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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i think it is pathetic and this will rebound on them in a very profound way. >> sean: charlie, good to see you, geraldo good to see you. that is all the time we have left. we will never be a rage, psychotic media mob. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingle take it away. >> laura: hannity i am ready to jump on the geraldo rivera bandwagon, yes, yes, that was great, little great ending. but you predicted this. once they failed on the russian collusion, they have to come back for another bite of the apple, hannity. >> sean: joe biden, good luck because warning someone was investigated, you leveraged and abused my tax dollars to basically blackmail them to fire prosecutor because you knew that prosecutor was all over your sons dealings with -- that will not end up well for a bite and i will tell you that. >> laura: we will pick up the
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baton where you left off, sean fantastic tonight. i am laura laura ingle and this is "the ingraham angle." impeachment is sweeping congress and we have an all star line up to take you through every angle, the legal experts paul weiss and berg, alan dershowitz break down everything you need to know, rudy giuliani responding to a breaking story to "the washington post" regarding his role in the entire ukraine affair and andy mccarthy is here with shocking details about the lawyer representing the whistle-blower. house g.o.p. scully says with all the consequences, caving to the radicals in the caucus, but first, desperate democrats go to devcon one. that is the focus of tonight's angle. it looks like we are ending trump's first term where it began with the resistance, government leaking incomplete
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information with the worst possible spin on it. all done to ensnare the president and another major costly investigation. and in january 2017 it was comey and the deep state. september 2019, it is nancy and the whistle-blower case. >> today, i'm announcing the house of representative with an official impeachment inquiry. the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. >> as of this hour, zero republicans but at least 179 house democrats are in favor of impeachment. and why? because of whistle-blower reportedly claimed the president used with withdrawing aid from ukraine to pressure that country into investigating joe biden and his son. now, the irony is that the case
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trump wanted investigated involved biden himself threatening to withhold one billion-dollar aid package to ukraine if supposedly a corrupt prosecutor wasn't fired. yet he bragged about it. well that prosecutor was investigating the company on whose board of directors, hunter biden sat. and also boatloads of cash they paid him. oh, that fact that glossed over by them mob media today, the whistle-blower has no first-hand knowledge of the president's conversation. oh, but none of that matters. >> the actions to date by the president have seriously violated the constitution. >> i think what is going on is the president committed several impeachable offenses. >> these horrible obviously impeachable offenses. >> he is the most corrupt president in american history. >> laura: now, he has, the democrats if nothing else, they no drama. congressman john lewis kicked
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off today's festivities pouring on the emotion. >> today, i say with a heavy heart, deeply concerned about the future of our democracy. and i'm not alone. the wind this and send an airy drumbeat had this effect all day long on the market. that doubt plunged 200 points b0 and recovered after the white house said it would release unredacted transcript of the ukrainian president. but then it sunk back by the end of the day when investors anticipated pelosi's big impeachment announcement. >> you called for impeachment hitting wall street slams after democratic congressman john lewis called to begin impeachment proceedings against the president right now. nancy pelosi meeting behind closed doors with the house democratic caucus with speaker to hold a news conference immediately following that meeting. >> laura: now, the most sickening thing about the phase,
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and it is a phase that we are about to enter, is that house democrats, they know impeachment, the whole inquiry is futile. the senate republican majority is not going to vote to convict the president and the country overwhelmingly does not want impeachment. what i think most people do want is a continuation of what the president has already delivered to america. peace and prosperity. the truth is, despite all of the dire predictions of a looming trump recession that started at the hand of last year, that seems highly unlikely. so democrats are in an unenviable position going into 2020. that is why they could not mention the economy at all at the last debate. instead it was all he's a racist, white nationalist, and other personal attacks. anything but a serious discussion about how they would outperform trump's economy. >> low, it is just a
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continuation of a witch hunt. the worst in history. the strongest economy that we've ever had to come with the, african-american, asian american, hispanic-american, the lowest in history, and they will lose the election. they figure this is the way to do it. >> laura: why with the democrats risk destroying the best economy in the world? the president is right here. wife risk hundreds of entrepreneurs and workers with wage increases or families who now have more money in their pocket? it's not just the president with a hint about that. earlier today, nancy pelosi inadvertently revealed the reason. >> what is more serious is that he can't win. that is very serious to our country. >> laura: oh, yes he can when met, nancy. and you and the overzealous radicals and your caucus could very well be helping him seal his second term. beyond the grandstanding,
