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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ride about comments about china both positive and negative. we will see how it impacts your wallet. the daily briefing with dana perino starts now. >> dana: it may be get away day on capitol hill, but there's no slowdowns as democrats ramp up their push for impeachment. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." head of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, said expect a busy couple weeks as democrats look to build their case off claims from a whistleblower who said white house officials tried to lockdown records of president trump's call with the president of ukraine. the president blasting the whistleblower. new today, a senior administration official tells fox news the white house said lawyers directed the transcript to a highly secured system. mike emanuel has the latest from lawmakers. first john roberts.
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john? >> reporter: good afternoon to you, dana. little more on the idea of that transcript being moved to a highly secured compute eur system. that is one of the central revelations in the whistleblower's complaint. the whistleblower saying for reasons of wanting to lock down that transcript, it was moved to a code word protected computer system. a short time ago, catherine herridge talked to the former chief of staff at the national security council and he talked to her about it being standard operating pro-sired to put transcripts of phone calls with foreign leaders into that highly secured computer system. listen here. >> when i handled transcripts last year, we put the transcripts into a very secure top secret code word system. i don't see any difference from this alleged whistleblower is claiming. i don't think there was any change. >> reporter: we should.out while he is talking about it because
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he is no longer at the white house. the white house will not put into context the reason for putting that transcript on the highly secured computer system, but fleiss indicating there that it was standard operating procedure to do so. president trump meanwhile trying shred the credibility of the whistleblower saying this was third-hand information, information that leaked out of the white house, the president tweeting, quote, sounding more and more like the so-called whistleblower isn't a whistleblower at all. in addition, all second-hand information proving to be so inaccurate that there may not even have been somebody else a leaker or spy feeding it to him or her. a par san operative? there were a number of mistakes in that complaint, some of which have been pointed out to fox news. several of which have been pointed out on a confidential basis. suffice it to say there are mistakes in it. the president yesterday speaking to the staff of the u.s. mission to the united nations, to spy.
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listen to what the president said. >> i want to know who's addressing the whistleblower? who is the person who gave the whistleblower the information? you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right, to spies who committed treason? we used to handle them differently than we do now. >> reporter: used to handle spies a little differently than we do now. that has been taken as a threat by some democrats. the president also ripping the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff for what he did yesterday in his opening statement where he broadly embellished the whistleblower complaint, basically giving his interpretation of it. the president saying, representative adam schiff totally made up my conversation with ukraine's president and read it to congress and millions. he must resign and be investigated. he has been doing this for two
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years. he is a sick man. according to the associated press, the top ukrainian official who was investigating corruption on behalf of the zelensky administration said to the ap that there was currently no investigation of joe biden or hunter biden. so if the president asked zelensky to look into biden, to work with rudy giuliani on it, so far nothing appears to have happened. >> dana: all right, john roberts, thank you so much, as that develops. let's go over to capitol hill, right up the road there, where speaker pelosi said there is no cause for any joy for launching an impeachment hearing. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill where adam schiff said he is not going to be leaving for recess? he's going to stay there? >> reporter: we're hearing adam schiff will be here part of next week after the jewish holiday. that could potentially lead to a
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hearing, but it doesn't sound like it's 100% set. nancy pelosi said this is a cover-up and a very serious matter. >> this is no cause for any joy. this is a very sad time for our country. impeachment of a president is a serious as our congressional responsibilities can be. >> reporter: but a key house republican said democrats will do whatever it takes to go after president trump. >> i mean, you can start impeachment proceedings. it shows more of a lynch mob mentality than a judicial process. >> reporter: a new york democrat said it's important to take politics out of it. >> this isn't party. this is about the fact that there's a national security issue here and we need to proceed in fair, deliberate, calm manner that takes into
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account not only do we have to get to the facts, but the american people have to perceive that this is fair process. >> reporter: lawmakers are leaving town for two weeks, but adam schiff told fox news it will be a difficult couple of weeks. lawmakers are expected to seek testimony from attorney general william barr, president trump's person attorney, rudy giuliani and other officials. there are also discussions about having a whistleblower up here to testify with some republicans raising questions. >> there are things you always look at to determine the credible of a whistleblower is, did they have first-hand knowledge and what's their motivation? this guy's got concerns with both, right? i mean, he had no first hand knowledge. wasn't on the call. >> reporter: others are asking questions about how that information reached the whistleblower. dana? >> dana: thank you very much.
