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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 22, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. ♪ ♪ >> president trump is in texas today to speak with prime minister modi, we will bring you the president's remarks from that event as they happen. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm laura ingle. leland: we heard from the president a couple of times this morning, i'm leland vittert, president trump said a couple of minutes ago that he would consider showing transcript of his phone call with ukrainian leader to, quote, respected source, there are a lot of questions about what that means, ellison barber with us here on
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the set to break down the timeline of so far what we know in the ukrainian whistleblower saga. >> biden and others want transcript to be released. mnuchin suggested that wouldn't happen, president trump now kind of putting that ball back up in the air a lot is going on with this, the republicans and democrats are now calling for investigations into the growing controversies related to ukraine but they're on very different pages, democrats say that the house congress needs to figure out whether or not president trump tried to get the ukrainian president to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid, republicans say the department of justice need to look into what joe biden did as vice president when he pushed for ukraine to crack down on corruption and consequently fired the prosecutor general who was investigating a gas company where biden's son sat on board
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of directors, listen here. >> i think it's fair after what the trumps have gone through regarding russia that somebody looked at the recollection of the bidens while the vice president was a sitting vice president, the biden connection to the ukraine through his son, i'm somebody at the department of justice would appoint investigator to look all things ukraine like we looked at all things russia. >> right now it appear that is the president try today influence the president of ukraine by threatening to cut off u.s. support, that's very serious allegation, so we have to find out the facts concerning that, we don't want to prejudge it but we have to have transparency. >> an intelligence official filed whistleblower complaint on series of events, one of those being july phone call between president trump and president of ukraine, reports suggesting the whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of the call but according to wall street journal in a phone call that took place in july president trump pressured the ukrainian
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president to investigate the bidens and urged to work with trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani to look into all of this, trump says there was nothing problematic in the phone call, biden says the allegations against him and his son are nonsense, he says president trump is trying to smear him because in biden's words he say that is president trump knows biden will beat him like a drum in 2020. leland: he said that to peter doocy yesterday, beat him like a drum quote and then peter was talking about whether or not biden and his son had ever talked about foreign business dealings, a lot of questions in determination of whether or not the vice president was fully candid on that, ellison, great reporting, laura. >> all right, we turn now and take you to houston, live pictures from the scene where president trump will be speaking at an event with indian prime minister modi at any even, kevin corke with the latest, hi, kevin. >> good to be with you, rally unlike any other, we have seen
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the president in stadium, the prime minister of india speak, modi and the president of the united states as well, he arrived here not long ago and hopefully we would be able to bring you remarks, we take a live look at energy stadium, quite the crowd and incredible turnout, houston, texas, home of the largest indian americans in the country, celebration of community that's fully american and deeply connected to india. as mentioned the president arriving here not terribly long ago, by the way, when he came to houston he had plenty to speak about on his mind, addressed a number of issues including enthusiasm for today's event, he tweeted, we will be in houston to be with my friend prime minister, would be a great day in texas. i mentioned the prime minister himself, he arrived earlier he received innovation in energy
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stadium. i by the way had chance to talk to texas senator john cornyn of the president's outreach. >> as you can tell, there's a strong cultural of indian americans, maybe 400,000 indian americans alone that make tremendous contributions to the community, so it's very exciting. >> john cornyn, texas senator a live look here at nrg, we are awaiting the president's remarks and those of the prime minister and, of course, as soon as it happens, i promise to bring it to you, but for now, back to you. >> kevin corke in houston traveling with the president. >> the president behind schedule a little bit, meantime we bring in democratic michigan congresswoman chief deputy whip of the house democratic caucus, member of the houses ways and means committee, we can go on and on but we will bring dan
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ahead. all right, congressman, adam schiff if the trump-ukraine calls are true, impeachment in his words, quote, maybe the only remedy. you agree? >> well, it's possible, i think the only way we can make that determination is if the whistleblower as prescribed under law is able to report to the intelligence committees democrats and republicans -- >> but at least -- a lot of the reporting, congressman the whistleblower may not have heard the call or read the transcript, this is secondhand information. >> well, but secondhand information from the inspector general of the intelligence community who happens to be in a -- appointee of president trump, it's a direct report from the inspector general to the director of national intelligence, the inspector general has written twice to the intelligence committee, the second time saying that there's a disagreement with the acting
