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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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trophy. you get it. come claim your trophy. it's here in palm city, florida. >> you don't want him there. great to see you. back monday, 8:00 p.m. have the best weekend with the ones you love. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," the democratic party way out of control. they're declared war on the president of the united states driven by a blind, unyielding, psychotic rage for president trump. and democrats and the collaborators in the mob will do anything to smear, slander, besmirch president trump and anybody who likes the president. that means they're attacking you, we, the american people. make no mistake. all these holier than thou dirt bags to be obvious here, they've wanted president trump impeached pretty much the very moment he was sworn in.
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they haven't come up with any reason. they didn't do anything wrong. russia, russia, impeach, impeach, conclusion, conclusion. stormy, stormy. there were no high crimes, bribery, misdemeanors, no conspiracy, no obstruction of justice, no cover-up at all. tonight, nothing has changed. ukrainian story. you know what? the only person that was there shaking down ukraine for anything was sleepy creepy crazy joe 30330. coming up, the president's attorneys, jay secula, rudy giuliani, they'll be here to weigh in on all of this. we have a studio audience panel of experts. but first, let's be clear and very clear about one thing -- donald trump is not going to be removed from office. remember when al green said, back in maye, we're going to have to impeach him because they couldn't win at the ballot box. all of the hysteria. it's got a lot of people upset
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over impeachment, impeachment, in the end will be much to do about nothing. the democrats, nancy pelosi, the jerry nadlers, the schiffts, the maxine waters of the world. they don't care about the process. what have they done to make it a safer more secure country, create jobs, more prosperity for you, me, we, the american people. this is beyond a political stunt. this is a psychosis. they can't escape the reality. they lost in 2016. if they keep this up, they'll lose badly in 2020. this is a party that does not care about truth. there's no objective truth in their world. facts, justice, fairness, none of that matters. their only concern is like a blood lust for president trump, anybody who supports the president. president? well, we can't say it any better than he has. this, they, have declared war. they did it. somebody declares war. only one answer.
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defeat them in the -- at the ballot box. take a look. >> we're at war, these people are sick. they're sick. and nobody is -- [indiscernible] >> sean: a perfect example of the california sickness. the president calls him little adam schiff and pencil neck schiff. we refer to him as the biggest liar in the u.s. house of representatives. case in point, yesterday he performed a dramatic reading of the phone call transcript between the president and the ukrainian president, his counterpart, zalinski. the only problem is he made it up. every single word he made up. in order, an official house hearing featuring an acting director of national intelligence and congressman h schff, lied, lies, proven a liar
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all over again. but out of thin air, we had the transcript. he didn't have to make it up. he could have read the actual transcript and entered that to the official record. after getting called out for liar, schiff, you recall the fake version of the phone call a parody. oh, that's what that is in congress. maybe he's right. now, president trump is now calling for him to resign. he tweeted out, quote, adam schiff totally made up my conversation with the ukraine yap president and read it to congress and millions. he must resign. he must be investigated. he's been doing it for two years. he's a sick man. as per usual, he has no regrets for purposefully trying to mislead the american public. he could have read it the way the transcript happened. no, he needed to embellish it, because there's nothing in the real transcript. take a look. >> do you regret what you call the parody, the use of those phrases during the course of your opening statement? >> no.
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i think everyone understood and my colleagues may say otherwise i was mocking the president's conduct. but make no mistake about this, what the president did is of the utmost gravity. and the utmost seriousnd because it involves such a fundamental betrayal of his oath. >> >> sean: this is not the first time he's been caught in a lie. before the mueller report was released. he claimed he had direct evidence of trump-russia collusion. lie. he told that over and over again. also claiming other evidence of co-lewding, hiding in plain sight. another lie. and there's an actual recording of schiff, yeah, he's the one guy who believed he was colluding with the russian. and it was taped. what's the nature of the compromise. naked picture of trump. did vladimir see it? did vladimir see it?
