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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 29, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arthel: new developments this morning on impeachment inquiry against president trump, fox news has learned that the pentagon state department and national security council were unanimous in supporting military aid to ukraine and that the president decide today withhold that aid this summer on his own. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean, you know the impeachment inquiry was triggered by the whistleblower complaint alleging that president trump may have temporarily withheld the aid as part of effort to pressure ukraine into working with the president's personal attorney general, former new york city mayor giuliani to investigate joe biden and his son hunter for his work for a ukrainian energy
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company, fox news has learned that mr. giuliani was working on this with washington lawyers, they are married and long-time supporters of the president, the u.s. official saying that the 3 did this quote, off the books and that the only government official who knew what they were doing was the president himself. the former mayor giving his reaction to this this morning on sunday morning futures insisting everything he did and the president wanted was completely above board. >> i'm a lawyer defending a client and one of the things you do defending a client is if you can prove that somebody else did it or that there's other explanation you pursue that vigorously. maria: if you're president trump's personal attorney why are you having all the meetings with ukrainian officials? >> because they had alternative explanation that cleared my client.
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>> latest reaction beginning with kevin corke who as you can see is reporting live from the north lawn in the white house, hi, kevin. >> eric, arthel, good to be with you, make no mistake about this, this is a circumstance where the hunters could soon being the hunted, the white house has its way, without knowing who this whistleblower is and without knowing who made the recent changes to the rules governing whistleblower information sharing from direct first-person knowledge to a more loose standard if you will, of hearsay, now more and more questions about the genesis of this so-called whistleblower complaint, who wrote it, who changed the rules regarding whistleblowers and why, why now the rush to judgment toward impeachment. >> i think it's unfortunate that the media continues to describe this individual as a whistleblower and that this individual most certainly does not deserve a partisan hit job, does not make you whistleblower
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because you go through the whistleblower protection act. >> steven miller on fox news sunday at issue, eric, was the president using the power of his office to investigate a political rival joe biden by way of hunter biden's business dealings and as you heard maria say, what was private attorney talking to ukrainians as you also heard him say he was defending his client, all in the center of all of this, joe and hunter biden and without experience the younger biden was able to net $600,000 a year from a ukrainian company and whether or not the president, former vice president that is yulessed the power of his office to threaten withholding funds from ukraine if the country didn't dismiss a judge said to be looking into the younger biden's business dealings, some of the myriad of questions that we will be watching all week long from white house, for now, back to you. eric: all right, kevin, thank you. arthel. arthel: breaking news this morning from capitol hill, house
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intelligence committee chairman adam schiff saying the whistleblower who filed the complaint will testify before the panel, quote, very soon. >> that whistleblower would be allowed to come in and come in without justice or white house to tell the whistleblower what they can and cannot say, we will get unfiltered testimony of the whistleblower, we are taking precautions that we can to make sure that we do so, we allow that testimony to go forward in a way that protect it is whistleblower's identity because as you can imagine with the president issuing threats, you can imagine the security concerns here. >> mark meredith has the very latest from washington, mark, what can you tell us? >> good afternoon, house democrats say their impeachment inquiry is all about investigation not a political witch hunt as president trump described it, the chairman of the house democratic caucus told fox's chris wallace no guaranty an impeachment vote will ever happen but lawmakers know they have work to do.
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>> we have this constitutional responsibility and we are going to undertake it with seriousness and solemnity that it requires, this is not about politics, this is about betrayal, abuse of power, national security, this is about the integrity of our elections an this is about the united states constitution. >> jeffrey has been onto say hoe hopes the administration complies with testimony and records related to the president's conversations with ukraine, democrats also calling on secretary of state mike pompeo to turn over documents tied to the investigation, lawmakers issuing pompeo subpoenas late last week but some republican lawmakers say after the last 2 years of the mueller probe, they feel the impeachment inquiry is more of the same, an effort to smear the president and his administration. >> this whole thing is not serious, this is a -- some kind of concocted plan that they have to drag quickly towards impeachment, that's what they are using this for and hopefully the mesh people, they saw through the russia hoax, this is
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the sequel. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said last week that for her impeachment inquiry is not something to be celebrated or relished, even said this is a sad time for the country. later this week the intelligence communities inspector general is expected to sit down with congressional committee that's supposed to happen behind closed doors and most of congress remains on two-week recess and lawmakers have not said how long impeachment inquiry may last, arthel. arthel: mark meredith, thank you very much. we-- eric: lots of question this morning. poverty rate has fallen to 11.8%, we will talk about that in a moment but all the attention in impeachment inquiry, joining us commerce secretary wilbur ross, mr. secretary, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> you know what democrats and the critics and speaker pelosi says, she say that is her president engaged in a shakedown
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in the phone call with president zelenski, jeopardized the national security, integrity of elections and is seeking foreign interference in his election to help him in his campaign. how do you respond to that in. >> well, the best source is president zelenski himself and he denied all of that with the media at the un, the president and i were sitting there, so here you have the two people who were parties to the conversation saying this is rubbish, only this anonymous whistleblower who admits he was not even part of the conversation and at best giving out secondhand gossip, that's a heck of a basis for an impeachment. eric: the critics say that president zelenski is afraid, he doesn't want his aid cut off. >> his aid wasn't cut off to the best of my knowledge it's continuing.
