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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 27, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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sheepdog race, join these guys. >> sandra: the whistle-blower fallout hitting a fever pitch this morning. republicans now demanding to know the person's identity as democrats ramp up calls for impeachment. president trump calling it all a democratic scam. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the news and reaction coming in fast. statement of moments ago the president calling on chairman adam schiff to resign immediately. next, speaker pelosi claiming there's a cover-up at the white house and there are a growing number of reports saying the whistle-blower did not have direct knowledge of the phone call at the center of it all.
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>> sandra: then your posts on its cover disciplining, the mass singer. >> john: at one thing is clear right now, the latest political standoff is officially underway at the capital. >> president trump: it's another witch hunt, here we go again. it's adam schiff and his crew making up stories. >> is harder to imagine a more serious set of allegations and those in the complaint. >> it was miserable for us to sit there and watch the other side set and fabricate statements. >> we are ready to impeach! >> you can judge for yourself if that was something that amounts to quid pro quo. i don't even think it's close. it was a nothing burger for me. >> donald trump is going to choke on the suppose of nothing burger. >> i don't care if you reach 227 people in the house, what you have to reach is the threshold
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of american people. >> sandra: we have newt gingrich standing by with his analysis. we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. where do things stand at this moment? >> reporter: good morning. a closer review of this nine page whistle-blower complaint reveals a number of issues that are not standard. the complaint is unusual because it relies almost exclusively on secondhand information as well as media reports to connect the dots and allege presidential misconduct. it also reveals clues about the whistle-blower and to suggest an intelligence analyst assigned to a russia ukraine portfolio. it was routine for u.s. officials with responsibility for particular regional or functional portfolio to share such information with one another in order to inform policymaking and analysis. on the allegation of a cover-up and the moving of the transcript
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of the phone call between the president and the ukrainian leader to a secret system, to former and one in current intelligence official told fox according to the whistle-blower complaint they had minimum understanding of the system and presidential communications which are among the most restricted. joseph maguire told congress yesterday that he believed the whistle-blower acted in good faith but he said that did not equate to approve presidential misconduct. >> how the white house, the executive office of the president and the national security council conducted their business is their business. there is an allegation of a cover-up. i'm sure an investigation before the committee will lead to credence or disprove that. for right now all we have is at an allegation for secondhand information from a whistle-blower. i have no knowledge on whether or not that is a true and accurate statement. >> sandra: that intelligence
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community watchdog, the inspector general said there's some indication of a political bias but none of that is public and that of course goes to the heart of the whistle-blower's motivation. >> john: meanwhile, there is new information pouring in from 2020 democrats on the campaign trail as well. >> rudy giuliani, the personal attorney for the president is conducting himself -- the new york bar association needs to investigate rudy giuliani and probably disbar him. >> i think it's fully appropriate that nancy pelosi has engaged in an impeachment inquiry. every american deserves to know the truth of what happened. >> if you are calling foreign leaders and asking for political help, at some point you have to impeach. >> john: there you go.
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peter doocy live from manchester, new hampshire, real andrew yang will hold a rally this afternoon. what are the candidates same today, peter? >> reporter: john, we've been noticing the last few days that at some fund-raisers joe biden doesn't say anything about ukraine but then at others like last night, he says things like this. "it's never been about me. it's a tactic used by the president to try to hijack an election so that we do not focus on the issues that matter in our lives, in your lives." biden said that in california where one of the senators who was also biden's primary competition, kamala harris, is named drive bring biden in a new letter to the state department's inspector general demanding an investigation to find out whether or not anyone in foggy bottom coordinated ukraine meetings with rudy giuliani, who she believes should be disbarr disbarred. the august 122019 complaint by an intelligence community whistle-blower details of
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multiple efforts by president trump and mr. giuliani to pressure ukrainian officials to investigate baseless claims about former vice president joe biden and 2016 hack of the democratic national committee. none of biden's primary rivals are joining president trump and calling for investigations about alleged biden family abuses of power but that doesn't mean all of biden's rivals believe it was right for somebody with a last name biden to hold a lucrative ukrainian energy job while their dad was vp. >> it certainly has a bad look to add, if a direct family member and in my mind they could wait until the term is over before serving that term. that certainly the way it would be under my administration. >> reporter: joe biden has not gone into any kind of detail about what exactly he knew about his son's business overseas
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except to say that nobody and his family ever did anything wrong. john? >> john: peter doocy, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring a newt gingrich now, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. he's also got a new special coming, up inside the contract with america. so be sure to pay attention to that. thanks for joining us this morning. what a moment and what a weakness in having the ability to offer such unique perspective having been at the center of the bill clinton impeachment proceedings. how would you describe the moment? >> john: mack oh, insane. you look at these guys and you can't imagine how many factual errors and absurd arguments they make. if one of them had jumped up and said if donald trump had decided to sell off this, we should
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impeach him now just in case he wants to sell the state of florida. that's where they are at right now. they were saying things that were just plain false. when you look at the transcript, at no point did trump subject, can suggest any kind of quid pro quo, it's not in the transcript. you look at the whistle-blower, so-called, and what does it tell you? the people were leaking information about a presidential call to another president. and this person over here picks up rumors, gossip and innuendo and shapes it into a complaint. the complaint is then taken as fact even though this person wasn't on the call and didn't have any direct personal knowledge. adam schiff gets up and opens up a committee hearing with a totally false recitation of what trump would have said if trump were adam schiff's version of trump.
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what he said was just plain a lie. that goes on and it compounds. finally i'm not sure the national media even now has shown the video of joe biden. this is not some mythical story by a whistle-blower. joe biden goes to counsel and foreign relations and on tape says, yes. i threatened them with the loss of a billion dollars in aid unless they fired this prosecutor. and i said to them i'm not coming back and you have six hours to solve this. he then goes on to say, son of a link, they did it. this is biden boasting that he directly threatened the country of ukraine. all these democrats who were worried about trump, who didn't threaten the ukraine, none of them were willing to raise a question, what was biden doing since we had him in his own words on tape? let's not some innuendo, it's fact. i watch this whole thing and i
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come back to a basic formula. they hate trump, they hate trump every day. they hoped it was russia. mueller was a huge disappointment and now they have a new brief moment of incitement. >> sandra: would you say mr. speaker that this will ultimately benefit donald trump? >> i think it benefits into ways. when you look at hunter biden in china and look at hunter biden ukraine, and you look at joe biden on tape, he directly threatened the ukrainians with the billion dollar penalty if he didn't drop the prosecutor. i think biden is basically gone and doesn't know it yet. and the second part i think it is, it totally discredits nancy pelosi and the democrats.
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she rushed out to say we have to consider impeachment when she had not yet read the transcript of the conversation and had not yet found out anything about the whistle-blower. basically what you found out was the heat from her left wasn't so great, she had no choice. it was purely political and it devalues the entire democratic house and it begins to put the house in trouble for the democrats next year. >> sandra: nancy pelosi appeared on another network this morning and his first reaction. >> you and i differed on clinton because that was personal behavior. but it comes down to the national security of our country and the president of the united states as being disloyal to his oath of office. >> sandra: it was interesting there and obviously, to ask you about this, pointing out what she sees as obvious differences when looking at the impeachment proceedings for then president bill clinton and now donald trump facing impeachment proceedings. >> speaker gingrich: if you
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look at all the effort made over the last year about men who prey upon women, and you look at the clinton case, we had a report from independent counsel that said he was guilty on seven different counts. he ultimately lost his license to practice law. he had to pay a large sum to the woman he had predatory behavior towards who was by the way his employee at the state government. nancy pelosi certainly wouldn't suggest predatory behavior and committing a felony, which he did when he committed perjury. nancy has a problem, because in addition, there is no proof that trump did anything wrong. and let me say this about giuliani. every modern president has had private representatives who they send places to do things. the idea that, if you are not a federal official government employee, you can't be used by the president, is absurd.
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i think you would find every president at times is that to somebody, you're going to be over there, go see this person. >> sandra: we will see what happens but, we will find out what happens there. newt gingrich, great to have you this morning. we really appreciate your time. >> john: we have a very big program for you. republican congressman brad wenstrup sits on the intelligence committee and joins us later this hour. texas senator ted cruz is our headliner today and in the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour, democratic congressman eric swalwell and sr. trump campaign advisor lara trump. breaking news and the vaping crisis sweeping the nation, 13 people are now dead, more than 800 other open cases. dr. marc siegel will join us with the latest.
