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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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invited. >> for tickets go to fox patriot awards. love to see you there. >> wwwe is invading fox. >> bill: good deal. thank you, guys. there are count l*ers new developments with the whis whistle-blower complaint. democrats want the accuser to testify on the hill very soon and the president wants to meet the whistle-blower. a lot to take in. monday and a new week starts now. i'm live here in new york city. >> let's kick it off. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. we're also learning the inspector general who handled the whistle-blowers complaint with reportedly testify friday before the house intelligence committee and congress may still be in recess but democrats are nonetheless moving full speed ahead with their impeachment push. >> bill: a lot of action on
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sunday. a part of what we heard as the fallout played yesterday. >> could not ignore what the president did. he gave us no choice. i always said we will follow the facts where they take us. and when we see them, we will be ready and we are ready. >> if you read the seven page nancy drew novel the whistle-blower put together it drips with righteous indignation and contempt for the president and ludicrous on its face. >> i haven't heard one member from any element inside there tell me it rises to impeachment. >> after the last two years we've been through the president well understood that it was illegal to seek foreign assistance in a campaign. and immediately after mueller testified, that is examly what he was back at doing again. >> i think this whole thing is a sham.
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i can't believe we're talking about impeachment a president based on here say. the transcript does not match the complaint. >> every angle. we track the action on the hill. catherine herridge is in washington >> good morning. according to this letter from the whistle-blowers legal team they're concerned for the individual's safety blame the president and unnamed entities offering money for identification. the national director of national intelligence said the -- that gave the whistle-blower the information does nothing to aswaying our concerns for our clients safety. certain individuals have issued a $50,000 bounty for any information relating to our client's identity. on twitter sunday the president wrote like every american i deserve to meet my accused, when it represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way and schiff,
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the reference to the chairman of the house intelligence committee, made up what i said by lying to congress. in addition i want to meet not only my accuser who presented second and third hand information but also the person who illegally gave this information which was largely incorrect, to the whistle-blower. was this person spying on the u.s. president? big consequences. chairman of the house democratic caucus says the speaker has a solid plan and they're executing it. >> the intelligence committee will take the lead. the only thing she has said publicly or privately about timeline is that we'll proceed expeditiously. we are going to proceed fairly and proceed comprehensively. >> but republicans are drawing attention to the august tweet from schiff that suggests possible advance knowledge of the substance of the complaint as the tweet mirrors the whistle-blower allegations about an alleged quid pro quo. the transcript of the president's july phone call is
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not explicit. >> the whistle-blower complaint was august 14th. august 28 go look at adam schiff heading the ramrod investigation. he put a tweet out saying basically what the whistle-blower complaint said. it was a month ahead of time. i'm beginning to wonder if there was not more communication here. >> house republicans will push for an explanation on this apparent rule change that allowed the whistle-blower complaint to go forward without firsthand information and indications the whistle-blower had a political bias. >> bill: catherine herridge in washington here is julie. >> house democrats taking another major step in the impeachment investigation. the chairs of three powerful house committees have also subpoenaed secretary of state mike pompeo for documents related to president trump's phone call on july 25th. we're live on capitol hill to explain. >> good morning from capitol hill. members of congress may be gone
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in their home districts for two weeks but the work continues here in the capitol as far as staffers go preparing this impeachment inquiry. elijah cummings house oversight committee and adam schiff intelligence committee and eliot engel, the house foreign affairs committee. i also want to put up a graphic now. these are state department official efs will be deposed before congress over the next week or so expected to come here, hold a closed door deposition with members of congress. now in addition they want kurt vol ker, special enjoy to ukraine who resigned on friday. sources indicate he will cooperate. as for the secretary of state, democrats say he failed to respond to requests outlined in past letters but congressman jeffries on "fox news sunday" says he is cautiously optimistic. >> we hope that the administration will cooperate.
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that certainly hasn't been the case up to date. though there is some reason to believe that moving forward given the seriousness of these allegations that we will see cooperation from secretary pompeo. >> what form of compliance, when will it happen, what date, what will it look like is something we don't know. the secretary of state has not commented publicly. >> how intelligence chairman adam schiff says he wants to get his hands on more communication between the president and other world leaders. >> ukraine the tip of the iceberg. schiff wants to hear from conversations with vladimir putin and president trump and the crown prince of saudi arabia. if those conversations aren't made available to house democrats they're saying it could be an article of impeachment. you may remember commerce secretary wilbur ross also former white house counsel mcgahn refused to comply in the
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past. a separate article of impeachment, contempt of congress. we'll watch that here on the hill. >> bill: chris wallace reports rudy giuliani was not acting alone trying to get information on biden and his son out of ukraine. he reports high power washington lawyers were also working with giuliani off the books. they deny the report. sir, good morning to you and welcome to our coverage today. she has denied. her tweet yesterday called that report embarrassing. what about this? >> i think take the mayor and the couple at their word. it was something -- those were some of the trump legal team handling the russia issue and the mueller probe that we've already been through that. we're not involved. this was something that as rudy said, it was something he was doing on his own that came to
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him and i take them at their word and leave it at that. no idea where chris was getting that information. >> bill: if true what would it indicate to you? >> if true it would indicate nothing new. we know rudy has done a lot of interviews, bill, about exactly what he has done here in this situation and the president can have outside legal counsel and teams of lawyers if they want to. i just think that here we have rudy giuliani and the couple both saying. rudy said he was working alone. they came out on sunday and said this is embarrassing, we had nothing to do with this. how much further can you go? as rudy said, i think i want to underscore this. the mayor is very much a part of the president's legal team today and as rudy said, as mayor giuliani said, who i have great respect for even more after working with him now, this came to him. he wasn't going around searching for this. it came to him.
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i think like a lot of this with the ukraine, bill, we've been through this with collusion. then it was obstruction. ukraine. impeachment inquiry. we've dealt with courts and mueller and be able to deal with this. the white house counsel will too. >> bill: want to play two clips. stephen miller senior advisor with wallace on "fox news sunday". roll this. >> i've asked you a specific question, i would like a specific answer. why did he use three private lawyers to get information on biden from the ukrainian government rather than go through all of the agencies of this government? >> two points, number one. john durham as you know. >> he is investigating something completely different. i'm asking a direct question. why did the president use private attorneys rather than go to the state department. if you don't know that's an acceptable answer.
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>> there are two issues brought up. >> i'm not asking that. why did he do it? >> i had a hard time hearing a solid answer on that. >> i can answer it pretty east lie. it's called attorney/client privilege. it isn't that miller isn't trying to hide something. they don't have to disclose anything because of privilege including to stephen miller. he doesn't need to explain why potential people who may have worked for the president in his personal capacity and what they were doing and who they were, that's why. number two, this information is part in the president's right to investigate criminal activity by u.s. officials and government officials including corruption and two, can utilize outside counsel. i think that stephen miller is inside the white house, i'm not. i've got that privilege as an attorney. he doesn't. i think that's why chris
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wallace putting non-attorneys like that on the spot is unfair. >> bill: adam chiffon 60 minutes last night. a quick clip. >> do you expect the testimony of the whistle-blower? >> absolutely. >> your committee already has an agreement with the whistle-blower that he will testify. >> we've agreed that he or she will testify, yes. >> i assume that to be the case. the lawyer from the whistle-blower said they haven't agreed to anything with regard to congress. last comment on that. >> i think adam schiff as usual went way too far. may put things in jeopardy for his own committee trying to put the whistle-blower and his attorneys weren't ready to go. they indicated they want to go there. adam schiff went way out on a limb. he has been caught doing this a number of times throughout these investigations.
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he has been two weeks ahead of everyone else. he got this report a month before everyone else and again we're ready to go on this, bill. it is another deep state. we agree with the president there are spies in the white house leaking information on the president. they've been doing so since day one. we'll be dealing with it as the outside counsel. the president has his internal team ready to go as well. >> bill: thank you to our viewers, check out the piece in the "wall street journal" with regard to the durham stuff. jordan second sekulow. >> bill: stand by. we have a lot to get through this morning today on monday. >> more coming up. more breaking news to tell you about coming in at this hour. we're learning new details on a u.s. military base under attack. so which terror group is claiming responsibility? >> bill: new york's governor
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ordering beefed up security near synagogues and jewish center after a string of anti-semitic attacks during the jewish holiday we're observing today. >> sandra: nancy pelosi lays out a game plan for the election and states they're trying to flip. >> taxes is our hope for the future. i'm not just telling that to democrats. without my medication, my small tremors would be extreme.
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>> julie: the united auto workers strike against general motors entering three. workers that get 250 a week in strike pay. both sides failed to reach a new labor agreement. the uaw wants better conditions for temporary workers along with wanting gm to continue paying a large part of workers' healthcare costs. >> taxes is our hope for the future.
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i'm not just talking about democrats. i'm talking about the country and the world. when texas goes blue and people have to pay attention to everything that happens here and the views of people here, that's going to be very, very wholesome for our nation. >> bill: a strong prediction from austin, texas, nancy pelosi laying out the importance of taxes saying it's a top priority to turn it blaou. they think they have a good shot at that. marie harf, welcome back. you left to help out someone. that didn't go well. i hope your return to fox goes better. thank you for your time. want the share a little bit from 2016 in texas. you look at the map right now on screen, put it up, guys. it is real red. why do you think it's even possible, marie? >> well, texas is a state that's changing, bill. we've already had five house republicans in texas announce
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their retirements. most are in the suburban districts that democrats in 2018 took back the house with. in places across the country, democrats took suburban districts in oklahoma city, charleston, denver across the country. there are already five house republicans in texas that see the writing on the wall and they know that these are going to be tough races for them. texas is changing. i don't think -- >> bill: he had so much money, you know, came up short with senator cruz. you might be right about the suburbs of dallas and houston. something we'll watch carefully. i don't know yet if you can make a convincing argument you can flip the state. we're watching it. want to share something else. >> on that point, bill, i don't think that texas is probably going to turn blue in the presidential but a super majority of voters in that state are in cities or suburban areas. the more that those areas go blue the bluer the state will become. this is a long-term trend.