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t.g.i.f. all of this as we show you brand new video of what's known as the house jail break. see this here. members of congress racing out of the capital for a two week recess. great to have you two with us. nancy pelosi, you saw in that clip, said there is no cause for joy. this is sad. want you to hear what she had to say about what this is all about. let's play that here. >> this is about national security of our country. as president of the united states is being disloyal to his oath of office, jeopardizing our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. >> dana: there's something to be said, tony, about putting the cart before the horse, not the heart before the cart, whatever that might be. that would be a good one though. cart before the horse. they haven't had the hearings. they haven't had the testimony. we have the transcript now. those words are pretty strong.
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>> i think she should be most embarrassed by what adam schiff did yesterday in that entire hearing and the treatment of joseph maguire. listen, you can be unhappy with what the president did. there has to be context to the fact joe biden hunter biden and how that job came up. it is worthy of a conversation. pretty standard conversation. but that she's not happy with this? no one's buying what nancy pelosi is saying there. they've wanted impeachment since day one. they now said they will give up the collusion conversation because this is a much hotter, sexier subject. they're happy people, unfortunately. >> dana: i took her at her word that she did not think impeachment was the right way to go and that politically, she thought it would be a disaster for democrats. surveying the end of the week, what do you think the answer is? >> i kind of chuckled when she said what she said. there should be no joy with a
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president facing this. nobody should believe her. tony doesn't. >> dana: let me read to you from david brooks from "the new york times." he said this was quite an elitist move to go for impeachment. i guess a need to remove this unfit man from office but this process will not fix this. an election will solve the problem, a brawl will not. in recent memory, i don't think we have ever gone through this where a president is going to face an impeachment inquiry right in the year of his re-election efforts. >> right. so lock lynn pharkay brought up you could have an election, peachment and possibly a supreme court nomination proceeding going on at the same time. the problem is that the democratic party isn't being honest about the fact that getting rid of trump is job number one and they don't care how they do it. this is the ugly part people are tuned into and recognize. even if you were to argue that the president did something wrong, look how absolutely
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craven the cravenness and the real horror for nancy pelosi, her gut instinct knows this isn't right. she has to mullify that base >> i am seriously going to disagree with most all of that. sometimes i like david brooks. sometimes i don't. today i absolutely despise what he wrote because he started out the article by saying, yes, this president should be impeached. and then he spends the rest of the article talking about why the politics are bad. you know what? there are still some people in america who believe that the right thing, the constitutional thing, is what should happen. if the democrats suffer because of this, then the democrats will suffer because of this. but they will have done the right thing. >> i will argue that it's not because they think they're doing the right thing but rather because since day 1, they can believe he actually beat hillary clinton. >> of course. that is the talking point of republicans. >> it happens to be legit. >> no.
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what's legit is when a president abuses power. i'm not saying yet that he has. i happen to be a believer in the process. >> dana: tony, rich, great to have you here. i love it when talk radio hosts come on. case of take two for house democrats now saying trump's ukraine phone call is the reason for impeachment after earlier focusing on the mueller report. i will talk to trey gowdy. he is up next. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ]
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>> dana: democrats apparently turning the page. first those who called for the mueller report for impeachment.
