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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 1, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and i will close with this. happy new year to our jewish faith community out there including my own, my family. "the daily briefing" starts now. i'm harris, here is dan r. >> dana: fox news alert, the former dallas police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man inside his apartment claiming she thought it was her own well being a sentence minutes from now. the jury unanimously finding amber and geiger guilty of murder earlier today. hello everyone, i dana perino and this is "the daily briefin briefing." ♪ >> dana: as we wait for that sentence the trump administration is pushing back on the elitist impeachment inquiry. secretary of state mike pompeo accusing house democrats of trying to intimidate state department employees and career diplomats. the secretary sing at this point it's not feasible for his stoppers to appear for scheduled
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depositions this week. john roberts is live at the white house. now we get into the push and pull between the executives on legislative branches. >> we have the pull from the legislative branch another pushback from the state department, mike pompeo not saying no, but simply saying this is not happening and we don't like it. in a letter that was sent today, and that foreign affairs committee, the secretary of state is saying that this request for deposition and this can only be understood as an attempt to intimidate, bully and treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the department of state including several career foreign service officers. they also complain about the process being florida. and that's the five officials subject to the letter, without
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counsel from the executive branch present. democrat ted lieu has a member of the foreign affairs committee taking aim at both pompeo and the president tweeting "if real donald trump and secretary pompeo were innocent they would provide witnesses and information for the american people and congress to clear their names. instead of they are billing the american people by obstructing congress and hiding information. sources also confirmed to fox news that the secretary of state was in fact listening in on the telephone call between president trump and ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky on july the 25th. no word yet from rudy giuliani whether he will comply to produce documents. on the hannity last, rudy giuliani said he would have to consider carefully whether to respond to the subpoena and testify before congress. listen here. >> i'm weighing the
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alternatives, kind of like go through it, get my evidence together and my charts. i don't know if they will let me use video tapes and tape recordings that i have. >> the other part of all of this, an apparent request from president trump of scott morrison, the australian prime minister, to work with the attorney general bill barr to uncover what the roots of the russia investigation were back in 2016. the president apparently asked scott morrison if he would help. don't forget, president trump set quite publicly that he helped the attorney general when looking into all of this would look into australia, would look into the u.k. and look into the ukraine and more. four days after the president said that, the australian ambassador to the united states joe hockey wrote a letter to the attorney general in which he said it, i referred to president trump's announcement on the 24th of may that you investigate the origins of the federal bureau of
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investigation's probe and the australian government will use his best endeavors to support efforts in this matter. so it would appear that that was an unsolicited offer by australia and scott morris had been following up on that. >> dana: at the time line would certainly suggest that. also this photo surfaced. this is joe biden and his son hunter on a golf course. why is this photograph perhaps significant? >> because the man on the far left of that photograph is a man named devon archer. he was on the board of burisma holdings which is a large privately held natural gas company in the ukraine. hunter biden on the far right of the picture was also on the board.
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burisma was being investigated by the former general prosecutor of the ukraine, before joe biden who is the second from the right went to the ukraine in 2016 and said, either you fire this guy or we will not give you $1.2 billion in loan guarantees. by the way, devon archer was a private partner in an equity firm called rosemont seneca which hunter biden was also a managing partner. why is this significant? because ten days ago, peter doocy asked joe biden in iowa, how many times have you discussed overseas business with your son hunter, the vice president responding, i have never discussed overseas business with my son. yet, and his son and his partner in two overseas businesses are right there with him on the golf course. >> it's good to have you here.
