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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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what are you going to impeach him again in the second term. this is an exercise for democrats. we all know is just about region power. are you concerned impeachment might actually help the president reelection. >> i'm concerned that if we don't have impeaching this
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president he will get reelected. >> it out of your system and maybe we can regroup later. that is what americans want. full show, 66%, democrats who work with donald trump to solve the nation's problems rather than impeachment. they do not care, they totally lost it. how did impeachment workout in the '90s? congress had felonies on clinton. impeachment fell in the senate and they went to the roof. let's look at the facts, what's the crime, democrats cannot explain it. trump's the president of the united states, he has every right to know what is going on, everywhere in the world because of responsibility. if there is misconduct by high-ranking americans, joe biden, his son or anyone in a foreign country, he needs to know what happens. biden and his son are not above the law. they can do shady things overseas and donald trump cannot find out about it. because he might run against them. give me a break. there is actually a treaty that says the american president with
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crime occur under corruption. it was signed by bill clinton. i have the whole thing right here, go to my twitter page and read it for yourself. there is no quid pro quo. read the transcript online. this week they realized that there was no quid pro quo. adam schiff made it up. >> i'm going to say the seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt, political opponent and by the way don't call me again, i'll call you when you done what you've asked. this is some in character with the president was trying to communicate. >> that was all fake, he omitted it leader. but they have to set this up to sell it. now this is a quid pro quo. >> we are in equity giving the billion dollars, they said you're not the president, i said call him. [laughter] i said you not getting the million dollars.
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, and i think it was the sixth hour and i said if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money. [bleep] >> he threatened to withhold money from an ally they did not fire the prosecutor investigating his sons property. we should call him quid pro quo joe. he is also asking ukraine of how this all started, the ukrainians would gps in the d&c, they were caught working together to get dirt on trump and his campaign. so democrats manufactured a crime another train to manufacture cover-up. trump released a transcript of the call and expand on television and even as national intelligence structure testified all in one week, between bad cover-up. maybe they should have acid washed everything like hillary. there is no crime, no quid pro quo, no cover-up.
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everything democrats are accusing trump of, they did. the collusion, threats, collusion, getting rich off the family connection, it's not like trump and listed foreign agents to spy on his political opponent to influence election, but wait, that's what obama, biden and hillary did. no one expects trump to lay down and take it, they can smear, sue him and investigate him, fire and collude against him, but until he fights back, they call that high crime. but, here is the real story, the intelligence community data control, they even have to get trump for the jump, the witch-hunt failed so this is part two. the new york times reports the whistleblower cia but read his report, he didn't have the loan, it's a sophisticated inside job like last time, leaks, fac fakes
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and sabotage. the very same playbook they used before. when the russia hoax failed. so he had bill barr investigate the investigators. here it is, the intel guys know there plots about to be exposed to the trying to destroy trump before he destroys them. that is why bill barr is named in the complaint. they have to discredit him before his report comes out. and forced him true refuse whether added. this is war, and it is going to get ugly. but america, here's the deal, the truth always prevails in the people have the power. so sit back and enjoy the show but don't let anybody steal your vote. here with white house reaction, kellyanne conway. how are you feeling over there? >> everything is fine as you know, in this president is the most battle tested individual that i've ever met. those that continue to underestimate him and impugn him all the way to impeachment are
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going to be on the losing side. do us all a favor and never again use the word adam schiff. [laughter] >> i'm sorry. >> speaking of adam schiff let's talk about the chairman as oxymoron. on march 25 i called for his resignation because he is promised in the days leading up to the mother report that is bigger than watergate, there's evidence of collusion everywhere, it will be huge, we will impeach the president, and that was a big lie. the next day, days later there were nine republicans who serve on the intelligence committee calls for him to step down as chairman because they lost impartiality. so what are they due six month later, he invents a story, a conversation between our president, his president and the ukrainian president and says it on the floor the house, on national tv, his favorite place to be.
