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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thank you very much. >> bill: julie, nice to have you back with us. enjoy your monday, okay? [laughs] >> julie: enjoy the rest of the week. >> bill: "outnumbered" starts now. have a great monday, we will catch you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump says he deserves to meet with the whistle-blower and his sources at the center of the bombshell complained about his phone call with the president of ukraine. democrats are ramping up their impeachment inquiry, meanwhile. now come house intelligence chairman adam schiff says his committee has reached an agreement for the whistle-blower to testify. >> that whistle-blower will be allowed to come in, and come in without a mind or the justice department or from the white house to tell the whistle-blower with a can and cannot say. we will get the unfiltered testimony of that whistle-blowe whistle-blower. >> harris: but the whistle-blower's own attorney later had said a deal has not been reached for his client to go before congress. although talks about the matter are ongoing.
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this, as a schiff is threatening to subpoena rudy giuliani as early as next week, and house democrats already subpoenaed secretary of state mike pompeo, ordering him to turn over documents by this friday. whew! a ready? happy monday. this is "outnumbered." here today, melissa francis. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. joining us in the center seat -- no, on the counter the first time -- [laughter] mary anne marsh, former senior advisor to john kerry. and now to the center seat! brand brandenburg, executive vice president and chair of business and finance at the kings college in new york city. he is "outnumbered." welcome to you both. >> brian: you can have wow have my seat come if you want! >> mary anne: schiller is not dead! >> kennedy: not on the couch! >> harris: is alive and well. let's talk about what's happening right now in terms of impeachment inquiries. your thoughts? >> brian: it's interesting the president wants to meet the
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whistle-blower. i don't think that's going to happen. i do think it's interesting part of this conversation. one of the things we are seeing, as this process goes on, is that there is a real irregularities. with this was this whistle-blower process. whistle-blowers are important, but that process can have problems with it. as part of this, it's really important because of the bottom of it. why are we doing with secondhand information? why are we dealing with the whistle-blower process that change at the last minute? if i'm the president of the unites states and on the subject, i want to know the answers to that question. >> harris: the whistle-blower protection act of 1989, specific to federal workers who can show a crime, abuse of power, or really anything. if it's based on secret information. do you think the president or anybody publicly has a right to know who this person is? he says he has a right to see who his accuser is. >> i think you need a process where the whistle-blower goes in front of a congressional committee, and with due protection, to answer for what
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he or she said in the document. spew on but that's different. >> brian: it is different than the president. but the point of what he is saying, that's that you have to confront this issue. you can't simply assume this process works exactly the way it was supposed to. there were too many regularities here. that needs to be confronted. he's not the right one, but it has to be confronted. i see his point on that. >> harris: mary anne, i talked with ken starr, who was there for the bill clinton impeachment. i believe he was on fox earlier today. i ask specifically about the whistle-blower, and all of this, last week. he said there were some things in that phone call that he was the president had not said. one of them was "do us a favor." how do you think democrats are really doing with the information they have? >> mary anne: i want to address the one thing that brian stated. the president doesn't understand, which is that this isn't how any of its works. whistle-blowers don't get to meet anybody. the president is not entitled to meet him. the fact is, when the whistle-blower put the complaint
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forward, it actually matches, for the most part, the transcript. the partial transcript. the summary of the called. >> harris: some people say it doesn't match. >> mary anne: i'm sorry? >> harris: there is no quid pro quo in it. >> mary anne: there is not, but here's the issue -- we heard from the whistle-blower complaint, and the summary of the call issued by the trump white house, it pretty much matches. what that now begs for is the full transcript. >> harris: oh, i see what you're going with us. >> mary anne: that's where we need to know. there's no discourtesy between second and third and information. with the whistle-blower presented matches the summary. last point, the danger when you ask to meet people, what this really is is the campaign of intimidation. we already have a bounty put on this whistle-blower. for $50,000. that's dangerous. >> kennedy: that's a great precedent for our justice system. for people to not come forward, to remain in the shadows anonymously with secondhand information. part of due process is answering the charges that are brought against you.
