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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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simple or easy to figure out and there's a good chance someone could log into your devices. always change your passwords. >> dana: change your passwords. thanks for joining us everybody, i'm dana perino. >> it's noon on the west coast and a 3:00 in the united nations. president trump is talking to the ukrainian leader about joe biden. and nancy pelosi giving the president an ultimatum. also a former cop on trial accused of killing an unarmed man in his own apartment. she claims she thought he was in her apartment. plus, u.s. army soldiers prosecutors say shared bomb building instructions online. reporting begins now. i reporting begins with president trump defending a phone call he had with the ukrainian president about his
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political rival joe biden. the president has been meeting with world leaders in town for the united nations general assembly in new york as he faces fall out now in washington. he said to meet with new zealand's prime minister. this all comes after president trump pressured a foreign leader to dig up dirt on one of the families of his 2020 political opponents. and that will investigate the business dealings of hunter biden, joe biden's son. "the wall street journal" reports the president eight times pressured the foreign leaders to investigate. the fox news company share common ownership and that phone call happened in july, the day after robert mueller appeared before congress. that call and other unspecified events were apparently so alarming that a whistle-blower filed a complaint. the inspector general reviewed the substance of the complaint and deemed that credible and of
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urgent concern. but the trump administration is blocking congress from seeing that complaint. presidenpresident trump does ade talked about it during a phone call but insists his conversation with the ukrainian leader was on the up and up. >> we had a phone call with the president of ukraine and they failed with russia, failed with recession and failed with everything and now they are bringing this up. the one who has a problem is joe biden. joe biden failed with what they would like to have me do but i didn't do it. >> shepard: if there is no known evidence that joe biden did anything wrong. the whole thing involved corruption in the ukraine. much of the world was pressuring the ukraine to move. earlier this year the ukrainian official said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by joe biden or his son, hunter. the real issue here is a phone call. the claim that the president pressured a foreign leader to
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investigate of political rival and failure to pass the whistle-blower complaint to congress. now the pressure to complete this is a building. house speaker nancy pelosi is warning the white house that refusal to hand over the whistle-blower complaint could be a grave new chapter of lawlessness by the white house and wrote that it could lead to a whole new stage of investigation. traveling with the president and more on his way. >> we talked with ed zelinski who is the president, and that prompted democrats to start screaming from the rooftops of the president should be impeached for him. and there was no quid pro quo.
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>> they have to behave only if they investigated joe biden and his family. >> president trump: what he did is they said, and what the president, he was investigating a company on the board of which hunter biden was a member. and they released a partial transcript of it. >> president trump: i may do it because it was a very innocent call, on both his part and mine, it was really a congratulatory call because he
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had just one -- it was just confirmed that he was the new president and i think you will do an excellent job. that biggest part was corrupti corruption. he's looking for the same thing as i am. i hope you get to see it and i hope you get to see it soon. >> shepard: the president is current there. a couple reasons to not do it. and that's the slippery slope part of it.
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if you redact one word from it the whole thing becomes invalid. >> the bigger picture, this whistle-blower complaint is about more than a phone call, it's a series of events that we don't know the details of obviously. in its totality the democrats want that to go to congress. >> exactly. it somehow deals with the ukraine we don't know if it's specifically related to this call with zelinski or maybe it had to do with vladimir putin. maybe he was talking with theresa may about ukraine. they are doubling down on this idea that they tried to flip the script. and listen to the what the president said. >> president trump: how much money did his son make from the ukraine? and then, he does nothing about energy.