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republicans need to worry about it. >> bill: cbs came out with a poll on impeachment. democrats favor it. republicans not so much. the folks in the middle. the independents seem to move a little bit. 55-45 overall approve. when does joe biden answer the questions that are surrounding him and what happened, marie? >> well, there is a lot of allegations against joe biden but there is no evidence against joe biden yet. i want to be very clear here. this ukraine story at root. the most important part of this story is about president trump, the current president, and his behavior. and as long as house democrats keep this focus on that, don't bring in other things that they don't like, don't try and put a bunch of other issues into this ukraine investigation, i think public opinion is going to keep ticking up. the fact that a majority of americans support impeachment of this -- the inquiry of this president is extraordinary. they know that this story is pretty straight forward, right?
6:20 am
rudy giuliani and the president have basically admitted to the facts here. the question that this impeachment inquiry is going to look at is whether he should be convicted for those. i think this is -- >> bill: i want to be very pointed about this. when does joe biden answer this? or is joe biden confronted on stage by one of highs own peers. his folks are saying don't book joe biden, we'll give you a surrogate. >> i'm happy for them to put joe biden out there. he can answer the questions easily. the republicans who support president trump are trying to do now is change the subject from the president's behavior. they're trying to throw out all these allegations about biden that legitimately there is no evidence for at this time. they are trying to take away attention from the fact that the president is facing the most challenging political and legal issue that he has had to
6:21 am
face as president and how he responds, bill. we've seen the tweets he put out calling people tresonous and calling for people to be put to death. it will determine how people on the hill are looking at this situation right now. >> on the politics of it you wonder what the 31 democrats do that won in states that are swing districts. trump territory that flipped a couple years back. marie, thank you so much. i'm well out of time. we'll talk again and welcome back to fox. marie harf thanks in st. louis today. >> julie: meanwhile the chicago police department telling fox news they have been instructed to not cooperate with ice. we'll have details on the memos fox news has obtained. >> bill: check this out. pickup truck slamming right into a cop car. how he is doing today next. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal.
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>> bill: is that a commercial? >> julie: it's scary. >> bill: how does that do? halloween is a month away. a new study reveals reese's peanut butter cups is america's favorite halloween candy. runner up chocolate m & ms between milk duds and snickers. how do you rate them in the state you live? >> julie: chocolate and peanut butter you can't get better. my kids have reese's in their bags after halloween, the next morning they're gone. i don't know where they go. >> bill: mom has been here. >> julie: while the trump
6:26 am
administration ramps up the immigration drakdown, we got a chicago police department memo instructing all officers not to cooperate with the department of homeland security on certain situations. matt finn is there with more. hi, matt. >> chicago has been a sanctuary city for quite some time under rahm emanuel and the current mayor. chicago police are now being instructed in writing not to immediately assist the department of homeland security. now when dhs makes a request for backup or help from chicago police, police officers have to call their supervisor and the new rules indicate that supervisor will likely tell officers to walk away from dhs. fox news obtained a copy of the internal chicago police department memo that reads in part quote. effective immediately a cpd supervisor is required to respond to all requests for assistance from department of homeland security personnel. if the request is to assist with an immigration arrest or
6:27 am
detention cbd personnel will leave the scene as directed by the supervisor. historically cbd has assisted dhs but this policy puts officers and dhs agents in possibly dangerous situations. you will not find a single real police officer that would refuse to assist another agency. see what happens if a dhs agent is injured as a lack of response by cpd. this morning the chicago police department says officers will aid a dhs agent if they're in danger. if they ask to assist to arrest the police will leave the scene. here is the mayor last week. >> we will never, ever succumb to the racist rhetoric of ice. we will continue to ban ice from having access to any cpd databases and will not allow any cpd officer to cooperate with anything related the ice
6:28 am
and its immigration raids. >> andrew napolitano says they are well within their constitutional rights not to assist dhs. the supreme court ruled state and local agencies don't have to assist federal agents. julie. >> julie: matt finn. thank you so much. >> bill: fox news alert now in the state of new york ramping up security near synagogues and other religious centers, holy day celebrations currently underway. a live report on what the authorities think they're onto in a moment coming up. >> julie: senator marco rubio issuing a new warning about socialism calling it income patable with the american spirit as bernie sanders unveils his new inequality tax proposal. what's in it? maria bartiromo on deck as she joins us straight ahead. t get ay better than this?
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>> bill: here in new york city now the governor of new york andrew cuomo directing state
6:32 am
police to increase security near synagogues and religious centers after several recent anti-semitic incidents. david lee miller has the story outside a synagogue here in manhattan. >> good morning from fifth avenue, bill. this is a time for self-reflection as well as celebration. the jewish holiday is associated with something else, that is high security. congregants here at the temple behind me across the street as well as at synagogues across the country, rosh hashanah, the jewish new year, marks the beginning of 10 sacred days until yom kippur. new york city has the highest jewish population at 1.5 million jewish residents and has a growing problem with anti-semitism. so far this year there have been 155 complaints of anti-semitism, hate crimes and that's a 63% increase over the same period last year.
6:33 am
new york's governor citing caution has employed state police to protect jewish area. although there are no credible threat they're taking precautions. precinct personnel have been rethe deployed and units protecting jewish neighborhoods and some you'll see, some you won't. the sight of unformed police makes people feel more secure and a deterrent. precautions across the country are taking place. in pittsburgh where 11 members of the tree of life synagogue died last year, the jewish federation raised $100,000 to protect 16 synagogues there during the high holy days. according to the most recent statistics from the anti-defamation league, anti-semitism in the united states is now at near record levels. states with the highest number of anti-semitic incidents correspond with the highest number of jewish residents.
6:34 am
new york, california, north dakota, which has only 400 jewish residents reported as many as five cases of anti-semitism. that's compared to the two previous years when there were no such incidents reported. new york city mayor bill deblasio offered this morning. we are watching and there will be consequences. he says we will not accept hatred in new york city. this, bill, marks the start of the year 5078 on the jewish calendar. >> bill: david lee miller here in new york city reporting on that. >> julie: we have a fox business alert as 2020 democrats unveil more progressive proposals. florida senator marco rubio warning about socialism in a new op-ed writing the politicians currently exploiting the socialism label are unwilling to acknowledge the tremendous oxs of their
6:35 am
proposals as they one up each other who can provide the most free stuff while they proudly announce new wealth taxes for upper tax brackets they shy away from noting the financial realities such as enormous tax hikes on middle class americans. marie bartiromo is here. you have a new look. we'll talk about that. let's talk about marco rubio. he said socialism is incompatible with american and it's unique entrepreneurial spirit. >> i agree with that. when you look at a country like venezuela there was a time when venezuela was the richest country in latin america. and as time went on and they started adopting socialist practices where it's bigger governments, bigger governments and give free stuff away, at some point somebody has to pay for that. margaret thatcher famously said
6:36 am
socialism is great until you run out of other people's money. that's the bottom line. when you have big social programs, green new deal or healthcare for all, somebody has to pay for it. there is no way you can actually get that money just from the top 1%. ultimately you'll have to raise taxes on everybody else. that's basically what is going to happen. if you do this creep and raise taxes on everybody there are unintended consequences. people start trying to hide their money and stop giving away. unintended consequences happen as a result of making some people pay extraordinarily higher than others. >> julie: the politicians exploiting the whole socialism thing aren't forthright how much money it will cost. everything is free but let's talk about it. medicare for all, raising not only taxes on the wealthy but on the middle class. medical care first of all will hurt the middle class more than it will the wealthy with these tax hikes. >> i also think it is important to ask yourself what is rich? a lot of people say well, you
6:37 am
know, we're talking about the top 10%. go down the income scale and see what that is. you are talking capturing couples that make $250,000. i have friends one person who is a cop, the other person is a teacher. they're bringing home $250,000 together. after paying the costs that you have for your home, the nanny, whatever, you are left with nothing. so ask yourself what is rich and if the top end is $250,000? i think you have a problem in terms of overall economic growth. then i mention the other unintended consequences where people tried to hide money. they'll move to florida. you see a massive influx into low-tax states from the high-tax states into florida, texas, out of new york and california. >> julie: we want to remind people. people need to save for retirement. just because you make $250,000, what happens when you retire if you spend it now? >> people don't have enough savings. i always advise people save first.
