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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 3, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> all right. thank you very much, roman. >> you'll be in the "after the show show". >> have a great day, everyone. >> bill: fox news alert. this is just breaking. four police officers dead after a knife attack on police headquarters in paris. french authorities the assailant was an employee of the police department. shot and killed at the scene. it is just breaking now. more on this inside of "america's newsroom" momentarily. first however back here at home at this hour democrats shifting their impeachment focus to the president's phone call. former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker sitting down with lawmakers behind closed doors for an interview only moments from now as we say good morning. packed show again. bill hemmer live in new york city. >> sandra: just another thursday morning. good morning i'm sandra smith. volker will voluntarily appear before three house panels for a
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transcribed interview. one of several big developments happening at this moment. now to a fox news exclusive. newly obtained documents showing the fired ukraine prosecutor was told to back off an investigation into the company linked to joe biden's son. we'll have more on that in a moment. >> bill: we're learning the whistleblower at the center of this controversy had contact with the house intelligence committee aide before filing that complaint. >> sandra: finally democrats now threatening to subpoena the white house for documents related to ukraine. here is some of the round-up from last night. >> i think that we just go forward and follow the facts. i don't think -- there are some people say why are you calling for an inquiry, just call to impeach. i don't think that would be fair and it isn't worthy of the constitution. >> the democrats have been talking about impeachment
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before donald trump was sworn into office and they've done it countless times. the jumping off point to have a conversation of impeachment isn't true. >> this was information given to me. i didn't go look for joe biden. the ukrainians brought me evidence of ukrainian collusion with hillary clinton, george soros. they put it in my lap. >> bill: this videotape from capitol hill in a moment. you'll see the special envoy to ukraine arriving there on capitol hill. this is what is partly remarkable about all this story here. he resigned on friday night. he is being interviewed six days later behind closed doors. we're watching that. the videotape, fox coverage begins now. andy biggs with reaction. we begin with catherine herridge on capitol hill. hello. >> we just had a heads-up that kurt volker is heading through
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security in the upper floors of the house building. i'm going to keep my eye out whether he is coming through the elevator or down the spiral staircase. behind me is the secure facility where volker is giving this transcribed interview. it is not strictly testimony but penalties attach if the witness lies or misleads house investigators in the course of the interview. he was a envoy to the ukraine to help ukraine and help end the war in the eastern part of the country started by russia. the reason we're so interested in him right now he comes up in the whistleblower complaint and he resigned shortly after the complaint was public. in the complaint the allegation is that volker was tasked with essentially corraling giuliani to look into joe biden and his son. rudy giuliani provided a text message to reporters from july
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19th. six days before the phone call between the president and the ukrainian leader and he says it shows that volker was more than happy to assist nim his independent investigation. the secretary of state mike pompeo is traveling overseas and says his people can coordinate and help congress but he also drew a line. >> we will, of course, do our constitutional duty to cooperate with this co-equal branch but we're going to do so in a way consistent with the fundamental values of the american system and we won't tolerate folks on capitol hill bullying and intimidating state department employees. that is not acceptable and i won't permit it to happen. >> on the contact between the whistleblower and democrat led intelligence committees -- the bottom line is the whistleblower reached out to the democrat-controlled committee before the august 12th complaint was filed.
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and that timing is important. that's about a month before chairman schiff was very public about these broad allegations that related to the whistleblower and also puts new scrutiny on a text message from the chairman schiff at the end of august where he talked about the withholding of military aid to ukraine and then he also talks about the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani. when you read that text it really essentially mirrors the whistleblower complaint that is now declassified. we all remember what happened yesterday at the white house. almost in realtime as "the new york times" broke the story and then the president unloaded on the democratic chairman. >> president trump: it shows that schiff is a fraud. i think it's a scandal that he knew before. i go a step further. i think he probably helped write it, okay? >> so the question that fox news put to the democrat
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committee and to the whistleblower's attorney whether there was a single contact or multiple contacts since august? because that goes to the issue of coordination. we were not able to get a straight answer from either the legal team or from the committee. but on this allegation from the president that chairman schiff wrote that complaint, what they told us very specifically on the record is that congressman schiff had nothing to do with the drafting of the complaint. but what you can see here is that this contact, this outreach from the whistleblower in august has created a whole new front in this impeachment debate. >> bill: catherine herridge leading our coverage from the hill. >> sandra: former vice president joe biden giving arguably his most forceful response yet to president trump's attacks. peter doocy on the story for us from las vegas this morning. >> joe biden late last night finally explained what he was doing in that now infamous clip that appears to show him threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid from
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ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating a company that his son was at some point involved with. >> it was a fully transparent policy carried out in front of the whole world and fully, fully embraced by the international community of democracies. we weren't pressing ukraine to get rid of a tough prosecutor. we were pursuing ukraine to replace a weak prosecutor who wouldn't do his job with someone at the time we hoped would finally crack down on corruption in ukraine. >> biden has also insisted he has never spoken to his son about his foreign business dealings but he apparently has spoken to his son, hunter, about president trump's new interest in those business dealings. >> have you talked to your son about any of this? >> i talked to my son -- we've communicated.
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he lives out in california. we communicated a couple times but look. there is zero, zero, zero, zero evidence of any assertion being made. >> biden also believes president trump is trying to pick his democratic opponent and he hoped ukraine would offer up information to knock biden out. he is asking democratic primary voters to look at his long record of public service as a whole and ignore the very specific parts of it that president trump is trying to pick apart. >> sandra: peter doocy in las vegas. >> bill: republican from arizona andy biggs, judiciary committee. new chairman of the freedom caucus. i don't know what volker will offer today. what do you expect from him? >> we aren't quite sure what to expect. we expect he will be talking about what he was assigned to do with regard to rudy giuliani perhaps. but what we do know is that mr.
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schiff, the chairman, is basically taken over this and you have three committees sitting in there and they'll be constrained. the republicans will be constrained who gets to ask questions. the fact that they're doing it behind closed doors is problematic as well. so i'm interested to see what volker says but the reality is they'll -- my opinion is they're going to keep it classified as much as possible particularly if it's not going to help their impeachment inquiry. so that they're holding the first witness behind closed doors, bill, is really problematic. >> bill: what do you make of the "new york times" story with regard to the aide who works for the intel committee? >> well, the aide says that schiff didn't know -- didn't have any input on the writing of the complaint. doesn't mean that schiff didn't know about the complaint, didn't mean that schiff didn't know what was going on or tell how many members of the staff
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actually were there. doesn't tell whether how many of these staffers actually participated in writing that and when you read that whistleblower complaint you get 17 references to media stories. that doesn't read like a normal whistleblower complaint. instead it looks like somebody actually wordsmithed that thing and made that very fine. so we need to get to the bottom of that. >> bill: others have made that point. you write at adam schiff deserves house censure. trump hating dem unfit to lead impeachment inquiry. we know what you're trying to do. as a minority member of the house, can you do it? can you accomplish that? >> well, i think that there is enough people on both sides of the aisle. my friends across the aisle certainly they understand that what is happening here with mr. schiff and what he has said and his bias and animus toward this
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president is going to impact them in their districts especially the swing moderate democrats where president trump won. yet they won in the mid-term. so i think there is a chance that we could get mr. schiff properly and appropriately censured. if not maybe nancy pelosi will reconsider making him the lead. he hasn't demonstrated the due process or demonstrated the gravitas necessary. he has made it into a comedic thing and now we find out the whistleblower contacts that were there that contravenes what he has indicated before. there are all kinds of problems with adam schiff controlling the impeachment inquiry. >> bill: yesterday was quite a remarkable day. see what we get today. thank you for your time, sir. we'll speak again soon on all of this. a lot to cover. >> sandra: we have a lot more
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coming up on the biden/ukraine angle straight ahead. peter schweizer spent three years investigating hunter biden's business dealings. ukrainian officials were right to look into the board of that gas company and he is our headliner today. >> bill: in your prep this morning how many questions did you come up w a thousand? >> sandra: what that line of questioning will be. republicans asking for fairness. we'll see. >> bill: yesterday was remarkable to see the president. you could tell the anger in his voice with each and every passing question. conversely watching speaker pelosi earlier on "good morning america" stakes her position that they can still get some things done. the problem is not with them but with the white house. we'll get reaction to that coming up shortly. >> sandra: breaking news morning. >> bill: more coming in. military training exercise going very wrong leaving more than a dozen paratroopers injured dangling from trees. what happened there coming up.
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>> sandra: seven people killed yesterday when a world war ii plane crashed near hartford, connecticut. a chilling call describing the fiery scene. >> bradley, with an emergency on the field. near the fuel depo. intercept, a b-17 has crashed. fire is seen. >> sandra: six people on that plane made it out alive thanks to the heroic actions of a national guard command chief on board who opened an escape hatch to let everyone out. ntsb launched an investigation into the crash.
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>> bill: 16 past the hour. moments ago the former special envoy in ukraine arriving for an interview on capitol hill behind closed doors now. kurt volker is there and we'll see what comes of this. dr. bill bennett in washington good day to you. i want to take this divide it in two pieces, okay? you've got the trump matter in the west wing. you've got the joe biden matter that's being pushed as well. first i want the play for you at the end of september peter doocy with joe biden and whether or not he talked with his son about what happened in ukraine. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> bill: yesterday in nevada here is nbc asking a similar question it would appear. >> the president said, quote, biden and his son are stone cold crooked. have you talked to your son about any of this? >> i talked to my son, we
6:18 am
communicated a couple of times but look, there is zero, zero, zero, zero evidence of any assertion being made. >> bill: i talked to my son. we communicated a couple times. does this appear to be evolving or incomplete or what at the moment? >> evolving or incomplete would be a generous grade professor hemmer. he either spoke to his son or he didn't. it really defies credibility to think he didn't talk to his son about a deal like this. enormous influx of money for this kid without any experience, without any background. of course they talked about it. now he admits they've talked about it. this is very bad for biden. we don't know where this thing is going to end up overall. i have a guess about it but it is not going to hurt biden one been -- >> we'll have questions for
6:19 am
peter schweizer on that. take the president's side of this. here he was in rather heated moment yesterday around 2:00 in the afternoon with regard to adam schiff. >> president trump: i'll tell you what. he should be forced to resign from congress, adam schiff. he is a low life. he should be forced to resign. he took a perfect conversation, realized he couldn't read it to congress because it was a very nice conversation. >> bill: then it went on later in the afternoon with the finnish president in the east room. he was running hot yesterday. do you think that helps his case publicly or not? >> maybe, maybe not. i'm torn, bill, between saying calm down, mr. president, be deliberate, don't keep the temperature up, don't keep raising the broiler here. at the same time let trump be trump. i think the latter wins. he will be trump. this is a man who has a gift of always being himself. and he will continue to be.
