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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 21, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> well, the biden campaign now on offense amid reports that president trump repeatedly asked the ukrainian president to investigate the former vice-president's son. we're going to take you through the accusations and counter accusations. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> and joe biden called on president trump to release the transcript of that phone conversation immediately. ellison barber is at the white house with the developing story.
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yeah, asking the ukrainian president to look into it not once and if it were true it would be clear-cut. and called on him to release the transcript and to director them to stop stonewalling. president trump denied wrongdoing and accused the democrats and media for another witch hunt scheme. and back and forth after a whistleblower's complaint. the secret complaint based on a phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. according to the wall street journal which shares owners and
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investigating joe biden's son, urging the president eight times to work with the president's personal lawyer rudy guiliani on a probe that could hamper mr. trump's potential 2020 opponent. and putting pressure on ukraine in terms of corruption had to do anything with the gas company that the younger biden was a part of, was a director of related to the directors of. democrats want to see the whistleblower complaint and they want to know whether or not president trump or his allies tried to set up any kind of quid pro quo explicitly or implicitly in exchange for military aid. president trump has dismissed the reports as a political who can job and says he would never have an inappropriate phone call with a foreign leader, but at the same time is not saying what was discussed with the ukrainian president. >> at any point did you discuss joe biden, his son or his
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family. >> somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement, it was disgraceful where he talked about billions of dollars that he's not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case. >> and president trump and the ukrainian president are expected to meet at the u.n. general assembly this coming week. >> ellison barber for us at the white house, thank you. leland: the president is at his golf club today. we'll watch his twitter account. meantime, live pictures from polk county, iowa in des moines, and there is where the polk county steak fry is taking place. you see the marching band warming up there. peter doocy is on the ground, on the trail, as is vice-president joe biden, we expect him to gaggle with reporters in a few minutes and peter will be on the ground asking questions about this and other parts of the day and also get his thoughts, that is joe biden's thoughts on the president's tweet this morning. meantime, we want to take you through the timeline of what
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happened as it relates to ukraine, vice-president biden when he was vice-president and his son. the ties between joe biden and his son and ukraine have come under renewed scrutiny. the concerns over a potential conflict of interest that was first brought up and investigated by a number of news organizations years ago. in april of 2014, joe biden led a u.s. delegation to kiev as vice-president. it was tasked with rooting out corruption and advocating for ukraine to be less reliant on russian oil. this is about the time that the russian invaded the eastern part of ukraine. in may of this year, still 2014, biden's son hunter became a board member for a group, one of the biggest private gas companies in ukraine. according to the new york times he was paid as much as $50,000 per month in some months for his work for the company. and that's new york times reporting. two years later, now we're in march of 2016, vice-president biden visited ukraine again and
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said that the united states with withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees if ukraine refused to fire its prosecutor general, a fellow by the name of victor shoeken over corruption concerns. critics questioned whether the vice-president's actions were connect today his son's job. at the time the eu had also called for shoeken's removal and he was fired. fast forward three years, hunter biden left his position at the gas company this april after working for the company for five years and joe biden announced his candidacy for presidency of the united states as you might remember on april 25th. we'll keep our eye on des moines and when vice-president biden comes out to talk to peter doocy and the rest of the media there, we'll come back to it. >> a lot to get there. and the president ordering troops to saudi arabia in response to last weekend's attack on saudi oil facilities. the decision comes after a high level national security meeting at the white house on friday.
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garrett tenney joins us with the very latest on this, hi, garrett. >> well, laura, they're saying that these are nothing offensive, just to deter additional attacks by iran. in terms of what the deployment looks like, in terms of troop numbers, officials are working it that out this weekend though they said it would include hundreds of troops, not thousands. and defense department stressed this is the first step the u.s. is taking in response to the attacks on the saudi oil fields. a lot of lawmakers are concerned that this move is pushing u.s. closer to an all-out war with iran. and ortega defended the strategy. >> what we're seeking to do with all of these actions is to restore deterrents to iran of the that's what we really lost whenever we were under the iran nuclear deal.
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iran did not curb their malign behavior in the region. they gas lit their behavior with sanctions relief under that deal. at this point the u.s. is largely going it alone because many allies still aren't convinced that iran is responsible for these attacks. on friday, defense secretary mark esper says he's hopeful that will change and others will step up as well. >> we're calling on many other countries who would also have these capabilities to do two things, first of all, stand up and condemn these attacks and secondly, look to also contribute defensive capabilities so we could defend those things outlined in my remarks, whether it's the infrastructure in saudi arabia and the broader issues with regard to the seas and straits and rules and norms that iran is clearly violating. >> here at home including nancy pelosi signaled that president trump will meet plenty of resistance if he tries to carry
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out anything against iran without congressional approval. >> we know this is not the time for the country to go to war. and we're paying for one of our biggest mistakes going into iraq. and we neglected it to go to iraq. and all of this is playing out with the president and his delegation will be here in the u.s. next week for the u.n. general assembly. no meeting between the u.s. and iran is expected to take place. >> thanks so much. we've got much more on both of our top stories on fox news sunday tomorrow. john roberts is in for chris wallace. he'll talk to secretary of state mike pompeoment check your local listings for time and channel. >> turn back to our top story on the whistleblower complaint, president trump and a foreign leader. let's turn to pennsylvania congressman and member of the house foreign affairs committee, scott perry, good of you to be
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with us on this important topic. >> thank you very much. we want to start with the whistleblower story and i want to get to iran, too. we don't know who was listening in on this call in question. so what exactly was discussed and now we have nearly a week to wait until the acting director of national intelligence testifies before the house intelligence committee about this complaint. we don't know any of the information, but how do you see this playing out? >> well, this seems to me, first of all, when there are claims of corruption, it's interesting to me that only president trump is included in this, when for a long time now, as you've already outlined in the timeline, that former vice-president biden and his son have been involved in corruption allegations with the ukraine, which seem pretty-- it seems like there's at least smoke there, so i kind it fascinating there's no interest in that. especially when ukraine has been trying to provide the united states with information regarding that claim. as a matter of fact, was trying to provide that information
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during the previous administration, was stymied in doing so, but you're absolutely right. we don't know everything that's developing in this conversation yet. congress does have the role of oversight, but at the same time, there are many people that listen in on those calls and so i doubt there's anything of great significance there, and let's remember this as well. that president trump is america's dually elected top diplomate and they can have the conversations. we might not like what he has to say in the conversation, but it doesn't mean there's anything untoward or illegal there. president obama essentially was told medvedev that we were going to dismantle our nuclear armament system in front of the whole world. while we disliked it, he was america's top diplomate and it's within his purview. >> and i want president trump's reaction. here he is in the oval office who the whistleblower might be and how he views the implications. let's listen.
