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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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be awake enough to critique them. the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and groupthink.up next we have a se. >> sean: great show as always. welcome to "hannity." we have so much information it will take the full hour that we will givehe l you tonight but i promise you the media mob, the single most repugnant corrupt whiney group of people in this country with a political agenda for one party, we are going to lay out the truth each and every detail, that the president did absolutely nothing wrong. nothing. the democrats, the media, they are just outright lying to you again. three years of lies, coverups conspiracy theories, and a hoax they are doing it all over again
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and this is from the country, i will tell you this, if you love our country, and i know you do this is an all hands on deck moment. this is about our way of life. this is about our system of governance that has been the single greatest system ever created byr mankind that has a raised the standard of living in the entire world. life, liberty, the pursuit for of happiness. you believe in that? freedom, our constitution, our bill of rights, you really need to engage now like you never have been because the day on the other side along with their cohorts are unholy alliance, the media mob, the democratic party one in the same, because what they are doing is so dangerous wanting toto undo an election at any circumstances, that if theye inherited will be unrecognizable. as we speak, what is happening they are attempting to remove a duly elected president from office based on nothing but a manufactured crisis. now a second witch hunt, after three years of the firstwitch h,
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no clause well they now started another time but this when they are not going to make this a mistake which is we are not going to wait three years and then get disappointed in the end.when ity we wanted to t could come out. this is devoid of actual crimes misdemeanors, even minor impropriety doesn't exist here and the great irony is that once again, it is the democrats that are guilty of nearly every single accusation they are throwing at the presidentng you elected that they want to remove from office. running theme on the left and the media, everything they accuse the president of they themselves are guilty of doing. you want a clear evidence of a quid pro quo? look no further than sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe. he is bragging about it. now what about russia collusion? okay. we had hillary clinton, yeah, the dirty russian dossier with
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funneled money hiring an operation research group and an am i christopher steele there. as "the new york times" called it, russian disinformation from the get-go and then it was used of course to spy on the trump campaign transition and even the president of the united states one of numerous ways, this president has dealed with things that no other president ever had to deal with before. now with the ukrainian collusion. in 2016, a dnc contractor was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. why? to pressure ukraine and ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on donald trump and trash his campaign and as an added bonus, oh, we do have four u.s. senators let's see, mendez, murphy, lady oh, dick durbin. they are all on records running threatening the government of ukraine with untold consequences that if they don't comply with
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their anti-trump demands and their investigation witch hunt from the russia issue. where is all the hysteria over that those? quid-pro quo close? for example, hillary paid for influence thend campaign. nobody said aa thing after she stole a primary, rigged it, after she had rigged investigation that kept her in the race and then she gets the insurance policy. wow. what about the hysteria over all of those examples of collusion? only if it's trump. where are the i-believers surrounding a democratic lieutenant governor in virginia? you know what, what we are watching here is a pattern of unfolding and it's sortt of quickening now, and that is they are not going to wait three years. we will ie just impeach him. let's pick it out of a hat and the mob, of course, supports it with no logic, no facts, no reason. you have to suspend every bit of god-given intelligence and common sense you have to believe there is anything to this, and
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we will have all the details about the hypocrisy coming up tonight. now, we do have joe biden's campaign. they want to actually stop at rudy giuliani from talking. they're demanding tv executives block him from appearing on shows like ours. by thek way, they don't want hm exposing the truth about what joe did with the prosecutor. why would a vice president of the united states of america want a ukrainian prosecutor fired or he's going to withholdt $6 billion, and by the way you only have six hours w to do it? that would be a shakedown by biden for thes reason of, that's right, he wanted to protect his son who had no experience innd ukraine oil, gas, or energy and was getting paid a fortune. millions of dollars. and rudy giuliani was just subpoenaed by house democrats. this is going to be one of the greatest shows on earth. can't wait to see that. rudy giuliani will join us in a moment and his biden would like to defend his actions as vice president, we have invited him on the show appeared i'll
