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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 23, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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rudy giuliani took frito to the players. and that's a first time i watch cnn in a long time and i hate to watch that because it's so fake. okay? thank you very much. >> thank you sir. >> neil: we are live, and when he speaks we will bring you those comments live. welcome, i'm charles in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." tensions with iran continue to heat up in the president today referred to iran as a state of terror. >> we just heard the president in a meeting with singapore and
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it has been a very busy day on the international front. and in his remarks, he just stepped into the international arena this morning. domestic politics are not far behind. that's a phone call with the president of the ukraine, and he sat down right in the middle of all this on wednesday. this comes after the whistle-blower apparently claimed the president pressured ukraine and while the ukraine government is pushing back they are saying that there was no such pressure at all. democrats are pressing forward and in response to that, the president was quite blunt. >> president trump: it's just a democrat witch hunt. they failed and now you look at
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what biden did. biden did what they would like to have me do but one problem, i didn't do it. what his son did is a disgrace. >> the president arrived and went with mike president and they highlighted persecution of various religions around the globe, specifically christians in the middle east. then onto tomorrow where they will be the top subject, iran. the president is expected to call for a global coalition and on friday the administration laid out new sanctions that are expected to help torpedo the iranian economy. >> president trump: iran, that is the state of number one
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terror. the agreement does not cover that, and iran is a different place from when i took over. when i took over the united states, iran was a real threat. and they are having difficulties to put it mildly. >> when the president takes that green marveled at podium, he will have his work cut out for him. reporting that a new state department report says that the u.s. about 75% of their time against general assembly resolutions and that was brought up by countries that have been to take hundreds of millions of our money. how about that? these and >> charles: thank you very much. despite all that the president is still not rolling out a
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meeting if the two should cross paths. >> we will see what happens. we have a long way to go and we will see what happens. >> christian, should he meet with him? >> if there's something serious to talk about, talk is cheap so why not. more important the president is building what looks like a very strong coalition and that's a bunch of people that will no matter what. the problem is all these people have a pretty long track record of lying through their teeth so it's kind of hard even if they say good things in a meeting to believe they will ever carry them out. >> charles: in the meantime we's sent more u.s. assets to saudi arabia over the weekend and boris johnson signals his support of the efforts there. so the idea perhaps building this coalition slowly but
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surely, he's always working. we always hear about the allies on the continent who can't seem to clean themselves off of the economic relationship of iran. >> i think we will get t to the u.k. is pretty relevant to this next part, they've opted for decadent decline. they spend dependence on defense and, the countries that matter here, the u.s. or britain, some of our out there allies like that, that is what will confront iran more so than old europe. >> that was extended to the central bank. that sanctioning's that perhaps the attack in saudi arabia. so what do they do and what's her next desperate cry of help
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to somehow pulled america into a kill california -- the intense pressure we put on but in the near term they will do what they have always done. we look back over the history and not just the 3,000 plus attacks that they've done in this year but starting with 1979 and taking american diplomats hostage and killing 241 marines in beirut, kidnapping, torturing and killing u.s. officials and blowing up the kovar towers in saudi arabia and killing thousands of americans. they've gotten away with an awful lot, and that's why i do think this is heading -- it needs to head to military confrontation but not one that we do by ourselves which is what the president is working on. >> well would they be the tip of the spirit so to speak? americans are watching this, they did not want to see more american bloodshed, particularly if the notion is that it's shed over oil.
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>> i think there's a real possibility especially for use our standoff weapons. that's about 100 european made fighters, and the iranians had jumped, and this could be a punch in the face. it doesn't need to look anything like iraq or afghanistan. so if the markets are worried about iran, they have a funny way of showing it. it's about 130 points off the low. by the way oil prices are also finishing a day higher. so what would get wall street worried? you know we were stuck in a change, and it feels like the market wants to go higher. sorry, that was -- was at my
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phone? >> that was your phone. >> that's a president calling you. [laughs] what's interesting about the markets now and you and i have been around for a while covering these, and the old days if it looked like any sort of disruption in the oil supply than markets tanked 300 points. bigger issue for us right now and i think what has markets on edge, and they are clearly on edge because we have wild swings, is traded. what people don't know and come up this is kind of interesting, i can't tell you. and i spoke to a lot of really smart investors about this. what will outweigh what? will the trade issues and the tariffs, does the stimulus from the tax cuts and the deregulation outweigh that and how much?
