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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 25, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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there. jillian: have a good day. ♪ nothing doesn't feel the same ♪ the rest of my life is going to start today ♪ good morning. steve: another max frost song. good morning, everybody. welcome. come on in to the mezzanine level of "fox & friends." ainsley: we thought we were going to have so much fun on the show today but another investigation. steve: headline in the "new york post" it's on. brian: is it really on? a lot of legal experts say it's a symbolic gesture that nancy pelosi did yesterday especially when at 5:00
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especially at 2:00 the president says oh you want the transcripts you? i will give it to you. you want it unredacted you got it. whistleblower. she had an opportunity to walk it back and allow our format to do something more humorous and enjoyable instead we are talking impeachment. ainsley: who needs les miserables o or fan or phantom e opera. >> also less marbles. fox news alert kind of. a frump official says there is evidence of political bias now in a whistleblower complaint against the president. ainsley: the exclusive report comes as we await the release of the ukraine called transcript. steve: garrett tenney joining us live from washington where congress as we saw yesterday official whether i madam pelosi launched an impeachment inquiry which they were already doing. the headline there is
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political bias with this whistleblower. >> we are expecting a whole lot of story to come out today. at the direction of president trump the white house will be releasing fully unredacted transcript with his phone call with the president. the white house will also be releasing a document showing that the inspector general of the intelligence community found the whistleblower who filed the complaint regarding that phone call had political bias in favor of a rival candidate of president trump. regarding the transcript of the july phone call, the senior administration official told fox news there is no smoking gun there but there are a few words in it that will raise eyebrows though it's nowhere near as inflammatory as democrats have suggested. despite the white house agreeing to release the transcript on tuesday speaker nancy pelosi announced the house is now moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. >> the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. the actions of the trump
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presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office. betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. >> president trump responds to that announcement while at the u.n. tweeting they never even saw the transcript of the call. a total witch huntington. adding in another tweet: presidential harassment. a senior administration official tells fox news the white house has nothing to hide and is working to give congress access to the whistleblower's complaint to prove that the president didn't do anything wrong by asking ukraine's president to investigate the son of former vice president joe biden. but democratic lawmakers want to hear from the whistleblower directly. and according to intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, that could happen as soon as this week. later today, president trump is scheduled to meet with the ukraine president. it's a prescheduled meeting that's been on the books. but you can be sure their phone call back in july is going to get a little bit of attention there as well.
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ainsley, steve, brian. steve: garrett, thank you so much. the president yesterday said he is ready. he said it will be a positive for him. he said the democrats will lose. keep in mind no president in american history has been better prepared for an impeachment inquiry than donald trump. they were talking impeachment before he was inaugurated. remember? ainsley: and ukraine gave him permission to release the transcript which he says will be released at some point today. many republicans like lindsey graham are saying they haven't even read the transcript. why would they even push impeachment right now when they haven't read what that conversation was. he said they are doing this because you can't beat the president at the ballot box. >> maybe, that's obviously a point of view. here's what nancy pelosi did. at first okay here comes impeachment. wait a second there was no vote. she basically made a speech at 5:00 saying we are going to start an impeachment inquiry. she had an out when she could have said listen i got the president to have this so-called whistleblower because she is really not a
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whistleblower because they didn't witness anything directly. but i'm allowing the whistleblower's complaint to come forward. i badger the president to allow the whistleblower to come forward. the director of national intelligence coming thursday. transcript being released wednesday, that's today. instead she gives her 2 minute stiff address. ainsley: worried about losing her party. somebody that wants her position in california wants to run against her is very progressive. she is listening to these progressive individuals. these freshmen senators like aoc -- -- freshman congresswoman. steve: listening to members of the democratic caucus who are in competitive districts. what do you think about if we did this thing? she took the temperature of the room and decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. even before we find out all this stuff we are going to find out later today. her counter part in the republican party is kevin mccarthy who observed this about madam pelosi.
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>> i don't know why the democrats are excited because, first of all, they just made america weaker. they have been going after this president even before he was elected. remember that text? don't worry we have an insurance policy so he can never win? and now a whistleblower that didn't even hear the conversation? and what nancy pelosi did was nothing. she did not bring an inquiry forward. if you want to know what speaker pelosi is going to do tomorrow? read what aoc tweets tonight. nancy pelosi is now trying to apiece the socialist wing of the party. they will be embarrassed when these transcripts come out. i hope the american public wakes up. have we not learned what we just went through the last two years? this stuff has to stop. it's making america weaker. brian: no doubt about it. the president of the united states at the u.n. yesterday making progress for the country. the usmca is on launch to pass that would help our farmers as well as automakers and almost all
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industry. you have prescription drugs which i think 90% republicans and democrats agree on. how are you possibly going to deal with nancy pelosi if you are the president if she is trying to impeach you? everything goes on hold so you can play politics 14 months before an election. steve: he just said if you want to know what she is thinking look at aoc's tweet. we actually have one of aoc's tweets from last night. ainsley: go ahead, brian. brian: no, go ahead. ainsley: remember the work to save our democracy is deeper than the q of trump. we must fix the deeply rooted broken systems that enabled this crisis in our democracy in the first place. in addition to impeachment, we must also pursue long-term changes to keep this from happening again. steve: let's bring congressman doug collins ranking member of the house judiciary committee. he joins us from washington, d.c. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. steve: it's official the 116th congress will forever be known as the impeachment congress, right? >> no, it's going to be known by chaos congress. run by a speaker who is not
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a leader because follower she is a follower of aoc and follower of her committee. what is happening here is nothing but the per at the trace of a fi fiction of the voters of america. he is leading and doing stuff for our country and they can't defeat that. they have to come up with fiction, impeachment inquiry. one more reporter started impeachment inquiry i want to scream. we haven't started anything. she told her caucus really nothing has changed but we are going to keep pushing the narrative. that's not leadership that's advocating. brian: for the non-legal expert watching right now, there really is no impeachment going on, correct? >> that is correct. there is no impeachment inquiry. steve: they have to vote. >> if she wants to do it she needs to bring it to the floor. if she is not going to bring it to the floor quit telling the american public you are doing something. ainsley: you used to be a
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minister before serving our country. we should be having you on about the president speaking at the u.n. about religious liberties and how precious that was. and bilateral meetings he has had with leaders with other countries in the world and how that helps our country. instead we are talking about another investigation. impeachment inquiries. what do we know about this whistleblower. someone in the senior administration told fox showing this whistleblower has political bias. >> what you just said there the very question you asked is the reason that yesterday was so absurd and this speaker is acting so absurdly. we have not seen the transcript. we have not had anything released. we are going on hearsay, rumor and innuendo. that's how she has chose to run the government. what we need to know is get the transcripts out. the president has been cooperative in saying okay fine you want to see it? we will do that this is what makes the american people so frustrated. instead of governing and doing proper oversight they are abusing the rules of the
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house abusing the processes of the house to make a political statement. the house of representatives i need to tell the speaker of the house the house of representatives is not an arm of the dccc committee. they need to get to governing instead of attacking this president. steve: according to fox news, in the transcript we are is going to see later today, there are a few words in the transcript that will raise eyebrows but it's not nearly as bad as the democrats say. what do you think that means? >> i'm not sure. we will have to see. i know for the democrats if it has the, an or a pronoun they will say it raises eyebrows. all they have wanted to do sim people this president. this is not new. the polls show this. and the american polls show. this i don't give advise to political counterparts it seem they would understand passing legislation and doing business for the american people is far more productive than attacking a very successful president. they don't like him. everybody knows that quit making up stuff to deceive the american people what you are doing.
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brian: i watched people on the other channels last night they are worried big democrats how this could boomerang. we have newt gingrich on in about an hour. when he led an impeachment on president clinton it was he who lost his job and clinton who left with 64% approval rating. the story that marc thiessen has in the "the washington post" today gets almost no attention. on cnn in may senator men then derksz richard dick durbin and pat leahy wrote a letter to the prosecutor general expressing concern of the closing of four investigations they said were critical to the mueller probe. in the letter they implied support for the u.s. assistance to ukraine was at stake. isn't that exactly what they are saying the president brought up in a casual conversation with the new leader of the ukraine? >> oh how dare you bring that up. that's democratic process working and they are supposed. to say this shows the hypocrisy. it's just a heightened hypocrisy up here. they have no agenda. they have no provision for america. they do have a vision for hatred of the president. they do have a vision for trying to overturn the will of the people. guy back to one thing from
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yesterday. ms. pelosi may be speaker of the house. she does not rule the house by fiat. she cannot decide what she wants on her own. only deceive. that's what she did yesterday to apiece her base and party to say we are not making any progress here. jerry nadler spent nine months doing this and turned into nothing but chaos in our committee. this is simply about the president and getting at him. we deserve better than. this. ainsley: marc thiessen goes on in that article in the "the washington post." he talks about the hypocrisy the double standard he mentions that these three senators letters sent to ukraine the top prosecutor there begging him not to close these investigations on the mueller thing and the president. but he also mentions joe biden and how joe biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in u.s. loan guarantees to the ukraine if the government didn't fire that top prosecutor. so clearly a double standard. brian: on camera. ainsley: right. >> it is amazing what we are seeing. i would encourage the american people. look at the leadership is he providing and what correct me if i am wrong is doing
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and perper trading. truth is going to come out. if they want to continue to deceive we will continue to tell the truth. steve: as long as if they are going to have an investigation, they should look all across because rudy giuliani was on a bit of a tweet storm last night, congressman, after midnight. he tweeted this out. democratic party is covering up a pattern of corruption involving high-level members of the obama cabinet. the multimillion and billion-dollar pay-for-play is mind bog bling. biden family sale of office to ukraine was not the only one or the most egregious. slimy joe is not alone. what do you think he is saying there? >> i think he is saying that there are a lot of things that need to be investigated. a lot of things from the previous administration. look, i want to go back real quickly. we have always talked about investigating the investigators. last week we released and find the foia requests on memos. we talk about mccabe being the start of the collusion
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narrative. if we want to talk about the corrupt cabal in the department of justice democrats have put their head in the sand and forgotten. the things we have been talking about for two years actually coming true. you want to see corruption and corrupt cabal look at mccabe and we see what they are doing. you want to look at real things look at what actually happened. steve: then do you think it's a coincidence that the inspector general report is set to come out any day now and suddenly we are talking impeachment? >> look, i would wanted to change the narrative too. they try the false narrative of trying to impeach this president for a long time. if i was comey and strzok and page you don't want this investigation. you thought you got away with it. you got out of government and went to do your books and your contributors. comey said he is not a liar or leaker he is both. mccabe we already know what happened and then he lost his job. we are starting to see this come out. this is what the american people need to focus on. focus on the facts not the
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fiction nancy pelosi wants you to look at. brian: you teed off. watch some of the testimony. see the judiciary committee there jerry nadler still can't keep up with you. real quick. "the washington examiner" said ukraine is likely to reopen the investigation into burisma. that is the company hunter biden was being paid $50,000 once a month to be there ukraine wants to make sure everything was done on the up and up. today the president is going to sit down with the ukrainian president. also there is a huge push to allow the u.s. to lead the renegation of the iranian deal. how embarrassing is this for the whole world to see us in new york having this infighting? couldn't this have waited a day and wouldn't that have helped the country? >> wow. that would be like putting america first. that would be like putting our country first instead of having our president up there working his back side off to help us and renegotiate plans where iran is such a bad actor on the field. this is simply a distraction
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because they cannot stand this president. i cannot emphasize that enough. if this would have happened with a republican congress with a president obama during u.n. week could you have imagined the headlines. no, this is simply a distraction because they don't likes what he is doing. brian: when the president first took over obviously the rest of the world didn't know what to make. if you look around the world, the south korean leader, the president of japan, boris johnson and he are good buddies. macron is still trying to broker something with our president. they obviously have a good personal relationship. mexico is helping news a way we never thought possible. the pakistani leader as complicated as that country is and our president seems to be getting along. he has more friends on the world stage than he actually has at home. >> guatemala, el salvador. ainsley: india. >> we saw india this week. this is the thing that frustrates most americans. most americans frankly don't get up and don't want to care about washington, d.c. they want to care about a president who is taking care of them and getting their
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jobs done and have a place for their kids. they want to have the things in their life that they want. when a government does that that puts them first. that's what the president is doing is putting america first while we have a congress and a speaker up here to wants who do nothing but a sham on the american people because they hate this president. ainsley: they pushed nancy pelosi into a corner. a lot of democrats saying it's going to boomerang and backfire on them we will have rudy giuliani the president's personal stoner on later on this morning. thank you for joining us from georgia. brian: you are wide awake. >> i'm normally running watching you at this time of the day. ainsley: really. brian: take your resting pulse as we toss over to jillian. ainsley: now i feel bad i need to exercise. brian: make you feel guilty? jillian: good morning. let's begin with a fox news alert now because we are following this story. a u.s. military strike wipes out 11 isis fighters in southwest libya. the drone strike in southwest libya carried out by the american led
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u.s.-africa command in cooperation with the libyan government. no civilians were injured. in 2016 the u.s. conducted nearly 500 airstrikes against isis in northern libya. secretary of state mike pompeo will address tensions with iran at the u.n. today. it comes after iranian president hasan rouhani calls the u.s. supporters of terrorism in a fox news exclusive. watch this. >> today america unfortunately is the supporter of terrorism in our region and wherever america has gone, terrorism has expanded in their wake. wherever we have gone on the other side, we have defeated terrorism. jillian: rouhani all but ruled out a potential meeting with president trump. turning now to severe weather. possible tornadoes striking several states overnight. watch this video.