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give him a whole week's worth of shows. highest show in cable. you can join us right here five nights in a row. g jow 30330. we will even give him three hours of my radio show. we will have more on that but first, we do have major breaking news that is devastating to our national security. once again, the contents of yeto another private phone call between our president and a world leader was leaked, this time to "the new york times." this is now the fourth time, the fourth example, leaking the president's confidential communications with world leaders. let's see, australia and then mexico, ukraine, and australia again. geraldo put it well. this president is being forced to deal with snitches and rats and back stabbers for three years. people within our government trying to sabbotage
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undermine and undo an election. what other president has ever had to deal with this? think about it. each day president trump now has to work against powerfulul unelected deep state bureaucrats that hate him. how does he get to do his job? at what point does this become dangerous for the entire world if he can't negotiate in good faith with world leaders?s? what world leader will ever talk to the president in confidence on a phone call? and some of these bad actors now spying on the president's communications and leaking them to the media. it is a massive national security crisis. who is spying and leaking this information? calls between world leaders must be some of the most guarded conversations in the white house. world leaders must be able to communicate freely and clearly with our president. that would be good for world peace, negotiations, our economy but that's never going to happen tiagain. the trust has now forever been broken. the world is less safe because of what these people are doing. abusing the powerful tools of intelligence that we entrust to them to keep us safe, not to use as political weaponry against
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american citizens or an american president. so far, we have seen leaks, as i said, mexico, australia and ukraine and now we have another leak with the australian prime minister. if this is how business is going to be conducted, it's probably time we get the contents of some other people's calls, other presidents, for example. how about obama's conversations. i will have more flexibility after the election. i'd love to hear the after the election calls and the promise that he made to vladimir putin or how abouthe the full transcrt of obama's calls with the people mmulluh's in iran that led up to this horrible nuclear deal and him getting $150 billion to the number one state sponsor of terror that wants to wipe israel and the u.s. off the map? while we're at it, why don't we get might biden's communications and phone calls and transcripts of the leadersof uko when he was put in charge of
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ukraine. that's when his son got that lucrative deal. is that what they want? by the way, what was the big so-called bombshell development. look at "the new york times." president trump requested the australian government that they cooperate with the attorney general's investigation into what is the origin of the russia probe. in other words, the doj official is now telling fox news the attorney general did ask the president to make standard introductions to officials in multiple countries who may have pertinent information in the ongoing barr probe. now according to the department of justice, these requests are not out of the ordinary at all and so far the countries havece been very helpful without any need for pressure from the white house. and you won't likely hear this from the media mob. you see, this is the part of the russia witch hunt that they didn't want to pay attention to. yes, we are going to get the story on fisa abuse and the inspector general's report. nt we are also get those barr
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durum report also and the investigations into this russia witch hunt. the incredibly important nonpartisan investigation. a big piece of the probe surrounds whether or not obama administration and tell people at the highest levels, whether they tried to circumvente united states law, spy on american citizens by simply circumventing the law and outsourcing anden subcontracting the illegal surveillance to intel agencies in foreignor countries like great britain, can you do me a favor? i need information on president trump. italy, n do you mind spying on r president? australia. yeah. all of those countries are being looked into as having done that for, yes, our own intelligence people because legally they can't so they thought they were being cute trying to get around that law.el so it's pretty clear why the departmentin of justice needs to be working with australiade and italy and authorities in great britain to probe into the origins of a russia witch hunt
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is a very real investigation into real serious government abuse of power and corruption. democrats, the media, they have never told you that story. they don't care about actual crimes. if the did, they would've clearly seen what we did a slam-dunk case when hillary clinton committed multiple felonies in the espionage act. they would've seen that when ite destroyed subpoena's e-mailed and trashed them. they would've seen that when it says that the top of the fisa application verified and you don't verify it and you use russian lies just by on a campaign and then a transition team and then a presidency and then deny another american their constitutional rights, yet, they would've told you that story too but they conveniently left it out. instead, the left is totally consumed with hatred for all things donald trump. in fact, they have spent only the last three years trying to find some way, any way, to impeach him.look at news buster.