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now not so much. as democrats shift the focus of their push to the whistleblower complaint. joining me now the trey gowdy. sir, could i have you listen to adam schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee. he talks about this plan he has. listen. >> i think the complain gives us a pretty good road map of allegations that we need to investigate. we want to know what role rudy giuliani had in this, bill barr had in this. we want to know what ukraine understood, what was expected of them before they even had this july phone call with the president of the united states. we know what we have to do. we'll be guided by the evidence. >> dana: based on your experience, what do you think of his timeline and road map? is it possible, we reported earlier, that mike emanuel told us from capitol hill, that schiff is saying he could have a
11:17 am
hearing next week with attorney general barr and rudy giuliani as witnesses. >> you really don't need a road map. there's three issues. did the president use the office for personal or political gain? the handling of the phone call and the after math. and what role did the attorney general and a private citizen, rudy giuliani play? that's the road map. the public hearings they've had so far have not gone well. i have not talked to a single former democratic colleague who thinks the hearings have gone well. so they'll move it behind closed doors, i believe. they'll selectively leak things to keep the base energized. i think the plan is to punish the senate, where you can put candidates like corey gardner and martha mcsally that are in tough races in 2020, put them on the spot as the jury but get it out of the house. >> dana: there's also a question about rudy giuliani's role. he's been very forthcoming and been public in what he says was
11:18 am
his role. take a listen to him talking about what he said the whistle blower did to him. >> the whistleblower falsely alleges that i was operating on my own. well, i wasn't operating on my own. i went to meet mr. zelensky's aide at the request of the state department. 15 memos make that clear. >> dana: so, from a position of gathering evidence and if you are on that committee, if you have somebody you want to talk to that says i have this evidence on my phone and shows it publicly, is that something they can pursue? >> sure. yeah. rudy's not hard to find. that's a knowable fact. whether or not the state department directed mr. giuliani or whether or not somebody else did or whether he did it on his own initiative. i think the seminole question is, does any of that matter? what is the theory under which it's an impeachable offense? if the president asked mayor
11:19 am
giuliani to do it, is that the impeachable offense? keep in mind, in the transcript it was the ukrainian transcript that first brought up rudy's name. it wasn't donald trump. ukrainian's president was the first one to bring up rudy giuliani. we are in a sad state of fairs if you cannot have the attorney general bill barr ask about a piece of evidence that at one point jim comey and the fbi were interested in. also lots of people were interested in the server because it may help us prevent future attacks. so if it is impeachable for the attorney general to seek a piece of relevant evidence, we're in a weird, wild place. >> dana: have you talked to -- you mentioned you talked to some former democratic colleagues. have any of them expressed to you that they have buyers remorse about taking this action? >> no. they probably wouldn't to me. >> dana: you can tell me.
11:20 am
>> they probably wouldn't say it twhaeu. i think there's a consensus that 70 democrats wanted to impeach him before the first word of the mueller report was out. >> dana: right. >> those 70 hardly objected. then you had the mueller group. now you got the ukrainian group. but there's a transcript. i have read it multiple times. if there's a smoking gun there, i can't even find the gun, whether it's smoking or not. congress is entitled to investigate it, but it sounds to me like lots of people have already made up their minds. they don't want to disappoint the base, so they're gonna kick it to the hearing and let that jury sort it out. >> dana: it's unclear whether the senate has to call that up for a vote. trey gowdy, thanks for being on the show today. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> dana: cdc releasing new information about the vape outbreak. how it may be related to thc
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anywhere with xfinity stream app. especially the... [ buzzer ] episode. awww, that one's my favorite. catch every episode of this is us with xfinity. >> dana: washington state announcing it is banning the sale of e-cigarettes flavored. other states have announced they will ban e-cigs but nothing is