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>> this is insane. it's big, too. jillian: that funnel cloud leaving a path of destruction in wisconsin. moments ago lorenzo strengthens to a hurricane in the atlantic as tropical storm karen with puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. how about this? a marathon basic game ends after nearly seven hours. it only ended about two hours ago. >> ballgame. good night, everybody. he will del morrow morgas ties it in the ninth and wins it in the 19th. jillian: oh my gosh the 19th. after 6 hours and 53 minutes the arizona diamondbacks beating the st. louis cardinals 3-2 in 19 innings. the game wrapping up at 4:30 eastern. some stayed until the end. with a low scoring game like that took that long how boring, right?
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steve: 19th inning this morning. crazy. ainsley: wait a minute, i need a summary. what happened? brian: we will tell you in the break. steve: you should watch this show. this show is really good. ainsley: diamondbacks and cardinals really boring and at the end. brian: get you a copy. steve: what made the news it was 7 hours. it just ended. ainsley: okay. got it. brian: what made the news is that you forgot to mention. ainsley: i missed the beginning of the story. when it comes to sports sometimes i need it told to me a few times. brian: jillian, just try to read everything twissments. jillian: gout it. steve: 6:20 now. speaking of 20. democrats have 2020 platform cut meat to combat climate change. >> you would want to modify americans' diets over time. >> would you support changing the dietary guidelines? >> yes. >> food pyramid. >> yes, yes. >> to reduce red meat specifically? >> yes.
3:21 am
ainsley: this morning there is evidence that that actually worse for the planet. tomi lahren says the whole thing is you had derly insane and she is here next. she said that not me udderly insane. day 23. i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker.
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brian: some quick headlines and i hope you are dressed. marijuana laws could soon end up in smoke in three states. yep, i should say up in smoke. new york governor andrew cuomo wants to set up a deal with new jersey and connecticut. the democrats say it makes sense for neighboring states to have the same recreational pot policies. and california ends a failed experiment to have gangs make peace in prison. last year corrections officials tried to integrate inmates from different gangs in prison exercise yards.
3:25 am
that sounds like a great idea. it didn't work shockingly. violence up 27 times in the 45 attempts to merge the gangs. i will work on that in the break. ainsley take it away. ainsley: thank you, brian. house speaker nancy pelosi caving whistleblower against the president. >> i'm announcing house is moving forward with official impeachment inquiry. the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. ainsley: but do the american people really want impeachment? let's ask fox nation host tomi lahren. hey, tomi, good to see you. does america like this idea? do they want this? >> no. again, nancy pelosi, i think half heartedly is placating to the radicals in her party. the aocs or rasheda tlaibs. those calling for impeachment since the president was elected. again they seem to think through numerous investigations, numerous witch hunts that have all ended up with nothing that somehow they are going to get rid of a president that they seriously just don't like. at the end of the day that's
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a disservice to the american people on both sides of the aisle. i don't even think nancy pelosi believes in it. i think she is doing this simply to appease her base. and it's really sad for the americans in this country who want to see our leaders do something for the american people not sit on capitol hill and squabble back and forth. ainsley: not in favor of people eating red meat there is a study out of johns hopkins a vegetarian diet with dairy and eggs is actually worse for the environment than one meat meals per day. what are your thoughts? >> well, yes. they talk about a flex datarian eat once a day and. we have been eating meet in this country and this world since the beginning of time. to now say that we should stop eating meat because it's going to save the environment. how about ininstead the climate change activists stop riding on private planes and riding on yachts
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and black service cars to every single event. that would have appear bigger impact on our environment instead of cutting out an industry. ainsley: missing out. cheeseburger is most of our favorites. are you on no interruption show on fox nation. great show. you talk to a cattle rancher. tell us about it. >> yes. what our american cattle ranchers really want is just want a level playing field. that's something they don't have. because shockingly we do not have country of origin labeling on our beef product. you think you know where your beef comes grand shirt comes from and electronics comes from and fruit comes from but you don't know where your beef is coming from. that is driving our independent cattle men and ranchers out of business. i sit down with to talk about them bring back country of origin labeling. >> over half a million cattle producers in half a lifetime. and that trend is continuing. >> a lot of people say hey i do know where my beef is
3:28 am
from it comes u.s.a. >> highly deceptive. what the government is currently allowing the importers to do bring in a foreign product. run it through a u.s. meat processing firm. all they have to do is unwrap the package, rewrap the package and put a product u.s.a. label on it and throw the foreign label in the garbage. ainsley: wow, that's interesting. what needs to change? is this up to congress? >> this president could do it with a stroke of a pen. i know this president cares about our american ranchers and by executive order this president could reinstate country of origin labeling. bring prosperity back to our cattlemen and allow the american consumer no matter what side of the political aisle they are on to know what they're eating and where the beef is coming from and save our american ranchers. that's the message our american ranchers want president trump to hear loud and clear because they know he cares about them and their families. ainsley: i would rather pay a few pennies more if it meant our american cattle ranchers are employed. it's really disheartening to
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know they can mislead all of us with those liabilities. thank you for bringing it to light. i can't wait to watch it. if you want to watch it, download that app., it's great. use the promo code doocy if you want money off of your membership. it's netflix for conservatives. you will love it. impeachment inquiry will backfire on democrats big time. this is my favorite. right there. we dance to this. we had 80s night on sunday nights. it was my favorite. the rest of our play list coming up next ♪ come on eileen ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors.
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>> vo: my car is my after-work de♪ music ion zone. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> i have known for some time that the president of the united states have been
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in violation. i could count any number of reasons why i think he should have been impeached. >> the party is now much more unified. this is less an argument over whether this is something we should do or not. >> i feel i'm being vindicated. it was lonely but not as lonely as it has been. steve: there have you got congressman green calling for impeachment for a while gregg jarrett. author of great book comes out two weeks from today witch-hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history. mr. jarrett, good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. steve: aside from the fact that they have launched an official inquiry even did. >> it's a gesture. steve: it's symbolic, exactly. now we learned that later today they are going to be releasing the transcript. >> right. steve: apparently a few words in the trinity that will raise eyebrows but not nearly as bad as suggested? >> it strikes me this is going to below up in the
3:34 am
fails of democrats in the media like an exploding cigar. why not just wait 24 hours before, you know, pelosi makes this big announcement about an impeachment inquiry which has no vote on the floor. she just said it. so i called it a gesture. it doesn't change anything. and why not wait until the the director ever national intelligence on thursday testifies. is he going to say because we know from his lawyers' letter that the whistleblower isn't a whistleblower. because the complaint under the law isn't recognized as a whistleblower complaint. you can't whistleblower on the president the law is very clear. you can only blow the whistle on somebody in the intelligence community. the president is a unitary executive in our constitutional system. he is not a member of the intel community any more than he is a member of the other departments. pelosi was wrong when she said the dni has to hand this over to congress. brian: a couple of things. she had cover.
3:35 am
all about political cover. when the president she could say i got the president to release the transcript, okay. i got the ukrainian lead to say it's okay. she had political coverage. i got the whistleblowers come forward and be able to be red. the director of national intelligence is going to be front and center. joe biden pushed press conference back a few times. i thought for sure when the president got a call from nancy pelosi saying mr. president i know you are busy but later today i'm going to have an impeachment inquiry out there. when the president decides to give in look what i made him do. instead she follows through. is it the mob mentality of the democrats in one room pushing her forward? >> i think it's liberals and aoc crowd that sort of forced her hand so she made this gesture to appease them. but i think it's unwise. i think all of this, actually, is going to blow up negatively for joe biden. brian: why? >> the fired ukrainian prosecutor made a good point
3:36 am
in an interview with the "the washington post." the rest ignored it. i was fired because of joe biden's son and joe biden's demand that i stop the investigation that would have involved his son. and the president of the united states under the take care cause of the constitution is required to faithfully enforce all laws. if he has evidence of a potential crime of a an american office holder trying to beings extort a federal government to benefit his son which is the argument here, he has a constitutional duty to bring it up with them to say give us the evidence, conduct your investigation. ainsley: hillary clinton was interviewed by "people" magazine and she said that our president withheld money from ukraine in that conversation with the president we are going to have the transcript later today that he didn't want to give the money to ukraine because of his relationship with vladimir putin. but the president says i didn't know this president. he had just gotten into office. i called him to congratulate him and i was weary of giving them money because i wanted to make sure that
3:37 am
weapons were going to be in the right hands what's the difference if the president did do that what's the difference in that and what joe biden, what you are saring joe biden did by saying i'm not giving you a billion dollars ukraine unless you fire this prosecutor? it's almost worse, right? >> quintessential quid pro quo. and if he was doing it solely to help his son, you know, that could be a corrupt act that involves services fraud. bribery and so forth. you know, the president of the united states, much depends on his intent. if his intent is as you say, to make sure that hundreds of millions in american taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely, let's put the brakes on giving them money until we make sure this brand new ukrainian president is responsible. serious about cracking down on rampant corruption, then the president is acting lawfully. brian: greg, there is a couple things going on here and why joe biden did not ask for impeachment. he gave that speech, left.