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>> he's a partisan whistleblower. shouldn't even have information. i had conversations with many leaders, they're always appropriate. i think scott can tell you that, always appropriate at the high highest level always appropriate. and anything i do i fight for this country, fight so strongly for this country. >> as you pointed out, many of the president's supporters say it's his right and he should be talking to other world leaders. so what do you make of his remarks there? >> well, he should be talking to other world leaders. it's not only his right, it's his duty. we elected him to do that and it's also his duty if there are claims of corruption even though they might be the past administration and even though they might have connection to someone who may be running against him, to ferret out those issues of corruption especially when the ukrainian government has been asking to provide that information and so, it's appropriate that the president seek out that information and let him know-- let the other country know that we're willing and interested in
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taking that information and following the truth to wherever it leads. >> all right. i also want your thoughts on iran. you know, tensions are high of course. we have been talking about this for a while now. we have troops headed to saudi arabia for the oil fields and the president has issued the highest sanctions ever imposed on the country on the banks. and what sarpgss -- sanctions are there left and where do you see this going? >> i think there are sanctions left. iran doesn't know the sanctions placed on them. and i think that's why you see a troop movement and at the same time i think that the united states needs to be rightly wary getting involved with the military. this is saudi arabia, this is their fight, an issue we can support them in, but this is their fight and there are implications around the world for this.
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this is an escalation by iran to get out of the sanctions and it affects world economies and it affects our economy here at home. so it is in our national interest to provide the stability that iran has been seeking to undermine litter will i for the last 40 years, including the deaths of over 500 americans in iraq. iran is the bad actor and let's remember that the united states is responding to the acts of iran. >> it's interesting and of course we've got the u.n. meeting coming up in new york. and representative scott perry, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> all right, leland. >> all right, here we go. it's happening. the 2020 democratic field is narrowing. live pictures now of des moines, iowa the polk county steak fry there. a cattle call, if you will, excuse the pun, for the 2020 field. peter doocy on the ground as the
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candidates begin to show up and we now have cory booker saying if he doesn't raise a couple million bucks in the next couple of days, he's out. >> he did, leland. his campaign insists this is not a stunt and the candidate himself took to twitter to explain that they are kind of in dire straits if they're going to make it more than a week and a half. booker tweeted this on the way to the steak fry. we're at a crossroads in the campaign. 1.7 million in a position to build the organization and we need to compete for the nomination, we can do it, but if we don't, we don't see a long-term path forward. the booker campaign thinks the field is about to narrow to only four candidates. somebody not concerned about that would be joe biden. you can see here at the staek fry in des moines not far from the airport, they've got the red, white and blue balloons and a drumline waiting for joe biden. his campaign tells us that he is going to gaggle with reporters
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today, an informal kind of press conference, and the big issue, of course, is what you've been talking about so far during your show is what did he know, what exactly doesn't he know about his son hunter's business dealings overseas. the campaign finally responded last night after initially telling us that the candidate had no comment. they've responded to the wall street report referenced earlier that president trump may have asked ukrainian leadership up to eight times to investigate joe biden. and here is part of the biden paper so far. at minimum, donald trump should immediately release a transcript of the call in question so that the american people can judge for themselves and direct the office of the director of national intelligence to stop stonewalls and release the whistleblower notification to the congress. so that's the way the campaign put a statement into fine print and now, any minute we do expect
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the candidate here because tv, if not the drumline is going to be exhausted in the next couple of minutes. but we expect to see the former vp soon, leland. >> well, keep the drumline entrance going here for a minute here, peter. what is the feeling there in iowa about bill deblasio dropping out? you may not be able to see the return, but here is the new york post cover today, which is an obituary to the bill deblasio campaign. it says in lieu of flowers, deblasio asks for donations to his slush funds is how it ends. anybody in iowa notice this? >> no, and especially not today. because there are going to be about 10,000 democrats here at the steak fry. everybody's got their own event, and again, i do see-- you'll see him come into the shot in a second, but the front runner, who bill deblasio gave
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up on trying to catch, joe biden is here now and you can see the signs, they've got the aviators that he has become very well-known for wearing on bright days and he's in there. he's running in. and we do expect, again, the campaign told us he's going to run over to us so we can ask him about this-- his family's business dealing overseas, leland. leland: it almost seems reminiscent with the drum line and the crowd of like a friday night lights high school football game, of people, of the team running in. >> it's exactly like that. leland: the team running into the field herement give us a sense of crowd size, you say 10,000, who has the biggest most enthusiastic crowd? who is still trying to get their supporters there? >> so far we've seen sizable crowd. this is a pretty good sized crowd for joe biden. there are a couple hundred people here and as you can see it, i'll have ali show, they're lined up all the way down waiting for him.
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hoping he'll come and take a selfie or sign a book or something like that. kamala harris has a very impressive crowd here, mayor pete has an impressive crowd here and cory booker has an impressive crowd here, which again is probably good news for a campaign that just posted a lengthy conference call explaining why they-- >> i'm going to interrupt you, i know it's tough in terms of the camera angles there. we're getting one feed that's a shot of joe biden working the hope line-- rope line, taking selfies and shaking hands. no aviators since there's no cloud cover. he is appears he's making his way toward you. how much of the message from joe biden is defense about what happened and what he said back in 2014, and 2016 and how much of it will be offense going against president trump and going after president trump over the contents of this phone call with the ukrainian president?