6:20 am
i don't think there is much of a leg to stand on in terms of impeachment for the democrats and i think that's why they're still casting about. this is a culprit whom they have identified as a culprit. this is the president, the guy who is their target. now they're in search of crimes. but this thing won't stick that he brought up the biden thing. it won't stick as any kind of impeachable offense, not with the public. >> bill: the other thing he made a point of yesterday saying they meaning democrats did not expect him to put the transcript out. you keep it private looks like a cover-up. your reaction on that. >> right. in washington the saying is it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. well, a, there is no crime, b, there was no cover-up. it's very hard to claim cover-up by the president when he releases the entire document and if you review the entire document, you will see that there is nothing seriously
6:21 am
wrong there. mistake probably to bring up the biden thing but not a problem in terms of impeachment. let me just say what bill barr is doing, the trips to europe and now this china dimension, i imagine this, when this comes out, bill, could overshadow everything that is being talked about now. because if bill barr is on a plane to italy a couple of times and other places in europe and elsewhere, you know, you can be sure that guy who is a serious and credible guy is going to find something. and if he does it will overshadow this attempt to find something. >> bill: the question is when we hear about it. thank you, dr. bill bennett. >> sandra: fox news alert. a military training exercise does not go as planned. more on why several paratroopers got stuck in the trees at camp shelby. we'll have a live report coming up. >> bill: also on immigration big changes may be coming on the border. more how the trump
6:22 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. at least 22 paratroopers injured during a military training exercise at camp shelby happening overnight in mississippi. officials say the soldiers landed outside their target area and got stuck in the trees. we have more details on that. >> sandra: a total of 87 soldiers landed in the trees in a jump from a plane. 15 more were hurt. it happened in hattiesburg, mississippi. 3,000 troops from anchorage, alaska were doing training
6:26 am
called operation arctic anvil. according to army officials wind blew the soldiers offcourse into a stand of pine trees. several soldiers had to be rescued. the weather was fair and aircraft landed safely. they are trying to figure out what went wrong. they posted the. we strive to mitigate the risk as much as possible. forrest general hospital was notified prior to the jump of potential influx of patients and the types of injuries to be expected and emergency vehicles were on stand by at camp shelby prior to the jump. we're grateful for the support we've received. some of the soldiers suffered limb injuries. all are accounted for. no fatalities. 650 more soldiers continued to
6:27 am
jump in the drop zone for the training exercise. >> sandra: what a story. >> bill: one of the key figures in the democrats impeachment probe behind closed doors being interviewed on the hill by house lawmakers. we'll speak to someone who worked with kurt volker for years. a fox news exclusive, former ukrainian prosecutor said he was told to back off an investigation into hunter biden's ukraine dealings. that story next.
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6:31 am
prosecutor. that story breaking. more details on that momentarily. >> sandra: impeachment push continues to rock capitol hill. former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker meeting this morning behind closed doors. he has arrived on capitol hill for a transcribed interview with house democrats. john hannah is former national security advisor to vice president cheney and worked with volker during the george w. bush administration and came to know him well. good morning, john, to you and thank you for being here on "america's newsroom." tell us what you know about this man who is now behind closed doors with members of congress. >> well, i think he is exactly the kind of diplomat that americans would want dealing with very high level foreign policy issues. he is a foreign service officer by training. he has worked european issues for a long time. very tough on the russians and their aggression in ukraine and a great promoter of the cause
6:32 am
of democracy in europe and in the trans atlantic relationship. >> sandra: if you were to say on paper what his job was within the trump administration how would you describe it? >> he was hired by former secretary of state tillerson to actually try and deal with the terrible problem of the russian incursion into eastern ukraine and the war it had created there that was killing thousands of people and destabilizing an important part of central europe and kurt was the guy who was both trying to help solidify a very weak and vulnerable ukrainian government but also to try to figure out a way to de-escalate that conflict with russia and maybe even advance some kind of political settlement to resolve the crisis. >> sandra: now here he is wrapped in this political battle called as the first key witness to answer questions as part of this probe into the whistleblower complaint.
6:33 am
he is there voluntarily. this is not under oath or testimony. this is a transcribed interview to reiterate that to our viewers. but what did you make of him being called as the first key witness in all of this? >> well, kurt really finds himself in the middle of this. he was, of course, named in the whistleblower complaint as somebody who was dealing with both rudy giuliani and giuliani's attempts to interact with the ukrainian government and at the same time he was, in fact, the face of the united states to the ukrainian government trying to figure out and help the ukrainians navigate some of the different kinds of demands and requests that were being put upon them by the trump administration. at the same time, of course, they're fighting for their lives trying to resolve this dispute with russia in eastern ukraine and crimea. >> sandra: that question is his work with trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani.
6:34 am
what do you expect from the line of questioning from the lawmakers behind closed doors this morning? >> kurt has to explain what exactly was he trying to do in interfacing between giuliani and this new government in ukraine, the zelensky government trying to put these parties together. was he, in fact, operating at the request of giuliani and president trump to bring pressure on the ukrainians to actually get deeper into issues regarding show biden and the 2016 elections or was he simply trying to mediate and remove any of the questions the president has about ukraine in order to move forward the relationship and get the u.s./ukrainian relationship back on track so they can deal with this very serious conflict in central europe? i don't have any insight to that. i know that the committee will get a straight shot from ambassador volker.
6:35 am
he will tell them what he knows and be as honest and truthful as he can be with the committee in laying out the facts as he sees them. >> sandra: very interesting. chris murphy, one of the democrats on one of the committees from connecticut, he sits on senate foreign relations. he tweeted september 27th. of course, the day that volker resigned. that volker has a well deserved reputation for fairness, toughness and integrity and why he is disappointed he is wrapped up in this mess. he resigned, volker, september 27th, john. at that time he offered no public explanation for his resignation. could that have helped and gone a long way? >> yeah, i don't know what constraints kurt felt like he was under that he needed to report this out to the committees in congress that have jurisdiction over this matter. that there is an ongoing investigation and he feels constrained from doing anything in public yet. i think at some point in time it will be important for kurt
6:36 am
personally as well as for the country to understand exactly what kurt's version of events is here of what transpired over the course of this summer. >> sandra: he is behind closed doors right now answering those questions. meanwhile this fired ukrainian prosecutor said he was told to back off of this probe into joe biden -- the biden-linked firm we've obtained documents from rudy giuliani. he attempted to continue the investigation in june or july of 2015 the u.s. ambassador told him that the investigation has to be handled with white gloves. which according to mr. shokin, that implied do nothing. what did you make of these revelations, john? >> well, i have to say, sandra, that i know something about shokin and his reputation for
6:37 am
investigating corruption in ukraine, whether it had to do with hunter biden's firm or with the broader plague of deep, embedded corruption in ukraine. he didn't have a shining reputation. he wasn't simply opposed by the u.s. administration at that time. that he needed to be relieved of his duties. but by the entire trans atlantic alliance in europe. a lot of the international financial staoetion had real problems with the fact that he wasn't pursuing corruption investigations. now, if he has real evidence. if there are other corroborating witnesses and documents to the effect that intense pressure was brought on him by u.s. officials to go easy on hunter biden and the ukrainian gas firm he ought to do that. until then i have to say knowing this guy's reputation, i'm a little bit skeptical of any charges he is making at this point in time. we need to get the facts obviously. >> sandra: john hannah, great
6:38 am
to get your thoughts on all that this morning. appreciate it. thank you. >> bill: in a major movement a crackdown on immigration trump administration plans to expand the collection of dna from apprehended migrants. what's the story, griff? >> two big border developments. the first is the d.o.j. is proposing a rule to require dhs to get the dna of all illegal immigrants for the database. the d.o.j. not commenting before this rule is published but a senior administration official told me in the last hour it's a driving force behind this is that it's already mandated by law. they point back to the george w. bush, 2005 dna sfinger print act. a waiver kept it from being enforced under president obama. the move is outraging immigrants and civil rights activists that could lead to profiling by law enforcement.
6:39 am
a joint story between the ap and the front liner is east the administration is looking to further privatize the care of migrant children in custody. it false to refugee resettlement and habd the care over for the more than 72,000 children apprehended to companies like chs or comprehensive health services. the story is critical to the fact that former white house chief of staff john kelly recently joined the board of chs's parent company. earlier this morning we asked alex azar did it. >> there was a very misleading story today suggesting privatizing the care of them. in fact, what we do is we take care of the children but we're actually doing the analytics now to look across all of our facilities. ideally we want all of our kids in permanent facilities that are state licensed and small. that's the goal.
6:40 am
>> now we still have 67,000 in custody. dhs already funds shelters. >> sandra: more baseball playoff action sees the tampa bay rays to victory. they had four home runs off athletics pitching to win last night's american league wild card game. tampa won 5-1. they'll head to houston to take on the astros in the division series starting friday. the nlds getting underway this afternoon. all the baseball you can handle. >> bill: i don't think i've seen a game all year. i just have fallen behind the whole baseball. i didn't go to a single mets or yankees game. what is that about state of baseball in america? your pop is watching the game every night. stock market is open now.
6:41 am
can we recover? will the dow bounce back after two days of selloffs? maria bartiromo joins us in a moment on that. >> sandra: a powerful moment in court when a former cop convicted of murdering her neighbor gets a hug from the victim's brother. a closer look at this case coming up.
6:42 am
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>> sandra: a rare mosquito born illness known as eee is now blamed for a third death in connecticut. health officials saying a fourth person in the state is confirmed to have the virus. no specific treatment for it which can cause inflammation of the brain. about 1/3 of patients who contract it will die from it. >> bill: rough week on wall street. stock market struggling again after two days of steep selloffs. maria bartiromo, host of mornings with maria on the fox business network. let's refresh this market, shall we? we had some weakness yesterday.
6:45 am
weakness the day before. the question is this. you get new data at 10:00 this morning. is manufacturing in the midwest that weak that quickly? >> i think that's exactly the right question. is it that weak? yes manufacturing is slowing down but the market is responding in a way that makes it appear it is worse than it is. the fact is you have to put in context what has gone on in the last six months. a major issue here is the fact that the boeing max jet was taken off line. boeing is the largest exporter and jets are our biggest export. the fact that was taken off line made it look worse than it is. add to that the gm strike. that also made it look worse than it is. having said that manufacturing has slowed and it has to do with uncertainty around trade, has to do with the strength of the dollar. but i don't think -- it has to do with the weakness around the world. i don't think the market reaction really tells the whole story. >> bill: it is my sense the rest of the world caught a cold and we're a little -- we got the sniffles right now.