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on the books. the announcement coming within hours of the cdc saying thc vaping products may be contributing to the surge in vaping related illnesses. jonathan serrey is live with more on this developing story. >> reporter: a north carolina hospital said one of its patients has died from vaping related illnesses. it is yet to be confirmed by state officials. once it is, that would be the first vaping related death in that state and bring the national death toll to 14. public health officials believe the thc products play a role in the outbreak. 77% of patients reported using them. public health officials in illinois and wisconsin found patients in those states obtained them from street dealers, friends and other informal sources. that makes tracing the source of the illnesses all the more difficult. cdc's principle deputy director
11:26 am
updated a subcommittee on the public health investigation. >> what do we not know so far? probably the most important thing, we don't know the cause. no single product, brand, substance or additive has been linked to all cases. >> reporter: public health officials say there might be multiple causes because vaping products use many ingredients from different sources. juul announced changes in management and commitment to respond to the concerns of policy makers. juul announced it is suspending u.s. advertising and it will not lobby the white house as the trump administration drafts plans to ban most flavored vaping products. dana? >> dana: thank you for the update. two men are accused of trying to smuggle $5 million worth of gold into florida. venezuelan suspects appearing in
11:27 am
federal court today. an affidavit accusing them of hiding the gold of the nose of a private florida bound plane. border patrol agents noticed loose ribbons when it arrived at the airport, so they got caught. los angeles federal court judge ordering democratic activist ed buck to remain in federal custody after he was charged with distributing methamphetamine that resulted in an overdose death at his home. >> reporter: ed buck faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the federal drug charges he faces. it took less than ten minutes for the judge to decide buck should be held in custody until his trial begins. those charges followed his arrest earlier this month at his home in west hollywood in the wake of the meth overdose of a 37-year-old man there. prior to that overdose, which that victim survived, two men had died from meth overdoses
11:28 am
inside buck's apartment. buck was investigated in those cases but never charged. one of those men, gemelle moore, died in 2017, having written in a journal about his drug addiction. the final entry, saying, quote, if it didn't hurt so bad, i'd kill myself. but i'll let ed buck do it for now. >> we can all feel happy today that ed buck is not torturing or killing another black gay man. >> reporter: ed buck is a long-time act sreuft and donor to democrats and has given around $160,000 in total to democratic groups over the last several years. that's according to the federal election commission. they include dough anywayings to the presidential campaign of barack obama, hillary clinton and john kerry. now, prosecutors told the judge yesterday that the pattern of
11:29 am
drug overdoses inside buck's home makes him a, quote, significant risk to public safety. the judge apparently agreed, dana, and so buck will remain behind bars until his trial begins. dana? >> dana: jonathan hunt in los angeles for us, thank you. democrats going big on impeachment, but are they putting their front runner or their entire party at risk by doing so? we'll have that next. this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia.
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11:34 am
power or wrongdoing. he's trying to frame being name dropped in this report to fund-raisers and to donors at a fund-raiser in california like this. he said, it's never been about me. it's a tactic used by this president to try to hijack an election so we do not focus on the issues that matter in our lives and your lives. that does fit with what i have been hearing from people who are trying to help democrats flip the house last fall, healthcare. based on his remarks, the former vp has not been interested in keeping up with the ins and outs of the allegations levelled against him and his son hunter, preferring instead to stick to blanket denial of wrongdoing. that is something that he was talking about last night with supporters. something he talked about in l.a. that has been lost in the ukraine news cycle. biden announced he's got
11:35 am
donations so far from 350,000 individuals. that's a lot of people. it's fine to make the debate stage but it is a fraction of the 1 million individual donors bernie sanders have. something else that we just learned debate related. the october debate, all 12 people are going to appear on one night. so if any of the top tier contenders want to challenge biden on any of this, whether the facts of the case or just the way the states look, they'll have a chance to do it. so far nobody's really doing it. >> dana: there is only going to be one night of debates in october. that made me so happy. peter doocy, thank you. >> reporter: probably going to be pretty long. >> dana: impeachment could become a double edged sword for democrats. in today's wall street journal, the party worked tirelessly to create an issue worthy of impeaching the president.
