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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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house in order, if the market isn't doing well, if everybody isn't doing well at home, it completely changes the conversation about politics. so come on over to fox business and check us out. thanks everybody here on the couch. we'll be back here at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: democrats now fast tracking their impeachment inquiry into president trump, and the commander in chief is pushing back. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president demanding to meets the whistle-blower and his sources, as house democrats subpoena secretary of state pompeo for documents related to the ukraine investigation. lawmakers also scheduling depositions with five state department officials, beginning this week. and house intelligence chairman adam schiff says he plans to subpoena president trump's personal attorney, rudy giulian rudy giuliani. >> we are going to need evidence from rudy giuliani. it's our intention, as soon as first thing next week, to
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subpoena him for documents. they are very may well come a time when we want to hear from them directly. >> harris: giuliani said he's willing to testify if the president approves. meanwhile, senior white house advisor stephen miller ripped into the whistle-blower. watch. >> if you read the seven-page nancy drew novel that the whistle-blower put togetdeher,n. a partisan hit job does not make you whistle-blower just because you go through the protection act. >> i know the difference between the whistle-blower and the deep state operative. this is a deep state operative, pure and simple. spew on white house advisors copresed president with a comrades in strategy and how to handle the impeachment inquiry as soon as today. kristin fisher come alive at the white house with the very latest on this. >> president trump has been relentlessly pushing back on this impeachment inquiry on twitter. so far there are no plans for
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reform a war room like the one that was employed during the last impeachment drive in the clinton administration. when the house republican leading the effort against impeachment was asked last night how he would set the president's defense to roll out, congress mccarthy said, "the difference of what?" why would we move forward with impeachment? there is not something you have to defend here. the whistle-blower wasn't on the call. the i.d. stomach ig, needs or general, didn't read the call for you and i have all that information we need. the president didn't do anything impeachable. >> democrats clearly disagree with that. they're moving forward, and fast, with several depositions and hearings this week. congressman adam schiff breached the agreement that he or she will testify. attorneys for the whistle-blower, though, say discussions are still ongoing and that protecting their client's identity is paramount. they wrote a letter to the
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acting director of national intelligence, saying "events of the past week have heightened our concerns that our client's identity will be disclosed publicly and come as a result, our client will be put in harm's way. moreover, certain individuals have issued a $50,000 bounty for any information relating to our clients identity." perhaps no one wants to know who the whistle-blower is, who their identity is, more than president trump. he said, "like every american, i deserve to meet my accuser. especially when this accuser, the so-called whistle-blower, represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate way. but democrats called the whistle-blower courageous, and speaker pelosi give some advice to the white house on "60 minutes" last night. she says her advice, speak the truth and don't make this any worse than it already is. >> harris: kristin fisher outside the white house to tee it up for us with the facts. let's get more.
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fox news chief political anchor, bret baier. inquiry and executive editor of "special report." how does this play inside the beltway, this idea of calling out the whistle-blower's of the president can face his accuser? >> harris, good afternoon. obviously depends on which side of the aisle you're on. how it's playing. for democrats, and some republicans, they are really uncomfortable with the language. the fact that the whistle-blower is concerned, and the dn isaacs pressing their concern about safety. it's raising all kinds of alarm bells. on the flip side, there are people up on the hill that say, "listen, there should be some accountability for how this all went down." "what was the process? was the whistle-blower alone in making this complaint? we need to know more." you had liz cheney last night reacting to that "60 minutes" interview with speaker pelosi, treating out that the speaker said she knew the details of the
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classified call before the white house released the transcript. she said this is starting to seem like political set up. "madam speaker, what do you know, when did you know what? you had different sides, but here's what we know. this is the beginning of the beginning, not even the end of the beginning. >> harris: let's move on to this point, this fast tracking of the impeachment inquiry. the names of people that democrats want to talk to. anchor already, if the white house tries to block. the latest on that from you? >> i think this will be a process that is going to be ugly. and no matter where you said, it is going to be a painful process to go through. we've been through impeachment process as before. it is long and drawn out, and sometimes contentious in the courts. the reason this is potentially tougher democrats is that there was not impeachment inquiry vote. in other words, how speaker pelosi did not put a
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formal vote. in part because she wanted to protect this modern democrats who won i could trump districts. without that, it does lack a little bit of the punch, had that vote happened. so i think it will be drawn out. >> harris: how problematic will it be for democrats at the white house to block some of these? i want to pop up on the screen, people who have defied democrats subpoenas to testify or provide information. you hear rudy giuliani saying, "i will testify if the president approves." on the list, william barr, wilbur ross, stephen nguyen, rick dearborn, bob porter, kellyanne conway >> i think there will be pushed back. however, if you look back at the mueller investigation, for example, the white house cooperated fully with robert mueller and his team. they did not cooperate fully with congress after that. but they had led all those people testify and talk to mueller and his team exclusively for extensive periods of time.
