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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 25, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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leader of iran. that is kind of blowing by already pay that was a huge interview, a lot there. they of course accused iran -- i mean, israel, of supporting isis. a lot of things to solve. we would keep an eye on it all. we are back here on the couch tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, as we await the president's meeting with ukraine's president. democrats have lodged a formal impeachment investigation. a big hour. "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the white house releasing that transcript of the president's car with ukrainian leader back in july, showing the president thought a review of the biden family business dealings. they did not leverage u.s. military aid as a quid pro quo, as has been claimed. president trump today at the front of the call, while taking aim at democrats. watch. >> the single greatest witch hunt in american history, probably in history, but a letter was a great letter.
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meaning the letter revealing the call. that was done at the insistence of myself and other people that read it. it was a friendly letter, there was no pressure. the way you have it built up, that kolb was going to be the call from hell. part of the problems you have the fake news, a lot of corrupt reporting. >> harris: democrats are the transcript shows an abuse of power. and they are demanding the whistle-blower's full complaint. chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge's life for us at the justice department. catherine? >> thank you, harris, and good afternoon. based on this transcript, you can see mine is heavily marked up. this was a 30 minute phone call and about 10 minutes into the phone call president trump has two asks of the ukrainian president. the first appears to be related to 2016 and a cybersecurity and hacking. it's a request to look into joe biden and his son. it reads, "i would like you to do us a favor.
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there's a lot of talk about joe biden's son. that biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went about breaking that he stopped the prosecution. so if you can look into that, it sounds horrible to me." then the president zelensky replied about his own attorney general, who would soon be appointed. "he or she will look into the situation, specifically to the company." that is hundred biden's company. "they mentioned this issue. the investigation of the case is actually the issue to restore the honesty. we will take care of at her work on the investigation of the case. the call continues, ""i will have juliana give you a call, and i'm also going to have attorney have attorney general barr call and you'll get to the bottom of it. i'm sure you'll figure it out." based on our account during the course of this conversation, the president uses the name of rudy giuliani and the attorney general eight times. the justice department has been
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very firm today, telling reporters that attorney general barr did not learn of the existence of the call until several weeks after the fact. he was never asked by the president to investigate joe biden or his son and he was never asked by the president to call the ukraine. what we also learned today is that the inspector general of the intelligence community -- this is the internal watchdog for the intelligence community -- look at the information in the call and information from the whistle-blower and said this may fit a possible violation of campaign finance laws. that may make you think, "well, how is that?" in simple terms, to the president's request amount to a thing of value because it related to a possible opponent in the 2020 election? and the justice department put out a statement that reads, "relying on established procedures set forth in the justice manual, the department's criminal division reviewed the official record of the call and determined based on the facts and applicable law that there
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was no campaign finance violation. no further action is warranted." all relevant opponents agreed with the legal conclusion on the deferment has concluded the matter. to just give you some context, harris, what we are told is that the process took several weeks and only concluded about a week ago. it was not something that happened just in a matter of days. >> harris: great information, catching us up. thank you very much. let's keep this going now. president trump is going after speaker pelosi's impeachment investigation, saying, "there has been no president in the history of our country who has been treated as badly as i have." let's bring chief white house correspondent john roberts with more from the fox news room in new york. john? >> harris, good afternoon. president trump believes this transcript released today by the white house completely exonerates him, proving that there was no monetary quid pro quo, at the very least. in exchange for some sort of investigation of joe and hunter
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biden being launched. and that the president did not pressure zelensky into launching such an investigation, that we do know that he suggested that zelensky should talk with rudy giuliani and the attorney general, bill barr. it is interesting to note just how far we are today from where you were yesterday. yesterday the story leading all the newscasts was this idea that the president may have put on hold $400 million in military aid for ukraine in exchange for an investigation of joe biden and his son. there was no mention of that in the transcript. zelensky did bring up the idea of buying javelin missiles. lucas tomlinson, over the pentagon for fox news, says those javelin missiles were not included in the $250 million in lethal military aid that the president put on hold. all of that, though, did not seem to matter much the democrats. listen to what adam schiff said a short time ago. >> the president of ukraine brought up his country's need for military assistance.
