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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 4, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'll see you on the greg gutfeld show. >> yes, ma'am. >> dana: that will be fun. tyrus, thank you. thanks for joining us. see you on "the five." it's facebook friday. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: reporting begins with breaking news on the battle over impeachment. right now the inspector general of the intelligence community, michael atkinson is talking to lawmakers behind closed doors. this comes after a nearly ten-hour interview yesterday with former ambassador that revealed bomb shell texts. and time is up for the trump administration to turn over documents to house democrats. but instead of complying, the white house is sending its own request to speaker pelosi. first, fox news has obtained a written copy of curt volcker's opening testimony in his private interview in front of house lawmakers. sources say that the nearly ten hour hearing was powerful and
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clear. volcker is a former u.s. special envoy to ukraine and a key player in the whistle-blower complaint. in part of his written statement, he detailed his contacts with the president's personal lawyer, rudy guliani and says that he was concerned that rudy guliani was influencing the president's view on cooperation in ukraine. he writes -- >> shepard: volckers will said this about joe biden.
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>> shepard: in addition, three house committees released dozens of texts last night between u.s. diplomats discussing how to handle the president's request for ukrainian officials to investigate his political rival, joe biden. one of the texts suggests the country's new president would get a high profile visit to washington. it reads -- >> shepard: we're learning more from key witnesses about what happened leading up to and after the july the 25th call at the
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center of the whistle-blower complaint. and we're getting more signs from the white house that president trump plans to stonewall house democrats just as he did today. john roberts with the latest on that live from the white house. first, catherine herridge reporting live from outside the hearing room on capitol hill. catherine? >> in the last few minutes, we reached out to the whistle-blower's legal team. we have new information from sources familiar with the testimony this morning from the intelligence community's watch dog michael atkinson. we're told that the whistle-blower volunteered that they are a registered democrat and they had a prior working relationship with a prominent democrat who is linked to the current presidential campaigns. meantime, we received a prepared testimony from the former special envoy to the ukraine, kurt volcker. there's a key section that he makes clear to distance himself from the independent work of rudy guliani. he said to the ukrainians that guliani was doing this work and
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that it was reaching the president and that the work about the ukraine was very negative and it did not reflect the current position on u.s. government policy. >> shepard: catherine, what else have you learned about the texts? >> it's mind-blowing how many texts have been released. if i was going to boil it down, september really seems to be a period where there's significant heartburn among these diplomats about the phone call in july and the perception of that phone call. on september 1, there's a text from bill taylor. he matters because he's a senior u.s. diplomat to the ukraine and exchange with gordon sunland. he was an ambassador to the e.u. he was appointed by president trump. the text reads --
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>> the next text is about a week later, september 9. >> shepard: catherine herridge live for us. catherine, thank you. more now on the white house preparing to send a letter to the house speaker nancy pelosi. in which it will demand a full house vote on impeachment. john roberts reporting live outside the white house. john? >> shep, i'm told this letter likely will not go to the house speaker today. it will probably go up on monday. but this is basically the white house and president trump daring nancy pelosi to call for an
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impeachment vote in the full house of representatives in order to formally launch an impeachment inquiry. the white house that deals with subpoenas that are supposed to arrive in the white house door step today if they haven't already. in the past, the white house has dealt with these subpoenas through a process of reasonable accommodation, whether it is here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue or recently at the department of justice or other departments. but this is quite a different animal. this is potentially the future of the presidency on the line. nancy pelosi is going about this in a far different way than past impeachments. during the nixon and clinton impeachment proceedings, the full house voted to authorize the house judiciary committee to begin formal inpeachment inquiries. last tuesday, nancy pelosi called a press conference to say she was launching a formal impeachment inquiry and handed it off to the house intelligence committee chairman, adam schiff.
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the white house also wants a floor vote for other reasons. first of all, they want to see how red state democrats vote. they want pressure on those democrats as well. they also want a full roll call so that members are on the record as having voted either for or against an impeachment inquiry to go to forward. this idea of demanding a vote contrasts quite sharply with what the president said in a question that i asked him in the east room on wednesday when he was there with the finish prime minister that you see to the president's right, screen left, where i said to him, that the subpoenas were coming and how did he plan to handle it. listen here. >> three house committees looking into the impeachment inquiry gave notice today that they will be sending a subpoena to the white house for documents and other materials. will you cooperate with those subpoenas? >> i always cooperate. this is a hoax. this is the greatest hoax, this is just a continuation of what's playing out, john the last -- since my election, i would say.
