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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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celebrate his first term in office as well. kevin corke there as the event continues. you and i were talking on e-mail, my friend. it felt like a campaign speech with a little indian-american relations mixed on top. >> reporter: yeah, i think you're on the money. and i can tell the folks at home that you and i talk about a number of things, we talk about film, news, sports. when you start asking about the speech itself, i know that you're dialed in, and i know you guys are working at this hour, but i must say in listening to the president, leland are, i was, quite frankly, struck by how much this was like a campaign rally to a degree. but what was also interesting, i think, was the true bond between the two leaders. i mean, you could almost sense that there was a deep camaraderie between the two men. and i watch the president all the time whether he's on the road in europe or we go to asia, there's something special about the relationship between these two men. now, you also mentioned that the president talked a great deal about the economic ties between
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the two countries, the security ties between the u.s. and india. and i thought very interesting, i want you to listen to the sound bite that we have. the president talked about the importance of border security as well. take a listen. >> today we honor all of the brave american and indian military service members who work together to safeguard our freedom. we stand proudly in defense of liberty, is and we are committed -- and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: border security through the prism of terrorism. he talked about that not just near texas, he talked about the necessity of fighting radical islamic terrorism, and that is a border issue for the folks in india because, of course, they share a border with pakistan. and the suggestion among some indians has been that that's where a vast a majority of the terror has come from. and so it really hits at all fields in making that comment.
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i should also add this, the president made note of the fact that an nba game is going to be played -- i heard you guys talking about it -- over in mumbai and maybe he'd like to go. all i can say about that, guys, is who wouldn't? [laughter] leland: kevin, you've covered a lot of white houses, and we've seen these relationships develop between an american president a foreign leader. if you think about president obama and justin trudeau, both young generational change kind of leaders who developed a friendship based on that. tony blair, george w. bush, itself but there were common issues -- etc. but there were common issues in bond that brought both of them together. what brings together prime minister modi and president trump in the way you described? >> reporter: great question. i think they're both transformational. they're sort of -- politics usually is transactional, right? hey, we give you this stuff and we get your votes in return, or we performed a service or our politics will make your life
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better. there's a bit of a transformational relationship between the two men because they are both leaders of their country, but they came at a specific time when the country was looking for something different. that seems to be the bond, but that as well as they're gentlemen of a certain age. i think they have a lot of experience, and i think they share that. leland: you did pick up an unusual affection between both of them as they talked. it is rare to hear two foreign leaders as effusive in their praise of each other as these two were. kevin corke will bring us up-to-date if there's any news made. talk to you soon. >> reporter: you bet, take care. laura: and for more on this, we want to get reaction from california congressman and member of the house judiciary committee tom mcclintock. thank you for being with us, sir. we want to get to the situation, the story of the whistleblower and the ukraine story, but since you were just listening in to this rally over in houston, i want to get your response to what you heard and what you made
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of it. >> well, two observations. one is the emphasis the president put on the expanding economy. there's a reason for that, it's because of his policies of rolling back the tax regulatory burdens that were absolutely crushing us. and the principal beneficiaries of this remarkable economic expansion have been the middle and working classes including a lot of immigrant families. other observation, and you saw the reaction from the audience, was his strong position against illegal immigration. these are legal immigrants who obeyed all of our laws but waited patiently in line, who did everything our country asked of them because they knell love with the -- fell in love with the american ideal and they came here so they could become americans, adopt a common language and culture and raise their children as americans. the people who i have found are the angriest about illegal immigration are those legal immigrants who obeyed our laws and are watching millions try to cut in line in front of them. laura: he said that in his
