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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 2, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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united states gets ripped. frankly ukraine, we want to help them. i do like the new president. you know why i like him? he was honest. he said there is no pressure at all exerted on me, meaning him, by the president of the united states. by the way, that one sentence should stop this but he said there was no pressure exerted. you don't have to ask him. all you have to do is read the transcript. read the telephone call. while i was having a problem with his number one, ukraine -- before him, tremendous corruption. tremendous. more than just about any country in the world. in fact, they are rated one of the most corrupt countries in the world. i don't like giving money to a country that's that corrupt. number two, -- >> you don't like giving money. >> president trump: excuse me. i said the following loud and clear to everybody. rob portman backed me up and there is nobody more honorable
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than rob portman of ohio because he called up, please let the money go. i said rob, i hate being the country that's always giving money when ukraine helps europe and the european countries, far more than they help us. they are like a wall between russia and europe. they are like a wall. they are big wide beautiful wall. he said you know what it's important. this was my only reason. i don't like being the sucker country. we were the sucker country for years and years. we are not the sucker country anymore. i gave the money because rob portman and others called me and asked me. but i don't like to be the soccer and european countries are help far more than we are, and those countries should pay more to help ukraine. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: what did you want to know about biden? >> president trump: biden and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it. his son walks out with millions of dollars.
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the kid knows nothing. you know it and so to be. go ahead. >> reporter: what did you want president zelensky to do about vice president biden and his son, hunter? >> president trump: are you talking to me? >> reporter: it was a follow-up. >> president trump: we have the president of finland. ask him a question. >> reporter: i have one for him. i wanted to follow-up on the one i asked you. >> president trump: did you hear me? asking the question. i've given you a long answer. don't be rude. >> reporter: no, sir. i don't want to be rude. >> president trump: i've answered everything. it's a whole whole casino was playing into the hoax, people like you and the fake news media that we have in this country ans the corrupt media because you're corrupt. much of the media in this country is not just fake. it's corrupt. you have some very fine people too. great journalists, great reporters. to a large extent it's corrupt
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and it's fake. ask the president of finland a question please. >> reporter: okay, i'll move on. mr. president, in your opening remarks, you said to president trump you had dentist museums today and that you respected the u.s. democracy encouraged him to continue it. are you concerned that's not happening? my second question is the wto ruled today in favor of the united states saying that the united states can now impose tariffs on european goods because of legal subsidies against airbus. >> president trump: it was a big won for the united states. were having a lot of winds of the wto. the windsor now because they don't like -- all of those countries were ripping off the united states for many years and they know i'm wise to it. we've had a lot of winds. a $7 billion win. not bad.
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>> reporter: the question, sir, are you concerned the president will impose those tariffs and the effect it may have on the economy. >> first of all, to return to your democracy. i want to tell that i'm impressed. with the american people have gained during these decades. a very impressive democracy. keep it going on. to wto, i have a lot of respect to multilateralism and to international institutions. wto has given the decision which is quite tough with europe. the wto has said its opinion and
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that's that. >> president trump: i just want to finish by saying it's an honor to be with the president of finland. he's done a very fantastic job, popular, beloved in finland. the wto has been much better to us since i've been president because they understand they can't get away with what they've been getting away with for so many years which is ripping off the united states and please remember the president's last remarks. that we are great democracy. we are -- the united states is a great democracy. i am airing what i'm airing because we are in fact a democracy. if the press or straight and honest and forthright and tough, we would be a far greater natio nation. we would be a far greater one when we don't have the cnns of the world who are corrupt people. thank you very much everybody.