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can i ask you brett, what is the suppose it impropriety that democrats are suggesting of the president talking to the australians about the investigation that bill barr is conducting come about the 2016 and origins of the whole investigation? what's he being accused of doing that is wrong? >> he's being accused of the same thing that happened in the ukraine phone call. minus what they say is the implied quid pro quo with the holding back of funding, saying pressuring foreign leaders for information to effect any election. however it is the last election and he's talked about this publicly. john referenced let me 24th appearance on the south lawn with reporters and which he said he hopes the attorney general to get all kinds of documents and information from the ukraine and come up from italy, and from australia. he set all publicly. the attorney general with the
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special prosecutor, the special investigator john durham has been tasked with getting to the bottom of the trump probe and what happened. so it seems like that allegati allegation, talking the world leaders on that front, there's not a lot they are there. >> dana: it you mentioned john durham. we have michael horowitz who is the inspector general of the justice department. those investigations will look bad for them and so they wanted to move forward quickly with impeachment. anything to any of that timing? >> there is a lot of speculation about what's happening, and one of the reasons may be because horowitz is coming forward or durham is coming to the end. that's all speculation up on capitol hill but we do know that we have two tracks now. we have much like the rush of probe, we have the track of
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where the democrats were going and what was happening with mueller and where the investigation of the investigators was going. that still happening but happening with two different things of the same time. >> everyone would like to get this done before the campaign gets fully done with 2020. >> dana: if there have been questions about these two firm, confirms that have existed. whether they were changed right in the middle of all of this, and if they were to hurt president trump in some way, the department of national intelligence putting out a statement that was kind of complicated, it was like a four-page statement but the summary is basically saying there were two forms but nothing had really changed. not everything is aboveboard here. it is something now that people can put to rest?
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>> this form is from the inspector general of the intelligence community is saying the form that the whistle-blower used was from may of 2018. it was not altered before this event, pushing back on that premise. but more importantly on this front i think is the statement from chuck grassley today who has long been a proponent of protecting whistle-blowers on the left and the right. it was very firm saying this whistle-blower followed the guidelines and needs to be respected and protected and they need to hear from him or her before moving on or before lodging any partisan, his words, attacks on his words. clearly chuck grassley is making it clear that he wants to have this person protected and testify in front of capitol hill. >> dana: there's a lot of moving parts but we are grateful that you keep track of it all and explain it so well.
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>> dana: a progressive 2020 democrats pushing plans to tax the wealthy as a way to ease income inequality and pay for son of their social programs but some say some could wreak havoc. maria is host of "mornings with maria" on the fox business network which is a great way to get your day started. i am curious about your response to others but they are the most prominent. here's what bernie sanders had to say about ceo pay. >> you work at a company where your ceo makes 500 times more than you do. you have a right to be outraged. >> dana: and i think that's a message that would actually
11:16 am
resonate, what are the economics behind all of that? >> often times the company ceo would be given stock in lieu of cash and stock, and that is directly based on the performance of the company because the stock will go up or down based on how will the company does. so you can see that the ceo is doing well, and the heat if he's performing on the stock go up. i think that these plans, while you can make a black or white scenario in terms of looking at taxing the wealt wealthy, and oy people in terms of the income scale, it looks fine on paper but when you peel back the onion there are a lot of unintended consequences that happen.
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and they will come up with loopholes. they will move their money. when we were under the obama administration and even the bush administration and you had a 35% corporate tax rate at one point, you had a number of companies moving to ireland. you have merger plans and plans to take the headquarters to ireland where ireland had eight and 9% corporate tax rate, in the realm of the world to come up businesses global. it's totally uncompetitive with the rest of the world. on these particular plans you are talking about taxing wealth so you could work your entire life and achieve success and achieve wealth and then get a portion of it confiscated. the republicans would say that this is in fact confiscation and which people have the wherewithal to hire attorneys and lawyers and accountants to come up with those of polls to actually hide wealth. so there is that well.
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not to mention the fairness. and that is the standard deduction, and when you actually look at the tax structure today, the richest americans actually pay the highest individual tax. and, if you are just taxing the top 1%. late you are not going to get the revenue you need to pay for some of these plans. so that's a slip or slippery slope. they will look for the poles. >> >> that does not usually involve hard work and
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risk-taking. and voluntarily pay for two deserve to be punished. the democratic party will have to answer that in the coming primary. i don't know how much it is for primaries, and the president said in the state of the union in january 2019, we will never be a socialist nation. he started down this route and that's where you will see the big battle i think. >> the 2020 election is gearing up to be socialism versus capitalism. and the middle quartile is seeing their incomes go up. that's a result of smaller government and lower taxes.