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this is not just a political charge or a cultural charge that has everybody talking. we are on the precipice of launching impeachment proceedings that could potentially remove this person from office. presidential removal has never happened in this country. >> harris: are you in favor of the president knowing who his accuser is? >> kennedy: i think anyone should be able to answer -- >> harris: so you think there was a lawyer deserves that 9089 act that protects them? >> kennedy: come on, harrisburg you've heard me talk about edward snowden. i do think there has to be government accountability and people should be able to come forward, especially when there is corruption and illegality. that's not what i'm saying. but i agree with brian. if you have people who are getting second and third hand information and honestly, that means everyone can be moved from office for anything, and that ss shaking in their boots. because elizabeth warren is doing very well right now. so if there's someone at the cia listening to president warren and decides that he or she
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doesn't like something, are we going to go through this process every time a president says something -- >> harris: it doesn't just .2 breaking the law, right? that protection. i just want to point that out. yes, that's on the list, but it's -- it doesn't even have to be legal. anyway, go ahead. >> harris: these things fly on the face of each other. on one hand, it's outrageous didn't demand as he was a boy. that sentences and make any sense. they are blowing the whistle on corruption. they feel they could be punished, they are free to for approval if you come forward at all, there are so many threats of violence to reporters, to anything related to the kavanaugh hearing. we have reached this. and time , if you step out on either side, your life is at risk. >> harris: that's a good point. let's look at a new abc news poll that shows nearly two-thirds of americans consider
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president trump encouraging the ukrainian president to investigate biden and his son a serious problem. brian, i come back to you. actually, when people have said this. ken starr said it. he didn't like some of the wording that was used in there. it's a problem. he said it's not a crime. >> brian: so much of this conversation is about whether or not this is a crime. even about, "don't you think it's a problem the president did this?" i don't hear a lot of serious saying, "there isn't something here that i don't like." there is proof of the question is, i'm going to overturn an election based on will be see in the transcript? most people would say that's not a great prospect. i know the polling you will cite here. the people are concerned about having the vote overturned in a process that is highly, highly partisan, highly, highly political. >> melissa: it's interesting that mary anne said at the beginning that there's no clear quid pro quo. it doesn't say, "if you do this, i will do that." but it never says that.
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i just wonder, this is kind of the point that we get to, whether it's the clinton foundation or everything with the bidens, or president trump calling about ukraine. it's all kind of the same thing. but you know it's implied. if you said to me, "can i peek at your notes?" and i'm like, "sure, i would love to borrow your address, by the way," it's implied that there's an exchange there. i didn't say "you must give me this in exchange for that." that's where we always come to him these things. whether it's the cash in the clinton foundation, the bidens and their money china, all these -- >> kennedy: iran contra. there are so many examples. >> melissa: no one ever leaves out the quid pro quo. >> kennedy: i know i keep seeing this, but we need some uniformity. if we acknowledge there is quid pro quo in every transaction, and every administration, then why does it become illegal? and when does it become impeachable? >> mary anne: let me tell you
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when it does -- >> kennedy: it can't be, "when i don't like the president." that can't be the threshold. >> mary anne: i will quote you the lot right now. "you cannot solicit, accept, or receive anything of any value from any foreign entity, for any united states election." when he made the call, put aside the biden conversation, the quid pro quo, that is illegal. add to that the phrase, "i need you to do a favor for me, though." that's the second problem. >> harris: that's the part that ken starr said he would have leaned in and whispered into the presence here. this is what he told me, he said on the air last week on the "newsroom news vault" seven. >> mary anne: i just quoted the fcc law. just that quote is a violation of the law. >> brian: there is so much spicing to give her this phone call conversation. to make it make sense for your preferred political view. you can't do that. by the way, does vice president biden get a pass because he's running for president, he was
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vice president of the united states and there was a serious issue involving him and his son. in a country with -- >> harris: the contemporaneous notes that may or may not exist? >> kennedy: why don't we see transcripts from the phone call between vice president biden in 2014 and ukrainian president? >> harris: i'm for more words, not fewer. let's see it all. let's move on. controversy is brewing over a new sanctuary city policy in chicago. one that limits police cooperation with federal and immigration authorities. is this making the city less safe? plus, 2020 democrats reaction to the impeachment push. worried that it might drown out the party's core message and hurt their odds at the ballot box. >> i worry that this election is being overshadowed by all that's going on. by impeachment proceedings. ♪ wow!
