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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 6, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ just what you needed is four hours of "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. i'm recovering. >> from what? >> they got a beat down in the bronx last night. >> top of the fourth and the game was already an awful terrible beating. >> and i just wrote back to you massacre. that's what it was. >> i think ed henry tweeted at you to torture you a little,
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which i really enjoyed. >> we'll talk about that later. >> major baseball teams. >> but if they can't score. >> the vikings are in new york playing against the giants. if you can't play them at baseball, beat them in football. our starting pitcher had been an uber driver six months ago. >> a lesson, don't call your uber driver to be your starting pitcher in game two. >> the vikings will be fighting for minnesota gloria. glory. >> let me tell you who else is fighting. bernie sanders. he's a washington post headline, trump won't destroy me and i he
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destroy my family. >> he slanders anyone he sees as a threat. that's why he's pushing flat out lies, debunk conspiracy theories no doubt to undermine my candidacy for the presidency. and all of the special interest funding against the attacks against me, i'm not going anywhere. you won't destroy me or 0 my family and come november 2020 i will beat you like a drum. i don't know how he gets away with the language. it's repe repetitive. but also it's kind of like, people would say if a republican came out and say he's inciting violence. this op-ed is terrible. it's actually boring. it's everything that is boring establishment and political inside edness. he comes out and calls president trump a liar which is really
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funny on the heels coming out that joe biden said he never talked to his son about the funding. which was refuted. read the op set and you'll see all of the political speak that you hate in politicians. >> if you want to fight like it's 1985, write an op-ed in the "washington post." that's the ultimate swamp mechanism. i'm under fire what should i do. i will write an. ed to the "washington post." and then he slips into the nra, he's in the pocket of the nra, in the pocket of the fossil fuel business. climate change, he's not doing anything about it. he tries to make it about issues when ultimately it'sdy traction against his problems. president trump is into self interest. this is a billionaire who had everything that you ever wanted, don't have to go down the
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escalator, didn't have to run for president and decided to. it's been about all of the things that he thought this country needed and didn't happen because of the guys on the screen who have been public servants for decades but they've actually taking up space. >> joe biden is fighting back. he's feeling threatened. we have a guest coming up. but let me talk to you. >> i fight back with op-eds. >> the president fights back. we saw president trump other the weekend continuing to fight back against this. here's a tweet saying the first so called second hand whistle-blower got any phone conversation almost completely wrong. word is they're going to the bench and another whistle-blower is coming in from the deep state also with second-hand information. meet with shifty. keep them coming. they's going to keep fighting back at every turn.
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>> you were pointing out a terrible precedent this sets as far as transcripts and what future presidents will face in their conversations with foreign leaders. >> not to go too far off topic, but the whole thing about releasing phone calls and now there was in the biden op-ed, a reference to the president's call with xi jinping with china. once we go down the road of releasing the transcript of every foreign leader that speaks with our president, it's a bad precedent. because leader-to-leader conversations are the most sank sinwhere anythinggets done. and if they have to worry that their phone conversation is going to be on the front page of the "the new york times" in the morning, it's not going work. >> democrats love to investigate president trump. this is part of their joy. they've been investigating him since he won in anticipation
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that he might win but they don't like to be investigated themselves. check out mike huckabee on that. >> i don't understand why people think it's perfectly okay for us to go after president trump and anything he has connected to ukraine but we're not supposed to ask about hillary's connection, obama's connection. if we're going to do a real investigation, let's find out what role biden did play, how did his son get that job. if there's nothing there, they've got nothing to worry about. if there's something there, they're so frantic trying to make sure that nobody pulls the covers back on this whole ukrainian thing for the democrats. >> a lot more to be found out there. the media won't investigate it but there are plenty of people out there that will. joe biden has been fading. elizabeth warren is on the rise. we'll talk about that in a second. but part of that rise is talking about the past, talking about
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the policies she would advance. she hit a speed bump with the pocahontas thing, misrepresenting her background to get a teaching position. she's been recently talking on the trail about how she was fired from her first job when she was a special needs teacher. she said it was because of her pregnancy. watch. >> my first teaching position was as a special needs teacher. by the end of the first school year we was quite visibly pregnant and the principal didn't invite me back for the next year. i was visibly pregnant and the principal did what principals did back in the day, wished me luck, showed me the door and hired someone else for the job. i was visibly pregnant which meant the president gave me a handshake, wished me well and gave somebody else the job. i was visibly pregnant and the principal did what they did in
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those days. wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. >> this is since 2017 probably when she started to set her sights on maybe 2020. she's been talking like this, saying similar things. >> he was discriminated against. >> she was visibly pregnant. visibly pregnant. if you go back, let's take a walk down memory lane with elizabeth warren. university of california march 2007, she was singing a different toon. take a listen. >> i was in a public school system but i worked with the children with disabilities. and i did that for a year, and then that summer i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an marge certificate, what it's called. and i went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and sate, i don't think this is going to work out for me.
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i was pregnant with my first baby. so i had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years. and i was really casting the bow thinking what am i going to do. >> precampaign mode. >> oh! >> these are two completely different stories. first of all it's amazing that politicians lie in this day and age. everything is in video. but she gets away with this better than anyone. this is the only person i know who lied so deceptively about her here tanl and now somehow rises in the poll. people ignore that. if you can lie about something so personal, who knows what else you're lying about that would impact you in some way. with her, complete immunity. >> she'll be asked about it and she'll have an answer and it will come up before the october 14th debate a week from tuesday. here's what's significant. i want to show you this chart.
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the green line on the top is biden, the trajectory is down. blue one is bernie sanders but that brown line is slowly rising. and the one at the very end from this last week, really on the trajectory up. you're talking about the ukraine issue with biden really on the defense of having to answer a lot of questions. this is not as tough a question. this is to clarify why what she said in 2007 is different from what she's saying now. she's on what every campaign candidate wants, to be on the front. that is the line you want. that is why her rise is significant. >> will shi b she will asked questions. and ultimately she's bolstering her resume by her at the tus.