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director of national intelligence over whether or not the information should be forwarded to the committee. so i think obviously the law is very clear. leland: you made it clear that you got democrats as well as yourself made it clear that you have a real problem with what has gone on here if this is true. lindsey graham made the point if we are going to look into ukraine, we need to look at both sides what president trump said on the phone call and joe biden did in terms of possibly either withholding aid or offering aid and loan guaranties and what his son did over there while vice president on board of gas company, do you agree that any investigation needs to look at both things? >> well, first of all, i think there's a real false e equivalency. he was asserting the policy of the united states and imf and saying that the corrupt administration in ukraine need
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today change. there's no evidence anybody ever has offered that this has nothing to do with his son. >> reasonable people can agree that if president trump's kids went on board of foreign government, let's say went on board of russian gas company, i can't imagine the democrats wouldn't demand an investigation of that, can you? >> well, look, i don't -- >> come on. the answer -- you try to tell me that democrats wouldn't be up in arms if one of the trump kids went on the board of russian gas company? >> well, look, i think it's pretty clear that any time there are entanglements they need to be disclosed, no question about it. that happened in the case of hunter biden, it was all very well known that he was on the board, just because the president has a problem and trying to create false equivalency that suddenly that means because the vice president was asserting u.s. policy that ukraine need today change --
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needed to change. >> the fact of the matter remains that if a child of either the president or the vice president is on the board of a foreign company and that parent is leading american foreign policies, what is good for the goose must be goose for the grander, we will see if he talks about this a while ago, really, that's not something really worth looked into as well? >> the facts are out there. >> no congressional hearings on it. >> there's information -- no information that suggest congressional hearing. >> every time the president gets into trouble his supporters say don't think about what president trump is doing, don't pay attention to that, look back and
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see something that's completely unrelated that doesn't have the same fact base. leland: the question might be, do democrats do the same thing and don't bother at what clintons did and -- >> no, we don't. leland: i thought that might be your answer. >> we absolutely don't. this is a case the facts are out there, there's no evidence to suggest that hunter biden was under information, -- investigation, there's no evidence that asserting policy of the united states and had anything to do with it. >> appreciate it, sir, we are going to leave you and head down to houston, congressman with us, we appreciate you as always, perhaps stick around and listen to the president. >> thank you. >> meantime take the live shot down in houston as we listen in to what might be either the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem.
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♪ ♪ >> oh, say, does that star spangle banner, yet wave, or the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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[cheers and applause] >> wow. >> wrapping up national anthem there in houston as we await remarks from the indian prime minister modi and president trump speaking to as you can see a very large crowd there for a very specific event that the president has travel today houston for. >> listen to one of the indian musical groups as well, we will keep an eye on that, this program can go quite a while, we are an hour behalf behind schedule, the president left washington an hour late here. we can try to figure out what the song is. then we will listen from president trump and then counter part there. he said there's no way i lose texas and that's obviously been now a discussion point as texas has begun to change
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demographically in terms of how solid the president's support is there and we've seen him go back to texas a number of times, not only to support ted cruz in one rally, he's here now for this event and as we head into 2020, the blend between the events held as president and his presidential official duties and political events, they tend to have sort of a coincidental perhaps you could say location aspect to them, we have the president this morning in houston talking to this group and highlighting the indian american community in houston, the economic ties between indian american in houston and in texas and back to india as we will listen now to indian president.
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>> good morning. [cheers and applause] >> good morning, texas. [cheers and applause] >> good morning, america. [cheers and applause] >> greetings to my fellow indians in india and around the world. [cheers and applause] >> friends, this morning we have a very special person with us.
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[cheers and applause] >> he needs no introduction. his name is familiar to every person on the planet. [cheers and applause] >> his name comes up in almost every conversation in the world on global politics. [cheers and applause] >> his every word is followed by tens of millions. he was a household name and very
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popular even before he went to occupy the highest office in this great country. [cheers and applause] >> from ceo to commander in chief. [cheers and applause] >> from ballroom to the oval office. from studios to global stage. [cheers and applause] >> from politics to the economy and to security.
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he has led impacting -- left impacting impact everywhere and today he's here with us. it is my honor and privilege to welcome here in this magnificent stadium and magnificent gathering. [cheers and applause] >> and i can say, i had chance to meet him often and every time
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the friendliness, warmth, energy , the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> mr. donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> this is unprecedented. friends and i told you we have met a few times and every time he has been the same warm, friendly, accessible and --
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[inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> i admire him for something more, his sense of leadership, patience for america, every american, believes in american future and strong results to make america great again. [cheers and applause] >> and he has already made the american economy strong again.
