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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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place. all right. i think eye many taking us out. set your dvrs and never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" next. ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier, we are coming to tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. breaking tonight, president trump insists he did not pressure the ukrainian president zelinski to investigate joe biden. and he did not, he insists, use u.s. military aid as leverage as democrats allege in their impeachment inquiry. but he says democrats did threaten the ukrainians over their political pursuits. the president taking questions from reporters late this afternoon here in new york, hours after he released a transcript of his july 25th conversation with zielinski. we are awaiting more information about the whistle-blower complaint that start of the. it has been sent to members of congress and they have read it
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in just the past few minutes. tomorrow the acting director of the national intelligence is scheduled to testify on capitol hill. we will talk live with the top republican on the house oversight committee in just a few moments here. we have fox team coverage first. mike emanuel on capitol hill with a look at where the impeachment process stands right now, where it's going. peter doocy and kristin fisher with the implications of the ukraine story for both the trump and biden campaigns, but we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts here in new york tonight with highlights and president trump's expansive news conference, good evening. speak a good evening to you. president trump took fewer questions than i have seen him in any solar news conference this afternoon. he did have a lengthy preamble, spending much of it talking about accomplishments at the united nations that got overlooked because of the impeachment news. and slamming the democrats are beginning and impeachment inquiry based on his call with the ukrainian president. >> and the witch hunt continues, but they are getting hit hard on
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this witch hunt because when i look at the information, it's a joke. impeachment for that? speak of the transcript makes it clear that this was his second telephone call with zelensky, the first right after he was elected president. president trump said democrats are welcome to a transcript of that call too. >> the word is that they are going to ask for the first conversation, you can have it anytime you need it. and also mike pence's conversations, which were i think one or two of them, they were perfect. they were all perfect. >> before taking to the stage for his news conference this afternoon the president sitting down with his ukrainian counterpart where it was clear the irony of the meeting wasn't lost on zelensky, who is a former comedian. >> it's better to be on tv -- >> at the united nations today, president trump on the ukrainian president meeting in person for
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the first time. both leaders agreeing that president trump put no pressure on vladimir zelensky in their july 25th phone call. >> we had i think a good phone call. it was normal, we spoke about many things. so i think that nobody pushed it, nobody pushed me. >> in other words, no pressure. >> bret: in the transcript of the call, they talk about the importance of u.s. support. so minsky thinks president trump for your great support in the area of defense, adding we are almost ready to buy more javelins, antitank missiles from united states for defense purposes. president trump then says to zelensky i would like you to do us a favor and ask him to find out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine. they say crowd strike, like if you have one of your wealthy people, the server facing ukraine. crowd strike is the computer
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security company that investigated the hack of the dnc servers and determined russia was behind it. so minsky brings up rudy giuliani and guarantees all the investigations will be done openly and candidly. president trump says he will have mr. giuliani give you a call and i am also going to have attorney general barr call and we will get to the bottom of it. >> rudy is looking into also find out where the phony witch hunt started. it was a media hoax and a democrat hoax. where did it start? rudy has every right to go and find out where that started. >> but president trump also asked zelensky to look into joe biden and his son hunter saying "biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you could look into it, it sounds pretty horrible to me." the department of justice today weighed in on the call saying it investigated the conversation for weeks as a possible illegal foreign campaign contribution but found no evidence to support that. the doj also pointed to an
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arguable political bias on the part of the whistle-blower in favor of a rival political candidate to president trump. the president today highly critical of nancy pelosi for using the call as the basis for an official impeachment inquiry. >> she's lost her way, she's been taken over by the radical left. as far as i'm concerned -- unfortunately, she's no longer the speaker of of the house. >> in launching its impeachment inquiry, democrats pointed to a quid pro quo the president promised zelensky. a quid pro quo that did not appear in the transcript. president trump today said that secretary of state pompeo got permission from his ukrainian counterpart to release the transcript of the call. zelensky today told ukrainian media that he thought the white house would only publish president trump's part and not his. we don't know, brett, if that was a joke on zelensky foster's part. >> bret: all right, john, thank you. let's get an impeachment status report right now.
