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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> that is so cute, that might be the best thing i've seen all day. thank you, bret, good to see you tonight. now to something very different and very horrific. this story out of indiana and illinois at the home of dr. ulrich klopfer, where he died two weeks ago and a gruesome discovery was made in his house and in his garage. they found the remains of more than 2200 unborn children. klopfer described as indiana's most prolific abortion doctor, had his licensed pulled from him in 2016. tonight the white house is calling for a fuller criminal investigation saying they're horrified by the news, which echoes back to the atrocities of dr. -- you probably were member his story. the philadelphia abortion
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dr. booth so-called house of horrors stored feel remains in his home in glass jars. it's just beyond the ability to understand. in 2013 he was found guilty of murdering infants who were born alive after botched procedures. he now serves three consecutive life sentences. in a moment, i'm joined by south carolina senator tim scott, who is among those leading the charge in washington to protect life, but first the breaking news on the story tonight from our correspondent trace gallagher. good evening, trace. >> good evening, martha. over the course of several decades, dr. ulrich klopfer performed tens of thousands of procedures in multiple counties. he lost his medical license in 2016 for numerous violations including the use of unqualified staff, not filing reports of abortions for girls 13 or younger and not providing preabortion counseling. klopfer is not licensed in any other state including illinois
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and authorities say there is no evidence that abortions were conducted on his illinois property where the medically preserved remains were found. so is there to reason to believe the remains are from india, which means that would've been illegally transported across state lines. now the attorney general's in both illinois and indiana are launching a joint investigation to find out if klopfer was involved in illegal storing, hiding, or selling of fetal remains. here's the indiana ag on fox news at night. watch. >> the first step is to determine are there more fetal remains still out there unaccounted for and left in this degrading situation, so that's one of the first steps we are working on right now. >> there's concern there may be other remains in the indiana clinics where he performed abortions and one indiana state representative says the investigation needs to go beyond just this gruesome find. look. >> there are laws in place
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regarding this that were not followed and it's very clear that this opens a lot more questions about how this practice was conducted and the legality of everything that they did. >> this also puts a new focus on south bend mayor in 2020 democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg, because when dr. klopfer's clinic was shut down, and of another boorish clinic tried to open but was denied a state permit. pro-choice advocates and circumvent of the state, filed suit in federal court, and won, allowing the abortion clinic to open in south bend. buttigieg applauded the ruling, but when a women's support center, which counsels pregnant women and teens, try to open next door to the abortion clinic, buttigieg denied the zoning permit saying it would lead to violence and harassment. critics call the decision purely political and breaking right now, moments ago, mayor buttigieg gave his first comments on the findings of the 2,000 plus fetal remains of a calling a disturbing but adding
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"i also hope it doesn't get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care." the mayor also welcomes an investigation. martha. >> martha: trace, thank you very much. joining me now, republican senator tim scott of south carolina, who serves on the senate finance and armed services committee. senator scott, good to see you tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: this is just an absolutely horrific story and i just want to remind people of your passion on this issue and show them a bit of a floor speech that you gave a while back. >> yes, ma'am, . >> we are a nation that must continue to value life. this is common sense. this is human decency. this is not an issue of being pro-life or pro-choice, this is being pro child, which we all should be varied >> martha: senator, what prompted that speech that day? what was going on on the hill? >> i was just so frustrated that
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we were actually having to debate any issue about infanticide. the fact of the matter is the united states of america, the country built on compassion, should not be ever in a debate about whether or not a child born and separated from his or her mother should be killed by the doctor and to have a doctor who happens to be the governor of virginia suggests that perhaps infanticide somehow, someway should be legal, just -- it hurt my heart and it frustrated me and as a legislator i felt my responsibility was to speak out loud and clear that we are not talking about pro-choice or pro-life. we are talking about pro child and to think about the discovery just the last 72 hours or so is devastating, it's indefensible. and in many quarters of this country, especially on the left, the silence is deafening. it's sickening. >> martha: update everybody on
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the status of what you were also advocating for, which is the born alive survivors protection act. what happened with that? >> well, it's stuck. we can't get 60 votes in the united states senate to move that bill forward. ben sasse, the leading sponsor of the bill, the cosponsors, we've been pushing this envelope and we are going to continue to push it because here again, martha, it's just common sense, common decency. it's not an issue in the grade. this is a black-and-white issue and we should all be on the side of life. this is a chance for every single person in this legislative body to be pro child without talking about politics. we are talking about a child born, separated from his or her mother and whether we should -- that child live. >> martha: related, but other news, because i know, as you just said, you want to separate
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this from a pro-life, pro-choice question. after a child is feasible and born, however, there is a new study out, and this is a headline from "the new york times," that is america's abortion rate has dropped to its lowest rate ever and new research suggests the contraception of your pregnancies may be more responsible for the decline than state laws that are restricting abortion and to go in his piece to back that up with a number of facts related to states that have adopted stricter laws and the fact that actually in the states have actually seen the abortion numbers rise a little bit. what you think about that? >> i think people are providing information will take the facts and perhaps hide the truth behind the facts. here's what we know. in 2011 we had over a million abortions. the fact that we had 938,000, still 938,000 cash kids will never walk on this earth.