3:38 am
no question. >> right. brian: he probably says this is a loser for me big time. >> oh yeah. brian: now it turns out they are going to, according to the washington examiner. seven officials in the ukraine have indicated the government is likely to reopen investigations into corruption revolving around this organization -- this holdings company burisma holding company which employed hunter biden. in doubt about it scrutiny that's not going to benefit him. he has got to watch himself here. >> right. he probably wishes this whistleblower had never tried to blow the whistle on the president. >> this story never got as big as it is has gotten nancy pelosi has never come forward with it. >> the whistleblower we will find out more. i would point out that his lawyer used to work for hillary clinton. ainsley: her intern and chuck schumer. >> and patrick monahan and
3:39 am
so forth. ainsley: i read an article that says intern our brain room confirms it was when? in the senate, when they were in the senate. >> there is a lot of partisanship going on behind this whole thing. in the end i think this is going to boomerang against democrats in particularly joe biden. steve: the president yesterday said presidential harassment. he also referred to it as witch-hunt, which is the name of gregg jarrett's brand new book that comes out two weeks from right now. can you preorder it everywhere. brian: are we allowed to read it before it's released. >> 4500 pages may be beyond your limit. brian: if i get stuck on a word. >> ask ainsley she would know. ainsley: did he research. here all the footnotes. harper collins great company to work with did you well. >> about 1500 footnotes in there. ainsley: that's amazing. >> don't let that intimidate you. brian: based on a true story. >> thanks for having me.
3:40 am
brian: i don't want to brag but we have jillian here. jillian: i saw him downstairs in the green room. let's begin with the fox news alert now. big news in the race for the white house. for the first time elizabeth warren has caught up to joe biden in a national 2020 poll. the massachusetts senator actually overtaking biden in a new quinnipiac survey out this morning. warren polling 27% among democratic and left a leaning donors. biden 25 points well within the margin of era. bernie sanders and pete buttigieg are both behind warren and biden. vapeing declared a public health emergency in massachusetts. all sales completely banned for the next four months. meantime the state of california telling california to stop vaping immediately over health concerns. warning comes as parents on capitol hill. her daughter nearly grid vaping. she says teens are being used as guinea pigs. >> you may have read juul burns address this in "time"
3:41 am
magazine article by saying blank happens. well blank happened to my family. if this was romaine lettuce, the shelves would be empty. jillian: across the country the cdc, 530 confirmed or probable vaping related cases. lawyers civil suit over a trashed condo. this case has nothing to do with recent sexual assault allegations. brown something sued by the owners of a florida condo who claim brown threw furniture out a window into the pool area nearly hitting a toddler and her grandmother. brown was released by the patriots after a second woman accused him of assault. he denies the accusations. songs you know by heart but probably can't name the artists they are one hit wonders ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up again ♪ never going to keep me down ♪ i get knocked down ♪ never going to keep me down.
3:42 am
brian: i had no idea. chumbawamba. one hit wonder day. brian: amazing you could write a song that complicated and only have one of them. ainsley: you know it's a one hit wonder band when you know the song but you don't know who sings it. i have never even geraldo of them. i have heard that song a million times. brian: i find it inspirational. steve: we want to know what your burn hit wonder is here's mine and you know it. i'm telling you. it's ah-ha ♪ take on me ♪ steve: from the pencil drawing to the live. ainsley: i love the hair. i didn't know who sang this. brian: this is why videos really matter. sometimes you got to like the song that was genius.
3:43 am
ainsley: i didn't know mine was come on eileen. midnight runners. we had 80's night on sunday. brian: why didn't the overhauls without a shirt on take off? jillian: back in style now. make it happen. brian: here is mine and it shouldn't be much of a surprise. ♪ eye of the tiger. brian: this is survivor. what is this from? what rocky? rocky 3. thank you for participating joel. jillian: i have never seen any of the rockies. ainsley: and you are from philadelphia. brian: vital signs. steve: to her point one hit wonder. ainsley: do. this eye of the tiger do this. brian: only in teen movies. steve: like to hear -- janice, we will hear from her coming up.
3:44 am
brian: she was a d.j. a parent who bribed the college admission scandal ring leader gets four months in prison. what could that mean for lori loughlin's sentence? that's a picture of her looking stern. ♪ buckle up for some insurance themed fun ♪ ♪ at progressive park! children: yeah! announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par... maybe an insurance park was a bad idea. yeah. yep.
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3:47 am
brian: yesterday a second parent sentenced to prison in the college admission scandal. devin sloan will spend four months behind bars after admitting he paid 250,000 to do so get his son into usc. he has a bogus water polo player. actress felicity huffman the first parent sentenced will get two weeks in prison. lori loughlin has pleaded not guilty to charges in the admission scam. what does that mean for her? what could it mean as more and more parents are facing the music? here with insight criminal defense attorney jonna spilbor. joanna, first off, are you surprised? the prosecutors are asking for a year and a day and $75,000 fine. he got four months kevin sloan. >> i'm not surprised. the tea leaves are in the
3:48 am
cups and the bad news for the parents who have pled guilty in this scandal is you are going in. but the good news is you are not going to go in for that long if you pled guilty. i think the reason devin sloan got significantly more time than felicity huffman is because his scam was a little more elaborate. he spent a quarter of a million dollars. he did a lot more. felicity huffman wrote a check so her kid could pass the sat or get a good score on the sat. the judge is splitting the baby largely in these cases. prosecutors want over a year defense attorneys want zero. she is coming in on the right side. brian: one goal has been accomplished. i don't see any parent doing. this who would ever risk this? these people have no criminal past. they think they are playing the system. but now there is no more excuses it. brings us up to the fuller house star. and she has said not guilty. she has a lot of resources and a lot of attorneys. >> right. >> what do you think she is looking at? >> if i were her, i would be changing my strategy right
3:49 am
now b. now. what we see all the time, even though it's fundamentally unfair. if you fight and take this to the mat and go to trial and found guilty, you will end up doing a heck of a lot more time than the parents who threw themselves at the mercy of the court and getting very light sentence he is. brian: can you do that? basically just to remind everyone her and her designer husband have been charged with paying william singer, rick singer $500,000 to get their daughters olivia and isabel into usc as crew team athletes and they were not rowers nor were they even aware of this. >> right. this is crazy. she is more along the lines of devin sloan. if she had pled guilty. lori loughlin pled guilty probably looking at the four month sentence that this last defendant just got. but if you fight and you lose judges don't like that even though it's your fundamental right to do. so if i were representing her, i would seriously consider pleading guilty, changing my plea, pleading guilty and getting a light slap on the wrist like her
3:50 am
cohorts. brian: singer is the worst. cut a deal. he was soliciting this, too. >> absolutely. he should have gotten a lot more harsher penalty for the people who are more involved. and, look, here is another thing, brian. these people are now going to have felonies on their record. it would matter to us. we could lose our job. it doesn't matter to. they the judge has to send a message. they got to do some time. you can't send a message that privilege pays. brian: johnna, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: a warning for his party, don't do it again ♪ yes i'm stuck in the middle with you ♪ and i'm wondering what it is i should do ♪ so hard to keep this smile
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
. steve: hillary clinton's failure to campaign in wisconsin widely believed to cost her. even as democrats head to milwaukee for the party's national convention this summer -- next summer that is to say, our next guest argues that going to fly over states doesn't matter if candidates are sticking to the big cities. joining us right now former democratic candidate for wisconsin state senator and carpenter right now john schultz joins us from the twin city. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. in this op-ed that you wrote for the hill you talk a little bit about how donald trump actually came and listened to the people of wisconsin whereas hillary clinton took you for granted, right? >> yes. symbolism matters, you bet. steve: why is that? >> it's a very simple thing for someone to pay attention to in the head libraries is when donald trump is visiting a nearby city and people are beginning to notice that hillary clinton
3:55 am
has yet to stop in to visit a state that she didn't win, you know, in the primary. and i think, you know, that's just a simple message that people pay attention to. steve: you are from a small area called arcadia. it's a much different place than milwaukee which is where the democrats are going to have their convention. explain the differences between the two. >> well arcadia is a big area with a small population. population density, of course we are rural but we have manufacturing and, you know, it's our term to have immigration now. milwaukee was once the center of quite a bit of immigration in this state. it's a four-hour drive and it's not -- it's just not a place that we share a lot of characteristics with we talk about the urban rural divide. catherine cramer wrote that
3:56 am
book look at resentment in politics in wisconsin. and we see differences. obviously we share a lot but milwaukee votes very strongly democratic and arcadia, wisconsin is the most conservative community in one of those obama, obama-trump counties that we have. steve: you write that you have seen a lot of people who voted for trump in 2016 for the first time and other people who did not vote for him are thinking about voting for him next time. >> oh, certainly a factor. and i have noticed it's not really being talked about everyone is worried about trump lose voters and sure he will lose voters and democrats may lose voters but the big key in trump's victory is how many new voters he recruited. steve: exactly. >> there are people who voted for him who have yet to vote -- people who support him have yet to vote for him. steve: interesting stuff. democrats ignore rural
3:57 am
voters at their peril. john schultz joining us today from the twin city. you sir, thank you. >> thank you. steve: all right. lots of great guests coming up next two orlean two hours of& friends." ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that
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4:00 am
♪ i won't let you get me down ♪ i keep getting up when i hit the ground ♪ never give up, no, no. steve: never give up. well the democrats didn't yesterday because it looks as if there is going to be an official impeachment inquiry which, of course, there was already an official impeachment inquiry just still no vote. ainsley: that's right we were all glued to our television i was watching fox when nancy pelosi made that announcement at 5:00. that brings up this fox news alert. a trump administration official says there is some evidence now of political bias in a whistleblower complaint against the president. steve: that's interesting. the exclusive report comes as we await the release of
4:01 am
the ukraine presidential phone call transcript later on today. brian: that's interesting, too. kevin corke is always interesting. is he live from the white house as congress launches an impeachment inquiry. it's not really an impeachment because there was no vote yesterday, right, kevin? it's kind of a symbolic thing. >> exactly. thank you for saying that because i think sometimes in the press they get a little as we say in nascar terminology a little loose in the turn here there was no vote. i think the bigger question right now at least from our perspective is exactly when we might get a transcript of the call in question. fairly soon we are told by white house officials all though we don't know what's in that call guys, we do know this the white house is confident there is simply no there there. let me share a tweet the president calling this a witch-hunt yesterday on twitter had a number of tweets about this. he said they never even saw the transcript of the call, a total witch-hunt. now unmistakenly annoyed by the constitutional maneuver
4:02 am
the president speaking in new york not far from where you are at the u.n. general assembly said what speaker pelosi is doing, she and the democrats are doing quite frankly is deepening the divide in this country. >> it's bad for the country. what she is doing is very bad. how can you do this and you haven't even seen the phone call? we have the whole transcript of the call. it was a perfect call. there was no quid pro quo, unlike biden. >> meanwhile over on capitol hill impeachment was, is, and continues to be the pursuit of democrats even if the transcript of the call has yet to be reviewed. >> the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. >> house speaker nancy
4:03 am
pelosi writes meanwhile back here at the white house we do expect to get a first look again at the transcript of the call some time later on this morning. perhaps within, let's say an hour or maybe even an hour and a half from now. i promise as soon as i get it i will pass it along for you. ainsley: possibly during our show. i didn't know it would be that early. that would be great. >> we will see. steve: last time there was impeachment proceeding in the house. newt gingrich was speaker of the house. is he a fox news contributor and writes a newsletter available at he joining us now. newt, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> clearly the president thinks that by releasing this transcript it's going to exonerate him. fox news has learned there are a few words in it according to a senior administration official that will raise eyebrows but it's not as big as the democrats have suggested. what do you make of all of this? >> >> well, look, i think in the long run historians will think that this is the theater of the absurd the