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micah manual is on capitol hill tonight to tell us where things stand. >> are we talking about impeachment before we've read a single document before anyone has heard a single person? speak all i can say is we're going to move in the impeachment expeditiously. >> this is war on capitol hill and the focus now is on next steps. >> senate republicans support the established proper procedures for considering this whistle-blower per report. >> democrats if they wanted more information and late today the acting director of national intelligence transfer the full whistle-blower complaint to members of the house and senate intelligence committees. senate democratic leader chuck schumer made further demands. >> the whistle-blower must be allowed to testify without fear of intimidation. and then we must pursue the many relevant avenues of inquiry. >> connecticut democrat senator richard blumenthal pushed his colleagues in the house to move quickly. >> impeachment is meaningful if there is a trial here in the senate and streamlining the impeachment process in the house
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will give us that time. >> so far three presidents have faced impeachment, andrew johnson, who was acquitted by the senate in 1868. more than 100 years later, richard nixon resigned after the house tradition are committee passed three impeachment articles. and bill clinton was impeached by the house in 1998, but acquitted by the senate the following year. back then, speaker pelosi held a different view. >> the republican majority is not judging the president with fairness, but impeaching him with a vengeance. >> today pelosi is leading the charge on impeachment after demands from her most liberal members and their base. and she argues this was about president trump trying to steal next year's election. >> today's release of the notes of the call by the white house confirms this behavior which undermines the integrity of our election, the dignity of any presidency and our national security. >> the house g.o.p. leaders as pelosi's rush into this suggests
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she's lost control. >> the speaker owes an apology to this nation and i think it's even questioned whether she should stay in her job. >> this is moved very rapidly with intelligence committed lawmakers in both the house and senate do to hear from the acting director of national intelligence tomorrow, hours after getting a look at that whistle-blower complaint. bret. >> bret: micah manual live on the hill, thanks. we will speak with congressman jim jordan, the top republican on the house oversight committee about all of today's developments and what could come next in just a little bit. the ukraine controversy has grown about out of questions about business to business dealings of hunter biden, the son of one of the top democrats vying for a chance to take on president trump next fall. tonight correspondent peter doocy looks at what effect ukraine and impeachment might have on the joe biden campaign. >> joe biden believes this is all about to blow over, telling donors last night the attacks on me, they are going to come and they are going to go and they'll soon be forgotten. but in the meantime, the
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campaign is cashing in on the controversy. a biden advisor tells fox news online fund-raising tripled saturday is the former vp try to take the fight to trump. >> you should be asking him a question. >> biden's campaign seems eager to try to get the focus on the issue that helps democrats flip the house, health care. but the former vp is also tracking the transcript of the call between president trump and the ukrainian president where he was named dropped three times, saying today "it is a tragedy for this country that our president put personal politics above his sacred oath. "now some primary rattles are sympathizing with the singled out biden. >> he withholds that aid in order to go after a political opponent. i think that was a bridge too far for people. >> biden also told donors about the president last night, the reason i'm being attacked is most polls show me beating him by ten to 15 points, so i'm not at all surprised i've become the object of his affection and attention.
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although a biden versus trump matchup is no sure thing because after weeks of swirling accusations, the former vp has fallen behind elizabeth warren in a new national quinnipiac poll. >> i knew when i decided to run this president would attack me and anyone else who he thought would be a threat to his winning again. >> but president trump isn't the only republican with raised eyebrows. >> here's the elephant in the room. the person you asked to be fired was investigating companies that your son was part of. somebody needs to look at that. >> a few minutes ago joe biden was getting into his car and one of our cameras heard him saying the transcript is very revealing. biden is out in california, where he just taped a late night comedy show while elizabeth warren is trying to keep pace with him in the polls in front of a slightly smaller audience, a few hundred people here on a college campus in new hampshire. she is opting to present a selfie line instead of a punch line.
