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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 20, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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than-to-this than meets the eye. the trade talks are still on. everyone is offering some tantalizing alternatives here. we will be monitoring that 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody i'm jesse watters along can dagen mcdowell, martha mccallum and janice dean? hello, everyone, this is "the five." liberal climate hysteria reaching a fever pitch. students across the country allowed to ditch class and people skipping work for today's climate change protest. over a million students in new york city alone getting excused absences to attend. the protesters demanding immediate action in backing ideas like the green new deal. and, of course, they are getting plenty of support from 2020 democrats. take a look. >> we have seen pearl harr lore. i think you have seen the
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bahamas. have you seen katrina. climate change is not going to be one attack. it is attacks that are taking place if you like all over the world right now. >> during a season of repair we should have a mandatory national service one year for people between 18 and 26 because we need you. >> you want those cattle producers to have to internalize the cost of emissions. some people are going to hated this but probably make those products more expensive. >> jesse: all right. greg, what's wrong with students getting a day off work and spending time with their fellow students. >> greg: there is about 300 things wrong. first, if you could skip work for this, then you don't have a real job. 50's your boss, i would fire you. okay, this is not a real climate strike because are they not using any electricity? electricity that is fueled by coal? are they sitting in a room with no power in the dark? are they still using their iphones? those batteries require
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materials excavation that requires a vast amount of energy, right? they are not doing that they are not sacrificing anything. this is act schism fuele activiy permission slipping. getting people out there to get a day off school. fraud length, fake. real protest is when you actually sacrifice. when it actually hurts. makes you -- it costs you something. this costs them nothing. the thing that really gets me, gets my goat if you will. activist know kids make great political weapons. number one, they are easy to bribe. give a kid a day off from school, they will endorse anything. number two, if you, ie me, criticize these kids, if i have something negative to say about them, the media paint it as if you are punching down. when, in fact, you are not punching down at all. you are punching up because the kids are just a tool in a larger media machine that is way more powerful than any skeptic, right? so the fact that you are actually going after having the guts to criticize grut
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thigretathunberg nberg punching. here we are out in the plaza. look at all these young people who care about the planet. this is like this isn't even real. you get it? it's great weather. there are slightly more people at the park. >> jesse: you don't get an opportunity to punch down often, do you, greg? >> greg: no, taller than me. the kids are taller than me. so i can punch up. >> jesse: one of the other things, martha, that's happening is people in the media say oh, you know, the green new deal is not that crazy. or the democratic candidates are not going that far. but, when you ask them straight up like kamala harris was asked are you going to ban all these things she actually admits it. watch this. >> straws are a big thing right now. >> yeah. >> do you ban plastic straws? >> i think we should. >> would you support changing the dietary guidelines. >> yes. >> food pyramid. >> yes. >> reduce red meat specifically. >> yes, yes, i would. >> jesse: straws, meat,
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internal combustion engine. >> martha: where do you stand on plastic straws? i would, i would. i would ban them. and the cheeseburger people say on other channels they don't want to take away your meat. she just made it quite clear. she said i like cheeseburgers as much as the next person but i do think it's time to put in some dietary restrictions. >> jesse: meigsing with the food pyramid. andrew yang wants to make cars -- >> martha: andrew yang is interesting. at least he is thoughtful and thinking these things through. one thing he is absolutely right about. we are becoming sort of a non-ownership society. you know, can you basically hop on to a car or you can get on a plane or you can get someone else's boat that they are not using at the minute and he is talking about sort of this roving transportation system that kind of sounds like, you know, like a ph a sci-fi movie when we were kids hop into the threatening and ufos and go where you want to go and actually don't own anything. i actually like owning my
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own car. gutted gut and boats. >> martha: i have a boat that that is about 13 feet long. it's like 30 years old. >> jesse: it's a dingy. it's carbon neutral. >> martha: i think he is on to something. >> jesse: to a certain extent. everybody should move to higher ground. miami is going to be under water in a few years. >> greg: i am so sorry to hear you down on students actually standing for something. >> greg: fake protest. they get a day off. it's a reward. >> martha: standing out there looking at their phones. saw that. >> juan: that older generation. gut got older ones suck, too juan. >> juan: look at american history, you see so many valuable contributions to american history led by student protests obviously civil rights protest. >> greg: this ain't civil rights. >> juan: oh my gosh, that's what people said back then. >> greg: said it wasn't?