11:36 am
russian collusion, stormy daniels, tax returns. this week democrats jettisoned all that in favor of the only issue that implicates their own front runner for the nomination. kimberly, one of the things that i have been noticing is that this probably helps elizabeth warren the most because she doesn't really have to do anything. president trump put these allegations out there against joe biden. should there be an investigation? and she just basically gets to sit there and not have to worry about it. >> yeah. well, it is remarkable that they chose this issue. it isn't just that it's attaching itself to joe biden's campaign. it is not going away. it is all a special kind of hurt for joe biden's campaign. what i mean by that, if you think about the core theme he has run on from the beginning, it's that he's the only guy who can prosecute the case against donald trump, the only guy who can win. he's now becoming the only guy who, in fact, cannot prosecute
11:37 am
this argument about the ukraine which could be grounds the democrats use for impeachment. and warren had already been rising in the polls against him. as you say, she gets to sit back, we just heard peter doocy's report. biden can attempt to ignore this, but people aren't going to let him. >> dana: one of the things that's happening is all 2020 democrats backing impeachment, we have a picture of them, all saying that should move forward. i guess there's 18 of these candidates now. there's also a question being asked. michael bennett asked would you ever allow your vice president's children to be on one of these boards? he said it would be better not to have that kind of arrangement. listen to elizabeth warren when she was asked the same question. >> can you say whrorpb under warren administration, would your vice president's child be allowed to serve on a board of a foreign company?
11:38 am
>> yes. i don't know. i'd have to go back and look at the details. >> you don't see a problem with that? >> i have to go back and look. >> dana: apparently, kim, even the obama administration in the white house at the time, they were uncomfortable with this arrangement as well. >> yeah. she was really flustered there over that question. none of the nominees want to be seen as piling on joe biden. but what you're seeing there is the nominees having to address the central problem with joe biden's campaign and his argument, which is so far been, well, we didn't do anything wrong, we didn't do anything criminal. the issue of criminality is not the question. it's the question of appearance. look, up until a week ago when this became an issue, that was something the press was focused on. go back and look at this new yorker profile of hunter biden that came out in july. the quote is, a lot of biden aides and former white house officials from the obama era saying this was a big problem, the appearance that hunter biden
11:39 am
was trying to use leverage to get access to people. >> dana: yeah. judgment is questionable. kimberly, you have a book out october 15th called resistance at all costs. we'll have you back to talk ab that. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: okay. call it culture coming forward. it started as fun when one person got his sign on espn sparking a flood of donations. instead of keeping the cash he said he'd donate $1 million to a children's hospital. and the des moines register set out to write a puff piece profile of the guy but while researching, reporters say they uncovered two racist tweets from eight years ago when he was 16. before the article was even published anheuser-busch already dropped him. the newspaper came under fire for reporting the tweets. some turned the tables on the article's author finding he had racist tweets of his own. the register announcing that
11:40 am
reporter is no longer with the paper. iowa's governor went ahead with plans to honor king welcoming him to the state capitol and tweeting you can make a mistake and still go on to do an amazing thing. i am joined by the host of the reuben report. i wanted to ask. i was following this. listen to him basically making an apology. >> be more sensitive, you know? think ab how this may affect you down the road, may affect how people view you, may affect what other people feel, really. i smack myself in the back of the head. >> dana: these stories are happening everywhere. what are your thoughts about this? >> this would be hilarious if it wasn't so damaging to the way we can be as a society moving forward. this is obviously a good guy who did something when he was 16. you were 16 once. you might have said something when you were 16 that you're not
11:41 am