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>> i love that you are here and all the programs you do we appreciate it. >> thanks so much. the program is great because it's investing you and we are invested in you and we are trying to let the audience knows some of the people behind the camera and in front of the camera so you can see that we've had our journey and try to help our viewers. >> i know it's an early morning for you. so thank you. be sure to check out "mornings with maria every monday through friday morning on the fox business network. maria said some of the newsmakers on sunday morning futures each morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. officials in los angeles urging the government to issue a state of emergency over the homeless crisis. we have the details, next. musica♪ as a struggling actor,
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>> dana: boulders that were meant to deter homeless camps on sidewalks are gone for now. if the city of san francisco removing 24 massive rocks from one street. neighbors in the area placed them on the sidewalks as a protest against homeless encampments and drug use. people are trying to deal with this issue on their own. >> these larger blocks were removed partly because they were to becoming safety issue.
11:25 am
the rocks were also hauled away at the request of the residents who initially push for them. that's because they started to get a lot of pushback from those who were appalled by the boulders and in some cases residents claimed they were even threatened. >> they were getting emails, some kind of bullying, just feeling there was a lot of pressure being put on them. >> does all originated when some folks who live in the clinton park area in san francisco raised about $2,000 to play for the large rocks. they had become frustrated with the city after calling the police about rampant drug dealing and violence right outside of the doorsteps with little change. they thought installing the obstacles would help but now some say it's made a bad situation worse but for different reasons. those against a boulder say it's dehumanizing and sends a bad message about how the city
11:26 am
treats its people. >> there is a got to be a better answer than putting up these boulders to block people. that's not how we do it in san francisco, we are more accepting. >> at the moment the city says it's going back to the drawing board to find another solution that could include bigger boulders or some sort of landscaping plan. they not? >> jeff paul, thank you so much. meanwhile seve several officiale pushing gavin newsom to a state of emergency over the homeless crisis. the proposal would free up state and federal funding. let's bring in mike shellenberger, the president of environmental progress. you live out there and write about this. would this be the right way to go? do the citizens of california want the governor to declare a state of emergency? >> absolutely. i want people to understand how
11:27 am
serious the crisis is in california. murders and in los angeles have gone up 16% and 31% over the last year. sentinel death are twice as high as they were this year over last year. they are taking the law into their own hands trying to deal with the crisis and pretty extreme ways. people can't walk on the streets and they can't push the baby strollers on the streets. the streets are covered with and infected needles. people shoot drugs in the street. we are dealing with a complete breakdown of social norms. there needs to be a state of decency to deal with the housing shortage, the drug epidemic and the mental health crisis. we have psychiatric beds available and resources available but the government is failing to take action. >> dana: we look at the highest rate of the unsheltered homeless and four of those in california. but if you have a state of
11:28 am
emergency, what actual policy could change? what could actually be done to help residents who are frustrated but can't get the government to help them? >> this case, it gives the governor extraordinary powers and basically can waive any laws that are viewed as an obstacle for saving lives. three people are dying on the streets of san francisco every day. >> with the governor do that? >> this governor, i don't know. we are trying to put as much pressure on them as we can. endorsed my proposal that there be a state of emergency, and it's not a liberal or conservative issue. you can see with the governor has done over the last couple weeks, he's been focused on higher efficiency standards and getting college athletes paid
11:29 am
to. he spent more time talking to schoolchildren about his dead pet author than the people dying every day. it's of embarrassment, an affront to human dignity and a breakdown of his responsibility is. lieutenant governor did nothing and now he has governor and running for president of the united states rather than trying to govern this vital state and the greatest country in the world. >> dana: it was pretty remarkable that the l.a. city council endorsed your concern for the state of emergency. as talk of the impeachment inquiry accelerates, these democratic senators in red states are getting a little antsy. why they feel and impeachment inquiry would spiral out of control. great news for veterans with va loans.
