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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 21, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the rose garden. an incredible week, in graham angle staff bringing you angles on every store you don't hear anywhere else, have a wonderful weekend, fire flag and shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: this is a fox news alert, new information about the phone call that inspired a whistleblower to complain about donald trump. a member of the intelligence community, involve the request from the president that his counterpart in ukraine investigate allegations about joe biden and his son. the president and former vice president firing back as the democrat front runner faces allegations regarding his son in the possibility of a new
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investigation on that front as the president goes about diplomatic business with the australian prime minister. a state dinner outfitted with all the trimmings. since the whistleblower story broke two nights ago, there has been plenty of speculation but we are separating fact from fiction. as a senior at ministration official warns the media is overplaying its hand again. >> reporter: we were hoping donald trump would take a few questions but tonight was all about pomp and circumstance, the state dinner honoring the australian prime minister. dignitaries from the united states and australia gathered under the rose garden toasting, talking about common interests between countries but reporters focused on the whistleblower complaint. the wall street journal reports not only was the a with vladimir
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zelinski but trump pressured him to work with rudy giuliani on a probe targeting joe biden's son hunter. the younger biden had business ties to ukraine at one point. he said they did not appear to be a quid pro quo from the president to his counterpart. here's what the president said about this earlier today. >> joe biden and his family? >> doesn't matter what i discussed, the partisan whistleblower. >> reporter: rudy giuliani, the president's friend and personal attorney took in august meeting with an aid to the ukrainian leader. week later the trump white house started to take a second look at the status of $250 million in foreign aid to ukraine, those have been released to the country, giuliani said he did not know about the funds during the time of his meeting. >> did you ask ukraine to investigate joe biden?
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>> know, i asked the ukraine to investigate the allegations there was interference in the election of 2016 by the ukrainians for the benefit of hillary clinton for which -- >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. >> of course i did. >> reporter: democrats are furious. we caught up with congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. let's listen. >> i can't understand it. >> she calls the constitutional crisis, trump has a busy week at the united nations and on wednesday he is meeting with a certain leader, that leader happens to be the ukrainian president, vladimir zelinski, the man at the center of the story. shannon: correspondent peter
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doocy has reaction to this story from joe biden. peter reports from oxford, iowa. >> reporter: joe biden going to bed with his son as donald trump asks for help with hunter biden's business with ukraine under a microscope. >> not one credible outlet has given any credibility, not one single one. i have no comment. >> some democratic rivals say they have biden's back and donald trump should layoff. >> where are the merits? leave joe biden alone as far as collaborating with a foreign government. >> reporter: as harris tried to help biden, bill diblasio is giving up on trying to catch him. >> i wish i had more time or resources. >> reporter: donald trump to use his hometown mayor, quote, really made political news, the biggest story in years.
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bill diblasio pulling in a solid 0 and had tremendous room for growth, shocking, dropped out of the presidential race and devastated he is coming home. it was before and, by liberals who want to know what she raise taxes on the middle class. >> will taxes go up? >> here is the thing. >> i listen to you a few times before. >> reporter: that answer didn't impress pete buttigieg. >> senator warren is known for being straightforward and was extremely evasive when asked to that question. >> reporter: warren is holding back has biden is trying to prove the caucus goers he is an open book. >> you got it. taking pictures of my notes here. tax cuts for homeowners, like energy star windows which are made by pillow windows, extending tax credits to electric vehicles. >> joe biden is betting caucus
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goers care more about climate change than allegations that anybody named biden had a conflict of interest in business dealings with ukraine because this is one of the rare subject biden does not seem to want to give a lengthy answer to. >> joe biden is long maintained his son hunter's business dealings in ukraine had no impact on his policy like threatening to hold back $1 billion in loan guarantees during the obama administration in exchange for the removal of a prosecutor named victor. when biden was vice president he told the atlantic about this episode, quote, the ukrainian president, i pushed him on getting rid of a corrupt prosecutor general, committed $1 billion, i said you are not getting your billion dollars, that story complicated by the fact that biden's son hunter, a business partner at another firm were reportedly part of a broad