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so i don't want to dive into whether we should celebrate or not celebrate a small reduction -- certainly we should be thankful that we have fewer abortions today than we had in 2011. but here's the question, the question is simply this. because of science, our friends on the left want to talk about science -- here's what we know from a scientific perspective on life. at 20 weeks, we know the child feels pain. why not get your country together on the left and the right and safe will take science and we will say at 20 weeks we will not have any abortions beyond the point. why not of confidence that every year we will see that number of weeks move back and back? i'm a believer that we should defend and protect life at conception. i am willing to have a fight on that issue, but there are things that we can't fight about. we can't fight about infanticide. it's just not possible to have a
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logical reasonable conversation on that topic. we should not be talking about allowing late-term abortions as we are having that discussion on the left today. there were like seven countries on earth that allow for abortions. in the late term. >> martha: we are in rare company on that one. thank you very much. always good to see you, sir. coming up, general jack keane says the united states must conduct a retaliatory strike against iran. his reasoning next. ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result.
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's pickled blast that there were no americans killed in this attack but anytime you have an act of war of this nature,
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there's always risks that could happen. >> martha: an act of war says secretary pompeo on saudi arabian soil today calling it an attack on the world's energy supply that puts the global economy at risk. that, by definition, is a national security threat to the united states, so where is the president on this right now? when i step in the military response to the attack on here's a president trump said. >> there are many options and there's the ultimate option and there are options a lot last night and we will see. we are in a very powerful position. plenty of time to do some dastardly things. it's very easy to start and we will see what happens. if we have to do something we will do it without hesitation. >> martha: so yesterday, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is that he was "thinking about options to help the saudis defend themselves" and about restoring deterrence and "if this was an attack on saudi arabia and the requested
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help in defending themselves, we would be supporting saudi arabi saudi arabia." that's the framework with which the mic within which we will provide the president options. very important work there from the chairman of the joint to joint chiefs. the general said trump had not issued orders or any action. those of the voices that are around the president as all of this is being discussed. general jack keane says that we have a major crisis on our hands and that we must retaliate against iran with a limited strike. general, good to see her tonight why is that which you believe, and what does that tell you about the different strategic options that are being argued over this point? >> i think secretary pompeo laid the framework out quite accurately. this is not just an attack on the largest oil fields in the middle east or on one of our allies, saudi arabia. it is clearly an egregious act
4:16 pm
of war attack in the world economy and since post-world war ii, a core national interest of the united states has been to safeguard and maintain the oil flow in the middle east in support of a stable world economy that depends on it. iran is attacking that world economy to destabilize and also to demonstrate that they are in control of the middle east oil flow, not the arab nations who owned that oil and those who are distributing it. so essentially, given that reality, we need to respond. i think the first thing is we've got to fix the air defenses out there -- maybe we can help. also in the arab gulf states. second thing is declassify all the evidence. i believe the administration is working on that. go to the u.n. without evidence and the american people, lay it
4:17 pm
out so they can see it in the u.n. general assembly is meeting next week while the president for a lesser coming in least most of them. that's a golden opportunity to further isolate iran politically, diplomatically, economically, get someone to some of them may be to sign up for sanctions, which are working, by the way, but then also build a coalition here. it's not just about saudi arabia and the united states and to conduct a limited military attack likely a military and economic targets, but here's the key. the key is the focus must be robust enough that deters around from continuing this behavior. but if don't act strong enough, it's guaranteed that iran will continue -- >> martha: are you suggesting that over the summer when they attacked are drawn -- further.