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and now you have republicans saying he should be center because of the dignity of the office. >> you don't have to do that kellyanne. >> the transcript of the actual call, they have to invent a new version of the call. -- >> are americans going to go online and read the four page transcript? >> i actually think they will in this case because it's pretty unprecedented that a president would declassify a conversation with a foreign leader -- >> do you think he should've declassify that, do you think the added momentum to prov the impeachment? and just let them spin their wheels? >> they could have and of course the angry mob is never satisfied. the president did not do this to satisfy him, he did it to show what the process was. >> do you think that will her his conversation with leaders in
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the future? >> no i do not. and in this case secretary pompeo had alerted the ukrainian president that the call, transcript may be released and we had an official ukrainian government saying there was no pressure in the president said this was a perfect call, ukrainian president said of the united nations general assembly that he felt no pressure. and as you read what's there, you see what is not there, no quid pro quo, no mention of aid or the 2020 election, no mention of the political opponent. it is the ukrainian president that is complaining about the lack of aid that he gets from france, germany, and it's on very little coverage. he said i wish they would be stronger on the sanctions and the implied version that this president is strong on sanctions in russia. >> he's the only one they gave military aid to ukrainian.
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-- >> two things would not have happened, adam schiff two is no credibility in making him the belle of the ball after he liked to this country for three straight years about collusion, russia evidence, how to concoct fictitious story, joseph mcguire, the acting head of dni who is been in the navy since 1974, a public server beyond approach, if they had something they would not have to concoct a story. >> nancy pelosi did the worst thing a character can ever do. she changed her mind in the matter of hours and she let the angry mob to get her off a considered deliberate process of one thing, i want to legislate, investigate and then litigate instead she is now equivocate and she changed her mind at 1:0y afternoon. she said no impeachment and at
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4:00 o'clock -- >> now it's like the things out of the station, the impeach in the house and the senate will do nothing about it because they don't have the votes and they think it's ridiculous. >> what does that do to the country? >> are you guys prepared to fight this battle? >> it's about to get nasty. here's what it does to the country, the essential question, americans, wake up. they work for you, that is your money funding the government in the way congress spends its time on impeachment of the president on denouncing the tweet a couple months ago or the nonsense, no infrastructure, no drug pricing, no fixing tv purée, no fixing flores, no fixing the border, no keeping the economy humming along, no helping the 28 million americans, none of it. -- >> they are not getting nothing done for the iraqi people. >> it is just another season, a sequel of the adam schiff show. >> i thought we are not allowed to see that name anymore?
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>> i want to remind everybody about jerry nadler and what he said about impeachment in the 1990s. >> impeachment of a president is in undoing of a national election in one of the reasons we all feel so angry about what they're doing is they're ripping from us, they are telling us that our votes don't count. and that the election must be set aside. >> he certainly looks better than he did in 1998. the point is, he's exactly right, and undemocratic move before an election, if these people were in a strong position they would've said will take care of it next november, let's not put the country through this. >> they actually thought they could beat donald trump next
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year, they would not even bother, they would put all their energy behind one of the candidates but they're not sure they can do that because they cannot just fight against donald trump, they have to run against the trump economy. the trump deregulation, and were a net exporter of doyl oil and natural gas. trump's 150 federal judges and county. >> they cannot do that. so i want to say something else, people may not know what a rainbow push coalition was. it was a jesse jackson group, it makes it more delicious, there's jerry nadler 20 years ago and speaking on behalf of the rainbow push coalition of the jesse jackson group, people can look that up in there saying it's undemocratic. i think the joe biden is important because hunter biden had no appreciable skil skill s. maybe hunter biden is violating law, that's not the point, adam schiff had the lack of guts to refer to donald trump -- what
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about the city vic sitting vice president. >> the media does not cover or record on it and no double standard. in the public season because they watch fox and read up on it online. >> it is going to be hell on earth for the next couple of month. >> people were talking about impeachment before they were inaugurated. -- >> they were looking for an excuse the whole time. >> they finally think they haven't but nancy pelosi did this, she did not do it with them will the report, she turned around and seen the transcript and she equivocated -- >> you know who is in a strong position now, philadelphia eagles. they are 2 - 2. they are looking good.