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speech to the 50 thowz in attendance that, if elected, moving forward he plans on taking care of our -- >> the left loves to confuse legal and illegal immigration, and they're polar opposites. laura: let's move forward to the whistleblower story, i want to get your take on that. you know, we just simply don't have all the facts on this as of today. the transcript of the call in question and the complaint haven't been released, more on that to come this week on thursday with the open session with the house intelligence committee. but with all that said, what are your thoughts with the information that we have so far on this? >> well, all of these bombshell scandals that keep erupting follow a very predictable pat pattern. there is this lurid narrative usually written by "the washington post" or "the new york times," scant information, no named sources, no corroboration, and that sets off this firestorm of outrageous speculation over what terrible
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crimes the president may have committed now. and when the facts finally come out, it turns out to be a big nothing, and they go on to the next bombshell scandal. i don't think this one's going to be any different. in fact, it already doesn't pass the smell test for precisely the reason the president laid out in his tweet. presidential conversations with heads of state are overheard by dozens of officials in both countries. nobody's going to suggest anything improper in such conversations. laura: lauer -- right. secretary mike pompeo was asked about this earlier on "fox news sunday" when asked about the president's call with foreign leaders and if there was a quidd pro quo that has been suggested that prompted the whistleblower's complaint. listen. >> those conversations have always been 100% appropriate, 100% lawful and 100% insuring that the american taxpayers were protected, that we put those resources to good use, and we got good outcomes in ukraine when we used taxpayer dollars to support the leadership.
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every single time. laura: pompeo seems to outline your thoughts on that going into the bite, but just to kind of reiterate that these calls are listened into all the time, and that is something that should be made noted. >> well, exactly. and also bear in mind the president is commanded by our constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. he's given broad parameters other the conduct of our foreign affairs. if the president asked a foreign government for information on a former vice president using a billion dollars in federal loan guarantees to get that country to dismiss a investigation over corruption involving his son, well, the president would be entirely within his authority and his responsibility to do so. and one other point, the inspector general has no jurisdiction over the president. if he's asserting such a jurisdiction, that is strictly political, it is not legal. laura: all right.
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and before i let you go, i want to get your thoughts on one more thing. we want to shift to the administration's plan to invoke a rule that empowers your state, california, to set tougher car emission standards than those required by the federal government. now you've got 22 other states following california's lead on this. two courts have already upheld the state's standard, so how likely is it now that the administration's push is actually going to change things? >> well, if the administration can grant a waiver, it can revoke a waiver, and that is what the president is proposing doing. remember, because of the size of california's market that waiver gave california officials the about to set emission and fuel standards as a practical matter nationally. you may have noticed california is governed by people who are completely out of their minds. their attitude on cars goes back to the first jerry brown administration when a caltrans official posted that it was his job to pry john q. public out of his car. and the way they do that is by increasingly da eurozone january emissions and fuel standards that drive the price of automobiles through the roof and
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reduce their performance. the question americans have to ask is, do you really want to surrender your choices to the loony left in california? if you want to do that, just keep electing democrats nationally, and you'll get there. but it ought to be the choice of the american people, not the choice of california. and i just checked fuel prices yesterday, aaa reports the average fuel price in california, $3.76 a gallon for regular. do you really want to give the people who are responsible for those policies the power to choose your next automobile in that's what the waiver allows them to do, that's what the president by revoking that waiver is protecting us from. laura: i was just in sacramento where you are now just a week ago visiting family and illing up a rental car -- filling up a rental car, so i know what you're talking about. congressman mcclintock, thanks for being with us today. we'll check back in as the stories continue to roll on. >> thanks for having me. leland: a fox news alert, we are
