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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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everybody, thanks for being her he ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one"t of the hallmarks of washington a short memory. people assume the way things are now is the way they've always been, but that's not true. the cia for example was not always like the cia are watching now. when harry truman founded the agency right after the second world war, he envisioned it as i kind of daily newspaper with the readership of one, the the idea was simple, the cia would collect intelligence from a variety of sources they would call it that intelligence and give it to the president. he would use it to make wise and informed foreign policy decisions. it was a good idea. a lot of good ideas. many of them in d.c. may meet the same fate. if the bureaucracy quickly
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metastasize as it overwhelms good intention. that certainly happen with the cia. within a few years, harry truman himself regretted creating it. in an op-ed he wrote in 1963, truman complained that "the cia has diverted from its original assignment. it has become an operational and at times a policymaking arm of the government." truman was disturbed by that development, understandably. called for scaling back the cia's power dramatically but of course that never happened. the oppositeou happened. in fact over time the cia got more powerful. today the agency and other intel agencies like it aren't simply policymaking arms of government. at times they clearly want to be the government itself, they want to run everything and they do for moments. that's the main lesson, by the way, of donald trump's phone call with the ukrainian president. we learned today that the official who filed the so-called whistle-blower complaint against the president was a career cia
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officer detailed to the white house. the official did not agree with the president's foreignid policy views, so he felt entitled to veto those views and bring the u.s. government to a standstill, which he did. that's really the meat of the story. we know this because the complaint was released today to the public. you can read it if you want. if it tells us nothing we didn't already know from a transcript of the phone call. if trump talked about a variety of issues with the president of ukraine, including possible corruption involving joe biden and his son. trump never mentioned military aid or any kind of quid pro quo. you may not like what trump said, but it's hard to see how it's a crime. certainly it's hard to see how it's an impeachable offense. and yet all of a sudden everybody in d.c. nodding sagely in unison thinks it is. in other words, the same people who spent two years writing russian collusion fan fiction are outraged once again, or did they ever stopped being?op probably not. now they're telling us that the term presidency is really
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godfather part four. >> like any mafia boss, the president didn't need to say that's a nice country you have, it would be a shame if something happened to it. >> to people who have seen this kind of stuff in movies, you see my boss is doing it, is this something that presidents do? >> we see this from my bosses, we do not see this from presidents. >> i'd say a typical transcript that i would put intocr evidence in the course of a mob boss trial. it is right out of don corleone he buriedd >> people have analogized this kind of conversation to win a godfather would say, i want you to do something. everybody knows what is involved here. >> donald trump sought to run u.s. foreign policy the way tony soprano ran his crime family, except less elegantly. >> tucker: part of this is our fault in the media, we set up these terrible incentives where you don't get on television in less you say extreme and mindless what's surprising though is how
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so many of these extreme and mindless statements come from people with long and apparently distinguished careers, debasing themselves in order to be on television. really the primeis example is te chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressmann adam schiff of burbank, california. recently went into a kind of trance and delivered his own prophetic version of what he believed must've happened between president trump and the president of ukraine, watch thi this. >> this is the essence of what the president communicates. we've been very good to your country, very good. no other country has done as much as we have, but you know what, i don't see much reciprocity here. i hear what you want, i have a favor i want from you though. and i'm going to this only seven times, so you better listen goo good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? lots of it.
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>> tucker: keep in mind that isn't some guy babbling in the men's room of starbucks. that's the man who chairs the mighty house intelligence committee. we trust him with our most sensitive information. and yet he is clearly -- is demonstrably mentally ill, adam schiff is. his position is that the president should be impeached for asking why joe biden's son was paid $600,000 a year by a foreign company and by the prosecutor who investigated that foreign company was fired after a threat from joe biden. asking about that gets you impeached. remarkably, for the moment anyway, until they wake up, the rest of schiff's parties appear to agree with him on that. ilhan omar and exilic. alexandria ocasio-cortez of course are thrilled by all of this. >> we are talking about the president using the full power of the united states government in order to pursue and manufacture a politically
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motivated investigation against a political opponent. i think it's allegation that frankly has united more members of the party on impeachment than any other and so for that i think it's an understandable decision that we i make. thise fact is that president is corrupt. corrupt president who violates his oath in office must and will be impeached. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: so hope you're following that. they are telling us, "the squad" is telling us and the rest of the party is obeying them, of course, they are saying that issues are now irrelevant, impeachment is all that matters. you may be wondering, whatever happened to the democratic party, the party remember, the party of working people, the fabled bigle tent party? that's gone. increasingly, the democratic party looks like an alliance between the women's studies departmentng in oberlin in a grp of unscrupulous retired intel officials. the party is both flaky and authoritarian.