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bret. >> bret: peter doocy live in new hampshire, thank you. a judge has given federal prosecutors until monday to decide whether they want to join president trump's fight against a new york state grand jury subpoena, seeking his tax returns. prosecutors say the president has raised constitutional issues and trying to stop the subpoena and they want to review them. the manhattan district attorney says the president's challenge does not belong in federal cour court. the opening of an official impeachment inquiry by house democrats has implications far beyond the presidency. it could also play a major role in next year's congressional elections and ultimately which party controls the house and senate. correspondent kristin fisher has that part of the story tonight. >> one former president bill clinton was impeached in 1998, he was two years in to his second term. >> i want to say again to the american people are profoundly sorry i am. >> same with former
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president richard nixon when he resigned in 1974. >> i am not a crook. >> but president trump is in the middle of his reelection campaign. the president's campaign manager predicts the impeachment inquiry will "embolden and energize president trump's supporters and create a landslide victory for the president." many republicans agree. >> if you are a trump supporter, you are irredeemable. you are deplorable. you are a racist. now your patriotism is question. it's an institutionalized way for democrats to grab them by the ankle and to take them down. >> fear of backlash at the polls as part of the reason speaker pelosi waited this long to formalize the investigation. some democrats say they're still plenty of time before election day. >> i do believe there are considerations -- political considerations but the considerations should be about protecting and honoring the constitution of the united states. >> speaker pelosi is also focused on protecting her
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majority in the house. over the last two days, 15 democrats in districts the president won have come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry and now risk a backlash from their constituents. after nixon, a republican, resigned, democrat majorities in the house and senate and a democrat won the next presidential election. jimmy carter. after republicans failed to impeach clinton, democrats picked up five seats in the house, but republicans retained their majority in the house and senate and won the white house in 2000. >> i know how it turned out for us in 1998, we got kicked. people understood clinton for who he was and it felt like we overreached, that we took something that was private and made it public. all i can tell my democratic friends, you're going down a dangerous road here. >> and already just this afternoon the trump campaign and the republican national committee announced they have raised $5 million in the 24 hours since speaker pelosi announced the formal impeachment
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inquiry into president trump. bret. you and kristin, thank you. the u.s. senate voted 54-41 today to terminate president trump's declaration of a national emergency for the southern border. that bloat dormant vote blocks diversion of funds for wall construction. civil republicans voted for that resolution and against the president. fox news is told the house will likely make time on the floor later this week to vote to align with the senate and successfully terminate the national emergency declaration. the first phase of a trade deal between the u.s. and japan has come together after president trump met with japanese president -- japanese prime minister shinzo abe at the united nations today. the president says japan will open new markets to approximately $7 billion in u.s. agriculture products including beef, pork, wheat, cheese, corn, and wine. the two sides agreed u.s. tariffs on japanese automobiles would be rolled back sometime in the future. stocks were up today, the dow
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>> bret: house votes of delayed congressman jim jordan so we will turn to international affairs. iran's president is accusing the u.s. of what he calls merciless economic terrorism. hassan rouhani telling the united nations general assembly security in the persian gulf can be guaranteed only when his nation's security is as well. he says iran will not negotiate on the issue of its nuclear program as long as sanctions remain in place. many western nations are blaming iran for a recent attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities. however, turkish president erdogan is not. he is urging restraint. he made that comment to me during an interview yesterday at the u.n. >> translator: i don't think it would be the right thing to do to blame iran. we need to recognize the fact that attacks of this scale come from several parts of yemen but if we just place the entire burden on iran it wouldn't be the right way to go because the evidence available does not necessarily point to that fact.
