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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they should have the ambassador come testify. >> dana: the train is about to run into shepard's show. i'm dana perino. here is shep. >> shepard: we begin with breaking news as we wait to hear from president trump minutes from now we are told on a day that could shape the rest of his presidency in the course of the nation. this morning transcript of a phone call released by the white house clearly shows president trump as a foreign leader, the ukrainian president, to do him a favor and investigate his political rival, joe biden, head of the 2020 presidential election. days before asking for the favor, president trump froze hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid for ukraine. we just saw president trump and the ukrainian president meet face-to-face amid the fallout and face questions from reporters. >> reporter: have you felt any
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pressure from president trump to investigate joe biden and hunter biden? >> i think you read everything. the phone call was normal. we spoke about many things. so i think nobody pushed me. >> president trump: in other words, no pressure. >> reporter: president trump. >> president trump: there was no pressure. you know there was no pressure. all you have to do is see it what went on on the call. >> shepard: here's a breakdown of the july phone call according to white house notes. president trump starts by congratulating the ukrainian president zelinski on winning the election. president trump goes on to say we do a lot for ukraine. i would not say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good. but the united states has been very, very good to ukraine. president zelensky responds
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"yes, you're absolutely right. i would also like to thank you for the great support in the area of defense. we are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps." the ukrainian president mentions buying missiles from the united states and president trump tells the ukrainian president "i would like you to do us a favor, though." president trump urges the ukrainian president to work with his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, and attorney general william barr to look into joe biden and his sons business dealings in ukraine. "whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went around breaking that he stopped in prosecution so if you can look into it, that sounds horrible to me. i will have mr. giuliani give you a call i am also going to have attorney general barr call and we will get to the bottom of it." i'm sure you'll figure it out. ukrainian officials say there is
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no evidence that joe biden or his son did anything wrong. the document the white house released may not tell the whole story. we still have not seen the whistle-blower complaint from an intelligence official who was apparently so alarmed by president trump's conversations with the ukrainian president and other unspecified manners, the official notified the intelligence community's inspector general. the inspector general found the complaint to be credible and of urgent concern. but the trump administration has been blocking congress from seeing it. the house intelligence committee, democratic chairman adam schiff, says the transcript of the phone call shows that president trump has betrayed his oath of office. >> the notes of the color of such a conversation far more damning than i or many others had imagined. it's shocking at another level that the white house would release these notes and felt that somehow this would help the
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president's case or cause. because what those notes reflect is a classic mafia-like shakedown of a foreign leader. >> shepard: meantime the top democrat in the congress, house speaker nancy pelosi, who is still the house speaker, says the transcript confirms the need for an impeachment inquiry. and that president trump "engage in behavior that undermines the integrity of our elections, the dignity of the office he holds in our national security." john roberts reporting live in new york city were president trump just met with ukrainian president aside from the united nations general assembly. hello, john. >> good afternoon. it was pretty incredible in the midst of this to see the two principals who were involved in this, president trump and volodymyr zelensky, the president of ukraine, sitting down together and in a way almost laughing about this whole thing. don't forget zelensky used to be a comedian. listen to the way he opened up the bilateral meeting.