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the mob began calling for impeachment only two days after he got elected. the next 35 consecutive months guess what, more and more calls never endingent. impeachment, impeachment impeachment, what is just of the country, they don't care. they care about peace and protecting our country? they don't care about that either. they care about economic opportunities and jobs and the economy. they don't seem to. take aop look. >> i willoo fight every day untl he is impeached. impeach 45. impeach 45. >> donald trump now sits at the threshold of impeachment. >> we're introducing articles of impeachment to remove president donald trump from office. >> given the events of today the likelihood of impeachment i'm not saying necessarily but it certainly went out. >> the constitution cannot be any clearer. impeachment is the appropriate remedy. >> we aresp going to go in there
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[bleep] >> i t have called on the houseo initiate impeachment proceedings. >> they told us enough to interpret what he said as a referral for impeachment proceedings. >> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> they are considering what to do about it including possible voting on the articles of impeachment. >> there should be an impeachment inquiry opened. >> we're going to get lectures from her. you see anything missing from all this hysteria? no crimes, no misdemeanors, no conspiracy, no obstruction. flanders, smearing, submergingtr modern day extreme democratic socialist party and god forbid they ever give youu your green new deal and medicare for all their that's what they wanted sincein 2016. now democrats and the mob, they value vengeance above all m els. they are so disappointed that there lies didn't become their reality and their current impeachment hysteria surrounds
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nothing than what has become a nonstory about what has become a perfectly normal telephone call between the president and his ukrainian counterpart. we now have the transcript. there was no quid pro quo. there was no collusion. there was no misconduct. the united states and ukraine even have a treaty that allows the two countries mandate that we mandate in the investigation. yes, the president was saying we had all this trouble with our election and you guys are thece. the president by the way has this to say with a hysteria. take a look. >> this whole thing is a disgrace. there's been h tremendouscorrup. it is called drain the swamp. there's been corruption on the other side. it is been corruption like you've never seen. the new president of ukraine ran on theve basis of no corruption. that's how he got elected and i believe that he really means itc but there was a lot of corruption having to do with the 2016 election against us and we want to get to the bottom of it and it's very important that we >> you've got to read the transcripts.
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this was a perfectly normal legal phone call. so normal, in fact, that no leaker liar to the cowardly schiff, he had to make up his own fabricated version of the transcript and perform aptdraman official meeting. meanwhile there are so many unanswered questions surrounding the whistle-blower that's not a whistle-blower and the report and all of this leaking and the dangers that it imposes to this country and our constitutional governance. why? so they can push this president out. because as one congressman said back in may, we can't beat him. we probably can only get rid of him by impeaching him and that's all of these questions. jay sekulow's joins us and he ie is also the chief counsel of the center for american law of justice. i read the transcript and they are having a pleasant conversation. ukraine is at the heart of all of this. the president says, we need you to get to the bottom of election interference on the 2016
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election. >> let me give you a little -- i think it's important for everyone to understand. let's remember how to starts. it's the day before president trump is sworn into office, there is a change in intelligence information hearing. for eight years the obama administration was quite satisfied with it going to just three agencies. with about ten days left before the transitionto to a new president, they switched out and allowed to go to 18 agencies. james comey also has planted over at the white house an agent from the fbi duel assigned going back and forth between the fbi and the white house. what was that person's job? then we have the leaks.let's tar a moment. you've got conversations starting in the early part of the administration that were leaked by intelligence officials. public conversation. public conversation, released to
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the public. that's called a crime. then you have the president of the united states on phone calls with other heads of state now has to understand that his phone calls are likely to be leaked to the press. why are they doing this? could it be they are doing this because there's an investigation of the investigators going on? by mr. durham, the u.s. attorney in connecticut? could that be the reason?that t. could it also be the reason,shad a this,, what is the rule regulation statute that was violating the conversation at the president had with the president of ukraine? none. nothing. where was the collusion with russia? did not exist? where was the obstruction? did not happen. now it's ukraine. first it was quid pro quo but then there was no quid pro quo. then it was a cover-up except the transcript had already been released. so you know this is? this is an attempt, a lame one i have to say, from the democratic party right now to
