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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we will be back, monday and every week night at 8:00 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best weekend with those you love. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." liberal lunacy. if that's just week alone. tonight, we are on day 2 of the media's psychotic rage and coverage surrounding a whistle-blower who made some kind of unknown allegation against president trump. there really aren't any other definitive facts in the story. somehow, your media mob has spent 48 straight hours spinning and spinning in circles, but today, president trump rightly defended himself from all of the mobs hysteria, calling the story a political hack job. take a look. >> it's a partisan whistle-blower.
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shouldn't even have information. i have had conversations with many leaders. they are always appropriate. always appropriate, at the highest level, always appropriate. anything i do, i fight for this country. i fight so strongly for this country. it's just another political hack job. that's all it is. >> sean: by the way, did he offer nuclear fuel to north korea? no, that's bill clinton. oh, did he say, tell vladimir i'll tell you more after the election, but don't tell the american people. no, i don't think he made that deal. did he drop cash and currency on the tarmac so the mullahs in iran, who want to wipe america off the face of the earth, did he do that? no. but this is what the mom does best. hyperventilating at the remote possibility that this unknown information will somehow lead to the impeachment they have been craving the day after election day 2016.
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this is a psychotic rage every second of every day. it knows no bounds. multiple reports now suggest that the so-called whistle-blower's claim surrounds the country of ukraine. now they are doing us a favor because they are opening up a lot of questions we wanted them to cover for a long time. the boomerang comes right back on biden, his family, and the democrats. look at "the wall street journal," says president trump wants press the ukrainian president to investigate hunter biden, joe biden's son, who was involved in some sketchy business deals in ukraine. you know, with a gas company that was being investigated by a prosecutor. his father, then vice president, by the way, was overseeing at the time the obama administration's ukrainian policy. oh, and the president wanted the truth? let's see. we have joe biden on tape leveraging your money, a billion dollars worth of it, to fire the prosecutor in six hours, or he's taking his money home.
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the company that was investigating the corruption into the gas company that his son was doing business with. wonder why he wanted that prosecutor fired? i can't imagine why. the president wanted the truth about that and any 2016 election interference by ukraine. you remember? the ukrainians wanted to give us evidence that they willingly try to influence the election in 2016 and help hillary. i didn't see anyone in the mob interested in that story but i do think the media mob, you've open the door now for national discussion about what did biden and his son do, and when did they do it, and what kind of interference with the ukraine involved in as it relates to our 2016 election? we will hopefully get to the truth. coming up, we are going to have a full report how sleepy, creepy, crazy joe 30330 potentially leverage your money. lining the pockets of his own family. first, breaking news moments ago. we have a new twist. john solomon reporting that the
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state department, not president trump, but the state department, not president trump. that's right. they were behind former new york city mayor giuliani's efforts to investigate biden's dealings in ukraine. they asked him to do a mission for them. and he did. and then he came back, like the great citizen he is, and he reported it. with more, investigative reporter, vice president of "the hill," john solomon with us. you've been on this ukraine story number one, the election interference evidence that they want to give us. number two, we have the tape of joe biden saying you want your billion dollars? you fire the prosecutor that's investigating the gas company that my son's company had no experience in this, getting, i think, $188,000 a month from. that was the prosecutor. and now we find out from your reporting, rudy giuliani was sent there by the state department. what was that? >> yeah, so actually rudy giuliani has actually even
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never set foot in the ukraine, that's the funny part. in july of this year, this is a contact that over the last couple days the media has been hysterical about, but here's the context and the understanding. in july, a senior diplomat at the u.s. state department contacted rudy giuliani and said there is a representative, a lawyer, advisor to the brand-new president of ukraine, who would like to talk with you. you don't appear to be taking any calls from ukrainians these days. would you consider taking his call? can you give him your number? mr. giuliani said yes, i'll be glad to take the call. he had a contact with the advisor. they met briefly in spain, not in ukraine. and then rudy giuliani called two senior diplomats, two of the most senior members of the ambassadorial staff, described what the ukrainians might be concerned about and described what they were looking for and described the dynamic. ukraine trying to get evidence of what they think is american wrongdoing to american