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status. someone should talk to the principal. let's talk to the principal at the school, the other people she caulked with. is it because shez was visibly pregnant or because she didn't have the certifications. why do you want somebody in that position. this is what happened to me. what a victim i am and that's wie you should vote for me. e-mail us. we're going to turn to the headlines for you. breaking overnight. right now police on an urgent search for a gunman in a deadly shooting? kansas city, kansas. four people dead, five others hurt. the gunman walked inside a bar and opened fire. we'll keep you updated on this developing story. four people are hurt including two firefighters after explosions rock an oktoberfest
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celebration in california overnight. >> i don't know. something exploded. whoa! holy [bleep]. >> three giant blasts sending massive fireballs into the air. two firefighters were injured while investigating the first explosion. firefighters say an underground electrical vault exploded. none of the injuries were life threatening. bernie sanders is back home after after two stents implanted. his campaign cochair campaigne d in his place. it's a big game in the sec, tenth ranked florida capitalized on a couple big plays to beat number seven auburn.
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>> you get a half a second there. >> perfect. >> tight ropes the sidelines, he's going to take it for the gator touchdown. >> 88-yard touchdown powering the gators 24-13 win. number 19 michigan wins a defensive battle over iowa 10-3. and 11th ranked texas survived west virginia 44-31. out west, sanford pulls off the upset over number 15 washington 23-13. and those, as they say, are your headlines. >> gators will get straightened out once they get to georgia in two weeks. not a problem. parents of students at one school are outraged after their student's quiz calls president trump a quote idiot. one of the parents say there's no excuse. he joins us coming up.
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it's not about me, it's not about my son. >> how is your role as vice president in charge of policy and your son's job, how is that not a conflict of interest? >> it's not a conflict of interest. there's noo indication of any conflict of interest period. i'm not going to respond to that. >> joe biden firing back at a reporter on the trail who questioned him about the ukraine controversy. this followed by a fiery op-ed in the washington post blasting president trump and vowing to beat him like a drum in 2020. kevin is here to weigh in. good morning. you saw a lot of developments,
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the vice president pushing back hard on that reporter and this op-ed, is this a sign that joe biden is feeling threatened? >> he needs to step up his game when it comes to ukraine. we need clear answers. they had a summit in support of the vice president's campaign this past weekend in philadelphia. but clearly they're seeing this drag down his momentum and he needs to recapture the momentum in this case. >> what we were talking about in the open about, you know, joe biden goes to the washington post to pen the op-ed, first i want to know what you think of the. op-ed and ask this really the politics of yesterday instead of today? >> i think it's important he gets in front of the issue. i think it's actually a positive thing for the campaign because it elevates it to a two-person race looking toward the general election. but clearly he needs to recapture his momentum.
3:19 am
we talked about the fun raising at the outset and the clear political standing. and clearly warren is hot on his heels, at least nationwide in some of the early primary states. you're seeing a 6 million $6 mid buy that's going to be in nevada, south carolina, iowa and new hampshire. that's going in the field next week. we need to recapture the mo men mum. >> are those ad buy assign that he feels threatened by warren and others? >> sure. >> is biden in trouble? >> i don't think he's in trouble. the american people have a positive impression of him despite all of these constant attacks. he's had an onslaught of attacks this entire summer. every national piece has been negative about this ukraine story or the president and his attacks. he needs to remain momentum. >> we have a can bait coming up october 15th with the democrats. what does biden need to do?
3:20 am
>> he needs to come back strong, no class joe, when he's pushing back saying when yo don't care e to the all mighty. when he's articulating what he wants to do as president, we can't return to the obama-biden presidency. >> i want to talk about warren climb in the polls and reporting almost $25 million. is that a problem? >> she's captured, as bernie has, the small donations out there. they've built a web structure and i think you see the president trying to play catchup with that. >> going to be an exciting debate on the 15th. thank you. middle school students given a quiz with this question on it calling president trump an idiot. our next guest's daughter is one of those students. her dad is fired up and he joins us. stay tuned.
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riders stranded in the air for hours after a gondola loses power at disney world. disney says the ride will be closed for after investigation. no one was hurt. a passenger taken off of a delta flight after boarding without a ticket. tsa agents surroundin surroundie where the woman was escorted off of the atlanta bound plane. when they asked for her boarding pass and id she didn't have them. officials are investigating how she was able to get past security in the first place.
3:25 am
>> another reason not to go to disney too. a teacher has been reassigned at a florida middle school after a quiz question describes premp as a quote ind yot. >> the quiz going viral after one outraged parent took a photoof this and tweeted it. see word idiot at the end of the president's multiple choice answer. not having it. >> that father joins us now. welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> so how did you discover this on the quiz? did you find it yourself? >> well actually my daughter pointed out to me on her way home from school one afternoon and when he go we got back froms she was doing home work and i asked to see the question on the actual web portal. >> what was your immediate reaction? >> obviously i was upset. i have listened to so many instances of teachers injecting
3:26 am
their personal opinion into school room and this was really is last straw for me. i had it in writing and it was time to speak out about it. >> this is what the school district of palm beach is saying. they're saying the teacher didn't create the quiz and went on to say despite the fact that the teacher didn't write the question the school district of palm beach county holds the educators to the highest standards. the teacher has been disciplined. >> do you believe enough is being done or is this one revelation of a system that does have bias? >> well i think it's just the beginning. we have a couple issues here. first is the issue with the teacher. i've had so many parents and teachers reach out to me. most of the teachers say they thoroughly vet anything that gets in front of their students and it's inexcusable that i did president i know it's provided by quizlett.
