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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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going to withhold a billion dollars? we are not the meaty amount, we are not crops, we don't lie, we are propaganda's like they are. we will never be the destroyed trump media to let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it from your pure laura? >> laura: that was just common practice. the entire global community wanted a prosecutor fired. didn't you get that memo? speech you are just so happen to be like wanting to interview hunter biden and lemi use lever. only sleepy creepy crazy joe 33 oh could do this and then all, let me brag about -- >> laura: it's so stupid. it's like obvious. >> sean: we've been on the story, we've exposed the story. we've talked about it, you've talked about it. >> laura: we have literally been talking about the story for at least two years so this -- going of this surprise me.
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fantastic show. all right come on laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." congressman jim jordan plus mollie hemingway are here and moments to break down everything you ever need to know about trip president trump, ukraine, and what the biden family should be worried about. my angle comes a little later tonight. i'm going to expose the climate hysteria we have been seeing over the past couple of days. at what is it really all about? former activists who seek has seen the light. very interesting story there. plus, mercedes shot, she's here on what trump 2020 team team thinks of warren's surge and governor mike huckabee on the president's first ever religious liberty summit at the u.n. today. no president has done this before. but first, if this all feels familiar, well, it is. a shadowy anonymous source leveled an explosive charge involving president trump and a foreign government. and then it all begins to slowly unravel. first, take the whistle-blower who allege president trump made
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a promise to ukraine. well, he didn't actually have that knowledge of any conversation in the complaint he issued made that clear. yet the media ran with the most incendiary framing possible. second, an actual episode of a foreign quid pro quo could be revealed but the defending actor is joe biden so the media just yawns. >> i was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar lone guarantee and i said you are not getting a billion. i think it was what six hours and i set on leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. well, he got fired. >> laura: we had a really believe that out. well, biden left out how the prosecutor got fired i was investing a company paying his on a small fortune. during the out congressman jim jordan, raking member of the house oversight committee, mark meadows, and
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mollie hemingway. coauthor of the book had a huge news spike in sales, justice on trial. all right, let's start with the whistle-blower complaint. why is this taking so seriously if it was heard secondhand? >> because they have nothing else. michael colin didn't work for him, the bob mueller hearing didn't work for him, the bob dean hearing didn't work for him. last week the corey lewandowski harrington work for him so they said i know what we will do, ley president trump coordinated witn government and see if that works even though they have done that for the last few years. they've got nothing else. they are out to get this president and this is the best they've got witches side. >> laura: congressman meadows, this is whipping up into kind of a shot in the arm to the impeachment movement. swing district democrats, freshman democrats who are saying this is a cast, this is it. we finally got the roadrunner.
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wile e. coyote, but they think this is their moment and pelosi still not there but maybe he took a millimeter step toward impeachment. >> will, they have and what they will soon find out is what the rest of america has found out on the two previous allegations is that adam schiff is the young man who cried wolf and we are going to see that with this because this is all going to start to unravel. it is interesting. the democrats were really for ukraine meddling in the election before they were against it and that's what all the evidence shows. we've got nellie ohr saying income always got drug biden saying it, we've got other gnc operatives saying it so when the story comes out, it'll be the democrats that will have a problem, not president trump. >> laura: financial records showing that hunter biden receives $3 million from this natural gas interest, he has no
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experience in the field, he has no experience in the region and yet, he somehow finds himself in this company while his father is quarterbacking the efforts to kill corruption in ukraine. to get ukraine back in order. how does this not the appearance of a conflict if not indeed an actual conflict of interest was joe biden? >> this is something that is interesting that has a little bit of reporting in certain media outlets. i think one of the things is the site is a common occurrence for people coming to washington, d.c. they have no experience in business and their family members suddenly are involved in those family members make a lot of money. now, for a city that went into hysterical over a fake collusion conspiracy theory involving russia, you would think that actual entanglements with foreign government as hot hunter biden has plenty would be of concern. >> laura: nicole wallace, you
