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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> melissa: last word real quick? >> amb. grenell: big breaking news that the u.n. with the president talking about the decriminalization of homosexuality. 71 countries criminalize it. the president wants to put a stop to it. >> melissa: here's harris. >> harris: let's stay with breaking news. we are awaiting former vice president joe biden's remarks on the growing controversy over president trump's communications with ukraine. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump today has confirmed that he withheld millions of dollars in aid to ukraine back in july, saying he wanted european nations to pay more, and that he would do it again. the delay came just days before the president's call with ukraine's president, where he reportedly pushed for an investigation into joe biden and his son, under biden's, business activities. now democrats are ramping up their calls for impeachment over it all. the president is firing back.
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watch. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a witch hunt. i'm reading in the polls. they have no idea how they stop me. the only way they can trace their impeachment pair this has never happened to present befor. this is nonsense. >> harris: also gets written on the united states united na. let's go to the white house correspondent, chief john mackey john roberts, with the latest. >> good afternoon to you, from outside the united nations pay the present give a speech as morning continues bilateral meetings with world leaders. the president back in mid-july told his chief of staff mick mulvaney to tell the state department and also that affirmative defense to hold that $400 million in aid ukraine. mulvaney then passed on that message. the president says -- the white house as part of the reason they were doing that was in the context of looking at foreign aid to countries.
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what was the united states getting for all the money was handing out around the world? the second part of that was -- and the present talked about that this morning -- is the united states unfairly burdened in terms of the amount of aid that it is giving to countries around the world? what about europe? ukraine is in europe's sphere of influence. why aren't our allies stepping up to the plate to help out? listen to what the president set on that front this morning. >> as far as withholding funds, those funds were paid. they were fully paid. my complaint has always been -- and i would withhold again, and i will continue to withhold until such time as your bend of the nations contribute to ukraine. because they are not doing it. the united states, we are putting up the bulk of the money. i'm asking, why is that? >> the president again denying today that he put any pressure on the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky, to open up an inquiry into joe biden. the ukrainian foreign minister
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is on record as saying he knows the contents of that phone call and he doesn't believe any pressure was put on zelensky either. president trump again this morning raising the possibility that the public may get to see a transcript of that phone call. listen here. >> when you see the call, when you see the readout of the call, which i assume you will see at some point, you will understand. that calm was perfect. it couldn't have been nicer. even the ukrainian government put out a statement that it was a perfect call. there was no pressure put on them whatsoever. but there was pressure put on with respect to joe biden. >> senate minority chuck schumer now jumping on the bandwagon demanding to see the complaint that was filed with the intelligence community inspector general, saying that needs to be handled over by thee of national intelligence to the senate and house intelligence committees as quickly as possible. nancy pelosi get set to meet with her caucus this afternoon,
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as the train of impeachment starts to build on the track. a reminder that this whistle-blower who filed the complaint with the inspector general, according to the complaint and according to sources who have spoken to fox news, does not have firsthand knowledge of anything that transpired during that phone call. harris, even as the democrats really now i ramping up this road to impeachment, we still don't know what's behind all this. harris? >> harris: john roberts outside of the u.n., thank you very much. i want to bring a democratic congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan. many times you and i have talked on this program, and you were not there yet on a push for impeachment. now you are, and many other democrats are joining you. why is that? what has changed? >> we need investigation. i am somebody who is very worried about this country and how divided it is. i'm still worried about it, harris. but we cannot be divided on the following the rule of law.
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now we get information that the inspector general of homeland security determined that there was an credible threat to our national security. if it is, as the president says, we will see when we see the transcript. then why did the -- >> harris: can i just thought that things are not always binary? there has been some criticism that if you put out from one president his calls or conversations with world leaders that you might compromise those talks in the future. that those world leaders might have an expectation of at least not confidentiality but some privacy. it's not necessarily binary, as you say. i want to get some confirmation, if you can give it to me. we are seeing reports. nbc among those reporting that speaker nancy pelosi could actually hold a vote later today on impeachment inquiry. are you aware of this?
