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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 21, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ once you start me up, i'll never stop. ♪ you can start me up. ♪ you can start me, up i'll never stop. >> i'm trying to do the robot. i don't think i'm very good. this is not the right song for the robot. >> maybe it's not the right song to do the robot. >> i was saying it seems like a good time for the robot. people at home, are you doing the robot. >> maybe the baby wants to do the robot. >> happy saturday, everyone. >> great to be with everyone. >> happy saturday. it's going to be back, filling in for pete. i feel like i've got a challenge
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to something, now that i'm sitting in this couch. >> do it. bring it on, my friend. >> pete's in israel. he's been all over the election. he's filming a special for fox nation. we have a lot of news breaking overnight. this story in washington is heating up. the political battle over a secret which is l he'l whistlebt that is escalating. >> democrats warning of a national security threat. >> mark meredith is live in washington with the fallout. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning there are a lot of questions about what president trump may have said to the president of ukraine during a phone call in july. this after the wall street journal reported friday that president trump repeatedly pressed ukraine's leader to investigate joe biden's son, hunter biden, and his connection with the ukrainian national gas company. the journal's story says, quote, mr. trump in the call didn't mention a provision of usa to ukraine, didn't believe the usa offered the ukrainian president
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any idea pr quid pro q. o. this comes after a national security employee complained to the intelligence inspector general about some comments from president trump saying this complaint is serious and urgent. president trump feels differently. >> it's a partisan whistleblower. shouldn't even have information. i've had conversations with many leaders. they're always appropriate. >> reporter: joe biden remains on top of most of the 2020 presidential polls and could be the candidate to face off against president trump next year. on the trail on friday, the former vice president called the allegations against his son baseless. >> not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion. not one single one. and so i have no comment except the president's -- >> reporter: the controversy is likely to continue into next
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week as the president heads to new york for tun an the u.n. ans expected to meet face-to-face with ukraine's leader. >> i spoke with a senior administration official yesterday. he gave me information. basically, this person has seen the transcript of the phone call that mark is talking about between president trump and the ukraine president of which the wall street journal said there are eight occasions where the president said there are eight jokeseoccasions where he asked o do something with the investigation. the bottom line is, the senior administration official told me i hope that the white house releases the transcript of the call because when people see it, they might think it's messy, there was wheeling and dealing, but there's nothing -- there's no there, there, the official told me and this will quiet down. i wo wonder maybe why the presit is saying you're getting spun up in this but it's nothing. >> he looked cool, calm and
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collected. if there was quid pro quo, that would be a story. everywin is rushing to -- everyone is rushing to impeachment talk. joe biden, everyone was going back to this 2018 appearance before the council on foreign relations that joe biden gave and he described outwardly threatening to withhold foreign aid from the ukrainian government unless the fire the prosecutor that happened to be investigating corruption in a natural gas firm where his son was on the board of directors. now, that is something that -- whether or not president trump should be the one advocating for an investigation and going and speaking t ukrainian officials about the investigation, that is something joe biden should not want front and center an sense t should probably have been investigated. i don't think this is an impeachmenimpeachmentable offenn what we know. the question is, does that need
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to be investigated and does joe biden get to brush that off. >> he's going to get a lot more questions as he continues on the trail in iowa today. to your point, ed, you know presidential leader communications are among the most sacred. that's why matt whitaker is talking about maybe this is a lot of spinning up about leaking. watch. >> they tried to get the information to the democrats on cap toocapitol hill and tried to it the washington post. it's funny to me that really what's a foreign policy disagreement, the president has such broad latitude on how he manages the foreign affairs of our country, these people disagreed with how the president approached it so they took ill legitimate means by filing a whistle blower complaint, the prime example of where the deep state tried to use an illegitimate tool to throw up a smoke screen to distract people from how good things are going.
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>> nobody has the facts. we can't say definitively oh, the president didn't do anything wrong. we can't say definitively he did do something wrong. none of us have seen the transcript of that phone call and yet democrats on the 2020 trail, they don't have the facts and they're already saying the "i" word, shockingly. watch. >> how it is possible that he has been consisten consorting ad collaborating with a head of state, we need a new commander in chief. >> it's clear, he doesn't have to follow the law, it's time for congress to step up and begin serious impeachment proceedings against this man. >> the president is using his office to strong-arm another country into investigating a political opponent. if that's true, that is certainly an impeachable offense. the congress should begin impeachment proceedings
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immediately against donald trump. >> so that's fascinating. julian castro, he said they should start impeachment immediately, if true. so they say this about practically -- if this is true we should -- and maybe they find out a week later it's not true or not quite the way it was reported and they never learn. >> you said before, you know, we don't have the facts, all the facts yet on this issue with president trump and obviously if there was quid pro quo, that will eventually come out and there will be an issue. we do have on tape joe biden outright saying the very thing that people are criticizing of president trump of doing. that doesn't bother anybody. so if it bothers you, i mean, if it bothers you that trump may have potentially done that, we don't have the facts, as impeachable but joe biden should somehow be president even though we have on tape that he actually
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did the thing -- has everybody lost their minds. >> i'm reporting on this week after week, calls for impeachment. i have to make sure i'm putting the correct offense. i put together a list. ukraine whistle blower complaint, obstruction of justice, russia, the mueller report, the list goes on of. really, it's i think fair to say, it's become a buffet of impeachable offenses that they're reaching for. >> you get to pick what you want. you want a little bit of this, a little bit of that. nancy pelosi said we went through the buffet and we couldn't impeach him. she's trying to claim that because of the justice department opinion that says you can't indict a sitting president, that's the real problem. so instead of impeachment perhaps they're going to change the law so they can throw a president in jail. watch. >> i do think we will have to pass some laws that will have clarity for future presidents.
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presidents should be indicted if committed of wrong doing. >> while in office. >> there is nothing anyplace that say the president should not be indicted. >> that's the justice department interprinterpretation. >> it's cooked up by the president's lawyers, that's what that is, so people will feel okay, if he does something wrong he should be able to be indicted. >> that sounds like somebody trying to explain to a political base why they haven't quote, unquote, held the president accountable. maybe it's because many of the allegations they've thrown out -- adam schiff saying for two years we have evidence of collusion but it's not there. so let's find a an excuse. oh, he's changed the law now. >> she's saying if he's committed a wrong-doing -- everybody on the campaign trail is like oh, ho. i wonder if the elizabeth warren
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wonders if -- they want joe biden out of the way too. >> i don't know if you saw this joe biden story. >> very convenient. >> let me tell you what i like. every time i come up to new york, the new york post never fails. >> there's an obituary on the front page. >> for bill de blasio's presidential campaign. let's check out a quote. the campaign always gave 100% and always polled at 1%. it is survived by hotel industry officials who expect favors from city hall and 8 million suffering new yorkers. in lieu of flowers, de blasio asks for donations to his slush fund. trump put out a tweet yesterday about it. i tweeted right above it saying this is one of my favorites. bill de blasio, i don't know a single person in new york that is excited about bill de blasio running any aspect of this city or any aspect of the country.
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>> pete buttigieg, as i understand it, as the mayor of south bend, indiana was out polling bill de blasio in the new york primary in the polling in bill de blasio's home state. if you can't win in new york get about geeingbuttigieg, you've g. we begin with a fox news alert. a police officer is dead and another wounded after a traffic stop turns into a chase. captain vincent latherdo junior killed in a shootout in louisiana. he served as a marine sergeant before joining the force. he leaves behind a wife and seven children. the governor tweeted our hearts go out to the officer's family and friends, the people of mandelville and the entire law enforcement community. ththe captain is the 31st officer killed in the line of duty this year. >> that's unbelievable.
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let's move to extreme weather. recommend nantsremnants of imeld historic flooding in texas. rescuers worked hours to free hundreds of people trapped in water. southeast texas slammed with 43 inches of rain. children were forced to spend the night in their classroom in houston. the teacher made a bridge of benches to the students could get to the cafeteria and have lunch. unbelievable. president trump demanding european countries take back captured isis fighters from their countries. if not he says l he'll dump them at their borders. >> we're asking that the countries from which they came, we're asking them to take back these prisoners of war and they can try them, do what they want so far, they've refused. at some point i'll have to say
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i'm sorry, you either take them back or we'll let them go at your border. >> roughly 10,000 terrorist fighters are detained in syria by u.s.-backed forces. president trump and first lady melania hosted the australian prime minister and his wife for a rare state dinner. the president said in part, i want to express my gratitude to america's magnificent first lady for tonight's evening where we celebrated more than a century of loyal and devoted friendship. the first lady stole the show in her gon gown by design rer desi. she has the best wardrobe in the world. a fox news alert, new details about that american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a plane with passengers on-board. now we learned he had isis videos on his phone. next, a warning for you from a former official with the transportation department.
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a fox news alert, an american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a plane packed with passengers pleading not guilty and denying all ties to isis. prosecutors say the suspect admitted to tampering with the jet to getting overtime but pointed to chilling details including isis videos on his phone and telling a coworker about his brother who he claimed is part of the terror group. this comes amid new terror threats against major u.s. cities. oliver mcgee joins us now to react. oliver, this is chilling stuff. >> oh, absolutely, griff. this is very chilling. i think we really need to start thinking about airports as national security installations in this post-9/11 p world and we really need to cast a wider net in airports from the curb through the passenger checkpoint
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and now onto the tarmacs near these aircraft. this pilot was essentially -- or this person, which is not under investigation -- >> mechanic. >> the mechanic was actually stuffing what we call a pg& petp tube, it's the bottom of the nose of the fuselage and it controls the air speed and altitude. the pilots are the heroes. they've got their indications, they basically ordered the take-off and this could have caused a catastrophic event in the takeoff of the aircraft. >> oliver, your former colleagues in the department of transportation, they're getting a wakeup call as are all of the officials across the federal government. the question now is remarks do they need to do? >> i think what the faa is doing is giving real good rule making notification. the rules are already in place,
3:19 am
for regulations on who has access to aircraft. and particularly pilots all across the airport space is now going to be looking more closely at this pete top tube to make sure it has not been tampered with, but also to look at how and who has access to the aircraft as it leaves the gate. we have to start screening baggage screeners and we have to start screening people who have access to fuel operations. all kinds of things that get to the test point of making sure you have a safe aircraft. i'm a hawk for transportation safety and security and particularly aircraft security because we can't have aircraft turned into weapons of mass destruction. >> how can we -- he allegedly had isis videos on his phone. how do we screen for that to keep a individual who poses a threat like that out of the airline industry? >> that's troubling. but the thing is, airline
3:20 am
operations and personnel are just like all of us in organizations including fox news. we have to find out who we're working with within our family and we have to meet with these family members in our working space every day. so this is all for us to be visionary and vigilant on looking around and if you see something, say something. if you know something, let someone else know. we have to know the backgrounds of people as we work with them but also the federal government and our leaders are looking closely at these safety and security issue as well. >> they are indeed. oliver, thank you very much for taking time on that chilling story. kamala harris falling behind in the polls had in her home state of california. coming in behind andrew yang in her struggle in the golden state. a sign of problems ahead? we'll ask a former candidate with experience running against her. that's next. ♪
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they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. some quick headlines for you. the owner of what's being called an antifa friendly bar is accused of allowing patients to use illegal weapons against conservative activists. the bar owner refused to kick out unrieuly customers and gave misleading information to police when a brawl broke out at the bar in may. a. a high school football game is canceled in north carolina after students showed support for president trump. school officials citing safety concerns ahead of a rally planned in support of cheerleaders who were punished for waving a trump 2020 flag at a game last month. over to you, ed. >> thanks.
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a few months ago, kamala harris was getting all the buzz for taking on joe biden and taking him to task over his record back at that first debate in miami. but now a new poll from her home state of california shows harris is the back of the pack. she's dropped into fifth place, polling at just 6% and, yes, even losing to andrew yang. is the california senator in trouble? our next guest has faced off against senator harris before running against her in the 2016 senate race. tom del vacarro joins us now. we were talking about bill de blasio and how here in his home of new york he was losing to pete buttigieg of south bend, indiana and now we see kamala harris losing in her own state. what's going on in this democratic primary. >> it's not surprising, she doesn't have much of a national presence. she's new on the scene.
3:26 am
usually when candidates drop like that, it's because they are new and don't have a strong base. here in california, it's her own fault. she's never really worked the state. i mean, look, dianne feinstein supports who? joe biden, not her. when she ran for attorney general she barely ran. it was handed to her. when she ran for u.s. senate, her and gay vin newsom came out -- gavin newsom came out with a deal. she got token resistance from other democrats. so she's never really worked to get into this office and so southern californians barely know her, it's a big state, she has a glass jaw which i talked about the last time i was on with everyone after pulse everyi gabbard got to her. >> we've seen with other senators where if they run for office too soon, back home they may feel like i thought you were
3:27 am
going to serve us, i didn't know you were going to vault to the national stage. what about the national station? on the first debate it appeared she, a, had the guts to take on joe biden directly but were her facts not exactly all there on the bussing issue? >> yeah, absolutely. she had a scripted response or you could tell she was prepared for this. the reason why she fell after with tulsi gabbard is because she can't go off-script because she's a bit of a light weight. i said she had a glass draw. she pushed foo too fa tour far e to the bussing issue and then she had a drop. in one poll she went from 27% support to 1%. she was exposed nationally. that's no excuse to be in fourth at home. if she had worked this state hard and developed like in southern -- she's from northern california. there's a rivalry with the
3:28 am
south. if she worked hard as a candidate and developed a strong base, maybe she falters somewhere else but there's no excuse for faltering at home. >> we put on the table that you're not a fan of her. but give me a scenario where maybe as a minority woman in this primary she could stage a comeback. >> she has to do -- anyone has to finish in the top four in iowa. she says she's going to go live there. she use an expletive to say that. she needs to do that. but don't count her out as a vice presidental candidate. she's good at fund raising. she's a woman of color. she's checks a lot of boxes for the democrats. she is so young, she'll be on the national stage for a while if she keeps her seat in california. >> she cited her law enforcement credentials, the idea of being the attorney general of the state, you obviously raise questions about her record. but she would argue i'm not sure that she's not just somebody that checks boxes.
