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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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pomposityws and group think. live, sean hannity for the next hour. >> sean: it's a swamp just like where you live. d.c., new york, l.a. san francisco, swamp. the rest of america, more normal.tucker, thank you. great show. welcome to "hannity," we begin with a fox news alert. the real story, the real corruption, none of it, zero has to do with president trump except that the president is once again a victim of baseless lies, smears, hypocrisy conspiracy theories, this is not what the lion, corrupt and at this point despicable disgusting fake news media is telling you tonight.
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we have the real story and that is we have a sleepy creepy crazy joe who has serious explaining to do. damning new documents obtained by the hills investigative reporter john solomon may ruin his chances of ever becoming president. i'd say the odds are in fact, the material that we are about to show you tonight clearly demonstrates biden's blatant abuse of power and corruption in the country of ukraine. in other words, a quid pro quo, a real quid pro quo, and yes, abuse of power and corruption at an extraordinarily high level with a lot of money at stake and a pay to play scheme and a subsequent cover-up of such. all in an effort that would allow his son to walk away scot-free very rich and capitalize off of him being the vice president while he was vice president.h of course, stop a criminal investigation and he used your
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money, taxpayer dollars, to do it. we now have evidence he has been lying to we, the american people. it's the russia collusion conspiracies except this time we don't have to wait three years to get to the truth and the hoax, that which donald trump was innocent of.on great irony is democrats, they are once again the ones guilty of it. john solomon will be here and break that news in just a moment. first, i do want to address what is the radical, destructive, delusional democratic party in the media mob, their allies in crime, which has now descended into complete and utter madness. nonstop rage, hatred for this president is so extreme, i don't think they remember why they were ever sent to washington or what their real job is. oh, they are supposed to ber public servants. that's not even in play for ever anymore. today the president called them
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out for their psychotic obsessive hatred and hysteria. let's play this in full. >> hello, everybody. i just watched a little bit of this on television, it's a disgrace to our country, it's another witch hunt, here we go again.ou it's adam schiff and his crew making up stories and sitting there like pias, whatever you want to call it, it's a disgrace, it's a terrible thing for our country. they can't do any work, they are frozen, the democrats are going to lose the election, they know it. that's why they are doing it and it should never be allowed to what has happened to this president and despited that i think i've done just about more than any president in his first 2 1/2 years in office, if you look i think you'll see a few things we could complete for the military, the economy, we have the best economy of anywhere in the world by far. we've rebuilt our military, we have done so many things so incredible with tax cuts and
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regulation, and i have to put up with adam schiff on an absolutely perfect phone call to the new president of ukraine. that was a perfect call. but adam schiff doesn't talk about joe biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from ukraine and then millions of dollars from china. walking away in a quick meeting walking away with millions of dollars. he doesn't talk about joe biden firing a prosecutor, and if that prosecutor is not fired, he is not going to give them money from the united states of america. they don't talk about that. my call was perfect. theut president yesterday of ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever,e none whatsoever, and he said it loud and clear for the press. what these guys are doing democrats are doing to this country is a disgrace and it shouldn't be allowed. there should be a way of stopping it, may be legally through theeg courts, but they e
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going to tie up our country. we can't talk about gun regulation we can't talk about anything. they are so tied up, they are so nothing gets done except when i do it. i'm using mexico to protect our border because the democrats won't change loopholes in asylum. when you think off that, and i tell you, i want to thank mexico, 27,000 soldiers they have. think about how bad that is, we use mexico because the democrats won't fix our broken immigration system. we need their votes, if we don't get their votes, we can't do it. the republicans are all on board, they want to fix it but the democrats won't do it. they don't want to talk about infrastructure, they don't want to talk about lowering drug prices, they don't want to talk about anything because they are fixated on this, and nancy pelosi has been hijacked by the radical left and everybody knows it. thank you. >> sean: that was the president earlier today.the pre. democrats spend every second, of
