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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. >> martha: this is a fox news alert. in moments, the white house will respond tonight here on "the story" for the very first time for the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry into the president of the united states. white house principal deputy press secretary standing by live in our studio. good evening, everybody, i martha maccallum and this is a big story tonight. nancy pelosi now going where she had not wanted to go all through the last two and a half years of the mueller investigation, pushing back against this idea, but she tonight made this explosive announcement just a while ago. >> the actions of the trump presidencies revealed dishonorable facts of the president's betrayal of his oath
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of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. the president must be held accountable, no one is above the law. >> martha: 's of the president of course responding many times on twitter today. he called this, in all caps, presidential harassment. tweeted "they never even saw the transcript" of his call with ukrainian president. he says when that happens, all will see that it was "totally appropriate." more reaction as i said from the white house in just a moment. republican senator john kennedy and former acting attorney general matthew whitaker both standing by the way in this evening on all of this, but first, democratic congress man eric swalwell, he was in a closed-door meeting with speaker pelosi just before she made this very big announcement and he sits on the house judiciary and intelligence committees. i was meant, thank you very much for being here. >> of course, good evening, martha. >> martha: the president authorized the full release of the transcript of his conversation.
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did you want to see that may be before going this. >> what we want to see, martha, is the whistle-blower complaint where the inspector general said it's urgent and it's credible. >> martha: the ideas going to testify, the dni -- >> incorrect. incorrect. no, not true. not true. that's not true. they have so far said they are not going to give that to us. we are going to get testimony from a director of national intelligence, they have not produced the whistle-blower, so the law says -- there's no discretion here when you have an urgent and credible complaint, congress has to hear about it but again, but that aside, you have the president's own words saying he had a phone call where he invited help -- actually directed help to the ukrainians on his opponent, -- >> martha: absolutely he said that. >> when you ask a foreign government for help, you owe them something, which means one day you may have to put another country's interests ahead of
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america's interests, which to me as betrayal, some our founders -- >> martha: i hear you, compliment, but are you putting the cart before the horse just a tiny bit here? why not just take a deep breath and wait until you can see the phone call and you're absolutely right, the president said that he did discuss the biden investigation we are going to talk to the white house about that and ask them about that in just a moment, but just this -- do you have any hesitation given the gravity of this and given the fact that if you go down this road and the president said keep climbing up that ladder, because it's going to be a little embarrassing when you get a look at it. if that turns out to be the case after the mueller investigation felt kind of flat, wouldn't that be a little bit of a difficult bill to swallow? >> we are to have the president's admission. he's copped to the crime so we don't limit the whistle-blower report. i think it will add color to the investigation, but when you have a president tells dominic telling george stuff annapolis i would still take dirt from a foreign government and then saying -- admitting that he asked a foreign government to help them, that's urgent and
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credible in and of itself and when the president's own inspector general appointed by the president says that this is a five-alarm fire essentially -- >> martha: he says it was incredible -- he didn't say five-alarm fire, he said it was a credible claim. he found a credible and i absolutely agree with you, that means that you need to follow through with it. do you think it's odd that the whistle-blower who wrote that report did not hear it firsthand? did that probably would all? >> i don't know if that's the case. the inspector general, who we interviewed, said he could not tell us anything about it because the president a posthumous director of national intelligence told him. >> martha: there are several reports that it was not -- he wasn't on the call, but didn't it firsthand. if that is the case and we will find out, will that be troublesome to you and what you want to recheck the effort to sort of jumped the gun here? >> so what i can tell you from inspector general's testimony to the intelligence committee is when they have an investigation like this, they seek to corroborate with the whistle-blower said.
