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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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he gets rid of it. >> yesterday's game by the way. 1:00. you can see the team's offensive line looking on as carson wentz is sacked by detroit lions. the eagles lost 27-24. they had so many injuries, people. rob: got to go. ♪ ♪ steve: new york city united nations general assembly. this is the worst traffic the entire year all based over about five blocks to the east of us don't go unless you are a world leader. ainsley: or take the subway. subway is much easier as we all know. coming in this morning early, sixth avenue was closed down in front of trump tower. they put barricades. the driver this morning said i have never in my 30 years of doing this seen this
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happened. they have trucks all in front of trump tower. brian: it's going to be a busy week. no doubt about it. if you were a world leader i still recommend taking the subway. leader of a great nation. ainsley: if you have a cape and crown and gels on your head you should still take the subway. brian: one world leader was in houston, texas. both mental in both countries. if you are russia and china and you are these brutal dictatorships with these economies that are combining all of a sudden you look in houston and you say how did this happen? thought world's biggest democracy get together with the u.s. and so tight? ainsley: leader of india speaking in houston. they were on stage together. the crowd went crazy. they have a big population from india there in texas. it was wonderful to see all of them holding up their flags. the president is so charismatic. he was naming all the different cities in the united states and comparing them to cities in end i can't. he said from new jersey to new delhi. and the crowd just went crazy because they thought
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listen, we are of indian dissent but we love america. brian: wore a vest. ainsley: he looked good. steve: the president will be giving his big speech at the united nations tomorrow. all eyes are going to be on a meeting he is going to have on wednesday. that's when he sits down for bilateral meeting with the guy who is the president of ukraine. and, of course, all the news is about how yesterdayth president appeared to confirm that he mentioned vice president joe biden and son hunter in a phone call to the president of ukraine on july 25th. the president said nothing wrong. depletelcompletely routine. yesterday in houston he said he would love to release the transcript. ainsley: he said breaking news the ukrainian government said they weren't pressured at all during the nice call nice in quotes. sleepy joe biden on the other hand forced a tough prosecutor out from investigating his son's company, that oil company, by threat of not giving big
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dollars to ukraine. that's the real story. brian: will the office said this i know what the conversation was about and i think there was no pressure. this conversation was long friendly and touched on many questions, sometimes requiring serious answers. and one was congratulations you just won. again, he is very similar to the president in. this he spent most of his life doing something entirely different as an actor comedian. this man was a businessman and leader of australia is an outsider. a lot of people are really hitting it off with the president because of their unique background. ainsley: i was watching fox news over the weekend. leland vittert was anchoring and talking about a conversation that your son, peter doocy, had with the president. so why don't you set this up because you know more about it than any of us. steve: there is the vice president, former vice president with peter pointing his finger, yelling at him. brian: do that every day? steve: is he doing that a lot to peter. steve: what did he ask him? he asked him a question in this soundbite. nonetheless, what joe biden
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came out and he wanted because it was all about ukraine and was there corruption on the part of his son who is getting paid $50,000 a month to work for a company, this oil company after joe biden became the point person for the obama administration on trying i have never talked to my son about overseas dealings. steve: never? brian: obviously angry. and got to be more careful. the new york magazine in deals of 2015, here is an excerpt. they did a story about
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hunter biden just kicked out of the marines testing positive for cocaine at the time. then he goes right into -- then he went right into investigating into one of the funds he invested into was the ukraine fund. he said. this joe biden in new york magazine. steve: as hunter recalled his father discussed the oil come with him just once. wait a minute. biden just said never. but he discussed it just once. dad said i hope you know what you are doing and i said i do. while the mr. biden told peter doocy he never spoke to his son he said at least once his dad talk to him. brian: aides knew this was a problem and ukraine and u.s. did not have bad relations. ukraine was being carved up by the russians and the obama administration did absolutely nothing except send blankets and pillows and mres. joe biden was going to go over there and the quote is
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his aides braced for renewed scrutiny on hunter's relationship with burisma and the policy energy policy raised the question with biden and did not go very far with him but they did recommend that hunter leave the board. so the obama administration was concerned about that relationship. ainsley: so when i see peter interviewing him and saying did you ever discuss your son's -- his son is making a lot of money from this company, right? steve: 50,000 a month. ainsley: he says he didn't talk to him son. his son admitted to the new yorker magazine he did talk to his dad just once. if this were your child and your child is making a ton of money. wouldn't you discuss your child's success with them? wouldn't you know what they are doing? maybe they didn't but that's just my question if this were my daughter. the other thing that comes to mind when peter is interviewing him he said i'm going to beat him like a drum. that's why the president is doing this. if you look at the iowa caucus polls now elizabeth warren is ahead. the iowa caucus happens in four months.
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she says listen we have a long way to go. she is not letting it get to her head but is he falling in the polls. steve: rudy giuliani has been pushing for the ukrainians to investigate the bidens. brian: i haven't heard that. steve: have them look into the tycoon that hunter worked for and also rudy wants to know did democrats collude with ukraine to release information with paul manafort before the 2016 election in the trump team is pushing there was a lot of corruption. nonetheless, joe biden in january of last year, we have a flashback soundbite. listen to him bragging about actually getting the prosecutor who the president and rudy say was getting too close to his son hunter. got him fired. watch this. >> i was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. and i had gotten a commitment from poo porchenko
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and state prosecutor and they didn't. you are not getting a billion. not leaving here. i'm leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. well, some of a [bleep] got fired. brian: fundamentally i'm astounded how everyone is concerned about the tied ukraine. nobody was really concerned when president obama watched them being by the russians and all -- he wouldn't send them any aid or any lethal weapons. the first thing this president did was send them lethal weapons to fight back against the russian invasion. and they appreciated that. what plays to the detractors of the president is the fact that we don't know why, after their july 25th conversation, money did not -- was delayed until late august. that played into those conspiracy theories who said the president threatened i'm going to hold back aid if you don't investigate joe biden. and that's why the
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democrats, especially adam schiff, want this whole transcript of the dialogue between the two leaders exposed, which would be a terrible precedent for future presidents. ainsley: rudy giuliani tweeted about it. he said new fact. one 3-million-dollar payment to biden's son to ukraine latvia to see you plus to u.s. when prosecutor was asked cyprus was amount going to son. he was told u.s. embassy obama's instructed them not to provide the amount. prosecutors getting too close to son and biden had him fired. steve: corruption regarding the bidens, that's what he wants ukraine to do and also look into whether or not the democrats in this country got ukrainians to give information, damaging information about paul manafort. meanwhile, in this country, you know, we have heard a lot over the last couple of years about how the democrats would like to impeach the president of the united states.
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brian: really? steve: now given the fact that we have this ukraine thing and then the whistleblower thing and by the way did you hear the whistleblower complaint was filed by somebody who actually had no direct knowledge of it. it's almost as if they had heard a rumor and filed it and that apparently is why it does not fall into the standards for the intel whistleblower law and that's why it's not going to congress. nonetheless in congress there are a number of democrats, prominence one say it's time for impeachment. ainsley: adam schiff rethe impeachment debate is he using his office trying to dig up damaging information on biden's son. nancy pelosi who has avoided that conversation for so long. she is warning a whole new stage of investigations could be approaching. and then aoc said this: at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law-breaking behavior it is the democratic party's refusal to impeach him for it. when aoc said that, that's when nancy pelosi responded by saying listen, maybe there is a new stage of investigations because aoc was going after nancy pelosi
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for that. steve: the speaker sent out a letter to congress that said if the administration persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to congress a serious constitutional breach of constitutional duties by the president. they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take niews a whole new stage of investigations. thank you for your patriotism. brian: keep in mind what's on schedule. thursday the national intelligence director going to be asked to come down in front of adam schiff's committee and be allowed to ask questions. the questions are going to be the inspector general recommended this whistleblower come forward to our committee, but the department of justice stopped it. why? well the former admirable, the retired admirable thought acting director of national intelligence is going to keep saying what he has been saying all along. i'm not going to disclose it. this is private conversation between two world leaders. that's going to add to the frustration which you see democrats handle so poorly. meanwhile lindsey graham weighed in on this entire thing yesterday with mornings with maria.
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listen. >> can you imagine if this was the trump family doing business like this? so i like joe biden. i like him a lot. you can't have interest both ways here. they have done everything but turn the trump world upside down. when it comes to this president there are no rules including a phone call. take some time and effort to luke at what the ukraine may have done in the 2016 election. what role, if any, did the bidens have to the ukraine. was it proper? was it not? i promise you the american media is not going to look at it. i'm hoping somebody at the department of justice will do for the biden ukraine dcialg to to the trump administration. steve: asked intel community what to do with this whistleblower complaint. according to the stories this morning. because the with his blower was not in the room did not see it, heard it b. it and made this thing and said
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this is serious and urgent which normally triggers an investigation didn't get it because they had no direct knowledge, did not meet the standard. that is probably what the acting director of national intelligence is going to say on thursday. ainsley: the president has said when i make these phone calls to dignitaries and presidents of other countries and prime ministers, i know a lot of people could be listening to this conversation. he said i'm considering releasing this transcript or at least stephanie grisham said. this we are going to have her on the show. she is his spokesperson. worked for melania. now working with the president. she will be on with us. also congressman devin nunes from california. brian: terrible precedent for world leaders to think their eventual conversation is going to be public in the america media here on in. terrible for this president and the presidents here on out. >> get back [bleep]. [bleep] guess at that point
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brian: while the majority of protesters were peaceful. that wasn't the case in portland, oregon. all thanks to steve.