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every 24-hour day and i've said before if they do make he-d cancer, they would still hate him. while democrats were always busy obsessing about the russia hoax the ukraine hoax, impeach impeach, the president has been hardt at work since he was elected and the results, they speak for themselves. take a look at your screen. these are accomplishments. this is just a side note of a president during the single most difficult hyper-partisan time, moment, if you will, in our lifetimes and through it all, he has still been able to remain focused on his promises. the success, the track record is amazing.ti we have the best employment situation sinceec 1969. in less than one term, watch what you see there. the president has renegotiated trade deals with mexico, canada japan and south korea. and, of course, the wall on our
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southern border, he's got the money now, it's getting built. more bureaucratic red tape and he successfully pointed two constitutionalist judges to the supreme court and hundreds of other federal judges. yes, originalists, t,constitutionalists. he passed the largest tax cuts in history that generated an economic boom. nearly 9 million new jobscreated stamps, around an millions morf poverty. the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. more americans are working than ever before in history. for the first time in decades this country and 75 years is energy independent and a net exporter of energy, the lifeblood of every economy on this earth. none of it matters to the left. none of it matters to their mob friends in the media. none of it, from the moment he
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entered office, frankly the day he came down the escalator with melania, they did their very best to defeat him. then of course the dirty russian dossier, the very thing they are accusing him of, they were guilty of.anthat he didn't do. it is a never ending, unceasing and hysteria, lies, hoaxes conspiracy theories, and now it is a real clear present danger to this republic. remember ben franklin? monarchy, or a public? a republic if you can keep it. i'm not so certain tonight we are going to keep it. we live in a country now where simple basic fundamental facts, objective truth, basic truth obvious truth, the rule of law, constitutional governance is in jeopardy tonight and the damage may be irreparable.and by the w,
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now like groundhog day, here we are all over thought . it's not russia, russia, it's ukraine, ukraine. for the democrats, this is never been about getting tom the truth nor about serving their constituents. all this is about for them is power and an inexplicable hatred and rage towards donald trump. render what congressman al green said in may, g democrats don't impeach the president, he is likely to win reelection. that pretty much sums it up, the end goal has always been impeachment. there is no path, no crimes high crimes, misdemeanors, abuse of power, bribery, none of that. for the past three years, democrats have tried and failed time and againto manufacture th. nancy pelosi, we have many options and many choices on impeachment, we'll just pick one and if there is no
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quid pro quo, we'll lower the bar. hysteria now surrounding ukraine is no different. devin nunes one of his finest moments in congress,e he summed it up perfectly. let's take a look at. >> i want to congratulate democrats on the rollout of the latest informational warfare operation against the president and their extraordinary ability to once again enlist the mainstream media in their campaign. this operation began with media reports from the prime instigators of the russiah collusion hoax, that a whistle-blower is claiming president trump made nepharious promise to ale foreign leader. the release transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion, but that didn't matter, the democrats simply moved to the goalposts. >> sean: pay attention, the media mob will never report this. here's what we know about the so-called whistle-blower complaint. the complaint relied on not a real whistle-blower, hearsay evidence, reports from the mainstream media. i guesss anyone in america cane
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an official government whistle-blower. just have your friends all get together and write it up in a really lawyerly way. the inspector general determined the whistle-blower had a political bias against the president, no shock there. in fact, he or she is represented by a law firm that actually pays for anti-trump leaking from the government. they even have one of their billboards outside of langley where the cia is. either way, the department of justice investigated a complaint, it didn't take them long to determine zero crimes were committed, none, zip, zero. there was no quid pro quo, the ukrainian president and even the foreign minister both denying being pressured by president trump in any way. the democrats latest ploy, impeach the president, is beyond a dud. you see that guy there, he's the biggest liar in congress, his name is the cowardly schiff. literally made up his own-- up .