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authorities and falling on deaf ears, and that's the end of it. but you wouldn't know that from all the coverage over the last day or two. >> sean: number one, did ukrainian officials offer to us evidence that, in fact, they were involved in election interference in 2016 to help hillary clinton's campaign? but i didn't see anybody in the media pursue the interference story, and i thought they cared about interference. but obviously only if it's russian interference and trump, because we know they don't care about the dirty russian dossier. >> that's right. keep in mind that just a few months ago, sean, we reported on your show and inside "the hill" that ukraine's embassy in washington confirmed, on the record, that back in 2016, the democratic national committee, trying to help hillary clinton get elected, asked the ukraine embassy to help interfere in the election by doing two things. dig up dirt on paul manafort and have you ukraine's president make a kerfuffle about manafort and trump when he came
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to visit. the ukrainians say they rebuffed that attempt but hillary clinton's campaign, the dnc made that request according to the ukrainian embassy in washington. >> sean: great work, john solomon. thank you. all right, let me be very clear here. the media mob did us a favor because now we can talk about this and people will pay attention and we will get the truth out. so, for two consecutive days, the media mob has obsessively, hysterically been pushing this new story featuring an unknown member of the intel community. that is a separate issue. making unknown accusations about an unknown but somehow disturbing promise between an unknown world leader and president trump. now, you count all of those unknowns? because apparently this is what passes as a big story among the media elite mob. now, if you want to call yourself a journalist, you really have to toss out a vague, unverified accusation about president trump. watch it spread like wildfire. they won't check each other. they just report.
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"if this is true." how many times have we heard that the last three years? the media mob, their handlers in the democratic party, they are so desperate to smear this administration, pretty much anything goes. i've never seen anything like it and i declared journalism dead in america in 2007. you have deep state operatives and bureaucrats and holdovers from the obama era. they are very well aware of what their friends in the mob, well, do, how they operate, and, frankly, how they can manipulate the hell out of them, and they've been working side-by-side with the mainstream media for years in order to shape a phony political narrative. remember chucky schumer's warning? pay close attention. now, if the powerful tools of intelligence that we give to our intelligence community are then turned on us and weaponized against us or political opponents, yeah, that's really dangerous. but here's what he said.
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>> you take on the intelligence community. they have six ways from sunday of getting back at you. so, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's been really dumb to do this. >> sean: six ways and sunday if you don't total line. if you don't toe the line. they're going to take you down. is that the united states of america? naturally, the poster boy for the seedy arrangement is disgraced fbi director andy mccabe. he was fired from the fbi. the ig report, caught red-handed by the inspector general. leaking sensitive government material to the press and then lying about it. that is dangerous for the country. naturally after getting canned, mccabe was hired by fake news cnn, a marriage made in heaven, chose the right network. now fake news cnn, they always roll out mccabe, who is a known liar, to defend all of the deep state's smear attempts at abuse of power against president trump and the latest so-called whistle-blower accusation is no exception. very predictable. take a look.
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>> this is someone who essentially did what we hoped all people serving in the government will do. they stepped forward. they used the appropriate process in a classified and confidential manner to bring their concerns to the appropriate officials. that takes incredible courage. >> sean: so the deep state, spy on the president again, done it an awful lot before. so does the facts first network over there, fake news cnn, do they ever say that he was fired for lying and leaking and may face criminal charges for some of these issues? former acting attorney general matthew whitaker is now calling the whistle-blower accusation a clear example of the deep state in action and joining us now is the man himself. former acting attorney general of the united states, matt whitaker. thank you for joining us. first thing i thought, i heard about this, anonymous intelligence. heard the president's conversations with world leader.
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maybe i'm old-fashioned. i'm thinking, wow, who in the intelligence community might've been spying on the president of the united states, because that wouldn't be a good situation for the country. your thoughts. >> well, it's clear that somebody had access to very sensitive information, telephone call or telephone calls with foreign leaders with the president of the united states and they did two things. they tried to get the information to the democrats on capitol hill, and they try to get it to "the washington post." and it's funny to me that really what's a foreign policy disagreement, the president has such broad latitude in how he manages the foreign affairs of our country under the constitution, that these two disagreed with how the president approached it, and so they took illegitimate means by filing this whistle-blower complaint, which is not appropriate under the whistle-blower statute, and then, of course, "the washington post" gets all of it and runs with it. it is scurrilous. it's cowardly. it's not the way it's supposed to work, sean.