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of course, vladimir see the naked pictures? yeah, he was trying to get dirt on donald trump to collude to impact american elections. schiff was engaging in fraudulent activity, the democratic speaker in name only, pelosi, is floating a brand new baseless conspiracy theory. according to pelosi, the whole ukraine janusz shoe, russia is behind the phone call with the ukrainian president. wow, you know, earth, pelosi, take a look. >> i think russia has a hand in this, by the way. we saw the disruption of our election last time. they interfered 100% confidence of the intelligence community, the russians disrupted the elections. that was wrong. the integrity of our elections is central to our democracy. >> sean: it was russia's fault, of course. nancy, the russia collusion. we had four separate
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investigations, house intel investigation, bipartisan senate investigation, the nine-month fbi investigation, the mueller 3-year witch hunt. no evidence of collusion. no obstruction. maybe someone should remind nancy that the democrats' false, phony, feigned moral outrage is shifted to ukraine. on to another talking point. you have to keep up with your crowd. also we're learning tonight new details that cast very serious doubt on the claims of the so-called whistleblower that isn't a whistleblower. look at this. "new york times" reporter, ken vogel saying that the country of ukraine had no idea that the usa was, yes, withheld during the trump phone call in question. they didn't know until a month later. and keep in mind, the inspector general found that the whistleblower had political bias against trump. and, remember, he or she who's not really a whistleblower is represented by a law firm that pays for anti-trump leaks. and the so-called whistleblower who is not known direct
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knowledge of any phone call, that's calls hearsay. your honor, i object, hearsay, sustained. that's how that would work in a court of law. third-hand accounts publicly available in the media. well, what good is that? that's not a whistleblower. we have the president and his attorney, jay secula. they're rightly claiming this person did not act alone. in fact, jay secula believes a law firm drafted that complaint. certainly looks like it to me. doesn't look like a whistleblower. but also one question today is, well, "the new york times" report, former cia back to the cia? oh, do we have spies again within our own government spying on the president of the united states? abusing the powerful tools of intelligence we give them, we entrusted them to keep us safe. regardless of who wrote the complaint, the claims were bogus, there's no quid pro quo. zip, you can read it yourself, not the made up version. no misconduct. nothing, the only person involve in a quid pro quo if you want to
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say so, that would be, yeah, joe 30330 and his son with no qualifications. when it comes to ukraine, no experience. energy, oil, gas, no experience. he makes millions. and he made billions in china. same thing. no -- no background experience in private equity, banking, none whatsoever. that we can find. but he goes with his father. flies on air force 2, and what do you know? he's got $1.5 billion in contracts. a great life if your dad is the vice president, i guess. speaker in name only, nancy pelosi is living in her alternative reality even further. take a look. >> i think we have to stay focused as far as the public is concerned on the fact that the president of the united states used taxpayer dollars to shake down the leader of another country for his own political gain. >> sean: you know what we can have? that's a quid pro quo. nancy, care to comment on this? take a look.
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>> we're not going to give you the the $1 billion. they said, you have no authority. you're not the president. the president said i should call him. i said i'm telling you, you're not getting the $1 billion. i said you're not getting the $1 billion. aisle be leaving here in what, i think i said six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. well son of a [ bleep ] got fired. >> sean: son of a beep, the guy investigating my son didn't have the experience to make all of that money, he got fired because i threatened to withhold tax dollar, the $1 billion we were going to give ukraine. i'm in charge of ukraine. okay. that's biden bragging about breaking the law in a quid pro quo. tonight there's evidence that the formal vice president leveraged the $1 billion. you saw the tape of your money to get the ukrainian prosecutor fired all to protect his son. remember, it was worn by "the new york times" and "the new york times" told them, yeah, they're investigating your son.