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>> they beat the packers at the last minute that was awesome. >> have a great weekend. coming up a classic "watters world" at the un, you might remember this, but first big fall out over impeachment, dan longino. longino. ♪ when we started our business
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♪ ♪ >> liberal media pouncing on calls for impeachment all week long even after the white house released transcript with ukrainian president. showing nothing bad happened. now for my perspective, media bias once again, this is going to come back to bite the people in the next election but the real issue is, how this all happened on the inside, very, very sketchy. here with his reaction, dan bongino who is also the author of the new book exonerated, feel to take down the president trump by the swamp. all right dan, yup to keep writing these books because they keep tried to take this guy down. this inside job, this was a real doozy. pretty smooth and sophisticated operation and this is more
11:19 pm
payback. >> there is no question in my mind that this is a professional hate on donald trump, 0 from the set up to the media strategy to the adam schiff tweet from august 28 that it seemed to allude to the complaint that he did not have -- >> of course, and i try to sum this up easy, here's the best way to sum up the latest hoax being perpetrated by the media and the liberal buddies. you want to impeach the president who is looking into the corruption of the last election, the favorable electing a new guy biden who was involved in the corruption in the last election. that is great. >> are trying to impeach them for their own crime. they are impeaching them for their own crime. >> and they expect to believe that. >> it's like a killer trying to
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lock up the policeman who is trying to cuff them. the whole thing is backwards. no matter how much you try to point this out, the hypocrisy and the fact that obama and hillary did the same thing to donald trump except so much worse without any evidence and the whole call there was no quid pro quo, yeah biden on tape, all the money exchanging hands, no money exchanged hands with trump, they don't even listen or acknowledge the other side of the argument, and they keep steamrolling this thing along. that's what you know it will not work with the american people because the american people know the whole thing is fraudulent. >> you know what's hysterical, i keep up and write about this at length in my book. but i keep up on my phone, the articles, there is a cnn article where they wrote about british intelligence, passing information to the obama administration, there is a ukrainian colluding with the obama ministration in the acts of donald trump. and we already know christopher steele used to russian sources
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for putin and told the state department of the election -- and hugh ask one and they said i don't remember any of them. i cannot tell if he is playing dumb or if he has not read it. [laughter] >> he just looked it up, it's all over the place. it is frustrating. >> is on the inter-web. >> it's not like it's on, it's political, the new york times, you know, i'm glad you have this attitude. i'm glad you and i have this attitude. and you heard my words at the top of the show, i'm kinda like, you have been wanting to do this the whole time, just do it and get out of your system. it's a psychological thing and they have to impeach them maybe they can take a breather and figure out what is bothering them. i don't know how you fight this,
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they don't listen to facts, he could try to say the wrong but they do not listen pre-go for it and stop wasting everybody's time. >> let's get everybody on the record, get on the house floor and raise your right hand, and say to the iraqi people you don't believe in foreclosure. remember the republicans if there's an impeachment, they will have subpoena powers for the trial. are you sure you want to open that door democrats? i'm not so sure that's a good idea. >> are they going to call adam schiff does a witness? a phone call of that he's trying to get naked pictures of trump. this thing can go out of control. who else can they call? where is this thing going,. >> 70% approval if they do that. >> it's political suicide -- he left with 60% approval. >> he actually did. >> he actually said that he was
11:23 pm
barred, on video and the whole thing was all there and they left the tennessee 98 and had 5. >> the american people want to pick their own presidents, they don't want adam schiff doing it for obvious reasons pre-he's a total liar. >> the book is out and it's going to be good, i know you get a lot of promotion. what is the main thing you want people to take away from the read? >> that they have tried this before, this is a movie script, they have tried when they colluded with the russians on john mccain. this is a movie script. if you read about the book it'll prompopen your eyes. i appreciate the question. >> it is perfect time for the