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if these people disagree with this president on how he's handling foreign policy, they should run for president themselves. that's the solution. it's propose some other way to do it. this president has the economy at full speed. he has america strong, and he has our adversaries on the run. i just think, in this situation, this is a prime example of where the deep state has tried to use an illegitimate tool to throw up a smoke screen to distract the people from how good things are going. >> sean: matt, do we as american citizens have to worry about people that we entrust, and i'll even argue that 99% -- look, our fbi is the premier law enforcement agency in the world, in the world. >> i totally agree. >> sean: we are not talking about the 99.9%. we are talking about the 1% that we know abuse power. we now have to worry about these -- listen. you can spy on anybody. you can steal anything. we don't even know how powerful these tools are.
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but we entrust people with his power so they protect us against enemies foreign and domestic. we have a constitution that is supposed to give us civil rights and protect our privacy. we have fourth amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. we're supposed to practice minimization, if americans are picked up on some type of surveillance. you're certainly not allowed to unmask people. did they do that to the president again? because we know they spied on him. we know they spied on his campaign, based on a phony dossier, that they knew was phony, to get a phony fisa warrant, and his transition in his presidency. do we have people, rogue agents in our intelligence community, that are abusing these most powerful tools to take down political adversaries and people they don't like? >> well, sean, what we saw with jim comey when he ran the fbi and his deputy, andy mccabe, they clearly put their own self-interest ahead of the
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interest of their country. they decide what they could or couldn't do under the law instead of just following the proper rules and procedures. i think you're right. there are so powerful tools in the hands of these folks that they owe and enhance duty to protect that by following the policies and procedures. time and time again, the only way that we can restore trust in the american people in the system of intelligence and includes the fbi, includes the director of national intelligence and cia, dod, so many agencies. make sure these tools are handled appropriately and that we don't see these leaks. we don't see the leak of intelligence. we don't see the leak of mike flynn's transcript from his phone call with kislyak. we don't see any of these things that we have seen over the course of the last three plus years. >> sean: all right, matt whitaker. tonight, while the media obsesses about unknown claims by an unknown whistle-blower that might have something to do with ukraine, we do have to thank them. that's right, big thank you to all of the psychopaths in the
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media because they accidentally now have brought attention to what is a massive underlying scandal surrounding sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe 30330 as his credibility now -- he is accused of leveraging his role in the white house and our tax dollars as a get-rich-quick scheme for his family. look at the timeline. it starts in 2014. president obama appointed biden to lead the administration efforts in ukraine. that's a key date. in february of that same year, biden's son hunter, yeah, he was kicked out of the navy. we won't get into it. that's a personal issue, but we do know the reason, that's not the issue. the issue is him and whether or not he was capitalizing on his father's connections as the top person identified to lead our negotiations with ukraine. remember the issue of him flying to china on air force 2, making questionable deals as a result
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of that trip with his dad, and also in ukraine while his father was in charge of leveraging tax dollars to protect his son from a prosecutor that is going after the gas company that's paying him and his company 188 grand a month. that matters. so, a few months later, in may, biden hunter scored a lucrative position on the board of a massive ukrainian oil and gas company. called burisma holdings. hunter biden, all we can tell had zero experience in the oil and gas industry and zero experience in the country of ukraine. yet this massive oil and gas company in ukraine owned by a ukrainian oligarch who was shelling out 50 grand a month for the services. do you think that seems incredibly sketchy? you're not alone. look at this. john kerry's stepson, who once worked and partnered with hunter biden, cut all business ties with biden's son after learning about his strange new gig and associations, and meanwhile, one
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year later, in 2015, joe biden's younger brother reportedly received a generous half a million dollar loan from a wealthy donor with deep ties to, you guessed it, ukraine. the story doesn't end there. in march of 2016, the very next year, the ukrainian energy company, pumping money into the pockets of hunter biden and its new oil and gas friends, was facing a major corruption investigation by ukraine's top prosecutors. so, of course, well, who came to the rescue? dad, the vice president, in charge of ukraine and american policies. that's right. he told ukrainian officials that he would withhold $1 billion, taxpayer money, that they were giving ukraine as aid and support, unless ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating the company that's doing business with his son. so, that's right, biden was leveraging our money to fire the prosecutor investigating this whole issue to protect the