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>> the president has pointed to a couple of things. there was investigation on the board of which hunter biden sat. the money was withheld before the prosecutor was removed. other countries were calling for the prosecutor to be removed as well but then there's a connection with biden and there was a 2013 trip that joe biden made with hunter to china, in which hunter biden came back with $1.5 billion in funding for a private equity company, rosemont seneca, that he was part of as well as chris hines who was john kerry's son-in-law. the president is really trying to throw a lot of dots out there for people to connect, but until we know what was in the transcript of that phone call and what was in the complaint we are just kind of guessing. >> shepard: that's true. john roberts, welcome to new york. more now on the showdown of the whistle-blower. and the white house white house blocking incredibly urgent details going to congress. catherine herridge is reporting
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live on that. >> a person familiar with the situation tells fox news that the whistle-blower did not have "first-hand knowledge between the president and the ukrainian president, adding that those facts are laid out in the complaint. chuck schumer sent a letter calling on the senate leader mitch mcconnell to take action and depress the white house to release the transcript. that letter reads in part this is a whistle-blower complaint that has been labeled "urgent and credible." it's the senate's duty to take the national security matter seriously and to take action now. democratic leaders who have been wary of impeachment now say president trump may have given them no options if the allegations are true. in a letter to colleagues, if the administration persists in blocking this whistle-blower from disclosing to congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties they will be embracing a new chapter of lawlessness which took the u.s. into a whole new stage of
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investigation. the democrat of house intelligence committee adam schiff will go further. >> if the president is withholding military aid at the same time he's trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that might be the only remedy that is coequal to the evil, that conduct represents. >> they want joe maguire to come to the hill thursday and testify it. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. he swore an oath to defend the united states but, investigators say is heart still belongs to hezbollah. even after he became an american citizen he scouted terror targets to take out. among them some of the country's highest profile landmarks.
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today that man faces a judge, coming up as the reporting continues this monday afternoon.
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>> shepard: we are finding out more about a u.s. army soldier accused of killing a left-wing activist and bombing in major news network. they said the investigators knew how to make a bomb and share instructions online. >> the justice department arrested in the soldier discussed on facebook how to build bombs and discussed potentially helping others with an attack in the united states. there was even talk of an alleged bombing of an american news network however, we have not yet learned which one. he was stationed out at
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fort riley in kansas, which is about an hour west of tweak out and he has been there since july of this year. smith was alleged to have told investigators he shared bomb making materials to create chaos. if convicted, he faces 20 years in prison. >> do we want to know what kind of training this army soldier had? >> investigators say they reviewed the instructions that he was allegedly posting online and, that while some of the information was accurate, not all of those details would have produced a viable explosive every time. we just got a statement from the army in the last 30 minutes and this is what they had to say. they take them very seriously and are law enforcement cooperated on his arrest over the weekend. he was never deployed and right now no photo of the suspect is going to be released.
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>> shepard: at mark meredith live in washington. amanda fed save us getting dozens of terror targets in the united states is pled not guilty today. the man is that terrorists that infiltrated america and even got american citizenship. he repaid his adopted country by looking for potential terror attack targets in new york, washington and boston. some of those spots, times square. the empire state building and fenway park. they say he joined hezbollah 20 years ago and even trained with a terror group in lebanon. rick is outside of the federal courthouse in new york city. >> the fed say that alexi stott wasn't involved in any active terror plots but was gathering information on terror targets for the last two decades, working and gaining citizenship in 2008. a pled guilty and receiving
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military style training. specifically how to handle weapons and how to build bombs. the fed say his primary role was surveilling probable targets a and, the stock exchange, rockefeller center, and white house and u.s. capital, and boston, fenway park, and quincy market. he was also charged with lying to obtain citizenship and lying to obtain marriage for citizenship for someone else. >> shepard: rick, the fed say they have plenty of evidence against the sky. >> they interviewed him 11 times this last year before arresting him in july and they have videos, emails and hundreds of images of a landmark that he allegedly case on behalf of hezbollah. in videos he would pan off of something random to hide his
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true intent and in photographs, he learned that the true object of surveillance would be in the background. saab would often pose people in front of the intended objects of surveillance to shield his true purpose from law enforcement. he's back in court here in two days. >> shepard: rick leventhal at the courthouse. heise at trump tower. reports of hundreds of thousands and jewelry stolen from apartments. how can that happen in a building where the president has a home? plus an officer of the law accused of going into a neighbor's home and shooting him dead. she says she thought it was her apartment. investigators say it was murder. and, an announcement from oprah and apple, next. payments right away by calling newday now. you can refinance at newday usa with no income verification,
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>> shepard: more than $250,000 in jewelry reportedly stolen from true top tower apartments. we are talking about two of the most secure buildings on earth. this is alive look at trump tower where you can see cops patrolling and dump trucks filled with sand surrounding the building as a barrier. as a side note, because of the security you cannot even drive on some streets many days and traffic is a complete disaster. pedestrians are everywhere and it's a horrible mess. it getting anywhere and it would take an act of congress. let yet new york city investigators are following up on tips about a jewelry heist. law enforcement sources tell the post it looks like an inside j job.