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>> well, if it's anything like the paper statement that the campaign put out last night it's on offense because it's not about his son or things that he had said. it's just about president trump, which again, has been the preeminent focus of the biden campaign throughout and we are just going to try to get into a better position as he comes over here right now because i can see some campaign staff and you can see he's making his way slow and steady, but we expect to see him here in a second. >> peter, this is laura engle chiming in, as we follow the camera movements going up and down the rope line talking to folks, you said he was expected to come over to the reporters. i love the behind the scenes action that you provide us and what you're being told. so you're told that he's going to be coming out and talking to people and then he is going to address some reporters. you have a big group there? how is this going to work? is it right in front of the rope
9:20 am
line or going somewhere else? >> yeah, we're just about 15 feet away and the campaign is trying to make a hole through some of these cameras just to give him a path over here. >> here he comes. >> here we go. >> excuse me. all right, we've got some firefighters for biden here, first union. and get it down in front a little bit, sir. >> peter is getting into position we'll give you a sense of what's happening here. this is the first event that we're seeing joe biden at a public campaign event since all of the reporting about president trump's call with the ukrainian president, allegedly asking the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden, and he's here at the steak fry in des moines expected to meet and gaggle with reporter as he often does. we saw him work the rope line.
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>> here we go. leland: after running through the crowd of marching band members. >> what's the question? >> how do you plan to address the voters who are pro-life. pro-life? >> yes. >> they should have an open mind making sure people have an opportunity to make their own judgment. there are a lot of decent honorable people who have a different view than they do and they should have the right to have access to what the supreme court has allowed. >> mr. vice-president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> and let's talk about-- >> here is what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened. that appears what happened. you should be looking at trump.
9:22 am
trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum and using abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody looked at it and said there's nothing there. ask the right question. >> mr. biden, if you've never spoken to your son-- >> depending on what the house find, he could be impeached, but i'm not making that judgment now. the house should investigate him. the house should investigate this. this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power. to get on phone with a foreign leader who is looking for help from the united states and ask about me and imply, and if that's what happened, that appears to be what happened. we know that's what guiliani did. this is outrageous. you have never seen anything like this from any president. >> before you entered the race one of your concerns was about your family being brought into this race. were you comfortable in running
9:23 am
a campaign-- >> i know what i'm up against, a serial abuser. that's what this guy is. he abuses power everywhere he can and he sees any-- if he sees any threat to his staying in power, he'll do whatever he has to do. but this crosses the line. this crossed the line. >> and i'm calling the president to release the transcript of the call and let everybody hear what it is, let the house see it and see what he did. that's what i'm calling on. >> guys, we've got to go. >> all right, peter, i don't know-- >> yeah, i do, leland. we're trying to-- >> thoughts on how short that was? was? >> well, and you see, because he's not here to talk to the press, he's here to talk to potential voters and i will try maybe one more question if we can. just want to-- >> on the other side of them. >> they're going to take us to
9:24 am
the other side. >> peter and his crew getting man handled a little bit here. peter, are you going to be able to get one more question in or not? >> we'll see, if we do it might be a couple of minutes he's got a lot out there. >> peter, we've seen that type of exchange between you and the former vice-president before, as he was pointing at you, putting his finger a little bit in your face, saying to ask the right questions, but trying to reverse the course of the conversation, saying, that the house should be investigating trump, saying that this crosses the line, in regards to the phone call in question. others jumping in on that mode of questioning as well and rightly see. rightly so. your thoughts how this went down. >> there are all of these questions about complicated foreign business entanglements while he was vice-president, after he was vice-president, things that he said and it's difficult to untangle the
9:25 am
questions that there are if he is telling us that we're not asking the right questions. and so that is what i think about that. >> of course they're the right questions. leland: we're going to try to let peter jump in with the vice-president, he's not on air with us, but noteworthy, the news made out of that interview, which is that the vice-president says he never talked to hunter biden, his son, about his work overseas. that's something to watch over the coming days. we'll let peter try to jump back in with questions, and check back with him when he does. meantime, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh will not be on the ballot in 2020. a lot of democratic hopefuls, well, if you listen to them it sounds like it. a number of them called for kavanaugh's impeachment. that was in the days before now. new calls for president trump's impeachment because of this alleged phone call. and with that we bring in michael of the michael knowles
9:26 am
show. good to see you, sir, thanks for waking up early on a saturday in california. as you watched that exchange between bide anden peter doocy, did that seem like enough of an answer? >> he made two tactical errors, i mean, it's a day of the weekend ending in y, so joe biden is going to make tactical errors. he went on the record and said he never spoke to his son about any foreign business dealings, if you believe that i've got a bridge to sell you. and the other error he made, going on the defensive. the biden campaign does not benefit from this being in the news. the biden investigation does not benefit from investigation into the president's phone calls. leland: the positive of that is that president trump does benefit by it being in the news and by him, in the oval office last night as ellison barber was talking about with the australian prime minister saying
9:27 am
essentially, i'm not going to talk about this, but you need to go investigate joe biden, saying the quiet part out loud. >> exactly. president trump doesn't get hurt by these attacks because the left has accused him of could he colluding with a foreign power for three years. he's immunized about it. but most people don't know about the situation with joe biden's son in ukraine, china and elsewhere. the more this stays in the news, the more voters are exposed to pretty shady questions and pretty shady business dealings while joe biden was the vice-president and with his son. there's no benefit here to biden. it's poll numbers are decreasing-- >> and as you talk about this, president trump is teflon to any claims because of the mueller investigation, is that a fair summing up? >> he's been the teflon don his whole life, but he's certainly immune to these accusations of colluding with a foreign power.