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placate their leading left-wing people that are actually running this party, itun appears. but you know who is suffering from this? the president's governing, he's doing his job, the american people. we do. that the president would be putting a situation where he now has to worry about conversations that he is h having with world leaders being leaked to the press, that is not good for our constitutional republic. so what's at stake here is the very constitutional balance. so what is adam schiff do? he doesn't read the transcript. why didn't he read it? because there's nothing to it. there's no problem. h what does he do instead? he comes up with a dramatic presentation, reenactment not based on the actual script. when he had the actual scriptbed it. so what is this? this is a fraud being perpetrated on the american people and now we haveve a pattn and a practice of intelligence officers, people assigned to intelligence agencies, leaking
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conversations of the president of the united states with heads of states. that puts the entire constitutional framework at risk and shame on them for they are doing but here's what's going to happen, sean. we will find out exactly who's doing what, how it's being handled, did it start with that initial executive order by president obama at the end of his administration, s what is happening now, we're going to get to the bottom of this. and so did they try to do today? they try to subpoena the lawyer, rudy giuliani, the president's council, my colleague. nonsense. the information contained in the subpoena is protected by attorney-client privilege. it's outrageous what they are trying to do. it's also interesting that they didn't subpoena him to testify, they just want documents. they don't want him to testify because he has more information than theynd do and you don't put up a witness that has more information than you do. so i think this is -- this entiree matter as a put up on the people and i think that the american people i know are smarter than that and they know
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exactly what's going on here and i will tell you this. i've dealt with the press all weekend. well how is the white house going to react? you know what? we went through a war with bob muellerr and we won. this is a skirmish. we don't need a war room, we need to respond as appropriate and we will end this, this will be handled. that's it. >> sean: jay sekulow thank you for joining us. let me explain how if we go to the politico article, the problems with joe biden are serious here and especially -- look at politico 2017. i have it right here somewhere. if you look at it, i have it right here. it is january 11th and it is in 2017. let's go back and read from this particular article because this gets to the heart of everything the democrats are doing and what they have done wrong and what's going to continue. ukrainian government officials tried to help hillary clinton
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and undermine transit by publicly questioning his fitness for office. they also disseminated documents, implicating a top trump aid in corruption and suggested that they were a investigating the matter only to back away after the election. they helped clinton's alliesli research damaging information on trump and his advisors. well, it continues to mount for sleepy creepy uncle joe. rudy giuliani is with us. former new york city mayor.i acu go andty take on congress becaue i believe jay sekulow, your partnerow is correct. >> i don't have any experience in a courtroom. i get nervous public speaking and these people are of such intellectual heavyweights i don't know if i can handle it.hd actor. >> sean: while he was still a president-elect, ukraine admitted they were doing election interference with this country. the president in this call asked them to help get to the bottom of what the media and democrats said they wanted.he they are not doing it.
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>> sean, you just laid out the reason why i was investigating and the reason why the president of the united states had an obligations toto ask the presidt of the ukraine to follow up on these allegations. because theree is substantial -- i don't want to overexaggerate it but there is pretty close to overwhelming evidence including the finding by ukrainian court that hillary clinton and the democrats cooperated with ukrainians with the order coming directly from the white house in january of 2017 to dig up dirt on her political opponent and they did. i bet politico regrets printing that, actually, because now they are doing everything they can to cover up. in fact, they laid out the reasons why if i didn't it investigate it, i would be guilty of malpractice. they seem to forget that i am a lawyer.
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if i were defending a terrorist, they would be going crazy that i was called before a senate all those civil liberties groupo council, how can they intimidate a lawyer. it's fearless pursuit of trying to defy justice. i was not involved at any election anything. this started two years before the election. it started and ended pretty much before the mueller probe was over. i was still gathering evidence to prove his innocence, and all of a sudden i realize that there was a frame up, a deliberate one, at the highest levels of our government and that a colossal pay for play schemes at the highest levels of the obama administration that was eerily similar to the clinton foundation completely corrupt behavior in which the clintons sold her office of secretary of state for this cased his office for millions.
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is there anybody that believes that ukraine or china were paying for hunter biden's expertise or do you have the common sense to realize theyav were buying joe biden's office? that is very damaging to the united states. joe biden was sent to ukraine to in part deal with corruption and he helped to corrupt the ukraine. he is a laughingstock. we are because we talk about corruption and this guy puts his incompetent son to work for the most crooked oligarch in russia. i mean, it is outrageous. the only really sad part of this is how much h in the tank and hw corrupt this media has become. they have corruption staring them in the face and they closed their eyes to it and then they make upes charges against president trump that aren't true.