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>> juan: vietnam movement. gun kids from parkland? why were they out there? these kids weren't given a day off. these kids care. greta is not even an american. she is from sweden, right? >> greg: good for her. >> juan: remember, there is lots of worldwide movements that have been led by young people from antiapartheid movement to the velvet movement in czechoslovakia to tiananmen square in china. >> greg: insulting those movements. >> juan: you know these kids are rotten. >> jesse: i don't know, juan. what do you think? speaking of tiananmen square. china pollutes more than the eu and america combined. >> dagen: thank you. cot admissions are back to where they were in the 1980s. we have done more in this country than industrialized nation to reduce our carbon emissions. 30% emission at power plants have fallen in the last decade because of fracking
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and natural gas. this is just balderdash. why aren't they protesting in the countries where it really matters that they reduce emissions? i don't have a problem with kids going out like what was i doing if i skipped school one day? i would be dipping schoal. these presidential candidates are basically preaching something that is dangerous and immoral. they want to destroy our quality of life and reduce how we live in this nation. it doesn't make any sense. and i just want to -- speaking young people to old people. i want to call out mick jagger on instagram. he posted this earlier. i need to stand in support of the global climate strike today. we need to do everything we can to protect our planet and humanity. he has done -- he has the biggest carbon footprint of anybody walking on the face of planet earth right now. he has 8 kids. he still is appropriating.
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>> juan: we got your point. let me say something, straws are going to impact your quality of life, day began? >> greg: she didn't even belief what she was saying when she talked about straws. harris. >> juan: let me get this straight. seat belts when the government says is it a nanny state to say wear a seat belt or only go 65? >> dagen: the straw is a red herring. what it will do in terms of reducing our standard of living is andrew yang is being frank and honest with the american people. we are getting rid of private car ownership. that's what it is going to take. and we are going to have to modify people's diets. if you took the time, juan, to read bernie sanders green new deal you would know exactly what he is up to. >> juan: i would run out of the studio and be so scared. a than nanny state. >> dagen: he wants to ban fracking how in the hell are we going to have natural gas to power the power plants to basically charge the electric cars? how is that going to happen?
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>> martha: they were protesting in india today. i was glad to hear. that is a place that doesn't have a emissions race like we have here. china would be nice. i would love to see that kind of protest happening in china. >> greg: i would listen to these activists if they would be honest about what is clean fuel and it is nuclear. more people die from putting up solar panels than actually nuclear power accidents. can you quote somebody else. i read that. i got that from john stossel. the great john stossel. >> jesse: liberal media hyping again whistle blower against president trump without knowing all the details, of course. the president fires back next on "the five." ♪ ♪ 300 miles an hour,
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♪ >> i mean this is incredibly high stakes for everybody involved at this point. >> this is truly uncharted territory. >> i feel like we are watching vladimir putin's best fantasy play out in realtime. >> this is not only impeachable, it's not only wrong. it could well be a crime. and if it's not a crime, i don't know what the hell is. >> juan: a new firestorm out of washington. a whistleblower reportedly says the president made a promise to a foreign leader that was concerning. and the "wall street journal" reporting today president trump pressured the president of ukraine about 8 times to investigate joe biden's son. the journal also reporting the source doesn't believe trump offered any quid pro quo for that cooperation. but democrats are demanding more information. and president trump, he is firing back. >> a partisan whistle
