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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 28, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> president trump is firing back as democratic leaders say they will be moving forward with their impeachment inquiry even as many lawmakers return to their home districts ahead of the two-week recess. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm molly line. leland: with a lot back in their districts, i'm leland vittert. the president had harsh words on twitter before heading out of the white house, slamming several democrats. mark meredith following it.
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>> the president firing off a slew of tweets, and he seemed to be fired up over the inquiry launch. this is one of the tweets getting a lot of attention this morning. the president said, quote, can you imagine if these do-nothing democrat savages, people like nadler, schiff, aoc plus 3 had a republican party had done to obama what the do-nothings are doing to me. oh, well, maybe next time. and the strong words on capitol hill after they announced they're moving forward with the inquiry into the phone call back in july and if the president acted improperly asking the ukraine to investigate joe biden and his family's ties with ukraine. the president insisted he did nothing wrong, but he's not thrilled that the conversation with the president of ukraine leaked into the community after the whistleblower raised questions on the call. >> i want to know who the person
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that gave the whistleblower the information, that's close to a spy. you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right, with spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now. >> that was the president speaking to a crowd in new york earlier this week. fox news has also learned that the president's point man on ukraine has decided to put in his resignation over the controversy that's engulfed the house the last couple of days. kirk voelker has stepped down as u.s. envoy, he was in contact with the president's lawyer rudy guiliani as well as ukraine's government. voelker's name was mentioned in the whistleblower complaint and alleged in that complaint that he was sort after go-between for the ukraine government to understand what rudy guiliani was saying and the u.s. officials were saying when it came to dealing with ukraine. leland: we'll see if congress wants to talk to mr. voelker in the coming days. and the president is out at his
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golf course today and we'll check back with you with the president's next tweet. >> perhaps a tease ahead, and looking at mike pompeo for documents into the formal inquiry into president trump. and we have information on this, and much, much to come. >> the impeachment probe spearheaded by the democrat, giving mike pompeo until next friday to turn over all documents related to the inquiry, your failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena shall have evidence of obstruction. this was signed by engle, schiff and elijah cummings. the house speaker also weighed in. >> this is no cause for any joy. this is a very sad time for our country. impeachment of a president is a serious as our congressional
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responsibilities can be, apart from declaring war or something. and so, we have to be very prayerful and we always have to put country before party. >> but not everyone is convinced the whistleblower's intentions were honorable. >> he had no firsthand knowledge, wasn't on the call and the inspector general even told us that he had a bias against the president. this guy was out to get the president. >> other democrats objected to the president's language calling the whistleblower a spy. >> the president of the united states is threatening a whistleblower's life. this is authoritarian behavior and we have to recognize and see it for what it is. >> they're claiming a coverup, this is the world's worst coverup ever. for heaven's sake they released the transcript, they did so quickly. they released the whistleblower complaint quickly, i think at
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one point they were afraid that some of this would leak and maybe compelled to move it to another computer, but we don't know if that's true, anyway. >> former senator, and frequent trump critic jeff flake said they could move to remove if it were private. >> and this was largely driven by a whistleblower's complaint over the president's phone conversation with president zelenskiy. and many said that the president asking to investigate joe biden and his son, the actual transcript. i would like you to do us a favor, though, because our country has been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it. i would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with the ukraine.
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they say crowd strike. the server, the ukraine has it. a lot of things that went on the whole situation. i think you're surrounding yourself with some of the same people. i would like to have the attorney general call you or your people and i would like you to get to the bottom of it. now, the president does not mention biden or his son until later on in the call saying this, the other thing, there's a lot of talk about biden's son, that biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it, it sounds horrible to me. you can of course read the full transcript of that call and the full whistleblower's complaint at leland: all right. with that, we bring in democratic congressman and member of the house oversight committee. mark, good to see you, sir. we appreciate it at always. >> from the quotes that molly
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just read and your own reading of both whistleblower complaint which we don't know whether is true or not and the transcript which has been released, what part do you find the most objectionable. >> that the president broke the law. campaign finance law clearly says if i did what he did, i could be expected to be prosecuted. you cannot ask a foreign national for a favor when it comes to politics, so we-- >> hold on, but the favor that he asked for was to investigate election interference in the 2016 election, which if i'm not mistaken democrats were more than happy to investigate election interference in 2016. that's what he said was the favor. >> that's not the way i read it. i read it that he brought up the biden as a connection and that's why we'll have this inquiry and the public and you will be able to see. leland: he brought up the issue of the bidens much later down in the conversation. it would be, minutes, minutes later. how do you connect that back to the favor? >> it's in the document and it seems as if he's having a
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conversation that's leading to both. and i would say the president is very adept at this. is pushing the law in my view, but not getting caught actually doing it. so that's part of the discussion we are going to have to have. leland: if the idea is the appearance of impropriety needs to be investigated would you also support investigating joe biden and his son's business relationships not only in the ukraine, but also in china? >> i'm for investigating bad behavior. so as i understand it, this has come very quickly, there's already been an investigation, but i'm happy to look at that. i certainly think it didn't look good that the vice-president of the united states son is working for a company in the ukraine. even if nothing bad happened, certainly doesn't look good, i agree with na. leland: you agree that it looks bad. that's what bill maher said. we've move on from what bill maher said. you agree said you agree with that. here is senator scott of south carolina talking about the impeachment inquiry you said
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we'll get to the bottom of things. take a listen an and we'll get your thoughts. >> perhaps the biggest loser in this entire process is biden for president. they are making it very difficult for their front runner to hold onto their lead and perhaps that's their strategy because they want someone far more liberal to come up against president trump. leland: fair analysis? >> i think we've got to focus on what's in front of us. and it's what the whistleblower has told us that we have to examine. leland: come on. >> so for me, that's not true, what the senator said, i'm not part of a conspiracy to elect another person who is more liberal. leland: back to where you say it looks bad, that joe biden's son was involved in all of these overseas business dealings, if the positions reversed and it had been donald trump, jr. who got some cushy board job with a russian gas company, i suspect the democrats would want to investigate that and call that
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disqualifying, correct or you would. >> bad behavior, illegal behavior should be examined by the u.s. congress. leland: when you say it's bad behavior, and should be examined, what does that mean vis-a-vis joe biden's run for president? should-- >> leland, as i understand right now, it's for me it's the appearance. so whether he's guilty of something, what we have in front of us is a transcript of something that i think is very damning and that's what-- for me, that's what we need to focus on. these other things will be part of a discussion, i'm sure in a national debate about this. leland: when i hear you talk about the transcript that's hearing have you gotten to the point where you read the transcript and say this qualifies as impeachable, per se? >> i think it qualifies for this investigation. that's why we have the investigation and the inquiry and find out. we need to hear from the whistleblower, we need to hear from the inspector general. leland: the whistleblower hadn't read or seen the transcript before filing the complaint.