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just learning that the acting director of national intelligence, joseph mcguire, is set to appear before the house intelligence committee on thursday with house speaker nancy pelosi now calling on him to turn over the full whistleblower's complaint about the president's phone call with the ukrainian leader. ellison barber joins us with more. so now we're back almost to where we started which is this standoff between the national intelligence director and democrats in congress. >> reporter: right. house intelligence chairman adam schiff saying they needed this information, they say the acting director's withholding it. he said we're going to subpoena you, then we have this letter from pelosi. we've had and heard republicans and democrats call for some sort of investigation looking into the controversy that is growing around the situation with ukraine, but they are on very different pages here. democrats are saying the house needs to figure out whether or
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not president trump tried to get the you crane january president to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid. they say they need the complaint in order to do that. republicans say the department of justice needs to look into what joe biden did as vice president when he pushed for ukraine to crack down on corruption and fired the country's prosecutor general who was investigating a natural gas company where biden's son hunter was on the border -- board of directors. >> i think it's fair after what the trumps have gone through regarding russia that somebody look at the connection between the bidens, the sitting vice president, to ukraine through his son. i'm hoping somebody at the department of justice will appoint an investigator to look at all things ukraine like we looked at all things russia. >> right now it appears that the president tried to influence the president of ukraine by threatening to cut off u.s. support. that's a very serious allegation. so we have to find out the facts
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concerning that. we don't want to prejudge it, but we have to have transparency. >> reporter: the intelligence official filed a whistleblower complaint reportedly based on a series of events, one of those being a july phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. again, democrats really want to see that whistleblower complaint. they say that the acting director of intelligence, joe mcguire, is preventing it. they say that he has cited some sort of privilege. they don't think that's good enough of a reason, so the acting director is set to testify on capitol hill this week. house speaker nancy pelosi sent a letter within the last 30 minutes or so to her democratic colleagues saying in part, quote: we expect him -- meaning mcguire -- to obey the law and turn over the full complaint to the committee. we also expect that he whether establish a plath -- will establish a path for the whistleblower to speak to the committee as writerred by law. -- required by law. both biden and president trump deny any wrong doing here.
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leland: there's also serious questions in terms of what this whistleblower really knows, whether they heard the phone call or not. ellison, thank you very much, great reporting there. noteworthy that on fox news sunday rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer -- that's coming up at 3 p.m. eastern, so about 47 minutes from now. laura? laura: and coming up, iran saying today that it should lead security in the persian gulf as the u.s. sends additional troops to saudi arabia in the wake of an attack on the saudi oil fields. we've got more coming up. ♪ ♪ breaksthat i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. leland: welcome back on this sunday. some big news for massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she is now leading the democratic presidential field in the first state for the first time. here is the new iowa poll with her in first place at 22% of likely caucus-goers in that
11:17 am
first-to-vote state. noteworthy, this is the des moines register/cnn poll that we have looked to in the past. to break it down and what it mean, we bring in progressive talk radio host rich awrd fowler and conservative radio host dom g its ard -- giardano. richard, is this the elizabeth warren wave we keep hearing about? >> it could be a wave or voters in iowa aren't paying anticipation to this election. -- are paying attention to this election. one thing to remember that these polls are just, that they're polls. if you take 2004 as an example, john kerry was fifth going into the iowa caucuses and ended up winning the caucus. so it really just is that the democratic field still in flux, and voters are still trying to make their minds up. leland: dom, there was talk a couple of months ago that president trump made a tactical error by going after elizabeth