4:04 am
president gave extraordinary historic speech on religion and religious freedom yesterday. people i know who care deeply about that topic think it's one of the most historic speeches given by any modern president on the issue of religious liberty and god. and, yet, he is surrounded, basically, by a democratic party which has lost its mind. nancy pelosi -- think about what you are watching, this is the infantile stage of liberalism, which was also matched yesterday by a 16-year-old addressing the united nations as though she knew something. nancy pelosi hasn't seen the transcript, hasn't interviewed the whistleblower. has no new information and furthermore when she starts the investigation of the ukraine, the person who is going to get clobberside joe biden. if you look at hunter biden his son both in china and in ukraine. what you are looking at is a
4:05 am
case study in corruption. nancy pelosi should have announced an investigation. she said nobody is above the law. well, does that include the frontrunner in her own party because if you look at what's happened, notice what the argument is. the president says, gosh, to a brand new anticorruption reformer, which is what they have now in the ukraine. a comedian who wanted to -- these people so sick of the corruption. and the president says no this was all being handled by the corrupt system. why don't you check what happened. he didn't say go make something up. is it true that hunter biden's company was engaged in corrupt behavior? is it true, for example, in china that there is a whole weird pattern of billions of dollars happens to go to the vice president's son who has zero skill at what is he getting. if his name had been hunter smith he would have gotten no money at all. so i think what pelosi is doing is opening up a can of
4:06 am
worms and the largest worms are going to be hunter and joe biden, not donald trump. brian: what do you i don't understand, mr. speaker you know politics better than anybody i know. she had her win. she got the president to release the transcript. government the whistleblower complaint forward. she didn't have to do the 5:00 press conference which was nothing but symbolism because there is no vote. what is she thinking? >> i think what happens and i have been in a situation so one level i'm sympathetic to the psychological dynamic. all of her hard left gets in the room and starts chanting. and all chanting impeach now, impeach now, impeach now. she walks in the same room and they go look, now you finally have proof. they actually don't have anything. they haven't seen the transcript. the whib frankly is a pretty weird idea. how can you have a whistleblower claiming something so secret that they are going to take it to the "new york times" and
4:07 am
"the washington post" and take them seriously and the president then i think pulls the legs out from under and says fine, you want to seat transcript? he did the right thing by the way. which is they checked with the president of ukraine to make sure they had his approval because, otherwise, if you are a leader around the world and you think the "new york times" and "the washington post" is going to be printing anything you say you are not going to an hun national weather service conversation. i think trump actually handled this in a very sophisticated way if, in fact, you know, you are a normal american you are looking at $2 billion minimum in china. you are looking at a huge amount of money in the ukraine all going to hunter biden while his father is vice president. then you look at donald trump as you say a minute ago. there might be three or four words in the transcript and you are going to suddenly upset the president of the united states over 3 or 4 words? i think it becomes an
4:08 am
absurdity. ainsley: congressman says they will have problems with and, or, but. those are the three words they have a problem with you mentioned marc thiessen wrote an op-ed in the "the washington post" about the double standard. you mentioned what joe biden had done also senators wrote a letter saying they were pushing the top prosecutor to not close these four investigations about mueller. nancy pelosi stood up there yesterday at 5:00 and she said he must be held accountable he betrayed the oath of office. if you look at the way back machine, this is what she said back in 1998 when republicans were trying to impeach bill clinton. listen to this. this was posted on ryan sevado's twitter page a reporter for the daily wire. watch. >> today the republican majority is not judging the president with fairness but impeaching him with a vengeance. in the investigation of the president's fundamental principles which americans hold dear, privacy, fairness, checks and
4:09 am
balances, have been seriously violated. and why? because we are here -- we are here today because the republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred. until the republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer. ainsley: newt, what's your response? >> well, my response is that this is all part of the left's effort to rewrite history. the fact is president clinton committed felonies. he perjured himself in a trial that involved sexual harassment by clinton as the employer. harassing a subordinate. think about the current psychology if he had done it now. he ended up ultimately losing his license to practice law he ended up having to pay a penalty ended up having to pay off the woman because is he so violated her civil rights. so we were given a difficult challenge because ken starr's report came back and said guilty, guilty, guilty.
4:10 am
guilty. it didn't come back and say any of the things that nancy pelosi just said. opposite by the way of mueller. steve: sure. but, newt, the political reality is if nancy pelosi were to get the whatever she needs, 218 votes to go ahead for impeachment, the u.s. senate is never going to impeach this president. it's a republican majority and it simply would not do it based on what we know right now. given the political realities you face you end up sending the articles of impeachment to the senate where the senate said no, we are not going to convict him. >> right. and i think that was in the context of that period and people looked at the totality and they said it was right for him to be impeached. it was not right to take him out of office. but the truth was as i said a minute ago, he suffered -- bill clinton suffered a number of consequences. here's the other big difference. in the case of clinton he had actually broken the law and committed a felony in a
4:11 am
case involving sexual perdation against an employee. if that happened today. would people be going crazy? that's not the case here. the most they can come up with is in a case involving hunter biden doing a bunch of weird things which made him a ton of money, both in china and in ukraine, the president of the united states and we will have to see when they release it may have said, you know, it wouldn't be a bad deal to go back and look at that now that you don't have corrupt prosecutors. remember, the election in ukraine was a comedian turned politician to clean up the corruption and so this guy actually is probably very sympathetic to president trump's position. brian: what bothers me most by the way happens to be doesn't look like we are going to get anything done for the rest of the session. what also bothers me that the usmca any type of prescription drugs, anything on guns or anything at all. and number two is the president of the united states had a very
4:12 am
comprehensive forward-looking while it's pointing out his achievements at the u.n. yesterday and now the you were mean union is getting behind the president to renegotiate the iranian deal. he seems to have international momentum and it's being steam rolled by something that could add up to absolutely nothing that probably is the most frustrating thing. >> look, the reality is the elite media hates trump as much as nancy pelosi hates trump. and the elite media doesn't want to give him a break and won't. that's reality. i mean, this is not going to change. as long as trump is determined to stand up for america and trump is determined to change the swamp and to change the deep state, these people are going to hate him. they are not confused. their very way of life is being threatened. the "new york times" gets up every morning and says i know trump did something terrible.
4:13 am
i wonder what it is. brian: they define it. something is great. inside the contract with america the 25th anniversary debuts tomorrow on fox nation. real quick, mr. speaker. what can we expect? >> >> very excited going to show on fox regular channel on sunday night a special that really carries you through what we did and how we did it to gain control of the house for the first time in 20 years. how we rallied the people and represented their values in a very positive campaign involving big ideas. i'm very excited by the special that will be on sunday night. brian: never forget how chris farley portrayed you in snl. that was also fantastic. we will watch. it can be downloaded on fox nation now, too. ainsley: good to see you. bernie sanders slamming the 1%. >> a corrupt political system, which allows billionaires to buy elections. >> the billionaires who get
4:14 am
huge tax breaks. brian: clear your throat. he went after the national wealth industry. stuart varney promised to walk up the steps. we cued him. lection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta® onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta® reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1% a 94% decrease. neulasta® onpro is designed to deliver neulasta® the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. neulasta® is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta® if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk.
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and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit steve: senator bernie sanders has rolled out a
4:18 am
massive wealth tax on america's most successful americans. his plan release interested in a tweet reading in part, quote: there should be no billionaires. we are going to tax their extreme wealth and invest in working people. brian: right. then who is going to pay people to work in the plan called for national wealth registry to force the tax. ainsley: a registry tell the government where all your investments are. brian: how dare you. ainsley: here is host of stuart and varney stuart varney. a list where all your money. >> that is bernie sanders new wealth plan. it includes national wealth registry. in other words, hey, you got to tell us, the government, what have you got and where is it? brian: it's called tax returns, isn't it. >> no, that doesn't include your wealth. there is nothing on your tax. that's about income. this is about wealth. there is nothing on your tax return about wealth. steve: they want the big picture. >> that's what they want. they are going after wealth. what you have accumulated over your lifetime.
4:19 am
bernie sanders, if you hit $32 million, he will start taking 1% every year of your accumulated wealth. and if yo if you are worth 10 billion it goes up to 8% each and every year. ainsley: of your wealth not your income. >> of not your income it's your wealth. this is a brand new area of taxation. steve: in that intro it says bernie sanders would like there to be no billionaires. >> right. he is going against the billionaires. remember, please, he used to rant about the millionaires and billionaires. brian: now is he a millionaire. >> now we found out the man is worth $3 million. he omits and leaves out the millionaire bit. it's just the billionaires who are wicked. brian: here's how it's smart. billionaires are one vote. a lot more people aren't. and they are trying to fuel that resentment for those who are successful. >> of course. brian: as if they cheated. >> i was born and raised in england. i was born and raised with british socialists who say exactly the same thing as
4:20 am
bernie sanders is saying now. it's all based on envy and jealousy. you've got it. i don't. you are going to give it to me or i'm going to take it off you. that's the way they think noticed how they never smile. it's always anger. they are really angry about it. steve: they can't look like everything is hunky-dory. >> i guess not. bernie sanders wealth tax plan is actually more aggressive than elizabeth warren's wealth tax plan. he would take 4 trillion out of private wealth and give it to the government. elizabeth warren only takes 2.5 trillion from private wealth and gives it to the government. you tell me that's good. steve: stuart, i have a feeling there are a number of progressive democrats who are smiling and we are going to see one in about 15 seconds. >> really? steve: okay. i'm watching. meanwhile nancy pelosi officially opened an impeachment inquiry. how will that impact the 2020 race? >> senator cory booker wants to be president and
4:21 am
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4:24 am
steve: this is a fox news alert. we are now awaiting the release of that ukrainian phone call between the president and the president of ukraine. this is house speaker nancy pelosi caves to party pressure over that whistleblower's complaint against the president. >> i'm announcing the house of representatives is moving forward with official impeachment inquiry. the president must be held accountable. no one is above the law. steve: well, our next guest is supporting this move. democratic hopeful and senate judiciary committee member cory booker, senator from my state of new jersey joins us live. good morning to you.
4:25 am
>> good morning, good morning. steve: why do you think nancy pelosi decided to officially announce the impeachment inquiry yesterday before we saw the transcript and before we heard from the whistleblower? >> well, i think that you saw a shift of some of the moderate democrats, people who have watched this with a sobered eye. take no glee in impeaching the president. in fact people who openly worry this is a political loser. but when they looked at it from the objective standpoint, where are we coming in as a nation when both republicans and democrats see an ally, ukraine, under attack and a president of the united states withholds that aid in order to go after a political opponent. i think that was a bridge too far for people. and it really wasn't even this idea that he is being impeached. remember, this is people who feel like they need impeachment inquiry to free up documents. steve: they have been doing that all along.