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i can't speak to this particular investigation, but the inspector general said he would not have told the director of national intelligence to send this to congress and was heated a 14 day long thorough investigation and after his investigation he still found the complaint urgent and credible. >> martha: and you feel that that is enough. what about the argument that divulging these conversations cuts into the president's ability to talk to foreign leaders. are you concerned about that and the precedent that could set moving forward under a democratic president or anyone else down the line? >> absolutely, but this president has a prior in the sense that if you let him off the hook, give him the benefit of the doubt that this is a businessman running for president, he didn't understand the gravity of embracing the help from the russians are asking them to hack -- he should have learned his lesson from the debacle that we went through with the mueller investigation and what that revealed. now he still doing it and so what is a whistle-blower --
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>> martha: that report revealed no collusion. revealed that he hadn't done anything wrong. >> it also revealed that we have never written laws because we never imagined that a president would draw themselves -- a candidate would draw themselves so close to an investigation, but again, if that had never happened, if he had never worked with the russians or embraced their help or instructed justice or took money from a foreign national, this act alone would be impeachable. >> martha: would be enough. okay, i hear what you're saying. what if there's no way to prove that there was any quid pro quo? because i say again, you haven't seen the transcript yet and nancy pelosi marched out in front of the cameras and made this enormous announcement today, so you guys are out there. you're out there on the limb so if there's no quid pro quo, if you can't prove in the investigation that anything of value was traded for that knowledge to do that investigation, how will that sit with you? >> quid pro quo is not needed. when you listen to the president's own words, by asking
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the ukrainians to do this -- when you ask somebody to do something, you owe them something in the future. that's enough and our founders, they imagine that foreign governments would seek to work in our elections and they did everything they could to try and stop that from happening, but again, when you're dealing with ukrainians, you need to know this, they depend on us economically, militarily and for our credibility. so even if you're just talking around dilatory aid, telling them to do something, they know what's going on there. >> martha: all right. the campaign, the trump campaign has said they think this is going to be helpful to them in the end because they think you guys are barking up the wrong tree and people are tired of all the impeachment talks. are you concerned about that, before i let you go? >> i'm not looking at the politics of this. in fact, doing nothing would only bring worse behavior from the president and doing nothing would reduce the standard of conduct for future presidents and so we can think about that. >> martha: congressman, thank you very much, there to see you tonight. as we mentioned, president trump announcing that he will release the complete fully declassified
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and unredacted transcript of his july phone call with the ukrainian president tomorrow. fox news has learned that the doj lawyers as well as lawyers in the white house have advised the white house officials that they should do that. you're now exclusively is one of those officials, white house principal deputy chap secretar. >> thanks for having me. >> martha: there's a lot of scuttlebutt that will not be complete, will it be complete and unredacted? can you verify that your tonigh tonight? >> absolutely. that's what the president said and that's what he has the authority to do. he's going to release it unredacted in totality. we want the american people to see this. if we want the american people to understand that the media and democrats pushed a russian hoax for three years with no evidence and they're doing it all over again. if the has done nothing wrong, but remember, the media and the democrats, and let's be fair, that's kind of synonymous, they want this to be true so badly.
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you saw it tonight with nancy pelosi, they didn't even wait for any of the evidence that they've been clamoring for now for days. >> martha: he said the president has already admitted to something that he says is an impeachable offense. when you ask a foreign leader to give you a little help with some capital research on one of your political rivals, that is an impeachable offense. >> he is absolutely putting a little bit more meat on the boat compared to what donald trump actually said. he mentioned that in the call and you will see that tomorrow. >> martha: have you seen the transcript? >> i have seen the transcript. >> martha: you read the entire thing? >> absolutely, and is entirely buried the information is classified until we declassify it sometime tomorrow. >> martha: let me ask you this, will there be any mention of the call that the money that was withheld from ukraine was dangled in return for help with investigating hunter and joe biden? >> i can't get into what's into the document yet. it will be declassified. what the world will see tomorrow
