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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 29, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> as congressional democrats push forward with their impeachment inquiry, fox news is learning that the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, was not acting alone trying to get information from ukrainian officials on joe biden. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm mollyline. leland: -- molly line. leland: i'm leland vittert. rudy giuliani said he was acting as a lawyer defending his client, his client being the president of the united states. kevin corke on the north lawn of the white house. i thought you made a highly
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salient point at noon, it is definitely to figure out who is the hunted and who are the hunters in this one. >> reporter: absolutely. i think, quite frankly, this is what helps when you have such experienced people all across the network, yourself, molly, and obviously maria bartiromo who i really believe posed a perfect query. she encapsulated to rudy giuliani exactly what he was doing. quite frankly, what was a guy like you doing over there talking to the ukrainians? because you're not working for the government s. and that is one of the many questions that a lot of people are having as they watch this story unfold. listen to mayor's answer to that question from maria bartiromo. maria: what is your role? >> very simple, i'm a lawyer defending the a client, and one of the things you do defending a client is if you can prove that somebody else did it or there's some other explanation for it, then of course you pursue that
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vigorously. >> reporter: you pursue it vigorously because you're trying to defend your client, that was the response. and it frankly, leland, underscores the white house's belief that in and of itself asking questions not a violation of law. further more, some here suggested that calling this whistleblower, air quotes, is frankly a bridge too far. listen. >> is he a spy? is he committing treason? >> i do not know -- chris: the president said that you know. >> the president correctly pointed out that the behavior of this this individual is close to a spy. i don't know who the individual is. all i know is at some point, crest, we have to focus on the -- chris, we have to focus on the real scandal. chris: okay, i'm going to -- >> reporter: three years of deep state sabotage, according to steven miller. at the center of this, of course, joe and hunter biden and how, without experience, the younger biden was able to net $600,000 a year from a ukraine company and whether or not the former vice president used the power of his office to threaten
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withholding funds from ukraine if the country didn't dismiss a prosecutor said to be hooking into the dealings of the younger biden. we expect, as you can well imagine, lucky to learn a great deal more about that this week as the white house continues to push back. i can just say this before i let you go, i had a conversation with a white house official not long ago, completely on background. she said things don't look as bad as you think. take from that what you will. back to you. leland: reporting this morning, real quick, kevin, by chris wallace that victoria understand thing and joe digenova were working with giuliani. any response on that? >> reporter: not yet, although i have conversations with both of those individuals, and nothing on the record. however, it has been suggested to me and others here at the network and elsewhere that, again, attempting to assist someone who might need counsel in and of itself is not
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necessarily nefarious. but nothing on the record at least for now. leland: everyone is still entitled to a lawyer, i believe, under our constitution. >> reporter: there you go. leland: kevin corke, thank you, sir. >> reporter: you bet. molly: and house democrats are pressing ahead on their impeachment inquiry despite congress being in recess with a house panel set to hear from the inspector general, michael at kin atkinson, in a closed hearing slated for friday. mark meredith has more. >> reporter: most lawmakers may no longer be in washington, but democrats say their work continues during this two week recess. the chairman of the house democratic caucus says the seriousness of the investigation should be obvious to both the president and the public. >> the president has betrayed his oath of office. he's engaged in serious wrongdoing here. he president pressured a foreign government to target an american
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citizen for political gape. that is classic abuse of power which undermines our national security. this is as serious as it gets. >> reporter: on friday house democrats issued the first round of subpoenas tied to the impeachment inquiry, demanding documents from secretary of state mike pompeo involving the president and state department's interactions with ukraine. congress says it's giving the state department one week to turn over the documents, but some gop house members say this is a repeat of the last two years with the mueller investigation. republican senator lindsey graham, who played golf with the president yesterday, says if democrats want to pursue impeachment, this needs to be a formal vote to get lawmakers on the record. >> we need a john hancock moment from house democrats. quit hiding behind nancy pelosi. do you think the president did something wrong in this phone call? then vote to open up an article of impeachment inquiry, and a lot of house democrats won't because they're afraid. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi has said the impeachment inquiry is not