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he has -- [inaudible] >> friends, we in india, president trump, the words of candidate trump. [cheers and applause] >> rang loud and clear and lit up millions of cities with joy
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and appreciation. when i met him for the first time, he said to me, india has a true friend in the white house. [cheers and applause] >> your presence here today is great testimony to that. [cheers and applause] >> the relationship to new heights. mr. president, this morning in houston you can hear the heart
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beat of this great partnership in this celebration of the world, two largest democracies. [cheers and applause] >> you can feel the friends and depth of human bonds between our two great nations. [cheers and applause] >> people are at the heart of all relationships from houston to hidrabar. from boston to bangalrus, from
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chicago to suila, from los angeles to ludihana. [cheers and applause] >> from new jersey to new delhi. [cheers and applause] >> hundreds of millions are glued to their tv, even though it is rather late on sunday night in india. [cheers and applause] >> millions around the world in different time zones are up today, they are witnessing history in the making.
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[cheers and applause] >> mr. president, you introduced me to your family in 2017. and today, i have the honor to introduce you to my family. [cheers and applause] >> over a billion indians and people of indian heritage around
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the globe, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you my friend, a friend of india, a great american president, mr. donald trump. [cheers and applause] leland: president trump there with a hug and a thank you for the prime minister of india. i've never heard an introduction by a foreign leader of an american president that was that e -- and we listen to president trump and watch the prime minister walk off, this is being called the howdy modi rally and
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a whole lot of people and as the prime minister noted, in the middle of the night in india and they are watching their prime minister and the president of the united states. >> president trump enjoying the roar of the crowd, 50,000 strong at nrg stadium in houston, texas. >> hello, houston, i am so thrilled to be here in the great state of texas with one of america's greatest most devoted and most loyal friends prime minister modi of india. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. and prime minister modi is a doing truly exceptional job for india and for all of the indian people it is my immense privilege to be here with him today at this profoundly historic event, we are
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especially grateful to be joined by over 50,000 incredible members of our nation's thriving, prospering, flourishing and hard-working indian-american community. just a few months ago in the largest democratic election in the history of our world, 600 million indians went to the polls and voted overwhelmingly for prime minister modi and his party. congratulations, mr. prime minister. [cheers and applause] that's a lot of people. earlier this week, i understand, you marked another important milestone. i know everyone here joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday. happy birthday. [cheers and applause]
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i want to take a moment to address every resident of houston affected by the recent horrible flooding. the entire american nation is standing by your side. we're ready. we love you, we support you, we will be there with you every single step of the way. i just left the coast guard hangar in ellington field joint reserve base where i was briefed on the texas flooding. we're working with your great governor, greg abbott, lieutenant golf dan patrick -- lieutenant governor, attorney general ken paxton and senators ted cruz and john cornyn, we're working together. my administration will not rest until you have fully recovered, restored and rebuilt, and i know you will come back with the same tremendous spirit that we have shown every single time, every time there's been a problem.
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it's called houston strong. [cheers and applause] prime minister modi and i have come to houston to celebrate everything that unites america and india. our shared dreams and bright futures. i've also come to express my profound gratitude to the nearly four million amazing indian-americans all across our country. [applause] you enrich our culture, you uphold our values, you uplift our communities, and you are truly proud to be american, and we are proud to have you as americans. [cheers and applause] we thank you, we love you, and i want you to know my administration is fighting for you each and every day.