6:46 am
>> that's true. >> bill: there is a non-manufacturing number that comes out at 10:00. >> that's the officers index. we're a service economy, non-manufacturing services. if it is above 50 it looks like growth. below 50 contraction. all expectations are above 50. we are a services economy. if it's a bad number the selling will accelerate. jobs number tomorrow. about 160,000 jobs or so. we had the adp number out yesterday, 135,000. slightly below expectations. so here, too, you are seeing a bit of a slowdown. the question here is we are seeing cap ex slowdown. capital expenditures. companies putting money to work in terms of inventory and investment in i.t., capital expenditures is a very important number to look at because it tells you if ceos and managers of businesses are
6:47 am
uncertain enough that they are actually going to pull back in terms of what they're spending on and they have. so that uncertainty has caused that. the question is will it cause them to pull back on hiring? that's when we'll start getting nervous about it. >> bill: i'm here to learn. consider me the student. >> i'm learning from you. >> bill: hardly. delta says they could face serious harm from the tariffs. here is a statement from the airline imposing tariffs on aircraft that u.s. companies have committed to will inflict serious harm on u.s. airlines. the millions of americans they employ and the traveling public. >> delta airlines never bought the max jet from boeing. it avoided all of those problems in terms of the other airlines that had to stop putting the max jet up in the air after the accidents from the lion air crash and ethiopian crash. as a result of that delta was doing well. it didn't have the boeing jets. it only uses airbus.
6:48 am
well now look what happens. the u.s. is putting tariffs on jets from europe, airbus is their main aerospace maker. delta will feel that. delta may pass it on to the consumer. the other airlines were using the max jet. >> bill: alex azar was on talking about healthcare. i'll play this clip and explain the conversation here. >> a lot of the proposals for medical for all what they would do is take medicare advantage away. they would outlaw private insurance. it is what our seniors want. the president puts a stake in the ground saying he will protect medicare. >> bill: that's a campaign issue for the next year. >> absolutely. the president needs to get ahead of what sk told to the american people on the democrat side. medicare for all yesterday when bernie sanders had a heart issue from the hospital he is treating out, look, no one should ever be worried about medical assistance and medicare for all he said. medicare for all will eliminate
6:49 am
the private healthcare industry. 180 million people who currently get their insurance from the private sector will have to go on to medicare for all. the president is saying look, there are other options. and while i'm doing this i'm going to put competition in place so the prices of drugs come down. he wants to be able to get generics from canada so there is competition. >> bill: you have comparison shopping. navarro made news. >> when i was pushing him on tariffs on european products coming sgao sbao* this country. no way there will be retaliatory tariffs. it's the result of the world trade organizations award. we aren't expecting retaliatory tariffs. he said don't expect a trade war now with europe. >> sandra: new charges filed against democratic donor ed buck. more on his indictment in the overdose deaths of two men at
6:50 am
his home in hollywood. >> authorities looking for this man. they say he broke into cars in an apartment complex. his reaction, however, has gone viral. we'll show you why. so don't miss that. [upbeat action music]
6:51 am
♪ (pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> bill: prowler thought on camera. the camera's light flashes and quickly busted. that's one way now. the owner said she didn't have a thing of value in her car and hope the suspect's image will help him get caught. smiling. >> sandra: you assume there is a camera everywhere. >> bill: agree. >> sandra: behave yourself.
6:54 am
democratic donor ed buck facing new charges in the overdose death of two men at his hollywood home. he has been indicted by a federal grand jury on several counts of distributing meth. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with that story. >> sandra, for two years cops, survivors and victims's families begged prosecutors to charge buck but they refused. yesterday after a county sheriff's deputy went to the u.s. attorney on his own did a federal grand jury indict the democratic party mega donor on two counts of distributing meth. he targeted destitute individuals to exploit the relative wealth and power imbalance between them. prosecutors say buck solicited men on social media gay dating website and used a scout to proposition them with drugs and money and he would inject and
6:55 am
victimize at least 11 men with methamphetamine. activists have long wanted police to charge him. moore's mother praised the u.s. attorney for getting involved while a local d.a. defended her office saying evidence was never strong enough to act. >> we have been screaming and hollering to anyone who would listen. finally someone listened and can't hurt anybody. >> you don't arrest people based on rumor and innuendo. we need hard facts and evidence. that's our justice system. you have to have people who can withstand cross examination. >> so far the judge has denied bail. buck faces 20 years to life in prison. back to you. >> bill: in a moment the former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker is on the hill being
6:56 am
interviewed by lawmakers in the impeachment inquiry. it could go on for some time or not. the former vp joe biden facing scrutiny over his son's business dealings in ukraine. today's headliner spent years investigating hunter biden. peter schweizer is our headliner coming up shortly. wel? this is totally customizable, so you focus only on what you want. okay, it's got screeners and watchlists. and you can even see how your predictions might affect the value of the stocks you're interested in. now this is what i'm talking about. yeah, it'll free up more time for your... uh, true crime shows? british baking competitions. hm. didn't peg you for a crumpet guy. focus on what matters to you with thinkorswim. ♪ today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros
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questions you have, and help you chose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and there's no obligation. you know medicare won't cover all your medical costs, so call now! and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> sandra: fox news alert. impeachment inquiry is off and running with the first official to be interviewed by house
7:00 am
democrats in the ukraine probe now behind closed doors. we keep an eye on president trump for any remarks he could make as he takes off for florida later this hour. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." welcome, i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning. i'm bill hemmer. former envoy to ukraine kurt volker answering questions in front of three different panels as we learn the ukraine whistleblower contacted an aide on the intelligence committee before filing a complaint. both sides staking their opening positions. >> impeachment vote inevitable in the house? >> i don't think so. i think we just go forward and follow the facts. i don't think. there are some people saying why are you calling for an inquiry, just call to impeach. i don't think that would be fair and it isn't worthy of the constitution. we should collect the facts. >> mr. schiff the chairman is taking over. i'm interested to see what
7:01 am
volker says. the reality is my opinion is they'll keep this classified as much as possible particularly if it's not going to help their impeachment inquiries. >> mike emanuel is live on the hill. good day to you as we start another day there in washington >> good morning. there are some complaint this morning's closed door session is not being done fairly. former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker who resigned his post late last week is answering questions behind closed doors this hour. the top republican on the house foreign affairs michael mccall is not happy it is being led by the intelligence committee. intelligence staff will be asking the questions writing these constraints on committee and republican participation are unacceptable and at odds with house rules and general fairness. we demand equal representation and participation in this inquiry. there is too much at stake for america and congress. today speaker nancy pelosi is
7:02 am
defending her colleague adam schiff who is accused of dramatizing president trump's call with ukrainian president. >> i want the american people to know what that phone call was about. i want them to hear it so yeah, it's fair. it's sad. but it is using the president's own words. so -- >> those weren't the president's words. it was an interpretation of the president's words. >> he did not make it up. >> bill: schiff the house intelligence chair is also under intense scrutiny after "the new york times" reported his staff had contact with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed. schiff aides say at no point did the committee review or receive the complaint in advance. a republican on the committee says something doesn't add up. >> just wasn't honest with how he answered these questions and frankly he should have come to this committee and discussed it with us. instead he pretended he didn't know while at the same time pretending to open this investigation that he supposedly knew nothing about. i do think there are questions the chairman has to answer.
7:03 am
>> it is unclear how much we'll learn about what kurt volker is saying this hour. it is behind closed doors for a reason. >> bill: mike emanuel there on the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in our a-team. tom bevan editor of real clear politics. jessica tarlov fox news contributor and brian brenberg chair of the business and finance program at the king's college in manhattan. welcome to all of you. tom, start us off here. vol ker is behind closed doors answer questions voluntarily the morning. the first key witness, a big day. >> it is amazing how fast this is moving and how messy it has gotten so quickly. i think that revelation about adam schiff and him not telling the truth. he was asked point blank on television whether he had any contact with the whistleblower. he said we have not. he or his staff. that's not true. so i think as both sides are racing to try to frame this narrative that's a huge gift to donald trump and his forces in
7:04 am
terms of saying but resting his case this is a totally political move. it is a hoax, a crime, fraud, whatever you want to say. but it is amazing how fast it is going and democrats are going to try to get this done they say by thanksgiving? which seems to be -- you talked about nancy pelosi whether she will hold a vote or not. to try to get this done and rush it through before thanksgiving, that will be -- >> sandra: they didn't give that timeline during that press conference, though. >> that's what democrats on the hill have been saying. they want to do it quick, fast and focused. if all they have is this transcript and nothing else comes out we don't have any other revelations it makes it a tough case. >> there is a reason they want to go fast here. they no the longer this goes on, the thinner this whole thing looks and the more voters say why are we doing this? they have credibility problems already. adam schiff has given them clear credibility problems starting with what you talked about knowing the whistleblower's complaint ahead of time and now we get the hearings.
