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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 26, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it's my own thing that i can do for me. download audible and start listening today. >> there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden. >> it seems to me it's awful hard to avoid the conclusion that it is an impeachable offense. >> it is thursday, september 26th. happening right now 4:00 am on the east coast of fox news alert, breaking overnight, the whistleblower report on the ukraine call has been declassified but as we await its public release will do anything to convince democrats to end their impeachment parade. we are live in washington. iran making its case to the united nations as donald trump tightens his economic grip on the regime. what the white house just did that could force iran back to the negotiating table.
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alexa is going hollywood. the actors who just signed up to be the new voice behind the gadget. "fox and friends first" starts right now. and good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday morning, thank you for starting or ending your day with us. we begin with that fox news alert. the explosive whistleblower complaint declassified overnight and in just a few hours the director of national intelligence will have to answer questions from lawmakers about that report. and the president's reaction and a lot of others. >> the president is calling for transparency in this whistleblower complaint, lawmakers have seen enough not to make it public yet but it is at the center of the inquiry. the president is slamming it. >> the witchhunts continues.
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they are getting hit hard on this witchhunts. when they look at the information it is a joke. impeachment for that? >> this is the nation's top intelligence official, joseph mcguire testifies in open session before the house intelligence committee where chairman adam schiff calls it deeply troubling seeking answers as to why it was withheld for weeks. >> it is attractive see that this was withheld as long as it was because it wasn't urgent matter, it is an urgent matter and there was no basis to keep this from the committee. >> we will hear what mcguire has to say, questions about what we may here. how far can they go and open session and did they play any role to assess the credibility of the whistleblower? chris stewart who has seen the complaint had this to say.
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>> if you think this is dramatic read the transcript from this phone call and tell me if that is dramatic because most american people go what is this about? >> reporter: mcguire is denying the washington post report that he threatened to resign if he could not speak freely to lawmakers and issued this statement, quote, at no time have i considered resigning my position since assuming this role on august 16, 2019. i never quit anything in my life and i'm not going to start now. i'm committed to leading the intelligence community to address diverse and complex threats facing our nation. at 9:00 am mcguire testifies before the house session but he will go to the senate intelligence committee. that is closed to the public. shannon: donald trump releasing the phone call transcript in an effort to clear the air. that is what he was trying to do. former acting attorney general matthew witnesses democrats demanding that level of
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transparency without any evidence is dangerous. >> makes it very difficult for the president of the united states to have a conversation about all the things he needs to talk about under article 2 with other world leaders, to run the business of the united states of america. this president i know will continue to advance american interests and have those conversations that it sets a dangerous precedent that these transcripts will have to be released because of false accusations be by political opponents. >> so far all calls to release biden's conversations with ukraine as vice president have been denied. also breaking right now donald trump and his ukrainian counterpart addressed the world following the release of their now famous phone call, both insisting there was never any pressure to investigate the biden family. todd pyro joins us with the latest on that. >> the key to this is whether the president's words that phone call amounted to trying to
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unduly pressure the ukrainian president. the lengthy says they didn't. >> >> there was no pressure. >> that key take away coming during the much-anticipated meeting between ukrainian leader and donald trump. he says it was all about a joint effort to root out corruption. >> i know the president, he wants to stop corruption. he was elected, i think number one on the basis of stopping corruption which is plagued ukraine. >> the text of the call reads in part, here's the president, there's a lot of talk about biden's son and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. the lengthy says he or she will look into the situation specifically the company you mentioned and the issue of the investigation of the case is the
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issue to restore the honesty so we will take care of that, we will work on the investigation of the case, donald trump and writes or says i will have mister giuliani give you a and i'm also going to ask attorney general william barr to call and we will get to the bottom of it. i'm sure you'll figure it out. joe biden views the conversation differently than donald trump, said as much last night on jimmy kimmel. >> such a blatant abuse of power. i don't think it can stand. >> reporter: the justice department denies william barr had any interaction with ukraine about the bidens or any subject that didn't stop any democrats including house judiciary chair jerry nadler from demanding bar recuse himself until we get to the bottom of this matter, quote from jerry nava, just getting started. >> we appreciate it, democrats focus on this political tug-of-war over the president's phone call with ukraine's president. no matter what happens with