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second witch-hunt. if we want to get some quick notes, to check out. dan bondi no. check the book out. steelhead, survivors of revenge porn. wait to hear what's going on now. first farmers and ranchers going nuts over the green new deal stuff, wait till you have what they have to say about the democrats flipping burgers in iowa. ♪ before a small
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number of troops behind to hunt down the remanence of isis. i am jackie, now back to "watters world" for your headlines, log on to you are watching the powerful name in news fox news network. >> the democratic party all about global warming these days and many times blaming cow you know what on rising temperatures throughout the world so it's pretty amazing that almost every single remaining democrat running for president spent last weekend at the iowa steak fry flipping steaks and eating cheeseburgers. so here to let us know what they think of the democrats, the hypocritical stance on meat, andy harmon and his family in oklahoma and steve's family who
11:30 pm
owns an angus farm and i will. i don't think we have ever seen this before, the whole political party attacking meet, what do you think about that being guys that hang out with a lot of cattle. >> i mean, fake it to make it. >> fake it to make it? >> right, you see him in california, you know they will protest and be with the climate change folks and then you see them in iowa and the flipping burgers, eating steaks, i want to see the real deal and i don't see from the democrats ever. >> what do you think about that steve? >> naturally it's a little bit frustrating to those of us who are producing food in this country, it was recently a pole that was just released, the forms in the study, 99% of i went eat meat on a regular basis
11:31 pm
and so we know it and they know it, it's just different stories that they tell and they get to larger populated areas. >> do you think when you go around and say that they have to change the food pyramid and the cow flatulence is contributing to global warming and then they flip all these burgers, do people take that seriously? >> no, not at all. and we don't really need the government telling us what we need to eat all the time. it is real simple, keep it natural, less processed food, meets, vegetable and water, you're good to go, you don't need the government to tell you what to do all the time. it's straightforward and common sense. >> you what you like. and also i don't understand this, when people are saying that they gotta get rid of factory farming, what is all about? >> they just to understand the process. >> it is a modern out o
11:32 pm
modernization of agriculture. the videotaping in the news reporting, they don't use pens and papers anymore. the factory farm is an incorrect term, it's just simply the modernization of farming and it's basically economics why we have to do that, it is economics that would allow us to make a good living off of a dozen cows or something like that and just total backbreaking labor, there'd be a certain amount of farmers that would be willing to do that but the economics will not allow that. >> what do you think about the green new deal? >> to me, the green new deal is about control and submission. they want to get control of the memes of production and submit you to their socialist plan, they use like hot topics, who
11:33 pm
does not love the environment, i'm a country kid, i hunt in fish and i love the environment, if you look at the ranch, it's bluefin brot grass. cattle eat the grass, unseating the cattle, it's a circle of life. from disney on, we learn that. they are trying to fight it. it does not make any sense. >> steve, i gotta ask you, when the president slaps these tariffs on china and everyone says the farmers are getting hurt, the ranchers are getting hurt, what do you think about the chinese tears? >> well, naturally, we have been at a disadvantage for a long-term and none of us farmers like the effect that they've had on the product but i think were old enough and mature enough to realize that it is time to settle the score and even the playing field a little bit. and we realize the times might be a little bit tough right now and the long-term gain will outweigh the short-term hardship that we might be facing.
11:34 pm
i think we all understand that he's doing what he has to do. >> andy do you agree with that? >> yes, sir. the chinese have been difficult to trade with for years, and if you wanted to work on the environment, it's a good place to start, i think there were largest polluter in the world and we can use that to manage and kill two birds with one stone income to the middle and work with each other instead of this avenue that the democrats take on a return. >> i think less than 1% of the pollution in the ocean is from the united states the rest is from china, indonesia and all those places. what are we having for dinner tonight? >> we are having steak. >> steak. [laughter] >> have a nice night. >> thank you. >> former ice director goes off on capitol hill, wait to see
11:35 pm
this explosion.