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another warning. he tried previously to get the guy fired nouchlt he just withheld the $1 billion and said you have six hours. why would the vice president of the united states of america want a ukrainian prosecutor fired? now, just for a second, because the media won't touch it, let's imagine for a second that that was donald trump bragging that he withheld the $1 billion until they fired a prosecutor that was doing business with his sons or his daughters. i don't think the media would ever stop until donald trump got in trouble for that little gig. by the way, don jr., eric, ivanka, any -- tiffany, mayhem. instead, the mob is barely covering that real scandal, surrounding joe and hunter biden. we won't stop. we'll get you the truth as we always do. the top ukrainian prosecutor was investigating, barisma holdings, that's the oil and gas company that paid hunter biden millions of dollars to serve on their board and consult with no experience in natural gas, no experience with ukraine.
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and after learning that his son was about to be interview bed i the top prosecutor, well, that's when, well, sleepy joe, 30330 demanded the prosecutor be fired. biden said he wanted the prosecutor be gob because he was corrupt. we have a brand new report from investigative reporter, john solomon. biden's story doesn't hold water. 450 brand new documents, pages of it. interviews, numerous ukrainian officials and it appears the prosecutor was fired because of personal reasons surrounding the former vice president. by the way, he's got a sworn affidavit to that very fact. here with more is president trump's attorney. he's done work for me also in the past. but they got a bigger client now. good for him. also, the -- the chief counsel, american center for law and justice, jay secula. >> thank, sean. >> sean: the president is right, they, the left in this country and the media have declared war on this president. but more importantly, it's
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really against the smelly walmart people like me ander redeemable deplorables and people who cling to god, guns, bibles, and religion because they don't like who we elected and they want to undo an election in all of this. >> well, look, i mean, here's what happened. the russia hoax ended up being nothing when bob mueller attempted that testimony, whatever that was, that got him zero. the report was nothing. the testimony was nothing. then they come out with the ukraine. now, i want to read something in this so-called whistleblower, i call spy. i don't know the person obviously, by the way. but when you read what the individual wrote, it sounds like spying. but the one thing that is written, i was not a direct witness to most of the events described. this is hearsay in our view. by the way, if the witness actually said that in a court of law in the middle district of georgia, say, in maicon, they wouldn't be admitted to court. it's called hearsay. now, here's an interesting fact. it's just coming to light right
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now. this -- this person says they have no firsthand knowledge of this. they heard this from other people. the form that so-called whistleblowers fill out used to say this -- in order to find an urgent concern credible, the inspector general must be in possession of reliable firsthand information. in other words, the inspector general and the individual making the complaint. so that would be the firsthand information has to have firsthand information. that was on the form literally until apparently very recently. now i don't know the exact date of the change, but it looks like it could have been changed as late as july or august. i don't have the exact date yet. but i will tell you, months ago, no firsthand information, no report. so what is this? this is hearsay. secondly, what about the hearsay? what the american people should be thinking about right now is we've got individuals inside of some agency that are listening to the president's conversations. they don't like them. so they want them out.
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so, the white house being fully transparent released these transcripts. now, let me tell you something, the transparency is great, but if you think this is good for america that we're going through this? guess again. foreign leaders will be hesitant. it's my concern -- it's always my concern. foreign leaders will be hesitant in engaging in phone conversations with this kind of nonsense going on. let me take it a step further. nancy pelosi announces that shep's going to start this formal impeachment inquiry, which, by the way, substantively no different than what they've been doing for the last year or three. they do not refer this to the floor of the house for a vote. >> sean: why not? >> for articles -- to be referred to the judiciary committee for articles of impeachment. she did that before she even read this report. so what do you have here? this is not a legal matter. i want people to understand this. i know my friend and colleague, rudy giuliani is going to be on. this is not a legal matter. this is pure politics. and whatever the political calculation is, which i think is