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how was that-- they were so junior presumably. >> that's part of the discussion, that's why we have whistleblower laws, to allow this could come forward and see if it's credible and gives it to us and we have to do the same thing. my hope is we take a deep breath and focus as much as we can and concentrate on what's in front of us. leland: enjoy a day or two, i hear the crush is on in napa. >> thank you. leland: molly. >> let's bring in the house judiciary committee and next chair of the house freedom caucus, andy, thank you for joining me. >> nice to be with you. >> kicking off with the big moment of the week, the beginning of this hearing, it's the first hearing in the whistleblower controversy, impeachment may be looming and the committee chair steps up and
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gives a long statement what he later says is parody. take a listen, adam schiff. >> i don't see much reciprocity here, i hear what you want, i have a favor i want from you though and i'm going to say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand, lots of it. >> it initiated this as if he were explaining this conversation between the president and the leader in the ukraine zelenskiy. it does not match what was actually released whatsoever. you have suggested now at this point in time introducing a-- condemning and censuring adam schiff for this. >> normally i would say, we say things that the other side disagrees in, i'm all for this. in this particular instance what the chairman did he actually
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concocted a completely false narrative, threw it out there, and basically misled the entire republic about this transcript. he acted like he was reading from the transcript. nothing he said was factually related to the transcript, and it wasn't even his own interpretation of what was in the transcript, it was just a whole cloth false narrative. and it wasn't until he was pressed on it later on, he said i just meant it as parody. you know what? nancy pelosi just said, an impeachment inquiry is as serious, almost, as a declaration as war and if this guy is up there throwing up a comedy statement and portray it to the world that it's an accurate statement, that's censurable on my opinion. >> on the bright side, the actual transcript available or what we have available to read, record as pertains, a quick read only five pages for the american
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people can read it for themselves. it seems as both people on the political aisles have read this document, they've come to different conclusions. i want your thoughts what you see when you read the five pages? do you see a quid pro quo? or do you see treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors? that would pertain to potential impeachment or a quid pro quo conversation? what do you see? >> i see a conversation that covers a wide variety of issues and no, i don't see anything impeachable here and no, i don't see a quid pro quo. don't forget, we were told literally the day before this came out, when nancy pelosi, the speaker said, you know, there was quid pro quo here, you know, i had the feeling, well, we're going to see something that will show an explicit if you give me this, we'll give me that. and they said it wasn't explicit, it was implicit and used the term mob boss and everything. they're trying to reconstruct the narrative based on a
9:15 am
transcript that doesn't underlie what they said initially. i didn't find anything egregious here. he's talking about everything here, congrats, blah, blah, blah. it was just a normal conversation that you would expect between the leader of our nation and the leader of your-- the ukraine nation. >> part of the controversy here as well, the whistleblower implies there was a lockdown of the conversation itself. that it was, you know, scandalous enough they were concerned enough that it had to be put in a special system and the complaint talks a lot about rudy guiliani. he also, his name was mentioned also in that conversation between the president and zelenskiy. guiliani has been pretty upfront what his efforts have been, take a listen. >> no, i'm not concerned about my future. what i did is perfectly lawful, perfectly legal. i find it completely extraordinary that you're spending all of this time asking me about what i did. all of this time should be spent on the pay for play scheme to biden set up in which he made millions and millions of dollars
9:16 am
using his son and having his son sell his office. that should shock you. but because we are distorted, this left wing distortion that goes on, you're asking me about the process that i followed to uncover one of the biggest scandals. i should be considered a whistleblower. i should be getting whistleblower protection. >> of course, that's an interview with sky news guiliani had done. just a few moments ago one of your colleagues from the other side of the aisle says it doesn't look good that the vice-president was working for a company in ukraine. you thought as guiliani started to lay this out, nothing to see here, he's the real whistleblower in this? >> well, i think that mr. guiliani actually was acting the way a private attorney would do to protect his client's interest. the interesting thing about the biden case, it wasn't that this was even secret. we knew about this months ago and mr. biden, meaning senior,
9:17 am
joe biden has gone out there and said he did put pressure on the ukrainians and they did change and they did fire the prosecutor who was investigating the company for which his son was on the board of directors. so, that was laid out. i mean, so i understand all of that and then, you know, the server thing, you mentioned the server thing, too, that's an interesting thing because this was a confidential record and the reason it was is because they're talking about other nations. so, angela merkel and the germans were specifically mentioned, normally that was classified for the reason it gets out and leaked, it causes both sides who are having a fairly frank discussion about this, it could cause a problem and friction with a third party nation and that's an issue. >> we wonder if angela merkel is asked about all this in the weeks ahead. we'll see. congressman, thank you for joining us today. andy biggs, we appreciate it. >> thank you, molly. leland: steven miller on fox
9:18 am
news sunday tomorrow and there are few people, if any in the white house, who is more influential on immigration policy than steven miller and two new court rulings have given the trump administration's immigration policy a big blow. garrett tenney joining us with that and what this means going forward. >> it was a rough day for the trump administration's policy on friday. the big one the white house's attempt to get rid of the so-called flores, it arguments is responsible for the catch and release loophole in the system. and they would have new policies that would an n i allow childr and families to be held indefinitely to returather than return at a later date. >> part of the rule are two new core principles that families should remain together during immigration proceedings and
9:19 am
conditions for care of children must be appropriate. >> but on friday, the district judge said the new plan didn't do enough to ensure that children are protected and she chastised the government in her ruling, writing that officials, quote, cannot simply ignore the dictates of the consent decree because they disagree with the policy. in a senate case, another judge in california curbed the ability of ice agents to take people suspected of being in the country illegally, barring ice from relying solely on data bases when issuing detainers and agreed with immigration rights groups who argued that data bases often contained incomplete data and significant errors. a third hit for the administration that came from a federal judge in d.c. who issued a preliminary injunction on another new policy, to expand fast track deportations. responding to the judge who overturned the for flores case,
9:20 am
for two and a half years, this administration has worked and activist judges have imposed their open vision in the mrplac those dually enacted laws. >> we'll see if it ends up in the supreme court. thank you very much. molly. >> happening now in dallas, a defense team for the off duty police officer who shot and killed her neighbor. they're trying to convince the jury that she should not be convicted of murder. we'll get the latest from the courtroom next. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. with truecar, to sell just enter your license plate and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice.