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it seems like the president is about transparency. he obviously put out the transcript of the phone call. but i bet when push comes to shove -- and this impeachment process goes forward -- he might get a little bumpy. >> harris: you mentioned the president, and of course he has treated, he has talked on camera, he has got a rebuttal to all of this. just over the weekend. let's watch. >> what's going on now is the single greatest scam in the history of american politics. the democrats want to take away your guns. they want to take away your health care. they want to take away your vote. they want to take away your freedom. they want to take away your judges. they want to take away everything. >> harris: bread, there is no over blowing the fact that democrats overreached. they jumped the shark when it came to the mueller report. he came out and didn't have the big slide of information it was supposed to have for them to argue. it has a different kind of a side. not enough there they are. are they
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at risk of doing that again? are they doing with the president is accusing them of? >> there are at risk of doing it if they don't laser-focus on the ukrainian issue. it seems like that's where they are targeting. however, there are talks -- adam schiff said in an interview that he wants to hear the phone conversation with vladimir putin that have been to soon thereafter, after the ukrainian president phone call. if that happens, and it starts expanding, you're right. they run the risk of shooting an elephant gun and seeing what pellet hits the wall. and use some of the power. the president, meantime, is going to continue to hammer this. "i want to get stuff done. i want to make it beyond guns. i want to do stuff on health care. i want to do stuff on infrastructure." but democrats are in the middle of this impeachment, what he calls nonsense. >> harris: maybe the trade deal, perhaps that will -- we are told we are close to seeing that prenancy pelosi wants a
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stick and a couple more things. meanwhile, an abc it abc episodes poll shows nearly two-thirds of americans think it's a serious problem that president trump encouraged ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his son. when it comes to party affiliation, republicans and democrats are miles apart. that's actually probably not breaking news. 91% of democrats called it a very or somewhat serious problem compared to 32% of republicans. so everybody's home right now with constituents. what are they hearing that we know of? >> i think they're hearing the case being made of why this is important to come from democrats. why it isn't from republicans. the key number that wasn't on that screen there is from that poll, 41% of independents think it's a serious concern. that number is the one to watch. if that starts creeping up, it is more problematic for the president and the administratio administration. i think those impeachment numbers, speaker pelosi has talked about them. they have moved on the positive
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side for the democrats bringing it forward. but still, not massively moving in that direction. >> harris: yeah. we do those polls, whether it's "asking about a patient or patient inquiry, it's interesting to see if people really understand the differences in all those things. >> one more thing -- "the washington post" had a story that it could be president pelosi. speculating. putting it out there. that's quite something, when those stories already surface in this early part of the process. >> harris: we do have a vice president. i read the whole article. it's interesting. good to see you. 6:00 p.m. eastern with bret baier on "special report." with questions over his son's ukraine dealings and a tightening primary race, joe biden is fighting political battles on two fronts. ken has campaign handled the mounting pressure? ♪ >> woman: what's my safelite story?