3:29 am
we'll see if democratic primary voters buy into her arrestingment or not. we always appreciate your insights. hundreds of alien enthusiasts descending on nevada, storming area 51. >> trying to find the aliens. >> why would you ever miss this. >> the big question, will they find anything? and an as to an astronomer setse record straight. that is coming up. ♪ can my side be firm?
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well, it started as around internet joke and ended up getting global attention. hundreds of ufo enthusiasts gathering in a nevada desert this weekend and sharing the call of a now deleted facebook event, urging people to storm the mysterious military base known as area 51. to quote, unquote, find them aliens. >> lawrence jones went to find out what the extra terrestrial believers were doing out in the nevada desert. >> are you a real believer? >> i'm a real believer. after this, we're going to go storm area 51. >> so you're definitely going to storm area 51? >> yes, definitely. >> tell me about your first experience sighting an alien or ufo. >> i think this guy has --
3:34 am
>> i saw a ufo. i saw it 20 years ago. i saw it when i was in my backyard. i was a kid. >> you could be an alien? >> i might be. mom, is there something i need to know right now? >> why are you here? are you here for scientific reasons? >> here for scientific reasons. we're here for the aliens. >> you know, i want to hear about the alien agenda. >> when did you first discover you were an alien? >> 1984. >> we are newly to the planet. >> explain your hat. >> this hat is to protect my mind from interference of any kind. >> any aliens? >> not yet. we're hoping. >> are you going to storm area
3:35 am
51? >> probably. yeah, i want to. >> have you guys had any interactions with the outside world? >> today, no. yesterday, also no. well, kind of. we had some the night -- we had some weird experience the night before. >> you can't get any better than that. >> joining us now to discuss, senior astronomer at the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, dr. seth showstack. doctor, very entertaining package we just ran but, you know, is there really something that we should be looking at here? >> well, i think that the people that gathered for a kind of modern day flash mob party outside of area 51 might want to go down to the strip in las vegas, they would probably have just as much chance of finding aliens there. >> everybody makes fun of these, doctor. we see the footage. we see the costumes. it's entertaining. i'm not trying to anger any aliens here. i really want to know, when
3:36 am
people ask you this question seriously if this area 51 could be problematic if there is any legitimacy, concern about aliens, what do you say when you're trying to have a serious conversation about this with someone. >> i get that opportunity every day because people call me up and they see something in the sky. one-third of the american public believes our planet is being visited. obviously, i believe in extra terrestrial life. my job is to try and find it. i don't think, however that they're actually visiting earth but the story grew up over the course of the last several decades that the feds managed to scoop up some aliens, dead or alive, it's a little unclear, and has them stacked up and freeze dried and cataloged maybe at area 51, because area 51 is a top secret place. if you don't know what's in there, you can hypothesize, maybe it's aliens. >> doctor, can you also help us understand in all seriousness the navy put out a statement this week, they put out an
3:37 am
official statement based on clips of declassified military videos in which they say in a statement that it included, quote, unidentified aerial phenomenon. and some people read that to mean oh, they're confirming that there were ufos on these videos. what was really going on there? >> well, i think that's the triumph of hope over evidence. because, yes, the navy confirmed that these videos, which were shot in 2004, 2015, are authentic videos but that's like the fbi saying yes, there's a finger print here and it's a real finger print. that's not what you want to know. what you want to know is, were those alien craft that the cameras photographed. >> doctor, we're almost out of time. i want to ask you, what do you believe is inside that area 51. >> oh, i'm pretty of confident that what's inside area 51 is a test base for the air force. i mean, you develop a new military plane, you don't want
3:38 am
to fly it over the skies of new york. i mean, everybody will make photos of it and send them who knows where. you need a secret place, a safe place to test this kind of technology. yeah, there are secrets there. one of the people in my book club worked at area 51 and i asked her did you see any aliens and she said no. but lots of -- >> doctor, if you see any aliens, let them know i'm their friend, i'm on their side, i've got their back. >> listen, if they can come here, they can do whatever they want. >> come in peace. >> thanks, doctor. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> very interesting. turning to other headlines now. chaos at a shopping mall after a man crashed this suv right through a an entrance and kept on driving. very scary. >> stop! >> this is not happening right now. what the [bleep] >> i think that might be my
3:39 am
reaction too. you can see the car smashing through kiosks at store fronts at the suburban chicago mall. the driver got out the car and tried to run and was caught and held by shoppers until police took him into custody. police say there is no indication take this was terror related. a woman who encouraged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself over text messages is denied parole. michelle carter will serve her entire 15 month sentence for involuntary manslaughter. the massachusetts parole board saying, quote, ms. carter's self-serving statements and behavior leading up to and after his suicide appeared to be irrational and lacked sincereity. her lawyers claim the conviction violates the first amendment. new details about the patriots' decision to release antonio brown after one game. according to the atlantic, the owner, robert craft, was enraged
3:40 am
over reports that brown threatened one of his two sexual assault accusers. brown's lawyers he deny all accusations. >> why did they sign him in the first place? jennifer lopezs closes out milan fashion week with an updated look at her iconic grammy dress. ♪ >> oh, yeah, love it. work it, ja j-lo. the crowd going wild as she strutted herself in italy. she grabbed international attention when she first wore the dress on the grammy's red car t pet in 2000. that was one of my favorite looks. >> you really got into that. >> i love it. i loving j-lo, jenny from the block. >> i don't know. >> i wouldn't turn to rick for that. >> that was 20 years ago? >> i know. isn't that crazy. >> do you see how she looks? >> she looks fantastic. >> i'm just saying. all right, guys, let's talk
3:41 am
weather out there. this is where fall is, it's across areas of the west, not across areas of the east. theast is going to continue to bake for a number of days. high pressure is keeping things really dry and we have drought expanding across almost this entire area. big problems across the northern plains overnight. some spots around the grand forks area has seen up to 5 inches of rain and has caused significant flooding. we're going into fall now, with flooding again, which is what happened last year, which led to the very snowy winter, which led to the flood-prone spring, we're setting up for the same kind of pattern again. incredible rain. this front moves across parts of the central plains and some of the moisture from tropical storm imelda that brought the flooding into texas earlier this week, that's going to pull up across parts of the central plains and will cause flooding. we have flooding going on you across texas, because we had up to 40 inches of rain, that water is not gone yet.
3:42 am
all this moisture goes up here towards the plains and now we have flood concerns going on from parts of kansas, all the way towards area of wisconsin. so this is the bull's-eye today. will be severe weather along with this but flooding, and we can not catch a break across the central plains, from flooding that we've been dealing with you now since last winter. >> thanks, rick. students getting the okay to skip class to participate in those climate change protests around the world. but do young people really know what they're protesting? is this just a license for kids to skip class? our panel of millennials reacts, next. ♪ but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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time now for quick headlines. facebooks is suspended tens of thousand offs apps in the wake of the cambridge analytica scandal. 400 developers accessed data from millions of facebook users through apps while trying to influence u.s. elections.
3:46 am
and twitter also shutting down thousands of fake accounts to fight political spam. they say the accounts from six countries violated their policy on platform manipulation. millions across the country flooded the streets, protesting in the name of climate change and students right here in new york city followed along after getting the okay from officials to guess what, skip class. does this type of action actually do anything or is it just a hall pass for some kids to miss school? here to debate it is our millennial panel, robert patillo and david bernstein. thank you for being here. really appreciate it. joseph, i want to start with you. i was a dean, academic dean of a high school back in 2008 when the tea party rallies were going on. i don't remember any students getting a free pass to go and don't worry, you won't get in
3:47 am
trouble, go out and attend tea party rallies. >> i think civic involvement is an important thing. i think flooding the streets is another thing. if they were talking about second amendedment rights, i don't think they would have been given the same free pass. i think there are a lot of people under the age of 35 who believe climate change is a real thing. impart of an organization that tries to get conservatives to take the issue seriously. at the end of the day, most of the people on the streets had very little concept of the realistic approach to how to make sure we take the issue seriously. >> do they know what they're fighting for or are these just a bunch of panicked kids who are hearing talking points from the likes of aoc and they feel it's armageddon now if they don't get out there, that they need to get out there today and everybody's life is at stake. >> this is 157 countries
3:48 am
worldwide, 1.4 million people in the streets, protesting what is the threat of the generation and understanding that long after we at this table are dead, those children, those people who were in the streets yesterday will deal with the he effects of climate change. when you see texas under water, the bahamas flooded, the amazon on fire, we can't deny this. these people are not jus just sg there, they're bringing attention to this issue, a long pray digs of young people -- a long tradition of young people driving forward on social issues. >> there was the melting ice caps, global warming, cry matt change. i'm exhausted. do i need a brochure to follow so i can decide what to be panicked about next. >> the reason you're seeing people in the streets fighting on this issue is because this is a crisis. we first heard about climate
3:49 am
change. at the time, there was time to change the outcome. now, we're facing a pretty serious set of crisis. i think people need to focus less on the specific differences and different scientist's predictions about what's going to happen when because there's a lot of debate on that. what's happening and what's going to happen is very, very serious and it requires not just a little bit of i objec incremel approach from the government, it requires stakingrequires somethm everybody. we need to take serious action. it's not one of these times where youth of america will change via shrugging our shoulders. >> do you think the kids that a lot of the solutions that are presented would skyrocket energy costs, are not realistic, do they get there's not a practical solution being put forward. >> a bankrupt nation can't solve any problems. when you say the world is going to come to an end in 12 years, if you are trying to have a
3:50 am
carbon neutral america that means nuclear those be on the table. if you say you're going to ban everything from natural gas to hamburgers, that's not a realistic solution for america to lead on clean energy. >> i think it's important to have conversations like this. a college football fan goes viral with a sign asking for beer money on live tv and ends up with hundreds of thousands of dollars. you heard that right. wait until you hear what he actually does with it. he's coming up next. ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
it started as a college football fan's plea for beer money. everybody wants that. it became a game winning touchdown for a local children's hospital. carson king went viral after holding this sign at espn college game day, asking people to send him money for beer. guess what? people started doing it. >> when king announced he would donate it an iowa children's hospital, busch beer said and venmo said they would match contributions. >> joining us now is the sign sn holder himself and iowa legend, carson king. you wanted the money for one case of busch light. a fine beer indeed. you raised how much total money? >> with matched contributions we're at $822,000. >> starting with one case of beer and now over 800,000. >> yep. >> that includes -- tell us
3:55 am
where the donations came from. >> originally they came in from just people watching college game day. we shared some social media posts with my intentions which were to donate everything but the cost to cover one case of busch light to the university of iowa children's hospital. peel caught wind of it. they started donating. busch and venmo will now match whatever donation we make. >> we had a chance to meet your parents before they came on. it sounds like at first they were mortified. >> my mom heard the yaind she's like oh, my gosh, my son is going to be on national television, asking for beer money. proud mom moment. i think it turned into her being okay with it at this point. >> given all you've done, helping a lot of people. why is children's hospital -- what does that mean to you? >> children's hospital, they do so much for everyone around the country. the stead family they're revolutionary in what they do, do such great work with the kids
3:56 am
and their families. it's obviously anything you can do to help the kids, you have to do it. >> you've got your face now on cans of busch light. i'm quite jealous of that. >> you're famous. >> why has this happened, carson? >> so, busch thought the story was so cool, as a special treat to me they're sending me a year's supply of busch light with my face on the can there. >> that's pretty awesome. >> a year's supply is didn't for different people. what would you estimate is a year's supply for yourself. how much beer are you drinking these days. >> i can't put a number on it. it comes and goes with the time. >> his parents are here so he's down-playing. >> thanks for being here and thanks to your parents for raising you. acting cbd commissioner mark morgan, former dnc chair donna brazil and morgan ortagus are all here coming up live. ♪ i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
3:57 am
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ask your doctor about vascepa. prescription power. proven to work. ♪ i guess we don't need beer money. there's beer out there on fox square. >> look at that. >> don't venmo us because we've got it. there's beer out there. we're going to celebrate and kick off oktoberfest. >> beer and brats and lederhosen. is that how you say that. >> have you ever been to an oktoberfest? this is going to be my second one. i'm excited. >> we went to one in munich. we thought it would be tou tour.