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blower. it's just another political hack job. it doesn't matter what i discuss but it i will say this. somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement because it was disgraceful. have you had a very bad week and this will be better than all of them. this is another one. so keep playing it up because you are going to look really bad when it falls i guess i'm about 22-0 and i will keep it that way. >> juan: joe biden just responding he said president trump's claim have no credibility. jesse, let me go to you. the president said this is a political hack job. what you can see is that in fact the inspector general of the director of national intelligence felt that he was obligated to pass this information to congress then of course they went to a lawyer who went to the justice department. the justice department said we are not sure this is urgent it wasn't a leak. it wasn't done irresponsibly. it went through appropriate channels. now people are raising real concerns that there was a
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quid pro-quo. >> jesse: the coup is going through appropriate channels now, juan? i think this is going to be another bombshell wind up in the garbage heap. let me break it all down. >> juan: okay. >> jesse: this is a time joe biden's son gets no show sweetheart deal at you rainyian companukrainian companr putin. all of a sudden this whole company falls apart because it's corrupt and they start being investigated by the ukrainians. joe biden goes over there and tells ukrainians fire the guy investigating my son's company or else you are not getting your billion-dollar loan. do you know what they do? they fire the guy investigating his son and they get the billion-dollar loan. and then a year later, the ukrainians pass all the manafort dirt to the democrat national committee. gets manafort fired and help starts up the whole russia collusion thing. trump is accused of being a colluder. wait a second. why am i being accused of
2:17 pm
this. hey ukrainians can you look into this sketchy little deal here? he had complete latitude as a commander-in-chief to ask a foreign country to investigate some corruption. we do it with chinese. we do it to mexicans all the time. for some snake who i don't even trust to blow the whistle is just insurance policy 20. this president has to deal with this stuff constantly. it's going to fall apart again. everything he is being accuse you had of is exact same thing hillary and biden were guilty of. >> i would just say quickly that this has been looked at by major news organizations. >> jesse: kind of like the russia hoax, right, juan? >> juan: excuse me. joe biden's son and whole business had collapsed more than a year before joe biden ever had anything to say to the ukrainians. >> jesse: he was still there at the time when biden went over there. >> juan: no was not. absolutely not. >> jesse: he took the money and ran then, juan. on the way he was still on the hook for an investigation. >> juan: i'm sure the president is pleased with your presentation can you
2:18 pm
stop now. >> jesse: it's not about the president. it's about the truth, juan. >> juan: if i was to get to the most powerful part of this allegation it would be that the president was extorberting a foreign government for i think it was $250 million in defense aid in exchange for going are a a political opponent joe biden. >> except the latest report we have doesn't say that the quid pro quo part of this equation is one of the most important parts of this story. and the "wall street journal" story tonight says that according to their finding there was to quid pro quo. that the president asked, they said 8 times. and can't you see him 8 times. you really ought to look into this. you really ought to look into this. did you hear me? you really ought to look into this biden story for the reasons jesse points out he sees it going all the way back to it beginning you of this rush probe. according to this report at least. i want to getting new
2:19 pm
offerings this every several hours. here is where it sands right now according to the latest journal reporting there was nothing offered in return for that. when you look at joe biden's situation and when you look at&t what he actually said. when you go back and look at the appear and he made on foreign regions he is boasting about the fact that he did have a quid pro quo. he said i told them there is no way you are getting that billion-dollar loan guarantee unless you fire this guy. he was boasting about it. i told them at this time for fat. you are not getting getting what you want unless i get what i want. that's a pretty clear quid pro quo. that's on tape and that's joe biden talking about the situation himself. >> juan: greg, what we have here is a situation where rudy giuliani last knight he says well, no, i never asked the ukrainians to do anything when i went over there. then like 20 seconds later he said well yeah, of course i did. >> greg: that's hour lawyers talk. i wasn't talking about that but something related to that. you can have that.