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> harris: fox news alert, congressman chris collins, republican from newark, is expected to change his plea to an insider trading case. collins originally pleaded not guilty to claims he leaked information about a biopharmaceutical company to the sun and the father of his sons fiance. now it appears he has had a change of heart. he is due in court for hearing tomorrow. a similar hearing has been scheduled for his son on thursday. >> the fact is he would like very much for us -- for me -- to focus on his mistakes. what he's done, and a battle between eni. this is not about me. this is about the american people. people. >> harris: joe biden firing back at president trump as some
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supporters reportedly worry that biden cannot handle a fight on two fronts. on the one's hand, and down my questions about his son's business dealings in ukraine. on the other, so it would charge democratic challengers are closing the gap on him. like elizabeth warren. teeing up the power panel now, jose everest a arista menu is former deputy press secretary for the democratic national committee. fox news contributor lisa boothe is here come all salsa. jose, is joe biden's response string of? is it fair that his critics come in your own party, say he's not going be able to handle this and run? >> i think vice president biden will be able to handle this just fine. look, if there are some democrats want to put together a super pac because they want to attack president trump on his reelection efforts, i think joe biden is doing an excellent job. we are still too early. we are over 100 days out before iowa. i understand elizabeth warren, she's very tight with vice president joe biden. but time will tell.
10:17 am
it's still too early. >> harris: lisa, he has fallen behind elizabeth warren in iowa. he has run for president twice before, joe biden. to my knowledge he hasn't gotten much past i will. where he is he right now in all of this can he fight on two fronts? >> he's not doing a great job of it. i don't think sending a letter trying to get networks to no longer have giuliani on their air is going to help that case either. there are still lingering questions about joe biden, and it disturbs me the media seems disinterested in getting to the bottom of it. they seem only to want to pursue story lines that are negative to the president. for instance, "the washington post" has previously noted that hunter biden's business dealings for more than two decades have tracked joe biden's life and politics, whether it's washington, d.c., ukraine, or china. joe biden lied to reporters when he said he has never spoken to hunter biden about his overseas business dealings. hunter biden told the new yorker that his dad brought up burisma
10:18 am
holdings during previously. i've heard a lot of people dismiss the fact that joe biden threatened to withhold $1 billion loan guarantee to get viktor shokin because activists also wanted and fired in ukraine. guess what? ukrainian court recently found the head of ukraine's anticorruption bureau actually broke the law and releasing information about paul manafort. so if that's your guy that is supposed to be leading the charge on anticorruption efforts, maybe there are more questions and information we should be trying to gather. >> harris: >> harris: former whe white house press secretary sarah sanders says she will predict elizabeth warren is the nominee. which she says is a good thing. watch. >> i think the far left radical idea that she is bringing to the table are just not going to sell and most of america. i think that is a great thing for the present. frankly, it's a good thing for the country. i think it helps make sure we get four more years under this president.
10:19 am
>> harris: your reaction, jose? >> it's expected her to see something like that. there is no question that elizabeth warren is more to the left than vice president biden. at the same time, the poles i've been looking at say that there is a big group of his looked on mike voters it would go with elizabeth warren. if she was to be the nominee about the political drama happening right now between biden and ukraine, we have learned something about the last election in 2016. the american people are not interested in political drama. let's just look at the reelection -- >> then why are democrats impeaching for political -- >> harris: let him finish, please. go ahead. >> they don't care about political drama. look at the political drama surrounding president trump when he was running for office, and the american people elected them to be president. why? they don't care about political drama. they care about kitchen table issues. the economy. that's we will vote on the 2020. see what i will bring you both. i see you champing at the bit.
10:20 am
i don't need to cut in but i'm going to bring a book back in a little bit. thank you very much. house democrats moving on with their patient inquiry. is the trump administration prepared for a barrage of congressional subpoenas now? it will get into it. ♪
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10:25 am
>> the the speaker abuse or power. if there was a food inquiry, she would make our members vote for it. this is just not fair. the american people will see through this. >> harris: david sponge reporting with the latest. david? >> hi, harris. good afternoon. members of congress may be in recess for the next few weeks, the work continues full's team with this impeachment inquiry on capitol hill. we hear a lot about the house, the different committees, the house in possible articles of impeachment. but what about the senate? a mentioned leader mccollum. i want you to listen to what he said a few hours ago, pertaining to impeachment. >> the son impeachment rules are very clear. the senate would have to take up an impeachment resolution if it came over from the house. >> listen carefully to his wording. that doesn't mean there's going to be a trial in the senate with the chief justice of the united states, john roberts, also of the supreme court. it could go to committee.