4:01 am
not at all. >> later this hour, we'll tap the keg. i'm not supposed to be drinking but maybe i'll have a tiny sip. >> what about you? >> no. >> people think oktoberfest is only in october but it's not. the official start is in september. >> rick volunteered for us. a lot of serious issues to get to. i was at the border a couple days ago, interviewing president trump, talking about building of the wall near san diego along the southern border. america striking an asylum deal with he'll va el salvador. >> this isn't an official safe third country agreement. we have an agreement with guatemala and mexico to let people remain there while claims play out. these cooperations from not only mexico but also northern triangle countries is a big deal. if you look at the border crossings, we've had more than
4:02 am
86,000 salvadorans from the fiscal years 2016 through 2018 and 20192019, yo 2019, you see r there. ms-13 coming heavily from el salvador. we're a reason why we're worried about who is coming from that country. this is not one of the safe third countries, which means people traveling to the u.s. would have to stay in that country because they would be safe. it asks them to change their asylum laws to benefit the u.s. secretar>> the core is recognizl val havtheirdevelopment of theim system. that's one potential use of the agreement that individuals crossing through el salvador should be able to seek protection there. we want to enforce the integrity throughout the region. it's a broader part of the partnership on addressing
4:03 am
migration flows in the region. >> we'll have the commissioner on at 8:15 to discuss the potential implications of this and what kind of credit president trump could get on showing leadership in this area. >> we saw the wall, we saw declining numbers and we have agreements with multiple countries. now how do you make it last. >> absolutely. ben carson, you know him well, he ran for president back in the gop primaries against president trump and all the other candidates. he's now the hud secretary, focuses on housing. what he's trying to tackle is the homelessness crisis around america, particularly in california. he made a comment about trying to put homeless women before dealing with transgender issues, depending you ho how people idey and who you will deal with first. there werthere critics on the -e were critics on the left that said his original comments were dismissive of transgender
4:04 am
people. the headline said he angered agency staff. ben carson stood his ground last night. watch. >> i simply pointed out the fact that we have to have policies that take into consideration everybody's rights. i say everybody has equal rights. nobody gets extra rights. and i quoted a group that came to me and they were very upset and they said, you know, big hairy man comes in here and he says he's a woman and that upsets us because many of us are trying to escape from that and i'm simply saying we ought to take them into consideration also. but the political correctness says no, you only have to do what we want you to do and how we want you to do it, you have to say what we want you to say. >> this has been a hot topic that's been debated pretty heavily recently as a result of school bathroom policies,
4:05 am
bathroom policies in public places. the question is should he have commented at all and some people on the sidelines i've heard from said i'm glad he's speaking, glad he's not being politically correct and saying what a lot of people have concerns about, which is that somebody may wind up if you have a child and you're in a boot roo bathroom au don't have the ability to screen them as you would like. but he should be careful with the way he words things like this. he has a strong leadership poughkeepsie significance. it's a -- it's a strong leadership position. >> we also had protests on the climate issue globally. >> millions of people storming those streets worldwide. kids even ditching class. the school was like, hey, you can go out and do this, all in the name of climate change activism and the media couldn't help bus encourage it. -- couldn't help but encourage it.
4:06 am
during the tea party time, i don't remember the media jumping on board, saying this is your time to get an activist. take a listen to what the media had to say about this kind of activism. >> new york city is the home base for these protests. school officials, public school officials are allowing nearly 1 million students to cut classes. >> some of the signs i've seen so far for this rally, they're absolutely fantastic. >> i'm not in favor of encouraging people to skip class but if there's a cause that is important, this is it. so good on you for going out there and telling people what really matters. congratulations to you and those like you around the world. >> what's sad about this is that a lot of these kids if you talk to them, they feel terrified, they feel like they're supposed to be terrified like it's the end of the world but they can't articulate why and they don't understand the implications of a lot of these policies being put out by the left on the economy, on people who are trying to pay their electricity bills, whether or not these proposals are
4:07 am
realistic. so it's a very feel-good opportunity to go out and if they feel strongly about it they should do that but they should take a minute to understand what you're rallying for and what the implications of the policies of the people that you're supporting would do to the economy. it could potentially affect you, your family and your costs. >> the question is why do these kids feel strongly? joe bisarti, chief meteorologist, says it's because they're being brain-washed. >> what you see going on here is mass if i may say ignorance of what the weather has done before and the idea that there's nothing you can tell me that happened before that's worse now and consequently we have this big crisis when the earth is greener than it's ever been, climate deaths have been plummeting. you have more people living longer, making more money and there's a moral and ethical case for the advancement of mankind through fossil fuels and you're
4:08 am
seeing it happen. tucker, a lot of these kids are benefiting from the very things they want to get rid of. >> maybe some of these kids at least use the protest as a cover to just get out and do some other stuff. the new york post did a mini investigation if you will. look at the headline, climate strike rally gives kids a pass to get high, play mini golf. they saw people -- kids out there smoking pot, they're playing miniature golf. so it's a big day off. the post had some numbers last friday according to the department of education in new york city, i think 92% of kids were actually in school. i wonder why 8% why out last friday. maybe there was something going around. this friday, it was about 87% why in school. so you saw a drop because they had a free pass. >> it's a condoned skip day. even if you don't support climate change, i good afternoon he tea a lot of kids -- guarantee a lot of kids were like tail thi'll take the skip .
4:09 am
>> kids got the message you can skip school today because the world's going to end and a they're like cool, i'll play putt putt. at least four people are dead and more than a dozen others hurt following a crash in utah. 30 passengers were on the bus carrying chinese tourists when it rolled off the road, crashing into a guardrail. a first responder who happens to speak chinese credited for helping victims in the aftermath. >> the first responders are remarkable. i'm telling you, they are life -- lives are saved because of these people. these are volunteers. >> it's unclear what caused the crash. the driver is cooperating with investigators. 22 states now suing the trump administration over that plan to reduce auto emission rules. california got the legal ball rolling when the government
4:10 am
withdrew a waiver that california has that allowed the state to set tougher emissions standards on their own. the president pulled back on that waiver. many of the other states have also adopted california's rules, so there's a big showdown. president trump cracking down on iran over its alleged attack on saudi oil facilities. the president announcing he'll deploy troops to saudi arabia and slap sanctions on iran's central bank. the president said the moves are better than a military strike. >> i think the strong person's approach and the thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint. >> iran has denied involvement in the oil facility attacks but threatened all-out war if you attacked. remember when robert smith pledged to erase all student loan debt for moorehouse graduates? >> i remember that. >> this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. [ cheering and applause ]
4:11 am
>> well, now the tech investors is extending his goodwill by also paying their parents' loans. >> wow. >> unbelievable. smith and his family donating $34 million to over 400 students, parents and guardians of the class of 2019. congratulations. >> wow. >> that's pretty amazing, $34 million. >> pretty cool that he's giving back. democrats taking aim at the president, this time over that whistleblower complaint. the next guest say it's joe biden and his son who should be in the spotlight instead. peter s sh shweitzer, he literay wrote the book on it. he's coming up next. ♪ who are you, who, who, who. ♪ to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting
4:12 am
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4:15 am
billions of dollars that he's not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case. >> all right. president trump calling out the bidens' controversial dealings in the ukraine. our next guest says the president is right to raise alarm bills. here with more, author of secret empires, peter schweizer. good morning, peter. >> good morning. >> that book like i said in the tease, you literally wrote the book on this and the president and his allies are saying the left is trying to make this a story about what the president said in the hall with the ukrainian president but maybe all of the attention is reminding people hang on a second, there's a biden connection to ukraine.
4:16 am
talk about that. >> yeah, look, we all know that money flows in washington. the problem is that the bidens, particularly when joe biden was vice president, his family cashed in on a global scale around the world with countries that joe biden was a point person on for the obama administration. case in point, ukraine. hunter biden, joe biden's son, gets hired by a ukrainian energy company to be an advisor and consultant. the problem is that hunter biden has no background in ukraine, has no background in energy, has no background in any of this. and he's getting paid $83,000 a month by this corrupt ukrainian company and the question becomes, if he's not selling his expertise, what exactly is he selling? and that's i think the heart of this matter. >> so was he selling access to his father, the vice president? i raise that as a question because we do not yet have all the facts but you've investigated this so i'm asking
4:17 am
it. it turns out that while he's raking in all this money in the ukraine, hunter biden, vice president joe biden at the time is leading obama policy in the ukraine. how does that work? >> very troubling. you look at around the world, there are two countries where joe biden is the point person for the obama add a medicine strayings. china and ukraine -- administration. china and ukraine. in both cases his son lands huge deals in both countries. what are the odds of the that? i think you're exactly right. we don't know right now what he was selling but it warrants investigation and what's important to point out here is we're not speculating. we actually have the financial bank records that show the money that hunter biden was getting because hunter biden's business partner in a an unh an unrelates brought up on fraud charges in new york. we know he was getting the money from all kinds of sources and the question is what was he being paid for. what i called for, what the
4:18 am
presidenpresident seems to be cg for, someone needs to look into this. if you give politicians a way to get rich legally and get away with it, everybody is going to start doing it. i don't think we want a country where our elected officials' family members are getting big deals oversea. >> someone has been looking into it and it's rudy giuliani. he's hardly a nonpartisan person. he's the president's attorney, obviously. everybody was foes cussing on the interview -- focusing on the interview giuliani did with cnn the other night. they were saying they think it's a train wreck for giuliani. he dropped a bomb shell on there that's not getting attention. giuliani said he talked to five or six people in the ukraine who gave sworn statements saying there was bad dealings with the bidens. how big of a development is that? >> i think it's a huge development. and what i favored from the beginning is our department of justice ought to work with
4:19 am
crewinnan prosecutor -- ukrainian prosecutors to look into this. the ukraine is mired in corruption. we need a straightforward, clear-cut investigation of it. i think there's clear evidence that there was bad dealings. they should release the corporate records, we need more financial records from the bidens and we need to have department of justice people go over and talk to people and find out exactly what went on. >> last question. i want to be fair to the former vice president. as i know you do as well. there was a bloomburg report suggesting that by the time the vice president pushed the ukrainians while he was still in office to fire that prosecutor in the ukraine, they had already stopped their investigation of the company. that's an important question. do you know whether they had or not? because if they were actively investigating hunter biden's company that he was related to and the vice president is saying fire this prosecutor, that could be a big problem. but bloomburg was suggesting
4:20 am
that maybe the investigation of the energy company was over already. what do you know? >> well, there were actually three investigations. one had ended. but the other two had not. and the person to point out on this is mr. baretta who was a u.s. attorney hired by the ukrainian company at the behest of hunter biden. he said the investigations didn't end until well into 2017. so that bloomburg report is inaccurate. it creates the impression there was only one investigation but there were actually three. >> this is something that will get a lot of attention. appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. when it comes to youth sports, it's the parents who are offsides. >> pick up that piece of trash, tom. tuck in your shirt. have a sense of pride. in fact, why don't you take a lap. go run a lap! faster! >> behavior like that, refs are quitting in record numbers. how do we fix all this? the weekend, a lot of kids
4:21 am
playing sports, we're going to discuss it, next. ♪ when you're not able to smile, you become closed off.
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4:24 am
well, youth sports referees all across america are packing up their whistles and quitting at record rates. >> 80% leave the s job before te third year. >> one of the top reasons for the downward spiral is parents' behavior. brian kilmeade is finding out more. >> what is the address? >> there is a fight at a children's baseball event? i need police here right away. >> okay, ma'am. >> is this juveniles?
4:25 am
is it adults? >> no, it's adults! i'm sorry, it's very upsetting. >> very upsetting indeed. when a fight broke out on the field of a youth baseball game in jefferson county, colorado, as a result of a call made by an umpire, just 13 years old. it was a little league game and the video went viral. >> the specific incident happened in the denver area involving a 13-year-old umpire named josh cordoba. the coach was unhappy with what josh was doing behind the plate and he wanted him to change the call and josh was not going to change the call. the parents then were at each other. >.>> disrespect and attacks against officials are only getting worse. >> not a week goes by that we do not field a call in our offices from one of our members or even a nonmember sometimes having to do with assault behavior.
4:26 am
>> they survey sports officials around the country to find out what's going on. >> 13% have been assaulted, being a sports official, 47% feared for their safety, 57% had to break up a fight between players in a contest and 64% had to eject a spectator because of unsporting like behavior. >> i love the spirit of the game. i just love the game. it's a true game. >> bob player has been a high school baseball umpire for 34 years. on long island, new york. >> sportsmanship over the past several years is getting much worse on the field. it's something you almost deal with in every game in one way, shape or form, every single game. >> he's dealt with his share of bad behavior from parents and coaches on the field. but he says he'll never give up his dream job. >> couple years ago i was doing a high school varsity playoff series and after myself and my crew were walking off the field we had beer cans throw at us and
4:27 am
we had fathers coming over and berating us while getting changed. it's a violation. >> bob like barry is concerned, concerned about the future of sports officiating. umpires are quitting more and a more every year. >> the verbal, physical attacks is a big part of it. when everyone resigns from our organization, i reach out, are you moving, or what's the problem? it's i just can't take it anymore. it's not worth it. >> what a shame. here with more is a high school soccer referee, brian marlo. it's good to have you come in. >> good morning. is it too much to ask for people in america to just act your age at youth sporting events? is that too much to ask? >> it's not. what would be your prescription to get people to chill out, let their kids play? >> you know, first and foremost, it's the children's moment. it's the player's moment. i don't know at what point did us as parents and people think that driving our kids to sporting events and releasing
4:28 am
the kid onto the field of competition and then sitting in a chair and now all of a sudden we think that we're the experts, we're the coach, we're the counselors, we're the guidance of you're not. you're a spectator. >> they also think they're the referee. when are these parents going to realize -- what i would like to see actually is a referee say okay, fine, come here, buddy, you take it. you referee this game, right? would that change things? >> hey, listen, i actually know of an official where i'm from who literally asked the person to get up from the chair, got in the chair, threw him the whistle and said have at it. it's all yours. >> great. that's what needs to happen. >> if more referees did that, i guarantee you more people would keep their mouth shut. >> brian, i love that you have this facebook page, offside, where you shame unrieul unruly . i think it needs to be done. what's the he reaction to that?