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his own version of the transcript that we all read yesterday, it didn't matter what some nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower said but we had the information yesterday. all of this, we read it yesterday and there was nothing in there at all that they claimed would be ine there. he a performed a dramatic readi, schiff did, for all of his adoring fans back in california before i show you the clip, i want to make this what we are going to play you is not the transcript between trump and his ukrainian counterparts, that wouldn't work. that's called truth, objective truth. but he does is pure fiction. this is a fantasy that he decided to share at today's hearing, the guy that was caugh on tape literally colluding with someone he thought was a russian to dig up dirt from a foreign government against donald trump. watch the liar in action. >> this is the essence of what the president communicates. we've been very good to your
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country, very good. no other country does as much as we have. but, you know what, i don't see much reciprocity here. i hear what you want, i have a favor that i want from you, though. i'm going to say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? lots of it. on this and on that. >> sean: the transcript was so damning, why did mr. schiff have to make up his own version? everything schiff and his colleagues accused the president of doing, they themselves areus guilty. that would be called projection. let's look at the topic of collusion, democrats falsely claiming over and over again the president colluded with a foreign well, if that was really bad, it was actually adam schiff caught
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on take looking for naked pictures trump. did vladimir see them? did vladimirin see them? he got nailed by two pranksters who said they were from russia and they said he was trying to get dirt on donald trump to impact the elections. in 2017, in early january of that year, politico issued a damning report about the dnc's real ukrainian collusion. democrats cared about russia collusion, why didn't they care about ukrainian collusion? look at politico, a 32-minute read, according to their estimates. tukrainian government officials tried to help hillary clinton and undermine trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.p they also disseminated documents implicating a top trump made aid in incorruption and they suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away the election and they held clinton's allies, dnc operatives, that saw information from a foreign country to help impact the election toy get damaging information from trumpp
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and his advisors.he they did this with the help of a highly paid dnc operatives. that would be called real b collusion. any hysteria?any calls for inve? nope. this is a political game only if you can bludgeon trump. don't care about real collusion don't care about quid pro quo look at sleepy, creepy, joe and he is in serious trouble about what our legitimate credible claims that he leveraged a billion dollars in taxpayer money. maybe if he called and said can i talk to as a father, well, maybe that would've been different, but he used our money to get a ukrainian prosecutor fired was investigating his son and even "the new york times" warned him and t he tried many times to get this guy fired and eventually succeeded, he said you got six hours.oh, son of a . according to multiple sources as vice president in 2014, he was appointed point person by obama in ukraine.a few months later,
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joe's son hunter scored a lucrative position on the board burisma holdings, a ukrainian oil and gas giant. he had no experience in oil gas, energy, no experiencewith t anybody can find. in novemberhe 2015, joe biden ws told by "the new york times" his son is under the investigation by ukrainian authorities. december 2015 he made his first request to the president of ukraine to fire the leading5 prosecutor looking into the investigation of burisma holdings and ended the relationship with hunter biden. in march of 2016, john solomon reports he was investigating his son. that is when biden leveraged your money, a billion taxpayer dollars, forced thehe ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor in six hours, that would be ad billion reasons why
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he had to. biden claims the prosecutor was corrupt and that's what he wanted him to go. he wants you to believe the billion dollar quid pro quo had nothing totoon do with his son's company. thanks to john solomon breaking news tonight, we now have evidence that biden is likely lying through his teeth. here with the full reportinvest. have of the hill i john solomon. why don't i let you goan through, explain to the audience how many documents we have and what these documents are and what you have gleaned from them. >> over the course of 18 months i've gathered more than 450 pages of documents. these come from four sources. the state department, the ukraine prosecutor general's office, the ukraine embassy in washington, d.c., and the legal team representing burisma during the time that hunter biden was employed as a board member and consultant at that natural gas company in ukraine. that is the body of documents. these documents show, as i report tonight for the first
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time, that the very day that joe biden managed to get that ukraine prosecutor fired, that very day his son's company's lawyers, the american company lawyershe helping burisa trying to fight this investigation were trying to urgently to reach the new prosecutor, the replacement prosecutor. one week later, they managed to get that meeting. they are in ukraine less than a week after biden fires the prosecutor. in that meeting, according to the official record from the prosecutor, the lawyers for hunter biden's company stated to the replacement prosecutor, we know that the information calling mr. shokin was corrupt was "false information distributed by u.s. government officials and other figures. we would like to make this up to
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you by bringing you to washington, you are not corrupt and you instigated numerous reforms.that is the official ref the meeting. ukrainian prosecutors kept. a few days later, hunter biden's american lawyers representing hunter biden's company r burisma sent a follow-up email trying to make good on their promise to bring these new prosecutors to washington to explain the dirty tricks campaign that had beenruo clear the air. if joe biden forced the firing of this prosecutor on the grounds that he was corrupt and hunter biden's lawyers go and say that was false information, somebody's not telling the truth. we need to get to the bottom of that. >> sean: this is important here because what you are outlining here are facts, you have documents to back this up. >> i've posted the documents. people can read the documents.s. >> sean: burisma american legal reps met with ukrainians officials days after biden forced the firing of the chief did viewed the cf
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prosecutor. the chief prosecutor told you, told abc and "the washington post." it's obvious. in six hours, fire the guy or i'm taking a billion dollars home.son of a b, they fired him. why would a vice president of the united states of america want to prosecutor in ukraine fired? >> it's an internal matter. corruption has been endemic to ukraine.why a six-hour urgency? lots ofne questions but let's go to something that is new today. tonight i posted for the first time a sworn affidavit obtained by lawyers for a ukrainian oligarch, it's about to be introduced in a court in europe. it's from mr. shokin, the man that was fired. in that statement he swears under oath he was told he was fired because he refused to drop the burisma investigation and it made to mr. biden, the vice president, unhappy.