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that's a rottenh combination. it's rotten for the democratic party itself. it's also about for the country. for 230 years p this has been a republic with an elected president, elected. over time it's worked pretty well, but now without a single vote being held, no referendum on this at all, bureaucrats in washington have decided to change the system. they would like a new form of government where america's real rulers are the unelected w bureaucrats in the intel agencies in washington. they are not kind of fighting this, they've been fighting for pretty much openly since before trump's presidency began. in the summer of 2016, the fbi justified opening the russia investigation, the one that hamstrung the first half of the administration and sucked all of the oxygen out of the city. they justified that based, remember, on trump's campaign positions. they didn't like his publicly stated views on russia. the views that voters, by the way, ratified when they elected
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from, but the intel community disagreed with his foreign policy views, so they tried to destroy him. that happened. that's not some defense of trump, that's an observation of what happened. and then two weeks after he took office, somebody decided to leak the president's phone calls with foreign leaders, the leaders of australia and mexico. imagine that. imagine trying to run the country when you can't even speak confidentially with their counterparts in otherou countri. how does that help america? it doesn't help america. you may hate trump, you should still be against that. that kind of thing has been happening ever since. that's an administrative coup d'etat. it's not overstatement to say that's what that is. a lot is at stake here. if these people whose names you don't know who were never elected to anything succeeded in taking over the government and running things in real life, we are done, our democracy won't recover. the president, not just this president, but future presidents will be merely figureheads, they will be beholden to a praetorian
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guard of intelligence officials in washington. if they defy the consensus in washington in any way on any issue they will be sabotaged and hurt. that's what they're trying to do now. so washington clearly wants to pretend that the 2016 election never happened. okay, that's amnesia. but now they want to make sure that no future election will matter, and that's's terrifying. jeanine pirro is the host of justice with judge jeanine, she's the author of the new book, the left's plot to remake america, it's out today. judge jeanine joins us tonight. so it seems significant to me within the context of all we've seen over the past three years, that the so-called whistle-blower, the person who complained about this conversation, was a career cia officer. >> as you recall, chuck schumer is the one who said a long time ago you don't mess with theel intelligence agencies because they'll get back at you six ways to sunday.
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but you know, i must tell you, everything you said is so on point, but the most disappointing part of this is when you've got someone joking about impeaching a president, making a parity about an organized crime family and then reading words that have nothing to do with the actual transcript, it's an indication that they don't have a case. which is why they actually have to parity and makeup this -- you listen to me another seven times we are not going to get this, that or the other thing. if there were an impeachable offense, if there were any evidence of any kind of criminality, and it kind of illegality, he would have read that statement or say that would have been the end of it. but we are dealing with w adam schiff and adam schiff is the same guy who stumbled over himself 86 times to get to a camera to tell us that he knew more about russia collusion than bob mueller did and obviously he didn't. and the sad part about this is that this country has an economy that is soaring. we aremy now in a position with
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the strongest military ever. but these haters who couldn't drag hillary clinton across the presidential finish line, want to do everything they can to impeach him. if it's an impeachable offense, great. if it's not, no problem, we hate him, we are going to get him out. and that's a sad point. and by the way, let me make one more point, this president has an absolute right to get to the bottom of what happened with meddling in the 2016 election. and nobody in congress, and especially the democrats who were involved likes james comey, brennan, and a whole lot of them in the intel community had the right to stop them and accuse him of an impeachable offense because he now has the right to get to the bottom of it. >> tucker: you think the next time a democratic elected president, and it will happen, the democrats will be comfortable with the standard they have set, that if some unelected intel agency guy doesn't like their foreign policy, he can destroy their administration, are they going to be comfortable with thatt do
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you think? >> they are not even thinking that far in advance because they are so blinded by the hatred. their hatred of donald trump that they can't even see what real criminality is, and that is when joe biden says -- you want to talk about a godfather, you've got six hours here. you don't get a billion dollars in less you take the prosecutor off that company that my son is on the board of and he's making millions of dollars because he's about ready to interrogate my son and i don't want it to happen. break. a this is a sad time. >> tucker: i don't think you been watching cable news, judge. i've learned this week that hunter biden was an expert in ukrainian energy policy and deserve those hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> you don't want to get me started on hunter biden. if you want to know why he's not in the military -- >> tucker: at no! i don't want to hear it. actually no hunter biden, i think is a nice guy but it's fair to ask his questions. >> how do you get a billion dollars out of china? >> tucker: that's a good question. i don't know. maybe we should get together and try that. good to see you.