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>> who are all these all these sanctuary cities are really protecting? the answer sadly and often tragically are criminal aliens. what these pro-sanctuary advocates do not do not a good when these release criminal aliens commit further crimes, the first target is often those areas that are being protected. >> john: matt albans slamming six cities yesterday. joining us now, former acting katiice director ron vitello. >> of course, it's common sense. nobody is safer when the city protect someone who is a criminal. they are here illegally and they go on to commit another crime. this happened in the last two months, right after they announced that they were going
6:18 am
to be a sanctuary. they had nine people accused of assault and rate crimes. protecting criminals is lawlessness. >> john: i want to put up a map of notable century cities that exist in this country. you find them primarily on the west coast in the northeast but also scattered throughout the middle of the country. and whether they want to or not, they are prohibited by law from altering the laws. >> they took an oath to the constitution, and allowing criminals to go free when they are in the country illegally and isis files a detainer on them. that's lawlessness and it puts those communities at risk. >> john: but the cities like san francisco and los angeles, they say if you will allow local
6:19 am
authorities to cooperate with i.c.e., you won't get good information from the migrant communities who might have criminal information but they don't want to come forward with it. how do you answer that? >> ron: i've been around the community and worked on the border as a border patrol agent. people want the law enforced. when they are a victim of these crimes, what matt said, these offenses occur in the immigrant community and they more than happy to work with authorities to get the criminals off the street. >> john: 1300 arrests this week through immigrations and customs enforcement and 200 people who could have been arrested if there detainer had been honored. in other words it would've been a whole lot easier to get some of these pickups if local authorities were cooperating, right? >> ron: that's correct. it's much safer for them to take those people into custody in the jail setting.
6:20 am
so when they are done with their state and local crimes, it's a quick phone call to a i.c.e. officer to get that person in custody and get them removed. >> john: otherwise i have to do these at-large arrests and, it's also a threat and a risk to their communities. they are out chasing criminals and it's much better done in the jail setting. and these are not minor crimes we are talking about. they are accused of assault, manslaughter, dui and on and on. they get arrested for another crime and if they get turned over -- or if they get let go again they committed other offenses inside of those communities. this is preventable crime and it puts communities at risk. all they have to do is cooperate with i.c.e., it's a simple phone call. >> john: what kind of leverage does the federal government have
6:21 am
to try to entice or, you know, create some cooperation here? >> ron: there are several programs that i.c.e. has that jurisdictions can cooperate with but, they have to use their power in the legislature to enforce these detainer's and stop letting these cities commit lawlessness. they are flouting federal law. >> john: thank you very much. >> sandra: the iranian president calling of the trump administration at the u.n. saying it's time to open the door to new talks. so how does the president respond? >> john: plus presidential donor at a buck order to remain behind bars. with the families of his alleged victims are saying, next. ♪ (music plays throughout)
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>> sandra: with a growing outbreak of lung illnesses linked to vaping, we are learning that at least 13 people have died as the cdc investigates more than 800 cases nationwide. health officials are telling people to stop vaping, now. fox news correspondent dr. marc siegel is joining us now. we've been talking about this for quite some time, are the dangers increasing and are we learning more about the causes of these illnesses? >> both are occurring at the same time. some of this has been in the works but the cdc is catching up with cases they are but also more and more cases are according. 13, now 14 occurred. four states have actually banned flavored e-cigarettes. michigan, new york, massachusetts and rhode island. president trump is said is considered banning flavored e-cigs while this is figured
6:26 am
out. the problem is, we don't really know what's in these things. i will tell you what the headline here is. most of the injuries and the deaths are occurring because of oil. because of vaped oil. now, radio vape oil? that's thc and cbd, marijuana type products. they have substances that are used to cut the oil, emulsifiers they are called. they are causing most of the acute lung injury. now, some e-cigarettes that are on the market in your convenience store are water-based, but they have flavors that are toxins in them. compounds in them. the more flavored it is. >> sandra: what does this mean for the future of vaping and learning about the dangers of it? you can study what's sold on the shelves but you can't judge what's being put in these devices because some people are
6:27 am
making home solutions. >> great point. if somebody gets one of these devices and they take out what was put in it and they put in something that they made themselves or got online. the information is everywhere. and the fda can't police elicit manufacturers or suppliers but of course, the drug enforcement agency can. so more and more regulation and authorities have to be getting involved here. the fda was never really given a road map here. they were never told what's in these things and that's where we have to start. i want to emphasize again most of the lung damage as do to elicit use. >> sandra: perhaps getting buried in the news this week was the ceo of the largest maker of e-cigarettes has now stepped down. the ceo of juul. and he was known for most recently being interviewed and saying, i'm not telling anyone
6:28 am
to go out and start vaping. it's mostly for adults who transfer over to this. >> i tell you all the time, i use the word disingenuous. i was bowled on this because i said a flavor like cotton candy or creme brulee or mango is targeted toward a teen. a 70-year-old smoker in my office is not using mango. they are using the cigarette flavored e-cigarettes. >> sandra: we had a user on a program just to get her personal story and she said that's what got her started. we will keep following it. >> this is no cause for any joy, this is a very sad time for our country. the impeachment of a president is a serious as our congressional responsibilities can be and we always have to put country before party. >> john: speaker nancy pelosi stepping up her impeachment by showcasing the trump
6:29 am
administration of a cover-up at the highest levels. republican congressman and brad wenstrup was in that hearing and joins us next. >> sandra: and at senator elizabeth warren and presidential candidate firing back at reports that wall street democrats would back president trump over her. moneyman charles payne has something to say about that and he joins us live next hour. >> john: and a super bowl liv has its halftime act. j. lo an and shakira. two superstars share the stage for the first time ever. ♪ interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow.
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>> you would concur, we do not, director, that this complaint alleging serious wrongdoing by the president was credible? >> it's not for me to judge, sir. >> it's actually your job to protect from secrets, right? >> if the president is working properly with a foreign government, that could come for my secrets. >> congressman that's an allegation. >> you would agree that this should be investigated, would you not? >> chairman, the horse has left the barn, you have all the information. >> john: clashing with joseph maguire yesterday at that hearing with democrats ramping up their impeachment push. joining us as a member of the
6:34 am
house intelligence committee, republican congressman from ohio brad wenstrup. we saw you in that room yesterday congressman, what a moment for the congress to look on. what was happening in that room and what were you thinking particularly in that moment with the chairman of the committee who was pressing the acting dni. >> i thought it was interesting in the way that we were pressing that man. he was doing everything by the book. he went to the office of legal counsel and trying to get to determine whether this fell into the legal counsel. one law overrides another law and that didn't seem to get through the heads of the people on the intelligence committee. we saw one person sitting in the chair as the chairman and a trying to give a description of a conversation between the
6:35 am
president and another head of state that he misrepresented. he totally misrepresented that, acting like it was quotes. and we had another man who was sitting there who has had a stellar career of honor and integrity, i was trying t to do the right thing and i think he held up very well. >> sandra: he commented moments ago saying that he should resign. he just said it before and set it again. what you saw was democrats particularly taking issue with process. over and over, and he handled that complaint, taking it to the first white house rather than congress. did you have any issues with how the acting dni handled that whistle-blower complaint? >> i don't at this point but i was waiting for him to come and talk to us.