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[indistinct questions] >> shepard: the president with a ramped up rhetoric to a new level it seems fair to say at the white house today in a joint appearance with the president of finland. i am shepard smith in new york. live coverage from fox news. a few matters to go over. the president spoke of the phone call with the ukrainian leader which is at the center of the democrats' ongoing impeachment proceedings. the president said ask the president of ukraine to help dig up dirt on the political opponent, the ask itself is not permitted under law. the president of course made a lot of accusations about those who are players in the investigation. that's the bottom line. the president of the united states asked the president of ukraine to help dig up dirt on his political opponent. the ask in and of itself is not
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permitted by law. on the matter of the memo, the president said there was a comma by comma verbatim transcript. on ukraine, the president said why is the united states giving all the money to ukraine. why are we the sucker country as he put it, while the europeans don't give. actually the united states withheld at the president's direction for a short time something around $400 million, just shy of $400 million in money and military arms and otherwise. for a short time. that 400 million to the united states. according to the european union has contributed to ukraine since the russians annexed crimea after invading the country in 2014. the european union has
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contributed $16.4 billion in grants and loans. two-thirds of all aid to ukraine has come from the european union since the russians invaded ukraine and annexed crimea in 2014. continuing coverage on this fox station and on fox news channel on satellite and cable and more later on your late local news for those of you watching on local stations. for now, i'm shepard smith. fox news new york. on the fox news channel, on satellite and cable, we continue. after an epic news conference at the white house, a level to which at least we in this newsroom have not seen. a busy day of breaking news, major movement in the push for impeachment. the state department inspector general set to meet behind closed doors with congressional staff, a briefing that could give critical new
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information of congress. bernie sanders in the hospital with heart trouble. all of his appearance is canceled until further notice. we are hearing about his condition and the plan for his campaign. a fiery plane crash, a vintage world war ii bomber goes down with passengers on board. rescuers rushed to the burning wreckage. our reporting this afternoon begins with today's developments in the impeachment inquiry. there's a lot of noise. here are the facts. right now the state department's inspector general is on capitol hill to deliver a rare closed-door briefing. the secretary of state confirmed he was on phone call with the ukrainian president at the heart of the congressional investigation. president trump saying only legitimate whistle-blowers deserve protection. the whistle-blowers source, he says, is a spy. all of that as democrat adam schiff accuses the president of endangering the whistle-blowers safety and intimidating witnesses. the president called schiff
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names, said he lied to congress, said he should be forced to resign and should be looked at for treason, while president trump again called himself a very stable genius. live look on capitol hill in the closed-door meeting that could give new context to the president contacts with ukraine. state department inspector general requested the meeting himself and he could give congressional investigators new ammunition in their impeachment push. we could know soon enough. earlier today secretary pompeo talk to reporters and said yes, he was on that july 25 call in which president trump asked for an investigation into his political opponent, joe biden. >> i was on the phone call. the phone call was in the context of -- i have been secretary of state for a year and a half. i know precisely what the american policy is with respect to ukraine. it's been remarkably consistent. we will continue to try to drive
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those set of outcomes. >> shepard: the nation's top diplomat did not answer any questions about whether the president asking ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent raised any red flags for him. here at home, president trump is on a profanity laced attack which has continued from morning tweets into the afternoon. the president ripped on the whistle-blower and house democrats during a meeting of the oval office. president trump has said he deserves to face his accuser, even though whistle-blowers identities are protected by federal law. i reported he says whistle-blowers deserve protection but only if they are legitimate, as he put it. he called this whistle-blower biased and part of a political hack job. today president trump went after that person sources. >> president trump: the whistle-blower wrote not that conversation. he wrote a vicious conversation. in other words, he either got it totally wrong, made it up, or the person giving the information to the whistle-blower was dishonest. this country has to find out who that person was. that person is a spy in my
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opinion. >> shepard: a spy. for his part, president trump insist his conversation with the ukrainian leader was perfect. the white house released a memo of the conversation. the president today called it a word for word transcript. the white house reports officially it is not an exact verbatim transcript. earlier house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff told reporters that president trump's comments about the whistle-blower put that person's safety at risk. >> this is a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses. it's an incitement of violence. i would hope and we are starting to see members of both parties speaking out against attacking this whistle-blower or others. >> shepard: all of this as house democrats ramp up their impeachment inquiry, demanding more documents from the white house about president trump's dealings with foreign leaders. we have team fox coverage for the nation's capital. mike emanuel with the latest. rich edson with an update from the state department.