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we have to find out who's telling the truth. this is that the core of the credibility of our united states government. either joe biden is telling the truth or the prosecutors and these memos and hunter biden's legal team are not telling the truth. we have to find out which one is because it matters to american sovereignty. >> sean: is it a true statement that, like with the russia conspiracy hoax and lies that the boomerang was in effect that the only russian interference would be hillary's dirty dossier, that what they accused the president of doing is what they do. is that similar here? >> a lot of people i talked to say it looks like the democrats are projecting on donald trump what they did themselves in easternn europe. let's look at something i think
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is very important as we go through this narrative. there is an enormous body of documents on the record statements from ukraine authorities that these issues occurred that they have proof that they occurred. i have ukraine embassy emails, i have hunter biden's legal team's emails. i have the prosecutor general's official memos. these are real documents. where are joe biden's documents? let's put forth the proof that they really thought this guy had the evidence. he has not done that. >> sean: i don't think it's possible. we are going to have you back tomorrow and get in even more detail. you've been busy with this all day, this is only the beginning of 450 pages.john solomon, than. here with reaction former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia joe digenova. a former deputy assistant attorney general victoria toensing. you heard what he said, you see what is reported, it is prettyep obvious there are a billion reasons they fired a guy in six? >> we've known from the very beginning mr. shokin was not a corrupt prosecutor. we've known he was removed from
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office under pressure from vice president biden because he was investigating the vice president's son and because of his connection to burisma holdings. it's precisely why the democrats have undertaken this new move against the president of the united states with his corrupt allegation that there was something wrong with a phone call with c the president of ukraine. this is ridiculous and the reason the democrats have undertaken this offensive is to protect vice president biden. unfortunately, for them, john solomon and the work that he has done and the official records that are now available are going to shoot a hole in their ship. >> sean: victoria, we've got less than a minute in this segment, i will hold you both to the next segment, get your initial thoughts on this. >> i have here in my hand the
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statement of victor shokin. he goes into detail how they said, drop this case and joe biden is holding up over a billion dollars for us. will you resign for the good of your country, look at it as a patriotic thing to do and he did.d but, and i want to get to this when we go to the other side, sean, how he was falsely framed by people in eastern europe. >> stay right there. joe digenova, victoria toensing, congressman devin nunes, mark levine. we have a busy night stay with us.
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bragging on camera about it. we know that it was a billion dollars of our money he was threatening to withhold, and we also know that his son hunter was being investigated, his son has no history with ukraine, energy or contracts. it became a billion in private equity, so the chinese related bank, yet crump did nothing here. how did we get to a nonwhistle-blower being in the conspiracy in this? >> here's the deal, sean. joe biden shook down the ukrainian government. it's very simple. it's not complicated, and they lied about victor shokin being corrupt.