10:26 am
it could be delayed. we don't know exactly what would happen if it came to the senate. that's what we do mcconnell is not saying. back in the house, there are subpoenas that have been issued. also some depositions taking place. notably secretary of state mike pompeo. let's try to he was served with a subpoena from the chairman of house oversight, intelligence, and foreign affairs. they sent him a subpoena for documents related to the president in ukraine. this clock is ticking. pompeo has deadline is this friday. in addition, they want these officials from the state permit to give closed-door depositions. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will be deposed on wednesday. ambassador broker, who was a special envoy for ukrainian negotiations, resigned on frida. it's indicated he will cooperate. as for the secretary of state, they say he has failed to respond to requests and the fact on my pass for past documents. adam schiff come interested in calls from blood and imprudent as well, between them and
10:27 am
president trump, and saudi crown prince, mohammad bin salman. >> after last years that we've been through, the president well understood that it was illegal to seek a foreign assistance in a campaign. immediately after miller testified, that is exactly what he was back at doing again. >> schiff said he maybe subpoenaing rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney, who has made several media appearances in the past few days. it's a possibility that the house democrats, if republicans and if members of the white house do not cooperate with documents including secretary of state pompeo, they could use that as a separate article of impeachment for not complying with congress. i could actually be one of articles, harris. >> harris: david, thank you very much. meanwhile, the white house and so far been successful with its strategy of subpoenas and claim executive privilege. will it work this time? i want to bring in andy mccarthy, former u.s. attorney anna fox news contributor.
10:28 am
bret baier and i were talking about this earlier, and the list of people who have defied subpoenas. tell me how it works. >> harris, the things to remember about impeachment is that it's a political process, not a legal one. it's always the case that the congress, which has subpoena power in all its different committees, can issue subpoenas. the executive branch will usually cooperate with subpoenas. if we are an political dispute, they will frequently define them. sometimes they have very good reasons for defying them. because the president does have some constitutional privacy privilege. matters that are sensitive matters of foreign relations, there may be very good reasons to hold back information. there may also be not so good reasons to hold back information. what it comes down to is how willing the congress is to squeeze the executive branch on this. are they willing to impeach over
10:29 am
it? are they willing to use their power of the purse to withhold funds from the executive branch in connection with priorities that the president wants to pursue? will he be willing to hold executive officials in contempt or maybe censure executive officials? there's a lot that goes on in court -- >> harris: i'm curious, is he kind of forfeiting his own attorney-client privilege with all of the television and everything else he does? just a quick yes or no and we will move on. >> no, i don't think so. >> he says he will testify of the present lesson. i want to get your take on this reporting by our own chris wallace. let's watch. >> two high-profile washington latest, joe did geneva, has been diffused credit, and his wife, victoria, were working with giuliani to get oppo research on biden. according to a top u.s. official, all three were working off the books, apart from the
10:30 am
administration. >> harris: giuliani is denying that report. they are calling it categorically false. chris wallace standing by his reporting. you know these people come you're friends with them. tell me where you put this. >> i know joe and victoria. rudy giuliani hired me, harris, as prosecutor 30 years ago. he was ready and mentor. i have a lot of respect for him. obviously i am inclined, if they say these reports are not true, until i see something otherwise, i would be inclined to believe it. to believe them. i would just point out, all presidents who seek reelection have these differently compartmented sets of responsibilities. on the one hand, you're governing the country, which gives you a lot of opportunity to leverage the enormous power you have over international affairs to help your campaign push. at the same time, you are
10:31 am
running a campaign. and you are allowed to collect information about your opposition. where it gets hazy and where it gets wrong is you can't use your formal power, your official powers as president of the united states, in order to do nothing more than to collect campaign dirt or campaign information to help your campaign. i've heard a lot of people throw around the idea that that is illegal. i have yet to see the statute that makes it illegal. but i think it's a mistake to say that, because there are things that are in the nature of abuse of power which are not illegal under a penal statute but shouldn't happen. that's where i think this comes down to. >> harris: andy mccarthy, it's always great to get your expertise and perspective. in this particular case, you know some of the people who are stakeholders in this. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: a new controversy over sanctuary city policies, and plenty of police officers in chicago are not happy at all