2:20 pm
it doesn't mean anything to me. i find it interesting that trump is the only person the media up approves of being investigated. if the e78d is going to ignore joe biden then how dare you suggest it, right? the fact it is so trump you should be check this guy out because he does that about everything. he is always posing questions, why can't do you this? why can't i fire this person? i'm not getting suckered into this story. every damn bombshell becomes a dead. if i reacted to every single story in which the hair isen fire he would need completed resuccess station. they act like it's the biggest thing thought portland. when it's it's nod they will all tamp way they hift on it and it fizzes. it's a business model predicated on apop lip particular fervor. i ain't going to buy into it. you know what sucks, juan, when something happens no
2:21 pm
one believes it anymore. this could be real but no one is going to believe it. how can you believe the media on anything anymore when they completely exaggerate everything. biden doesn't want this story going anywhere near him either because this is just going to put him in -- this is going to drag him into it. >> day began so, so they are not allowing the senate or the house to look at this whistle blower information. ainsley: today in this house. >> juan: not so far. i'm thinking to myself if the president is right and there is nothing to this, why don't they want the congress to see it? >> i expect in the coming days you are going to get a transcript of this phone call because this whistleblower is not the only person who was probably on the call on or about had access to the transcript it. will be clear as day exactly what was said. that's how you clear up anything that's going on because hamster wheels, greg, make me nauseated. who are you going to listen to adam schiff who goes from zero to impeachment in a sneeze. a man who essentially lied to the american people about
2:22 pm
collusion for more than two years. who are you going to believe? >> juan: i like hampsters, animals are great. president trump mocks de blasio after the new york mayor drops his bid to the white house. charles barkley sounds off on democrats and beto o'rourke's campaign literally getting stuck spinning in circles. another hamster for us. all in our 2020 political roundup state ahead on "the five." feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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suv to brooklyn and likes to talk about climate change. didn't work. going to come back and fix new york now. >> i think the big truth is that his absence wasn't missed. if anything, traffic moved better when he is not here. and the lesson is being mayor of new york city is way easier than it looks if it dope can phone it in. a huge tax base. you have a bottomless supply of tourist dollars. superior police and fire department. the mayor should leave town permanently. we will be fine.
2:28 pm
>> i just like the fact that in a couple years president trump will still be president and he won't be mayor anymore. that is sweet justice. one of the things don't appreciate this president for, juan, he really knows how to kick people when they thy are down. that is something we all need to reflect upon and i just love it. >> juan: you know what? a high five. >> it's an art form, right? >> juan: on that score, jesse is right that says more about trump that he is going to kick this guy when he is down than it says about the mayor. >> jesse: he can go back to smoking pot and dropping groundhogs. that's all he is good for. >> juan: trump can go back to what he doesn't go show up for work in the oval office before noon. more personal time. he and de blasio can hang out. >> martha: executive time. >> dagen: really quick, i have a long memory. i appreciate. >> i will wait years to kick you when you are down. i really appreciate that. by the way he is living, breathing examples de blasio is of you who socialism fails. fails those most in need.
2:29 pm
of the democrats need him gone. they are going to have a problem trying to explain their ideas with him around. >> martha: up next outspoken nba legend charles barkley call out democrats for ignoring black voters. listen to this. >> we need to start holding you democrats accountable. >> right. >> the point is they have been taking black people's votes and they only talk to black people every four years. all these politicians only talk to black people every four years because they want their vote. actually the republicans don't. the democrats do. when they get elected they do nothing in the four years in between. >> martha: i mean, it's true wise words, juan. >> juan: you heard what he said. >> martha: he blames republicans as well. >> juan: democrats take you for granted, republicans ignore you. in terms of the polls, of the polls are pretty clear that people unless you say black voters don't know what they are doing. i think they say their values and their interest align with the interest of the democratic party. i mean, earlier this week
2:30 pm
condi rice, a good republican said the president needs to be far more careful in how he speaks about racial issues that guide greg cheadle who was my african-american over there according to president trump. guess what? he left the republican party. trump has a racial superiority complex. >> greg: he has been the best president you could argue for minorities and for women and for teenagers in terms of jobs. right? they have had the lowest. laughing, juan, but the numbers are some of the lowest in history. >> juan: where did those numbers decline take place? under president obama. >> greg: that's not true. >> juan: that is true. the majority of the decline from the height of that it was at during the recession took place under president obama. >> jesse: so even if we give you that, juan, okay, worse case scenario, he allowed the beautiful numbers to keep pouring in for blacks and hispanics. how does a racist do that? >> juan: what are you saying because the economy?