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first to john roberts of the white house where president trump just wrapped up an extraordinary news conference. john, that level i've never before never before seen. >> that was something, shep. my calling from reuters, the president got quite testy. one of the things that all of us came into the east room wondering was after the president said many, many times how transparent the white house had been and how cooperative it had been with the mueller investigation providing millions of pages of documents and allowing literally anybody who robert miller's team wanted to interview to be interviewed. with the white house show that same level of cooperation with the house impeachment inquiry? here's what the president said. the three house committees looking into the impeachment inquiry gave notice they will be sending a subpoena to the white house for documents and other materials. will you cooperate with those subpoenas? >> president trump: well, i always cooperate. this is the greatest hoax. it's a continuation of what's
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been playing out, john, for the last -- since my election i would say. we'll find out soon but probably even before my election. >> there's a big piece of news that broke the for the president and the president of finland sauli niinisto came in and "the new york times" was reporting the whistle-blower had met with a member of adam schiff's staff on the house intelligence committee prior to the whistle-blower complaint being filed with the intelligence community inspector general and that the staffer had passed along at least some information to the house intelligence committee chairman. i spoke with other members of the committee who said they had a briefing from adam schiff and they got a notion that he knew about the complaint long before the complaint became public and that he knew who the whistle-blower was and what was in it. i wrestled with the president a little bit because i had said to him going into it, when he called on me, i wanted to ask him to question. he didn't seem to want to take a second question but i pressed
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him on it, insisting was a question he would probably want to answer. here's the exchange. there is a report that came out just before you and president niinisto walked out here that the whistle-blower met with the staff member of adam schiff. >> president trump: i love that question. it shows that schiff is a fraud. i love that question. thank you, john. >> can i finish asking? >> president trump: there's nothing to finish. >> the whistle-blower according to the report met with members of adam schiff's staff. >> president trump: i hate to say that it's "the new york times." i can't believe they wrote it. maybe they are getting better. >> your response that that happened and that schiff may have learned some of what the whistle-blower new. >> president trump: it's a scandal that he knew before. i think he probably helped right it. >> even "the new york times" says it's a new level of scrutiny on adam schiff, shep.
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i didn't care where the president like the question or not. i thought it was important question to ask since the news was breaking literally just before the president walked out on stage. >> shepard: the story from "the new york times" to which we all woke up this morning, the president pushing back on it, that he wanted alligators and/or snakes in a moat around the southern border and that he wanted spikes on top of the wall that would pierce people's flesh. the white house was asked about that earlier and didn't deny it openly. the president has made a statement. >> one of the things i can confirm about that particular discussion is the president did at one point, we don't know how serious this was, ask can't we just shoot them in the legs to slow them down? the white house did not deny that. the president didn't even talk about it. but on this idea of alligators and snakes, the president did push back quite forcefully. listen. >> president trump: i want that awol and they wanted a moat. a moat, whatever that is. not a word i used but they use. a moat.
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in the moat i wanted alligators and snakes. and i wanted the wall to be a fence electrified. i wanted sharp spikes at the top. never said it, never thought of it. i put up something on social media today. i said i'm tough on the border but not that tough. okay, it was a live. >> former acting ice director tom homan was quoted in "the new york times" story saying "the president was frustrated and i think he took a moment to hit the reset button. the president wanted to be fixed quickly." tom homan told fox news he was misquoted in the article saying "the quote in the paper was my response to a different question. that was response to question why do i think the president removed kirstjen nielsen's secretary. that was my answer to that question. when i saw "the new york times," they put my quote in response to a different question, it's unfair, not true, inaccurate, disgraceful."