4:29 am
does that in any way curb the behavior. >> in an overwhelming manner. the site is very controversial. there's some people who think we shouldn't shame people through video. what i'm looking for is changed behavior many i can tell you every day, every single week and month, we're transforming people who now understand the toxic nature of how they behave at games negatively affects the growth and progress and development of their athletes. and that's the ultimate goal of the space. >> if you look at the video from colorado, it's stunning the idea that it escalated into a fist fight among parents. to your first point, real quick, they shoul should act their age. >> you guys are sophisticated people. every week i'll give you 60 bucks, you'll with verbally violated, you'll be questioned by people who couldn't judge a hot dog eating contest and
4:30 am
you'll be terrible at your job, 60 bucks a week, are you in? >> no. >> have a great weekend. coming up, bill m a arr is calling out democrats over their reaction to the late test accusation against brett kavanaugh. you definitely don't want to miss this one. plus, why irish spring soap is being cleared off the shelves. here's a hint, it's got something to do with georgia football. ♪ we will, we will rock you. ♪ buddy, you're a young man, hard man. ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:35 am
on halloween, it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. >> what about a puppy corn maze. >> that would be my heaven. bill maher is usually blasting president trump. this time he decided to blast democrats. he's been doing it a little more lately, maybe trying to get street cred. he was saying why are democrats whining, why won't they go on fox news, why are they scared, hiding in the corner. and now he's saying why are you reviving the brett kavanaugh mess that boo boomeranged on yo. >> people don't like going after a guy for what he did in high school. it looked bad. now they're talking about impeaching him again. >> being on the supreme court is not a right. it's a privilege. and if there is a dark cloud over somebody, -- >> from high school. >> we're not talking about a job like we have. we are talking about being one
4:36 am
of the nine moral arbiters of this great nation. sometimes you have to fight even if you can't win. >> okay. what were you like at 17? people don't think you should go back to age 17. it's pre pro counter-productiver democrats winning. >> when h he doesn't want to lon election. he's trying to get a democrat to win. he knows the kavanaugh story added so much fuel to the fire for republicans. that will be a reason that so many people get out and vote against a democrat if they feel like this whole thing was just a sham that's going to go on and on. there were no credible accusation that's were brought forth against him. christine blasey ford was not credible. when all the people you cite as witnesses don't back up your story, when the people can't remember what actually happened and still want to frame it as guilty, that's a problem. bill maher knows that and he knows it's not a good idea for democrats.
4:37 am
>> what do you know? e-mail us to let us know what you think. two teens were shot during a high school football game, hundreds evacuate the staye stas gunfire erupted in philadelphia. the victims are 14 and 1 years old. that are both -- they are both in stable condition. the nfl temporarily banning teams from playing with fire after a pyro techniques glitch at sundays colts, titans game, has been blamed on a mechanical failure. mitch mcconnell getting a new pair of sneakers from colleague, susan collins. a fresh pair of kicks came after mcconnell shared photos of his old sneakers with the soles hanging off. he said they were to blame for a falls this summer. the shoes were made by new balance, which has multiple factors in senator collins' home
4:38 am
state of maine. a grocery store in georgia takes irish springs soap off the shelves ahead of tonight's big game against the fighting irish. irish spring responding with a soap shipment to the university of georgia, saying we're sending a little luck your way. the georgia bulldogs, number three in the country, take on seventh ranked notre dame in athens tonight. that is my daughter madeleine. last weekend georgia won 55-0 against arresting saw state. this is -- arkansas state. the game is tonight at 7:00. people in georgia, one sports caster saying this football team in georgia is the best in georgia's history. we shall find out. meanwhile, a serious and troubling story, a fox news alert. nine people have been killed after imelda triggers historic flooding in texas. >> rescue crews and good
4:39 am
samaritans saving hundreds of people trapped in waist deep water. deep water. >> we are tracking it all. >> this was the fourth wettest storm ever to hit texas. we are stuck on the categories of hurricanes, cat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. the bigger the category, the worse you think it will be. this was a moderate tropical storm that hit and caused the fourth wettest rainfall ever. we're in an active period. we have to watch anything brewing across the atlantic. there's a lot going on out there. none of these at this point are set to impact the u.s. we don't have any direct impacts that we're watching. there's one thing across the pacific, will bring moisture across areas of arizona, starting on monday. but this is moisture that was from what was that tropical storm imelda. it is now that moisture moving across parts of the central plains, meeting up with a cold front that's going to to bring incredible flooding across parts
4:40 am
of north dakota and medicine sew take. later -- minnesota. later on today that will come across parts of the central plains. look at this, there were spots that saw over 40 inches of rain from tropical storm imelda, kind of just to the east of houston, toward the beaumont area, they're still recovering right now. guys. >> all right. rick. well, thank you for that. now, our next guest is no strange the other the storms. in 2017 he rescued over 400 people art hurricane harvey. -- after hurricane harvey. now he's back on his air boat. he has completed over 70 rescues. kenny vaughn joins us now. thanks for joining us. you sent me these videos yesterday. i covered hurricane harvey and you and i were talking. this in your area at least, in some respects is even worse. >> yeah, that's what -- when i saw harvey, i told everybody i knew that was a once in a lifetime event, i'd never seen that again. so it was unbelievable to
4:41 am
witness what i was seeing and the areas that -- during harvey i drove my truck through with no water on the road, i rode my air boat through the streets in the middle of town. i had to run yo through city streets to get to the homes that were under water. >> when you see stories like this it's heart-breaking and there are always heroes that emerge. you are one of those heroes. what's your inspiration to take on this role in such horrific tragedies. >> l-o- v-e. jesus. love does what's best for others regarwithout regard for yoursel. when you realize your love even when you shouldn't be, even by your own p family, it makes you want to love. so opportunity presents itself in our lives. i spent my life on a boat, we
4:42 am
grew up on boats, i have an air boat and my neighbors are in trouble, you know, i don't know about the hero word but i'd behalf a man if i didn't get out there and do something. so it's our honor. i'm just blown away at the courage of the people that we're pulling out of these homes. a lot of people we helped yesterday were elderly and they went through harvey, just got back in their house. >> i want our viewers to know because they can hear how inspiring you are as you talk about this and talk about love and helping others. the group you founded is called shields of strength. you have scripture inspired dog tags that people can get that support your business. real quick talk about how the u.s. military works with you, they actually embrace -- they don't often do that with outside groups. they work with you. how does that work? >> the most powerful thing we were doing, when the storm hit, is when the national guard
4:43 am
provides a truck. shields of strength, it provided an opportunity for us to meet thousands of members of our military, from the pentagon to just places all over the country, and so i have personal relationships and the phone starts ringing and we coordinate and work with anyone we can. they have the best resources for high water in those big trucks. i don't want to have to run a super long way to offload people. >> kenny, god a has given you a gift and you have used it well. impressive, well-done and a our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the area. >> stay safe out there. the trump administration threatening to cut funding to a middle east studies program, accusing it of misusing federal funds, your tax dollars. we'll discuss it, coming up. you've seen it time and time again, keg tapping gone wrong s we kick off oktoberfest on fox
4:44 am
square. we learn how to do it the right way. the number one oktoberfest beer is here live. ♪ -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful.
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he has pics of you on his phone. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at allegations of bias on college campuses, the department of education ordering duke university and the university of north carolina to revise the federally funded middle east studies program over alleged bias. is the trump administration making the right move. joining us now i is muslim scholar. is this scrutiny of these middle east study programs warranted? >> it's not only warranted, it's essential. it is also not is islamaphobic.
4:48 am
long overdue is an examination of the programs which are not really dealing with the major issues that's confronting our diplomats, security officials or the world today. that i islamism. the programs don't focus on the islamism. they are somewhat biased. i'm a muslim. i know i come from part of a great civilization, history, architecture, all of that is valid. that is not what is challenging muslim societies today. dealing with hostage situations with isis, with the rise of the taliban, with the resurgence of other i is islamist groups. that's what's bothering us. >> this investigation was launched in june after north
4:49 am
carolina representative george holding complained that it hosted taxpayer funded conference with, and i quote, severe anti-israeli bias and anti-semetic rhetoric. does that surprise you that something like that would be going on at a college campus? >> no. secretary devos said there's a presence of anti-semitism in american campuses now. i would say it's not pe pernici, it's endemic. i would say it's a pro-islamist position. this is not part of islam but that is funneled into academic thinking as if it's a legitimate position and that should be challenged and that should not be paid for by taxpayers. >> we have a statement from unc chapel hill to the ap, says the university, quote, deeply values its partnership with the department of education and is committed to working with the department to provide more information about its programs.
4:50 am
are you hopeful of that. >> i think that's appropriate. you as a former academic dean and myself know when we take grants we have a responsibility to those that give the grants to meet the goal and the programs that the congress person identified or the secretary identified did not meet those goals. worse, under the guise of academic inquiry, they promote pro-islamist anti-semitism which has no pleas in thi place in th. we reached ou duke universiy for a statement and have not heard back. as the weather cools down, oktoberfest heats up and learning how to tap the keg is easier said than done. we are learning the right way to do it, that's coming up next.
4:51 am
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♪ hey! >> we are kicking off the start of oktoberfest with a lesson on how to do the official tapping of the keg, just like they do in germany. >> and we're definitely going to need detailed instructions or else we could wind up in a real keg tapping fail like this. >> here to show us is steve houser, president and ceo of toner usa, the number one oktoberfest beer in germany. i hope i said that right. what are we going to learn about tapping the keg and all sorts of
4:55 am
good stuff? >> every year to start the oktoberfest they tap the ceremonial keg at the entrance to the grounds. that happened about two hours ago in munich. >> two hours ago, oktoberfest is officially on. >> officially on. they have two hour head start. >> we're upset. we've been working. give us the history. what is the history of oktoberfest? >> the original october fest started as a celebration between prince ludwig and princess theresa's wedding. and he challenged -- ludwig challenged the brewers to brew their best beer for his wedding. it turned out to be such a great party they did it the next year and the next year and the next year. >> enough history, let's tap this. >> you line it up. >> you line it up. >> what do you think? i've got this. >> you got it. >> i'm nervous. >> you got it.
4:56 am
>> did that go in? >> there we go. >> yes. no spillage. >> no spread. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> there you go. the doctors have told me i'm not supposed to have this. i'll hold it up and say happy oktoberfest. still ahead, mark morgan and state department spoke spokespen morgan ortagus. >> ♪ we'll have a barrel of fun. ♪ roll out the barrels. ♪ we've got the blues on the run. ♪ zing, boom, t arerra, sing out a song of good cheer he. good cheer.♪ now the's th's thee barrels, because the gang's all here. ♪ you can stream and scroll through other people's vacations,
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ed: i'm just disappointed pete is not here. i love griff, but i would love to be louderring it over pete who loves beer that i was able to tap that keg with one pop. they're is the instrument. this thing is pretty heavy. i got good advice from the man out there too. he said go straight in. griff: fool proof. scored 100 out of 100. ed: i have a feeling it would have taken him forever. griff: here is you. ed: they said youly it takes about 2. they said it went straight in. don't do anything wacky, just go for it.