3:27 am
it is sanctioned by the department of education and teachers trust it but it should be thoroughly vetted. the second issue is how did this question get out to the teachers in the first place. if this material is to be trusted, who is vetting it and making sure that the proper procedures are in place. >> are you satisfied that they're saying the teacher has been reassigned? >> i don't think we have a final resolution. rereassigned that means that whe the investigation is going on the teacher is assigned to nonclassroom work. i don't think we have a final disposition of what they're going to do with this particular teacher. >> the teacher can't been fired. the union has that one on lockdown. and when it comes to being approved by the department of education, they approve common core as well. this is what parents have to do. look at the home work, call it
3:28 am
out and hold the school district accountable. thank you for your time this morning. we really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. the impact of the latest impeachment probe. is it actually dividing democrats? byron york answers that next. and southwest employees turn singers serenading passengers stuck in the airport. the incredible moment everyone joined in on. coming up next. ♪ ♪ there's a power in listening; it's what gives audible members an edge. it opens our minds, changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on >> it is your shot of the morning. airline workers cheer up travelers as they await a delayed flight. >> as southwest employees singing "lean on me" over the intercom. passengers join in and waving their arms at their sit at their gate. this seems okay. i don't want to be sang at. >> i like mutual crankiness. when i'm cranky about something i like for e everybody else to be cranky and we can wall low in the misery. >> yes. misery loves company. it's true. they're making the best of it. i love it. >> do you really love it. if they were singing at you and your flight was delayed would you be like, go do your job.
3:33 am
>> i would be cranky in the corner not enjoying it but i try to embrace the misery loves company. on other news of the day we're going to bring in byron york. i don't know if you're a singer or not. if so, this is your moment. >> the song is very flies but let's get this plane going. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> honest answer. >> in the washington post today there's an op-ed, we want to get your reaction to it. some of the latest on the tim peachment probe. is it actually something that independents care about or is it dividing democrats. here's the quote, impeachment gap widens a divide that we hope to bridge. according to nine visits to lawmaker events, pro-trump picketers pickets but swing
3:34 am
voters tended to swing clear. the move to impeachment has seemed to plunge the democrats who ran on rising above it straight into the split. is this a big problem for democrats? >> well it is. let's start with a few numbers here. there are 30 house tricts arouns around the country represented by democrats that were won by president trump in 2016. significant numbers of trump supporters in those districts. now democratic voters are really pro-impeachment. look back a month ago before the ukraine stuff happened, 70% of democrats supported impeachment. the number is up to 20 prs. that's democrats. republicans, very very few support impeachment, maybe it was 5% before this, maybe 10% or 12% now. it's the independents, about 35% of them supported impeachment
3:35 am
before this. that's gone up to maybe 40%. you put all of those numbers together, and if you're a democrat representing a district that went for trump last time, you're really walking on glass. you are not quite sure exactly what to do. and that's why so many of them are trying to explain themselves in their district this week. >> what do you think nancy pelosi is thinking right now? many feel she was pressured into any suggestion of an impeachment by the aoc wing of the party. but when you frame it the way you did, seems to me she might be nervous right now. >> she was famously hesitant to do this and all of the reasons she gave back then still apply. it's very very divisive. she remembers the experience in 1998 with the clinton impeachment and believes that hurt republicans who carried that out. so all of those reasons to be nervous still apply. but she just decided or at least she said publicly that this
3:36 am
ukraine thing was so egregious that she had to go forward with impeachment. remember, that 80% number is very big among democrats and there are some democrats in the house, powerful democrats like naid her and adam schiff who are from districts who are super high proimpeachment. they don't have anything to worry about at home and they're tead set on doing this. >> the train has left the station on impeachment. but we saw testimony. >> griff, could i interpret you? interrupt you? has the train really left the station? nancy pelosi announced what she called a formal impeachment inquiry but the house never really voted on it. and that is the white house's position. you know, you want an impeachment query, have the house vote on it. not saying it wouldn't pass. democrats say they all favor it.
3:37 am
but in the nixon impeachment query and the clinton impeachment query, the house voted to start an query and the white house is pointing out now that nancy pelosi won't do that. it's almost as if she's hedging her bet saying let's start this impeachment on my say so but we're not going to have a vote. >> that's a great point, kevin mccarthy writing to your point, although p pelosi said there's no constitutional requirement for her to take such a vote. but i think kirk voker's testimony. it will be interesting to see if they release the testimony of that. it's significant because of what we learned in the opening statement which is the only part we have. at no time was i aware of or took part in an effort to urge ukraine to investigate former vice president biden. as you will see from the extensive text message i am providing which convey a sense
3:38 am
of real-time argument, vice president biden was never a topic of discussion. your reaction. >> that's very important. first of all, you're absolutely writing on this testimony. the public needs to see the transcript of this. it's astonishing to think that the democrats could run an impeachment query and have major witnesses and major developments and try to keep them secret. it boggles the mind. this has got to be in public. there's no more public concern that an effort to remove the president. that said on the voaker testimony, you did hear democrats come out saying listen, this testimony completely supported our position. it's devastating for president trump. and then you have republicans come out and say wait a minute, what you just said, he said he didn't discuss biden at all. and on the issue of president trump asking the ukrainians to investigate 2016, that's something that does not divide republicans. they say wait a minute, we've been investigating the 2016
3:39 am
campaign for three or four years now. are you saying we have to stop just because president trump has found some possibly intriguing information on this? that's not a big problem for republicans at all. >> all right. thank you very much, byron. >> thank you guys. turning now to your headlines, a key witness in the amber guyger murder trial is shot and killed in dallas. joshua brown was found dead in the parking lot of his apartment complex. he was shot multiple times days after a jury convicted guyger of murdering his neighbor be tham john. he testified about the shooting last month. guyger was sentenced to ten years. a massive wildfire scorches acres forcing hundreds of evacuate. the flames tearing through an area 140 miles southwest of
3:40 am
denver. an unhealthy air quality due to smoke. lightly sparked the wildfire nearly a month ago. it's only 5% contained. and a man is struck to lightning. you can see him fall to the ground. the jolt sending his dogs running. a man at a nearby veterinarian hospital ran over to help. called over a hospital technician. they performed cpr until more help arrived. the man was air lifte lifted toa neighbor hospital and is recovering. the dogs were later found. a mom's trick to get her kids to calm down before going to bed. the mother writing on facebook guy them glow in the dark pjs, tell them they have to lay really still under the light to charge them. >.the girls are fully relaxed ad
3:41 am
ready for bed after lying there for ten minutes and of course after the lights were turned off, the pajamas really did glow and they were calmed down. >> i need some of those glow in the dark pjs. >> they are real. that is a bit of genius. >> rick, do you have any glow in the dark pjs? >> i don't. >. it's warmed up a lot acros the eastern part of the country. going to feel better. 63 in cleveland, 61 in new york. here's one cold front that we're dealing with bringing scattered showers across the southeast. we'll take moisture that we can get, nothing that's going to bring too much rain here. thunderstorms cutting across southern missouri right now and then take a look at this. this is the front that's moving
3:42 am
through, behind that we'll see the temperatures drop down 10 degrees or so and you've got pretty significant rain in a few spots across the ohio valley. this is the storm, we're going to be watching this week. significant snow falling across the northern rockies and the dakotas and nebraska. might see six inches or so here we are in early october and a big storm is on the way. we're going to start talking about it. >> oh boy. >> i think we all feel that way. . this time, a warning sag regs liberty could be in jeb parodjeopardy. she and her attorney join us next. ♪ ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
. welcome back. well a christian flower shop owner in washington state has made bouquets for hundreds of weddings but only ever turned down one and it could cost her everything. after declining to make floral arguments for a same-sex wedding she's appealing her case to the supreme court for a second time fighting for her religious freedom and future of her business. joining us now, the owner of the flower shop along with her attorney. thank you both for being here. i re read about your story and n this case it with as personal friend that came to you for a floral arrangement, a same-sex wedding, you politely said that's not in keeping. you can go to another flower shop and i still love you. but this has been challenged. for you it's all about your faith and religious liberty. >> yes yes, sir.