6:36 am
he explained the step-by-step process. we saw some of this before on the intelligence committee, so i'm surprised he went that route because it was very well explained. it was a legal and binding and that legislation will tell us. when you think about it, we now have the speaker of the house saying she wants to impeach. she said for a cover-up. the cover-up of what? we've had the office of legal counsel, and to tell us what they're feeling wise and we also have the complaint. we also have a conversation between the president. what more do you want to? it is transparent and hardly a cover-up. >> sandra: meanwhile, senator lindsey graham, as far as what is next and how things proceed from here, he has tweeted this out. "it is imperative that we find out which white house official talked to whistle-blower and w
6:37 am
why. why didn't they lodged the complaint, the senator asked? so i will ask you congressman, what do you want to see happen next when it comes to the whistle-blower and the complaints? >> if you really want to get to the truth i guess you have to find out who the whistle-blower talked to and i want to know who helped the whistle-blower put together the complaint because it seems to have been written by someone of high professional abilities. it seems like a legal document rather than just somebody saying, i have a complaint. we've got a lot of questions are asked, who was involved in this and why, there was a bias. we will continue on and to speaker pelosi wants to have an inquiry of impeachment, which by the way, has to be voted on on the floor. >> sandra: rudy giuliani mentioned in that conversation
6:38 am
with the ukraine, and that was brought up in the hearing room. kamala harris in reaction to yesterday saying that he needs to be investigated and possibly disbarred from the relationship with the ukraine and, nancy pelosi seems to be bringing attention to bill barr. in an interview this morning she said he had gone rogue. is there any update as to how where they decide to go with rudy giuliani and william barr in regards to a possible hearing? >> my guess is, we sing this playbook before, they will try to discredit virtually anybody who is associated with the president of the united states in one way shape or another. the ones who should be discredited are the ones who gave a false account of what the conversation was. we could go on and on and on. what we are seeing is people accusing others of what they
6:39 am
themselves have been doing, for the last three years. and it would have a lot more credibility if our chairman would even take a look at some of the things that were done within the fbi and doj and other areas. and i will say this, too. if president trump did what joe biden bragged about doing, then i think he would have a problem, but i don't see that from that conversation. >> sandra: how are republicans going to say to that based on what you are saying? we will have to go through all the legal processes we can, and and you lead on behalf of the american people, you don't lead on behalf of your politics in your political party. >> sandra: we are out of time
6:40 am
but i appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. congressman brad winthrop. >> john: families of some of the victims relieved yesterday after democratic mega donor ed black was ordered to remain behind bars. he was arrested on drug distribution charges after two fatal overdoses in his home. jonathan hunt is with us. >> reporter: it took less than 10 minutes for the judge to decide that ed beck should be held in custody. those charges started his arrest in the wake of a meth overdose of a 37-year-old man. prior to that overdose, which the victim survived, two men had died from similar method overdoses inside buck's apartment. he was investigated in those cases but never charged. one of those men, jamel moore,
6:41 am
died in 2017 having written in a journal about his drug addicti addiction. the final entry saying "if it didn't hurt so bad, i would kill myself. but i will let ed to buck do it for now." >> we should all feel happy today that at the buck is not torturing or killing another black, man. >> reporter: ed buck is a longtime political activist and donor to democrats and has given an ad that are $13,000 to candidates and groups over the last 11 years. including small donations to the presidential campaigns of barack obama, hillary clinton and john kerry. prosecutors told the judge yesterday that the patent of drug overdoses inside of buck's home made him "a significant risk to public safety" and the
6:42 am
judge apparently agreed to. so buck will remain behind bars until his trial begins. he faces a potential 20 year sentence. >> john: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> sandra: brand-new reaction coming in from president trump after iran called on the u.s. to drop sections, crippling that country's economy. general jack keane will join us on that, next. sfx: upbeat music a lot of clothes you normally take to the cleaners aren't dirty dirty. they just need a quick refresh. try new febreze clothing quick dry mist.
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>> distinction must be dissolved, and pursue a policy of dialogue and logic and reason. >> john: that's iran's president who is on rue honey baking the u.s. to stop its maximum pressure campaign. but moments ago president trump tweeted that sanctions will not be lifted. i wonder about the wisdom of iran going to the u.n. and saying, lift the sanctions, president trump. is anybody listening to what they have to say? >> general keane: just think. john, you are putting your finger on a major problem. they've been in a desperate situation because of these sanctions and the crippling effect it's had on them. it's impacting their decision-making. just think about this.
6:47 am
ten days before the u.n. general assembly, they conduct an attack, a successful military attack i may say, and through the defense systems of the saudis and one of the world's largest oil fields. ten days later they show up knowing full well the united states will have the evidence on it. they know they are lying through their teeth and they come out more diplomatically and politically isolated than they were when they went in there. not only that but france, germany and the u.k. have sided with the americans as a result of it to join the sanction campaign and also now renegotiating the nuclear deal which is something they were not willing to do. >> john: i thought they were going to persuade president trump but that persuasion apparently has not worked. it is with the president tweeted out a few minutes ago. he said iran wanted me to lift the sanctions imposed on them in order to meet and i said of course, no.
6:48 am
they are not exactly bargaining for to from a position of strength. at least not now. they are putting pressure on president trump to reduce sanctions. i don't believe they are at the end of that playbook by a stretch, they will continue to conduct kinetic escalation. and now they are attacking the world economy and trying to destabilize it. we can expect another one of those or possibly something even larger than that. i believe at some point the only thing that will stop that kinetic escalation, john, is
6:49 am
military retaliation. >> john: i know it's somewhat personal for you having been an army general, and so many of our forces in iraq were killed by those iranian bombs, the explosive penetrators, that killed so many american troops. >> general keane: a minimum of 600 and possibly 1500. they blew up our marine baller, like barracks the early 80s, the hezbollah blew up our air force barracks in the 90s. they blew up two of our embassies. they've been killing americans ever since the islamic republic of iran came to power by revolution in the early 80s. >> john: it so how do we continue to maintain the pressure? >> general keane: the iranian people are being hurt, there's no doubt that sanctions of this magnitude.
6:50 am
that's $140 million as a result of the nuclear deal that obama struck with them in 2015. as opposed to use that money to help stimulate the economy and provide relief to their citizens, they poured it into the civil where war in syria, and, people are holding them accountable for it. >> sandra: a flight forced to change course after a passenger becomes irate. and threatening crewmembers. what sent him off. >> john: and relatives of the victims of a mass shooting at the aurora, colorado, movie theater raising red flags over the debut of the new film, "the joker." what they are asking warner bros. to do. >> would you please stop bothering my kids why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college...
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>> sandra: and alaska airlines flight to los angeles forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger became irate after being told he could not use the restroom in first class. david lee miller joins us now in studio with more. >> reporter: at some point most of us have coveted that first class seat, blanket or meal but authorities say coach passenger went too far, demanding to use the first class bathroom. it happened yesterday afternoon on alaska airlines flight 411 from jfk to los angeles. >> there are people right here that can use the bathroom, while the whole bathroom up there is empty. >> the man who has not been identified as wearing clothing with the jets team logo. he became irate when he was told that he could not use
6:55 am
first-class facilities. the airline said the man threatened crewmembers and the flight safety. fellow passengers were alarmed by some of the alleged threats. >> i'm going to kill everybody. i'm going to snap at you. it was horrible. horrible. but the crew was great. >> he said he was going to kill the pilot and beat people up. >> at one point the captain addressed the issue on the p.a. saying the man was making a fuss. the crew then diverted the plane to kansas city where the man was taken off the aircraft to applause of those on board. the fbi is now handling the matter and it has not said what if any charges he might face. we reached out to alaska airlines and we have not heard back yet. but the airlines guidelines
6:56 am
state that exceptions might be made for guests with special needs. the flight by the way eventually arrived in l.a. five hours late. >> sandra: david lee miller with that story. thank you. >> john: democrats are moving forward they say with an impeachment inquiry. what happens to the legislative agenda and proposals on immigration and gun control? senator ted cruz is our headliner next hour and he's here to respond to it all. on]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at
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7:00 am
>> sandra: the push for impeachment intensifying this morning >> nancy pelosi no accusing the white house of a "cover-up" and is taking direct aim at the u.s. attorney general bill barr. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it's friday morning and i'm sandra smith. and >> john: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. demanding answers on exactly who the blower is and who he or she might have worked with. meanwhile speaker newt gingrich telling us last summer that the path that for democrats would be treacherous. >> it totally discredits nancy pelosi and the democrats. she rushed out to say we have to consider impeachment when she had not yet read the transcript of the conversation and had not yet found out anything about the whistle-blower. basically what you find out was the heat from her left was so great, she had no choice. >> sandra: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is
7:01 am
live on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: a day after the acting director of national intelligence testified here on capitol hill >> nancy pelosi took aim at attorney general william barr. >> i think where they are going as a cover-up of the cover-up. to have a justice department to go so rogue, and they have been for a while. it just makes matters worse. >> reporter: they push back on the claim. >> if they are claiming cover-up, it's the worst cover-up ever. for heaven sakes they released the transcript and did so very close quickly. at one point they might have been afraid that some of this would leak and we don't know if that's true anyway. >> reporter: are leading white house allies says the team
7:02 am
should be protected after previous leaks. >> if i were the white house i would protect everything in the white house because somebody is out to undo the president. i've never seen the white house that has this many problems with people. the deep state theory, i never really bought into but there are a lot of people out there that are taking their agenda and running wild with it. >> reporter: pelosi says there is no timely timeline but a vocal freshman said democrats are eager to get this done. >> i'm pretty confident that we are not going to see this process get dragged along. i think that the timing and the urgency of this matter is part of the consensus that we have all the way from the bottom to the top. >> reporter: lawmakers are leaving town for two weeks and it's not entirely clear what the impact will be on this impeachment push. >> sandra: mike emanuel on the hill for us, thanks. let's first take into all the
7:03 am
legal aspects of the moment. tom dupree is a former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. tom, good morning to you and thank you for being here. let's look back at how the day unfolded yesterday. did any issues pop up that strike you as illegal, committing a crime, because the democrats are talking about a cover-up. >> tom: we heard the testimony from the director of national intelligence, and he seemed to be operating in good faith and making an effort to do the right things, consult with the white house and the justice department on how to treat the whistle-blowers complaint. i think even democrats acknowledge that this was someone who is trying to do the right thing, and he was obviously in a difficult and unprecedented situation and he handled it as best he could ha have. >> sandra: donald trump's personal attorney, jay sekulow, attorney to the president was on
7:04 am
fox news earlier this morning and had this to say. >> i've been practicing law for 40 years. it was hearsay. the whistle-blower acknowledged -- i have no first-hand knowledge of this but it was told to me by people, you could get that knowledge in the u.s. district court in the middle georgia but the congress doesn't even bother reading that. what do they do? we have the adam schiff parity. >> tom: it's interesting. that's one of the things that jumps out at you when you read that complaint, this is a whistle-blower who didn't have much direct information or knowledge. and of pulling not to get her to the complaint, and that was a really impressive document. and what it tells me is that this is whistle-blower number one who was probably acting in concert with a lawyer, and a number two, really wanted to make a focused legal case
7:05 am
against the president of the united states. >> sandra: is a president in any legal danger? >> tom: i think the president faces significant political danger in terms of impeachment although it seems unlikely that even if the house were to impeach him, he would actually be removed by the senate. i think that at this point the democrats are running a risk and what we've seen over the last few days is, number one, setting expectations at a level it seems unlikely. but it's almost like a tolstoy novel and its complexity and all the character, and the democrats try to package this in a way that's persuasive to the american public, it will be a tough task. >> so the impeachment ball. >> tom: this is being passed
7:06 am
off to a committee. either a judiciary committee or a special select committee, so it would proceed at the committee level first before being presented to the house as a whole. i suspect she realizes that even though we see them numbers for impeachment have increased, it may not be at a point right now where she feels comfortable putting the impeachment question before the full house of representatives. >> sandra: tom dupree, we appreciate your input. >> john: we have jessica tarlov, charlie hurt's, and also a fox news contributor, and david as men to come up with familiar face an anchor of "bulls and bears." good morning. so nancy pelosi says she wants impeachment to proceed. does she just want the headlin headlines? she's a very shrewd and this is
7:07 am
very dangerous territory for democrats. i think she probably realizes that nothing really changed this week in terms of building an actual case of impeachment against the president. and she knows that it's just as bad -- the idea of pursuing impeachment is just as bad for democrats today as it was two weeks ago. >> john: is she listening to the rashida tlaib's of the world? see, i think she's listening more clearly to voters after two years of a mueller investigation could not convince americans that there should be impeachment. i've lived through to impeachments, and i think you are old enough to have said the same thing, and there is a whole series of things that have to be brought to bear if you are going to convince first the house and then the senate that a president should be removed from office.