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culminating today, the democrats prove once again, they are incapable of putting the greater good of the country ahead of their own hatred of trump and their thirst to regain power. pushing the nuclear button of impeachment, it is an admission that they are not competent. not in their ideas were in their candidate. can't beat them? impeach him. hey, why don't they put that on a bumper sticker. and that is the angle. joining me now with reaction, paul eisenberg former deputy counsel and fox news contributor alan dershowitz, author of the book the case against impeaching trump. all right, let's start with you it does pelosi inquiry announcement actually mean anything more than what we know now or is it just more posturing? is this a serious step towards impeachment vote down the road? >> in and of itself i don't see
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how it means anything. all she did is i think andy mccarthy was the first person to point out several hours ago, all she did is stand up and say these five different committees which are investigating things they don't like about the administration were out calling them part of an impeachment inquiry. it's not like watergate where there was actually a vote to authorize an investigation based on the saturday night so will know i think it is completely for show. >> allen, new details tonight from ed henry about the whistle-blower. senior administration officials are telling fox that apparently, the whistle-blower did have some political bias. in favor of a rival candidate of president trump and the official doesn't have the name of the rival candidate and the whistle-blower supports biden or another specific candidate, but look for the administration to highlight that. each site is going to put out they are facts that are helpful
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to them that's how these cycles go. we have seen it before, but this does have some odd parallels does it not, to what happened to comey in the beginning and the march towards using leverage of government to stop this presidency. >> look nancy pelosi is right. what she said is no one is above the law but that means congress is not above the law. congress may not impeach a president unless the president has committed an impeachable offense. the constitution sets out what the offenses are. you don't go around convicting the president, verdict first, trial later. "alice in wonderland" type of justice. they have not even seen the material. they haven't seen the transcript of the conversation. they don't know enough about the whistle-blower. nobody, nancy pelosi and nobody else has mentioned a statute that violated even if it were true. you have to find bribery. this isn't bravery. you have to find treason,
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obviously not treason. it's not a high crime of misdemeanor, in fact, nancy pelosi herself said it was a violation of the constitution. i don't know what that means. the only violation of the constitution i'm hearing about is congress. violating the constitution if it impeach as the president for nonimpeachable offenses. >> laura: so congress then would be transgressing its own constitutional obligations under that analysis. >> that's right. >> one luke. -- president >> that is his political opponent. that is self evidence that it is not right. you don't ask for in government
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to help us in the election. >> laura: but what is the crime? >> where's the beef? >> laura: it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter because they have devolved now into saying, well it is self evident and this is a pattern of corruption, again going back to the russian inclusion narrative. so they are using russian collusion and a stack of tidbits that they are putting together with big impeachment sandwich they are dining out on. but that is where we are at. but to ellen's point from is this a crime rising to a level a misdemeanor? if it even happened? >> well, i don't believe and i may disagree with dershowitz on this point. most scholars would agree with me that high crime or misdemeanor is not compliant to a criminal code prime that you can impeach somebody for a serious breach of the public's trust, public corruption and the
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like. however, we don't know if we have this here. it is shocking to me that these people couldn't even wait one day to read the transcript and can't wait. apparently, we get the full list of a whistle-blower report in a week or so. which is shocking to me that you would try to start the stampede without actually looking at the materials. i find that very troubling. and i also want to say that i find it also troubling when someone mentioned earlier, i mean, how does a whistle-blower even know about this? how do people even know about this conversation, what kind of leaking is going on? i think that is very concerning. but my main point, go ahead, sorry. >> you also have to look at the constitution. the frame has debated this. some of the framer said to come abusive should be enough for impeachment. they had a vote on it. the frame of the constitution said no, that would give congress too much power entering
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the united states in a parliamentary like britain. that is when they introduce the concept of bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors. a high crime means crimes that involve corruption of office. when alexander hamilton admitted he committed adultery a serious felony unpaid extortion money but tonight he paid it out of treasury funds. he wrote "the federalist" paper about impeachment. he knew the difference. if he had just paid extortion money that would be low crime but if he paid out of treasury funds, it would be high crime because it would involve crime and corruption. with respect to my disagree. i think you need both the crime and the crime that is a high crime that shows mallet administration of office. >> laura: i wonder, hold on one second because i want to think, you have to wonder and this idea that this is playing right into trump's hands, it seems to make more and more sense to me because as soon as the democrats announce the