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and joe biden's son's lawyers come in after mr. shokin is fired and apologized after records obtained from that law firm to mr. shokin and his representatives were having lien about him. this was ain set up. what we are now seeing is a democratic party trying to cover that up and therefore you had a whistle-blower in the white house come forward who actually knows nothing and has created a document with the help of lawyers from other people. this whistle-blower needs to go to prison. he doesn't need to be fetted.he. >> i want to jump in here, how did that work? the u.s. and other people made false statements about him, that was george soros funded ngos who were also in bed with the state department, they were in bed with each other at the time, in the name of anticorruption and it really meansrs that geore
10:31 pm
soros goes after his competitors. this is my last point. the whistle-blowers sprinkled throughout the documents footnotes referring to a publication with the initial guess, sean, who donas occrp. george soros. >> sean: wow. >> george soros' dirty money is all over this story from day one. >> and all over ukraine and he still has embedded people at the state department. >> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover in the days to come. joe digenova, victoria toensing now the ranking member of the house intel committee congressman devin nunes and ohio congressman jim jordan. devin, i will be honest, iwi thk this iss one of your finest moments ever, your opening remarks today, an information warfare operation against the president, a nefarious promise to a foreign leader that turns out to be debunked, just like the russia hoax which you pointed out almost identical and yet we have all this information
10:32 pm
revealed. >> thanks for the kind words but the bottom line is this was a sad, sad day for america. you are seeing the destruction of one of america's finest institutions, the u.s. congress. if it can't get any lower, they got it even lower today. it doesn't make me proud to be in there today, it was really miserable for us to sit there and watch the other side actually fabricate statements that they assigned to the united states president. this is really, it is really ast unhinged, and it needs to stop. we look forward to this whole whistle-blower coming in to testify. this is going to be really interesting as we start to get to the bottom of and peel back the onion, and i think what you're going to find, it's going to be the same people that were behind the russia hoax are behind the ukrainian hoax.
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>> sean: jim jordan, it's not a whistle-blower, it's hearsay. people told me and it looks really official the way it's all written up. the inspector general didn't know the contents of the phone call and says this is arguably political bias and the doj investigated out, no action warranted. that was less than 24 hours, and the ukrainian president denies being pressured as does the foreign minister. debunked again except it didn't take threes years this time. >> sean, our committee, the oversight committee, probably deals with more whistle-blowers in a committee in congress. when a whistle-blower comes forward, youarar look for two ts to assess the credibility. where they are an eyewitness that they have firsthand knowledge? two, what was their motivation? this whistle-blower has problems in both areas, he never was on the part of the call, he never had first-hand knowledge and the inspector general even tells us that he had a political bias.he. that is washington speak for this guy was out to get the president.
10:34 pm
so this guy's got trouble on both accounts and now we find out there was no quid pro quo when you read the transcript but there was with joe biden. >> sean: that is the whole thing. you're going to bring a whistle-blower in who's nott really a whistle-blower, hearsay. i object, sustained, move forward.for the president, there is no there there. there's nothing. we saw the whole transcript. >> once you read the transcript you say of course he had political bias becauseou there's nothing in the transcript.i doee transcript, he is filing his complaint from these other sources, second and third hearsay that he had. they always accuse us of what we are doing, clinton worked withfd
10:35 pm
with russians to impact the election and they blame trump for doing it even though they are the ones who did. now you have joe biden and they are blaming n president trump fr the same thing and it's just not true. >> sean: as you said in their opening remarks, joe biden is bragging about extorting ukrainians to fire a prosecutor a billion reasons to fire a guide in six hours. then democratic senators are on letterhead pressuring the ukrainian prosecutor to reopen investigations, or we aren't going to give you money, it's pretty much the message. they are doing what they say trump did. another democratic senator went to ukraine, that would be murphy investigating corruption allegations, or to literally noh to investigate corruption allegations against joe biden's son and the dnc committee guy, he was trying to get ukrainians to stay on the issue or we are not going to support you financially. wow. that is their corruption.
10:36 pm
>> let me just get into a littlt bit of the weeds because i know your audience oft' all the audiences follow the russia hoax closely. let's remember, why was donald trump asking these questions to the ukrainian president about the 2016 election that i thought we were supposed to try to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2016 election. you had the president of the united states who has been investigated for three years under the constant microscope, a special counsel, why would the president not get on the phone when he talks to the new leader in ukraine where a lot of the originations of the russia hoax come from ukraine. your audience that knows that we don't have to get into it but everybody ignored ukraine, they ignored john solomon's work, nobody wanted to know any information about ukraine until now. s why? because they figured out a scheme where they can say what was giuliani doing over there, why was trump talking to
10:37 pm
the present of ukraine. of course he's talking to the president of ukraine because the president is the one who had to go through three years of nonsense that had its originations in ukraine. why was he getting information from ukrainians and feeding it diffusion gps? >> sean: amazing work, this is the tip of the iceberg cap. this is going to blow up like i predicted last night it would. thank you congressman nunes, jim jordan. number one "new york times" best seller 16 weeks in a row on that list, i call him the great one, the host of "life, liberty and levin," nationally syndicated host, call him the great one for a reason. great one, just do your thing, break it down from your perspective. >> a lot to cover, short period of time. after i watched this hearing it's like waterboarding, i wrote this to myself.