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postponement is not cutting off aid and there was no quid pro quo whatsoever. you read the transcript carefully. >> how about those who say that there was a quid pro quo because the aide was stopped by the president himself saying in the phone call that how well america treated ukraine. >> the president used same ladies and -- language about aid. that's hardly a threat. >> do you think in some way the way he's bringing his private business experience to a public office and that he may or may not be used to some of those? >> well, first of all, rudy giuliani, his attorney has said over and over that the president did nothing inappropriate either in connection with rudy giuliani
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or on that phone call, giuliani is a very well-qualified lawyer, his opinions and not the media's opinions. eric: critics would disagree with that, mr. secretary, doesn't fit the narrative that we've heard, it's always been said that, certainly the vice president, former vice president biden, said that one reason that prosecutor was dumped and was fired was because there was a lot of corruption in ukraine, this is what the u.s. and european leaders wanted but he's got this affidavit and quote from the affidavit this morning, from the prosecutor himself and i'm going read it. the prosecutor says, quote, the truth is i was forced out because i was leading a wide range in corruption probe in ba barisma holdings and joe biden's son hunter, president asked me to have a look at the criminal
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case against barisma and considered blinding down the actions on the company but i refused to close the investigation and then he was fired because of the cut in u.s. aid. that's not what we've heard. we've heard that the former vice president's son was in the clear and no evidence of wrongdoing and yet in this affidavit former prosecutors saying that's exactly why he was investigating. >> first of all, the prosecutor had supported opposition candidate to zelenski, there's a whole political panoramic going on here, not a factual panoramic, what provokes a prosecutor to sign an affidavit, isn't that curious thing? he's been put out of office and clear part of this antitrump business, that's what provokes this affidavit. what do you think will happen? >> i don't know what's going to happen, i know what should happen, i know there should be
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transparency on both sides, transparency requires two ways, transparency not one way. there needs to be an investigation into biden's son and biden, biden was on video tape at the council on foreign relations boosting how he pushed the prosecutor out of the case. nobody seems to mention that on the democratic side. this is biden himself on tape not an anonymous whistleblower, the man himself, the vice president who was the point person for ukraine at the time when his son with no visible qualifications was getting $50,000 a month, no explanation for that. eric: well, he would say he's proudly boosting about that because he paints as anticorruption situation that he's doing the bidding of the west and european allies who we wanted to push out this prosecutor who they thought was corrupt, not because of his son.
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>> nobody has ever explained why any oil company in its right man would give totally unqualified american who doesn't know ukraine, doesn't speak ukrainian, doesn't know squad about the oil industry, why are you giving him $50,000 a month except if there's a quid pro quo with his father who happens to be the vice president. eric: well, the president and mr. giuliani has addressed this, you know lobbyist, every time there's a big politician, family members get on the train and billy carter and also was hired by the libyans. i mean, should there be a law to prevent family members from the people we elect from trying to play on the name and enrich themselves? >> well, that's for the congress to decide what the laws should be. i'm certainly against people enriching themselves but it isn't just the 50,000 a month from ukraine, young biden also
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got something like a billion 300 million-dollar investment in a fund from the chinese government. eric: his lawyer says it's not true, it wasn't that amount, they dispute that completely. >> i don't think they dispute that he got money. eric: let me get back to the point i think americans are asking, we don't get that type of shot, as i say, should there be more ethical compliance in washington, d.c. to try and stop this because you're always getting family members, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, trading on the name no matter what political party you're at? >> well, i'm all in favor of ethics, i'm all in favor of disclosure, there's no question about that, how you word that and how you do it so it doesn't interfere with normal activities is a different question. but where you have a situation of an unqualified person getting 50,000 a month that's more than smoke, that's fire.
