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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 26, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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right? why don't the facts support that? you're talking about something who didn't witness anything first hand. we're almost at the end of the show. >> the only ones who don't see it are the republicans. >> harris: thank you. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert on a very dramatic day. president trump back at the white house after the acting director of national intelligence testified on capitol hill. as we finally got a look at the whistle blower complaint and the accusations against president trump and others. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." our nation's acting intelligence chief under oath this morning amid the showdown over president trump's phone call with the president of ukraine. joseph maguire defending his decision to go to the white house with a complaint instead of congress, basically saying this is unchartered territory. >> were you aware that that is the unprecedented position of the white house? the white house you went to for
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advice about whether you should turn over a complaint regarding the white house? >> mr. chairman, as i said in my opening statement, i believed that everything here in this matter is totally unprecedented. that individual works for me, therefore, it is my job to make sure that i support and defend that person. >> dana: one of the biggest take aways, it accuses the white house of putting the transcript of that call in a separate computer system mostly used for classified information. it reads in part, quote, in the days following the phone call, i learned from multiple u.s. officials that senior white house officials had intervened to, quote, lock down, unquote, all records of the phone call, especially the official word for word transcript of the call that was produced as is customary by the white house situation room. this set of actions under scored to me that white house officials understood the gravity of what had transpired in the call. and president trump firing back after arriving back in washington in just the last
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hour, insisting again he did nothing wrong. watch. >> my call was perfect. the president yesterday of ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever. none whatsoever. and he said it loud and clear for the press. what these guys are doing, democrats are doing to this country is a disgrace and it shouldn't be allowed. >> dana: we have fox team coverage. boy do we need it. john roberts at the white house with more from the president. mike emanuel with the latest on democrats and their call to impeach. let's start with catherine herridge. you got the document. you reported on it. when you first got it, in the hours you have had since to digest it, what sticks out to you? >> reporter: well, what stuck out to me, dana, at this hearing is that joe maguire testified that he really had two hurdles he had to deal with right out of the gate. the first dealt with the question over whether the
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whistle blower complaint met the standard of an urgent concern and maguire testified that based on the statute, it had to involve classified information, a possible violation of law and had to do with intelligence activities. he concluded as well as the justice department of legal counsel that it was diplomatic activity, it was not an intelligence activity, so it did not meet the urgent concern standard. and the reason that matters is because at that point, the clock stopped in terms of congressional notification 'cause the statute is very specific. so maguire said he then had to deal with the issue of executive privilege and whether he could share communications from the president. he said he went to the white house to get that resolved. here's how he explained it during the testimony. >> it was not stone walling. i didn't receive direction from anybody. i was just trying to work through the process and the law, the way it is written. i have to comply with the way
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the law is, not the way some people would like it to be. >> reporter: but democrats pushed back and said that this process was essentially broken. that you had a situation where the acting director of national intelligence, the nation's top intelligence official, had allegations about the attorney general and the president and then he went to the justice department for legal advice, then he went to the white house for advice on how to handle the president's conversations. here's congressman adam schiff. >> is the first party you went to outside of your office to seek advice at counsel direction, the white house? >> i have consulted with the white house counsel and eventually we also consulted with the office of legal counsel. >> my question is, did you go to the white house first? >> i went to the office of legal counsel for advice. >> reporter: one of the things
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we learned from maguire is that there are conversations going on between the whistle blower and the committees and the goal is to allow the whistle blower to provide their testimony to the lawmakers directly, dana. >> dana: during the last few hours there were new allegations about the reliability of the transcript that the white house released yesterday? >> reporter: right. the whistle blower complaint is now declassified. it is the phone call between the president and the leader of ukraine. but then there are allegations over whether the transcript is really credible and has veracity. the allegation is that this transcript was not handled in a standard way, it was taken into a secret system that requires code words and a system that also handles covert actions. so that would be things like special access programs or staff
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programs. so listen to that exchange between maguire and congressman smallwell. >> if there's cover-up activity because the president is working improperly with a foreign government, that could compromise america's secrets, is that right? >> congressman, there is an allegation of a cover-up. right now all we have is an allegation of secondhand information of a whistle blower. i have no knowledge of whether or not that is true and accurate statement. >> reporter: republicans kept coming back to a very basic concept. it's not disputed by the democrats either. the whistleblower complaint is very explicit. it says, i do not have direct knowledge of these activities, but i have received the information from multiple u.s. government officials. here's republican congress woman stepanek. >> on each one, the complaint reads, quote, i was not a direct witness to most of the events described. this seems like a very important