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impeachment inquiries, he tweets a produced video of democrats calling for his impeachment as if they knew the whole thing would happen all along. and then since then, i get to the white house counsel's office and the doj released the transcript of the call, the whistle-blower complaint, release the ig report, and they are allowing the width whistle-blower justified. how does this, sol i will go to you first, how is this the watergate cover-up playbook which supposedly really smart people on television all day long citing watergate without an eye about it on the other side of the camera? i've never seen anything like it. >> i had no idea what they mean by comparing it to the watergate cover-up. the story just broke a day ago, and now attorney general barr has said that the full transcript will be released and apparently the report is going
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to be released in about a week. but again, i am going to wait, okay, i don't know what's in the transcript. i don't know what's in the report. i'm going to wait to actually read it. to alan dershowitz point, i think he was talking about george mason the constitutional convention tried to make mallet administration a grounds for impeachment. but i don't think those are mutually exclusive. i think that if you have a serious breach of the public's trust and corruption, that can be impeachable. but that's got to be even if we disagree about that, that's got to be pervasive. that's got to be really serious. and we've got one alleged event, and we don't even know what it is. >> so subjective, you know? we need objective criteria and that is what the constitution demands because congress didn't want to give authority to vote of no confidence the way the israeli parliament has an hour the british parliament has it now. we have executive system. in which the president is the
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executive and he gets to make foreign policy. congress gets to legislate and congress doesn't get to remove the president unless specific constitutional criteria in that. >> laura: i think we should have a wrap-up like citing federalist papers and go back and forth and continuing education credit for both of you. it's really fun. joe biden has had a bit of an evolution. and his own thinking on impeachment. this is what he sounded like today when pressed. >> this isn't a democratic issue. or republican issue. it is a national issue. it is a security issue. it is time for this administration to stop stonewalling and provide the congress with all the facts it needs. including a copy of the formal complaint made by the whistle-blower. >> laura: well, this is what he said back in 1998. >> the american people don't think they have made a mistake by electing bill clinton. and we, and congress, better be
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very careful before we upset their decision and make darn sure that we are able to convince them if we decide to upset their decision that our decision to impeach him was based upon principle and not politics. >> laura: like that dramatic pan out of c-span that night. >> he was right the first time. he was right the first time. because otherwise it becomes a partisan, political tool pair that is why you need objective criteria that has to pass the issue. if he would impeach a democrat on the basis of this christ. you can impeach republican and vice versa. you can't have special rules for the party you oppose. that turns the constitution into a political weapon. >> laura: i mean come another question sol is this, the democrats know they will not convict the president on, let's say they go through the whole process can locate and vote to formally impeach him. the senate will not convict him. but it will run the narrative
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right up to the next campaign. this campaign into the 2020 season, right smack dab in the middle of it. i think that lance even more persuasiveness to what alan dershowitz is saying. this starts to look like a political solution. to what they may not be so confident about next november, which is, you know removing president trump the old fashion way, the ballot box. that is when it begins to look like when you make comments about a case. i think your being very prudent about it and i salute you for that, reserving judgment at the very least until the documents come out. but no, they cannot do that. they want the new cycle like that. >> well, here is the thing. sometimes you can have an impeachment, a real impeachment investigation, and public opinion can change. even though people were outraged by the saturday night massacre, when the house first started its impeachment investigation of
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nixon, public opinion was much more closely divided than it was at the end because new revelations kept coming out and they discover things. so i suppose that is what speaker pelosi hopes will happen here. i just don't see any evidence yet that it is going to happen. and so very dangerous, very dangerous game for them to play. >> laura: we kept thinking it was coming in the mueller report. it was don jr. that was going to go to jail. this was going to happen, and all those things hinted at, but they never delivered on. >> who predicted that on this show over and over again? there would be no impeachment, nothing found in the mueller report that even came close to giving rise to impeachable offense. it didn't happen. >> laura: panel, stay right there and we will see later in the show. there is so much breaking news tonight but first i want to bring in president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. rudy, first, are you in touch with the president? have you spoken to him the last couple of hours or tonight, and
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what is he thinking? >> of course, he has my client and i can't tell you what i talk to him about particularly at a time like this. it is a attorney/client privilege and i know the democrats do not respect that were any constitutional president -- privilege the president has. but i think you are right they stepped into what they realize and it reminds me of a fight swinging wildly against a skilled fighter who has a great right hand and puts him right down. they have looked into something and i was hoping for six months but what they'd exposed is probably what it will turn out to be component of the major scandals in the early part of the 20th century which is joe biden. it is a lot of money, laura, not just you can't know mike ukraine. it is a very center -- series pattern contract but the senate with his brother, enriching himself on biden's public office. the numbers got outrageous during the obama administration. five, $6 million to a son who is seriously incompetent person.