3:47 am
>> why are you willing to take this all the way to the supreme court? >> i serving everyone in all walks of life. and i had the privilege of serving rob for 20 years. when he came in to talk to me to talk me about his wedding, i put my hands on his and said i could not do it because of my relationship with jesus christ. he talked about how he got engaged. i suggested other floorestists d he walked out of the store. without any complaint the attorney general sued me corporately simply because i have a different choice on marriage. >> you reflected the definition of tolerance, hey, we don't agree, i love you, you've got other options and i support that. now the state was overturned by the supreme court but the state is coming back at you again. >> correct. >> as the attorney in this, where does the law stand? >> well in masterpiece cake shop
3:48 am
the u.s. supreme court said that the government can't express hostility towards people of faith. we need it to weigh in on the broader principle saying it can't force professionals to have to participate in religious ceremonies. we have clients now facing jail time. and now she's faced with losing all she owns. >> you wrote an op-ed at saying your religious liberty is in danger if i lose mine in the same-sex wedding case. why is everyone else's liberty at issue here? >> whether you're ldges or not or whether you stand on marriage, if i lose my freedom, you lose yours. it's not just me, it's everybody that has any religious conscience to live according to their conscience. >> that was sort of the point of
3:49 am
our american experiment, religious expression and freedom. and in this case the state is coercing individual businesses. >> it protects an atheist musician from having to perform at an easter service. it's about tolerance being a two-way street. >> are you confident you're win this case? >> we're hoping the supreme court will see how important this is. and if rob came into my shop tomorrow i would hug him and catch up on his life and wait on him another ten years. >> and thank you for joining us and raising this issue to the national level because folks sometimes don't realize the small ways your liberty is infringed upon. thank you. the next story is one you won't want to his. a kindergarten teacher and elementary mom overjoyed when her son surprises her at school.
3:50 am
>> oh my god! >> the elaborate surprise he planned leading right to her classroom. they tell us all about it coming up next.
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3:53 am
. isn't it hard to get into law school? >> i have the highest gpa in delta new. >> well here, you're going to need this. >> your crunchy? >> the scrun chi is back.
3:54 am
i was big on it in the 90s. >> it never left the jenkins household with two daughters. what we're talking about today is courtesy of one mom, emily covington posting on her facebook a sign. >> scrun chis are a sign of middle school romance. psa to all middle schoolgirl moms, are you tired of wasting money on hair scrunchies? they are being found in the dryer of every boy mom's home. apparently it's cool to give your scrunchy to someone you think is cute. below is a stash that we've racked up this week. i did not know this, guys, that apparently the new trend now, middle school is if you like a boy, you give them your scrunchy. when i was young it was the little colored bracelets and you
3:55 am
give the boy the bracelet and that meant you liked him. but now it's scrunchy. have you seen this in your house? >> no, not yet. >> i have a confidential source i will inquire about this who may or may not be mackenzie, my 13-year-old daughter in eighth grade. we'll find out whether or not this is a thing there. if you're watching mackenzie, do not give your scrunchy to me boy. now our dog loves to chew the scrunchies up. >> this happened in north carolina. up clear that it is a national trend. also unclear why boys in middle school would want to go around school with three or four scrunchies around their wrirs. >> maybe that shows how awesome you were. >> i would be going to football practice if i was a guy, look at all of the girls who like me. >> that could cause some serious issue if the guy had scrunchies
3:56 am
from two different girls and the girls are like, who's scrunchy is that? oh, the drama ensues. >> so a friend's scrunchy and a love scrunchy, i don't know. >> it's so interesting to see the trends. i remember teach in middle school and you would see the evolution of it went from scrunchies to bracelets to these weird -- remember those snap-on things. >> snap bracelets for sure. >> let us know. this scrunchy stuff we're talking about. are you happe happy the scrunchs back and do you have kids where the scrunchies go missing or random scrunchies get found? >> are there other data points 0 on this in. >> we have a big show ahead. mike huckabee, maria bartiromo, they're coming up.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ so beautiful. in the movie outbreak, that's how i feel when i leave the political center of washington, d.c. >> i've lived there for 26 years and i love it. i run by the white house, by the capitol, you remember that it is the democracy we have, no matter who is in power. we're a country of freedom. it never gets old living in washington, d.c. >> griff, it's a republic. not a democracy. the monuments are beautiful but
4:01 am
when you go to d.c. it's boon town, it's a government town and it's your money and they're building on top of themselves to grow their government and their influence. trump is trying to change that. griff is one of the good sides. >> a very pessimistic side of the couch and griff is like, it's beautiful. that's why we need to hear griff jenkins. >> it is tu president trump caln the left to put their support on the record as the white house prepares to respond. >> our own garrett is live in the city. he's got a hazmat suit and ready to go. good morning. >> yeah, the tension tensions ae heating up in d.c. over the subpoena battle between congress and the white house. and the white house is demanding that house democrats formally vote to open an impeachment query. and as soon as tomorrow the white house is expected to tell
4:02 am
speaker nancy pelosi until that happens it will not cooperate with any related subpoenas. here's president trump on friday. >> well, we'll be issuing a letter. as everybody knows we've been treated very unfairly, differently than anybody es. the lawyers think they've never seen anything so unfair and so unjust. >> gop lawmakers are also pressuring democrat to go on the record with senator lindsey graham suggesting they can't hide behind pa lo say, they should and must vote to their constituents, country and history can evaluate their actions. nearly every house democrat has come out in support of an impeachment query. only eight have not taken a stance. sthat is in part why the republicans and the president want to force them to go on the record and why speaker pelosi has tried to avoid that. she's not against holding a
4:03 am
formal vote but doesn't see any reason to do it since it's not required by house rules or the constitution. with house democrats planning to issue additional subpoenas, the standout with continue to heat up over the next week. >> interesting and smart position from the white house to say why would we comply with this process that is formal-informal query that's a totally cowardly impeachment process. if you want to vote, then you can set jurisdiction and a process, then we'll take a look at complying. until then this is harassment and we want to have our cake and eat it to. >> the white house doesn't want to enable the cowardness. i love when politicians vote present because they don't want to be on record as having made a controversial decision. it's strategic, smart and i think they should stick with it. they should cooperate. if the democrats get to go