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>> thank you very much. it's a great pleasure to me to be here and it's better to be on tv than by phone i think. [laughter] mr. president, thank you very much. >> one thing we should point out, shep, is that the phone call on july 25th between the presidents was the second time that they had spoken. they spoke earlier in the year after zelensky won the office of the presidency which has now led to calls from some circles that if we saw the transcript of the july 25 call, couldn't we also see the transcript of the first call because that may have been a precursor to the conversation that took place between them. as you pointed out at the top, both leaders saying there was no pressure that was put on zelensky to do -- conduct any kind of investigation. there are really two investigations that are going on here. one is that it's an investigation into the genesis of the 2016 hacking of the dnc computers and what
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president trump believes was interference on the part of the former ukrainian regime on the part of hillary clinton. he dispatched rudy giuliani to get to the bottom of it. the other is what involvement hunter biden had in business in ukraine. he was on the board of a large privately owned natural gas company. the president insisting and saying to zelensky during the july 25 call that hunter biden should be investigated. listen to what the president said about that. >> president trump: she has lost her way. she is been taken over by the radical left and she may be radical left herself but she's really lost her way. nancy pelosi, as far as i'm concerned, unfortunately she is no longer the speaker of the house. >> unfortunately that was not the correct piece of sound. that was the president talking about nancy pelosi now that she's decided formally to open an impeachment inquiry into the president. let's play now the part where the president talks about the
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need to investigate hunter biden and his business dealings, not only in ukraine but china as well. listen. >> president trump: one biden's son walks out of china with $1.5 billion in a fund and the biggest funds in the world can't get money out of china and he's there for a quick meeting and flies and on air force 2, i think it's a horrible thing. i think it's a horrible thing but i'm going far beyond that. i know the president and i have read a lot about the ukraine. i read a lot about a lot of countries. he wants to stop correction co. he was elected number one on the basis of stopping corruption which on fort lee has plagued ukraine. if he could do that, he's doing the whole world a big favor. >> the two investigations that are going on here, the president seems fun and fairly solid ground at least he believes, -- on fairly solid ground asking to look into potential ukrainian involvement on behalf of
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hillary clinton in the 2016 election. the other side, the investigation of joe biden and hunter biden that really has democrats incensed. one of the questions i think it's fair to ask here at the press conference which should be coming up in less than an hour now, why was president trump asking zelensky to investigate hunter biden? if you get a chance -- if we get a chance, we'll ask. stephen there's breaking news in this coming from "the washington post" and other outlets quoting "the acting dirl intelligence has threatened to resign over concerns that the white house might attempt to force him to stonewall the congress when he testifies this coming thursday, the day after tomorrow, about the explosive whistle-blower complaint about the president. they are citing current and former u.s. officials and later with the matter and as i mentioned, other networks and outlets are reporting this as well. seconds ago the white house press secretary stephanie grisham responded in a tweet.
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this is actually not true and we would've gone on the record to say that if "the washington post" had given us more than 6 minutes literally to respond, yet this does highlight the tensions between the white house and the now acting director of national intelligence as this controversy brews, john. >> yeah, shep. jeff mcguire is going to be going to capitol hill tomorrow. it's a widely anticipated moment of testimony because he will be testifying openly and you can bet that he's going to get pummeled with a lot of questions about this whistle-blower complaint and why it's not being made public. there was an opinion by the general counsel of the office of director of national intelligence that says because this whistle-blower complaint was about a person, the president, outside of the intelligence community, that the statutory authority for the dni to release that the congress does not exist and therefore it will not be released. white house officials have since told me that they are going to
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try to get this whistle-blower complaint into the hands of congress. it's interesting to point out that now with the release of the transcript, because the doj analysis of the complaint says that it was thirdhand knowledge on the part of the whistle-blower. knowledge that the whistle-blower got from officials of the white house, that the public now knows more about this particular case than the whistle-blower did when he or she brought that complaint to the inspector general of the intelligence community. tomorrow's testimony by joe maguire is going to be a significant event on capitol hill. we have not been able to confirm at this point because we just got the information, whether or not he did threaten to quit. we will try to run it down for you. it will be an interesting moment on capitol hill tomorrow. >> shepard: no doubt, john roberts life for us at the united nations. thank you very much. there's more to the whistle-blower complaint than