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something that should be rushed or celebrated and called the decision as heartbreaking for the country. now, at least two republican governors have come forward to say they support the impeachment inquiry to allow congress to investigate the president's behavior. the white house, of course, continues to see it as presidential harassment. molly? molly: a fascinating week ahead, as usual, in washington. mark meredith, thank you. leland: joining us now, member of the house intelligence committee and house ways and means committee, brad wenstrup. good to see you, doctor, as always. congress may be out of session, but the intel committee is not. so here's the question, obviously, there is a democratic majority. chairman schiff, are republicans is sort of along for the ride on this, or is there anything you guys can do? >> i think we, obviously, need to show up and to be the police -- leland: kind of the bottom line here. >> yeah. you know, that is part of it, is being able to espouse what's actually going on and what is truthful. you know, if you look at this whole thing, i already have a problem with it because you had
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a speaker who came out, and she hadn't seen the complaint, and she hadn't seen the transcription, yet she's calling for an impeachment inquiry based on what? leland: they're still not backing down from that. >> right. that's the problem. leland: although you do have now at least a small break in the republican firewall, and this from the gentleman from nevada, i assume you've seen this who said using government agencies too if it is prune to put your -- proven to put your finger on the scale of an election, i don't think that's right. if it turns out something along those line, then there is a problem. the first republican not in lockstep with the president. you worry that this is the beginning? >> well, i mean, what is he actually talking about? is he going back to the russian collusion whole event? because, you know, you certainly had a situation -- leland: a republican who seems okay with the impeachment inquirely. >> well, i don't think if he's hoch, he started off with an if, and i can't tell you what he was thinking -- leland: but you don't -- [inaudible] >> what i would say is this, if
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donald trump did what joe biden bragged about doing, i think that there's reason to investigate. leland: okay. [laughter] and, actually, we had a democrat on yesterday who also agreed he didn't like how it looked. adam schiff saying that he wants now more transcripts from other phone calls the president may have had with foreign leaders. we know he had the phone calls, the transcripts -- the higher classification, not shared with the congress. do you agree the intel committee should look at that? >> well, one of the things we did come away with when we had the director of national intelligence, mcguire, in, he clarified for me -- which no one else seemed to be able to do -- is what is executive privilege. and it has always been executive privilege to keep a conversation between two heads of state confidential and private. and i asked john brennan about that in questioning something that barack obama said when he
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talked to medvedev about having more flexibility -- leland: yeah. >> and i asked brennan in an open hearing, is that something that's a red flag for you, and he said i'm not going to comment on a private conversation between two heads of state. leland: adam schiff -- >> adam schiff is overstepping his boundaries based on what we learned from the dni -- leland: so he's making his point that because the whistleblower's complaint was held up with the department of justice findings and the white house findings, therefore, this is now a cover-up. so to turn things around as you did vis-a-vis biden's son versus donald trump's kids, if president obama's attorney general had filed an opinion, a whistleblower complaint say about the iran deal, alleging nefarious actions by president obama, had not been shared immediately with the house intel committee, that would have represented a a problem, right? >> well, are these timelines appropriate that we have? the i.g. actually had the appropriate time he needed to go through this complaint, or did he feel rushed?
10:10 am
leland: [inaudible] >> i can't, i can't say what the i.g. has necessarily put into reports, but that's a concern that i would have. and do -- the question i might have, did you feel rush through this process. and then you have mcguire, a man of ohioan and integrity, who said i just wanted to make sure i was following the law. so to go to doj for an opinion and to hear from the office of legal counsel whose opinions are binding, i think, is certainly appropriate. now, adam schiff may not like it, it may not come in on the timeline that he wanted, but i think that it's fair to follow the law. leland: are we going to hear from this whistleblower and find out who he is? >> that, i don't know. if we're going to hear from the whistleblower, you know, we're not in control of the intelligence committee. i would like to. i would like to have an open hearing with the whistleblower. but i'm also in favor of whistle bower protections. so that's going to be up to whistleblower, in my opinion. leland: this thing might actually get interesting in washington. >> they would get very interesting because when you've
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got something that's not firsthand, i really would like to know who gave you the information and how valid is it. leland: fair enough. congress bank, we appreciate you coming on. we'll have you back to talk about it. >> we'll be around. leland: a lot of work to do. thank you, sir. >> you bet. thank you. molly: democratic michigan congressman and member of the house foreign affairs committee and vice chair of the house education and labor committee, andy levin. thanks for joining me on this sunday, appreciate your time. >> hey, molly, it's good to see you. >> kicking things off, you have called for an exe we dishes inquiry here, but not all of your fellow democrats are onboard with that. representative jeff van necessary, democrat from new jersey, noted there's an election coming. take a listen. >> now, something else turns up that we haven't seen that is extraordinary, then that's a different story. but right at this point we need to get good stuff and let the people, let the people impeach. let the people vote. if they want to vote him out, we're going to have an election very shortly.