3:21 pm
>> bret: artist with the u.s. believes it is iran. multiple officials have said that, but let's about sanctions. the u.s. is sanctioning iran very firmly. are you worried about running into penalties for violating u.s. sanctions on iran. >> in my point of view, the role should not be such a world where only the powerful are the right ones. when i was listening to president trump, that's what i was trying to understand. the idea "armstrong, i'm powerful, so i'm right." that should be the case. sanctions have been accustomed to and avoided in the past. to extent can we proceed with sanctions? here today and gone tomorrow specifically because we are neighbors with iran and i for one know that sanctions have never sold anything. >> bret: there are charges that your country is helping all of these countries avoid sanctions. "the new york post" had analysis in which it said under president erdogan, turkey has
3:22 pm
become a permissive jurisdiction for rogue regimes and their illicit bankers. it goes on to say that tehran relies on turkish banks and dual iranian turkish gold traders, calling it the biggest sanctions evasion scheme in recent histor history. in venezuela the maduro regime is using turkish-based companies and money-laundering network to get around sanctions and that the assad regime in syria owns an extensive network of companies in turkey, enabling syria to circumvent sanctions. you know that to be happening and is it happening with your consent? speak of these are the allegations voiced by a terrorist organization who were behind the failed coup of july 2016 in turkey. >> bret: so not true? speech of these allegations are more than wrong, these are all produced propaganda by the terrorist organization. our banks have full compliance with global banking regulations in the banking transactions have always been conducted within the framework of internationally recognized principles. i don't know who authored the article but i think this is very
3:23 pm
cheap and i won't let anyone defame my banking sector and my banks sway. >> bret: earlier this month the trump administration did sanction a turkish-based senior hamas official who runs that terror group's budget and other financial institutions based in turkey have been sanction for terror financing by the u.s. government, not just an article or analysis. so the question is, are you helping the u.s. crackdown on terror financing in your countr country? >> translator: if they are some individuals or institutions violating international regulations, they will be subject to certain international treaties and conventions that can be invoked and if we receive complaints, we will do whatever is necessary, whether it be crackdown, whether it be incarceration, whether it be seizure of assets. we've always cooperated and we will always cooperate with international authorities. these actions have been very significantly taken and we expect the same thing from our allies. terrorist organizations are
3:24 pm
looked roaming freely in the west. i wonder what is the united states doing about these terrorist organizations. are they extraditing these terrorists to us? know. for example, here the curtis why pg terrorist organization extensions are present. we want them to be extradited to turkey and the leader is currently living in pennsylvania living on the land of 400 acres and he is running his global network quite freely from pennsylvania. >> bret: mr. president, have you been told that it administration that he would be extradited? >> translator: they have demanded documents and evidence. we have come together with the intelligence agencies in the united states. we got together with the attorney general and i spoke to president trump and we've submitted crates full of evidence and folders which were masked as evidence, but we never garnered any results. if we are strategic partners, we need to fight back together against terrorism. let's fight together. >> bret: no promises have been made for the turkish cleric to be extradited. >> translator: no.
3:25 pm
unfortunately not in this is saddening because we are strategic partners and i want them to be extradited, but no. >> bret: in your speech at the united nations, you said this. >> translator: journalist jamal khashoggi who was brutally slaughtered last year has become a symbol for the need of justice and equality in the region is the courts have not reached yet a verdict regarding his demise and we will keep on following up the developments as we are very committed to this case. it's a bleeding wound in our hearts. >> bret: it next week the one-year anniversary of his murder. what do you mean by that sentence, you'll continue to follow it, what are you looking for and what if you told the u.s.? >> translator: who should hear his remarks? saudi arabia of course because where the perpetrators? they are in saudi arabia. these perpetrators came to his temple on board to aircraft. they walked into the consulate general in his temple and they have done whatever they have done. all of the telecommunications are available. all of the voice recordings have
3:26 pm
been shared with the saudi arabian authorities. i have spoken to the king and the crown prince more than once and they pledged that there would be a conclusion to this. but still no steps have been taken forward. jamal khashoggi is no ordinary person. he has a colleague of yours and he has a very respectable position in the world of media and he has interviewed me more than once. i knew him closely. and this happened in my country. how am i not going to follow up on that? course i'm going to follow up on that. this is our responsibility. we can't let this get away or else we won't establish justice. >> bret: do you have evidence that this went all the way up to the crown prince in saudi arabi saudi arabia? >> translator: i'm not going to name any perpetrators but 15 people on board to aircraft landed in istanbul. i have listened to the taped conversations that went on and someone was saying "i know how to slice up, and how to slice up good, i know how to cut" and this person is a person involved in forensics. and if i'm not mistaken, he was
3:27 pm
a colonel. this is one of the closest individuals in our core group and the committed these deeds at the consulate general in unfortunately after that jamal khashoggi was cut into pieces and taken away. the impression of my colleagues working in the intelligence agency are exactly that. these are the responsibilities of the judiciary in saudi arabia and the authorities in saudi arabia. >> bret: the saudis tweeted that they allege that you were being paid to stir all of this up as they are going to their judicial process in this case. >> translator: if i'm being blamed like that, if they failed to prove the truthfulness of their words, and they are lacking in morals, they are heinous, and they are traders. i'm the president of the republic of turkey and nobody can even dare to put that blame on me. they should first clear away this mess. at what they did was to kill an individual who was a saudi arabian citizen, and they should identify the perpetrators who came to turkey on board to airplanes and now they need to clear up this mess with their own judiciary. getting paid over this? i don't have that in my book.