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impeachment the scandal surrounding joe biden is not going away. >> if anybody exercised mafia-like tactics to strong-arm the ukrainians it was joe biden. what the purpose of all of that was, i suppose, a subject to some debate. i do know that rudy giuliani feels very strongly that there is not only smoke in the ukraine but fire as well as to what exactly was going on with our where's waldo candidate hunter biden. my sense is joe biden remains the leading contender for the democratic nomination and i have my doubts about whether that will continue because this is going to implode on everybody. i don't think this issue is going to drop. this is an irresistible subject matter and it will be delved into. >> robert will join us in the
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next hour of "fox and friends first". we have lots of folks coming up in the rest of this hour as well. now to a fox news alert, the white house suspending visas for iranian officials and their families, the president saying and by the government of iran is a state-sponsored terrorism, iran arbitrarily detained united states citizens, the iranian regime contributes to humanitarian crises, forensic neighbors, threatens international shipping and conduct cyberattacks. iran's president rouhani bash the us at the united nations accusing america of economic terrorism. >> translator: we will never negotiate with an enemy that seeks to make iran surrender with a weapon of poverty, pressure and sanctions. >> iran is open into changing the nuclear deal if sanctions are lifted but the us is sanctions were tightened as long as iran remains a threat.
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former ice or acting ice director tom home and heading to capitol hill today testifying on the crisis at the border you may remember things got heated last time home and was on the hill. >> in my 34 years i've never seen such hate toward law enforcement in my life you that you want to abolish them rather than doing your job. if you don't like it, legislate. >>:appearing before judiciary subcommittee for hearing on, quote, the expansion and troubling use of ice detention after the senate voted to end the emergency declaration at the border, moving federal money to pay for border wall construction. the president is likely to veto the resolution. the trump administration signs and asylum deal with honduras as it works to control and influx of migrants. the deal requires migrants to claim asylum in honduras first before traveling to the us. if they don't follow procedure they will be sent back to the central american country.
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a similar agreement is in place in el salvador and guatemala. they are meant to deter asylum-seekers from entering the us from mexico. the president will not have to hand over his tax returns, at least not for now. a federal judge blocking the manhattan district attorney's office from enforcing a subpoena for at least one more day. the office looking into allegations that the president arranged has many payment in the months leading up to the election, the president's lawyers claim the subpoena is not legally enforceable. this morning donald trump will attend a fundraiser breakfast in new york. the event happening shortly after he holds a meet and greet with the us mission to the united nations, the president heads back to washington later today. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour, democrats facing blowback on the impeachment inquiry. is this the new chapter of the investigation into the president? is it more political theater? we will have that plus talk to
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texas congressman randy weber about what is going on today, he says democrats need to legislate, not investigate and joins us live ahead of the high-stakes testimony. the trump campaign cashing in on the left at latest move, the big fundraising hall just revealed. ♪ money money money money ♪ money money money money ♪
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>> the whistleblower complaint about donald trump's call with ukraine has been declassified but as we wait for the public release democrats are being slammed for going in on impeachment after the transcript of a shows no quid pro quo. is all of this just political theater? joining us is texas guardsmen randy weber, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. it will be another busy day for you. what is your response? now that the transcript of this
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call that is now famous between the president and the president of ukraine, what is your take on it? >> you nailed it, no quid pro quo and no secret, democrats pretty much on november 9, 2016, said their tactics were going to be resist, obstruct, impeach. roi doesn't stand for return on investment. they been battling against this newly elected president forever. the fact that they were bringing this out, didn't go through proper channels or business committees, now they have an inquiry, the spanish had an inquiry they call the spanish inquisition and this is reminder full for me of that. they are going after this president on any and everything they can. i read the transcript, there is no quid pro quo. this is another witchhunt. >> should nancy pelosi specifically be held accountable for this now that we know what is in the transcript seeing how she called for this official
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inquiry before as you mentioned she had seen this transcript? >> i think you will see the voters hold all the democrats accountable in 2020, this is absolutely a travesty. i have read the transcript, i know exactly how this happened. president xi asked donald trump for more help for them to do investigations, he said of the united states has any more info please bring it on through mayor giuliani, attorney general william barr so nothing that happened in that phone call was obstruction of justice. >> no effort at all to through this amount of money unless you do this. >> exactly correct. they talked about help from other countries, eu, germany, they all need to do their part and xi told donald trump he's appreciative of him draining the swamp, he wanted donald trump to teach them to do that saying trump is a good teacher.