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>> the president saying there, i always cooperate, but in this case looks like they're not going to cooperate unless they get a full vote to proceed in the house of representatives. the letter white house will send up most likely monday mirrors to some degree a letter that the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy sent to nancy pelosi the other day asking if she would hold a full vote on impeachment to which nancy pelosi responded "there is no requirement under the constitution, under house rules or house precedent that the whole house vote before proceeding with an inquiry." the jurisdiction and overall process of impeachment are laid out clearly in the article 1 of the constitution. the finer points, shep, of how this all works really are quite unclear. so it may be that nancy pelosi doesn't need to hold that vote. by the way, today was the deadline for secretary of state mike pompeo to respond to a subpoena for documents to three house committees.
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we have not heard from the state department how they will respond. i was told by a white house official that they would be surprised if the state department complies with that subpoena today, shep. >> shepard: john roberts live at the white house. thank you. in terms of testimony, next week we're expecting the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine on capitol hill. the "wall street journal" reports that the president booted her from the job after hearing that she was keeping kiev from investigating the bidens. the journal's parent company and the fox news parent company share common ownership. in any case, it will be interesting to see what the former ambassador has to say when she comes to capitol hill. later, i'll ask chris wallace about what to expect in the impeachment inquiry in the days ahead. intel agencies warned it would happen. now we know it's not just russia working right this minute to undermine hour democracy. we'll have the breaking details on iran just a little bit later.
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but first, they could be your nurses, your kids teachers, maybe still priests. accused pedophiles still on the job despite credible allegations of sexually abusing children. according to a just-released associated press investigate, the catholic church was well aware of all the allegations. the a.p.'s deep dive look at where nearly 2,000 accused priests are now. and clergy working and living now. the findings are really hard to imagine. at least one of the accused is now a counselor to survivors of sexual assault. many spend their days surrounding and trusted by children. one of the journalists that broke the story will join us as reporting continues on this friday afternoon.
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that's according to microsoft. according to the company, u.s. government officials, members of the media and prominent iranians listing outside that country were also targeted. the wall street journal reports this is the latest sign that foreign governments are laying the ground work for interfering in the 2020 american election as u.s. intelligence officials have warned. trey yingst reporting live from our middle east newsroom. trey? >> shep, these iranian linked hackers attacked 241 microsoft accounts. they were successful four occasions to gaining access to information. but no presidential candidate was affected, although the attempts were made. here's what we know so far. between august and september of this year, a hacking group linked to iran targeted government officials, media figures and one candidate. microsoft's vice president for security said the hackers used password reset and account
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recovery features to breach the normal security features. according to microsoft, the owners of the accounts that were hacked have been notified. for the presidential campaigns, the dnc sent out a notice warning candidates of possible cyber attacks by the iranians. you saw the iranians shoot down a drone and attack tankers. what the iranians attempted to do here according to reports was to infiltrate a u.s. presidential campaign, this is significant because you look at the larger picture and the broader efforts by the russian government in 2016 and it raise as number of questions about what the u.s. government knows and what they're doing moving forward. as it relates to the report in the "wall street journal," there's three major questions that come out of this entire report. one, when did the americans know about this hacking attempt by the iranians and what are they doing to stop hacking attempted
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like this in the future and moving forward, what assurances that they can make that will be learned about attempts be the iranians. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trey. ohio university is suspending all of its fraternities as nearly half of them are now accused of hazing. happening at the school's main campus in athens, which is about 120 miles east of cincinnati. school officials told fraternities that they had to stop all operations immediately. this comes after they expelled one fraternity in the spring after a freshman died during hazing. earlier this week, they got complained about hazing involving two more chapters. wednesday, five more chapters. hazing is not new for fraternities. but most states have laws against it. despite that, every year the past two decades, at least one young man has died during fraternity hazing. a fox urgent.