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steve. ive. >> >> you are in the middle of a public park, you pigs. pig. brian: i cannot believe they have to take that how proud their parents must be. here with more is journalist andy noe. it's clear that a lot of people peaceful protests they got to miss school, too. how many were antifa. >> on friday hundreds of thousands around the world marched despite the language and fear mongering about the climate. it was peaceful except for in portland where a faction of tiff militants dressed head to toe in black and wearing masked and showed up
3:19 am
commandeered. they replaced the chants about the climate to explicatives about the police. there was several arrests throughout the day. one of the violent suspects who was arrested, who has a big tiff tattoo on his neck was found to be carrying a kach of weapons including a dagger a switchblade a hammer and brass knuckles as if that wasn't bad enough. once the climate strike was over these group of masked militants descended the local ice facility the same facility under five week siege last year and began to throw projectiles like rocks at the federal officers who were protecting the facility when they responded they all took off running in different directions and that's what you see in the video. the police who were chasing them dropped some of the ammunition and one of the masked tiff people attempted to pick it up. you could see the abuse that the police endured that day. tiff says that they
3:20 am
organized to oppose the far right but really they just use that as a pretense to take to the streets to cycle through a number of issues and to push their political agenda. brian: true, andy, a couple of things, you were attacked. you know this personally. you know understand with their violence and what they're cable of. will will two white kids early 20's. is that typical tiff? >> this group that demonstrated on friday was a bit younger than what the average tiff membe antifa membeu could say. what's interesting to me this movement is able to recruit younger and younger people. and many of these masked people were really children and you see how they bought on to this narrative that the police are evil and how they have no hesitation in not just showing disrespect
3:21 am
to law enforcement but hatred and trying to actively get in the way of arrests. brian: andy, we have to go to break, if you are a kid and challenging a cop like that, that police chief has to empower his officers to arrest these guys. leave them in jail for a week or two and then we will see how militant they are when they get out. thanks, andy, i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. brian: straight ahead, the u.n. wanted today to be about climate change. instead, president trump is going there to talk religious freedom. two people in the room with him today join us live to talk to ainsley next. ♪ lightning and the thunder. ♪ feel the thunder ♪ lightning and the thunder ♪ thunder ♪ thunder ♪ ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning to you. welcome back. we have a fox news alert. just moments ago a british oil tanker seized by iran has been cleared to leave. iran's revolutionary guard captured the ship over two months ago in southern spain. they claim it broke maritime laws. the seizure came just two weeks after captured iranian tanker. that was released last month despite protests from the u.s.s. also breaking right now 600,000 tourists stranded worldwide. take a look at a your screen. a look in spain long lines. thomas cook declaring bankruptcy overnight after failing to secure emergency funding its four airlines will be grounded. 21,000 employees in 16 countries are out of a job. that's a quick look at your headlines. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. today our president is set
3:26 am
to speak at the u.s.s. climate change event he won't be at that event instead deliver historic speech on religious freedom. to attend that event southern baptist tony perkins and a fox news contributor and on fox nation pastor robert jeffress. thank you both for being with us. >> good morning. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. you are both attending the event today. who will be there? >> the president, obviously, the vice president and then a number of international leaders. this is the president putting down a marker after two ministerials which mike pompeo held where international leaders came to talk about advancing religious freedom. this is a step forward with very tangible markers in terms of protecting people of faith. and what the president in part is going to do is challenge these nations to ensure that people, regardless of their faith, when they publicly assemble to worship god that they don't have to do that in
3:27 am
fear of terrorists or tyrants and this administration doing more than any other administration has done to add vons this in their foreign policy. i was going to say we're going to help you, we're going to help you secure these houses of worship. ainsley: pastor jeffress, i know the vice president is going to lead in to the president's speech, which is very appropriate. because we know how appropriate his faith is to him. when you think about like yesterday people were going to church. and they do think in their mind at least. so larger series the increase of terrorism. you do think about that when you walk into church. in our country thankfully we have the freedom to worship as we please. how bad is it in other countries? >> it's worse in other countries. no doubt about it. i do think every church has a responsibility to make sure it has a safe environment. we have a lot of security at our church. we have had threats from isis against our church. ainsley: have you really? >> we protect ourself and law enforcement helps us. ainsley, we have got to
3:28 am
understand how remarkable what's happening today is. this is the first time any leader of a nation has addressed the u.n. on religious percent cushion. a third of a world is living under religious persecution. 80 percent of it is against christians. it is a remarkable thing that this president would skip u.n. climate change summit on an imaginary problem to address the very real problem of global persecution of believers. think about it. what president in history would have the guts to do what president trump is doing? and it's this kind of leadership that is absolutely infuriating to the president's enemies. also energizing his base. especially his religious base of voters. ainsley: we just put up some of the statistics. fright thing people are afraid to worship a certain way. we were talking during the commercial break will you tell the viewers.
3:29 am
>> 80% of the viewers live under some form of oppression. ainsley: that's huge 80 percent. >> we take for granted what we have in the united states. this administration as robert says is priority. this is number one foreign policy initiative because there is benefits here. there is a growing body of research that shows countries that embrace and protect religious freedom have greater social and economic stability which in the long run benefits america because why are the world's problem solvers if these countries are stable it's less for us that we have to do. ainsley: right. >> this is not something new for the president to be talking about it. he talked about it in the campaign. two years ago we sponsored a religious freedom celebration at the kennedy center. the president spoke. and i will never forget what he said. he said religious freedom is not granted by government. it is gifted to us by god. and the president believes that the democrats believe the great human right that transcends all others is the right to kill your own
3:30 am
babies through abortion. and the previous administration supported that for the world. this president says no. it's not the murder of babies that is a basic human right it. is religious liberty that is granted by our creator. ainsley: all right. tony perkins, robert jeffress. thank you so much for being with us. god bless you. you are important to our country. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: we are saying prayers for you all. remember the media's recession obsession? >> the u.s. could be headed to a recession. >> we were on the cusp of a recession. >> it's about time we get a recession. >> i'm not worried about a recession. >> president-elect of signs of a positive recession. >> where is the economic meltdown that they were all hoping for? stuart varney is still looking for it. he joins us live next with what he has found ♪ living and working. ♪ taking what they're giving ♪ because i'm working for a living ♪ ♪ i get it all the time.
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>> recession jitters. president trump said to be rattled economic alarm bells cause a wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> on the cusp of a recession. >> it's about time we get a recession. >> i'm not worried about a recession. >> yield curve has inverted before every u.s. recession since 1955. steve: for a while it sounded really bad. now why aren't they talking about that? we brought in stuart varney host of varney and company on fox business and my take on fox nation. mr. varney, a couple of weeks ago a lot of recession talk and now not so much. what's going on. >> the media has been in a frenzy over a threat of recession. a threat over climate change, the kavanaugh smear. sharpie gate and impeachment whistleblower. brian: forgot three of them.
3:35 am
>> that's how fast we move. in a frenzy over it all never a mention of the economy. never. it's all about this scandal or that scandal. and then this recession scare. that has completely receded into the distant future very distant future. steve: why. >> all these people were armchair pundits. they thought they knew a lot about the inverted yield curve and how that was really going to take us down before the election. they didn't know what they were talking about. absolutely didn't know what they were talking about. here you have all kinds of end carrots that we are growing very nicely. america's economy is still the best performer of any major economy in the world bar none. we are fully employed. we have no inflation. despite the attack on the saudi oil refinery we have gas prices at historic low levels. 2.665-gallon nationwide. brian: couple things are going to help. word is usmca is really on the launch pad to get past.
3:36 am
put it to a vote it's going to pass. and the president is going to give the details on a u.s.-japanese trade deal. >> you put your finger on something very important here. trade deals. tomorrow at the u.n. summit. president trump and leader of japan are likely, almost certain to announce a major trade deal between the two countries. and breaking overnight, boris johnson, britain's prime minister, says they are going to conclude a major trade deal with america by july of next year. and it would be america's largest ever free trade deal with any other single country. so have you got huge progress on the trade front on two fronts there backed up against our astonishing economy. brian: wait, the japanese abe they get along and boris johnson i thought everyone hates the president. >> apparently not. how about prime minister modmodi of indian. reception for trump and mode
3:37 am
in texas. look at the 401(k). look what the the does. the stock market is few points of all-time record highs. despite what you see in the media, despite all that you have heard there. forget it, ignore it. this is a very strong economy and very strong market and you are all doing well. ainsley: in layman's terms what does it mean to the average person. one person trade goes in one ear and out the other. they don't understand it? >> the world economy has slowed because of trade tension between america and other countries and it has slowed down a little. when you get improvements in the trade picture, like u.s.-japan, u.s.-britain, u.s.-mca, then you have got an improving world economy, more trade, better economy. steve: stuart, you know, when we heard all the recession talk a while back. usually with a sitting president who is up for
3:38 am
re-election, if the country is in a recession they don't do very well. when the economy is on the upswing which you are describing what does that poor at a for the president's being reelected. >> remember that expression it's the economy, stupid? steve: are you calling me stupid. >> no, i'm not. we are a prosperous nation again. ainsley: democrats don't want to talk about it. >> they want to talk us into a recession. they can't talk about anything even partially good for the president. brian: get your plug in. that's what this is all about. your show 9 to noon. you lo us and we love you. there is one story that people should keep their eye on especially democrats can justin trudeau is in trouble. not so much because of blas costumes. it's because his green policies have really bolstered up conservatives in canada. the country most similar to ours. brian if you want green policies in the united states, look north and see what happened to the north, canada when they had green
3:39 am
policies. i believe six provinces in canada have turned. brian: out of ten. >> have turned against prime minister trudeau. ainsley: biden is not increasing the way that she is, according to iowa caucus polls. brian: she is greener than biden. ainsley: exactly. >> run by the far left. the far far socialist left. ainsley: it could be a far, far left running against president trump. brian: see you later. steve: jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's start with this alert. climate change protesters hope to bring d.c. to a stand still this morning. just moments ago activists started blocking streets in an attempt to stop rush hour traffic. the event called shut down d.c. aims to pressure lawmakers into taking action on climate change. their list of demands includes ending deportation and passing the green new deal. a louisiana man drowns trying to pull off an underwater proposal. this video shows steven weber jr. asking him
3:40 am
goiferld marry him by holding up a note to the window of their underwater room at a resort. he never made it back to the surface though to hear her answer. in a heart breaking facebook post she writes, quote, the best dave our lives concerned into the worst in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable. heart breaking. an investigation into jewelry theft at the president's new york city apartment building. the "new york post" reports $350,000 in valuables were taken from two different units in trump tower. police suspect it could be an inside job since there were no signs of break-ins. the president has a three story penthouse in the building. he is in new york right now to speak at the u.n. and a big night in hollywood as stars come out for the 71st prime time emmy awards. comedian bob newhart opening the show with actor ben stiller. >> you can't look at the history of television without kroncke chronicling the brilliant comedians who have defined the media people like george burns.