10:18 pm
company that was making his son pretty rich, pretty wealthy. ultimately, ukraine, they had a six-hour window. yeah, they decided to fire the guy. they wanted the billion dollars. and, by the way, biden bragged about leveraging your money. we've got it on tape. >> we're not going to give you the billion dollars. they said you have no authority. you're not the president. the president, i said call him. i'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars. i said you're not getting a billion, and i'm going to be leaving here. six hours, i said i'm leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. son of a [bleep]. got fired. >> sean: here now, fox news contributor sara carter, kimberley strassel from "the wall street journal." sara, we'll start with you. to me, the media did us a favor in the last 48 hours. >> absolutely. we shed some light on the fact that even joe biden never divulged the truth, even during that great clip that you just
10:19 pm
played, sean, where he was admitting that he threatened, you know, to have the prosecutor fired before he would give the billion from the united states. what was really interesting is that now it's in the forefront and now we are going to have people investigating hopefully the mainstream media that is so busy targeting president trump will now actually report the truth. which is what was going on with hunter biden, what was going on with joe biden. what was going on with hillary clinton. and don't forget china. china is also very important and you brought that up as well. hunter biden and joe biden have a lot to answer for. >> sean: kimberly, your take on this. >> yeah, i mean i think one thing that's been really important has been the reporting that you featured earlier by john solomon, and i recommend that everyone go and read that. he talked to the prosecutors in this case, and he also laid out a very credible argument that claimed it would be very hard
10:20 pm
that joe biden didn't know this was going on. that's been an essential part of the story. we have the basis of some of this reporting. now, it's time to dig in. >> sean: let me ask you both. sara, i will throw it to you first. i'm a little concerned the intel community has again weaponized the tools of intelligence against political opponents and are now turning those weapons on us. when those weapons we entrusted them that are supposed to be to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. not to spy on americans that you have political disagreements with. >> i think we have been showing that throughout our reporting. when john solomon and i first began reporting on this, more than two years ago, the first story that we blew up was the unmasking. and the surveillance community. i'm really concerned because i think what we've seen here in particular with this story that just came out in "the washington post" about the whistle-blower is that the president has people surrounding him, people close to him or
10:21 pm
people with access to his phone calls and his private conversations, and they are weaponizing that, and we don't have all the facts yet, and this narrative is being played out in the media. i think this is something that should concern every american. how much power does the intelligence community have now? >> sean: if the intelligence community weaponizes these tools. kimberly, you can throw the constitution out the door. that would turn us into something even way beyond a banana republic. that would mean that american citizens now could be targeted by their government because they don't like how you think, who you are, what your politics are. >> what we have here is a leak by another name that was repackaged through a whistle-blower act, but it's the same thing that's been happening since the beginning of the trump term, and this is a very bad trend in the capital. >> sean: it's dangerous. thank you both. when we come back, on the special edition of "hannity,"
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comrade mayor bill de blasio is out of the race. new york, get ready. he's back for you. beto bozo robert francis o'rourke confronted over his extreme proposal to take away people's second amendment rights. austan goolsbee and matt schlapp. later, alien enthusiasts have now descended in nevada. area 51. we have a full report. lawrence jones in that exclusive area 51. i hope he doesn't disappear in the course of the hour. ers firs. like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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the u.s. is also sending defense to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. no word yet on how many american troops are heading to that region and peered both countries have requested support to prevent any future attacks. the u.s. blaming iran for that attack. iranian-backed houthi rebels have blamed. the president and first lady hosting prime minister scott morrison for a state dinner, the second hosted by the president since taking office. secretary of state mike pompeo and attorney general william barr were among the guests. the dinner took place outside in the rose garden, rare for such an event. finally, billionaire robert smith has made good on his pledge to pay off student loans of morehouse college is graduate and class of 2019. as you remember, smith made that big promise during the commencement address back in may, promising to pay off educational loans taken out by their parent.