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line to look into, and i think the american public will have questions, in particular, about that line. >> reporter: we've got to check in with the white house because maguire all testified the intelligence community watch dog sent a letter to the white house asking them to preserve all the records surrounding that july 25th phone call and the transcript, dana. >> dana: thank you very much. i'm sure we'll be back to you before the day is out. john roberts is live at the white house. i know you have your full report. can i add one question to it? this point that the democrats are harping on about the possibly moving this transcript from one computer to another computer. do you know if that may be standard practice under the trump white house? >> reporter: i hope to have an answer to that very soon. i asked that question this morning. it's just being run through a process. i was led to believe that this is no standard operating procedure. it may be, and this is just
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speculation on my part, but after the president's phone conversations with malcolm turnball were leaked, after his conversation with was leaked, they started to house those transcripts on a different server that less people had access to. i hope to have an answer to that in the not too distant future. "new york times" is running something interesting saying when the president was at the u.s. mission this morning before coming back to new york that the president told the staff that were gathered there that he wants to know who the whistleblower is. he also wants the know who gave the information to the whistleblower, suggesting that that's close to a spy and also saying, do you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies. also used the word treason in that statement. again, that's according to the reporting of "the new york times." we're trying to chase that down ourselves. the president on air force one
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as he was making his way to jfk back to andrews air force based watched a little bit of the proceedings. here's what the president said when he hit the tarmac. >> it's a disgrace to our country. it's another witch hunt. here we go again. it's adam schiff and his crew making up stories and sitting there like whatever you want to call them. it's a disgrace, a terrible thing for our country. >> reporter: it was interesting to see adam schiff not reading from the whistleblower report but putting out his characterization of it which really did not follow with the whistleblower report. the whistleblower report was third-hand information that was gleaned from people here at the white house who were familiar with what trapb squiered during that call. we all know about it now since that trapb transcript.
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the interference includes pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the president's main domestic political rivals. mr. rudolph giuliani is a central figure in this effort, attorney general barr appears to be involved as well. the president insisting again today there was nothing wrong in his conversation with zelensky, said there was no quid pro quo, there was no pressure and that the wrong person is being investigated in all of this. listen here. >> that was a perfect call. but adam schiff doesn't talk about joe biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from ukraine and then millions of dollars from china. he doesn't talk about joe biden firing a prosecutor. and if that prosecutor's not fired, he's not gonna give them money from the united states of america. the president yesterday of ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever, none whatsoever. and he said it loud and clear
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for the press. what these guys are doing, democrats are doing to this country, is a disgrace and it shouldn't be allowed. >> reporter: another string to pull on here in all of this, dana. new york times reporting this hour that the whistleblower was a cia agent detailed to the white house and has extensive knowledge of not only the process here of handling classified information but ukraine as well, which may narrow the possibilities of who this person is. dana? >> dana: all right, john roberts at the white house. thank you. let's check in now with mike emanuel. they're up there. the open hearing has finished. the closing hearing is under way. what are democrats thinking after this morning? >> reporter: well, dana, speaker nancy pelosi came out swinging today, citing the whistleblower complaint which claims that white house attorneys tried to lock down records of the call. >> -- have something that is self-serving to the president
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politically and decide it might not be -- you might not want people to know and you hide it someplace else. that's a cover-up. >> reporter: the republican leader said she's trying to play judge and jury and defends president trump. >> the president released the entire transcript. there is nothing in that transcript that rises to impeachment. the own national security -- or the security intel committee chair just laid out in his hearing to talk about impeachment a parody. he even called it a parody. >> reporter: on the senate side, acting dni joseph maguire is answering questions from the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors away from the tv cameras, a prominent republican criticized house leadership for moving forward on this impeachment inquiry. >> while each of us might have said things differently during
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that conversation and clearly there's nothing in there that gives rise to a crime or an impeachable offense. this is just a political exercise. >> reporter: delaware democratic senator chris kunes reached a very different conclusion. >> this is a striking development. i think it is now abundantly clear that our sitting president solicited active interference in our upcoming presidential elections from the president of a fellow democracy. >> reporter: soon lawmakers will be heading home for two weeks where they can make the case for their position with their constituents. >> dana: mike, i'm curious what you are hearing from constituents? is it quite partisan, is it tribal? curious about that. also, i am surprised the democrats are going to start this process and then they're going to go on recess? >> reporter: that's right. two weeks out. some suggest that's part of the strategy where the members can
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go home and sell their constituents on the position and perhaps that moves some of the public opinion polling. bottom line, i have talked to republicans who said they are getting a lot of support to stand up for republicans. democrats are saying people are saying you should go forward with impeachment. >> dana: speaker pelosi said she still wants to legislate. do you think that's true? >> reporter: well, they need her to vote it across the finish line. so she could take it up and do that. in terms of big deals, it seems unlikely at this point. >> dana: thank you from the capitol. we will take this live look at capitol hill. the act director of national intelligence is meeting behind those doors there. we'll show you when he leaves. also, what will this mean in terms of democrats in the house and in the race for president? our panel joins me next.