7:08 am
that's an entire impeachment based on a 30 minute conversation that i think has been misinterpreted by third-party. >> what part of that was the timing of it. we hadn't yet gotten the timing for the phone call. may i remind you, you are facing a two week congressional recess here. the president takes on nancy pelosi, and she says she's not the one in charge anymore. here's the president. >> president trump: it's another witch hunt, here we go again. it's adam schiff and his crew, making up stories and sitting there like pious whatever you want to call them. it's a disgrace.
7:09 am
she's had control from day one. by focusing democrats you can bash me in your districts if you need to. she's true to the bone about this. she drives donald trump crazy, and i'd like to draw attention to the op-ed written by seven democrats that are in purple districts, most with background in the intelligence community. that's alarming and, they are open to the idea. you have the same thing with nixon. we also know how public opinion changed during that inquiry. and it nancy pelosi absolutely knows what she's doing.
7:10 am
>> sandra: and doing so before she saw the phone call transcript. >> all of the reporting that has been completely vindicated. >> i don't think there is inconsistency between the phone call on the whistle-blower complaint. >> the president of the united states of america united states of america is abusing the power of the office. >> it's corroborated. if you want to take michael atkinson, the ig career and say now that he some sort of partisan hack, he did his job which is what dni mcguire testified to yesterday. he investigated that he spent two weeks talking with the other sources. >> nancy pelosi may still be in charge of her party and the reason she did that, the funny timing on that announcement was because it didn't matter what came out. she was going to make this statement anyway, which is to say, we are going to launch a a
7:11 am
formal inquiry which of course means nothing. she's playing rope-a-dope with her left wing group of lawmakers, like the aoc. just the way those democrats in that district airplane rope-a-dope with their own voters. >> can i just mention the elephant in the room which is, far more evidence emerging with malfeasance regarding the ukraine then there is by far with the president and his dealings with the ukraine. that's beginning to roll out. everybody who says the mainstream media, there is no evidence of this has been riding about evidence of this for the past year, whether it's "the washington post" or "the new york times." you can go down the list. there are a lot of things coming out, there's a whole new series of memos from john solomon in that hill suggesting that in fact what biden said about the ukraine prosecutor who is focusing on his son's business in the ukraine was wrong and incorrect. joe biden has already
7:12 am
contradicted what his son said about the talking about this thing in the ukraine. so this whole investigation is going to have on bill biden's run for the presidency is critical. >> this is exactly what republicans want to do. they want us to be having a conversation about joe biden and hunter biden. it is -- hold on. i know when it happened. the timeline is critical here, when the prosecutor was actually investigating the company that hunter biden was on the board of. when that ended, and the fact that joe biden came to the ukraine being backed by the ims and by the european allies. please. >> biden had no business lobbying for the faring of prosecutinprosecutor was targets son. >> first of all, that investigation was closed. >> there is other evidence. "the washington post" in july of
7:13 am
this year said biden offered u.s. aid to the ukraine to increase gas production which could benefit the ukraine energy industry and of course, theresa may is the largest gas industry in the ukraine. there's so many details of -- >> okay hold on. >> me i finish? there are so many details were biden overstepped the bounds where he recused himself of any details with the ukraine and he didn't do it. >> sandra: perhaps that's part of the attention that the democrats now have on them in the wake of that phone call. meanwhile, release coming from the white house. >> these leaks are dangerous and people in this government are entrusted with secure sensitive information that deal with the sensitive security of this country and they put it out in the public's -- it's disgusting
7:14 am
but it's dangerous. >> we look back at the very beginning of this administration and it's been defined by this president's campaign and then you have these incredible weeks that are coming out from within the white house. it's truly astonishing. i do think it is a national security threat and the other thing that i think is important to remember about this gossip whistle-blower, hearsay whistle-blower who, by the way, he is the cornerstone of this impeachment inquiry. i think it's interesting to ask questions about, who didn't give him or her all that information? how did she get it? where there are violations of classified material in passing that stuff around? because as professional as the document itself was, and that clearly raises serious questio
7:15 am
questions. >> sandra: by the way we are pointing out the numbers that we've seen since nancy pelosi's announcement. i know the campaign manager tweeted out $5 million combined in 24 hours but since that announcement it's reached nearly $14 million. >> of the rnc and the trump campaign have been fund-raising machines but it's important to not talk about these as leaks. it's not the same thing as reporting that president trump eats two hamburgers and three chocolate ice creams, these are concerned that he is abusing his power. he knew that the phone call was bad news and that's why he had people not story properly. they put it -- for months -- we do know about that. >> catherine herridge is saying there is a misunderstanding of the way presidential phone calls are stored and that is part of what people are accusing them of. >> and there's a history of
7:16 am
people accusing these phone calls. >> and rudy giuliani being sent the ukraine by the state apartment? let's be real here. >> thank you. >> sandra: we still have another big hour coming up. chris wallace will join us for analysis and we will hear from eric swalwell and lara trump is here, senior advisor to the 2020 campaign. keep it right here. >> john: also two big stories we are talking about with their headliner today. first, our democrats so wrapped up in the impeachment drama that they are putting legislation on the back burner? also, tension between washington and tehran not cooling down as the president says the u.s. has been waging a maximum pressure campaign. senator ted cruz joins us live in the studio. >> we want peace and we want a peaceful resolution with the
7:17 am
islamic republic and iran and in the end it will be up to the iranians whether they choose violence or hate. ying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel as of 12pm today, i am debt free ♪ not owing anyone anything is the best feeling in the world, i cannot stop smiling about it ♪ when didwhen i needed ton? jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready... to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. crest's three dimensional whitening... ...removes stains,... ...whitens in-between teeth... ...and protects from future stains.
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7:21 am
>> sandra: democrats continue pushing for impeachment but our important legislative issues falling by the wayside and president trump tweeting this just a moment ago. democrats are now going to be known as the "do nothing party." senator ted cruz is a member of the judiciary committee. good morning to you senator. what a week. >> slow news day. not much happening. >> sandra: put this in perspective, where does this leave things >> washington is always a circus but this is three rings with all the clowns, and it's nuts right now.