11:18 am
warren the way he did with the pocahontas nickname and elevating her in the fields of democrats -- in the field of democrats. now do we go back and look at that question again? this. >> i don't think so. i think trump is going to do it again, leland. i happen to think this poll is telling me what even in the world i bring on of prominence, this is elizabeth warren's race the lose, and i think the trump people love the idea that elizabeth warren is going to be the nominee, ultimately, not joe biden. she said she would by exconservative order or get -- executive order get rid of fracking. fracking in pennsylvania, where i am, is gigantic. pennsylvania's a key state if she's the nominee. leland: matt drudge said something similar act elizabeth warren's nomination. it brings up though, in terms of where the democratic field is, elizabeth warren so much more progressive than joe biden, so much tougher perhaps on president trump than joe biden. this is what aoc just tweeted
11:19 am
out about impeachment, something that both biden and warren have had to answer to on the field. at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law-breaking behavior, it is the democratic party's refusal to impeach him for it. and it goes on a little bit longer here, we have the rest of this tweet: it's one thing for a sitting president to break the law, it's another to let the integrity of our democracy. it's desperate penned when we -- threatened when we do nothing about it. dom, to you again, the president's supporters always love this fight when it happens. >> absolutely. and nancy employees city -- pelosi has shown her acumen, in my mind, that she is trying to slow down this talk. she's been successful so far to. you don't even see nadler in that community really moving on impeachment, they don't want to call it that. aoc seems a little bit out of the news and this seems to me another attempt to try to get
11:20 am
the squad and get her back with in there. i think pelosi realizes the political consequences if they go full bore for impeachment. leland: richard, how does nancy pelosi keep a hold on her caucus? each adam schiff now impeachment, quote, may be the only remedy. that doesn't sound like a house speaker who's able to keep the lid on this boiling pot among her most progress i members. >> it's not a matter of keeping the lid on the pot, it's a matter of seeing what's happening at the white house, rights the? what you've seen the judiciary committee do as well as the intelligence committee is they begin to ask questions, what is happening at in this white house? who is getting information, who's not get information? did the president really engage in a call where he tried to limit foreign aid in order for a favor? these are all things the democrats are trying to figure out -- leland: hey, fellas, i'm going to have to interrupt you, richard and tom. we're working on a little different break schedule this
11:21 am
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president trump ends his day in new york tonight for the u.n. general assembly, but he has said that he has no mans to meet with the -- no plans to meet with the iranian leaders while there. this as tehran says that measured be in charge of security in the persian gulf. a few of iran's neighbors might have a few things to say about that. garrett tenney following what iran said and the worldwide reaction. hello, my friend. >> reporter: well, leland, tensions have reached such a point that today iran's foreign
11:25 am
minister said he is not confident that war can be avoided between the u.s. and iran. at the same time, there are new reports that tehran is preparing for additional attacks against saudi arabia. according to "the wall street journal," houthi militants in yemen have warned foreign diplomats that iran has asked the houthis for their support in carrying out new strikes across the region. this comes a week after u.s. officials athe regime -- say the regime attacked a saudi oil field. the houthis initially claimed responsibility for that attack. the journal reports that the seriousness of this new threat couldn't be determined and notes that wen officials have long -- western official z have long been skeptical of houthi claims. secretary of state mike pompeo weighed in today on "fox news sunday." >> certainly seen that reporting, and i won't talk about american intelligence and what we know. but i suffice it to say we're consistently concerned that iran will continue to behave in the way that it has now for 40 years. it did so before the jcpoa, during the jcpoa, and they
11:26 am