3:41 am
the 1950s belonged to the lucille ball and the wholesome genius of bob newhart. >> yeah. i'm still alive. [laughter] the show didn't have a host but actress thomas lenin served as commentator taking a jab at felicity huffman over the college admission scandal. >> the producers have asked me to give a shutout to any of our lead actress winners watching tonight from prison. hopefully those two weeks will fly right by. >> some emmy winners taking a jab at president trump without mentioning his name. >> british winners? maybe too many. maybe you should have to think about those immigration restrictions. >> i hope that in some small way, our show has helped remind people of the value of the truth. >> go and register to vote. go to vote got gov. .gov. >> best honor of the night best drama went to game of
3:42 am
thrones. they couldn't believe the ending was spoiled four months later. brian: ridiculous. jillian: if you haven't seen it from four months you are not a fan. brian: thank you. weather has been nice this summer. steve: monster dies at the end. jillian: you just spoiled it. brian: i have never watched one frame of game of thrones or "star wars" but every odd couple. ainsley: and seinfeld. brian: every seinfeld twice. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean the weather machine out in new york city where we are talking weather. ainsley: firsweather. janice: first day of fall. what is rus your names. >> judily ashley. >> mike ashfully california. janice: jim from chicago. janice: 55 years that's amazing. it? >> hi, dean, thank you for coming. take a look at the maps. i will show you what the whether is going to be like.
3:43 am
79 in kansas city. very warm across the south. can you believe it? we are watching several atlantic systems. we have jerry, we have karen, karen potentially could impact puerto rico and also jerry could also bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms for bermuda. also watching an area of low pressure off the coast of africa. you recall say hi to my new friends. brian: knows are new friends? janice: and jillian too. steve: 90 degrees in new york city the day they do climate action summit. think they will bring up the temperature? brian: very interesting. good point. ainsley: it's 43 pin 43 minutes after the top of the hour. does this little girl look like a criminal to you. outrage from a grandmother 6 years old. arrested and put in handcuffs because she had a temper tantrum at school. dolls that punishment fit the crime? we are live next. >> no 6-year-old child
3:44 am
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3:47 am
jillian: hope you are having a good morning so far. welcome back. new warning now ecigarettes. film are kill cells that line your airways. working to ban the sale of most flavored ecigarettes. mother sounding the alarm about dry shampoo. sharing these insane photos after she explains the can exploded in her daughter's car and blew off the cover of the center console and shattered the sun roof before landing nearly 50 feed away. thankfully nobody was hurt. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much. this family are outraged after a first grader is arrested for throwing a temper tantrum at school.
3:48 am
steve: police put the 6-year-old in handcuffs and she wound up with a mugshot. brian: fox affiliate in orlando at the girl's school with what happens next. sydney? >> well, that little girl back with her family this morning. orlando police now doing an internal investigation and already they say department policy was not followed during this arrest. police say the school resource officer never got a manager's approval for arresting that 6-year-old girl. ofd policy arresting anyone 6 years old. the officer is now suspended and also accused of arresting an 8-year-old student separate incident at the same day same school. the 6-year-old's granddaughter sis daughter has a sleeping disorder. threw a temper tantrum because she was tired and ended up in juvenile detention with a mugshot. >> she was arrested and she
3:49 am
has a charge. no 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody that they had handcuffs on them. >> now, the orlando police chief says once the supervisor learned about what happened, the children were immediately released but the chief says he is very concerned about what happened here. especially since he has three grandchildren all 11 years old and under. he says is he monitoring this case very closely this morning. reporting live in orlando, sydney cammeron, fox news. steve: i bet he is sydney, thank you very much. meanwhile straight ahead, elizabeth warren surging past joe biden in iowa for the very first time in a single poll. but should she really be celebrating this morning? our next guest says her past is about to come back to haunt her big time. ♪ ♪ kick your feet up ♪ my mom washes the dishes...
3:50 am
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3:53 am
cincinnati elizabeth warren surginsenator elizabeth warren surging among caucus goers. is she really democrats dream candidate. our next guest wonders and is breaking down some of her biggest problems. here is more is radio talk show host and massachusetts native howie carr. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. yeah, she is out in iowa now and she was touted as the first woman of color when she got those two ivy league jobs at the law schools. now she is running on her hard scrappable midwestern or southwestern roots. she is claiming to be betty crocker.
3:54 am
she used to be pok pocahontas. but she is getting away with it. the press is swooning all over her only getting called out by ed rendell a lobbyist working for joe biden. she has demanded that lobbyists stop giving money to presidential candidates as he pointed out she has taken 90,000 recently. last we're we were her friends and supporters now we are influence peddlers and power brokers. no one should be taking money from the fossil fuel industry. well, guess what? she took $60,000 from lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. steve: nobody is calling her on it? >> no one calling her on that. clintons got caught taking $3 tax write offs for mildewed shower curtains? in 2014 elizabeth warren
3:55 am
took a $50,000 writeoff for used clothes that she donated to charity. $50,000. when she got called out on it she said it was an entry error. have you ever seen a college professor that had $50,000 worth of clothes let alone could donate that many clothes to charity? steve: did i not know that story. >> she gets a pass. steve: you were just talking about her ancestry where in '84 she gave something to that oklahoma cookbook and then on her texas bar law professor. u penn faculty member. and did the them thing 64 and 124,000th american indian. interesting to see if someone brings that up at the debate. other thing i wanted to talk to you about she helped occupy wall street. i created much of the intellectual foundation of what they do. i support what they do. she said that until she
3:56 am
stopped apparently meaning it. >> right. when it became that these occupy gatherings were just crime centers and people were being raped and assaulted and drugs were being sold. she then just totally dropped the subject -- yes, sir about it once it went south. this is the way it is with her. she came out a couple weeks ago for getting rid of nuclear energy which provides 20% of the american electricity. 20%. she wants to replace it with solar and wind 8%. how is she going to do it she can't do it. when her campaign is called they don't respond to any calls. how are you going to get rid of nuclear power. steve: howie carr is calling
3:57 am
her on it. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: next guest says the campaign is over for elizabeth warren's opponent joe biden. congressman devin nunes joins us live coming up. good morning, congressman. this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia.
3:58 am
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so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a good thing when i see it ♪ and you got something i ain't ever seen before. steve: well, today in new york city as we heard from janice dean it's going to be down right hot. it's going to be 91 degrees. ainsley: first full day of fall. we have had the best weather. i was in south carolina. it was beautiful. we put all the kids in the swimming pool. brian: were they your kids? ainsley: i have one. my brother has two. i do want to say thank you to everyone who was so nice to me on my birthday. we had people in south carolina. many of you sent flowers to my office. i walked in my office this morning.
4:01 am
steve: somebody sent these to ainsley. ainsley: i know. it was so nice. my parents got flowers from people that we know. but anyway. it was a great weekend. i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. brian: like i predicted a birthday extravaganza weekend. brian: the president of the united states is having a extravaganza today speed were singapore. egypt, u.k. the. ainsley: not going to the countries. steve: is he meeting with the world. brian: he has a lot of people to talk about. one of the leaders is he going to meet with wednesday is the ukraine leader. steve: that's right. we have been buzzing here at the fox news channel all weekend long regarding what exactly did the president and the president of ukraine talk about on the phone on, i believe it was july 25th. you know. he just won his election. the president said hey, congratulations. well, apparently, yesterday, it did sound as if he did mention vice president biden and biden's son hunter in that phone call talking
4:02 am
about, you know, maybe you should look into some potential trouble. here's the president yesterday at the white house. listen. >> that call was a great call. it was a perfect call. a perfect call. what wasn't perfect is the horrible thing that joe biden said. and now he made a lie he said he never spoke to his son. i mean, give me a break. he already said he spoke to his son. now he said yesterday very firmly who wouldn't speak to your son. of course you spoke to your son. so he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son. he spoke to his son. more importantly, what he said about the billions of dollars that he wouldn't give them unless they fired the prosecutor and then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor and they got the money. steve: okay. so there is the president yesterday, he was bringing republican congressman from the great state of california, devin nunes. ranking member of the house intel committee. sir, great to have you. this story about the bidens has been percolating, you know, just below the surface
4:03 am
in washington for a while. >> that's right. it's the only the least best kept secret in washington. john solomon from the hill has had this for months and months and months. numerous stories about it. rudy giuliani has been on every mainstream media news show several months ago. ukraines have been coming to congress meeting with numerous members of congress. they claim they have documents that we would have an interest in that relate to the russia investigation as it relates to this black ledger, some people have heard of this and they claim that's disinformation. and they also claim that this contract with biden's son was a problem. so, the idea that you fast forward all the way to late july that president trump would have some conversation trying to pressure the ukrainian president doesn't add up. because everyone knew it including the president's own personal lawyer rudy giuliani. brian: the question is going to the "the washington post." the whistleblower evidently is speaking to somebody
4:04 am
while is he waiting to find out if he can speak to your committee, adam schiff now chairs. he said 8 times the pressure -- the president brought it up. and, in turn, mysteriously the aid, billions of dollars was held up to ukraine mysteriously between july and august. they wonder if there was a link. would it bother if you there was a link between that? >> well, i think it is very tough to speculate. but i want to go back and just, you know, reiterate what we talked about. the ukrainians were trying to give us this information there would be no reason why -- they just want to give it to the right people in our government ace understood it. so, in the right place to send that information would be the department of justice. ainsley: americans are not -- we don't trust other countries. ukraine, can we even trust what they say. when you look at this man who is running for president. he was our vice president. he has admitted on camera
4:05 am
that he wanted to fire this prosecutor. he ended up firing him within several hours. and then he says he never talked to his son about his successful business endeavors. but then his son tells the new yorker magazine yes, i did talk to my dad about it once. who is telling the truth and what's going on here? isn't that the real abuse of power or is the president having this conversation? >> well, the very thing they are accusing president trump of doing, biden did. and admitted that he did. so, and i just go back to it, what is this all about? this is a whistle blower as you said, brian, that supposedly wants to remain secret. yet, all his secrets, his or her secrets are spilling out in the pages of the "new york times," "the washington post," nbc news. we have no idea. this could not even be about ukraine. we have seen absolutely nothing. we got briefed last week from the icig came and met with us. didn't tell us any information. so we are supposed to meet with week with the acting d&i. maybe we will get more