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>> i don't have all of the information. i don't think anything will happen in the house today. i think the speaker is trying to listen to her members. we have both a leadership and caucus meeting at 4:00. people are very concerned. if what's being reported, if they are not providing information, you have to remember that inspector general told the intelligence committee that there is a serious threat to national security. our responsibility of members of congress is to protect the constitution and our national security. we will see what the rest of the week sees. i think you may see something. it's going to be very important to see what happens on thursday when the house intelligence committee is having a hearing. >> harris: and the inspector general mcguire will be there. >> what he provides.
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if this is as innocent as we say it is, why wouldn't you provide the information so we aren't all so worried? v1 two pieces of information you're seeking. the transcribed, as i understand. also the whistle-blower complaint. actually -- and you were talking about this 4:00 p.m. eastern meeting. it wouldn't be a vote, it would actually push toward impeachment inquiry. she could open that up, pelosi. so we will watch carefully later this afternoon. there's a lot of political pressure being put on the speaker of the house. i would imagine some of you that haven't quite gotten to impeachment, and now you are, like people john lewis come with an impassioned call for impeachment a short time ago on the house floor. let's watch. >> we must not wait. now is the time to act. i have been patient while we tried every other path and used every other tool.
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we will never find the truth unless we use the power given to the house of representatives, and the house alone, to begin an official investigation as dictated by the constitution. >> harris: your reaction? >> i think he said it very well. he is someone who loves our country. our responsibility is to follow the rule of law. we got to protect our constitution. after protect our national security. use the facts. >> harris: if you don't agree them going forward impeachment, are you saying those people or those senators would not love the country? >> i think we should not be divided in following the rule of the law. we need is the facts. if this was not a threat, as the inspector general said, then just give us the facts so we know it's not. but the facts we have now, this is an inspector general appointed by this administratio
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administration. who says there's a threat to our national security. we have to listen to that. >> harris: right. there's also -- i want to bring this in, some sort of look at all this that says it may not meet all the requirements that it needs to. the dni letter. i want to get to this, though. another democrat spoke with pam last night. a former hillary clinton spokes person, who cautioned you as you go forward. watch this. >> i've always been a voice that says, "let's not go too fast on the impeachment front. let's get all the information." i think there is a situation here that could resolve this issue in a very measured way, and that is to give the transcript to the senate intelligence committee. that committee has a record of working in a very bipartisan way with senator burr, the chair, and senator warner, the vice chair. we want and you say what to that? >> i think uses common sense. by the way, the intelligence committees, both of them -- i
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wish the house hadn't -- we need to stop -- national security should never be partisan. but i do think these intelligence committees and of the importance of confidentiality. if there is nothing here, give it to these intelligence committees so they could say, "this doesn't appear to be a threat, this doesn't meet all the criteria," or whatever the facts are. >> harris: it's interesting that you say all that. with healthy respect, there could be looked toward whether or not information would leak. i think that's fair considering a lot of what we've seen on capitol hill. we may end up seeing some of it anyway. but what you are saying is to at least put in the hands of the professionals who are supposed to look at it. i understand it. we will be watching to see what speaker of the house nancy pelosi does, and you have moved to the side of impeachment. a person who told me -- >> and impeachment inquiry. i want the facts. >> harris: which is an investigation. fair enough. good to see you, thank you. president trump calling out iran today at the united nations, urging world leaders to stand
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>> of the united states does not seek conflict with any other nation. we desire peace, cooperation, and mutual gain with all. i will never fail to defend america's interest. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted. they will be tightened. >> harris: that was president trump laying out a