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>> dana: we are awaiting joe maguire to lead the senate. he's been in there doing a closed door hearing on the senate side. you saw him earlier this morning in the open session. he's been testifying now for about five hours, so i'll bet he's ready to leave and get a sandwich. joining me now, mary anne marsh, brendan buck, former adviser to speaker paul ryan. let's talk about that hearing. maryanne, democrats and republicans have very different views on this. let's get your take from the hearing. >> i think nancy pelosi, when she spoke to the nation, said donald trump betrayed his oath of office, betrayed national security, betrade our election. >> dana: she said all that before she had seen the transcript ors the whistleblower complaint. >> i don't know about that. she is in the gang of eight, so
11:20 am
we don't know what she may have seen. that said, just with the call summary alone, let alone the whistleblower complaint and the hearing today, it is evident that laws were broken. >> dana: which law do you think was broken? >> where do we start? the fact that he solicited help from a foreign government again to help in an election is illegal. >> dana: that is in dispute. the question is, as people read this transcript and have different viewpoints, when the president is talking about looking into interference, he was talking about the 2016 election. there's a dispute. how did you see this hearing? >> whether or not it was illegal or not, it was highly inappropriate. what you saw today, not many republicans are even willing to defend what the president said. lot of the conversation was either going after the media or talking about leaks and those types of things. i think it would strain the credibility for republicans to say what the president said on that call was appropriate. is there risk for democrats in going down this route?
11:21 am
absolutely. previously nancy pelosi hadn't really shown interest in this. she knew voters at home aren't really interested in this. >> dana: they aren't even talking about it on the campaign trail. do you think that will change? >> it will change. this is something people understand. the fact is, in the next part of that conversation, he did ask for help in the 2020 election by invoking joe biden and hunter biden. just making that call is illegal. >> dana: let me ask you politically for the bidens, one of his biggest attributes has been electability. does this change any of that? >> it could. we'll see what their defense is. the other candidates aren't defending joe biden. they are going after donald trump. this is something voters can understand and i think they'll start to understand. >> dana: all right, thank you. we'll see you later in the hour. the whistleblower complaint regarding president trump's conduct is declassified, as democrats turn up the pressure over impeachment. does it put the president in legal danger? we'll talk to andrew mccarthy next. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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men with two-thirds of the cases affecting those between 18-34. president trump reacting to the whistleblower controversy a short time ago, calling it another witch hunt. this comes as the complaint regarding the president's phone call with ukraine's leader is declassified and as democrats ramp up their impeachment push. let's bring in michael moore, alex vogel and andy mccarthy is a former assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. i just want to play for you two things. one, you'll hear from nancy pelosi saying the dni broke the law. here's justice maguire's response about that. watch. >> the dni broke the law. the law is very clear. the dni shall convey the complaint to the intelligence committee. not the whole congress. to the intelligence committee. >> public service, my integrity has never been questioned until
11:27 am
now. i'm here today to state that as acting dni, i will continue with the same faithful and nonpartisan support in a matter that adheres to the constitution and the laws of this great country as long as i serve in this position for whatever period of time that may be. >> dana: the speaker was quite emphatic. she said the dni broke the law. did you hear anything in the hearing today that would lead you to believe that? >> no. i think she's just wrong. the law only applies if we're dealing with intelligence activities that are defined in the statute that are under the authority of the director of national intelligence. the president is not under the authority of the dni. by its own terms the statute doesn't apply to the president. as a matter of black letter constitutional law, the congress can't enact a law the operation of which atreuts the president's constitutional authority. if you want to erode the
11:28 am
president's powers, you have to amend the congresses taougs. they can't do it by a statute. this statute doesn't even purport to do it. >> dana: michael moore, is that how you see it? >> no. if you look clearly there, he has seven days to make his report. if it would take the theory that the president can do no harm, he's not governed by this, then we've got a king. i don't think it takes much in the way of political history to know we didn't want a king. we wanted somebody who was accountable. that's why we have the three branchs of government. that's why there's a provision for the whistle blower complaint to be turned over. the whistleblower said this is urgent and he turned it in. what's particularly troublesome to me is that the dni goes back to the white house to find out more about what to do. that's telling. i think we're just starting to see the beginning of the story. we're going to see it unravelling here. but to suggest that the president is never accountable or to suggest somehow that a
11:29 am