10:28 pm
the gift will cost him $34 million. he is reportedly worth more than $6 billion. i'm aishah hasnie, now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: in other news tonight, the 2020 democratic circus is now one candidate smaller tonight after comrade new york city mayor bill de blasio announced he's ending his white house bid. his dreams are over. the president, he offered him a farewell. he tweeted: "oh no, really big political news, perhaps the biggest story in years! part time mayor of new york city, @billdeblasio, who was polling at a solid zero but had tremendous room for growth, has dropped out of the presidential race. nyc is devastated, he's coming home!" de blasio wants to ban glass and steel skyscrapers, not radical enough for the democrats like
10:29 pm
elizabeth warren, who continues to dodge questions about whether she's going to raise middle-class taxes. why can't she answer a simple question? >> hardworking middle-class families are going to see their costs go down. >> but will their taxes go up? >> here's the thing. >> here's the thing. i've listened to these answers a few times before. >> i know you believe the deductibles and premiums will go down. will middle-class taxes go up? will private insurance be eliminated? >> what families have to deal with is cost, total cost. that's what they have to deal with. how much are your costs going to go down? >> different question, how much will your taxes go up? >> it's how much families end up spending. >> i know that argument, but will you pay more in taxes? why don't you want to answer my question? it's not a republican talking point. >> it's a question about where people are going to come out economically. >> that's not my question. >> sean: remember, the new green deal estimates
10:30 pm
$94 trillion, ten years. medicare for all, no private insurance. that's 36 trillion. ten years. what does that mean? take in 4 trillion a year. that's 40 trillion. we can pay for any of it. none. she'll have to confiscate everybody's taxes, but maybe that's what she wants. beyond all that and all this new spending, democrats like robert francis beto bozo are making it clear that they are coming for your guns. second amendment, throw it in the garbage. by the way, did prompt the conversation at an event yesterday in colorado. let's take a look. >> i am here to say hell no, you're not. with that, i would like to know how you intend to legislate people. i want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men and leave american citizens like myself, american mothers, i have four children.
10:31 pm
5'4", 100 pounds, can't really defend myself with a fist so all you're going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens like myself. >> sean: the answer is yes. here with reaction, american conservative union chair matt schlapp, along with former economic advisor -- he's the one responsible in part for the horrible economic years of obama. 13 million more americans, food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, but we've had that debate. it's obvious, austan, here's the thing. and i understand that people want to solve the problem. i have an answer for schools for example. i would offer every school in america, retired police, military, surround the perimeter, putting metal detectors, have one on every floor. in other words, the exact same thing we give politicians. armed people to protect us. why don't we go that direction instead of taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens? >> well, look.
10:32 pm
i'm an economist. i'm not an expert on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. i know -- >> sean: i'm an expert. i am a bitter american. i cling to my guns and bible and god. >> so i trust your opinion on a bunch of those. i do note that in several school shootings, there were armed police officers there, and it didn't -- >> sean: only one, and the guy didn't do his job. >> weapons. okay. assault weapons were banned and the mother who was speaking there, that in no way reflects from what i have seen of suburban moms, they are massively in favor of going back to the assault weapons ban. >> sean: if you have evil in your heart, i hate to say this. years and years ago on this very program. go to the internet, the anarchist cookbook teaches you how to make bombs. you've banned ar-15s. i own a number of them. but then the guy's gonna come in
10:33 pm
with 30, you know, pistols, semiautomatic pistols, and he's just going to fire nonstop with that. there's no end to this. >> yeah, that's right. i was in the white house when the last assault weapons ban expired, and we didn't see a big impact on crime with this ban. the fact is that bans don't work because the people committing the crimes are criminals -- we have a quarter of a million guns that are stolen around this country every year and used for crimes, and if you look at the 300 people that have been killed so far in baltimore, wasn't a mass shooting. it was a shooting one at a time and a lot of those victims are black. a lot of those guns are used, obviously in the commission of at least one crime, and that's murder. so if we look at the real problem, thousands of people who are dying by gunshot wounds around this country, i would like to focus on that. why are these cities -- >> sean: that is a question for austan.