6:38 am
pay yourself first. get paid every two weeks, first thing do you is put money in one of your nest egg accounts just for retirement. >> julie: i have to get to bernie sanders inequality tax plan. you have the press release in front of you. >> julie, the press release says it all. sanders related income inequality tax plan. his plan would increase taxes on greedy companies that pay ceos 50 times more than median workers. that's what the press release says. greedy companies. you get a smack in the face on the ceo who may make much more than the average person but that's also misleading. oftentimes that salary includes stock. they're given stock oftentimes the ceo and leadership team will be given stock and that means you will do as well as the stock does. in other words, your performance will be reflected in the stock which will be reflected in your salary. to say greedy keys off the bat you lost me. he is partisan. >> julie: his tweet last week
6:39 am
said billionaires should not exist. the number of billionaires is increasing every day to china. to say no billionaires should exist in america, what about the american dream? isn't that the american dream that you can start from nothing and work really hard and get a little luck and achieve great success? >> julie: tell us about fox business refresh. you'll be seeing a much different look. >> good. that's the perfect transition. we've decided that you know what? audiences don't connect with logos. they connect with people. what we're doing is we are introducing our talent once again. the people on the air, behind the camera and telling them our stories. i am living the american dream, julie. i came from modest beginnings, grew up in brooklyn, worked hard, watched my father working hard at the restaurant that he owned. my mother working two jobs. and then that's why it shaped me. it shaped the idea for me that yes, you can work really hard
6:40 am
and gain great success. that's what i'm trying to help my viewers do all the time. we are trying to tell our story so that people understand that this is aspirational and you can do it, too. >> julie: we're all going to be watching. who don't like a face-lift? >> it's all cleaner and fresher. i'm loving it. i was playing with the app before i sat down. >> julie: i'll have to check it out myself. maria bartiromo. great to see you. >> bill: thank you, ladies. f5 is refresh on the keyboard. major league baseball ends with a bang and new record. mets third base. he hit 53 home runs in a season as a rookie. he was seen fighting back emotion after that. there is a shot, huh? tremendous accomplishment. young man doigt. some people say baseball is a juice. don't take it away from him. well done. the biggest mets fan you'll
6:41 am
ever meet in your life. updates every day on the mets. well done to the rookie. >> julie: my mother-in-law a mets fan and i offer her my condolences. i don't need to. >> bill: f5 is refresh. that's what fox business did. >> julie: moving on now a dangerous inmate on the run. three out of four fugitives caught by police on the hunt for one more. we've got the latest on this manhunt. >> bill: congressman adam schiff says democrats want the transcript of president trump's calls with other world leaders including vladimir putin. what would that mean for national security? general jack keane will answer it next. >> julie: and pickup truck slams into a patrol car with an officer inside. we'll have more on his condition next. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
6:42 am
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6:45 am
highway investigating a car accident when all of a sudden a passing pickup hydroplaned, hitting his vehicle. nelson suffered only minor injuries. police say this is a good reminder for drivers to slow down and move over when they see emergency lights. >> bill: fox news alert. over the weekend. al-shabaab extremist attacking a u.s. military base in somalia. a suicide bomber detonating a vehicle packed with explosives at the gate of the airstrip. we're told no american troops are hurt, injured or killed there. jack keane retired four-star general. good morning to you. a couple of things i want to get you. this somalia deal is not on the radar of a lot of americans. we're doing a lot of activity. how much does it concern you about still being a target there. >> al-shabaab and al qaeda are affiliates. this one is in somalia that we're very concerned about. potential threat to the
6:46 am
american people. this is an organization that we actually take direct action against routinely. we have a foot on the throat of this organization. when they present themselves as a group they'll go in there to try to kill or capture them routinely. and that is why they're pushing back here. it is not surprising. the five other places are syria, yemen, libya, pakistan, and obviously afghanistan. 40 to 50 movements around the world representing radical islam. only six we take action routinely to protect the american people. that's what this is about. >> bill: the news in washington this is not new to you. here is adam schiff on nbc yesterday what steps he wants to take. >> if those conversations with world leaders are sequestered in the same electronic file.
6:47 am
if there is an effort to hide those and cover those up we're determined to find out. >> bill: if you gain access on that. what is the inherent risk there that it would have in terms of privacy today or in the future? >> the constitution gives our presidents really wide latitude in the execution of foreign policy and national security and using their own discretion and their knowledge and experience to protect the american people and u.s. national interests around the world. if the public would have access to the private conversations that our presidents are doing to protect the american people, that would be quite stunning and it would certainly handcuff us in the future not just with this president, but for all future presidents. i would imagine this would produce -- this is going to produce some kind of crisis between the congress of the united states, who does have legitimate oversight of the execution of foreign policy. this appears to be a stretch
6:48 am
without some evidence that would contribute to why they need this access. and where it is stored i don't think is enough evidence. >> bill: the reason i bring that up. you travel the world all the time. you talked to these world leaders and those who work directly under them. how would it change the way they were to work with a u.s. president do you believe? >> that would probably confine business between our presidents and other presidents and world leaders to only physical presence. they wouldn't be able to have the kind of impromptu phone conversations that you want to have. world events all come to 1600 pennsylvania avenue of the white house. it is inescapable because the united states is a global leader. so when things happen around the world, the president is very much involved almost spontaneously and quickly dealing with that situation. or for assistance, provide maybe intelligence that we have and he is doing that right on the phone. that i think is just
6:49 am
extraordinary in terms of the united states very responsible role that a president is playing in the world. we can't handcuff a president in doing that. >> bill: general, thank you. two different topics handled well. nice to see you, sir. >> good seeing you, bill. >> julie: rudy giuliani saying the investigation into the relationship between the bidens and ukraine is legal and necessary. >> the house of cards is starting to fall on biden. it will be impossible for shiftless schiff to pull this thing on the president when biden actually did what he is claiming the president did and they're trying to ignore it. >> julie: is giuliani right? we put the legal questions to our headliner coming up, ken starr. >> bill: democrats keep pushing medicare for all. are we now learning that 400,000 seniors just got double build? our doctor is on deck to explain next.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> a majority of the american people in one form of another believe in a medicare for all single payer program. [applause] the reason that they do is they can see with their own eyes the cruelty and dysfunctionality of the current healthcare system. >> julie: as some 2020 democrats push for medicare for all we're learning about a nationwide glitch with medicare double billing 411,000 senior citizens. let's bring in fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel. among the victims 101-year-old retired fdny battalion chief.
6:54 am
how did it happen? >> this happens first of all seniors don't know -- all of them don't know how to use online services and computers. there is something called easy pay. medicare can take your monthly premium automatically. it might not seem like a lot of money, $135 a month, but doubled to $270 and you are living on a fixed income and 101 years old, 44 million people are medicare age and the last thing they need on a fixed income is to suddenly find out that double the amount of money that they were paying on a monthly premium is taken out and they don't know about it. >> julie: here is a part of a statement to medicare subscribers. due to a processing error a small percentage of people who pay medical premiums through easy pay had their premiums deducted twice from their bank account. we're working to reduce the duplicate premium deduction and have it credited back to accounts as soon as possible. it is sad that we are talking
6:55 am
about double billing not only to any clients but we're talking senior citizens who most likely -- i don't pay that close attention to my checking account -- that would have had no idea the money was being stolen out from under the rugs. >> it also emphasizes how poor the government healthcare program can work. again 44 million people. when some of our democrat candidates are talking about extending it across the country to all, medicare for all, well, let's look at the current system. by the way, medicare is currently involved in a terrible fraud scandal where $2 billion is being bilked from medicare by 35 defendants. this is alleged now that have a genetic test they're sending to people. take this genetic test. it is a fake test and $2 billion were billed to medicare. that's 100 times more medicare fraud than has occurred over the past 10 years. so with all of our technology i'm not sure that medicare is ready for prime time for the 44 million people that it actually covers. >> julie: you would say that
6:56 am
most of america does not actually know what medicare for all would actually look like. >> absolutely. especially at a time of emerging technologies and personalized medicine where medicare is struggling to cover new solutions. as we extend it we may see more like medicaid by the way. we may not get medicare. >> julie: dr. marc siegel. we have to go. i'm getting the wrap. >> bill: president trump getting ready to leave the white house heading for virginia. we'll watch and see if he takes questions as house democrats take a major step in their inquiry. we'll talk to -- we'll see whether or not he talks to reporters on the way out and what this man said about the possibility of war with iran next. ♪
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> 10:00, good morning. president trump heading for virginia. he may take questions on the outside as he leaves. we'll stand by. brand-new hour begins now. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. hope you had an awesome weekend. a new week begins today. >> julie: let's make it an awesome hour i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. democrats are gearing up as the house pursues an impeachment inquiry. president trump wants to confront the whistle-blower saying he deserves to meet his accuser. impeachment playing out today on the morning shows. >> politics be damned.
7:01 am
we all sore and oath to uphold and defend the constitution. this is going to be something that people look back in history and say what did you do? >> standing with adam schiff. we know he has been lying about most everything from russia to collusion for the last two or three years. this is a ramrod. what i said yesterday, the abuse of power part. they do not want the fairness that is given to someone who is accused. >> there is no way that the democracy can stand if a president can go around the world using the massive power of his office to try to bully foreign nations into destroying his political opponents. >> bill: let's bring in the a-team. a good one now. david avella, mary anne marsh, and liz peake fox news contributor. you've heard a lot of things. where do you think we are or where do you think we're headed? >> every time i see adam schiff
7:02 am
on tv -- everything he said was incorrect despite taking the party line. that's what we get out of adam schiff and interesting watching the media coverage this weekend that democratic senators can send a letter to ukraine and say what they said and there is no implication of what they might have said. that somehow funds wouldn't have been withheld, but donald trump says what he says in the transcript that we read and yet the media can imply everything that should have been -- that allegedly was in donald trump's head according to them. it is a double standard that leaves most independent voters shaking their heads what it is all about. typical washington not dealing with what we care about. >> bill: that's david's position. mary anne, number three guys in today. impeachment inquiry so far, trump's days are numbered and never underestimate pelosi. >> nancy pelosi certainly knows exactly what she is doing.
7:03 am
she never said she wouldn't do impeachment but when the facts are presented to her, it was necessary. there was widespread support and bipartisan. she got exactly what she needed to do it. look at the polls in one week. already a 10 point jump. 49% of americans support this including independents. look at the abc poll, 64% of people take these charges seriously or seriously. add that to the 69% in the "wall street journal" poll of last week that say trump is disliked and you start to see where this is going. add to it trump's own reaction to this. look at his twitter feed these last few days talking about creating a civil war, meeting with the nra to get money for his impeachment fund in exchange for not doing anything on gun control. you see donald trump acting in a way you haven't seen. >> bill: you believe it's a done deal? >> moving forward with impeachment no question about it. >> bill: liz, where do you think we are? >> i think there will be impeachment in the house. i think it will never pass the senate. with all due respect, all the
7:04 am
other things that we could look at. the stock market has basically shrugged it off. money is pouring into the trump campaign and here is why. an awful lot of trump supporters are saying wait a minute, we have been through the russia investigation. too many charges, too many reasons that they are trying to undo the results of the 2016 election. and an awful lot of people in this country are saying it's more of the same. was he stupid to have said this in the call to the ukrainian president, absolutely. but what have democrats done? jumped on board this impeachment train and what is the result of that? everyone is looking at joe biden. now joe biden is gone and now we'll have elizabeth warren as the candidate. she is never going to win the presidency. >> one thing. this is more than stupid, okay? nancy pelosi put it best. donald trump betrayed his oath of office and national security. >> that's your interpretation and that is not -- i think
7:05 am
that's what the democrats are saying for sure. i think a lot of people who support donald trump are saying we were told before that he had betrayed the nation in seeking russia's help in the 2016 election. what did he actually ask the ukraine to do? i'm very interested in the fact "the new york times" today on the front page said nothing to do with ukraine in the 2016 election. that is part of what trump was going back to. the whole crowd strike issue. most americans are kind of like this is so in the weeds i can't keep up with all the details. it sound like more of the same. these guys did something wrong and these other people did something wrong. i'm sick of it. >> julie: you talk about everything that adam schiff is incorrect on. i want to play some of what he said and you point out what about this is inconsistent with the truth. play it. >> well, i think really the offense here is the president using the power of his office to coerce a foreign nation into helping his presidential campaign to once again
7:06 am
interfere in our election. and at the same time withholding foreign aid that that country so desperately need to fight off the russians. the president is coerceing a foreign nation to get involved to try to help him and yet another presidential election. >> julie: he says at the same time withholding foreign aid that the country desperately needs to fight off the russians. the foreign aid isn't necessarily discussed in this phone call. we know that. >> exactly. >> julie: we know he is talking about biden. if biden wasn't a presidential candidate perhaps it wouldn't be viewed as it is. but he is a political rival and he is talking to a foreign world leader. you don't see a problem with that? >> your implication is somehow trump was saying something he didn't say. he didn't say to the ukrainian president give me -- i'm not going to give you money unless you go investigate joe biden. and much of what he said -- that's exactly -- that's the implication of your question. >> julie: the question is do
7:07 am
you see anything wrong with him discussing a political rival and investigation he would like to ukrainian president to follow up on? >> let's look at the 2016 investigation. into the election is what the president -- >> julie: you don't think he was trying to medal in the 2020 election. >> as i said in my first answer, there is nothing wrong with democratic senators pressuring ukraine to go after their political rivals in a letter and every reporter in washington saying oh, they weren't really trying to suggest they would do something about ukraine. yet donald trump saying hey, let's get a little help from you on the 2016 elections and into the server and you can have an honest discussion about should we still be talking about servers that happened in 2016. the media accepts all democratic intentions are good and all trump's intentions are bad. that was your question.