2:31 pm
>> jesse: big bad racist guy then he would have just stopped all of this. >> greg: racist dooce that all the time. >> juan: clearly looking at programs intended to help with issues like healthcare or hoursing. >> greg: what about prison reform? >> martha: what did president obama do? >> juan: i think he did a lot. >> martha: i'm just curious, the economy was on the decline. >> juan: no, no, no. >> martha: in terms of race relations? >> juan: again, the fact it's the far left that wants to attack obama and said felt you had to be president of all the people so you couldn't be the black president. that's the left's argue: the right's argue. is hey we had such a slow climb in terms of out of the the recession it should have been faster. they blame obama for that the fact is the economy kept growing under obama. mash march you are saying the economy is how many people lifted guy by that comparison trump is a better president for african-americans than president obama.
2:32 pm
>> by that comparison, thank you obama. >> martha: i'm very confused. next up, beto o'rourke having more troubling in the campaign trail this time with his minivan. >> tire change on the road. >> day began, our car expert. >> dagen: it's staged, clearly. i don't know that, but, again, beto is casting stones, trying to figure out what he is going to do after he eventually drops out of presidential race. maybe that's it. maybe is he going to start a tow service with his wife's family's money. >> greg: i has to film everything. that always tells me that this has always been his own personal kind of search for self-worth it wasn't about running for president. he needs to find out of who he is.
2:33 pm
>> jesse: is he dropping the kids off campaign. >> juan: i thought i was on campaign trail. >> jesse: in a minivan? >> greg: what have you got against minivans? >> juan: you just half of the people on the show. >> jesse: we love you minivans. >> juan: i think it's that guy yang you were talking about. he doesn't like cars. i bet he sabotaged the car. >> martha: why is he always videotaping themself doing things like that. oh really successful today and here is what i did. it's like i am at the dentist and car is it stuck. going to take care of everything and can't get his car out of the ditch. >> he is probably a stone cold freak. >> greg: that makes me like him more. >> martha: ufo fans storm area 51. we will show you the wild scene there and bizarre
2:34 pm
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that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. >> dagen: welcome back. time for the fastest 7. first up, meriam webster adding interesting new words to the dictionary. check out these examples. jesse you will love this first one deep state an alleged screelt governmental network. sess short for session. deep state. meaning a fabulous quality state or nature. and dad joke. a wholesome and typically corny joke with an obvious punch line. greg? >> greg: none of these words are good. because they rise to prominence based on the behavior of sheep. people just repeat this stuff because they hear it. and somebody somebody is says vaca and another says vaca think for yourself.
2:39 pm
dad joke is sexist. right? >> jesse: you think there is a mom joke ready to be said? >> greg: well, amy klobuchar is the queen of the mom jokes. >> jesse: she is? >> greg: that's what i have been told. >> martha: who says sesh is that said enough that it's earned its way into the dictionary. >> jesse: pot smoker he is. someone told me that march. >> greg: your dealers? >> jesse: fake news. fake news. >> greg: by the way i need a number. >> jesse: something i have heard in the streets. i just feel totally vindicated. two years the left has been saying there is no such thing as deep state. now meriam bebbster has it. thank you, everybody. >> juan: i think trump is running meriam webster. did you see the definition a secret organization. >> jesse: secret governmental network running othat's like whistleblower.