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harsh critique of iran during his address at the united nations general assembly just a short time ago today. the president called for a multinational response to the regime's growing aggression in the region, including its alleged attacks on saudi oil facilities. i want to bring in now ilan berman, senior vice president of the the amern foreign policy council. good to see you today. the president talking tough on iran, and now potentially maybe you could be looking at a situation where iran and rouhani might consider a pull-out. how likely do see that? would you like to see said? >> look, i think it's very clear the president had a very important platform today to push his iran policy. the maximum pressure campaign the white house has leveraged over the last year and a half has been remarkably successful in terms of putting the economic squeeze, the financial squeeze,
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on the islamic republic. it's also been divisive. it's been hard for the administration up until now to try and really get international consensus about the need to move forward. not unilaterally, but multilaterally. the attacks on saudi arabia this past weekend divided opportunity for him to sort of change that rhetoric. this is what you heard from them today when he talked about a multilateral response. when he talked about the fact that the international community has to come together to hold iran accountable. this is precisely what he was talking about. >> harris: when i'm sending a pro-life-aside, apply for an out from the regular set schedule with the president, the president has said he never rules anything out. what needs to be set in that meeting? now you've got iran on its heels somewhat after this speech. we know the sanctions are crippling them. >> this is -- it tells you a lot about what has changed in the rhetoric between washington and tehran over the last few days. before this begins attacks on
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saudi arabia, it was very clear that iranian leadership was trying to escalate, to de-escalate. it was trying to improve its strategic position in advance of having talks which they thought were likely with the united states. >> harris: has that ever worked? is quick to de-escalate >> it has in a lot of different scenarios, including in prior u.s. dealings with russia. it's a fairly shrewd tactic from the iranian perspective. looking at the type of behavior they've engaged in over the summer, and the lack of a robust response on the part of united states to their downing of an american drone. to their interdiction of maritime traffic in the street a foreman's you could come away understanding why the iranians thought this was a winning strategy. the speech put them on their heels a little bit. i think as long as there's an international consensus that comes together, that begins to coalesce as we are seeing around the need to squeeze iran and to
10:19 am
hold iran accountable, i think that conversation will go very differently. >> harris: i understand that the leadership in iran -- not the religious clergy, but those who are in leadership, like rouhani -- might have some pressure put upon them not to talk with president trump. not to sit down with america after it had pulled out of that deal, that the president determined was not good for the united states. >> i think that's right. there is an internal tug-of-war going on over what the best approach would be. the clerical hardliners in iran very clearly want to tighten the fiscal belt, to champion the banner of resistance, to avoid any sort of compromise. all of this is predicated on this idea of strategic patience. essentially that they can wait out president trump. they can wait out -- they originally thought he was a one-term president. increasingly, i think there are doubts among the iranian leadership that this is a workable strategy. i think they are looking at our political system, they are looking at the chaos on the
10:20 am
democratic side of the aisle in terms of -- >> harris: really, they are watching our politics? >> they are watching hours, we are watching theirs. i think what they are seeing, if anything, provides them with a little bit doubt. that they can sit back and wait out the trump administration. that calls for a reorientation of strategy. that means iran has to have a more serious internal conversation about how it can possibly compromise with the united states. >> harris: interesting. ilan berman, senior vice president of the american foreign policy council. could he have you on the program today, thank you. the fbi has arrested a u.s. soldier whose sources now say is accused of plans to bomb a major news network. we will continue the story breaking this hour yesterday. coming up, a former fbi investigator will help us break down what's happening in the case. ♪ ♪ the amount of student loan debt i have
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>> harris: breaking news, and here are the things we are watching for. vice president joe biden, 2020 democratic candidate, expected to speak later today in the 2:00 p.m. our about ukraine and the president and all of the growing calls for impeachment and whatnot. we don't know all the details with the, but we will bring it to you as it happens. also, 4:00 p.m. eastern today, we know the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, who is now being heavily pushed toward starting the impeachment process against president trump, is holding a 4:00 p.m. eastern meeting with the democratic caucus. we just had on democratic congresswoman debbie dingell, who had not moved toward this process until today. we talked about that. whether or not we could see some sort of action on that, possibly. pelosi prepping for some kind of action later today. so we are all about over it. i want to bring in judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning author. and dan henning are, from the