7:22 am
it's driven at the end of the day. congressional democrats are angry. they are angry about the 2016 election and ultimately they are angry at the voters. they are angry that the voters elected president trump. from day one they wanted to get this president out of office. and, they are working together to try to raise wages and expand opportunity. >> sandra: clearly senator, and following that and that made public unredacted, and at that came out to see and read it. did anything that came up? >> what we have seen is a
7:23 am
consistent and relentless push to impeach. the mueller report came in and it found no collusion and suddenly all the democrats who have been screaming impeach had nothing to say. right now they are screaming ukraine and ukraine, and in a month or two, it's labeled to be something else. there is an investigation in the senate and the senate voted unanimously to send us complete to the senate intelligence committee. >> sandra: where there are allegations about pressuring the ukrainian president to act on joe biden's family using congressionally approved funds? mentions of rudy giuliani meeting with world leaders, this is the president's personal attorney. did anything concerning you? >> i read the transcript carefully and i read the entire so-called whistle-blower complaints. the transcript did live up to its billing so just a few
7:24 am
minutes of the mike months ago the democrats were on tv breathlessly saying you will see an illegal quid pro quo. well if you look at the transcript there's no illegal would croak while in a transcript. the president is asking another foreign leader to assist in investigating, number one, election interference in 2016. now that is a perfectly legitimate and appropriate law enforcement priority. the democrats have been talking nonstop about russian interference and i'm not sure why they somehow think ukrainian interference should be examined. >> it strikes me, you ran for president and you fought donald trump truth and a nail. you two exchanged some pretty rough language. but at the end of the day he wanted and you recognize him as the president. it appeared on the other side of the aisle, many have not accepted that outcome?
7:25 am
>> well i have a job to do and my job is to represent 28 million texans. it was a rough-and-tumble primary and there were some hard blows that were thrown but at the end of the day we have a democratic process. the voters decided donald trump as the president and my job is to fight for the people of texas. i've worked hand-in-hand with the president for the last two and a half years. i worked very closely with the president and he was down in houston just on sunday. i was with him at an incredible event, with the indians prime minister, and the democrats are starting on election day. there was like this primal scream. we all remember watching, and you can see the other networks. i think there is no mystery for whom they voted in 2016. you could see their look of shock and anger and that anger has never receded. >> sandra: that brings us to today and nancy pelosi says this is not about politics in her moment this week. she said it's about putting
7:26 am
country before party. is the speaker in her own words. >> impeachment of a president is as serious as our congressional responsible dates can be apart from declaring war. so we have to be very prayerful. democrats and republicans would have to put country before party very clearly in the public view. >> sandra: but now we are talking about impeachment in the ukraine. you have come up with the way to beef up the system, the background check system for purchasing guns in this country. can anything get done on gun reform in the face of all of this? >> senator cruz: it certainly should. let me say two things. i think nancy pelosi understands that impeachment is a train wreck for the democrats. she's been trying to hold back the hordes. watching her kind of reminded me of a hostage video.
7:27 am
her extreme left is angry. they are marching in the streets with pitchforks and torches. that's not good for the american people. i've been there for too many of those mass murders in the days and weeks that follow, whether in el paso, odessa, santa fe or southern strings. springs. it focuses on felons and fugitives, and that also protects the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. democrats don't want to do that. >> sandra: so you are saying she doesn't have control over her own party? >> senator cruz: and she doesn't.
7:28 am
her basis so filled with rage, and that's any meaningful substantive legislation. >> so you have legislation over the senate. >> in 2013 we took up grassley cruise. grassley cruz got 52 votes. we've got nine democrats and most of the bipartisan support of the democratic legislation. fortunately harry reid and the democrats. every time they have a mass shooting, and those proposals won't work. if you look at it, there is a very good argument that we could have prevented a number of these mass shootings. why?
7:29 am
because it targets the bad guys. and the department of justice by and large doesn't prosecute them. grassley cruz says, that's common sense and that's what we ought to be doing. at least right now the house doesn't seem to have any interest in doing that. >> sandra: and off to a two-week recess everyone goes. we know you are headed back to texas but we appreciate you stopping at "america's newsroom" first. >> john: elizabeth warren versus la wall street. what deep pocket but atomic donors are threatening to do. >> our government has a role to play but we also need more balance in the system. structural change and that means we need more power in the hands
7:30 am
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7:34 am
>> sandra: democratic donors on wall street reportedly saying that if 2020 candidate elizabeth warren gets the nomination, they will either sit out the fund-raising cycle or back donald trump instead. charles payne, a host of "making money" as here, and take that. >> i love that one. it's like the limousine liberals are like what? are you serious? [laughs] we are good, we are done with the rhetoric. she's got to go right after their pockets. and that will impact economically for a variety of reasons including you simply can't pay for it without taxing every single thing on this planet that moves. but her first target obviously will be from wall street.
7:35 am
and they will donate all the time, they love progressive clauses and they are always there. >> sandra: you know what she and her team say, while taxes might go up for some overall comfort the economy would benefit and therefore the middle class would thrive. >> i think arguments might start to shift a little bit and i got my cue from germany which almost put the 60 billion towards claimant's, to the population of wanting to do progressive's things. we do a lot of the segments on how she's going to pay for it but i'm not even sure she's going to have to explain that anymore. she's just going to say it's the right thing to do. >> she seems to be on a roll. in that quinnipiac poll she's ahead of joe biden, 25% and
7:36 am
bernie sanders falling well behind now at 16%. there you see pete buttigieg and kamala harris. >> she is a juggernaut right n now. she -- almost all of her saying the same things, and she has actually put these policy papers together so she is adding something to it. i also think she comes across as may be believing it more than some of the others out there. we remember the speech that put her in the national stage, you propelled her into the national limelight. so i think she's more believable. if that's a topic that propels the democratic party, bernie sanders sort of introduced it all but i don't know that she's got necessarily the energy right now. she seems to have taken the baton from him and she's the one that may be democratic voters believe could make it happen.
7:37 am
>> sandra: here she is in her own words, and a tweet. i'm fighting for the economy and the government that works for all of us. i'm not afraid of anonymous quotes and wealthy donors don't get to buy this process. i won't back down from fighting for the big structural change that we need to. meanwhile here's bernie sanders talking higher taxes for medicare for all. >> is health care free? no it's not. people do pay more taxes. but if i say to you that right now you are paying 20,000 per year in a tax called a premium for the insurance companies, that's gone. if i say stephen, you paying $10,000 per year now to the federal government, your 10,000 to the good to come he would ask where do i sign up for that? >> she is going to say broad picture. it's the right thing to do. wealthy people have all the money, you have nothing. it's unfair, let's fix it. by the way, it's working for
7:38 am
them. >> sandra: she's got momentum, she's rising in the polls. >> you want to see what happens. >> john: the new one a brother "joker" yet to be released but, why some of the victims of the 2012 aurora -- families of the victim say this is a dangerous message. ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places...
7:39 am
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7:42 am
>> this is the last time we will be meeting. >> he just asked the same question every week. how's your job? are you having any negative thoughts? all i have are negative thoughts. >> john: a backlash over the new movie "joker" which is set
7:43 am
to hit theaters next week. families of those killed in the aurora, colorado movie theater shooting have written letters to warner bros. expressing conditionconcerns.heather dear e chair of the 720 memorial foundation and she joins us now. heather, thanks for being with us. i'm sure it's tough for you to watch the clips of the movie that's coming out and it not get emotional about it but what is your argument about this particular film? >> i don't think it's an argument about the film itself or their creative thoughts that are put into it, it's just bringing awareness and recognizing that people are going to be triggered by this. the victims and their families, and even the community who
7:44 am
experienced the tragedy, for some people it might be disturbing. and people bringing awareness to the fact that seven years later, people are still needing help and needing support, and i think that went something like this comes out especially in today's environment, when there has been so many mass shootings, it will bring up a lot of trauma or some people. >> sandra: you have offered a solution perhaps for the studios to donate some of the money from the film to help victims of these types of shootings. have you heard any sort of response? >> we did see the response letter from warner bros. which was very timely and very compassionate and they should be commended for that. they do say that they do donate to things like that so, we hope that they would reach out to our
7:45 am
7/20 memorial foundation and help us in our mission to bring awareness and advocate for victims and survivors. we are working on a project to build a colorado resilience center which includes people not only who have experienced trauma from mass shootings but, any trauma. so our organization tries to take a positive approach to this in the healing on the help of it. and you know, warner bros. was nice enough to respond like that. if this film coming out at this time, even though, arguably the shooter in our case was not necessarily portraying himself as the joker, it's inextricably connected and so now it's newsworthy. it's going to be talked about and it's going to have controversy in it. but long after this news cycle ends, there are still people who are hurting and need help. i just hope that when people
7:46 am
watch this film, one of the other things would be, if you are watching part of the film and you are noticing what happened to this person before it went dark, maybe you could have been in that situation where you are kinder to him. and we are just asking people to be aware and remember the victims that were lost and the people who are still surviving with that trauma. >> john: is that the portray her role of the character of the joker that is bothering you so much? because other batman films have been released since 2012. >> no. for me it's not the character of the joker or even the fact that it's a batman franchise film. it's just -- and it doesn't even bother me that the film is being made and portraying someone as a protagonist and seeing how you can empathize with someone who could go so wrong in their life.