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>> dana: are growing concerns over impeachment inquiry are mounting in the senate -- senate democrats in red states including montana's john tester
11:34 am
and joe manchin have voiced concerns of how this impeachment inquiry may spin out of control. mike emanuel's life from capitol hill. those are two senators who recently won their elections. >> exactly right, not an immediately election concern for them but the concern is being that liberal state in a democrats may go off in 20 directions to impeach on a range of topics. but for joe manchin and jon tester are from more moderate states, that would not play well with their voters and i'm told they have conveyed that to senate leadership. other democrats were much more liberal places have talked about impeaching for a variety of reasons. so far the pitch from leadership is going to be focused on the ukraine. >> we will proceed under the hospices under which this matter is relevant and that is the intelligence committee.
11:35 am
in that timeline relates to how the committee proceeds. >> rudy giuliani is being subpoenaed on ukrainian records. >> i'm weighing the alternatives on -- i will kind of like go through it, get my evidence together. if they let me get some of the evidence that i gather -- >> dow's house intelligence democrat responded that the committee is not a amused. >> we will have to pursue different remedies including contempt as well as other potential avenues. especially about the ukraine. >> capitol hill is pretty empty with almost all lawmakers back in their home districts but it's
11:36 am
clearly intense interest on next steps in this probe. >> dana: thank you for following it for us. next the impeachment battle is striking a major strike in donations. they are raking in millions of dollars in campaign cash. >> dana, there is a new online fund-raising platform for republicans called when read. it's focused on small dollar donations, and other republican candidates across the country. they have a big spike, and that's $13.7 million from over 276,000 contributors over the last week alone. dana, don't forget, that's on top of the roughly $13 million in the immediate days after speaker pelosi's announcement.
11:37 am
>> and they are not the only ones. are the democrats raising money, too? >> of course they are. from joe biden to kamala harris they've been sending out impeachment related ads, but one of their 2020 rivals, she says it "candidates for the president of the united states who are fund-raising off of the impeachments are undermining the credibility of inquiry and the eyes of the american people are further dividing our already fractured country. we need responsible patriotic leaders who put the interest of our country before their own. today, new fund-raising totals are out and both bernie sanders and pete buttigieg are putting up some big numbers. they announce they raise $25 million of the last three months and that's the biggest quarter so far this year. pete buttigieg also had a pretty impressive fund-raising hall after a summer spent languishing
11:38 am
in single digits of most polls, pete buttigieg is brought a 19 million, cementing his place in the top tier. this means that both sanders and pete buttigieg will likely have more than enough money to compete at least all the way to the iowa caucuses in february. >> dana: both parties are awash in money, that's for sure. for more on some of these impeachment inquiry concerns, let's bring in my wonderful guest, donna brazile and syndicated columnist. pelosi is saying she wants to keep the scope of this impeachment inquiry very narrow. but chuck schumer wants to broaden it out. so if chuck schumer and pelosi are already not on the same pa page, what does that pretend? >> her message to democrats is proceed with caution. but not rush to judgment before
11:39 am
the various committees including the committee led by adam schi adam schiff. opposing more witnesses and getting more meat on that so-called proverbial impeachment bond. >> but the democrats risk a lot. because if you go forward with impeachment and you don't believe that you will ever get the senate to go along, do you go back to the well again and keep repeatedly impeaching? >> this is why nancy pelosi did not want to go to impeachment. she knows that her caucus, the people will actually give the majority in the 2018 midterms were people who wanted to win in trump districts. so the calculation for nancy pelosi was come if they impeach on something harebrained or weird or out of pure spite, they will be punished for the chaos that impeachment brings. that's still a worry. i feel like that seen in the red
11:40 am
hunt for red october. the schumer-policy script is a real problem and whether giuliani can stay on the script is a problem. >> dana: apparently rudy giuliani has retained counsel for himself. and speaking of things spiraling out of control, talk about what the republicans might do. >> the reality is that republicans are going to cheat. if they are going to keep people away from the polls and they will move pulling prices, they will do a whole variety of things, when we had of voting rights act that was intact. we don't have those tools now so we have to be prepared for a tough fight. >> eric holder, a former attorney general under president obama, he's not talking about a bigger issue.