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immediately thereafter, the president of the united states said, "i have a favor i want to ask of you." i'm not concerned whether it's a quid pro quo or not. ukraine understood with this president wanted. he made it abundantly clear. he made it redundantly clear. he had his emissaries making it clear. and ukraine knew what it needed to do if it wanted to get military assistance. >> the release of the transcript did nothing to slow the freight train of impeachment that the democrats have now jumped on. nancy pelosi saying this morning that she had not seen the transcript, but is happy to weigh in on it. listen here. >> the fact is that the president of the united states, in breach of his constitutional responsibility, has asked a foreign government to help him in his political campaign at the expense of our national security as well as undermining the
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integrity of our elections. i cannot stand. he will be held accountable. no one is above the law. >> 2:00 this afternoon, the president got that bilateral meeting with president zelensky. he's got a press conference afterwards. a lot of this is a lot about crowd strike and what influence that might have had on the 2016 election. i think it's a fair question to bring up at the press conference this afternoon, why the president is still asking ukraine about crowd strike and why he would ask ukraine to start investigating hunter biden. those are probably a couple of things that we will bring up later this afternoon when the president has a press conference. 4:00 this afternoon. >> harris: it'll be interesting to see what they ask the ukrainian president zelensky about that phone call, as well. if they get an opportunity to ask that. john roberts, thank you very much. i want to bring a new york republican congressman pete king of the house homeland security committee. great see you today. i want to start with this
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national security question, you for the speaker talking about . this is a matter of national security. have you had the opportunity to read the transcript? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> harris: it's only pages long. that portion of the conversation, that you can highlight, you hear rudy giuliani's name probably mention more than anyone else. as you look at this, are you seeing that claim, that serious claim by pelosi and others, that this was a matter of national security? >> there is nothing involving national security and there's nothing that's even remotely impeachable. you mentioned rudy giuliani's name. rudy giuliani's name is brought up by the president of ukraine, not president trump. president trump is talking about the investigation by the justice department into the genesis of the 2016 election investigation, which has nothing to do with the current situation. this is an investigation into why the old mueller investigation, the fbi investigation, started back in 2016.
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there was information leaked from the ukraine against candidate trump at the time. there's also the issue of the hacking. but add nothing to do with president trump. that was 2016. in answer to that question, the president of ukraine brought a prudent giuliani's name. and then president trump -- he was prompted to talk about the allegations made about joe biden. to me, whether or not it will be a component of the campaign is almost secondary. the allegations would possibly love the questions being raised about him and the issue of ukrainian corruption, the president has an obligation to raise that issue. i've nothing against joe biden, let me make that clear. his it was very legitimate question to ask. >> harris: i want to be this to everyone from the transcript. there's a lot of talk about biden's son, that he stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. whatever you do with the
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attorney general would be great. he asks that he talks, zelensky, with the ag, william barr, and also rudy giuliani. biden went around bragging that he saw the prosecution." if you can look into it, sounds horrible to me." he deftly talked about biden addressing any public official come with the running for president to give the current one are not, is to have that looked into. i want to give you the last couple seconds on that and then we will move on. >> absolutely. to me this is a legitimate question being asked by the president. he didn't dwell on it other than those few sentences. it wasn't the beginning or the end of the conversation, and it was the president of ukraine that brought up giuliani's name. he was concerned about the biden issue. that's what proctor the president. as far as the attorney general, to me this is a flowing conversation. it started off with the attorney general looking into the 2016 allegations and went on to biden and they came to give up your looking at the full picture, the president never asked the attorney general at all to get involved with the joe biden investigation.
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also, be clear, the trump administration gave military aid to ukraine and president obama didn't give anything. >> harris: lets move on. meanwhile, "washington post": this is going after what he called the democrat double standard all this. he pointed to a cnn report in may that three democratic senators wrote a letter to ukraine's prosecutor general urging them not to close four investigations they said are critical to the mueller probe. once in response to the news today? >> to me it shows the total hypocrisy of the democrats on this issue. they thought it was perfectly appropriate to intervene and in fact threaten the ukrainian government when it came to helping the mueller investigation, which would hurt president trump. but now somehow it's wrong for the president to ask questions about joe biden. this shows me the hypocrisy of the democrats. very prominent, high-ranking democratic senators, in effect threatening the ukrainian government if they didn't keep these investigations open. to keep them open to help the mueller investigation.