10:32 am
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♪ >> harris: new controversy over sanctuary cities policies, as fox news has obtained an internal chicago police department memo which instructs officers not to cooperate with homeland security or i.c.e. on certain immigration matters. matt finn reporting out from chicago. this has been a big issue today with the latest >> harris, chicago police have now been instructed in writing to no longer immediately respond to calls for assistance from the department of homeland security here in this city. now an officer has to stop and call a supervisor and wait for that supervisor to arrive, who will likely tell them the new rules that they are no longer allowed to assist in any
10:37 am
immigration arrests or raids. fox news obtained a copy of the internal chicago police department memo that reads in part, "effective immediately, a cpp supervisor is required to respond to all requests for assistance from the department of a mensa cutie personnel. if the request is to assist with a new partition, they will proceed " historical , the dhs asked for an officer to watch their backs during raids. sources say this new policy potentially puts the dhs agents and police officers in dangerous positions. telling fox news, "you won't find a single police officer that will refuse to assist another agency. see what happens if the dhs agent is entered by lack of response." that apartment tells fox news officers will 80 dhs agent if they are in danger, but if the
10:38 am
dhs asks to assist in an arrest, they will leave the scene. mayor lori lightfoot and an immigration rally late last week. >> they will not cooperate on any of the immigration raids. that's the reality. of course, we know that we've heard them and hurt their ability to do their job here in the city, but so be it. that's the point. >> the supreme court says apparently chicago is well within its constitutional rights not to assist federal agents, harris. >> harris: matt finn, thank you. in a big move that could reshape college sports, california governor gavin newsom has now signed a bill into law allowing student athletes in the states make endorsement deals. william la jeunesse's live in los angeles with more. not everybody likes this. >> yeah, like 49 other states right now. [laughs] it forces college athletes -- or allows them, rather -- to negotiate their own million-dollar deals with nike,
10:39 am
adidas, video game companies, tv commercials for local auto dealers, trading card companies, and neither the university nor the ncaa can stop them. governor gavin newsom signed the deal on friday. he called it a social justice issue that sub the explication of student athletes. until now, athletes could not monetize their name, image, or likeness. this law changes that. already, lawmakers in florida, colorado, new york, south carolina, have drafted their own copycat laws to allow their schools to do the same thing. because this gives california universities in recruiting advantage. say you are a top recruit coming of high school, you can go to notre dame or ohio state or california, where you can pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. newsom says is an issue of fairness, and it's not right for universities to make $14 billion off of sports while their athletes get nothing but an education. >> it's going to change college sports for the better, by having now the interest finally of the
10:40 am
athletes on par with the interests of the institutions. now we are rebalancing that power arrangement. >> so the ncaa has been working on this compensation issue predicted. this will likely force them to act. they have threatened lawsuits that see the schools could be banned from postseason play. the commerce department could get involved, as well. the ncaa released the statement moments ago. "we will consider steps in california while our members move forward with ongoing efforts to make adjustments to ncaa name, image, and likeness rules that are both realistic in moderate society and tied to education." the paxil release histamine singer down like you're disappointed, turning college athletes and the pros that this could reduce revenue for the spt female athletes. it's a divisive issue, but the truth is this really does kick the can right now to the ncaa,
10:41 am
which is likely going to have to do something. >> harris: it's interesting. you have heard the argument for this, they believe school early, not get a full education, and play in the pros because they want to be compensated for what they'd be doing anyway. and around and around we go. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. as house democrats move full speed ahead on impeachment inquiry, can 2020 candidate something clear from dominating their campaigns? they are sucking all the oxygen out of the room from the political presidential camped on that conversation. the power panel comes back. ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. congress may space bar be on a break, but there is no down on the patient push. leaders from the white house on the hill. plus, , and dangerous inmates on the run after skipping from jail. and a doctor who prescribed thousands of opioids learns whether he spends the rest of his life locked up. that's all coming up on "the daily briefing" ." ♪ >> they call it a forever flu shot and responds to the looming threat of another flu pandemic. medical researchers are pursuing a universal flu vaccine. they want to create a vaccine guarding against all versions of the virus, and even create lifetime immunity.