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>> a fox news alert as the polls have closed in afghanistan's presidential election. there are thousands of u.s. troops still stationed in that
9:25 am
country. at least 15 people were hurt after a bomb attack on a mosque that doubled as a polling station in afghanistan. people were worried about violence and it's come. kitty logan live in london with what it all means. hi, kitty. >> hi, leland. that's right. there were several smaller scale attacks throughout this polling day, but not quite on the same horrific scale as we've seen in the run-up to this vote. and that's largely due to intense security led by afghan forces and backed of course by n.a.t.o. troops and those u.s. troops in the country at the time. polls have closed as you say and counting has started in central places such as the capital kabul, but because of the threats you mentioned turnout seems to be relatively low. however, the taliban threatened wide disruption and warned voters to stay away. the insurgence did have minor
9:26 am
attacks such as the polling station at the mosque. however, tens of thousands of afghans were undeterred and they turned up to vote regardless of those risks and there were some complaints about voting systems, some delays and technical problems, communications issues, but what is significant here is that this election has gone ahead. it was delayed twice. it almost didn't happen at all because of the peace deal that was almost signed with the taliban. it would have been postponed further as part of that agreement. now, as for the candidates, the current president is running for reelection as is his main rifle dr. abdullah. leland, we will have to wait some time to find out who the winner is. vote counting takes weeks in afghanistan. you have to bring the ballot boxes down from the mountains and that will be mid october.
9:27 am
if any candidate does not reach 51% of the vote there will be a runoff. leland: and the violence before na election as well. kitty logan in london. >> the u.n. general assembly met today where earlier the syrian foreign minister demanded all foreign forces in the country withdraw immediately. >> operating in our territories without our authorization are occupying forces and must withdraw immediately. should they refuse, we have the right to take any and all counter measures authorized under international law. >> worth noting the u.s. is among several countries that maintains a presence there. leland: a presence in syria, yeah. molly: and that really speaks to how busy it has been at the u.n. this past week although some other things turned out to overshadow what was happening.
9:28 am
leland: wonder when the syrians say that, do they mean the russians and iranian troops there as well? it was john bolton who says the u.s. military will be in syria until the last iranian troop leaves. now john bolton is gone, whether that still holds true. the other thing to look at in that video, the syrian foreign minister speaking, barber assad hasn't come and hasn't for years. molly: it's an important part of the world and it seems there are so many other countries with interests in the world. it's hard to believe that they will completely be able to close those borders off and kick everybody out. we shall see. leland: we'll watch it and whether the u.s. military makes a response in terms of the statement here over the next couple of hours or days. speaking of statements, several 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls, including mayor pete is in reno, nevada touting the union vote.
9:29 am
sometimes it looks shaky as we take them to air. union contracts, striking uaw workers and general motors workers now in its 13th day. ellison barber live from detroit and there are other 2020 hopefuls also visiting the picket lines. hi, ellison. >> hey, leland, yeah, two 2020 presidential candidates are headed to this area to speak with union workers tomorrow. one of many ways 2020 hopefuls are trying to lock down the coveted union vote. america is experiencing a strong economy that is certain. but history tells us that economies don't live in a vacuum. we need to prepare for uncertainty. and you can with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900 to get started. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth.
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but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? trial on a saturday continues for a former dallas police officer amber guyger. and she's speaking out about what happened when she shot and killed her neighbor in his apartment which she thought was her own. christina coleman from our west coast news hub following the trial as it happens.
9:34 am
hi, christina. >> hi, leland. a tragic story here, ex-dallas police officer amber guyger took the stand yesterday. she was crying and felt like a terrible person and wishes she was the one killed that night. it was september 6th of last year. prosecutors say she had just ended her workday and had been sending sexual messages and photos to a man as they discussed meeting up later, but apparently that didn't happen. she instead made it into botham jean's apartment and she said she hit her key in the lock and it was partially opened. and prosecutors said there were other things she could have done, retreating and using her police radio. but guyger said that she entered the apartment alone and she shot to kill. >> asked god for forgiveness
9:35 am
every single day. i don't feel like i don't deserve to have a clans to be with my family and friends. i wish he was the one with a gun and killed me. i never wanted to take an innocent person's life. >> now, guyger could be seen on body cam video, one of the responding officers and that guyi guyger just wrapped up a long workday. and no drugs or alcohol were in her system. she testified she was scared that night. all right, yeah, she testified she was scared that night and feels like a terrible person and that she asked god for forgiveness. again, he was a 26-year-old accountant eating ice cream and watching tv when guyger entered his house and shot him. a texas ranger briefly took the
9:36 am
stand to testify about tunnel vision. jurors will not hear additional testimony today, but the trial will resume on monday. leland. leland: we will watch for a verdict when it comes down. and christina coleman in los angeles. thanks so much. molly. molly: it's been a busy week in washington certainly, but the college admissions scandal that swept universities across the nation also marching on with several parents set to be sentenced in the coming weeks. felicity huffman, the first sentenced in the case got 14 days in prison. the second devin sloan four months and the third and most recent to be sentenced also got four months in prison. in each of the cases the defense's team asked for no jail time, but the sentences delivered fall far short of what prosecutors are asking for as well. i don't know if it quite met in the middle. leland: you've been in the courtroom for so many of these hearings. what's your main take away. are these parents who are
9:37 am
genuinely apologetic for what they did or apologizing because they got caught? >> well, this group of parents are those that chose to plead guilty to work out to try to work out deals with the government who had made sentencing recommendations. many of the recommendations have been a year or more, but in these particular group of defendants, they have chosen to work with the government and also to be fairly contrite. you know, the most obvious defendant that's been so deeply contrite, felicity huffman since the beginning came forward and was contrite and she made little money in the scheme compared to the others, she paid the 15,000. >> and steven sentenced earlier this week, paid $400,000 to get his son into georgetown and part of the plan that singer offered him. one of his lawyers, they had quite a large legal teams as some of the defendants have more than one case, his lawyer spoke to us and essentially made the argument that these parents, beyond the fact that we're co-conspirators and charged for fraud and conspiracy, that
9:38 am
they're also in a way victims. take a listen. >> always a classic extortionist, i think he could teach a class 101 how to extort people. he found these people's vulnerability. molly: so, that-- he's talking about the ring leader of the scheme. leland: he's referring to the ring leader. >> rick singer, that essentially he was out there working these parents over and in a sense they were victims of the scheme. and one lawyer particularly feels this as he did with other clients, a sort of modu modus opperandi, works himself into the family. leland: tutoring. molly: and before offering that side. leland: and saying your kid plays water polo when he doesn't or a rower or sailor, et cetera. molly: and those involving the children in the scam and pulled them into it. the judge that's been senencing the defendants talking about that making it more serious for those defendants. if you pull your son in--
9:39 am
that's singer there. leland: and we have the picture. molly: we have a picture, for instance, devin sloan, who had-- >> his son. molly: pulled his son literally in the family pool as prosecutors argued to pose for pictures. some of the kids dependent know. if theres with an a test cheating scenario they may not have known. we'll see what's next to come. another sentencing this week. bernie sanders just one of several democratic candidates hoping to woo union voters. a key issue for candidates coming up. what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar?