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a very desperate move, if they were to march down this path, i think it's political suicide for those that would do that. because what a sign of desperation. does anybody really believe that 14 seconds utters in that statement, in the conversation, if you put all of the references to joe biden and the hunter biden, which is two. and the entire situation together and you put in my colleague's reference to rudy giuliani raised by the way by the president of ukraine, he first raised it. i think it may equal 20 seconds, 30 seconds. and a conversation that was a -- >> sean: 33 minutes. >> i'm sure -- the translation is a third or less than that. but it's probably, at least you know, 15, 20 minutes. but that's going to be the articles of impeachment? go ahead, start the process. vote. because this is bordering -- not only on the absurd, but i think there is a dereliction of constitutional duties if you
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ignore the constitution itself. there's no high crime. no misdemeanor. no violation of the law, rule, or regulation. it's already been -- the justice department, when they looked at it, said there was no violation here. so i think this is just a political theater, that's what it is. >> sean: thank you. and breaking today and what is just the latest example of the less real psychotic. i mean, this is now a derangement. anti-trump rage. the new yorker now features this cover. it shows the president and rudy giuliani murdering uncle sam. i don't know if the mayor has seen it yet. the former new york mayor, attorney for the president, rudy giuliani. i've seen you the years as a mayor, i know you can take a punch, it's not the first time to take a shot at you. i want to go to the issue of how you got involved and i want to go to that biden tape. remember what nancy pelosi said,
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oh, trump is guilty of a shakedown using taxpayer dollars. he said that on liberal joe. the only one involved in a shakedown using taxpayer dollars, that would be joe biden on tape. >> sure. this phony charge began with ironically, right? with their claiming that the president threatened zalinsky with a cutoff of military aid, $400 million if he didn't investigate bide. that's not true. the president didn't do that. it's clear. military aid wasn't even on the table then. that's exactly what biden did. so if you're going to impeach the president on some crazy trumped up, excuse the expression, charge. then does biden have to be investigated? and why is it so hard to get biden investigated? >> sean: well, let's talk about that. when are we going to do that, mr. mayor? >> i don't know. the scandal, the people who are choking america are the corrupt
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press. and the corrupt democrats that have been covering up this pay-for-play scheme now for two or three years. it's not just one situation. it's two situations. millions in the ukraine, bes in china. john kerry is involve in the one in china. >> so is whitey bulger's nephew? >> isn't that extraordinary? the money from china goes to whitey bulger's nephew, the stepson of the vice president of the united states and the son of the president and they're coming after me for revealing it. i should be -- i should be a whistleblower. i brought out what the washington press, the corrupt washington press has been covering up for two or three years. and to this moment, they believe it's more important to try to figure out did i conduct the investigation correctly as opposed to is what i found true but rocks the foundations of our government when you have this kind of pay for play at the
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highest levels. remember, this is precisely what hillary clinton in the foundation. what did obama know and when did he know it? in december of 2015, "the new york times" excoriated biden for this conflict of interest having the son just tossed out of the military for drug problems put on the board of the most corrupt company in ukraine while he was giving out billions in the ukraine. >> sean: mr. mayor, you once worked in the prestigious southern district of new york. a lot of great lawyers have come out of there, including yourselves, andy mccarthy, people on the other side of the aisle, even. here's my question. >> yeah. >> sean: looking at biden, his son, what he admitted to on tape, the case of china, he didn't have any background experience of private equity or anything that i know. it's $1.5 billion about 35
6:21 pm
seconds. >> bank of china is his partner and whitey bulger's nephew. that $1.5 billion was to buy joe biden. >> any laws broken? >> no other explanation for it. meanwhile, they were caving in about the islands, tariffs. there were reports in the new york times how soft biden was on china. now we say, hey, maybe the $1.5 billion made him a little soft. this is horrible. it's horrible that i can't get the press and even the fbi who is turning down these allegations, that's why the ukrainians came to me. they said there's something wrong with your fbi. >> sean: and the state department. last thing, fact, the state department asked you to look into it. >> i got all of the memos, all of the texts. they asked me, i reported it back. and thanked me for the good work i did. >> sean: good for you. mr. mayor. it's important -- it's important. that's an important fact.