4:26 am
all the leaders in congress have been working on this for a while. >> this is why i moved there earlier than nancy did because i have seen them withholding people to come forward and do interviews to testify in front of congress. hold back documents. it's almost as if this president is doing something that for me who swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, our constitution has checks and balances. the executive branch cannot refuse to submit itself to the checks and balances of the congressional branch. steve: of course you get impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. the thing is does anything in whistleblower complaint or phone call with the ukrainian president rise to that level. >> this is the interesting thing the public doesn't know the truth yet. steve: neither does congress. >> that's what congress is saying. we need the leverage through impeachment inquiry to better get to the truth. when they started with nixon they didn't know the truth yet. the public was mostly on the side of nixon until the truth started coming out. steve: apparently the trump
4:27 am
administration told fox news, a senior official, that the president and the administration will release a document showing that the inspector general in the intel community found that the whistleblower had a political bias in favor of a rival candidate we don't know who the candidate is. >> that's what you would expect they are now going to detract the integrity of somebody in the intelligence community. steve: but if somebody has a political bias us should know that. >> this is an a president attacked the intelligent community over syria, over saying they were wrong about russia. we know what's going on. this is what we should get. we should get the full report of which whistleblower which is something you and i have never seen four lifetime. someone up in the intelligence community high up this is beyond the pale. steve: apparently this whistleblower doesn't have direct information wasn't in the room and hasn't seen the transcript. >> this is what i am saying to the senator. release his report. by the way not doing it is a
4:28 am
violation of the law not that the administration may release it. it says they shall release it. but yet something extraordinary done in the doj and dni not release a whistleblower. steve: apparently the department of justice said because the president isn't part of the intel community it's not applicable with this. nonetheless, the white house is trying to declassify it and we are going to find out about it shortly. what about the other side? what about republicans, senator booker, who say look at joe biden. i mean, shouldn't people be looking into whether or not -- you know, the circumstances about hunter biden's deal with the ukrainian oil company that was paying him $50,000 a month even though he really didn't have much experience in that department? >> this is almost like saying okay, here's a fire cracker over here. pay no attention to nuclear bomb going off that a president of the united states of america in order to pursue his own personal benefit withholds aid from an ally under attack. i actually was in the ukraine. i met with american soldiers there who were saying we are in a hybrid war with the
4:29 am
russians. i met with ukrainian soldiers. i saw how our aid is saving their lives in a russian attack. steve: senator booker, if there is corruption there, shouldn't we know about it? because the suggestion was that joe biden is the guy who pressured the government to fire the prosecutor who was looking into hunter biden's company. >> the president of the united states should withhold bipartisan approved aid that is life or death? i have been to the region. i have seen the violence. in order to reach and try to do an investigation that there is right now no evidence whatsoever because there have been investigations. brian: right. you know how politics works. there are a lot of calls to foreign leaders who say, you know what? we are not going to give you this money unless do you this. that happens every day. >> and this is where -- this is not a gleeful moment for this country. this is a very sad moment. this is not about politics. this is about patriotism. can a president of the united states -- i don't care what party. steve: right. >> withhold critical aid from an ally under attack in
4:30 am
the midst of a war in order to pursue a petty political agenda? that has to be crossing the line for any objective person and we should get to the truth of the investigation. steve: well, we might get to the transcript later on it might come out within the hour we understand. quinnipiac has a poll and looks at voters. take a look right here elizabeth warren now is actually ahead of joe biden only by 2% which is probably within the marginal of error what do you make of the fact that she is surging right now in a couple of polls? >> i don't make any fact. in fact the polls this far out, rudy giuliani was winning in the presidential election this far out. steve: right. >> they have never predicted from the democratic party never predicted who would go on to be president. steve: she is surging, would you consider being a running mate or part of that cabinet? >> i plan on winning the nomination for my party. just like carter and bill clinton and barack obama who all barely polling not
4:31 am
polling way behind at this point. we are months away from iowa. i'm looking forward. we have one of the best organizations in iowa. lead in iowa and new hampshire. lead in endorsements from local elected officials. steve: i heard have you been raising a lot of money because a week ago you said look i will have to get out essentially unless i raise a certain amount of money and you are pretty close to it? >> really excite you had that the response has been tremendous. so many people going to and saying we need your voice in this context. should not drop out. stay on that stage. it's been really encouraging to me. steve: well, cory booker, thank you very much. good luck out on the trail. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, 28 minutes before the top of the hour, coming up, this man raised more than a million dollars with his sign asking for beer money. now anheuser-busch is cutting him off. wait until you hair why. jason chaffetz is going to join us live on a busy news day on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ (male announcer) it's here.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
♪ ainsley: it is 7:35 on the east coast. the president is already up and tweeting this morning writing: there has been no president in the history of our country who has been treated so badly as i have. the democrats are frozen with hatred and fear. they get nothing done. this should never be allowed to happen to another president, witch-hunt. brian: right. so let's bring in jason chaffetz fox news contributor former g.o.p. congressman and former chairman of the oversight committee. we have not spoke to you, congressman, since this whole impeachment inquiry went out. and it's important distinction, isn't it? this is an inquiry. this isn't even a formalism people. what is the difference between this and putting it to a vote? >> i take real issue with speaker pelosi suggesting a formal impeachment inquiry,
4:36 am
it is not until they vote on it. let remember. three times this vote has come up in the house and three times in a row it failed. so if nancy pelosi actually wants to put her money where her mouth is, then put it up for a vote and let's see people that are actually there on the floor of the house vote to see if they want to have this formal inquiry. it is not a formal inquiry until they have that vote. ainsley: when will they have a vote and do you think the folks saying impeach, impeach, impeach will actually vote for it because their constituents are actually watching. >> i think the resistance movement is hyperventilating and nancy pelosi succumbed to the pressure she was getting in her caucus and to this radical socialist far left part of the democratic party they have morphed into something even nancy pelosi doesn't recognize at times. i think from the very beginning they had this joint operating agreement between six committees in the house. never heard of that before
4:37 am
and public i don't think has ever seen joint operating agreement. brian: what is that? >> started with this memorandum of understanding between these six committees about how they were going to probe into donald trump. and we need to see what that document is. so, by her going up and doing this little press, you know, stunt that she pulled yesterday she is jursz saying hey, go continue to do what they are doing. nothing really changed from yesterday, today, other than nancy pelosi is now on the record as saying that she thinks that impeachment is proper. steve: but you know, congressman, she could have done something without actually taking a vote and that would be to create a select committee for impeachment. she could have done that but she thought that was a bridge too far apparently. >> well, i think jerry nadler, the chairman of the house judiciary committee has to be the most embarrassed of all because that is where under house rules impeachment would actually go. she wants to have her thumb on this. that's why she said adam schiff is going to lead out
4:38 am
in the intel committee. we know what a puppet schiff is for nancy pelosi. it's the one position where the speaker can actually appoint the person without a committee vote. i think it's very frustrating other five committees see what you can come up with. and hand it over to adam schiff and we will see what we can come up with. brian: congressman, there is something else. i think we mislabeled the whistleblower. the whistleblower apparently didn't hear anything directly. the whistleblower, according to our sources has a political agenda. the whistleblower employed a lawyer interned for two prominent democrats and has that in the background. is that a whistleblower, someone who doesn't -- how do you blot whistle on a president on a conversation you weren't on? >> that's a complaint filed like you would see in some dilbert cartoon that went forward out there. listen, there is a formal standard within the intelligence community there are 782 inspector generals. the ig, the inspector general has a different
4:39 am
standard that it didn't meet this standard. and so, you know, there is this information out there, but it's evidently a second -- somebody who never saw it firsthand. and if you look at the timing, the timing is critical. if this person does indeed have a political bias, the texture of that is important to this. if they have a proclivity to want to take down donald trump this is the deep state fighting back against a disruptive unconventional president who is cleaning out this swamp that we see in washington, d.c. it will continue to come but got bless donald trump. he's doing the right thing. steve: all right. jason chaffetz joining us today, sir. thank you very much for your point of view on another slow news day. thank you, jason. >> thank you. brian: as we wait for the whistleblower statement, we want to read that. and as we wait for the transcript of a phone call with the ukraine president. ainsley: should come down during our show. brian: along with a meeting
4:40 am
with this president and ukrainian president across town. ainsley: u.n. steve: it's terrible outside. jillian has the news. jillian: pretty big news to pass along. fox news alert. breaking moments ago the ceo of juul announced he will step down effective immediately. kevin burns has come under fire for his company's hand links of the vaping epidemic. it also comes just days after federal prosecutors launched a probe into juul. the company is also cutting workers. the ceo of tobacco company will replace burns and keep you updated there now fedex imposimpostures tie up a family. show a man dressed as a delivery driver enter the brooklyn home followed by accomplice. the family bound with duct tape as the men steal cash and jewelry. police say they have not been given the footage. anheuser-busch is cutting ties with the man who raised
4:41 am
$100 million for charity. apologizing over offensive social media post 2012 when he was 16 years old. he went viral as you know telling you about this sign asking for beer money prompted donations for a children's hospital. this as the des moines register launches an investigation into the staffer who dug up the old tweets. that reporter now apologizing for his own controversial tweets going back to 2010. children of 9/11 heroes carry on their family legacies. 19 fdny academy graduates have parents who died in the terror attacks or from ground zero related illnesses. for many, this is a bittersweet moment. >> making my dad proud, you know. definitely something that he wanted me to always do. and i took the fdny test the same month my father passed away from 9/11 cancer. >> i'm proud of everyone. >> i think he would be
4:42 am
pleasantly surprised and hopefully proud as well. jillian: this was the largest class of 9/11 legacies in fdny legacy. ainsley: all of them are children of firefighters that died in 9/11. and janice, i'm sure this is a touching story i'm sure for you for all of us but especially for you because your husband is a firefighter. janice: god bless the fdny not only the firefighters that died on 9/11 but also firefighters that have died from 9/11 illnesses. god bless all those new recruits. we love you. you are heroes. hi, guys, thank you. thank you for coming to "fox & friends." anniversary, birthday? what's your name? brielle. >> where are you from. >> colorado. >> do you like the weather here. >> yeah. janice: do you guys love "fox & friends"? [cheers] janice: that's all we need. take a look at the maps and show you what's going on. couple of police car systems. tropical karen went through puerto rico. it's going to stall out and perhaps come closer to the bahamas or the u.s.
4:43 am
that's something we are going to have to watch over the next couple of days. watch these computer models doing a loop de loop. still hanging on to summertime across the southeast and the southwest. and we are going to be dealing with 79 beautiful degrees here in new york city. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian my friends. uggs, everyone. ainsley: happy birthday to many of you. brian: for those their birthday is coming up some time this year happy birthday to them. san francisco is caught between a rock and a hard place with the homeless crisis. their solution? actual rocks. mike slater brings his bolder from california and sounds off next. ♪ i am an island ♪
4:44 am
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♪ ♪ >> got to do something. i believe there is nothing being done. >> they will shoot up at night and then stay over overnight. ainsley: frustrated residents in san francisco now putting bolders on their sidewalks like this video right here to stop the homeless people from camping out. here to react is california resident and radio talk show host mike slater. hey, mike. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: tell us about this story. what are the residents doing? >> well, we have got people taking matters into their own hands is what we have because the governments of california refuse to do anything about this problem. they refuse to do anything for decades. the things they are doing just make it worse. they make it worse for everyone for business own owners, for families and forehomeless people. ainsley this is the one point if i may get across to our progressive friends. it is not compassionate to let people sleep on the street. it is not compassionate for people who are mentally ill or addicted to spiral darker into their addiction and illness on the street. you know, critics of this say it's inhumane to put
4:48 am
these boulders out on the street. i say it's inhumane to let people sleep on the street. we can't allow this anymore. people need help and people taking last resort here to do anything they can because the government is not doing anything. ainsley: we had rudy giuliani talking about this issue and he said when he was the mayor of new york he told all his police officers if you see someone homeless sleeping on the street, go and wake them up, pick them up and help get them into a shelter. that his rule. agrees with you it was inhumane to have a human being sleeping on sidewalk. they need to be in a shelter and our city has plenty of those. he would agree with you. now, is it helping in that neighborhood, the neighborhood is the mission daloris neighborhood. >> well, it's helping for now. there is actually a lot of neighborhoods in california -- actually, the government does this, too. the ninth circuit of appeals building in san francisco has metal spikes and metal bars over flat surfaces. city hall has spikes. this isn't evil.