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those are technical reasons why the yield curve is flattening. people need to buy treasury bonds because of that, and the prices go up and interest rates goes down and they knew that because they need collateral to finance stuff. that's a technical reason and it has nothing to do with the recession. that's being played out out there. >> it so interesting because you mentioned that and over the weekend, things that would have been black swans in the past would have wrecked the stock market and the economy, the middle east turmoil, we are knocking out half of saudi arabia's ability to do that. we see the notion perhaps the federal reserve has to inject cash into our financial system for the first time in a decade and now they are committed to doing it every day until octobe. there are things before that actually would have derailed the
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stock market and -- >> and the economy. >> there are technical reasons why these are popping up. yes, disruption of oil supply is a problem generally, but because of fracking and ingenuity, american ingenuity, we don't have to wait so much. because he's deregulated so much, that kind of balances that out. the markets right now are reflecting the uncertainty. they pull out and about 49% of americans think the recession is in the likely ten months. that breaks down those long political line. >> if i asked you if you thought there could be up recession in the next few months, what would you say? >> what would you say, frankly
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after the longest economic recession in history? >> we could have a recession in the last 12 months and i'm kind of worried about it, too. >> the citigroup went to its highest level since april of last year. the bloomberg economic surprise index went to its highest level in a year. and the point is, what's happening in real life, in real time this morning, manufacturing came up better. we keep bracing for the worse case scenario and in the meantime things are going great. >> well i would say they are going good at, but not great. but the doomsday is not. we don't see that in the numbers just yet. i can't tell you and nobody can tell you that the tax cuts and deregulation, how much they outweigh or overshadow or push the economy to perform better more than the negatives of the
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trade war. that may allow us to get through this. >> yes, so far ahead. turns out the whistle-blower did not have firsthand knowledge of the call between president trump and the ukrainian president. so what's the legal fallout from all of this? all right, for the judge in the green crowd at seeing red, but will closing down traffic get them what they want? we will report, you hide. for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> president trump: if you wonder who has a problem, it's biden. if you look at what biden data, biden did what they would like to have me do but there's one problem, i didn't do it. what biden did is a disgrace and what his son did was a disgrace. >> charles: president trump trying to get the attention on former vice president biden when it comes to this whistle-blower controversy when they say it was biden that was in the wrong. the whistle-blower who broke the
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story didn't have firsthand knowledge. so what's the legal fallout from all of this? all right judge, -- >> no court is in session. when he speaks to a four foreign leader, several people that work for him the intelligence community are listening to the call. he also knows a transcript of it was being made and it appears that whoever the whistle-blower is read the transcript rather than one of the people on the call. if the transcript was accurate, and -- the whole thing is an assumption. until the department of justice tells the national director of intelligence to comply with the law. that is the chair and ranking member of the two intelligence committees. the speaker of the house, the
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majority leader, and the senate and the majority leader. the statute is very clear, it doesn't say except in the case of the president, it says when there is a whistle-blower who has filed with the intelligence community and inspector general than the trumpet appoints her and it's incredible and it shall be surrendered to the gang of eight. i don't think it matters whether this person heard the concept in real time or read the transcript. >> he worried that president trump may have reason to call this a witch hunt? no matter the circumstances, all these probably work to the extent, if you don't have to have firsthand knowledge, there's this sort of action to the president that could be very enticing. >> the intelligence community
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has had a trust problem of the president since early on in the administration when he revealed some things he shouldn't reveal about their location of israeli intelligence outside of israel in the middle east. they revealed that the russian ambassador and the anti-russian and he probably is saying what do you say when he said he needs it. 140 million in cash was also added to it which may be what they expected in the form of foreign aid. so was there a promise or was there a quid pro quo? with the promise articulated or was it just understood? these are legitimate questions. >> charles: at this somehow adjudicated in this situation with his son. i don't ever remember being thoroughly investigated in any sort of revolution. i remember hearing about it and it seemed unsavory but, and then
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24/7 news cycle we are in it faded away. >> charles: last time i was here dave and azlan was filling in for neil and i said this might be the end of the campaign. i have learned that most of europe wanted this prosecutor to go, he was an agent of corruption. he was not rooting out corruption. unheated go, not all the corruption in the ukraine left. >> charles: it were their answers to joe biden's son doing this became economic bill and the ukraine? this is something that people are concerned about. was there influence peddling involved in this? did he use the ukraine government, for what their credibility is worth, there was
1:20 pm