5:01 am
johnny konig band out there. fun stuff. who knew it started in september instead of october. ed: we have a beer garden out there on fox square. jedediah: i saw potato salad and coleslaw. good stuff. griff: battle over secret whistleblower complaint is escalating. ed: democrats what they say warning of a national security threat and accusing joe biden of corruption: >> no beer here but there are a lot of questions about what president trump may have said to the president of ukraine during a phone call earlier this summer. as the "wall street journal" reports during the call president trump repeatedly pressed ukraine to investigate joe biden's son, hunter biden and connections with a natural gas company. now, the journal's story says, quote: mr. trump in the call didn't mention a provision of u.s. aid to crew rainy said thiukraine who e
5:02 am
president didn't offer quid pro quo for his cooperation on any investigation. democrats are demanding to know if the president tried to get dirt on a potential 2020 rival from a foreign government a government intelligence whistleblower filed a complaint tied to presidential conversations. officials say the complaint is serious and you are jest. president trump feels differently. >> it's a partisan whistleblower. >> shouldn't even have information. i have had conversations with many leaders. always appropriate. >> joe biden says if the reports are true, it would be an awould you say of -- abuse of power. the former vice president called the allegations against him family baseless. >> not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion, not one single one. so i have no comment except the president needs to start to be president. >> biden on the campaign trail yesterday. the controversy is expected to follow into next week though. the president is going to be
5:03 am
up in new york for the u.n. general assembly. he is expected to have many meetings, including one with ukraine's leader. ed, jed and griff back to you. ed: did you miss an opportunity to say there is a battle brewing in washington. >> griff would have had that. griff: mark meredith. graduate and office mate guatemala interested in the university of georgia go dogs. >> big day today. go dogs. ed: let you have your fun. they deserve a shot. griff: vladimir the prime minister of ukraine about to find out what the media pressure is here. other thing the acting director of. ed: he caught in the middle here. jedediah: what what are the implications for joe biden. we had peter schweizer on earlier to talk about all of this. listen to what he said about
5:04 am
biden's potential wrongdoing in this whole issue. >> we are not speculating. we actually have the financial bank records that show the money that hunter biden was getting because hunter biden's business partner in unrelated case was brought up on fraud charges in new york. so the question is what was he being paid for? and what i have called for and i think what the president seems to be calling for is somebody needs to look into this because here's one thing we know. the iron rule of washington, d.c. if you give politicians a way to get rich legally and get away with it, everybody is going to start doing it. and i don't think we want a country where our elected officials' family members are landing big deals overseas. ed: this starts out as oh president trump did something wrong and we don't have all the facts yet we need to see how all of that plays out. but to jed's point it may actually morph into questions about joe biden, his son hunter add peter schweizer has pointed out written an entire book not just on the bidens but both
5:05 am
parties in washington making money legally and whether access is being sold. and you have got to wonder if all of a sudden this is going to blow up because hunter biden had no background in the ukraine. had no background in the energy sector and all of a sudden making $80,000 a month being on the board of this energy company? how does that happen? his father happened to be overseeing ukraine policy for president obama. was that a coincidence? perhaps. but we will find out. jedediah: we don't know if there was any quid pro quo when it comes to president trump in this issue. that remains to be seen. what tape of joe biden 2018 appears before the council on will. ed: as a former v.p. jedediah: threatening very openly to withhold aid from the ukraine i can't believe government unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating corruption in a firm that his son hunter happened to be on the board of directors are outright boasting joe biden. yeah, i will take that money and guess what? they fired that guy.
5:06 am
so, if you are so concerned about the potential quid pro quo that we don't know if existed between president trump and the ukrainian president but aren't bothered at all by what happened with joe biden then i have a bone to pick with you. this may have been worthy of investigation whether or not donald trump should have been involved in that in suggesting that there should be an investigation or rudy giuliani should have been brought in at all, that remains to be seen. but whether or not this deems investigating i would say absolutely it does. griff: you say we don't note facts. what we do know about this story so far virtually all of the 2020 democrats running for president agree that it should be grounds for impeachment. jedediah: shocking. griff: take a look. >> how it is possible that he has been consorting and collaborating with a foreign head of state, we need a new commander-in-chief. >> he thinks it's pretty clear. he doesn't have to follow the law. time for congress to step up and begin serious
5:07 am
impeachment proceedings against this man. >> the president is using his office to strong arm another country into investigating a political opponent. if that's true, that is certainly an impeachable offense. the congress should begin impeachment proceedings immediately against donald trump. ed: think about where that montage began and ended. we have a president who is collaborating with foreign leaders. that's part of your job is to collaborate that's not against the law. it ends with julian castro saying if true he should be impeached. maybe we should get the facts and find out if it's true until you say he should be impeached. this is not a complete list. i bet there will be mother. ukraine whistleblower complaint impeach. the president's cherokee exeemp. obstruction of justice even if there is no evidence of it imeemp. russia, russia, russia, and the mueller report.
5:08 am
wait, the mueller report comes out, we will have the document that proves he should be impeached. let's get robert mueller to testify about the report that will get him impeached and mueller had a bumbling performance and they couldn't do that now it's on to ukraine get the spaghetti and throw it against the wall. jedediah: imeemp him for what? i have to tell you i'm having a sad day today. i'm upset because i saw the "new york post" ripped bill de blasio with a front page obituary with a presidential campaign. very upset about this. i'm a big fan of de blasio. from that obituary the campaign always gave 100 percent and also polled at 1% it. is survived by hotel industry officials who expect favors from city hall and 8 million suffering new yorkers in love flowers de blasio asks for donations to his slush fund. ed: i actually liked another
5:09 am
part said the campaign it died doing what it loved best, being as far away from new york city as possible. remember there was a big blackout and he was in iowa. jedediah: is he ridiculous. ed: he was getting literally zero support. griff: is there an award for this thing. never before has an american politician defied reality tougher and stood you have tougher and tried to go until it just ran out. ed: keep the comments coming at facebook post from pamela. now new york city has to put up with him being back on the job. he didn't stand a chance from day one. jedediah: we have a post from dave on facebook should it be the obituary from new york city now that he is returning full time? griff: in a tweet from charlie great now he can go back to ruining new york city full time. steve: not running but ruining. jedediah: president trump put out a funny tweeted about this. one of the first tweets that i looked at that i think unanimously pretty much everyone i knew thought it was funny and agreed with it. everyone unanimously cannot
5:10 am
stomach bill de blasio. ed: how did he get such big majority and win? griff: right. we have to take a turn here now and turn to the headlines fox news alert. iran hurling threats after the u.s. would announce it would deploy troops to saudi arabia. warning the regime is ready to fight and destroy any aggressor. president trump announced the deployment and new sanctions on iran's central bank after the middle eastern nation allegedly attacked saudi oil facilities. >> i think the strong person's approach and the thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint. >> iran has denied any involvement in the oil facility attack. ed: let me pick up this fox news alert meanwhile. police officer is dead, another wounded after a traffic stop turned into a chase. you see him there. captain vincent loberto jr. was killed in a shootout in louisiana. before joining the force, he served as a marine sergeant. he served his country
5:11 am
throughout his whole life. he leaves behind a wife and seven kids. the governor of the state john bel edwards tweeting, quote: our hearts go out to the officers' family and friends the people of mandeville and the entire law enforcement community. two people now in custody. the wounded officer is expected to survive. captain loberto is the 31st officer killed in the line of duty this year. awful. jedediah: kay outside in a shopping mall after a man crashed his suv through an entrance and kept driving. >> stop! stop driving! >> yo, this is not happening right now. what the [bleep] >> wow. >> you can see the car smashing through kiosks and store fronts at the suburban chicago mall. the driver eventually got out of the mall and tried to run. he was eventually caught and held by shoppers until police took him into custody. incredibly no one was
5:12 am
seriously hurt. police say there is no indication this was terror related. a photographer captures the moment a great white shark swims right by a surfer. ed: is that griff? jedediah: in thing the shark's fin off cap cape cod. he noticed the shark and paddling back there was nothing more i could do in terms of jumping up and down and screaming come in from surf. jedediah: experts reminding beach goers that shark activity is still at it peak through october. griff: be careful. i have a friend surfing up in that area today because of imelda it's making big waves. ed: have you ever had a close call. griff: it is their backyard we must respect them. trump administration striking a deal with el salvador to secure the border. ed: acting commissioner of the customs border patrol mark morgan just returned
5:13 am
will from a trip with the president. i saw him there. he joins us live next. ♪ and i got to know ♪ ♪ managing type 2 diabetes? dimitri's on it. eating right and getting those steps in? on it! dimitri thinks he's doing all he can to manage his type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life
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i felt withdrawn, alone...mile, you become closed off. with jardiance. having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes.
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like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental. griff: 16 minutes after the hour. the u.s.s. striking asylum deal in el salvador latest effort to stop the crisis at the border. ed: under the agreement some my grants from third countries would be sent back to el salvador to seek asylum. griff: this comes as detentions demexico and new wall built in 2017. how will this new agreement help combat the crisis at the border. joining us with details is the acting commissioner of the cbp mark morgan. commissioner, good morning to you.
5:17 am
>> good morning. griff: first, let's just get on the record what exactly is the deal that we have struck with el salvador and what does it do for us? >> well, first, griff. let me say that it's this president's efforts and this administration's efforts that has led to this agreement. it's another step forward to dresaddress this unprecedented crisis. this becomes a network of initiatives and policies from this administration to really help the government of mexico and northern triangle countries to step up as true partners and really get involved and see this as a regional crisis. congress has failed to do anything. they filed pass one peels of meaningful legislation to address this crisis. to protect american people and protect this vulnerable population from being exploited by the cartels. but what this agreement does is in a broader sense is that the united states and el salvador we are going to work together to attack the cartels, the human trafficking organization, crack down on the gangs that
5:18 am
are out there, as well as increase their asylum capacity. and this is really important for the american people to understand. what that means is that someone seeking, we really want them to seek asylum in the first country they get to. that's the international standard. we should want them to seek relief as fast as possible, as close to home as possible. that's what this agreement does. we're going to work with el salvador to build their asylum capacity. ed: interesting among many reasons the president's critics say he can't work with other countries to get deals like this. here is an example where he has critics who say he is not going to follow through on his promise to build the wall. you and i were both there with the president on the southern border in san diego. here's what he told me in an interview. we will react on the other side. watch. >> this is all brand new wall. this goes miles up the mountain over here. ed: one border patrol agent told me no president has brought this kind of attention or resources so that now i can do my job. >> we are making their job a
5:19 am
lot safer too. what else is happening is people aren't coming up. numbers going way down. not doing catch and release anymore. wish we had help from the democrats in congress. they want open borders. they don't want this. ed: mark, i will make this brief. the president, as you know, was standing in front of a 30-foot border wall. there is a second one that's smaller. we can explain that in a moment. when i came back and can d. that report, there were critics saying i was snookered somehow by you and the president and that this was not a new wall. you say? >> ed, you were there. again, they continue the false narrative. no one can stand there where you stood on that ground with the back drop of that brand new beautiful wall. it is a new wall. 30-foot tall. anti-climbing features. that's just a false narrative. you heard from the border patrol themselves, ed. i'm glad you asked that question. the experts are saying this is exactly what we needed. the president, this
5:20 am
president for the first time are actually listening to the experts and he has delivered and given them exactly what they need to do their job and do it safer. ed: critics saying there was already a barrier there so this is not new. the border patrol agents you are talking about told me, real quick, that there was a small little fence that was all broken down. people were literally walking through and over it before. and and now to me that's new if all of a sudden there is an 18-foot wall and 30-foot wall. 15 seconds, what comes next in all of this. >> what comes next is we are going to continue to do what this administration has been doing. working with the government of mexico. working with the northern triangle countries to build their capacity to address this as a regional crisis. and we are going to continue to build that wall. every mile of wall that's built, the agents are safer. they can do their job better and this country is safer. that's what we are going to keep doing, ed. griff: thank you very much. we shall see. >> you bet. griff: apple unveiling latest technology that means new software upgrade.
5:21 am
ed: some say the new ios has major glitches. kurt the cyberguy has the answers. he has what you need to know. you simply can't miss it. that is next ♪ somebody's watching me ♪ tell me, is it just a dream ♪ battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo!
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5:24 am
griff griff time now for quick foorvel headlines. details emerging about the patriot's decision to release embattled wide receiver antonio brown after just one game. according to the atlantic robert craft was enraged over reports that brown threatened one of his two sexual assault accusers. brown's lawyers deny all of the accusations. high school football game is cancelled in north carolina after students showed support for president trump. oh, boy. school officials citing
5:25 am
safety concerns ahead of a rally planned in support of cheerleaders who were punished for waving a trump 2020 flag at a game last month. ed: apple's new products are officially on sale which means it's also that time of year when apple issues a new software update. jedediah: new reports say the ios 13 has major glitches one that allow users to bypass the lock screen and access contacts as well as users losing data and projects backed up in icloud. griff: here with details is kurt the cyberguy. >> one more to add to serious glitch list that just happened overnight. also, if you have the facebook app. on your phone and have you updated to the latest ios 13 software or you got a new iphone you need to watch out because if you have set location to never share it, the ios currently is allowing your location to go out even though you are asking for it not to. ed: get to the punch list i'm sure there is good things to get to as well
5:26 am
when they update the software. >> rave reviews on the phone. really good things about this update. still these glitches. look at this list right here. apps are randomly crashing when you open them. signals dropping out. pictures getting new dates assigned to. they air drop issues. text field glitches and i messages. when i walked in the door today, i have got our colleagues coming up hey wait i uploaded this and i'm having trouble. yes, you are. and you probably are at home. but i got some good news for you. tuesday it's going to get a lot better. they have ios 13.1 coming out. but i got this one really good tip if you have not yet updated your software, i would say it's probably a smart idea not to. so turn off that automatic update. all you have to do is go to settings, general, software update, and then turn off automatic updates. then set yourself a reminder for tuesday to turn it back on. griff: i'm trying to do it. jedediah: griff is doing it right now.
5:27 am
>> i have it all online. ed: it's a lot of work. >> it is but it's worth it. jedediah: don't they test this stuff before it hits the market. >> you would think. some of the glitches was reported back in july when it was in beta. they have a lot to do globally to get a new phone on the market or any product. and they are trying to meet a timeline, so i think at some point the market is forcing not just apple but all companies to come out and meet their deadline even though it's not perfect. can you never expect a perfect launch of new software on anything. i'm a little surprised how messy this one is. but it is -- they will fix it. ed: less than a minute. focus on some of the positives. talking about glitches but with the update what's new from apple and what's good that people are going to enjoy? >> it's a smarter way of using the phone so you are going to see extended battery life. see strocker performance it. is eventually going to be more stable. the newer phones really just
5:28 am
getting rave reviews for the power usage inside of it how it's smart of adding 4 to 5 hours of battery life. >> picture. >> camera is what it is all about. three cameras, tell photo wide angle and ultra wide angle. can you see the bricks in the brooklyn bridge. griff: iphone from hurricane dorian. >> wait until use this to do it. >> we will see glitches. if you can stop that update of your own iphone if you have got it now. now is the time. ed: where do people find. >> cyber we have a full review and i also list when it's time to upgrade. and if you shouldn't upgrade. it's all online. ed: kurt the cyber guy. jedediah: thanks, kurt. ed: more u.s. troops being deployed to the middle east as tensions continue to rise with iran. the state department spokesperson you know her well morgan ortegas, our old friend joins us next.