4:04 am
through the process and not just make a political talking point on it without any accountability. >> speaker pelosi has been clear, there's no constitutional requirement to take a vote, there's no house precedent to do so. but byron was saying it may backfire on pelosi. listen. >> well, she was famously hesitant to do this. and all of the reasons that he gave back then still apply, that it's very very divisive. i mean she does remember the experience in 1998 with the clinton impeachment and believe that that hurt republicans who carried that out. there are powerful democrats in the house, like jerold nadler and adam schiff who are from districts whdistrict that are sh proimpeachment. if you're a democrat representing a district that went for trump last time, you're walking on glass. >> she held it off as long as she could and then as you pointed out yesterday, jed, then when she decided to do it she
4:05 am
did it before he actually got the transcript of the call that she made the whole impeachment about. so smart until you played it wrong. >> it's amazing that they don't have to explain themselves either. we're going through a whole conversation about impeachment. nobody makes her explain why she did that, what her grounds were for suggesting impeachment, what are grounds are that people are talking about impeach the president over and over again. i'll say this again. you don't have to love the president. you don't have to agree with everything that he does. but if you're going to make this is conversation about something as sirius as impeachment, be able to lay out why. just an idea. just a thought. >> whether this works out for pelosi or not, there was an op-ed in the new york post that may be what some of our viewers veal. groundhog dems left mind and we've got a quote where michael goodwin writes, there are
4:06 am
groundhog days that a brass businessman comes down the escalator and has the nerve to say he's going to be president. they ridiculed him then awe three years into his presidency they're still rit keulin ridicu. the times helps mind-set the democrat party and they set how far the anti-trumpers have straitedded into the impeachment wilderness. >> well done by michael goodwin. it feels like groundhog day with a little new ftion every day intended to induce their narrative. here we are three years in to a dually elected president. look at what they did to me. look what they did to general flynn. look what they did to the people soash dwraited with my administration. the good people i brought in who
4:07 am
have been targeted from minute one. the elites determined that president trump is not acceptable and never should have been elected and now they've got their clutches into nancy pelosi, all of the way to the highest levels of mower i powere we are. >> where do the trump supporters stand. where do those people who voted for president trump in between and who are inclined to vote for him again, where do they stand on the issues ? well herman kaine weighed in. >> the number underscores what i have been hearing and seeing that trump supporters are not defecting. they are not jumping ship. now that's what nancy pelosi and the democrat democrats would hag with the whole impeachment thing but people are not. >> it's totally true. i've spent time in a diner, with other grassroots recently,
4:08 am
republicans are going nowhere. >> where are they going to go? >> independents who are looking at the news are going, this is nothing to me. tell me what you're doing on usmca. where's the infrastructure bill. that's why the title do-nothing democrats is being pushed by the republican. they're focusing on the impeachment. >> a lot of people who voted for president trump weren't voting for him because it's a guy -- it wasn't about character, it really wasn't, and it wasn't about his lifestyle. it was about who i can trust to put the issue that i care about first and now they're going to look at the economy, at immigration, at the key issues and they're going to feel if he delivered on those issues they're going to be inclined -- where are they going to go? if you're a trump supporter and you support all of these policies that e he's instituted, are you going to vote for
4:09 am
elizabeth warren? >> you've gotten out of the iran deal, let's go to elizabeth warren. >> it's a completely different world view. you're not going to go there because the president wrote a tweet you didn't like. it doesn't work that way. >> let's see how the voters in america's most miserable cities feel. we got a list put out here that we'll show you here, the ri lisf the states and cities most miserable in america. you see california, new jersey, florida and you've got the most cities in california. but if you go to the top three actual cities, breaking just the cities down, you have number three detroit, number two port author, texas and number one, garry indiana. >> i got to be honest, what makes the city one of the most miserable? is it economic conditions, the weather, the sports teams, the industries that left, your
4:10 am
mayor? i'm going to confess, i didn't do my home work on this. i'm going to scroll back and look at what the misery index is. i live in new jersey now. >> taxes. >> we're going to have to find out what defines misery. >> the misery index in general is your conditions, opportunities, unemployment, crime. but owe nobod you know, in caliu can't blame it on the weather. >> i love california, it's my favorite state. but if you took the weather away from southern california do you think people would be flocking there with toxes and the big government and the bureaucracy that doesn't know how to invest money properly? i think the weather is the draw, the only draw. >> great question. you would think after the policies that have brought particularly economically that state down there would be californians would say we love the weather, let's change the policies but yet they don't. >> who is in charge of california, who is in charge of
4:11 am
new jersey, fur of the towns here in new jersey, controlled by democrats. >> tell us what you think the most miserable city of the usa is. we'd love to hear. the atf now involved in the urgent search for a gunman in a deadly par shooting in kansas city, kansas. four people are dead, five ores hurt. the gunman walked inside a bar and opened fire. we'll keep you updated on the developing story. talks with north korea ending in confusion. the stack home meeting started off well but eight hours later north korea announced that talks have broken down over the u.s.'s not giving up their old attitude. they're planning to return to sweden in two weeks to continue the discussion disbloos border patrol agents detain 13 people
4:12 am
in california. they noticed a suspicious boat docking off of coronado. as the passengers pe bega passee off of the boat, eight were taken into custody. a new york hair salon gets an unwelcomed visitor. check this out. >> oh my god! oh my god! >> bambi. a deer frightening customers, rummaged around the room before finding its way out. one woman was taken to the hospital but she will be okay. man, those are your head lines. luckily everyone is okay. maybe he needed a hair straightener for his friend. >> that was not bambi. >> that is called an animal not smart enough to realize there's
4:13 am
glass. >> maybe he just wanted a haircut. tom homan used to run the agency and refact reacts to thi. you won't want to miss it. . >> this man is not a real i.c.e. agent. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. iv
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
. this man is not a real i.c.e. agent. hector's reaction however is very much real. >> are you coached him? >> hector can't talk due to trauma he suffered inside of the i.c.e. dissension tenter. >> were with you part of the charade?