no case, there was no there there. the president should not be diverting attention of the most serious allegation made against him. far more serious than anything bob mueller did which was an active political corruption in the formulation of foreign policy. >> president trump has hinted that he would like to release the entire transcript, do you think that would be a good idea? >> that would be a great idea, it will either exonerate him or make it worse. it's always a pleasure. >> great protest but lots of red lights. climate activists still stopping traffic. like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer and side effects. so job can stay strong for his family. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. cancer treatment centers of america. if ylittle thingsate tcan be a big deal., that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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[chanting] >> charles: at these protesters are stopping right now for traffic. limit change protests in washington, d.c., and the videos have been pretty impressive except you have to wonder exactly what are they going to get accomplished other than stopping traffic and it may be some videos like this, a few very intriguing ones from earlier in the day. of course this is an extension of a pro of protests that began around the world last week, focused and australian first and foremost but also in major cities of the united states featuring young people and ice coolers were allowed to leave schools in certain cities with the permission come by the way of school systems and their parents. so it's taking on this fill, sort of a 60s feel where may be peace, love and good happy climate. but again, there are serious issues when it comes to this. we just had a conversation about how half of saudi arabia and our
1:25 pm
economy didn't suffer. the fracking miracle which by the way he allows his presidential candidates to crisscross the entire country. you know, the other things are going on at the world. so it's one thing to see these protesters and another thing to understand and perhaps even empathize with them. but you wonder who is articulating the other side of this message. who is saying perhaps there won't be messed extension in the last 12 years? we lived through these sort of things in the past whether it was multias he and or the world was going to run out of food. so we do have someone who supports this cause very much. let's bring in kathy. so more traffic stops and more idling at a more pollution >> i
1:26 pm
am happy. this is how counterculture gets hurt in the united states, just like in the 60s. a small group of people get together and get hurt and she's >> charles: up what exactly do they want us to change, besides the paper straws which i'm still struggling with. what exactly -- >> are you? >> i had a tough time at brunch. i did the old-fashioned thing and through the cup away and drink the cup. when you see to these young people that their entire process do you know that it is irresponsible. >> actually it seems like definitely, we have gotten worse. this is a movement teenagers,
1:27 pm
and the very young are so upset about the climate crisis. we saw with the cure to agreement thrown away by the united states and the paris agreement has been thrown away by the united states. the united states has not done anything. they are coming together finally because younger generations are telling older leaders so if you are always preaching that we lived into our young. >> in the meantime, china's has gone up over 50%, what exactly could we do in this country by raising taxes and taking trillions of dollars out of the economy, how do we solve the world's climate issue? how do we fix this? >> 12 years, no one knows that a
1:28 pm
nola scientist has proven that but younger generations have said we want something new and creating the windmills, if you go south of spain you see them as goals. vicki fracking doesn't mean you can necessarily get oil. perhaps when a male are the answer, perhaps solar panels are the answer that manufacturing jobs for our future and of the jobs are all that green economy. >> charles: all right, i don't even know where to begin but fracking has created this oil miracle that america sits on right now and it's the reason why we can have these conversations in these politicians can fly all over the country. i think it's again, no one is telling me this billions of
1:29 pm
hours has been spent building these dented gimmicks are done like a solar farms only know the so he figures out how we are helping our future and create new jobs a solar energy and with the in windmills. we should look at europe when there advance to if you democrats calling for avis unit
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lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo! >> charles: at senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham calling for a doj investigation to former
1:34 pm
vice president biden's possible ties to the ukraine. here's peter doocy with the latest. >> joe biden was very he did this weekend when i asked him a very straightforward question about president trump's interest in his son. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about that. you should be looking at trump, trump knows i will do it because i will beat him like a drum and he's using an abuse of power a and, everybody has looked at this and said there is nothing there. ask the right questions. >> charles: but the right questions are about the biden's family business dealings according to republican lawmakers that are tight with trump. >> so what i'm asking for is to take some time and effort to
1:35 pm
what the ukraine may have done in the 2016 election. was it proper or was it not? i promise you the american media is not going to look at it. >> so even though they are trying to shift public attention to joe biden, this is something that they have done more than any other democratic candidate from the very first day of his campaign. charles? >> charles: thank you very much. president trump weighing in on the whistle-blower controversy calling it nothing but another witch hunt by the democrats. >> how seriously are you taking me? >> not at all seriously. everybody knows it, it's just a democrat witch hunt. >> so alysia axios, and fox news
1:36 pm
contributor rachel campos duffy. let me start with you. it sounds like it's a fishing expedition if not worse. >> absolutely. this is not a trump scandal. >> charles: let's go to president trump for one moment, hold on. >> president trump: it was in turmoil then and it's not an turmoil now so i just want to say we have a long-term great relationship, better than ever before. talking about many different locations like libya. that might be a subject that we are discussing and the relationship is great. it's great to have you. thank you very much.