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>> thanks. >> tucker: senator chris murphy of connecticut told us just the other day that ukraine's president personally told him that donald trump demanded an investigation of joe biden. now it appears that didn't happen. it's a confusing story and so of course we turn to our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher for some clarity. hey, trace. >> here's the kicker talk on this. september 5th, connecticut democratic senator chris murphy and wisconsin g.o.p. senator ron johnson met him he had with ukrainian president vladimir zelinski. on september 11th, senator murphy was back in the u.s. and brief report is about meeting saying that president zelensky was baffled as to why the trump administration put a hold on $391 million in military aid and wanted to reach a resolution to keep the money flowing. murphy also conceded that he and zelinski did not talk in depth in the ukrainian president never
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brought up anything about a request fromut president trump. on september 20th, last friday,, the whistle-blower story went public and on monday, senator murphy's narrative about his meeting with zelinski changed. withth murphy saying the entire new ukrainian of an administration concerned, "that the aid that was being cut off to ukraine by the president as a consequence for theirun unwillingness, at the time, to investigate the biden burlesque." the conservative free beacon others assumed what murphy said the entire administration he meant president zelensky as well, but now murphy says his comments were "unclear," in other words, he is adjusting his statement to clarify that president zelensky never drew a connection between the u.s. and the bidens, and murphy is reiterating it with him, not zelensky, who raised the issue of rudy giuliani's attempts to investigate hunter biden. we reached out to senator murphy's office for comment, they referred us back to his tweets, which were muddy
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at best. tucker. >> tucker: amazing story. a thank you. we promised clarity and you delivered, trace gallagher, thanks you so much. peter vanburen is exactly the person we want to talk to tonight. contributed editor at the american conservative. he's also himself a formal whistle-blower who worked for the state department in iraq in 2009 and blew the whistle on waste fraud and abuse in that country and was really hassled for it, he wrote a book on the subject. it's great to see you tonight, great to have you on the show. the reason i want to talk to you so much is because you are illegitimate whistle-blower. i think people on both sides of the aisle would acknowledge that and i think your whistle-blowing was important. so you are -- you have this perspective on it, we are talking about whistle-blowing today. what do you make of this so-called whistle-blower, the cia officer? >> i'm deeply deeply concerned and of the whistle-blower is out there and has any shame left, this is the time to feel ashamed. what he has done here is taken a
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hard earned rights, the freedom of whistle-blowers and protections that we have for what we do, and he's turned them on his head. instead of using his position to reveal first-hand information of criminality or malfeasance, instead what he's done is to hide behind those protections in the anomaly that comes with that to essentially write an op-ed saying there's this nasty phone call out there, let's go after that. after it went through channels, it went to the department of justice and hisnn whistle-blower stmplaint was judged to have no criminality in it. essentially at that point was over with. somehow it all got leaked to the press and we have the see the s that we have today. thankfully donald trump has released the full transcript, because at the end of the day, the whistle-blower's complaint is essentially something less than a whistle-blowers complaint and simply a pointer teeing up an issue here for the democrats to go to bat with that there was this terrible phone call. i think trump trumped him by
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releasing the transcript and showing that there just isn't anything there. you can't have a smoking gun if there's not a body on the ground and at the end of it all, the democrats are now talking about impeaching over a telephone call. i think sharpie would be a better topic. >> tucker: it so it doesn't sound like you believe this really is whistle-blowing, it sounds more you're telling like a political disagreement. >> absolutely. when you talk about whistle-blowing, first of all the key difference between the whistle-blower and a leaker and a traitor is at the end of the day intent. what are they trying to do? and in the case -- we may disagree but in the case of edward snowden, what he wanted to do was expose nsa spying across individual american -- added to reveal that the u.s. government lied us into the vietnam war. in this case, this person has chosen an ambiguous set of circumstances and made all sorts of accusations about computer systems and servers and
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essentially claimedut that trump has shoehorned his way into ukraine, when in fact if that's in extortion, they should never watch "the sopranos." >> tucker: exactly. thanks so much for your perspective on that. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: for joe biden was already faltering in the polls, and other democratic party's plan to impeach the president centers around a cushy deal that biden's son got from the ukrainians so if biden is the victimt here, his party isn't quite acting like it. last night biden omitted that in the middle of this dramatic test for american democracy, his best friend, his mentor, his closest pal in the world, barack obama, hasn't even bothered to call him at a all. >> have you heard from president obama this week? >> no i haven't. >> have not. >> you don't talk about this kind of stuff? >> we don't talk about this kind of stuff. >> tucker: mark steyn has a keen eye for poignant moments like that and he joins us tonight. this may be, may be more than anything i've ever seen, feel sad for joe biden.