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just the call. there are other unspecified matters about which we have no information. now the inspector general and the key sections of the phone call transcript, catherine herridge reporting live at the department of justice. hello. >> we were first to report today on sections of the transcript and we were first review and there are other sections that are definitely worth noting. the first one is president trump and this is specific again about former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter. "there's a lot of talk about biden's son, that biden stopped the prosecution and all the people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went about breaking that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it, it sounds horrible to me." then zelensky continues "a reference to who he will appoint assess top law enforcement officer in ukraine "he or she will look into the situation specifically to the company that you mentioned, post quote that is hunter biden's company and
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the issue. the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue to restore the honesty so we will take care of it will work on the investigation of the case and then it continues. mr. trump "i will have mr. giuliani give you a call and i'm also going to have attorney general barr call and we'll get to the bottom of it. i'm sure you will figure it out." based on our account and the transcript, there are eight references by the president to his personal attorney rudy giuliani as well as attorney general william barr. today justice department officials were confirming to reporters that mr. barr was never asked by the president to investigate joe biden and was never asked by the president to follow up with ukraine after the july phone call. >> shepard: what are we hearing from the justice department? >> one of the surprises of this investigation, when you look into some of the paperwork that was made public today, is that there is a thread to the u.s. attorney in connecticut, john durham, who was tasked by the justice department to look into
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the genesis of the fbi counterintelligence investigation that was opened in july of 2016. that section, that statement from the justice department is... pardon me. "a department of justice team led by u.s. attorney john derma separately storing the extent to which a number of countries including ukraine played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the trump campaign during the 2016 election. while the attorney general has yet to contact ukraine in connection with this investigation, the durham investigation, certain ukrainians not a member of the government have volunteered information to mr. durham which he is evaluating." >> shepard: catherine herridge live, thank you. waiting to hear from the president at any moment now. we will see if he takes any questions. later will follow-up with judge andrew napolitano. yesterday and this hour he indicated that the solicitation of a favor from the ukrainian president to help investigate his political rival wood under
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[ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. this wednesday afternoon. the republican devin nunes has just announced on the house floor that all house and senate intelligence committee members will get access to the whistle-blower complaint against president trump just about 42 minutes from now. 4:00 p.m. eastern time. chairman nunes says -- congressman nunes says it will be a major development on capitol hill. mike emanuel reporting, he is live for us now. >> good afternoon. fox news caught up with a house judiciary chairman earlier this afternoon and asked him about
12:19 pm
next steps. >> reporter: do you have any how -- any idea how fast you will move the articles of impeachment. >> expeditiously. we will move expeditiously. speak on the other side of the capital, senate judiciary chairman, the republican, wanting democrats and impeachment vote would be a big mistake. >> i'm challenging nancy pelosi to have a vote on this. moderate democrats are hiding behind her, so if you really believe it's an impeachable offense or other things are impeachable, subject to an inquiry, vote on it. we did this in 1998. >> graham says it would be a big error but some senate democrats are pushing their house colleagues to get moving forward in a hurry. >> shepard: mike, off script a little bit. this new news that the members of the house and senate intelligence committee, both sides of the aisle will have
12:20 pm
this, the whistle-blower complaint, apparently in its entirety this afternoon. 4:00 eastern. there was also from adam schiff yesterday, the intelligence committee chairman, the notice that the whistle-blower's attorney had indicated that they whistle-blower himself or herself wished to testify on capitol hill. is there anything new on that? >> we understand they are trying to work with the whistle-blower's legal team trying to make sure that it can be done in an orderly fashion where they whistle-blower's identity could be protected in a proper way. it's obviously concerned for the safety of a person who has taken this kind of step. the president of the united states and the american government. our indications are there conversations going and forth between the intelligence community and the legal team of the whistle-blower trying to work it out but we have not heard a firm announcement and when it could go down here on capitol hill. ski 21 is been saying he's hoping by the end of the week and we are quickly getting to
12:21 pm