9:28 am
he's immune to much of what we've heard the last three years. could you say it's fair or unfair, that's how it's playing politically. a lot of people think there's unfair attacks on president trump and now i think the light is going to turn on joe biden, any attack on president trump, he's old, he is with a foreign power. and they've mid a tactical error. leland: he said he never talked with hunter biden about his business dealings. who is going to be more motivated to come out to the polls, particularly if it's a biden-trump race and if vice-president biden is the nominee. democrats 69% of them are extremely motivated, only 63% of republicans extremely motivated. problem? >> well, it's still early and
9:29 am
the democrats have to take pick a nominee. i take this with a grain of salt. if you want to see republicans more motivated, keep brett kavanaugh in the news and keep collusion in the news. and they haven't learned anything from 2016. the kavanaugh incident when they tried to assassinate his character, completely motivated-- >> you're talking about the new york times stories that came out. >> there have been since then, 2020 nominees, not joe biden, who have called for kavanaugh's impeachment. and they're saying that democrats are trying to put three people on the ballot. brett kavanaugh from the supreme court, mitch mcconnell from the
9:30 am
senate and how effective is that? >> there might be some political opposition to mitch mcconnell or donald trump. relatively, brett kavanaugh is is bad person to put on the ballot if you're a democrat. you thought you'd get a wide group of women who would oppose brett kavanaugh for attacks that he was a sexual assailant. what you got were women who said i don't want my husband or my son's or father's life smeared. i'm hoping that they put kavanaugh on the ballot, i think it will be a good election for conservatives. leland: noteworthy, how vice-president biden held his bunches because of kavanaugh allegations, did not go to other 2020 hopefuls. good to see you, enjoy the rest of the weekend. >> good to see you. leland: good to see you.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> welcome back to this saturday. a congressional subcommittee is going to hold a hearing, as they investigate 500 possible cases of illness and eight deaths across several states that may be linked to vaping. mark meredith on this case. we had the white house and the president weigh in, and now congress wants a part of it. >> leland, that's right. good afternoon. the centers or doze and prevention says the number of people getting sick from vaping is on the rise. this as officials in missouri announce a new death believed to be tied to vaping. the f.d.a. says it's launched a criminal probe to the matter. here is a breakdown where things stand right now. missouri case brings the total number of vaping related deaths
9:36 am
nationwide to eight. the c.d.c. says 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injury and impacting at least 38 states and one u.s. territory. health officials say so far there is no one single e-cigarette, vaping product or brand that's tied to this health emergency. the c.d.c. calls it a complex investigates, but the vast majority of people getting sick are men, 18 to 34. and the arkansas based retailer says it will no longer stock e-cigs after selling through the current existing inventory. given the growing complexity and uncertainty regarding e-cigarettes we plan to stop the sale of products at walmart and sam clubs locations. some lawmakers say congress, not just corporate america needs to do more to convince the public of the danger of these products. >> it's frankly unfortunate that
9:37 am
it takes so many people to get sick and even die across this country before we really pay the kind of attention that we should. we need to get these products out of the hands of our kids and we need to do it now. >> we're going to be working tirelessly to make sure that we keep these products out of the hands of our young people. >> a congressional subcommittee will hold a hearing on e-cigarettes next week as the trump administration forms a plan for e-cigarettes including mint and menthol. leland: watching those hearings as well. so much on the causes and was being vaped. mark meredith. double duties. we'll watch you on the campaign trail with the president tomorrow. laurie a has -- lahr laura has more on the
9:38 am
vaping issue. >> from johns hopkins, doctor, thank you for being with us today. this is from mark's report. doctor, it feels like it's gotten out of hand. the c.d.c. says the number of vaping related illnesses, climbing, over 500. what is the medical community saying at this point about the causes of this and is there anybody or any company to blame? but let's talk about the causes first. >> well, that's an excellent question. and i don't think we know exactly the temp chemicals or the specific cause at this time. it's important to realize that the first case report of acute injury from vaping occurred several years ago and i think the increased occurrence of it now, it's unclear if it's a new chemical, different factors in the e-cigarettes, but i think it's going to take the medical community a little bit of time to investigate all of the cases and find out the definitive
9:39 am
answer. laura: we all watch tv and we want answers right away and we want to solved like csi. but the common denominator here in the vaping illnesses and device. walmart announced yesterday it will stop selling e-cigarettes at sam's club as well. and the president is weighing in, while i like the vaping alternative to cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is safe for all. let's get counterfeits off the market and keep young children from vaping. he brings up a point about the counterfeit, that that's also a concern, but the question i have is, is e-cigarettes, do they really help smokers quit? >> that's another great question and the reality is that there are several studies that suggest that they might, but it's not definitive and there are some studies that suggest that they're not quite effective and we do think that there are f.d.a. approved products that haven about shown to be safe that we know are effective at
9:40 am
trying to help people quite smoking and likely more effective. >> so, there's a cig hearing coming up, for health officials to take a closer look at what's going on and one of the big things is the up-tick with children. and what do you do, do you grab is out of their hands? even in my neighborhood on long island, there are some people that won't shop at certain stores that sell it, trying to prevent them from selling it, but it goes on. >> right. and i think it's hard because it's not as easily noticeable as it is with regular cigarettes. the most important thing, i think, is to keep the lines much communication open with your children, ask them questions. look for uses of the projects, look for moodiness,
9:41 am
irritability, know what it looks like. and it's hard to say take it away, it's easy unfortunately to find it elsewhere. most important keep the lines of communication own and educate your children how dangerous it is. laura: it's important to talk to kids and adults about the dangers. thank you so much. thank you for being with us. leland: thank you for having me. laura: thank you. leland. leland: today much of washington paused to say thank you to one of the city's long eest working journalists, cokie roberts. she was a well-known name in television news named a living legend with the library of congress in 2008. her father was house majority, and her father succeeded him after his death in a plane crash. house speaker nancy pelosi knew roberts for the political connections. and she spoke at roberts' funeral with a special message
9:42 am
to her husband, steve roberts. >> thank you, steve, for kcokie with us. in her own words, she said i would never have had the confidence to do what i did without steven's encouragement and report and none of it would have been worth it without him. god truly blessed america with cokie's life and legacy. thank you. leland: roberts died from complications from breast cancer, a disease she had fought for many years. cokie roberts left us at 75 years old. ancestry provided me the opportunity