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effort to bring in well-connected democrats during a period the company was facing an investigation not just by domestic ukrainian forces but by officials in the obama administration, that according to the new york times. we talk about with former advisor to george w. bush, brad blakeman. welcome to both of you. let's start with this ms. former vice president biden issued a statement talking about the president. this behavior is particularly at lawrence. donald trump should release the transcript of the call in question. a senior administration official is telling us he might do that because the media is overplaying what this was. >> of the administration
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official read these documents it is in the president's interest released him he should. i have a problem with that even if it is exculpatory to the president because you have an unnamed faceless bureaucrat who subjected his interpretation of presidential communication with a foreign government subjecting his own personal bend on it to a constitutional figure. the president of the united states. this is unheard of. i don't want to set a precedent for it. >> isn't that what whistleblowers are supposed to do if they have a concern? the framework in place for the inspector general in the intel community. >> that is the problem. how did this complaint get out into the public? hurt our foreign policy, the president's ability to conduct it and this is the chicken and the egg. which came first? joe biden by his own admission bribing the ukrainians. they are not going to get the money that is due them unless and until a prosecutor investigating his son was fired
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and the ukrainians got the money. i cautioned democrats be careful what you wish for. start another witchhunt? the president will be victorious again. shannon: regardless where this goes with the biden story he has to answer the questions about that, doesn't dredge this up from the past, the wall street journal says according to their source mister trump did not mention a provision to ukraine on the call, the person who didn't believe he offered the ukrainian president any quid pro quo on any investigation. of that place out to be true this is much ado about nothing it sounds like. >> there were concerns raised by this whistleblower, we don't know anything about this whistleblower, we don't know there are any political motivations. we do know there was a promise made in this call to raise an alarm with an intelligence official so much so it directed them to go through their
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channels, to raise concerns to investigators at the dni's office so this is playing out the way it should if that agency, we need to get to the bottom of this. heather: the complaint and transcript of the call, there is some national security interest and we won't -- lots of black lines written in it. sean davis is the latest media manufacture scandalous trump needs to be impeached because he told a foreign mediterranean corruption, joe biden bragged on camera about bribing ukraine to fire prosecutor mitigating his son's company, he should be prosecuted. >> i think democrats are going down another slippery slope. something like adam schiff who is totally unbelievable, he said they had evidence the president colluded with the russians, he had no evidence in the president was fully cleared of any collusion charges. democrats want to harp on a new york times story that the new
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york times debunked just a week ago that had no factual basis to a story. i think democrats should proceed with caution. shannon: will a lot of folks feel like the boy who cried wolf, we don't know which the stories will be true or panama be the bombshell it is presented to be? >> i never called for this president to be impeached. i'm a pretty reasonable democrat. we need to see where the evidence leads. to get everything out in the open. let's make sure a president of the united states isn't requesting the assistance of a foreign government to attack a political opponent. shannon: weather is biden or trump making the request. we all agree on that. thank you, have a great weekend. canada's leftist prime minister appears to be weathering the storm and going on offense amid his blackface scandal. any comparisons with the virginia governor ralph northrom scandal are inappropriate because of our country's history of racial division and trudeau holding onto canadian public
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support. trudeau won't d neither are more blackface voters out there, trying to put controversy behind them by taking on canadian gun owners. >> we will ban military style assault rifles and start a buyback program for all military grade weapons that were legally purchased. shannon: a gun owner traveling 3 hours to aurora, colorado to challenge 2020 residential candidate beto o'rourke on his mandatory a are 15 buyback proposal saying his confiscation plan would only hurt law-abiding gun owners like her. >> i'm here to say hell no, you're not. i have four children, cannot defend myself with a stick. >> i heard the same person you heard. do i care more about families who lost a child, the parent of a 17-month-old baby shot in the face. those are the emotions i care about.