the end of the week so we will see if there is an announcement. >> shepard: whistle-blower, first of all for the viewers, a programming note, i've been informed president trump's appearance is imminent. we will expect it will have been momentarily and will take you there as it does. like come on the matter of the whistle-blower, whistle-blowers identities are carefully concear protection of whistle-blower under the statute. obviously this would be behind closed doors and i'm guessing there are extra ordinary measures to make sure this person remains anonymous. >> i think there is no doubt about that, shep. the intelligence committees are used to doing things very privately, dealing with very sensitive information. the members on both sides of the aisle typically take that very, very seriously, and so all indications are if the whistle-blower agrees to come appear and they can work out getting the person here in person, then you better believe there will be extraordinary measures taken to protect his or her identity. those negotiations are underway, and there are eager partners on
12:22 pm
both sides of the issue, both the whistle-blower and the lawmakers appear on capitol hill from everything we've heard. all indications are they should be able to work something out. it's not clear when it would go down. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thank you. regarding this whistle-blower complaint, the whistle-blower complaint went through what's been described to us as proper channels, went to the inspector general. the inspector general, a trump appointee, under the rules after evaluating, filed the complaint was credible and of urgent concern. therefore under the law would have to transfer that to the congress for congressional review. instead, the inspector general went through the attorney general's office, according to the reporting we have, and the attorney general's office blocked it from going to the congress. since then, we now know that the inspector generals -- that that report is going to members of
12:23 pm
the intelligence committees, republicans and democrats alike. if you'll remember, our reporting is that this phone call was not the only item and there could be more. in fact we expect there is more to that whistle-blower complaint. breaking now, nancy pelosi speaking on capitol hill. let's listen. >> be defined as an active reporting waste, fraud, abuse, corruption in the lawful manner to those who can correct the wrongdoing. the intelligence community has publicly recognized the importance of whistle-blowing and supports protections for whistle-blowers who conform to guidelines to protect classified information. this is a very important balance and with the laws were written and i was there for it, as member of the committee and ranking member before i became part of the leadership, i saw the evolution of these laws and the improvements on them with further protections for
12:24 pm
whistle-blowers. also the creation of the office of the director of national intelligence. and the relationship between the two. it's a careful balance of protecting whistle-blowers but also protecting our national security and our intelligence. our intelligence. so in any event, one of the bills that we wrote was the intelligence community whistle-blower protection act. the law plays a vital role in our democracy. it enables our system of separation of powers to maintain a rule of law by making sure that the abuses of unlawful actions are known. at first through the inspector general of the intelligence community and then the congressional intelligence committees, house and senate, which can act upon it. the statute does not permit the dna to second-guess the inspector general's determination of any complaint he finds to be credible. at no point in the history of
12:25 pm
this law has a dni ever refused to turn over a whistle-blowers complaint that has been found by the ig as credible. refusing to do this is a violation of the law. our national security depends on the framework, this vote today is about more than just any one president. this resolution is about the preservation of our american system of government. once we pass this resolution. >> shepard: as promised, the president speaking live now with the president of el salvador. a live look and listen. >> president trump: great for el salvador and great for the united states. worked very well with our people and have great respect for you and i really appreciate what you're doing. the president has done an incredible job with ms-13. he realizes what a threat they are and they have been very, very tough. we all appreciated an end thank you very much.
12:26 pm
>> thank you. we're very happy to be here. it's an honor to be with the president of the united states and with his team. very impressed with the whole team being here. for us, the united states is not only a partner and ally but a friend. we will show that the friendship is one of the reasons we sign the agreement because we want to show the friendship to our most important ally, the united states. for us, it's very, very important in looking forward. a little more than 100 days in office. we look forward to be working with president trump for the next five years. i think there would be very good for us. >> president trump: longer than that. [laughter] a little bit longer, they will love that. that will be breaking news. [laughter] >> i'm only going to be for five years. >> president trump: i know. >> you need to talk to the next president. >> president trump: yes. >> we are very happy to be here and we are hoping this meeting
12:27 pm
will strengthen the relationship even more. i think it will. president trump is very nice and cool and i'm nice and cool too. we both use twitter a lot. we will get along. and we are very honored. >> president trump: is our honor. we are working together very well. the relationship it's been excellent. mr. secretary, you would like to say something? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you president bukele, a tremendous partnership for the first 100 days in office with all of your team. the security minister. the advances you're making the issues of migration is productive. will be there alongside you. thank you. >> president trump: i think partly remote we met with honduras and we had previous meetings. guatemala, tremendously successful meetings and we
12:28 pm