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a look at u.s. district court in boston where a parent involved in a college admissions scandal could face the strictest punishment we have seen so far. what prosecutors say the california father did to deserve it next. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> shepard: a fox urgent. the sentencing hearing for a father involved in the college admissioned scandal is underway right now in boston's federal courthouse. prosecutors are pushing for their strictest punishment yesterday. they're recommending 15 months in prison and a $95,000 fine for agustin hunneus, the former head of a california wine business. he admitted to paying a total of $300,000 to rig his daughter's sat exam and to try to bribe her
12:23 pm
way into the university of southern california by pretending she was a water polo recruit. his arrest came before the deal was done. his daughter did not get into the school. prosecutors say she was one of the few students that knew about the scandal. her mother said the scandal's mastermind, rick singer, preyed on her daughter's teenage insecurities. to convince her, she wouldn't get into a good school without his help. singer's more famous clients include felicity huffman and lori laughlin who plans to fight the charges. molly line with more. molly? >> shep, as you mentioned the sentencing hearing for agustin hunneus is underway right now. prosecutors have argued that he's unique among the parents that have pleaded guilty. but he's worse because he chose to participate in both paths in
12:24 pm
this scheme. the test cheating route and the faking of athletic credentials. this wealthy vinter agreed to pay $50,000 to have his daughter's sat scores inflated and to have her recruited at the university of south california water polo team for $250,000. prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence hunneus to 15 months in prison noted that he's pulled his daughter in the fraud writing in court documents, he involved his daughter in both schemes and told her to adopt a shut your trap mentality. he was eager to pursue the exam scheme again. changing court when he decided the recruitment scheme would be better. so first, a test taker helped the teenager take her exam and then after hunneus' daughter failed to send a photo playing water polo, rick singer snagged a picture of another girl
12:25 pm
playing the sport to help fake the athletic credentials for hunneus's daughter. hunneus will learn his fate in the next hour as the hearing is underway. >> shepard: thanks, molly. catholic priests accuse of sexually abusing children are now teaching middle school students and adopting kids of their own. that's according to an associated press extensive investigation. reporters found hundreds of clergy members accused of sex abuse, going about their lives with little or no oversight. take this post from thomas nearing a clinical counselor in ohio. he lists sexual addiction as one of his specialties. horrifyingly ironic, in 2008, the man accused the former priest of abusing him when he was a teen. the church booted him from the priest hood but he kept his counselling license. far from an isolated example.
12:26 pm
the a.p. reports another former priest that admitted getting a 14-year-old pregnant later got work teaching sixth grade in new jersey. the data editor for the associated press, megan hoyer joins me. she co authored this report. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: there's so much here, i recommend our viewers read it. for you, the most astounding thing in the big picture is what? >> honestly, the most interesting thing is this is probably an under count. a number of diocese have not published lists of accused priests yet. we know we didn't catch everyone. so you know, if anything, this is probably an undercount. we found roughly 1,700 abused priests. these are priest whose names are on lists of the diocese have put out as being accused of sexual assault, are living virtually
12:27 pm
unsupervised. >> shepard: help our viewers understand how it is that facing credible allegations they didn't go through the criminal justice system and they're still around children. >> right. so it varies from case to case. in a lot of cases, the times that they had to prosecute cases had already expired. victims came forward 20 or 30 years later and criminal charges counts be brought. in other cases, you know, the da's offices declined to prosecute cases. or in some cases of actual criminal prosecution, the church kind of, you know, argued for crimes to be down graded. so you know, maybe a priest was convicted of a misdemeanor, but didn't really go on the record. so later part time, nobody is checking their background check wouldn't come up with anything. if folks are checking, for
12:28 pm
instance to get a teacher's license, nothing is on their permanent record to show up. >> shepard: to what degree were you able to document how many, if any of those that were charged or at least credibly accused back in the day who have committed such a crime in the present day? >> yeah, we found 65 of the 1,700 have -- or 65 of the 2,000 we backgrounded have committed new crimes or accused of committing new crimes. about half of those were crimes that were sexual in nature or child pornography. later crimes of child sex abuse. most of those people were convicted or are facing charges now. >> shepard: anything from the catholic church? >> they say it's very difficult. a lot of these former priests are no longer priests. they're not with the church. so the church says their hands are tied in really tracking them
12:29 pm
or following them up. we did find a couple of diocese that do do a very good job of monitoring priests that are still priests and still in their system and in terms of watching where they are, monitoring their use of money, their use of internet, who they interact with, things like that. but those cases seem to be the exemption rather than the rule. >> shepard: megan hoyer, the data editor for the associated press. the report is now on the a.p. app and the associated press website. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> shepard: extraordinary piece of work. the amount of work and time spend 0 this had to be incredible. the justice department trying to make sure the government can access your private messages on some apps. why the attorney general barr is calling for facebook to make an exception to the new encryption plans. plus, we're waiting right now for a letter from the white house to the house speaker, nancy pelosi, calling for her to hold an impeachment vote right
12:30 pm
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ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. >> shepard: updating fox's top story. the impeachment inquiry to president trump is ramping up with the intelligence communi community's top watch dog are on capitol hill. not all republican lawmakers are defending the president. mike emanuel has more. >> utah republican senator mitt romney is critical of president trump. he tweeted -- >> florida republican senate-marco rubio thinks president trump was doing this to agitate his media and the critics.