continue to act in ways that are inconsistent with their obligations. >> reporter: while iran is reportedly preparing for additional attacks, today its president announced a new peace plan he'll propose at this week's u.n. general assembly calling it the coalition for hope. at a military parade, president rouhani said that coalition will be led by iran. on cbs' "face the nation," iran's foreign minister suggested his country has a hard time taking any negotiations with the u.s. seriously following president trump's exit of the nuclear deal. >> i'm confident that iran did not play a role. i'm confident that anybody who tells you conducts an impartial investigation will reach that conclusion. but i cannot say that the people who are being sent will conduct an impartial investigation because we've had cases in the past where they didn't. >> reporter: iranian leaders have also reiterated that there will be no talks with the u.s. until the white house removes the heavy sanction that it has
11:27 am
laid on tehran. leland? leland: all right. well, you can always count on the iranians for some sound bites before any meeting. we appreciate it, garrett, thank you. laura? laura: all right. well, let's get into it and go with more on this. we're going to bring in former senior director for gulf affairs at the national security council under the president trump adminn and current director at the middle east program at the atlantic council, kirsten. a lot to get to as we just listened to garrett tenney. when you take a look at iran's reported motivation to attack saudi oil facilities and then what we see what the u.s. response has been, more sanctions and a wait and see approach with military actions, 40 how is iran calculating the sanctions imposed by the? is this the right direction that we're moving in? >> this is the right direction. iran is going to play this out of both sides of their face, so the plan that we're expecting to see at this coalition for peace will be, one, a way to push the
11:28 am
u.s. to full withdrawal from the region and, two, a reason to ab so far them of any culpabilities. but we can expect them to conduct attacks, and they will do that until the international community calls them out and make them accountable for this activity. laura: yeah. and we've got that new reporting that iran is planning new attacks in saudi arabia, so we've got that coming. the secretary of state, mike pompeo, spoke with our john roberts on "fox news sunday accounts today, he talked about the move to put additional u.s. resources in the region. >> our mission set is to avoid war. you saw what secretary's per announced on friday for the purpose of deterrence and defense. to support the iranian people so that they can get this regime to cease behaving in a way that is so destructive not only to their own country, but to the entire middle easts. march lauer kirsten, so many people are questioning the use of military force at this point, what do you think about what pompeo said? >> i think the comment he made
11:29 am
was very critical. there are two things important about this troop movement. first, it is intended to show the renal that there's a friendship on the part of the u.s., that we've got their back. they're being cornered by russia and china, they want to know whether their friendship with the u.s. is true or transactional, and this show of even a small deployment of a few hundred troops shows them we are in it with them. but the fact that it is for deterrence and defense, predominantly with air and missile defense systems, means we are signaling to iran that this is not an offensive move. we are not putting troops on their borders or flying other their air space. this is intended to protect our allies from iranian aggression, not to be an aggressor ourselves. laura: right. you brought up the united nations general assembly happening this week in new york. it doesn't appear president trump will be meeting with iran but he has said, quote, nothing is ever off the table. so what's your take on that? any chance this is going to happen? how do you see that part unfolding?
11:30 am
>> there will be a discussion of iran in the general assembly. of what i wish would happen is i'd like to see some sort of emergency session where the u.s. calls for standards from all of the countries where the irgc and quds force have been active. it's about 14, maybe more now, where they've acted with planned or conducted attacks around the world, and right now the international community deals with these attacks on a single issue scale. it's on a nonsympathetic target, there's strategic but not particularly harmful. but the sum being greater than the whole of its parts, you know, this is a collective foreign policy on the part of iran, and if we have 14 plus countries saying they have conducted these attacksen on our territory, we're more likely to have a coalition we could speak of, the yaya sistered hoo. [laughter] laura: we've got to leave it there. thank you for sticking around in our extra hour of programming here. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. leland: all right. mike pompeo, the secretary of state, has a lot more to say about this 30 minutes from now. john roberts in for chris
11:31 am
wallace on that at 3 p.m. eastern. plus, we head to iowa. bernie sanders has been on the stump talking about his progressive agenda. elizabeth warren's thoughts and where she is in the polls next. ♪ ♪ you've had quite the career. yeah, i've had some pretty prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time.