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>> the governor countered that self-defense is a right we have but shall not be infringed in america. donald trump nominating a slew of judges trying to post on california-based federal court was the white house ramping up efforts to shape the judiciary after hitting a milestone earlier this month with the confirmation of the 150th federal judge since donald trump took office, two nominations for the ninth circuit court of appeals. are more us troops headed to the middle east and what is the plan for getting out of afghanistan? former ambassador to that country coming up next. - in the last year, there were three victims
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the pentagon >> of fox news alert the pentagon deploying more troops and military equipment to the middle east in an uptick in
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american forces overseas. jillian turner has a look at why the trump administration is making the move. >> the secretary of defense announced deployment of hundreds of troops in response to attacks on saudi oil facilities last weekend confirming the weapons used in those attacks were produced in iran. donald trump, self of out war skeptic faces the start process of multiple military conflict looming in one region and digging in when he is reverted to pulling out. >> the president approved the.of us forces which are defensive in nature and focus on arab and missile defense. >> he insists the move is defensive and took care to check out the pentagon agreed to send troops and military hardware only after the kingdom requested support. >> we accelerate the delivery of
12:19 am
military equipment to saudi arabia and the uae to announce their ability to defend themselves. >> reporter: time on other allies saying they need to step up and condemn these attacks. >> the international community has a responsibility to protect the global economy and international rules and norms. >> reporter: it came with a disclaimer. donald trump's assurance the us doesn't want war, never has. the president claimed he's making progress on his commitment to bring 5000 soldiers home from afghanistan. >> we are reducing in afghanistan, we have been very effective. >> is keeping a range of options in his back pocket. >> if we wanted to do a certain method of war we can do it very quickly. tens of millions of people would be killed. >> reporter: the pentagon spokesperson, the mission in afghanistan hasn't changed and
12:20 am
contradicted donald trump's claim the troop levels of decreased. >> the debarment of the fence has not been ordered to draw down forces. >> reporter: the president and congress have to contend with the fallout over stalled peace talks with the taliban and. donald trump invited and canceled a meeting with camp david, negotiations had a wall and taliban fighters ratcheted attacks on afghan and americans. shannon: thank you. with no formal plan to wrap up us involvement in afghanistan let's talk about a with our former ambassador to that country joining us to discuss the options whatever they may be. great to have you with us. i want to point out something the congressman who chairs the house foreign affairs committee said after a behind the scenes briefing, after the briefing was crystal clear the war would end only with the diplomatic settlement, not a military campaign and said negotiations with the talent and seem abhorrent but are necessary.
12:21 am
is that the only way out? >> clearly you are not going to have a military victory to end this insurgency. that's been established for years. it would have to be a political settlement. the military can accept the conditions. talking to the taliban and without the afghan government in the room is a huge mistake, i was against those talks from the beginning and now relieved to some degree, the president put a stop to them. we are talking to the taliban and the afghan government is involved we are delegitimizing the government we supported for years. how do we think we are going with this. revokes the paris peace talks on vietnam, talks on an american surrender. you are going nowhere good if you are only talking to those who seek power and not those who with our help already have. shannon: the president talked about how we are drawing down, he made it clear he wants our
12:22 am
men and women to come home but if you leave without a deal, here's what david schapiro said on an opinion piece, he was a state department official at the height of the iraq war and advisor to the obama campaign, he said the taliban, we left without a deal, we certainly reject the afghan government which they consider a us puppet, would refuse any political process and would seek to overrun kabul and reestablish an islamic state. >> that is exactly right. we should never have entered into those negotiations. the president put a stop to it. we need to return to some kind of political process on a different basis. we have to have the afghan government upfront. of the taliban won't deal with that we have to wait until they are ready to deal but we shouldn't think we are losing this war. the afghan government is not. 34 provinces in afghanistan. do you know how many provincial
12:23 am
capitals are in taliban control? nice round number, it is 0. they have a lot of desert, they can mount successful attacks but they are not controlling territory to any significant degree. when i left couple we had 100,000 troops. now we have 14,000. the material balanced on the ground, we are not in a bad place. we don't have to turn ourselves into losers coming into a defeated country as in vietnam but we have to stop this rush for the exits. >> a piece in the financial times talks about isis gaining traction in afghanistan. look at isis and the taliban and and the offshoots from those groups, what is the bigger greater danger? is it possible to assess?