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ♪ >> i worry that this election is being overshadowed by all that's going on. being overshadowed by impeachment proceedings, being overshadowed by the news of the day, being overshadowed by some toxic twitter trolling teenage-like stuff. >> some things are above politics. one of them is that, like everyone in congress, i swore an oath to the constitution of the united states. no one is above the law, and that includes the president. >> melissa: is impeachment overshadowing 2020 campaigns? new jersey senator cory booker admitting his concerns about how the topic could dilute the democratic party's messaging out of the election. but elizabeth warren says she is
9:16 am
not worried about it. in the meantime, how speaker pelosi suggesting the risk of losing the house majority is worth the reward of pursuing impeachment against the president. hmmm people >> people say of the to clinical risk. that doesn't matter. we can't have the united states president undermining his oath of office. his loyalty, his oath of office. undermining our national security, and undermining the integrity of our election. >> melissa: mary anne, does she really not mind losing the house over impeachment? i can't believe that. >> mary anne: i think this is where you have to remember months ago when everyone sort of interpreted her comments as, "i'm never going to do impeachment." she never said that. >> melissa: i know, but if you
9:17 am
are sitting there and waiting impeachment versus losing seats in the house and no longer being in the majority, she cannot possibly value impeachment over the majority. >> mary anne: she's not going to have to make that choice. she waited for the conditions she had laid down for impeachment. if it were necessary, widespread support and bipartisan. >> melissa: i will ask you one more time! [laughs] >> mary anne: the fact is, i do believe she's a patriot. she will be willing to lose it. but i don't think that's going happen. >> melissa: you think he's willing to give up her speaker's gavel for impeachment? does that even serve the party best? you go down the road impeachment, he is still there, you lose the house. >> mary anne: or he's not there and you could lose the house. both of those combinations are possible. if you look at the polls right now -- >> melissa: do you think is smart politics can make yes or no? >> mary anne: it's a smart thing to do, and when you do that, politics come with it. >> melissa: is it smart
9:18 am
politics or not? >> mary anne: it's not. >> harris: she said yes, you said no! >> melissa: and befuddled. go ahead. >> brian: plus he doesn't have any choice to say she'd be willing to lose the majority. what else is she going to say? that the only acceptable thing she can say in public. but she's not in this because conditions were met that make her feel good about it. he's in it because the left wing of her party said, "this has to happen now." she had no way -- okay, then why would she will devote to serve inquiry? ski when she doesn't have the vote. she's the best roast counter on capitol hill let's take these conditions breed brian has an the dressing point. as the first one met, that is necessary? because it's necessary for her and her caucus? >> mary anne: : ukraine and making that call, as i stated earlier in the show, is illegal. period, full's. >> harris: how is that different from what joe biden did? that's not whataboutism, i'm just asking. >> mary anne: he was leaving the policy of entire democracies
9:19 am
and what you can because of the corruption. >> harris: so when he joked about limit money until the get rid of the 1% during the investigation into his son, hunter biden -- >> mary anne: that was in the proof policy for congress, versus what donald trump did, to withhold money that had already been appropriate. >> melissa: i want to bring this back to the election. this is the perfect point to do it. we are talking about is whether or not joe biden did something that was slimy. this whole conversation, these candidates are making the point that is overshadowing their message on the 2020 campaign trail. there is no denying that. if you're talking about happened. elizabeth warren is on, she's talking about impeachment. it's taking over the charge during the campaign. is that good or bad for democrats? >> kennedy: it's fascinating. [laughter] it really is. the whole thing -- i look at it from elizabeth warren's perspective. >> melissa: oh, yeah, she loves it. >> kennedy: i think biden is in worse shape than the president. the president likes fights. he tends to do well, and makes
9:20 am