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♪ ♪ leland: a new poll out of iowa showing massachusetts senator elizabeth warren taking the top
11:35 am
spot as the favorite democratic presidential candidate in that early voting state. that means she beats out former vice president joe biden and fellow progressive senator bernie sanders. peter doocy live in des moines where he has been all weekend with more. hi, peter. >> reporter: leland, bernie sanders just wrapped up this town hall until des moines where he was listening to health care horror stories from some people who live here in iowa where, for the first time, a new poll shows that there is a new front-runner. it's "the des moines register" poll, and it shows elizabeth warren leading joe biden now 22% to 20%, although that lead is within the margin of error. bernie sanders is the only other candidate in double digits and right behind him, pete buttigieg, who addressed his position in the new poll late last night. >> between one and another there's going to be some variation. all we know is this, in order to
11:36 am
win, i think you need three things, you need to be in the top, you need to have the resources and go the distance, and we have that. and you need a good ground game. and i think we demonstrated we've got the best ground game in the state. >> reporter: cory booker stuck around after the steak fry as well. he's been warning democrats if he does not raise enough money in a week and a half, he may have to drop out, and the booker campaign tells us he's already $300,000 plus towards that goal. >> we've been running a winning campaign, but to continue to grow and win in iowa, we're going to have some challenges exprmingt so this is what i want to ask you right now. if you think i belong in this race, you think my voice is valuable, then help this campaign in some way. >> reporter: but they're all chasing warren and biden, both of whom will join striking union workers outside of gm plants;
11:37 am
warren in michigan, biden in missouri. leland? leland: real quick, peter, yesterday you were with the former vice president, and he said he had never talked to his son, hunter, about his overseas business dealings. big news there . perhaps even bigger news as your reporting looked into whether or not there was any evidence to contradict that, what have you found out? >> reporter: hunter biden didn't cooperate with the new yorker profile about him and some of the struggles that he's had in his life, and in this article munter biden did tell -- hunter biden did tell the interviewer that he spoke to his father once about overseas business in ukraine and that his dad just told him i hope you know what you are doing. we don't know anything else though about context of that conversation because we haven't heard anything more from biden or -- from either bidening. but there was no opportunity for a follow-up, and we're hoping to get that in the next couple days. leland: if there's anybody who i know who can track down a candidate and get a follow-up,
11:38 am
it is you. good luck on the trail, my friend. we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. laura: and president trump will be traveling to ohio later today to meet with australian prime minister scott morrison to promote trade and investment partnerships between those two country. mark meredith is awaiting the president's approval, he joins us now live with more on this. hi, mark. >> reporter: hey, laura, good afternoon. we are standing in a new paper mill, one that's set to go on line in just a couple weeks from now, and this will also be the site where president trump as well as the australian prime minister will deliver remarks right here at the podium behind me. workers here are just starting to show up to listen to both leaders speak. the reason that the australians will be here is because the australian-owned company that has decided to invest in a new facility here in ohio, we're about an hour north of dayton, ohio, to give you a better idea of where we are, and president trump certainly will be highlighting the new american jobs that'll be coming into play as this factory goes online.
11:39 am
now, president trump has already had a busy day. our cameras were there as he arrived in houston for events with india's leader earlier today. we're still trying to get an idea of exactly what time the president will make his way to ohio. he was supposed to be here sometime in the 4:00 hour, but as things happen here especially with the white house, travel schedules can change. but the president will have a chance once he arrives here in houston to speak to workers, talk about the american economy as well as the trade relationship between the u.s. and australia. these are remarks that these workers will be looking to see what it means for them once this factory goes on line, a couple hundred jobs expect not only now, but in the future as well as this factory gips operation. guys? laura: mark meredith in ohio, thanks so much for that. see you soon. leland: the president talks a lot about immigration and the border during his speech in texas, and now i.c.e. officials are reportedly preparing to begin detaining migrant families at a san antonio facility once
11:40 am
again. the implications of that when we come back. ♪ ♪ (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one? (ernie) rubber duckie! (cookie) what about a broken cookie jar? (burke) again, cookie? (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum driven each day to pursue bioplife-changing cures...ers. in a country built on fostering innovation.