3:28 pm
nobody can compare this with my deeds. >> bret: you talked about how journalists like him should not be treated, as you say he did and was carried since the coup in 2016, attempt, at least 180 media outlets have been forcibly closed in your country. 200,000 websites have been blocked. at least 100 journalists are now behind bars, hundreds more have been prosecuted as terrorists, many without evidence. this is all according to the committee to protect journalists and that committee accuses your country of locking up more journalists than any other country in the world. why are you doing that? >> translator: i don't have the last say. the judiciary has the last say. you can't interfere with the judiciary. we are talking about a coup d'etat, a failed coup against my state in july 2016 and i'm supposed to release the perpetrators of this failed coup? no. you're talking as if you're a member of the judiciary instead of a journalist. >> bret: asking the question.
3:29 pm
>> translator: you should talk as if you were journalist and get your answer from me as a politician. i'm telling you we are talking about individuals undertaking a coup attempt. these are imaginary numbers. there are not that many journalists who have been incarcerated. we need to see each other eye to eye or else these failed clues will be sustained down the line more and more. >> bret: how would you describe turkey's relationship with the u.s.? >> translator: with the relations the u.s. and turkey date back to a long history built upon very strong bonds. our eventual goal is to expand the economic relations between turkey and the united states and increase the trade volume between the two countries up to $100 billion. the region has very urgent problems to be settled, that's why these meetings are of crucial significance. >> bret: you say you would like to increase the economic relationship with the u.s. he rejected the u.s. threats before purchasing russian air defense systems, losing out then on the acquisition of american
3:30 pm
f-35 stealth fighter jets and really millions and millions of dollars in business to your country, why? >> translator: the approach with regards to this acquisition from russia was ever perceived as a threat by me because we wished to acquire u.s. patriot missiles during president obama's time in office, but we were told the congress would not allow such a transaction to take place so we were left without patriots. then when president trump took office, i wanted to acquire patriots as well. but now we are still unable to acquire or possess patriots. when it comes to national defense, we are in a position to be able to cater to our needs and that's why we've agreed with russia on these grounds, because the conditions were quite suitable for our needs. forever u.s. aircraft that was not delivered to turkey, we are losing $7,000,000.45 aircraft on the brink of delivery but at the very last minute the delivery was halted and i don't think it's very becoming of a strategic partnership and i don't think it's the right way to go. >> bret: do you think the relationship is better under president trump or not?
3:31 pm
>> translator: are not going to go into such an assessment either of president obama or president trump and i must say that since president trump took office, we have been enjoying close ties in close relations. other than his latest of elements, which upset us deeply. >> bret: mr. president, we appreciate your time. >> translator: thank you very much, thank you. >> bret: saudi arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs is taking issue, a great deal of issue, with the turkish president's comments that the kingdom is not doing enough in terms of justice for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> we have investigated the matter and the investigation is ongoing. 18 people were detained, 11 were charged, five of them are facing the death penalty. we have put in place procedures in our security services to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again and this is what countries do. we investigate, we hold people accountable, we punish, with put
3:32 pm
procedures in place to stop it from happening again. >> bret: he says observers from the five permanent members of the u.n. security council and turkey have attended the trials of the defendant for less. the office of israel's presidents as prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be in charge of forming a new government in israel. if the decision comes after the failure of unity talks with his chief rival, benny gantz. up next, i talk with the top republican on the house oversight committee about impeachment and what comes next. ♪ you've got to get yourself a new car. i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ were you going to tell me about this? i know i can't afford to go. i still have this car so you can afford to go. i am so proud of you. thanks.