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know, she processed all of this the way she does and she came out with a different conclusion. shocker. watch. >> trump is making a wholly unsubstantiated claim when he alleges corruption by the a biden. there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. in reality, joe biden was the one working to encourage corruption from ukraine and trump is the one ordering foreign intervention in presidential politics. >> laura: what did she get wrong? >> they all accuse of what they are doing its plain and simple and the one that's uncorroborated is the so-called whistle-blower who never had first-hand knowledge of this. i always feel -- go back to what chuck schumer said on january 2,017th. he said you maxed with the intelligence community, they have 600 ways of getting back to you. we don't know who this whistle-blower is and who can ever solve this evidence but is he alleging the whole thing and again this is what we will see with the trump russia collusion we watch for two years. >> laura: ended and we watch
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ukrainian official indicated that there was no -- >> an income of the ukrainian foreign minister so there was no pressure and i think as you start to see the details of this come out, if they do, ultimately the president will be exonerated. you hit one area earlier that i want to -- you know, we said how did hunter biden get this job? well, we now know because of some reporting that just happened that joe biden meets with the prime minister of ukraine and within 30 days, hunter biden has a job in the ukraine because he has all this expertise. you know, it's ma's little fishy. >> laura: everyone i know who works in this field, including throughout asia, i'm talking about big deal people, this was an open secret about hunter biden. everyone knows he's adding a sweetheart deal. he has no experience at all. you cannot get on a payroll of that kind of company with that kind of cash unless you are connected with someone who can pull the levers of power or you have big experience, big knowledge, big expertise. he had one of those two things.
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who was hunter biden? now this guys at the center of the focus of some journalists. 2016 he got caught with a crack pipe, two drive-ins licenses, his rental car. 2014, there were not of the navy reserve for testing positive for cocaine. drug problem for 2014, join the board of ukrainian, holdings, making 50,000 a month, pursued a deal in 2013 from the bank of china, we won't go onto some of the other personal issues, those are well-known. dated his dead brother's widow for a while, they got married to another woman for a couple weeks. there's a lot there and where is he? why isn't he presenting himself or interviews? >> when the new yorker did a big expose of all his problematic past said that he was in california at that time. now, you can have a lot of sympathy for people were dealing with this level of addiction problems or this kind of behavioral problems and i do but the issue is also whether this is a problem for joe biden, i'm
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sure it's a very big challenge for his family but this is actually -- there are national indications when someone like that is engaged in political business. >> laura: he didn't come to the announcement of joe biden running for the presidency. he wasn't on stage for that. i mean, that's interesting. >> is also interesting that the media seem to think that they can do the same thing they did with the hillary clinton email scandal. just to assert there is no problem there and then -- >> laura: if your conspiracy, all of your wild conspiracy theories for even asking questions about this. >> right and then they think the voters won't have legitimate concerns about this. >> laura: it's the worst art of self production. there's 2020 trump g.o.p. primary opponent, kind of a ghost from the 1980s, he offered this legal solution to taking down the president. >> talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control u.s. election.
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it couldn't be clearer and that's not just undermining democratic institutions. that is treason. it's treason pure and simple and the penalty for treason under the u.s. code is death. that's the only penalty. >> laura: if you can't beat them, kill them. somehow that i got zero pushback from the fine folks at morning joe. >> congressman joe walsh, do you agree? >> yeah, look, this is a complicated -- >> donald trump has committed treason in the penalty for treason under american law is death. do you -- what's the legal framework here? >> laura: nice understanding of the law. leave it to them. that was unbelievable. literally if you can't beat him, kill him. >> you say it's unbelievable but it's also true that this is been what's going on. wrapping it up. i think he's accusing trump of
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treason behavior for years and it's true that the punishment for treason would be death. whether that's the indictment of trump or the indictment of the unhinged resistance -- >> laura: he's hitler, stalin, he is like every dictator rolled into one according to them. it he's all those things that have to be resisted at every turn. >> think of what the former fbi director did. he started an investigation into president trump. he left peter strzok to run an investigation. don't worry, we'll stop him. he uses the dossier to get a warrant. he leaked information to "the new york times." this is what the former head of the fbi did and then on january 7th he got to trump tower and tells the president that is oxo trying to trap them. they vowed to get this president from the gecko and chuck schume chuck schumer, hold on. i got to come after him. >> laura: ominous. >> the truth comes out and when the truth comes out, what we will see are the democrats at