4:49 am
these are good people doing. this these aren't evil conservatives in san francisco who are setting these boulders up. anyway, they are working. but in venice they tried to put up plantares on the sidewalk for similar reasons. the city comes in and sues people to get rid of them. even when people are trying to do the right thing. we have the government come in and undercutting these people. ainsley: mike, i have been to california a few times. i think it's beautiful. napa valley, san francisco, santa monica and all these areas where most of the townhouses go and visit. san diego. i was at dinner with some friends the other day. they are from california. i said is it really as bad as it looks on the news? what's your answer to that? >> yeah. it can be dangerous, right? ainsley: that's what they said, too. needles. >> yeah. and then have you human waste all over the place. it's dangerous to bring your family to certain areas and in san diego 500 people got hepatitis a by walking around downtown. >> are the leaders afraid to do anything? upset the progressives?
4:50 am
why won't they help these homeless individuals and the residents? >> yeah, i recommend everyone read thomas seoul's vision of the anointed. whole chapter how progressives believe that homeless people and criminals are victims. that's the philosophical underpinning of this. they don't want to do anything because the homeless people are victims of circumstance and of society that's why they are not doing anything. ainsley: they are victims if we don't get them help and get them off the street. >> exactly right. ainsley: thank you, mike, for being here. demi moore revealing shocking secrets about her fast like cheating on her husband the night before their wedding. that's just the start. carley shimkus has other surprises coming up next. ♪ ♪ i don't want to take you dancing ♪ when you are dancing the with the world.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
♪ steve: after demi moore is back with a bombshell new memoir full of shocking secrets about her past history. ainsley: i know. she is opening up about her devastating miscarriage while married to ashton kutcher revealing i was disseminated. i had literally failed to deliver and my grief felt bottomless. brian: that's not all. here with more on the surprising claims fox news headlines reporter she is here in person carley shimkus. carley: i am. brian: carley, this is explosive book. carley: wow, yes. what a shocking life and a horrible childhood. she says that she was raped when she was 15 years old by a much older man who paid her mother $500. her mother suffered from alcoholism. so she goes into some really dark details here. i have a feeling that this book is going to help a lot of people out. people who are going through things themselves. because the theme of the
4:55 am
book and really her life in general is that the human spirit can overcome so much. and one of the things that she overcame more recently was her miscarriage that we hadn't heard about until now when she was married to ashton kutcher. she talks about it today. still clearly broken up about it. she says she can't even really fully bring into words how lost, empty desperate and confused. steve: one of the iconic demi more photographs was the cover of vanity fair when she was really pregnant with her child i believe rumor. and here she is talking about that on abc. >> i literally thought there is no way they would ever do it. not because i thought it was so risque or showing. i was fascinating why is it being seen as obscene. steve: everybody saw that. >> ainsley, we are talking about this in the break. you brought up a good point. that cover doesn't seem like that much of a big deal now because some celebrities do
4:56 am
it. but she was really the first one to. she was pregnant with rumor in the cover. and rumor has responded to this book and she says that she finally understands her mom reading. this it's like puzzle pieces have been brought together. so i thought that that was kind of an interesting response. because demi moore you see the glitz and gram now but her childhood was horrible. brian: i remember her on general hospital. carley: that was her first role. ainsley: she talks about it being controversial. she wouldn't believe that was controversial but maybe learning more about her mom explains it. because in my household, i was born where i remember that cover and i remember how controversial it was. and now women do it all the time and it's beautiful. a pregnant woman is gorgeous. but our grandmothers were always taught you don't talk about it on tv. you always use the word expecting not pregnant and never show your tummy. steve: look for the book. carley: she is definitely a survivor. ainsley: she is gorgeous. carley: i want her skin
4:57 am
cream. steve: i never thought of you as a general hospital guy. brian: luke and laura during college. rudy giuliani on our couch. right now he is in our green room standing by our paintings ♪ philadelphia freedom ♪ hi guys. this is the chevy silverado, with the world's first invisible trailer. . . oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic.
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♪. brian: look at all the world leaders on our sidewalk. steve: traffic out front is terrible again. it took me half an hour to go two blocks. rudy giuliani joins us now. how long did it take to get here because of traffic disruption of u.n.? >> excuse me. you're interrupting my book. ainsley: you had a lot of in traffic. >> yesterday i did six meetings
5:01 am
in seven hours. and it was impossible. i had to do some walking. i realize i can't because they all stop me. brian: because you're the most famous mayor in the country. you're in a city -- >> some of them still think i'm the mayor. how could you let the homeless people come back. it isn't me, this guy. brian: mr. mayor, i watched with laura ingraham that brawl for it all. as news was breaking about the president. >> he will turn out to be totally wrong. what's new? you shouldn't get aggravated. these people lie. i used to think -- brian: chris hahn? >> he does it all the time. i thought these people were just mistaken at first. i didn't realize until i got deeply into this they created whole russian collusion allegation. part of the place it was created was in ukraine. you want to know why i started
5:02 am
investigating ukraine back in november of last year? because a very significant distinguished investigator came to me the ukrainians for year-and-a-half have been trying to get to your fbi much more information that was significant, real collusion that involved ukrainians but the fbi did everything they could to keep the information away. i will tell you why i think. at the core of this is an fbi agent, greenwood or something. she put all this together. the fish shun was at the time she was working for george soros. the reality is she is now employed by george soros. brian: former ambassador? >> the ambassador, fbi agent worked for the ambassador. the ambassador was helping but the fbi agent was executing. meaning getting false documents on, getting false documents on manafort, reopening the case. getting dirt on time. possibly contributing to the steele dossier. still not proven. the other three are. there was institutional
5:03 am
resistance to these three you rain -- ukrainian officials. i was asked, why me? because nobody else was doing it. can you imagine how derelict they became? biden's family had pulled in well over $1.5 billion while he was vice president of the united states, complete sale of the office. do you think china put one 1.5 billion in son boy's private equity fund? never made a penny? brian: you mean hunter? >> i did this for a living investigate corruption, democrats and corruption. i have never seen something that stinks as much as this with a president of the united states who was on notice of all of this and let this guy run wild, selling the presidency. steve: talk about the events of the day. yesterday nancy pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry although
5:04 am
they have been doing that also it has been announced apparently the administration is going to be very shortly releasing the transcript from that phone call regarding the ukrainian incoming president. "the washington post" this morning talks about how you were behind a lot of the stuff with the administration and there are trump administration officials who are blaming you for this mess. >> of course. steve: you were involved in removing the u.s. ambassador. you outmaneuvered the national security council and you got them to postpone paying the $400 million. >> the last one is totally untrue. a complete lie from a bunch of disloyal -- steve: said you had a shadow agenda involving ukraine. >> complete nonsense. i never knew about the 250 million-dollar military aid. the president of the ukraine, will not give you 250 in military aid when you investigate joe biden. when you read the conversation there is no mention of mings of military aid there is no
5:05 am
quid pro quo. steve: this is the no quid pro quo. >> only one can be pressured is president of the ukraine. the president of the ukraine says i wasn't pressured, end of case. over. brian: mr. mayor, did you read the transcript. say it was read to me. brian: the whole thing. >> i hope. brian: in it, there is no pressure -- >> in it, in it gregg jarrett and professor dershowitz are quite right say if the president hadn't discussed the subjects he discussed with the president of the ukraine he would be a president like obama who closed his eyes to corruption. the president of the united states has a obligation to take care of the laws of the united states are faithfully executed article 2 section 3 of the constitution. something the democrats don't read anymore. if the president hadn't done that he would be derelict of his duty. who else can raise it?
5:06 am
the head of the fbi will not talk to, when i needed something done with the tall began government with the mafia, ronald reagan made calls to the president of the italy. not me. brian: president brought up joe biden on the call? >> he didn't bring it up. could be possible the president of the ukraine brought it up. ainsley: democrats would be raising their eyebrows. >> they will find something wrong. he pronounced zelensky's name wrong, he should be impeached. don't you realize this is a complete sham, it is a joke? think of this, the allegation before we even got the transcript shrunk from 250, you don't get your military aid to the whistle-blower saying leaking, no mention of money. no quid pro quo. minute i hear that as a lawyer, crime over. joe biden mentioned of money, quid pro quo, pressure. you will find that it wasn't only one time that he pushed for the removal of this prosecutor. it was several times.
5:07 am
there are such things as phone records. but nobody asked democrat for phone records. so now i think joe biden should release all his records as vice president. let's see if he ever discussed burisma. brian: he said he never discussed it. >> that is a complete flat-out lie. of course he discussed burisma the evidence against him is overwhelming. the evidence on china is even more damning. you would have to believe china invested 1.5 billion because they thought that hunter biden could make money for them. i don't want to use this, but it has to be mentioned, would you give $1.5 billion to a recovering drug addict? with history of being a drug addict? thrown out of the military. how did the kid get in the military? you think joe abused his office to get his son in the military at 37 years old.
5:08 am
who fails out in six months? this is a case of a pattern of abuse of conduct, a pattern of the sale of office, unlike any i have ever seen before. it makes spiro agnew look like small-time baltimore crook. ainsley: now all of this is being unveiled -- >> there are millions and billions and these people in the press, because he is a democrat, he is a member of the protected species, oh, it is just joe. it is just joe. i think he was relying on that. i think they had become sloppy. you can bust up, you can bust up servers and get rid of 33,000 emails and smash up cell phones and take $1.5 billion from china and "the washington post" will say, oh, trump, trump said something wrong in a conversation with someone. oh, my god, that's a crime. or donald, jr., must be investigated. can you imagine if donald trump, jr. got, for any reason, got $1.5 billion from china? >> rudy, without a doubt you are
5:09 am
making case of the bidens and double standard, let's talk about the president a little bit. >> sure. steve: regarding this, apparently somebody at fox news has gotten word from a senior administration official, we don't know who that is, that in the transcript there are a few words that will raise eyebrows. you've seen it. you were read this. what is that area going to be? >> first of all i can't imagine if this guy in the white house is on our side or some other side. if eyebrows only eyebrows would raise, my goodness you could make a big deal of totally appropriate -- you know what the ukrainian told me when i was first briefed. i couldn't get the information from the government. it was classified. i know according to that idiot on last night, old, washed up, haven't prosecuted a case. brian: chris hahn said you haven't practice at thissed law since 1980. >> i've been then doing it illegally last 30 years.
5:10 am
i argue ad case in los angeles. i love being a lawyer. i'm fairly good at it. i don't know what he does for a living except shoot his mouth off. the reality this case will knock -- steve: this afternoon, we'll get that was a big nothing burger? >> you will say that was a big nothingburg ir. you would say how could he not raise it? who could get allegations investigated about a vice president, is a president of a country going to listen to, i don't know, an fbi agent. ainsley: rudy, this whistle-blower did not listen to the conversation we have learned. we also learned that the whistle-blower's legal team, andrew bakai, works for compass rose legal group, intern for chuck schumer, intern for hillary clinton. he worked for the cia and pentagon. do you know anything about this law firm and this guy? >> i know a lot about them. ainsley: tell us.