himself the victim and the aggressor of the same time, which is the oddest thing we've seen. especially in modern politics. none of that makes sense. i don't think joe biden survives this. he had the problem with the touching come of any of the problem with the gaffes. that is criminal justice record came to bite him in the keister. now he's got this other issue that is still kind of hanging around, and i don't know how he shakes all those things. what does elizabeth warren do? she doesn't go out there and attacked joe biden, she doesn't have to. all she doesn't talk about impeachment. that keeps the issue on the table. >> melissa: mary anne, i heard you say earlier you thought she was going to be the candidate from the beginning. elizabeth warren. juan williams set on this couch and he said that joe biden has been in front they won. "why do you guys always talk about elizabeth warren?" do you feel like it is elizabeth warren's to lose at this point? do you think she can win nationally? >> mary anne: elizabeth warren will be the nominee, so that for months. before that i said joe biden was his own worst enemy. to kennedy's point, he can't handle this because he is not
9:21 am
good candidate. if you were smart, he would show people what a general election between joe biden and donald trump would look like. he has not done that yet. so i think -- in a war in-trumped general election, which i think it would be, i still give the advantage to trump right now. >> kennedy: president pence is on his way to being number 46. >> brian: here's the policy problem with all that you're getting governed by impeachment. nobody gets to make a case against warren about why her hard left economic policies will be entirely unattractive. which means she gets the primary when >> mary anne: policy will have impeachment done by the end of the the year. >> kennedy: she does want to be a speaker and more, that's why she doesn't mind. [laughs] >> melissa: bracing for a firestorm. can the president turned the inquiry into battle cry for his base? plus, a blast from the past.
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♪ >> kennedy: hillary, where have you been? hillary clinton's emails back in the headlines. "the washington post" reporting the state department has intensified its investigation is the matter, recently contacting over 100 former aides who at some point had an email relay to clinton's private server. this, as the former democrat nominee ramps up or criticism of president trump and house democrats' impeachment. watch. >> clearly we know a lot and are learning more every day in history will probably sort it all out. of course he's obsessed with me.
9:27 am
i believe that it is a guilty conscience come in so much as he has a conscience. >> kennedy: [laughs] please run! she's the best. brian brian brenberg, i know a f the email server investigations have kind of kick back into gear. all i want is for her to get back in the race. i don't even care what that headline is. as chelsea politely nods and says nothing. "he's so obsessed with me!" >> brian: [laughs] >> kennedy: is his obsession with having clinton what is allowing this to be relaunched? >> brian: this was never properly conducted in the first place. i hear a lot of people in those reports are so mad at the state department because this is still going on. and this is unfair. if you're mad about this, you ought to be mad at president obama and the obama administration. you are to be met at jim comey and the fbi under president obama. that's where the initial ball was dropped here. all of this is carried forward from that. but the problem started years
9:28 am
ago. don't complain about the state department finishing this now. >> kennedy: i agree. mary anne? >> mary anne: >> mary anne: if t back into the race, elizabeth warren would mop the floor with her. because politics has changed so much and nobody wants to hear -- other than me -- no one wants to hear about ellie's victimhood. where this part of the email server issue that was her creation, or one of the two dozen reasons she feels the election is stolen from her. >> mary anne: for saul, she's not getting back into politics, surgery will not come true. >> kennedy: gah! how do you know that? >> harris: did you talk to her? we've seen more for the last seven days -- coat >> mary anne: that's got a book tour. timing is everything. everyone is selling books right now. come on, you guys have people here throughout this whole building paired all kinds of books. >> harris: have we figured it would have been? to put on a scroll at 1:00 p.m. joe biden's on her list for the reasons why she lost. >> kennedy: facebook, bernie
9:29 am
bros? >> harris: the republic of macedonia? >> kennedy: thousands are told their wives how to vote? [laughter] >> mary anne: let's get back to -- [laughter] 2015 is here again! >> harris: do you want 2015 to be back? >> mary anne: no, but apparently it is! we're talking with it. donald trump is so good at muddying the waters. so bringing this issue back on which only got resurrected on the same time the whistle-blower came forward privately, it's not a coincidence. if there was a real issue here, the fact is that the state department -- the double medic security -- wouldn't have gone back and have upgraded or regraded hundreds of these emails to now say they are highly classified. >> harris: we have this discussion to and after three years ago. things are born classified. you can move the needle based on how far down the line people saw it.