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we've got to put on the port of the most corrupt company in the ukraine. i had the records of a $3 million payment to mr. biden's son. i have the records, the dates. it went from ukraine. >> lauraasked the two lawyers, e of guilty knowledge. >> laura: rudy, rudy, i want to move the conversation forward because we've hit this and had you on months talking about this. >> nobody pays attention to it until now. >> laura: no, we paid attention to it in may or april. >> the krupp media paid attention to it. >> laura: everybody has their own agenda. >> the democrats come i think what they are doing is covering up for what will turn out to be massive corruption in the obama administration. he got $1.5 billion from china.
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>> laura: the phone transcript that's going to be released, officially telling folks from the white house tonight that there are a few words in the transcript that will raise eyebrows but nowhere as inflammatory as the democrats have suggested. >> is no where near what biden or chris who should be impeached. he went to see the president of the ukraine and told the president of ukraine if you he cooperates with the president, they will cut off aid. that is a quid pro quo. that is threatening. nancy pelosi we would be outraged. they should have impeached him. >> laura: a very interesting brew of quid pro quo. >> i don't even think she announced quid pro quo and i don't know what the crime is. the reality is, joe biden actually made a very well committed something called cranes, $1.5 billion from chinao years ago negotiating with china and you are feeling.
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>> laura: that will never happen. >> what do you mean it will never happen? >> laura: it was an apparent, it was an apparent -- >> china did not invest in their own challenged son with $1.5 billion. they bought the vice president of the united states and even if you are a democrat, you should be shocked by that. this political party is so corrupt, it stinks. when the biden corruption comes out, and we look how much money clint made up the secretary of state's office. look how much money carries stepson made in the same transaction. and who wasn't making money and the obama administration. >> laura: hold on because "the washington post" is come out tonight and you are the focus not a shocker. the whistle report on the trump call, it includes references to other developments tied to the president including efforts by
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giuliani to and search himself into a ukrainian relations, rudy did all of this. one u.s. official said. and this shows we are him injecting himself into the process. insiders saying you mucked this up, your response. >> man, you know who i did at the request of? the state department. i never talk to ukrainian official until the state department called me and asked me to do it. and then i reported to every conversation back to them. laura, i'm a pretty good lawyer, just a country lawyer, but it's all right here, right here. the first call from the state department. the debriefing of the state. >> laura: why are they out to get you? why are they out to get you? >> i will complement my stuff because i do a good job and they try to destroy everyone. they will not intimidate me. in fact, i'm going to work harder because i don't get
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intimidated by bullies. i have a chapter in my book about standing up to bullies. and i never realized the depth of the corruption. i always thought joe biden intellectually was challenged, but a nice guy. i never knew the depth of his corruption. it is massive, shocking and if i played a role in getting that out, i do a service to my country and i'm proud of it. everything i do is defensible and everything i did was legal. most of what they are doing is to cover up for a crime. and i would happy to have been a challenge me because every time they challenge me, they go down and we win. because they are acting improperly. they are acting with abuse of power and the president of the united states conversation with that president, if you consider joe biden and his son were, how corrupt him it was necessary and you cannot let the vice president of the united states allow his son to enrich himself to the tune of millions and millions of dolla dollars. >> laura: why are you the one
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to do this? why is this the role of the justice department or the fbi? why test you the president -- the attorney of the president? that is a question lehman, i get it, that should be investigated but why is rudy running the show on that? why isn't it fbi and main justice? >> that is a very good question. because the fbi performance is the entire investigation including up to this moment is flawed. why am i doing it, laura? can't you figure it out? i'm a defense lawyer. i'm defending him. he's my client. i don't know, only donald trump is not entitled to defense in america. >> laura: but how are you deepening him by investigating biden? spell it out for us. >> one of the things the prosecutor that biden had fired and then the prosecutor that biden helped to put in, one of the things they did was to dismiss a case against an organization that was collecting
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pulse information about donald trump, about paul manafort, and feeding it to the democratic national committee. >> laura: okay, that explains it. i don't think people understood that. >> that was not run by george soros who hired the crooked fbi agent who is now working for george soros. laura, this stinks. this is tammany hall, new york politics to the tune of $1 billion. it is extinct. i spent my life as a prosecutor with democrats, crooked republicans. i don't care who is crooked, they should go to jail. these people abused power. you know what, the crooked press corps enables them. they don't cover them. they only cover republicans. there are two systems of justice in the country. they go after republicans if you say something wrong. they allow democrats to steal millions and they don't care. the clintons enrich themselves
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on public office to the tens of hundreds of millions. the biden's got $1.5 billion from china which had to be a deliberate act on the part of china to buy the vice presidency. that's a lot of money to buy it. they didn't invest in the hedge fund because it made money. it made no money. china's is not stupid. they did not spend money for no reason. there is only one reason to spend that money it is to abide joe biden's office. it doesn't belong to him but the people of the united states. if a president cannot vindicate that, it is a sad day for america. i'm proud of my president because he's trying to clean up a swamp that is much more than the american people realize. it is disgusting. >> laura: schumer warned about the deep state. they will always find a way to get you. >> not if you have courage. >> laura: people, hold on, rudy, hold on.