6:22 pm
sir, thank you. >> investigate biden, then investigate me. >> sean: okay. okay. i'll -- i'll stay on biden. we'll let the mob go after you like they always do. it happened your whole career. when we come back, we have an incredible studio audience. they will join us as we continue tonight on hannity. biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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>> live at the headquarters. word tonight that curt volcker, the special envoy to ukraine has resigned following the release of a whistleblower report alleging a cover-up by the white house after a call between president trump and the ukrainian counterpart. reported that volcker set up a
6:27 pm
meeting between rudy giuliani and advisor for ukraine's president. giuliani was asking the ukraine to investigate former joe biden and son hunter even though there's no evidence of wrongdoing by either. the rule of detention of immigrant children. attorneys for the kids determined that the rules would let the government keep them locked up indefinitely in facilities that aren't licensed by the state. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to kennedy. log on to >> sean: soon to be released. get it on get it in a week and a half. fox news analyst, greg jarrett. and fox news contributor, sarah carter. judicial watch president, he's been breaking a lot of news there, president tom fenton. former florida attorney general, pam bondi.
6:28 pm
the author of the best seller, still winning. fox news contributor, charlie hurt is with us. also, joining us, institutional law attorney, trump 2020 advisory board member, jenna ellis. author of the best seller, swamp wars, political columnist, former ex--cnn fake news host, jeffery lore. attorney fox news contributor emily campano is with us. doug shone is here. and we also welcome investigative reporter, washington examiner. that would be the one and only carrie picket. let's start. lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. all right, lawyers. when you look at the biden tape, i don't care who starts. you look at the biden tape, you're not getting the $1 billion. you're not going to get it. you have five -- six hours. fire him in six hours. why would a vice president of the united states of america
6:29 pm
ever demand that they would be fired in six hours. >> surprised no investigation under the foreign corrupt practices act has been launched against joe biden or should be. you know? there's a crime to use your public office to confer a benefit in exchange for something of value. it could be bribery, it could be extortion, the services fraud. this is sort of an admission by joe biden that that's what he was doing, if his intent, and john solomon's story suggests it was his intent to protect his son. that's a thing of value. that could be a crime. >> i could think of a billion -- a billion -- a few million reasons why you'd want to. what do you say about it? >> yeah. i would definitely agree with greg. you know, the difference here, the liberals are saying this is some sort of corrupt intent, we're looking at president trump. the difference is we're looking at a new legitimate reason for the vice president to do this in
6:30 pm
his office in his capacity. you look at what he's doing for the benefit of his son, that's personal. >> sean: if he would have said -- let's say -- i guess any father, you think your kid is in trouble, "the new york times" calls you and says, oh, man, your kid is in trouble. they're investigating them over there. they say i want to talk to you only as my capacity as a father, that would be okay, i'm thinking, right? that would be okay? >> he doesn't give up his status as a private citizen. >> sean: allowed to be a dad. i wouldn't like it if "the new york times" called me and said that. >> absolutely. he's bragging about what he's done. >> sean: did he break the law? do you believe? >> i believe -- the statute of limitations has not run. i believe there should be an investigation. must be, especially with what john solomon just brought to light. and i think the attorney general of the united states will be doing an investigation. it's his duty and obligation. this isn't going away for joe biden. >> sean: you're a democrat. we'll forgive you for that. thank you for being here.
6:31 pm
we've been long-time friends. as a lawyer, forget your political views, do you see a potential crime there? >> i think if we're going to investigate president trump over evidence that it looks increasingly flimsy to me, the only fair thing we can do in our society is look at the facts of the biden case. i think a fair-minded person would reach that conclusion and that's how i see it. >> sean: emily, you're a lawyer. >> to add two other things to the analysis, to tell you the circumstances and also timing. so, for some reason, hunter biden all of a sudden developed his expertise in the gas industry in the ukraine after biden became vice president and also the entirety of the circumstances which goes toward obviously his spending his salary, etc. so when democrats call for the thing to be looked to here as well, you can't just isolate it. it's not what aboutism, it's setting a standard. >> how many of you agree with me, raise your hands, that this is clear. they were paying the kid just like they paid him in china to get influence to the president.