4:06 am
information urge. brian: this is what the president was referring. to say know he what the conversation was about. i think there was no pressure. this conversation was long. it was friendly. it touched on many questions, sometimes requiring serious answers. they are concerned because ukrainians need our money so much and support so much they don't want to get involved in american politics. >> right. brian: they are front and center. big story with ukraine is president obama let them get caught up with the russians and gave them blankets and mres and this president gave them lethal weapons to defend themselves. >> no one was concerned about russia until after hillary clinton lost the election. of the republicans on the house intelligence committee and in the house were pressuring the obama administration, hey, here is money. get weapons to the ukrainians they didn't care about russia until after the election. then all of a sudden raush was the biggest problem on the face of the planet. i think what this ultimately
4:07 am
amounts to you see biden is flailing, i think, in the polls. almost looks like some type 6 political operation. doesn't it feel like the russia hoax all over again? almost like the ukrainian hoax. steve: what about the whistle blower apparently the story is on friday we all presumed that this was somebody who had actually heard the president say it or read the transcript. now it has been revealed. i think cnn revealed apparently this particular person had no direct knowledge of it. >> right. steve: almost sounded like he had heard somebody say something. brian: he had a cup against the wall. steve: now his complaint is the whistleblower complaint and that's why the department of justice says no it doesn't rise to the level where you and congress would wind up saying it? >> one of the things i said yesterday if congress gets to listen in and read transcripts of the president's talking, i mean, i'm all for it but i want to
4:08 am
start with what did biden say to the ukrainians? what did obama say to putin? ainsley: president said i want to release the transcripts the question is county world leaders trust me? i need to have are conversations with them there is a fine line there. brian: remember when julian assange let all those state department cables out how embarrassing it was? >> remember, the president had -- remember, he had his transcripts with the mexican prime minister leak out. and the australian prime minister leak out. so this would just be another example of that where pieces of his private conversations are leaking out all over. brian: guess what you are going to be doing. talking impeachment. here are the democrats letting us know we have no choice. listen. >> this would be the most profound violation of the presidential oath of office. there is no privilege that covers corruption. >> we know that there is absolutely no equivalence between hunter biden and joe biden and what this president is -- has
4:09 am
potentially done. we need to move forward with impeachment. not even impeachment inquiry at this point. we are beyond that we are at impeachment, period. >> everybody wants to impeach but we don't know what for. i will go back, to we have no idea what this whistleblower has even if he has anything. brian: michael horowitz is about to come out with his report. did he at thi tip you off what could be in it and what we should be focused on. >> remember, house republicans on the intelligence committee already surmised and came out with a report that there was fisa abuse. so we know there was fisa abuse. the only question is there was four renewals on it. four separate times they went to the fisa court. we believe all four of those were fraudulent. we hope that there is new evidence that who are wights is able to get is, you know, when did this investigation begin? when did they first take this to the fisa court? and was there a conspiracy involved? who was involved in putting all of this together because ultimately we want to see
4:10 am
people held accountable for their actions here. steve: before you leave. given all of this news about ukraine. do you think that that could actually be really bad news for joe biden and spell the end of his campaign? >> i just have to think that none of this is helping joe biden at all. his lead -- he started in the high 30's. if you look at all the early states, is he basically either tied or behind. whether that's iowa,california, so i don't think it looks good for him. and look. ainsley: progressive running against president trump. >> it is looking like that now. thanks for having me. ainsley: thanks for coming. in and right behind is you jillian she does our headlines for us. you probably don't know where she stands. >> she stands over there. jillian: i'm creeping over here. good morning to you and good morning at home. a new jersey man charged with serving as a secret hezbollah spy in the u.s. is due in court today.
4:11 am
prosecutors say saab scouted potential targets across the country including times square and the lincoln memorial. he is accused of taking dozens of photos like these on his cell phone for the terror group. saab is charged with providing material to a terror organization and conspiracy. he could face more than 100 years in prison. a search for answers after three people are killed and four more are rushed to the hospital from apparent drug overdoses. pittsburgh police believe the group of men took a tainted batch of narcotics together. this is believed to be an isolated incident. as embattled wide receiver antonio brown says is he done with the nfl. he could be starting a legal battle. the athlete will reportedly file a grievance against the patriots to get $10 million in his contract just days after the team released him amid sexual misconduct investigations. brown tweeting in part saying quote these owners can cancel deals to do whatever they want at any time. we will z. if the nfl players' association will k. hold them accountable. we will keep you updated
4:12 am
there talk about the nfl week three. a last second go line by the rams seals a 20-13 win over the browns. and giants rookie quarterback jones leading a monster come back in first career start. getting love from benched q.b. eli manning. giants beat the bucks 32-31. brian: it pained you to read that. jillian: something else. in saints beat the seahawks 33-27 without quarterback drew brees. eagle fans crying foul. what happened? baffling sack on carson wentz. look at this. his offensive line watching as is he sacked by a lions deerched. there were a lot of injuries. we were a little thin. steve: we were a little thin. ainsley: i feel your pain. college football saturday we lost. jillian: you have something to say. brian: new nic foals it would not be a big deal they
4:13 am
should put him in a glass cage because there is no backup to take over. steve: jillian, thank you. meanwhile the media using a columbine survivor to push beto o'rourke's gun ban just one problem that person actually against it. and he's here next to set the record straight. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm a survivor the columbine. i was the first shooter shot in the library and last one to talk to the two murdersers before they committed suicide. don't you think it's time to get rid of all semiautomatic firearms? >> columbine survivor todd pushing beto o'rourke on his gun ban proposal and many in the media ran with it. >> one abc reporter claiming the columbine survivor, quote: asked beto to include all semiautomatic weapons in his proposed ban. ainsley: only problem here is that evan todd supports the second amendment and he joins us now to set the record straight. good morning to you, evan. >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: hard to watch that because i thought my gosh you experienced columbine. you talked to those guys. you were actually shot. i'm sorry for everything you
4:18 am
had to go through. tell us how this unfolded with beto and how the media got it wrong. >> i went tout hear beto speak and if i got the opportunity to ask him where he drew the line as far as his gun confiscation plans and i wanted to phrase it in a way that allowed him to speak his mind and he did. and in the end it showed that he really is open to pretty much banning and confiscating nearly all firearms. steve: what does that say to you? >> well, to me, it's insulting and dangerous. it's something that you are removing the means of protection for millions and millions of law abiding americans his ban is misplaced it. goes after the wrong people and wrong issues. the law-abiding citizens in this country aren't the problem.
4:19 am
there's an element that is a problem. and i think we need to address the realities of mental health and other issues. and the reality that there is evil in this world. but thought disarming people. ainsley: how did the media get it wrong. did they assume because you were at a beto event and how far he was going to take this ban that you felt the same way about guns that he did. >> i think. so because i was at the event and asked the question and because of what i went through. i also you think that the media by and large is biased and in some cases complicit with pushing the extremists' far left agenda. and, you know, there were many that were very interested in talking to me afterwards. but, when they found out my true stance, they suddenly were less interested. it's been crickets since they found out where i truly stood on the issue.
4:20 am
steve: because you are a big supporter of your second amendment. tell us about the group "bullets both ways." >> it's an american brand, american company specifically designed to enhance security measures in our churches and schools across the country. through the sale of our merchandise, we are able to sponsor fire and medical training for teachers and church staff to protect their colleagues and students. ainsley: that is wonderful. steve: that is great. what's your website? >> it's bullets both yeah, please check us out on social media. ains evan, the president is speaking at the u.n. about religious freedom today. first president to do this so we can protect our houses of worship. thank you for all that you do. >> thank you. steve: now we know. thousands of students getting a hall pass to climate change. they must have good ideas about how to combat the crisis, correct? >> went from forks and
4:21 am
knives and all individually wrapped in own plastic. >> >> you won't believe how afraid some kids are about what's happening to our climate. that's next. steve: sporks? ♪ hot, hot, hot ♪ ne. ♪ music >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at it's just the way things are.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: it is time for news by the numbers. first, 9 just 9. that is how many students university of north carolina showed up for a white privilege seminar. the college has 30,000 students. the event was aimed at helping students understand the implications of whiteness.
4:25 am
next, $850,000. that is how much money the president's campaign has made off of recyclables plastic straws. a source tells tmz they are by far the most popular item from the online shop. look at the straws. they have the president's name on them. and finally 100 that is how old this world war ii veteran and fox news super fan and handsome man served today. good man. army corporal lucas of new jersey. he is one of five brothers who served our country. and he credits his long life to being blessed by the pope at the vatican during a christmas eve mass in 1944. happy birthday, sir. nicholas, we love you. we support you. we salute you for your service and your brother's service. thank you for watching us every morning. we are glad you were born. steve: and he walshs. watches. brian: millions flooding the streets for climate change free pass from school just
4:26 am
to attend. one of the biggest voices attending the charge is swedish activist greta thunberg clearly resonating with activists in new york city. >> our world is already inflamed. getting harder. >> why you like greta over trump? >> she is helping make the world a better place by helping clean up the -- by trying to help clean up the environment. >> trump is doing the exact opposite. >> we need to listen to our children because they totally get it. steve: here now with more of his group's interviews is executive editor at climate marc morano. good morning to you. >> thank you, steve, for having me. steve: your group did those introduce. what is it about her that has interested so many young people. >> she sells fear. greta started in sweden every friday outside the swedish parliament and it spread to skip school in order to have a future. in other words, she has actually said and she has addressed the eu.