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obviously they turned up nothing on on the president involving russia, and the democrats couldn't let it go. >> harris: congressman peter king of the great state of new york, thank you for being on our program. now that president trump has released the transcript of his july phone call with the president of ukraine, the rnc is calling on joe biden to do the same and release his phone call to ukrainian and chinese leaders from when he was vice president. there's a reason for the china part. we will get into it. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here with me to weigh in. and our democratic leaders jumpg the gun on impeachment? while some moderate democrats say they are not on board. they are moving too fast on this. ♪ orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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>> harris: a some democratic lawmakers, we are learning, are not fully in board with the impeachment inquiry into president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi announced the move yesterday, as you know. senate minority leader chuck schumer says he strongly supports it. however, some moderate house democrats are warning it could be too divisive. >> i'm supportive of, obviously, investigating as we have been. i'm concerned about going to mean impeachment because, as i've also stated before, it could split the country apart. at this point in time i do not support impeachment. >> harris: some democratic senators also are being cautious, including montana jon tester, who said, "i think it's important we find out what transpired. talk about the impeachment all you want, means to get facts." i want to bring it democratic harassment from california, eric swalwell. he sits on the house intelligence and judiciary committees. good to see you today. let's start with what you are
10:18 am
telling our colleagues, who are critical of the move to move toward impeachment inquiry. they say you are days too soon on this. >> 212 democrats and a former republican in justin amash support having this inquiry. i will tell them we can't wait. there's an urgency here. i understand you have concerns about the mueller investigation, that that was the 2016 election. it was in the past. well, this this is the 2020 upg election, and the president has made it very clear in his own words in the notes that he put out that he wants another country to help him. we just don't do that in america. >> harris: you know what? lets visit on what congressman pete king of new york just told me a few moments before the commercial break. he said improprieties were suspected bite joe biden's son, hunter biden. had it been any other official, you would want to have it looked into. so he argues that the fact of
10:19 am
the matter is it wouldn't have mattered if this were joe biden or somebody else. and that it doesn't matter that this was the president's direct political opponent this year. so i'm looking at your twitter and you say you don't need explicit quid pro quo to betray the country. we will get to the bottom of the president's conduct. are you on the same page, that maybe that's not exactly what happened anyway? >> there is no evidence there was any impropriety with biden. the president of the united states should not be involved in that. that's why we have a law enforcement -- >> harris: how do you know there was no evidence? joe biden hasn't talked about it. he just wants the fingers pointed at his opponents. >> okay. harris, there is no evidence. the ukrainians have said there is no evidence. multiple media outlets have said there is no evidence. but if you want to show me evidence, i'm open minded. let's get to by the president would be the person doing this. he had no business involving himself in a criminal case against his rival. we just don't do that in america. it's so gross to read that
10:20 am
transcript. honestly, harris, one of my favorites done my first thoughts was, "jeez, what the hell does the putin transcript read like? what does he say to putin if he talks like this ukraine?" nobody thinks of putin, what has he given away to the russians? >> harris: i think we should show each other the evidence. i read through the five pages, the type-written pages. i see that rudy giuliani's name is mentioned. you talk about others reporting. even the wall street journal said, "his name was mentioned eight times." that isn't true from the pages we have today. it was rudy giuliani's name mentioned, for different reasons. not just about looking into what may or may not have been happening with his son, hunter. at least taking a peek at that. what part are you talking about that looks like the president did something wrong. >> he said the phrase, "let me ask a favor of you." when he asked someone for a
10:21 am
favor, you know that person something. when they were a foreign leader, that means you have to put a foreign government interest out of america's if it involves your elections. that's the problem. we just don't do that in america. it's so gross and corrupt. we don't do this. it's so urgent because there's an election coming up. >> harris: do need the whistle-blower? and so you do need more facts, right? the question among democrats, whites and you just wait two days? you're going to get the inspector general of intel tomorrow to talk about that was a blur complaint. the doj office of legal counsel has said, yeah, it wasn't really an urgent matter. if you look at this like it's a rush i can sing different things. the third thing it might be in whistle-blower. that might happen by friday. there is more to come. >> i'm of the inspector general last week. he said it's urgent and credible. as i stand here come the
10:22 am
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>> harris: fox news alert, the transcription of the present skull if ukraine's leader shows president trump asked for information on the biden family business dealings. but does not appear to link his request to any u.s. military aid, which has been claimed. the president says, "there's a lot of talk about biden's son, that by the and stop the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went about bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you could look into it, it sounds horrible to me." but democrats say that request itself is an impeachable offense. watch. >> even if there were absolutely no quid pro quo, the demand itself as a betrayal of the presidency and a misuse of that office.