7:05 am
can republicans ask questions or not? that looks fishy. you have the whistleblower complaint form changing early. lots of credibility issues. the longer you go on, the more those multiply and voters think is this another repeat of mueller? >> the voters are saying the exact opposite of that. we've seen marked increases in support for the impeachment inquiry, not necessarily for voting and removing president trump from office. but the inquiry. i understand the criticism of adam schiff in that interview and it certainly seemed deceptive to me. if you look at the guidelines for protect and disclosures, the whistleblower followed the directions to a t. you can go to the intelligence committee to report something like this and then senators burr and warner, bipartisan agreement from the senate intelligence committee they've issued statements saying it's standard practice. >> sandra: why would adam schiff say he didn't. >> adam schiff himself didn't
7:06 am
see it. he maintains as does the whistleblower's lawyer that schiff doesn't know the identity of the whistleblower. the transcript is enough or i should say abridged transcript or memorandum. president trump yesterday left an open lane. he talked about how they were multiple people on the call. over 20 people on the call that it was written down word for word. if it was written down word for word. there are many ellipses. >> bill: to your point, tom, this moving at lightning speed. two months and two weeks ago when the conversation happened. "wall street journal." democrats lost in ukraine. in two weeks it's become incomprehensible. >> one of the things that i could never understand nancy pelosi, so cautious about this. she knew this was a political
7:07 am
loser, she wouldn't go for impeachment and then suddenly comes out really aggressively before the complaint was released. before the transcript was released and announces this inquiry. i can never understand why she would do that. now i think we know. adam schiff knew ahead of time. folks on the intelligence knew ahead of time the complaint was coming down the pike. it's why she took a step that you could look in retrospect could be reckless. >> does that undo the facts based on the transcript. you have the president asking for dirt on a political rival. we know it's an abuse of the office for his personal gain. even if he was asking about hunter biden or what happened in 2016. that's still material that he can use from a foreign power in an election. >> bill: speaking of joe biden. roll this here. >> what i did in ukraine was carry out the official policy
7:08 am
of the united states government. to root out corruption in ukraine. we weren't messing ukraine to get rid of a tough prosecutor. we were pursuing ukraine to replace a weak prosecutor who wouldn't do his job. >> where does that leave ?u >> also a prosecutor who is claiming that one of the things he was doing was investigating burisma which happened to have a biden on the board. you cannot ignore that issue. yes, i know democrats are saying that's been debunked. but the american people look at the issue and look at the arraignment and say you are telling me there is nothing going on there, really? now you have shokin telly giuliani back in january in fact we were looking at the founder of that company and i was told to back off. that needs to be looked at. that's a serious claim and it goes to the very heart of the substance, not the politics, the substance of what we're talking about. >> do you have think that 2020 or the next few months will be a referendum on joe biden's character versus donald trump's
7:09 am
character? republicans will lose here. the investigation into burisma by shokin was closed by the time biden showed up with his $1 billion ultimatum. i understand what rudy giuliani. if the republicans want to let him be their mouthpiece they're in more trouble. he has made it clear he was working in concert with the state department. mike pompeo now in trouble. >> sandra: do you have problems or questions about the biden's business dealings in ukraine? >> i have issues with the way that nepotism works and the way people get these positions. i have issues with that. >> bill: what about the next frame of the story when they unveil china? >> i understand that argument and i've heard it multiple times. it doesn't change the fact that president trump asked a foreign power to give him dirt on a political rival to help him for personal gain. that's an abuse of the office of the presidency. >> bill: you guys were talking about adam schiff. kevin mccarthy on shift with
7:10 am
hannity last night. >> i think this adam schiff needs to tell us what did he know, when did he know it. how many times did he lie to us in the process. adam schiff has proven he has no credibility. he has no credibility to be a chairman and he has no right to be the prosecutor in this case. >> sandra: whoa. i was looking at the dow down 300 points. we'll get more on that. >> bill: non-manufacturing number. >> sandra: service number, yes. as far as the speed by which democrats are proceeding here karl rove writes this this morning. hurry up and impeach. democrats have forgotten that president nixon resigned only after 13 months of hearings. two generations later house dems are taking a different tack rushing to remove this president may be cathartic for them but their unfairness and partisanship will assure they fail leaving the country more divided and bitter. he makes the case they're moving too quickly and say urgent as if speed is the prime
7:11 am
imperative. >> i think he is right. nancy pelosi not calling for a formal impeachment vote, right, which gives off the impression that this is more political than serious. eventually those democrats -- moderate democrats in the house will have to vote on something. she says they may not. if they bring articles of impeachment against the president they'll have to vote at some point. karl rove is right about the politics of this. by rushing it so fast the democrats are going to make this end up looking political and give the ammunition back to the president. >> it goes back to jessica's point saying the public is more in favor of impeachment now than they were two weeks or two months ago. >> the inquiry. >> pelosi will not hold a vote to start the inquiry and not make her members go on record to officially start the inquiry just as we did under clinton and nixon. there is a reason. she knows the politics aren't nearly as clear as you are saying they are. >> rove continues. they're bluffing. this is how they operate.
7:12 am
verdict first, trial later. ignore fairness be damned. joseph mcguire we watched this a week ago today. just a week ago today on the hill. >> i want to stress that i believe that the whistleblower and the inspector general have acted in good faith throughout. i have every reason to believe that they have done everything by the book and followed the law. >> bill: with that you fold that into what is happening today and see whether or not something comes from that >> sandra: that's key because if he had full knowledge of the entire process that the whistleblower went through to the point where the complaint was made public, and he testified on capitol hill, he would have known this was brought before the intelligence committee. >> that's standard procedure. >> he would have known that then, correct? >> what's the problem with that. he is saying the whistleblower is credible.
7:13 am
the i.g. followed the guidelines to a tee to get second hand information to corroborate it. i see no issue with what mcguire said last week. >> sandra: i don't think anybody is taking issue with what he says. did he know that this was brought before the intelligence committee in some form before it was brought through the full procedure? >> i assume he did know that. he followed the whole pathway. there is nothing wrong with that. it's dni procedure. >> this was a week before we knew about "the new york times" story yesterday. >> he admitted he knew about it before it came out. the point is what has happened since then. the credibility issue has come with how things have played out particularly the intelligence committee since we learned about all of this. that's where schiff has made his biggest errors. it starts with not being clear that he knew about the whistleblower complaint before the rest of us did. >> as crazy as this has gotten imagine as we move forward the next few weeks we'll have the
7:14 am
horowitz i.g. report that will land by the end of this month and john durham's report coming out at some point in the near future which will layer on top of the circus that is going on more and more to this story. >> bill: i will tell you this, the one question you get when you walk outside this building, the same for all of you. what's going to happen? strangers stop you on the street. what's going on? how does this end up? that's the question that we need to figure out. >> sandra: the big question. all right. thank you a-team. >> bill: mean while joe biden facing renewed questions about his son's business dealings. our headliner peter schweizer is coming up. he has been looking at the biden business dealings for years. >> sandra: a new report says americans spent more on taxes last year than on food, clothing, and healthcare combined. we'll tell you about which cities and states are the least
7:15 am
tax friendly. an update on the sell-off. >> the judge announced the sentence for a police officer convicted of murder and how the victim's family is reacting. >> if you truly are sorry, i know i can speak for myself, i forgive you. i know if you go to god and ask him, he will forgive you. ws. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. beyond fast. >> bill: want to bring in co-anchor after the bell on fox business. hello, sir. we have a number of 19 minutes ago. what did it tell us about our economy? >> confirmed what we've been talking about all week. the economy is slowing down. i know there have been talks whether or not we're going into recession. this latest figure on the service sector or the services component of our economy by far the largest part of our economy where services economy now. it was disappointing. the reading came in above 50 and the larger number on this is not important but the demarcation line is 50. if you are below 50 you're contracting.
7:20 am
the reading was only 52.6. disappointment. the wall street estimate was around 55. it confirms you guys talked about manufacturing earlier in the week. you put the two numbers together and this economy is slowing down and why you're seeing the sell-off. >> sandra: there are fears on wall street we could be facing a bigger slowdown in the future. 1100 points the dow erased in three days. >> if you want to put it in perspective it is a chunk but not necessarily the end of the world. we're in the midst, everybody knows it, a trade war between the united states and china. businesses look at that. more so i think at the moment than consumers and say it's really tough for me to plan for the future. tough for me the plan a year out. >> bill: we were saying the same thing two months ago and we shook it off. >> to your point the figures looked okay. now we're back into the cycle.
7:21 am
we went through it at the end of last year as well in december where there was the big sell-off in stocks. the larger theme that the planning for american businesses is made more difficulty by the uncertainty created by trade between the united states and china. that is still there. that's come back and now it's showing up in these figures. i think what's important about today is if you combine today with two days ago, now you have the entire economy showing signs of slowdown. not recession but slowdown. that's concerning. >> sandra: caution could be recommended. americans spent more on taxes in 2018 than on food, clothing and healthcare combined. i know we all dread tax day. this is something the average american consumer in five categories of taxes over $18,000 they spent on food, clothing, healthcare, nearly $15,000. >> this is one of those stories when you read those numbers that is shocking but at the
7:22 am
same time not surprising. the figures you're showing of the $18,000 plus versus the $14,700. that has been the case for years. the margin is widening and from conservatives' point of view going into an election campaign they'll ask a simple question. is it worth it what you are getting from the government for these taxes? that conversation is one we could be having for the last decade or more. the story i think this year is that the gap between -- when you use the clothes, food, and healthcare and taxes, that gap is widening and getting worse. taxes going down. federal government giving us a break. state and local governments making it up and you are paying more. >> bill: where do you go to get away from it? wyoming, nevada, tennessee, florida, and alaska. you don't go to illinois, connecticut, new york, wisconsin or new jersey.
7:23 am
>> all the states sandra smith has lived in. >> some beautiful places on the tax-friendly states on that list. another one not so surprising. kiplinger put the list together. where is california? funny california was not listed among the least tax friendly states. there is a reason for that. what they did. it's fair. they came up with a hypothetical family and they said you have a family with two kids making $150 grand a year, dividend income. california on a different list would be at the top. they have an income tax rate at the top end that's very high, 13.3%. the issue is you have to make a million dollars or more to pay the top rate and why california doesn't make this list. >> sandra: head to wyoming. no income taxes in the state. tennessee has an income tax but only applies to interest and dividends. not salaries and other wages.
7:24 am
if you can -- >> bill: a tax-friendly place. i grew up on long island. >> bill: you are number three. smitty number one. i'm number eight from ohio. >> we're used to all this. >> sandra: the dow just came back 100 points. keep talking. more news out of the white house. president trump is speaking to reporters we're told on his way out the door to florida. his trip to the sunshine state coming as the impeachment probe continues to unfold on capitol hill. we know he is taking questions on the whistleblower and that will be key in that phone call when we have that for you, we will bring it to you. >> bill: questions now about the v.p. former v.p. joe biden responding to claims of corruption as we learn more about dealings with his son in ukraine. we'll take a deep dive with peter schweizer. he has investigated these deals for some time. >> there is no conspiracy
7:25 am
theory here. the oldest game in politics. follow the money and self-enrichment. joe biden just wants these issues to go away.