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molly: forgive me, jeff van drew. is it a fair point that this is something that the people can ultimately decide? why the call for swiftness when it comes to impeachment right now? >> well, we are getting the work of the people done every week in the house, and that's continuing. but when you have a president who admits that he asked for a favor of a foreign government to interfere in our upcoming election, it's such an abuse of power. the whistleblower complaint suggests that it was part of a months-long campaign. and we've got to get to the bottom of it. this is really above all partisan politics, molly. we took an oath of office to protect the constitution of the united states, and that's what we're going to do. molly: you know, the republicans are talking about getting to the bottom of a lot of things as well. at a time the vice president was
10:13 am
working in ukraine to end corruption, his son hunter was sitting on the board of a company whose leader was once leading the government. ultimately, helped him build this powerful energy business. then, perhaps smartly -- he's a tycoon at this point -- he brings in faces like hunter biden pays them well, and it was all, perhaps, to make it look like he had powerful friends in america. one of your democratic colleagues was on yesterday, he said it doesn't look good. are you at all concerned that an investigation and an inquiry could ultimately hurt the democratic front-runner in this race, joe biden, where he stands right now? >> not at all, molly. these claims have been debunked over and over again. the prosecutor that supposedly was at the center of this has been, was doing such a poor job in the ukraine that the international monetary fund, the unitedded nations, the -- the united nations, the u.s. state department across all these
10:14 am
areas, you know, wanted to remove him. and, in fact, he was removed because he wasn't doing his job. this is just a distraction -- molly: well, i mean, democrats keep saying the bidens and hunter biden have been cleared. republicans say, hey, there's more to look at here. and ultimately, that's the discussion that's going to keep occurring. >> only on fox news, molly. only on fox news. molly: see, i don't think that's true though. >> honestly, it is. honestly, it is. molly: will it have an impact? >> it won't. molly, let's look at -- did you read the whistleblower's complaint? molly: oh, i did. they're all right here. everyone can read them here on, by the way, they're not that long. >> right, exactly. it's so troubling to read in that the president -- that the president of the united states was seeking favors from a foreign power about his re-election. this isn't about 2016. this is about donald trump as a candidate. this is about the sitting president of the united states
10:15 am
completely disregarding the law of our country, putting national security at risk, weirdly intermingling his personal lawyer and the attorney general and the state department, treating -- asking foreign governments to work with his personal lawyer -- molly: so quickly, because people on both sides of the aisle have been interpreting the paperwork differently, i want to move beyond. the uaw strike against general motors -- >> sure. molly: heading into potentially its third week, many of the democratic candidates have been out there. where do you stand? how would you like to see that resolved. >> i am 100% on the workers' side here, molly. this strike is about whether we will have a middle class in this country. here's gm, one of our biggest, iconic, wealthy companies in our country, keeping people as temps for years. i was on the picket line yesterday at the gm tech center in warren in my district, i talked to people who were kept as temps for six years in the paint shop and then just let go
10:16 am
with no notice. that's not right, that's not the american way. we need at general motors of all places to have middle class jobs with good wages and good benefits, and that's what the workers at gm are fighting for. molly: little doubt this'll be big in the race for 2020 as well. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, molly. have a great day. leland: as we've heard, there are some competing thoughts about what was mentioned in that phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president. joe biden's son, hunter biden. hunter biden sat on the board of a ukraine january gas company while his father was vice president. garrett tenney has a look at what we know about the younger biden. >> reporter: this controversy surrounding hunter biden's work for one of the biggest gas companies in ukraine isn't new. in early 2014 vice president joe biden became the obama administration's point man for rooting out corruption in ukraine's new pro-western government. in may of that year, hunter
10:17 am
biden joined the board of the group which the associated press and others described as politically awkward timing for the administration. adding to that, at the time the owner was under investigation for alleged abuses of power. almost two years later, ukraine's parliament ousted the country's top prosecutor at the urging of vice president biden and other european officials who had long argued the prosecutor himself was corrupt. but today on "sunday morning futures" president trump's personal attorney said the real reason the prosecutor was fired is to shut down his investigation into the company where hunter biden works. >> this is an affidavit from the main person involved in this. they say he was corrupt. he was fired for corruption. president poroshenko asked me to consider the bolt of winding down the investigative actions in respect to this company, that's biden's son's company. but i refused to close this investigation. >> reporter: that contradicts
10:18 am
ukrainian officials who said the investigation hadn't been active in several years by the time biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in loans if the prosecutor wasn't fired. and earlier this year the country's current prosecutor general said hunter biden did not violent9 any ukrainian laws, but the former vice president is facing questions of why he didn't do more to prevent even the perception of a conflict of interest, and so far he's avoided taking on those questions directly. >> have you ever spoken to your son -- >> i have never spoken to my son. >> reporter: we should also note that not entirely clear what hunter biden's specific duties were. he was on the board for almost five years, and according to "the wall street journal," he was paid as much as $50,000 a month. leland? leland: all right, garrett, thank you very much. molly? molly: a major manhunt underway this hour in ohio. these four escaped inmates escaped the county jail just after midnight this morning, overpowering two female guards with a homemade weapon.