4:27 am
the united states congress testified that why should kids go to school if they have a future that will be no more unless government passes laws like the green new deal, more u.n. treaties. et cetera. so this message of fear. steve: is it working in sweden? >> it's working in sweden and working in europe and now comes tom to the u.s. message of fear sells. reports in europe where kids are getting antianxiety medication. they believe they are going to die. thigh is the greta affects. she is causing and instilling fear in millions of kids around the world and has them believing that government can legislate our climate. if we pass the green new deal in america kids can go back to school. ainsley: a lot of kids watch their other friends say certain things. they jump on board. they celebrate, you know, earth day and do all these projects. steve: peer pressure. ainsley: if this were your child though what would you tell him or her. >> first of all i would tell them the government can't legislate the climate. i would tell them there are dissenting scientists even within the united nations that don't buy this nonsense
4:28 am
that they're being told. they have to be told a balanced view. a lot of this goes back to common core curriculum and in public schools. no dissent is allowed. parrot the al gore line. if you really want to protest do something challenging. why would you skip school? that's an easy thing for kid to do. give up social media for a couple days. give up your iphone and tablet. see how long they go without social media that would be a protest that would be worthy. brian: mark, they do have solutions and you prove it by providing these series of soundbites. >> it would be better to eat things in season and eat lunch a lot less meat. >> everyone needs to change their lifestyles and habits. we need to restructure the economy. >> went to using separate forks and knives and all individually wrapped in their own plastic it's really confusing. >> bring back the sporks. brian: sporks. so we wouldn't have to have
4:29 am
a knife and a fork. ainsley: it's the spoon and fork. >> this has been going on u.s. congress and nancy pelosi changed the plastic wear. this is the focus. in other words, if we can use sporks, we can save the planet. this is the message that resonates with kids. but it's just -- it's almost like medieval witchcraft again they just believe if we can use the sporks we can save our planet and have a future. steve: one of the comments eat less meat the feeling is because it is so expensive to produce meat, those are valuable resources. brian: and cows have gas. steve: that, too. what's interesting is over the weekend at the polk county steak fry attended by all the major democrats, they consumed 10,000 steaks. >> yes. this is the democrats who bernie is calling for a meat tax. mayor pete is calling for it. elizabeth warren. steve: everybody had steak. >> andrew yang wants to raise the. steve: except cory booker. >> this is a perfect
4:30 am
example. they won't follow their own dictates. when it suits their needs they will eat steaks in iowa. at the same time pander. steve: steaks for votes. brian: bernie sanders says he wants to get rid of planes and everything like that. why do you use a plane? well, it's a big country i have got to get around. so we can't get around the big country but he can get around the big country. >> the united nations officials live at 30,000 feet and preaching everyone else have austerity. this is how the climate group groups elite, former czech president said it's a mass father mininmaster mining e people masterminding it don't have to follow the rules. steve: thank you for joining us. >> thanks. steve: president trump set to deliver historic speech on religious freedom today instead of attending the u.n. climate change summit. comment from the new white house press secretary stephanie grisham. she is next. good morning to you ♪
4:31 am
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don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪ ♪ >> we had a great conversation. the conversation i had was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption, all of the corruption taking place, was largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden and his son creating the corruption already in the ukraine. brian: that's what you are witnessing, the president doing a lot of his own q and as whether it's in front of the chopper or tarmac or with the national guard. with us right now for the first on the couch with dual white house press secretary director as well as
4:35 am
spokesperson for the first lady. steve: three jobs. >> one salary three jobs. ainsley: how do you do it? >> i'm just tired a lot. can i keep up with the president is all that matters. steve: that's the key, isn't it. we have heard pundits say look, the president doesn't really need anybody to talking for him he is the best communicator. >> he is his own best spokesperson that's true and most successful president in history as all of the media knows. even just yesterday he gaggled two or three times with the press. ainsley: press briefing before we saw all of the press secretaries in front of the podium. sean spicer, they made fun of him on "saturday night live" you will never have that moment no longer are we doing that right? >> not right now. ultd maltly if it's something the president decides we should do we can do that right now he is doing just fine. to be honest the briefings have become a lot of theater. and i think a lot of reporters were doing it to. brian: get famous. ainsley: they really were. >> writing books now. getting famous off of this president i think it's great what we're doing now.
4:36 am
brian: president reacted when they saw how sean spicer was being treated and sarah huckabee sanders was being treated. the word is you tell me if it's right or wrong. he took it personal. is he watching the tone and tenor and took it personal. >> so important that the spokesperson for the president can adequately speak to his policies and get his message out there i think the president saw that's not what was happening it. had become again theater and they weren't being good to his people. he doesn't like that. he is very loyal to his people and he put a stop to it. steve: talk about the number one topic with the reporters on the south lawn yesterday before the president took off in air force one and that is ukraine. and the president made clear he did mention when he called the new president of ukraine he congratulated him on the win and then apparently did talk a little bit about joe biden and his son and why don't they look into the trouble? >> the president made it very clear he did absolutely nothing wrong. this is just another reason for democrats and for the media to attack and look for
4:37 am
things that just aren't there. the fact of the matter is the president has called with foreign leaders all the time. people are listening on those calls generally. there is some kind of a transcription made generally. and the president knows that he is above board. he is just talking with those foreign leaders and working for the american people. ainsley: stephanie, the president said he might actually release the transcripts. all of this is crystal clear and we can all read it. there is a fine line though because he doesn'tment thees dignitaries and foreign leaders to be worried that the president is going to release conversations because they need to be able to talk candidly. that first question will that happen and secondly how many people are normally listening? who is this whistleblower? >> it varies. it can be 10 to 20 people. a lot of people genuinely listening to these calls. it's true what the president said when foreign leaders come together to speak, they need to be able to speak candidly. i do think that perhaps releasing this kind of a transcript could set a bad precedent. he is willing to do it, i think. there is a lot of other
4:38 am
people, lawyers and such that may have a problem with it. we will see what happens. brian: do you think you know who the whistleblower is. >> no. brian: does it surprise you that the whistleblower wasn't -- evidently hearsay. weren't even hear it direct live? >> i think there are a lot of people, unfortunately, who aren't looking out for the president sometimes. and so i don't think that this is anybody but other than political motives to be honest with you. steve: what about the democrats who are suggesting this is another reason to impeach him and in fact nancy pelosi even was edging closer to that? >> what's new? they can't go a day without saying impeachment. it's a bad day for them. what's new? that's fine. they can keep yelling it. it shows they don't have anything to run on themselves. they have no issues. they can't get anything done. they are going to attack this president. that's fine. ainsley: we had robert jeffress the pastor first baptist, dallas. the president is going to speak at the u.n. to world leaders about religious
4:39 am
persecution and religious liberties and how protect americans and people in other countries. they said 80% of people are persecuted in some form or fashion for their religion. >> um-huh. ainsley: mike pence is going to introduce him. i know the president has a lot of evangelicals on his cabinet or leaders he looks to. this is unprecedented. >> it is. it's the first time it's been done. live in a country fortunate we get to worship any way we want. to say the president wants to reaffirm that's important. it will be fantastic. the schedule is going to be great. he will do that he has got many, many leaders with foreign leaders and first lady will be going to the new york stock exchange today with some children from a local school. they are are going to ring the bell and they will be educated on the economy and how great it is under this president. steve: well, so the president is going to that. and he's not going to the much larger where all the other world leaders are. the global -- what do they call it the united nations global actions summit. >> i wouldn't be surprise
4:40 am
fed popped in and stopped by. we will see what happens. his schedule is ever-changing. it wouldn't surprise me if he pops by. brian: he likes the innovation. he doesn't like the legislation from the world economy. >> that's correct. we have the best water and best air in the world and he is proud of that and we talk about that often. brian: how is the first lady handling divided responsibilities? does she feel like hey, where is stephanie? >> no. i still talk to her every day. she is very, very supportive. i'm so grateful that i get to still work for her and work for both of them. they are amazing. brian: is she liking the job. >> she so honored to be the first lady despite you what the media is saying. she is very honored to be first lady. she loves what she is doing. steve: the state dinner she organized i saw the images spectacular. >> every detail it was all her, the menu, the decor, the entertainment. people were actually in tears during the entertainment. steve: band up on the roof. >> her attention to detail is stunning. we are so lucky to have both
4:41 am
of them. ainsley: can you tell in her appearance impeccable. >> it was a great evening. steve: thank you for joining us while you were in new york. >> thank you. ainsley: wearing some hats in the white house. >> very, very honored. brian: not only that doesn't end there another woman is going to do an update. ainsley: i know. brian: what's happening in news. it's jillian. jillian: good morning to you. and good morning to you at home. let's begin with this story a sad one. tributes pulling in as the culinary world mourns celebrity chef carl ruiz. passing away from a apparent heart attack. his ability to make me laugh and smile under any circumstances was only outshined by his talent as a chef. his new york city restaurant is setting up foundation for aspiring chefs in his name. carl ruiz was 44 years old. the woman sexually assaulted by brock turner breaking her silence. she was stunned by his sentence of six months
4:42 am
behind bars. he faced a maximum sentence of 14 years. >> your prosecutor had been asking for six years. >> yes. >> how did that hit you? >> i was in shock. i just put aside a year and a half of my life so he could go to county jail for three months. ainsley: turner was convicted of sexual assault in 2016. he was given a reduced sentence for good behavior and released after just 90 days. what a hi hippoot-mess using a hippo for gender reveal. >> yes. >> so this video shows a hippo named tank chomping on a water melon as you saw releasing blue jell-o. people on twitter not happy because the couple fed the animal food dye.
4:43 am
they fed jell-o to tank often. adding the trick was safe and the hippo enjoyed it. these gender reveals are getting a little extreme. steve: besides there is always room for jell-o. [laughter] jillian: steve. steve: i will be here all week. ainsley: do not bring jell-o to the thanksgiving dinner. brian brian anything that's jiggling before you touch it is worrisome. ainsley: you are so funny about your food. i bet you have never touched it before because of the consistency. brian: always scared me to a certain level knowing it starts as powder. a man wanted in the 1985 hijacking of the twa flight 47 and killed a u.s. soldier now under arrest by greek police. who is this guy? our next guest is a former cia officer who hunted terrorists like this one and joins us live to take us inside. those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these?
4:44 am
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brian: get this a man wanted in the 1985 hijacking of twa flight 47 now under arrest thanks to greece police. the not publicly naming the 65-year-old man. he and other hijackers brutally killing robert steedham after finding out he served in the u.s. navy. here to weigh in on the signature kansas of this arrest is someone who hunted terrorists for a living for quite some time one of the first on the ground after the 9/11 attacks in afghanistan. cia officer gary berntsen. why did this story resonate with you more than most? >> brian muhammed ali ahmady been arrested in grease part of a three man team that hijacked twa back in 1985. that plane was flown. leaving athens. they hijacked the gun with a gun and couple of grenades. land the plane ultimately in beirut. other she a members of hezbollah would join them on the plane and they would
4:48 am
brutally torture navy diver robert steedham and other members of the u.s. military on that plane. they would -- hamadei himself brutally and gleefully tied up steedham in front of that plane broke an armchair off of one of those plane seats and beat that young man for almost two days with jagged things hanging off of their and ultimately would shoot him and throw him from the plane. it was one of the most horrific hijackings that we saw during that very dark period of time. he was arrested two years later trying to bring liquid explosives into germany. the germans would never return him to us. they tried him for steedham's murder but after 19 years they released him in a trade for a german hostage in iraq. we want him in the united states. he killed brutally murdered one of our sons.