7:26 am
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7:29 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now. president trump speaking to reporters just moments ago as he was leaving the white house on his way to florida. he addressed the whistleblower as well as claims surrounding former vice president joe biden. we'll have those comments moments from now and we'll bring them to you. let's bring in our headliner peter schweizer the author of secret empires and president of the government accountability institute. peter, good morning and thank you for being here. first up, we know that volker is behind closed doors, the first key witness for democrats to question in all of this. what do you expect will come of this morning? >> you know, it's hard to say. look, there is a lot of contradictory stories. my view is it's completely legitimate for the united states government to
7:30 am
investigate the actions of political figures around the world. particularly when it involves self-enrichment. joe biden is a political opponent. these actions involving his son occurred while he was vice president of the united states. the notion that if you are running for office you get a get out of jail free card i think is ridiculous. i think there is nothing wrong with saying it should be done through the department of justice. working with ukrainians. >> bill: is reporting that the former ukraine prosecutor was told to back off the probe of the biden linked firm. you've been looking at this. is that true or not? >> yeah, it's very interesting. the prosecutor shokin has been under oath involving a court trial in austria where he has explicitly said that he was pressured and later fired because of the biden investigation. there are other ukrainians that
7:31 am
contradict that. the bottom line is at the end of the day it needs to be investigated. what we know for a fact is in ukraine and china, the only two countries where joe biden was point person on u.s. foreign policy, his son cashed in big time in both countries. in ukraine two months after his father is put in charge of u.s. aid going to ukraine he gets this board appointment as burisma. according to backing records he was getting $83,000 a month for a job he had no background in ukraine and he had no background in energy. why that in and of itself should not be investigated i for the life of me can't understand. do we want a country where political leaders, republicans, democrats, whoever are cashing in that way? i don't think so. that's why i think it needs to be investigated. >> sandra: here is what joe biden said on the record speaking to our own peter doocy when asked about his son's business dealings and whether they were ever discussed between the two.
7:32 am
>> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> sandra: then that picture emerged, peter, showing a picture of the bidens, joe biden and his son golfing with that gas company executive on the far left. >> yeah. it's an absurd statement for him to make. first of all because his own son hunter contradicted him. he said they talked about burisma. his father said i hope you know what you're doing. the other problem is hunter biden has flown around the air force on air force 2 his father to china and vatican. the notion that they never talk about his business dealings which are almost entirely overseas, almost entirely involve ukraine and chain is patently ridiculous. the photo i believe is from the summer of 2014 after they joined the board of burisma. shows they were spending time with other people involved with
7:33 am
burisma. it's a patently ridiculous position and one of the reasons the senate needs to look at this and we need to look at financial records and see the communications that joe biden had with ukrainian and chinese officials at the top. >> bill: this is from january of 2018, okay? not quite two years ago when he explained the movement -- the action he took against the prosecutor in the ukraine. sgliem owe telling you, you aren't getting a billion dollars. i said you aren't getting a billion. i'm leaving here in six hours. i said i'm leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired you aren't getting the money. well, son of a [bleep] he got fired. >> bill: we've seen that a couple times here. we have the two-minute warning for the president's playback tape. what he said yesterday in nevada is that he wasn't looking to get -- he was looking to get rid of a bad prosecutor and replace him with a tough prosecutor in the ukraine. all these claims about violations do not fly.
7:34 am
>> here is the problem. he doesn't say in that clip that the prosecutor was investigating his son. this argument that he was a bad prosecutor he wanted to get rid of is irrelevant. the fact of the matter is that they were investigating his son and he wanted that prosecutor fired. it was entirely inappropriate and may have crossed some legal lines considering what other possibilities he might have engaged in. that's why we need to investigate it. that statement he made is an absolute explicit example of a quid pro quo. not ambiguous. not coded words at all. contrast that to the conversation the president had with the ukrainian president it is not that kind of language and people who have suggested that donald trump was hinting at a quid pro quo or using coded language, anybody who has followed donald trump for six months knows he does not speak in coded words and does not hint at things. he is very direct and bold. i think it's important to draw
7:35 am
the distinction between those two sets of conversation. >> sandra: biden seems to think the president's attacked are based on his concern about how joe biden may beat him in 2020. we'll hear from the president in a moment. he is expected to bring up china, a rough type of what we're about to hear biden going down. you may very well find other countries like ukraine and china scams in the united states. china deals with people like biden. we'll hear from the president in a moment. we appreciate you joining us. the president speaking to reporters as he leaves the white house for an event in florida. here is the president. >> president trump: the villages, we have a big crowd. we'll be talking about healthcare. we're doing a lot of work on healthcare. we're very successful at it. and so we'll be speaking to the great people of florida. and i think they are very happy with the job we're doing. [inaudible question]
7:36 am
>> president trump: if you look at the whistleblower's complaint it is totally inaccurate. the conversation i had was absolutely perfect and most people that have read it say the same thing. the whistleblower never saw the conversation. he got his information i guess second or third hand. he wrote something that was total fiction and now when people see that they aren't happy. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we're looking at a lot of different things. china is coming in next week and we'll have a meeting with them. we'll see. we're doing very well. some of the numbers i think are being affected by all of the nonsense, all of the politics going on discussed by the democrats. i call them the do nothings, they do nothing for this country. they don't care about this country. but the numbers really are
7:37 am
looking very good going into the future. so we'll see. i have a lot of options for china. if they don't do what we want we have tremendous power. >> what exactly did you hope zelensky would do about the biden phone call. >> >> president trump: start an investigation into the bidens. how does a company newly formed and all these companies -- by the way, likewise china should start an investigation into the bidens. because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. so i would say that president zelensky, if it were me, i would recommend that they start an investigation into the bidens. because nobody has any doubt that they weren't crooked.
7:38 am
that was a crooked deal 100%. he had no knowledge of energy, didn't know the first thing about it. all of a sudden he is getting $50,000 a month plus a lot of other things. nobody has any doubt. they got rid of a prosecutor who was a very tough prosecutor. they got rid of him. now they are trying to make it the opposite way. so if i were the president, i would certainly recommend that of ukraine. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i haven't, certainly something we can start thinking about. because i'm sure that president xi does not like being on that kind of scrutiny where billions of dollars is taken out of his country by a guy that just got kicked out of the navy. he got kicked out of the navy. all of a sudden he is getting billions of dollars. they call that a payoff. [inaudible question]
7:39 am
>> president trump: i leave that to the lawyers. i can say, though, that schiff has been proven to be a liar. we've known it for three years. they've been trying to impeach for three years. he is a liar, a stone cold liar. i leave that to the lawyers. it's up to them to decide. the whole investigation is crumbling. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i can, yeah, i can. i can. [inaudible question] >> president trump: well, we have a real problem. we've been hitting the taliban very, very hard and as far as i'm concerned they still haven't recovered from killing 12 people, one who happened to be a great american soldier
7:40 am
from puerto rico. they still have not recovered and they probably never will. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i read mitch mcconnell's statement yesterday and he read my phone call and as you know he put out a statement that said that was the most innocent phone call he has read. and i spoke to him about it, too. he read my phone call with the president of ukraine, mitch mcconnell. he said that was the most innocent phone call that i've read. i mean, give me a break. anybody that reads it says the same thing. the only people that don't understand it is when they look at the full, fabricated, fraudulent statement made by shifty schiff. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think biden is going down. and i think his whole situation.
7:41 am
because now you may very well find there are many other countries that they scammed just like they scammed china and ukraine and basically who are they really scamming? the usa. it is not good. that's probably why china for so many years has had a sweetheart deal where china rips off the usa. they deal with people like biden where they give the son a billion and a half dollars and probably why china has such a sweetheart deal that for so many years they've been ripping off our country. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we're looking at it very closely. it is under study. [inaudible question] >> president trump: we'll see. they want to talk and we'll be talking to them soon. we'll see. i'm going to -- yes.
7:42 am
[inaudible question] >> president trump: i heard very bad things about her. i don't know if he recalled her or somebody did. i heard very bad things about her for a very long time. not good. thank you. i'll see you in florida. i'll see you all in florida. >> bill: he heads off to the villages near orlando, florida, north of there. peter schweizer still with us. we picked up on the comment about china starting an investigation, just as bad comparing it to ukraine. you were just talking about china. what do you believe -- the president clearly on offense. we'll see where it goes. what is the next leg in the story people like rudy giuliani are ready to say about the biden relationship in china? what is that? >> as i revealed in secret empires. that book came out in 2018.
7:43 am
hunter biden flew on air force two his his father in december of 2013. 10 days after they returned to the united states, hunter biden's small boutique firm, rows mont seneca partners announced a 1.5 billion deal with a b, with the chinese government. not with the chinese bank or american company in china, the chinese government. hunter biden was on the board of directors of that entity. his business partner devin archer who was in the ukraine photo you showed earlier, was on the finance committee of that organization. and again, hunter biden had no background in china. he had no background in private equity. there is little reason for him to get that job other than his last name was biden. >> bill: i'm pushing for time here. the comment with peter doocy in iowa a few weeks ago i've never spoken to my son about his overseas business. they flew on the same plane to
7:44 am
china and back, yes? >> that's correct. chinese -- >> bill: yesterday in nevada from nbc the reporter asked this question to joe biden. >> the president said quote biden and his son are stone cold crooked. have you talked to your son about any of this? >> i talked to my son. we communicated a couple times but look, there is zero, zero, zero, zero evidence of any assertion being made. >> bill: as you listen to the longer clip he says there we communicated a couple times. if you listen to the full answer he comes back to the issue of ukraine in that answer. continue, peter. >> yeah. what i was going to say as it relates to china. not only did he fly over on air force two and back with his dad. we know based on reporter by "the new yorker" that chinese officials involved in the private equity deal with biden say on the december 2013 trip
7:45 am
they were introduced to the vice president by hunter biden. how you introduce a stranger to your father, the vice president, and you don't explain who they are or why you are introducing them i think just shows the absurd tee -- absurdity of this position. the president talked about other countries. as you talk about in the paper back edition of secret empires, when you look at hunter biden's account at morgan stanley that he shared with devin arch, you have money coming burisma. from anonymous swiss bank accounts with alphabet llcs. there is a lot of mystery money flowing into that account we don't know where it came from. that's a big problem for the bidens. >> sandra: just to reiterate what we just heard from the president as he was departing for florida. if the ukrainians are honest they'll start investigating the bidens. he makes the case biden had a crooked deal in ukraine and pressed that an investigation should be opened into the
7:46 am
bidens not just ukraine but china. he said it's just about as bad as what happened in ukraine. he then said biden is going down. he scammed china, the ukraine, and in effect scammed the american people. that was the president just moments ago. what do you expect will be the fallout from what we just heard from the president just now, peter? >> well, i think what i think should happen is our department of justice should investigate. i don't have a lot of confidence that the chinese or ukrainians will investigate this. both countries have political cultures that are deeply, deeply corrupt. but i think it needs to be looked at. i think joe biden and hunter biden need to have an honest conversation with the american people about these business dealings. because again, there is no plausible explanation. hunter biden was not hired for his expertise either in china or ukraine because he had none. so he is hired to do something. he was being paid to do something. and the story has shifted from we never talked about it to okay we've talked a couple of
7:47 am
times. we need to find out precisely if any favors were done by joe biden for the chinese or ukraine. >> kurt volker is behind closed doors. guaranteed to be leaks from capitol hill you would agree on that. the u.s. ambassador to ukraine was recalled back in may. the president was just asked about why that happened. he said she was not good was the final comment there. the whistleblower will testify somewhere in washington tomorrow. so as we sit here now, this entire story could flip on its head in 24 hours, peter. that's possible. >> yeah, it could. i mean, i think the greater attention that is focused on the phone call and the president's request to investigate the biden situation in ukraine is going to bring a lot more attention on joe biden. i don't think frankly he wants that. he would rather have other conversations. so yes, it could very well flip. it is always hard to know. we'll get initial leaks as you
7:48 am
know. the leaks may or may not be accurate. it is only when we get a complete picture we'll fully understand what happened but what we do know in the bidens case is the bidens got paid. we have the bank records and corporate documents and they were for positions and opportunities that hunter biden had zero qualifications for and they happened while his father was steering u.s. foreign policy to those countries. those are all simply facts. now it's up to the bidens and i think to the senate to look into this. >> bill: a lot moving now as we speak. >> sandra: peter schweizer, thank you. >> bill: in a moment here emotions running high in a dallas courtroom. a former police officer sentence d to 10 years behind bars for the shaongt -- shooting of a man in his own apartment. >> i'm not going to say you rot and die like my brother did but i personally want the best for
7:49 am
you. i don't even want you to go to jail. and you could lower your monthly payments right away by calling newday now. you can refinance at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points and save over 1,000 dollars a year. lower rates means lower payments. get the most of your va mortgage benefits. refi now at newday usa. refinance now and save.