12:24 am
>> you've gone through an inventory of characters, they are all there, they are all bad. that is why we have core national security interests. we need to be on the ground. he doesn't need to get it wrong. when he laid out the afghan policy at the time, we are governed by conditions. remember that. afghanistan gave us the worst disaster we have seen on american soil in our entire history. we don't want to hand it back to the people who did that. shannon: thank you for coming in tonight. millions around the globe skipping school today, not were super worried about the environment, we report on that next. he'd be proud of us.
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about one of the most gruesome stories in a long time, officials talking about the discovery of 2000 and feel remains in a garage where a recently deceased abortion doctor. >> we are going to bring our babies home. >> reporter: indian's attorney general announcing the hoosier state is beginning the task of transporting 2246 fetuses discovered in an abortion doctor's garage back to indiana. >> it is new territory. >> reporter: records attached to the fetuses indicate they were aborted between 2000, and 2002, one of his three abortion clinics. he stored each fetus in a plastic bag with medical grade preservatives and more than 70 boxes in his illinois garage. authorities insist his family was unaware until they made the gruesome discovery after his death on september 3rd. one man tells fox news his mother always wondered what was in the boxes.
12:30 am
>> he would say that and to come to know that is what it really is is truly appalling. >> one pro-life group claims 20 women have reached out questioning if there fetus is one of them. >> to find out the babies were stored in this man's garage, should clean up their experience all over again. >> reporter: one of the clicks were 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg is mayor. >> i find that news out of illinois extremely disturbing. it is important that be fully investigated. i also hope it doesn't get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to healthcare. >> reporter: the statement earlier this week the white house wrote a full investigation is needed to determine whether crimes were committed and if anyone else was involved. the doctor's license was suspended in 2016 in part for record violations and
12:31 am
investigators seized more medical records from a few locations including the clinic in south bend, indiana. those records reveal crimes by anyone else the result could be criminal charges. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders unveiling a new ambitious plan to combat homelessness topping the countdown to 2020. sanders's housing for all comes with a $2.5 trillion price tag over ten years to build rehabilitate 7.4 million affordable housing units among other projects. his plan your rent increases. sanders plans to pay for the plan with a wealth tax. hedge fund manager leon cooperman of omega advisors claimed the bear market dropping 25% would result if elizabeth warren becomes president calling the policies counterproductive and negative. spiritualist and democratic
12:32 am
candidate marianne williamson floating mandatory year of service to combat climate change for everyone 18-26 years old, the service would be to fix the climate and, quote, the repair of our nation. beto o'rourke instagraming his car trouble, under his red minivan to free attire that have gotten stuck. o'rourke known for streaming his personal adventures including trips to the dentist and the barber. not allowing washington dc to have two senators is racist according to one activist, we debate both sides next. marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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12:37 am
>> reporter: the term climate justice has become a way for activists to frame global warming is a moral and human rights issue rather than an environmental one. a lot of the protests were organized by the website which has a lot of information about climate justice. it lays out what is called the people demands, things like keeping fossil fuels in the ground, moving to 100% renewable energy by 2030, rejecting any solutions from corporations and promoting argot ecology, community-based farming without chemicals or pesticides and if you dig a little deeper you will find it also calls for fundamental balancing of authority including a focus on gender equality in farming and indigenous people. tens of thousands of students around the world skipped school to march for action on climate change saying adults are ignoring the destruction of the planet. >> it is unbelievable and startling to know how little
12:38 am
time we have to reverse the damage. >> climate change is julie: that is in getting the attention it deserves in the government and if we don't act soon, a serious crisis will be on our hands. >> reporter: a young girl from sweden has become the face of climate change. she has been protesting in her home country the last few years. earlier this week she testified before congress and now she is warning world leaders gathered for monday at un climate summit that they need to act. >> the eyes of the world will be on them. they have to prove that they too are united behind the science. they have a chance to take leadership, to prove they actually hear us. do you think they hear us? we will make them hear us. >> at the un summit on monday the secretary-general will ask
12:39 am
more world leaders to present realistic plans for their countries to be at that 0 emissions by 2050 giving them an extra 20 years beyond the deadline set by those seeking climate justice. shannon: thank you. this is the fox news alert, washington dc police looking for suspects after separate shootings left two people dead and 7 injured. the district deals with an uptick in crime and rampant corruption, democrats are leading a new charge for statehood. senior capitol hill producer chad program looks at this issue. >> reporter: every state get two statues but washington dc is in the state so it only gets one. this is frederick douglas. he was a noted abolitionist and lived in washington dc and if washington dc becomes a state it will be known as washington douglas commonwealth. liberals support statehood for