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is what donald trump said today in his tweet, there was no pressure, there was no quid pro quo and remember, this has moved all over the place. first they wanted to see the transcript, now they are saying -- know we said we will release the transcript, we want everyone to see exactly what's in this document to understand the president of foster's conversation was. there was nothing wrong with it. >> martha: wasn't joking? was all really lighthearted? >> again, i'm not going to characterize it, you will see it tomorrow, i'm not going to get ahead of that but now they are saying we don't want that, we just want with a whistle-blower had to say, so they don't want the actual evidence of the phone call, they want someone a pastor characterization who may or may not have seen this in person and heard it third hand. >> martha: you are nancy pelosi and you heard the congressman, they both said it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter if there's no quid pro quo because everybody understands that ukraine needs support from the united states, hundreds of millions of dollars was being withheld, then the president had this phone call and then a couple weeks later that money was released. they are saying it doesn't need to be spelled out, nobody
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expects anybody to be that dumb, but everybody understands the broader context here and that is enough. >> what is interesting for me is to watch democrats say all of these things about how ukraine needs aid when barack obama, all he did was give them blankets and pillows. this president is the one who actually gave them eight, lethal aid, in fact, to fight back against russia, which is way more than barack obama -- >> martha: withheld the aid and then had the conversation and then afterwards it was released. that's the important part here. >> it is, but let's be very clear about what the president is doing as president and what he ran on an won on this topic, which was making sure every dollar that taxpayers paid into the government was spent wisely. he wants other countries to pay their fair share. he did that it made of -- >> martha: 's they are saying that's the reason that he was withholding it? >> are not saying anything about the reason of this. you will see it tomorrow in the world can decide but the fact is he has done nothing wrong, this will be proven again and the
4:12 pm
democrats in the media, who are complacent and compliant with everything the democrats want, are going to be made fools of yet again. >> martha: you feel very confident that when -- because i think that with all of these things, everything is open to interpretation. are you saying that this transcript, which you bred, is just absolutely beyond anybody's ability to twist it one way or the other? perfectly clear? >> what i'm saying is it baffles the mind how many times democrats are going to go down this road and keep walking into these massive left hooks from donald trump. they keep setting themselves up with no evidence, pushing lies on the american people, only to be proven wrong time and time again. and look, speech and prove them wrong, the hours of testimony prove them wrong. attorney general barr, corey lewandowski prove them wrong. everyone prove them wrong. they're still pushing these lies without evidence. >> martha: understood. there is some reporting today that there was a debate in the white house whether or not they should be released, but secretary pompeo and mr. mulvaney were both on the side of no, this should not be
4:13 pm
released and that bill barr, the attorney general, wanted it to be released. why were those two significant players saying i wouldn't let this go? >> are not going to speak on behalf of attorney general barr, i'm not going to speak on behalf of secretary pompeo and i'm definitely not going to speak about internal deliberations we have in the white house. the fact is that people didn't vote for our cabinet, they voted for donald trump. he's the one who make these calls when he is so sick and tired of watching his reputation attacked and people trying to destroy him without any evidence whatsoever and this is going to prove yet again is indicated in yet again democrats have overreached and completely ruined what could be some actual good things to accomplish for the american people. look, these attacks, they don't hurt donald trump. he continues to win and continues to do things in a positive way for the american people. it hurts average americans out there want something done on guns.
4:14 pm
this is going to be very difficult now to move forward on this matter. >> martha: no doubt. it will take up all the oxygen in the room for anything that was going to be getting done. >> in a state of the year and he given the option, is this going to be about impeachment or is this going to be about legislation that have completely chosen the path. >> martha: i got one last question for you. why, one day after the mueller albatross is lifted off the president's back and he's free to move on with the rest of his presidency, does he get on the phone with the president of ukraine and start talking about biden, about the next election, why? why would he do that? it just seems to fly in the face of any good sense whatsoever. >> again, i feel like when you see this transcript, the president is going to be vindicated, it's going to be proven he does nothing wrong. i can't talk about what's in it yet -- >> martha: is he saying the mueller is over and what should i go ask you, why don't you go look into buying? >> we all understand what's going on here. joe biden has some serious issues in his past, the media
4:15 pm