7:47 am
but i think a lot of people are drawing comparisons to that character and, you know, the perpetrators of all these mass shootings. so i don't think that anyone in our case was asking or saying there's something wrong with this film or somehow it told us anything. it was just more if you are going to put this out there, let's have a discussion and talk about the trauma that it might cause. >> sandra: such an important discussion to be had. the director of the film has responds with the statement and i want to read that to you. he says, i think it's because outrage is a commodity. it's something that has been a commodity for a while. what's outstanding to me in this discourse in this movie is how easily the far left can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda. it's been eye-opening for me. heather, if you want to respond to that? >> his statement they're talking about the far right in the far left, i don't really have a
7:48 am
response to because i don't thik this is about blaming anyone or saying or saying there is a right or a wrong. i feel like for us it's just advocating for the people who are left over to pick up the pieces and for people to realize that this is real life for people. some people might think it's stupid and it's just a movie but some people have lost their children and their loved ones and are heard about this. so there are people besides us who do have those arguments that he's talking about and i don't know, i can't speak for them. >> sandra: she was beautiful, the youngest victim, your cousin. we remember her this morning, and her mother who was left paralyzed. thank you for telling your sto story. >> thank you for remembering. it's been parent is sentenced in the college admissions cheating scandal. how much time he will serve in prison and what it could mean
7:49 am
for actress lori laughlin. and did you see this? >> applying for a job in getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado. >> sandra: hillary clinton ramping up the personal and political attacks against president trump. brand-new reaction from lara trump, the president's daughter-in-law, i headed up on "america's newsroom." >> we run monthly forecasts in each country. and for a range of tax scenarios
7:50 am
7:51 am
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7:53 am
♪ >> sandra: a third parent sentenced to prison and the college admissions bribery's a scandal. a los angeles los angeles businessman sentenced to four months after admitting to paying $400,000 to get his son into georgetown as a fake tennis recruit. the end, good morning to you. so how -- what happened here and
7:54 am
how did this one play out? >> this is the third parent he sentence but they all got prison time. it's only been a few months or like felicity huffman, 14 days but there has been some incarcerated tory part of the sentence and that's foreboding that people will be sentenced later on. >> john: the story that outraged so many people connected to some for vevo is that after he pleaded guilty, and son sue georgetown and said, yes, i got in under walls pretenses but you should have caught me. >> you expelled me a couple years after you should have known about the fraud. acceptance of responsibility is a big part of getting the sentence. if you are suing this at school to keep your son there. >> he said i accept real responsibility but it's really rick singer's fault for luring me in. how much was the consultant luring him in, and some of them
7:55 am
were saying -- >> so what does this say about what's going to happen with lori laughlin? >> she's innocent until proven guilty, but she would probably face significant incarcerated tory time. usually the best plea deals occur, and they don't get as good of a plea offer and if someone goes to trial to get a harsher sentence. saying she could go to trial, then she's willing to dice. >> i have new found respect for felicity huffman who step forward and said, i did it. i'm embarrassed but i did it for me kid. that helps with the judge. >> certainly. if you accept responsibility earlier, the judge will be more lenient. some of the parents including lori laughlin are s so far
7:56 am
pleading not guilty. in her defense will be, i wasn't engaged in fraud, or maybe she is holding out for a plea deal but they don't usually get better as time goes on. >> sandra: our defense made the case that she didn't know she know she was doing anything wrong at the time. >> that may factor into a plea deal or if it goes to trial we will see with the jury does without argument. >> sandra: thank you. we went back to our top story of the morning, a political firestorm sweeping through washington. republicans demanding to know the whistle-blower's identity and sources regarding the ukraine phone call. chris wallace on the growing fallout, at the top of the hour.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
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8:03 am
8:04 am
of diplomats there and harris is now questioning, the hearts of the impeachment inquiry, but she does say that she thinks it all
8:05 am
fits into a pattern by the president. >> he told us if i shoot somebody on fifth avenue i will get away with it. he is a lawless president. he literally is. he believes he is above the law and beyond reproach, and he can do anything and get away with anything. >> democrats see potential problems on both sides and believe the bidens could have been more careful with their business overseas. >> it certainly has a bad look to it if a direct family member of a sitting president or vice president on the board of a private company. in my mind if they could wait until the term is over before serving that term and that is certainly the way it is undermining the administration. >> but mr. yang said this morning he doesn't think anything was necessarily a miss with the bidens a few years ago because there was no rule
8:06 am
against having the child of an administration members serve on a foreign board back when biden was in office. john? >> john: all right peter doocy, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace. good morning to you and thanks for joining us here on "america's newsroom." so you watch the entire day unfold yesterday or the entire week for that matter. your thoughts as we wrap a week that -- did it change anything? >> chris: i think it's changed quite a lot, sandra. the spending that has been done by the president's defenders over the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistle-blower complaint came out, the spinning is not surprising but it is astonishi astonishing, and i think deeply misleading. let's look at what the whistle-blower says. the whistle-blower says it was a troubling call in which the
8:07 am
president asked the ukrainian president to investigate and to look at the allegation of this doing by vice president biden and by his son. we now have a rough transcript of that phone call and that's exactly what happened to come up the whistle-blower -- and this was back in august, said that fear for a very unknown and surprising reason the administration had held up aid it to ukraine. that was not widely known at the time but in fact, it turns out that it was the case. the whistle-blower also said that rudy giuliani was having a number of contacts with ukrainian officials and acting as his own in effect state department and that also turns out to be true. and there's another point that i think needs to be made and i've been hearing over the last 24 hours a lot of criticism of the whistle-blower. let's go back to what the acting director of national intelligence said yesterday in that hearing.
8:08 am
he said the whistle-blower exactly followed the procedure that a whistle-blower is supposed to follow. first of all he or she went to the sea oee general counsel. found the concerns credible. then the whistle-blower went to the intelligence community inspector general with the form a whistle-blower complaint inspector general looked into it and found that credible. a member of the whistle-blower actions were in august and we are now at the end of september and none of this was leaked by anybody. all of this was done by going within the approved illegal processes for the whistle-blower and the whole point of these laws are to allow people who are concerned about what's going on in the government to be able to reported. >> sandra: there are inconsistencieinconsistencies, t
8:09 am
come with the transcript of that phone call? and at the actual phone conversation revealed -- >> chris: you don't think that dirt on joe biden and joe biden's son would be of value -- you asked a question, let me answer it. you don't think that dirt on the vice presidents and his son's activities would be a value to a president seeking reelection? >> sandra: but the allegation and the complaint was quid pro quo for the funds, the congressional funds that were already approved to be released to the ukraine and somehow the president was threatening not to release those funds unless they dug into the bidens? the funds were never brought up on the call. >> chris: although the fact is, the president did say, i'm not saying it was there for, solid case.
8:10 am
it's clear from reading the complaint that it is a serious allegation, that a lot of it has proven to be borne out already. the whistle-blower lays out a blueprint from talking to various officials in the white house, and to dismiss this as a political hack. it seems to me to be an effort by the president's defenders, to try to make something -- to make nothing out of something and there is something here. we will have to wait and see what's there but it is a credible complaint. at the director of national intelligence joe mcguire said it was credible and should be taken seriously. and i guess that's all i'm really saying. for a lot of the efforts for a lot of people defending the president and pretending this is nothing, it isn't nothing, it's something. >> sandra: here's a quote from
8:11 am
the complaint. "i was not a direct witness to some of the events described but i found my colleague's description of the events to be credible because in multiple cases all officials that recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another." so now what we are hearing from the president is he is referencing those sources as spies. nancy pelosi meanwhile, i will get to her because she gave -- >> chris: can i say one thing about that? that is very deeply troubling. there is an administration saying something is going on that they were very deeply troubled by. there's a whistle blower process that goes inside the government to report on activities that they were concerned by. they didn't go to msnbc, and that state secret for over a month.