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eric: finally, the minute that we have left houseworks do you think this would affect the economy during nixon impeachment proceedings from the start to the finish the economy s&p went down 13% but with bill clinton it went up. >> you know the market has not reacted well to impeachment business, the market knows that the president has delivered a very, very strong economy, all the recent indicators right through august have been very good, unemployment, pmi index, consumer spending, consumer income, everything has been going in the right direction. democrats are desperate to try to derail the economy because they know if they don't they are toast next november. you would have the wild card as i understand the line of succession that goes after vice president to speaker of the house. that's an interesting thought. eric: nancy pelosi, mr. commerce
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secretary wilbur ross, long-time new yorker and new york businessman, thank you for your insight and joining us today. >> thank you for having me on. eric: of course. arthel. arthel: impeachment inquiry playing in campaign trail, how democratic presidential hopefuls are reacting as they make their 2020 pitch to voters across the nation today i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. rooh, really? 's going on at schwab. "thank you clients"? well, investors business daily did just rank them #1 broker overall
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eric: 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls busy on campaign trail, senator bernie sanders kicking off 2-day new hampshire university tour. other candidates have been gathering in detroit suburb trying to appeal to most critical voter groups in the upcoming election, that of course, the union vote, ellison
9:20 am
barber in madison heights, michigan with the latest on what we can expect today, hey, ellison. >> hey, eric, in the next couple of hours we are expecting to hear from both senator elizabeth warren and senator amy klobuchar, they're speaking at a forum here hosted by the union that represents the largest -- the largest private sector union, we have seen both 2020 hopefuls in the detroit area in the last week or so, klobuchar and warren visited the detroit plant and they stood on picket line outside of general motors, outside of the plant as standing with union workers, thousands of them are still on strike as their union is trying to reach a contract agreement with gm, senator warren held a rally in south carolina yesterday, she was noticeably quiet on impeachment during the rally, she didn't really talk about it with voters as other rallies, she's not worried about impeachment talks negatively impacking her campaign.
9:21 am
>> there's something that are above politics and one of them is that no one is above the law and that includes the president. this president has shown time and again that she's willing to violate the law. >> a lot of candidates from joe biden to andrew yang are trying to thread a needle supporting congress impeachment inquiry but keeping focus on campaign issues, easier said than done, we have seen biden saying that president trump would like to hijack the election, hijack what they are talking about, he wants to keep the focus on issues like climate change, gun violence, immigration and health care, he believes president trump can potentially use something like this to distract from other issues and he and other candidates are trying to keep
9:22 am
the focus on those issues but whether they like it or not the impeachment inquiry is coming up, probably something that comes up again today and we will see what we hear from both warren and klobuchar. >> yeah, top of the news, ellison, thank you, arthel. arthel: eric, impeachment inquiry marks big gamble as they head to 2020 election, speaker pelosi says she's not concerned if the party loses majority in the house over it. >> next election cycle, do you have any anxiety at all of any of the tough that we are talking about or anything that we are not talking about impacting your ability to hold control of the house in 2020? >> doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter? >> our first responsibility so to protect and defend the constitution. >> joining us is now california democratic congressman, member of the house oversight and reform committee, congressman, thank you for joining us.