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3:37 pm
transcript and where things stand tonight. >> this transcript is the reason the democrats are going to move forward with impeachment, it just shows you this is not about facts, this is not about the truth, this is just a pretext for them to do what they've always wanted to do. they've been investigating going after this president since july 31st 2016 and they are looking for anything they can hang their hat on because remember, the michael cohen hearing was a flop. the john dean hearing was a flop, the bob mueller hearing was a flop. the mueller report was a flop, the lewandowski hearing was a flop so they're trying to figure out, maybe this transcript. but even they have said there was no prick, quid pro quo. the chairman themselves have said there was no quid pro quo here, there was no talk about holding up foreign aid from the president. it. zelinski, the president of the ukraine, said he wasn't pushed, so this is just a democrat out to get the guy we elected president, plain and simple. >> bret: here is a compilation of some of those democrats today and you rightly point out that it depends on which prism you're looking through how it was perceived of this transcript, and here are the democrats.
3:38 pm
>> when you ask someone to do a favor, you owe that person something in return and when that person is a foreign leader or that means the president of the united states one day you will have to put a foreign leader's interest ahead of american interests. >> this is a powder keg. >> coercing a foreign leader into digging up dirt against a political rival for the president's political gain to win reelection. >> even if there were absolutely no instances of quid pro quo, the demand itself is a betrayal of the presidency and the misuse of that office and any use of the presidency for private, personal, political gain is a violation of his oath and not to be impeachable as an offense. >> bret: your response? >> there's just one problem with all that, bret. the president of the ukraine said today that he wasn't pushed at all in that phone call. he said he wants to drain the
3:39 pm
swamp in the ukraine just like president trump is draining the swamp here, so the democrats can say all they want -- here's what we know. here is what we know. this whistle-blower, the so-called whistle-blower didn't have any first-hand knowledge of what took place, wasn't on the call. i bet this whistle-blower hasn't even seen the transcript until today, but we do know this about the whistle-blower, he had a political bias against the president. the inspector general told us that. those are the facts we know. the whistle-blower goes to the ig to tell this inspector general, he looks at this, kicks it up to the director of national intelligence. the director of national intelligence says there's nothing there, so what does the instructor general do? he goes around the director of national intelligence and sent a letter to adam schiff to create this crazy ordeal we have witnessed the last several days in the democrats can say all they want but it doesn't square with the facts, it doesn't square with what the president of the ukraine said today. >> bret: here's what they are saying, congressman, and that is that if it was president obama, you would have a different tune tonight.
3:40 pm
if it was president obama talking to a leader first about military aid and then saying can you do me a favor to investigate john jr. and his business dealings, that you would have a problem with all of that. what's the response to that? >> the different tune is the democrats. joe biden's son -- joe biden's son gets paid $50,000 a month for several years to work for a company in an area of the industry that he has no experience in. and then when there's a corruption investigation into the company he works for, guess what, his dad, who has a pretty important position in our government at the time, vice president biden says either you fire that guy we are going to hold up aid. they are the ones who have changed their tune, not us. 50,000 bucks a month and i've got people i get the privilege of our present and who don't make that in a year. this guy gets it every month for several years and you don't think that's strange? they're the ones who have the different tune, not republicans. >> bret: it where you think this goes? there was one report the
3:41 pm
democrats have 213 votes. they need 218. to think a formal inquiry turns into impeachment articles? >> look, you have to ask them. all i know is this is a fulfillment of what chuck schumer said we are back on january 3rd 2017. he said to president-elect trump, he said if you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways from sunday at getting back at you. they started doing that clear back the i believe in july of 2016. continue to do it. i think this is just one more example of those six ways -- i think now maybe it's more than six ways, frankly, that they point after this president. two they have the votes? you have to ask nancy pelosi. it appears they might but i know this, the american people think it's ridiculous, they think it is completely unwarranted, no justification for it and i think most americans are pleased with the job the president has done in leading our country these past three years. >> bret: what about the job rudy giuliani is doing? he doesn't work for the u.s. government but he is obvious they were representing the president and investigating,
3:42 pm
what you think of that? >> it's up to the president, the commander in chief, if you want someone to represent them in certain areas under certain tasks, that's up to him. all i know is when you look at this transcript, to think that nancy pelosi did a press conference for what was in that call, what was in that transcript and they got all these democrats now saying they are going to impeach the president based on that, you've got to be -- when even jerry nadler and adam schiff in these democrats say there was no quid pro quo in that transcript, even they say that, you know there's nothing there, but for these guys, it doesn't matter. if they are out to get this guy and i think the american people see through it. >> bret: congressman, you're sure in your mind that this is going to backfire on democrats? go we will leave it up to the people but i know the folks in ohio that i get the privilege of representing an all around our great state, they understand a good job president trump is doing and they support him and if the election i think were today, president trump would win in a landslide, certainly in our state but i think across the country. >> bret: jim jordan up on capitol hill, we appreciate the time.