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they don't look at this whistle-blower. he is giving them hearsay evidence. the thing is filled with i don't know, i heard, i overheard. there is n not a single time he says, i know. yesterday i produced a witness who is under oath. he is willing to give his name, he is willing to testify. maybe one of our republicans in the sentence could call him. he is the guy that biden fired. he is the guy that will testify under oath. he will face biden and say, you corrupted my country. you got me fired on false pretext and then you had the case against a corrupt company dismissed, and i'm going to tell you one other thing, biden's corruption helped to cover up all of the allegations of collusion because there was a
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company involved run by george soros which was involved in the investigation and that was closed down to cut off all of the proof, the additional proof, of just how far the democrats went in the 201616-- 6 election and in corrupting the ukraine. >> sean: mr. mayor, the vice president was put in charge of ukraine. let's go to the timeline. 2014. it was only months afterward. >> put in charge to corrupt it. >> his son, we can find no experience in ukraine, none. no experience in the energy sector, none. >> he had just been thrown out of the navy. who would pay him millions ofn dollars to go on a company that had to be reformed and the kid got thrown out of the navy after his father pulled stringsof to t him in? he got thrown out tragically i guess, failing a drug test, but china doesn't pay a guy who fails a drug test millions of dollars, billions, in a private
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equity fund and sure as heck a crooked oligarch doesn't hire a guy who's drug challenged to be on his board. they bought joe biden's office. wake up democrats. you are covering up corruption and by thehe time and is over, u are going to be the party of corruption. >> sean: mr. mayor, the guy's name is shokin. he has signed an affidavit on threat of. perjury. >> he wants to testify, put his hand up. >> he already has. we know, he's talked to john solomon, he's talked to adc companies talk to "the washington post." here's what we do know.. this is what we know. >> the man is afraid and if this guys cook it, he's not good at it. he has a little cottage, he doesn't have a big family like the phony prosecutor they put on yesterday. he has a little car and he scared out of his mind because these people there are dangerous. >> sean: why would a viceeo president of the
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united states of america use that power, he literally is shaking down demanding in six hours the firing of a ukrainian prosecutor or he's going to withhold taxpayer dollars, so he's using our money to shake this guy down in six hours. either fire him and it turns out this guy is a guy that's investigating the company that is paying his son who seemingly has no experience whatsoever all of these millions of dollars and i guess the bigger question here is he got away with it. and how does the media say that is not a pay for a place scheme? >> from the moment you read "the new york times" article in 2015 and you saw that biden got away with having hisn son pullig down millions from the crookedest oligarch in russia you knew this was going to happen. i prosecuted corruption. democrats and republicans. i can smell this.
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obama let this happen. when that article appeared in the times, any honest president what has called the vice president in and say, joe, what are you doing? i sent you there to straighten out corruption, and you have your son who has no capabilities getting millions from a crook in the ukraine where they may have said because "the washington post" and all of the swamp the media allow us to commit crimes and go after them for nonsense, we can get away with it. i believe that's true. these people are enabled. that's why yesterday they actually put out a document demanding that their coconspirators, the press, silence me. why do you think they are silencing me? because i'm not making any points? they are silencing me because i showed up with an affidavit yesterday, an accuser who is willing to stand up and point the finger at joe biden and say
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you're a crook. and i have the proof and i have the documents ands i've got the witness will say the cooperation because there are more witnesses where he came from and they are not going to escape this, sean. the american people are fairo people, and they don't like what they see, which is a family, the biden family, that has been using as an asset for themselves, his public office going back to his brother who was selling his senate office when he was a lobbyist in health care. it's scandal after scandal covered up by a compliant crooked press. >> sean: we will get into that issue with the health care and we will also get into the$1.5 b. would you testified? because i think jay sekulow is absolutely right.
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you don't have to do anything. >> i don't know. i'm weighing the alternatives. i'll go through it. i'll get my evidence in my charge. i don't know if they would let me use video tapes and tape recordings that i have. if they will let me get some of the evidence that i gathered and i have to tell you, all of this nonsense about i've interfered with the election, i gathered all this evidence before the mueller probe ended so it was clearly under my responsibility as the lawyer for the president of the united states. the final meeting that the ukrainians asked for i did when the investigation was over. >> sean: i'll bring it up one more time. politico.r. january 11, 2017. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfired. kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with theg president-electafter quietly wot clinton. that quote in the article.