1:37 pm
[speaking a foreign language] >> mr. president, we are grateful to have this meeting with you and -- [inaudible] >> president trump: thank you all very much. >> mr. president are you worried
1:38 pm
about demonstrations in egypt? >> president trump: everybody has demonstrations, even your best friend in the whole world, president obama. he had a lot of demonstrations. egypt has a great leader, is highly respected and has brought order. before he was here there was very little order. so i'm not worried about that. >> mr. president did other republican voters ask you to tone down your agency? >> president trump: we are way up. our stock market is up many trillions of dollars and our company's worth is up trillions of dollars and china is down many trillions of dollars. if my opponent had won the election, china's economy had surpassed the united states by now and with me is a tremendous
1:39 pm
difference. china is going to do fine. we are talking to china and we have very serious conversation, steve, you might want to talk about that for just one second. >> we look forward to that conversation. and if we can get the right deal we will do it and if not we are perfectly comfortable where we are. >> president trump: china wants to make a deal. they have a lot of people who don't have jobs now because their supply chain is broken. we will see what happens. but they are also starting to buy our agricultural product, they are making a big move to buying our product and i appreciate that very much. i was telling people to tell the presidency and china wants to make a deal, we will see what happened. >> has he tried -- >> we have a
1:40 pm
meeting with the french president, and he can always have a meeting, and we had to turn down many meetings because for some reason everybody wants to meet with us. i consider that a great honor and the united states is doing really well. we've turned it down unfortunately far more than we can do. without a lot of meetings, but each thing is a very special place, i think you have the largest population. my wife was there and she took these beautiful pictures of the pyramids in the back. she loved the pyramids and he treated her so nicely but the first lady was there with a group. those pyramids are something very special and the pictures
1:41 pm
were something she will never forget. it was really good. >> do we have any comments going on in the demonstrations? >> i think -- >> ]speaking in foreign language] >> in our region, especially with -- they have been -- make sure that is in the political
1:42 pm
arena. and that remains -- political -- hope >> [speaking a foreign language] >> [inaudible] >> the vice president is trying to play this mediation role with
1:43 pm
iran. is that something is apart? >> president trump: i don't think we need a mediator. but, we are not looking for any mediators, they know who to call. >> >> do you have a meeting in new york? >> president trump: we have no meeting scheduled. they talked about getting out of the oven, and we will see what happens but we have nothing scheduled at this moment. i never rule anything out. why would i do that? >> -- farming community, -- >> they are starting to buy a lot of our product. >> that was actually our request that they delayed that. they had started buying
1:44 pm
agriculture and they will reschedule that at a different time, and that was purely our request. >> why was it our request, just out of fear, curiosity? >> we want them to buy our agriculture, and they committed to buy a agriculture. >> they committed to buy a lot of agriculture and they have started and we should get them over there as soon as possible so they can start buying but they have already started buying as you know and as you have heard of. a lot of product from our farmers and ranchers. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. >> charles: all right. so we just saw president trump with the president of egypt answer a variety of questions and it always circled back when everything was misinterpreted with respect to china visiting our farmers. i want to go back to our panel,
1:45 pm
reporter caitlin owens and democratic strategists jason nichols and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. i was trying to start with you rachel, can we pick up from there? >> absolutely. talk about china, the president gives a moniker of sleepy joe to joe biden. i always thought that joe china or china joe and now china ukraine joe are better. this is a abide in scandal and the media is trying to turn it into a trump scandal and the american people are going to buy it. one person will get $50,000 per month and there's only one person on trump doing the bidding that hunter biden was getting the money from and that's joe biden. it's comical to me. but i want to add one more thing. at the trump family has never enrich themselves. ivanka lost a shoe deal, donald trump lost macy's and he doesn't even draw a salary.