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the very genesis of all of this. you will start to see in may of 2016 some of this interaction with ukraine has dnc and hurley clinton connections. he will start to see even more than that that nellie ohr, bruce ohr, all of this comes back and you know, whether it was in russia or ukraine, the connection is undeniable. the evidence was supported and ultimately, i think that they will go down this impeachment track and try to suggest impeachment without the evidence being there. >> laura: molly, in the end, do they really release a transcript of this call? >> i don't know because it's clear the transcript is something donald trump would like released because it shows the leak is not true. of course it would be bad for price. >> laura: are a panel. fantastic conversation. my next guest says this is a deal plus reaction to it undermining the office of the president heard molly and i was
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just talking about this by joining me as the former deputy assistant attorney general, one of the smartest folks out there, john, you see no rational president when trust is an intes latest breach so how does president trump actually function in the oval office knowing that someone on the other end of the line is -- always transcribing it and they are going to at times perhaps share them with others? on this whistle-blower mentality that i'm the new hero of the scene? how does the president deal with this? >> look, there's a short-term political tact on president trump that's being launched by this whistle-blower, whoever he is, and the members of congress on the democratic party but they are doing much longer term structural damage to the office of the presidency which president trump has to defend so that he can hand off the office in better shape than it was when he got it. under the constitution, the president alone is in charge of conducting foreign affairs, talking with foreign leaders,
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and classifying information because the constitution gives him the responsibility to protect the national security. here we have one whistle-blower who is disclosing or trying to disclose what president trump is talking about to foreign entities. why would president trump, no matter what happens with this, after what's happened here, after what's happened it with the mueller report, after what happen with jim comey, why would president trump or any of his successors averaged most of the intelligence agencies again? they are supposed to be helping him but instead they are actually trying to reverse the results of the 2016 elections. >> laura: i wonder why he wants to to do one-on-one meets with no one else in the room. but you wonder why people would be just wanting to lock this down. i mean, this is just happen since day one pair there have been leaks from inside the administration, a lot of old bush loyalists were inside. a lot of them were leaking and a lot of them were undermining from the very beginning gratis' got to stop or you're right, this is going to do long-term
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damage to the presidency, democrat down the road or at the republican, doesn't matter. i want to share something else. this house chair shift, he threatened what he threatened to do if trump doesn't handle over the whistle-blower's actual complaint. watch. >> in this case, you have the office of the director of national intelligence that is withholding this complaint in violation of the clear letter of the law that law says that he shall transmit the complaint to the first to refuse to do so and they are funding request that at that office makes the don't go directly to national security that we can withhold. >> laura: okay so it's a game of chicken here? are they calling adam schiff's bluff here? >> what's really going on here is that the democrats in congress are trying to hold down every institution, long practice, and the constitution, to just bring down president trump. if you look at the statute here,
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the whistle-blower statute, president trump clearly is not brought by it. he's gonna win if they go to court. the statute only places under the jurisdiction and it makes sense, people who work in the intelligence community. president trump doesn't work there. the intelligence community works for president trump. there is no way that his communication with foreign leaders could ever fall under the jurisdiction of the ig so this just shows again how willing president trump's critics are to throw out his practice -- >> laura: but why did the d and i'll allow this to go forward? why did it past that threshold if indeed, you're obviously right, this is obvious from the letter of statute that it doesn't apply to the president. it applies to the staff. so why would he have gone any further? >> that's a good question. i think the dni, mr. maguire, is doing the right thing. he's trying to block handing this over.
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the inspector general is this kind of quasi-independent person with in the ended intelligence community to think it's his job -- >> laura: it should be a one line dismissal. that doesn't involve the president. ridiculous. it should never have gone forward. >> i think the president has grounds to fire that inspector general because he's willingly -- >> laura: that would blow off on msnbc. heads will blow off if that happens. john, fantastic. no one else has brought up these points by the way. phenomenal analysis is always paired up moments away, my ankle exposes how the left are using the young to project their insane climate agenda. plus, we are going to speak to a former climate alarmist who has seen the light and why he has. don't go away >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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>> laura: the climatology colts. that's the focus of tonight's angle. watching and listening to the indignant at times branching of purchasers over the last few days, one thing is clear, climate change hysteria is changing our kids. >> what are we doing?