10:27 am
be one representative swalwell of california told me the same thing. let's get legal answers. bob barr is a former u.s. attorney and congressman, and served as the impeachment manager during bill clinton's impeachment trial. great to have your perspective and expertise today. thank you for being with me. >> my pleasure, harris. >> harris: you hear democratic leadership and also eric swalwell on my show a few minutes ago saying this might not have been quid pro quo. which i thought was where the bar was, but apparently it's change. it may not have been that, but there was a problem with what the president did. are they right? >> no, they're absolutely wrong, and they keep fishing around for something, anything, to go after the president on. this is the wrong area. there is absolutely nothing in this conversation, if you look at it. its specifics as well as its context. the parent done my present is talking to the president of ukraine about a continuing problem with corruption in
10:28 am
ukraine, and that slopped-over into the u.s. election back int. that not only is entirely appropriate for the president to be asking, about what was going on, and to make sure the ukrainian president get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen again, but it would be responsible of the president if he didn't make such a request. >> harris: look, just about everything these days, we look at through political prism. you've got the tit for tat, if you will, of biden and trump. they are political opponents. but from what i'm reading, joe biden may have a problem, legally. why is that? >> joe biden should have a problem because he made a specific request to have a foreign prosecutor, who may very well have been looking into his sun's business dealings in ukraine, while he -- that is, biden -- was vice president of
10:29 am
the united states. there is very much a problem with what then-vice president biden did. but it's nothing similar to what the president was doing here, simply asking the ukrainian president to try and get to the bottom of the continuing corruption in his country that has been affecting the united states. >> harris: if you read the transcript, at one point in talking about dealing with that corruption this was part of that. the first person to bring up the president's attorney with regard to it, rudy giuliani, was in fact ukraine's president zelensky. people have to read it. they can go to, by the way. the whole thing is there. it's only five typewritten pages. let's get to this point and how often the president says he's never seen anyone in history treated this way. well, there haven't been many. let's pop that up on the screen in terms of impeachment. the house has launched impeachment proceedings more than 60 times. however, only two presidents
10:30 am
have actually been impeached. 1868, andrew johnson. bill clinton, 1998. of course, nixon resigned. then you say what? >> i say that impeachment is a very serious matter, and this majority in the united states house of representatives is not taking it seriously. what they are doing is they are changing the rules. the judiciary committee chair, nadler, did that just two weeks changing the rules for conducting an impeachment inquiry or investigation. whatever he calls it. then speaker pelosi yesterday seems to indicate that they are launching an informal inquiry of impeachment, but they don't. a formal inquiry of impeachment is a house resolution that is brought to the floor of the house and voted on by a majority of the house that directs the judiciary committee to look into possible impeachment. they want to give the appearance of doing something, but they
10:31 am
don't have the backbone to actually do it. >> harris: it's interesting, swalwell says they were up to 212 votes. they need 218. she didn't take a vote, though. as you say, it was more maneuver. maybe nancy pelosi figured she didn't have the votes on the floor. either way, we are going down the road but impeachment inquiry. i appreciate you, bob barr, or being with me today. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> harris: president trump said to me with ukraine's president. well, this will get interesting. in a few moments, after the white house released the transcript of their july phone call. that's coming up shortly. they are meeting. but this comes as republicans are demanding joe biden released transcripts of his phone calls that he has as vice president with ukraine and china when his son was conducting business dealings with both those countries. you just heard from i guess they are, mr. barr, there's good reason to at least take a look at all. ronna mcdaniel is on deck cap next. ♪ hopes you drive safely.