4:18 pm
second, a lot of people are going to listen what you are going to -- and say no way, we have our own energy resources right now, it's one of the reasons we needed that kind of security. this is their problem, not ours and also there are reports meant that the saudi arabians are saying we don't want a war. we don't want to escalate the situation. >> let's just think about what you said that the case. we are independent, finally, of our own energy. iran is trying to destabilize that, force recessions on people and possibly even worse. we know what that means in the united states in terms of the suffering it caused. that is why for 70 years, this has been a core national interest of united states, even though we are independent of our own energy. and that is why we have to stop
4:19 pm
this behavior. diplomatically it hasn't worked. so obviously we have to apply some level of force to do that. not a comprehensive attack on all of iran's military, which would lead to war. we are smart enough to avoid but we must act responsibly if we intend to stop the destruction of the economy. >> martha: the pentagon does not agree with you, but? >> i don't know where the pentagon is but i've heard some things that concern me. maybe steering and emphasizing the risk involved which normally steers the decision maker. like the first attack in the trump administration by assad's chemical attack, we conducted a military strike. it did not deter assad. he did another chemical attack after that. we don't need to go down that road again. >> martha: general jack keane, thank you very much, sir. good to see her tonight. >> good talking to you. >> martha: you too. my next guest spoke with the vice president about this and he is in the classified report on
4:20 pm
the dimensions of this attack and how it was executed. republican senator is the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, senator, good evening to you, thank you for being here tonight. you heard my conversation with general jack keane. he says that a strike is necessary, that a strong response is the only thing that will change the dynamic care. what do you say? >> first ball he made a lot of very legitimate points, but we have a commander in chief and he has said he does not want war with iran and the saudi arabians said the same thing. the unfortunate part of all of this is iran continues to push the envelope. i don't think we're there yet, but it's very, very close and the difficulty is the iranians are just notorious for making bad judgments, bad calculations, miscalculating, and they are doing that now. they need to listen carefully to what the president said. he doesn't want war with iran.
4:21 pm
having said that, sometimes you get pulled into something and have to do something that you don't necessarily want to do. the iranians are very, very close to that. this was such a deliberate and overwhelming use of military force that is very hard to look the other way. the president has added some additional sanctions. there's going to be more done in the future, there's no doubt about that but the iranians need to be very, very careful here. they should not weigh what we've done or not done so far as weakness. any reasonable forbearance needs to be put in that category but this president should not -- not be mistaken for someone who is weak and unable to respond. heaven help them if they get on the wrong side of him and do something further that gives us no choice. >> martha: understood. but back to what general keane said moments ago, that this
4:22 pm
attack in his mind meets that standard. you were the secretary of state pompeo said this is an act of war. so it sounds like there's a little bit of daylight here perhaps among different people in the administration, perhaps they commander in chief and perhaps the secretary of state. i don't know, i'm just asking if that's what you're saying based on what you're hearing on the hill. >> what i'm hearing is everyone is thoughtfully going through this -- look, i was in the room when the president made the decision last time on the ground. i was with a handful of other people from the hill, plus the secretary of state and the joint chiefs of staff, cia and all those people and these things are not just jumped into. people are talking about this. i saw president that was incredibly thoughtful as we all discussed and gave our point of use to what the response should be to the drone. we are in that same stage right now. obviously this is broader in
4:23 pm
that we've got to engage allies in this like saudi arabia. that's what's going on right now. i wouldn't put it in terms that there's daily. i would put them in terms of there are a suite of options and those are all being considered right now. >> martha: senator, i hope you come back because the decisions that are made on this are going to have long-lasting ramifications either way. speak on a question about it. >> martha: thank you, senator, senator. >> thank you. >> martha: so first "new york times" reporter behind the now-revised cabin a story say it was the editor's fault for leaving out key details. now at least one of them is calling out fox news for our reporting on the story and brit hume is there to respond to that tonight. ♪ mer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company,
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>> martha: the latest on this, "the new york times" reporter behind that evolving kavanaugh story now doing some cleanup, simply insisting that it was an oversight that the original report did not include the key detail that the alleged victim does not recall the incident and made that very clear and has said this, and has said that all along. >> during the editing process there was an oversight in this key detail about the fact that the woman herself has told friends she doesn't remember it and has not wanted to talk about it. got cut and it was an oversight and the times adjusted we are very sorry that it happened. >> martha: a former executive editor of "the new york times" was here today defending the story as well. >> why does it end up in "the new york times"? >> why does this end of "the new york times"? because it's important. this is the third example of sexual impropriety by brett kavanaugh and it confirms our story of deborah ramirez.