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he's running on the obama legacy, obama clearly doesn'tle like him, and they don't actually talk, so what does that tell you? >> yeah, it says that democrats don't actually think joe biden can go the distance and impeachment, we know, will not take out president trump, but it seems almost certain in fact to take out joe biden, which is why not only obama, but the democrats running in 2020, all of them today were gung ho for impeachment and not one of them had a word to say in defense of biden or his terrible wretched prima facie corrupt son hunter. >> tucker: joe biden -- i guess i'm speechless because we called this very early on this show, whoever convinced joe biden to get into this race clearly hates joe biden, because it could never have ended any other way but the way it's about
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to end, which is in total and utter humiliation at the end of a very long politicalli career. >> no, when he ran 30 years ago he was a narcissist then, so he always self aggrandized to say became number one in his college course. 30 years on, he's self-aggrandizing about far more important issues. the defense of democrats is that joe biden may have said you got rid of this prosecutor, but all the governments, every government in europe wanted this prosecutor gone. that may be true, but the foreign minister of germany or the foreign minister of france didn't go on tv and brag about how he gave a six hour ultimatum to a foreign government to fire its prosecutor general. the only politician on earth did that is joe biden, and then he's surprised that suddenly people are excited about why hunter
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biden is getting 50 grand a month in a country where there average wage at that crime was $200 a month. where the guy he's working for who is giving this money is a ukrainian oligarch and he puts hunter biden on the board at the time that an international anticorruption festival in london actually has biden as its -- the biden company as its exhibit a in global collapse, corruption.n >> tucker: unbelievable. it's an amazing story and i fear biden will be out of the race before we are all of the details. thank you, mark steyn, great to see you. >> thanks a lot, talker. >> tucker: with impeachment at a the very center of the agenda in washington, it seems a good night to hear from one man in a particular, former house speaker newt gingrich, who did manage and impeachment, one of the very few living americans who knows exactly what it's like
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and what the consequences can be. he joins us next. plus it's thursday, you know what that means, final exam, questions about the royal wedding and a new voice for amazon's alexa, that's ahead. as a co musical ♪[upbeat music]
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♪ >> tucker: well, impeachment is suddenly at the top of congress' agenda, so who better to talk to about that than the former speaker of the house newt gingrich? speaker was at the center of the bill clinton impeachment saga of course more than 20 years ago. >> joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on.
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>> first of all -- >> tucker: i'm sorry,m after you? >> i was just going to say i think there are huge differences but from the standpoint of democrats i think this is a treally bad decision and given our own experience, a much stronger hand that we had an independent counsel report that said that clinton was guilty on numerous counts including felonies. what they're doing now makes no sense at all and i think we'll probably politically be very damaging. >> tucker: that's the way it seems. two lesser political minds like mine. it's hard to see why they're doing this, but they are. they clearly thought it through to some extent. not all of them are stupid. what you think the reasoning is here? >> look, i think what happens is you get in a room and you're surrounded by your partisans, you only listen to yourself, you only listen to the people who are sendingrs you money. at the left wing of the democratic party and
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"the new york times" wakes up every morning and says we know donald trump is doneay something terrible, i wonder what it is and so the momentum, the morale, the excitement and every single story becomes the next opportunity, the next breakthrough. in this one of course verges on "saturday night live" and being prophetic. nancy pelosi, was normally very smart, shrewd, tough professional goes running out to hold a press conference when she has not read the transcript. she has not interviewed the so-called whistle-blower. she has no idea what the facts are. but it's the momentum at.ionally of where they're and i think it's very hard for them to back off very basic reality, which you know and you've covered and i'vee seen yu talk with you about it
9:29 pm
brilliantly, they hate trump. they get up in the morning and they go "i know he's done something terrible, what isis i? so by the way this is "the new york times" fully as much as it is aoc or nancy pelosi or whatever. what happened this week was they got overly excited. they decided to do something truly stupid and i've said over and over again, i think what pelosi has done is destroy biden's candidacy. going to bring so much attention to hunter bidenen and ukraine ad it not only back to hunter biden and china and i don't think that joe biden can survive it. >> tucker: i think that's exactly right. i agree with you completely. so quickly, you've had a lot of time to think about this and you are one of the world's experts on the political effects of impeachment. having run one of these -- it's true, there are not many people who have actually done this, they you are one of them.