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7:52 am
>> i'm amber guyger was trained not to shoot in the heart, my son would be standing here today.
7:53 am
he was no threat to her. he had no reason to pose a threat to her because he was in his own apartment. in his sanctuary. >> bill: heartbreaking reaction from the mother of the dead man in dallas after former dallas police officer amber guyger sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing her son inside his own home. guyger claimed she mistook it for her apartment and thought he was an intruder. former head of the new jersey county prosecutor and now criminal defense attorney bob bianchi. did the jury get it right? >> i tell you right. there was a big debate in the legal community whether or not it should have been charged as a murder case and interesting defenses in the case. the fact of the matter was the judge allowed all the defenses to come in. the jury looked at it and said this was an actual murder. a lot of people thought it was
7:54 am
an acquittal or something like manslaughter. this jury gave her the boat load as far as the highest charges and then went on the lower range of the sentencing. >> sandra: had so many people stop and ask me about this case covering it for so long. it's so confusing what happened. but she is a police officer, was. she was fully dressed and off duty. walked into this apartment as the defense makes the case thinking it was her own. saw him in his apartment rather, shot him thinking he was an intruder. she is now going to jail for 10 years, up for probation in five. why is she serving that. >> many people debating the idea whether she should have been prosecuted or mistake in the law and self-defense in your home. i don't want to get too wonky with it. the bottom line here, a tragic event, a beautiful guy. she thought she was in her apartment and thought there was an intruder. if in fact that was true she would have been reasonable in using the deadly force.
7:55 am
the only problem was she made a mistake and was in the wrong apartment. >> sandra: now to have it turn into an amazing story of forgiveness with botham jean's brother asking to get up and he hug her in the courtroom. >> i prosecuted many homicide cases to successful conclusion. i have never, ever seen somebody ask that, a judge granted. goes up and gives an elongated hug both of them very emotional, asked for forgiveness and then on top of that a judge who comes off the bench, hugs the family and hands the defendant a bible. these are something i've never seen in a courtroom. >> sandra: didn't know it was allowed, either. >> i've never seen it. the judge doing it with the bible was one thing. it was a beautiful hug and a beautiful gesture by the brother you really don't know what the intentions are of a person like that or what the emotional reaction could be. i'm sure the sheriffs officers were going i don't want these people to have contact with
7:56 am
each other. >> bill: he asked the judge. i don't want you to rot in hill. i forgive you. give your life to jesus christ and this this is what my brother wanted. he turned to the judge and said can i give her a hug? there was a 10-second pause. this is something the judge has never confronted, either. said yes. it was beautiful. >> sandra: thank you. former u.s. diplomat for ukraine giving testimony on capitol hill as house democrats advance their impeachment inquiry. how it all fits into the whistleblower complaint. more on that straight ahead. to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400% and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs,
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8:00 am
>> sandra: president trump calling for ukraine and china moments ago to investigate the bidens. welcome back to "america's newsroom," hour three i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. former special envoy kurt vol ker meeting with lawmakers being -- president trump ramping up his attacks on joe biden and his son, hunter. here he was leaving the white house a moment ago. >> president trump: china should start an investigation into the bidens because what happened to china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. so i would say that president
8:01 am
zelensky, if it were me, i would recommend that they start an investigation into the bidens. >> sandra: live fox team coverage. rich edson at the white house. first to catherine herridge on capitol hill where things are going down. >> they are, sandra. good morning. volker has been behind closed doors in a secure facility for about two hours doing this transcribed interview. a lot of questions this morning whether it makes a difference if he is under oath or isn't. the bottom line is that if you mislead or lie to congressional investigators in the course of a transcribed interview you face very severe penalties. i also just got off the phone with the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani who is making an effort to clarify the timeline in this critical period which is the spring. he said that on march 28th he finished his investigation or research into the bidens in ukraine and he told me he provided that information to the state department. he also emphasized that this
8:02 am
was about three weeks before joe biden officially announced that he would seek the democratic party's nomination. in the course of our conversation, giuliani also emphasized that it was volker who reached out to him and then he also provided a series of text messages. the most significant text message is from july 26 and the timing matters because that is one day after the president's phone call with the ukrainian leader. it reads hi, mr. mayor, from volker to giuliani. you may have heard the president has a great call with the ukrainian president yesterday. exactly the right messages. volker was not expressing any reservations about the content or context of the president's phone call. secretary of state mike pompeo has been traveling overseas and he told reporters that his people at the state department would work with congress but he also drew a line. >> we will, of course, do our constitutional duty to
8:03 am
cooperate with this co-equal branch but we're going to do so in a way consistent with the fundamental values of the american system and we won't tolerate folks on capitol hill bullying, intimidating state department employees. that is unacceptable and not something that i will permit to happen. >> we had confirmation yesterday here on capitol hill that the whistleblower approached the democratic-led house intelligence committee before he or she officially filed the complaint in mid-august. that timeline matters because it means that the democratic chairman at least had some outline of the complaint about a month before he started publicly talking about the whistleblower and that brings new scrutiny to a text message that congressman schiff sent at the end of august where he talks about the withholding of ukrainian aid and the specifically makes a reference to the work that rudy giuliani had been doing in ukraine. that on its face is quite a mirror image of some of the
8:04 am
central allegations in the whistleblower complaint. after "the new york times" first broke the story yesterday, the president at that news conference unloaded on the democratic chairman. >> president trump: it shows that schiff is a fraud. i think it's a scandal that he knew before. i would go a step further. i think he probably helped write it, okay? >> we received this very lengthy statement from the congressman's office yesterday and one of the key issues they say is that he had no contact, did not meet with the whistleblower and they go on to rebut or respond to the president's claim there they say congressman schiff had nothing to do with the drafting of the complaint. the bottom line from my conversations with the democrat-led committee as well as the lawyers for the whistleblower i asked them if there was a single contact or multiple contacts that matters. multiple contacts go to the issue of coordination and frankly neither party could provide a straight answer to me, sandra.
8:05 am
>> sandra: catherine herridge. thank you. >> bill: president trump calling on china and ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. the president wrapping up remarks en route to florida before he left the white house. rich edson on the north lawn with more from there. rich, good morning. >> good morning. the president pushing for this to go international from ukraine over to china now as the president is pushing for an investigation into joe biden's son, hunter biden, and his business dealings in china as the then vice president joe biden was traveling and conducting official business there. joe biden has said he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings overseas when he was vice president. the bidens have denied any impropriety. the president is still pushing for china to look into this. >> president trump: i think biden is going down and i think his whole situation. because now you may very well find that there are many other countries that they scammed just like they scammed china and ukraine and basically who are they really scamming?
8:06 am
the usa. >> the other side of this is the president is also now criticizing the whistleblower and the man investigating him or one of the men investigating him on capitol hill the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff. a report from "the new york times" that schiff and his committee learned about the outlines of the whistleblower's concerns before that person filed their official complaint. >> president trump: i leave that to the lawyers. i can say, though, schiff has now been proven to be a liar. we've known it for three years. they've been trying to impeach for three years. he have is a liar, a stone cold liar. i leave that to the lawyers. that's up to them to decide. but the whole investigation is crumbling. >> in response "the new york times" report chairman schiff reported when a whistleblower seeks guidance staff advises them to get counsel and go to an i.g. that's what they're supposed to do unlike a president pressing a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political opponent.
8:07 am
that's not what a president is supposed to do and we all know about it. intelligence committee spokesman says the whistleblower approached a committee aide. the aide followed committee procedure and advised the whistleblower to find a lawyer and meet with an inspector general. the committee never reviewed or received the complaint in advance, only seeing it three weeks after what he says was the legal deadline to get it. the president's allies -- >> bill: rich edson. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in gerrard baker an editor of the "wall street journal." great to watch that especially with everything going on now. we saw the economic number this morning, market sell-off. there are concerns about growth. we'll talk about that in a minute. first react to what we just heard from president trump a few moments ago investigate. he is calling on china to
8:08 am
investigate the bidens. ukraine to investigate the bidens. >> classic donald trump. he doubles down. when everybody -- when the democrats and his opponents and the media are clutching their pearls about some new outrage and they think wow, this is the end now he just doubles down. he says far from being ashamed or sorry for asking president zelensky of ukraine he is saying they should investigate and other countries should too. the significance is he does suggest he feels on pretty strong ground on this topic. far from this being an abuse of power as the democrats would say to get a foreign government to investigate a domestic political opponent he feels there is some suspicious, questionable stuff that hunter biden has done in his various roles around the world and he is legitimate to ask foreign countries to investigate. >> sandra: former kurt volker asking questions to multiple committees this morning. the first key witness in the
8:09 am
democrats' impeachment probe. what do you think comes from that? >> we'll have to see. it is behind closed doors. catherine herridge was reporting on some of the documents that will became available. this will be spun. because it's behind closed doors, the democrats and democratic staffers will come out and say what they took away from it, which is what they want to hear. republicans will, too. they'll say what they want to hear. it is hard to know. what we've seen so far it doesn't sound as though kurt volker, a longstanding state department official, has said anything or indicated anything that is incriminating for the president. we'll have to watch that process as democrats and republicans come out today. >> sandra: circle back from what we just heard from the president calling on china and ukraine to investigate the bidens. he was asked whether or not he had actually spoken to president xi about doing that. he said no i haven't. something we can start thinking about because i'm sure that
8:10 am
president xi does not like being under that kind of scrutiny where billions of dollars is being taken out of his country. the president's response to a question whether or not he had spoken to china directly about that in a middle of an ongoing trade war with china. >> interesting a little bit of spice to the trade dispute. maybe again for the president it's a possible area of agreement between the u.s. and china. he is saying look, if there has been something nefarious going on, china lost out from it. we're anxious to help china investigate as china should want to. it may against the background of pretty tough trade negligent yaixs and deteriorating economic relationship between us the us and china. this offers a little sunshine. >> sandra: a lot changing this morning. we'll see where it goes. if we can throw up the big board quite a sell-off earlier when we got the ism number. services index a lot of folks were watching because of the sell-off we saw in the dow this week. look at that. on that number seen as a bad number for the economy or
8:11 am
indication of slowing growth now it has completely come back. hemmer sharply unchanged. make some sense of what is happening with the u.s. stock markets three days you had nearly 1,000 points or over 1,000 point sell-off. are these concerns about the slowdown in our economy real or warranted? >> the u.s. economy -- you talk to business, it is in pretty good shape. the consumer is very confident. wages are rising. there is no inflation to worry about. no real financial imbalances. the kind of things we often see at this late stage of an expansion. important numbers tomorrow, employment numbers. these are surveys. we had a survey earlier in the week on manufacturing, which suggested that manufacturing is weak. that's understandable because that was heavily driven by exports. we just talked about china. there is a lot of concern about the deteriorating trade.