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laura: and you are looking live at houston, texas, where president trump is attending a joint event with india's prime minister modi. they are seen there holding hands, walking out of the venue having a very successful rally in front of 50,000 people at the nrg stadium in houston, texas. tensions escalating in hong kong today as protests turned violet. pro-democracy demonstrators setting up a makeshift barrier and lighting a fire with one group vandalizing the subway station and trampling a chinese flag. police responding with tear gas as they tried to push back on those protesters. the protest movement is now in its fourth month. leland: all right. i.c.e. will once again begin detaining migrant families in a controversial detention center
11:44 am
near san antonio. this follows a decline in border apprehensions this summer. according to "the washington post" who9 got the memo from i.c.e., christina coleman following this from our west coast news hub. >> reporter: well, at a rally in texas just moments ago, president trump spoke about the immigration crisis saying his administration is taking unprecedented actions to secure the border. >> border security is vital to the united states. illegal immigration is deeply unfair to millions of wonderful legal immigrants who work hard, pay their taxes, follow our rules and obey our laws. >> reporter: the trump administration's most recent action to get help from other nations on this immigration crisis involved el salvador. el salvador's foreign minister and u.s. acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan signed an asylum agreement on friday. the deal will how the u.s. to send many asylum seekers to el
11:45 am
salvador. and at this point mcaleenan called the agreement a big step forward. >> the core of this agreement and the asylum agreement, the core of it is recognizing el salvador's development of their own asylum system and a commitment to help them build that capacity. >> reporter: speaking of el salvador, the agreement comes just three days after dozens of illegal immigrants were found hidden in 10-degree temperatures -- 105-degree temperatures in a tractor-trailer at a checkpoint just north of laredo, texas, part of a human smuggling operation and from a variety of countries including el salvador, mexico, guatemala and honduras. as far as the deal well salvador, leaders till really need to hammer out the details and how the framework of this agreement will actually work. leland? leland: the president talked about this in texas. we'll see if he talks more about immigration in ohio in a couple
11:46 am
of hours. thanks, christina. laura? laura: bmw unveiling a new car that will get your wheels turning. more on what makes this vehicle's paint job so special. that's coming up. ♪ i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling.
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♪ ♪ leland: a scary mystery out of pittsburgh with now where three people are dead, four others hospitalized after what police say appears to be a mass drug overdose. whether by choice or something else is yet to be determined. jacqui heinrich following this story from new york. >> reporter: hey, leland. yeah, it is a bizarre case, but police just put out a statement saying they believe this was an overdose situation, and now they're concerned about a potentially deadly batch of
11:50 am
drugs in the community. one man was found on a street corner on pittsburgh's south side, another found in an elevator outside a nearby apartment building and five more people were found inside an apartment in various states of unconsciousness, two were already dead. the complex where it happened, south side works city apartments, has several amenities, none of the victims live in the building and the residents they were visiting were not home at the time. police say it appears all the victims went to an event told where they were given orange wristbands and then went to a second location at a private evidence where they all took narcotics at the same time. police said, to be clear, this was not a case of tainted drugs being passed around or distributed in the large volume at a large venue which could have affected even more people. it appears to be isolated to a single location. however, police are concerned about a tainted, potentially
11:51 am
deadly batch of drugs in the community. we remind the public not to use drugs. the living victims' conditions range from critical to serious in the hospital. leland? leland: so much more to learn on this. jacqui heinrich in new york, back to you the rest of this sunday as news warrants. laura? laura: a u.s. marine missing since last week has been found safe of in texas. 20-year-old lance corporal joe wallace was taken into custody by ncias officials -- ncis officials after being found at a rest stop near dallas. he was spotted monday visiting a friend in arizona while on leave. it was a three-day leave but never reported back to camp pendleton in california. leland: look at this video, the lava exploding out from a massive volcano in mexico. lava and rocks, also there's a huge cloud of ash into the sky early this morning, and more than 17,000 feet it is the fifth highest peak in north america
11:52 am