11:41 am
he will have republicans that keep trying to go from the polls. >> there has been an escalation in the number of voters that have been purged. there's also been an attempt to move a pretense. that's what mr. holder is referring to. >> i don't think he disagrees with that. >> i don't want to disenfranchise anybody. i think you point to specific local instances where republicans made some decisions that i think are hard to defend it but i think this is also part of a larger strategy of basically trying to gin up democratic based voters. but it's been a strategy that the democrats have use for a long time. >> dana: can you believe it's
11:42 am
october 1st, 13 months away from the election but it feels like -- >> 398 of the longest days. >> we would love to have you back donna roselle and, if you love steak or worry about your health, a new study may be just what your taste buds have been waiting for. we have good news. details straight ahead. ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> dana: the first of vaping related death is bringing the national count to 14. the cdc is investigating more than 800 cases of lung illnesses and 46 states. officials are urging people to stop using e-cigarettes as the outbreak continues to spread. there's already a ban on certain
11:47 am
products. today marks two years after a gunman shot and killed people on october 21st when stephen paddock opened fire from fire from mandalay bay in las vegas and killed concertgoers attending a show on the strip. he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. his motive still remains a mystery to this day. william la jeunesse is live in n the west coast bureau with more. >> what's not a mystery is how las vegas responded. the city not considered tight-knit came together. >> 58 lives were lost, but there was a birth there and it was the vaguest strong community that was born. they come together and they supported us. no doubt about it. >> victims and survivors came together at our remembrance wa
11:48 am
wall. 58 died, 800 injured, 400 by gunfire. they survived but not without enduring grief, crippling injuries and nightmares. shooter stephen paddock had recently lost money gambling and was on medication breaks anxiety but police did not determine a motive. there were 23 rivals in his hotel room and 14 were outfitted with high capacity magazines. the feds have banned the bump stocks and nevada passed a measure to allow a judge to take weapons from those deemed a threat. the mgm faces 2,000 legal claims for compensation which could total more than 800 million to settle. the ceremony this morning ended with the slideshow of all 50 victims and a tearful remark from governor stev steve says l. >> many on th around the country marked on the strength of the biggest community. a nation discovered what we knew all along. that we are a city of neighbors that look out for each other.
11:49 am
>> a gun-control form is planned for tomorrow for ten leading presidential candidates. >> dana: this program, "the daily briefing" and harris faulkner's program, "outnumbered over time," they both started the day after that shooting. so we covered the shooting. chris to the family members who are still dealing with the deaths of their loved ones but also, many, many people who were injured and we have to keep them in mind as well. william la jeunesse, thank you. for years, health experts have been telling you to limit eating red and processed meats. while a new study now contradicting that advice same cutting back has little impact on your health. let's bring in roger sauve, an associate editor at the parisian magazine. now we have some evidence. maybe it was all for nothing. >> that's right.
11:50 am
over and over again the guidance from nutritionists and government health scientists turns out to be complete junk science has contradicted by evidence. we've heard for years that you should limit red meat consumption but this study is saying you can't make that recommendation because we found there is not enough of a health benefit to make that recommendation. speed limits of the new study says, based on the research we can't say with any certainty that eating red or meat products causes heart disease, cancer or diabetes. in "the new york times" they say already the study has been met with fierce criticism. at the american heart association, the cancer society, have savaged the findings in the journal that publish them. you look at these things and you get frustrated because it seems like nobody can actually look at the data and reported honestly. >> you would think that cancer prevention groups would be glad to know that red meat does not appear to cause cancer but in
11:51 am
fact the people invested in the old science also doubled down even though they're such a largg history. we've been told to eat lots of grains, then it turns out if you cut carbs you can lose weight. cholesterol, terrible for 20 years and now cholesterol has no association with heart disease. >> dana: remember there was a time when the food pyramid, it was time for it to be updated and changed and the fighting that went on amongst these groups. so that if you follow the money, what should consumers think about when they see studies? >> they should say there should probably be an existing study, they should question whether the government for the authority to make broad sweeping claims about what the citizens of the united states should be eating. >> what does it mean when the government swings like this, or you have researchers saying, contradictory things. what does an entrepreneur is
11:52 am
supposed to do? >> the dairy industry, we could live or die by how white the pyramid quadrant is looking at the times of these have huge economic consequences for people who are trying to sell people things that they want to eat. >> how do you like your steak? >> rare. >> really? i'm a well done person. and don't act me everybody. video of an out-of-control catering cart at the chicago o'hare airport. check this out, it has everyone talking today, what happened? even president trump tweeted about it. we will tell you what caused it to take off, up next. ♪ every american wants their dollars
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>> dana: a cougar that escaped didn't get too far. blue officials in kansas warned that the big cat had escaped but now we know it never left the grounds. this happened at the independent zoo just southeast of wichita.