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there was nothing untoward about the phone call in my opinion. shannon: what about the whistleblower complaint we expect later today? what can you tell us about that? >> they released it at 10:30. haven't gotten ready for it, i had a reader early this morning at haven't had a chance to look at it yet. it is a he said she said. anybody can make a claim but the more important thing is there are two travesties. number one, what appears to be a selling of influence and the fact that thes would go after a duly elected president on hearsay that they've not even read. two scandals here is unbelievable. shannon: it seems different from what was being said by many of the same democrats in 1998 and we can flash back to reflash
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everyone's memory. what democrats said about impeachment back then. >> republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred, not judging the president with fairness but impeaching him with a vengeance. >> they hate bill and hillary clinton so much they will stop at nothing to bring him down. >> i expect history will show we lowered the bar on impeachment so much that it will be used as a routine tool to fight political battles. >> times have changed. >> schumer hit it on the head when he said they changed. bill clinton as you know was impeached on two offenses, lying to a federal grand jury and obstruction of justice. andrew johnson as you probably know was impeached for violating an act of congress. now they've got a president who said something on the telephone and they are going to impeach him. they've lowered the bar. chuck schumer was prophetic in that regard.
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>> we appreciate you getting up this morning, thank you so much. folks enjoy hearing from you. the time is 18 after the top of the hour, reaction pouring in from washington over the transcript of donald trump's ukraine called. carly shimkus is here with reaction from washington and the 2020 democrats.
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>> democratic make a donor but due in court today accused of running a drug been and injecting a man with so much myth he almost died. but is also facing federal
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charges in the overdose death of another man. prosecutors say he gave the drug killed jim elmore in 2017. of convicted he could face life in prison. a third parent charged in the college admission scandal will be sentenced today. stephen paid $400,000 to get his son into georgetown is a phony tenant recruit, under plea agreement, felicity huffman, the first parent sentenced will spend 2 weeks in prison, they pleaded not guilty to charges in the admissions scam. the trump campaign raising $5 million in the first 24 hours after the announcement of the impeachment inquiry. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with responses flooding into social media. >> a silver lining for donald trump in a to mulch with week in the form of cold hard cash, $5
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million. what is the biggest campaign donor moment he has had in some time? on the other side of the aisle democrats are more energized against the president than ever before, the man at the center of it all, joe biden on twitter yesterday, put personal politics above the sacred oath, the house must do its job and hold donald trump for account for his abuse of power. bernie sanders also endorsing the impeachment push, the president left the house of representatives no choice but to begin impeachment inquiry. i believe impeachable offenses were committed and the house will lay out the case, no president above the law. on the other side of the aisle texas congressman dan crenshaw has this to say, this impeachment inquiry seems worse for biden than it is for trump. the hunter biden ukraine issue is on everyone's radar, democrats overstepped their quid pro quo accusations so all eyes
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turn to acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire who will testify later today. >> even people on the fox news channel, different pundits, experts have completely different takes on what transpired, what is said, what is translated. it has to be difficult for anyone to figure out what is going on. >> you can criticize donald trump for a lot of what he says on twitter but one thing he said yesterday i think everybody can support as he wants full transparency which means he will be transparent with what happened with his phone call, with the ukrainian president but also wants investigation into hunter biden as well. >> reminds me of the investigation into investigating the investigators all over again. people say who translated this, did they include everything? it is never enough.