10:26 am
wall street editorial page. with fox news contributor's. i want to go to you first. "the wall street journal" is credited with the details. none of us have seen the transcripts. the calls that they've made to ukraine back in july. eight times, according to "the wall street journal," he brought up joe biden on that call. >> that's right. i think we, the editorial page, editorialized today that we think the president ought to release that transcript to the american public. not to the democrats in congress, but the american public. we were just watching him earlier, harris, at the united nations. my reading of what the president said was that they look like they are going through a process that will allow the white house to release that transcript and let the american people make up their minds whether he should be impeached on the basis of that text. >> if the president releases anything less, or the white house, less than a
10:27 am
completely unredacted version, will that quite the calls for impeachment in your mind? >> i think, harris, having just returned from the ukraine, that we are headed towards impeachment. i think nancy pelosi, who had been resisting calls for impeachment, is now persuaded that the momentum has built and that the seven members of congress, mainstream people from areas that trump did very well, are now joining that call. i think it's going to be hard to resist this. i think you're headed down that road. >> harris: let me bring in the senior producer for o for fox news, chad pergram. i've laid out the three friends. joe biden talking later, nancy nancy pelosi at 4:00 p.m., possibly some action from her. >> right. i was just looking at my phone, i'm going to review what we have here. we are hearing that there might be some sort of formal announcement from the speaker later today on their course forward on impeachment. there has been some talk here on
10:28 am
capitol hill about putting together some sort of a select committee that would maybe codify the work of the others committees working on impeachment. the judiciary committee, the intelligence committee, the oversight committee, that would kind of unified things. the reason i was looking at my phone here is that 40 minutes ago i got a tip that they were maybe going to put a resolution on the house floor that dealt with something with ukraine, the whistle-blower. i was wondering if that was actually going to be the definitive word on some sort of a select committee. you can imagine what they did some years ago with the benghazi committee. you go back to the watergate committee, in 1973. or even the joint house senate select committee on iran contra in 1987. but what i've been told here is that this resolution on the house floor, prospectively later this week, will focus more specifically on the whistle-blower issue. one thing that democrats are getting tired of here on capitol hill is having republicans stand foursquare behind the president. so this could be a similar
10:29 am
effort to what we've seen in the senate, where they try and put republicans who stand by the president and defend the president on the record. what we've seen in the past 12 to 15 hours is a breaking. you have moderate democrats who won in swing battleground districts. new jersey, new york state, nevada, other places. they are coming out in favor of an impeachment inquiry. i want to put a very fine point on this, here, because you have to go and ask all these democratic members, are they for full blown impeachment or an impeachment inquiry? what that does is give them some wiggle room to say. that's maybe what the speaker does later today, when they have the democratic caucus meet at 4:00. >> harris: let me step in just a second, if you will. you hit on something i kind of wrapped up the interview with, with debbie dingell, of michigan paid the congresswoman said, "wait, harris, i didn't say i was for impeachment." she and i have had many conversations about how that becomes a distraction away from all the other issues that they
10:30 am
say they want to lean in on. in particular, health care what she says is, "look, i'm in favor of the inquiry process." let's talk about what the differences. that's the investigation. it opens up different lanes for democrats to get their hands on different types of information. it is not necessarily true the impeachment. why does that matter, chad? go it's important because they have it both ways. they can say to the left wing base in the democratic party, "look, we are doing something on impeachment. we are thoroughly investigating. >> harris: political. >> yes. keep in mind, these moderate democrats, they were starting to feel the heat from the left wing and maybe get a primary challenge. these are districts that have gone democratic. it's just a question of who might be the democrat that represents that seat. it's an effort to try and inoculate them from those primary challenges. that's why some people were trying to get on board. again, there was a conference call some months back with members -- the council from the judiciary committee. on the democratic side.