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i want to recognize u.s. ambassador to indian, kenneth justin, and administrator carr of india, thank you both very much. thank you. we're also proudly joined by nasa deputy administrator jim morhart, deputy secretary of energy dan -- [inaudible] governor matt babb bet of kentucky, your state the attorney general, ken paxton. a couple of great senators, kevin, thank you. thank you all for being here. thank you, kevin, thank you. we have a lot of senators, a lot of congress people, there's mr. brady. congressman brady. he gave us a very, very nice tax cut, folks. thank you very much. [applause] thank you all for being here. among the leaders here today for
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this remarkable celebration are many members of the house, senate, they're all over the audience including house majority leader denny hoyer. and again, senators cornyn, cruz. in my campaign for the president, i promised all of that, and if we were elected india would have a true and great friend in the white house. and i can tell you you have never had a better friend as president than president donald trump. that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] the prime minister knows that. on this day i'm happy to report that the relationship between the united states and i india is stronger than ever before. the ties between our two nations are grounded in our common values and our shared commitment
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to democracy. we are free nations with great faith and a fierce devotion to our national independence. we are governed by the rule of law, guided by night justice -- commitment to justice and strengthened by our love of liberty. our two national constitutions both begin with the same three beautiful words, "we, the people." [applause] that means that in america and india alike we honor, respect, trust, empower and fight for the citizens we proudly serve. under prime minister modi's leadership, the world is witnessing a strong, sovereign and thriving republic of india. [applause] in a single decade, with the
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help of prime minister modi's pro-growth reforms, india has lifted nearly 300 million people out of poverty. and that is an incredible number. [cheers and applause] incredible. that's incredible. in the next decade, 140 million indian households will rise to the middle class. in both india and the united states, we're seeing something really remarkable, our people are prospering like never before because we are slashing bureaucracy and cutting job-killing red tape. in the united states, thanks to our massive tax cuts and all of our great senators and congressmen is and women that are here today and pro-worker
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policies, our economy is breaking one record after another. since my election we have created over six million new jobs, we have created over 750,000 jobs right here in texas. [cheers and applause] and very importantly, that includes 70,000 new texas manufacturing jobs. they said that couldn't be done. [applause] unemployment, think of this, unemployment in texas is currently at the lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and unemployment in the united states has just reached the lowest level in over 51 years, and very soon we think that will be broken to be a historic
10:35 am
number. [applause] unemployment among african-americans, asian-americans and hispanic-americans have all reached their lowest levels in the history of our country. [applause] over the last two years, the up employment rate -- unemployment rate among indian-americans dropped by nearly 33.3%. wages are rising, incomes are soaring and inequality is falling at the fastest rate in many, many years. in the past 12 months alone, the average worker has taken home $1,000 extra in rising wages and over $3,000 with tax cuts and all of the other things that we've done. and for the first time in
10:36 am
history, most new hires of prime working age are minorities and women. first time that's ever happened. [applause] through our pledge to america's workers, we have secured commitments for nearly 14 million employment and training opportunities for american workers done through our great american companies. we passed the biggest tax cuts and the biggest tax reforms in the history of our country. we slashed a record number of job-killing regulations giving the average american household more than $3,000 every year. and never in the history of our country, no matter how long the presidency, have regulations been cut to this extent.
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[applause] every day the indian-american community is helping to strengthen our country and build our future. indian-americans are pioneering groundbreaking medicines to save countless lives. they're developing revolutionary technology that is changing the world, and they're founding new businesses that provide jobs to thousands of our fellow citizens. prime minister modi, i look forward to working with you to make our nations even more prosperous than ever before. [cheers and applause] and that's what's happening. the economic miracles taking place today are just beginning. here in the united states there has never been a better time to hire, invest, grow and pursue your dreams. indian companies employ ten of
10:38 am
thousands of americans -- tens of thousands of americans across a range of industries including american steel. in 2018 india's jsw steel announced that it would invest up to $500 million to revitalize a shuttered steel plant in the great state of ohio. [applause] and we welcome india's growing investment right here in the lone star state. nations around the world are investing in the united states because they know we have the best economy and the best workers in the world. they have never invested in our country like they are today, and we want the thank everybody -- we want to thank everybody. and india has never invested in the united states like it is doing today, and i want to say
10:39 am
it's reciprocal because we're doing the same thing in india. [cheers and applause] on tuesday two japanese companies announced a combined investment of almost $800 million which will create over 900 new jobs right here in texas. at the same time, we are working to expand american exports to india, one of the world's fastest growing markets. we are committed to insuring the indian people have access to the finest goods in the world, products stamped with the beautiful phrase "made in the usa." [applause] and very soon india will have access to another world class american product, nba basketball.