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the time is 25 after the top of the era, joe and hunter biden are tied through ukraine, how deeply involved are they? democrats trying to hide something? former president of georgia says the corruption runs deep and joins us with a firsthand account up next and the trump administration launching a new crackdown on iran but is the regime ready to end the standoff? the new signals coming in overnight.
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>> half past the top of the hour, fox news alert, the explosive whistleblower complaint declassified to lawmakers overnight. that complained about donald trump's communications with ukraine's president could be released to the public as soon as today. congressman chris do it read the complaint and is sounding off.
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>> there are no surprises. if you think this is dramatic read the transcript from this phone call and tell me if you think that dramatic. most american people go what is this about? >> in a few hours the director of national intelligence joseph mcguire will have to answer to lawmakers about that report. breaking right now donald trump and his ukrainian counterpart address the world following the release of their now famous phone call. >> i think nobody pushed me. >> no pressure. >> donald trump so the call was a joint effort to root out corruption. the transcript still has democrats running wild with impeachment claims including former vice president joe biden. >> such a blatant abuse of power that it just i don't think it can stand. >> house judiciary chair jerry nadler insisted william barr recuse himself from the matter.
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as democrats push to impeach the president for his phone call with ukraine the white house is demanding the same transparency from joe biden. >> insist on transparency from joe biden and his son hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of ukraine. >> every reputable publication looked at the charge that been made against me and found them baseless and untrue. >> the former governor of ukraine and former president of georgia and joins me from the ukraine with his firsthand account. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time all the way from ukraine. what do you think? you are monitoring what is happening in the united states, you know firsthand you have dealt with the vice president,
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at the time joe biden. what is your take on all this? >> as a former president i had multiple telephone conversations with different us presidents and vice presidents including joe biden and the idea that those phone calls would be made like that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. i wouldn't have much problem with them but it is a little weird frankly. i don't think it is a cost of diplomacy. with regard to this case there -- i dealt with these people here, there was a guy who was the head -- a very corrupt member of the russian government of ukraine. heather: that is the company that was allegedly under investigation by joe biden's son hunter was made a member of their board so therefore he was
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under investigation also. >> yes. he has amassed corrupt means and when the government changed in ukraine, some westerners basically get some support to cover up for his wealth so he started to reach out to different international names and that is how hunter biden got in. it is clear -- no doubt about this. i dealt with the political assets and i know what i am talking about. and so obviously the question is the company that was legitimate and on the other hand, there was a prosecutor on the issue of firing the prosecutor, joe biden has a point because the prosecutor needed to be fired but the new one put in place -- heather: i want to know if you know from your experience because there is a lot of
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back-and-forth going on on this, do you know if the investigation was going on into the company at the time the prosecutor was removed from office, that there was pressure from the vice president of the time, joe biden, for him to be removed, was the investigation going on at the time? >> obviously there was an investigation going on at the time. i still think the firing of the prosecutor was the right thing to do and the united states was absolutely right to push for it. the other prosecutor called me, this is the guy who closed the case later and also for all the wrong reasons the case was closed because there was a whole group of ukrainian corrupt officials so when the lens he says he has to drain the swamp he has to deal with those corrupt cases. this is not somebody pushing the
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pressure, this is ukrainian people asking for, they brought him into drain the swamp, wiped out the entire political class because the entire political class was so corrupt they look for a new fresh guy and this guy comes in and does those things in terms of cleaning up the swamp not because of pressure but because his people want him to do it. and a brilliant speech to the un yesterday mentioned that as well. you might call that -- he has all the right things. >> thank you for joining us. we don't have a lot of time to spend with you. i would have a lot of other questions. >> i think what i can tell you. i don't think you can pressure somebody to do something when he is eager to do it anyway. fighting against corruption, the issue sharing with the united
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states, clearly said yesterday and that is what you should be doing and people supported here and it is very popular. >> no pressure from donald trump for him to do what he wanted to do. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your time again. have a good day. another fox news alert, us cracking down on iran and donald trump slams the us as their president slams the us at the united nations. aishah hasnie joins us with wire deal between the two sides maybe nowhere in sight. >> the other big story this week, under development, iran may be ready to make a deal on its terms but donald trump is not going to settle. reuters is reporting that a spokesman for iran says the country is ready to end the political standoff with the us, even give reassurances that it won't seek nuclear arms if the us and -- and sanctions then