and is now one of mexico's most active volcanos. got to wonder about all that ash and a air traffic. we'll check on that. laura: and the estranged mother mother -- husband of a missing mother of fife going to appear in front of a judge and answer questions why he isn't properly charged his gps monitoring device. the reality developer and his girlfriend were both rearrested last month on a second round of tampering with evidence charges after investors outlined a more detailed timeline of events alleging the two discarded items that were found to have blood on them. they came back a positive dna match for his estranged wife, jennifer dulos. the 50-year-old mother has been missed for nearly four months now, last seen controlling her kids off at or their private school in connecticut. investigators believe she and her estranged husband -- police
11:53 am
say jennifer was the victim of a violent physical assault after bloodstains and blood spatter were found in her garage, that blood matching her dna. connecticut state police have been searching garbage facilities, properties owned by dulos and areas of water looking for evidence in this case. and while his attorney says his client is not guilty and just merely forgot to charge his gps, well, dulos could reportedly get some kind of penalty, leland,for not taking care of this device. all of this going on while, of course, the search for jennifer continues. and it'll be four months on tuesday, so they've got a couple of court appearances coming up. leland: it brings up so many questions, the biggest question is why haven't they been charged with murder? laura: well, as far as we can
11:54 am
tell, they're just trying to sew everything up. they're laying out the case, tampering with evidence, hindering prosecution charges. as many might remember, the night that jennifer went missing, there was surveillance video picked up in hartford showing the couple throwing out garbage bags, they had items containing jennifer dulos' blood. so they've been trying to connect the dots. the most recent arrest affidavits showed a lot of photos showing them doing different things, one of those vehicles the seats were tested, and jennifer's blood was found on that. but there is not a murder charge yet, and it's something that i think even the defense side knows could be coming soon. leland: they certainly seem to be preparing for it. there was a while the defense was floating the gone girl theory, somehow she had staged all of this in order to frame her husband and his girlfriend. what about the kids in all of this? because there were these -- there are the four kids that are alive. laura: two sets of twins all
11:55 am
under or the age of 13. the night that jennifer went missing, the day that she went missing, she dropped her kids off at school. the kids had a preplan to go to grandma's house in man that the tanker so they have -- manhattan, so they have been there ever since -- leland: this is the maternal grandmother. laura: right. so so they have been there, and she has temporary custody. there's also the custody battle that still goes on between the two families but, obviously, the grandmother has the children for now. she hired a private forward, the nanny is there -- leland: and, obviously, that plays a key role in whether or not there is additional bond, there's additional restrictions, etc., for the judge to talk about. all right. still watching the events not only in texas, but a fox news alert as we take a look at the crowd leaving the howdy modi event which is ode to indian prime minister modi who was there with president trump on the stage in houston. as you mentioned, laura, houston
11:56 am
has a huge indian-american population, hundreds of thousands of indian-americans in and around houston and texas who gave president trump and their own prime minister a rousing welcome. you have everybody in cow i do hats and there some -- cowboy hats there and some traditional indian dress. you had these two leaders who were speaking both to the same audience and different audiences. the prime minister noted how many people would be up at midnight, now one a.m., in india watching this event. he was speaking to them. and at the same time, effusively complimentary to president trump as we talked about. they walked in, as you can see, hand in hand and walked the stage holding hands, and when they left, they were holding hands. laura: that's right. ask and president trump taking the opportunity to remind the crowd of 50,000 at nrg stadium that he plans to continue to, what he says, protect and take care of our indian-american citizens before taking care of
11:57 am
illegal immigrants, bringing up, of course, his policies on immigration, talking about the unemployment numbers specifically to texas, talking about creating more jobs for this particular community as well. so a lot -- leland: sounded just a little bit like a campaign rally with some american/indian relations mixed on top. the president's now headed to another very important state for 020, and that is ohio -- 20. he is going to be with the australian prime minister at a large factory that an australian company has put the money in to build. john roberts is in for chris wallace, and we're going to check in also with kevin corke down in houston when we come back. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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♪ muck. ♪ ♪ >> today we honor all of the brave american and indian military service members when who work together to safeguard our freedom. we stand proudly in defense of liberty, and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of radical islamic terrorism. laura: president trump speaking today in houstoning during a joint event with end grab prime minister modi -- indian prime minister modi, both leaders touting the relationship. we'll bring you back to "fox news sunday" in just a moment. leland: john roberts is in for chris


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