have completely ignored it. they are not talking about it at all, except for trying to jump off of joe biden to attack donald trump, joe biden is the one who's done things wrong, he's bragged about it on national television. the president has done nothing wrong and you're going to see that tomorrow. >> martha: i think there's no doubt that all the focus on this and impeachment proceeding will shine more light on the biden issue and in a rudy giuliani said tomorrow starts, from his perspective, the introduction of the china side of the question, where it comes to joe biden and we will cover it all, we covered it all all the way through. >> it's about time someone looks into it. >> martha: thanks for being here and answer questions, we appreciate you being here. let's turn now to john kennedy, senator, good to have you with us tonight. you've been listening to this conversation. where do you think this whole thing is going? >> a couple of points, martha. number one, i'm not sure what speaker pelosi said today. i was under the impression that mr. nadler was already
4:16 pm
conducting an impeachment investigation -- >> martha: that's a good point. >> i don't think is been playing candy crush over there for the last year. number two, my good friend congressman had his 19th nervous breakdown on your show. i just got to wait and see what the transcript shows. i will say this. i think they're going to to be two investigations. this clearly going to be an investigation of president trump's conversation with president zelensky. but there's also going to be an investigation if not by the republicans, by vice president biden's fellow candidates of mr. hunter biden, who i don't know. but what we do know is that a ukrainian oligarch hired young mr. biden, paid him $600,000 a year, gave his law firm a boatload of money and i don't think the american people believe that the oligarch got
4:17 pm
young mr. biden's name off ziprecruiter. i think you can believe that. you need a check up the neck up. >> martha: there have been some digging around into this, there hasn't been any wrongdoing found thus far but the question is obviously still open and joe biden says he never discussed any of this with his son. >> i look at it this way. if a guy robs a bank and on the way to jail the cops beat the living hades out of him, should you investigate the cops? sure, but you're also going to go back and investigate the bank robbery. i'm not accusing anybody of robbing a bank or beating up anybody, i'm just saying i think there's going to be two investigations here. final point, i think some of my democratic friends are in good faith. i don't have enough facts to agree with them, and i don't at this point, but i think other of my democratic friends just can't accept the fact that the american people chose donald trump to be president. it's called democracy.
4:18 pm
and my advice to them, i say this gently, fill out a hurt feelings report and let's move on. as you pointed out, we got a lot of issues that are at least as important as who said what to whom, and final point, i hope the white house has contacted resident zelensky to get his permission -- >> martha: they have. >> to release this transcript, because i don't want my conversations with world leaders to be transcribed and released to the public. do you know why? because world leaders are going to talk to me anymore. >> martha: apparently secretary pompeo, the state department has cleared this release with the leader of ukraine, mr. zelensky, and he is okay with it, which may tell us a little bit more about that as well. in terms of the process here, and the way that it works, you have a whistle-blower goes to the inspector general of the
4:19 pm
intelligence agencies. he is concerned about -- apparently about what someone told me was said -- and told him, excuse me, was set on the conversation. there's reports that it's secondhand, we will see. then he's alarmed enough by it to pass it up to the dni and begin the process, which is that after a certain number of days, seven, after the first 14, it has to be turned over to congress. nancy pelosi says that in and of itself is egregious and is a breakdown of policy and the way that they should happen. >> can i stop you a second? you left out one salient fact. yes we have a whistle-blower, yes he wasn't there, it's secondhand, but the whistle-blower, or someone on his behalf leaked it to the press. what does that remind you of? that reminds me of the russian investigation. i'm not saying there's nothing here, we are going to get the transcript tomorrow and we will find out, but this is -- we are starting to see a pattern here and all i'm saying is to the
4:20 pm
congressman, who i have great respect for, before you get all lubed up, let's wait and see with the transcript says, number one, and number two, i think i can say pretty confidently we are going to two investigations. we are going to have one of the vice president. i don't know whether that will be by the fbi, by republicans in the senate, or by vice president biden's fellow candidates, but that part is not going away. >> martha: senator kennedy, thank you, great to have you here tonight. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: you bet. if president trump insists he has nothing to hide on this phone call and that it will be released in totality, unredacted tomorrow and that the american people will see it when it comes out, the phone call with the ukrainian president, speaker pelosi today insisted that he is in violation of the constitution and here she is talking about what i just mentioned. >> the actions taken to date by
4:21 pm
the president have seriously violated the constitution, especially when the president says article two says i can do whatever i want. >> martha: here is the former acting attorney general, matt whitaker, good to have you here. as we were just coming to you, there's a report out of politico that says that the whistle-blower report will also be released by the end of the week. we heard congressman say he doesn't care so much about the actual transcript but he definitely wanted to see the whistle-blowers reports. now it sounds like both are going to come out. what do you think you might >> i heard him say that and as a former prosecutor, obviously i wouldn't allege a crime or say somebody committed a crime or violated the constitution, especially if i hadn't seen the facts and the underlying evidence to even start. >> martha: general that's the way it goes, right? speak of house democrats appear