1:46 pm
he donates it back to the government. you can contrast that very well with the biden's who have gotten rich off of their service. >> a lot of people will be skeptical about any of these bills whether you believe it is, because the media has lost a lot of credibility. >> i think that's the difficult thing about the situation because the truth is, as far as anyone knows right now, there is no there, they are, with the joe biden investigation. i think the most that we can say is that it looks bad that hunter biden was on the board of the company but there were reasons there that joe biden supported the ouster of this prosecutor because there was allegations. now we don't know what we don't know which is always the case but the problem is, we live in
1:47 pm
this world where people tend to believe what they want to believe based on their political party. and that's what i think this will come down to. >> charles: if this could boomerang back, and all of these things seem to have not really done what they thought it would do and this could actually backfire as well. >> i don't think so, charles. they know if there is nothing there, there is no credible evidence that vice president acted with any kind of impropriety. the thing that will hurt biden is the senator from massachusetts and that's the only thing he should really be ripped worried about. i think of anything, because his base is anti-trump, this may actually help him, this may
1:48 pm
actually bolster him amongst people who really want to see this president gone in 2020. >> charles: i've got 30 seconds, but, this is the thing that will galvanize them to swing back. >> this is backfiring on biden, and jason is a right. maybe warren's campaign is helping the media to go after the story because it will hurt joe biden. i think elizabeth warren is the biggest threat but she's also the best candidate up against trump because it will contrast socialism and capitalism by no other candidate because she is a socialist despite saying she isn't. >> charles: i'm sorry of course, we were interrupted. thank you all very much. we are learning more today about former deputy attorney general
1:49 pm
rod rosenstein's plan to wiretap the president. he wrote it off, but was it? plae for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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>> charles: i know released memo shows former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein proposed wearing a wire in the oval office to "collect additional evidence on the president's true intentions." so where is all of this heading? catherine herridge is in washington with the latest. >> good afternoon. judicial watch has obtained of this redacted memo. the memorialized may 2017 conversation with then deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the time of your matters because special counsel robert mueller was appointed the following day. written on may 16, 2017,
1:53 pm
mccabe describes his decision to open an obstruction of justice and conspiracy investigation to president trump for firing fbi director james comey and related matters. according to the memo, mccabe took rosenstein's offer that he ran the idea by his fbi investigative check team. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein proposed he could potentially wear a recording device into the oval office to collect additional evidence. he said he thought this might be possible because he was not searched when he entered the white house. i told him i would discuss the opportunity with my investigative team and get back to him. earlier this year after the special counsel report was released, fox news asked president trump how rosenstein explained these allegations against him. >> i obviously would much rather have you asking that question. it sounds a little bit
1:54 pm
far-fetched frankly, but i got along with him. and i think that question you would have to ask him. >> fox news followed that up twice with him after that interview, and his statements were sarcastic but, that's about his alleged plan. >> charles: it no one has watch this bette covered this br than you. parents in a college admissions scandal make be facing much harsher sentences than felicity huffman's two weeks. does this mean more trouble for loript locklin? nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief .
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♪ charlie charlie producers have asked me to give a special shoutout to any of our previous lead actress winners watching tonight from prison. hopefully those two weeks will fly right by. keep your chin up.
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char cha>> not so subtle swing. reports are doubling down a request for prison time for parents linked to the college admission scandal. so what could this mean for actress lori loughlin shed light on the legal trouble that seem like it has gotten a whole lot worse, brad. >> you would think. originally when huffman got time i thought that would be the baseline and everybody after that would have to go up further and further. the judge has recently said she is not going to necessarily use the dollar amount as an indication whether there is time or more time. we are not just sure just yet. >> when you start talking about $15,000. someone being contrite and someone apologizing. throwing themselves at the membersy of the court. still getting time, i got to believe if i'm found guilty and it's a lot more egregious. much bigger money. i wouldn't admit guilt. i went to court and used up the time. i insulted the intelligence of the criminal justice system as well as society because this judge seems to
1:59 pm
really be -- to really care about society's impact here that the rich can't get away with this stuff. i mean, if i'm lori loughlin i'm asking my attorneys can we reverse course? >> i think a lot of people would be upset. he would have two more people this week being sentenced. you plead because it's faster, cheaper and safer on both sides. if you have people now believing that they could escape time, even though huffman didn't, then there is going to confuse and give inconsistent decisions and plea agreements. i don't think it can be handled that way. >> charles: 51 have been charged. 51 hav5. most recent arrest is a chinese national lived in canada but was arrested in spain. $400,000. again, the general public looks at this and, you know, it looks like the rich is trying to buy themselves out this again. >> exactly what it is. they bought themselves into it and try to buy themselves out of it. i don't think the american people will be happy if it does come out that
2:00 pm
inconsistent decisions are coming down. >> charles: all right. brad. appreciate it. be back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network "making money." we could see the market move towards all-time highs. meantime "the five" starts now. thank you for watching. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ graduate graduate i'm greg gutfeld with emily compagno, juan williams and jesse watters and dana perino, "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: climate freaks and they are climate freaks shut down traffic in d.c. today. sn mentoday. [chanting] >> come down ♪ >> greg: as this idiocy rolls on people go to work and put food on their tables. that doesn't hurt the
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