whistle blower can't give information that affects national security. what if he heard the president say, hey, vladamir putin, here are the nuclear codes? >> dana: that wasn't in the transcript for sure. >> it's not in the transcript. at some point they got to be accountable. >> dana: i think that's why you have maguire there testifying today. maguire said this about the whistleblower, if we could listen to this sound, quickly. alex, i'll get you in here. >> i want to also state my support for the whistleblower, his rights and the law. whistleblower has a long history in our country dating back to the continental congress. this is not surprising. as a nation, we desire for good government. >> dana: alex, a whistleblower identity not known. we might know it in the future. but so far has the support of the intelligence community. >> i think that's an appropriate presumption in this context. look, i think the dni did a good job today. was quite credible and powerful
11:30 am
witness. what's interesting here, you've got this reference to, what if he put out the nuclear code? look, the fact that dni expressed support for the process of allowing whistleblowers to come forward, it's all the more remarkable that the speaker is out there saying he broke the law, first of all. apparently in her view, everyone broke the law. number two, we're having this conversation, they had a hearing today. the report the whistle blower report is actually out there, so i'm not sure how that's an issue, number one. number two, what i find really remarkable is the level of deference given to allegations, by theed a mig of the whistleblower, were third hand. >> dana: before we go, andy, i did want to get your take on the whistle blower protection issue. >> well, you know, i think it was a big deal at the hearing today, the dni was asked whether
11:31 am
he would promise that the whistleblower would have protection against retaliation, and, dana, this gets us back to square one. if the statute applies, he can give whatever protection under the statute. if the statute doesn't apply, then he can try as far as his power is concerned to give him whatever protection he is personally capable of but can't give him protection of the statute if it doesn't apply. i just want to note that i didn't say that the president was a king. i said this statute does not apply. congress obviously has a lot of ways to reign in presidential misbehavior. >> dana: and we have great lawyers on here to explain it all to us. michael moore, alex vogel, kevin mccarthy, thank you. we're keeping an eye on the hill where the acting director of intelligence is behind closed doors with members of the senate intelligence committee. when he leaves we'll take you there. plus, what's the what's protocol when it comes to the president's
11:32 am
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>> dana: the whistleblower complaint centers on the call between president trump and his ukrainian counterpart. the white house released what it called a transcript, but it's not word for word verbatim transcript. jillian turner used to read those documents when she worked for the bush administration. i remember reading them. i didn't have -- i sat in on those calls. i know how the process is. you tell us what we should know today. >> all right. so, dana, after having read and edited literally hundreds of these types of documents at the white house during the bush and obama administrations, what i can tell you is this is as close to verbatim as exists. it's what situation officers
11:37 am
wrote while listening down on the call in real-time. critics of the president though are slamming this transcript, calling it incomplete and fake, even branding it on twitter as hash tag not a transcript. sources who actually know how these presidential phone calls work, confirm the transcript reflects standard procedure. now, how every administration for decades has documented calls with foreign leaders. they also say they are confident this is accurate. for every tpoerpb call the president has, there are dozens of government officials involved in every step of the way. policy experts write briefing papers beforehand. policy people listen in on the call itself and take notes. then once the call is over the readout gets sent to dozens of others who need to know what was said. here's what the whistleblower here says about the call and their complaint. based on my understanding, there were approximately a dozen white house officials who listened to
11:38 am
the call. mixture of policy officials and duty officers in the white house situation room as is customary. the officials i spoke with told me participation in the call hadn't been restricted in advance because everyone is expected it would be a, quote, routine call with a foreign leader. i don't know anyone was physically present with the president during the call. the accusation levelled here is about how officials really dealt with the readout of the call once it was already over. the whistle blower's making the case it was handled improperly because people were trying to cover the president's tracks. but it will be up to investigators to determine whether that was true. >> dana: thanks for helping us understand all of that. mike pompeo saying he did not read the whistleblower complaint but the defending the state department's actions in the wake of it. rich edsen is at the white house. >> reporter: mike pompeo is responding to rudy giuliani that
11:39 am
the state department instructed him to get involved and reach out to ukraine's president. secretary pompeo said his department did nothing wrong. >> to the best of my knowledge and from what i have seen so far, each of the actions that were undertaken by state department officials was entirely appropriate and consistent with the objective that we've had certainly since this new government has come into office. >> reporter: state department officials say special envoy for ukraine, ambassador kurt volker complied for a request for an adviser looking to speak with giuliani. t giuliani and the president were pushing ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son hunter who is on the board of a ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president. giuliani also met with a ukrainian prosecutor who made allegations about the bidens during that time.