4:22 pm
just want an impeachment so deaf and dumb i could disbelieve that they are willing to ignore what the facts could be in order to satisfy their breathless desire for an impeachment. it's really extraordinary and the president does have broad destruction to discretion under article two of the constitution and i can't see anywhere where the president can't have a broad discussion with a foreign leade leader. those international relations -- >> martha: even if it's a request to investigate your political opponent in the next presidential election? >> martha, i think what we are going to see tomorrow is the desire of this president to stamp out political corruption across the world, including in the former soviet satellite states like the ukraine, the balkans, and other places where political corruption is rampant. things need to be investigated in these allegations of joe biden -- joe biden i think should be investigated. for corruption. i think it's kind of lost on a lot of people what we're really talking talking about here. >> martha: okay, your signal was breaking up a little bit, so we lost a little bit of what you
4:23 pm
said, but just one last thought in terms of how this moves forward, the department of justice apparently, the attorney general was behind -- or was supportive of releasing this transcript. >> yeah, i think bill barr is always going to be for transparency, especially coming out of what they did with the whole russia investigation, so i would expect we will see full transparency in bill barr standing for that and really all these investigations. >> martha: just one more time, if there was that question about help, election help or getting information out about joe biden, as a former ag, would that be troublesome to you in terms of the bar that we need to be met for impeachment? >> one of the things i learned is acting attorney general, you don't speculate about facts you don't know. but in this situation i think the president was probably talking about making sure that ukraine stamps out political corruption that came out of their prior administration. >> martha: we will see. we will see when it all comes out, thank you very much, good
4:24 pm
to see you tonight. tonight, another breaking story at this hour, iran now firing back after president trump uses the global stage to put the "blood lust" regime on notice. general jack keane her to give us an update on all of that from the u.n. very busy day there today in new york city. next. ♪ story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, your plans can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing,
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[deep inhale] breathe happy with febreze plug. >> no responsible government should subsidize iran's blood lust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted. they will be tightened. iran's leaders will have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale of what happens
4:29 pm
when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power and riches. >> martha: so is the impeachment battle rages on tonight in washington and all across the country, there is another big story breaking a short time ago, iran's president hassan rouhani now firing back in an exclusive interview with fox news' chris wallace tonight hours after president trump slammed the islamic public as "one of the greatest threats facing peace-loving nations." watch. >> the country that is present and flying over the airspace of and bombarding the soil of the country of syria without permission of the government is the united states of america and today america unfortunately is the supporter of terrorism in our region and forever america has gone, terrorism has expanded in their wake.
4:30 pm
>> martha: joining me now, general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst. general keane, always good to have you with us, especially on a day like today when there was so much happening at the u.n. he flipped the script. he said everybody says we are the leading sponsors of terror but that's not the way we see it from where we sit in iran. >> what he has in common with other authoritarian repressive regimes is how consistently and persistently they lie in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and they never, ever give up on it and this guy is lying right through his teeth and has been lying just about every day has been in office and that's part of what we are really dealing with here. a fundamentally authoritarian regime who wants to control his people but has huge ambitions to dominate and control the middle east. they have largely succeeded at accomplishing a portion of that. >> martha: so is the president is trying to rally the allies around an effort to stick with
4:31 pm
us in this brunt in terms of the sanctions on iran and new pressure and perhaps reopening a kind of agreement that is a better agreement, president rouhani says he wants the persian gulf to control the persian gulf, he wants the countries that are around the persian gulf to be in charge of it. >> that's a boldfaced lie again. he wants to control it all himself. what's really happening is we are on really different parallel paths. here we have the united states as escalating sanctions, crippling the economy of iran as its intermediate goal to eventually force them into better negotiation of the nuclear deal, that's kind of the path the united states is on. the iranians have not accepted that. today they have not negotiated that. if they believe their path is better. so what's their path? of their path is out of their old playbook, it always has bee been, to escalate kinetic actions and that's what they've been doing. three drones they've shot down.