10:31 am
this was in july, not long before the robert mueller hearing. one of the things i was left with after that conference call was that one of the council said come on the record, that you would have to go and talk to each democratic member. were they for impeachment or an impeachment inquiry? related to believe, depending on who you talk to, there is no such formal thing. if you go back and let history be our guide, if you look in 1973, after the saturday night massacre, the judiciary committee at that point devoted to start an impeachment inquiry. in january /february of 1974, the flautist voted for an impeachment inquir inquiry. technically there is no place you have to do it that way. some might argue that this might be another effort by democrats to just drag this out and continue to have it both ways and placate their liberal base. >> harris: i was looking down at my phone because i was looking for messaging, if you
10:32 am
will. those progressives known as the squad, or aoc plus three. congresswoman ocasio-cortez, who has been pushing in the last 24 to 48 hours for members to look at impeachment. how much is the press for that to happen today? how is it shifting, chad? i showed congressman john lewis of georgia, to representative dingell, just to get her reaction. it has become an impassioned plea. what is flipping that emotion? >> a lot of it is when you have someone with the civil rights back background and the conscious of the house. a civil rights icon like john lewis. that starts to move the plates tectonic leon l. that's why we need to look at these moderate democrats. some of those who wrote that op-ed. that gives credence to the argument, saying that we know
10:33 am
intelligence, we know the military, and if the president of the united states did this, that's a problem. we have credibility and that gives the rest of you covered." it gives the rest of them covered because there were campus not through political prism, but through the national security prison, harris. stu upgraded to happen as this is unfolding. you are on capitol hill, our senior producer. thank you very much. i want to bring back judy miller and dan henninger. what is the calculus for the white house for republicans today? >> i think donald trump has been throwing out a lot of different expeditions and excuses for why he held up the aid. other than the obvious, which is that he held it up to pressure president zelensky of ukraine to start an investigation to give up dirt on his political opponent. but he had said that first he withheld the aid because of
10:34 am
corruption pray that won't work, because president zelensky was elected. 41-year-old ingénue come on the basis of -- >> harris: are they about to get a new president now? >> no, they've just had a president. he was just elected with 72% of the vote. he is an enormous the popular. why? he said he would do something about corruption. >> harris: i see we are saying. >> so the idea that it's corruption was for postures. >> harris: 's even with his entree, you're saying the president is challenged by the facts of that. the president today said at the u.n. when asked about ukraine, he was citing countries that need to do their own fair share, if you will. he said, "no quid pro quo." when asked about italy, germany, france, "no one has given more to ukraine. we think it's very important. why is it always the u.s. that pays?" >> this is the second explanation. which is rather extraordinary since it was donald trump who
10:35 am
came into office saying that president obama hasn't given enough money to ukraine. president obama needs to help the poor ukrainians fight the russians. not all of the it's only the united states? >> harris: dan deming are shaking your head. why? >> really, i do have to ask -- i've been watching the story for two weeks. are the american people out there in the country getting numb to these narratives? we went through the russian inclusion narrative for 18 months. we went through the mueller investigation. we had thousands of press stories. much bigger deal than the ukraine. then the mueller report comes out, we go to obstruction, that can't set aside. we had terms taxes, even had stormy daniels. now we have the transcript of a conversation with the ukrainian president, and the idea is we are going to move toward impeachment on that? what are the american people supposed to make of that, that they haven't already concluded from all these other incidents involving donald trump? if the democrats want to go out into the street and have it out, like the gunfight at the
10:36 am
o.k. corral, i think the white house on the republicans are going to give them that fight. i really do. >> harris: you mean proverbial, of course. great to see you both. thank you very much, as you navigate the breaking news. we are awaiting joe biden's news conference where he is expected to weigh in on the whistle-blower controversy. this, as joe biden's team is waging a media offensive in an effort to try and control the ukraine narrative. on saturday, the candidate lectured reporters to "ask the right questions," and focus on the present rather than his son's business dealings. >> you should be looking at trump. trump is doing this because he knows i will beat him like a drum. he's using an abuse of power and every other element of the presidency to try and do something to smear me. everybody looked at this, and everybody has looked at it and said there is nothing there. ask the right questions. >> harris: this happens in breaking news. sometimes people stay, so thank you. [laughter] joe biden and where he goes this
10:37 am
afternoon, we don't know all the detail about what he will be announcing in about an hour. your thoughts on it? pico i think he will go on the offensive. i think he will call for a congressional inquiry. i think he's going to defend himself and he is going to point out the difference between his demand that ukrainians do something about corruption and what is going on now. >> harris: what's the difference? >> of the difference is the prosecutor from the obama administration, whom the europeans wanted to get rid of, and the imf wanted to get rid of because he was soft on corruption and corrupt himself. there was unanimous agreement that he should be gone. this is not the case today. now you have a president who is committed to doing something, president zelensky come about corruption. >> harris: you made that point as he came in. dan? >> can we not agree that vice president joe biden, if his son was involved, it was the wrong message or to be going over there at the same time his son was involved? there was a conflict of interest