12:40 am
dc. democratic michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib says he will find american flag bearing 51 stars outside her capitol hill office. >> to deny the statement of the district of columbia is to deny the impact of slavery in america. >> reporter: republicans oppose making dc estate. at the first hearing on the see statehood in 25 years. congress cannot admit these he is a state legislatively. if you want to change it there is a remedy and it requires amending the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: the geographic dimensions of the district of columbia are spelled out in article 1 section 8 of the constitution. it specifically outlines a federal district not exceeding 10 miles square to serve as the seat of government of the united states. here's the problem for dc. it has no vote on the house floor and now senators. it is not a state so it can't. the city has no vote in congress and its residents pay federal
12:41 am
taxes. >> for the people of dc taxation without representation is more than just a catchy hashtag or bumper sticker slogan. >> reporter: some conservatives question the wisdom of further empowering dc public officials. dc city councilmember charles allen proposed reading 600 violent felons from jail. then dcs reputation for official corruption. >> we cannot and should not ignore these facts. >> another important factor republicans is it is almost a foregone conclusion that dcs loan house member in two senators under statehood would be democrats. >> it is important to understand why congress, alaska and hawaii just months apart in 1959. one state could be democratic, the other republican. over time, things changed, alaska emerged as the republican state and hawaii as a democratic state. the compromise still worked.
12:42 am
>> in dc ready for statehood. the new republic argues the argument against dc statehood is rooted in racism. let's talk about it with jason nichols who lectures at the university of maryland and jerome murdoch is a fox news contributor. welcome to you both. the senate is broken, washington dc statehood can save it. why do dc residents languish as second-class citizens in our own country while the senate runs further and further to the right without a popular mandate? it is racism. >> i don't think it has to do with race at all. some years ago, a democrat congressman from michigan who happens to be white said he was opposed to dc statehood and said nobody in dc change the columns of the capital and can leave whenever they want, no accused him of being racist. i don't think it has to do with race. there was a partisan concern that you see, you have two democratic senator that it to
12:43 am
the u.s. senate and i like the idea of 50 states, 50 stars on the flag. >> congressman rashida tlaib is flying a flag with 51 stars. here's the gallup polling on this. do you favor or oppose dcs it, favorite 29%, of those 64%, no opinion 8%. a lot of people to persuade. >> we should talk to the dc residents was one of our revolutionary principles was no taxation without representation and it seems we have taxation without representation in places a majority of people of color, you quoted john dingell, i will quote ted kennedy who said the only reason dc is not a state is because it is too black and too democratic. to me that is not a reason to deny american citizens their constitutional right to representation.
12:44 am
>> you think there could be a solution to the taxation without representation issue. >> i'm sympathetic to this idea of no taxation without representation. what i suggest is we leave dc's status await his but make dc citizens exempt from federal income tax so they don't have to pay federal income tax. i think it is an excellent compromise. mitch mcconnell should bring that to the senate floor and make every democrat vote on the proposal. shannon: maybe if they change it, federal taxes, i will move back in. great cost savings with the city councilmember in dc has proposed something that would allow folks to get out of jail earlier were convicted of various crimes. dc councilmember charles allen proposed a second amendment act of 2019 which would allow violent felons to get out of prison early even if they haven't had a parole hearing and would prevent a judge from considering the nature of the crimes they had committed. allen f dangerous gambit this
12:45 am
writer puts it, would result in more violent crime. i will get you to weigh in on whether that is a good idea or not. >> we have to start the conversation by saying it doesn't guarantee relief. guarantees a thorough judicial review and what it does, judges will look at rehabilitation and incentivizes rehabilitation. we know that when it comes to the part of the brain that controls impulses that actually doesn't develop until the mid-20s. anyone on the college bar knows that for a fact. we have seen 18 people released under the ir aaa, the existing law and of the 180 every offended. many of them are mentors in the community. it could possibly be lowered instead of 20 years to 15 years and when we look at the exonerations that happened in
12:46 am
this country there have been 367 since 1989 and the average was 14 years into the sentence. shannon: a quick final comment. >> my concern, i am for criminal justice reform for people who are not violence, including 583 people some of whom have been involved in gang rape some killing of a 7-year-old child and the judges are not allowed to determine if someone stabbed somebody once or 52 times, those stabbings could be brought into consideration. i don't think it is a good idea at all. shannon: thank you both for joining us late tonight. is it time to free britney spears 11 years later? you the jury decide.
