligence reports a sophistication of drone attacks prove houthi rebels didn't excellent. how will this escalate tense relations? rob: brett velicovich is live. how do you think the united states should respond? >> the latest attacks are proof
2:33 am
the iranian regime is okay with upsetting the global energy supply and has no intention of stopping their destabilizing actions anytime soon. in their eyes if they cannot export oil neither should anyone else so they have nothing to lose but the latest attacks represent a serious change in their calculus and an escalation that warrants a more direct response and their recent activities have gone unchecked too long. they keep getting away with it and that emboldens them. this is a regime that only understand concepts of power and strength. we look week in their eyes, conducting these attacks. ever since they shot down our drone over the persian gulf, we would see more iranian attacks and we are seeing that here because we set a redline whether we wanted to do that or not. if they can strike one of our most important military assets in the region, $100 million drone what is the key thing for
2:34 am
striking other targets in that case? we need to take a more direct action in response. carley: they continue to act up. we see repeated behavior from iran. is a drone expert what can you tell us about this attack and why do you think us intelligence is saying it is looking like iran is responsible even with human claiming responsibility? >> quickest way to tell that is by which these drones have to travel to conduct a strike on the saudi oil facility, they don't have the capability without some significant state actor helping them, taking a drone and flying it over 800 km. the iranian's provided the houthis with drones covertly particularly at the cost of one which is not only 150 km, to
2:35 am
reach a distance of 800 km from their territory within yemen is a significant feet. that is one of the reasons. the other reason, a spike in oil supply. they benefit from attacking the saudis. if they can't export oil they don't want the saudi to and they benefit from this. everything points to iran and it is clear it came from houthi territory. rob: rouhani say this was a reciprocal response by the yemeni people exercising their legitimate right of defense. a reciprocal response to aggression against yemen for years. if we are right about it being iran. a second topic obviously, pandemonium in the energy markets and oil prices have shot up. donald trump says we should be energy independent in this country. is that a legitimate claim?
2:36 am
>> in a large way the president has pushed us to become energy independent particularly when it comes to oil. we are the largest producer of crude oil but talks about releasing our research in this case, we don't have to do that. the saudi's are working hard to get production back to those levels was we need that for our economy which depends globally on everything working out, we need to get their production facilities back online. we should be energy independent and we are working towards that. >> iran and the president are not going to meet at the general assembly next week so more to come on this one. >> some headlines, a man is charged with murder after his family is found dead. police arresting michael jones, his wife's body, he led officers to the remains of their four young kids would investigators
2:37 am
believe jones murdered his family and store their bodies for several weeks. police are calling jones true evil. the sun of a 9/11 victim firing back at ilhan omar after she defended her some people did something comments, the freshman congresswoman saying she suffered after the attacks because she was a muslim woman living in america. >> i don't need an apology but i think you need to apologize to the american people, place the victim card where it belongs, on the families. rob: calling out omar on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, the reading of the victims names. jillian: donald trump will be holding a private fundraiser in california, so private that donors don't even know where they are being held. attendees will meet at a shadow location and be taken to the event from there, details are being kept secret because of the
2:38 am
hostility against the president and the blue state. debra messing was slammed after calling for public release of the donors list. from the briefing room to the ballroom, former white house press secretary sean spicer tried to shimmy his way into america's heart. watch. spicer making his dancing with the stars with neon green ruffles, giving him a 12 out of 30. last minute addition to the show doing a little better. urging a score of 18 with f, christie brinkley broke her arm during rehearsal.
2:39 am
there was a routine for several hours. mom and daughter had the same outfit too. massive crowd fired up against a jampacked keep america great again rally. >> they are slamming attacks against brett kavanaugh. and reactors -- >> reporter: deserts get cold at night and i could use the neon green shirt to keep warm but it was anything but cold out here last night especially inside this facility. we speak with a number of trump support is about a number of issues including what they thought of the accusations
2:40 am
against brett kavanaugh and new mexico in 2020. >> what do you make of the latest? >> it is wrong what they are doing, trying to destroy him. >> reporter: you don't recall it but democrats are pushing. >> that is against the constitutional rights. i believe justice cavanagh is deserving of a fair trial and i don't see it. i'm not one way or the other. >> totally bogus, totally wrong. >> critics in the mainstream media with data stop for donald trump to turn new mexico in 2020, you think he can. >> of using the crowd here. >> i truly hope so. and we are conservatives by heart, we are by no means liberals. >> i don't think he could flip the whole state but i think he could flip a majority of it. >> i hope so.
2:41 am
>> as though the facts say democrats won the state, 6 of the last 7 general elections, and a lot of individuals, they got into the data analysis operation and said we should have something in the land of enchantment particularly that is why we are here. >> the data gives you an inside scoop on things you might not be aware of. >> 3:40 in the morning and new mexico. we appreciate it. >> i live in the desert all these years, you would think -- not very bright, not very smart. >> onto a foxbusiness alert, live look at texas where gm workers are rallying for a second day in a row. the latest on the tense negotiations.