8:12 am
perhaps we should deal with them, the way we have dealt with other people in trees and which is in effect, to execute them, which seems to strike to the very heart of what whistle-blowers are all about. >> sandra: it will be interesting to see what happens with ag bill barr and where democrats will go next with him. nancy pelosi saying this morning that he has gone rogue. rudy giuliani obviously mentioned in the transcript of that phone call. you heard it, harris saying he should be investigated in his role in the dealings and that you have a big weekend coming up. tune into fox news sunday. you have an interview with caucus chair hakeem jeffries, that will be right here on the fox news channel. chris wallace, thank you. >> chris: you bet and let me say we hope we will get someone from the white house to answer all these questions. we also have the big interview with iranian president hassan ronnie, which got swept aside by
8:13 am
some of the other news, and we will replay that. >> sandra: that's good stuff. thank you. >> john: the acting director of intelligence joseph maguire grilled by the house and senate committee as of republicans and democrats are at odds over the ukraine whistle-blower complaint. where does the democrats impeachment inquiry go now? congressman eric swalwell questions the director yesterday and he joins us next. >> sandra: plus hillary clinton calling president trump a "illegitimate president" and a human tornado. lara trump will weigh in on that live here at the bottom of the hour. >> think about what the democrats have just done to this country in the last week, for the last two years? talking about impeaching a sitting president that they have no crime the leader of the free world.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> john: at the g.o.p. is pushing to identify the whistle-blower sources citing inconsistencies that emerge in that complaint about the president's phone call with the ukrainian president. while top democrats accused president trump of trying to intimidate the whistle-blower. eric swalwell serves on the intelligence and judiciary committees and you were pretty combative with the acting dni, obviously his answers did not satisfy you. where are you this morning with
8:18 am
regard to impeachment and where this investigation heads? >> congressman swalwell: good morning john. it's a national nightmare that we are in the midst of. we have presidential extortion essentially and on ongoing cover-up. i say ongoing as an active way to describe what's going on. i think you saw yesterday with the acting director who, not to question his honor at all but, the folks that he went to and the length that they went to to stop congress from seeing this information at the white house on the department of justice, i think that shows the american people what we are up against and getting the information needed. >> john: he said there's cover-up, in what way? >> congressman swalwell: the whistle-blower described in the white house acknowledged just moments ago today that after this phone call, the transcripts with the ukrainian president which were in an open system that white house employees could access were moved into a top-secret covert action system
8:19 am
which is not to be used for political reasons or to protect anyone come up only for the most sensitive secrets which i think shows a consciousness of guilt and the white house is now having to acknowledge that because it did indeed happen indeed happen. >> john: but it's my understanding that other white house phone calls have been moved into that same system after a transcript of presidential phone calls were leaked to the press? >> congressman swalwell: that will be a problem too. that's a very shady dealings, and that system is not to be used in that way. it's not designed to protect the president from any dealings or extorting behavior or acts you take. it's to hold america's a secret. that's the misuse of the system. >> john: if they are just getting confirmation from the
8:20 am
white house that says lawyers directed moving the ukraine transcript to a highly secure system. but let's talk about the politics of all this. nancy pelosi says she supports moving forward with the full impeachment inquiry but there is no vote scheduled among members of the house. would you go to speaker pelosi and the say let's have a vote, let's put this to the test and have every member of the house launch a full member of impeachment? >> congressman swalwell: i'm advocating for estimates swiftly but not hurriedly. i believe in this incidence we have a confession from the president and we have a complaint from the whistle-blower that the inspector general has found to be credible and urgent. we should of course give the president of fair process, he's entitled to that. but we don't need to interview a hundred witnesses as he has copped to the offense. >> john: honest confession in what way? >> congressman swalwell: the notes that he turned over, these are taxpayer dollars,
8:21 am
$390 million that we all put into the treasury for our security that he was leveraging to extort the ukrainians to help him in an election. we don't do that in america, he chose to do it. he did say in 2016 that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it and we will find out if that's who we are as americans, i don't think it is. >> john: if you could say the same thing about the end vice president jo joe biden who went to the ukrainians and set fire the investigator investigating the gas company on the board of which my son sits. if you don't do that, you lose a billion dollars. is that not the same thing you are accusing president trump of doing? >> congressman swalwell: that's not what happened in this case and i'm on congress holding president trump accountable. i have an oath to uphold and this is a bipartisan concern. if you know justin amash left the republican party, and i
8:22 am
would not be surprised because there is no republican who would do this. and then in the days of making threats to any witnesses who came forward, i think that goes to a confession of guilt. >> john: and thanks for coming on. more on this i had to "america's newsroom." aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness with medicare advantage plans designed for the whole you - body, mind and spirit. that means aetna is helping you get ready to be the best grandmother the world has ever known. we simplify medicare by connecting
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8:25 am
>> sandra: of former dallas police officer taking a stand in her defense. she claims she walked into his apartment thinking it was her own and shot him in self-defen self-defense. casey stegall is live in dallas with that. >> court is just back in session, they already had to take a break this morning. amber geiger got emotional and
8:26 am
began crying after the jury was let out and they took a break and said the defense could get their clients composure. live look inside the testimony is that's going on and that is her her defense lawyer and she's walking through what happened that night. and they discovered a burglar who was inside. they are just getting to her side right out of the gate. she is the defenses very first witness before anyone else and she's getting to the night of september of last year where she fatally shot 26-year-old both of john. most of what we have been hearing has been testimony about her life and why she decided to work in law enforcement, something she wanted to do since the age of six. >> it was something i wanted to do this in years old. that was the one career i
8:27 am
thought i could help people in. >> the prosecution rested yesterday, and by far this is the most compelling evidence the jury has seen thus far. it's about a footage, and it shows the office starting cpr right away because according to the testimony, bothom john had a weak pulse when they arrived. prosecutors made the argument and she did not attempt to begin any life-saving measures. and she had shot an innocent man. the jury by the way could of course look at this charge of murder as a guilty charge they are potentially, not guilty. they do have lesser charges, and
8:28 am
a lot of stuff is going on now. that's finishing up week one, and no doubt we still have many more witnesses the defense will have to get through. we will stay on top of geiger's testimony. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: it republicans depending president trump's july phone call with the president of the ukraine. >> you can judge for yourself if that was something that amounts to quid pro quo. i don't even think it's close. it was a nothing burger for me, the phone call with the president and the ukrainian president. >> john: this as we learn more about the timeline of events surrounding the whistle-blower complaint. >> sandra: and hillary clinton waiting into this controversy calling it illegitimate. if you live with diabetes,
8:29 am
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>> john: a fox news learning in the defense department, under secretary for policy sent a letter to l in may telling lawmakers that the ukraine had it taken substantial action to clean up corruption. months before president trump cited corruption as a reason for holding ukrainian military aid a period of national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with that. >> that's right. no substantial actions to clean
8:33 am
up corruption, and the letter sent to capitol hill lawmakers and first obtained by mpr, is under secretary for policy john ruda. he cited corruption in the ukraine as one of the reasons of military aid prior to his phone call with the ukrainian president. the $250 million in military aid was finally released on september 11, 1 day after adam schiff, chairman of the house select intel committee makes a formal request in writing to transfer the whistle-blower complaint to his committee. to date about $225 million has been allocated according to defense officials. senator dick durbin has called on the pentagon inspector general to investigate what the pentagon knew and when it's official's new ukraine military aid appropriated by congress was being held up allegedly at the direction of the white house. the delay raises questions about
8:34 am
whether dod officials were involved in any scheme to target opponents. that's two days before president trump stitched july 25th phone call. dan coats will resign on august 8th. trump bypasses his deputies sue gordon for a director of national intelligence. four days later the ig ig receives a complaint from the whistle-blower, and it joe mcguire, who said under oath he believes the whistle-blower is acting in good faith and did the right thing. john? >> john: our pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin. >> we have known who donald trump is for some time now, a corrupt businessman who cheated people. we knew that he and his campaign invited foreign adversaries to
8:35 am
tamper with our elections and now we know that in the course of his duties as president, he has endangered us all by putting his personal and political interest ahead of the interest of the american people. >> sandra: that was hillary clinton 10 minutes ago launching new attacks against president trump, saying he is putting his personal interest above presidential duties at a speech on the mic in georgetown university. the unit also expressing support for the house impeachment. joining us now is senior advisor lara trump. good morning. it has been -- every week has been but, we had this hearing yesterday. and a lot is changing and there was a lot to learn along the way. we got the formal impeachment inquiry announcement by nancy pelosi, then the transcript from that phone call by the leader of the ukraine.