10:19 am
authorities believe they had help from the outside, all considered extremely dangerous. one of the inmates, 40-year-old brynn martin, pictured on the top left, had's ca caped earlier this month but was recaptured the next day. leland: a man suspected of stabbing four people and attacking one other in a maryland mall was shot and kill by police yesterday. scary times. officials say the suspect was demanding money and carrying a hunting-style knife. take a listen. >> when police officers a arrived, they encountered the suspect at the intersection on mccormack road. during their encounter with the suspect there, he was armed with a knife, and our officers were forced to discharge their weapons. leland: all right. the victims were taken to area hospitals and are recovering from non-life threatening injuries. there you go. molly: first major snow storm of fall in montana, plus, police in
10:20 am
hong kong fire more tear gas at demonstrate theres. greg talcott is there. greg? >> reporter: molly, it was a rough day of clashes on the streets of hong kong between pro-democracy protesters and police. we'll take you right into the middle of it next. ♪ ♪ with schwab: you can earn more when you invest your cash. ♪ you can get a satisfaction guarantee. ♪ you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. >> vo: my car is more than four wheels.y? it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?!
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molly: fox news alert, chicago cubs manager joe maddon will not return to the team next season. the cubs announced their decision today not to resign him. he first joined the cubs in 2015, he helped the team win the 2016 world series victory, its first since 1908. leland: well, this is actually
10:25 am
video from september in montana where they already have a foot of snow on the ground and more on the way. there's a winter storm warning in effect through monday. christine coleman following this from our west coast newsroom -- boy, fall's only been here for three or four days now? [laughter] >> reporter: yeah. we're a week into it. it's wild, leland. this september snowstorm is expected to continue for the next 24 hours and could develop into near-blizzard conditions this afternoon. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning through tomorrow morning for parts of north-central montana. the weakened storm causing downed trees, damaged power lines leading to scattered power outages and road closures. the town of great falls, montana, shattered its one-day snowfall on saturday, that record too for over 60 years. 14 inches have fallen already with an additional 7-13 inches possible by tomorrow. the weather service predicting up to 3 feet of snow in some
10:26 am
areas. the powerful storm also brought strong winds and snow to mountains of northern washington and idaho, and when you look at these images, like leland just mentioned, it's almost hard to believe we're only a week into fall. officials reminding residents to be prepared for unexpected circumstances. >> with what i recall, this seems like the worst one this early. when you're not prepared, things that would just be an inconvenience become an emergency. >> reporter: now, even after the storm passes people are still not in the clear. the temperatures are expected to drop into the teens and 20s overnight monday across much of western and central montana. several accidents have been reported but so far no reports of any major injuries due to this september storm. leland? leland: ski season starting early, perhaps, in colorado and montana. we'll watch it. thank you. molly? molly: thousands of protesters marching in hong kong today clashing with police ahead of china's national day. greg talcott has been on the ground there, and he has the
10:27 am
latest. greg? >> reporter: hi, molly. it is being called one of the worst days of clashes here in months. it's absolutely coming at the worst time for china. take a look at what we saw through a gas mask. you're looking at a faceoff on one of the main roads in hong kong this sunday afternoon. at one end protesters with umbrellas ready to go with tear gas. up on the overpass, there are the police, they are shouting a warning. the police do not want anything to happen. in fact, a lot did happen all across hong kong all day and into the night. the streets were a battleground between pro-democracy protesters and the police. militants throwing gas bombs, rocks, setting fires, smashing storefronts. police responding very tough too not just with tear gas, but rubber bullets and water
10:28 am
cannons. reportedly a live shot was fired, also reported 13 people were ininjured, several seriously including one journalist. all this comes some two days before china marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic or communist china. big festivities are planned in beijing. the last thing they want is one of their prize territories to be a place of destructive chaos. the folks we spoke with sound determined. how important is democracy, real democracy for hong kong? >> i think that's very important. >> we are not -- [inaudible] the chinese people, it is the regime. >> reporter: molly, more protests are planned for tuesday. they already have a name, a day of grief. for some it could very well be.