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9:47 am
contingent that will be marching on monday and they say they're going to shut down a number of metro stops as well as intersections throughout washington d.c. that's something to keep an eye on for monday. a lot of this group why out on the streets yesterday and included students from all around the world. they had walked out of their classrooms for a climate change march. we'll switch to the video from yesterday. and not only was it in washington d.c., but all around the world there were what they said were millions of people in the streets, especially in london and in australia. they called it the climate strike march, organized by teenage swedish teenage activist greta sunberg. we were in the crowd in washington d.c. as folks, a lot of young folks marched up to the capitol demanding something be done about climate change, takes a listen. >> it's a profile for the green
9:48 am
new deal. >> say it again? >> a tinder profile for the green new deal. >> a swipe right on the green new deal. tinder is free, who is going to pay for the green new deal. >> the companies of the rich. >> and people will be taxed more. if doesn't matter how much we're taxed if we don't have an earth. >> the labor and housing budget. >> you seem angry. >> i'm angry because this planet is dying and the president of the biggest country in the world refused to acknowledge that, that's-- >> the earth is still dying, we need to do more instead of having a corrupt president who won't acknowledge that the earth is literally dying. >> dying? >> yes, it is dying. >> we're all still alive though, right? >> do you think the dinosaurs all thought everybody would be fine for ages? we're like the dinosaurs, we
9:49 am
will all die if we don't do something. >> all right. so there's protests that are planned for monday not only here in d.c., but also in new york for the u.n. general assembly. what was striking being in the crowd, laura, you think about the polls of voters overall. >> right. >> climate ranks as fourth. 50% of voters say that the climate issue represents a major threat to the security of the united states. laura: right. leland: but if you talk to young people, which was primarily the crowd out there, those numbers skyrocket to about 65%. laura: and no matter where you stand on the issue, when you take a look at what happened yesterday globally, you can't help, but take note, it almost reminded me of the wave you see in a stadium. at first it's small, but when everybody gets into it, right, it's all around the world. leland: there was a collective mass. there was agreement among the groups something needs to be done. what to be done. how to pay for specifics, very different than some of the other movements we've seen popular
9:50 am
movements in the united states, matches on washington like the civil rights movement, et cetera, some people tried to compare it to. you could ask everybody in one of the crowds what do you want and it was an articulate single sentence answer and the climate groups we have gotten with have not gotten there yet. laura: you've had some interesting conversation then it's fair to note where they happened and where they didn't happen, in china. the paper points it out. leland: it's hard tower protest in china than in the united states. laura: true, true, very true, but a lot of young people on the streets and definitely need to be noted for their efforts. leland: all right. new accusations against british royalty as jeffrey epstein's accuser gives her first on camera interview how she was trafficked by the financier. what she said, what she said happened with prince andrew drew. r jeffrey epstein. when we come back. of the ivory billed woodpecker.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
9:54 am
>> even in his death we're learning a lot more about jeffrey epstein and alleged abuse and trafficking. and she says she was forced to have sex with a british royal at a town house.
9:55 am
christina with more. >> hi leland. well the twisted sick grooming and lies keep emerging. appeari appearing and saying they were disgraced by the financier. she said she was offered a chance at a travelling masseuse. but she says what was told was going to be an interview was sex acts with maxwell. she says she flew to london with maxwell and epstein. and went and had dinner with prince andrew and went back to a london home and when the picture of her and maxwell was taken. and that she was abused at
9:56 am
epstein's new york home, and buckingham palace deny the allegations. >> he denies that it ever happened and he's going to keep denying that it happened, but he knows the truth and i know the truth. >> she says that epstein had an elaborate system for wm trapped in his sex trafficking ring. that epstein had medical experts, even visit them. and now at this point this investigation continues. epstein committed suicide after pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges and his criminal case was dropped. back to you, leland. leland: thanks. we'll be right back. drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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we have quality options for everyone. so search and shop. save and snooze. and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. so shop now. >> joe biden responding to reports that donald trump pressured ukraine to investigate his son hunter biden during a phone call. there is a picture of hunter biden. 1:00 pm in washington, glad to have you with us, biden telling peter doocy last hour he never talked to his son about his oversea visits. that is news this saturday. >> joe biden responding to concerns about his son's ties ukraine telling reporters,
10:01 am
quote, again i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. he said that live on fox news. allison barber has more from the white house on all of this. >> this began with reports of whistleblower complaint from an intelligence official, the complaint reportedly based on a series of eventss including a phone call between donald trump and ukraine. to investigate former vice president joe biden's son and urged not once but eight times to work with trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani to look into the former vp. giuliani suggested as vice president, joe biden could push for ukraine to investigate corruption and fire the country's been prosecutor general. and the younger biden was on the board of directors.
10:02 am
vice president biden denies that allegation. democrats want access to whistleblower complaints, they want to know if donald trump and his allies tried to get a foreign leader to investigate a political rival exchange for military aid. donald trump has dismissed the complaint as a political hack job thing democrats in the media are embarking on another witchhunt. he did not say what was discussed with the ukrainian president. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed but i will say somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement. great conversation, totally appropriate conversation. keep asking questions, build it up as big as possible so you can have a bigger downfall. >> reporter: biden says he released the transcript of the calling question so the american people can judge for themselves. we were told donald trump will meet with the ukrainian president some time.
10:03 am
>> congress says they will look into this, one of the persons who will be part of that. good to see you, we appreciate it, july 28th you said you were in for a formal inquiry of impeachment. does this news we are just now hearing and the president's reaction to it move you from inquiry to supporting actual impeachment? >> all we know so far is what has appeared in the wall street journal report. we don't have independent verification of that phone call or its content so it would be premature for me to suggest this added fuel to the fire in that regard. if i were to see if this was true it would strengthen the case, that would also be true but i don't think that is fair at this point.