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>> ice director taken on democratic congresswoman powell this week. during testimony over border security. watch this. >> you have these issues because you failed to secure the border and failed to work with the president to close loopholes that we asked for two years to close. i asked and you asked other people beyond their time. -- >> seriously, mr.,. >> i am a taxpayer, you work for me. >> diamond and silk, holman hand grenade. always exposing when he gets up there. >> i love it. first of all, these progressive congressmen and women need to
11:40 pm
understand that they need to follow the law. they are supposed to be up there legislating and investigating. they are supposed to be up there because they are law makers, not breaking the law, they are breaking the law and they should be because they're supposed to be lawmakers. on top of that they should follow our immigration policy, how dare them not follow our immigration policy and let and allow illegal aliens to break a law. >> here is another thing i thought illegal aliens were there before they were listening to them. i remember when diamond and silk was up there, to black women and we were born and they turned a deaf ear to us. it's a shame that they're doing that and he was right, we paid their salary and they're supposed to be listening to us. >> that's why i played it, i love it. we have to remind everybody that they work for us, not the other
11:41 pm
way around. here she comes again, hillary clinton back at it once the impeachment starts working its way around the newsroom, if you hello from hillary, here she is talking about the president. >> he is turned american diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket, we knew he was a corrupt businessman who cheated people, we knew he and his campaign invited foreign adversaries to tamper with our elections. and now we know, in the course of his duties as president he has endangered us all. >> she still think she's a legitimate president. i don't think she should be in the news too much around impeachment. you know why, i think it remind everybody that it was her husband who is impeached. remember the whole thing. >> first of all president trump is a legitimate president, he won this fair and square. hillary clinton, she was an
11:42 pm
illegitimate candidate, she stole the nomination from bernie sanders, she ripped our national security by housing these e-mails on her private server. she was a danger, a threat and that is why she is not preside president, we voted for him, not her and that's why she needs to go back to the woods and she can take elizabeth warren with her. >> speaking of elizabeth warren, we have seen these awkward videos where she drinks beer or on the amtrak frame, there's another awkward video with elizabeth warren where she's getting an endorsement from queer eye from the straight guy. listen. >> go steal america, we also really got to get mitch out of their mitch mcconnell is the worst. and then we'll get to to the
11:43 pm
white house and start everything up. you talk to me and i'll talk to you to. >> okay talk to you soon, be strong up there. >> thank you and you too. >> she looks like she wants to get off the call. i don't know what is going on there. >> because she is a fake, fraud, a phony and a liar. she will not do nothing for america. she is crooked like hillary, she is corrupt. if anybody is going to vote, you better vote for donald j trump. >> do you think that warren is going to get the nomination that biden has come under a lot of scrutiny with the son's doubledealing? >> she might get the nomination but she will not win the election. i don't see how black people
11:44 pm
will vote for her, she is a fraud. >> that does not leave a lot americans left. diamond and silk everybody. have an excellent weekend ladies. inside, the vicious world of revenge porn. wait till you hear this. don't go anywhere. ♪ so i can buy from
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>> a flirtatious photo of something more private, the next thing you know you have a lifelong nightmare, online harassment as known as revenge porn, a growing problem in america with real-world consequences, it can happen to anybody. the new film follows women who have been target of vicious sexual cyber attacks and how they are fighting back. watch this. >> i went to google and said this is abuse. you have to take it down. please take it down. and they will not do it. every time i give out my name i know i'm about to be judged, it's sort of not when will the comments it will come, i know they will google me and see what's there and they will judge me. private information,
11:49 pm
non-newsworthy and not a public figure, i'm willing to go with and try to fight anyone say that it is. >> joining me now, a "watters world" exclusive, director, symphony loewen. how big of a problem is revenge porn? >> it is happening all over the place. recent study shows that one in 25 americans have been threatened with or had the experience of having their intimate images somewhere online. >> is this like if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and you share something over text message and then there's a breakup and he posted online. >> that's one of the things that happened but so many different ways can happen. one of the things i found, there's a lot of people who don't even know they have been filled. >> it's been recorded in the