5:11 am
>> i can't tell you yet. you will find out. you want the conclusion rather than the facts? you will get the facts. the conclusion this is a political hit job. this isn't a whistle-blower. first of all, doesn't even fit in the whistle-blower statute for all sorts of reasons. steve: why congress didn't get it. >> doesn't fit into it. when it was originally presented falsely by "the new york times." here is the story. they move the goalposts. nothing now is serious. here is what should be proved according to the first story, president of the united states told the president of the ukraine you better investigate biden or you're not getting $250 million in military aid. here is the reality. brian: closer to 400 million. >> i thought it was 250? i never knew about the military aid until the last couple weeks. here is the truth. he never mentioned $250 million. he never mentioned military aid. he didn't them there was a condition getting anything. he din tell them you had to
5:12 am
investigate. he didn't tell them like biden did, get rid of the prosecutor don't get the billion in six hours. if you compare the two conversations. one seems perfectly appropriate i'm not saying it is, presumed innocent, seems like extortion and bribery much more clear than probably 10 that i prosecuted where i put people in jail for 20 years. this is disgusting. brian: so we'll find out. just about your role. some people within the administration felt like you were acting beyond the state department, kind of doing your own thing. and working to get answers on the ukraine -- john bolton -- >> shunt they say, we're thankful, rudy giuliani, a private lawyer representing his client in the greatest tradition of the legal profession uncover ad massive scandal that we, the fbi weren't able to uncover. it happened in front of our eyes. by the way it came out biden's kid get out 1.5 billion, did the fbi begin investigating? do you think today if
5:13 am
donald trump, jr., article said donald trump 1.5 billion from the china the fbi wouldn't investigate immediately? why didn't the justice department investigate it? why didn't the fbi investigate it? because in the obama administration they were in the tank. why didn't obama say when he saw the first ukraine article said there was serious conflict of interest did obama call his vice president say, joe, you can't give this kid a job. please let me finish. brian: people are upset by it. >> you can be upset. what did you do about it? joe, did you get your kid a job with a crookedest oligarch in ukraine four months we had to toss him out of the military for drug addiction? you know how that will look, joe? steve: calling for investigation by the bidens by who? >> what did obama know, when did know it? did he know section, article ii section 3 of united states constitution when he took that oath of office he had to
5:14 am
faithfully execute the laws of the united states. he couldn't exempt joe biden and hillary clinton. maybe one more name. not just joe biden. not just one incident. this is pattern of conduct. a patter of the sale of public office. it will include the second secretary of state, the partner that shared in that 1.5 billion. brian: john kerry. >> john kerry's stepson and there are contemporaneous articles how soft john kerry went on china. there is also an article about the famous trip they made to china about how joe biden dropped the ball in china. maybe he got confused when he heard his kid was going to get a billion dollars and he dropped the ball. brian: right. >> then most important thing is, aren't they sophisticated enough, intelligent enough to figure out what china thought they did? whatever happened china thought they bought the vice president and the secretary of state. for one -- a big number to buy somebody, 1.5 billion. i got them in my pocket. brian: there was a schism
5:15 am
between john kerry's son and hunter biden. we don't know what happened there. >> i know what happened. steve: we're out of time. we spent 15 minutes. >> john kerry's son pulled out of the ukraine deal because it stunk so much. brian: a lot more evidence, you say. >> two of them made 1. bill into private equity fund from china. he is willing to sell out to china. when this deal, when he heard this deal he went to his father, said i want you to know i'm not involved in this. brian: because he had a conscience? >> knew it was, he knew it was an alleged crime, okay of major proportions. this is so obvious. the only reason it hasn't been exposed, wasn't exposed three years ago because the washington press corps has a different standard for republicans and democrats. unfortunately so does our fbi. so did our justice department. steve: you know at the time the white house, the obama administration white house looking at hunter biden's
5:16 am
dealings said no conflict of interest because he is a private citizen. >> he is a private citizen but he is a son of the vice president of the united states. they certainly are creating the impression in these countries that they bought the vice president by getting hunter, who can't do these jobs. he is not qualified for any of these jobs. tragically, tragically, i mean this sincerely the kid should have never been put in this position. this kid has very serious history of drug addiction. he shouldn't be in this position. don't you think that the ukraine government collected some of that information about drugs this. ainsley: the problem they have -- >> in case joe didn't do what they wanted because they could show them? we're in real world. we're not in make-believe world of democrats do nothing wrong. republicans go to prison for 20 years in for a speeding ticket. ainsley: rudy, if he does do dealings with another country as private citizen. that is not illegal.
5:17 am
when his dad is on national television bragging about quid pro quo i will not give you the billion dollars in loans if you don't fire this prosecutor that is going after my son. >> the father then inserts himself into directly that could be considered a crime of bribery, extortion, foreign corrupt practices act, mail fraud statute. there are about 18 laws. ainsley: why would he brag on camera? >> did you ever realize another thing they protect. this guy is not working with the greatest intellect. has never been. way above his head. always has been. he is also prone to heroic exaggeration. i was on the battlefield and i put a medal on somebody. he was a hero in the story. listen to the story. i told the president of the ukraine that we're going to fight corruption. meanwhile the biggest core are you shun in the ukraine was his son, burisma. i tell you what he does to himself. not his lawyer. i shouldn't advise him. he should keep his mouth shut.
5:18 am
there is one false exculpatory statement he made that could be iced as evidence. when i never talked to my son about his foreign dealings. if he had one conversation with his son about foreign dealings and lied about it, any prosecutor could argue that is powerful evidence of guilty knowledge. that is how you convict people. they usually convict themselves. a lot of criminals, a lot of alleged criminals are not all that smart. brian: he said to your son. i hope you know what you're doing. i do, dad. >> the son will be a witness. he had knowledge. steve: rudy, given us 18 minutes and 34 seconds worth of stuff. >> sorry. steve: we'll know what is in the transcript later on today. mr. giuliani. thank you very much. >> i appreciate it. brian: no problem. steve: still ahead, president trump blasting open border activists at the united nations. >> your policies are cruel and evil. when you undermine border
5:19 am
security you are undermining human rights. steve: acting department of homeland security kevin mcaleenan here to react to that. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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jillian: we're back with a fox news alert. the ceo of juul announcing he will step down effective immediately. kevin burns has come under fire for his company's handling of the vaping epidemic. it comes just days after federal prosecutors launched a probe into juul. the ceo of tobacco company altria will replace burns. altria invested $13 billion for a 35% stake in juul. also breaking overnight a u.s. military strike wipes out 11 isis fighters in southwest libya. the drone strike carried out by
5:23 am
the u.s. african command in cooperation with the libyan government. no civilians were injured. in 2017 u.s. conducted 500 airstrikes against isis in northern libya. possible tornadoes striking several states overnight. watch this. >> this is insane. it's big too. jillian: clearly see that in the video. that funnel cloud leaving a path of destruction in wisconsin. lorenzo strengthening into a hurricane in the atlantic after tropical storm karen drenches puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. brian, send it to you. brian: president trump slamming open borders when he addressed the united nation. >> to those open border activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice, your policies are not just, your policies are cruel and evil. when you undermine border
5:24 am
security you are undermining human rights and human dignity. brian: here to react is acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan. mr. secretary, are you surprised the president brought that up yesterday? >> no, i'm not. good morning, brian. the president is exactly right. that is what we're seeing in this region. if you don't have integrity in the system, if you can't effect wait immigration resolve as people come to the border, invited to come up with promise they will be released in the next country they will keep coming. what we're doing to work with international partners to change the dynamic. the president is right. brian: when you have the pope being critical of our border situation, others say give us your huddled masses what happened to america, what is your answer? >> my answer is we absolutely want to work with partners in the region to work on protections for asylum. if they're being persecuted for racial, membership, they shouldn't be paying suge
5:25 am
letters. shouldn't be making a dangerous journey. if we're talking about economic migration, with we're facing in the crisis over the last year, we need to work to help people opportunities at home. we shouldn't have them in a smuggling cycle. brian: talk about this. made headlines, swamped by other stuff, catch-and-release is over. in what respect is catch-and-release in the southern border over? >> you've been down with us on the border. you were there in may. you saw what was peak of the crisis. families coming across the border in unprecedented numbers. in month of may we had 100,000 families come across the boredder. that they thought bringing a child they would be released in united states. we changed that dynamic. working with mexico to reduce the flow, with the migrant protocol we have people waiting in mexico instead of being released in united states. we partnered with el salvador, gout maul la, and honduras,
5:26 am
streamlined repatriation. if they don't have valid asylum claim or we can restrict them at the border. brian: catch and relast was not a policy. >> it was mandated issue under the law. working with the international partners we're able to change that dynamic. brian: what changed? we have to keep the families together. we agreed it was bad to break families up. it wasn't intention. they can stay longer, not released to get in front of a judge? >> no. that is the flores regulation. that is working to change the rules on being able to keep families together in appropriate setting. we're still working that through the courts but through our international partnerships, with streamlined repatriation to central america for families that don't make asylum claim. that is the main change. the second big effort is the migrant protection protocols in mexico. instead of releasing a family into the country they can wait in mexico together, in non-detained setting for expedited court process instead of being released into the u.s.
5:27 am
those are the two big changes we made. brian: listen as an american wants border secured, knows the border patrol is over well misdemeanorred i think it is great. i wonder why mexico is doing this? we appreciate it. why now are they doing it? was it threat of only the tariffs or something else going on? >> i think the president has been very effective and clear. not only demonstrating with the tariff threat his commitment to this but he made it clear our diplomatic relations will be improved in the region if our partners focus on migration as it is as a serious crisis and serious issue for all of our nations. mexico responded. we'll be meeting today with the president from el salvador, with president hernandez from honduras, and working on increased partnerships in these areas. i think that is a demonstration of the new sense of shared responsibility in the region and the progress that the president generated. brian: now if you can secure the border, guess what? there is a problem. we have seven million open jobs. secretary of energy yesterday, he can't get people to staff,
5:28 am
fill out with the expansion of oil production in our country. we know how many people we actually need to work in agricultural. maybe there is an answer. they want a job. we need people. maybe there is a work visa situation once the border gets under control. maybe that is your next step, mr. secretary? >> you're exactly right, brian. we have the h2a program for agricultural workers. we're trying to encourage countries in the region to access the program so people come on lawful visas so they have status instead of the smuggling cycle. brian: not bad people. they want to work. we need organization to it. you're making it happen. i don't know when you sleep. you're getting it done. acting secretary kevin mag call lien nan. thank you very much. >> you got it brian. brian: nancy pelosi launching impeachment investigation. michael goodwin has sensational column. he says it will be a political disaster. he is on deck.
5:29 am
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steve: nancy pelosi, speaker of the house caving to democratic party pressure officially yesterday opening an impeachment inquiry against president trump but it wasn't too long ago she was singing a much different tune. >> impeachment is a very divisive measure but if we have to go there we'll have to go there but we can't go there unless we have the facts. ainsley: in a new op-ed our next guest, a democrat, says pelosi's sudden flip-flop changes everything and he warns he should have stuck to her guns. brian: fox news contributor, "new york post" columnist michael goodwin joins us right now. michael, your take you think nancy pelosi knows what she is doing here? >> i think she surrendered. she clearly did not want to go down the impeachment road. she did it in sort of a halfhearted way, not calling for a vote. there is nothing official about
5:33 am
it. nonetheless she has committed the democrats in the house, not only going down this road but actually having to vote ultimately, because think if they don't even vote? that would be a an exoneration of the president. this would have been a train wreck for the president. if they vote, can't get majority, can't get anything passed that also would be a train wreck. if they do pass impeachment then what? suppose its on grounds that the public thinks are flimsy or concocted? we know it will die in the senate absent -- brian: needs 67 votes. >> looks to me like a dead end for her. she commits not only the house, she commits the presidential candidates too. how can they be against it if she is for it? so i just don't see the political logic here other than she felt so much pressure that she might lose her job if she didn't give in to it. therefore she does it. but i don't know, i don't see how it works out for the democrats at all.