10:34 pm
you work -- there's been 24,000 shootings since obama took president. became the president. 5,000 plus dead in chicago. that's your hometown. do law-abiding citizens there, shouldn't they have a right to have a gun to defend themselves. i would assume you believe in that, right? >> the question is not whether they would ban -- >> sean: i asked the question. do they have the right to protect themselves like politicians and hollywood stars? >> the largest -- >> sean: do they have a right to protect themselves? >> the largest number of gun deaths are suicides. we ought to be looking. >> sean: you're not answering my question. >> i'm trying to answer your question, sean. >> sean: 24,000 shootings in your city. do law-abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves against this war that's right outside their houses? >> they clearly do have the right to protect themselves. >> sean: they should have a
10:35 pm
right to have a gun, thank you. >> they do have a right to a gun. it doesn't mean they have a right to every gun. they are not allowed to buy automatic weapons. it's a question of should assault weapons -- >> i'm glad that austan agrees with the second amendment is alive and well, and we should be able to own firearms, not just for security, but for whatever reason we want, as long as it's for legal activity. i'm for it. >> sean: coming up, the left is talking climate hysteria, taking it to a whole new level. one democratic candidate saying we may have to get rid of private car ownership. it's getting insane. more insane. later, we are hoping, and we sent lawrence jones to area 51. he might've been, well, taken hostage by aliens. we'll find out as the show progresses. ♪ [ orchestral music playing ]
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♪ >> sean: all over america today, across the world, millions flooded the streets of major cities demanding action on climate change. all this, must delight the 2020 democrats who appeared on conspiracy television. msdnc, their climate forum. they put their extremist ideas on full display. good luck running on this in 2020. take a look. >> would you favor expanding the asylum categories, which are enumerated to include a category for people that are specifically pushed out by climate? >> yeah, i think that's absolutely something we have to look at. i would be positively disposed to that. >> i mentioned we might not own our own cars. our current car usage model is really inefficient and bad for
10:41 pm
the environment. >> sean: no cars, no planes. it got worse. joining us for reaction, herman cain and marc morano. good to see you both. herman, you watched this today. i can go through the list of the insane things they propose, we already know no cars, no oil, no gas, no planes, no cows, but every thing else is free. >> let me say, you named this show liberal lunacy, which is exactly what it is. liberal lunacy. none of these lunatic ideas by any of these democrat presidential wannabe candidates will work. secondly, they will probably never pass. you're not going to have that many crazy people in the house and senate. in order for them to sign it. that's just not practical. all of this hysteria about the atmosphere, some of them are being scared into believing in this stuff. i read one of the articles today. i read one of the articles today.
10:42 pm
since the end of the industrial revolution, the beginning of it, the atmosphere has warmed up 1 degree celsius. that's not a crisis. if you go back even further, you'll find out that the temperature of the atmosphere runs in cycles. >> sean: marc, you spent a lot of time writing and reading and researching all of this. is any of this real? >> climate change? they are trying to claim the carbon dioxide -- it's not real. they are claiming beyond that, they are claiming that our emissions control, they are claiming government legislation can somehow alter storms, weather, temperatures, sea level, polar bears. it's them most absurd medieval witchcraft we've ever been exposed to. don't forget, at the salem witch trials, the judges were largely educated at harvard university, who believed that witches controlled the weather.
10:43 pm
they now believe that our suvs -- >> sean: you mean they don't? >> plastic straws. >> sean: wait a minute, herman told me that the witches control the weather. i didn't know that. let me ask this. >> if they believe in area 51, maybe they'll believe that. >> sean: that's true. we'll get to that in a minute. herman, there's an agenda behind this, and the idea is they claim the ice age is coming, we're going to melt. neither of those predictions came true, so now it's about climate change. if it gets hot, cold. what they really want, it's all predicated on getting rid of capitalism, isn't it? the pillaging of the planet for profit, if you will. >> here's the agenda. scare people to death with this witchcraft. scare people to death with things they cannot prove. that's what's going on. they don't have one tangible idea that the typical voter can go and verify on their own behalf.
10:44 pm
that's why they are jumping on this lunatic -- the earth is on fire, fear tactic they are using out there. that's their objective, to sky y and scare enough people to vote for them. >> sean: when we come back, all right, alien enthusiasts have descended in nevada in the desert, to storm area 51. lawrence jones, if he hasn't been abducted, will give the report, next. ♪ nock an arrow, and disappear. this is what you live for. it's your season. now save on all your opening day essentials during the outdoor traditions sale at bass pro shops and cabela's.
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now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. ♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie. new yornew york city mayor bill de blasio has ended his 2020 democratic bid for president but he made the announcement on friday during an appearance on msnbc. in his interview, he said in part "it simply was not my time."