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returns to the 2015 nuclear deal. this comes as president rouhani told world leaders at the un wednesday that he is not willing to negotiate with trump unless those crippling economic sanctions against iran are lifted. >> i help from a country that has resisted the most merciless economic terrorism and will never negotiate with an enemy that seeks to make iran surrender with a weapon of poverty, pressure and sanctions. >> this isn't going to work because the president has said withdrawing sanctions isn't on the table. with iran threatening peace in the persian gulf the us blames iran for the drone strike on an arabian oil facility and on wednesday trump double down on his stance and band visas for senior iranian officials and their families saying the
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president, saying this in part, the government of iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. iran arbitrarily detains united states citizens, the iranian regime contributes to a humanitarian crisis, threatens its neighbors, friends international shipping and conduct disruptive cyberattacks, despite no face-to-face talks, secretary of state mike pompeo did say there has been some progress made when it comes to uniting the world to make sure iran doesn't gain nuclear weapons. >> we appreciate it. another story we are following, especially the series is the florida sheriff suspended over the parkland school shooting should get his job back. the investigator determined broward county sheriff scott israel would not, quote, blameless but should not have lost his job. he was suspended by governor ron desantis in january, criticized for the department is responsible the 2018 massacre the left 17 people dead. ultimately the state senate will
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decide israel's fate. legal pot businesses could soon have access to banking. the house passing a bill that would give canada's companies access to loans and lines of credit while protecting banks from prosecution. what must now be passed in the senate. 33 states of legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use, still not allowed under federal law. the governor of pennsylvania now calling to legalize recreational pot. and watch out. your crown is in jeopardy. a new contestant on a major winning streak. >> our new season has gotten off to a great start i feel. a new total of 166,000 $537,096. >> jason is a force to be reckoned with. >> the math teacher from new mexico is the third ever consistent to win over half 1
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million during a regular competition. so far he has raked in $532,000 with 19 straight wins. the time is 39 after the top of the hour and sparks flying on capitol hill as a former police officer rips democrats are hearing about banning assault weapons. >> please don't legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. it has happened. you have already done it. >> hear her powerful message next, also the majority of voters are against impeaching donald trump but that doesn't matter to aoc. why she is putting both sides of the aisle on glass.
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>> welcome back. a former cop makes a bold statement during a fiery congressional hearing on banning assault weapons.
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>> my firearm is the great equalizer and level the playing field. i own and carry firearms not to take a life but to protect a life. please don't legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals. i will not comply. with the assault weapons ban. neil: she served -- is the founder of a gun advocacy group, the dc project. molars old lawmakers it is not the right to force law-abiding citizens to give up their weapons or turn them into criminals. she joins "fox and friends" at 6:20 eastern. the women used to make homemade ghost guns will be illegal in new york. the new law makes or disposing of the taoist unfinished frames lower receiver the misdemeanor. weapons created with a 3-d printer are called ghost guns because they don't have serial numbers so they are virtually untraceable. the state has outlawed owning and selling 3-d printed firearms.
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a foxbusiness alert, general motors strike could be coming to a end, that is going on after 11 days of protests at pickett line. gma the workers union closing in on deal. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness with more on the negotiations. >> those negotiations have been going on since september 16th when the strike started but we are hearing talks in the last 24-48 hours have gotten closer to a tentative agreement. the president of the united auto workers union said in a letter to union members that all unsettled proposals are now at the table and been presented to general motors and we are awaiting their responses and also that the back-and-forth negotiations will continue. the strike involving 48,000 gm workers walking off the job, shutting down 30 plants across the country, this is gm's
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longest strike since 1970. >> we know what is happening with the new voice of alexa. who is a going to be? >> amazon is introducing some celebrity voices for alexa. the first will be samuel l jackson. then you will get weather updates, news updates, ask samuel l jackson basic questions, even about himself, his career. he will not be able to do the other things alexa can do. can't make a shopping list but those other tasks, keep in mind if you're interested. you can purchase that starting at 99 at $.99. the price is going up. we don't know which other celebrities will be included in this but that could be fun. >> let us know who should be included. 15 minutes until the top of the hour and a dangerous illegal immigrants carrying serious
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drugs caught red-handed. >> this individual is convicted of crimes, he is somewhere on the streets of la. >> definitely a danger to the community. >> griff jenkins goes door-to-door with ice and the largest sanctuary city up next.