9:23 am
are you 100% sure that impeachment inquiry is the way to go and now is the time to do it? >> i am, i came out for an impeachment inquiry 2 or 3 months ago, i saw firsthand on the oversight committee this president and this administration stone-walling every constitutional attempt to produce documents and witnesses to do appropriate investigations to the point where kellyanne conway said at one point to the effect that let me know when they come to take me away in handcuffs, that's not how americans work. arthel: when critics say democrats all over the place, they are looking for any reason, what do you tell them, what is the party's concise reason for impeachment inquiry? >> well, we have seen in the last week should shock every american where a president of the united states is using the power of the office to influence a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political opponent to
9:24 am
enhance his reelection opportunities and also doing this at the expense of our continued support of ukraine and its efforts to fight russia, this is beyond the pail and i believe that every american reads that transcript, the memorandum of the phone conversation coupled with the whistleblower's report, you can come to know other conclusion if you have an ioda of great mattering between your ears. >> is the purpose to gain subpoena power, secure depositions, get the complete unredacted transcript of the july 25th phone call between president zelenski and trump that you just mentioned and breaking news this morning adam schiff said they will interview the actual whistleblower, is that the purpose or isism -- impeachment the ultimate goal? >> the purpose to get documents and information and evidence that the american people deserve to see, as we have seen in more and more news reports, the
9:25 am
server from the situation room which is supposed to house information regarding the memorandums on the phone calls, many of them were being transferred over to a highly-classified server as well. arthel: you know the president -- you know the president says he did that because there were too many leakers in the white house, he felt the need to secure all of these conversations with foreign leaders? >> well, we have a president who is also calling this whistleblower who did everything by the book a potential spy and we also saw what he suggested should happen to spies, a completely unethical and immoral for our president to do this. arthel: where could you go wrong if investigations become too broad, does this play into the president's claim that this is a witch hunt, do democratic lawmakers have discipline to control scope of impeachment inquiry? >> based on the conversations that we are having with leadership i'm very confident that speaker pelosi and the committee chairs are going stay
9:26 am
focused on what transpired with the ukrainian government as well the cover-up f other items come in they will take a secondary stance to, i think, again ukrainian situation. >> i'm sure you're well aware that the nation is practically split on the idea of impeaching president trump, 49% approve, 46% disapprove which is according to npr/pbs poll, if you think president trump would harm reelection chances, should you consider the chances of the exact opposite effect? >> well, two things on that, first, to me this isn't a political question, i took an oath to the constitution of the united states as did the president. and we have an obligation to honor that oath on behalf of all americans, and i believe we have an obligation to do theism peachment inquiry for that reason alone, second, if you go back in history and when you look at when impeachment
9:27 am
proceedings started against nixon, he had approval rating north of 50% and less than one-third of americans supported impeachment but as the evidence came out, as the facts came out, it was clear that we had a president who violated his oath to the constitution and i believe as we do this investigation americans will see exactly what this president has been up to and will hold him accountable for violating his oath to the constitution. arthel: the president and his supporters will blame democrats for creating circus and further dividing a divided country, what do you say to that? >> first of all, we have to look at what is being done in congress, congress to date has passed 300 bills, vast majority bipartisan, yet only 15% have been passed by the senate, when we talk about what is preventing the work of congress impacking our country and our communities, it clearly sits at the feet of mitch mcconnell, to put this in
9:28 am
perspective -- arthel: how so, sir? >> i'm sorry? >> it clearly sits tat feet of mitch mcconnell, how so? >> the fact that he has only brought bills to the floor of the senate such that only 15% of the bill that is have passed the house have passed the senate yet the vast majority of the bills passed in the house have been bipartisan. let's talk about background checks, 90 plus percent of americans want background checks, why has mitch mcconnell put that on the floor? >> okay, i'm running out of time, you point out things that really are concerning to the american public, with this impeachment inquiry consuming all the oxygen there in dc and in the country, i mean, can work really get done in the midst of all of this? >> well, that's my point, it can be done, and it is being done, and we can do multiple things including the investigation of violations of the constitution
9:29 am
by the president of the united states as well as past legislation affecting our community and country but we need a partner in the senate and that means mitch mcconnell needs to put on the floor of the senate legislation that has passed the house in a bipartisan fashion. arthel: and you would be counting on mitch mcconnell's majority leader -- majority mitch mcconnell to call a trial to sanction your impeachment if it gets to that? we will see congressman, i appreciate your time. >> thank you. eric: we heard the u.s. commerce secretary call hunter biden called unqualified, mr. biden is a lawyer and businessman, partner in international lobbying firm who great bodily injury waited from georgetown and yale law school. where this controversy is going, a lot more on that straight ahead.