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wow. sounds good. [applause] that sounds good. next week thousands of people will gather in mumbai to watch the first-ever nba basketball game in india. [cheers and applause] am i invited, mr. prime minister? [laughter] i may come, be careful. i may come. when it comes to expanding our commercial relationship, no issue is more important than energy security. for the first time ever, the united states is the number one producer of both oil and natural gas on planet earth and number one by far with much of it coming right here from the great state of texas. [cheers and applause] that means more jobs, higher wages and lower prices at the
10:41 am
pump. yesterday we were thrilled to hear about the indian company and its pledge to purchase up to five million tons of lng per year from the united states which could lead to billions of dollars of lng exports to india in the coming years. [applause] and we have plenty of it. over the last year, crude exports to india have grown by 400%, and liquified natural gas exports continue to soar at record numbers. thank you. [applause] these tremendous exports not only expand employment in america, but they increase freedom and security for india. to keep our nation safe, the
10:42 am
united states and india are forging an even stronger security partnership. u.s. defense sales to india have also reached $18 billion over the past decade. we make the greatest defense mechanisms and equipment anywhere in the world, and india knows that well. we're looking forward to concluding several new defense deals very soon. there are a lot of them in the works. here in america we're creating the united states space force, and we're working closely with india to enhance space cooperation. [cheers and applause] in november the united states and p ending ya will demonstrate -- and india will demonstrate the dramatic progress of our defense relationship, holding the first-ever triservice military exercise between our nations. it's called tiger triumph.
10:43 am
good name. [applause] good name. [laughter] very good name. today we honor all of the brave american and indian military service members who work together to safeguard our freedom. we stand proudly in defense of liberty, and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the net of radical us -- from the threat of radical islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. both india and the united states also understand that to keep our
10:44 am
communities safe, we must protect our borders. [cheers and applause] since taking office, my administration has launched a far-reaching effort to improve screening and vetting of applications for entry. we are working hard to insure that those who would threaten our security are denied admission into our country, and we are enhancing our vetting efforts like never before, not even close. we're doing it on a daily basis, and we'll soon be setting records in every one of the aspects of border security. border security is vital to the united states. border security is vital to india, we understand that. [cheers and applause]
10:45 am
and we are further taking up precedented -- unprecedented action to finally secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration. and i want to thank the president of mexico who right now has 27,000 soldiers on our southern border. it's been incredible, what's taken place in a short period of time. illegal immigration is deeply unfair to millions of wonderful legal immigrants who work hard, pay their taxes, follow our rules and obey our laws. yet there are those in washington who would raid your health care to front free benefits -- they want to fund free benefits to those who enter our country illegally. we don't want to do that. [applause] we don't want to do that.
10:46 am
because if we don't do it, they won't come. i will never allow politicians to take away your health care or give it to illegal immigrants. my administration believes our first duty is to the highest loyalty of all. we must always be for the american people whether it's african-american, hispanic-american, indian-american. we are going to take care of our citizens first. we are going to take care of our indian-american citizens before we take care of illegal immigrants that want to pour into our country. [cheers and applause] we want to build a nation where every family immigrant, u.s.-born, can live in a
10:47 am
community with access to a great school, work in a job you love and have the best chance to reach the american dream. we love the american dream. and just in concluding, i want to say that america has always been a nation of pioneers and patriots, risk-takers and dedicated workers who have honed a trade, mastered their field and keeps their -- and teach their children to always give their very, very best. every day indian-americans help write e this story of american greatness, and everyone here today has a crucial part to play in building an each grander -- an even grander and greater american and indian future. [applause] to help achieve that exciting
10:48 am
vision, we are strengthening our cherished bonds with the nation of india, and we are proving the awesome power of democracy and unlimited potential of free people. [applause] together, we will continue to deepen the ties between our nations, we will honor the faith and dignity of our citizens, and we will achieve incredible advancements for our people, for our children and for the world. we will discover new cures and save millions of lives. we will advance cutting edge technologies and lift millions and millions of people out of poverty. we will pioneer new frontiers in space working together, raising the sights of humanity. we will uphold our values, defend our liberty and control
10:49 am
our destiny. the united states and india will make our nations strong ther, our -- stronger, our people wealthier, our dreamers bigger ask and our future brighter than ever before. and it won't even be close. i want to thank everybody for being here. i want to especially thank a great man and a great leader, the leader of india, prime minister modi, my friend. [cheers and applause] thank you. god bless you all, god bless india, and god bless america. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] now i would like to invite onto this stage in front of this inyes bl group of -- incredible group of unbelievable people
10:50 am
prime minister modi who's going to give his, some of his wisdom and his wisdom is, indeed, great. thank you all very much. it's been a great honor to be with you. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] leland: all right. so now the prime minister of india comes back up to the stage. so much of this, laura, we were talking feels a little bit like a campaign speech through the prism of enden january-american relations -- indian-american relations. you think about what he hit, academics and -- economics and growth -- we understand that the prime minister's going to speak in his native language. laura: unemployment numbers. leland: a lot on the borders, health care and the american dream. all talked about through the prism of indian-american relations. we understand the prime minister's going to speak in his native tongue, so we're going to listen in on the translation there and see what news he might
10:51 am
make. noteworthy that the prime minister introduced president trump in what was a little bit longer introduction than you typically see, went on for about ten minutes. and it was effusive, to say the least. often times when you see foreign leaders introduce another foreign leader, it's warm, but there's always a few points of difference that they want to bring up. and the prime minister of india made it clear that he was in lockstep with the president of the united states saying, among other things, a deep and lasting impact made everywhere by president trump, talking about their long friendship and the great admiration he has for president trump and what is in texas the howdy modi rally. laura: and not only that the, using president trump's signature line, make america great again, in his intro to the president. so this howdy modi crowd that has gathered here in houston, what a diverse scene. we are seeing as he takes the stage once again.