3:43 pm
>> you bet. >> bret: next up, the panel on impeachment, what we learned from that transcript. the congressman's statements and the president's phone call with ukraine's leader, all of that after a quick break. ♪ rw the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... it's like you're stuck in the 90s. that's why esurance makes it simple with an app that has everything you need because that's how we live nowadays. rad. your id card is on a bodacious tiny future tv. wow! you're really committed to this whole 90's thing, aren't ya? no, i'm just saying what's in the script. that's true. everything we're saying's in the script. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system.
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♪ >> the witch hunt continues, but they are getting hit hard on this witch hunt because when they look at the information, it's a joke. impeachment for that? >> the president of the united states, in breach of his constitutional responsibilities, has asked a foreign government to help him in his political campaign. he will be held accountable. no one is above the law. >> nancy pelosi has been taken
3:48 pm
over by the radical left. >> it was normal, we spoke about many things so i think that nobody pushed me. >> all i can say is we're going to move on impeachment expeditiously. >> bret: some of the sound on this developing story. let's bring in our panel from washington and from new york. "washington post" columnist marc theissen, former white house press secretary ari fleischer. "wall street journal" reporter shelby holliday and mo elleithee, executive director of the georgetown institute of politics. we've seen a lot of things, this is quite something to watch. ari, you got me? >> i'm sorry. this obviously is something to watch. washington has lost its mind. but let me just at the outset i do think it is inappropriate for president or a candidate to ask a foreign government to intervene in any way and anything that involves american domestic politics. i didn't like it when
3:49 pm
hillary clinton as a candidate did that involving russia. i didn't like it when barack obama and joe biden bid on it have the fbi investigate donald trump, and i don't think president trump as well when he does it here. but put it in perspective, this is a five-year penalty if it was a football game. it's not a 15-yard penalty and it certainly isn't throw the guy out of the game penalty. i've seen far worse in politics. other people have done similar things, and that's why this impeachment, it does not rise anywhere close to that level. >> bret: the press conference this afternoon, president trump read from what looked like a very familiar op-ed. take a listen. >> it got almost no attention, but in may, cnn reported that senators robert menendez, richard durbin and patrick leahy wrote a letter to ukraine's prosecutor general expressing concern at the closing of four investigations they said were critical. in the letter, they implied that
3:50 pm
their support for u.s. assistance to ukraine was at stake and that if they didn't do the right thing, they wouldn't get any assistance. doesn't that sound familiar? >> bret: it sounds familiar to marc theissen. he wrote that op-ed. your point with all that? >> first of all, i'm glad he's reading "the washington post," number one. number two, the reality is that these democrats were doing exactly what the accused donald trump of doing. they wanted the ukraine prosecutor to cooperate with the molar probe, investigate their political opponent in their pursuit of impeachment and they implied that u.s. aid would be at stake if he and their works reversed course. so why is it okay for three democratic senators to urge ukraine to investigate donald trump, but it's not okay for donald trump to urge ukraine to investigate hunter biden? >> bret: moe, i've said this numerous times today, it depends on how you look at it, what you
3:51 pm
see in this transcript. >> yeah. this memo that summarizes the conversation -- it's not a full transcript. >> bret: the cia officials who did it in the situation room say it's as close as verbatim as it's going to be. >> sure. but the president admitted the other day that he did this. the transcript validates that he did this and it's wrong. it is wrong for president to do this. i have a different reading of the senate democratic letter than mark does. what the senate democrats said a couple years ago was there is ongoing u.s. federal investigation. you've got some investigations in your own country that are relevant. if we are hearing that you may have shut those down because you fear losing foreign aid from the trump administration. so we urge you not to do that. that's exactly what it says. i have the letter right here.