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>> harris: it's coming in. reaction from lawmakers to the white house releasing the transcript of the phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president, zelensky. meanwhile, thousand diligence committee is preparing for an acting dni. joseph maguire's testimony, tomorrow. mike emanuel drains enough in l. a lot of democrats asking today, those moderates, why didn't they just wait until this testimony came? >> that's right, harris. some thinking the democrats in the house got over their skis a bit on this. should have read the transcript first. senate judiciary chair republican lindsey graham since democrats oversold the skull. >> the ukrainian president did not feel threatened. he was the target of the phone call. he felt fine with what happened. i read it just like you have. you can make your own decision. from a quid pro quo aspect of the phone call, there is nothing
10:37 am
there. >> thousand diligence chairman has a very different view of the same transcript. >> it is shocking at another level that the white house would release this. and felt that somehow this would help the president's case or cause. what this notes reflect is a classic mafia-like shakedown of a foreign leader. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is planning to have the house vote today on the measure demanding to see the whistle-blower report at the after calling for a formal impeachment inquiry. then tomorrow the acting director of national intelligence, joe mcguire, is due to testify in front of the senate and house intelligence committees. they expect him to get grilled by democrats wanting to see the entire whistle-blower complaint. >> we need to see the complete unredacted whistle-blower complaint, without further delay. the whistle-blower must be allowed to testify without fear
10:38 am
of intimidation. then, we must pursue the many relevant avenues of inquiry. that i just described. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will handle this whistle-blower in a professional and bipartisan way. >> senate republicans support the established proper procedures for considering this whistle-blower report. in the meantime, while our friends across the capital rush to judgment and dive deeper into their nearly 3-year-old impeachment addiction, we will stay focused on the american people's business. >> this is taking up so much oxygen on capitol hill, getting things done with this the full of conflict will be easy. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. none of the white house has released the transcript of the present skull with the ukrainian president, the republican national committee is calling on former vice president joe biden to release some transcripts of his own. writing, "we call on biden to release the transcripts of his
10:39 am
call, as vice president, with ukrainian and chinese leaders, while his son was conducting shady business deals in this country." biden's campaign reportedly slammed to this request saying it would be legal or even physically possible. i want to bring in rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel. what is your response? it would be legal even possible? >> he can certainly ask for it to be released. he can certainly say, "i want to be transparent. or to take questions, which he hasn't done. we have all seen the tape where he's saying, "unless you get of this prosecutor, we are not giving a billion dollars in aid. when the prosecutor was prosecuting his sons company, that he profited millions from, he's on tape. it's on record. i won't be even ask for this to be release we can clear his name? >> harris: i was reading right before i asked were presented to pete king of new york, republican come about this.
10:40 am
"the washington post" columnist writes today that there is a double standard. at the rnc, how you look at that? do try that? >> there's been a double standard from democrats since day one with this president. they have refused to accept the results of the election. boycotting the inauguration, the 2-year russian oaks where the president was clearly exonerated. no collusion, no obstruction. and now this rush to judgment in a knee-jerk way way to bring impeachment proceedings when they haven't even read the transcript or heard from inspector general. there are so determined to stop this president in his tracks and refute the will of the american people, that they are putting our democracy at risk. i think it's something we should say. they are undermining their democracy with what they're doing today. and they should be called out. we will do it in november when we sin them on. >> harris: the leader should pass among the g.o.p., people like newt gingrich, they will tell you it's also damaging to the party pushing forth with
10:41 am
impeachment inquiry. because if you leave somebody in office, even though they've been impeached -- i hope people understand this, it doesn't mean you automatically exit. that person scoops up power just like bill clinton did by doing it against all odds, if you will. all of washington opposition, pushing against that person. so it's interesting that the democrats didn't learn that question, or haven't. and at least wait to hear from the whistle-blower, here from the ig. >> maybe say, "we should pump the brakes, this is our country at stake. maybe we should get the facts first." haven't we seen the transcript, there is no there there. i think it's fighting for our country. they've been obstruct and resist from day one. the president has faced these headwinds. 3% wage growth, jobs coming back to our country, unemployment at record lows for the african-american, hispanic, and asian communities. the present will push through and think of the american people while the democrats a focus on their vendetta. >> harris: i want to talk about the money fund-raising. there is something going on