4:32 pm
now one of the largest oil fields in the world. all escalating tensions to get the world community to pressure the united states to reduce sanctions and it actually is backfiring on them because i think they're somewhat brain-dead. can you imagine doing this ten days before the u.n. national assembly is meeting with most of the president far less of the world coming here and they are all going together and in comes the united states with absolute bona fide declassified evidence of the iranians pulled the trigger on the strikes and now as opposed to isolating the president of the united states and what he's trying to accomplish, the nations of the world -- >> martha: pushing everyone together against him. >> here's iran being for the politically, diplomatic become economically isolated, and that is a good thing. >> martha: one of the interesting messages the president had today. sort of a big picture look at
4:33 pm
how to help people in the country. how to be a good country. this is what he said about that, watch. >> if you want freedom, take pride in your country. if you want democracy, hold onto your sovereignty, and if you want peace, love. >> martha: to me, when i heard that, i thought this is a message to these dictators who have treated their own people horribly. all of the power in iran lies within his leadership. jcpoa agreement. there are no they are being taken to the cleanest, most of them, right? >> they actually hold signs, stop spending money in syria and in yemen. the iranian people know what is happening. >> martha: are they going to overthrow? is there any hope? >> we would hope that's the case, but i think world pressure
4:34 pm
on iranians is what is actually needed and what they have in common with china, with north korea, even with russia, is repression of the societies and it's the thing that's the weakest about the country. it is their achilles' heel and the president knows that an previous presidents have known that as well to trigger that achilles' heel and make sure the people haven't given up hope. that there's a world out there that understands the suffering that has taken place there and then i think u.s. policy is trying to do everything it can to bring other countries in the world to put pressure, confront the iranians, stop the advance of the middle east and let's get back to the table and negotiate a deal that makes some sense, that has ballistic missiles are not going to be developed and if you're going to have nuclear power, not weapons, -- we were not going to put up with his aggressive malign behavior doing in the region as well. >> martha: interesting they are talking in the president is right in the center now this
4:35 pm
negotiation and where this goes from here it feels like -- general, thank you. >> good talking to you. >> martha: good talking to you you. when we can back a lab report of the next apps in congress after today's impeachment inquiry begins and how it plays out in a republican-controlled senate with florida senator marco rubio, next. ♪ r, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! lisa: oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. if not, talk to schwab. performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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4:40 pm
impeachment. tonight she was singing a different tune, she saying this is exactly what they were calling for. i also spoke earlier with al green, democrat from texas. no one has been trying to impeach president from longer than al green, almost since president trump took office, and tonight -- >> i feel that i'm being vindicated. it was lonely, but not as lonely as it has been. i think we are being driven by history now. i don't think that we have control. i think that events have taken control and it will happen. >> jeff andrew is a freshman democrat from new jersey. he flipped a district from red to blue, that's a battleground district that could be in play in 2020. he's a little bit skeptical, listen to andrew. >> obviously investigating as we have been. i'm concerned about going to an impeachment because, as i've also stated before, it could split the country apart.
4:41 pm
at this point in time i do not support impeachment. >> tom emmer is a republican for minnesota, he chairs what is called the nrcc, national republican campaign congressional committee and what he said today was "democrats have lost their sanity and remaining credibility with the american people. make no mistake, backing impeachment will cost democrats their majority in 2020." so republicans are going to try to flip this on people like jeff landrieu in 2020 i also spoke with kurt schrader, a moderate democrat from oregon, one of the most conservative democrats in the house and asked him what he thought after nancy pelosi made her announcement. he said i don't know, i'm going to have to think about that, but he said i don't want to tear the country apart. martha. >> martha: chad, thank you very much. on the hill. here are now exclusively on that and other big stories today, senator marco rubio, a member of the senate foreign relations committee. senator, good to see you tonight. thank you for being here. obviously a few things to talk about but i want to get your
4:42 pm
reaction first to this decision by nancy pelosi today. >> first of all, the term impeachment has lost all meaning. it's thrown around cavalierly. impeachment is an extraordinary measure. it's an extraordinary remedy. it basically means we are going to throw out the results of the last election and i would think that at a minimum, it divides the country deeply and it takes a tremendous amount of energy. while you're working on something like that you're not getting anything else done like funding the government as an example, which is something we should be doing around here and so the question becomes if you're going to do something that extraordinary and that divisive, shouldn't, before you go out running her mouth about it, you have some facts before you, shouldn't you wait, for example before the transcript of the call comes out gimmick at the intelligence, talk to the inspector general, to potentially get a chance to see, as i hope we do, the complaint that's been filed, and you saw and i think all the members, but some of the members that came out of the hall was after the decision and they were saying we need to do this because i don't like the president's policies.