11:40 am
he now tells the washington post of hunter biden, quote tprrbg the perspective of ukrainian legislation, he did not violate anything. state department officials also stress that giuliani, he's a private citizen and does not speak on behalf of the u.s. government. dana? >> dana: all right. thank you so much. let's bring in daniel hoffman, fox news contributor. let me first ask you about the fact that what john roberts reported earlier "the new york times" is saying the whistle blower is a cia employee that was detailed to the white house. the president's frustration already, do you think this could hurt the president's relationship with the intelligence community at all? >> i certainly hope not. the community is large and this is one individual detail at the white house. according to the acting dni today was simply doing his or her job by reporting what he or she saw. >> dana: and you know a lot
11:41 am
about sort of the whole ukrainian issue. we are under an obligation, right, under one of our treaties that we would protect ukraine. that military aid was withheld during the obama administration. this administration has actually put it forward and now we're all here. what should we know about this and pay attention to? >> first on ukraine, they're under siege from russian aggression, cyber aggression. russia launched military attacks. they annexed to crimia and are mounting specific espionage operations as well. that obviously is of great concern to us. ukraine is on the front lines. we want to do what we can to protect them. ukraine has not been a paragon of virtue when it comes to the rule of law and transparency. they've got their own issues with corruption. president zelensky is charged with his own oligard who has had some influence on the zelensky government. so we want to step up and assist
11:42 am
ukraine militarily and economically and with their anti-corruption efforts. but at the same time, we have to be aware of the challenges they face. >> dana: president zelensky, who everyone got to see yesterday, better to be on tv with him than on the phone, making a joke there. what do you think about him? he was not a typical politician. he's there now, how do you think he's doing? >> i think this is probably a rude awakening for him. he had what he thought was going to be a private phone call with president trump. the two of them said some things about european leaders that they may not have wished or anyone would have wished would have become public. vladamir putin wants to drive a wedge between the united states and ukraine. between european union and nato and ukraine. the conversation that was held and the fact that it was disclosed publicly may help vladamir putin in his efforts to do that. >> dana: once again. dan hoffman, thank you. nancy pelosi pulling the
11:43 am
trigger, giving house democrats authorization to pursue with impeachment. karl rove joins us on the politics of impeachment and how this could swing some key seats in the house. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> dana: senate voting to confirm eugene scalia as secretary of labor. he is the son of the late supreme court justice. he replaces the former labor secretary alex acosta a day after he held a news conference defending his giving a plea deal to jeffrey epstein. he was confirmed 53-44 vote. critics say democrats are taking a major political risk as they move ahead for plans for impeachment. karl rove writing mrs. pelosi
11:48 am
knows that it is unpopular among democrats can. she knows impeachment will drown out all other messages. this was an act of weakness, surrendering, not strength. karl rove joins me now. let me have you listen to pelosi and mccarthy, because i want to get your take about how both of them are talking about this. watch. >> it's a sad week for our country. we had to come to a decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry of the president of the united states. this is nothing that we take lightly. we want to have a fuller understanding of the facts. >> the president has released the entire transcript. there is nothing in that transcript that rises to impeachment. the own national security -- or the security intel committee
11:49 am
chair just laid out in his hearing to talk about impeachment a parody. he even called it a parody. >> dana: karl, you're writing from a position of a lot of experience and knowledge about how this whole process works and the political blow back to come. what are your thoughts today after this hearing? >> the democrats were rushing. when you rush, you don't look like you're being reasonable and responsible. think about yesterday. we had nancy pelosi pass a judgment and describe the transcript of the president's phone call before she had even read it. look, the democrats, they said, look, we're not against an inquiry. we've not started an impeachment inquiry, but we want to know more of the facts behind this telephone call, it would have been better with the american people. now it looks like particularly after the last two years of them trying to impeach the president over russian collusion and saying they had adam schiff saying i have concrete evidence of this. they look like they hate him and
11:50 am
they've got nothing but a desire to remove him from office. that kind of thing is not gonna sell well with the swing voters in america who are going to decide the makeup of the next congress and the occupant of the white house after november of next year. >> dana: what do you think happened? she had been so prudent and so cautious. >> yeah. >> dana: i know there were the seven freshmen democrats from the trump district that have national intelligence and security backgrounds, military backgrounds. they did that op ed on a sunday night. i just find it hard to believe that that was the thing that, the straw that broke the camel's back here. >> well, it might have been. we have to step back. she's got jerry nadler getting increasingly restless. she's got chairman schiff on the intelligence committee getting more and more outspoken in his words. you have a steady increase in the number of democrats who want to impeach that are publicly committed to it. and then sort of the dam breaks
11:51 am
with the report of what was in the transcript before the transcript was released. and that's when you saw big number of democrats jump in. so they were already primed. they were looking for an discuss to do it. they jumped in. nancy pelosi sort of lost control of her caucus. she was forced to do this. i don't think -- she's a practical person, which means she knows this is gonna hurt her. but on the other hand, being a practical person, she knows that she's got to have seen this head of steam built up. she's going to have to pursue it, absolutely. >> dana: karl rove, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: busy day on capitol hill. it's still going. joseph maguire still behind closed doors of the senate intelligence committee. we're watching that. we'll it have for you when it happens. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get.