5:29 am
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jedediah: it is your shot of the morning a young boy was so excited to meet trump he gave him a big old bear hug. look at this. he is jumping with joy. pumping his fist. welcome to the australian prime minister scott morrison to the white house. the boy then lunged into the
5:33 am
president's armed doesn't look like the secret service got too concerned. president trump meeting with fans and supporters before he and first lady melania hosted the prime minister and his wife for a state dinner. ed: that's pretty cool. bring in an old friend ortagus. knows all about diplomatic issues. good morning, morgan. >> good morning. nice see it you guys. ed: good to welcome you back. i interviewed the president a couple days ago and he said he is interested in diplomatic track and finding a way to have a peaceful solution with iran on the other hand basically locked and loaded we have the strongest military in the world. there is two different messages it seems to me. which one is it? what is the administration doing right now to deal with iran? >> well, the president has a variety of options. he certainly is not limited to one course of action. what we have seen this week as the president asked secretary pompeo to fly to the region. we were in saudi arabi in and u.
5:34 am
will build international consensus. i think you have seen a very marked difference in how the united states and how iran handled the attacks this week. while secretary pompeo was working o diplomacy and bringing foreign partners together you saw zarif threatening all out war and fight to the last american soldier. it's important to note. this because foreign minister zarif will come to the united states and to new york and be given an audience on many television stations at many think tanks where he will spew lies and propaganda and it's modern that we counter that this week with the facts. griff: morgan, the administration not taking the option of military strikes off the table and you have this coalition. uae is now joined with australia great britain. is this a coalition intended to protect middle east water
5:35 am
ways and in the future could be used for military strikes. >> we have seen several actions this week. just yesterday we saw the treasury announce new sanctions on iran's central bank and their sovereign wealth fund. what we are seeking to do with all of these actions is to restore deterrence to iran. that's what we really lost when we were under the iran nuclear deal. iran did not curb their benign behavior they gaslit their behavior million dollars of dollars afforded them sanctions relief under that deal. through a variety of diplomatic measures and through sanctions, secretary pompeo is working with president trump and all of his members of the national security team to restore deterrence so that iran cannot continue to fund their proxies in the region, to terrorize allies to threaten the existence of israel and to threaten all-out war with america. jedediah: morgan when it comes to deployment of additional troops to the middle east can you give us details on how many troops and how long they intend to
5:36 am
be there? should people be concerned about this being a long-term strategy that may have no end? any details would be appreciated. >> well, i will certainly leave that up to my colleagues at the secretary of defense to talk about forced posture in the region. i would also point out that secretary esper and dunford also mentioned the fact that we'll be expediting weapon sales to saudi arabia as well yesterday. so it's important to remember that we have a variety of troops in the region. we also have many embassies. we have americans working at the iran facilities in saudi arabia. so thankfully as secretary pompeo said earlier this week thankfully no americans were harmed in the attacks and we, of course, got quite lucky, but these unprecedented attacks by iran -- it's important to note these are unprecedented. these attacked last weekend on saudi oil facilities could have endangered american lives and many americans do work there. ed: let's listen to the president, morgan. as you know in the oval office with the australian
5:37 am
prime minister he had this to say about ratcheting up iran sanctions. watch. >> these are the highest sanctions ever imposed. too bad what's happening with iran. it's going to hell. they could solve the problem very easily. all they have to do is stop with the terror, sponsoring it and doing it themselves. and we can't have it. >> everybody wants to get tough on iran but as you know some of the president's critics like john brennan from the past administration have said that more and more sanctions are not the answer. what say you? >> well, i would love for the creditecritics to say what e answer is when we look at critics of the president and secretary pompeo's maximum pressure campaign in iran that we have seen over the past year, some of those same critics are calling for us to go back into the deal. i would just say what happened when iran was under the jcpoa. did we see them stop threatening the existence of the state of israel? no. did we see them to stop funding and stop attacks from their proxies in the region? did they stop funding hezbollah? did they stop funding the
5:38 am
houthis? there was no curbing of their malign or illicit behavior. what you are seeing is for the first time in 40 years there is an administration that is telling the islamic republic of iran telling that regime no, you will not behave this way. that's why we see they are acting out because the maximum pressure campaign is working. and the president led by, of course, given counsel by secretary pompeo is making very strong and prudent decisions as it relates to iran. he is not letting the iranians goad him into any actions. instead, i think he has been very measured and very forceful. and, again, bringing our international partners together when there is an unprecedented attack on an ally that did endanger the lives of american citizens. griff: all right. morgan. thank you for joining us today. ed: appreciate you coming. >> in good to see you, thanks. jedediah: now to headlines, begin with extreme weather. at least five people killed after imelda triggered historic flooding in texas. good samaritans working around the clock to save hundreds of people trapped
5:39 am
in waist deep water including kenny vaughn who made over 70 rescues in the last 48 hours. he joined us earlier. >> i have learned what love really is and love does what's best for others without regard for itself. my neighbors are in trouble, you know, i don't know about the hero word but i would be half a man if i didn't go out there and do something. jedediah: up to 43 inches of rain fell in southeast texas. fortunately floodwaters are starting to recede. ed: chick-fil-a workers stepping up to help drivers on the highway. employees giving away hundreds of sandwiches by people trapped by floodwaters in houston. onone saying it's just a little gesture of love for our community and a way of giving back in a time of need. griff: candace owens appears before congress slamming the left's war on masculinity. >> impacting minority americans if i had to make a
5:40 am
list of 100 things white nationalism would not make the list. right now we have a social environment that is hostile towards men and does not inspire masculinity. >> owens was invited to testify about white supremacy she acknowledges that it exists and calls it a fringe issue pushed by democrats. a college football fan's joke turns into nearly 1-million-dollar donation for iowa children's hospital. carson king went viral after holding this sign on college game day asking people to send him beer money. guess what? people actually did. he joined us exclusively earlier. >> my mom heard the idea and she is like oh my gosh, my son is going to be on national television asking for beer money. i think it turned into her being okay with it. obviously, you know, anything you can do to help the kids you have to do. griff: get this, king has raised more than $822,000 so far. busch light now giving him a
5:41 am
year supply of free beer with his face on the can. ed: how did they determine that? can you just keep calling them need more beer. pile it up put it in the garage. griff: i guess. so. ed: pete would game the system if pete won that he would have it stacked up. jedediah: pete is going to be jealous if he doesn't have his face on a can of beer. ed: rick is pretty special to us. rick: and a can of beer, guys. ed, you know, obviously you just went through what you did donating your liver. big papa pop poppa gary needs a kidney. having a hard time finding a match. >> we are looking for a kidney for poppa gary and hopes somebody comes through. rick: glad we could shed some light on you. take a look at the map. show you what's going on this morning. temps warm across the east. no signs of fall really just yet. in fact, another warm day. high pressure controlling. really dry.
5:42 am
we beginning to spread across lots of the east. not the case across the far northern plains. significant flooding after 5 inches of rain fell in the grand forks area both north dakota and in towards minnesota. that front moves through meets with moisture coming up from tropical storm imelda brought all the flooding across parts of texas and see pretty significant flooding there over the next couple of days. next three days we will see a few more showers across houston just to the east of it. nothing that's going to exacerbate the problems too much. a big swath of 3 to 5 inches of rain across the central plains. again, not catching a break. all right, guys, back inside. ed: gary's family contacted me on facebook. hard time finding a kidney. living kidneys or livers. you can be a live donor like i was. good luck to the family. meanwhile, immigration and healthcare topping the list of voters' biggest concerns in a brand new fox poll. griff: have democrats lost
5:43 am
sight of what matters most to voters? we will ask the democratic strategist coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ on the road i'm driving ♪
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but then, we were like. what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how. jedediah: 2020 democratic hopefuls make their pitch to voters new fox news poll show that immigration, gun violence, and healthcare are the top three most important issues facing the country. so are democrats making their case to win votes next november? here to weigh in is democratic strategist wendy osefo, wendy, welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. jedediah: when you look at these issues, i hear democrats this week talking about impeachment. potentially indicting the president. they are talking about brett kavanaugh. why aren't they talking about these priority issues? >> i believe that democrats continue to talk about these priority issues. the thing is that democrats along with any good politician can chew gum and ride a bike at the same
5:47 am
time. there is the issue of impeachment. there is the issue of brett kavanaugh and then we have social issues that every day americans want to address. i think that anyone who wins this election whether that's, you know, the party on the left or the right, needs to focus on what matters to americans. right now that's really healthcare. people want to make sure that when they go to the hospital, they are not going to end up paying their whole lives back just for that one visit. jedediah: wendy, let's talk about that though people care about solutions. when you talk about immigration and the issue, what solutions have democrats actually put forward? i don't hear them advocating strongly for border security. what have they said that people can hold on to on that issue? that's the number one issue. >> absolutely. when this comes to immigration the first thing we have to address is the issue of family separation. we want to make sure that when we are looking at people who are coming into this country we are a country that welcomes all people. so what are we doing for family separation? making sure we keep families together? what are we doing for daca? that is a conversation that happened early on but no one has revisited that my am a
5:48 am
college professor i want to make sure my students stay in the classroom that we are not just ripping them away half way through the semester. jedediah: how does that prevent the problem we have people crossing illegally and have processing centers being flooded and border patrol unable to do their job as a result of people coming here that aren't supposed to and this incentivizing of this process? where is the democratic solution to that? >> so i think the democratic solution is something that is ongoing. i don't think they have come to one final solution i always say when i'm on this program i myself am an immigrant. i came to this country when i was 3 years old. i know there is more that needs to be done around the issue of immigration. it's not something that either party has really done done the best so to speak. something that the democrats have at the top of their agenda that's what's noteworthy to americans. who is looking at these issues and putting at the forefront of their policies and agenda. right now those are the democrats. jedediah: can you help me understand the focus on impeachment?
5:49 am
when you look at this request for impeachment, impeach for what in no collusion with russia no. obstruction of investigation. and now quid pro quo for ukrainian leader. impeachment for what exactly? >> i believe democrats are looking at impeachment that's knot necessary lay party policy so to speak. that's something that some democrats are looking to bring up. is what we have seen with the president when it comes to the issues of, you know, is he fit for the highest office of the land? does he have the moral aptitude to reside at 1500 pennsylvania avenue. some of the things seen by democrats whether it's not necessarily collusion being at the forefront of the issue but rather what were the conversations that donald trump has had with people around wikileaks? what does that look like? and i think that's why some democrats are bringing that up and want to see a resolution. i want to make sure that we say that not all democrats are pushing towards impeachment. jedediah: unfortunately
5:50 am
though those aren't 2k3wr0u7bd for impeachment. you do have 2020 hopefuls calling for impeachment elizabeth warren and others like nancy pelosi saying no this won't help us to do. this the fact that people are calling for impeachment in the democratic campaigns is crazy considering there are no grounds for impeachment is what i am saying. there is no there there. >> there is there there. i think. jedediah: show me the money. >> ther there is no there there. >> i think there is there there. it's the case you make for it. right now the case is a little bit murky. jedediah: wendy, i appreciate you being here and thanks for the debate. >> thank you. jedediah: breaking news from the campaign trail. 2020 hopeful cory booker may be close to dropping out. his campaign just warned his staff about donations. former dnc chair donna brazile reacts coming up. plus students across the country cutting class to protest climate change. our next guest is calling fools for enabling them and just a part of hysterical climate alarmism.
5:51 am
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♪ >> when do we want change? >> now. >> when do we want change? >> now. >> now. what the hell are we doing? you are killing my land. >> this is not what we wanted and we are going to keep going and keep fighting. ed: students got a free pass to skip school yesterday all in an effort to rally as you saw for climate change. all around the country. next guest is calling schools out for quote, unquote, hysterical climate alarmism in an op-ed. here to explain is standing up to goliath author and public school teacher rebecca freed distribution frie.
5:55 am
thank you for joining us from l.a. >> good morning. glad to be here. ed: how do you react to students based on your book as i understand it you think they have been indoctrinated to believe what the left believes on climate change. >> well, they definitely have. students are being indoctrinated in our schools across the country on multiple subjects. and what bothers me here is i have no problem with children speaking out about what they believe. but what bothers me is the state and national teacher's unions are the ones actually behind all of these protests, them and their allies. so when students have an opinion that matches the union's opinion come out with millions of dollars and put them out in front. then students who don't hold these opinions or just want to have a debate about, you know, other scientific -- valid scientific evidence, they are shut down, they are
5:56 am
silenced and they're called deniers. we teachers are too. we are very discouraged about it. ed: people fired up in audience. show you a couple quick emails. joanne writes in i'm so sick of hearing that earth is headed for doomsday on what alexandria ocasio-cortez said. wendy, students should be in school learning about the climate through science not someone giving them opinion without facts. isn't that the big point? this is america. the students should be allowed to protest, i believe. speak out. free speech. but they should also have facts, right? >> well, exactly. they should not be allowed to protest in the middle of a school day. why are these things always in the middle of school? that's because it's an agenda that's being pushed by very powerful organizations that are now running our schools. you see, teachers like myself are not running the schools anymore. they are run by labor unions pushing an agenda. so you mentioned these, you know, folks are upset about kids not getting facts, that's exactly right. kids are not allowed to write about facts anymore.