9:30 am
that's what we are talking about right now. three. move the needle right in my arm! my hit is hillary, melissa! mainline hillary! [laughter] >> harris: someone will ask about this. she's back out there with the book tour, which is that is magically timed. >> mary anne: again, no coincidence, including that changing of the classification of the emails. will she address it? yes. >> harris: do you want her to run again? >> mary anne: she's not going to. >> harris: do you want her to? >> mary anne: she's not going to run again. >> kennedy: if you are the empress of the world -- >> harris: we love you, marianne! [laughter] >> kennedy: would she be on that plate? >> mary anne: i would be more interesting to understand everything in 2016, but we are in 2020. >> kennedy: referred an exhaustive recount of what happened. >> melissa: i think it's interesting that if you look at the context of the call can we talk about the crowd strike on the email server, and where that
9:31 am
server end up as one of the questions he's asking. i don't think it's a coincidenc coincidence. i personally can't possibly talk about the emails again or else i will jump off a cliff. >> harris: oh, no! [laughter] >> melissa: it's not a coincidence! all these things, it's just -- i don't think we'll ever know the answer. this is maryann's first on the couch, i'm not sure she's coming back! [laughter] >> harris: real quickly, why do you think elizabeth warren would trounce hillary clinton in competition? they were each other's ally. >> mary anne: i don't disagree with that. i think the difference of the times we are in. we always correct from the previous election. on the democratic side, i think elizabeth warren is more in touch with the more populist, economic approach that i think the democrats are in. and a lot of independence, too. >> kennedy: it's a nice way to say that she learned from hillary's family. >> mary anne: elizabeth warren has a story could be -- if you look at her entire life -- >> harris: what about joe biden? he has run twice.