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it you are taking -- we are here because our parents trashed the planet and it's up to our generation to save it. >> we are here to create! >> we are creating a movement every day because every day of an action drives more action! >> we are gonna be the last generation to survive. >> laura: i actually feel really, really sorry for these kids. i'm sure they are truly petrified and that many can't even sleep at night. they've been told over and over, they've been conditioned to believe the left line that the world is coming to an end to end soon and only they can save it. >> we share one planet. this is our only home and why are we letting go to waste? why are we killing our own planet? we need climate action now. otherwise, our future is not going to be pretty.
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>> well, the puppet masters, the adults were pushing the radical anti-carbon agenda that goes way beyond conservationism, they've been even willing to use children, innocent children, to sell their doomsday scenario, all for dramatic effect. and how to frighten children better than to tell them that we are almost out of time? the planet is collapsing. and the timeline to destruction, its contracting. >> the world is going to end in 12 years of we don't address climate change. this is the war. this is our world war ii. >> we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> only 18 months. until some damages are irreversible. if we are in the midst of a global emergency and we must act fast if we want to survive. >> the adults who brainwash these kids should be brought up on charges of child abuse. we should be reassuring the young people and telling them that the science shows that
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climate trends that we are experiencing our natural, they are cycles, they happen and it's not something to get got upset about. honey, go back to school. calm down. it's gonna be okay. reassure them. instead, the media fans does fanaticism covering a u.n. speech by a 16-year-old climate activists, who is quite articulate, got up thornburgh, as if she were the second coming of golda my error. >> you've stolen my dreams, my childhood, which are empty words. people are suffering, and people dying, and our existence is collapsing. we are in the beginning of the mass extinction and all you can think about is the money. and fairy tales of eternal economic tropes. how dare you? >> laura: i guess we should surrender the global economy to kids who become manipulated. because they believe their future is doomed. they have been told it's doomed.
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i have one question, show the kids set their own dietary standards and homework assignments too? because my kids want to get in on that. well, the sad reality is this climate change alarmism is interest-earning kids against adults, it's literally driving them crazy. the number of youngsters being treated for eco-anxiety is on the rise and some are being prescribed psychiatric drugs to cope with it. many are so distraught they are pledging not to have children at all. >> i couldn't handle the idea of bringing someone into a dying world. >> i really want my kids and my grandkids to see the world and i want them to experience all the wonderful things i've experienced. if we continue on the path we are right now, i don't even know if i'm going to be able to have kids. >> laura: this is always where the leftist wednesday leaves the leaves. population control. suffering.
7:25 pm
the latest wave of climate fanaticism is just socialism in a new mask. they used to go on about the population bomb in the 1970s when the planet couldn't sustain any more people. it's now its weather fluctuation. but the solution is always going to be the same. it's not innovation and free markets, it's limit the population. limit families. take away their freedoms. but the tragedy is, this time the left has moral cover. today, pope francis drop this video address to the united nations climate summit taking the side, shocker, of the activists. >> [indistinct italian] >> laura: gretel thornburg didn't have to read or adjust, she actually memorized it. the implication is of course but
7:26 pm
to ensure the future, everyone must sign on to this global solution. cede control of our economy, our way of life come our way of transport, how many children you want to have, and if we don't go along, we will be punished by our own children. >> young people are starting to understand your betrayal. the eyes of all the future generations are upon you. and if you choose to say less, i say we will never forgive you. we will not let you get away with this. the world is waking up. and change is coming whether you like it or not. >> laura: does anyone else find that chilling? >> a time of tribulation has come. it a test is at hand. the final test. >> laura: i can't wait for stephen king's single, children on the climate.