10:38 am
and that story is going to come out in detail if the democrats insist on pushing an impeachment investigation. >> it already has, dan. even republicans have not suggested that although the perception is bad, that after biden did anything illegal. which is not the case with the trump administration. >> harris: what was told to me -- and we have rick ungar on, a democrat, with me yesterday on the panel. he said, "look, the story has been out here with joe biden. he should have already had an answer." it's been out there for months, maybe even longer. with regard twobiden, it wasn't whether there was lawbreaking. it was whether he had access to his father, the vice president, that would have been great for somebody might've been doing business with. >> that's true. the perception is that. and hunter biden should not have accepted that job on the energy company. and he was clearly there just because the vice president happened to be his father. >> politically, inevitably, i think joe biden is going to get damaged about this if this
10:39 am
proceeds. >> harris: i said something on "outnumbered" yesterday. that is, sometimes when things happen, two things can be true. this could be terribly damaging for joe biden, terribly damaging for the current president of the united states. >> i think both are true, harris. i think that's exactly the situation. but biden can turn this into a positive, i think, more easily than the president can at this point. >> harris: why? speak out that transcript will come out pretty will see the eight times in which the president pressured ukraine to dig up dirt on his potential political opponents. that is unacceptable in our system, especially after the russian -- >> harris: talking about the optics. is it better that the white house released that transcript? or is it just the way it happens in washington that it could leak? >> i don't think we should allow it to leak. having something leaked by somebody who didn't have firsthand knowledge of it is a problem in itself. but the white house, they will have to vent it and go through it. i don't think they should redact it. they should put it out there and let the american people decide
10:40 am
for themselves. >> harris: would you give it to the intelligence committee? >> that's a terrible precedent, to hand something like a president's conversation -- >> harris: that's what some are saying today. mo elleithee, congressman dingell. asked her about what mo was suggesting to me last night on "the story" when i filled in. you put in the hands of those professional lawmakers to look at the sort of thing. but you are saying you don't think about to go that way? >> you don't want the intelligence committees without access to president conversations with heads of state. whether it's as president or president obama, bush, clinton. i don't think that's a good idea. >> normally i would agree with dan, but on this one the charges are so serious i think you make and people need to know whether or not they need to know directly whether or not they need to know through the senate intelligence committee. that information has got to come out. >> harris: real quickly, from both of you -- there is potential being talked about with the president, maybe on the sidelines. i'm going to shift gears a little bit here. but there is so much going on
10:41 am
with this president. he even mentioned the word "impeachment," because he was asked about it at the u.n. the situation that iran has nothing to do with any of that. >> [laughs] right, it doesn't. but it's obviously broader politics that affect it. i think we are headed, we seem to be added, toward a meeting between the iranians and president trump. i think it's long overdue. i think it is weirdly enough of a way to rescue the president from his decision to pull out of the jcpoa, the iran nuclear deal, without a plan b. this may be his plan b, "let's sit down with the iranians and try and renegotiate the treaty." the one he rejected when he first came into office. >> i think the germans and french offered him a plan b when they said jointly that it's time to renegotiate that agreement. that gives them an incentive to sit down. >> harris: french president emmanuel mike rounds met with rouhani, your ported that last evening. but he does need help with the mediator, but we'll see. i can tell you who is going to
10:42 am
meet with rouhani. our own chris wallace. that interview exclusively tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. people sit down with that every new leader. don't miss it. we will be right back. ♪ the amount of student loan debt i have i'm embarrassed to even say i felt like i was going to spend my whole adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. jam-packed hour ahead. we are expecting to hear from house speaker nancy pelosi had
10:46 am
of her all hands on deck meeting with democrats, where they are expecting to move forward on impeachment. he will also hear from former vice president and democratic front runner, joe biden. he is set to respond to president trump and there was a blur controversy. complete coverage coming up on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: fox news alert, the fbi has arrested a u.s. soldier whose sources say he is accused of discussing plans to bomb cnn. gerrit william smith, stationed at fort riley, kansas, also allegedly sent bomb making instructions over social media and suggested targeting 2020 dec candidate beto o'rourke. lucas tomlinson's life for us at the pentagon with more on this. lucas? >> harris, jarrett william smith from south carolina is a 24-year-old u.s. army infantry men and private first class who was arrested last weekend. he made his first court appearance monday. he had been stationed at fort riley in kansas, as you said, home of the first infantry division also known as the big red one. he has never deployed overseas.