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investigators apparently collecting information about employees which work inside the building which makes perfect sense because getting anywhere near it, forget about it. the murder trial is now underway for the former dallas cop accused of shooting and killing her neighbor and his own apartment. you may remember this case. amber geiger claims to it was self-defense. amber geiger was the sheriff's deputy. she said she thought the man was an intruder in her apartment. investigators say this cop was actually in the apartment above hers. in their opening arguments prosecutors say geiger departed from her training and opened fire almost immediately. killing botham john, and innocent, unarmed black man inside his own home. prosecutors say in situations like that when a possible burglar is inside the building, police officers are trained to take cover.
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then call for backup which she did not do. she's prosecuted and defended police officers charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanor to murder. good to see you. how do you see the basics of this so far? >> you know, i think this is going to be a difficult case for the defense. they have to convince these jurors that she believes she's in in her own home. it does not appear that she was under some sort of an attack.
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that breaks all rules an end protocol, right? and in which case it would have been appropriate to use a federal federal deadly force. that's going to be a tall hurdle she could get up to life in prison for murder in texas. and this is as serious as it gets. >> shepard: we will watch this, it's just beginning. don't come to new york city this
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week. this is the week where people go and subways and work from home because traffic with the u.n. and all of that stuff going on in all the motorcades and roadblocks, it's incredible. d.c. also had a lot of trouble with traffic today but it turned out those problems are because of protests. plus, the plot to blow up notre dame cathedral. what prosecutors say two women had planned in a show of support for the islamic state. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and a top the views. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work de♪ music ion zone. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> shepard: at bottom of the hour, time from the top of the news headlines. suspected women's terrorists on trial, and investigators say they are moments away from pulling it off. and a man who went to great lengths to have a creative marriage proposal. he would not live to here is girlfriend give her answer.
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and protesters threatening to shut down d.c. and police and threatening to them down. the protesters standing in the middle of washington, d.c.,'s busy street at the height of hot rush hour. the goal to make it impossible for lawmakers to ignore their demands on climate change. that makes it possible for lots of people to get work. >> they shut down at least four major intersections in washington, d.c., and now one is back open for traffic. at the largest group of protesters were a few blocks away from the white house. they slashed the tires of the
12:33 pm
trailer to carry not boat and the activists put their arms through metal bars and use some sort of wiring to tie themselves together inside of the pipes. at police, d.c. police came with saws to cut those metal pipes open. they covered the protesters with fire resistant blankets and took them almost two hours to cut through all of those ties so they could access the wiring they had holding them together and cut them out of that. the government in action has forced them into the streets, the group that was blocking that area near the white house, that's where many banks and businesses have offices. some of them have offices in that area. >> 100 companies are responsible for 70% of the claimant prices and so it is centralized in a
12:34 pm
few very wealthy hands. this is actually to get the attention of those that are in power. >> remained demand is like green new deal, one that moves the u.s. economy to 100% clean renewable energy by 2,030 and ends fossil fuel expansion. neither party has done enough. they say they've gone far enou enough. >> this is one of the intersections where many commuters come in from virginia to d.c. and that sailboat where we were on k street and the white house. we saw one protester who did refuse to stand up bass need to
12:35 pm