10:29 am
back to you. molly: the fight for freedom continues there. they say they're not backing down. greg palkot, thank you for the continued reporting. leland: bernie bernie sand campaigning in new mexico today. ellison barber is in detroit where other hopefuls are making their voices heard. >> reporter: hey, leland. we expect two democratic 2020 hopefuls to arrive here any minute, making their case to union voters at this union-hosted forum as thousands of union autoworkers continue to strike. more in a minute. ♪ tle outdated. the paperwork... the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... it's like you're stuck in the 90s. that's why esurance makes it simple with an app that has everything you need because that's how we live nowadays. rad. your id card is on a bodacious tiny future tv. wow! you're really committed to this whole 90's thing, aren't ya? no, i'm just saying what's in the script.
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10:34 am
canada -- in the u.s. and canada, and ellison barber has more on all of this. >> reporter: hey, molly. yeah, the room here is starting to fill unfairly quickly. this should be getting under way any minute now. we expect the two democratic presidential hopefuls to take their turns in the white seats behind me speaking to union voters. senators elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar are both set to speak today. we've seen both of them in the detroit area in the last week or so. they each visited the picket lines outside of general motors plant where workers are now on day 14 of a nation wide strike. thousands of autoworkers went on strike after their union and general motors disagreed on items related to health care costs, workers' wages and idle plans. union members are a coveted voting bloc, every candidate wants them on their side. even voters in the detroit area is say they want to more from democrats as well as republicans when it comes to the gm strike.
10:35 am
and as we they look forward to 2020, they say they'll be focused on a lot of kitchen table issues. the challenge for candidates like warren is and klobuchar could be keeping the focus on those issues. the impeachment inquiry is an unavoidable topic right now. a lot of candidates from joe biden to andrew yang are supporting the impeachment inquiry, but not letting it overshadow all of the other issues. senator warp spoke to voters -- warren spoke to voters in south carolina yesterday. she was noticeably quiet on impeachment during her rally, but she told reporters she's not worried about whether or not the talks have a negative impact on her campaign. >> i think there's some things that are above politicses. this president has shown time and again that he is willing to violate the law. brought it up at the last town hall9 and the one before that. there are a whole lot of issues that people want to talk about out here. they want to talk about health care, they want to talk about education, they want to talk about foreign policy.