8:12 am
services is -- the number we had this morning is the lowest number in three years. much bigger part of the economy, more than 3/4 of the economy. it is hard to see -- the stock market is off its recent highs but it is still at a very high level overall. it reflects pretty strong confidence in the u.s. economy. >> sandra: we'll keep watching that and hear more from you show on fbn fridays at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. "wall street journal" at large. >> bill: nice to see you. in a moment three house committees asking questions now of the former special envoy in ukraine. he resigned only six days ago. new york republican peter king on where this is heading as of now. >> sandra: president trump not mincing words about the biden family now calling on china and the ukraine to look into their business dealings abroad. so where does this all go now? >> president trump: look, biden and his son are stone cold
8:13 am
crooked and you know it, his son walks out with million s of dollars the kid knows nothing. you know it and so do we.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> president trump: i'm sure that president xi does not like being under that kind of scrutiny where billions of dollars is taken out of his country by a guy that just got kicked out of the navy. >> sandra: president trump sounding off a few moments ago
8:17 am
saying both ukraine and china should be investigating biden and his son hunter for their business dealings. this as new documents show a former ukraine prosecutor was told to back off an investigation into the company linked to biden's son. john malcolm a former deputy assistant attorney general in the d.o.j. criminal division and senior legal fellow tt heritage foundation. a lot to take on here. we just heard from the president saying maybe it's something we should look into. investigating china. your thoughts on the president's comments a few moments ago. >> your last guest said while the democrats are clutching their pearls the president doubles down. he always doubles down. the biden campaign is running around saying it is specifically talking about ukraine a discredited conspiracy theory. a lot of the public isn't buying it. so vice president biden was on videotape bragging about the
8:18 am
fact that he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in military assistance from the ukraine unless and until victor shokin, the lead prosecutor was fired. he was. now mr. shokin is saying i was investigating burisma and i was told this was damage knowledge our relationship with the united states and i needed to shut down that investigation. mr. shokin has said different accounts at different times and people have different views as to whether he was a zealous prosecutor or a corrupt prosecutor. it is not a discredited conspiracy theory. whether china and ukraine will look into it, we'll see. >> sandra: he said maybe it's something we should do with china. there are conflicting things coming from joe biden himself when asked about speaking to his son about his business
8:19 am
dealings to remind everybody. this is how he originally answered the question whether he spoke with his son about the business dealings. >> how many times have you spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings. >> i have never spoken to my son about that. >> sandra: yes joe biden said this. >> have you talked to your son about any of this? >> i talked to my son. we've communicated. he lives out in california. we communicated a couple times. >> sandra: he was put into somewhat of a corner with that picture that emerged of joe biden along with his son, hunter, on the far right of the screen golfing with the ukraine gas executive on the far left of your screen, john. >> yeah. well look, i have a son and i ask him what's going on in his life. i have a mother and she asks me what is going on in my life. strange in my opinion to
8:20 am
believe the entire time he was vice president of the united states that he wasn't asking his son what he was up to in terms of his business dealings particularly since they traveled together to foreign countries. i would imagine that what they're doing and why they are going to those countries would come up during the flights. we'll find out. >> sandra: a couple more questions to get to with you here. the revelations from the notes of the president's current personal attorney rudy giuliani presented by the state department i.g. to congress yesterday showing this ex ukraine prosecutor was told to back off the probe of the biden-linked firm. what did you make of that revelation, john? >> well look, it is significant when you tie it to the video type of vice president biden bragging having gotten this guy fired. certain things are known. burisma holdings was at one point under investigation because of the founder's ties to the former russian puppet in ukraine. hunter biden with no experience
8:21 am
that anyone knows about in the energy field was appointed to the board of directors to the tune of $50,000 a month. he is the vice president's son and the vice president insisted that this prosecutor victor shokin be be fired. shokin said because he was investigating that company and i was told to shut that investigation down. it is a serious matter. >> sandra: we'll learn a lot more soon. john malcolm. appreciate you coming on the show this morning. >> bill: a dozen paratroopers injured when a military training exercise went wrong. some of them found themselves stuck in trees. we'll share that with you. plus the health epidemic linked to vaping growing by the day. we'll hear from the family of a teenager hospitalized with a lung illness linked to e-cigarettes and they'll tell us about this situation next. >> our youth are being actively tar g*eted by manufacturers with appealing flavors and able
8:22 am
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>> bill: back to the story we mentioned a moment ago. the investigation of camp shelby in mississippi. 22 paratroopers in a military training exercise injured. many missed the target and became stuck in trees on the way down as they were doing this practice drill. lucas tomlinson has more from the pentagon. what happened? >> army officials say 26 of the hundreds of paratroopers who made the nighttime jump last night to begin a 10 day training exercise were injured when a gust of wind blew them into a forest. six are hospitalized.
8:26 am
no injuries are life threatening. the jump took place at 8:00 p.m. at camp shelby that covers more than 134,000 acres located outside hat is berg in southern mississippi. 25th infantry division. based in alaska. they jumped from a j-130. the army makes all its jumps at night to simulate combat environment. each paratrooper has four seconds of free fall before the rip cord deploys the parachute. airborne units make one nighttime jump a month. 425 is one of six brigades in the u.s. arm ear. the jump was part of a nighttime training exercise with the mississippi national guard involving up to 3,000
8:27 am
soldiers. nighttime jumps are always dangerous. emergency vehicles were on stand by prior to the jump. our goal is to continue training. pre-scheduled press conference in the next few minutes at the pentagon. we hope to learn more. >> bill: lucas tomlinson from the pentagon. >> sandra: a huge settlement linked to the most deadly mass shooting in mod u.s. history. how much will survivors and victims' families of the las vegas massacre receive. how much did adam schiff know about the whistleblower complaint? pete king joins us on that next. >> schiff was in the outlines of this from the get-go. he had about six weeks to prepare that ridiculous speech that he gave. this is something they thought long and hard about and that was the best he could come up with? r record low rates. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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p5adhbt va mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. the newday team is working overtime so every veteran can save $2000 a year. >> president trump: if you look
8:31 am
at the whistleblowers complaint it is totally inaccurate. the conversation that i had was absolutely perfect. and most people that have read it say the same thing. the whistleblower never saw the conversation. he got his information i guess second or third hand. he wrote something that was total fiction and now when people see that they aren't happy. >> bill: that was the president an hour ago on the whistleblower complaint as a former special envoy in ukraine talking to lawmakers from three house committees right now behind closed doors. republican congressman peter king with me now. good morning to you. do you know kurt volker at all or have any relationship with him? >> no, i don't. i've heard of him. my understanding people who do know him have a tremendous regard for him and considered to be a real professional and an area expert when it comes to ukraine and russia. >> bill: how do you remark on the speed by which this is moving? volker was in his job last
8:32 am
friday. he resigned. six days later he is behind closed doors with three different committees taking questions from intelligence members, how come? >> to me it shows democrats are definitely in a rush to judgment here. i think they know what their conclusion is going to be before they start. what mr. volker can add to it i don't know. obviously he was involved somewhat with mayor giuliani. he knows probably quite a bit about corruption in ukraine. but the fact that again the committees are moving so quickly shows that they want to really have a rush to judgment here and they want to get this over with and they want to have an impeachment. >> bill: maybe nancy pelosi was asked about it all this morning on gma from abc. here is one of her answers. >> some people say why are you calling for an inquiry? you should just call to impeach. i don't think that would be fair and it isn't worthy of the constitution. we should collect the facts. >> bill: the suggestion is she is slowing things down. she also said in that interview
8:33 am
i think the president knows the argument that can be made against him and he is scared. that's a quote. your reaction on that. >> again, it shows how she has pre-judged this and the fact is what is going now is an impeachment inquiry. if that's being done both sides should have the right to subpoena witnesses. when this was done with nixon and with the bill clinton there were strict parameters laid out. the house voted and equal access to getting access to information. in this case the democrats seem to be keeping it very close and tight. also when you go back to the nixon impeachment and clinton impeachment you had henry hyde and both chairmen of the judiciary committee and statesmen. they conducted it as statesman unlike what adam schiff is doing. having the intelligence committee in the forefront and five other committees involved.