9:32 am
>> mary anne: that's why he's running for a time. >> harris: knew, that a shade ! >> mary anne: someone who grew up in oklahoma, almost lost everything. her life and education, what she taught in law school, which she worked in afterwards, the consumer finance protection bureau. when obama didn't go to bat for her for that position, she went back to massachusetts and became a united states senator. don't underestimate her. >> kennedy: i don't underestimate her! estimator? i don't even know her! [laughter] the white house reportedly planning a responsive strategy as democrats push forward with their impeachment inquiry. can the president flip the script on democrats, as 2020 heats up? ♪ >> we are fighting to drain the swamp, and that's exactly what i'm doing. you see why we have to do it. because our country is at stake, like never before. ♪ gold has stood the test of time. even since 2000, the value of gold has increased by over 400%
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>> what's going on now is the single greatest scam in the history of american politics. the democrats want to take away your guns. they want to take away your health care. they want to take away your vote. they want to take away your freedom. they want to take away your judges. they want to take away everything. we can never let this happen. >> melissa: president trump blasting democrats as they push forward with impeachment. this, as nbc news reports that white house aides are planning to prevent present the president with a "rapid impeachment response strategy" as early as today after week of mixed messaging. this could reportedly include bringing back white house chief strategist steve bannon and former campaign manager corey lewandowski. in the meantime, the reelection campaign is ramping up advertising amid the impeachment inquiry, and the rnc just launched a multimillion dollar tv and come
9:38 am
their first tv ad buy in the ears. this is the messaging around impeachment. for the president, when it comes to be reelection, he can say, "i did this come of this, and this." and the other things are ready to go. but it didn't happen because democrats came with impeachment. for the democrats, they promised health care, this come about, and the other thing, and reelected largely on that. they are going to have to say, "we were busy working on impeachment, so we didn't get these things done. >> brian: that the winning message, right? to say to the american people, "there's a lot of things you would have loved to do for you, boo you're very busy with impeachment so we didn't get any of them." that's why, as this plays out longer and longer, it becomes more and more in the president's favor that impeachment is happening. that's why i agree with you. pelosi wants to get this done really, really quickly. she wants to get it behind her, because she knows the longer this drags on the more it looks like another mueller probe and
9:39 am
the more the american people say, "that's exactly the kind of swamp thing that president trump was elected to deal with." >> melissa: mary anne? >> mary anne: here's the problem -- the house underneath the policy has passed over 250 bills. >> melissa: wait, i can't let you do that. that didn't work for republicans. when you pass bills that can't pass the senate, it doesn't count as work. it doesn't matter. >> mary anne: why can't you -- >> melissa: if you can't get something through, if it's not a reality in people's lives, it's -- >> kennedy: it's busy work. >> mary anne: they did guns, they do the elections committee. >> melissa: but it's not law. >> mary anne: mitch mcconnell, the every day when this came out, magically came up with $250 million on election security. the fact is, where she is getting stymied is in the senate. >> melissa: but that argument -- >> mary anne: that's just a fact. >> melissa: voters never cared. when you bring that argument and say, "we did our best but the senate killed it --" >> kennedy: it didn't work for paul ryan and it won't with your next post. it's an empty argument. these bills are going to go
9:40 am
anywhere, it's like crafting paper airplanes out of lead. you know they are going to fly. it's a disingenuous process. democrats, if they want to get something done, they've got to work with republicans. you don't have to work with the president, but you do have to -- we talked about this probably 55 times. you have to find the areas of agreement and go from there. that's your starting point. not the far left. "aw, hell no" mitch mcconnell's eyes. >> harris: it's bigger than just background checks. it's about a whole host of things. mitch mcconnell has not said he's not willing to have that conversation. you've got to let this play out. as kennedy is pointing out, they need to come together with something they think has its best chance in the senate. that, in fact, is their job more than just a popularity contest of trying to figure out what we
9:41 am
can all agree on. except for this -- your party is so divided right now that maybe it is some sort of a miraculous victory that they can achieve something on their own in the house. maybe this is the one exception lane of all of this, because he got such far progresses. maybe they don't buy more of the moderate policies. what do you think? >> brian: of got an easy one -- usmca. let's get that trade deal done. that would pass easily for the senate. the press that would sign it. everybody who is a worker in america -- farmers, businesses -- they'd love to see that happen. >> kennedy: the markets would love it. >> mary anne: nancy pelosi said 48 hours ago they are still working on that. >> brian: of course they are. >> mary anne: that's just a fact. >> harris: would happen before christmas, or only impeachment? >> mary anne: the one saying they won't do anything that was donald trump. >> melissa: sanctuary city policies on full display in chicago, how the city is restricting officers from helping federal immigration officials. that's next. ♪ drive safely.