12:35 pm
>> i think he did it to gig you guys, to provoke you to ask me and others and get outraged by it. he plays it like a violin and everybody falls into it. >> that after the president urged china to investigate the bidens. >> shepard: and the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff is a target. >> he is. he took heat for what he said about the whistle-blower. he said his committee did not have contact with the whistle-blower until the complaint had been completed. republicans are pouncing now that we know that is not true. >> they're fact witnesses in the same investigation that they're now running. nowhere else in the united states of america can you be both a fact witness and the prosecutor or investigation in anything much less investigation to remove a president from office. >> shepard: breaking news. the democrat jackie spear of
12:36 pm
california, san francisco specifically, speaking now on the hearings underway on capitol hill. listen live. >> this case, this whistle-blower did a profoundly important thing by alerting the intelligence community and the intelligence committee about what is a criminal act. conspiracy to impact the american election by using a foreign power. i kind think of anything worse. >> shepard: jackie speier speaking outside this afternoon. fox news has confirmed the white house could send a let other the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, as soon as today daring her to hold a vote on impeachment. the letter will say that the trump administration officials
12:37 pm
will not cooperate with the democrat's investigation until there is such a vote. let's turn to "fox news sunday" anchor, chris wallace. can they do that? >> can the president send a letter? >> shepard: can they refuse to cooperate at this stage. >> sure. they can renews to cooperate. it will end up in court. clearly the -- sending the letter -- there's a legitimate issue as to whether or not the house should formally vote as they have in prior impeachments. there's nothing about it in the constitution. but you know, there's an argument that they should have a formal vote before and it gives the president an argument and a reason to refuse to turn over these documents. that's a kind of thing that gets settled in court. two arguments. a judge will hear it and decide that could take weeks or months. obviously the white house says an interest in slowing this down as much as possible. they have two other benefits making this big issue of a vote. they would like to have a vote
12:38 pm
because they think it would be embarrassing for moderate democrats, the 31 democrats that hold seats in members of congress now that hold seats in districts that trump won in 2016 so they think that could be embarrassing for them. if there's a formal vote, under the house rules, republicans have more power to issue subpoenas themselves and obviously that would be something the white house and house republicans would like to see. so they're going to put this letter out there, they're going to use it as a reason not to operate. >> shepard: breaking news. this just in to fox news channel from associated press. house democrats have just requested ukraine documents from the vice president, mike pence for the impeachment inquiry. back to chris. not unexpected. you think all of those that have been named will get a similar request at one point or another. >> absolutely. the breaking news to me, today, is that the -- fox has gotten
12:39 pm
ahold of the 11-page statement, opening statement by kurt volcker yesterday in a closed session. he was the special envoy from the administration to ukraine. he was very involved in all of this. this 11-page opening statement is quite devastating to the president and rudy guliani's case. it basically says that volcker, who all sides agree was an honest broker in this whole thing, was very disturbed by the information, he thought disinformation that various ukrainian officials were sending to rudy guliani, the president's private lawyer and that rudy guliani was then spreading that information in washington and that might be a reason why the president was so reluctant to meet with zelensky and also to, of course, push zelensky to investigate in that july 25th phone call both potential involvement in the 2016 election by the ukrainians and joe biden
12:40 pm
in his role. in the opening statement, volcker repeatedly says that he does not believe that joe biden did anything wrong or that he was in any way affected by his son's finances. you can bet that that went over well with house republicans. he was apparently saying this to guliani and people inside the administration at the time. so i suspect they didn't like that very much either. also, that volcker says that he repeatedly told ukrainian officials the worst thing you could do is get involved in the 2020 election. basically telling them don't get involved in an investigation in joe biden because you crane and its role as a bull work against russia should be a bipartisan issue and to the degree that you weigh-in on one side versus another in the 2020 election, you're just hurting your standing in washington. >> shepard: the interesting thing to me as the president and all of his supporters were saying, the whistle-blower can't