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11:56 am
you can bet he's going to be ready to get out of there. back with me hour, brandon buck. let me have you listen to senator chris coons. this is what he talked about with rudy guliani. watch this. >> rudy guliani should be held to account for his role in this and it will be interesting to hear how he tries to explain in which he served as an individual meadary here. many officials were gravely concerned about conflicting signals were being sent through the state department or defense or justice department or through our embassy and the new government of ukraine that were intentional for rudy guliani who is associated with the president's re-election campaign. >> dana: rudy guliani telling the atlantic that by the end of
11:57 am
this, he will be considered a hero. we don't have it ready to show you yet. i bet he will be called to testify? >> i have to imagine. i agree with what some of senator coons was saying. this is not how the greatest country should be operating, the president's attorney -- >> dana: he says he has texts with the state department saying it was above board. >> the democrats are itching to get up there and he's itching. it will be a fascinating day or so. >> dana: your thoughts about what karl rove said in terms of speaker pelosi and her decision. she had been cautious a long time. what changed? was there something? >> no, nancy pelosi said she wouldn't do impeachment. she had a criteria. it had to be necessary. there had to be widespread support and bipartisan. this week she got all three. on the bipartisan part, you saw the unanimous vote that the whistle-blower report should come out in full.
11:58 am
her democratic caucus supports it and obviously the events of this week and the revelations made it necessary. and the democrats are starting to see elizabeth warren's rise. what does joe biden do? >> joe biden doesn't know what to do. president trump will put doubt out there for him. democrats' number 1 priority someone that can beat trump. they're getting nervous that joe biden might not be up to it, this is another card that the president can play. i think you may see democratic voters shifting away. >> marianne, you wrote on an op-ed that said at the end of this process, biden would not be the nominee. >> i don't see it happening. he never made it past the iowa
11:59 am
caucuses. this makes it more difficult. if he tries to defend himself and his son, he's playing trump's game. if he doesn't, he slips more. people have doubt and the other candidates are going after trump but not defending joe biden. >> that's interesting. you think that could change? >> i don't know. he has to do something. he is damned either way. if he defends himself, he's playing on trump's turf. if he doesn't, he looks guilty. he has to put this on trump and not him and his son. >> what about house republicans. you worked with corralling those folks. you think that will be possible? >> i think all of these republicans, their political fortunes are so tied to the president, they know that they need to be on his side. >> dana: i take them at their word. they think this was an overreach by the democrats. >> it's one thing to say this is not worthy of impeachment. i don't think anybody is defending what he's doing, but i
12:00 pm
don't think anybody is going to turn on him because their forks are so tied. >> pelosi is betting the more comes out their fortunes will change. >> dana: thanks. our fortunes are good. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: white house officials were apparently so deeply disturbed by president trump's phone call with the ukraine's president there they tried to lock down evidence of the conversation. that's according to a whistle-blower's complaint which is now public. during the july phone call, president trump asked the leader to investigate his political rival joe biden ahead of the 2020 presidential election. in the complaint the unidentified whistle blowing intelligence official says that in the days following the phone call, i learned from multiple u.s. officials that senior white house officials had intervened to lock down all records of the phone call, especially the official word


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