7:08 am
let's also go to mary anne's point. here is what nancy pelosi has decided. she is tired of seeing cortez on the front page saying what the democratic party is and allow swing democrats to defend themselves against this ridiculousness that is impeachment. the last thing here. nothing has changed until a republican senator says they are going to vote to convict trump or joe manchin said he won't vote to convict trump. >> julie: let's put the donald trump phone call aside. do you not see a problem that joe biden's son was getting all this money. >> no one can receive any foreign agent of any value for any u.s. election. period. nothing else matters. that's impeachable.
7:09 am
hunter biden, donald trump junior. let's talk about donald trump junior. it looks bad. he shouldn't have done it. there certainly looks -- it looks less than ideal. i would like to know more about it. if you go after one let's go after both. >> one of the senators -- which democratic senator should go to jail for sending that letter? >> that got no coverage in the mainstream media at all. >> bill: we brought you on today because of the piece you wrote. democrats toss biden aside in zeal to impeach insuring trump's reelection. it continues. almost certainly senator elizabeth warren will become the new frontrunner and win the democratic nomination and almost certainly she will lose. why do you conclude that? >> she will become the frontrunner. she is moving in that direction. this casts a whiff of
7:10 am
dishonesty about good old joe biden. most people like and trust him. it begins to undermine that trust and in the 2016 election one of the big problems hillary clinton had was that 2/3 of the country didn't trust her. that's a big issue. in terms of elizabeth warren i think she will be the candidate. she has a lot of passion, zeal and enthusiasm but she is a zealot. she has no -- >> bill: democrats toss biden aside already? >> right. we see it already. nationally they are neck-and-neck. in iowa he is behind. the only place he is doing well is in south carolina because he has very good support from the black community. i don't think that holds up. >> bill: is she on to something? >> as you know i've said on this show and this network elizabeth warren will be the nominee not because democrats are throwing biden aside. he hasn't been a good candidate. we're seeing that now. the fact is the way he is
7:11 am
handling trump's accusations against him by saying keep giuliani off the air. i say one, let rudy giuliani talk all day. he is hurting donald trump. more importantly biden has the chance to show voters what a general election would look like between joe biden and donald trump. that's the opportunity he needs to take. and he is not doing that yet. saying he is not about me isn't enough. he should use these impeachment charges against trump to adjudicate the case against him for a second term. >> last week we talked about this and i said i think the whistle-blower is an elizabeth warren supporter. the person to keep an eye on is tom steyer who quickly got into the debate being the last candidate to get in. as this becomes more of an issue with impeachment steier says i'm the one who got this started and is the one moving the fastest in the polls from zero now up to 4 or 5%. keep on eye on tom steyer.
7:12 am
>> bill: last topic here. bill maher has a few things happening on the inside. friday night on his show. >> this kid was paid $600,000 because his name is biden by a gas company in ukraine, the super corrupt country that had a revolution to get rid of corruption. it looks bad. republicans are genius for muddying the waters. you did this in ukraine, joe biden did this. >> it sounds like something don junior would do. that would be what everyone would be talking about. >> it smells bad. did joe biden know his son was taking this job in a very corrupt country, ukraine, while he was the point guy from the obama administration in ukraine? he did know about it. it was very poor judgment. is there anything illegal there? no, i have to say i think most people -- most balanced people will look at that and say it
7:13 am
was a wrong measure and oh my gosh, if a trump kid had done that it would have been front page news for months. excuse me. i think that's true. >> i wish it were. donald trump flew to houston to be there with prime minister of india. donald trump junior was in india at the same time selling trump luxury condos and purchasing $38,000 to have dinner with him. i agree with you. that should have been the front page news. >> voters don't like this. i think my biggest takeaway from all that's going on is people who supported trump in 2016 and that the democrats are hoping to win back, they are not going to win it back by trying to throw out the results of the 2016 election. i don't think it works and the think the senate, no way republicans in the senate whose careers are on the line will jump that way. >> bill: there is a double standard here is the point. >> maher is tired of being a liberal who is losing, which is
7:14 am
consistently happening in these trumped up impeachment hearings that the dems keep bringing up. it is almost as if they want to decapitate the president because they know they can't beat him in an election. let's not have an election. let's get rid of donald trump by these trumped up charges. let's just get to the election in 2020 and decide whose ideas are better and let's also keep in mind for democrats this isn't about just taking down trump it is about taking down all republicans. we either stand up to this or we all go down. until a republican senator says they are voting to get rid of him or joe manchin says -- >> bill: what has mcconnell said over the weekend. i couldn't find anything. >> they'll have to proceed with the trial, he said. that's the requirement of the senate. but there are still not the votes. until manchin says he is voting against it or republicans are
7:15 am
voting for it, it is all political theater. >> bill: 19 senators up for reelection in states supporting impeach: susan collins, ernst, -- >> bill: we're getting way ahead of this at the moment. a step at a time, day at a time. >> i think they will say we have six committees in the house devoted entirely to impeachment proceedings. isn't there other work that the people are more interested in like passing the usmca. republicans can make the charge and they will make it. republicans were in charge but they aren't getting anything done. they all knew none of those would go to the senate. it is a showboat which the republicans did when they were in the majority, too. >> bill: thank you. >> julie: some dire predictions about the world economy from saudi arabia's crown prince says a war with iran would cause a total collapse of the
7:16 am
global economy. >> bill: democrats pushing on impeachment. the white house claims it would hurt the economy. is that fair? charles payne has been watching it carefully hour by hour. he will share his insight coming up next. >> every time they can create some sensational firestorm they do it. we have the greatest economy in the history of the country. our country is doing well. we are getting results on every front and they know they aren't going to win. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> fox business, the market making the latest moves in washington president trump warning of a stock market crash if the impeachment were to move forward. carefully watching futures earlier today. higher largely yesterday and today. were up 70 points. what are they seeing in the crystal ball? >> it's a wait and see kind of approach right now to the market. the china news still resonating very largely. this october 10th meeting is really huge. i think the fact that it is october 10th is a good sign. it is before the next round of tariffs is supposed to be implemented and gives president trump a chance to either delay them or even push them off
7:21 am
depending how well -- that will be the measuring stick of how well these negotiations go. we've heard china making nice over the last two weeks. feels pretty good. we're in a holding pattern. not far from the all-time high. the market is looking for a catalyst. >> julie: how do you think the impeachment inquiry will affect the economy? >> right now it has not. when you start talking constitutional crisis and talk of recession. there is no doubt -- i did an exhaustive review in december from the post and times and i could see where they started to build to almost making a recession happen when it wasn't supposed to happen. we had wages increase at the highest or fastest pace than they had in years and yet spending declined also. so if we get to a point where it really this political infighting is so ugly and so dirty and nasty obviously we have a real -- the american psyche right now is kind of worrisome except the most important part of it is that
7:22 am
workers, the average worker out there is doing so much better than he or she has done in a long time. that's what counter balances it. >> julie: that's one of the president's strongest assets. despite the impeachment inquiry we're also under one of the strongest economies we've seen in decades and something that won't be forgotten i would imagine. >> last month blue collar worker wages climbed year-over-year the fastest rate they had in 15 years. we're talking the heartland and people who work with their hands. non--- the lowest level of household incomes getting three or four job offers. things that have never happened before. that's the counter balance right now. >> bill: i made a comment in the last week that viewers -- you have to read four and five pages deep on a lot of this stuff that's happening in washington do you really want to gain an understanding for themselves.
7:23 am
what do investors see or not see based on the information that they are looking at? >> bill: investors see something that's not going anywhere now. the logical conclusion at this point is that president trump will not be removed from office. it is unlikely this will even go to the senate for a trial. i think investors know enough and been able to look through what is available to the general public right now. >> bill: at what point could that change and how quickly could it change? >> well, it could change if evidence, you know, reveals itself there is something there worthwhile. in other words, what we've seen so far particularly with the whistle blower complaint and transcript was released feels more like political theater. wall street is trying to ignore that. the only thing wall street wants from washington, d.c. right now is help get the trade deals through and not unwind the regulatory or tax cuts.
7:24 am
that's why the continued rise of elizabeth warren to me is wall street fears more than anything else right now. >> julie: the saudi crown prince warning that a war with iran would cause a total collapse of the global economy. >> i think he has gone a little too far. i will point out, though -- >> bill: you want to hear it? watch >> what kind of effect would a war between saudi arabia and iran have on the region? >> the region represents about 30% of the world's energy supplies, 20% of global trade passages. about 4% of the world gdp. imagine all of these three things stop. this means a total collapse. global economy. not just saudi arabia or the middle east countries. >> we saw there was no oil shock when this attack happened.