12:41 pm
be credible, none of this stuff happened in the way that they said. as all of that was happening, the president stood in front of the cameras yesterday and did it again and made the same request of china. like the thing that they had been trying to say wasn't happening happened on live television. >> yeah, the general assumption in washington, you know, the president is a pretty masterful strategist. so you can never quite know. the general consensus in washington is what the president was trying to do is to take the stigma away from this. in effect to say -- to normalize it, if you will and say some people are saying i did this in secret, in a classified phone call with president zelensky. i'm going to do it on the south lawn of the white house with all the cameras rolling. so in effect he's saying, i'm not hiding this. i own this. to try to shift the argument from did he do it to is it okay
12:42 pm
to do it. i think he feels that's a stronger basis on which to try to hold on to his base, particularly in the senate, where he needs -- he can -- it would require 20 republicans in addition to the 47 democrats, 20 republicans to jump ship for him to be removed from office. they don't think that is happening and i think they feel the degree to which they can hold that republican base ensures the president will stay in office. >> shepard: that's got to be about the polls. all of this is about political survival and political moving forward. you know, in those districts where those -- what are there? 23, 24 republican senators that are up for re-election in this term, if the polls change in their districts, pro impeachment, anti-trump, if those changes happen, it won't be until then, what would you say, that anything might change? >> no, clearly -- nancy pelosi is kind of realized this from the start, which is why she was
12:43 pm
so resistant to any impeachment effort in the first place. she said this can't be a democratic party line vote. there has to be bipartisan buy-in for this to go anywhere for it to be received well by american voters and secondly for -- to have any chance of succeeding in the senate. that's not the case. i think this is seen as a house democratic effort. there's not a lot of republican buy-in, certainly not by republican members of congress in the house or senate. now, you know, we don't know what we'll see the next few weeks. as i say, i think the volcker statement is damaging. there's a lot of smoke there. the question is, when the whistle-blower testifies, other hard evidence, other witnesses that come up, either the case will rise or fall. at this point, i think democrats see that nancy pelosi admits they don't have republican buy-in on this. >> shepard: yep for sure. great to see you, chris. >> i just want to say how proud i am of mississippi.
12:44 pm
they didn't lose by 38. they lost by how many? >> we won the first quarter. resoundingly. >> there's four quarters in the game. >> shepard: on the road, we won the first quarter. and our offense was better, our young quarterback look good. progress, chris. >> 25 points? >> shepard: a few touchdowns. >> okay. >> shepard: we got vanderbilt this weekend. seven-point favorite. i know you'll be there. >> that's a cupcake gauge. >> shepard: show your gold. anchor down. vanderbilt fans are prouder than that, chris. harvard. whatever. >> that's right. a football power for you. >> shepard: we'll be watching "fox news sunday" this weekend as we do every sunday. go rebels! beat vandy. chris talks on sunday to members of the house intelligence committee. the democratic congresswoman val deming of florida and chris
12:45 pm
stewart from utah. that's just before football. the woman that climbed into the lions den in the bronx is still running wild. police are on the hunt. we'll show you the lion queen's unusual instagram posts. these two men fishing in alaska got photo bombed. we'll talk to the two people that stole the grizzly's dinner. ♪ but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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>> shepard: fox urgent. update ago headline that we brought you minutes ago. a judge has sentenced a california father involved in the college admissions candle to five months in prison with a $100,000 fine. this is the toughest punishment we've seen so far in the scandal. that sentence came down in boston just minutes ago. here in new york city, we don't see a lot of wild animals aside from the occasional subway rat. in alaska, the wild wife runs a wee bit larger. don't look now, but there's a bear behind you. see this? that's a very large grizzly bear
12:50 pm