5:57 am
ed: thanks so much rebecca. will this ever be a winning strategy. we will ask dnc interim chair donna brazile about what the democrats are up to. that's coming up.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
♪ we have been celebrating start of oktoberfest live on square all morning long and check us out 48th and sixth german music from the band -- >> pretty cool salute out there too. caught a glimpse of that sauerkraut and potato salad i drew in on tay like a pregnant woman hawk. >>we have beer out there and two of the three of us can't drink it. >> griff you have to carry all of that weight. >> ed does deserve a warning because he tapped that keg now
6:01 am
oktoberfest. now here it is. sure there griff. look at that. they said we can do multiple. look. it is almost perfectly and never done that before right? >> people hay do it the first time they spill the beer and put griff and screw it up. he wanted you to -- you did. you did it perfect lis and just about three hours ago. internationally, oktoberfest started so well done. >> we got an e-mail that said ed should get a trophy for taying keg carefully. guess what we have a trophy we have a normal trophy pete is not here. because if there's a beer drinker jealous of this it would be one pete. so this is my first victory since coming back, so it is sort of of a fun one. j still counts. well done. happy oktoberfest we'll drink extra beer. >> all around the globe arer cheering -- >> i love. we've been talking about
6:02 am
immigration all morning as well this was a big issue, obviously, the president has been togs about going all the way back to the campaign he's talking about cracking down on e illegal immigration and now against odds struck another deal remember when they said never strike a deal with mexico now not paying for the wall l and that's a issue of big debate but he got that deal we seen more border apprehension and another deal to highlight as well. >> el salvador right we have guatemala, this one will allow broader sense something similar to this thing where people are going to be asked to seek aio asylum but it is a big deal because the president getting this done you see there. the signing with el salvador foreign minister that's dhs secretary who you were with, ed but another sign of the big picture of declining members of people coming across border, the
6:03 am
wall and now deal with these countries. clear indication that president trump is doing his best to deliver on his campaign promises of addressing immigration and placing that as a priority not many before that got anything done but they made that promise to people and seen indications that he's out to do just that. j dealing with central america and migrant refugees, but also tealing with the wall that he's promised going back to campaign i was in san diego couple of days ago. interviewing the president they have two walls there. they have 18 foot wall right near tijuana. on the u.s. side, of course, some people can get over that with a aheader but greeted with a 30 foot wall just been constructed this was not just replacement l hearing from others in the media this is a 30 foot wall built and president showed it off. here's what he told me. >> this is all brand new wall. this goes miles up the mountain over here. one agent told me no president has brought this kind of attention or resources so that now i can do my job.
6:04 am
>> making their job a lot say wasser too. people aren't coming up. you see numbers are going way down and not doing a catch and release nows and wish we have help if from democrats in congress but they want open borders they don't want this. attacks from the media saying this is a hoax. there's not really new wall there even though i was there standing there looking at it but using my own eyes but talking to border patrol agents saying they're used to be like a crooked fence that was broken down and they said mexican resident could literally climb over that fence and then go to their spouse and say here hand the kids over. this is what border patrol agents were saying this was facts and mexican resident would literally walk into san diego and all of a sudden be in america illegally. and now because of these two walls they're not doing it. they say that border patrol agents say not the president there there have been zero mexican resident to be about able to get over both walls that
6:05 am
sometimes hundred to 200 cross with a ladder but look up and say there's a 30 foot wall and ladder is on other side and they've caught every one of those folks zero is and i stress zero have made it over the 30-foot wall. >> border patrol agents are nonpartisan in terms of your speaking with them how did they react to what trump administration has done and prioritize this issue. ervelg so many are democrats some are independence some clearly are supporters of the president. but nonpartisan you're right in sense that they're trying to do their job and what they told many to answer your question i was driving with one who brought me to the border, to actually interview the president. and he's a very senior border agent who was there a long time and he said he's one who i repeated book president he said we have someone giving us the resours of the attention to do our jobs which had i took as they want to do their jobs. they don't want to go after the president or after nancy pelosi. they just want to protect the country. they want to do their job and griff you know this better than i. >> you talk about what agents say the leadership of cvp mark
6:06 am
morgan on the show earlier was talking about this progress is so significant when we've got to do now is get democrats and republicans to support it. here's what morgan had to say about the progress. >> we're going continue to do that administration has been doing working with government of mexico working with the northern try ankle country to build their capacity to address this as a regional crisis and we're going to continue to build that wall. every mile of wall that is built that agents are safe they can do their job better and this country is is safer. that's what we're going to keep doing. this president for first time are listening to experts and he's delivered given them exactly what they need to do their job and do it safer. >> i talked to morgan also about about if another president if someone is else came in power how quickly could this be done if congress does not aism these gains. he said less than 24 hours back in the surge we have before. >> wow.
6:07 am
big stuff. all right let's get to other big stories political belittle over a secret whistle-blower complaingt is escalating this morning. >> democrats warning of a national security thet. joe biden even accusing president trump of corruption. mark meredith live in washington. mark president trump already reacting this morning. >> you're right we have some tweets from the president that came down within last half hour this morning president trump says media and lawmakers should focus on joe biden pass dealings with ukraine not his and roughly a little bit of a long one he goes, quote, fake news media and democrat party want to stay far away as possible from joe bieldzen demand that who investigating his son and won't get a large amount of u.s. money so they fabricate a story about me. and they perfectly find and routine conversation i had with the new president of ukraine. now the president's tweets come after a wall street journal story from friday says they encourage ukraine president during a phone call to
6:08 am
investigate joe biden and his son and president will not kism or deny that he spoke about boiledden. he did get a chance to hear from joe biden yesterday this is what he had to say last night in iowa. >> not one single credible outis let has given any credibility to his assertion. not one single one. and so i have no comment except the president starts -- >> house democrats have demandinged to know more about whistle-blower complaint that is tied to president conversations with a foreign leader. so far, though, the complaint has not been turned over to congress a lot of lawmakers have said about about that. we'll be watching twitter guys to see if president has anymore about about that to say this weekend. guys back to you. >> you have to love that too from joe biden oh he has no comment. oh really joe you have no comment you were on record. you are on video as having threatened saying that this guy needs to be fired i will withhold funding if you don't fire this prosecutor who was responsible for investigating a company on which your son was on
6:09 am
the board. you have no comment and yet trump is expected to make a comment on a conversation he had where there's no -- there's no proof of a quid pro quo here you have joe biden doing what they're blaming president trump for doing and people are letting that slide. no i'm sorry you can't -- double standard is too much for me at this point. >> biden may not be speaking out and going on record it be this but perhaps one of the most jean is rows men in the world we have this story a little bit earl ier we want no show you again robert smith billion their pledged to erase the college loan debt for the graduateing class of 2019, well here's the flashback side. then tell you what he's doing next. >> on behalf of the 8 generations of my family who have been in this country we're going put a little fuel in your bus this is my class 2019.
6:10 am
and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loan. i know my class -- will make sure they pay this forward. i want my class to look at these alumni morehouse brothers, about and let's make sure every class has a same opportunity it going forward. fnght well that was sol big money take a look at that. the student loan debt paid off about 34 million dollars and now he's talking about pledging even more money and to their families and whatnot. that is really cool stuff, and it is great. >> i love stories like that. tell us what you think friends of fox where you show generosity and successful they choose to give from the heart it makes my day. >> giving back. now turning to your headlines, starting with this fox news alert. 020 hopeful senator cory booker
6:11 am
might not be the in race much long per because of fund raiser his campaign manager sending memo to staff percent reading cory 2020 needs to raise additional 1.7 million by september 30th to be in a position to build the organization necessary and competing for the nomination without a fund raising surge to close out this quarter. we do not see a legitimate long-term path forward. >> and the family boston whitey is fighting wrongful death lawsuit against the justice department for 200 million and wall street journal claims that boulder was put in harm's way hours before being beaten to death in federal prison. he died last october after being moved into the general population area of the west virginia facility. >> meanwhile press is cracking down on iran yet again -- a attack on sod dee oil facility, president asking to deploy troops and sanctions on
6:12 am
iran central bank. state department spokeswoman morgan joinings us last hour to give us a little more details on the strategy. watch. >> so through a variety of diplomatic measures and through sanctions, secretary pompeo is working with president trump and all of his members of the national security team to restore deterrent so that iran cannot continue to fund their proxy in the region to trrs allies to threaten existence of israel and threaten all out war with america. >> iran denied any involvement in oil facility attack although administration simple doesn't believe him and prop about began da. president meanwhile and first lady still there hosting australian prime minister and his wife for a rare state dinner. president tweeting praise for his wife saying in part i want to express my gratitude to america magnificent first lady in a evening we celebrate a century of royal and devoted relationship between two nations. first lady stole the show in
6:13 am
aqua silk gown by jay mendle. that's when i said every hour to come best wardrobe in the world and feel charitable my closet is wide open. 2020 democrat calling on president to be impeached. >> certainly impeachable offense, time for congress to step up and serious impeachment proceedings. castro said if it is true well shouldn't we get facts first and ask dnc down in brazil on dock with her reaction blue an american hero finally getting recognition he deserves meet the world war ii veteran who was just honored with a bronze star. he joins us live with his take -- [laughter] look at that. there he is. for your service -- let's get down to business.
6:14 am
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let's get straight to a fox news alert breaking news from the 2020 trail. corybook per campaign just sent out an urgent memo to staff saying he has until the i could of the months to raise about $2 million otherwise he's getting out. >> here to react this morning tnc interim chair and fox news contradict tore to know that what do you make of this booker news? >> well, look, i've been there. i've been there as a campaign manager. i've been there as a deputy campaign manager and as a staff person if you're running out of money it means that you're running out of fuel you cannot maintain, you know, offices and all of the key states. pay staff people which, of course, staff people need to get paid. and this is the worst part, the candidate can't travel i mean if you don't have the resources to compete, then it is important that perhaps this is time to say good-bye to 2020 and remember, corybooker is a young man. he has a bright future a proven
6:18 am
leader this is not the end of coy booker but campaign is running out of funds. >> donna before we transition to impeachment -- big picture, though, what does this tell us beyond cory booker you've had de blasio just get out in the last 24 hours. is this race for democrats coming into sharper focus and becoming more and more sort of biden sanders warren race? >> yes, it is coming into sharper focus for two reasons we're in the fall one we're in the most important phase that is these candidates have to secure a position on the ballot, and, of course, in order to compete in the next round of debate the threshold is beginning to get even higher. so we're going to see the fuel windle down and have not four tiers but perhaps two tiers before thanksgiving. >> you know donna i word is coming up again that word is impeachment l you have a lot of 2020 hopefuls calling for impeachment once again after
6:19 am
this whistle-blower complaingt take aen will to the montage and talk about impeachment argument in general. >> okay. >> he's been consorting and collaborating with a foreign head of state. we need a new commander in chief. >> time for congress to step up and begin serious impeachment proceedings. again -- >> the president is using his office to strong arm another country into investigating a political opponent. if that's true, that is certainly an impeachable offense. >> donna impeach him for what what exactly? we don't even know in there was any quid pro quo here or enough information to be arguing for impeachment am i right? >> let me tell you what i believe. no one should put their personal political interest above the national security united states of america. so i think that the whys pl blower allegations or complaint should be made available to not just the american people. but congress let's get congress to take a look at these
6:20 am
allegations and let's look at it very thoroughly. the second thing is that the dni should be an independent individual and this -- ig should be able to come forward to explain this to the american people. yongd all of that it is just rhetoric campaign rhetoric and i know every day we get into impeachment not impeachment let's get all of the information out on the table. let's see what it is and then after that we can go about whether or not this is just another round of investigation. or this merit high crime and misdemeanor and the constitution. >> that sounds like a reasonable approach which donna is saying let's get the facts maybe before we let the rit rick get ahead of donna in brazil thank you for coming. >> hey i'm on my way to robbens funeral to celebration her life because louisiana as we believe is this is when you say lord, we give you praise. so i'm about to go and celebrate the high of of my goods friend
6:21 am
cokey robinson i'll be repghting fox okay. >> we appreciate that. more for "fox & friends" coming up on the other side.