start checking him for any medical issues. another activist told him he needed to get up if he could and he did. police gave him his water bottle back and he was not cited or arrested as far as we could tell. d.c. police actually told a van wert protesters had strapped themselves on top of it. protesters were on top of the van when they towed it away and you could hear people screaming this is dangerous, this is dangerous. i reach out to d.c. police to get more information on that. so far haven't heard back. two women filled up gas canisters. prosecutors say these to pledge their allegiance to the islamic state and planned at their attack near the crown tourist destination. but, the car never exploded. this all happened back in 2016, obviously long before the church tragically caught fire. investigators say had that
12:36 pm
attacked and successful at least dozens of people could have died. benjamin hall is reporting in his live in our london newsroom. >> in fact since the attack took place there has been a number of other attacks against churches and places of worship in france. that number has been on the rise but this attack was different. it was so close to notre dame, and as you pointed out they believed it would have killed dozens of people had it gone ahead. tourists and locals all targeted on this day. the two women behind that attack, they were in court today and it details of the attack finally came out as well as their past to radicalization. the judge says he hopes this trial will shed light on the often ignored role of women in terrorism in france. on september the eighth with two or arrested, having parked their car packed with gas canisters right by notre dame. they douse them in diesel fuel,
12:37 pm
and, that's a first wave of terror that we saw, and also in prevention going forward. quite an important case in france following that spate of terror attacks. >> shepard: it do investigators have an idea of what led the women to do this? >> they say it's quite critical, and they radicalized dozens of other women. he has encouraged othe others to carry out acts like it. and he was finally killed last
12:38 pm
year and a draw strike in muzz muzzle. also, there's a growing number of attacks on the church of the cross france, and that's 228 violent anti-christian acts and that number has quadrupled. >> shepard: benjamin hall come alive tonight in london. at least seven children are dead and dozens more injured after a part of the school collapsed in kenya. hundreds of people gathered as rescue teams sifted through the rubble. the hospital in nairobi told the associated press that more than 60 children had been treated for minor injuries. some people who live there safe poor construction may be to blame.
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>> so as long as there continues to be resistance, and we will continue to vote on these men and women. so let's share the department of interior, deputy commissioner of social security. i hope our colleagues will join in supporting each of them. they remain focused on our important job of funding the federal government. last week brought an unfortunate spectacle. they actually filibuster legislation to fund our national defense. and a dollar figure they agreed to for the sake of a political fight for the president. if it's funding our commanders need to keep pace with china and russia and funding our uniforms for tools, and it's blocked by
12:40 pm
the white house. that's an interesting statement of priorities. but i'm hoping we can get this process back on track. back in july both parties in both houses of congress and the white house all agreed to do a bipartisan road map to guide appropriations. we all agreed to rule out poison pill policy riders and not to seek changes in presidential authority is relative to current law. so i hope we can rediscover that road map and make some progress. in the meantime we will vote on a continual resolution and prevent relapse in funding multiple continues. on a related matter while senate republicans continued to see bipartisan solutions, the story on the other side of the capital has been a little bit different. speaker pelosi and democratic
12:41 pm
house continue to neglect opportunities to find compromises that might actually become law and it said it, sure enough, not one bill after another. two weeks ago, a coordinated attack on the world's largest ore processing facility in saudi arabia. now's democrat took it upon itself to send us legislation that would have a reduced american energy and independen independence. domestic energy as a driver of american prosperity in one of the big success stories of recent years. but, the house democrats want us to retreat. they sent us go nowhere legislation in the senate and it will not pass, and the president will not sign. and then, mr. president let the whole week go by without one of these.