4:17 am
>> no. this was my idea to introduce my client's reaction. >> this is the latest episode of "how to get away with murder" portraying i.c.e. detention centers as inhuman. >> here to react, tom homan. this depiction of the way i.c.e. is viewed and the way i.c.e. operates. your reaction? >> it's teu pid. stupid. if he's really a child entering the country by himself, he would have never seen i.c.e. he would have been arrested by a border patrol agent. so the whole premise of the story is wrong to begin with. why don't they spend their time doing a show on how i.c.e. saved over 1000 children from sexual predators. and as far as inhumane
4:18 am
conditions, griff has been at the detention centers, th cente. >> let's play that for you. that took me by surprise actually. watch this. >> just last year the chief justice wrote that the interment of japanese americans in world war ii was morally repunk nant. look at this boy. can you say that the conditions that we have him in are not morally. >> we're talking about rounding up innocent children on american soil and caging them behind bashed wife. >> sbarbed wire. >> the comparison here. the point also a child is handled by hhs office of resettlement not put in the i.c.e. detention center. what is the reaction to guys like yourself and the officers currently serving when they see this blatant mischaracterization?
4:19 am
scwhrit'>> it's insulting. i.c.e. does not arrest children. they will arrest a family. that's the way the law is written. everything about the story is wrong. producers should be ashamed with themselves. i.c.e. helps hollywood and prevent their intellectual property being copied and reproduced. yes think they would be happy but they bite the hands that feed them. everything about it is fake. they're pushing a false narrative. it's ridiculous. >> you say that and i hear what you're saying with to be propaganda, the problem is it works. isn't just happening at abc, it's happening at netflix, nbc, everywhere. people see this and their perception becomes what they see on the screen accurate or not. >> that's exactly what they're
4:20 am
doing. they're pushing a false narrative. they're been at it for a couple of years. aynurnd president obama we remod 409,000 people, twice as man as. numbers are down. they can't let him win the issue. keep the heat on, keep vilifying the men and women of i.c.e., keep vilifying the president that are losing the battle. shows like fox, people like me, we have to tell the american people the truth. we have a great president who is going to solve this problem and they can't stand it. >> tom, thank you. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. unemployment among african-americans is at a record low. will the trump economy continue to soar? one saying that this president has done more for the black community than any president in the past. coming up. ♪
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low at 3.5%. here's something you may not have heard about. unemployment among minority are also at record lows. why is the trump economy fostering the right environment for success. here with me former nfl player jack brewer. thanks for being here. >> always good to be here. great t to have you. when you look at the job numbers in the black community, how is this impacting people's lives? >> hugely. the biggest thing about the
4:25 am
unemployment rate when it comes to african-americans and hispanics, so many have come off of food stamps and welfare. now they're working. that tells a lot about the trump tale. he ran on jobs, ran on taking people off of the food stamps and getting them the economy. >> there's a lot of dignity that comes with daily work. >> seven million americans total. a really big number. something that a lot of presidents have talked about but the liberal way of thinking that poor people want you just to give it to them. they want to be educated and make their own dla. he's rejuvenating people to have that policy. >> you've been involved in control justice reform. one of those is not throwing the books at them right away, but
4:26 am
giving them a second or third chance. tell us about it. >> we call the program american heroes. i started right after all of the kneeling and kaepernick situation. i wanted to show nfl going into the places where the kids are going to be in the prison pipe pipeline. schools look at kids and they know how many will end up in prison based off of their demographics. we hear so much about public versus private prisons. i want to a privately-ran facility by the geogroup and these people take the kids out of their comfort zones, out of areas like philadelphia, d.c., baltimore, inner cities and they put them out in the country in a place called cheffield pa. and they take the kids from the juvenile -- i got to tell you, we got a chance to coach them. they played football and we won our first game in 12 years, first hom homecoming game in 12
4:27 am
years. >> when you say you get to coach them, you and other nfl players? >> yeah. great nfl players, anthony montgomery, all of these guys took time out. we went out and coached these kids playing football. first off, most kids in veuf nile aren't allowed to play football. but this program has allowed them to see all of the business things that the sport can really effecaffect in their lives. we pushed them and challenged them. all of them made a commitment that they i'm never return there. they're all going to college. >> the alternative to the community prison pipeline that a lot of these guys unfortunately get caught in. i got to ask you about football. you played on the vikings and the giants. my vikings play the giant today right across the river. >> yes. >> you're going to be there. >> i'll be on the sideline. >> what's your rediction? >> i think it's going to be a really close game but i think the giants are playing good
4:28 am
football right now. >> wrap the segment. >> but i grew up a purple man and my daddy was a big fan and growing up in texas i had them all over my wall. playing for the vikings with a dream come true. this is a special game for me to be walk in new yor back in new g my teams battling each other. >> thanks a lot. maybe i'll see you at the game. joe biden lashing out at the media and the president over the so-called ukraine controversy. >> this is not about me, it's not about my son. it's not a coincidence. i'm not going to respond to that. >> mike huckabee says this is a problem of uncle joe's own making. he joins us coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ ♪ oh my gosh. stop it. upside down? that is your shot of the morning. a member of the michigan marching band going viral for playing the drums upside down. the drummer stole the show during yesterday's halftime
4:33 am
performance. >> some might say that it was more entertaining than the game. michigan won 10-3. >> unnecessary. >> i always wanted to be a drummer. my best friend in college was a drummer. upside down, that's a whole new level. >> good practice for flaying the drums in space. >> only you would think that way. >> mike huckabee, fox news contributor, former governor of arkansas. you play every instrument. the drums? >> i do play the drums. i play the drums, the bass, the guitar, i play the radio, and i can turn on the television most days. >> and i bet you would play upside down if you needed to. there's a op-ed in the washington post this morning, joe biden is lashing out at president trump over the so-called ukraine controversy. title "trump won't destroy me and he will not destroy my
4:34 am
family." he's lashing back at the president. where are we on this? >> joe biden's problems are his own making. he's the guy who brags about telling the ukraines that if they didn't get rid of this prosecutor, he was going to hold up a big chunk of money to them. and he bragged six hours later that guy was gone and the money was on its way. that's pretty amazing. i don't see any of the mainstream press playing that clip. they don't seem to be interested in it at all. or his son who was thrown out of the military for drug-related offense suddenly ended up with a curby directorship on the board of directors for a ukrainian gas company, later went to china with his dad and came back with a billion and a half dollars in private equity stake. these are the things that joe biden is essentially trying to say it is no big deal. it would be to most americans.