10:46 am
they predict the shot could be here as early as five years from now. the cdc estimates thousands die each year from the louvre act virus i have so many questions about that. anyway, democrats insist their candidacy won't be all about the management degree. president trump warns the effort will backfire on them. a new internal poll for the house democratic campaign arm, the dccc, shows about half the voters support and impeachment inquiry. i want to bring back the power panel now. jose and lisa. lisa, it will come to you first. does this work? >> that's to be seen. we should be watching the polls to see where public opinion shifts. it's possible for this not to be the dominant theme of 2020. democrats have asked themselves, do they want to run on this issue heading into 2020? there are changes in the narrative potentially to come
10:47 am
back and change the dynamics of the story. for instance, the justice department, in a statement they put out, said john durham is looking at ukraine meddling in the 2016 election. it's been well documented that democrats solicited the help of ukrainians in getting information about paul manafort. whether it's politico's investigation, or about the fact that ukrainian officials have been on record about the obama administration asking for help. i also think there are questions about the whistle-blower, as well. with the inspector general noting that the complainant had a political animus against the president. >> harris: you said this would be a distraction from all that. that's a lot of information. >> in short. >> harris: jose coming i talked about somebody being able to fight for joe biden. just that one candidate. but you have all the oxygen being taken out of the room for all the 20s were the candidates right now. does nancy pelosi have to get this done very quickly? like it, before 2020 >> i think these are two
10:48 am
separate issues. impeachment is about facts and the constitution. it can't be ignored. it would be responsible to do so. then you have the policies and division from each of these candidates. i think the democrats have to absolutely focus on the issues. impeachment inquiries must continue, but the election must be about the issues and how each of these are going to move this country forward. >> harris: it'll be interesting if joe biden can do that. i want to come back to you. you brought up the whole thing with biden and his son. your wrap-up and survey. 2020 candidate kamala harris was asked whether she would allow her own son or daughter to work for a foreign company, given what's going on. let's watch. >> reporter: if you were elected president, would you allow the son or daughter of a vice president to serve on the board of an oil company outside this country? >> probably not. but i think the problem we've got, again, with this issue, is that it's a distraction from the facts. look, as far as i'm concerned, leave joe biden alone.
10:49 am
just leave him alone. >> harris: i want to point out that the question was whether you would longer vp's son or daughter to work for a foreign company. lisa? >> it's impossible not to talk about joe biden as part of this equation. he is entangled in the story. but this is the approach of the democrats. they want to blame president trump and say, "you are engaging in russian meddling." as i mentioned before, it's been well documented that democrats solicited the help of the ukrainians and trying to get information about paul manafort and disseminating that information. where is that story in the media? why aren't more people talking about that? that's incredibly relevant to the conversation we are having today. if you're going to go down this avenue of looking at president trump, the media should be willing to go down all avenues and look at the totality of this conversation and look at all of the facts. >> harris: jose, if this in fact helps hijack the conversation away from joe biden being able to focus on all the things you pointed out in terms of policy and issues that are important, what does this do for
10:50 am
somebody like elizabeth warren? she is gaining speed. >> absolutely. even elizabeth doesn't want to make this election about impeachment, even though she's the first one of the presidential candidates to support this inquiry. most americans, harris, want to know where this candidate stands on issues. are they going to make this company better? are they going to try and actually move down prescription prices, health care, things like that? if it's part of the conversation, i hope it's not the main issue we are talking about moving forward. >> harris: good to see both. thank you, come back anytime. democrat impeachment inquiry into the president, front and center in the media. my next guest says there is too much glee and gloating in the coverage. he would be surprised to see who's talking about this. ♪ as a struggling actor,
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what's new, rudy? i'm being impeached. the greatest presidential harassment of all time. i'm like the president of harassment. >> that was snl kicking off their new season. writing this, impeachment proceedings on a siting u.s. president is a gravely sober affair. and not the time for barely hinted smiles and swallowed gaffaws. nation of cable news need leadership from the media. joining me now, the very man behind the op ed.