4:29 pm
it's important. >> martha: now one of the authors is going even further by pointing the finger at fox news tweeting out a box article that accuses this network of twisting the story to attack "the new york times." here now is brit hume, fox news senior political analyst with his take on this, good evening, good to have you here. >> we ought to review a little history here. both mollie hemingway, a contributor and a senior editor at "the federalist" and our own howard kurtz pointed out on the air and on twitter that this crucial detail, that the alleged victim doesn't remember the alleged incidents had been left out of "the new york times" story on that book excerpt, based on that book excerpt. so that was our initial role in this and we commented about it ever since. it was pursuant to that or at least after that that the times then appended to the story and editor's note and what is this
4:30 pm
claim that we twisted events based on? it's based on the fact that that the editor's note was in the form of just that and not formally a correction. there is a distinction without a difference if i ever saw one. so the idea that the news that journalist from "the new york times," who participated in this, would now be whining about fox news after the colossal screwup that she and her partner made seems to me to be kind of amazing at this stage. >> martha: is also worth pointing out, i think, and i know mollie hemingway pointed this out, that in a longer form interview with npr prior to the publication of "the new york times" piece, they had an opportunity to bring this deal up and i didn't bring it up then either. >> they didn't mention it then either. >> martha: which makes the omission of it obvious. very important is that we went kaiser part of the story, i
4:31 pm
think most people fairly across the board this becomes a very, very important detail, doesn't not? >> lesser member who leland kaiser was. he was a dear friend of christine blasey ford and i think basically almost a lifelong friend and when christine was a ford was asked who could verify her account of this event that happened that night, you recall, of course her story was very hard to prove or disprove because couldn't remember exactly what happened, exactly what the date was in many other of the kind of details you could use to pin something like that down, she cited leland kaiser as someone who could verify for her. well, leland kaiser set up a time that while she believed christine on her word, she didn't have any recollection of the event and didn't witness it, didn't even know she'd ever met brett kavanaugh. well, subsequently, we now know, she told the fbi when she was interviewed but she didn't have any recollection of ever witnessing such an event and she
4:32 pm
has since told the fbi, we now know, that she doesn't believe ford's story, which blows up the one, really, that was supposed to be the one i could verify that original allegation. you think that would be something they could choose to accept. >> martha: it's in the book. it's just a question of which pieces they wanted to highlight so a lot of people see this as a big new story. it would be impossible -- this -- we can put her quota. not figure out how she's getting home. i just really don't have confidence in the story, which now makes a part of a group of four people, brett kavanaugh, mark judge, smith, and leland kaiser, who were four of the people that ford pointed to that were there who now have all
4:33 pm
claimed under the investigation that they have no recollection of the evening. >> and i think that's telling because we keep hearing people on the left were still into this attack on kavanaugh saying there were multiple witnesses. there were not in the claim witnesses that don't back up the story. you know there was a time, martha, it wasn't that long ago, when "the new york times" would never have considered publishing this story in the form it was in and they certainly would never have left out -- left that giant hole in the story as it concerned the alleged victim and it's just unthinkable. i can remember back in my days as an investigative reporter, i did a story for jack anderson's column where i worked back in the '70s, about the syndicated cartoonist who had emerged it -- he's the guy who created little abner. a lot of people don't remember that now but many people will remember. he became a prominent political
4:34 pm
spokesman, making college -- speech is up on colleges around the country and without report that he was molesting women who was doing that college students. and we did a story about it but we -- not only did we have the word of victims, we had affidavits from them. that was the lengths you would go to to verify a story so explosive -- >> martha: about somebody. the case on the line, very serious thing. >> so here's a story based upon the say-so of this alleged eyewitness whom the reporter never interviewed and who wasn't talked about this. this is on the say-so of friends would say he says this. that's flimsy enough to start with and the fact that the victim has told people that she t remember it -- you wouldn't touch a story like that with a barge pole if you had any sense. >> martha: thank you. brit hume, thank you, sir, good to see it in. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up next, "the squad" insisting on impeachment proceedings for president trump and justice kavanaugh. donna brazile says the culture and her party leaves no room for bringing people together, saying
4:35 pm
"i get in trouble when i refuse to say that trump is a racist." that is getting a lot of attention today and she will be here to expand on that in a moment. ♪ i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage, you could be coughing up the cash for this. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me-ow. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time.