4:35 am
>> i want to play quickly when gibed was asked about that in los angeles. and i have a question for you. watch this. >> this is not about me, it's not about my son. >> how is your role as vice president as in charge of policy in ukraine, your son's job in ukraine, how is that not a conflict of interest? >> it's not a conflict of interest. no indication of any conflict of interest from ukraine or anywhere else period. i'm not going to respond to that. let's focus on the problem. focus on this man, what he's doing that no president has ever done. no president. >> governor, clearly vice president biden gets angry and you're seeing that finger. that is a telling moment. do you agree? >> absolutely. there's a saying in km pains and if you're in politics, when you're explaining, you're losing. joe biden is explaining. he's had to now write an op-ed in the washington post. one of the interesting comments he makes is i'm going to beat donald trump like a drum.
4:36 am
you wonder about the violent language this guy loves to employ. he talks about going after this guy named corn pop at the swimming pool when he was young and took a chain after him, and he talks about taking the president out behind the gym in high school and now he's talking about going to beat him like a drum. i think we ought to get joe biden a set of drums and let him beat the drums because he ain't going to beat this president. >> it's clear that joe biden is in trouble. you have the "the new york times" coming out saying that he looks more vulnerable now than at any point in h his cam point. check out this quote, now mr. biden looks for vulnerable than any other time when he came out in the campaign. he's struggled to meet the moment. he's definitively not good at the campaign stuff and it's not getting any better. >> no, it really isn't. he started out overwhelmingly the front runner, the name'd,
4:37 am
the fact he had been a vp, a loyal democrat. all of those things gave him an instant front runner status. that's suddenly change. joe is dropping like a rock. elizabeth warren is going up look a rocket. and i don't think it's going to get better for joe biden. where does he go? it's not like we don't know him. it's just that the more people find out about him and some of the shady deals, the less comfortable and confident they are that this is a guy that they want to entrust with the presidency. next month he turns 77 years old and right now what he wants to do is go beat somebody up. i think a lot of people are saying, really? one other thing thing. the problem joe biden has is not just those coming at him from donald trump. they're coming from the other democrats who are trying to take him down. they may not go to the microphone and say it. but in every one of the democratic campaigns there is a
4:38 am
go get joe biden strategy going on and they're feeding the reporters these stories. a lot of this is not coming from the trump campaign. the trumps would love to have joe biden as the opponent. this is coming from the other democrats who want to make sure there's one less bell to answer and that joe biden is going home. >> good point. >> governor, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> good to talk to you. turning now to your headlines, a man charged with murder after driving into a crowd. one person killed, four others were hurt. the driver is accused of using his suv to attack a group after an argument at a recreational soccer game outside chicago. preschool suspending two teachers before letting seven students wander off without supervision. the kids got out after a fence gate failed. two made their way to a nearby road forcing drivers to slam on their breaks. fortunately no one was hurt and
4:39 am
a few good samaritans took the kids back. ex-un am bass soren't hinting for a run for elizabeth warren's senate see. power told a crowd she wouldn't rule it out but it's unclear how serious she is. she joked he would be up for managing the boston red sox. and a late entry into the sister of the year. this girl dressed up as a bush so she could secretly photograph the moment he sister got engaged. and if you're wondering, she said yes. and those are your head lyons. >> i've got a story like that. >> that ease a tease as we toss
4:40 am
to rick. >> why don't you tell that story while i'm doing the weather and griff you can fill us in afterwards. nicely done. if you bring a sign, you're going to get on tv but this is better. >> we took it to the next step, no question. >> slorchtion you don't have we love and some other network. >> we're strictly fox fans. >> nicely done. it is warmer across the ohio valley than it was yesterday, 1d than you were 24 hours ago. kansas city 11 degrees cooler than you were at this time last year. you get the idea why. cooler air is se settling in bed the front. the front is bringing significant rain. we might see some spots, one or two inches across kentucky today and a few scattered showers across parts of the southeast. we need the rain. we'll take it. all right, guys.
4:41 am
did you get the story out of pete? did you want to share, griff? >> i'm trying to get it. i'm going to keep working on it. >> we'll let you know later. >> thanks, rick. well it's flyover man versus urban guy in a controversial piece written by the media elite. >> the backlash from both sides coming up. ♪ ♪
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. bingo. something you can't do, i can't do and no one else can do. back with quick headlines.