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>> 2020 democratic candidates are working to court union members after nearly 50,000 gm factory workers walked off the job almost two weeks ago. ellison barber is live there in
9:44 am
detroit. she has more on the importance of unions and the 2020 election overall. ellison. >> hey, molly. when it comes to that auto worker strike that's now in its second week, president trump, he's not taking sides. he tried to remain neutral in this. the only thing he hopes the issues are resolved san. soon. the democrats are taking size coming out in support of the workers and criticizing general motors. three actually showed up on the picket lines in detroit praising the auto workers and slamming general motors. senator bernie sanders thanked the workers for in his words having the courage to stand up to corporate greed. every candidate is hoping to lock down the union vote in 2020. in 2016 blue collar factory workers helped president trump narrowly win the state of michigan and win the white house. democrats are trying to convince the workers who voted for president trump last time, especially those who might be on the picket lines right now, that neither the president nor his
9:45 am
party understands them like democrats do. i spoke with the chair of the democratic party in oakland county and focused on telling union workers how they feel about wages, they understand their concerns about automation and they say they want them to know and they will know that democrats in their view are in it with union workers for the long haul. i spoke with one auto worker who worked in the auto industry for 20 years, and he voted for him in 2016 and will again. when i asked him about the trade war and things that democrats point to as evidence to make their case, that president trump hasn't delivered on some of his promises. >> he points to nafta and the efforts to renegotiate that deal to say just wait, he believes that president trump is still for workers in the long haul. for now the picket line seems to be split between those on board with president trump and some who are not. molly: poboth sides are making
9:46 am
their case. leland: the president said they should work it out between gm and the uaw, for more on this we turn to our talk radio panel, progressive host, ernie, and they're on the opposite sides of the screen. you'll figure it out. and they're ready to court the union vote that's moved away from democrats, but you look at some of their policy proposals particularly those more liberal ones who say we want to give health care to illegal immigrants. those are incongruent statements and people to go after. >> well, i hate to say this, but i think what the union workers are going to be focusing on is that they're going to look at whether their wages are going up, since they're 10% lower than at the time of the bankruptcy. they're going to look at temporary workers, look at keeping health benefits. looking at two plant closures
9:47 am
and moving them, where? to mexico. i'll be honest with you, if they're focused they're focused on their lives and their packages and what's happening to them and convenient donald trump only tweeted once about this strike. leland: fair enough they're focusing on themselves. sanders says that his health care plan will take away their health care that you just said they're worried about. >> oh, no, no, no. they're not-- here is what's happening. there's a replacement health care, there's not a taking away. they will not have to be fighting with their players about what kind of benefit package they'll have. they'll put their money into their compensation packages which is their wages that pays their bill instead of every year paying a portion of compensation going down. why because they have to constant beg and borrow in order to keep their benefit package. leland: the benefit package to your point that they had to give a lot to get. and john, bring you in here on this. the president has tweeted once, has not been vocal. says that the uaw and gm have to
9:48 am
work it out. they voted to put him in the white house. is there a risk, john, of the president not being more supportive of these guys on the picket line? >> i don't knowing -- i don't think you're going to find a republican president coming down on a big company like general motors. i think it's between the workers and management there. i don't think that trump really has a role here. i do know that the workers only put 3% into their health care benefits. they only pay 3% of the costs and the average u.s. worker pays 28%. so that's a big gap and gm is asking that they put in 15%. that's reasonable, i think, to most people. the unions have a really, really sweet health care deal and at least if they don't like it, if they have a lot more power fighting the company that employs them than fighting the federal government if we get a bad deal down the road with one of bernie sanders's crazy plans. >> so, leland, can i say something? when you have 12,000 of those workers being temporary workers,
9:49 am
who earn half of what the regular auto worker is making at these companies, and they get horrific benefit packages, they have no way of becoming permanent, the story you're telling us is a story of the workers that now are actually shrinking because they're depending more and more on temporary workers. the uaw gets it. the they want to see the temporary workers earning more and getting benefit packages and becoming permanent. leland: where does the politics of this come in for president trump? how does he support his base, the people who put him in office and at the same time not alienate, as you say, gm who was once said is good for general motors is good for america? >> you know, people support trump for many varied reasons beyond whether they agree with him on a specific issue. leland: fair point. >> there's just a certain spirit that he has that a lot of people resonate with and they don't really care if they disagree
9:50 am
with him on stuff or really goes off the rails once in a while. leland: wish we had enough time to get into. that there is a fascinating point and an important one, especially when you spend time with these folks in michigan and pennsylvania. john, arnie, appreciate you being with us, sorry we couldn't talk longer, appreciate it. >> thank you. leland: all right. in hong kong more rallies demonstrations commemorate the anniversary of the pro democracy umbrella movement. greg palkot live in hong kong. hi, greg. good afternoon board members. we have some great new ideas that we want to present to you today. [son]: who are you talking to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting a chairman for the... for the advisory board what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't.