4:49 am
in terrible, terrible fashion. about two weeks ago, just to give you some background, hugo, the chief of intelligence in venezuela who had been doing narcotrafficking against the united states was arrested and held in spain. and the spanish refused to extradited him to the united states despite d.e.a.'s having built up incredible case against this guy. we do not want the greeks releasing this guy in the dark of night. there is a center right government there. so hopefully they will cooperate with us. but we need him to be extradited to the united states so he can face justice here for what he did. finally another point, brian, they separated the passengers, the americans, anyone with a jewish name. they did such terrible things to those passengers that we cannot allow him to walk. brian: gary, you wrote the broue name hezbollah. here financed by the iranians, never our friends, always our enemies. >> the iranians coached them
4:50 am
during that hijacking. brian: unbelievable. >> coached them and trained them and ijo guy in times square just a few days ago. brian: yes. >> any time they are out and operating ijo they are there doing presurveillance activity because they are preparing for attacks. they note united states and iran are in conflict and the iranians will use his ijo against us. brian: they are a cancer in the world their government is and they have got to be stop. gary bernsten hopefully you are getting through people at the white house. a new report shows staggering number of americans have fallen behind on car loans. shut car loans anymore. chris hogan here to explain why. ♪ i got my mind set on you ♪ i got my mind set on you ♪ performance comes in lots of flavors.
4:51 am
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♪ steve: a new report showing a sta staggering number of americans have stopped paying the loans on their cars. approximately 7 million americans are behind on their payments by at least three months. this as a.a.a. finds finance costs for new purchases jumped 24% this year. that's in finance charges. pushing the average cost of owning a car to over $9,000. here to weigh in financial expert with ramsey solutions chris hogan. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: so, if you buy a car you should probably know you are going to have to pay for it, right? >> >> absolutely it. shouldn't be a surprise. okay, you signed the loan documents which i don't want people to do, steve. but, you know, it's not a surprise that people are falling behind. we have almost 80% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. so that means any kind of
4:55 am
hiccup in their financial situation they can no longer afford to make payments. steve: right. because for whatever reason they just don't have the money and we all prioritize things but nonetheless a deal is a deal and you owe the money. you say though don't take out a car loan. do what? >> well, save up and pay cash. listen, when you pay cash, you don't have to make a payment. and it's your car. the average new car price right now, steve, is around $39,000. you just mentioned the cost of $9,200 a year to average owning a car. that's $773 a month. so if you didn't have this $773 a month payment, and you invested it over 30 years, you would have almost $2 million on your retirement dream. steve: you are talking about really big payment, 700 bucks, but when i look in the newspapers, it seems like you could pretty much buy any car for $199 a month. what the heck is the difference? >> well, that's called
4:56 am
marketing. it's unbelievable what they have done in that industry. for example, they never tell you how many years you have to make this payment. they always talk about it in months. so the average period of time that you would make that payment is 69 months right now, steve. that's almost six years. but they don't tell you that and so americans have grown accustomed to realizing we can afford a payment. i don't want to you afford a payment. because when you borrow someone else's money, you are being charged interest. we have got to get people to wake up and look at this and make changes for the future. steve: if you can't afford a new car get a car that's new to you and pay cash. >> i like that. that's the plan, steve. steve: i'm just listening to you. that's what you told me. all right, chris hogan from ramsey studios. thank you for joining us live. >> pleasure to be with you. steve: all right. meanwhile straight ahead, police officers under siege on america's streets. and now a former police officer coming out saying i would not do it again. his powerful message about
4:57 am
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"thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. ♪ brian: i am definitely learning a lot about music just being on the show. nine out of every 10 songs i hear i never heard before. steve: we're expanding people's horizons musicwise. you listen to radio that is all talk rather than music. ainsley: he anchors the show for three hours. does radio for three hours. he does usually "outnumbered," "the five," tucker's show, hannity's show, laura's show, you wake up with two hours sleep
5:01 am
and do it all over again. brian: in between my sleepy hear it on my walkman. ainsley: humperdink went out of style years ago. steve: there is firestorm what exactly did the president say when he called up newly-elected president of ukraine in july. the president made it very clear, they did talk a little bit about joe biden and his son. now the president is trying to get the news out that he broke know rules. ainsley: the president tweeted this out. breaking news. the ukrainian government just said they weren't pressured at all during the call. "sleepy" joe biden on the other hand force ad tough prosecutor out from investigating his son's company by threat of not giving big dollars to ukraine. that is the real story. brian: by the way here is
5:02 am
exactly what zielinski, the president of ukraine said. i know the what the covers was about. there was no pressure. it was long and friendly. ism toughed on many questions, requiring serious answers. the other story was, he called up to say congratulations on stunning win. you were a comedian. you're running a country. if you want some aid we're curious, the question is if you want aid, investigate joe biden's son. that is what some people are saying, whistle broker will say. steve: the whole thing goes back to, supposedly the president said you should investigate the bidens after russia grabbed crimea from ukraine, then joe biden became the point person for the administration on ukraine. shortly after that, suddenly his son hunter gets a job with a big uranium oil entity to the tune of $50,000 a month.
5:03 am
so naturally you're going to wonder how many conversations mr. biden and mr. biden had and that actually was the topic from a of a question from a fox news correspondent who used to live upstairs in my house, when he saw him in iowa over the weekend. watch this because the vice president, former vice president emphatic about what he did. >> trump's doing this because he knows he will beat him like a drum. using abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. >> have you ever spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings? >> i never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. steve: that is very clear. the former vice president said i never spoke to my son about his overseas business dealings, which is not exactly what his son said in public. >> i will weigh in on this after we all get the facts out there. this is what his son said two years ago to "the new yorker"
5:04 am
magazine. steve: a month ago. two months ago. brian: about what happened. ainsley: exactly. he says as hunter recalled, the reporter says this his father discussed barisma with him just once. dad said, i hope you know what you're doing. i said i do. if joe biden is the point person for the ukraine and his son is making $50,000 a month working with them, and you're the point person he probably it sounds like to me might have had a hand getting his son that job. secondly if it is your child, your child is so second susful making so much money wouldn't you talk to your son. how did it go in the meeting in ukraine. steve: at the time white house said there was no conflict of interest. that hunter biden was a private person. brian: who got kicked out of the
5:05 am
marines for testing positive with cocaine. steve: his father, a year ago, january 2018, actually bragging about getting the prosecutor fired. this is the same prosecutor who president trump and rudy giuliani said was get too close to hunter biden, watch this. >> i was supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarranty and i had gotten a commit from poroshenko and they would take action against a state prosecutor. they didn't. you are not getting billion i will be leaving here in six hours, i said, leaving six hours. if the prosecutor's not fired you're not getting the money. son of a [bleep], he got fired. brian: people who are against the president, who are looking analysis of this situation, that is guy everybody wanted fire. intel community wanted fire. because he is was corrupt. hard to keep track who is in,
5:06 am
who is out, holding aid over a government's head, forcing a government to do something, putting money at stake. they're accusing the president exactly what joe biden caught on camera is doing. keep in mind "the new yorker" magazine ainsley was referring to, in the story in 2015 when biden prepared to ukraine, his aides when he was in power as vice president for renewed scrutiny of hunter's relationship with barizma, that is the company. obama administration special on very for energy policy, raised the matter with biden, not go as far as recommend hunter revealed the board as he revealed that his father discussed barizma once. steve: we heard from the former president in iowa said they has never spoken to his son about it. ainsley: they talked at least once. joe biden talked about having prosecutor fired. i think when peter doocy asked him the question it caught him
5:07 am
off-guard. steve: i think he knew exactly what he was going to say. ainsley: really? i interested to see if he walks it back and tries to clarify. he said in past interviews, his son in past interviews, his son said he talked to his dad bit and had the prosecutor fired. steve: we had devin nunez on, republican ranking in congress on powerful committee, he had observation about the whistle-blower who has camphor ward in the last 72 hours or so that person reminds him of the whole russia probe. >> very thing they're accusing president trump of doing biden did and admitted that he did so and i go back to what is this all about? this is a whistle blower as you said brian, supposedly wants to remain secret, yet all his or her secrets are spilling out in pages of "new york times," "washington post," nbc news. we have no idea.
5:08 am
this could not be about ukraine. we have seen absolutely nothing. doesn't it feel like the russia hoax all over again? like the ukrainian hoax. brian: parallels are uncanny. everyone says big scam, internationallal incident, hyperventilate, more they find out it is murky and then becomes invisible. that has not stopped aoc you're wondering what has she been doing. she has been keeping a low profile for her. she weighed in this tweet, and pointing finger at nancy pelosi. at this point is not the biggest national scandal is not the president's law breaking behavior, the democratic party's refusal to impeach him for it. adam schiff says we tried everything else. we might have no choice. nancy pelosi quickly got out her fountain pen and pen adler to everybody. and here it is. here is an excerpt. if the administration persists
5:09 am
blocking this his is sell blower exposing to congress a possible serious breach of constitutional duties by the president they will enter a grave new chapter of lawlessness. thank you for your patriotism. dni is supposed to come up on thursday in go in front of adam schiff's committee, i've been told not to talk about the president's private conversation, on friday, thursday night, there will be no choice but to try to impeach the president. steve: the reason this whistle-blower used the expression it was urgent and serious that would automatically trigger the whistle-blower report going to congress, they looked at it, wait a minute, this particular whistle-blower has no direct knowledge of it, even though we heard on friday that apparently that person was so outraged that a promise the president had made to world leaders. now it looks like that person did not hear it with their own two ears and only heard about it.