10:52 am
newly-reelected prime minister modi. >> howdy, my friends. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] leland: all right. so we're trying to get the translation here that comes in simultaneously as we're going to listen to what the prime minister has to say in a minute. you have to think about this in the prism of who the prime
10:53 am
minister is also speaking to. as you noted, laura, just recently reelected. president trump congratulated him on that, said it was the largest democratic election in the history. it's midnight in india -- laura: right.lee and there are few more important events in most countries than their leader coming to the united states and then speaking on the same stage as the president of the united states. i think any television network would love whatever ratings prime minister modi is going to get tonight in india. laura: the u.s. has a report of four million indian-americans, roughly 300,000 in the houston, dallas region. and as we see there in the crowd of 50,000, the mix of cowboy hats and saris and the mixture of flags that we're seeing in support for both men on the stage today, the prime minister looking to boost his relationship with indian-americans whoever active politically -- who are active politically as we move through this afternoon.
10:54 am
leland: one indian-american who i did not see on the list, and admittedly we did not get a full tick tock of everything, but it'd be very interesting to watch nikki haley's twitter account -- laura: yes. leland: -- over the next 12-24 hours and see what her reaction is. the most famous, probably, native american politician next to bobby jindal. somebody who was so effusive of the president's campaign, the idea that she is not there in that front row and president trump didn't mention her, i think is noteworthy. laura: it is noteworthy, and you're right the bring it up as we, as we'll jump on twitter to see her account. they're talking about, in moving forward, talking about their relations, i also thought it was interesting to also hear about president trump asking for an invitation from the prime minister to see the country's first nba basketball game played
10:55 am
in october in mumbai. this is a big deal. the nba is the game taking place where the creme toe kings and indiana -- sacramento kings and indiana pacers. he said don't be surprised if i show up, clearly making the point that relations both politically and in a friendship way, he hopes, continue. leland: nikki haley just tweeted out that she is with franklin graham in speaking about her time as south carolina and u.n. ambassador in south sudan, so why nikki haley wasn't there, the question answered. but she's retweeting the prime minister and president trump as well. we're going to take a quick break. one thing the president did not talk about in this was ukraine and vice president joe bidenen's accusation. that on the other side of the break. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move.
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♪ ♪ laura: india's prime minister modi speaking in houston at this moment just after president trump delivered his own remarks about u.s./indian relations at that same event. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm laura ingle. leland: nice to be with you, nice to be with you at home. not a lot of news made in this event, but some big news made before it. president trump and the prime minister appearing in lockstep during their speeches, both celebrating the bond between the two countries, and president trump taking some time to
11:00 am
celebrate his first term in office as well. kevin corke there as the event continues. you and i were talking on e-mail, my friend. it felt like a campaign speech with a little indian-american relations mixed on top. >> reporter: yeah, i think you're on the money. and i can tell the folks at home that you and i talk about a number of things, we talk about film, news, sports. when you start asking about the speech itself, i know that you're dialed in, and i know you guys are working at this hour, but i must say in listening to the president, leland are, i was, quite frankly, struck by how much this was like a campaign rally to a degree. but what was also interesting, i think, was the true bond between the two leaders. i mean, you could almost sense that there was a deep camaraderie between the two men. and i watch the president all the time whether he's on the road in europe or we go to asia, there's something special about the relationship between these two men. now, you also mentioned that the president talked a great deal about the economic tie


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