5:34 am
ainsley: talk about your op-ed, you write, you say among the casualties is the political war is abandonment of professional standards. you give examples. america's premier institutions have been dragged through the mud. you mean "the new york times" and the fbi? >> right. in that column i write about the standards that govern behavior in institutions. they are very important. now we live in this kind of revolutionary period where it is "off with their heads," the end of standards. let's make it up as we go. brian: or tweet about it. >> i think that is what james comey did at the fbi. it is very clear from the inspector general's report and continuing investigations he made up his own rules, first in the hillary clinton examination where he came out and said no prosecutor would take this case. he usurped the power of the justice department. and then with donald trump thing. just make it up as you go along. his release of the memos that he wrote and leaking them.
5:35 am
and then "the new york times" is the same sort of thing. no standards anymore. no fairness. it is all about getting donald trump. steve: sure. >> that is what these two institutions had in common. steve: particularly right now given the 2020 candidates are out about getting donald trump because it is the primary season and nancy pelosi had political considerations. she has a lot of members who don't want to get primaried by someone more progressive, aoc type here in new york city. she has to make it look like the democrats are doing something even though they might not be doing something. >> it might be the wrong thing. you know, you can always make things worse. she may have made things worse. even jerry nadler is afraid of his primary opponent who is saying he is not tough enough on donald trump. imagine that. brian: that is unbelievable. one way you might keep your job, you actually do something. pass legislation, make people's lives better instead of scoring
5:36 am
political point. it is like spitting in the wind. it is all symbolic. >> impeachment will be about what the 2020 election is about. nothing will get done between now and then. because pelosi set democrats on this course. she should have said no. she said no about five or six months. she should have kept saying no. steve: thanks for saying yes for coming by, michael goodwin. read his latest at brian: fox news contributor. read yourself on jillian. jillian: good morning to you at home. a democratic city clerk is charged with six election fraud felonies. police say hawkins changed records of 193 absentee voters in southfield, michigan. the michigan secretary of state said the changes did not impact election results. she is on paid administrative leave until the trial is over. if convicted she faces up to 14 years in prison. do you remember the florida
5:37 am
teenager who made news for posing as a doctor back in 2016? >> are you a doctor of anything? anything at all? >> i do currently hold a phd. in what, i don't feel comfortable with disclosing because that is not the issue here. jillian: the man who once went by dr. love was released from prison. he is free after serving two years behind bars for grand theft and practicing medicine without a license. mattel is launching a new line of gender inclusive dolls. the company known for barbie is launching kids called creative world. >> introducing creative world, a doll line designed to keep labels out an invite everyone in. making -- jillian: so the kids come with feminine and masculine clothes and accessories so the kids customize dolls however they want to. don't know the name of
5:38 am
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come on eileen. i was in the navy stationed in italy in 1983. it was a hit. i bought the cassette and wore out the one song playing it over and over again. i. ainsley: i love you joe. steve: toto was not a one-hit wonder. janice dean was in the a deejay that was a one-hit wonder. janice: i did meet billy ray sigh just. has a big mullet. men without hats, safety dance. you can dance if you want to. remember this song? brian: i think the biggest surprise is they only had one. i thought men without hats did more than just sang the song without hats. janice: they had one more hit. that is why this is called a one-hit wonder song. look at the wonderful studio audience in new york city on a
5:40 am
beautiful day. we'll look at the maps. show you one thing we're watching. this is remnants of tropical storm karen bringing heavy rainfall to puerto rico the next couple days. we'll watch karen. it could potentially come close to the u.s. and bahamas. happy birthday my girlfriend. what is your name? >> eva. janice: where are you from? >> minnesota. janice: let me have a hug. you can dance and leave your friends behind and if your friends don't dance they aren't friends of mine ♪ brian: doing the safety dance. still ahead on the show he is the host, many sports fans love to hate. what is it like being married to skip bayless when you're not a sports fan at all? skip's and his wife join us. live. ♪
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steve: as we await the release of the ukrainian transcripts with the president this morning house speaker nancy pelosi already announced a formal impeachment inquiry of president trump but our next guest who worked for president obama for eight years says this could backfire on both parties. former white house aide to president obama johanna maska. >> thank you. steve: how could it backfire on, democrats say this makes republicans very bad. how can it backfire on democrats? >> i don't know that it will actually backfire on democrats. i hear the thing. americans are tired of toxicity in politics. steve: 100%. >> i was raised by republicans in kansas, kansas republican and illinois. you know when you are in a place like kansas you can't just resist. you have to get along. so i think we're in a situation
5:45 am
where americans want the government to work, right? i don't think the toxicity in politics went away yesterday but i do think it was unusual that we had a unanimous senate resolution that caught on the white house to release the whistle-blower's transcript, whistle-blower's report. steve: right. >> that changes things and the reason why it is not unusual for a president of the united states to talk to the president of ukraine about corruption. that has been going on since the '90s, when ukraine left the soviet union. steve: right. >> what that is unusual how that turns to biden. the reason why that is unusual, before those calls i have been part of those meetings where there is conflicting interests of what a president has to discuss. steve: right. but they had to release this transcript. obviously the president feels like if people see it they're going to call what was the big fuss about? >> here is the question. the whistle-blower's report goes
5:46 am
in tandem with this, the question is who is putting this -- the president of the united states should not be dealing in conspiracy theories. there are ways you can investigate. i don't think he was. steve: here is the thing about the whistle-blower. the whistle-blower didn't have direct knowledge of it, heard about it somehow, the inspector general of the intel community said you know what, we have looked at the whistle-blower, we feel this person has a political bias for a rival candidate of trump interest. now the specter of politics which you say are very toxic, you're absolutely right, comes into it. the whistle-blower looks like they're political. >> right now the white house is making them look political. steve: so are democrats in congress. >> i will not say anybody is perfect. here is the thing, there are extremists on both sides of the party who always want you to impeach a president. doesn't matter. during our administration there were republicans called for impeachment. steve: mitch mcconnell came
5:47 am
out right away we will not impeach this president. >> nancy pelosi also. this is unusual step, because the senate unanimously let's hear this out. >> they have been talking about impeaching donald trump since before he was inaugurated. >> i won't disagree with you. kansas, dole institute. i was going back as a dole fellow. i had to calm the waters. when you work in a white house you will root for the president. so i will never do anything other than root for the president of the united states. -- steve: are you rooting for this president, this president? >> here is the situation, no one is above the law. and so right now what we need to see we need to see what happened, who gave him conspiracy theories. >> we'll see later today. >> i can't wait. steve: let's wait, right? wouldn't that be a prudent thing? >> you know it will is going to be good. here is the thing, what they did yesterday was launch the inquiry. that does not mean that they are
5:48 am
filing articles of impeachment. steve: right. >> there is a big difference there. we can't get ahead of ourselves. steve: don't you think she should have waited to read the whistle-blower report? >> they have had time to pass -- steve: nancy pelosi hasn't seen it. >> rudy giuliani evidently had or read it. these are big questions. republicans and democrats who are patriots need to get to the bottom of this. steve: i hope we do. johanna, fellow jayhawk from university of kansas. >> rock chalk. steve: rock chalk jayhawk. thank you. he is the host many sports fans like to hate. what is it like being married to skip bayless when you're not a sports fan at all? skip and his wife join us from l.a. next. ♪r-
5:49 am
they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ brian: most important segment of the day. get ready. he is the fox sports host many fans love to hate. >> that will change the game. it is nothing to nothing at that point. they will be on the move. he is saying the cowboys have the absolute worse interior defensive line. i saw one of the best. shows a lack of class and lack of basketball character. lebron shoot? we all think of as shooting? no. ainsley: now his wife calls her the most non-sports person ever, advice in the new book, keep the relationship alive when you live with a sports obsessed guy. steve: author of ernestine bayless and her host of of
5:53 am
undisputed skip bayless. >> good morning. steve: you say this is a lot of funny stories. you have stuff to work with skip he is nuts with things about jinxes. >> he is totally nut about jinxes. steve: how. >> i have jinxes. there are certain rules must be abided by, go into the cubbyhole to watch my games, she cannot interfere by opening the door because she cost me a tom brady interception in the afc championship game last year. on opening thursday night of this year she barged in with my dinner at inappropriate time. she knew to wait until halftime. cost me a big completion. >> if you believe that, i should buy a lottery ticket i can change anything in the world because i have the power. brian: how do you deal with the irrationality because he is a super sports fans?
5:54 am
>> i have learned 14 years being with this man, there are ways around it. that is why i wrote the book. with his jinxes i know not to walk into the room something is major. he considers everything is major when it comes to his game on sunday, monday and thursday. i do know what to do, what not to say. don't ever say to anyone who loves sports in the first 10 seconds of a game, you've got this. that is the kiss of death. ainsley: you say when i watch the game i concentrate what i like, for example the cute guys? >> of course. that is the way i learned after 14 years, i can only get through four hours plus watching a game, decide i needed some kind of special moment. my special moment is staring at the guys i think are cute. ainsley: with the uniforms. >> gives me a purpose. ainsley: with the athletic bodies. tailgating is always fun, right? >> of course. but you need some incentive that
5:55 am
is the incentive. brian: skip, who is hard to deal with, shannon sharpe or ernestine? >> much easier to deal with shannon sharpe. brian: whoa. >> the point of this whole book was, that i told her on our first date that if this goes anywhere, i thought it had a chance to go somewhere because it was love at first sight, you're going to have figure out how one-a, to number one. i'm married to my job. she like to say she eclipsed that, become number one. i will give her that. >> thank you. >> she had to find time with me. because i'm obsessed with watching nearly every game that ever gets played. to her credit, to her saintly credit -- >> thank you. >> especially how to watch basketball with me. basketball they don't wear helmets and pads. >> i can see the faces. >> she has gotten to know the back stories. she is a big nba fan. that helps us share some sometime together. >> i drive him crazy, when we're
5:56 am
watching a nba game i get into who the players are in the middle of a very important play, i will ask him, is he married? what about the kids? where do they live? brian: skip you know what it is like to go to break. we have to do it. make skip and ernestine happier, called, balls, how to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports obsessed guy. there it is. bye, guys. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. here "fox & friends" moments away. kage with up to 15 different camera views. kage that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪
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>> okay, brand-new series on fox nation. vision behind five major products. the hoover dam, golden gate
6:00 am
bridge. >> netflix for conservatives. >> you can say dam on television if it's the hoover dam, right? >> yes. >> the hoover dam. >> run to the radio. >> bill: thank you, guys. good morning. fox news alert where the battle has been joined. president trump firing back against an impeachment inquiry saying he will release the entire transcript of his phone call with ukraine's president. we expect now several developments today. many over the coming hours. let's get to it. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. sandra, good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the white house saying it will release documents from the intel community showing the whistle-blower was politically biased and hear from ukraine's president at the united nations a short time from now. as speaker pelosi calls on her commits to push forward. >> i'm announcing that house of representatives moving forward with an of


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