10:36 am
>> reporter: remember, president trump narrowly won the state of michigan with the help of blue collar union voters. he did better than most republicans in recent history with union households. democrats, they want to get those voters who voted for president trump last time on their side this time. this forum, as well as visiting the picket lines, those are some of the efforts that they are making to try and court the coveted union voters. molly? molly: and the president has often noted that he feels he has a good relationship with autoworkers. ellison barber, thank you so much. leland: got involved with some of the issue is at the uaw and gm as well. we'll bring in robert pal -- patillo, nice to see both of you. robert, you might have warren and klobuchar and sanders and others out on the picket lines, but when you look at their position policies of being for, say, free health care for
10:37 am
illegal immigrants, that is not exactly something that blue collar autoworkers in michigan embrace wholeheartedly. >> well, i think you're absolutely correct about that, and that's why i think you're seeing candidates such as warren and sanders and many of the others on the further left area of the spectrum trailing behind someone like a biden. biden, who's had a more moderate position on health care, a more moderate position particularly with the needs of muddle class workers. what we do know is we've had gm factories and others leave this country because of the president's trade policies. what we do know is these tax cut cans which were pushed through by the republicans have not penetrated down and helped working class americans, and that's what democrats need to be concentrating on instead of some of the fringe issues that people like warren like to push. leland: i still believe dr. christine blass city ford and like the man who appointed him, brett kavanaugh should be impeached. brian, how do republicans --
10:38 am
specific create, the president -- try the capitalize on the middle who may not love the impeach everybody and do nothing in congress rhetoric? >> well, the rhetoric certainly is not rhetoric, it's evidenced by nothing being done in congress. tremendous issues of vital importance, regardless of which side you're on. immigration stick out, nothing being done. so far as middle america's concerned, what we needed to do is focus on if results of these damning investigations, russia, there's nothing there. kavanaugh, highly questionable testimony against kavanaugh, he's now on the bench. and then we go to most recent illustration here with ukraine and, again, while the complaint itself looked terrible and, oh, my god, he's covering it up, the reality is we have the transcript from which it all springs, and there is no quid
10:39 am
pro quo. ukrainians weren't even aware that money had been held up. it's like the doomsday bomb scenario in dr. strangelove. it doesn't know unless you know about it -- las leland: i like the reference. i'm not sure it's age appropriate for me, but there's a group of our viewers, i think, who'll understand -- >> watch the movie. leland: okay. we'll get the preview if we can later. real quick, robert, i want to show you what kamala harris that had to say about the issue with ukraine specifically to joe biden. take a listen. >> would you allow the son or daughter of your vice president to serve on the board of an oil company outside his country? >> probably not. but the problem that we've got, again, with this issue is that it's a distraction from the fact that, look, as far as i'm concerned, leave joe biden alone. just leave him alone. leland: just leave him alone? he's leading in the polls, and she's not. >> well, one thing we have to
10:40 am
understand is that it's not as if the republican party was on vacation when hunter biden was working in the ukraine. if they thought it was an issue, they could have investigated, they could have had the house judiciary committee, the house foreign affairs committee, they could have impeached joe biden if they thought this hunter biden was an issue. it wasn't then and it isn't now. they're using it to obfuscate, pay no attention to what -- leland: robert -- hey, robert, i have to give you props because i didn't think anybody could say anything new after this had been talked to death, and i have not heard that argument yet. so, brian, you get the last word. when republicans didn't -- wait, hold on. they didn't launch investigations went they had house intel and they had a majority in the house. do you kind of give up the right to say anything now? >> i think perhaps not. if you look at what happened with firing the prosecutor after the pressure placed on by biden, but hey, maybe republicans were concerned that if they did press
10:41 am
that investigation, they too would have a finger pointed at them that they were working with a foreign government to the detriment of the bidens. how is it okay in one scenario and not another? leland: all right. well, rudy giuliani was on" sunday morning futures" talking about going over to ukraine, among other places. stephen miller was on "fox news sunday," that's coming up after our show. gents, thank you very much. interesting points. >> thanks, leland. leland: all right. sure. molly: a police officer makes a heroic rescue. it was all caught on camera, and that is coming up next. ♪ ♪
10:42 am
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10:46 am
up and pushed him, right there you can see the officer's a name is cameron kellogg who then came in, and as you can see, grabbed abbott and brought him to dry land, reuniting him with his wife. good work. ♪ ♪ >> nationwide in the last year we've seen a 5% reduction in overdose deaths from opioid abuse, and it is a beginning of progress, but one that our administration and i know dr. adams is absolutely determined to continue to build on that. molly: that's vice president mike pence in his home state of indiana on friday where he and the surgeon general, jerome adams, attorney toured a new sigh psychiatric hospital. meanwhile, in a landmark trial two ohio counties are suing several drug companies over their roles in the opioid
10:47 am
epidemic, cuyahoga and summit county prosecutors are seeking billions of dollars in damages to help pay the cost of addiction treatment and health care services. opioids, both prescription and illicit, are the leading drivers of drug overdose deaths across the country, jumping from 8,048 in 1999 to 47,600 in 2017. in that same year, ohio ranked in the top five states for opioid deaths. this new lawsuit joins lawsuits filed by 2500 state, local and tribal groups. it's considered a bellwether trial test case, and it's intended to try a common claim that's pending in different federal and district courts across the country. leland: numbers still pale in comparison to, say, cigarette gets and ores. what's interesting is that they follow the hauts in oklahoma, for example, where they tried to go after the drug companies for creating a public nuisance where they didn't have to prove as much. and now that those are going to the supreme court, you have these other groups in ohio and the like trying to sue on
10:48 am
individual cases. so it's the hit 'em in the pocket. and whether or not these drug companies settle like the cigarette companies did will tell us a lot. molly: what these counties are fighting for are addiction treatment, emergency services, just things to kind of pull back and turn the clock back on what's occurring in all of these states. we saw that graphic with the five states hardest hit. worth noting also that this administration and also the 2020 candidates out on the trail have made a lot of promises, but the trump administration putting in a -- amount of effort over the years into this crisis. no doubt regardless whatever administration takes the future will also have to deal with this crisis as well. leland: yeah. there's a book, dreamland are, about in that goes to some of those five points and also talks about some of the root causes of the addiction whether it be meth, heroin, other types of opioids, etc. move on from that and turn to this, a little happier topic.