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heather: ice getting back to business by concentrating on their main mission, interior enforcement. this makes it extremely difficult. griff jenkins saw it firsthand and joins us with more, thank you for coming back.
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>> reporter: we are having a national debate over ice tactics and missions but we spent two days in the largest sanctuary county and the county, the challenges they are facing, one of the biggest ones is ice detainer is being denied by local law enforcement. there have been 10,000 detainers issued this fiscal year and only 500 were honored, 5% meaning ice has to find the remaining 95%. we saw firsthand how hard that is. >> we are going to hit 7 targets total. the men and women of ice, go after these criminal, sanctuary jurisdictions. >> come to the door please. >> first turn to invest -- >> people in the apartment kicked him out a month ago, last
1:52 am
arrested by a local police department august 8th. we placed a detainer on august 9th, the detainer was released. >> this individual was convicted of crimes and he is somewhere out here on the streets of la. >> he is a danger to the community. just honored our detainer who came to pick him up and wouldn't be here now. >> had eyes on the target. >> for the last half-hour, in and out and knocked on the door and no answer. they granted us permission to make contact with the subject and now we have the subject in custody. >> the first arrest. >> 17 contacts with local law enforcement, numerous convictions for dui. >> arrested by ice. what is your side of the story. how do you feel about this?
1:53 am
>> i don't like it because somebody all my life here. >> sb 54 in california makes it so in this jurisdiction they are sanctuary cities if you will. how frustrating is it for you? >> disappointing to was in federal law enforcement particularly in the immigration context. there are individuals in california that have died as a result of criminal aliens released back into the community. it is disheartening for us. >> reporter: it was amazing because ice abided by all laws and they don't forcibly enter, it is difficult and this is what they do every day. out of 11 turns over two days we only got one and he had twee 7 duis, one with manslaughter which means someone was killed.
1:54 am
heather: thank you for that insider look. we appreciate it. the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour, a shiny red convertible stuck under that bus. dozens of kids were on board. the dramatic crash caught on camera. the dog sits in a shelter for 100 days, finally a happy ending, that is next.
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heather: elizabeth warren wasting no time in her newest call for donald trump's impeachment. >> i hope we do it quickly. heather: the massachusetts democrat was asked about the latest controversy surrounding joe biden after an event in new hampshire. >> on a foreign country. i don't know. >> it is referring to hunter biden. alexandria ocasio cortez says it is more important to impeach the president than to listen to voters. a new quinnipiac poll shows 57% of voters believe donald trump should not be impeached. >> that is not reflective of a
1:59 am
shift that has united almost the entire democratic caucus. we need to put country first before considerations of reelection. >> most polls were released before the transcript of the iranian call was released. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the dog named queen get the f her own. and the kansas animal shelter when a volunteer moved into the shelter to be closer to the dogs because she seems depressed. i a high-speed chase with his electric tesla running out of power. >> the number one spot. heather: they forgot to charge
2:00 am
the tesla. a sports car slammed into a school bus with 60 kids on board, look at this convertible under the bus in south carolina. no one was seriously injured. "fox and friends first" continues now. kim jong un fox news alert breaking overnight, the whistleblower complaint has been declassified. jillian: the president's intel chief goes to the overinclusive hearing this morning. the effort to impeach the president. live in washington. >> nobody pushed me. >> there was no pressure. jillian: donald trump and ukrainians leader in front of the cameras addressing accusations head on.


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