proud of. >> dana: thank goodness we didn't have social media when i was growing up. >> thank god we didn't have it, right? some of us have done things we're not proud of far more recently than when we were 16. >> dana: lot of things you might not remember at the time when you were a teenager. >> right. the real irony here, of course, if you live in a glass house, you shouldn't throw stones. all of these people out there to write a puff piece, all of these journalists. when i say journalists, i have to use quotes. the sad part, of course, the journalist then ends up getting destroyed by the very machine he was helping feed. so we really all have to be very careful here that we're not going to end up in a situation where we're just trying to destroy everybody else because that same mechanism will come back on us. >> dana: the des moines register executive editor said there have been numerous cases of fund-raising for a person experiencing a tragedy that was revealed as a scam after media investigated the background of the roared victim or organizer. we have the obligation to look into matters completely to aid the public and understand the
11:42 am
people we write about and in some cases to whom money is donated. i understand that whole scam thing. but at what point do we, as a society, say, a child is off limbs or what you're doing now is wonderful? >> sure. they should do their due diligence as place of journalism. but digging up 16-year-olds tweets is completely irrelevant to the story. no one was accusing him or fraud. >> dana: you had a line on twitter mutually assured cancellation. the reporter ends up getting fired as well. >> that's what it is. every one of us have past. the more that everyone does this, the more we're digging in to make sure we take out everybody. that is not safe. >> dana: when you go to events and sometimes you get called a controversy stirrer. you sometime attract controversy. you're offering to cover security costs at some of your events. when you go and talk to young people, are they concerned about the way they feel society is
11:43 am
going, that they will get cancelled? >> there is something happening on college campuses where young people that have basically any position that's outside of sort of the world progressive domga. could be like low taxes or states' rights or foreign policies. >> dana: electoral college. >> literally. it could be the electoral college. if you say, i'm for keeping the electoral college while elizabeth warren wants to get riddist, they'll say you're racist. what's happening good kids 18, 19, 20-year-olds who are supposed to be at college to learn how to think, not what to think, but how to think, anyway ear being silenced. that's what's causing so much of this cancellation culture now. then they get out into the real world, they hear something they had never heard before and they want to take out the person who said it. >> dana: love having you in new york and good luck on the greg guttfeld show. >> pleasure all mine. >> dana: turns out too much exercise could be a bad thing. we'll talk thab with tyrus next.
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>> good afternoon from the fox newsdesk. updates on impeachment proceedings after a whistleblower complaint against the president and now the confirmed complaint about the trump administration's move with a key document. plus, two men from florida accused of kidnapping a plastic surgeon and torturing him with a blow torch. there is now a big break in the case. those stories and the rest of the day's news top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: turns out exercising too much could lead to bad decision making. a new study published in the journal current biology said athletes who work out a lot and said physical training load
11:49 am
reduces the capacity to reduce temptation of an immediate reward. tyrus is here. what do you think? >> okay. this is a prime example of why boys and girls at home, make sure you read the whole story. people see this and they start getting out going, i can't work out today because i'll make a bad decision. no, no. this is for the extreme endurance athlete. the regular joe, quote unquote, from the article, this is not an excuse for you not to work out. this is for at hraoets that overtrain crazy that are endurance athletes. regular people, get your behind in the gym. you can make bad decision about ordering food at night, that's on you, not the gym. >> dana: if you're an endurance athlete, how bad could your decision making be? what are you going to do? >> whenever i see a marathon runner or someone running for just sheer joy, i tend to think of them as a different species of human being. i wouldn't even attempt it.
11:50 am
>> dana: do you find people eat too much after they work out? they think, i just worked out so i can have whatever? >> if that's your mindset, then you're working out for the wrong reasons. hopefully after you work out -- usually after a hard workout, you're not particularly hungry, because your body's still coming down. >> dana: what do you like to eat after a workout? >> right now i usually have my sensible meal. >> dana: i saw that. >> i'm in my training mode right now, getting ready. >> dana: okay. like getting ready for the wedding. i want to talk to you ab this. japan airlines introducing a new feature. you travel a lot. fly a lot. >> yes. >> dana: they have a new booking feature that will tell you what seat on the plane has children booked. so that when you go to choose your seat, you could maybe make a decision better for you. you look like you think strongly this is a great idea or awful. >> i mean, letting somebody know where a baby is going to be can be good or bad.