9:30 pm
what is the advice you would give -- what are the lessons you learned from that that democrats ought to remember as they proceed on their own impeachment path? >> you know, it's very interesting and i look back on frankly some mistakes we made during that period, and i remember that jimmy breslin leote a book called how the good guys finally won and it was about tip o'neill and the watergate crisis. and o'neill was smarter than either nancy pelosi or newt gingrich because o'neill said i'm not going to be out front, i don't want to be partisan. if it's partisan, it's dead and so o'neill was very patient, very slow and guaranteed that it became a bipartisan project in 1973. i was not able to do that for a lot of reasons, and i frankly my hat is off to tipp because he sort of got it better than i did. pelosi is in worse shape than i
9:31 pm
men. i was under the pressure that when the independent counsel report came out it said bill clinton is guilty of this, he's guilty of this, he's guilty of this, seven places where they said he was guilty. we have no place where anybody independently has said donald trump is guilty of anything. furthermore, in 1998 dealing with clinton and that scandal where he had committed a felony -- by the way he was script of his license to practice in arkansas. he did have to pay a huge amoun amount -- put all that up to one side. we never had the situation where our parties front runner, in this case vice president joe biden. , has a double vulnerability in both ukraine and china and what
9:32 pm
slosi is doing is she's elevating public attention and rapidly they're going to go past trump to focus on biden and i think it's most pertinent to certainly going to destroy his candidacy. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right. i got to ask you, this is an amazing fact i wasn't aware of but this is the 26th anniversary of the contract -- you've got a fox special looking back at it. tell us what the special is lik like. >> let me say, first of all, i was at dinner tonight with two young people who were born that year and i'm sitting there talking to to 25-year-olds realizing this was 25 years ago we did this. i think there are a couple of really big lessons and i think people who watch the special or who go to fox nation to watch the full package will learn a lot. first, it ended a 40 year period -- 40 years -- in which the democrats were in charge of
9:33 pm
the house. second, it proved you could actually have an idea oriented big proposal.. the contract at welfare reform tax cuts, balanced budget. a lot of ideas that were real and it didn't work. and third, that courageous teamwork matters. and i think you'll see in a special, people who were there at the time who made a huge difference because they believed inff the country, that they knew after 40 years that this was uphill and all of the popular opinionpo was that it was hopeless, we weren't going to make it, you couldn't imagine it. even as late as the weekend before the election, nobody in the news media thought we'd win, but the fact was we broke a 40 year tradition of democratic control and it has changed power in washington dramatically and we got very major reforms. >> tucker: i'll never forget it. my first child was born that week, it was shocking. amazing it's been that wrong to
9:34 pm
long. speaker, thank you, good to see you tonight. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: you can catch a preview of his special on the fox news channel, this channel, 8:00 p.m. eastern this sunday. and all episodes will stream on fox nation. up next, cancel culture has become a global epidemic. now extremists are trying to cancel dave rubin, a frequent guest on this show. he's not backing down though, he joins us next. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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>> tucker: western civilization once prided itself on its tolerance and its openness. that turned out to be a golden age. now we suffer under the plague of what they are: cancel culture. at "the des moines register" reminded all of us last week of how awful it is when they decided to crush a charity fund-raiser for a 27-year-old 47-year-old tweets.