7:25 am
saudi arabia is 12.6%. it would be interrupting. i'm concerned that mbs is trying to get america to fight his battles. we should be cautious about everyone is going to get hurt so everyone come to our aid. they have to fight their own battles and we should be careful not to be swayed in there. >> bill: 10 days, two weeks removed how it's fallen off the radar for a lot of people. on fbn it is refreshed. >> relaunch day. looks amazing. listen, we thought about it, right? the bottom line is the most important thing i think about fbn is the talent and what the individuals there bring to the table. and essentially we are invested in ou viewers and it is just not because of the background and expertise but how hard we workday to day. we want that to be the message. we know what our viewers need, looking for and worried about.
7:26 am
we're invested in you. >> julie: i love it. >> bill: you always have been. >> that's why i fit right in. >> julie: matching the talent. that's great. i love it. >> >> bill: 2:00. 25 past. jail break striking a massive manhunt in several states. investigators, where they're looking now with a dangerous convict on the loose today. >> julie: house democrats clearing the way for testimony from the person who blew the whistle on president trump. our headliner ken starr joins us next. >> i hope very soon all that needs to be done at this point is to make sure that the attorneys that represent the whistle-blower get the clearances they need to accompany the whistle-blower to testimony and that we figure out the list -- logistics to make sure that --
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> bill: there was a manhunt underway for an inmate still on the run out of ohio. three other prisoners he
7:31 am
escaped with captured in north carolina. that happened earlier today. mike tobin midwest bureau to bring us up to date on this. >> authorities are restricting the search to north carolina for the last of these four jail inmates who escaped but they believe when it's all over there may be arrests that extend beyond the four. lawrence lee is the last of the four to still be on the run. when law enforcement caught up with the pack in north carolina at 2:00 a.m. this morning lee took off running. law enforcement don't believe he got very far. the sheriff from ohio from which the inmates escapes believes someone was helping them. >> our detectives have established the inmates had the assistance escaping from someone outside. they drove to park where a vehicle was waiting for them. they drove 370 miles to north
7:32 am
carolina. three were picked up and captured without incident. lee got away. he was last seen wearing a black t-shirt. >> bill: mike tobin watching that from chicago. >> it's all here say. you can't get a parking ticket conviction based on hearsay. donald trump is still an american. every american deserves to confront their accuser. this is a sham as far as i'm concerned. >> bill: lindsey graham calling it a setup. house intel committee reaches an agreement for the whistleblower to testify as soon as possible. we hear different things about the whistleblower's attorney. we'll bring in ken starr former independent counsel. you are the perfect guest at the moment to take us through a
7:33 am
lot of things. >> julie: a little experience. >> bill: think about the 1990s where public was or where it moved to. where are we in the state of play this morning, sir? >> well, for starters, bill and julie, we got on the wrong street. we're on impeachment alley and we should be on oversight street. there is a legitimate reason for oversight. the reason we shouldn't be on impeachment alley, there is no evidence as i see it of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. with all due respect to the house of representatives and speaker they got way ahead of themselves and jumped the gun. politics was more than a little to do with this. but this is a serious constitutional process and i'm so glad you had this clip from senator lindsey graham. if he is not on board. if people like mitch mcconnell aren't on board this is given what we know and what we can
7:34 am
reasonly expect utterly doomed to fail. that's a terrible thing for the country. leave politics aside. we should not as a constitutional republic be put through this kind of ordeal as we were put through quite an ordeal 20 years ago. >> julie: the question is, firsthand knowledge or second hand knowledge. is that what we're talking about and the information that be suffice to impeach a president? a.g. mccasey says the entire complaint is second hand information. listen to this. >> the whistleblower complaint is basically a compilation of second hand information from the press and second hand information about what the man claims he was told. >> julie: the person who heard it firsthand leaked information. two, why didn't the firsthand person who did not go ahead and file this complaint on their own not do so?
7:35 am
those are the two questions i would like you to answer. >> right. well, there is no good answer because these critiques are exactly right. they also have the president of the united states deciding to release the transcript itself of the conversation. that's the best evidence, that's -- i am concerned about the word reciprocal. i wish the president had not used that word. that we're doing a lot for you, ukraine. and there hasn't been reciprocal. then he moves to the request. i think that was unwise. i think it was a poor judgment. again, if you don't have republicans in the senate much less republicans in the house
7:36 am
saying we are outraged about this and they are not saying that. then again impeachment is absolutely doomed. we do have again the best evidence being this transcript of the conversation. >> bill: you have concluded this was poor judgment by the president using your words on that with regard to the phone call. you also say it will -- conviction you said that a couple of times now. what would explain why the intelligence community would change their rules on whistleblower accounts and firsthand versus second hand information? why would they do that in early august? >> well, i don't think there is a good explanation for that. but we'll probably be hearing more this week especially when we hear from the inspector general. so these are very legitimate questions. the legitimate questions i think need to be very soberly answered as opposed to again what we have is this rush to get on impeachment street and roll down that street. it is as i've said woefully
7:37 am
premature. thank you for asking these questions. i don't have good answers. only the intelligence community has answers at all. they may not be good. i hope they are good. we need a vibrant and effective intelligence community. it needs to be a depoliticized, total civil service just dedicated to the welfare of the united states. that's what we need. >> julie: i want to move on to the house judiciary ranking member doug collins arguing nancy pelosi has abused her role with her treatment of the impeachment proceedings. saying they deny the president due process. listen. >> this week we saw a dark day in the house. speaker pelosi abuse her oath of office if you would by abusing the role of the speaker saying an impeachment inquiry was started. what it means they've decided to walk down a path which they are in contrary to american values. they aren't going to allow this president to have due process.
7:38 am
>> julie: is pelosi following the correct legal process or is collins right? >> i don't think there is a requirement. the speaker has a lot of authority -- mr. collins has a very valid point in terms of due process in the sense of fundamental fairness. the president deserves a vote on the full house floor after a full and vigorous debate. he hasn't had that. the speaker comes in just says i'm now smiling on this formal inquiry. well, it's not a formal inquiry. it is the action -- i call it oversight. oversight by different committees. impeachment happens, this very fundamental constitutional exercise only with the vote of the people's house period. 435 members need to sit on the floor, debate with one another and vote in a way we all can understand. we know where you stand, mr. or ms. representative. that's called accountability of
7:39 am
the house of representatives. we don't have that right now. >> bill: last poll. how much did public opinion dictate the terms for bill clinton 21 years ago? >> it was decisive. i don't think bill and julie there was any dispute that the president had committed crimes, federal crimes. and yet the american people wanted stability. they said let's have a presidential election. and as the democrats were saying 20 years ago as we hear those echoes, why should we overturn a presidential election just because the president committed serious felonies and aren't we even more in that category now? >> bill: ken starr, thank you for your time. hope you come back soon. we have 100 more questions for you. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> julie: the murder for hire trial of two people accused of plotting to kill a florida state university professor five years ago now underway.
7:40 am
how investigators say the bizarre murder plot unfolded next.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> julie: she was hired to solicit garcia who in turn solicited rivera to come to tallahassee and to execute mr. markel in cold blood. >> prosecutorial desperation. that is the only reason why kathryn is sitting before you today charged with a crime that she had absolutely nothing to do with. >> attorneys making their case in a murder for hire trial now underway in florida. five years after fsu professor markel was shot and killed in his garage in broad daylight. they believe the family of markel's ex-wife hired the two defendants. the ex-wife testified friday. neither she or family members
7:45 am
have been charged. we bring in heather hanson. why are prosecutors believing that markel was killed in the first place? what was the motive here? >> they believe the motive was it was a bad custody battle between the ex-wife and victim. they believe that the ex-wife's mother and brother hired these people to kill him. they're pretty sure about that. the interesting thing, julie, is they've charged the person who allegedly shot him and charged the person who allegedly set it up between the family and the person who shot him but haven't charged the family who allegedly is behind the whole thing. or the ex-wife. >> a lot of people think the ex-wife is guilty but i think they believe the mother of the ex-wife and the brother of the ex-wife are behind this. i think they're trying their darnest to get the conviction on these two, to create
7:46 am
incentive for those to turn. usually in conspiracy cases you have everyone involved in the conspiracy as part of the case. here one of the things that people are so upset about is that thus far the family hasn't been charged. >> julie: it's interesting the family hasn't been charged. the ex-wife. they believe she had nothing to do with this? that her mother and brother acted completely on their own and she was completely oblivious to all of it? how hard to prove if she was involved? >> it will be interesting to see it how plays out in the future. in this case they have all kinds of emails between the person who allegedly set it up and the ex-wife's brother. we know he was involved. there is evidence there, julie. not a lot of evidence to support a case against the ex-wife. she is a law professor and has an attorney involved in this case and testified last week with some immunity with respect to what she said but not complete immunity. they can still charge her if they find evidence. but they seem to be focused on the mother and the brother and not on the ex-wife herself.
7:47 am
>> bill: five years ago? >> five years ago. it's crazy. there is no statute of limitation on murder. they want to put together the best case they can. they would rather wait and do it well than rush and lose on a murder case. >> bill: what about circumstantial evidence? how much and how strong? >> one is the person accused of doing the shooting. the other accused of setting it up. the person accused of setting it up is all circumstantial evidence. not direct evidence. you heard her attorney say there is no evidence tying her clients though crime. enough circumstantial evidence is enough to get a conviction. we've seen it before. with respect to the other defendant, the main person testifying tomorrow is someone who was part of the murder, has pled guilty to that, and has only got seven years in return for his testimony. his testimony tomorrow will be key, tuesday morning. >> julie: because there is more
7:48 am
defendant here. two attorneys are defending them separately. in a murder for hire trial would you not see likely a plea? i'll give you dirt on this person and you will get off with less time? in other words, has anyone thrown the ex-wife under the bus and come forward and made any accusations or is she completely clean? >> we don't know what goes on behind the scenes and conversations happening. they might want to take their chances with a jury to maybe get off completely and if they are convicted they can still enter a plea. now one of the defendants, the one who did the shooting or allegedly did so is facing the death penalty. if he gets the death penalty it would be intriguing and enticing for him to make a deal. and testify. >> bill: last point we had the video up there. that was the night the woman was meeting with police? this is july of -- there is a time stamp. july of 2014.