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we don't know for sure, shep. if the president was thinking about alligators, snakes, walls, spikes but he suggests he wasn't thinking about that but we know he said can't we just shoot them in the legs? >> shepard: you can't get past the tone and the rhetoric. it's something that you can't miss. i wonder if you have any insight on how he's doing. it feels like things have changed. >> well, i think the president is deeply concerned and deeply affected and feels deeply aggrieved by the house impeachment inquiry. he believes he did nothing wrong. i think you can see his level of frustration and perhaps anger with everything that's going on. in the tweet he put out this afternoon where he used the full capitalized version of b.s., although it was the 16th time he's done that. it seems that we ramped up to a new level. the anger he showed with jeff
12:19 pm
mason today and jeff is someone that he calls on all the time. he's a terrific correspondent. the president respects him but today, a flash of anger. >> shepard: and i wondered if it was about the question. >> possibly that. jeff was insistent, what did you want to ask zelensky to do about biden? that's a question all of us have wanted know the answer to. the flashes of anger i think show a different level of frustration and perhaps something else that we haven't seen up until now. >> shepard: john roberts, our man at the white house, thank you. rich edson continues live at the state department. >> two separate state department tracks playing out. the first is the inspector general steve lennox. he is arrived on capitol hill and is briefing senior staff members of several house and senate committees about this urgent issue he wants to bring out. the state department inspector general operates generally separately from the state department and it's the ig's job to investigate, inquire
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about what the state department is doing. the second track, secretary of state mike pompeo. he is in italy but on that second track you've got three congressional committees in the house that want to speak with five current and former state department diplomats. the secretary of state has responded to that request saying that it's not feasible to happen on that timeline and that democrats are bullying department employees into complying with the impeachment investigation. two of those diplomats have said they are going to speak with the committees. earlier today the secretary of state said the committees reached out to the diplomats directly and told them not to contact the state department's legal counsel. >> the response that i provided to them was one that acknowledge that we will of course do our constitutional duty to cooperate with this coequal branch but we are going to do so in a way that's consistent with the fundamental values of the american system and we won't
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tolerate folks on capitol hill bullying, intimidating state department employees. >> as a result of that, state department official tells us there's a state department negotiating team on capitol hill today to discuss this. two officials scheduled to appear over the next week and a half, and faster kurt volker, he was the ambassador to ukraine. he was the one rudy giuliani waived the text on tv and tweeted them out. he resigned friday. the other is former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. she was dismissed earlier. she still an employee of the department. >> shepard: rich edson, thank you. congress technically on a two-week break but as you can see there's plenty of action on capitol hill with meetings, news conferences, a whole lot behind the scenes. mike emanuel. we heard from the house speaker nancy pelosi and the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, new nicknames. >> that's right. speaker nancy pelosi emphasized
12:22 pm
her belief that president trump is not obeying the constitution. >> they put guardrails in the constitution because they knew there might be someone who would overplay his or her power. they never thought we would have a president who would kick those guardrails over and disregard the constitution and say that article two says i can do whatever i feel like. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee expressed concerns about some of president trump's public comments. >> let's not make any mistake here. the president wants to make it about the whistle-blower and suggest the people who come forward with evidence of his wrongdoing are somehow treasonous. and should be treated as traitors and spies. this is a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses. it's an incitement of violence. >> chairman schiff said democratic leaders are not fooling around. >> shepard: republicans are responding, correct?
12:23 pm
dividing their former colleague mike pompeo. pompeo is concerned about his state department employees being bullied or intimidated by house democrats. one national security republican says house democrats will never be satisfied. >> who knows. this is essentially a fishing expedition, investigation and search of a crime. i think the secretary of state is right to draw the line and direct contact with state department employees. >> other republicans point to the treatment the acting director of national intelligence, joseph maguire, received when he testified publicly last week. they are praising joseph maguire for the way he handled this matter. >> he did exactly with the law required him to do. he had no choice in it. yet the democrats treat him like he's a common criminal because he tried to follow the law and when mr. pompeo and others look
12:24 pm
at it, i understand how they would feel like i have to protect my people. >> house democrats hoping to receive testimony from a number of current and former state department employees. it's not entirely clear how many will show up with the secretary of state resisting. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. we will keep an eye on capitol hill. the closed door meeting. i mentioned the state department watchdog has asked for a closed-door meeting with leaders on capitol hill. we will see what comes of it. first at the heart of all of this of course is for interference in our elections. it happened in 2016. the russians interfered with our elections in order to help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton in their efforts to get to the white house. intelligence agencies insist it happened again in 2018, that it's happening again now that it will happen again in the year 2020. attacks on our democracy by the russians.