signed cooperation agreements with them. some people use different terms we use the term cooperation agreement and at the high-strength and yours also that's good for all of us. it's really good for all of us. mexico has been fantastic on the border. today we have 27,000 soldiers. the numbers are way down. what are the numbers you were telling me? >> we are going to drop again this month, mr. president. over 60% reduction from may. from central america, closer to 75 or 80% reduction. >> 81% i heard that before. the catch and release is gone. there won't be catch and release. we are not releasing anybody into the country. especially we focus on the bad ones but the bad ones get taken out. we are removing them from our country. we are moving and fast. they are the ones that go first. you might want to discuss that. go ahead. >> it will be announced that the
12:29 pm
court mandated catch and release of families from central america, we've been able to do that because of our partnerships in the region like with el salvador. working with mexico, production protocols for families. so they can get a court hearing. it's been a very productive approach. reducing, taking profits away from criminal smugglers and making great progress with our international partners. >> president trump: mexico frankly is doing a great job with respect to the cartels. by having 27,000 soldiers on our border. they are decimating a lot of the cartels. really coming in. there's so many people now, so many bodies and really strong tough hardened soldiers there that it's very hard for the cartels to break through. a lot of -- if you have a cartel, it's not been a good situation for you. mexico is doing themselves a big favor too but the president of mexico has been outstanding in working with all of us really i
12:30 pm
think and we are very happy. the people that aren't working with us are the democrats. the democrats in congress are a disaster. we could solve so many more problems with the loopholes which could be done literally -- i always say, 15, 20 minutes, maybe 30 if we are little bit slower. but we could solve the loophole problem in a short period of time. despite that and we have a solemn -- asylum which we could solve immediately. we go to el salvador, honduras, we go to mexico. we go to guatemala. to solve problems of asylum because we can't go to the united states congress because the democrats are playing games. they don't have any time to do anything else. they don't time to do gun safety. they don't have time to do infrastructure. they have time to do nothing else. i'll tell you what. a lot of people are very angry at what's going on. they view it as you could never
12:31 pm
use the word joke because it's too serious but they view it as something that should never take place. they're never going to see anything done with this group in congress, the democrats. that's why i really think the republicans will take over the house. we might even increase in the senate and will keep the presidency and we will do something like this country has never seen before. nancy pelosi has been taken over by the radical left. i washed. i find it hard to believe what she's been totally taken over by the radical left and she does exactly as they wanted to do. a lot of her members now are having second thoughts. they are saying they are in a very bad position. there is a very bad position. we were just with the president, the new president of ukraine. it was a fantastic meeting. he said no pressure, no nothing. it's all a hoax. i call it the hoax. it's just a continuation of the witch hunt. that's all faded. that's all gone. they had to come up with something else.
12:32 pm
the same players. adam schiff, nadler, all the same players and now nancy pelosi was forced into a position she didn't want to be in and unfortunately she wasn't tough enough to stop it. thank you very much, everybody. i think we're going to be doing a news conference and a little while. that'll be the end. you very much. >> reporter: mr. president . >> thank you. >> shepard: there you have edits, president trump meeting with the president of el salvador. on the sidelines from the united nations. a little while ago we reported that "the washington post" was out with the report that the acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he was forced, what was the word they use, withhold some items when testifying. stonewall, stonewall the
12:33 pm
congress while testifying coming up tomorrow on capitol hill. the white house denied it and now their director of national intelligence has denied it as well. he said this simply did not happen. there's one other matter that we need to update we were talking about that seconds ago, if the control room could remind me. there's a lot going on at this moment. i guess not. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. we have been able to see now the transcript of this phone call between zelensky and the ukrainian president and president trump that president trump just called a hoax. from this transcript, the details of the call, what's your biggest takeaway? >> that after the president of the ukraine said we need to buy more, a specific type of missile, the president said we are interested in helping you but we need a favor and he articulated the favor at the time, you have to take this in
12:34 pm
context. the context is the united states government is sitting on a commitment to wire $140 million to the ukrainian government. and to sell a quarter of a billion dollars worth of military equipment to the ukraine government. the president is asking -- >> shepard: in their fight against the russians. >> correct. russian tanks on the border. the russians have taken part of their country away from them and the american public policy is to help defend ukraine. they need the equipment and the president asked for a favor. yesterday at this time you said that the requesting of the favor in exchange for investigating his political opponent amounted to a crime. do you stand by it? >> i recognize that a lot of lawyers may disagree with that including the justice department because the justice department says asking for that kind of