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which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ >> harris: fox news has obtained an internal chicago police department memo instructing officers not to cooperate with the dhs officials on some immigration matters. for example, when a dhs or
9:46 am
i.c.e. agent asks the chicago police for help, officers are required to call their supervisor for permission to give that help. the new rules indicate the supervisor is likely to tell them to stay out of it. the chicago mayor going after federal immigration organizations just last week. >> we are not going to tolerate letting i.c.e. terrorize their immigrant and refugee communities. we will never, ever succumb to the racist, xenophobic rhetoric of i.c.e. >> harris: all of this as two alleged child rapists are large after the weren't held in contention over i sanctuary city policies. mayor lightfoot there, talking to the crowd. brian? >> brian: after believe this is so disrespectful to chicago police officers, to be told, in a situation where another agency is asking for your help, you can't use your judgment. that you can't decide if this is important enough for you to act. instead, you've got to call your
9:47 am
supervisor pray let's put a whole bunch of sand in the gears of protecting that community, and instead just make sure we don't transgress any politically correct boundaries. that is so insulting to police officers. >> harris: alleged rapists on the run. jersey, new york. >> mary anne: the last several years, particular the last year, unfortunately it's made it harder to do the right things when i.c.e. and dhs and others have done the wrong things. which is separating parents from the children outside of schools, going after undocumented immigrants when they are doing their jobs with their families. with their kids, to their homes. that's not right. go after people who have committed the crime, sure. but the way they are going about this is wrong, and that's come as a result, a lot of public sentiment has gone against that. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: i think going after criminals should be the afterthought. it is when you string those thoughts together. that's what is so divisive. i agree, a vast majority of
9:48 am
people who come to the country come to work and make their lives better. the federal government is not good about selecting the ones who are bad, who wish to do us harm. another sanctuary cities, they say they are trying to protect immigrant communities but they are actually putting people at risk. you look at voters in the middle of the country, they think this is where the democrat party has gone. "this is why i voted for a completely nontraditional guy." it's these kind of device politics and policies that are much more about rhetoric and hyperbole. and a mayor standing there and treating every time there is a collection of cameras as a political stunt. >> harris: let me just further this thought about where we're going. that's what i heard inherent to what you said. new york city's commission on human rights has announced that people could get hit with up to a $250,000 fine if they use the words "illegal alien" together or threaten to call i.c.e. with "intent to demean, humiliate, or
9:49 am
harass a person." you live in the city, and i have heard you talk about nanny state issues, so on and so forth. what is this? >> melissa: when we are juxtaposing issues like that, language next to the idea of having someone in custody who has been arrested because they have raped a child, and rather than turn them over to the 30s to be deported you are releasing them onto an unsuspecting community, the potential victims out there -- that's just a serious and grave issue, versus all of these other things that we are talking about. it's just -- it's hard to wrap your head around the idea that there are law enforcement officials who would want to release violent offenders onto unsuspecting communities. that's what is shocking to me. when we sit here and talk about language, that's politics. >> harris: the words "illegal alien."
9:50 am
the $250,000 fine. >> brian: if it's meant with hate, then we can apply the fine. so it's the thought police thing. somebody will get inside my head or somebody else's head and see dominic say, "you use the term and i believe used innately. by virtue of the fact you said it, i know use it hatefully. therefore i will apply -- >> harris: 's very fine for using the n-word? if we are going to talk about incendiary things that have agreed upon can incite hate, i'm not saying there's other words don't, but i'm just wondering -- where are we going with this? what does it do to our society? >> brian: there is a fine when people use inappropriate words. somebody confronted him and saying, "you shouldn't use that language," they used to be the way we dealt with these things. if somebody spoken publicly, the committee would come around it. now we are finding a quarter million dollars for saying a word, not your actual intention.