6:32 pm
anyone disagree with that? doug, you don't agree? it's not pay to play. >> i'm not an investigator. i'm not ready. if we're going to look at the president. >> sean: you think you're going to get a multimillion dollar consulting contract on oil and gas if you didn't have experience or experience in the country? >> i don't think so. >> you think you're going to get a billion in private -- we'll have great companies like goldman sachs. why do we go to goldman sachs before whitey bulger's nephew. >> other problems in malaysia now. to me, we do a fair-minded investigation. we'll let the facts fall where they may. we'll reach reasonable conclusions. >> sean: we're done with the lawyers for a second. now get to the important question, is the president -- i'll let you go first, charlie. the president says they -- this is war. i believe he's right. this is -- this is a bloodless war, although it could be casualties. and that's in some sense. they have declared a war on the
6:33 pm
president. i would argue by extension we, the people, have voted for him. those have voted for him. >> they're trying to undo an election. that's what they're trying to do, that's what impeachment is. they try to undo the most sacred thing we do. i'm not a lawyer or as my father calls them, "liars". >> hey! >> but you don't have to be a lawyer -- >> pam, you have a -- you have a shot -- >> you don't -- >> the prosecutor -- there's an asterisk for prosecutors. you don't have to be a lawyer to know what's going on here. if you've watched a gangster movie, you know what's going on here. it's a shakedown. and whether it's a shakedown for something -- we don't know what it is. that's why doug is exactly right, we should investigate it to its very end. and i also think it's important that what the president did in terms of declassifying everything, they came to us and said, here, have it all. let the chips fall where they may.
6:34 pm
the only one to pay for anything russian to influence the last election of 2016 was the woman by the name of hillary clinton. a dirty lying russian dossier, bought, paid for, funneled money from a law firm to a research group hiring a foreign national. >> that's right, foreign influence. >> it boom ranged. >> yeah. it boom ranged. not only foreign national, christopher steele, mi-6, we knew a former mi-6 operative spy was sharing information with his agency, you're never really former. they were sharing that information. they were funneling information from the russians that had never been validated. we know that. none of the information in his dossier was validated. and, sean, even more so. that got the boom rang. we saw what happened there. now with ukraine, i talked to a number of ukrainian officials this week, a number of them. and they were talking about barizma. they were in a lot of trouble then. even when they brought hunter biden on.
6:35 pm
and when they brought hunter biden on, they brought him on, why? why do you think? why would they bring him on? somebody who didn't know anything about gas. somebody who didn't know anything about energy? it was because they needed a buffer. >> that's it. >> jeff, tom, kerry, we love you, back to you when we get back. hillary clinton's latest comments on the democrats' impeachment inquiry. i believe what she said. i'd like to get back to her crimes and that rigged investigation. and, oh, the uranium one scandal and the clinton foundation, i have a lot of questions for hillary. i'll offer hillary an entire week, five hours on this show, if you want. we'll continue straight ahead. saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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>> hillary clinton is out of hiding and this time criticized president trump with the usual buzz words being thrown around by all of the liberal democratic extreme socialist friends. take a look. >> the president, who has betrayed his oath of office to uphold the constitution and protect and defend our country, this occupant of the oval office poses a clear and present danger to our future, to our democracy. >> sean: you would have been a much bigger danger, though. hearing those talking points from hillary, not a surprise. very bitter. lost in 2016. and she, herself, said in an interview set to air this weekend. take a look. >> applying for a job and getting $66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado. >> e, he beat you solidly. pennsylvania, wisconsin,
6:41 pm
michigan. you didn't see it coming, did you? back to our studio audience. >> sean: all right, tom, you've done great work with judicial watch, freedom of information act, information. you are already requesting what? >> we've asked for the documents about the firing of the biden-ukraine prosecutor. we asked back in may. we didn't get them. so we had to sue. and you know, with mrs. clinton, this week, she was in court against us trying to tell a court not to let her be questioned under oath by our attorneys on the e-mails in benghazi. so she's still having to deal with that scandal soichlt is the statute of limitations gone on that? >> no, it has not. not until next year, at least. >> look, you know, hillary clinton was facing severe criminal consequences in 2015-2016. they concocted the russian scandal to prevent that from facing the law. they continue to freeze the justice department with the mueller kenard and now with the ukraine investigation, they're