12:35 pm
favor -- >> shepard: let me rephrase that. the department of justice official tells fox news that the president suggesting or asking about an investigation of former president biden and his son "could not be quantified as a thing of value." here meeting at doj, it was concluded that whatever this was, it was not a thing of value. >> does a lot of legal authority and i joined it on the other side. you have the other side says anything that helps the campaign, whether it's cash or emails or smearing your opponent is a thing of value. >> shepard: and therefore requesting it is a crime. >> yes. last night on this network during prime time opinion programming, a partisan guest who supports president trump was asked about judge napolitano's legal assessment and when he was asked, he said unchallenged "judge napolitano is a fool." attacking our colleague who is here to offer legal assessments
12:36 pm
on our error in our work home is repugnant. and today i asked other legal minds whom we trust and on whom we rely to weigh in on the same manner. many of our regular viewers will recognize many of their names. caroline polizzi, criminal defense attorney, frequent guest on this news hour and on this channel and other national news channel said "justice solicitation would be a crime, meaning there wouldn't have to be a quid pro quo." jim trustee, a 28 year prosecutor, current defense attorney said to me, "the investigation would be a thing of value. campaign finance laws. a habit solicitation of a thing of value from foreign leader." current defense attorney, frequent guest said yes. it would be a crime, probably a few crimes, among them it likely
12:37 pm
violates the election law prohibitions on seeking assistance from foreign governments. additionally, the investigation likely would be considered a benefit under the election law and the solicitation of a benefit alone is improper. he cites 52 usc, 3121, a1a. jeffrey kramer, berkeley research group, a veteran of the justice system and former prosecutor and frequent fox news guest said "requesting assistance in investigating a political opponent would be a crime even without the threat of withholding funds." but the current allegation seemed to touch more on basic issues which is upholding the oath of office to the constitution and american citizens. on this matter, the democrats concur. the ones doing the investigating say that's what this is about. your assessment of how this will go forward now from a legal perspective. >> while, i think the
12:38 pm
president's supporters will dig their heels in and i think the presidents attractors will -- detractors will dig their heelss the house of representatives votes to proceed, this is what senator graham has been talking about. it hasn't happened yet. once the house of representatives votes to proceed with the impeachment inquiry, they acquire a lot more tools in order to extract information from the executive branch. a lot of the "thou shalt not speak" instructions that the white house was given to witnesses would not be able to be given and a full-blown, full-fledged house authorized impeachment inquiry. we are not there yet. >> shepard: tomorrow, we are told by the chairman devin nune devin nunes, by devin nunes on capitol hill, tomorrow we are led to believe the integrity of the whistle-blower complaint will be made available to the leaders, republican and democratic leaders in the intelligence committees in both houses. they will get that information. the identity of the
12:39 pm
whistle-blower must by law be protected. might the public become aware of any other matters that it might've been a part of? >> i think so. i think democrats will have their version of what is in the whistle-blower complaint and the republicans will have their version and unless and until we can all see it, we are going to have to rely on the version of those who have seen it and relate their version to us. if this whistle-blower does testify, even if his or her face is masked and identity is shielded and voices configured so we can't identify, they will ask questions in public about this will get the answers. >> shepard: from this call, is there another matter of great significance that you would like to point out? >> i think there probably were other calls. >> shepard: they are asking about a previous and mother will get a transcript of that is reporting for another day. >> correct. >> shepard: judge, thank you for your legal assessment. thank you, my friend. we are humans away from a couple
12:40 pm
major events here, 4:00 eastern time, 20 minutes from now, congress expects to receive the actual whistle-blower complaint. also at 4:00 p.m., 20 minutes from now, president trump set to hold a news conference in which he will take questions. allied ahead ahead, including the sunday anchor chris wallace will be here. yesterday he interviewed the iranian president and we will talk to him about that and the other important items of the day as fox news continues on this wednesday afternoon. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> vo: my car is my after-work de♪ music ion zone. >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> shepard: a live look at capitol hill, senators holding a closed-door briefing on iran. this comes as the iranian president, hassan rouhani, accuses the united states of merciless economic terrorism. the president hassan rouhani spoke with the united nations general assembly today and said iran will not negotiate a new nuclear deal with the united states right now. >> translator: our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative. the government and people of iran have remained steadfast against the harshest sanctions in the past one and a half years
12:45 pm