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now if they ever get empower, they will use the excuse of climate change to reward their friends and punish their enemie enemies. because they will have betrayed the generations before. well, liberals want to use this in the global crisis to perpetuate a massive confiscation of wealth. that means your wealth. and then that means government control. that they could never achieve at the ballot box. they know that. this is also about global us wanting bring the eunice economy to heal with new regulations and fines paired with added bonus of punishing trump for daring to pull out of the paris accord. but we see through your little charade. and we know who's really pulling the strings and who is funding and pushing the global campaign for so-called climate justice. that's the angle. all right, here to respond, dr. karen ruskin, psychotherapist with a focus on children and anomaly, and hip-hop artist with one name,
7:28 pm
and a former climate change activists. all right anomaly, i feel like you're like cher, you're an anomaly. one name. but you used to be an alarmist on climate change and now you think a lot of this is fearmongering? what change your mind? >> well, i saw al gore's inconvenient truth. i went to see leonardo dicaprio's move me. i still consider myself an environmentalist. there is air pollution, plastic, but we still have to get down to -- when he started to get down to the facts and you start realizing that most of the ocean is unexplored and most of earth's ocean and they are finding volcanoes under melting glaciers, you have india and china among the biggest polluters that are never targeted with these protests and the list goes on and on of things that just aren't adding up, glaciers that they set are melting that are actually growing for three straight years, nestled themselves in a 2018 2018 arlette cole admitted that the only mention the coastline, some of it is melting some of
7:29 pm
its growing and they can even measure the snowfalls of the fact that they say that the science is settled is a made-up term. science doesn't settle. especially on a planet where most of it is unexplored. i don't understand why they call anybody who counters them a denier. make any sense. >> laura: i consider myself a conservationist. everyone knows i love the outdoors, i've hiked on glaciers, i'm a big animal preservationist. i mean, i'm not a big country, blah, blah, blah. that's just who i am. but i want to go back and show the coverage from "time" magazine in 1992. it kind of illustrates the point -- let's see that cover about the vanishing o zone. okay? it looks very scary with the big flame in the middle for the old. nice graphic work. but fast forward 22 years later and the ozone appears to be just fine. the ozone layer is showing significant signs of recovery. maybe that's because all of the conservationist stuff we did but dr. ruskin, let's talk about what this is doing to children.
7:30 pm
i watched quite a bit of the speeches over the weekend and on friday i was in seattle and i saw a lot of the kids in the streets. i'd think it was kind of a social situation for a lot of them. they were of high-fiving each and throwing frisbees but i do worry about some of the kids. they seem really -- i mean they seem whipped up into full on distress and i personally was worried about some of them. it is my concern overblown? what do you think? >> it's not overblown at all. the fact is, we are treating these children like animals and a zero. not unlike the monkey providing props to perform. their instinctive nature of impulsive reactive emotional response. we are already a culture where anxiety has written tremendously.
7:31 pm
it what i have seen when children and my 26 years in the past few years, is dramatic and once you have a fearful thoughtt escalates to more fear. this becomes a brainwashing scenario where adults are using the children for their own gain and then it becomes instinctive to the children because if they say things then other children take that same rhetoric and create their own reaction to that and then the children have reactions and that fear -- this is so concerning. you are not over blowing this at all and i'm actually really glad we are talking about this today. >> laura: there was one moment and got a speech today where she said i should be -- -- and it actually hurt my heart. she said i should be in school right now being a normal kid but i have to be here. i have to be here she said. look, you are a young climate activists, all anomaly. do you see what i'm saying?