6:42 pm
trying to protect joe biden because that popped up in the last few months. this is not impeachment. that implies lawfulness. this is a coup attempt, a continued coup against the president. it's not a war, it's lawlessness, the president needs to confront it directly. adam schiff, he should cut him off from any classified information. he can't be trusted. and the executive branch is the decider as to who receives classified information. he shouldn't be allowed to see anything. >> sean: we get to the heart of this rage, carrie, against donald trump. it's inexplicable to me. it's just -- they don't like -- if donald trump cured cancer, i'm convinced they would still hate him. if he gave every american $5 million and signed on to ocasio cortez's green new deal they'd hate him. nothing they can do to make them like him politically. >> that does seem to be the case. keep in mind, as far as the whole impeachment inquiry is concerned, we heard why it is
6:43 pm
that the democrats don't want to have this impeachment inquiry vote. a lot of it has to do with the fact that you have now 10 democrats who are holding back on -- >> gets up to 13. >> no, no. >> down to 10. >> three converted back. the hammer was dropped. ok okay. >> as of now who do not want to support this impeachment inquiry. they haven't voted for an impeachment inquiry vote resolution. that's because they want to make sure that none of the individuals are going to be on the record. and it's also so they -- >> sean: i say call the role. i think jay was right. find out where they stand. jeff lord, you've been around the swamp. talking in the new book about swamp wars. this is real? >> very real, sean. in researching my book. i found an article that appeared in "the washington post" on january 20, 2017, front page article that was filled with
6:44 pm
anonymous folks saying they were going to do as much as they could to fight the president from within. it said it right there. they were all in these different bureaus and agencies and departments. that's what's going on here. hillary clinton is the symbol of this. she is the head, if you will, of the administrative state. but they are everywhere. >> sean: how, this is a problem. jay touched on it. and that is the president of the united states of america now is transcripts with the prime minister of australia, the president of mexico. now we have the president of the ukraine. we have operatives with the most powerful tools of intelligence that we entrust to them, greg jarrett. they're abusing them and they're turning on the president of the united states. it's unprecedented. >> it is. we're going to lose the country. president trump ought to kick out all fbi and cia people out of the white house. because they're spying on the
6:45 pm
president. they're gathering together information they probably shouldn't have and they're leaking it. but i want to make this point, if you examine the transcript of the conversations between zalinsky and president trump, there's no quid pro quo, no demand, no pressure, no threat. what the president is doing is asking his counterpart in the ukraine, please have your country assist and cooperate in our official department of justice investigation. >> sean: this is a very key point. >> this is the document that requires ukraine to do that. this is the treaty signed 20 years ago. it's entitled the treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. ukraine hasn't always abided by this, so the president is asking them nicely. please cooperate. they're supposed to under this document provide evidence, testimony, records, witnesses, in any american official investigation. and we know that bill barr has
6:46 pm
launched one. >> take a break. we'll come back. the studio audience. where is it all going. writing me saying scaring you, i don't blame you. we've never seen corruption, abuse of power, as we're seeing it on this scale and, of course, the accomplices in the media. where does it go? i'll ask our studio audience coming up next. that can be rough on pam's feet, knees, and lower back. that's why she wears dr. scholl's orthotics. they relieve pain and give her the comfort to move more so she can keep up with all of her best friends. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> sean: back in our studio audience. everybody is worried, where is it going, sarah carter, where is it going? >> this is the beginning of one of the greatest changes i believe in american mod herb politics. the changes that will happen will boom rang back. we know that there's enough there to show what happened with
6:51 pm