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9:54 am
>> thousands rallying in the streets of hong kong today marking the fifth anniversary of the umbrella movement that called for democratic reforms. greg palkot is in hong kong with the latest. greg. >> molly, another night of clashes here in hong kong. police taking an especially hard line. take a look at what we saw. now, all of this was happening on the 11th anniversary--
9:55 am
i'm sorry on the anniversary of the umbrella movement. the first mass pro democracy demonstration that failed. and three days before that major anniversary of the founding of chane and beijing don't want that overshadowed. in that we saw a much harder line by the police to break up violent actions. not only at the demonstrations, but afterwards to stop and searches at bus stops and shopping centers, clearly trying to get those on the street off and away from trouble. now, we have been following these protests for about four months now, molly. we were here in june. other fox teams have tracted to december and they're back here now. the big question is will beijing intercede? how long will they let this go? tonight we saw possibly the beginning of the end. back to you. >> remarkably these rallyies
9:56 am
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10:00 am
♪ ♪ >> congress may be in recess but some will keep on impeaching president trump. leland: he's not letting it ruin his golf game though. he has lindsey graham on the golf course. >> he can golf and tweet at the same time. leland: this is a talent. aisle leland -- i'm leland vittert. now the fight over documents begin and who shows up and who doesn't, what the hearings are allowed to have and not in them thompson with all of that.
10:01 am
>> hi, leland, house democrats are giving secretary pompeo to turn over documents, the democrats accused state department of slow-rolling, they asked per the documents nearly 3 weeks ago and accuse pompeo of blowing audiotape september 16th, deadline, your letter says in part, failure or refusal to comply with subpoena, adam schiff and elijah cummings, house speaker also weighed in. >> they've try today reconstruct the narrative based on transcript that doesn't underlie the accusations that they made initially. he's talk abcongrats, blah, blah, it was a normal conversation that you would expect between the leader of our
10:02 am
nation. >> this is a very sad for our country, impeachment of a president is as serious as our congressional responsibilities can be. >> president of the united states is threatening a whistleblower's life. >> if they are claiming cover-up this is the world's worst cover-up ever, for heaven sakes they released transcript and did so very quickly, they released a whistleblower complaint. they did so very quickly. >> other democrats objected to the president's calling the whistleblower a spy, former arizona senator jeff flake says at least 35 republican senators would vote to remove the president if they used the secret ballot.
10:03 am
molly. >> thank you, and meantime president trump is sounding off on these impeachment efforts overall slamming several congressional democrats on twitter this morning, mark meredith at the white house with all the latest. mark. >> as leland was mentioning president trump is on golf course, playing golf with professionals and also republican senator lindsey graham. white house releasing who he's playing golf w not something we see every saturday. the president has been active on twitter and blasting democrats over the decision to launch the impeachment inquiry, this is what the president had to say earlier this morning once again on twitter, can you imagine if these do-nothing democrats savages, people like nadler, schiff, aoc plus 3, oh, well, maybe next time. the president in his own words on twitter, democrats say their impeachment inquiry is not focused on political retribution but instead on search for truth
10:04 am
after whistleblower raised concerns over president trump's conversations with ukraine president in july, democrats know what to focus on. >> national security of our country, the president of the united states being disloyal to his oath of office, jeopardizing our our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. >> president trump continues to insist his conversations with ukraine were proper but after the white house released details about the call former independent council ken starr says there are parts that raise red flags. >> what president said, he used a word that's wrong, reciprocity. that's not a crime. i think it's poor judgment by the president, he should not have done that. >> fox news has also learned that the controversy led the president's point man in ukraine
10:05 am
to put in resignation, stepping down as role as u.s. envoy, he was in contact with the president's attorney rudy giuliani and ukraine's government, he was sort of a go-between ukrainian government as they try to understand what u.s. officials were saying as well as the president's attorney rudy giuliani were saying, molly, the story continues every hour, new development. >> for sure mark meredith thank you so much. now let's take a look at what actually happened leading up to this impeachment inquiry. >> former vice president joe biden's son hunter joined energy company joined by ukrainian oligarch, but international concerns grew over prosecutor general victor, he too was embroiled in internal
10:06 am
corruption. pressure from western leaders including then vice president biden culminating in ousting and new prosecutor yuriy lu, the hunter biden leaves after giving list of individuals not to prosecute, promoted by trump. lutsenko retracted claim after. trump called into offer his congratulations. in may trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani traveled to ukraine to dig up information that would be helpful to his client but canceled after 2 days of public announcement.
10:07 am
a short time later trump would look at foreign-source information. >> i think you might want to listen, there's nothing wrong with listening. a few months later notified notified of his decision to withhold $450 million and still at war on eastern border with russia, then the president calls zelenski on july 25th, a couple of weeks later, a portion of what the president said oh to zelenski. later in that call later trump brought up joe biden, a lot of talk about joe biden's son that biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of of people want to find out about that and whatever you can do with attorney general, that would be great. giuliani traveled where he met representative of zelenski all of which prompted a whistleblower to raise concern the president is using power to leverage political dirt on an opponent in upcoming election. the whistleblower alleged the white house knew what the president did was wrong and tried to lock down the call on a
10:08 am
classified server used for the country's most sensitive secrets, the whistleblower claimed, quote, according to white house officials i spoke with, this was not the first time under this administration that a presidential transcript was placed into this code word level system solely for the purpose of protecting political sensitive rather than national security sensitive information. >> the last claim from the anonymous whistleblower was enough for house speaker pelosi to call the situation at the white house a, quote, cover-up. leland: nevada has become first republican congressman to come out in support for impeachment inquiry into president trump adding his name to a very long list of democrats already backing this move, joining us now to react former georgia congressman who debated on the heels 20 years, jack kingston, good to see you, sir, does this bring back any memories, good, bad? >> well, it does in one sense in that everybody is running to their partisan corner right now.