4:43 pm
not liking the president's policies are not grounds for impeachment, they are grounds for campaigning against a mixture. >> martha: senator, what about the what he did admit to, the president, he said he did bring up joe biden and the possibility of an investigation on the phone with him and obviously is the front runner, at least at this point, and the 2020 election. if you have any problem with him bringing that up with the prime minister of ukraine? >> sure, i don't think you should have done that and i've said that. that's different from saying -- that's not what they're saying. what i'm hearing voices out there saying is not only did he bring it up, but there's a quid pro quo. if there is of that, maybe there will be, but right now there isn't and i think it's importan important. this is not something you throw around lately and i'm not saying -- we will see what the facts are. i'm not taking a position where the other. the position i'm taking right now is we want to know facts. we want to see the transcript of the call, we will wait until we get more facts, individuals coming in the intelligence committee that i sit on and that's what they should be based on. >> martha: i want to ask you about hong kong because i know
4:44 pm
that it's an important subject to you. what we've been watching unfold there. here's the president talking about hong kong today at the u.n. watch. >> we are also carefully monitoring the situation in hong kong. the world fully expects that the chinese government will honor its binding treaty made with the british and registered with the united nations in which china commits to protect hong kong's freedom, legal system, and democratic ways of life. >> martha: some observers wish the president -- they want him to be stronger on this issue of china and hong kong. what did you think about that statement, was that enough for you? >> those are pretty strong words and that happens to be the correct position. the chinese were an hour trying to do a trade deal, an agreement with united states. they are going over the world talking about how they are the defenders of the international system. what hong kong proves is the chinese communist party is not someone you can trust in any deal. you can find the best deal in
4:45 pm
the world, they proven, not just on hong kong, but how they treat the illegitimate claims to the south china sea and other measures that they easily violate these deals when it's convenient upon them. the second point that i would make is the reason why the united states treats hong kong differently, meaning we don't put tariffs on stuff out of hong kong, we don't subject them to the same scrutiny, is because hong kong is supposed to be autonomous. it hong kong is no longer autonomous, then it -- and china should no longer receive the benefits of that autonomy and i have the bill that will require and i believe will pass the senate and the house of the president will sign, that deprives the department of states to go every year and certify whether or not hong kong remains autonomous. >> martha: it we will watch that bill as it moves through. before i let you go quickly, this is a picture of the venezuelan delegate at the u.n. today reading and basically snubbing the president as he spoke today with regards to venezuela, what do you think about that? >> that's par for the course, but that's a representative of a crime family, the maduro regime,
4:46 pm
a legitimate government of venezuela, some that we and 50 some odd countries recognize and by the way, yesterday, a major development, 16 countries in the western hemisphere invokes the real treaty, which means they now have a legal framework for them to impose the same sanctions that america has imposed on that regime, so that regime is more isolated and in more trouble than ever. >> martha: the president definitely put a hand up to the people of venezuela today in support and we will see where that goes as well. senator, thank you, always good to see you, thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> martha: you bet. this part of the story breaking tonight, now "the wall street journal" is also confirming this evening that the white house will release the whistle-blower complaint. the whistle-blower report, by the end of the week. if you heard swalwell earlier in the show saying that is what he wanted to see and now indeed that will be released and he and everybody else will get a look at it. coming up next, while the opening of the inquiry backfire
4:47 pm
politically for democrats in 2020? >> and if she does that, they all say that's a positive for me from the election. could also say who needs it, it's bad for the country. >> martha: was asked these guys, chris stirewalt and marc theissen, what a tangled web today, right? how that will affect 2020 when we come back. ♪ dr. cochrin, we need your help!