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politico. they are not concerned. they try to help hillary and undermined chomped to publicly question his fitness for officea top trump aide, suggesting they were investigating the matter. a ukrainian american operative was consulting for the dnc. he met with these officials in the ukrainian embassy in d.c. in an effort to expose ties and et cetera to the trump campaign paul manafort, russia, and in the end, the ukrainian efforts had an impact in the race helping to force manafort's resignation, advancing the narrative.blah, blah, blah. thank you for being with us mr. mayor. joining is now, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham. good to see you. your reaction to all of this.yoe that prosecutors, or you're not getting the billion why would
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cothat. >> i imagine if mike pence did that, you might be hearing more about it. but the whistle-blower investigation has been sent to the intelligence committee. we will look at all things biden. i hope somebody outside of politics will do to the biden team what they did to trump, look at it really hard and see if a crime was committed. but here's what bothers me tonight. this "new york times" article about barr talking to australia is the beginning of an effort to shut down barr's's investigation to find out how this whole thing started, and let me tell you why. i want to say on national television, barr should be be talking to italy, he should be talking to the u.k. to find
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out if there intelligence services opened up to counterintelligence investigation b of trump campai. if he's not doing that, he's not doing his job so i'm going to write a letter to all three countries and asking them to cooperate with barr. this is aan letter sent by my democratic colleagues in may of 2018 to the ukrainians are saying that if you don't cooperate with the mueller investigation, we are going to stop our aid. here's what i want american people to know.ll mueller to get trump, but it'sno find out if trump was the victim of an out-of-control intelligence cooperation? when i could have a country like that.-- we e that. >> sean: do you believe as i believe that the evidence will show what probably emerged to a durham or durham barr report that high ranking intelligence officials in part two issues
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here. do you believe that those three specific countries, australia italy, great britain, that there were specifically outsourcing of illegal spying. in other words, theyng subcontracted spying that in order to circumvent americanon laws, they said we'll use by-- n for me? do you believe that likely happened? >> i don't know but i know we are going to find out about that in two weeks and i think barr should be looking at that. but i want to make this point really clear. "the new york times" article is an effort to stop the barr from looking at how this whole thing began in 2016 regarding the trump campaign. what are they afraid of? this really bothers me a lot that the left is going to try to say there's something wrong with barr talking to australia, italy and the united kingdom. if you're worried about foreign being involved in our election, you ought to be worried about christopher steele being hired by the democratic party. and here's my question. is this whistle-blower, whoever he or she may be, do they have any connection to the intelligence community, the old intelligence community that was
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corrupt as hell. they are cia agents out there risking their lives, americanpas but brandon and clapper, i am hoping and praying that somebody will look at the way the intelligence investigation began. was it based on stuff coming from countries friendly to us? >> sean: you know, the president, when he was speaking with president zelensky whichner no foreign leader is going to want to talk on the phone again and we need that to happen, when the president says i need a favor. we've had these election problems and you guys seem to be in the center of it all and we even have politico outlining here that they were admitting that they help hillary clinton and they were trying h to make amends for the work that they did to sabotage our elections. i thought everybody in the media cared about that but it's only if it's donald trump.that's rig.
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it doesn't matter if it's hillary's dossier and it doesn't matter that it's ukraine telling us they did it. they influence ourct election. there were democratic operatives that went to them included with them for the purpose of getting damaging information.isn't thatt "politico" article to you, sir? >> it's very clear. a couple things are clear. democrats wanted the ukraine to work with mueller and if they didn't they would cut off their aid. it's clear to me that liberals are starting an attack against barr to shut him down from going to italy, australia, and the u.k. to find out if there was something wrong regarding opening up thet investigation into the trump campaign to begin n a double standard, i don't know what would be. such were attorney general barr you are doing the country a great service by trying to find out what happened in 2016 regarding a counterintelligence investigation of the trump campaign. these countries should be cooperating with barr. there's nothing wrong with him i, as a republican senator, will
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be writing with these three countries, urging them to coop rat with barr. >> sean: when are we going to get the final ig report on fisa abuse because honestly it's funny but it's not because we know that that was an unverifiable dossier and it's a dirty russian dossier. you know, you think about this. you think okay well they care about election interference. the politico, right here, they talk about what ukraine did to interfere in the 2016 election. they didn't care about russian interference with hillary's dirty dossiers or the mob or the democrats. they didn't care that she out of bernie sanders the primary. they didn't care that they rigged an investigation. clearly obstructed justice. i think if i'd deleted subpoenaed emails i'd be in deep deep you know what so what about the double standard in all of this? >> what about whether or not the
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whistle-blower or the people tied to the folks that opened up the investigation against trump to begin with? we will see. >> senator, thank you for being with us. when we come back, how the inquiry is back firing on the democrats and what impact it will have on 2020 and by the way, new york city is going to fine residents if they use the term illegal aliens. i do the show in new york city uh oh, they may arrest me while i'm on the show saying illegal aliens. apparently it's illegal. straightg ahead.