8:34 am
it is unprecedented. nancy pelosi is right. impeachment is a very serious matter. only invoked three times in the history of the country. and to be racing into it the race they are the way they are. it should be the weapon of last resort. they are using it as a political attack which is really wrong. >> bill: you've seen the transcript. democrats say he was asking for the ukrainian president to investigate a potential opponent. how do you read it, sir? >> i don't read it that way. first of all if the president should have or shouldn't have mentioned it. it was poor judgment but nothing impeachable about it. as i see it as the chief executive of the united states and corruption in ukraine is very important. stamping it out is very important to our policy and important for the president to find out if anyone involved in our government has been either involved in any way even with a
8:35 am
conflict of interest involving corruption in the ukraine. certainly there are real questions about the role of joe biden and his son in ukraine. that should be looked into. the fact that he is running for president should not mean that he is excluded or gets immunity. if it were john smith as opposed to joe biden and john submit had a job in the government the president would be duty bound to have that investigated. >> bill: you are a lawyer. you went to notre dame law school and read through the transcript. legally speaking is that okay for a president to do that? or should that be left to opposition research far away from the west wing? >> no, it's two separate issues. there is politics of it but also the governmental issue. we want to find out the level of corruption in the ukraine and whether or not any officials in the american government did anything to enable that involved in any way. it's a legitimate role of the
8:36 am
american government. the governmental issue and the political issue. >> bill: peter king, thank you, the republican from new york. we'll see what comes from that meeting. kurt volker has been behind closed doors about two hours. we'll see how long it goes. thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert on the college admission scandal. another parent about to be sentenced in federal court after pleading guilty to paying $75,000 to improve his daughter's test scores. molly line outside the court in boston. >> the sentencing hearing for gordon kaplan is getting underway now. the co-chair of the law firm entered with a lot of support in the courtroom shaking hands and giving hugs. five rows full of people there to support him today. prosecutors said the connecticut father paid $75,000 in bribes through this phony charity of the mastermind to facilitate cheating on his daughter's sat exam. the government argues a lawyer who reached the apex of his
8:37 am
profession could engage in criminality shows disdain for the law. he deserves to go to jail. they are going after him quite aggressively in court today, the prosecutors saying that essentially despite having enormous resources to provide for his daughter he wanted the one thing not for sale, the perfect sat score. his concern throughout the course of his crime was for himself and not getting caught. the conception of hills relationship with singer was all about this fraud. unlike other parents who had worked with singer first. in a legitimate capacity. in a memorandum filed by the lawyers in support of gordon kaplan they write gordon knows he allowed himself to fall prey to his own ego and ambitions for his children confusing a desired result with what was best for his daughter and how clearly warped his thinking was. earlier this year he spoke in front of this courthouse apologizing.
8:38 am
>> i'm deeply ashamed and terribly sorry. i'm really sorry to my daughter who i love more than anything in the world. she knew nothing about this. hasn't even applied to college yet. i'm sorry for the other kids in the admissions process in college and to all the parents helping them and supporting them. i'm truly sorry. >> as the hearing is already underway he is likely to learn his fate in the next hour or so. three parents have been sentenced to prison time so far. felicity huffman 14 days and two other men got four months in prison. other parents are inching closer to trial among them loughlin and her fashion designer husband. a status hearing yesterday. the judge would like to see the trials that end up happening. still potential some of these parents could reach plea deals with the government. those that choose to go to trial the judge wants to see it
8:39 am
happen in 2020. >> bill: health matters now with an apparent linked to vaping. a young woman was rushed to the hospital with an illness linked to e-cigarettes. they'll share their story about what happened next. >> we went directly to the hospital. she was coughing, running a high fever, couldn't take a deep breath and struggled to keep oxygen saturation to the mid 80s. a ct scan was a diffuse pneumonia all over her lungs.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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>> bill: we're told the meeting is over now with the former envoy to ukraine kurt volker has been behind closed doors for what appears to be 2:15 give or take a little bit. a stake-out position there. there may be some comment from some of the members who were inside. some of the guidance we're getting now. several members have left and not spoken to reporters there. we'll see whether or not it
8:43 am
changes. committee members republicans and democrats from three committees. intel members, republicans and democrats were the only ones allowed under a set of rules they set up for this interview to do the questioning. we'll see what they found out. perhaps washington is a leaky place so stay tuned if somebody comes to the microphone and you'll see it here. >> sandra: a bit later today the cdc will releast new numbers on lung illnesses linked to e-cigarettes. 17 reported deaths tied to vaping nationwide. tim and ruby johnson's oldest daughter fell ill after vaping. they join us now to tell their story. thank you for joining us here on "america's newsroom." >> good morning. >> sandra: tell us what happened. you were on your way to take your daughter to college and she started experiencing some symptoms ruby. what were those and how did you respond?
8:44 am
>> so she had -- it was really painful when she took a deep breath and coughing a little bit and started running a fever. she said she wasn't feeling well. she admitted to me right away she had been vaping. we -- this is something a lot of parents are dealing with. we had found some vaping things in her room and she said they were a friend's and then again a few months later we found some and she admitted to it. we grounded her, made her door stay open. took everything away and she continued to do it behind our back according to her for 18 months on and off. so when i was driving her to school we were going to stop at an urgent care and get her checked out thinking maybe it was something like bronchitis. i didn't think it was related to the vaping even though she told me. when we got to near her school in colorado i took her to urgent care and they thought she had early pneumonia and
8:45 am
sent us to the e.r. she was admitted to the hospital. transferred to the icu and was there dd we were there for the better part of a week. it wasn't until the third doctor that we saw that anybody kind of really put any weight on the fact she said she had been vaping because the illnesses were so new. >> sandra: were the doctors able to directly connect what happened to your daughter to her vaping use? >> yes, originally it was being treated as a pneumonia, masks were on as if she were contagious. the third day and her being in the e.r. and oxygen levels going way up they did a lot of research, talked with other doctors at other hospitals and they were -- she is colorado's first lung illness confirmed case due to vaping. >> it is a diagnosis of exclusion as every test they sent out, every culture they
8:46 am
sent out for bacteria came back negative and viral panel came back negative. they were able to definitively linking it to the vaping. >> sandra: there has been more than 800 cases nationwide linked to vaping. 17 vaping-related death in 14 states that we've highlighted on the screen. you want to educate others. you were unaware that your doctor was regularly vaping and had this experience. what do you want people to know about this first and how are you going to address this with companies or the government? >> like so many teenagers my daughter started with a juul and was drawn in by the flavors. and there is this huge outbreak of lung illness and there are a lot of people that want to tie it to just illegal chb
8:47 am
cartridges. the vast majority of what she vaped was nicotine and she did use it. it is indicative of the outbreak it points to the bigger problem we have 5 million teens vaping and these devices are meant to be hidden from parents. our schools are under attack, too. our educators are just as desperate as we are to stop this because the kids can do it without being caught and they are passing it to one another. they were marketed in the beginning and kids say it's water vapeor. >> sandra: why some states have decided to crack down on the flavored vaping. how is your daughter doing, is she doing okay? >> well, she has had her first checkup last week. ruby was in colorado with her. she is not anywhere close to 100%. there are still signs of lung damage.
8:48 am
she is feeling better. she is attending class and adjusting to be a college freshman. >> sandra: you have hired an attorney. do you plan to sue? >> we're not really sure yet. right now our biggest goal is to create advocacy. i joined with parents against vaping e-cigarettes and we support the flavor ban and grateful to president trump and we hope that happens really soon because i feel like we're facing the biggest adolescent public health crisis we've seen in decades with our teenagers. the fda waited too long. >> sandra: thank you for telling your story. our best to your daughter piper as she recovers. >> bill: we say good morning, ladies, how are you? >> good morning. serious topics here. 10 people dead of overdoses in just 26 hours in one state as the opioid crisis continues and a doctor in another state gets
8:49 am
decades in jail for illegally prescribing half a million doses. >> guess who has advice for any trump appointees implicated in the impeachment inquiry? hillary clinton. what she said and what we have on the couch to say about it as well. >> all that plus our #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> see you in 10 minutes. fox news alert. violent protests in the streets of hong kong this week. there is also new outrage after police shoot a teenager. we get a live report on the streets of hong kong in a moment. my small tremors would be extreme. without it, i cannot write my name. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month.
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(pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so.
8:53 am
>> sandra: we have cameras up on capitol hill right now where just concluded the house foreign affairs, house oversight and house intel committees behind closed doors, a transcribed interview with the former ukraine envoy kurt volker. we're waiting perhaps a lawmaker will step in front of the camera or volker himself. we'll keep watching this for you. it has concluded on capitol hill. we'll have more coming up. >> bill: sometimes they can't help themselves, can they, sandra, right? massive settlement expected to be announced in connection with the 2017 las vegas shooting massacre that left 58 people dead. jeff paul live in our west coast bureau with more on this today. jeff. >> mgm resorts international confirmed it has reached an agreement with the plaintiffs saying the settlement is expected to be anywhere between $735 million and $800 million.
8:54 am
the chairman and ceo of mgm resorts released a statement our goal has been to resolve these matters so our community and the victims and their families can move forward in the healing process. the financial pay-outs are the result of claims filed against mgm resorts which are the owners of mandalay bay. that's the resort where the gunman was shooting from. 58 people were killed at the route 91 harvest festival. the most deadly mass shooting in modern u.s. history. plaintiffs claim mgm failed to adequately protect the 22,000 people attending the music festival. some survivors say what happened to them that night still lives with them. >> we have to adjust. a lot of us we could go through our day before and hear a backfire and it's not a big deal. now a backfire sends me into an
8:55 am
anxiety attack. >> you might also remember in july of 2018mgm filed lawsuits against many of the victims of the shooting in order to have the cases consolidated into one large case in federal court. news conference is expected to happen right around 11:00 a.m. local time, 2:00 p.m. eastern at a law office in san diego which represents about 4,000 people who filed claims. >> bill: jeff paul. thank you in los angeles on that. >> sandra: the former special envoy to ukraine is telling lawmakers behind closed doors. as kurt volker's meetings continue with three house committees. who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪ who were inspired by different cultures ♪ and found that the past can create new memories...
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the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> sandra: fox news alert, police and pro-democracy protesters clashing in hong kong as authorities consider taking emergency managers they are. greg palkot is live in hong kong
8:59 am
for us. greg. >> hi, those measures are interesting but could be dangerous, and we are getting more skirmishes across hong kong tonight. there was a peaceful gathering of about a thousand pro-democracy protesters, they are angry about the shooting of another protester on tuesday, a police officer fired a close range had an 18-year-old student. he is in stable condition, self-defense, but now charging him with assault. he could face a 10-year sentence. in an effort to rein in all of this, the government is set to approve on friday those emergency measures including a mask band. protecting against tear gas, but most importantly use to hide the identity of the protesters from the authorities. finally, sandra, we are getting word of a big protest on sunday. probable clashes in a real test at these get stricter measures by the authorities. we will be watching. back to you, sandra.
9:00 am
>> sandra: we will indeed, thank you. a >> bill: the rest of the world as well, we appreciate your viewership on your mobile device, wherever you are watching. >> sandra: we will see you friday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the war of words heating up between president trump and 2020 democrat joe biden over the ukraine controversy, the presidents wrapping up about actions as vice president alleging corrupt business dealings involving his son hunter by then. and now publicly calling for another country to investigate the pair. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens, because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with ukraine. so i would say that president, if it were me, i would


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