3:52 pm
so even then there was concern that the president was doing this and now he admits -- >> bret: respond to that. >> in the transcript that we saw today, that's exactly what donald trump was doing in urging them -- when everyone's been going around saying this whole thing about do me a favor and then jumping to 500 words to look at hunter biden. he was asking the president of ukraine, to cooperate with an ongoing official justice department investigation into the origins of the mueller probe that's being run by a career prosecutor, john durham, and it involves looking into the ukrainian role in starting this. >> that has nothing to do with hunter biden. >> because you go to all these liberal networks and they are saying he said do me a favor and investigate hunter biden, that is not what he said, that is not true. it is completely appropriate for the president of united states to ask a foreign leader to cooperate with an official investigation -- >> it had nothing to do with
3:53 pm
hunter biden, marc. >> bret: the transcript goes down that road first. >> but the crux of this is that he asked the ukrainian president to step in and launch an investigation against a potential political opponent. >> no. >> that's exactly what it says. >> that's not what the scandal was. when you go back to the original "washington post" story which broke the story, they said his interaction with the foreign leader included a promise that was so troubling that it prompted an official to go to the whistle-blower to go to the ig. if there was no promise in the transcript. there was no threat of u.s. aid. i agree with ari that he shouldn't have mentioned hunter biden, but there was no corrupt action of trying to threaten their aid if they didn't do what he wanted them to do. >> bret: let me come back to where we are tonight. we don't know the exact numbers of house democrats who are there. in some reports have it up to 213. we do know that it is building and politically writers that put
3:54 pm
us? >> is a little bit too early to tell politically what this means for joe biden. i think president trump there are obvious risks. there is no real risk the dam has broken, the house is moving towards impeachment. i think another risk is this overshadows his legislative agenda. the promises made, promises kept hope to champion. speaking with world leaders about, nobody is talking about that. but he talking about impeachment. >> bret: the trade deal with moving forward. >> democrats are very aware that president trump however is good at finding these achilles skills, exploiting them, turning a minor weakness or maybe not even a weakness someone thought they had come into a full-blown controversy and so they are a little bit nervous about joe biden. he's been very quiet, he's trying to stay above the fray. some democrats want them to come out swinging a little bit harder. if you look at 2016 and how hillary clinton responded and she tried to stay above the fray. that may not bode well for vice president biden.
3:55 pm
>> bret: let alone where the investigations continue on that side of the coin. meantime, "the washington post" did have a story that the acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he was not allowed to speak freely on capitol hill. however, mcguire puts out a statement and says at no time have i considered resigning my position since assuming this role and august 16th 2019, i have never quit anything in my life, i'm not going to start now. he's going to be up on capitol hill and it's a complete turnaround from the story that got a lot of coverage this afternoon. >> yeah, it reminds me of one rod rosenstein "the washington post" and others reported he was going to resign and of course he did not and he did not he ever had thought about resigning. that's the problem with these stories, they just pick up a head of steam and people don't stop to think if they are accurate or not. and that's what troubles me so much here, the reporting is way ahead of the facts. >> bret: all right, panel, thank you very much, we will be talking about this, something
3:56 pm
tells me, little bit more. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story," hosted by martha maccallum starts after a quick break. ♪ flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief ♪ (music plays throughout)♪ ♪ >> vo: my car is more than four wheels.y? it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass
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try the cooling, soothing relief of preparation h, because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. >> martha: so there will be winners and there will be losers in this impeachment gamble. at this point nobody knows who they will be but the president today in his press conference with ukraine president suggested that nancy pelosi may end up on the wrong end. >> people are really angry at democrats, they are really angry at the democrat party and things like -- as an example, drug prices and getting drugs down. things like gun safety, infrastructure, the democrats can't talk about that because they've been taken over by a radical group of people and nancy pelosi, as far as i'm concerned, unfortunately she is no longer the speaker of the house. >> martha: strong words from the president, so will the speaker be the champion of the movement that


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