7:32 pm
when she said i shouldn't have to be here? she's like a young woman and she's been carted all around the world on various forms of transport and she's kind of a globalstar right now but at some point that will go away and then what happens? >> it's sad because they are bringing fear onto people and fear is never the answer. a lot of news networks do that. there is a dutch kid who was a teenager who invented something to clean up the ocean and he is cleaning up tons of plastic out of the ocean and they never give him that type of price because he has solutions. it's not just all fearmongering and also, when it comes to los angeles and san francisco, a lot of the environmentalist come from there. it's the dirtiest city, san francisco is what is the worst hygiene. so when you kind of put a laser point and everyone goes climate change they don't realize there is volcanoes i shift and the ocean that they can even explore and they realize that all will come away, there actually is brainwashing and manipulating
7:33 pm
>> laura: it we are going to have both of you back. i know this was a short segment that we to disregard of established the free a pretty fantastic conversation. in moments, what if trumpet reelection teams think about warren's rise? this is a big one. don't go away so today i made a plan with my doctor, which includes preservision. because it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive, my grandson's beautiful face. only preservision areds 2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. because it's my sunset, it's how i see my life. it's my vision. preservision
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>> laura: with only 133 days, the iowa caucuses, and 407 days until the 2020 election, elizabeth warren is on the rise while joe biden's faltering. a new poll has warren leading
7:36 pm
biden by two points and i was it's only the latest polling surge that warren has seen in recent weeks. so is this good or bad news for the trump campaign? joining me now is mercedes schlapp. 2020 advisor for trump and jon mcglocklin. all right mercedes, the conventional wisdom is that warren is easier to beat than biden. i'm not sure that's the right conclusion frankly. i think there's a lot of people out there that say oh, no, she's gonna be easy but she's trying to do the populous thing on the left is she not? >> we were just actually having this discussion. i think that elizabeth warren and her approaches out of going as far left as possible. she is that alternative to bernie sanders and they are kind of feeling, these voters, they are relating to her because of the fact that they are so -- you are talking about the liberal, white, a lot of women, that like the identity politics of having a woman be the nominee
7:37 pm
without being said, obviously biden is holding onto dear life but i think he has had so s along the way that is deafly has numbers. >> laura: there was an odd moment this weekend when peter doocy approached biden at a campaign event and asked a question about the ukraine and it's the old protest too much scenario. watch. >> trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader? ask the right question. >> laura: interesting pointing mechanism there. it was right in his face. taken by the woodshed there. wild. >> but it's back crying on him big time because the democrats are all going out the president saying he should be on the phone with him but who was on the phone with the president of the ukraine back in
7:38 pm
2016? it was joe biden. >> laura: can people follow this though? you get the sense that is the prosecutor and the funds and then the money, can people follow all of this? or are they just going to judge him? they've got to right the script here. i mean, write the narrative. >> yeah but it's money and by the way, with elizabeth warren coming out, she's somebody that can really come at this and i'm not saying she's going to scalp joe yet but she is -- >> laura: i think the scalp comment shouldn't be said. go ahead. >> it's a leftist centered democratic primary and what work mercedes was saying, the gym ornery of the people are left of center so they are going to give us a nominee in the tradition of mcgovern, mondale, john kerry, the last two from massachusetts didn't work out well so their party is out of
7:39 pm
the mainstream here they are way off on the left. >> laura: even elon omar, she decided to chime in this weekend. watch. >> there are few people who look into them kind of progress that we all want to see in this country. he is not one of them. we want somebody who really has a plan that is going to tackle a lot of the systematic challenges that we have and he doesn't. >> laura: systematic challenges. that's not a big endorsement for biden. a lot of these real lefties, they've got to love this actually in a way because this is just ultimately going to shine light on what biden was up to with the ukraine prosecutor. >> right and i mean the squad sensation is dangerous. when you look at the fact at what they believe in as well as what warren and sanders and even biden have accepted as okay,
7:40 pm
it's really out of the mainstream of where the democrat party was before, even under obama. and now you are talking about free health care for illegals, now you are talking about let's eliminate private health insura. yes, i'm not gonna raise taxes on the middle class but it's gonna cause 30 children a trillion dollars for medicare for all. >> laura: it reminded me also of -- warren has not gotten nick's as anyone yet. she's really never been challenged. i mean right now, who is out there really nicking her in these debates? no one paid she's gotten a free ride. biden has been a little silent on -- i think that tells you she might be the nominee. >> and he knows he's in trouble. he can answer those ukraine questions and the media is not pushing strong enough to say let's investigate. >> laura: it's a conspiracy.