and will never negotiate with an enemy. >> shepard: hassan rouhani also said the region is on what he called the brink of collapse of that one mistake could fuel the fire. all of this after president trump told the u.n. general assembly iran was one of the greatest threats to the planet. it also comes as more u.s. allies say they backed the ministrations claimed that iran was behind an attack on saudi arabia's oil industry earlier this month. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is here. he interviewed the iranian president yesterday. they have stuck to that line of no negotiations under sanctions while the white house is saying the sanctions are going to cripple them. give us a minute. >> they didn't have to listen to president rouhani of the u.n. they could've just watch the interview and save some time. these sides could not be further apart. as you say, the president said sanctions until you agree to
12:46 pm
negotiate. rouhani has no negotiations until he left all sanctions. the president says iran is the great sponsor of state terrorism. rouhani says the u.s., wherever they go, they spread terrorism. i don't see any path forward and even of the immediate or even kind of mid term future that the sides get together. >> shepard: the whistle-blower complaint which apparently leaders in the house and senate will get in about 15 minutes and the announcement by nancy pelosi of the beginnings of impeachment proceedings, your thoughts. >> chris: well obviously there whistle-blower complaint will be important. my own reaction to the transcript today was it you could read it however you wanted to read it. if you were a republican, he looked and said he didn't apply pressure. he did mention biden but it wasn't any big deal. i guess lindsey graham has been calling it a nothing burger. on the other hand, some democrats have pointed out why
12:47 pm
on earth is the president, when he stuck into the new president of ukraine, even mentioning investigating, give us help in investigating joe biden and joe biden's son, hunter biden. i think we are a long way. i thought the transcript was going to clear everything up. i don't for get well. i think you have to see the whistle-blower complaint and you may have to hear from the whistle-blower. you will have to hear from the acting director of national intelligence tomorrow and an open hearing and it becomes clearer over and over that conversation, the president asked the ukrainian president hey, talk to my lawyer, rudy giuliani, cooperate with him in this investigation. i don't there's any question rudy giuliani is going to have to come before one if not more congressional committees and is going to have to be questioned about what exactly did you do. in a sense, he was the agent of the president in terms of seeking information. some would say dirt on joe biden's son, hunter. >> shepard: and that would be
12:48 pm
under oath? >> chris: yeah. >> shepard: i meant to ask judge napolitano but we ran out of time. varying opinions here and elsewhere on weather or the attorney general would need to recuse himself from this matter because of the mention of him where he has said i never did any investigating. we have learned that investigation is underway. that's a revelation. there already is an investigation by the doj of this biden thing. >> chris: yeah. i would think that in terms of barr, the fact that the president mentions it is one thing and the fact that he didn't actually, according to him, do anything. i don't see why he would have to recuse himself just because his name was mentioned. the main point here is an you've seen is today and i think you're going to continue to see it, this thing, we are not at the beginning of the end. maybe at the -- >> shepard: great peril on
12:49 pm
both sides. >> chris: obviously the greatest potential peril. i'm not saying that it's actual. potential peril for the president. if they find he did in fact solicit and pursue assistance from a foreign government. at one point -- maybe i'm wrong on this. i don't think i am. you asked quite rightly andrew napolitano a lot of legal questions. in the end, impeachment is not a legal process. it's a political process. i was going to stay in the founders set of very nebulous term when they said high crimes and misdemeanors. what on earth does that mean? the answer is it means whatever a majority in the house thinks it means and if they look at this and say the president really was seeking foreign intervention in our election and there was either implicitly or explicitly some kind of link to usaid to that country, i think the president is in a world of
12:50 pm
trouble. i don't think we're there yet. i don't think were anywhere close to their but it certainly is a possibility and it will be whatever a majority of the house said. >> shepard: nebulous without question and there is the word bribery which is a little more specific and i suppose if you could get to a point where there was proof, demonstrable proof that it was "you will do this favor for me or you won't get this money," that might be an item on which the democrats would surround themselves regarding high crimes and misdemeanors and bribery. >> chris: yeah, except -- not only are we not there but it doesn't get said that explicitl explicitly. the president says, he talks about aid, talks about that i other countries want to do it. you don't have to be that explicit the kind of make the point. >> shepard: michael cohen remind us the president is never
12:51 pm
that specific. it is code. >> chris: there is plenty of time to speculate and we will be covering it. >> shepard: congrats on your interview. i loved it. >> chris: thank you. >> shepard: good to see you, chris. lots coming up, live remote. that's new york city, the united nations. it's not really new york city. it's its own thing. actually this is new york city. the intercontinental hotel. the president will give a news conference, not what we have been seen before. it's a real news conference. questions and answers from the president. that is coming up. stay with us. y by calling newday now. you can refinance at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points and save over 1,000 dollars a year. lower rates means lower payments. get the most of your va mortgage benefits.