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trump's conversation with vladimir putin will not be made public after the white house declassified the transcript after the call or partially did so of the call with ukrainian president following the whistleblower complaint alleging mr. trump's abuse of power, the wall street journal, he has headline embarrassing leaks led to clamp down on president trump's records, dan hoffman, former cia station chief who served in moscow, iran and pakistan and now fox news contributor, always good to have you, dan. >> great to be here. arthel: why would the kremlin not want calls between president trump and president putin made public? >> so first, if the kremlin wanted them to be made public i'm sure that they would find a way to do so whether by leaking them or stating the records of the transcript publicly, but they really want to do inject conspiracy into our public discourse, they know that if they express an opinion, if the
9:35 am
kremlin say that is the crypts shouldn't be released, that's ammunition for the president's opponents who will argue in fact, that they should be released and the republicans and the president will push back and russia will become the hyperpartisan political debate that serves vladimir putin's interest. arthel: president putin doesn't care about president trump, putin's goal is world dominance, right? >> well, kgb operative vladimir putin, his primary enemy is the united states, and what scares him the most is democracy and he wants to take every opportunity to disparage our democratic process, that's really what this is all about. >> does that bring up another concern of the people who feel that they have seen on phone call with conversation with president zelenski and president trump, is that the very thing that critics are concerned
9:36 am
perhaps somebody like president putin can blackmail president trump knowing that perhaps as according to some, you know, wait till we get results on this, according to some that the president abused power? >> yeah, a number of reasons why phone calls between the president of the united states and foreign presidents are typically shared widely and one of them is that they typically don't discuss classified information on the phone call, another is that the president needs his own team intelligence community, diplomats, the military to take a look at the phone call and then act on what the president is seeking to deliver with that foreign leader and the third reason is that others as well may be listening on the phone call, collecting intelligence on what transpired, i'm quite sure for vladimir putin it's very important to track exactly how the president of the united states is interacting with president zelenski of the ukraine, there
9:37 am
would be some concern that russia would have known the details of that conversation. arthel: does the president have the discretion to place transfers of calls to foreign leaders on the code word super secret server? >> i think that's something congress will be digging into in the next coming days because it was the lawyers that was something the president could do, i just know from my own experience at cia, there was a need to know and the details of the president's phone calls with foreign leaders were kept to minimum number of people required but there was a good bit of sharing just so that we could act on the president's tasking appropriately. arthel: is with subpoena power on their side, can the white house or administration refuse at this point to submit the complete unredacted versions of that call on july 25th? >> i think it's a challenge and
9:38 am
someone who served many years at the cia where one of our mantra and we are as transparent as possible and when you have a whistleblower complaint out there which will lead further investigation, it's awfully hard to keep details on that secret. arthel: anything in the call concerns you? >> i think young reign -- what consideration me the most ukraine is the last place i would be going to for information about corruption, just given that the state of ukraine is one of the most corrupt places on the planet and i would be very weary of trusting the veracity of any information i might receive from anyone. arthel: i'm sorry, dan, do you believe that the new president, president zelenski, that's what
9:39 am
he ran and won on that he wants to get rid of corruption in their system. >> so he -- president zelenski on a populist platform and mandate, the problem is that he's got to manage a country which is overrun with endemic corruption and there's been a lot of concern of oligarch in ukraine who operates the television station where tv sit come was running and by all accounts is seeking to use the government of ukraine not only to exact revenge on enemies but also enrich his own pockets and so the jury is out on the extent to which president zelenski will fulfill campaign promise, it's certainly in the interest of all of us that ukraine is corruption free if they are corrupt they are easily exploited by russia and not likely to join the european union or nato which are their goals. arthel: only concerning wrapping up so far what you've seen on
9:40 am
what was said in the phone call, the summary that we've seen, your only concern, you were more concerned about the corruption in ukraine and not what our president said to zelenski, our president? >> all of us are concerned about the whole story and i think it'll be up to the congress to -- to complete the fact-finding and frankly there's a lot of facts out there that we don't really know quite yet so i think it's a good thing for all of us to reserve our judgment, final judgment on -- on how we view this and let the congress do their job. arthel: we leave it there don hoffman, thank you very much. take care. eric: echoing president trump to confront iran in the wake of oil field attacks, he promises new evidence proving, my interview
9:41 am
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eric: u.s. is helping saudi arabia defend itself against iran. the pentagon sending missile battle and four advanced radar systems to better protect it from more potential iranian suspected missile attacks, this move comes as i at sat down with top saudi officials and message to the world is that tehran must be stopped. do you think you will make any evidence or more evidence public? >> yeah, that's the whole purpose. eric: foreign affairs for saudi arabia, former ambassador to the united states, proud graduate of the university of north texas and georgetown, he's clear-eyed about the iran threat, just over one week over government publicly displayed what they said was hard evidence of iran's complicity on attacks, he said more proof will be made public. >> we know that the iranians,