7:49 am
how much was confessed to during this interview? >> not a lot with respect to the murder. a lot with respect to communications. she dated both the man who is accused of doing the shooting and the brother of the ex-wife. this is like a soap opera with all the crossovers. not enough evidence to definitely convict her. as things start to pile up there could be a conviction for both defendants. >> bill: we'll watch it. thank you for running that down. wow, heather hanson, thank you. in a moment the murder trial for an ex-cop accused of murering her nameber. they have to decide if she acted reasonably when she shot and killed the man she miss took for an intruder. >> will you answer my question? when you aimed and pulled the trigger at mr. john shooting him in center mass where you
7:50 am
are trained, you intended to kill mr. john. >> i did. great news for veterans with va loans. mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points.
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7:54 am
>> julie: emotional amber guyger testifying friday where she is accused of killing her neighbor inside his own home. the defense saying the former dallas cop mistook his apartment for hers, witness testimony continues today. casey stiegel is live from the dallas county courthouse with the latest. >> the buzz around the courthouse right now in fact is that the defense may very well rest and we could move right into closing arguments. and if that is the case, then the jury would potentially get their instructions today and then go into deliberations if things move accordingly. it's also significant because it would mean that the defense is resting a bit early. not calling all of the original witnesses and experts they had intended to to testify on the stand. you know the prosecution did the exact same thing last week. wrapping up a bit early,
7:55 am
resting without using some of the experts they had lined up. now let's take you live inside the courthouse now where court is just getting underway. the 31-year-old ex-cop tearfully telling the jury friday she was sorry. you just heard that. she said she thought she was at her own apartment last september and she interrupted a burglary in process, shooting twice and killing 26-year-old botham jean who was eating ice cream on his couch when guyger came through his door last night because it wasn't fully latched. the prosecution spent a lot of time on the trial trying to lay out a series of critical errors that officer guyger made that not. not following her police training. not rendering cpr to the victims and deleting things in her phone following the shooting. the jury could find amber guyger guilty or not guilty of murder.
7:56 am
if not, they also have lesser charges to consider. they could also find her guilty or not guilty of manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide, julie. we'll keep you posted from the courthouse where a jury could possibly go into deliberations on this. >> julie: casey stiegel, thank you. >> bill: big story of the day. democrats moving full steam ahead on their push for impeachment. steve scalise will join us next hour as we roll on coming up. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now... compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased by over 400%. and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth.
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8:00 am
>> bill: it is 11:00. news from washington republican congressman marks thornberry will not seek reelection. his district is northwest of dallas through the western border of oklahoma. thornberry makes half a dozen republicans from the state of texas alone that will not seek reelection come 2020. want to pass that to you. also another alert as we start a new hour. president trump at an armed forces ceremony right now in arlington, virginia, demanding a meeting with the whistleblower earlier today who democrats will testify very soon on the hill. good morning. a lot to follow. we shall on a monday. hope you had a great weekend. julie, welcome back. >> julie: great to be here. i'm in for sandra smith. fox news learning the inspector general who handles the whistleblower's complaint will testify friday before the house
8:01 am
intelligence committee. the president blasting schiff saying he lied with the conversation with ukraine's president. here is ken starr last hour. >> we got on the wrong street. we're on impeachment alley and we should be on oversight street. there is a legitimate reason for oversight and the reason we shouldn't be on impeachment alley is there is no evidence as i see it of treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanor. >> bill: we begin with catherine herridge in washington with more. >> good morning. house republicans are zeroing in on the whistleblower complaint form and apparent rule change from firsthand direct knowledge to anticipating second yand information. they want the intelligence community watchdog michael atkinson who deemed the whistleblower complaint credible preserve records and
8:02 am
signed off on the change which allowed to whistleblower complaint to meet the reporting standard. president trump tweeting this morning who changed the longstanding whistleblower rules just before submittal of the state whistleblower report? drain the swamp. the legal team is concerned for the individual's safety blaming the president and unnamed entities they say are offering money for an identification. writing to the acting director of national intelligence mcguire, the fact the president's statement was directed to the person that gave the whistleblower the information does nothing to diminish our concerns for our client's safety. certain individuals have issued a $50,000 bounty for any information relating to our client's identity. one of the whistleblower's most explosives second hand claims the official record between the phone call between president trump and the ukrainian leader was locked down to restrict access.
8:03 am
he cites white house officials stating the transcript was placed in a stand alone computer system reserved for code word level intelligence. a former senior national security counsel official who worked in the trump white house questions whether the process was, in fact, unusual. >> when i handled presidential phone calls at the nfc last year we put it in a top secret code word system. i don't see any difference from what this alleged whistleblower is claiming. i don't think there was a change. >> a little more on the anticipated testimony from the inspector general friday we understand it will be a non-public or closed session, bill. >> bill: catherine herridge in washington on that. >> julie: house democrats fast tracking an impeachment inquiry into president trump. the chairs of three powerful committees issuing subpoenas to secretary of state pompeo for documents related to the
8:04 am
ukraine whistleblower complaint. rich edson has more from the state department. >> on top of those documents these three chairmen are expecting five senior state department officials to come speak with them. the democratic chairman of the house intelligence, oversight and foreign affairs committee wrote to secretary of state mike pompeo requesting to interview the career diplomat whose ambassadorship ended abruptly, volcker, and deputy assistant secretary george kent, and ambassador to the european union. the whistleblower claims he and volcker advised ukraine leadership how to navigate president trump's request to look into the biden and the chairs said they wrote requesting interviews with state employees and the secretary failed to comply and your actions are more troubling
8:05 am
given that since our september 13th request it has become clear that multiple state department officials have direct knowledge of the subject matters of the house's impeachment inquiry. >> we hope that the administration will cooperate. that certainly hasn't been the case up to date. though there is some reason to believe that moving forward given the seriousness of these allegations that we will see cooperation from secretary pompeo. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: more on all this. bring in the judge andrew napolitano. senior judicial analyst. good day and good morning. a couple of things i want to bring to your attention. did you hear ken starr last hour? what did you think? >> i agree with him that this is in the oversight area. i disagree with him there is no basis for an allegation for impeachable behavior on the part of the president. the president has admitted to
8:06 am
holding up nearly $400 million in aid until he got a political favor, his word favor from the president of the ukraine. that's arguably impeachable. what i agree with ken starr is in is house of representatives hasn't taken a vote to move forward with impeachment. when it does, if it does, then the president loses a lot of defenses like executive privilege evaporates and whoever they subpoena must testify. they have not yet done that. >> bill: i thought what he was saying is nancy pelosi has wide latitude here suggesting that they don't have to take it before the full house for a vote in order to continue -- another question on yes or no on impeachment but whether to go forward. >> yes, if they have a vote to go forward it strengthens their tools to extract information from the executive branch. >> bill: she says she has the votes. why hasn't it happened? >> i don't know. you would have to ask her. i think when this started she
8:07 am
did not have the votes. but it appears now that she does. it appears now there are a few republicans and nearly all democrats. >> bill: a couple things i'm wondering about as i'm certain you have answers. maybe you do or don't. this whole question that catherine pointed to a moment ago. why would the intelligence community change their rules in early august over what a whistleblower could report or not? why would that happen? >> again that's a head scratcher. the intelligence community has been adverse to this president since before he was in the white house. the intelligence community was involved in some respect in all the jim comey fisa stuff that happened while donald trump was still a candidate. so there might be some wish on the intelligence community to make it easier for this stuff to come out. but once the president released the transcript, a document that was classified, which he declassified, this issue of is
8:08 am
the whistleblower's complaint based on hearsay is now mute. the best evidence is the transcript itself. the president acknowledges those are his words. >> bill: another query and then some stuff from adam schiff over the weekend. we don't have an answer why they changed the rules. do we know when the whistleblower started working at the white house? >> we don't know who he is yet. it appears as though he will give testimony in some form, somehow they'll physically get him into a room without the press or anybody seeing him and somehow he will be able to testify and somehow they're going to keep secret his name and background. i don't know all those somehows will happen. >> bill: if you read carefully last week he or she had been working there recently. suggesting they had not been there for a year or two but perhaps a few months. >> it's hard to read into it how long this person was there. but if you read what the person alleges out of the mouth of his
8:09 am
lawyer, the lawyer wrote this complaint obviously. it reflects that this whistleblower spoke with people who work in the west wing and who were physically present in the room with the president when things like should he say this or shouldn't he? is this dangerous or isn't? if he does say this, what does the d.o.j. think about this and the intelligence community think about this? the whistleblower wasn't in the room when the conversation were had. >> admitted by the documents. >> he will have to tell adam schiff or whoever interrogates him who these people were. >> bill: you have to go find the people who reported to the whistleblower. >> they themselves become whistleblowers. they get the protection. >> bill: or become witnesses in a hearing we have yet to determine. another thing i want to ask you about on "fox news sunday" our colleague chris wallace reported rudy giuliani was working off the books with a husband and wife team. the only person who knew about
8:10 am
it was the president. why could that be perilous or could it be acceptable actually in the end? your view of that >> my view is the president can dispatch anybody he wants. it could be perilous if they're working at cross purposes with their counterparts in the state department. if they're working in tandem with the state department. if mike pompeo are aware of what these private individuals are doing at the behest of the president i don't see a problem. if they aren't aware of it and they show up in kiev and say listen to us, we're here representing donald trump and not the state department, there is an issue. >> bill: the "wall street journal" talks about the prosecutor. we don't know what they're up to. maybe they find something tied to ukraine. hold fire on that. we'll see whether or not that's the case. adam schiff on abc. >> the whistleblower will be allowed to come in and come out
8:11 am