10:38 pm
i said, when it comes to trump the democrats and media are like drug addicts looking for their next fix. their eyes are popping out of their heads, the sweat beads are coming down their face, they raise their voices, they swing their hands and they become disgruntled. they are really freaking out. this is, we are told, august 12th, the rogue cia agents complaint. stated august 12th. it's too richard burr in the senate and adam schiff in the house. if the data is correct, that means adam schiff has had this for many weeks. first of all, as a practicing lawyer, ith went through this. i can tell you that a cia agent who is a policy guy for ukraine can't write something like this. this is a legal brief. this was vetted through lawyers, and i want to know who wrote this. i want to know who participated in writing this. w i want to know who this man spoke to, every single one of
10:39 pm
them. "the new york times" which runs cover for the democrats and attacks the president of the united states, talk about a drug fix, they say this man's lawyer who worked for chuck schumer and clinton doesn't want the identity of this mant known. too bad. if you want to impeach our president using this b.s.? we want to know all about your guy. i love today's hearing where they wrap this guy in the whistle-blower statute. whistle-blower statute?ov this guy could have been a homeless guy coming off the street talking to people, he knew nothing. oh, i heard, he heard certain people at the white house were tonitoring the conversation were upset, he heard that. isn't it funny that not a single one of theon people with firsthd knowledge filed a whistle-blower complaint? not one of them. this guy files it, this guy's
10:40 pm
represented by democrats, this guy files it. i want to know if adam schiff and the democrat staffers or any democrat were involved in orchestrating this, this leak and coups campaign. he did it in russia, he did it with brett kavanaugh, it's the same damn thing. this is a rogue cia agent. people might say it's a cia -- look what they did to the fbi. look at the sky brennan, the complete reprobate. when the cia threw over the iranian government years ago, the liberals were upset, when they tried to overthrow castro, the democrats were upset.and so. but when they try to overthrow our president, they are whistle-blowers. they are heroes. they are courageous. mr. schiff, why don't you release 90 days of your phone calls, 90 days of your texts, 90
10:41 pm
days of your emails because i know something, you are a leaker. you are devious, same with your staff. nancy pelosi went to the microphone and announced like a dictator, we are going to begin official, formal and impeachment inquiry, which of course she can't do. she is one, may i say, knucklehead out of 435 in the house of representatives. she's from san francisco, it doesn't works that way. why would she do that before she got the transcript? why? because she had this,or she kne. the rogue cia operative, this document is a thousand times worse than the actual transcript which isn't even cited in this document because the roguera cia agent never had this rewrite this document to try and get it to work with this document. the president of the nine states phone call has nothing wrong with that. the president. the president of the united states is a long conversation, i notice an
10:42 pm
in the media they are moving sentences around trying to attach things. why don't you read the whole thing? take 10 minutes rather than attacking the president for your fix and read the whole thing, so the american people will hear it.but won't do that. why? well offensive a question. why shouldn't the president of the united states say would you take a look at this? we've had news reports, newsrep, we've had entire books written about hunter biden and joe biden obstructing justice in ukraine blackmailing the ukrainian government, the president is supposed to sit there and act stupid?krve he says among a thousand other things, you might want to look into! that's unimpeachable offense.wh? you now have for united states senators who did far more than that. who insisted that the ukrainian government, insisted, investigate our president. you have another one murphy whoo
10:43 pm
insisted that the ukrainian government not invest biden.howy he cans complaints? how many they're not facing expulsion action. finally let me ask you a question. where the hell are the republican chairman in the senate? why aren't they issuing subpoenas, why don't they pretend they are elijah cummings or jerry nadler or schiff -- issue your hundred subpoenas go after their bank accounts, go after their friends and relatives, go after their accountants. go after their records and if they don't give them, that goes for you too biden. if they don't go for them, hold them in contempt. >> sean: by the way, shokin told abc, "washington post," john solomon, i quote that the prosecutor said shokin, the one that was fired six hours, "biden got me fired to save his son." he now signed an affidavit under the threat of perjury.let me she
10:44 pm
president was really looking at. this isn't the vast right-wing conspiracy, this is i'll read you the headline that says ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfired. officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect the date 1/11/2017. where are all the people who cared about election interference?they interfered ann offering it. great one, thank you and congratulations on the book. mark every sunday night at 10:00 eastern on theea fox news chann. when we come back, elizabeth warren got really flustered when asked if she would allow her vice president's son to sit on the board of a foreign company with no experience. more details coming.