7:41 pm
and when i hear people today saying this is just like the hillary email thing, like i was such a big deal, yeah, destroying thousands of emails and not turning over documents and getting a sweetheart interview on the fourth of july weekend, yeah, no, that was nothing. but they are kind of throwing that in the pot of the irrelevant detail. >> they are actually promoting her. they wrote a big piece about how she ran this big federal regulatory agency that did such a wonderful job. >> she's anticapitalist. she does not respect the way we want to function in terms of building up our businesses and what she wants to fill in eyes as that of corporations which provided jobs for millions of americans and get rid of our fossil fuels. >> laura: she's gonna raise taxes on the middle class that need to be lifted up with higher wages. she's going to put a big angle on their shoulders with his medicare for all plan. thank you very much. both of you, mercedes and john.
7:42 pm
while the media obsessed over today's climate hysterics, president trump was announcing a huge new and historical religious liberty effort. it's not been done before at the u.n. governor huckabee is here with the magic he sent to the world, next.
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7:44 pm
>> today with one clear voice the united states of america calls upon the nations of the world to and religious persecution, to stop the crimes against people of faith,
7:45 pm
released prisoners of conscience. repeal laws, restricting freedom of religion and beliefs, protect the vulnerable, the defenseless and the oppressed. >> laura: president trump today standing up for those being shunned, silence, even persecuted because of their faith. joining me now, mike huckabee, 2016 presidential campaign and founder of operation underground railroad. he was integral in the rescue of a girl captured by isis and how does a for five years. in a moment we will bring you dramatic video of her reunion with her mother she thought was dead. first, tim, you were there today with president trump when he spoke about the plight of christians. this hasn't happened, i don't think, watching the u.s. president called us out for what it has been, a systematic persecution a suffering of religious minors, especially
7:46 pm
christians in the middle east. speak of the president made it clear, he's the first president ever to go to the u.n. and called us out and he made the pt 80% of the world's population lives in countries where they do not enjoy religious freedom and christians are at the forefront of being targeted. it's terrific. >> laura: governor huckabee, the amazing thing is, the list of countries that have -- are just the most brutally vicious to the there is substance. north korea, afghanistan, somalia, libya, yemen, iran, india, syria, many of them of course muslim countries, north korea just persecuting everyone, how important is this? as all of this other stuff is running around, climate change issue, the ukraine issue, but the president in the midst of all of this goes and speaks for these people who basically with extraction of the activists who are trying to get the word out, voiceless? >> i think people are saying that folks are dying but they can't point to any obituaries
7:47 pm
with climate change but we can point to 11 christians a day were systematically murdered, 280 million christians are being persecuted around the globe today but what the president did today was seminal. it was really a transformational moment that he would use this opportunity to go to the u.n., he is fearless. he looks these nations right in the eye and he says we are robbing people of their most precious freedom. we have never had a president, even the more religious ones, who has ever taken the kind of stand that president trump has taken today at the u.n. >> laura: again, the human rights issue, which traditionally is kind of like a liberal issue, but it kind of gets very little respect or support from the left which like to think they are the bona fides on this issue but he's doing it anyway. i think it's important that i want to get back to that in a moment because al sharpton hasn't called out the president today but tim i want to share
7:48 pm
some of this footage, very emotional, right -- at 17 young girl being united with her mom after spending five years as a nicest. them either was also captured by isis. >> this happens to thousands of thousands of children for 12 years old, this little girl was taken. she was taken from her village and centura in northern iraq and taken into syria, she was in slavery for five years, her mom thought she was dead. our foundation, we go in and extract these children and bring them back to their homes and in this case we brought them back to australia where with other refugees and it's amazing to see this child reuniting with her mother. it was one of the most emotional experiences ever. >> laura: are we allowing in an off persecuted christians to the united states? i keep hearing from my friends who do this that we are not allowing enough end. these people, these are the people we should be bringing in
7:49 pm