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>> sean: i'm joined by karl rove and john priebus.pc c. new yorkers can now face staggering fines up to $250,000
10:45 pm
for saying "illegal alien," if they sense any anger in the way you say it. trace gallagher, did i just risked getting fined $250,000 for saying illegal alien which happens to be the actual statutory language all around the country? >> you're exactly right. for context, we should note under u.s. code, illegal alien is the legal and appropriate term for those who are in the country illegally but now new york city's commission on human rights says, if you use the term illegal alien to demean or harass a person you face a $250,000 fine. the very saying 250,000 is in place if you call immigrationsan someone with a discriminatory motive though the new policy doesn't explain how to make a nondiscriminatory call to i.c.e..ex the human rights commission has also outlawed criticizing people for their proficiency in english. the deputy mayor of new york
10:46 pm
saying, quote, this new legal enforcement and guidance will help ensure that no new yorker is discriminated against based on their immigration status or national origin. this, by the way, is the same commission that banned employers and landlords from using gender pronouns other than those preferred by employees and tenants. by the way, if you use the wrong gender pronoun, it's a $250,000 fine.sean. >> sean: wow. we are losing the country. all hands on deck as a set at the start of the hour. trace, thank you. on saturday, speaker of the house by name only, nancy pelosi signaled her willingness to throw caution to the wind and consequences be damned and pursued the president's impeachment even if that means democrats lose the house in 2020. by the way, that is following the footsteps of the real leader, ocasio cortez. and you know things are bad for democrats when comedian bill maher seems to be the only one making any sense when it comes to joe biden's significant
10:47 pm
serious situation with his son hunter and the millions of dollars that he got from ukraine from the guy that's looking into it was the guy they got fired with our tax money after he shook him down and then you have the whole china issue which should come down.take a l. >> why can't politicians tellth. [bleep] get a job. i mean, this kid was paid $600,000 because his name is biden by a gas companyin ukraint country who just had. >> revolution to get rid of corruption. the super -- it just looks bad. does sound like something john jr. would do end of don jr. did it, it would be all there were talking about. >> sean: here with reaction former rnc chairmanreince prieb. chief of staff to george bush, the brain himself, karl rove. fox news contributor and also
10:48 pm
former white house press secretary come now also fox news contributor, sarah sanders. karl rove, let's get your take on it's like your white board take. i don't see this working out well, especially with the liability of biden and i see another boomerang coming really quickly and i don't think the media is going to be able to spin out of the biden aspect of this and blame trump for what was an innocent phone call. >> look, democrats are banked upon for impeachment.g they'll make several mistakes along the way.they already have. they aren't doing it formally so they arega not granting as they have done and all previous impeachments against presidents and members of congress and judges, the right of the minority to undertake certain actions, subpoenas, witnesses so forth. they're going to do it quickly. they left town for two weeks but they are vowing when they come back they will do it quickly and third, they are doing ithe without -- they are going to impeach without creating a bipartisan agreement that this is worthy of being taken to the united states senate. so, look, on the short run, they
10:49 pm
are going to be on a sugar high and they will forget about-- thd about them 70s, but i don't think it's an accident that of the 19 democrats who won seats in 2018, and districts that donald trump carried by four points are more than a ton of them have not yetr even endorsed the inquiry. democrats have 19 of the seats that were won by trump that they flipped that were carried by four points or more. they have 31 seats that were carried by trump that they flipped in 2018. they have 43 seats that they carried that were previously occupied by a republican member of congress that they flipped in 2018. they lose 15 or 16 seats and they could lose control of the-8 seats and they could close control of the house by the time of the 2020 election. >> sean: you look at your state of wisconsin and the good people of wisconsin. i don't see the democrats -- for that is done any thing besides try to impede any progress. they weren't working on any
10:50 pm
issues except lies, conspiracy theories and russia, russia for nearly three years and now they come up with another witch hunt. how is that going to play in wisconsin? >> it's not, and we didn't practice, that is a #*b perfect lead-in into what my points were going to be. number one, similarly to what carl said, the president has a huge simple advantage in this fight. the advantages is that this is completely partisan. 90% of the democrats support impeachment, the housese committees of jurisdiction are all partisan and the trump team needs to keep it that way. because as all of these details are reallyhimportant, shows liks going through all of the details with you guys but someone also has to be talking about the big picture and in a state like wisconsin most people out a a there, they aren't following all the details, and what is the big picture? the big picture is that the president can't be removed because there are going to be 20 senators agreeingee to removal ?