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>> shepard: continuing to follow the breaking news. bernie sanders canceling appearances after he had stints put in during a heart procedure. he had to coast stents inserted experience chest pain. stents are like mashed tunnels that doctors and plan to hold open arteries after clearing blockages. sanders' had to be conversing and in good spirits. peter doocy traveling with candidate. he is live in las vegas where
12:30 pm
sanders had been scheduled to conduct a town hall. >> events and appearances are canceled until further notice, including an appearance at a gun safety form. we understand sanders did make it to nevada at some point yesterday in the afternoon where he started out his trip to las vegas with an unannounced visit to a memorial for the victims of the mass murder at the country music festival and stopped at a fund-raiser where he did something he almost never does and that is ask an aide for a chair to sit down. he said it's been a long day. at some point a few minutes after that, doctors at a local hospital found a blockage in an artery that's going to require rest. campaign staff proactively postpone a sizable 1.3 million n dollar ad buy, first commercial of the cycle. paid for with some of the $25 million he raked in last quarter as he tried to catch joe biden and elizabeth warren
12:31 pm
who just shared well wishes. >> i know everyone here wishes him well, wanted to see him strong and back on the trail as soon as possible. thank you. i have called, texted. >> sanders made a point to show that he is still in shape on the campaign trail. six weeks ago, he was a picture on the softball field at the field of dreams in iowa. he has dealt with minor health problems. in march he needed stitches after he hit his head and he had a big band-aid on his face in the days that followed and last month his voice was almost completely gone around the time of the most recent debate. he only took a day off and in fact ebbed in the event a few weeks ago in philadelphia a moderator tried to welcome him back after a weekend away and sanders made a point to say he didn't take the whole weekend off. he only took one day off.
12:32 pm
we don't know how long is going to be out. >> shepard: hope he's well. live look at capitol hill where the state department inspector general, the agencies watchdog, no briefing congressional staffers. his name is steve lennix. he himself requested this briefing. he requested it yesterday for it to happen today. he requested to provide staff with copies of documents related to the state department in ukraine. we will see what comes of it. tomorrow the former special envoy to ukraine, kurt volker, set to testify on capitol hill as part of the house democrats impeachment inquiry. you will remember kurt volker resigned after he was named in the whistle-blower complaint about president trump. lawmakers in congress already had a pretty busy agenda waiting for them when they return from recess. before they begin the impeachment inquiry. they promised to take action on issues including gun-control, prescription drug prices, and
12:33 pm
funding the government to avoid or shutdown. kristin fisher live in washington. >> speaker pelosi said a few hours ago that she believed it should be possible to go down the path of impeachment and still work with the person they may try to impeach on policy. >> they have nothing to do with each other. we have a responsibility to uphold our oath of office, uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. we also have a responsibility to get the job done for the american people. >> president trump says he doesn't think there will be any deal as long as congress is consumed with impeachment. >> 99% of nancy pelosi's time is spent on this. she should woo worry about lowering the price of drugs and infrastructure. she should worry about the usmca. she's not doing it. speak with the president is labeling them the "do-nothing democrats" and it's a line that he will likely repeat over and
12:34 pm
over on the campaign trail. >> shepard: 90% of america has been asking for stricter background checks on guns, and anything on gun reform at all. >> speaker pelosi said today the last time she talked a president trump about the issue was during their phone call last tuesday when they discussed his call with the president of ukraine. we know what happened hours later, speaker pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry. and it's move the white house press secretary said "destroy any chances of legislative progress for the people of this country." speaker pelosi said today we are not going away until we get legislation signed into law that protects our children. small steps are being taken towards a deal to reduce the cost of prescribed drugs. yesterday in fact one of pelosi's age, and other democratic staffers, talked about with senior white house officials. it's hard to see how anything really meaningful is going to get done with impeachment consuming so much oxygen on capitol hill.