as refugees. i mean we have a lot of other refugees from somalia and so forth in minnesota and other places but gosh, this is a crying out. >> i spent a lot of time in northern iraq and it's the christian groups who are not getting the attention. >> know and they can't go to the camps, right? >> exactly so they are the most misplaced and we are the only ones out there who can see this happening and i would love for the u.s. open up the doors and australia is being great. >> laura: i'm all for it. i want to ask you about what al sharpton said this weekend about evangelical trump supporter's. >> absent of certain baseline racism, i still can't understand why a valid christian let alone evangelicals are still enthralled view to you mr. president . >> let me explain it to you. it's real simple for number one, he's pro-life. he actually respects human life from conception and loves us so
7:50 pm
many people even though you don't. another thing he believes in, religious freedom. he truly genuinely does and he respects the pastors are to be able to say whatever they want to. that's why evangelicals follow him. not because of what he does and going to church, we don't expect that he's one of us, but he respects the christians and he's doing more and he did more today than it the folks on your side of the aisle have done in my life. unbelievable. no one. >> laura: next year we want him at the march for life. gentlemen, thank you so much. meet the conservative activists doing what conservatives don't like liberals refused to do. he's leaving the cleanup of the trash at these homeless encampments for the man behind this effort is here next. you've had quite the career.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
yeah, i've had some pretty
7:53 pm
prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪ >> this is tons and tons and tons of trash here where people are living, not even 30 feet away from where they are sleeping. >> laura: that's conservative activist scott pressler talking about doing what democrats city local leaders won't, cleaning up the filth plaguing our crumbling cities. earlier this summer he spearheaded the effort to clean
7:54 pm
a baltimore after president trump spotlighted the blight there. scott pressler joined me now. scott, i have to say, i'm so in awe of you. i saw your tweet -- i was up in seattle when you were down there. and i was going -- we were going through and walking by some of the homeless areas in seattle and just it's a heartbreaker and then we saw your tweet that you are doing what a lot of these democrat-controlled cities apparently refused to do, which is to clear the stuff out. what made you want to do it? >> my motto, laura, and thank you, i'm so grateful to be here with you today, is "stop talking, start doing." everybody can facebook, everybody can tweet, but it really take somebody to go out there and actually pick up garbage, clean up the trash and do something. that's all i want to inspire people to do. >> laura: one of the homeless people nearby? today pitching to help? a lot of people are saying why
7:55 pm
are they helping all of you? you are wearing hazmat suits. i saw the tweet where you're saying we are passing out suits because people could get sick. there are -- as dr. drew has recounted, all sorts of diseases prevalent, human waste, rodents, typhus. so a lot of people would be afraid to do it but you went in there and got the hazmat suit. >> that's right, it's a common misconception, they are like stop, why are you going in there? number one, i care about my fellow neighbor, i care about not leaving california behind and yes, miss constance and mr. robert and captain andrews were all helping us pick up trash even though they were a part of the homeless encampment. the community came together as a family that day together. >> laura: do you think -- i mean i just think there's got to be some way to use the resources that we have on americans in need. i know a lot of people don't want to be in homeless shelters, they don't like them because it
7:56 pm
restricts movement, but there's got to be a better solution here with mental health and addiction specialty, there's got to be. this is -- i'm just saying i saw that and i was so inspired by you, i'm so proud of you and if i can help, i will help. >> thank you, laura. think about this. if 200 volunteers canada, in nine hours, pick up 50 tons of trash with no help from the city, imagine what we could do with resources, imagine what we could do with millions of dollars. >> laura: scott, fantastic way to close it, thank you sir, it's great to see you tonight. and up next, how is sean spicer doing on "dancing with the stars"? we have a critical update.
7:57 pm
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♪ >> laura: it's time for the last bite. how is sean spicer doing on "dancing with the stars"? ♪
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>> laura: i like that jacket. looked better than that flamingo thing he had before. he's still in it! everybody voted for him! that's all the time we have tonight, mike emanuel is in for shannon bream. he and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. >> mike: thanks so much, we began with a fox news alert. we are working sources to get the latest on the ukraine whistle-blower. new developments straight ahead and there's no pressure on house speaker nancy pelosi as calls for president trump's impeachment intensify in the wake of the secretive whistle-blower complaint. but as the democratic narrative unraveling? as fox news learns the whistle-blower does not have firsthand knowledge of the phone call with the ukrainian president in question. we will debate. and later, tensions escalating yet again with iran, the country's foreign minister says the latest round of sanctions against his country has closed


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