9:39 pm
now rubin report host dave rubin is being targeted as well. scheduled to appear this weekend but antifat activists are to stop that event entirely. rubin joins us tonight. so dave, i mean, how can antifa, which is committed to violent revolution, should never be considered a mainstream group, how are they in charge of whether you get to speak in public or not? >> first off, let's just clean up what ntnt phase. they call themselves antifa, meaning that they are antifascist, but they are the fascists. these are people who use violence to silence their political opponents. they have bought into collectivism, they have bought into identity politics, they have bought into the very idea that if someone holds different political beliefs than you -- i'm not talking about extreme political elites, i'm talking about any different political belief than they have, then these people should be shouted
9:40 pm
down, they should be violently harassed and silenced, so i am scheduled to speak on the 29th of this month at mohawk college in canada with maxine, running out of the people's party of canada ticket for prime minister. basically libertarian. i've had him on my show, he's a very decent man by all accounts. he has some positions, you're not going to believe this, these are positions of the right. that's what he has as a libertarian and for these people, they have threatened to shut down the event and they want to take pictures of people that show up and check their car -- the license plate numbers and all of these intimidation tactics which we know they've done at college events and all sorts of other things. if we informed that they were going to cause the event to do ten times the security that was originally agreed upon. i've offered to cover that myself, i intend on being there, we intend on going ahead with the event and more than anything else, the sick and twisted part of this as they call us neo-nazis and the rest of this,
9:41 pm
i grew up with holocaust survivors in my family, in my extended family and friends and i know what that is. every week a come on your show and we talk about freedom of speech, we talk about the defense of western liberal values when we are running thin on them because they are calling everyone a nazi and a big it ended silence and good people. we are running out of runway before they silence so many of us that the few of us that stand up for it, we are going to run out of room a too, so we need to good people that watch her show, that watch my show -- the good people that is the 90% of americans and the 90% of western living citizens, start standing up, because if you live in the west, you live in america or canada now in 2019 and you're afraid of saying what you think now, what do you think is going to be like when his people get into power? >> tucker: that's exactly right, where will we be in 20 years if we will be here at all. dave rubin, godspeed, we are with you officially.
9:42 pm
>> you've been a huge ally on this and i appreciateit it. >> tucker: it's heartfelt, trust me.e thanks. time now for final exam, two of our fox news experts face-off to win a special t-shirt, the mouth breathing t-shirt. the coveted mouth breathing t-shirt after the break. ♪ , break
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♪ >> tucker: it is time now for final exam, where we scour the hallways of fox news to find the most informed people in our business within face-off and compete for a prize. this week it's an amazing price, we arem giving away a t-shirt. yes, a t-shirt. esthere is some cotton in it, we can't vouch for how much. you can get a shirt just like it
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at if you like. the coveted mouth breathing shirt. defending champion this week is fox business who was amazing last week. >> wow. >> tucker: you were, i was impressed. it came out of nowhere and she just crushed jesse watters. i thought it was unbeatable, you beat her challenger time is attorney advised contributor emily compagno who i have heard is also really sharp and fast on the buzzer. who knows what's going to happen. >> a lot of pressure, i don't know. >> tucker: you both know the rules. it's making me nervous just saying this but i'm going to repeat them for our audience. here they are, hands on buzzers, i ask the question, the first one touz buzz in gets to answer the question. critically you've got to wait till i finish asking it before you answer it. you can answer once i technology by saying your name. every correct answer is worth a single point, every incorrect answer subtracts a point from your total, best of five wins, are you ready? >> yes. >> yes. >> tucker: we have a lot of multiple-choice questions begin with the first one,, so wait
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until you get all the options. first question, boston dynamics, the robotics company just released a video of its d latest humanoid and it has a very unnerving new skill, what can this robot do? is it gymnastics, juggling, is it archery to susan. >> i'm going to choose archery. >> tucker: archery. that's terrifying just for the record, is it archery? >> oh! >> that's right! >> wow! >> it looks like a grasshopper. >> okay. >> tucker: it is gymnastics, but i share your fear of robots. someday they will be doing
9:49 pm