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♪ >> if you are not prepared to come to that table and to represent that voice, don't come. because we don't need any more brown faces but don't want to be a brown voice. we don't need black face is that don't want to be a black voice. we don't need muslims that don't want to be a muslim voice. we don't need queers but to want to be a queer voice. >> martha: that was ayanna pressley, she wants a full -- amc says the case for trump's abatement has "increased" after corey lewandowski -- here's congresswoman rashida tlaib today. >> this is why among other violations of the constitution by this president i along with
4:40 pm
many here calling for impeachment of the president of the united states. >> martha: nancy pelosi think that impeachment is the wrong political path and she told a private meeting of democrats that they can "feel free to leak" her frustration on the edge of the press. donna brazile joins me now. thank you for being here tonight. it's pretty clear from that initial sound bite the kind of goes to the other sound bites. when we display from ayanna pressley -- it's one their way or the highway in terms of who is a true member of the party. first of all, on the impeachment issue, what did you think of the hearing yesterday and do you agree with nancy pelosi or with the members of the stomach "the squad" on this? >> well, i got a chance to see a little bit of the hearing. of course i was busy on this, but let me say this, i thought corey was very competitive but the house democrats got what they wanted out of that and that is he admitted that the president ordered him to direct
4:41 pm
attorney general sessions to basically stop the investigation. but as you well know, calls for impeachment, 137 democrats are, in favor of it. 92 democrats believe congress should do the job in terms of our site and six are unclear. one former republican member, as you know, the grace with those 137 democrats. >> martha: that's what nancy pelosi is saying, there simply are not the post. >> she is absolutely correct that they don't have the votes at this time. which is concerned about and i don't want to speak -- but mostly for those members and i don't speak for the speaker, but i think what she's concerned about is that majority of americans, including independent far less, who will determine the outcome of the next election, they are not in favor of it. and because they are not in favor of it, the speaker believes strategically continue to hold the executive branch accountable but perhaps do not
4:42 pm
go full speed ahead until all of the evidence, all of the material in all of the subpoenas have been issued. >> martha: in terms of that my way or the highway mentality that is often professed of those members of the house of representatives the house -- >> just a few members. i don't like to paint the entire house democratic caucus with one brush. i was a tough pill staffer. we don't like the paint everybody with one brush. this is a very diverse caucus with conservative, moderates and a lot of progressives. >> martha: so here is what you said about how you sometimes feel when you are not willing to toe the line on the president trump is a racist line of thinking. here you are talking about that. >> i'm sick and tired of people asking me is he a racist, is the this -- i got to speak for myself. i can't speak for him on what's in his heart.
4:43 pm
>> martha: what you think about that? got a lot of attention, what you said. >> i get attention because i'm on fox and perhaps because i'm here on this network, people often think that it either lost my mind or may be ready to retire. no, the truth of the matter is that i don't like to do this name-calling finger-pointing. i've been in this world now almost 60 years and i appreciate the contributions of all americans. i want to try to bring people together. i believe in racial reconciliation. have i called the president out? yes. i called him up on mexicans? yes. have i called out? absolutely. the president understands the frustration of many of us have one he sometimes on twitter and do his thing and we will call him out, but i believe that this president, like every american citizen and every soul in this universe, should be given an opportunity to come forward and try to bring all of us together
4:44 pm
as americans. if the second thing is i don't want to energize his base. i want to tell people out there that i have some profound personal disagreement with this president. no, it is about the policies that i dislike, but there are policies one i like what the president is doing. i will say that as well, i am a free, liberated woman about to turn 60 at the end of the year. i still got my groove. i'm going to make my move and some people would like me, some people will not, but here's what i will do. i will respect the office of the president as long as i'm alive. it's been good for you, donna, and we appreciate all of your points of view. we thank you very much for being here. >> always. >> martha: everybody included, thank you. coming up next, a powerful new psa. i don't know if you've seen this, but it paints a chilling picture of the reality of the threat of school shootings in america and it employs everyone to be on the alert for the warning signs. andy follett says it is time for parents to wake up, take a hard
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
abbasid comic advocacy group standing her promise. watch this. speak of these headphones are just what i need for studying. >> these new sneakers are just what i need for the new year. speak of the really come in handy. >> these new socks? they can be a real lifesaver. >> to stay in touch with my mom. >> martha: joining me now commander andrew pollock. father of parkland shooting victim metal pollock and the author of "why meadow died." i think it's a powerful message. they have their own agenda in terms of how they would approach this problem that's different from yours, but i think it's pretty interesting. >> i think it's disturbing and
4:50 pm
shocking, but i think parents need to see this. if you spoke to any parent who had a kid murdered out of school, ld say -- they would think it couldn't happen to them, and that's what every parent thinks in this country in this video should be an eye-opener for all these parents to get involved at a local level and look into the policies at their trial's school and get involved and don't put your kid in an unsafe environment and talk to your kid. they're the first ones that see disturbed kids at school. >> martha: it so important. you asked the question, is there anybody that scares you at school? and as you say, talk to the officers who are in town or who are involved in the school because there are people who are radar and they don't share that with the rest of the community. >> no, but talk to your children, talk to the school resource officer, talk to the teachers and really get involved.