8:36 am
then the whistle-blower complaints. what is the campaign reaction to where we are on this friday morning? >> laura: our reaction is the same as it has been from the very beginning, which is this is very clearly the one tactic that the democrats think they have left. i don't think any of their candidates, they don't feel very strong to even the democrats so they in their minds know that one of the only ways that they will take back the white house in 2020 quite frankly is possibly to impeach the president. unfortunately for them the impeachment was called before they even had the transcript, before they even really knew what was on the phone call. that looks very strange i think to a lot of people and the fact that they are getting so much attention out of this, i know they love but i don't think it's going to work out great for them because i don't think the american people like to see this, i don't think the american people as a whole want to see their president impeached. especially for something that i think many people can agree there was no wrongdoing here and certainly nothing that would
8:37 am
say, let's impeach the president. >> sandra: there is the response that we don't know that yet. obviously this was a whistle-blower complaint that was taken very seriously by both the ig and the dni. when you heard the acting dni yesterday and that hearing them say that this whistle-blower follow the law every step of the way, he called the whistle-blower credible. he said that this whistle-blower to the right thing. these are serious allegations that obviously you are seeing democrats are going to be relentless digging into. space >> laura: because that's the only hand of the afterplay. we should take this very seriously. obviously when you have a whistle-blower charge you should take it seriously but trying to impeach the president over it is a little bit of a stretch. >> sandra: as far as hillary clinton's response she said this is an illegitimate president end, what is the campaign grows calling for
8:38 am
impeachment behind that message? >> laura: we shouldn't be surprised to hear the hillary clinton saying something negative about the president. she he got 403 electoral votes and she only got 227. but we have heard the democrats from day one, since this president was elected, trying to figure out a way to impeach him. it's more of the same and i think it turned a lot of people off. so if their end game is to win back the white house, this is not the way to do it. maybe they should be focusing on some of their lackluster candidates and putting their energy there. >> sandra: while congress goes off to a two week vacation, that does not stop presidential candidates from wanting to dig deeper. for example, kamala harris says that rudy giuliani. there are quick to point out why the attorney was mentioned in that capacity he is in this phone call. he says he should be disbarred.
8:39 am
he should be investigated. on whether or not the president's personal attorney was involved in government happenings involving the state department and a foreign leader such as the ukraine. >> laura: the ukrainian president who was the one i brought up rudy's name, it wasn't the president that brought it up. rudy has followed everything to a t that he supposed to end, nothing inappropriate happened. >> sandra: there was a suggestion for the president's personal attorney to meet with the foreign leader in that call. >> laura: again, he said he did nothing wrong and that's what we have to take into account. >> sandra: ag bill barr, what happens next with him? there are even called to have him testify before congress. >> laura: i'm sure they will try every trick in the book to try to get something. they are looking for anything. take down this president, they might take down bill barr and i don't think it will produce anything for them. what we saw in the call is there
8:40 am
is nothing impeachable in there. there's nothing the president said or did that would require or suggest that he should be impeached. at the end of the day that's what matters. although the democrats are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill -- >> sandra: maybe it just wasn't the right thing for the president to make that suggestion, to dig into joe biden's family. in an upcoming election or past election. >> laura: just because it wasn't something that everyone might have said doesn't make it an impeachable effect on michael fence. >> sandra: i know on a 24-hour time frame it was something like $5 million and now since then it's been several days. nearly $14 million. what are you seeing on that front? >> i think that shows how upset
8:41 am
the american people are. the fact that again, the democrats are doing everything they can to try to get rid of a legitimate president, someone that was elected by the people and someone that they know they will have a very hard time beating in 2020, i think it's infuriating to people and they are showing their frustration by donating to our campaign. so we would like to say thank you to the democrats for that. >> sandra: how do you think the president comes out of this week? >> laura: i think he will be fine. the democrats unfortunately have tarnished their name and have out overplayed their hands yet again with yet another a hysterical uprising. they thought he they had them with the russian collusion hoax, but unfortunately for them the president will turn out just fine and we look forward to debating them with whoever they're choosing candidate ads. >> sandra: it has been a busy week. we appreciate you joining us.
8:42 am
>> john: the iranian president was somber honey calling on the president to lift the sanctions. what it mean could mean for the future of talks between the two nations, next. >> they showed us a escalating kinetic actions to try to create a crisis to put pressure on president trump to reduce the sanctions and they have been walking up that ladder of escalation. great news for veterans with va loans.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> john: iran's president is calling for new talks for washington and president trump shoots down the request tweeting out, iran wanted me to lift the sanctions imposed on him and i said of course, no. let's bring in dan hoffman, former cia station chief and fox news contributor. dan, what do you think about the p.r. campaign by the iranian government, do you think it will work? do you think they will get the sanctions released? >> dan: i don't see that happening. i don't remember the last time they won a war that they are pretty good at negotiating. what they want to do, gradually escalating kinetic strikes against us and our allies in the persian gulf, to induce us to eliminate the one piece of leverage that we have which are those sanctions crippling iran's economy and eventually, we hope
8:47 am
driving iran back to the negotiating table. iran says they will address the issue of sunset clauses and the ballistic missile program and the fact that they are a state sponsor of terror, that's out there, too. and he's not going to do it. >> do you think iran thinks this is some new version of the obama administration and fly out billion and a half dollars to iran? >> i think what iran believes is driving some wedges to the united states, and they didn't address the sunset clauses. months back, we saw france and germany but mostly france arguing that we should provide a $15 billion line of credit to
8:48 am
iran. i think that they can blackmail us into returning to that flawed deal. and the best way and they will hold those sanctions while we drive him back to the table. >> john: of the israelis are saying the iranians can't be trusted and that they came to the table. >> of the administration policy is clear and maximum economic pressure deterrence.
8:49 am
to deter an iranian attempt to distract us. the president talked about that but iran will continue to escalate until we deter them from attacking us and our allies. that puts us in a precarious situation and, if we are clear, and that's the only way out he here. and the president knows that. >> sandra: is taking care of a real dog too much work for you? what about this guy? a high-tech robotic dog about to hit the market. we will take a look at that, next. cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
8:50 am
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>> sandra: the robot apocalypse is upon us. take a look at the spot, the high-tech robotic dog that's going on sale. but you won't find him at the pet store. brett larson, fox news online 24/7. >> if i saw that at a pet store i would hightail it out of there. this is spot, the boston dynamics dog. we've been hearing a lot about what boston dynamics is doing. >> sandra: everybody looks at this and says it looks like a grasshopper. >> it does have an odd little walk. it does have some business uses. you see it can help open the door for the construction workers but wait until it becomes sentiment and starts
8:54 am
chasing them around. the military is saying they could use these in a war zone, you could shoot at a robot dog and it's not going to die, it will just have some injury. they don't go very fast, about n about 90 minutes per charge. there is no set parameters for what it is supposed to do which i think it's kind of interesting. they are giving it -- if you buy it, you don't have a price for it, you have to sign up to get it. but they give you a software developer kit or sdk so that you can create it to do anything you want. >> sandra: we talked about it opening doors for the construction workers because it is something that he can do. but the 90 minute average battery life got me. >> that's not a very long time. if it could go for several hours that would probably be better. also when you look at it opening doors and doing small tasks around the house you think, people that are differently able to could use something like this to help them be more independent. so you definitely see uses for
8:55 am
it, it's just, if you watched black mirror or you are a fan of black mirror in season number four it was the senti at robot dogs that were chasing humans around post-apocalyptic town. >> sandra: it can also create 3d maps of the area around it which is interesting to me. >> right. kind of cool, like when we had the soccer team trapped in the cave, that would have been the perfect use for it where you send it in and wrap everything out. >> sandra: if you want one, sign up for it and they will call you. >> they will call you and it will come walking into your living room. >> sandra: i don't know if we are ready. >> john: is the only advantage i see is no dog breath. topic republicans want to know the identity of the ukraine whistle-blower in the white house. how could that impact the democrats impeachment inquiry, ahead. adult life paying this off thanks to sofi, i can see the light
8:56 am
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>> jon: in just hours, millions of afghans will add to the polls for their presidential election. benjamin hall is keeping an eye
8:59 am
on that line from london. benjamin? >> hi, jon for the teledyne will do everything possible to disrupt the selection, as they have with elections in the past. they warn voters to save her from the polling booth, saying about the election is a sham and there will be bloodshed. as a result, the afghan government has deployed more than 100,000 troops to guard the 9.5 million people registered to vote. u.s.-backed incumbent ashraf ghani is widely expected to win back a 5-year turn, and the wood will be key in an effort to forge peace with taliban and reset talks which collapsed just two weeks ago after a whole year of negotiations in qatar. the president called off talks after an american soldier was killed in the country days before peace talks had been planned at camp david. he was a 16th american killed in afghanistan this year alone. president trump singles weren't the right conditions for peace talks. the results of the election are due in a few weeks. jon? >> jon: let's hope those promises of bloodshed don't turn out to be true.
9:00 am
benjamin hall, in london. thank you. >> sandra: that was a heck of a week. [laughs] happy friday to you. >> jon: good working with you today. >> sandra: you, too. we'll see you back here next week. have a great weekend. "outnumbered" starts now. >> julie: fox news alert, republicans are demanding to know which white house staffers spoke to the whistle-blower at the center of the complaint over president trump's call with ukraine's president. as democrats step up their impeachment inquiry. this is "outnumbered," i'm julie banderas. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. joining us in the center of the couch, fox & friends weekend carlos, pete hegseth. he is "outnumbered." let's get going here. first of all, this is a very busy week. is it friday? >> lisa: i thought it was slow! >> julie: friday came quickly, i have to say. we will talk about a lot of things going on, meaning


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