archery and that's the day i'm out, i'm leaving. so i'mwi with you, susan. question two. if it's another multiple-choice. for years, amazon alexa, also a kind of robot, has had a female voice. now the company is changing things out. for $0.99 will be able to download a new voice for your alexa and it belongs to an actor. is it -- >> i didn't know it was multiple-choice, you didn't say it was multiple-choice! you're supposed to announce it before the question. >> tucker: hold on, it's going to emily, you get the first crack at it, emily. let me give you the three options -- this is hair trigger. is it christopher walking, morgan freeman, samuel l. jackson? >> pure gas, samuel l. jackson. >> tucker: pure gas. is it samuel l. jackson? >> how about having the dulcet tones of samuel l. jackson answering every question. amazon has just announced on
9:50 pm
wednesday they've hired the iconic actor to be the very first celebrity voice for virtual assistant alexa. >> tucker: yes. >> wait a second. but what about the law here? isn't he supposed to announce before the question that it's multiple-choice? tucker. >> tucker: that was multiple-choice. i announced it was multiple choice and that was a win -- that's always to the s.a.t. and got into harvard, pure guessing. underrated. >> see always works. >> tucker: question three, another multiple-choice. okay, again, multiple-choice, fantastic news out of england. there will be another royal wedding, can you keep track of all of them? who's getting married this time? is it princess eugenie -- who are these people -- princess beatrice or somebody called lady janet? susan. >> princess beatrice. >> tucker: is it princess beatrice, whoever she
9:51 pm
is? >> meanwhile, while harry and megan are here in africa, back home in london there is another different kind of celebration going on, harry's cousin princess beatrice just got engaged, a big, big congrats to princess beatrice all the way here in africa. >> tucker: okay, they are pronouncing it beatrice but i think it's the same person, so you got it right. >> all right. >> tucker: congratulations, maybe our extra credit tonight would be who is princess beatrice. question four. yet another multiple-choice, fourth in a row. here it is. it was recently national one-hit wonder day, believe it or not. a classic one-hit wonder called "the macarena" was released, believe it or not, in 1993, which is a long time ago, it sold over 4 million copies in america alone. it's about a woman that cheats on her boyfriend, which i didn't know. what is the name of the band or the performer who sung that song 26 years ago? was it ricky martin, was it the
9:52 pm
boom boom boys or was it lost del rio? >> you are so fast -- >> you are so great. >> i had a lot of coffee. >> c, los del rio. >> tucker: i don't think that's right but let's check. ♪ >> it was this, this. ♪ >> tucker: wow! >> bringing back memories! >> tucker: that turns out to be right. by the way, did you remember it's kind of a pretty good song -- i remember making fun of it at the time but i don't know why we made fun of it because it's kind of awesome. final question, this is the final question. if this the sudden death.
9:53 pm
just one answer. here it >> multiple-choice or single answer? >> tucker: this is a single answer. one question, one answer, you've got to wait until i finish asking it in order to answer it. all right? here we go. which democratic presidential candidate is said to bere workig out sufficient to dead liftds 350 pounds? >> press it again. >> thanks. >> mayor pete? >> tucker: at mayor pete is it mayor pete who's dead lifting 350 pounds? roll the tape please. >> somebody said it was all small. >> fitness needs to be a bigger part of people's lives in my opinion. i don't think it's what people should vote on, let's put it that way.e i think people should exercise for their well-being. i think the vice president is actually in very good. shape. he must've something so i wouldl
9:54 pm
definitely -- i bet they have a really good gem of the white house. >> tucker: i talked to john delaney, my former neighbor, great guy, i had no idea he could dead lift 350 pounds. incredible. so i think at the end susan 1-0, correct? >> reigning champion. >> tucker: you get the coveted t-shirt. emily, you were fantastic, i hope that you will come back. you are every bit the competitor i had heard you were. congratulations, we will see you next -- you were great, are you kidding? you played with flair. >> the macarena. >> tucker: for final exam, that's where it counts on the show, pay attention to the news every week and to annette on thursdays, usually thursday, to see if you can beat our experts, we will be right back. ♪ .
9:55 pm
. .
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9:58 pm
>> it turns out climate
9:59 pm
hypocrisy doesn't just happen in this country, it is a global phenomenon. the green party in canada, a photo showed her use using a reusable cup with a metal straw. they. admitted in fact, they photo shopped the image and lied about it. in the original version, she was usingsa a single use disposable cop but they changed it. they say she was completely shocked the photo was edited. like when kamala harris attacked they're only shocked by being held to their open standards, for wednesday. it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, you can celebrate. that it's for us. tune in every night at 8:00 p.m., sincere and we hope cheerful enemy of lying,
10:00 pm
pomposityws and group think. live, sean hannity for the next hour. >> sean: it's a swamp just like where you live. d.c., new york, l.a. san francisco, swamp. the rest of america, more normal.tucker, thank you. great show. welcome to "hannity," we begin with a fox news alert. the real story, the real corruption, none of it, zero has to do with president trump except that the president is once again a victim of baseless lies, smears, hypocrisy conspiracy theories, this is not what the lion, corrupt and at this point despicable disgusting fake news media is telling you tonight.


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