2:42 am
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carley: after failing to reach a deal it looks pretty active behind you. >> reporter: it is very active compared to yesterday, 4000 workers in texas, they build large suvs and you had united auto workers, only 2% done for negotiations, 98% left, the strikes happening across the
2:46 am
country affecting 19 states was we had one source tell foxbusiness the conversations were very tense headed into the evening and this has to do with gm, only came to the table last minute, 2 hours before the contract expired, gm did put out a statement and they wrote, quote, negotiations have resumes, our goal is to reach an agreement building a stronger future for our employees and business. the foxbusiness source told us a major sticking point is about production, the fact that gm doesn't want to bring back a lot of production to the united states and further employ american workers. all of these workers did receive a letter from the united auto workers, saying their coverage will be covered the rest of the month but we don't know about october.
2:47 am
the international representatives to comment. >> willing to take as long as it takes to accomplish our goals in a fair and equitable contract for membership. >> as these strikers continue gm is losing millions of dollars a day. they have ample inventory according to them. at least they can last 50 or 60 days but these are very energetic, this is the night shift, they will continue until negotiations wrap up. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: time to check in with steve doocy on "fox and friends". >> i love it when you fight over the tees. thank you very much.
2:48 am
coming up on "fox and friends" in 12 minutes and 15 seconds, the most powerful republican in the house of representatives will be joining us, and ken paxton was one of the attorney general's who sued oxycontin, we will talk about what is going on. molly hemingway front and center regarding the brett kavanaugh situation joining us to talk about the latest allegations and judge andrew napolitano. is a possible for brett kavanaugh to sue the new york times? he is known for yanking bar owners back from the brink on bar rescue. >> you don't even walk through it and look around. you know the term hostile takeover? i am getting through to you. shame on you. >> on tapper with a new season behind-the-scenes, a dozen
2:49 am
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rob: welcome back. ballot harvesting, credited for flipping several house seats during the blue wave. it is a method that has been banned in states like north carolina but embraced in liberal california. >> it is called a legal form of voter fraud. is it fair for either party to use in the 2020 race? here is director of data and strategy, thanks for coming on
2:53 am
this morning. define what ballot harvesting is and why does it lead to voter fraud? >> third parties are allowed to go to voters who have not cast a ballot and encourage them to do so, help them fill the ballot out, collect it and return to the municipality. on its face, that is fraught with problems and if someone is convicted in a criminal trial with evidence of the same chain of custody problems the left would be screaming for a mistrial but they are enthusiastic about embracing this in states like california and anywhere else, legally enacted into law to help them deliver elections. rob: you think something screwy is going on in the process between taking the ballot from the absentee voter and delivering it? the people doing the harvesting carrying it from one place to another have an agenda and could
2:54 am
lose ballots. >> or help people fill out ballots they do want, not just voter fraud but voter intimidation and vote buying. imagine tony soprano harvesting a ballot or joe biden's corn pop making sure you voted the right way. opens the door to all kinds of fraud. many states have outlawed it. voter fraud is one of the most reliable voter positions in the last 5 election cycles, there have been 1000 convictions for voter fraud and this opens the door to it and part of the problem is when it happens in california the right doesn't have the infrastructure to investigate or evidence this is done fraudulently. if that was in place, i'm sure there would be a tremendous number of problems.
2:55 am
rob: we showed a graphic that shows an election with poll numbers and election results were far different. you think harvesting could have had an impact on this election? >> i'm sure it did. testimony lesser media outlets, volunteers were going out and finding random people on streets and helping them fill out their ballots under their cell phones. i wonder which way those people who had no idea who the candidates were how they encouraged them how to vote. carley: this is what happened in north carolina which led to the special election that occurred last week and the argument for ballot harvesting is volunteers drop off ballots for you, people who don't have family members or are disabled which is white is legal in some states. thank you for joining us. >> happy to be here. rob: we will be right back. in my line of work, i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength.
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it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x. .
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carley: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a florida police officer serving overseas is promoted but in a unique way. travis moss watching from iraq by skype as his wife accepts now lieutenant badge. return to the fourth after his deployment ends next year. rob: that's great. a dirt bike rider plunging 50 flee50 feet off the side of a cliff into the water. his friends helped him back up.
3:00 am
carley: cat or mountain lion the woman's home security camera catching a cat climbing. it's a pet cat named cookie. there you have it. rob: got to go. carley: big old cat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ off to never neverland. brian: why are we listening to this song? ainsley: we are waking up because sandman mariano rivera got the gold medal. steve: announcement in the east room of the white house ladies and gentlemen 45th president of the united states and they hit the


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