12:35 pm
>> shepard: kristin fisher, thank you. >> he basically made a very, very wide turn and turned back towards the airport and we were hoping, commenting he was in trouble and then a minute or so later, the rumble, a big loud noise of something going on in the pile of smoke. >> shepard: witnessed describing the moment before the world war ii era bomber plane crash during landing attempt and burst into flames. this was at bradley international airport which is about 15 miles or so north of hartford, connecticut. state officials say at least five people are dead. multiple others injured. rick leventhal reporting live from bradley international where the plane went down. >> authorities confirmed in a news conference multiple facilities. we know three were critically hurt. one person on the ground was hurt. he was working inside that
12:36 pm
maintenance facility. that's where the plane crashed into. the b-17 flying fortress, a vintage plane from world war ii, 1 of 5 on display here available for tours and rides, the plane took off before 10:00 this morning and witnesses report a blue at least one engine almost immediately, made a turn, attempted to land for crashed. ten passengers and three crew, sparking a fire and thick smoke. >> i will confirm there are fatalities. of which i will not tell you the number yet because during this investigation it's far too early to discuss it. we have a crash. victims are difficult to identify. we don't want to make a mistake. >> several people apparently badly burned but at least one person was able to walk away from this accident. >> shepard: i don't understand this because our reporting is that there are five dead.
12:37 pm
he said we don't have a number. which is it? >> well, that was him earlier today at the news conference. they wouldn't say how many but we are hearing from the associated press that at least five or hurt. i'm sorry, were killed. it's 1 of 18 still flying. they made more than 12,000 b-17s during world war ii and a lot were shot down but they dropped bombs on more targets, nazi targets in europe than any other aircraft they had a reputation for toughness because so many of them were badly damaged but were able to make it back to base after missions in hostile territory. anyone flying the b-17 today would most likely have commercial or military experience untold along with rigorous training. connecticut senator richard blumenthal says he's not sure these kinds of tort flights should be allowed anymore. >> until we know exactly what caused this crash, a major tragedy, whether it was a defect
12:38 pm
in the machine or some problem with maintenance or flying, there should be very serious scrutiny over these planes before they are allowed back in the air. >> this aircraft was roughly 80 years old. we are expecting to learn more at another news conference later. >> shepard: rick leventhal, thank you. fox urgent: live look at the dallas county courthouse, live camera on that where the sentencing hearing is underway for the case of the former cop, she was a cop at the time, convicted of murdering an unarmed black man in his home. she is waiting to learn her fate after a grand jury on her guilty of murder yesterday. she faces 5 to 99 years or life behind bars. witnesses from both sides testify that hearing today, including the victim's father and former cop's mother, both broke down in tears in the courtroom. >> how could it be possible?
12:39 pm
i'll never see him again. i want to see him. i still want to see him. >> she would always tell me she wished she could've taken his place. she feels very bad about it. >> shepard: amber guyger says that she did shoot botham jean because she mistakenly thought she was in her own apartment. she thought he was an intruder so she shot him in self-defense and she said in court she did it intentionally. a florida man accused of cutting brake lines on more than 100 electric scooters belong to the city of fort lauderdale. they arrested up after video him messing with the brakes on a couple of them. he stepped away and then comes back to finish the job.
12:40 pm
police say they have no idea why the man wanted to sabotage the rental scooters but they say he did it. he barely asked for a lawyer and told cops he did not want to dig himself into a grave, that's a quote. the man faces criminal mischief charges. police say they haven't been able to confirm whether the damaged scooters actually hurt anybody. a bombshell autopsy report could help clear an american tourist accused of killing a hotel worker in the caribbean. what they found in the dead man's blood stream. his patients drove hundreds of miles to get their opioid fixes but after one of them died, prosecutors said the doctors had to pay the price. today the convicted pill mill prescriber earns his feet. his fate
12:41 pm
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>> shepard: remember the hotel worker in the caribbean who died after a fight with an american tourist? now we know that hotel worker had no legal amount of cocaine in his system. there is a revised autopsy report showing the cocaine likely killed him, not the injuries from the fight. this is according to "the new york times" in today's edition. all of it happened in april, you may remember.