10:04 am
>> your hesitancy is noteworthy, not all members of your party share that. i want you to answer for them. where is your hesitancy? the wall street journal noted there may not be a specific quid pro quo in the phone call. how do you come down on this? >> i would like to know what the nature of the conversation was. if the president offered support for the ukrainian exchange, that is an act of corruption that should not stand. remember the wall street journal report about this phone call did not draw direct connection to the whistleblower complaint. these things as you are not connected whatsoever. >> what are you able to find out on the intelligence committee? talk about release the transcript, is there always a transcript when the president is talking to a foreign leader on
10:05 am
this? >> there used to be. i don't know if there still is. >> is that is what you want to see if there is one? >> i'm more focused on the issue of the whistleblower complaint. because the rest is just while the object of open source reporting not yet verified with documentation so we don't know. >> you are leaving open the possibility that this has nothing to do with the was a lower complaint, these are two totally separate things. >> i am leaving open that possibility because we don't know one way or another and i don't want to make a leap of judgment in the absence of facts but here are the facts that we do now. the acting director of national intelligence willfully violated the intelligence community was a lower protection act and that makes us less safe. that's what i'm focused on this weekend why i am looking forward
10:06 am
to seeing the acting director before the committee this coming week. >> a lot of republicans believe the chairman of your committee is not an honest broker and the bipartisan oversight, shall we say, history of the intelligence committee that was historically in no way partisan for obvious reasons, did adam schiff go by the wayside and the asking the oversight question, aren't being done with good faith. >> unlike under the leadership of chairman nunez? >> let's just stick to where we are on chairmanship. >> i will tell you this in all candor and from my heart. i am 67 years old. i was first elected to the state house of representatives in 1976. i have been in and out of public service for 43 years, mostly out
10:07 am
in private or nonprofit sector but i've had the opportunity to serve with outstanding men and women, democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals and i will tell you i have never once in 43 years served with anybody with more integrity and more intelligence than adam schiff, period. >> that is a full throated defense if i ever heard one. appreciate your time with us. safe travel back to dc. come back and share with us what you can. >> appreciate being on. >> more on the fallout from the trump whistleblower claim, dan palmer, want to get to you right away and ask about your reaction to the whistleblower story. there is a lot of information we don't have on both sides of this. many are calling for transparency on both issues,
10:08 am
more detail on the dealings with joe biden. are we going to get it and are we going to get it soon? >> if one thing unites the american people outside the beltway they are sick and tired of angry at the culture of self-dealing in washington dc. any example of high officials bartering favorable policy or accommodations, for personal gain such as the case with the clinton foundation just gets everybody riled up. of something like that took place here we know joe biden has been bragging on videotape that we with -- he withheld billions of dollars of aid to ukraine italy replace a prosecutor for some million-dollar your consulting contract for which he had no demonstrable expertise, that kind of thing is very upsetting. here we have to look with a dose of skepticism. we have seen this fact pattern
10:09 am
before, the president's sworn enemies are establishment democrats, democrats across the board, establishment republicans, mainstream media, high officials in the administrative state. they have run something improperly referred to as the russia hoax collusion story. it is better described as a frame up. the problem they have had from the outset is the fact that they claim loudly in saturation coverage across the country, newspapers and on television are never brought to light. those facts seem to be very elusive and not available. we have bad acts on the part of the investigators. >> i want to ask about something that made news on fox in the last hour, peter doocy was in iowa, he had the opportunity to ask mister biden about his son hunter with any dealings with
10:10 am
ukraine and the former vice president said i have never spoken to my son about his overseas dealing, they said it emphatically. your reaction? >> i am incredulous, you would be unaware his son was making a million-dollar fear from ukrainian gas company. he was under investigation by the ukraine, a company he was the point person for the obama administration. >> i want your opinion about something to talk about today in california, the fight between lawmakers in california, the trump administration, auto emission standards, trying to revoke state authority in setting standards for cars and in colorado, connecticut, these attorney general's in the states have a legitimate right to be
10:11 am
concerned on this? >> speaking as a californian first, it is not the right fight to pick. we all want clean air. i remember growing up as a kid, and all that from smog, so many things behind the blue curtain, so many negative consequences of liberal policies whether it was homelessness or overcrowded failing schools or the crime rates out here, high taxes, there are lots of things wrong with policies advocated for the left that they want to impose on the rest of the country, this i don't think was the right fight to pick. >> i am from california, sacramento, we will check back in with you as the story
10:12 am
develops, thanks for your perspective on those important issues today. >> they are on the trail including cory booker whose campaign came out with an honest and unusual press release saying if he didn't raise 1,000,007 in the next ten or so days he was going to need to drop out of the race. this is des moines, iowa as everyone heads to the coal county steak fry and at the polk county steak fries peter doocy who was with joe biden earlier and joins us live from another candidate's party. >> we are still with the former vice president, being led by a fire truck, to get the photo op and had a chance to ask, the
10:13 am
question of the day, how many different times has he spoken to his son hunter about his business dealings, that is pertinent because he said there was never any wrongdoing and this is what he said. >> i have never done that. here is what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. he is violated every norm of president, you should be asking him the question why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader, that appears to be what happened and usually abuse of power to try to do something to smear me. everybody has looked at this and said there is nothing there. >> what do you see out here?
10:14 am
what sense do you get of the people? >> want change, how are you? >> former vice president was on the ticket by 2008-2012 with hope and change and change we can believe in. he thinks he is the guy. >> so much of president obama's success started in iowa with his iowa ground game, how much of that is his vice president inherited for 2020? >> a decent amount of overlap, we have very professional staff, very organized. a dozen events all over the country, this is by far the
10:15 am
biggest crowd to organize and about 10,000 democrats, 19 candidates so it is a show of -- you can see this is what he got. >> we check in with you and head to the other candidate parties, we appreciate it. this news out of massachusetts, congressman, member of the kennedy dynasty, a primary challenge against ed markey. this is significant. 's kennedy lost his senate campaign, challenging markey as he vies for a second term in the senate. >> is a good man and i respect what he has done. >> chad program asking question,
10:16 am
senator marky has been endorsed by alexandria ocasio cortez, his house side partner on the green new deal, election 2020. the key is the primary that is earlier than november. >> millions of people near houston are working to recover from tropical depression imelda as they face heavy rain and deadly flooding. casey steagall is on the ground in huffman, texas with the latest where hopefully things are getting better but you have a lot of standing water behind you. >> we really do. 30 miles east of houston, remember points east and north of the metro area received the highest amounts of rain. a lot of the roads clear in houston but start making your way out in this direction and you can find what you have got behind me which is an intersection in the neighborhood
10:17 am
in huffman that is totally submerged and there are homes in the lower elevation with water inside. further east towards beaumont, the west in the eastbound lanes of interstate ten, a major artery running east and west, after two barges slammed into the concrete pilings in the river below after those vessels broke free during the storm. nine of them work around, and no timeline, when the interstate will reopen. everyone we met since we have been on the ground, it is too familiar. >> we got flooded in harvey last
10:18 am
year, my house was the last house to flood. they use my driveway to bring everybody out from the back. it is slower this time compared to harvey but i have seen it like this before. >> it is 45 inches. and in the texas area, local officials estimate more than 1000 homes, 250 businesses have been impacted. a lot of those folks too just starting to get back on their feet two years after harvey and sadly a lot of them back to square one. >> incredible pictures from you and your team, our hopes are with the people of texas.