4:51 pm
that's what parents need to do. don't leave it up to politicians to make your school safe and just know that you do have options and look into the policies that's in my book, "why meadow died" and see if they are at your school and listen to your kids because they really know and there's nothing that we wouldn't do for our kids and this is a real eye-opener and it was to me, looking at it. it hit home and they needed it, you needed that gut wrenching video to get parents involved, and activated, and they were successful. >> martha: and at the end they say it know the signs, understand and know your school. as you've been saying, i encourage everybody to read "why meadow died" and look at the policies of left a lot of kids don't belong in the schools and should be incarcerated, not there and that's really i think such a significant point that you've made. before i let you go, these sweatshirts that are being pushed by the special company. they have one that has a guy -- let's put it up on the screen,
4:52 pm
high school sweatshirt and it's got bullet holes in it and this is supposed to be some sort of fashion statement. >> yeah, it's just done in such bad taste. family members, i know what bothers them. i'm born in new york so i'm pretty much thick-skinned so it doesn't bother me, but what bothers me more is after every mass shooting when democrats pushed that gun control agenda before even looking into the facts, that's more bothering to me. with no real solutions. >> martha: i know that you feel full structure of leadership in the school, the superintendent, everybody was at fault and as you outline in your book, and i encourage people to read, thank you very much. we will see you soon. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: i sat down with any for the latest episode of the untold story podcast and he goes into detail on this. i will encourage all parents, grandparents listen to this and to watch it and still to come tonight, an old photo scandal that is just breaking for a major world leader, wednesdays
4:53 pm
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>> martha: so there is a story breaking tonight that is a bit of a scandal, perhaps for justin trudeau. it shows him in brown face at a 2001 event. they say that he was attending an arabian night theme to gala at the private school where he was teaching in 2001. here now, cohost of "the five." he his in an election on october the 21st. >> yeah, i'm sure the opposition research leaked it out. this is really bad. it's even worse, i think. this was in 2001. he was a teacher at this school. he was a student.
4:58 pm
it's such incredibly bad judgment to do this. i don't know what he was thinking. apparently he was the only one who did anything to his face at this party. i know there is a distinction between blackface and america, all of the historical pain wrapped into that. they have him in brown face because he's trying to imitate someone from aladdin at the guee different, but not different enough. this is going to hurt him big time. a part of me thinks he's going to survive. >> martha: i mean, you know, he survived. he is still the governor of virginia. he's not out there that publicly. he had a number of issues back then. justin trudeau, as i said, is in the election. he's running against conservative, and her share. he's at 37% in the polls right
4:59 pm
now. but my guess, given what we see is that he's going to try to ride this out. his own people came out and confirmed that it is indeed him. before it is indeed him. he's going to address the canadian nation. he will have to think quickly on his feet, he's probably had to scramble. everyone told him to drop out of the race and he didn't. i would like to see if democrats are going to be asked that question. do they think that justin trudeau should drop out? it will be an interesting comparison. >> martha: jesse, thank you very much. we'll see where it goes. >> jesse: thank you. >> martha: we thanks for helpig us handle that. coming up next. this is, wait. we are done. this is "the story." as you know, the story goes on,
5:00 pm
we will see you tomorrow night. tucker carlson is next. stay tuned for that. good night ever ready. have a good night. ms. of ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight as the brett kavanaugh saga has just reminded us, the left roots around for people they don't like. the question is, do they apply the same standard to themselves? we have breaking news about the past of a well-known progressive who once again confirms that noel. the standards are not the same. we will bring that to you in just a minute. but first, here's a quick quiz. what exactly do you know about kamala harris? can you name three things she believes? can you name


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