10:09 am
leland: yeah. >> it doesn't in the sense that on president clinton we had the starr report and undisputable evidence about perjury and obstruction of justice, in this case there's no third-party verification except for heresay through a whistleblower. leland: democrats would argue that the transcript that was put out, we had one on earlier, the idea of linking favors that involve election interference and then talking about investigating the son of a political rival is all the evidence they need, this isn't in the report, this is a white house document. >> well, you know, if the american people read the transcript what the whistleblower and the democrats have been allege asking that the president demanded an investigation of hunter biden in exchange for military aid. that's what we were all expecting, that was what the whistleblower -- leland: you'd agree if that had happened that would be pretty bad. >> right, but that was not in there. if people read this this is a conversation of two people and farce keeping it away from
10:10 am
congress, they are taking shots at germany and france and i could see them want to go say, we don't need this publicized. leland: we see now a republican coming out in the house talking about this inquiry moving forward. hasn't said he's for impeachment but for the inquiry, we heard from mitt romney in the past couple of days which is not a full-throated defense of the president, is this the proverbial leak in republicans starting to abandon the president? >> you know, it could be if there's 10 or 15 of them who start coming out quickly and saying, we've got to look into this, one thing that mark said clearly, look, i'm all about transparency. leland: he did. >> i'm not for impeachment particularly based on what -- leland: words exactly, i'm a big fan of oversight so let the committees get to work and see where it goes. and that was on a conference call. >> and if i know mark amadoeo, where he knows it's going, where
10:11 am
is the server and why democrats reluctant to get the server and let us take a look at it. leland: that was a hard turn. we will put the server aside for one minute. let's get now to the politics, look forwards 2020, josh respected journalist, shall we say not left-leaning columnist right to this, voters who never liked trump in the first place, a majority of the country are now becoming supportive of removing him from office, at worst looks like a political wash for democrats and if new damning developments occur republicans are suffering, serious political damage if they stick with the president at all costs. >> i don't agree with that. i don't think, at all cost is a very broad term, so, yes, if there's some evidence the proverbial smoking gun which we are far from, but right now a complicated legalistic argument that democrats are making and these are people who we wanted to impeach him in november 2016
10:12 am
before he was sworn in. so i don't think -- leland: in fairness the list has grown, each one of these scandals has come out, you're right there's never been the promise smoking gun from adam schiff or other democrats, but still in each one of the scandals that's come out and we have learned about how the president has done business, more and more democrats and a growing percent of the american population is coming out saying, we think there needs to be at least impeachment inquiry, it's no longer just the progressive left that says that he needs to go. >> there's brush fire polls taken in new york city and california, people are changing their mind, remember, they are changing their mind based on the headline and the headline was that trump was withholding
10:13 am
military aid, this transcript if people read it, they'll see he did not say i'm withholding aid to you, that was the accusation. leland: if you like to read either document, if you haven't had the chance hassate all, good to see you, sir, as always, unique historical perspective on this one, we appreciate it. >> thanks, leland. leland: fox news sunday tomorrow, chris wallace exclusive interview with white house senior adviser steven miller, you will want to check your local listings for time and channel, howard kurtz has coverage of whistleblower ukraine call and what we were talking about, the democrats impeachment inquiry, that's tomorrow 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> all right, more on how the impeachment process could be playing out let's bring in former federal prosecutor and former whitewater independent counsel at thompson&knight. >> nice to be with you. >> this is to watch unfold, many
10:14 am
folks that might remember the 90's and maybe perhaps are familiar as to how this could go, let's take a quick look, we thankfully have a lovely chart being created by graphic's department against some sort of information about the steps ahead, committee preparing articles of impeachment, the full house votes on articles, the senate two-thirds of the senate have votes to convict and then essentially ultimately going to the individual being forbidden from holding governmental office again. what do you think the chances are when we look at the senate right now, they need two-thirds, there are 53 republicans, 45 democrats, what are the chances that this will ultimately lead to the president being removed from office? >> i think you have to back up to the evening because in prior eras where impeachment has been considered, it's always started with actually a vote by the entire house to commence impeachment proceedings which has not happened yet, the speaker hasn't called for such a
10:15 am
vote, they simply announced that an impeachment inquiry has begun and remains with a group of already existing committees unlike in previous situations where the select committee was appointed and the process started with a vote of the entire house. i suspect the reason that that vote hasn't happened yet is i don't think that nancy pelosi has the votes, so we are a long way away from even the beginning of the process that you just put up on the chart, but to answer your question, i think at the moment it is virtually certain that the -- a trial in the senate with republicans in control of the senate would go nowhere, it's not even clear that mitch mcconnell would bring this to a vote and he's not required to do. >> fascinate to go see but democrats talked about moving very swiftly, here is congressman nadler.
10:16 am
>> any idea how -- [inaudible] >> expeditiously. remove expeditiously, all i can say we will move on impeachment expeditiously. >> well, molly, that's nice to hear. >> how far could it potentially go? >> molly, nice to hear that it's going to move expeditiously but let's talk about reality here, first of all, nadler has said on other occasions that he wouldn't expect anything to go through until the end of december, others have said that it might be ready to go before thanksgiving in november and i think there's an overwriting reality to this side show and next week will be in october, that means that within a month thereafter we will actually be in an election year because we will be post first week of november, there's a political
10:17 am
dynamic here that everyone seems to be ignoring and that is that the focus of the country should actually be on a presidential campaign and the last time that this was tried which was against andrew johnson after abraham lincoln was assassinated was a similar situation in which an impeachment proceeding proceeded an election and that didn't go well either. i think you know, one of the things to focus on is what really has changed here so far is that despite what speaker pelosi said previously, that she would not put the country through this because it would be divisive unless there was overwhelming bipartisan support. the fact still remains now even after all of this that has happened over the past week, there is not bipartisan support to remove the president from office, nevertheless, the democrats seem intent on putting the country through this in an election year. >> certainly a number of depositions at least scheduled for next week, we will see where
10:18 am
that comes as far as potential further hearings, robert ray, thank you very much for sharing your insights. >> thank you, thank you for having me. leland: sad weekend down in texas where an accused cop killer faces death penalty, the community meantime is taking time to come together and say thank you to the deputy who was killed during a traffic stop. [inaudible] >> this is an example of a different color, different religion, different cast that we see, love that he spreaded everywhere. >> was seen as trail blazer in harris county, down in southern texas as first local chief's deputy. >> a princeton graduate found guilty of killing his father in cold blood now facing the maximum penalty for his crime, a
10:19 am
new york state judge sentencing 35-year-old thomas gilbert, jr. to 30 years to life in prison for killing his millionaire father in 2015, a crime committed because his parents reduced his monthly allowance. plead insanity and the judge says that she believes he was aware of actions and convicted of criminal possession of a weapon. leland: cdc is dispatching more than a hundred doctors and investigators to try and find out more about those who died and their deaths are connected to vaping, what they're looking for when we come back. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage,
10:20 am
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10:24 am
>> washington state governor is asking state health officials to enact energy ban on flavored vaping products, states around the country are working to deal with growing number of vaping-related illnesses. jacqui heinrich has the latest on this. >> well, molly, cdc is telling people to stop using e-cigarette and vaping products particularly those with thc. so far they've not been able to identify one vaping device, liquid or ingredient that's causing the outbreak of illnesses but officials say patients most often mention the name dank vapes especially in illinois and wisconsin. patients reported thc cartridges sold in dank packaging, generic brand that doesn't tie one to one store or distributor. cdc is linking the outbreak to thc after studying more than 500 of the 800 patients who became ill.