11:50 pm
bedroom by a boyfriend or girlfriend it gets all over the internet. >> absolutely. there's situations like that, you have not had to taken or shared an image of herself which technology that makes it really easy to put anybody's face on a pornographic picture. >> they could put my face on a naked body and then i can be all over the internet. >> absolutely. that could be a terrifying situation for many people involved. so there's nothing these people could do about it, he called google, youtube and what happens customer. >> so different platforms have different policies in place. facebook has been ahead of the curve in a lot of ways and crating technology, not only identify the images as are being uploaded and scam them for violating intimacy protection, then it gets forwarded on automatically. once an image is identified on facebook, they will no longer allow it to be spread or uploaded across whatsapp or any situation. >> is the perpetrator the person who takes the photo or posted
11:51 pm
online without consent, can anything happen to them criminally? >> this is really quickly developing, 46 states have some for oform of law. >> you say to the prosecutor i thought she liked her naked body all over the internet. >> yeah, i thought it would be fun. >> and you can get away with that? >> absolutely. >> that is crazy. >> are you working to change the law? >> there is a federal law that's been introduced last may and there are different laws in different states that have a lot more, there's a big push to get those causes that include tent to harm out of the bill that they are fighting for the federal government. >> if you put someone's picture without the consent on the internet, our people also making
11:52 pm
money from the as well? >> yeah, this is a huge problem, a lot of the revenge porn sites are partnered and a lot have been shut down. >> you pay me five grand in a wipe away. >> yes. another thing is extortion. i was reading a story about a guy on a dating site, he meets a beautiful woman who he thinks, interested in being involved, she transfers the conversation to skype, captures images of the gentleman and start saying, unless you pay me hundred dollars and then $1500, here is will put on the internet. >> you happens to guys to. >> absolutely. >> this is fascinating. this is what happened to trump, they made up a big story, naked it images all over moscow and they thought he was being scammed. it can happen to anybody. >> we have to run. any last words of warning for people out there?
11:53 pm
>> this is something that we need to press our tech companies, law enforcement, policymakers to really maintain privacy and to protect us online from the massive violations. >> it comes out october 22, you can preorder it. good luck with everything. thank you very much. a "watters world" flashback where we head to the un. where we head to the un. last call. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation.
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[♪] jesse: time for "last call." all eyes on the united nations as the general assembly got there this week. what do foreigners think of america? i found out a few years back and it's pretty much the same. where are you from? >> i'm from china. >> i'm from paris. jesse: what is the thing you like the most of about america?
11:58 pm
>> politics. jesse: you might be the only one. >> i think america is a noble nation. >> complex question. >> is america a noble nation? >> it's okay. jesse: what is the thing you like the most of about america? >> freedom. >> freedom here. >> the people say what they want. jesse: can you say whatever want in saudi arabia? >> sure, i love saudi arabia. >> i like the american system. jesse: do you like our transportation system? >> do you work at the u.n.? me. >> meeting after meeting. jesse: what do you do between the meetings.
11:59 pm
>> rest, and have champagne. there is so much work to be done. jesse: what is it you like least about america. >> people who aren't honest. jesse: if i came from albania, what do you do for fun? >> food processing industry. >> america sometimes shows too much its power. jesse: someone has to lead the world. >> why do we need a leader. jesse: when there is a natural disaster, who comes to see everybody, who comes to save everybody? america. when you guys need an iphone? >> apple. got him. jesse: that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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remember i'm watters and this is i'm world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the impeachment battle is on. democrats saying hearings could start as early as this week. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak continues. thank you for making justice number one all day, all night, all last weekend. i appreciate it. we have a big show on deck with president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, jim jordan, trump 2020, lara trump and more. but first my open. the president of the united states has been under siege for three years. our


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