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people inside the administration and i've said this from januar january 6th, 2017, they are leaking. there were people at the very beginning leaking and bold all the way through the deep state and a lot of other people putting networks as commentators. it is absolutely reprimand a bowl. rudy, there is a thing in the story, you cleared up a lot, and i don't follow every iteration because it is complicated because people don't follow it. >> it is complicated. and they are trying to cover it in a complicated way. >> laura: it is important people understand this because when they hear stuff, oh, i heard that span and it's wrong. what is the deal about ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. because part of this story again broke tonight is that you were putting big pressure on her as part of the scenario, u.s. ambassador of the ukraine, excuse me. >> i was sitting in my office november 2018 and a very prominent investigation and both
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came to me and told me, there is a story about the ukraine and what the democrats did that will shock you. and i didn't believe it at first. biden wasn't involved. it was all about collusion, which by the way, is -- and people were paying for it. and the american ambassador was deeply involved. the fbi agent who was investigating it was deeply involved in it. she is now working for george soros, the fbi agent is working for george soros making hundreds of thousands of dollars. involved in it back then. in january 2016, the obama white house told ukrainian officials, go get dirt on trump and paul manafort. nancy pelosi doesn't care about that. >> laura: who in the obama administration? the obama white house, that is what was told to you? >> that is what is reported and they held by john solomon.
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i've seen some of the documents. and then met joe biden removes the prosecutor and said he didn't even know his son was under investigation which is absurd, but he never talked to his son, form business? do you believe that? don't you think i can prove he did? do you think i'm stupid? do you think i'm giving all my evidence? >> laura: rudy, question. >> they have walked into a trap. >> laura: so this is a gift to you. this whole thing is a big gift to the american people for transparency. >> you are darn right it is a gift. maybe, just maybe we will finally investigate the democrats like we did a republican. maybe, just may be the big hillary clinton fix. like the fbi did. to wrap her out for a crime so horrendous and obvious anybody would be -- if biden gets away with $1.5 million then we don't have justice in america. we have lost the fbi and who
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knows what else. >> laura: well bill barr, -- >> inability to investigate this is astounding. you know how it first came to me? a prominent investigator telling me when you're they were trying to get this to the fbi. you asked me why did i do it? because the fbi didn't do their job. maybe they are afraid they will expose crooked agents. i will show you the statements from five ukrainians that say and desperately tried to get the information of the fbi that we were blocked by the ambassador who eventually got fired. >> laura: we were just hearing, by the way, hold on, that trump is going to meet with ukrainian president at 2:2:15 tomorrow. >> would you emphasize the fact that ukrainian president said -- >> laura: for second is where the democrats have taken us. ukraine said it was not pressured but the transcripts are coming out.