10:25 am
more than 3 quarters of them said they used vaping products containing thc and nearly 40% were vaping exclusively thc products, so far the cdc confirmed more than 800 cases of lung-injury illnesses in 46 states and the virgin islands, of those people who got sick, 13 people have died in 10 states, most victims are younger with two-thirds of them between ages of 18 and 34 year's old. >> we seeing more and more cases each day, we don't know the cause, no single, product, brand, substance or additive has been linked to all cases for. >> the outbreak in massachusetts, new york where supreme court denied request from vaping industry to return the ban. michigan prohibits ban of all flavored products with the exception of tobacco flavored and new york for tobacco and
10:26 am
menthyl flavors to be sold, cdc says they're not certain if thc is the problem or people are getting sick from another substance like a sickening agent in the vape use, doctors say the illness resembles inhalation injury with patients reporting shortness of breath, fatigue and chest pain, very little regulation for vaping products but no regulation for products that contain thc which is federally illegal, molly. >> jacqui heinrich thank you so much, a lot of states wrestling with this in various ways moving forward some of them massachusetts among those that have joined, they put a four-month ban in place, charlie baker joining us, several bake shops that are working on suing. leland: two issues here, people who have gotten sick from vaping which is one issue and died an then there's the issue of does vaping encourage kids to get addicted to nicotine and that's something that the president was talking about, we heard that idea banning certain vape-cart i
10:27 am
believes, juul pulls some of the cartridges that were appeal to go kids, et cetera, or do what they did in florence, alabama, they caught kids vaping in the bathroom so principal down there, he took the doors off the stalls from the bathroom and thought that might help. >> you're definitely not allowed to smoke in my high school. >> vaping hadn't come around yet. >> no. leland: but they did take doors off of the stall? >> i don't recall that either. leland: we will see. democratic 2020 candidates among them mayor pete meeting with union members and they are joining the picket line trying to woo union voters as the gm strike continues, ellison barber in detroit, hi, ellison. >> hey, leland, democrats are trying to sure up the union vote
10:28 am
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10:32 am
-i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. leland: 2020 candidates are out on the trail and they are also out on the picket line, stumping in key battleground state where is hundreds of workers have been out for nearly 2 weeks on strike, ellison barber live from detroit with what all of this means, coming up in 2020, hey, ellison. >> president trump has not taken sides when it comes to this standoff, he's only said that he hopes it is resolved soon, democrats on the other hand, they are taking sides and they are headed to the picket line, candidates showed up on the picket lines here in detroit supporting the auto workers criticizing general motors, senator bernie sanders thanked the workers for having courage
10:33 am
to stand up to corporate greed, democrats are trying to convince union workers who voted for president trump that neither the president nor his party understands them like democrats, some plants with layoffs, the president has not delivered for union workers and policies have actually hurt them, among iowa workers and picket line and we spoke with people who disagree and still support president trump, we have spoken with those who say they have been disappointed, listen here. >> i believe trump took a little bit of a down fall from the union, his campaign proms weren't fulfilled. >> union voters are barraged. they support the green new deal which will destroy my job. >> we need more normalcy. >> two candidates are expected to arrive in the detroit area tomorrow, senators warren and klobuchar are set to speak at
10:34 am
forum hosted by the largest private sector union, both warren and klobuchar called for impeachment proceedings to begin against president trump months ago they are reminding people of that, some of the 2020 competitors come out in support of it now. former vice president joe biden who, of course, is right in the middle of all of this when it comes to the conversations president trump had with ukraine, he's trying to kind of thread this needle right now, leland where he acknowledges where he thinks president trump abused presidential power but he also keeps the focus on 2020 and 2020 issues, he said recently in speech that the president would like this to become the focus but he would like to try and keep the focus on the american people. so what we are seeing and probably will see move ago head, leland, people trying to focus on the issues, focus on union workers here and al address impeachment proceed that is are happening now and not focus on it too much, we will see if they can strike that balance or not as we see candidates come to this area, leland.
10:35 am
leland: a lot to balance even reporter, nice job with that, ellison barber out in detroit, ellison, thank you. >> credit to ellison getting all that in for talking as fast as she did, she did so well but for more on this let's bring political panel cochair for prodonald trump great american pack and republican strategist eric beach and former obama campaign field director and democratic strategist robin byro. we have seen the beginnings of this impeachment inquiry begin to go get underway in capitol hill and some of the democratic candidates having weighing out in the field, take a listen. >> in the weeks and the months to come, it's congress' job to pursue the facts and the hold donald trump accountable. >> the constitutional is clear, no one is above the law and it's constitutional responsibility of congress to hold this man
10:36 am
accountable. >> donald trump is probably the most corrupt president in the modern history of this country. [cheers and applause] >> and the impeachment inquiry has got to move as quickly as possible. >> so robin, we will start with you, the impeachment inquiry, this could be really bad for the president, could this also be bad for democrats, if they're talking about impeachment they're not talking about all the other issues that perhaps the american people want to hear about, health care, et cetera, what not, your thoughts? >> yeah, actually i do, one cliché that i'm tired of hearing of candidates that they can walk and chew at the same time, i'm so overhearing that, but it's true and its message, they can speak to the other issues, if you go to their websites, they have issues outlined, yes, it could hurt us, i'm just hoping that the idea here is to have this inquiry, the information out there to the public and let
10:37 am
the public decide with their vote, i think that's fair. >> so we have seen information released, we have seen the whistleblower complaint, the record, memorandum of the call, some of the information is out there, but eric, your thoughts, do you think that this is worst for the president potentially also bad for democrats? >> after 2016 donald trump became president trump, the democrats went out and said we will run on policy versus agenda and they did that and they won back the house, i think nancy pelosi and the squad are doing us a favor, i think two things will be the outcome of this, one is that i think it's going to diminish our messaging going into 2020 but, two, it's going to really hurt their only viable candidate to go against president, joe biden. it's been affecting many of us, many of the current members enriched themselves while in
10:38 am
office. we should take a look at the allegations on hunter biden, i think we should take a look at the clinton foundation and that has enriched themselves over the last, you know, 10 to 12 years. let's have that debate and i think the senate republicans would do themselves a service by putting that out there and seeing how it lies out in 2020. >> it does look like that issue will get more attention than perhaps it might have. in fairness, this is the former vice president biden speaking about this issue out there on the trail. >> it's pretty clear that he will stop at nothing to hold onto power and after 70 straight polls have shown me beating him -- [cheers and applause] >> i think -- it's not surprising that i've become the object of his attention. >> is this bad for biden, is this bad for front-runner status
10:39 am
and would voters get behind him on the issue? >> i don't think this isst good for biden, he's been slipping on the polls to elizabeth warren, this is good for her specifically and, look, the more candidates are hitting where it hurts, in the midwest, pennsylvania, where we know donald trump is vulnerable and the trump campaign is paying attention to that, molly. >> we saw union involvement and the president does get out there and try to talk to union workers, i know that you have my back, you have to talk to your leaders when you're out there on the trail, all of those issues will be talked about in the coming months. would this overshadow that, could this be something, the president when he gets to rallies, big rallies, he talks about what he wants to talk about, what will he have to say on the impeachment issue, will he have to address that out on the campaign trail?