12:42 pm
micromanaging america's prescription drugs. it's the same size fits all philosophy that we continue to see in our democratic colleagues. forget about choice, forget about competition. forget about free enterprise and finding ways to unleash more market forces to help consumers. just give washington bureaucrats more power to clumsily call the shots and manipulate markets from the top down. predictably what this plan amounts to is not an efficient, effective way to help american families but an efficient, effective way to bring even more the economy under the bureaucracy's thumb and potentially set us on track toward nationalizing a major industry. so, mr. president, there are millions of americans who benefit from our nation's incredible innovations and there are new breakthroughs on new drug treatments and chores. american families deserve more choice and more competition,
12:43 pm
more affordability and the last thing that we need is for the socialist delusions of the deal to be copied and pasted into innovations and cures, putting them at risk. fortunately mr. president, this republican senate won't let the speakers dangerous proposal for their country. we will stay focused on the american people's business and then keep hoping our friends across the building put us out of the political performances and join us to work on real solutions with a real chance of becoming real laws. now the select committee on intelligence and classified and
12:44 pm
sensitive matters. so i've been disappointed to see our colleague, the democratic leader she is to politicize the committee's ongoing efforts with respect to a recent whistle-blower allegation. the specific subject of which is still unknown. as my friend senator schumer is aware, they've been working together to get the acting director of intelligence and the intelligence community's inspector general before the committee this week. to discuss the matter. as with most matters before the committee i believe it's extremely important that their work be handled in a secure setting with adequate protections in a bipartisan fashion and based on facts rather than leaks to the press. it is regrettable that house intelligence committee sherman schiff and senator schumer have chosen to politicize the issue. circumventing the established procedures and protocol, if it exists, so the committees can pursue sensitive matters in the
12:45 pm
appropriate deliberate, bipartisan manner. although we don't know the substance of the allegation, there is speculation that it relates to our relationship with ukraine. for my part mr. president estimated earlier this month, i was very glad to see the white house releases security assistance funds for the ukraine. a champion u.s. security assistant to the ukraine over the objections of the obama administration in 2014. i consistently have believed in the importance of helping our ukrainian partners defend their territory against russian aggression. in fact, i had been personally pressing them to release security assistance funding for several months, to ensure the united states did not walk back on our important commitments to the ukraine. on two occasions, i raised a need to keep our commitment to the ukraine with the secretary of defense, expressing my interest in seeing this money be
12:46 pm
released to help our ukrainian partners. i raised it with the secretary of state. my staff also engaged senior officials of the pentagon, at the state department, at the national security council and at the office of management and budget. that's the state and foreign operations subcommittee, and throughout july, august and early september, i worked hard to ensure that ukraine received this much needed assistance. that's because going back years i've urged administrations of both parties to be completely clear eyed about the dangers and intentions of putin and russia and the importance of standing with the ukraine. i sounded the alarm early and often when the president went soft on boudin. during the trump administration
12:47 pm
i've been a strong supporter of the efforts to provide t to the ukraine and georgia. russia poses a significant threat to u.s. interest in the best way to contest putin is to rebuild our defenses and work closely with our allies and partners and approve the capacity of those threatened by moscow to defend themselves. i am grateful to security assistance has finally been released and now the task falls on us. to pass the defense bill and make the necessary investment in one monetizing our own military and adversaries like russia and china. mr. president, i understand there are two bills at the desk. >> shepard: so that was
12:48 pm
mitch mcconnell speaking around the issue at hand. the issue at hand is a phone call that the president now admits he had with the new leader of the ukraine. a phone call that happened the day after robert mueller appeared on capitol hill. a phone call during which "the wall street journal" reports the journals parent company and the fox news parent company shared common interests. "the wall street journal" reports of president of the united states pressured the a ukrainian leader to investigate his political rival and a leading candidate at the time for the democratic nomination to be running against him for president in 2,020. the accusation is that the president was applying pressure to investigate over a matter which was clearly decided. it had to do with corruption in the ukraine. they were seen by much of the