2:40 pm
>> juan: not secret going through the channels. >> jesse: anonymous. >> juan: deep state as trump and jesse define it do something deep state. >> jesse: mccabe and comey and strzok and page. orr. >> martha: used more often. it's not a new term. it's a term that's always existed. >> dagen: here is one cow aphobia. abnormal fear of clowns that would apply to anyone in politics. up next started out as a joke on facebook half a million people signed up. alien enthusiasts flocking to the nevada dessert to storm area 51 this weekend. >> people who come here are committed. i flew six hours. >> set them free. set the aliens free. >> why would you ever miss this? a bunch of random people in weird costumes standing outside of a government base? >> martha: i kind of agree. >> dagen: i would so part
2:41 pm
down with those people. i would go to that before bernie man, before co-tell la. cotella. >> greg: you want people to ho have money who don't litter frequent the restaurants tip 20 to 25%. i don't see this in this group. i think these people are not actually going to be the kind of tourists that will bring -- you know, money to your economy. >> jesse: i'm just furious that i have been talking about sending a camera crew to this for months and i forgot to send a camera crew. i'm lived. >> juan: why are their faces covered up? >> greg: it's antifa. >> dagen: sandstorm. you have to cover your face in case of a sandstorm. >> martha: half a million people? do none of those people have a job in i'm leaving, i'm going to the area.
2:42 pm
i'm going to go storm area 51, boss. i'm sorry i'm going to be gone for a few days. >> jesse: i thought the trump economy was better than that under employed. >> dagen: one person did get arrested for public urination. something that doesn't happen in new york city. a lot of buzz called the wearable chair. you strap the thing around your waist and basically have a seat anywhere. higher end models can set you back almost two grand. >> martha: did you watch the video? really funny. when you get up. first of all it looks like they are sitting on the toilet. very weird and then the little -- the legs sort of hang behind you as you walk. >> jesse: like have you two tails. >> martha: what's wrong with the chairs already provided in places where we go in life? >> greg: i guess it's like a contractor or somebody working in assem by mr. line or plumber who has to stop and work orson something.
2:43 pm
i would never wear that it would probably tear my leather chance. >> martha: the way they show it people going around and working in regular life. >> jesse: this could be helpful for festivals if you have to suffer through your child's soccer game. >> jesse: can you take a folding chair. >> jesse: you have to carry it it's not strapped to your waist like these are. jess. >> juan: i read if you sit for a long time worse than smoking a get. >> jesse: $2,000? that's a rip off. >> martha: desk now make it easier to sit everywhere you go. >> jesse: not with the trends. >> dagen: i'm not a buyer. i will sit on the dirty floor of a subway station in shorts. don't care. don't go anywhere. fan mail friday next. ♪ i can't get you off my
2:44 pm
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♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling. >> greg: fan mail friday get to your questions from perry what did you buy with your first paycheck.
2:48 pm
jesse keep it clean. >> jesse: like my first? >> greg: was it an ounce? [laughter] >> jesse: my first sesh yes, thank you. >> greg: day began? >> dagen: probably a dozen bagels that's why i gained 20 pounds first three months in new york city. >> martha: have first job working at cheese shop i saved up to buy bruce springsteen tickets. >> greg: juan? >> juan: i was thinking like this like mad imagination screen spiderman magazine. that's one level of paycheck. >> juan: how old are you? >> juan: like when i was actually working at a real paycheck, i think i took my girlfriend to dinner. >> greg: my money went to rent. i was one of those borders who lived with two old ladies. i won't get into it. [laughter]
2:49 pm
tell a funny story about your early career in your first five years of working. this is from i am no dog. obviously you are no dog. you can't type if you are a dog. day began, you probably have a funny story about your early career. >> dagen: well, the fact that people used to smoke in the office. that was -- >> martha: that's true, all the time. >> dagen: it dates me. quick, before i early in my career when i first moved to new york i interviewed for a job at the public library here. my job was going to be the osha inspector and i was going to have to drive around -- they were going to give me a car like a chrysler car. that was my -- that's my funny story. >> greg: this is a terrible question. martha, come on. >> martha: i was running run up to the booth at the new york stock exchange to do my reports from up there. the door got locked and i couldn't get in. and it was not funny.