10:51 pm
we have this huge waste of time and this huge waste of money. nothing's getting done for the american people andin going into the election, that's going to be the message of president trump. so as long as this is what it is, which is just a huge partisan exercise where nothing is actually going to happen, the american people are likely going to see it for what it's worth which is just a big partisan fight at the disadvantage of the american people and someonet certainly partes of this messagg operation out of the white house and obviously the rnc is doing a great job, has to be on the simple big picture of what this is. >> sean: sarah, you dealt with the media, i don't know how you did that job, it's not when. i don't think i have thetemperat that way. look at the media mob.
10:52 pm
i mean, it's just a conspiracy? let's see. he is on tape bragging about demanding the firing as vice president of a prosecutor. six hours or you don't get the billion dollars. he's leveraging our tax dollars. his son, we know, didn't have any experience with ukraine or energy. making an awful lot of money.ermaking a lot more in ch. that's a separate issue we covered. i'm thinking that how does the media just deny reality like this? >> it's because they don't like the president. it's real simple. it's sad because it's absurd but the real scandal here is all ofs office that joe biden took part in helping enrich his family. prthat's the scandal. president trump shouldn't be getting impeached, he should be getting celebrated for actually draining the swamp andmp delivering on another one of his campaign promises. if he was a democrat, the liberal media would be absolutely cheering him on for going after corruption. they would be cheering him on and worshiping him the way that they did obama.the difference ia
10:53 pm
reason to celebrate this president. he's actually getting something done. something obama didn't do.. >> sean: exit question, one-word answer. does this help or hurt the president in the end? >> i think neither. i think it a big --a big nothin. i don't think it's an advantage or disadvantage. >> it hurts theag democrats. it depends on how the president and his team reacts but it certainly hurts the democrats. >> help or hurt, sarah. >> i think it helps but hurts the country. it helps the president. >> sean: thank you both. thank you all. we wills continue.
10:54 pm
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>> sean: our villain of the day the unhinged hollywood actor kind of a has been, robert de niro, again went on a profanity rant, this time against fox news and president trump during his
10:59 pm
appearance. jeff zucker's stenographer, humpty-dumpty, ryan stelter, star that he is. take a look. >> this guy should not be president. period. >> when you say that, folks on fox they come after you. i remember tony's you got up there and cursed.[bleep], [blee] >> what do you know, it's not in fdc violation but it is still a sunday warning. >> sean: he does have in his history these violent remarks you may remember -- >> how dare he say things he does. of course i want to punch him in theou face. today the world is suffering from the real donald trump. come on. let's go. what are we talking o about?let. this [bleep] idiot is the president. >> sean: deranged, let's see
11:00 pm
hollywood elitist, pampered hypocrite, spoiled, brat massive ego, with no common sense, intellectual honesty at all. we will never be the media mob or anybody in hollywood. let not your heart be troubled. here's laura, crazy times, laura. >> laura: i liked him better in rainman. i thought he came across a lot-. >> that was moveman. >> was pacino? same only thing. they all were like echo chamber. the jokes keep coming. >> sean: he's a grumpy old guy. he is pretty cranky. >> laura: yeah, dustin hoffman was rainman. >> sean: anger issues, pampered issues. he's>> unhinged. >> you had a great show. wild times in washington but we really don't need the hollywoodb celebs lecturing us about the constitution, thank you very much. bob, stick to what you are really good at which is acting.y


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