12:49 pm
world to be extremely corrupt. that prosecutor was being pressured to remove that prosecutor by almost all of europe and by the world bank. different entities were threatening to withhold money unless the ukrainians dismissed that prosecutor because that prosecutor was seen as extraordinarily corrupt. the corruption arguably did not go away, but the question is whether joe biden's son who had involvement with the board related to the ukraine might have done something. the investigation revealed that neither joe biden nor his son had done anything wrong and there is no evidence available now to suggest there was any wrongdoing. what this is according to the democrats is an attempt by the
12:50 pm
republicans to shift the narrative. president has been revealed to be on this phone call and the president has had nothing bad happened. but a whistle-blower has come forward and presented a whistle-blowing complaint to the inspector general of the united states. the whistle-blower details multiple instances that the inspector general of the united states appointed president trump credible evidence that is of urgent concern. that sort of whistle-blower complaint will be turned over to the congress for further action and in this case the white house has blocked that. moments ago senator schumer, the democrat of new york cited is this in its duty to investigate this now. senate republicans of sold power and responsibility to do this now. how long must we wait for republican colleagues, when are
12:51 pm
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12:55 pm
of singapore now. the prime minister of singapore and the president signing now or did just moments ago a joint defense agreement. this is of course on the sideline of the general assembly meeting and moments for now it's my understanding that the president is taking questions. so let's listen. >> president trump: i'm out to trade with the prime minister and we are doing very well. we do tremendous trade with singapore and we appreciate it very much. >> thank you for mr. president. and that's the second time we are extending that. that the good relationship that we have between the two countries. but also we have broader
12:56 pm
cooperation and in economics we have between the u.s. and singapore and in singapore, a farmers you are the most important investor. and it's not bad for a small country. >> not bad. >> would like to do more and we hope we can do in the asian pacific reason. >> it was in singapore and people don't give that meeting as much credit as it deserves. the relationship is established and it was a tremendous a success. we got to know each other very well and we have done a fantastic job, it's a great country. >> we are very honored to host that first summit between you and mr. kim.
12:57 pm
we were happy to return the situation, and we continue to make progress. >> shepard: thank you. it's moving along pretty well actually. that was a great couple of days that we spent and we enjoyed it. thank you. thank you very much. >> what caused the climate change rally today? >> president trump: i like clean air and clean water. >> we have a lot of different things to talk about, and if i talked about everything we were working on, it would go on for two days. we have a lot of good relationships and, let's call it information. we are being nice.
12:58 pm
but we will be talking about iran and various things that we are doing and we are having tremendous success. we will also be talking about the economy, and as you know mr. prime minister our economy dip is doing very well. and getting better. we had some phenomenal results today as i understand which -- we had a great couple of numbers. larry kudlow could you discuss that please? >> it looks like we are in a turning zone backup and manufacturers. speak to others are down and we are up and we continue to go on the right direction and are getting numbers that we never anticipated having. and we are doing very well. other parts of the world are not doing nearly as well. and i think we have tremendous potential upward. >> i don't want to say that now
12:59 pm
but, we have a lot of pressure on them right now. more pressure than they've ever had and iran knows that they are in a position that a lot of things are going to happen. a lot more than you would know. a lot of things are happening. i will be discussing it a little bit tomorrow. anybody else? >> are you surprised at the way judy reall rudy giuliani has ben handling -- b2 i haven't watched that show for a long time. his performance wasn't competent and really took them apart. the press doesn't give him credit because they take little tiny snippets of it wherever rudy was -- if miss pronounces the word, they will show that.
1:00 pm
rudy giuliani took frito to the players. and that's a first time i watch cnn in a long time and i hate to watch that because it's so fake. okay? thank you very much. >> thank you sir. >> neil: we are live, and when he speaks we will bring you those comments live. welcome, i'm charles in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." tensions with iran continue to heat up in the president today referred to iran as a state of terror. >> we just heard the president in a meeting with singapore


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