10:42 am
right now. first, what are those numbers looking my? there fund-raising off push from the democrats. >> absolutely. our base is energized and this is giving them more of an incentive as to why they want to be elected president. they want somebody will represent them and not come to washington -- >> harris: ivy responding with dollars? >> yes, we seen a huge push. we have been a push to have her her opponent is coming here at 400,000 for eventual opponent. >> democratic representative alexandria ocasio-cortez says this has brought democrats together. watch. >> i think the party is now much more unified, that this is less than an argument over whether this is something we should do or not. now it's, "how do we proceed into it and the most most responsible way possible?" >> harris: your reaction? >> speaker oco sue cortez is the leader of the democratic party. nancy pelosi is following her lead comments on the 30 democrats sitting in districts where president trump won. they are sitting in districts where they went to the voters
10:43 am
and said, "we will work with this president. we will work on behalf of the people we represent." there fulling done mike following the socialist leader of their party down the path not good for the american people and for their constituents. we will the mcconville. >> harris: interesting. former protege of bernie sanders who identifies as democratic socialist. ronna mcdaniel, rnc chairwoman chairwoman, thanks for being here. after months of resistance, speaker pelosi finally launching a formal impeachment inquiry. pressure from the liberal lawmakers like the one we just heard from, aoc, push her over the edge? ♪ great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar?
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. after releasing the transcript of the call with ukrainian president, president trump is set to meet with him in front of cameras. we'll have it for you in the next hour on "the daily briefing." >> if you want to know what speaker pelosi is going to do tomorrow, read what aoc tweets tonight. because aoc treated over the weekend, nancy pelosi is now trying to appease the socialist wing of the party. >> harris: republicans accusing speaker pelosi of giving in to pressure from the left by announcing a formal impeachment inquiry of the president. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says her
10:48 am
efforts to "restrain her far left conference" i finally crumbled. i want to bring in hank hank sheinkopf, former democratic consented thought consultant. and evan mccullough. great to see both predid she lose the battle, battle, nancy pelosi, of corralling the trips away from impeachment? >> i'm much more cynical than you are, and probably then kevin is. i think this is about getting the house back to the republicans, holding the senate, and ensuring the president's reelection. if you make her look like a crow, you might win the election. if you make dubai look like a coke, you can paint paint here at impressive lefties, guess what? you can ruin the whole thing. >> harris: kevin? >> that's a rather stark admission from someone whose profession is to advise the other side. you know who agrees with him? the chairman emeritus of a little law school called harvard university. alan dershowitz, who told me
10:49 am
this morning that the stuff in the transcript this morning was devastating for the democrats. it doesn't have anything impeachable and nothing crimina criminal. it's not an immature saying that. >> let's be clear, i'm a tactician. i'm not stark about anything. that's my professional judgment as a political consultant. that's my business. i'm not an ideologue. >> harris: why does this keep happening to the democrats? you can point to the bob mueller report and say there was so much buildup, for the facts not to match all of that emotion, it was more than a letdown. it was damaging for democrats. that could happen here. they could have waited 72 hours. >> they could have waited, but they are so anxious to do with where the monies coming from. it's coming from new york and california, and the people in new york and california who care about what happens in the ukraine, because they think about it, are pressuring the party. the rally, if you go into the heartland, i worked all over the country and i've worked specifically in 44 american
10:50 am
states. you say to folks, "by the way, the president did something bad in the ukraine," they will look at you like your nuts. it doesn't matter. >> harris: let's look at the calendar for a second. in the way back machine, on "outnumbered overtime." he was nancy pelosi going after republicans one day before the house voted to impeach and president clinton. >> today the republican majorities not judging the present with fairness, but impeaching him with a vengeance. we are here today because the republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred of president clinton. until the republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer. >> harris: kevin, what happened? >> some people are going to stay, historically, look what happened with quentin. he benefited from impeachment. >> harris: politically. >> even though he committed perjury under oath and lied to a special counsel, et cetera. the thing that is laughable about this stage of this
10:51 am