9:51 am
>> harris: mary anne? real quick come from you. >> mary anne: i have concern over where our dialogue has gone, and the words that we have used. we don't normally look to the leaders of our country to show us the way. when there are debates like both sides have good people, they get harder to do. >> harris: but you are talking about ledge leaning action. we have two inspected rapists. sanctuary city's policies. let's move on. president trump touting the strength of the economy as a centerpiece of his campaign, but will the looming impeachment battle be a game changer? ♪ hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options
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so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: amid the looming impeachment drama on capitol hill, new questions about the potential impact for the economy. the strength of which president trump is running on. now some media outlets reporting impeachment could be a game changer, with the hail calling it a wild card for
9:56 am
the economy. as politico puts it, "during clinton impeachment, the dot-com boom was making americans exuberant about the economy. today the economy is slowing because the consumer confidence, and corporate america faces a gauntlet of worries, including the trade war with china. in meantime, president trump warning markets would create do not crash if democrats did impeach him. democrats , it's interesting to see that they don't view the sister of israel. they are much more focused at 4:00 eastern on fox business. check us when the markets close. on trade war's. however, the usmca, in my mind, is the thing looming in the balance for the economy and for the election. you wonder how that goes in light of impeachment. >> kennedy: that would certainly soften people's fears and anxiety over the china trade
9:57 am
issue. it feels like there is balance in our atmosphere, it's going to be people less nervous. actual impeachment, not just the talk of impeachment and the threat of impeachment, adam schiff going out a bunch of sunday news shows, that's not the same thing as actual impeachment. impeachment would have a detrimental effect on the market. the president has to stop talking about civil wars. that's not helpful. >> melissa: on friday, we watched the usmca very closely on our show. it's annexing on the docket to help the farmers. it is teed up and ready to go. it would mean a lot for the economy, a lot for everybody here in the u.s. i'm told by our own chad pergram there right now they are negotiating the final between the president and nancy pelosi,e it out. can they keep that ruling along with the impeachment thing going on? as of friday, they couldn't. i was personally shocked about >> kennedy: i think we will to talk about over the weekend, yes. i think you will continue to see
9:58 am
activity in the house, all along the way. hopefully the senate, too. i think they get this deal done. what we don't know at this point, because they are still working out the details, it is -- >> melissa: the details are pretty small. what is her incentive to get that over the finish line? it would help him a lot. in my mind, he would keep the economy in solid footing. so what is her incentive to make it really helps his reelection. >> mary anne: a good economy helps everybody pretty want to make sure a good economy helps everybody. there are some structural flaws in the economy. this is but one piece of it. as you know better than anybody. plus he made a commitment to pass a lot of legislations. she has done that, they will continue to do that. this is -- getting a trade deal done is one of those things she wants to make sure members can go home and talk about. you should know, why the houses on recess right now, a lot of people still working in washington on the patient. they are out there selling everything they've done these last few months because it's important for them. >> brian: the reason she's
9:59 am
doing it is because she needs something to put you to say, "we didn't just do impeachment the entire time." we've got to get one thing done. this is the one thing. they are susceptible to the charge that all they did is pursuant to -- >> kennedy: i hope they won't be coming to do well. my worry is that they cheer every time the market step or gdp growth is a sinister nerd. >> melissa: the japan deal, there is a lot of movement at the u.n. general assembly. now we have the usmca on the precipice. these are the things that are really moving the markets and the economy. if you look at fox business, because of a brand-new refresh! it feels very refreshing for you. 4:00 p.m. eastern. no joke, every day we are going through and checking on all the issues that impact the economy. that's at the table for all the conversations you have about politics. if you don't have your economic
10:00 am
house in order, if the market isn't doing well, if everybody isn't doing well at home, it completely changes the conversation about politics. so come on over to fox business and check us out. thanks everybody here on the couch. we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: democrats now fast tracking their impeachment inquiry into president trump, and the commander in chief is pushing back. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president demanding to meets the whistle-blower and his sources, as house democrats subpoena secretary of state pompeo for documents related to the ukraine investigation. lawmakers also scheduling depositions with five state department officials, beginning this week. and house intelligence chairman adam schiff says he plans to subpoena president trump's personal attorney, rudy giulian rudy giuliani. >> we are going to need evidence from rudy giuliani. it's our intention, as soon


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