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>> shepard: a live look in new york city at the intercontinental hotel where the president is set to give a news conference literally moments from now. fox news channel will have live coverage and the 4:00 hours approaching. we are less than 5 minutes away
12:56 pm
and that's a live look on capitol hill. the development of the afternoon, congressman devin nunes announcing that the leaders in the house and senate, both sides, in the intelligence committee, will receive the whistle-blower complaint against president trump. that was details of this phone call with the ukrainian president zelensky and additional yet unspecified matters. will it become public at some point? we don't know. what we do know, according to congressman devin nunes, they will go to the leaders in the house and senate momentarily. lots of news ahead on a very busy day. house democrats are moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry, as you know doubt know by now, after president trump spoke to the ukrainian president about investigating the 2020 presidential candidate joe biden. united states constitution allows congress to impeach president if he or she has committed "treason, bribery, or
12:57 pm
other high crimes and misdemeanors." right now six house committees are investigating. those committees are set to bring their findings to the house judiciary committee. then the judiciary committee could find a case insufficient and ended but if the committee members in judiciary think they have a strong enough case, they can and will draft articles of impeachment. then take those articles of impeachment to the full house of representatives and then they house takes a vote those articles of impeachment which have already been drafted. a simple majority is needed on at least one article of impeachment. if there's multiples, they need at least one. if not, the process ends. but if 218 members of the house vote to pass at least one article of impeachment, president trump will then be impeached. which is in the legal world akin to being indicted. not at all to akin to being
12:58 pm
convicted. that happens in the senate. the trial park moved to the senate. it could vote to dismiss the case. republicans are in charge there. or could vote to hold the trial. once the trial ends if it happens, it would go to a full senate for vote and then of course the senate has a republican majority as i mentioned. what's the margin they would need? they would need two-thirds of the u.s. senate to vote to convict the president. that is something democrats do not have under any circumstances unless g.o.p. senators side with them. if they do get the two-thirds they need to convict, president trump would be removed from office. congress has only impeached two presidents in the entire history of the united states, bill clinton and andrew johnson. both were acquitted. president nixon resigned before impeachment proceedings could begin. founding father alexander hamilton wrote in the federalist papers that the point of impeachment is not to prove that the president did anything wrong but to quickly remove a leader who is harming american
12:59 pm
society." kristin fisher on on this. hi. >> impeachment was created in first using britain as way for parliament to remove the king's ministers. that's where the phrase high crimes and misdemeanors comes from. the high crimes is actually referring to a high-level public official abusing power, not necessarily a high-level of criminal activity. it's an ambiguous phrase open to congress' interpretation. alexander hamilton defined it in 1788 as those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men or in other words from the abuse or violation of some public trust. they are of a nature which may be denominated political as it relates to injuries done immediately to the society itself. impeachable offenses are inherently political which is why hamilton was able to accurately predict which would come next which is essentially all the partisan -- partisanship and divide we are seeing right
1:00 pm
now. >> shepard: kristin fisher, live in washington. the final bell is ringing on wall street. the dow is up in a pretty big way, up 167 points. a "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: the scene right now the intercontinental hotel in new york city where the president's do to address reporters any minute. he thinks he's put this entire issue to rest with the transcript of the infamous phone call with the leader of the ukraine back in july. democrats are not so sure. we are going to be getting to read from john roberts and the second also bret baier and also senator rick scott. i want to take a peek at the corner of wall and broad because you're probably wondering in the middle of this why were stocks up? they don't think anything will convict. the president will survive it. wall street is not red or blue. it's just green. they love money and making lots of money and they think this president is the surest ticket to continue that they don't


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