woupt a minder from the justice department or the white house to tell the whistleblower what they can and cannot say. we'll get the unfiltered testimony of that whistleblower. we are taking all the precautions we can to make sure we allow that testimony to go forward in way that protects the whistleblower's identity. here is today from the attorney for the whistleblower. nor have we reached any agreement with congress and contact with the whistleblower. >> the whistleblower has an affirmative moral and legal obligation to come forward and state under oath what he accused the president of in that letter and to reveal his sources. and congressman's schiff's committee has a duty to extract that information from him. >> bill: here is julie now. >> julie: speaker pelosi's announcement on impeachment sending shock waves. one top republican accusing pelosi of abusing her role and
8:12 am
how he says president trump is being robbed of due process. >> bill: president trump saying he has the right to confront the whistleblower. as the trump team ramps up the lawmaker leading the investigation. john sununu will react live next. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
8:13 am
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8:15 am
customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> he put on a stupid, phony show just like he lied when he said he had direct evidence of
8:16 am
russian collusion. i'm waiting for it, schiff. i would really love to challenge the illegitimate see of this committee. how can you have a committee run by a guy who has judged the case and lied about the case already? >> julie: they ramped up attacks on house intel chair adam schiff. trump saying he has a right to confront his accuser the whistleblower who agreed to testify on capitol hill. that will happen on friday. joining us now former white house chief of staff to president george h.w. bush governor john sununu. good morning. nice to see you. this whistleblower is protected under law. the president wants to meet the whistleblower. he says he deserves to meet his accuser. how would that meeting go down? do you think it's likely and do you believe the president should be given access to confront his accuser? >> i suspect that's not going to happen but the whole overall
8:17 am
issue, i think, really has to be addressed. the fact i think the democrats are doing something very dangerous for the country. by their own admission from the day after the president was elected, they have publicly said they were going to use the impeachment process to undo the will of the people. and i think what is being involved right now with this specific situation following up on the failures of the mueller report is that they are trivializing to some extent what the constitutional intention of the impeachment process was. they may think they can get away with it because they believe it is congress that defines what an impeachable offense is but they will get burned badly when the public takes a look at this. because the last word on whether what an impeachable offense really is is in the hands of the public and voters. >> julie: whistleblowers were required to provide direct
8:18 am
firsthand knowledge of alleged wrongdoingingss. that was secretly removed last month by the intel committee. >> i think it's all part of this partnership, if you will, between democrats in the intelligence community originally led by john brennan, by lawyers on the outside who are advertising to pay for leaks that will cause president trump problems and the democrats in congress. this unholy trio is creating i think a constitutional crisis for the country. >> julie: when we talk about firsthand information versus second hand information, the question arises why didn't it come firsthand? why didn't that source that we've heard and reported by "the new york times" with the c.i.a. report this complaint on their own? why did it take a second hand person to do so? >> because this second hand
8:19 am
person is part of this in the intelligence community. did not have access to it but thought under the new rules he could create the kind of problems he is creating now. he went to these lawyers that are providing financial incentives for people to do this kind of thing. it is absolutely amazing that the rest of the media is letting this happen. >> julie: we know the law protects the whistleblower. is there protection for the leaker? there is a leak. >> well look, everybody wants to have a system in which where people honestly see a serious problem, they can bring it to the attention of those who can deal with it without fearing of losing their job or whatever. but what we have now is a process that has been twisted around as a tool to reverse the will of the people that voted donald trump in in 2016. and the public sees beyond this. if you walk around the
8:20 am
supermarket and talk to people, they are livid at what the democrats are doing and the most interesting first words that i hear from people are i'm a democrat but and then they go on to complain about what's going on down there. >> julie: governor john sununu. great to see you as always. thank you so much. >> bill: 20 past. we're watching the president. he is in virginia for a ceremony honoring the incoming joint chiefs chairman mark millie. we may get some remarks or expected to make brief remarks in a moment. memo from chicago p.d. raising eyebrows. why police are ordered to not help ice agents. what is that about? that's next. great news for veterans with va loans.
8:21 am
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sometand with theall screen xfinity stream app, which is free with your service, you can take a spin through on demand shows, or stream live tv. download your dvr'd shows and movies on the fly. even record from right where you are. keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app today and get ready for xfinity stream tv week. watch shows like south park and the walking dead october 7th through 13th. >> julie: it is already looking like winter out west.
8:24 am
wow, montana getting 2 to 4 feet of snow. a winter storm emergency was declared after thousands of people lost power. >> i don't want it. but we are in montana. >> my mom hated it. it was so happy. i love the snow. >> julie: something tells me they didn't have to go to school and why they love it so much. the storm letting ski resorts like this one in idaho get a jump on the winter season. a bit early. >> bill: it is an old school mountain. i love it. fox news obtaining an internal chicago police department memo ordering all units not to assist ice agents and the department of homeland security with immigration arrests or detentions. matt finn explains in chicago what's going on there. matt, hello. >> bill, chicago police have now been instructed in writing to no longer immediately assist
8:25 am
the department of homeland security in the city. instead officers have to stop and call a supervisor. when that supervisor arrives the supervisor will likely tell the officers not to assist the dhs. chicago police sources tell fox news his horically no real police officer would never assist another agency. most often dhs asks local police to watch their back or help make arrests in large raids. internal chicago police department memo obtained by fox news now instructs, quote, effective immediately a cpd supervisor is required to respond to all requests for assistance from the department of homeland security personnel. if the request is to assist with an immigration arrest or detention cpb personnel will leave the scene. police sources say the new rules continue to delegitimize police by sending the message that officers will not respond
8:26 am
or pursue suspects in certain immigration situations. the chicago police department says officers will aid dhs agents in danger but leave the scene if they are asked to make arrests. it puts dhs and cpd agents in dangerous situations. an immigration rally last friday the mayor said dhs will never get access to cpd databases and ice has become an arm of the trump administration. >> cpd will not cooperate on any immigration raids. that's the reality. we know we've hurt their ability to do their job in the city. so be it. that's the point. >> fox's judge andrew napolitano said the city of chicago is well within its constitutional rights not to cooperate with dhs. the supreme court has already ruled that state and local agencies do not have to assist federal agents. >> bill: wow. matt finn, chicago, illinois.
8:27 am
>> julie: fox news alert. british prime minister boris johnson denying allegations of sexual misconduct. a live report coming up from london. >> bill: republicans fighting back after the house speaker launches an impeachment inquiry. steve scalise on the republican strategy that's coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> another fox news alert. mentioned this 30 minutes ago. thornberry will not seek
8:31 am
reelection and that news broke 30 minutes ago. with me now house minority whip steve scalise. good morning to you. congress on a bit of a break. most of congress anyway. good morning to you. can you explain to our viewers why you have half a dozen republicans in texas who say they don't want to run in 2020? >> yeah, if you look, mac has been a great leader in our conference. he had served as chairman of the armed services committee. helped us rebuild the military working with president trump to really establish a stronger national defense and restore a lot of the damage that was done to our military. look, he has been a great leader, everybody for the last few months expected this might be the case. look, you have members that come here, serve and then go back to their communities, mac served for a long time and we appreciate his service and commitment. it was not unexpected. >> bill: i hear from folks who say it is no fun to be in the
8:32 am
minority and i'm certain that might be the case but is there something else going on that we're not seeing? >> if you look historically on the republican side our members don't serve as long as theirs. it's not uncommon for a democrat to serve over 30 years. in the house it's a much shorter average. our members come from business backgrounds, other places and walks of life and eventually after serving a period of time go back to doing other things back home. that's how the framers expected it. >> bill: are they looking at a reelection campaign that might be more difficult than they expect? >> no, mac actually is from a district that is traditionally republican. most of the members who have announced their retirement are from solid republican districts. it is not a question of whether or not they'll get reelected. it is just we had another colleague the other day that retired after over 25 years in congress. and he said it was time for me to go back home. you have to respect that.
8:33 am
>> bill: there is a lot of talk as you know swirling around washington, d.c. as to what happens next. with regard to the whole inquiry. here from 60 minutes last night the speaker of the house. >> your republican colleagues say well, the call is the call but there is nothing here that rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> they're wrong. it remains to be seen. it is not just what happens in the call. it is part of the sequence of events as well. >> bill: if you listen to the comment she clearly sees something that was a high crime or misdemeanor. ken starr said it is poor judgment but doesn't rise to that level. whatever the truth is in the end, sir, in the near term what is the republican strategy to get through this? >> the strategy always is to get the facts out. speaker pelosi jumped the gun two years ago. she has been and many of her members have been calling for impeachment and she is enabling
8:34 am
that. a tweet from aoc over the weekend that was really kind of threatening and saying that the democrats are the ones who are committing a scandal by not impeaching the president. and low and behold two days later she calls for impeaching the president. without listing a single high crime or misdemeanor. that's what's so irresponsible about this. it's an abuse of power to go after a president and say we'll impeach him even if there is nothing to impeach him on. jerry nadler the chairman of one of her committees said he hopes to bring impeachment proceedings onto the floor by the end of this year and when pressed to say name a single high crime or miss demeanor the majority leader couldn't list one. they just have been investigating this president since the day he took office because they don't like the results of the election. >> bill: here is what democrats are trying to explain. they say the mueller matter was
8:35 am
entirely confusing, difficult to get the american people to understand it. they say -- >> there wasn't a single charge. >> bill: the case is this ukraine matter is easy to understand and explaining it to a lot more people. your feeling on that, sir. >> whatever it is, it's still not high crimes and misdemeanors. they have been throwing out the innuendo. adam schiff was throwing ot baseless accusations yesterday. he was the one during the mueller investigation for two years promised he had more than circumstantial evidence that a crime was committed and there was no crime committed. he never brought forward that mysterious information that he had because it never existed. and then today look, committee hearing the other day he started making up a story that later even he admitted wasn't even fact to try to accuse the president of something that the president didn't do. at some point there has to be a level of responsibility. >> bill: we'll figure it out as we move through.