10:40 am
>> he should because in 2016 he had a race against the machine, we had unelected bureaucrats whether it'd be -- what have you, domestic intelligence agencies, they are not elected, what are the profits, how are calls leaked from méxico and australia, let's talk about, i think americans are sick of the last 3 years when we had bogus collusion charge that was false and same thing in 2020, i think this is going to work in the president's favor and demonstrate more extreme element it was democratic party, if the favorite on this is elizabeth warren that's a debate we wish to have, please let it be heard to be the nominee for the democratic party. >> eric, a little bit further out from that, we will find out, it's not -- iowa, new hampshire, we have to look for february, thank you both so much for coming on today to talk about this, appreciate it.
10:41 am
>> thank you. >> so molly, were you afraid of being eaten by a black hole? >> , no i wanted to get into space. 80's kid. leland: you could have seen something like this which might look like it's out of science fiction movie but it's actually a new nasa satellite image of the first black hole devouring a star. i was worried that would be me, why it's not me, when we come back. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. the business of hard work...
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why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief >> liferrer known as the french spider-man, arrested of climbing high-rise building in frankfurt, scaling some of the world's tallest buildings often times without permission or safety equipment.
10:46 am
leland: disagreement of iranian foreign minister, tray yngst with the latest on this and what it means in the larger sense, hey, trey. >> hey there, leland, good afternoon, as tensions remain high, mohamed was denied access to visit one of the country's officials currently being treated in u.s. hospital, during un general assembly, sarif was limited to traveling from where the gathering was taking place, the restrictions impose bedty state department the trump administration is use to go pressure iran. iran called the decision inhumane, adviser to supreme court said his country would president trump and put him on trial for treatment of iran. british flag oil tankard yesterday after held in persian
10:47 am
gulf for 2 months. and according to numerous western governments including the united states it was iran that lost cruise missiles to assault oil plant two weeks ago. at the un general assembly last week iranian denied having anything to the with attacks, hassán rouhani said this. >> i told leaders when you accuse a country of something, do you know what that means, it means chaos and triggering crisis and fire in the region, they have no answer. >> as the region is still with uncertain decisions by iranians and the west the united states is sending a patriot missile defense system as well as four radar systems and 200 troops to saudi arabia in an effort to counter iranian aggression, leland. leland: we will wait for the
10:48 am
military to show up, thank you so much. molly. >> successful mission at the international space station today, we will tell you about the new tech that's on board the spacecraft, coming up.
10:49 am
what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> weekend delivery at the international space station with a japanese cargo ship arriving this morning, carrying new batteries and prototype laser communication system that hope would -- leland: go ahead. she was so excited about the black hole. nasa satellite captured stunning images in another part of the galaxy. there's only one galaxy, right? space is not my thing. >> no, there are many galaxies. the galaxy far, far away. leland: anyway the first star that has been destroyed by a black hole. this is a visualization, i don't know if it's real or not, scientists with a look at title disruption event and this is a new model shows exactly how black holes distort our views with gravitation of polls near the center, the black hole
10:53 am
literally bending light and making it look like -- quote here a fun house mirror surrounding the black hole, all this does is truly make me feel better about myself because as i kid i was terrified that i was going to get eaten by a black hole and now i know -- this was a real fear because look at what black holes do. >> they are powerful. kids feel drain in the tub, we are all safe. leland: yeah. >> it's cool. leland: you know who would be talking about how cool it is, kristin fisher. noted elon musk enthusiastic, elon musk just unveiled a picture on twitter of the spaceship that he wants to send to mars, so there is the mock-up, star ship has been
10:54 am
joined. one can imagine it's a little early, that sort of prototype of the prototype, perhaps. >> i thought there would be something crazy different here but reminiscent of the shuttles that we have grown up seeing. leland: the model of a hobby store, little bit of that. >> it actually does something fabulous, far more than -- leland: it actually works. >> i don't think it went very far. leland: some of elon musk's rockets haven't gone very far either, there's that. we want to show you, happens every year when i worked in colorado, close call for a number of folks who wanted the perfect picture with an elf, doesn't work out very well for those who want the picture with the elf. we will show you when we come back.
10:55 am
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what's this? as well as use the remaining... child care options run out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. leland: you might wall this when tourists do really not
10:59 am
smart things. this is the annual elk fest in estes park, colorado. bystanders capture the video of an elk charging at a woman and head-butting her several times. it took a public works employee and his truck to scare the elk away, saving the woman from serious injuries. there are still people standing by next to the elk. wildlife officials warn you should keep a distance from elk at all times, especially now during mating season. i used to work in colorado and we would cover this every year. >> is this a thing? leland: the elk wander among you in the national park. >.they say don't try to feed the elk, don't go up to them and people say i just wanted to get a picture or cuddle with them. >> this is what is said before lots of terrible things happen. leland: you can see the meme now, i just wanted to pet the
11:00 am
elk. frowith that, enjoy the elk froa distance and enjoy the rest of your saturday. we'll be back tomorrow. and the news continues from new york. take care. arthel: a political firestorm sweeping across the nation's capital. house democrats subpoenaing america's top diplomat. president trump firing back on twitter, and adding to the drama, an abrupt res is -- resignation. l hello. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. the u.s. envoy for ukraine has resigned after his name was mentioned in the intelligence community whistleblower complaint. house democrats are intensifying their i' impeachment inquiry afr secretary of state bomb way yowo documented the trump


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