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>> shannon: after just 11 days, the new engla >> after 11 days the new england patriot of cut ties with antonio brown who was released by the you can raiders facing sexual assault allegations by two women, brown is denying the accusations. time for night court.
12:51 am
britney spears parents in court. for the better part of decade britney spears's father jamie spears has been in control of her personal decisions. after successful world tours many fans say it is time to, quote, free britney. the mere fact this arrangement has gone on so long suggests she may still be vulnerable. david gibbs, resident and general counsel of the center for life and liberty and criminal defense attorney, welcome to you both. we are going to start with exhibit a from britney spears's longtime manager who says the conservatorship is not a jail. it helps britney make business decisions and manage her life in ways she can't do on her own right now. >> when in doubt the courts need to get out with one of the core elements of the american jurisprudence is we should be
12:52 am
able to self control our own lives. that is what we have under our constitution, that is what free citizens are given when the court sits for 10 years saying we will control your assets and decisions that is a very scary thing. it doesn't mean britney spears has to be the best decision maker. the question is should she be able to make her own decisions? many people say absolutely yes. >> that takes us to exhibit b, the la times says the legal oversight is highly unusual. conservatorships are designed to protect people who cannot take care of themselves but spears now 37 has worked nonstop over the course of her own producing four albums and going on many world tours. what do you make of it? >> the other part of the law is conservatorship is appropriate. when a person is subjected to undue influence. the courts have found based on
12:53 am
overwhelming amount of money and overwhelming amount of people coming at her like vultures, the very delicate mental health problem she had, she was easily subjected to undue influences, this came out in court with judges that are independent who said this conservatorship is necessary in her best interest because britney spears isn't just like everybody else. >> the antonio brown case, his lawyer is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault. mister brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit which he will pursue all legal remedies not only to clear his name but to protect other professional athletes against false accusations. he is going to be looking for a new job too. >> he absolutely is. we are in the classic he said she said but when victims come forward against powerful people,
12:54 am
celebrities or others it takes a great deal of courage and we don't want false accusations in these situations, we need to recognize what is being alleged is indeed true in these victims need to be supported, law enforcement needs to assist them and we need to understand it is difficult for them to sit out and assert these claims. >> our legal system is built on presumption of innocence so as this plays out the patriots had no choice but to release antonio brown not because of a crisis of conscience but because brown left them no choice. series allegations against the receiver continue to mount, the distractions reached proportions. >> as a business decisions they can make the sad reality is i was a person who prosecuted these cases for many years and the person who led a prosecutorial agency. it is true that most of the complaints that are alleged are accurate and truthful there is also a substantial amount where
12:55 am
those complaints turn out to be false and when you deal with a high profile public figure like i do in my defense practice, that is very concerning and it would concern me as well. prosecutors, not just the defense lawyer, she granted civil court to get money damages, gone to the police or gone to the prosecutors where she could have gotten punishment and major other women were protected from subjectivity and that is concerning to me because as a defense attorney, a big deal of that. julie: have made your cases, thank you very much, we now leave it to folks at home, you are the jury. but us know what you think on britney and antonio. time for the midnight hero, not the average swim team, members of the fish and wildlife conservation commission had to rescue four dolphins stuck in a neighborhood now, a busy st. petersburg bridge trapped them
12:56 am
in, and interfered with her sense of navigation with a human chain guide the dolphins out, watching them swim under the bridge on the way home. those great biologists, selfless swimmers and volunteers, you are all our midnight heroes, see you back here monday, have a great weekend.
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