10:47 am
according to court documents, he is charged with disturbing information on explosives treat an fbi informant encouraged smith on social be the in march. the junior enlisted soldier allegedly shared bomb-making instructions online, including how to make cell phone-activated bombs. he partly also expressed interest in going to ukraine to fight with the group with you neo-nazi ties battling russian-backed fighters in eastern ukraine. he also had targets in the u.s., including an unnamed major news network headquarters. officials say that is cnn. also on the target list, nt for activists and democratic presidential candidate, beto o'rourke, who responded to the arrest. >> we have been sharing information that is relevant with the fbi. we are very confident in their ability to bring this case to justice. and to protect your fellow americans. we cannot be more grateful for our intelligence community and
10:48 am
law enforcement that we are at this moment. >> a spokesman for the army's first infantry division respond in a statement, "these allegations violate our army values, so we take them very seriously. our law enforcement team cooperated with the fbi on his arrest over the weekend." private first class smith faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, harris. >> harris: lucas, thank you very much. i want to bring in former fbi investigator bill daly now. bill, you and i have talked when these arrests have happen. this one seems different. what stands out to you? >> it stands out, the fact that this individual -- at least from what's being reported -- had wanted to join these folks, this paramilitary group in the ukraine, when he joined the u.s. army. whether that was to obtain ways and methods to be able to develop weaponry, including these bomb devices that we just talked about. so it does kind of put a view on this, are there people out there? i know there's been a number of studies done, where the military
10:49 am
has to be very careful as to who comes into their ranks, because there could be people out there ulterior motives of using their sense of "loyalty" to the u.s. again information as to how we operate. methods, equipment, and then purvey it to other people who would commit acts against us. >> harris: that is difficult. i would imagine through its processes of application, the army would be looking out for that. but what does that mean for the broader society? because, you know, we are always being told to be on the lookout, if you will. say something, do something. >> i think in this case, harris, he goes to show you that the fbi is out there being very diligent. as much as we have what's happening down in washington, and i called the ivory tower, issues that affect the fbi headquarters, the rank and file a fear of people, the men and women are out their day-to-day keeping us safe. this goes to show they are out there looking at all various methods in which people maybe able to communicate, are recrur
10:50 am
trained individual spray this comes after the fbi arrested an individual in new jersey who has been a member of hezbollah since 1996. as much as we are distracted by the headlines and these greatest issues, which are very important, to get through, day-to-day fbi is out there keeping us safe and looking for these kind of individuals who would attack us. >> harris: and both of those situations, these things were thwarted. a news network and a 2020 democrat candidate. your thoughts on that? >> it goes to show you that this person, we are not too sure what his perspective is. >> harris: 's ideology. >> it may be coming from more political heaven driven, waste and listening to, hearing from, how he savoring it. it's always difficult to get into a mind-set. there are people in the fbi who do this. behavioral analysis people. i would tell you this person is not just trouble, but someone who has taken his oath to protect this country and violated that severely.