12:45 pm
it was in the british island territory of anguilla. investigators originally said that the man on the left ear, a banker from connecticut named gavin hapgood suffocated the hotel handyman kenny mitchell on the right here whose family described him as a hard worker happy father. prosecutors charged the american with manslaughter. he came he acted in self-defense after this hotel worker threatened him with a knife. the next scheduled hearing is next month, november 11. a doctor convicted of prescribing half a million illegal doses of opioids sentenced to 40 years in prison. joel smithers had been facing the possibility of life behind bars. prosecutors say some of his patients drove hundreds of miles to his office and that smithers, the doctor, pocketed $700,000 from the illegal prescriptions. in court he said he was a caring
12:46 pm
doctor and claimed some of his patients deceived him. jonathan serrie reporting. he is life. >> even though he didn't get life in prison, that's 40 years, double them mandatory minimum sentence. the court wanted to send a strong signal against the backdrop of america's deadly opioid epidemic. back in may, the doctor was convicted of illegally distributing opioids, including oxycodone and oxymoron -- oxym. >> shepard: on average hundred 30 million people die -- but let's go back. let me read it again. i should say every single day on average 130 americans die of overdosing on opioids. every day 130 people die.
12:47 pm
perception painkillers, heroin, fentanyl. that's one of the heartbreaking statistics. in the year 2017, more than 47,000 people died of overdoses on drugs involving opioids. that year west virginia had the highest rate of deaths from opioids followed by ohio, the district of columbia, new hampshire, and maryland. one year ago today "the washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi washed into the consulate and never walked out. a band of killers was waiting on ambush. since then u.s. officials have confirmed the cia and other intelligence agencies have reported and concluded a hit squad linked to the kingdom's crown prince tortured and killed jamal khashoggi and cut his body into pieces with a bone saw. jamal khashoggi was an outspoken critic of the saudi royal family and people have called his
12:48 pm
murder of premeditated execution. today the journalist fiance along with jeff bezos unveiled a memorial. she says she is still seeking justice. >> i want to know what happened to his body. i want those in power held accountable for their actions. >> shepard: in an interview that aired days ago, crown prince mohammad bin salman told cbs news he takes responsibility for khashoggi's murder because he's the country's leader, not because he was behind it. >> the world wants to answer to this question. how did you not know about this operation? >> translator: some think i should know where 3 million people working for the saudi government do daily. it's impossible that the 3 million would send their daily reports to the leader or the second-highest person the saudi government. >> shepard: united states
12:49 pm
intelligence agency say you are behind it and you likely ordered it. officials in saudi arabia have charged 11 people in connection with khashoggi's death. they were tried in secret and nobody has been convicted. jeff bezos said during khashoggi's memorial today "no one should have to endure what you did. it is unimaginable." simon henderson, senior fellow at the washington institute, covering the saudi royal family for 25 years. he has traveled to the region many times but not to saudi arabia, since his writings have been critical of the government. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: it's hard to imagine that in the wake of the findings of our intelligence agencies and their concurrence on the matter that this may -- he is in the position he's in and speaking to norah o'donnell the way he did. >> it's not totally surprising because we lack definitive proof and the saudi system is such
12:50 pm
that unless he admits it, he can stay there. and also saudi arabia is a long time ally of the united states. albeit an occasionally difficult one and a member of the g20, significant economic power in the world and it's not as if the united states or the rest of the world can ignore saudi arabia. >> shepard: it does appear you can ignore the murder, to a certain degree. >> well, he is straining the credulity of most people. i don't think many people are persuaded by the interview he gave to cvs. as was mentioned earlier in your report, the body has yet to be produced. the fear is that it was frankly and i know it's the middle of the afternoon, after being cut
12:51 pm
up, it was incinerated on a saudi diplomat's barbecue, so there isn't a body to be produced. the saudis have the men who did the deed to. they presumably have asked what did you do with the body? it would be the most decent thing to say what happened to the body. >> shepard: do you suspect it's the end of it and this murder goes away and there is no for anybody? >> there's part of the plot which i can't see the end too. that is you can blame a group of saudis who went to istanbul to carry out the murder. and you can put 11 of them on trial and five of whom are facing the death penalty. at some point, that trial has to conclude. i am guessing but i think it's correct that at least some of them will be found guilty.