10:19 am
>> four people were killed, a tour bus crashed in southern utah, 31 people including a driver, part of the chinese speaking tour group, several in critical condition, authorities say the bus rolled over and hit a guardrail by a highway rest stop and they still don't know what caused the wreck. >> 13 marines being charged with various offenses in the smuggling of undocumented, the young charges include failure to obey an order, drunkenness and perjury. all but one of those marines call to the first battalion in pendleton. it is part of an investigation
10:20 am
into human smuggling. >> the driver barreled through a chicago mall friday is now in custody. we are learning more about a 22-year-old man behind the wheel, he drove aimlessly before slamming into a clothing store. several witnesses post video shoppers running away as the suv made it through the mall. the video up on twitter. of this, nobody was injured. >> political fallout north of the border, could these images of justin trudeau cost him his job? that is next. to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't.
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10:25 am
no word if he was ineligible for future games this season. we will check in a couple weeks and see what is done about that. >> justin trudeau is spending today out of the spotlight after spending days doing damage control over three images from his past that show him wearing black face. he is expected to hit the campaign trail facing a tough reelection that got a lot tougher this week because of the scandal. >> hurt by the terrible
10:26 am
choice many years ago. i apologize deeply. >> as we covered this developing story on thursday he was asked how many times have you done this and first, one other time the first image came out of the yearbook from 2000-2001, have you ever done this before? maybe one other time. he held the press conference and couldn't stay for sure. >> if you can't remove or how many times he dressed in black face that leads to other questions. here is the prime minister
10:27 am
responding to that question. >> will you confirm that according to a high-ranking liberal official, they expect more photos to come out? can you confirm that? >> i have nothing to confirm. >> there could be more? >> i have nothing to confirm on that. >> this is in a way the opposite of the governor northron defense, doesn't matter if there was a picture, it wasn't me. now trudeau is on day 3 of the apology tour. he's known for his unusual tasting costumes or controversial taste in costumes. this is an dressed up as prime minister in indian garb. he caught a lot of flak for this and joked about it wednesday when the story first broke. one of my big problems, he says, is i get too enthusiastic about
10:28 am
my costume sometimes. a different from the northron defense. >> when after the first press conference when he spoke at winnipeg someone asked about the black face. he knew about it but was embarrassed. >> day 3 or day for of this story and he left open the possibility that there is more to it. the election is october, we have not heard about it. meantime the trump administration ratcheting up pressure on iran. what military assets is the united states sending to saudi arabia and what is the message to iran? dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now... compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased by over 400%.
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10:33 am
united states is going to move more military assets to saudi arabia. iran will say respond to any attack against the islamic republic, will be israel, live in jerusalem. >> strong rhetoric from the iranian says they say they will destroy anyone who attacks iran, iran's top general in the revolutionary guard said at a ceremony where he was speaking to display pieces of an american drone shutdown by iran. his forces carried out for exercises and are prepared for any scenario anyone who crosses iranian borders will be hit. >> the limited invasion will not remain limited. we have proven it before. we will not stop until the destruction of any aggressor and we will not leave out any secure spot.
10:34 am
do not miscalculate. do not make a mistake. >> comments come after an announcement by the department of defense the more troops are headed to the middle east following a drone admissible attack, at a news conference, mark esper said the forces would be deployed to saudi arabia for defense if purposes adding the forces would focus on air and missile defense. americans and saudi arabia and believe iran is behind the oil plant attack leading the trump administration to impose more sanctions targeting the central bank. development with iran come as the delegation is in new york city preparing for the un generalissimo next week. iranian president rouhani arrived monday but is not expected to deal with donald trump in new york. >> the iranian's have held up their end of that promise and struck outside their region. thanks.
10:35 am
laura has a lot more. >> more insight on the trump administration's approach with iran and whether lasting diplomacy with the islamic republic can be achieved. let's bring in secretary of state for legislative affairs in the obama administration in washington strategy group president joel rubin. nice resume. i was looking at the piece you wrote, donald trump ramped up his rhetoric with words like locked and loaded instead of using tensions with iran so is this a smart strategy, too provocative? >> we are in a situation where there is no military outcome one can envision that would actually work. we need to fund a diplomatic path, the danger for the president using language like this, it boxes him in. we have to have a diplomatic solution if we are going to rain in behavior and prevent further attacks.
10:36 am
>> in terms of punishing iran further with the toughest sanctions ever imposed on iran central bank, more could be done, looking with researchers, reported options could be sanctions trade with iran, banning passenger flights to and from iran. what do you think of that? >> it is clear the maximum pressure policy of the administration is working but the problem is it's not creating the outcomes we want or the president says he wants. is not bringing iran to the table or curtailing the negative behavior or their nuclear program. we punish iran economically but if you want to get to an outcome that is different from where we are heading you need better policies and sanctions. >> he has a big team talking about that. what should be hearing at this point? >> he needs his team to give
10:37 am
them options, real options about dialogue that will enable us to get to the table and put pressure on iran as it works. a year and a half ago the french wanted to engage the us, keep us in the nuclear deal and work on the other things that broke the deal and the result the president is climbing uphill on these policies. once we break the deal which is where we are it is nearly impossible to get that support back so needs bigger options. >> reporter: what do you think of representative tells the gabbard's idea of reentering the iran nuclear deal? we had a piece on about that and sanctions, that's what she said she would do if elected president. >> certainly it enables us to get the high ground we lost heading out of the deal and told the gabbard is saying secretary of state should go to capitol hill before going to saudi
10:38 am
arabia to seek out options but this policy of sanctions is preventing us a fuller policy. getting back in the nuclear deal, it will do the reverse. >> we continue to follow it. we will talk about what happens next. >> democratic donor ed buck facing federal charges for his alleged role in a 2017 overdose death. how do they relate to the jeffrey epstein case? we have that when we come back. doug, doug!