10:56 am
he is the founding editor of media ice. great to see you. i said to the audience they might be surprised at who was sitting here. those are scathing words. you do realize much of the media, the mainstream media, has written a lot of negativity about this president. >> i think there's a big difference about writing negativity and the tone in which it's written. this serves as a reminder, take a toll from speaker pelosi when she announced it on our competing channel on friday that she was praying for the president. she saw this as the most serious thing congress could do. and as i said, it's not time for us to celebrate. it's now a time to see that we are the united states. >> just for the cool kid, the original shade, that's where it comes from. we'll talk later. >> okay. >> but, you know, wouldn't you say there are different faces?
10:57 am
snl is comedy. but what you're talking about swallowed guffaws you're taking a punch at those reporting on this. >> absolutely. snl, the cold open which i didn't think was terribly funny, it wasn't a surprising. i think alec baldwin is a little tiring. >> harris: do you think one affects the other? >> i think there's a broader sense of it out there. what snl was doing was kind of lazy. what we see on kwrut lets are people are not holding themselves took accepted standards of journalism, whether it be analysis, we need to stick to the facts. now is not the time to throw out, he's an evil guy, he's bad. >> harris: why do you think that's happening? i had on the former editor of "the new york times" last week. she hired some of the people caught up in that kavanaugh tweet and whatnot. they had to say they left out
10:58 am
pertinent details yet the victim didn't remember the incident that alleged happened with kavanaugh. she talked about how they got there. she defended the new york times in some ways. i'm wondering how did we get there? >> cable news, in particular, is never -- the golden era of cable news. >> harris: it's not just cable. the media are everywhere. >> absolutely. people want to consume, the media is a giant near the people that are out there. people want to consume media that reinforces their opinion. there's people that read and consume the things they believe and instead of looking at sort of hard core news, reliable sources that, you know, tell you what are facts. >> harris: meanwhile, joe biden's presidential campaign wants news networks to ban rudy giuliani from their shows. biden campaign officials wrote a letter to media executives saying giuliani is spreading
10:59 am
conspiracy theories and factor checking in real time is no longer enough. and you say stphr >> i don't get it. i think there's reason to hold rudy giuliani to account. >> harris: there's reason to hold everybody to account. >> absolutely. his legacy is changing before our eyes. he is doing a lot of media. lot of people say he's not necessarily helping the president with what he's saying live on television. however, that call to not book him, made him more news worthy. it sort of back fired in some regards. >> harris: yeah, i think it amplifies the person you're trying to censor or shut down. now people have an uncanny curiosity, are you trying to hide what he's saying. what should the message be for biden? come up with your own messaging. >> giuliani is saying things damaging to the biden campaign. why don't you just sport of respond instead of telling some sort of victim, outlet, to don't
11:00 am
book the guy. some will respond to that, many won't. >> harris: founder of mediaites. thank you. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump is pushing back as democrats push ahead with impeachment. president trump said he deserves to meet with the whistleblower as the house gears up for impeachment hearings. happy monday. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the house impeachment effort the speeding up, as democrats seek evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, hoping for a potential vote by the end of this year. intelligence committee chair adam schiff said he expects the whistleblower to testify very soon. there isn't a ton new over the weekend. we're kind of where we were. how are things


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