10:51 am
>> harris: when i look at something like that -- the fbi, as he said, pull files these people. are they sometimes people who would seek, for a lack of a better term, fame or notoriety? >> certainly, there are people out there who are caught up in the fact they see with happening around the world. we saw this with people looking to join isis, for example. people drawn into that whole idea of people dressing in black and committing these heinous attacks, as being something that is attractive. so you just don't know what a person's mind-set takes them to be involved in these issues. law enforcement, intelligence apparatus, operating despite -- as i said before, what's happening on the political spectrum down in washington is the fact that we can feel comfortable comforted they are getting hold of these people. earlier this past year, there was a lieutenant from the coast guard was also arrested for coming out and making potential terroristic threats.
10:52 am
>> harris: separate cases, but i hear you. bill daly, thank you very much. again, a reminder for programming this evening. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace will be sitting down with the iranian president, rouhani, amid growing tensions between iran and the united states. the big question -- would he meet on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly without president trump? you will see that full interview, 6:00 p.m. eastern, on "special report." that could save you tens of thousands over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at
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jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next? >> harris: a new feud may be brewing among top democratic progress eufrbs. the nashle in press secretary for bernie sanders campaign went after elizabeth warren over the weekend for not backing sanders newly unveiled housing for all plan, as well as criticizing warren's record on unions. this as a new poll shows elizabeth warren now leading the pack in new hampshire. she's up 19 points since last monmoth poll in may.
10:57 am
joining me former obama campaign regional field director. so this is setting up, it would seem, robin, a challenge between sanders and warren. >> yes, so it seems, harris. it seems like the gloves are off. shots have been fired with the press secretary for bernie sanders saying that. this should be interesting and make this november debate interesting. they had that nonaggression agreement, as we all know, but i think that agreement's pretty much out the window. really, bernie needs this. he needs to come out stronger because he's been losing to her in the polls. >> harris: why would there be an agreement among competitors to shore each other up? that sounds odd. >> what i was told is people keep saying they're pulling from the same pool of voters. they are not really. bernie has the millennial vote. people that see him as the college professor that they always loved.
10:58 am
warren has the true blue progressives. to them, they think they're pulling from different pool bus not any more. she just pulled off an eight point beat in california, which is a liberal bastian. that was shocking. >> harris: it's always a sign that your opponent is getting under your skin when you have rivalling tax plans. one says to the other, i'm gonna take more people's money than you are. that's bernie sanders. i want to get to this because this has been breaking. now we have a new development. you're on board for this. senior house democratic sources say there have been discussion of a select committee now to conduct impeachment inquiries. others just simply are saying they don't want to get ahead of speaker pelosi 4 p.m. meeting so this is very fluid, but what do you make of that? >> she is a master at counting votes. i criticize her often, but she
10:59 am
really knows how to count the votes. she's just checking to see if she's got the votes. that's a shot you can only fire once. >> harris: does she have them? >> i don't know. that's a shot that you only fire once. she's just doing her due diligence to make sure she's got it before she goes there, harris. >> harris: can you see a case for still holding back until you get the ig's report on fisa and some other things? >> yes. >> harris: why? >> yes, absolutely. because this could give the trump campaign all the fuel that they need to say that they're being attacked and that this is a coup by democrats. that's what we're trying to avoid. with ukraine, all of this that's coming out recently, it's just looking like maybe nancy pelosi does have to check about impeachment. message for those midterms was a referendum from democrats on our president. nancy pelosi lives by one mantra. that is give the people what they want. she knows democrats wants
11:00 am
impeachment. >> robin biro, appreciate you on the program. and this is breaking. we just found out speaker pelosi will speak at 5 p.m. eastern right after that meeting with the democratic caucus. stay tuned to fox. >> dana: fox news alert. major developments expected this hour as democrats beat the drums on impeachment amid the ukraine controversy. house speaker nancy pelosi said she will make an announcement at 5 p.m. after meeting with other leaders this afternoon. her office now says she will make the announcement at 5 p.m. but first she's set to take questions at a forum in washington. we'll also hear from former vice president joe biden this hour. he's expected to say congress will have no choice, that the house will have to impeach if the president refuses to fully cooperate with all of their investigations. hello, everyone. join me for this wild ride. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing."


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