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>> sean: 2020 democrats are struggling to distance themselves from the biden ukraine story.elizabeth warren d getting dragged into it. didn't dodo a good job. take a look. >> can you say whether or not under a warren administration what your vice president's child be allowed to serve on the board of a foreign company? >> no. i don't know, i would have to go back and look at details of the plan. >> sean: i'm flustered, how do i answer that? fox news contributor sara carter, ari fleischer back with're both laughing eqo i don't know who to start with. sarah, will start with you.go a.
10:51 pm
>> elizabeth warren basically has this ethics plan in place, she will ban anyone who works for her from foreign lobbying government, companies, yet she's completely flustered when asked this question, sean. this is what they do, right? theyey are trying to figure out- it's like how are they going to knock the lead horse out of the race without looking like they are knocking him out of the race. all elizabeth warren had to do was to state her own plan and to say, no,in i won't allow it at all. instead, she's confused and flustered, she doesn't want to be the first one to say it, you can hear the same thing coming out of kamalaom harris' mouth ad the other democratic potential candidates. this is how they play at. the reason why i laughed as it goes against what her own ethics plan is. nobody should have a child, it's pretty obvious, especially when they are overseeing ukraine as vice president biden did then
10:52 pm
should have their child sitting on the board of a company of a foreign company of a place that you're overseeing, like burisma holdings. >> sean: ari, you're pretty good at getting out of messes, i think the democrats got ahead of themselves. the real collusion in the real pay to play in the real pushing and influencing and withholdinga of money and threats came from the democrats. >> the hypocrisy on this drives me up a tree, and the way the press acquiesces to the hypocrisy, the fact of the matter is it was quid pro quo engaged in joe biden. if reporters did their jobs, they would ask him two hard questions. number one, what qualifications does your son hunter have to serve on a natural gas and number two, did you or did you not have a conflict of interest when yourt son served on that board? why did you give up the purview
10:53 pm
over ukraine if you had a conflict of interest? but they won't because they only want to b get president trump ad is the hypocrisy that drives me up a tree the most. i said what the president did was a 5-yard penalty, i don't believe anybody who is a candidate should ask a foreign nation to get involved in our domestic politics. he should never have raised hunter biden's name on that phone call butdi he did it. where is the press coming after barack obama, joe biden hillary clinton and thatand wor, resulted in the mueller report. they get away with it because i they are democrats and the press is soft on the democrats. >> sean: does this boomerang just like the russia collusion lie, conspiracy theorists? >> it depends how the president trump plays it.if he ,
10:54 pm
if he allows the system to unwind and get the focus back to biden where it should be, this will backfire on joe biden and as you saw with elizabeth warren, it will tie her tongue up in knots. >> i absolutely believe it will backfire and we know now that an investigation will probably happen of burisma holdings, we will find out a lot more information on that. >> sean: at least we didn'tll have to wait three years for this boomerang. thank you both. more "hannity" straight ahead.
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening. let me say this. tomorrow we are going to have a live studio audience show. we have john solomon also. he will be doing a much deeper dive. we have 450 pages of documents now that he is sifting through. remember, we will never be the media mob. they, again, have lied to you on
11:00 pm
a spectacular level, advancing their rage trump psychosis. we will never be that and we will have the details, more tomorrow coming, i promise. let not your heart be troubled why? because the news continues back to the other swamp where we just were. laura ingraham. >> laura: no. i'm in i'm in a different part of the country.they would sob m. >> sean: d.c., illinois california. >> laura: no.we are still in fl. they have their issues which we are going to talk about tomorrow but tonight impeachment mania. >> sean: can we keep chicago safe? >> laura: yeah, i think we can keep it safe. safer.there are people on the gd doing that. >> sean: can you believe this has backfired the way it has? >> laura: people are coming up to me in the airport today saying, tell me this isn't happening.e this one guy who i met years ago


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