5:10 am
ainsley: killing everyone because this is all speculation. we have no idea what was said in that conversation. we really don't even know if it was about the ukraine. we really don't know if it was about joe biden's son. the president is saying there was nothing that was said or incorrect or nefarious on that conversation. ukraine is saying the same thing. i will release the transcript. stephanie grisham was on the couch earlier, the president wants to release it. a lot of lawyers that don't, because if you release transcripts that foreign leaders are having with the leader of our country it could affect conversations going forward which completely makes sense. i think all of us are wondering what was said. we want to clear this up. was there anything wrong? we don't know. it's all speculation. steve: keep in mind a whole bunch of people actually heard the president on the phone live. ainsley: 10 to 20 listen to the conversation at a time. steve: more in the state department, elsewhere, reviewed the transcript. nobody had a problem with it this whistle-blower who apparently had to direct
5:11 am
knowledge. stephanie grisham the new white house press secretary and communications director was with us a while ago. regarding -- democrats talking about impeachment over this, she said this. >> the president made it very clear he did absolutely nothing wrong. this is another reason for the democrats and the media to look for things that just aren't there. the president called with foreign leaders all the time. people are listening on the calls generally. they can't go a day without saying impeachment. shows they have no things to run on. they have no issues. they can't get anything done. they will attack the president. it will be fine. brian: joe biden has to be tactical about it, his team knows it. he says bring it on. they will have microscope on his son's work, investment he made off of the ukraine, but of china. all chronicled in peter schweizer's book out about a year ago. it is all there. he has to bring it up front and
5:12 am
center he has to watch it. steve: the president is in front of a lot of cameras the next three days. i have a feeling he will talk about it. ainsley: all u.n. leaders are here in new york for all the u.n. meetings. jillian has the news. jillian: we'll begin with a fox news alert. washington, d.c., climate protesters are blocking rush-hour traffic. they are holding signs in the middle of the street. this is mile from the national mall. this is event, shutdown d.c. this is to pressure lawmakers to take action on climate change. this includes ending deforest station, passing the new green deal. "the emmy awards" didn't have a host but thomas lennon served as commentator, taking a jab at felicity huffman over the college scandal. >> the producers asked me to get a special shoutout from lead actress winners that watching
5:13 am
from prison. hopefully the two weeks will fly right by. jillian: he mentioned president trump without mentioning his name. >> too many british winners. maybe you should think about the immigration restrictions. >> hope in some small way our show has helped remind people of the value of the truth. >> go and register to vote. go to jillian: biggest award of the night, best drama went to game of thrones. send it back to you. steve: thank you very much. brian: a lot of people don't vote until hollywood tells them too. steve: there you go. used to be one of the most respected careers, one police officer said if he had to do it all again he wouldn't. his explanation coming up next. ♪ of a different kind.
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bring your family history to life like never before. ♪ (music plays throughout♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. steve: they risk their lives every day to keep us all safe, but our next guest who became a police officer in 1989, says if he had to do it all over again he wouldn't, claiming the public
5:18 am
support just isn't there for our police officers former police officer phillip holloway joins us from atlanta. phil, good morning to you. >> good morning,. steve: steve why wouldn't you do it ben? >> well as i pointed out in the op-ed, steve, we felt back in those days we had everything we needed to successfully do our jobs. that would include the overwhelming support of the public. i think steve, that is what is missing today. the a lot of law enforcement officers are marking time, waiting to retire or to move on to the next part of their career because they don't feel supported. law enforcement agencies are struggling nationwide not only problems with recruiting new officers but retaining officers who are trained and who can train up the next generation of recruits. so when you don't have the, that system working right, where you have got new talent coming in, being trained by experienced personnel, it can cause a big
5:19 am
problem in law enforcement agencies are feeling that. steve: police officers on the street these days they are terrified they will be doing their job, somebody raises up a smartphone and in hd, they record it. and because, you know this, having been in the business, there is no really nice way to arrest a lot of people who are being violent? >> that is what i put in the op-ed, there, when somebody doesn't want to be arrested it is going to often times lead to something that looks very violent. this is something that law enforcement officers have always known. only since the advent of the cell phone camera which the general public has, as you mentioned high-definition camera at the ready, because of that, now the public is able to see for the first time what it actually looking like to actually police and you get a knee-jerk reaction, the law
5:20 am
prohibits judging law enforcement arrest incidents with 2020 hindsight. you have to put yourself elf at the scene. the cell phone encourages the public to look at 20/20 hindsight to look at an incident that needs to be thoroughly investigated. steve: they don't want a bad headline, next thing you know are coming down on cops. you are in private practice, you are a criminal defense attorney, represent police officers in the past, one thing that comes up is this video, right? >> it does. what we've seen in my practice we've seen that police management will make personnel decisions often times basically on the spot without doing a thorough investigation. i think it is because of the fear of maybe a public backlash. they don't want the public to say okay, the police management didn't do anything when
5:21 am
something should have been done but what this does it makes law enforcement agencies make personnel decisions without the benefit of a thorough investigation. i have seen press releases where law enforcement agencies would issue something defamatory and incorrect about what an officer may or mayhave not done in particular situation. things we have been later to recover money damages because of this defamation. while the public is not immunity to it unfortunately is police management. steve: no kidding. why you wouldn't do it again. phillip holloway thank you very much. you mentioned your op-ed it is at fox news .com. it is terrific. thanks for joining us live. >> thanks so much. have a great day. steve: 8:22 here in new york city. a senator is speaking out claiming the ceo of facebook admits to showing bias of the pro-life group. founder and president of that group joins us next. ♪ ♪ buckle up for some insurance themed fun ♪
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brian: some quick headlines, we start with a fox news alert. you just heard it, 6,000 tourists are stranded worldwide because british tour company thomas cook declaring bankruptcy overnight after failing to secure emergency funding. it is four airlines will be grounded now. 21,000 employees in 16 countries out of jobs. hundreds of people gather at a funeral for a disappearing glacier. 250 mourners hiked up a mountain in switzerland to honor a piece of ice. scientists say the disappearance is due to global warming. ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much, brian. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg meeting with senators on the
5:26 am
hill last week, admitting shocking claims about his company's alleged bias against conservatives, listen to this. >> says there was clearly bias in the live action decision. they were wrong to censored live action. there is problem with supposed independent fact checker. ainsley: leila rose is founder and president of the pro-life group. she joins us now. good morning to you, leila. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: what did you think about that mark saying we don't censor and we aren't biased? >> well i mean, first of all it is true that they are biased and he admitted this behind closed doors with senator hawley on capitol hill last week but it is not enough because this was mark zuckerberg saying this behind closed doors. he is not admitting it publicly. facebook has not reformed the fact-checking system. they're using politics to regulate content on the platform. this affects all two billion plus of their users because it means what we see on facebook,
5:27 am
the news, the information is being controlled by political, politically-biased facebook employees and mark zuckerberg finally admitted it but it was behind closed doors. there is nothing to actually change the policies yet. ainsley: they censored you and organization. you have 3 million followers. you said you violated their rules twice. then mark was at capitol hill he said, there is no bias with our company but then behind closed doors he sat down with senator hawley, he said yes he did admit he was censoring your organization. explain why he thinks your organization, why he thinks you violated their rules? >> so facebook has this independent fact-checking, third party fact-checking system they are employing in order to combat false news. live action and myself we have the largest online following for the pro-life movement.
5:28 am
we educate millions of people every week. we work with pro-life obgny across the world. they decided to use two abortionists to fact check our content to say we were false. this is content we've been saying for years. this two activist abortionists to do fact-checking. they are supposed to be non-partisan and we were penalized our pages were given penalties we would not be able to reach the 3 million followers. we would be banned from advertising and our content would be pushed down on news feeds so you wouldn't get to see what we post. it was a huge problem. senators from capitol hill, senator hawley, senator cruz and others wrote to mark zuckerberg and he went on apology tour. the strikes were removed from our pages. the penalties are the not on our pages. the fact checked abortionist is still on the partner website. at any moment they could
5:29 am
penalize us again. they have not publicly apologized or our fact-checking system. this affects everyone because facebook is being dishonest and they lack transparency. this affects the news that billions of people see. ainsley: the difference is, you guys say that abortions are not medical treatments that there are other alternatives. their fact checkers said they are medical treatments that is why you were slapped with the two violations. thankfully lawmakers were involved and fact-checking was removed. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: her organization is live action, if you're interested in following them. 29 minutes after the top of the hour. a new nbc op-ed taking a swing at barstool sports for being too conservative and not pc enough and say they are sexist. the ceo is a woman and she is here to swing back. that is coming up. dan bongino is here with top revelations about the russia probe you have not heard before. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ steve: beautiful day in new york city when you can't tell -- it is a fact we have gridlock right now because the united nations general assembly is kick off today. the president is about five blocks away. as you can see nothing is moving out there. brian: we're in color. new york is in black and white. did you notice that? how did they do that? ainsley: that is like old school. dan bongino, former nypd officer, secret service agent, the author of a new book, the
5:34 am
failed takedown of donald trump by the swamp. how long did it take you to get here? >> i was across the street. the car was delayed. shut down all of fifth avenue where trump tower is, all of the cement trucks in front of his -- >> i was on the other side of this. you were in the nypd -- ainsley: not because of the driver was like, i never seen it like this. is this because of our talks with iran and what is happening? >> no. always offset for the vehicle bombs. that is really it. they have to close down streets and it's a real pain. brian: dan, i want to get to your book, and want to talk about what is in the news because here we go again. >> okay. brian: russian thing didn't work, race i am didn't work, recession didn't work, now ukraine, january 25th, this phone call. does this sound familiar to you? >> that is the collusion hoax part deux. this is the "empire strikes back" to the collusion hoax. i have pretty decent sources on this this is what is going on
5:35 am
here. when you're on the calls at the white house where i worked for five years. it is not one or two people. it is cabal of people on both sides listening. brian: writing stuff down. >> writing stuff down. they have to take notes later on to refer to follow up what the president does. do you actually believe 10, 20 people heard donald trump sellout the united states of america and nobody said anything until a guy who or woman who didn't even hear it directly heard it from someone else. this is so ridiculous. i can't believe they're falling for this again. steve: is that the reason why, there are a bunch of difficult stories in difficult papers, is that the reason why whistle-blower, it is urgent and serious because i heard the president made promises to this other world leader, that why this person did not have direct knowledge and why it didn't get kicked directly to congress which is way the statute reads? >> it didn't get kicked to congress, title 50.0.33 is the title. urgent part, i want to be clear, that is mischaracterized.
5:36 am
urgent is some kind of classification within the title, meaning something that has to be taken care of immediately. doesn't mean the issue was urgent, inferring some kind of treason. that is not what it is they're confusing that. title 50.0.33 does not include the president. it is not include the president. they're making this up. everybody should have known this was a hoax right away. when adam schiff got in front of the cameras the lead hoaxer, the greatest conspiracy theorist in american history. platinum award winning medalist for conspiracy theories. the minute he government involved you should have known this was hoax. ainsley: aoc, adam schiff, nancy pelosi. you have the new book, what is the three big reveals if you had to name them? >> first they tried this before. this is not new. the democrats already tried to nail, get to the movie script. movie script portion, glenn simpson wrote the article who is the fusion gps proprietor.