particular president is that he doesn't fit any of the stereotypes, and he hasn't done any of that stuff. the american people are waking up today going -- i mean, registered voters according to the latest monmouth university poll, 35% for impeachment, 65% against. independents, 31% four, 69% against. these are not the odds democrats wants to be looking at headed to 2020. >> harris: our president is getting set in the next little while to meet with ukraine's president to be a fly on the wall from there. i want to read directly from the transcript. president zelensky said, "i would like to confess to you that i have an opportunity to learn from you. we did win begin work hard for this. we worked really hard. to tell you the truth, we are trying to work hard because we want to drain the swamp here in our country." wow. those men are going to get together. hank, your last thoughts? >> not a great day, by the way. they better have more stuff over the next year than that conversation and that transcript
10:52 am
to make this work. if not, could be a very different election than the outcome they want. >> harris: you mean the democrats? >> i do. >> harris: hank and kevin, thank you very much. any moment now, as i was saying, president trump will host a bilateral meeting with the president of ukraine. this, but the fallout from their july phone call, which has prompted that impeachment inquiry by the house speaker pelosi. plus, has the media weakened democrats' case for impeachment after years of beating the drum on russia? ♪ with va mortgage rates near record lows, i want to tell as many veterans as possible about newday's va streamline refi. it's the closest thing to automatic savings that we've ever offered. at newday, veterans can refinance their mortgage with no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket expenses. and we've extended our call center hours so that every veteran can take advantage of these near record low rates.
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>> at any moment, president trump will meet with the president of the ukraine at the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. my new guest argues that the democrats impeach investigation could have less of an impact because of the mueller report. now they have extremely serious
10:57 am
allegations to pursue, the ensuing uproar sounds too much like so many other scandals and many scandals that fairly or unfairly didn't move the needle. howie kirtz, fox news analyst and host of "media buzz." good to see you. you have moderates saying the speaker of the house may have acted too soon on impeachment inquiry. what you're seeing, the media may be muddying the waters. >> for much of the public, i think this is a routine rainstorm because the media's relentless overhyping of particularly the seemingly endless mueller investigation, which some in the press believed or hoped would send this president packing has produced a severe case of trump scandal fatigue. >> you know, i'll point to one example, if i can. and that is that "wall street journal" report. i should mention we have a familiar relationship with the
10:58 am
"wall street journal." but it says that the look in to joe biden was mentioned eight times when in fact the first time you hear rudy guliani's name on it is from the president of the ukraine. i can only find six instances of anybody's name and it was guliani. >> the numbers are off. by and large, these ukraine allegations, which are serious, the transcript release shows the "washington post" and "wall street journal" reporting was on target and it's easier to understand this narrative than the tangled russia mess. the problem here is that we live in an era now where every trump controversy is cranked up to 11. could be a week on sharpie gait or -- >> why is that? >> it's a relentless assault on this president by many in the press and also because it
10:59 am
delivers ratings and clicks. the problem is when you have everything cranked up to 11, the latest scandal, the latest allegation seems like a lot of partisan noise, especially when you combine it with the president's attacks on fake necessary. >> can we hear from gop representative chris stewart warning democrats? >> if they're going to hold a serious hearing, they can't start out with the conclusion before you have any proceedings at all. if they do that, they'll have no credibility with the american people. this is like brett kavanaugh. they had reports and it blew up in their face. >> last word. >> the relentless focus on what happened, you shouldn't jump to conclusio conclusions, of course. you can't cover it fairly without looking at the allegations around joe biden and his son, hunter and their dealing with the ukraine. the white house understands this, has been trying to shift the spotlight, rudy guliani in particular, from the trump scandal to the biden scandal. that got a little harder now
11:00 am
that impeachment is the story. you know who will be overshadowed? the other presidential candidates because there's a laser focus on the house. >> again, no oxygen left in the room. thanks, howie. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. just minutes from now, president trump will be meeting with the president of the ukraine, the man on the other end of the phone call that speaker nancy pelosi says forced her to launch an impeachment inquiry. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." it's coming hour after the white house released a transcript of their conversation. it shows president trump asked for a review of the biden family business dealings in the country but did not mention military aid as part of a quid pro quo. the president insisted earlier today he did nothing wrong.


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