11:57 am
officials say the cougar might've squeezed through a small opening in offense. the cougar responded after about three hours and she was tranquilizing moved to a holding facility until officials fixed the fence. good idea to fix that fence. one of the "dancing with the stars" doors has been sidelined. nfl legend ray lewis revealed he will no longer be competing on the show due to a foot injury. meanwhile, last night, sean spicer returned to the dance floor for the third time on "dancing with the stars." donning a white suit of pay tribute to saturday night fever for the show's movie themed wee week. a catering card at o'hare airport in chicago went a little haywire. this video shows the unmanned vehicle unexpectedly took off on monday afternoon and nearly slammed into a parked plane. thankfully an airport worker drove a tug into the runway cart pushing out of the way and averting disaster. let's bring in brett larson, anchor of fox news 24/7.
11:58 am
quick thinking employee. >> quick thinking employee thankfully jumped into action and hits the thing with what looks like another luggage cart. this is the catering cart, you don't see it very often. >> dana: it's not funny. i'm glad nobody got hurt. we see the video and you can't help but laugh. >> not only can you not help but laugh but you can't help but stare at it. we can say no one was injured. someone did get tapped by it that there was no serious injuries and thankfully, look at how close it gets to the regional jet. can you imagine? >> dana: look at that guy. hero. >> that guy takes it out. thankfully because of it had hit the airplane, no one knows what would've happened. the physics are up in the air. >> dana: everyone would've had to land somewhere else. >> the plane going nose first into the ground. >> dana: all these guys if they go to the bar tonight. the story. >> absolutely telling the story and what's great is this is one of many videos that appeared
11:59 am
online. 7 million views shortly after it was posted. everyone commenting about it. you can hear in the video because i'm sure you'll see it on social media. you can hear the people in the airport. >> dana: did you hear how it happened? >> american airlines said they are not sure. >> dana: didn't you hear that a big water bottle landed on the petal. that's what i heard. >> it got stuck in the go position. my father, i don't want to throw him under the bus, but he used to be a big age handler for united when he was younger. he said that they used to jimmy a pencil on the baggage carts so they could drive them fast late at night around the airport. could have been some remnants of that. >> dana: love the video and we love having you. the good news is nobody was hurt and they only had a ten minute flight delay. if you've been to o'hare, that's remarkable in itself. >> the wind blows the long trickle runway. >> dana: also the weather was
12:00 pm
nice which is rare for o'hare. brett larson, loved to have you. thank you so much. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. we will see you in a couple hours on "the five." i am dana perino. here is shep. >> shepard: a live look at the federal courthouse in manhattan. any moment we are expecting the new york republican congressman chris collins to plead guilty in an insider trading case this comes hours after the house made the republican lawmakers resignation official. we are live on scene. details ahead. first the president's lawyer, lawyering up. a cabinet secretary fighting back and the powerful republican lawmaker coming to the defense of the whistle-blower whose complaint is at the center of the whole controversy. along with new word today of when and how lawmakers could hear from that whistle-blower, and it's not on capitol hill. first today


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