10:49 pm
the blogs you entered the race in may, failed to gain any traction. his poll numbers never reached higher than 1%. many new yorkers did not support his run, as they felt he spent more time on the campaign trail than here at home, dealing with issues in the city. while students take to the streets urging lawmakers to take action on climate change, the global climate strike was held ahead of monday's u.n. climate action summit. it drew over 1 million youth activists from across the country and around the world be of the protests were partially inspired by the activism of swedish teenager greta thornbu thornburg, an outspoken activist. and at least four people are dead and 15 others injured tonight following a tour bus crash in utah. if this happened on friday. the mayor, the national park about 3 miles south of national city, causing the bus to slam into a guardrail. officials say 30 people were on board.
10:50 pm
i'm aishah hasnie. now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: it all started as an internet joke that ended up getting global attention. hundreds of alien hunters gathered in nevada near the government facility known as area 51. you might remember, he built a career on talking about this on an effort to "storm the military base." these people were reportedly detained. today, we sent lawrence jones to find out what the extraterrestrial believers were doing out in the desert. we hope he's not been abducted. take a look. ♪ >> why are you here? are you here for scientific reasons? >> here for scientific reasons. we are here for the aliens. >> i want to hear about the
10:51 pm
alien liberal agenda. they put out some good talking points. we don't know. >> when did you first discover you are an alien? >> 1984. >> ehh. >> what is on your hat? >> this is to protect my mind from interference of any kind. >> any actual aliens? >> not yet, but we are hoping. >> are you going to storm area 51? >> hopefully. i want to. >> have you guys had any interactions with the outside world? >> today, no. yesterday, also no. kind of. we had some weird dreams the night before. >> sean: joining us now from nevada. he is our official 2020 on the ground reporter, and investigative reporter, as well. lawrence jones. glad to see you have not been abducted. i'm looking at this, these are real believers.
10:52 pm
i don't have a problem with it. at all. i don't know the majesty of god's creation. we know there's universes with universes. i just don't know. >> hey, sean, i am in hiko, nevada. at the alien research center. earlier today, we had the opportunity to talk to some people. some people believe it and some people wanted to just have a good time. area 51 is actually -- >> sean: the spaceship, i think -- lawrence, what is that behind you? looked like a spaceship for a minute, but i guess it's a car. >> you've got all type of stuff behind us. everybody's trying to go in and see aliens. again, a lot of these people believe it. a lot of these people are like the comic-con crew who just want to have a good time. it was over 2,000 people at the first event that we were at today, so they are keeping coming on in, sean. >> sean: i mean, the thing they believe, and i watched
10:53 pm
enough of the history channel et cetera. nat geo has a whole special i watched on area 51 once, i love documentaries. i want to know what other people think. but they really believe, a lot of people, that there are ufos, unidentified flying objects, and people have landed from other planets, and they claim to have been abducted. did you meet any of those people? >> i met some of those people. i met some people who today said that ever since they've been here, they felt the ground shaking, and they feel like it's because they are so close to the facility that they are getting all this interference. one lady believes that her parents is actually aliens. you have one lady that said that she allegedly worked at area 51 and she knows this stuff to be true. so a lot of people with conflicting experience. some people just want to drink and have a good time. >> sean: lawrence, thank you. when we come back, wow, what a shoot out. matt gaetz, al sharpton.
10:54 pm
he called him out to his face. we have the tape straight ahead. ♪ when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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>> all right. as we continue, the reverend al sharpton has a long career of inflaming tensions in the country. watch. >> you ain't nothing. come and do something. [inaudible] reverend sharpton was on capitol hill to participate in a hearing on police practices. congressman matt gates of
10:59 pm
florida gave him a chance to answer. here's how it went down. >> jo scarboro condemned the n.views of sharpton. his resolution began by saying he called jews blood sucking jews and jews bastards. so is it true or did you not say those things? >> they're patently untrue. >> neil: and jo scarboro said you called them diamond merchant. >> wow. thanks for being with us. monday night. we have an exclusive interview
11:00 pm
with the vice president. we will never be the media mob. have a great weekend. thanks for being with us. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. every day is climate protest day, let's face it. we're broadcasting miles away from a place where a seattle police officer says he and dozens of others were exposed to dangerous toxins. that site was the site of a t homeless encampment that they were charged with cleaning up. we'll bring you the details on that shocking story. and climate bill. they took to the streets across the country.. so we sent an actual scientist in the middle of it with a camera. and it's friday. so of course,


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