8:36 am
do you wish the conversation would have never happened, sir? >> i wish they wouldn't have released the transcript of a conversation with the president and another foreign leader. it is not a good precedent to set. the call itself, the transcript itself didn't show any crimes or quid pro quo which is what they were saying it was going to show. the idea that now they expect every conversation between the president and a world leader to be made public? will they go back and do that with president obama or any other president? i hope they don't because it is not a good standard to set. >> bill: one last thing. why do you think mitch mcconnell has been so quiet over the weekend? >> mitch mcconnell has been very clear from the beginning. he is running the senate. he has a job to do and frankly doing a really good job of getting the judicial nominees through and handling other business. at the end of the day the senate is a different body. >> bill: why so quiet? >> it hasn't come to him first
8:37 am
of all. it needs to come out of the house. nancy pelosi didn't even hold a vote on the house floor to start impeachment inquiries which has always happened. the three other times in the history of our country that impeachment came out of a committee it started with a vote of the full house. so i'm not sure why sthe is trying to shield her own members from that vote. you can ask her that. it is a little odd because it's never happened before. >> bill: sir, thank you for your time today. we'll speak again very soon. as i mentioned we'll follow this as it develops. steve scalise from louisiana. >> good to be with you. >> julie: british prime minister boris johnson denying allegations he groped a female journalist and other woman when he was a magazine editor 20 years ago. benjamin hall is live in london. >> the latest in a series of allegations against boris johnson we've seen in the british press over the last few weeks both personal and
8:38 am
political. boris johnson denies them all saying they are smears to prevent his political progress. he arrived at the conservative party's annual conference with his girlfriend amid allegations he had grabbed a journalist under the table at a private lunch 20 years ago and squeezed. another woman said he did the same to her at the same lunch. he denied the story. the journalist who made the allegations tweeting if the prime minister doesn't recollect the incident clearly i have a better memory than he does. johnson is also under scrutiny for his friendship with an american business woman who received money and perks from taxpayer funds while johnson was mayor of london. curry was given grants and places on overseas trade trips for her small tech startup. both insist everything was done with full propriety. >> you have to declare interest. did you declare it? >> there was no interest to
8:39 am
declare. let's make it clear. i'm proud of everything that we did and certainly everything that i did as mayor of london. >> johnson denied any conflict of interest saying these are smears designed to prevent him from pushing through his brexit. the brexit deadline is one month from now and a chance this week he will face a vote of no confidence. a lot going on politically on this side of the pond. >> bill: china deploying more troops in hong kong after months of protest. is beijing about the crush the pro-democracy demonstrators? we'll take you there live. >> julie: nancy pelosi explaining why sthe is now behind an impeachment inquiry as president trump wants to know the sources for a whistleblower's allegations. marc thiessen joins us next. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car.
8:40 am
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>> could not ignore what the president did. he gave us no choice. it wasn't any change of mind.
8:43 am
i always said we will follow the facts where they take us. and when we see them, we will be ready and we're ready. >> julie: nancy pelosi saying democrats are ready for an impeachment inquiry into president trump and they'll move forward even if it means losing the house in 2020. let's bring in marc thiessen at the "washington post" and fox news contributor. great to see you. president trump not only -- not only does he want the chance to confront his whistleblower which is unlikely to happen we should add. he also wants to know the sources for the whistleblower's allegations. if there is a leaker in the white house, shouldn't the president know about him or her? >> well certainly leaks are illegal. i don't think that's what happened in this case because there is a whistleblower who went through official channels. now the channels were changed because the channels used to say that you couldn't report hearsay information on the i.g.
8:44 am
and they changed that mysteriously a couple of months ago to allow hearsay information and second hand information. but this is a different matter. as for nancy pelosi, she has plenty of choices. it is not something that the president forced her hand. they announced this official impeachment inquiry before the transcript came out, before the whistleblower's report came out on the basis of news reports which said that the president had made a quote, unquote, troubling promise. the "washington post" said the president made a troubling promise to a foreign leader. there was no troubling promise in the transcript or anywhere in the whistleblower report. so he had an inappropriate conversation with the president of ukraine which he asked him to investigate biden. didn't make any threats or promises. it is not impeachable. >> julie: military aid did not come up once in that conversation. as far as quid pro quo there is no evidence on that. maybe there is something that
8:45 am
was left out if testimony comes out on friday. it is not in the telephone transcript that's all we know. >> more than that, julie. he actually raises in the conversation -- his argument for why he held up the aid was he was concerned the europeans weren't doing enough. the transcript backs up that claim because the president said to the ukrainian leader the european union isn't doing enough to help you and the ukrainian leader said i have agree with you. i've raised it with macron and merkel. that backs up the president's claim. >> julie: also the government has every right to withhold funds if they believe they're dealing with corruption. why would you hand money over to a corrupt government and one of the concerns apparently. how do you think the dems have handled this impeachment inquiry thus far? >> disastrously. we spent two years chasing a
8:46 am
russian collusion conspiracy theory that ended up being nothing and tens of millions of dollars. 80% of americans say they want their congressional representatives working on infrastructure and immigration rather than investigation of president trump. the democrats ignored that. they had the "washington post" reported they had focus groups that found that americans think they're obsessed with impeachment and investigation at the expense of their agenda. the way they won the house of representatives in 2018 was smripg trump districts by campaigning on kitchen table issues and now they're focused on impeachment and investigations. they could very well lose those districts and why nancy pelosi supposedly an official impeachment investigation. it needs a vote in the house. they aren't voting. why? she doesn't want to make those freshman democrats from trump districts vote on an impeachment inquiry. >> bill: as we await the president we show you a live picture from virginia. the vice president at the
8:47 am
podium there. we may get comments in a moment. the president is down there to welcome a new member there. let's get a break and we'll squeeze it in and bring it to you as we continue after this. last time. 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal. i might be crazy but i'm not stupid. having an annuity tells me retirement is protected. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at annuities can provide protected income for life. it's what gives audible there'smembers an edge.ening; it opens our minds, changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible.
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>> bill: this is the ceremony now. the president is speaking. ceremony in virginia honoring the joint chief chair. drop in. >> president trump: the american, army, navy, coast guard and the united states marines. we're gathered today for a truly historic occasion. we're here to welcome our outstanding new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley. mark i want to congratulate you. you are my friend, advisor and you deserve this position. i never had a doubt.
8:51 am
congratulations. [applause] i also want to express our profound gratitude to mark's wife, holly ann and his children mary and peter for their selfless devotion to our country. the strength of our military is truly found in the love and support of our military families: those families are so important. we're honored to be joined by some of america's gold star families. your treasured loved ones made the supreme sacrifice for our nation. they're looking down on you right now. you look up in the sky they're looking down on you. our debt to you is infinite and eternal. america will hold you in its heart forever and we will never forget. we're grateful to the many veterans here today. [applause]
8:52 am
to our heroic wounded warriors in attendance our nation will always remember what you did for the cause of freedom. joining us as well are secretary mark esper, thank you, great job you're doing. secretary mike pompeo, mike, thank you very much. epa administrator andrew wheeler, thank you, andrew, many of our great secretaries and my cabinet and service chiefs. i know we have a couple of wonderful representatives. i think you have many so i'll get myself in trouble but i see john carter and i see brad wenstrup. thank you very much for being here, fellows. thank you very much. i see a senator that's so supportive of our military and this administration, senator dan sullivan. thank you, dan. of alaska. done a great job. as we prepare to welcome a new
8:53 am
chairman we must first pay tribute to one of america's most admired and beloved military leaders, outgoing chairman joseph dunford. here today with his wife ellen. he hails from just outside boston. his father was a tough marine who landed in korea and fought at the reservoir. joe knew which branch he was destined to join. he didn't have much of a decision to make i think. what do you think about that? not a big decision? no. in 1977 he was commissioned into the u.s. marine corps. in 2003 joe commanded some of the first american troops in operation iraqi freedom and very, very successfully commanded them. for his exceptional bravery he
8:54 am
received the legion of merit with combat valor. as a general joe was promoted so quickly that he was nominated for his third star before he had formally received his second. how do you do that? how do you do that, joe? in 2013 he was named international security assistance force commander in afghanistan and he was instrumental in strengthening afghan security forces to share more of the burden and today they are indeed sharing much more of the burden. in 2014 joe became commandant of the marine corp and the next year named joint chief of staff. he published the joint military net assessment in 20 years. we have a lot of ideas we've brought forward and we spent $2.5 trillion since i'm
8:55 am
president. $2.5 trillion, far more than this country has ever even thought about spending but we had to have a modern, great military with the most magnificent and finest machinery, planes, boats, ships, weapons of all kinds. we've never had anything like you have today. >> bill: want to share a little bit. get a quick time-out. back with one final word after this. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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8:58 am
>> julie: fox news alert, more violent clashes in hong kong as china prepares to celebrate 70 years of communist rule. greg palkot is life in hong kong with more. hi, greg. >> hi, julie. your troubles it's regular tomorrow, coinciding with that chinese anniversary. there was real trouble over the weekend, too. there was determination display. take a look at what we saw, what we heard.
8:59 am
[chanting] relative calm before a possible storm on the eve of china's national day. these young people are forming a human chain along hong kong harbor front. their message? fight for freedom, stand with hong kong. >> we fight for our freedom. we go along our people need freedom. >> this is our home. >> this is your home. >> yeah. >> we were right in the middle of it on sunday. protesters clash with police, they hurled gas bombs and rocks, police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. 150 arrested, 2500. protest organizers are calling for locals to take to the streets tomorrow. police are warning of hard-core violence, maybe even terrorism, and beijing today, chinese president xi jinping talked about a bright future for hong kong. but the last thing they want when they got festivities on tuesday is chaos here. we will be watching it all. it's an open city for possible violence. back to you, julie. >> julie: greg palkot,
9:00 am
thank you very much. >> bill: julie, nice to have you back with us. enjoy your monday, okay? [laughs] >> julie: enjoy the rest of the week. >> bill: "outnumbered" starts now. have a great monday, we will catch you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump says he deserves to meet with the whistle-blower and his sources at the center of the bombshell complained about his phone call with the president of ukraine. democrats are ramping up their impeachment inquiry, meanwhile. now come house intelligence chairman adam schiff says his committee has reached an agreement for the whistle-blower to testify. >> that whistle-blower will be allowed to come in, and come in without a mind or the justice department or from the white house to tell the whistle-blower with a can and cannot say. we will get the unfiltered testimony of that whistle-blowe whistle-blower. >> harris: but the whistle-blower's own attorney later had said a deal has not been reached for his client to go before congress. although talks about the matter


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