11:51 am
they need to go deeper. i need to know who talks a lot. i need to know who wears too much cologne. >> dana: how about the person eating sun flower seeds in the shell? >> or too many carry-ones. the plastic bag person. just don't blame the baby. just get some good old fashion sound cancellation head phones. they work phenomenal. >> dana: i'll bet kids are well behaved around you. >> or i end up holding one. it's kids. i'd rather have a whiney baby than a bad conversation where i'm looking at the emergency exit. >> dana: you're having to make a choice. >> i don't want to hear about your sales, sir. i just want to fly. >> dana: you fly. you fly high here. >> thank you. >> dana: what's happening this week? >> we're still buzzing from that amazing epic interview with that young guard miss perino. i'm still riding the waves of
11:52 am
that. >> dana: i'm working on my posture. all right, tyrus. thank you. safe travels. facebook trying out a new feature to take some of the like envy out of your following your friends. todd pirro has details for us next. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> dana: hundreds of residents in northern massachusetts breathing a sigh of relief after they were forced from their homes. fire officials say it's an isolated incident and there's no threats of fires or explosions. a gas leak happened in the same area of lawrence that hit last september that killed one and left more than 2,000 families in temporary housing. did you ever get a case of online envy looking at the popularity of other people's posts? facebook may have a cure for that. they're getting ready to start
11:57 am
hiding the likes on its platform in one country. this is todd piro. what do you know about this? >> awesome to be here, first. second, it's money for some. including gretchen wieners. it comes down to how liked you are. you know that. guess what, dana and gretchen? popularity is not important on facebook anymore. if you live in australia, there's no longer going to be a tally of the likes on your post. like all the crocodile dundee movies, could be headed to america soon enough. the thought is that users can feel insignificant without a big number of likes on their post. we don't want people to feel insignificant. studies have shown that facebook can hurt our well-being because of jealousy if friends get likes. this is another wussification of america. >> first of all, trying this in
11:58 am
australia is unique. australians are so liked. they're so kind. so i can see starting this there. i think this might be a good idea. >> okay. >> dana: the other thing is, it's not just the envy piece it's the fact that you go back to check. is any joke landing here or is this picture getting a lot of likes. people see how great my dog looks today. >> i don't love everybody gets a trophy culture. >> dana: if i post a picture, i get the most likes. >> that goes without saying. that's in your contract that we all have to follow. look, nobody wants online bullying. but if i post a picture of my dad at a giants game and we get likes, i shouldn't be upset. i'm not trying to make people feel bad. i'm going to a giants game. >> have you ever heard in terms
11:59 am
of mean girls, people will check to see if you liked their post. girls are terrible and that. women are bad. guys don't do that, right? >> i want to thank you for justifying the picture of gretchen wieners from mean girls. >> and did you come up with that on your own or somebody help you? >> all me. we have another picture. her not in mean girls but probably doing a press junket. this is going differently than i thought. >> dana: you never know what you're going to get. it's like school uniforms. if everybody goes to school wearing the same thing, it's a level playing field. >> i'm shocked you like this. >> dana: now i'm saying this, i might change my mind. i don't like everybody gets a trophy culture either. i don't feel offended be people don't like my posts but i don't want people to measure themselves that way. >> interesting. i just want to see the gretchen
12:00 pm
wieners picture again. >> dana: it's been a tough west. we need more of you, todd. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us on a fun week. tgif. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: our reporting begins with a fox urgent. a trump administration senior official confirming one of the whistle-blowers key claims. that white house lawyers directed staffers to move the transcript of president trump's phone call with the ukrainian president in a highly classified computer system. according to the whistle-blower, white house officials were disturbed by the phone call and believed the president had likely abused his power when he asked a foreign leader to investigate his political rival, joe biden. but just as the impeachment inquiry gets underway on capitol hill, lawmakers are headed home for a two-week recess. you can see them heading down the steps of the capitol toda


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