9:46 am
the equipment that was used was iranian made and we know that the attack came from the north, not from the south, the cruise missiles used did not have range to go yemen to cape so we hold iran responsible. he says the attacks were the latest in tehran's long history of terrorist strikes against the kingdom and other countries including the u.s. iranian history in the past years have been aggression in our country, attacked embassy and they have assassinated diplomats in a number of countries, they have planted terrorists in saudi arabia, they blew up corporate towers in 1996, and the list goes on and on and on. >> he praises president trump's call for a global coalition to confront iran saying it is long overdue. >> we have been calling for a global effort to contain iran's aggressive behavior. iran has to decide if it's
9:47 am
revolution or nation state, if it's revolution you cannot deal with it, it can provide ballistic missiles to terrorist organizations like hezbollah and the houthis and it can support sponsor and trained terrorists. that's iran's behavior and must come to an end. eric: what do you think it will take finally to get the message to tehran to stop behavior, interference of nation's activities and support of terrorism around the globe? >> and to appeasement, appeasing iran has only fueled iran's aggressive behavior, when people talk about setting up a parallel system to swift, that's appeasement, when people talk about giving iran credit lines, that's appeasement, that's just emboldens the iranians, when people talk to iran but don't beef that talk with firm action
9:48 am
vis-a-vis iran, that's appeasement. when people seek to do business with iran when iran is murdering people and disrupting the international order, that's appeasement. so the first has to be stop appeasement and make it clear to iran if you want to be nation of good standing conduct yourself as a nation, that behaviors according to international norms and international laws and you cannot have relations with a country that has been engaged in rampage of death and destruction against my country and against countries in the region. eric: is it possible, seem impossible to try and change their behavior, their philosophy, mind and frankly their hatred? >> the iranian constitution has -- they don't believe in sovereignty of nations, they believe that every member of the shiite islam belongs to iran when is ridiculous, it's like italy saying that every catholic
9:49 am
belongs to italy, what do you think brazil will think, or germany or france, you don't behave like this, the iranian behavior has to stop and the iranian behavior unfortunately are those who believe that iran's mission to dominate the region and export its revolution and restore the persian empire and there are those and that cannot stand. eric: well, iran has denied launching those missiles and consider laughable lie, iran's minister today say facilities are in high aheart and are prepared for retaliatory attacks, fascinating interview. arthel: it really was, it really was, thousands of people taking part in the tunnel to towers race right here in new york city today to honor a fallen firefighter killed on 9/11, this is heroic story coming up next.
9:50 am
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simple. easy. awesome. arthel: thousands of people flood the streets of new york city to honor a firefighter who died during the september 11th terror attacks, sadly the event comes as new york city police officer just lost his life in the line of duty, jacqui heinrich live with the latest. >> well, arthel, this is the 18th year for the tunnel to
9:54 am
towers 5k run and people come from all over the world to participate. it start in brooklyn and traces the final steps of new york city firefighter steven who abandoned his truck in brooklyn and ran through the tunnel toward the twin towers on 9/11 after hearing it was attacked, he made the track wearing 60 pounds of gear and became one of 343 new york firefighters who were killed that day, this race honors first responders died on 9/11 and since, new banners remembering the nearly 7,000 military members who died since start of iraq war in 2003, more than 30,000 people decided to take part this year including family members of those killed, last year gold star program which pays mortgages for families left behind an today they have paid off 30 mortgages including for brent taylor's family, army national guard major killed in afghanistan last
9:55 am
year. >> so my husband was killed on a saturday morning and by monday morning i had a phone call from the foundation, i was in the airport on my way to air base to receive brent's body back in u.s. soil, they said you will never have to worry about a mortgage payment again. what do you say to that? >> this is all happening as just 48, in the last 48 hours two police officers were killed in the line of duty, so far in 2019 there have been 33 officers killed in 17 states marked in red on the map, two more died this week, sheriff's deputy shot from behind during traffic stop ambush style, one of the first deputies in the country to wear a traditional turbine on duty and new york police officer brian was killed in the bronx, he was investigating gang activity at the time, officer was shot 3 times, alleged killer had a long wrap sheet including
9:56 am
multiple drug offenses, burglary makes second police officer death in new york this year. >> jacqui heinrich, thank you so much. and eric and i will be back at 4:00, home you can join us. >> we have to thank our law enforcement. ♪ lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo!
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♪ ♪ >> as congressional democrats push forward with their impeachment inquiry, fox news is learning that the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, was not acting alone trying to get information from ukrainian officials on joe biden. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm mollyline. leland: -- molly line. leland: i'm leland vittert. rudy giuliani said he was acting as a lawyer defending his client, his client being the president of the united states. kevin corke on the north lawn of th


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