2:50 pm
it was actually pretty scary. >> greg: jesse, funny story. >> jesse: my first three jobs i got fired from all of them. rapid fire, too. the one job i was a bellhop and i left to go follow a girl i was interested in the middle of my shift. the other one i tried to take a vacation within the first week i started as a busboy and the third one i can't talk about. [laughter] >> greg: juan? >> martha: interesting one. >> juan: this came up this week so at the front of my mind. i was working night cops for "the washington post." and skinny black kid with a fro and detectors were all. i don'there is a street filled with naked people. the tallest naked people, the shortest naked people and, you know, the deadline has passed. turns out it was the circus. the circus was in town and they had gone in this brothel and robbers went in and naked people out the
2:51 pm
back and cops are there. >> greg: naked circus performers. i remember my first week on the job at the american spectator my boss invited me to a play in baltimore. i think it was hamlet. it had like glenda jackson all these measly performers. very excited. meet me after work at 6:00. throws the keys to me. >> jesse: you were driving? >> greg: i was driving. i drove him and his wife to baltimore from arlington. virginia yeah, arlington, virginia. >> martha: you got to go to the play? >> greg: yes. >> martha: now i get it. >> greg: all right. one more thing up next. ♪ ♪ . as many safety features as the rx, the new... the lexus rx has met its match. if they're talking about you...
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time for one more thing, greg. >> tomorrow, 10:00 p.m., it's going to be great. you've got heather, you've got saturday, september 21st, 10:00 p.m., be there! ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> whatever i did yesterday, jury duty. okay, normally watching a goat eating potato chips is boring, check this out, isn't that interesting? it's a novelty bag. >> i see with going on there. >> it's kind of creepy. >> now i get it. >> what is that? is that giraldo? >> that's potato. >> somebody has got a lot of free time and that is why ♪ animals are great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great
2:57 pm
>> all right, people get caught for duis constantly in this country. usually they are not in buggies. >> a bunch of amish dude had michelob ultra on the top of the buggy, some hard ice t's. they were blasting music from their jerry-rigged stereo. not only did they get pulled over, they escaped. these two amish dudes ran away. there are drunk amish dudes at large in ohio. >> they don't just raise bars, they raise hell. >> tucker carlson is going to be talking about the blackface scandal, and we have the woman who has not one, not two, three emotional support monkeys. >> every good deed deserves another, so take a look at this one. yes, that is a line of bikers for a little girl's lemonade
2:58 pm
stand. why, you ask? one year ago that little girl and her mom helped save the life of the milwaukee irons bikers group after a traffic accident. she is a nurse and she stayed with the injured until they were airlifted. the bikers stayed in touch and that is when they found out that the little girl was selling lemonade this year, so they paid it forward. they all lined up to get a cup. don't you love human kindness? >> i love humankind is. >> absolutely. all right. >> martha: saturday, it is time for college football and my fighting irish will be going up against the bulldogs but apparently one bulldogs fan who runs a store nearby in athens, georgia, decided that it was time to take the irish spring off-the-shelf. >> wow. >> martha: there they are taking it off. >> playing notre dame and the fighting irish this weekend so
2:59 pm
the irish comes off-the-shelf. >> is that a little bit of a dirty move? >> a little bit. >> martha: a little bit of a dirty move. they are 14-point underdogs, but i'm hoping they're going to pull it out. especially my guy. >> skipped the game, watch my show instead. >> 3.5. 3-0, get down. one disney world cast member went up, up, and away trying to get ready for mickey's not so scary halloween party, balloons. this is taken in orlando, florida, at the magic kingdom. imagine struggling to pull that balloon bouquet along at the high wind. mickey's not so scary party but they did not say mickey's not so windy. you know what the message is here? don't celebrate halloween in september! [laughter] >> keeping all those burgers because if you are any lighter you are going to get carried away. >> i was waiting for them to
3:00 pm
actually get carried away. >> that was kind of a letdown. >> when is he going to get lifted off the ground? >> tell us why you are rooting for the irish. >> martha: my son plays for the team. all right, bye, everybody. ♪ >> bret: good evening and welcome to washington, i am bret baier. breaking tonight, new information about the phone call that inspired a whistle-blower complaint about president trump from a member of the intelligence community. it reportedly involves a request for the president that his counterpart and you in ukraine investigate joe biden. the allegation has prompted a shrug from the president and more talk of impeachment from democrats on capitol hill. fox team in oxford are well with what is saying about all of


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