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>> he is the only one that counts as extortion. >> laura: rudy, we are out of time. it doesn't matter. rudy, i'm sorry to cut you up but we have to get your voice back. we have a lot more of the ankle to cover when we come back
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>> laura: we have another fox news alert tonight. we just learned the attorneys for the anonymous whistle-blower that started impeachment insanity has deep ties to the
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democrats. andrew who worked for chuck schumer and hillary clinton in 2001 and also a deep state alum who for years worked as a cia and the defense department. and that is not all. as we told you earlier senior officials telling fox that the trump administration will also release a document tomorrow showing the intel community inspector general found the whistle-blower had political bias in favor of a rifle candidate. joining me now andrew mccarthy, fox news contributor and author of pollution as well as chris hahn former aide who chuck schumer and host of progressive podcast. andy, let's start with you and rudy will join us later in the hour. now, that would all seem to complement the matter, you know, complicate, i should say matters here, wouldn't it if there is political bias that is already recognized and documented? >> will, it would be something
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you would have to disclose if he was a relevant witness, laura. but i don't know why, frankly, anybody cares much about the whistle-blower anymore. i know the democrats want the whistle-blower on has someone who used to try cases, once you have the evidence that the whistle-blower is blowing the whistle, the whistle-blower becomes irrelevant. so if it turns out that the whistle-blower's problem was the exchange or the communication between president trump and president zelensky and there was a quid pro quo, tomorrow we are going to have this transcript that is reported. once the transcript is public, laura what is the difference between you and me and the whistle-blower? what is the difference? we will all have heard the transcript and be able to make up our own minds about it. >> laura: it is interesting to know who is getting a second and third hand information on calls the president having with foreign leaders.
7:38 pm
i find that -- that is a separate matter. >> that is a different problem. >> laura: that is a problem john, you and others have talked about. that is a real problem. forget trump, presents going forward but chris hahn lets go to you. there were documents coming out unredacted transcripts, ig ports and everything they asked for, all coming out. why pull the trigger on the impeachment inquiry today, the resolution, building, building, building, why do it today? why not wait until the documents are else, and then everybody can make their judgment. >> you know, nobody trusts the notes taken by the president's staff that are being called a transcript are everything that we said about those calls. we would like to hear from this witness that for some reason bill barr doesn't want us to hear from. >> laura: the white house -- >> and i just heard the
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president's personal, political attorney say that he was directed by the state department to go meet with ukraine to get evidence on the president's political opponent. now remember they controlled much of the obama administration the first two years of the trump administration and investigated hillary and clinton obama -- yet rudy giuliani who hasn't practiced law since the early '80s says he has evidence come all this information. he's making things up and if the biden's were not public figures commit would be lifeless. i'm sure my friend the former u.s. attorney would agree with that. >> laura: first of all, rudy is listening and he will respond to what you said. >> go to. >> laura: we will let you go on but first the trump administration did say, by the way, the witness, the whistle-blower testified to. they have no problem with it. so that will all happen.
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all of that energy, motion that you have will all happen. >> but laura, laura. >> laura: i got you come i got you take a breath. andy, go. and he likes the more calm shows. but andy. >> i'm sorry, andy. >> laura: if you just heard trump and chris, that rudy giuliani involved in this, that is the problem and he is trying to put pressure on a foreign government to get dirt on a rival of the president. so is there a legal problem without? >> look, laura, this is all going to be investigated. i heard rudy talk about this for weeks. he's been very open about what he's been doing, and why he's been doing it. and sometimes, very surprisingly open about it. but as he pointed out to you, he's not showing all his cards at this point. he may not have practice criminal law. i'm not sure that his right to
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show 1980s, but since i was there in 1980s, i can tell you he is an extraordinary criminal investigator. so you know, look, it is all going to be investigated. as you pointed out, the witnesses are being made available. whatever this transcript tomorrow is going to be made available, and we will see. >> laura: i'm going to bring rudy back in and rudy you've been listening to the conversation. >> i would like to say to chris hahn, i should sue you for libel because he irresponsibly said. you actually usually say incredibly stupid things. >> you are a public figure. >> yeah, by the way, do you have any idea the state department -- shut up, shut up. you don't know what you're talking about. you don't know what you're talking about, idiot. >> i do. >> no you don't, you are just lying. >> just stop, stop! >> why don't you tell them, why
7:42 pm
don't you tell them to keep his mouth shut so we could tell the truth. just keep your lying mouth shut. >> laura: keep it on facts. >> he said about me that i was asked by the state department to go dig up political dirt on trump's opponent. totally false. the state department asked me. >> you said it. >> no, i didn't, you did, you liar. you did. >> laura: just tell him and respond. >> so turn him out so i can speak. i do not want to be interrupted by that -- that serial liar. so, here is why i was asked by the state department. it's all documented. they called me to facilitate a meeting between the president and mr. zelensky to help him do that. i met with a representative of mr. zelensky. we never discussed any kind of pressure about a criminal case. we never discussed any kind of quid pro quo or pressure.