6:22 am
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>> all right. some quick hts two teens shot during a high school football game. hundreds of evacuation in the stadium as gunfire erupted in philly police sate victims are 15 and 14. both taken to the hospital where they're now in stable condition no arrests made so far. and the nfl temporarily banning teams from playing with fire after a pyrotech nick glitch at sunday colt titan gill all flame effect in pyrotech blamed on a,
6:25 am
quote, mechanical failure luckily nobody hurt. griff. >> all right ed, thanks. listen up, an urgent warning across six states over a fatal mosquito born disease seven now dead and one man is brain dead after bitten just once. here to discuss associate professor of medicine at nyu rosh raj people get mosquito bites they don't think it will lead to their death 21 cases across six states. how serious is this? it is very serious but i want to stress it is relatively rare and now we were speaking about all over the world mosquito born illnesses are prevalent many this country dying from a mosquito bite is extremely rare but we are seeing an up tick in the cases in the country. normally we'll see seven cases per year in the entire country now we're seeing about 7 deaths
6:26 am
and more about about 20 cases. and that's in a short period of time. so this is the eastern encephalitis transmitted through a mosquito bite and cause fever, chills that last for about a week but in some cases lead to brain cell in a third ofs cases could be fatal. >> a 33% fatality rate and not every bite is going to do that but you know when we talk about people putting on insect repellant in this sort stuff in the case of michigan which has -- they haven't seen this in ten years or more they have three at least of the fatalities. are you advising people to take precautions? >> absolutely. yes. so certainly if you are in your -- on your property you have stagnant water care of that and no buckets lying around with water with or in them or pools you're going out marly during the dusk and dawn time you want to be wearing long sleeves. and long pants as well and use
6:27 am
insect repellant with deet or another really approved insect repellant to work against mosquitoes because again a lot of us are going to get bites but grow can't wrong bite with the virus, that could be potentially fatal. >> dr. raj you know, you have those pregnant, elderly and some in the population more as a vulnerable than others? >> but it affects those over age of 50 a little bit more pane under age of 15 more pane people who passed away were perfectly healthy before hand and mind boggling it is rare but it is a potential problem and we are seeing an increase in year compared to previous years. fnght lastly we haven't yet had the years frost so it is still active there are mosquitoes even though weather is getting cooler. >> see it in late summer is and early fall so very much a concern take precaution against mous key tees on your property and with your own what you're
6:28 am
wearing and using insect fell langt as well. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. well hundreds of alien enthusiast desendinging on flfd storming area 51. why miss is will they find anything. we're live on the ground, next. plus -- you can't have beer without brats. we're cooking up an october about feast on fox square. here we go. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing]
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uh-uh wow what a morning. 102 sherman going to fell a story heroism and -- as end of world war ii he was disciplined aparnlgtly caught talking to german children it was innocent we believe and yet somehow it was threatening with the enemy and he was denied the bronze star that he deserves. this was now made it all the way to upper pentagon i suppose. an they funnelly said you know what he deserves bronze star is he's here fox and friend with us next. >> and he brought tank this was
6:33 am
might be one of our coolest segments you do not want to miss this. show is unbelievable we have hero and tanks and aliens and we have jonathon hunt coming up and started as an internet joke that was getting global attention. hundreds of u if rks o enthusiast gathering in nevada desert this weekend to storm area 51. jonathon hunt is live and he in nevada where sol out of the this world festivities have already taken place what's going on over there? >> well good morning we've got a beautiful desert sunrise behind me here but frankly guys day of pretty ugly contemplation for the festival organizeers we're here at the alien research center in nevada, and they were expecting 5,000 people or so here for the big event. i don't know if all of those attendees got abduct ited by alien but they're about 4800 short of 500 take a look at video we shot of this stage you're looking at right now we shot it last night.
6:34 am
during the headliners concert paul who for anybody who knows dj is a pretty big name was here last night. he had an audience i would say of comfortably less than 200 maybe closer to 100 during the day, though, the couple of thousand who came to is the various site across the nevada desert here near area 51 had had a pretty good time. we talked to a lot of them a couple of hundred went up to the gate area of 51 they didn't have any trouble there. the cops they said were really nice and weren't letting anybody step foot on base so they took selfie and left quite quietly. some, though, that we talk ad to did say there was a sense of anticlimax listen here. >> honestly we wanted to do it for the meme. so we kept going and we went. a little bit different but i don't know -- going to make the best of it.
6:35 am
>> you know, facilities guys have been pretty good here. but it is hard to think of this really as anything other than fire festival 2.0 certainly not the internet sensation everyone expected. [laughter] >> thanks jonathon if you see aliens i have to be the first call. >> yeah. >> i'll bring you one back. even better. >> lord jonathon hunt that's what it is called lord hunt. thanks jonathon turn to headlines now owner what have is called -- a friendly bar accused of allowing patron to use legal weapons against conservative activist and according to the legal commission, bar own orer refuse to kick out unruly customers gave misleading information to police when a brawl broke at a bar in may. a lawyer for bar owner denies the allegations. >> and woman who was suicidal boyfriend to kill himself over text messages is denied parol.
6:36 am
michelle carter had will serve her entire 15 month sentence for involuntary manslaughter. the massachusetts parole board saying, quote, ms. karster self-ing statement and leading up to suicide appear to be irrational and lack sincerity an conviction violates first amendment. and it looks like blamed another victim former dhs secretary kirsten backing out of a festival hosted by atlantic. tweeting, quote, we previously announce that we would be interviewing former dhs secretary nelson at festival next week and team has let us know she's no longer able to participate in the interview. the plan interview got intense backlash from a progressive grassroots root frito action. and dj veteran is returns to europe for a very special jump. and tom rice commemorating the 1944 landing in a very unique way. >> the last guy and the 501 to
6:37 am
make a jump in holland two other guys try to beat me to but i beat them to it. 98-year-old parachuting into normandy for 7 5*9 anniversary of the landing back in june. wow. pretty good stuff amazing. over to you, rick. >> i'm out here in oktoberfest, and doing haict a of weather take look at weather map show you what's gong on temperature wise it is still summer. solidly summer across eastern half of the country, in fact, 77 degrees as you're waking up right now in kansas city also a humid out across the west through the cool area. 41 right now and it has been dry that dry weather is going to continue and we have drought that has been expanding and up across northern plains. incredible rain around grand forks area of north dakota and five inches of rain causing significant flooding that confront meets up today with
6:38 am
moisture that's coming from what was leftover that brought areas of flooding across texas now that target is in across areas to the north of that. we're not gong to see that much more rain next few days across area of texas but all goes towards the north. a lot of three to five inch rainfall totals and that will cause significanted flooding. they wrap me e in my ear griff and i said wrap. three to five inches of wrap instead of rain. a wrap that came out of my mouth. >> well today is official start of oktoberfest and we're celebrating all morning on our own fox beer garden number one october fest beer in germany. paul, of course, you can look at oktoberfest with traditional food so i'll try it while you talk. >> okay. back with with because i see -- steve houser ceo of weber, welcome. can you hear ?e?
6:39 am
you've got it. what makes, cheers do you want to start this con test now? >> sign holding competition when you visit the oktoberfest in they carry it up to battlenies where tableses are and serve the the beer that way. we're not going to make you do five but only make you do one. okay and you're going to be against one of the colleagues. limber up and you show them while i get a demo of the food to warm up. >> and do we start holding it now? >> steve hold it out like that. >> all right we're on. okay. and we'll come back in many a couple of hour. >> okay. yeah no problem. ted bring us some food. start with that. >> a traditional german style
6:40 am
which is the crispy pork knuckle cut into it. is it cooked? give me a bite. i'll try it. pete is not here he normally would be eating entire oh show so i have to pick up the slack. these guys are doing pretty well by the way with the beer. [laughter] that hooks amazing. that is actually a knuckle? that is a flavorful skin that you're tasting right now. one of my favorite things to eat in the world got -- our potato dumplingses with that. >> pretty good but weird i have to admit. here we go. moving over we have our traditional bratwurst from shawn weber. >> these guys are doing pretty well we have a split is screen they're holding it up. is there anybody in the lead yet? we will not drop this sign. >> faltering? >> better form? who has better form? >> oh. oh, rick -- keep going. a quick run what's this last thing over here? >> that's same thing the knuckle but over here we have a vice which is a bavarian sauce wage
6:41 am
caramelized onion and mustard and those are in pretzel bun that's a real flavors that you'll have at the oktoberfest while you're consuming all of that beer. >> we appreciate it. thanks so much. all right we're going get a win wither we have to leave them here all day. >> better form. equal seeing a little shake out of both handle but not too bad. okay. >> we're going declare a winner during it the break and let them keep going. while i eat this -- [laughter] >> meanwhile we can 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke push to buyback guns. confiscate them. >> hell no you're not i have four children and 100 pounds cannot defend myself with a fist. >> joins us next while these guys start to -- wobble a little bit. they're holding on.
6:42 am
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guaranteed monthly income for life. >> welcome back some headlines for you wal-mart stop selling e-cigarettes over safety concerns. the superstore drops products after selling remaining inventory and eight people have died from vape related illnesses so far this year and a new study says tap water may be responsible for more than 100,000 cancer cases. while most water systems meet legal standards researchers at environmental working group say tap water can still contain harmful like arsenic. they say exposure can be reduced by using a water filter. over to you, griff. >> all right thanks. white house hopeful beto o'rourke making gun confiscation a rally cry on campaign trail but one woman is not giving up her firearm so easily.
6:46 am
>> i am here to say hell no you're not. i have four children and 5 foote 0, 100 pounds cannot defend myself with a fist. i want to know how you're going to legislate that. because a criminal by defense breaks the law. so all you're going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens like myself. >> that woman lauren joins us now live, lauren thank you for taking time. what happened? why did you decide to go confront beto? >> well, i heard that beto was coming to my state of colorado to talk about gun control or maybe gun legislation, and i heard what he had to say about taking away our second amendment rights and our firearms. and if i really wanted to go down there to just reverse his statement, and tell him absolutely hot. because i'm sure that that is -- every gun owning american's immediate response to his hell
6:47 am
yes was an immediate firm hell no. >> o'rourke is going to various places in the country that was had aurora, colorado where he went in 2012 in a movie theater as a reporter i was there covering it 12 died. doesens more injured. but o'rourke is painting picture lauren that everyone is ready now at this point to support him in this gun legislation. what do you say? is >> that is absolutely false. and honestly, shame on him for coupling -- come colorado to exponged on tragedies those are our victim and he came here to paint a fir for his campaign trail and shame on you sir for doing that. we were here. we experienced those losses. that was a community, community loss, and honestly those victims were defenseless. there were criminals that did those horrible acts, and by definition those criminals do
6:48 am
not obey the law so there is no legislation that you can pass that is beginning to stop the evil in a man's heart if he has a desire to go out to harm someone he will find a way to do that. and i say he loosely just as a term of a person. but yeah, if they have that desire to cause harm it will be done no matter what kind of weapon they choose to use. >> lauren your shirt says shooters grow that's your restaurant there what do the patrons of your restaurant from in colorado and yourself believe the administration should do while this discussion over gun legislation is in the media? >> our current administration absolutely needs to take a stand now, today, and say we will honor the second amendment of the constitution of the united states. we support our president. i love my president. i implore him please protect our second amendment. we elected you to do just that. we don't want anything inched
6:49 am
away because every little thing on chopping block eventually will lead to no ownership of firearms in america. right now there's an extreme way to carry which is open carry how i prefer is not for everyone. that's fine. right now that's on the chopping block, and what happens when that is done away with then it is conceal carry that's the new extreme way to carry and that's on chopping block next. so really our administration please, please do not do anything but honor our second amendment l. >> all right lauren, lauren thank you for joining us. you're speaking out against beto o'rourke because you disagree. >> glory to god. >> all right. 75 years after helping defeat nazi, germany a world war ii veteran is honor for valor and brought his tank with him. don't miss him. there's a hero. managing lipids
6:50 am
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6:53 am
75 years after heroic actions on battle field 6-year-old clarence sawyer nickname hero of cologne getting surprise of a lifetime at pentagon awarded bronze star. pfnlgt well twerved wormed world war ii and knocked out a supertank allowing u.s. troops to push towards berlin the battle captured on camera. >> this morning he's here to share his story alongside a world war ii sherman that's right behind us army veteran clarence sawyer and man who
6:54 am
helped make this surprise possible adam macos did i say that right? >> written a book about it but clarence it is such an honor to have you here tell us a little bit about your story and amazing tank behind you. >> clone first -- on the radio -- [inaudible conversations] let's knock the hell out of it. >> so viewers can see you drove the very first tank, this tank straight into clone you were the lead man. what is had it like now? >> such a great driver. he was disciplined for fraternizing with enemy talking
6:55 am
to german kids and tell us in 30 seconds how you put that together. >> lost that bronze star and didn't feel right this was best gunners of world war ii knocked out five german tanks like a teddy and i wonder how could he be a lethal tank gunner his crew was his family he didn't just hate had german but he wanted to keep his family allove that's why he was such a great gun and we have to get the bronze star for him two year process and here it is. >> that is awesome. how does it feel to be honored 75 years later? >> where are you going park this thing when you leave? >> all day -- you're going to have to pay the suv rate at the parking garage going to be a lot. [laughter] >> you know what you are an american hero american heritage museum will let us have it for a little while we honor your service thank you clarence. thank you for being with us. thank you.
6:56 am
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♪ drink beer everyone ♪ let's go beer drinking beer drinking all night beer drinking ♪ ♪ we will have lots of fun drinking beer with everyone ♪ he said, he said, but why the heck are we only hearing about what just one person said? a flood of calls from the left right now to investigate what president trump may have said in private phone calls with the ukrainian leader, but not one that i can think of to investigate what the guy who wants to be president very publicly said and did when he was vice president concerning the ukrainian government. so today we thought we would do something. compare the calls and then allow you to make the call. for a fair and balanced look into both allegations, both


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