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>> martha: so president trump will soon release the transcript of the big phone call that we've been talking about all day with the ukrainian president and tonight, 406 days from election day, the rnc is calling him joe biden to release his calls with foreign leaders so that the american people will have answers on his sun's business dealings in most countries. here is the former vice president, who's been quite fired up about all of this earlier today, watch. >> the president does not comply with such a request to the congress. continues to obstruct congress and flout the law. donald trump will leave congress, in my view, no choice but to initiate impeachment. that would be a tragedy. but a tragedy of his own making. >> martha: here now, chris stirewalt, fox's politics editor and marc theissen, american enterprise institute scholar. fox news contributor. chris, about four months out
4:52 pm
from the iowa caucuses and this is going to be the story for really all through that period, no doubt. >> very much so, and this is also, you see, the trump campaign, the president himself wanting a sort of redo of 2016. looking for dirt on biden overseas, trying to say that he and his family are crooked, trying to turn his very negative story for the president overall into a positive by at least pointing out the stuff on biden. the question is do the democrats -- do they dig in on this too? to biden's rivals say even though its ill-gotten gains, but we still want to take advantage of it and raise these questions about this sort of ethically obtuse, shady-looking business activity of joe biden's son. >> martha: that's a good question. i think that's interesting. that's a good question, chris. here's beto o'rourke, who like all the candidates doesn't want to miss an opportunity to get some attention. here he is. >> to those who are holding out,
4:53 pm
i just want them to know that history will judge all of us and our accountability for how we acquit ourselves at this defining moment of truth could not be more important. >> martha: so mark, classic, right? >> it's classic and it's not just beto, it's everybody. everybody has taken off -- all the defenders are off of the race here. this is going to do more damage to joe biden than it does to donald trump. donald trump is at least flexing like is pretty confident releasing these transcripts and releasing -- >> martha: it will see, right? >> we will see. but i will tell you was going to be earning the most is joe biden. just on your show a few moments ago that senator kennedy said there's going to be an investigation of the president and end of an investigation of the vice president because he had a clear conflict of interest in having his son hunter working for a natural gas company at the same time he was urging ukraine to produce more natural gas, so it's going to happen is republicans are going to call a
4:54 pm
punter biden to testify in the going to call up all the obama administration aids who warned -- dashboard quoted in e new yorker assaying the warrant that vice president -- hunter biden because the vice president a conflict of interest and they will call up a nonpartisan ethics expert were going to say that with the vice president it was a conflict of interest under federal ethics where the that's going to be very bad for joe biden. >> martha: it clearly stirred the hornets nest on this whole hunter biden story, which i think we all knew was going to come out eventually in terms of some kind of scrutiny into these issues. maybe it accelerates them, maybe get them to that earlier in the cycle maybe it helps to move past it, is that possible? >> i think democrats are very leery about using a trump story line against joe biden. i think it would love to. i think it is a little if elizabeth warren thought there was a way she could take maximum advantage of this without looking like she was doing trump's bidding, i think she absolutely would, but
4:55 pm
unfortunately for her and unfortunately for the rest of the democrats this actually puts sort of a protective cone around joe biden for a little bit because the harder trump goes after biden, you don't want to appear to be piling on and is actually gives them a little cushion from his fellow democrats. >> martha: with the campaign manager said today, he was elated about all of this. so they're trying to turn on joe biden's candle into a drum problem, the misguided democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease the rabid extreme leftist base and create a landslide victory for the president. quick thought on that? >> that's pretty strong language, but this is going to backfire more for the democrats than it does for republicans. >> martha: ten seconds, chris? >> who knows? who can say? who would try to say what's going to happen, so we just get to tune in every night and watch it all unfold. >> martha: thanks, guys, good to see you. more of "the story" coming up next.
4:56 pm
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>> martha: what a kay. that is the story a busy one at that for september 24, 2019. "the story" is going to go on tomorrow and the day after that. we will see you tomorrow. good evening, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." holy smokes there is a lot going on in this country right now. we are going to do our best over the next hour to explain what is happening and what it means. we're learning ourselves in a lot of cases the answer to both of those questions. so for almost three years the leadership of the democratic party in congress resisted calls from its politically inflamed base to impeach president trump. polls showed little support for impeachment among actual voters. they were skeptical of it. older members in congress like nancy pelosi remember well what happened the last time the opposition party impeached a sitting president. republicans did that, you will remember, back in 1998. and in t


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