hunter biden and joe biden. there's no evidence, absolutely no evidence whatsoever on president trump. and, sean, while we're looking at ukraine, let's not forget, we have john durham and william barr looking in to ukraine, looking at what happened at the beginning of the fbi investigation. so, the american public right now, we have to sit back, let the attorney general -- >> you think the democrats are that stupid. show of hands? who thinks the democrats will take it to that point. >> i think they'll try. >> sean: where does this go? >> they'll try to impeach him. every time they try to impeach him, there's going to be a coup. the coup needs to be shut down. the justice department needs to go on a transparency tear. all of the documents on the ukraine. but we're waiting on spy gate documents. release it all. expose the corruption of the last administration. and the cue kabal, that will
6:52 pm
shut it down. >> sean: how many of you say impeachment hurts them badly in 2020? >> you don't think it hurts them. >> i'm the only democrat here. i want the democrats to win the election if we have the right candidate. this is profoundly misguided. we could lose everything. trump is weakened. we're stronger than trump on a lot of issues. and by making the election about impeachment is a bad mistake. >> sean: i don't think so. >> you don't think so. if you look at the polls, plenty of evidence to support my position. >> sean: the most unconventional political figure i'll say in modern history. he doesn't poll well. people aren't going to talk to pollsters who like donald trump. pam, where is this headed? >> the president is right, this is war. if adam schiff was a prosecutor and he behaved that way in trial, he would be held in contempt in court. the president is right.
6:53 pm
needs to resign. >> sean: did biden break the law? >> i believe there's plenty of evidence. and president trump did nothing wrong. >> sean: how many think the president did nothing wrong based on the transcript? >> i think the fact that we're talking about this and democrats are talking about this is evidence that they do believe that they don't have another way of beating trump at the ballot box. and i believe the truth will come out. can you imagine if hillary clinton had won. none of this would ever be exposed. this always happens to trump. could trump ask for anything more than to suddenly be talking about joe biden's corruption and talking about china and how china has screwed us over for decades? this is -- >> sean: i have followed this story. we have done this for a long time. peter sweitzer, god bless him, he's a way ahead of the curve. where is this goings this. >> the political report is come out and said the biggest problem right now said you have democrats looking at polls saying look at this, this whole
6:54 pm
impeachment thing looks good for us right now. the problem is they're only looking at the present. they're not looking at the future as to what happened back in the '90s, in the clinton impeachment, how things looked bright and shiny in the beginning and later on, it ended up souring on the republicans and boom ranging back. >> sean: boomeranging. >> and i think the president is right. it's a witch hunt. it's all out war. this is not just against president trump, it's against the united states of america and everything that the founders fought for. because what we can't as conservatives forget is this is about the progressive left continuing to try to twist words and change the definition of those words to fit their own narrative and their own progressive plan. and so what they're doing is they're trying to make impeachment a political term for the future. and we have to go back to our rule of law of the united states institution. i'm so proud of president trump doing is standing up for the constitution. >> sean: i've never seen -- it
6:55 pm
reeks hypocrisy, the russian dossier, the biden ukrainian problem? jeff, where does it go? >> i think they'll make an attempt to impeach him. the thing that gets me, the president, god bless him, is taking all of this heat because what they're really after are his supporters, average americans. they have nothing but contempt for regular people out there. how they're going to get elected, campaigning on, you know, you're a bunch of boobs and therefore you have to vote for us is beyond me. it's a terrible thing. >> sean: much more as we continue tonight, on "hannity," thanks for being with us. what does it take,
6:56 pm
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without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. >> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll be all over this all next week. our promise, we'll never ever be the psychotic, raging, hate trump media mob. and we have a lot of ground to
7:00 pm
cover next week. but, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham up next. we'll see you on monday. hope you have a great weekend. >> leslie: aura: >> leslie: this is our "ingraham angle" special town hall, chicago, a city in crisis. we have the airways consumed, it's easy to forget the crisis unfolding on america's streets and the process being ignored as we retreat in our political corners. we were here in chicago a year ago. at that time we promised the >> sean: people in the communities and our office in general that we'd be back and not let the issues go.


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