5:37 am
hired by hillary clinton to attack donald trump. nutshell, read 2007, not 2017, 2007 article in the "wall street journal" with his wife, mary. >> kobe about, read the dossier they produced against donald trump you will scratch your head this sounds awfully familiar. the same players. in other words they had this movie script preprepared. they inserted donald trump's name in it and sold it to hillary clinton. ainsley: give us an example. >> paul manafort, all of this effort by soviets, that is actually the title of article, ex-soviets woo washington. their effort to woo manafort. all the stuff and inferences they make in the piece are in the dossier. i called it the movie script because they plugged in trump's name and used it. steve: meanwhile also in 2007 when the russian influenced rumor started. >> yes, thank you. this is why you're a grade a host. >> i'm reading off the tv. hello. >> order my own book. big reveal number two, they already tried this. if you go back to 2007, you read
5:38 am
about the mccain-obama campaign, will read about inferences in the media, john mccain, the russians were coming for john mccain, they were influencing his campaign through rick davis and paul manafort. oh. scary stuff. until you find out later, if you remove john mccain's name, put trump. the exact same charges. you might say why didn't they spy on mccain then? who was the president at time? george w. bush. he would not allow this go to next level which it did in obama administration, weaponizing intel. brian: the last big hurdle of the two, waiting for the i.g. report they say it will bring possibly bring some trouble for jim comey. >> jim comey is in a world of trouble. in the book, exonerated i cover this. jim comey as we know, i know from sources as early as january of 2017, i say this out in the book in detail, knows for sure that christopher steele's russian sources, the deaded air quotes, because they were garbage sources he knows these
5:39 am
sources are garbage and table. he knows this. why is that a problem? jim comey's fbi goes on to sign off on three more fisa warrants to spy on trump. bedrock in dossier jim comey absolutely knows by january is false. i lay out all the motivations. comey, clapper, everyone. it is told like a spy novel. brian: but i don't know if you remember it, you told me what was going to happen two years ago. it broke exactly the same way. i, even the way it came together flipped me out. >> i said on levin's show. brian: you are nostradamus. >> i had a good source. the i was shocked. brian: tonight you're in my hometown, my home area, long island. don't let me now. at book review in huntington tomorrow on tuesday night. and then on saturday, on thursday will be in vero beach. then you will be on saturday, barnes & noble in palm beach. then you will be at the villages. sounds like you want to go home?
5:40 am
>> i do. i love florida. florida so he is great. >> we've been all to those particular bookstores. for everybody else, order it right now on amazon. check it out. currently number two. we would love to see him go to number one. the book is called exonerated, the failed takedown of president donald trump by the swamp. he. brian: it is a kid's book that is number one. >> that is killing me. ainsley: not on the kid's book list, no. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: behind you is jillian. she has headlines. jillian: you're number one to us. caught up on the news, starting with a fox news alert and an update on a store we've been following. take a live look at washington, d.c., police are handcuffing multiple climate activists blocking rush-hour traffic. this is about a mile away from the national mall. elsewhere in the city, officers are trying to cut protesters handcuffed to a boat. the protesters are part of a
5:41 am
movement called shut down, d.c. which aims to pressure lawmakers taking action on climate change. a family is outraged after a first-grader is arrested for throwing a temper tantrum at school. police putting 6-year-old kaya in handcuffs to take her to a juvenile detention center in orlando. her grandmother says a sleep disorder makes her act out. she is furious. >> she was arrested. she has a charge. no 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody they had handcuffs on them. jillian: the school resource officer who handcuffed kaya arrested an 8-year-old. they have been suspended pending an investigation. amtrak is changing dining cars to appeal to millenials. doing away with tables and kitchens, no more hot meals. am track hopes to cut costs to give passengers more personal space. they say the decision is partly
5:42 am
due to millenial customers saying quote, they don't want to feel uncomfortable sitting next to people. the changes start on three routes next month. there you have it. ainsley: so millenals are changing it for everyone else. jillian: do what i do. fall asleep when you sit down. ainsley: you wake up with without a wallet or cell phone. jillian: i always put my bag around my arm. brian: i tried to have fancy tosses to janice dean it went terribly wrong. here is janice dean with the weather. janice: you can do that every day, brian. brian: i am going to try. i am going to try. janice: you have a birthday. what is your name? >> hanna. janice: where are you from? >> north carolina. janice: thank you hanna coming to "fox & friends." the maps show on first day of fall, 91 in new york city. chicago 72. very warm across the east coast and the southern u.s. we're going to be dealing with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average.
5:43 am
this is tropical storm jerry. we'll watch that moving close to bermuda. tropical storm care renn moving close to puerto rico next couple days. thank you for coming to "fox & friends." say hi to steve, ainsley, brian. brian: i can't believe how that crowd fill every day. unbelievable. steve: thank you for stopping by. ainsley: 43 minutes to the top of the hour. a new nbc op-ed taking a swing at barstool sports being too conservative and not pc enough and sexist. the ceo is a woman. she is here. she is swinging back. that is coming next. ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪ ♪ brian: you know barstool sports. they have 88 million followers
5:47 am
on all their platforms. now the media is out with a new hit piece, the op-ed titled barstool sports and tradition of masculinity and sports culture t claims, rather than being an errant blip increasingly woke generation, barstool sports seems to exist as a parallel culture. conservative ideology appears to be a core part of barstool sports, especially its portrayal of gender roles with hyper masculine sports-loving men. joining us now a woman, erika nardini the ceo of barstool sports to react this is not a new hit. it is the latest hit. what is your reaction? >> i think it was lazy journalism more than anything. the piece ignored very obvious facts. bar stools sports is run in large part by women. we have massive amount of female followers. we have breakout stars in lifestyle, entertainment. it ignored the facts because it did not want to see them. >> what do you think fuels bar
5:48 am
stool's success? you're making the most of it. you're growing from it. >> what fuels our success is making people laugh. we're a comedy, sports comedy entertainment site. people can't get their heads around we don't care about politics. there is nothing about conservative or liberal idea ecology that guides us. we're really about an escape. that is what millions and millions of people resonate. brian: the other thing comes to mind, for example, those things off air are on air. we get the sense you're in our meetings. >> it's a reality show. brian: that is what it seems like, if it is not you're doing a great job making it seem like that. i guess there was, talk of you guys unionizing. it made it pretty clear -- >> we're not unionizing. brian: your founder said if you guys unionize you're all fired. in today's cult you are to fire people considering unionizing would be trouble. >> we're so unfiltered. dave portnoy set an incredible example real, off-the-cuff, uncensored. you see a lot of that every day
5:49 am
from us. i think why our audience loves us so much. brian: barstool sports, this guy who wrote the story, lisa nakamura is a woman. says this is audience for young white men because it casts them as persecuted once of mainstream politically correct culture. men who felt disadvantaged by the world around them. see a platform as the safe space for freedom of speech. what is your answer to that? >> i think people like to say that bar stool is a parallel universe. we're not. when you're talking about 100 million followers, nearly 100 million followers we're mainstream. we are bigger than "washington post" digital, espn n digital, fox digital. when you look at that, what we're really about making people laugh, whether it is guys, whether it is girls. it is not parallel of the it is everyone. brian: for the west coast we'll he had it out you're bigger than fox. you understand that. would you ever be part of an organization sexist?
5:50 am
>> excuse me? brian: would you be part of a organization that is sexist. >> we are not sexist. i'm a female ceo. we have created more opportunity for women in sports media than any platform anywhere. brian: you're embracing that the giants won. >> that was very generous of me. brian: says what a kind person you are. erica farred dean any, ceo of bar stools sports, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. brian: remember when billionaire robert smith said this? >> this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. [cheering] brian: well the gift keeps on giving as he takes his generosity one step further. a morehouse college graduate whose debts have been wiped out joins us next. first i want to check with bill hemmer. no longer buried in debt. >> where was that guy when went to school? i needed him. brian, a week that matters around the u.n. speech on religious liberty. we're waiting for that.
5:51 am
the story out of ukraine gets thicker by the day. what you need to know and understand. new polling in iowa showing a changing race. see you in ten minutes, guys. brand new week starts on a monday. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged-it's amazing. we have some great new ideas that we want to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life.
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♪. >> this is my class, 2019. my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. ainsley: it was a stunning act of generosity, grabbing headlines all across the world. now tech billionaire robert smith is expanding his gift. he is paying off the debt of the students and the debt that their parents endured to send them to college. steve: the school said he paid off $34 million worth of debt. joining us a 2019 morehouse
5:55 am
college graduate benefiting from his generosity. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i know your parents did not take out loans so this does not pertain exactly to you but you know a lot of people who are telling you there at morehouse, you know my parents took out big loans. i feel terrible because now they're saddled with it, right? >> yes. steve: tell us more about that. >> okay. on the initial day that may 19th, there was, it was hot and after he had made the announcement, there was delayed reaction we all heard him say it, but it hadn't registered completely he was paying off our student loans. we were looking to our left, to our right, you hear a wave of enthusiasm spread around. ainsley: now he is announcing he will pay off debt if parents had loans or sent their kids to
5:56 am
college. what a nice man. that is such a generous offer. how did that change your life? >> well it changed my life because i -- now have the flexibility to open up philanthropic effort i'm trying to pursue, whether it's a non-profit i'm creating or go work in the public sector or in the private sector as an attorney. i have that flexibility to be able to see what else is out there. and then although i haven't had to constantly pay that monthly student loan, knowing that is a bill i don't have to pay for after talking to my mom saying it took her decades to pay her off. she had about 20,000. knowing those i won't have to worry about, it is life-changing. steve: it is indeed. thanks for telling us your story. ainsley: pay it forward, qualon. god bless. >> absolutely. steve: we'll step aside. more in a minute.
5:57 am
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>> if you'd like to be in our live studio audience friday, october 11th, go to "fox & friends" and register. >> we would love to see you and have you part of the show. >> that's exactly what we'll be wearing. >> bill: president trump waking up in his hometown here in new york city. he will speak at a summit on religious freedom. live coming up later. tensions with iran, growing controversy over a phone call with ukraine's president threaten to dominate the visit. welcome to another week. it's monday. you made it. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. glad to have you back, julie.ç >> gorgeous weekend. glad to have you with us. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. president trump sounding off on the whistleblower campaign and accusing joe biden about lying to speaking to his son about overseas business


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