12:52 pm
do you allow them to be executed or sent to prison? these after all weren't -- some of the 3 million saudis who work for the government. these were amongst the closest aides to mohammad bin salman. it's not good in this sort of system if you execute or punishing any other way you are closest aides and bodyguards. >> shepard: even if you sent them on private jets with bone saw in hand. nice of you to be here. thank you. sorry about the circumstances. what we are learning about a woman who entered the lions den apparently on purpose. it seems this is not the only time she has climbed into an animal enclosure. me so every veteran can save $2000 a year.
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talk to your doctor about chantix. wwithout it, i cannot write myl tremors wouldname.xtreme. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. for sixty years, aarp has been fighting for people like larry. and we won't stop. join us in fighting for what's right. >> shepard: new york, police and new york say they are
12:57 pm
investigating after a woman climbed into a lion's den at the bronx zoo and started taunting the lion. she survived the lion and the lady and it's all caught on camera. >> i want to get closer. >> really? >> neil: lucky for her the lion just stared at her. that video on instagram account appears to belong to this woman, hi, lion, do i look like lunch? it seems this was not the only time she did something like this alstoo. there is a video on another account shows her inside the giraffe habitat at the bronx zoo. only at the bronx, where the yankees will win next friday. thankfully, she didn't get eaten alive there. >> this woman, what was she thinking, this might explain it. she is joined by queen empress
12:58 pm
and says online, or spiritual connection with the lion kept it from attacking her. she writes "i have no fear of anything breathing. animals can feel love just like humans. she posted three videos inside the line enclosure and people at the zoo were very concerned watching it unfold. the video shows two mail lions one in the background but neither one of them seems to react and one woman got out safely but there is no word how long she was in there but luckiy there was a sizable mode separating the woman from the animals. you can see it is just between them in the video. we talked to a lion expert who told us, it was more likely the moat then her connection that kept him from attacking her. >> she is lucky that that lion was puzzled and not feeling threatened. that that lion was not feeling more curious about what was
12:59 pm
going on. if that lion had made some sort of approach towards her or she would have panicked, the lion would have reacted quickly and probably fatally. >> the police are looking for this woman appeared if he or she the barrier, shows her standing in an enclosure there. the zoo filed a complaint for criminal trespassing. >> neil: so this kind of thing at the bronx zoo was alive and this has happened before. >> those who would not give me an answer what they would do had the lion attacked. >> shepard: so they will put a lien on time outcome obviously. >> time out for sure. people would be concerned it might be put down. the zoo would not give an answer but 2014 they had to stop a tiger from attacking a man. >> shepard: so you get in the lion's den, i mean, decisions, people. decisions. this is like a known no as rumsfeld would have said. you don't get in the line stand.
1:00 pm
just don't do it. the bell is ringing. not a good day. we are off by 500 today, like 800 or so in weeks. but neil will make sense of it with a smile on his face and here he is. >> neil: well, a triple whammy for wall street. they are trying to make sense of it, welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. a fight revving up with an economy slowing down, not about china. a rotten deal for investors today, the stock exchange on where we go from here. john roberts at the white house. the president says the democrats might but he's not going anywhere. we began with susan. what happened on the corner of -- >> that is right, hi, you are looking at the worst start for the first quarter


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