10:49 am
hundreds coming together to remember one of the many heroes who died on september 11th by retracing his final steps. jacqui heinrich is live from the tunnel to towers 5k. hi, jacqui. >> reporter: hey, leland. yeah, about 30,000 people are expected to participate over the course of the day in this towers run, the 18th year for this event. it remembers stephen stiller, one of the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11, and it's happening as the city is mourning the death of a police officer killed here in new york last night. tell you about both those stories coming up. ♪ proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira. woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults.
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♪ ♪ molly: hundreds of people are racing through the streets of new york right at this moment in the stephen siller tunnel to towers 5k run and walk honoring the late firefighter retracing the final steps he took on september 11th. jacqui heinrich is there on the ground on that scene with more. >> reporter: molly, it is the 18th year for the tunnel to towers run, and people are here from all over the country to participate. it starts in brooklyn, and it goes through the brooklyn battery tunnel, it's retracing the final steps of new york firefighter stephen siller. he abandoned his truck in brooklyn on 9/11 when he heard the towers were struck, and he went through the tunnel wearing
10:54 am
60 pounds of gear to make his way to respond to that scene. he later became one of the 343 new york firefighters who were killed that day. the race honors first responders who died in the line of duty both on 9/11 rain since then x this year along the race route new banners also remembering the nearly 7,000 military members who died since the start of the iraq war in 2003. last year the tunnel to towers foundation began its gold star family home program which pays off the mortgages for families left behind. the foundation's run by siller's brother, and to date, it has paid off 30 mortgages. new york city mourns the death of a police officer killed on duty last night, making him the 33rd officer killed this year across 17 states. officer brian mulkeen was just 33 years old. he was shot in the bronx while investigating gang activity, and his death comes less than 48 hours after another officer was killed in houston. he was one of the first
10:55 am
sheriff's deputies in the country to wear a traditional is sikh turban on duty, shot ambush style during a traffic stop in houston on friday. again, more than 30,000 people are expected to participate in today's race to honor those officers and all who make the ultimate sacrifice. molly? molly: siller's story certainly one of the more iconic of the heroes of that day. jack key heinrich, thank you so much. leland: this is the first year that you have people in two parts of america going off to serve who were not born on 9/11. number one, the first class is at west point in annapolis and the air force academy who were not born on 9/11 begin there for their plebe year. and also this is the first year that the sons and daughterses of firefighters who died at 9/11 are eligible to sign up for the nyfd, and a number have. molly: yeah. and, you know, worth noting that between 9/11 and now, there have been so many people that have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of america, men in the fight against terrorism. not just that day, but well
10:56 am
beyond in the weeks and months ahead and now years. lee "fox news sunday" with chris wallace next. stephen miller, the white house senior adviser, on the other side of the break. with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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chris: i'm chris wallace are. a whistleblower alleges president trump sought foreign interference in the 2020 election as democrats move to build a case for impeachment. ♪ ♪ >> no one is above the law. >> it's another witch hunt. here we go again. >> this phone call a nothing -- >> donald trump is going to choke. chris: this hour we'll break down the complaint, the president's phone call, the alleged cover-up and the white house defense strategy with senior adviser to the president steven miller, only on "fox news sunday." then the -- >> the president, donald trump, clearly pressured


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