7:43 pm
so i more than willing to have anybody talk to the person that i talk to. because everybody on the ukraine side said they were pressured and they weren't. my conversation was to help the state department facilitate a meeting. an ambassador, an ambassador called me and asked me to do it. he set up the meeting or helped me to set it up. i debriefed him three times in great detail about it. and if that incredibly irresponsible person thinks that i would ever do anything that is illegal or unethical, maybe i'm kind of just a simple little lawyer and i'm not very good at criminal crisis or criminal investigations, but i sure as heck know how to protect myself and my client. it was a perfectly appropriate, perfectly legitimate and completely authorized communications and it's all documented. and once again, the democrats
7:44 pm
just make false charges. unfortunately, they've gotten used to it because meteor enables them to do it. >> laura: i want to read something andy mccarthy. >> i don't want you to have that man on because it's irresponsible to say things about somebody when you don't know what you are talking about. >> laura: i'm going to read something. and then let andy respond to this. >> you don't know what you are talking about. you don't have any idea what you're talking about. >> i did not say -- >> laura: guys, you've got to stop. >> i read the transcript and i know why i was asked to do it. and you make your responsible claims against the president and republicans all the time. >> laura: okay, guys. you don't like each other, let's move on. let's move on to this. i want to after their substantive down point about the underlying hunter/biden issue in
7:45 pm
andy mccarthy i want you to chime in. this is from "the washington post" tonight. they say the idea that this was, you know that biden was trying to get this investigation dropped, the allegations were baseless rights "the washington post." he served on the board for five years from a questionable decision. a questionable decision his father's influential position, he was never accused of any wrongdoing by ukrainian authorities. the pro had been shelved before the action by the efforts with a prosecutor widely criticized for failing to tackle corruption. andy, that is what the democrats say about this, that this prosecutor was someone who was widely disliked as a corrupt person. so biden was following that. and you say? >> i say that he is why we got investigations. look, it seems to me that biden inserted himself into a
7:46 pm
situation where he had a clear conflict of interest. >> laura: bingo! >> the fact that somebody has a conflict of interest doesn't necessarily mean that he will do anything that is illegal or unethical. if what they are saying is true, then they should welcome an investigation because if they can prove that, then he will look pretty good. >> laura: chris, i think that is a judicious, prudent approach to the facts, do you agree that from andy mccarthy? >> i'm always for looking into things that people are concerned about. i have no problem with that. what i am concerned about is the president using his office to assert pressure on a foreign government for political gain. >> laura: no, no, you are making a statement, chris, that is not pronounced by the evidence. that is what rudy is talking about. >> i'm saying i'm against that.
7:47 pm
look, i'm against that. and we don't know what happened with biden. and we are against that too. look, i don't like getting into this fight with mayor giuliani. i have a lot of respect for him. we have worked near each other as a young age right after 9/11. i admire everything he did at that point. and it's said most new yorkers, because you are running your reputation mr. mayor. it is time to take it back and stop going on like this. >> laura: well -- >> it makes me sad, it really does. >> he should be -- >> laura: talking about each other's reputations is not helpful. >> it is all new yorkers and they are sad. >> is there any chance he would stop interrupting people? can we get him under control? >> laura: rudy, go ahead. >> that man made a serious activation about me that i was deputized by the state department to get involved, on a political opponent. that is not all what the
7:48 pm
state department called me about. that is not what i did. what he said was totally false. i will watch him do totally false things on this before. you may have respect for me but i don't have respect for you. the simple fact is that joe biden committed some serious crimes. i'm going to tell you. >> we don't know that either. >> laura: won't go, rudy. >> i probably know more of the evidence than any of you. >> i'm trying to apply the same standards to everybody, but i haven't seen all the documents. >> i've seen the wandering payment of $3 million. i've seen the receipts of the payments that went from china for $1 billion and then $500 million to biden's son who shouldn't be running any private equity fund. i think i kind of understand the chinese. i don't think they gave it
7:49 pm
from -- for financial expertise and there's only one reason left to compromise the vice president of the united states. that is disgraceful, chris hahn will say all kinds of false things. >> i'm sad. i'm sad for this country. >> laura: i'm sad that we didn't stick to the facts and i know everybody gets emotional. under attack. >> don't need to make a statement like that with flamboyant charges that are totally false. >> laura: i'm doing my best. all right, guys, thank you very much. andy, thank you. >> what a disgrace. >> laura: there so much going on on this big breaking news night. how is the g.o.p. leadership responding to speaker pelosi overreach? next, and also on tap, we have a lot to get through. we will do it. ight and whenever you can, you'll be hunting dawn to dusk. this is what you live for.