in southern alaska. and the guy that caught this moment says his first instinct was not to warn the guys at all. the photographer is robert hawthorn who joins us live from montana. robert, you got this photo first but you were not worried about it, right? >> no, thanks for having me, shepard. that foe foe was quite an experience. i looked down river to see the two fishermen looking up at me. i watched this brown bear walk down the path towards them. i was watching to see how long or if they would take note of their spectator, i'll call him. it was awhile before they gave any reaction and it was to their fish. they had not caught anything. the bear was standing behind them. >> shepard: the bear knows what that rod is for. you're there a lot. you lead guided tours and
12:51 pm
photography tours in the area, right? >> correct. yeah. i guided three months in alaska this summer guiding brown bear tours. i would be camped out in the field and clients would fly out and meet me and i would take them to find bears in the field for 12 hours or so and back to the lodge and hang out with the bears the rest of the night. >> shepard: our viewers are getting a look at them. incredible pictures. i read that you say you could see upwards of 20 bears a day on a guided tour. >> yeah. bears are not generally social animals. they come together in numbers like this when there's a big concentrated food source. in this case, it's the sockeye salmon. they come in from the ocean to spawn. they come in with such numbers that the rivers turn red and the
12:52 pm
bears take full advantage of that and will walk up and down the banks and the freshwater and they will jump in and sometimes dramatic fashion to catch the fish and capture the photos and experience it is something else. getting to take other people out to do it is even more exciting to me. >> shepard: the cubs pictures are incredible. back to the two fishermen on the bank. when they realize the bear is behind them, how did they react? >> believe it or not, their reaction is not what you'd think. the general idea of what would happen here is something graphic and violent. but really it's a passive interaction between the bear and the fisherman. the bear was looking for fish the same way that the fishermen were. after i snapped the photo, i hollered down the river to the fishermen. >> shepard: what did you say? >> hey, behind you, guyses. it's common.
12:53 pm
there's other outfitters and photographer there's. everybody is looking out for each other. so they looked over their shoulder and realized their spectator and pulled their line out of the water, which is good on their part. you're not supposed to have your line in the water 50 yards of a bear no makes sense. robert hawthorn is a wildlife photographer, did some guying from bozeman, montana. a gorgeous corner of our beautiful nation. thanks, robert. nice of you. >> thank you, shepard. >> shepard: a woman that climbed in the lion's den in a bronx sow is now taunting the police now. cops still try to track her down as she continues to post on her insta account. it all started back on sunday when the woman shared video of
12:54 pm
herself climbing into the lion habitat at the bronx zoo. there she goes. and then this video from the same day showing her at the giraffe exhibit. since then, she's posted all kinds of stuff. photos with famous people with tigers. she posted this photo with three cops and what appears to be times square. seems they didn't recognize the elusive lion queen. you know those people that work next to you every day. what if they were not human? robots taking over the workplace. not your job. the invasion of the brobot. i'll be back. ♪
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12:59 pm
hi, grady. >> hi, shep. i'm going to start this robot here so they can't be that difficult to use. what it's doing, it's putting parts like this one into that machine and it's going to chop it down into something that looks like this. the whole idea is that people can work alongside these robots. this used to be a job a human would do and they would have to place that part in over and over again. now there's a lot of manufacturing jobs out there that are having -- companies are having a hard time filling them, so they have the robots do these jobs and the people are inspecting the products and doing things like programming the robots so they do what they're told. so the whole idea is that the two can co-exist. it's called cobotics. some companies say it's helping them be more productive like here in illinois where this company is 30% more productive because they say this technologies. >> shepard: very interesting. thanks, grady.
1:00 pm
final bell ringing on wall street. today we're all green in a big way. every one of the do you 30 up and up. ♪ >> one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind. >> neil: and one giant leap for the job market. not since neil armstrong walked on the moon have we seen an unemployment rate so out of this world. just so darn low. try 3.5%. you heard that right. you would have to go back to 1969 to see a number like that. when a gallon of gas was 35 cents. the average cost of a new house was just over $15,000. a new car fetched you $3,200. the average income was a tad north of


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