10:39 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
>> will be democratic donor ed buck is in custody. video of his arrest on his way to the police station. he faces a federal charge in connection to the 2017 overdose of a man in his house. this after he was hit with several state charges for maintaining a drug house, battling serious injury and administering methamphetamines. joining us to discuss, guy lewis. how did this go on for so long? two people dive overdoses at his house and only a third one survived the overdose that anybody bothers to investigate. >> it is disturbing when you look at the initial death that occurred at his house and look at the 22 page complaint, in los
10:44 am
angeles, clearly the dea got involved, clearly they unearthed a mountain of evidence. >> buck was politically connected, gave a lot of money to a number of people out there whether it be elected prosecutors or other city officials, state officials and therefore when strange things happen every one said he is a good guy, politically connected and don't need to take that tough a look at him because couldn't be him, he gives us money. >> when i was a us attorney in federal prosecutor how many cases i saw public corruption cases, big fraud cases where these individuals had doled out thousands of dollars to individuals, state, federal and local. at the end of the day thinking
10:45 am
they were going to buy their immunity and it never did work. it always came back and in this case i believe the dea will unload on this guy. >> what about unloading on people who allowed them to do this and the donations? >> a great point. a lot of questions need to be asked as to why and how it went on for so long. look at the complaint the us attorney files, they have identified as we speak over ten victims and on page 22 they talk about how this conduct went on and on. >> another person who went on was jeffrey epstein, extremely politically well-connected not only in terms of donations but in terms of who he partners with etc..
10:46 am
is one of his elect -- alleged victims talking about being forced to have sex with prince andrew at 17 years old. >> prince andrew ms. let's dance together, okay, and i hop in the car and he is coming back to the house, and do for him what you do for epstein. he was a prince. he is royalty and i grew up watching disney like all little girls and princesses and princes were the good people of the world and he wasn't. >> where does the epstein investigation go from here, does that keep it in the news longer? >> hard to say in terms of how the epstein case will unfold after committing suicide and the
10:47 am
judges down here, continuing to supervise and rule on these cases. my heart goes out to the victims in this case and in california. without question allegations, got to investigate, got to be aggressive on these cases, the dea, us attorney is doing so out there. >> the key word is be aggressive, both individuals don't seem to have been his victims pile up. good to see you. >> it is not every day you see a party in the nevada desert. thousands of people turning out near area 51 this weekend searching for something that is literally out of this world. jonathan hunt is standing by in
10:48 am
nevada with more. >> we have breaking news from area 51. too often either we found aliens or this is turning into 5 festival 2.0. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage, you could be coughing up the cash for this. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like me-ow.
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>> thousands of uso enthusiasts taken to the nevada desert inspired by a viral plan to storm area 51. jonathan hunt on the ground in nevada with more on this. have you seen any aliens? >> i have seen a lot of weird people. they may or may not be aliens. i can't tell. we are aware of the alien research center in nevada. this is one of two centers, what has been going on the past weekend. the breaking news, this is shutting down today, not enough people showed up. may be aliens abducted them all. they were supposed to get 5000 people here. look at this video we saw last night of the concert going on here. if they were aiming for 5000
10:53 am
people, they were 5800 short of that number. a lot of people in the area 51 region. pretending to rush the gates but not really doing it, met politely by police and the military and they are having a pretty good time, they would all like to see more people out here. listen here. >> i am disappointed there is and 3 million people out here but it is still fun to come out and see the guards actually interact with them and see this place for the first time. >> we wanted to do it, we kept going, we went. >> expected something a little bit different but i don't know. we are going to make the best of it. >> i don't even know what doing
10:54 am
it for the memes means at my age but we talked to the lincoln county commissioner. the man who oversees all of this including area 51. i wanted to know the obvious from him. >> you obviously, the lincoln county commissioner, you know what happened. >> i have never been there. never seen an alien. >> the truth is out there somewhere in area 51. sadly none of us are going to find out what it is this weekend. >> that is a fun assignment. maybe some of that -- >> it been a great assignment. we have an awesome crew, eric gray, in the satellite truck and
10:55 am
all of those guys, sweaty, nasty guys in a couple rvs parked in the desert you can imagine how much fun it has been. >> we want to keep imagining with you. on a serious note there was this video the navy released a couple days ago about ufos. they confirmed the video is authentic of fighter planes taking videos of what appeared to be ufos. i people talking about this? true believers holding out hope the navy will come clean on this? >> absolutely. this is what a lot of true believers have been saying for so long. that video came out they were really excited and to have the u.s. navy say the video is genuine gets everybody excited that while they are saying the video is genuine, video shot from us fighter jets, what they are not saying is what those
10:56 am
unidentified flying objects are. they can't identify them but they don't know what they are either. >> before you leave you have to ask the county commissioner if he knows. >> reporter: the government is going to make him disappear if he tells me anything. >> you and i have talked on talk radio, don't of anyone is listening to all reruns of coast-to-coast with art bell but he was very popular. there are still some reruns out there. >> no one could have done that assignment better than jonathan hunt. keep up the good work. he's out there for a few more hours. news continues from new york. i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪
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[ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eric: defense against an aggressive iran. the u.s. is deploying additional troops and military dwoiment saudi arabia, and the united arab emirates as tehran ramps up its rhetoric once again threatening, quote: all-out war in the event of any retaliatory strike following last weekend's attacks on the oil fields. hello and well only to america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. arthel: and i'm arthel neville. president trump slaps new sanctions on the iranian central bank. now, the move coming ahead of a high stakes decision on potential military action. we have fox news team coverage. trey i didn't think so is standing by i


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