7:50 pm
it's your season. so hurry in to bass pro shops and cabela's to stock up now on all your opening day essentials at big savings. it's the outdoor traditions sale at bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here.
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7:52 pm
>> our job is to legislate, not to continue to legislate something in the back when you find any reason to impeach this president. she cannot unilaterally decide for an impeachment inquiry. >> laura: kevin mccarthy lambasting the impeachment frenzy today. standing next to him, house minority whip steve scully's.
7:53 pm
also victor davis hanson, senior fellow at hoover institution. you didn't get to speak at the news conference to what your reaction today? we were going to impeach the president. they thought the mueller report was going to find it. the mueller report comes out and says there was no collusion and instead of just shutting it down and moving on to fixing the problems they had to find something else and so they've just been on this witch hunt. we will see the facts, nancy pelosi didn't even wait for the facts. and so she. look at what they are trying to do right now. nancy pelosi spends more time bringing up bill to the floor to name a post office than she does to start an impeachment proceeding against the president of the united states. it's reckless, irresponsible and an abdication of the constitutional duty that impeachment is. >> laura: and wesley usmca vote? the trade agreement -- >> the
7:54 pm
prices at the border, the drug prices. >> laura: victor, this is what nancy pelosi said today before she announced the inquiry. >> the president called me this morning about gun violence and said we were getting close to a solution. >> laura: will anything get done for the american people now? i'm apparently the president, the woman wants to basically kill him and, he's actually still trying to do work for the american people. >> i think we jumped the proverbial shark. that's been three years almost and it's still continuing. my interest is, what's up two or three points? and the mueller implosion and
7:55 pm
the 25th amendment, and it's healthier news coverage today as well with the other networks has been about joe biden. and i hope that poses -- it's almost as if elizabeth warren is the real beneficiary and ironically it will be donald trump. then where did we go beyond th that? and we have criminal stories that are minimal for sizing into indictments. at some point, someone has to shake the democrats and say, what were you doing. you are disgracing herself. >> laura: this was today and
7:56 pm
everyone will recognize him. >> you could in fact end up integrating the president's chances. you could end up losing many democrats in the house of democrat people react poorly to this. it's quite possible that we will remember this day one president trump secured his reelection. because that's politically dicey. >> a couple people are around the edges. >> this is a bad day for nancy pelosi and she has known from the beginning that impeachment would be devastating to their party but they can't help themselves. the author of the articles of impeachment, and again there's nothing to impeach the president on, but the member of congress
7:57 pm
who filed articles of impeachment and say that they don't think they can beat the president. if you look at the constitution impeachment is supposed to be used as a check against the executive. and this is a last ditch, and i think they thought that the economy was going to go into a recession. that looked like it. even though she's drawing some big crowds, i don't think she is as confident as they initially thought they would be but i think that's freaking them out. whatever the squad wants come up
7:58 pm
the squad gets. >> i don't think they understand it when the mueller investigation and the testimony imploded, and now they are repeating themselves, they are chasing their own tales. in what again was ironic is that trump has somehow demonized and they have a law, and they have all moved away far from anything we've ever seen in the last 50 years. now they are in this situation where they can't propose an alternate agenda because every single item falls below 50%. now they are back and saying we kind of got ourselves into a jam, we can't run into that issue and so we have to go back to trump as a monster.
7:59 pm
this is what -- this is all they have. by the way a really important piece from the former deputy u.s. attorney general. and this is the office of the presidency. this may do long term harm to the president of national security. presidents and foreign leaders would speak less candidly, and the united states foreign policy would be crippled, congressman. >> very valid point and if you look what they are doing they wanted to get rid of this, they wanted to undo the election of 2016. number one, it strengthens president trump's case because they hurt joe biden and elizabeth warren.
8:00 pm
>> laura: this is all the time we have tonight but incredible analysis. we had phenomenal coverage tonight. the details of this conversation matter and we want to give everybody an across-the-board, and that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and left "fox news at night" team take all the breaking news from here to. >> shannon: it would begin tonight with the fox news alert. house speaker nancy pelosi opening the floodgates by launching what she calls a former impeachment inquiry after months of stalling. she says, and his son hunter biden with potential conflict of interest in that country. but, are democrats jumping the gun? breaking tonight, sources tell us the white house is prepping to release them both and ed henry has another


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