4:45 am
simone becoming the first female gymnast to land a triple double. she's also the first to labd a twisting double somersault. we'll have griff try that. beyonce stuns in a gorgeous gold gown attending the grand opening of tyler perry's movie studio in atlanta. and "the new york times" op-ed stirring backlash. the piece depicting a fictional argument between flyover man explaining his support for trump to urban guy. >> urban guy talks about the president's call with ukraine saying quote, this is impeachable. i don't see how you can deny the facts. to which flyover man says, quotes, i try to stay focused on the actual picture and deal with the realities of life. >> brad todd is the author of
4:46 am
the forthcoming book the great revolt. this may be the most insufferable read that i've experienced in a long time. so absurd for brooke to think, oh, i understand the trump voter and i'm going the tell you all about it. did this not -- this gave me back my first trimester morning sicsickness. >> there's 63 million trump voters in america and they couldn't find one on a map. you can't make this up. >> it really was a fascinating read even though, as jed points out, it's insufferable. the imaginative conversations among themselves is a problem. urban guy is saying you're not the first person to spin the right-wing narrative in front of me. why don't we focus on impeachment. flyover man we can't
4:47 am
conversations. if every time i open my mouth you call me a bigot. i would be open to impeachment if you cared about my problems but i only see democrats who make everything worse. open the border, socialism, more power to washington. >> well you know, we've had something happen in the last three years during the trump administration and that is the venom has been so hateful from the left against the president that the trump voters have decided that they really hate them. the east coast elite and the west coast elite, that the target of their hate is the trump voter. and you can see that when you look into the way people rally behind the president in any of these kree cease. crises it's because they see the contempt coming from the east coast media and the west coast media. >> check out this excerpt from urban guy. i'm happy to talk about the problems. and the flyover guy, you wasted billions of hours speculating
4:48 am
about the mueller report and now news about adam schiff overshadows everything else while my world burns. i know a lot of trump supporters. i have some in my family. i don't know one trump supporter that speaks like this. how out of touch is this guy. this is why trump got elected, is it not? >> absolutely. no question. the east coast media would have you belief every voter stood out a rusted out steel mill hookedded on her heroin. in our book "the great revolt" we talked about different types, the banker and then someone who is a kenny roger rogers fan whot voted for years. >> tweeting this, i checked twitter today and saw the column got some criticism.
4:49 am
i visit four states in the week and in the last two it's been kansas, massachusetts, illinois, new york and georgia. if any column stinks, it's not from lack of contact from the trump voters. >> the "the new york times" and their entire employee base does not have an explicitly pro-trump voice. you will not find a "the new york times" columnist who claims to be a trump supporter which tells you that the "the new york times" doesn't intend to cover trump country, the trump voters or anyone not on the left side of the spectrum this year, especially from their opinion pages. and you can -- david brooks travels around america. that's great. but he could have interviewed real voters and heard complexities of their take. the culture on the brink. the trump voters knew that in 2016. it's why the trump voters went higher. because the voters in the country decided they had to try
4:50 am
to take the country. believe it or not, the holidays are sneaking up on us and now is the time to score the best deals on toys like this crazy cart. take it away, rick. >> com coming up next. ♪ ♪
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. well christmas may be months away, but if you want to get some of the hottest toys of the season, you may want to shop now before they sell out. >> chief toy officer is here. i love toys. >> i do too.
4:54 am
>> what have you got in. >> we're going to start with magic. i want you to put the harry potter invisibility cloak on and walk to me. let's see how great you look with this gorgeous invisibility cloak. just like a wizard, i need you to disappear. >> whoa. oh man. >> hide your head. >> hide your head, griff. >> all right. >> now i'm back. >> walk into my shot. there you go. now come back. yeah. >> wow. >> like scooby doo. >> this is the crazy car. who's getting on? this is awesome. go ahead. this is really, it's a cool set of wheels. we have two modes, a low mode
4:55 am
where it goes 2.5 miles an hour and this goes 8 miles an hour. jump on the gas. >> i think i'm over the weight limit. >> so as soon as you turn the wheel you have this cool shifting motion. you do have to step on the gas. >> i'm on the gas, i swear. whoa! >> thank you, rick. >> what have we got here? >> i want you to meet my friend yojuno. like any baby, juno is learning how to use her trunk. >> over the weight limit. put me in the cloak. >> oh, man. >> can't see me. >> juno is playing with her peanuts, she's got her little toy. she moves her trunk.
4:56 am
she's use it'ss a helicopter, she'll tru trumpet. it's a lot of fun. we're sticking with exotic animals which are really fun. so i can pick a color -- come on on, mila. >> she talks. >> she talks. now i have her, she's read. i can put this on her eye. >> she's still talking. >> let's move down here and see what else we've got. >> let's meet a mad scientist next. >> can't take griff anywhere. >> treasure x alien. the aliens calm down and ate the treasure hunter and i need someone to pull them out of the slime. i've already cut the power, taken out the stomach and the ribs.
4:57 am
>> we're going to die sect this during the commercial break and get everything out of here. thank you so much, lori. still ahead, maria bartiromo. stay with us. ♪ ♪ great friends. you just saved a bunch of money by switching your boat insurance to geico. it was easy. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? ... comin' in a little hot. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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>> ♪ let the good times roll jedediah: well it is 8:00 a.m. okay, so we were just out on the fox square, with some christmas toys. i have seen griff like i've never seen him before. not only that, but pete, you couldn't get his to start. once he did get it to start, it was, it actually sped away. pete: like the minnesota twins i showed highlight here. it was like watching the twins and the low lives. jedediah: and then here is griff
5:01 am
, coming up. pete: yeah, there we go. jedediah: with his invisibility cloak, how cool is that? pete: yeah. jedediah: but i have to say, griff jumped on a toy, on a little car, and he was gone and then like a little kid, he realized he was making a lot of noise, and he looked like, did i do something wrong? i've never seen, you had such a like eight-year-old expression there, you nailed it. griff: when i was growing up i had thanksgiving with my parents and a wonderful little room they called toyland, and you just go full throttle and make lots of noise so i got in trouble for doing those. pete: he made that face but went on to make more noise. instantly, like i'm here making noise. he did good at driving that thing. jedediah: who knew that such a spot on reporter could do a real toy segment like that. griff: listen, you can't take me out of toyland, you just can't
5:02 am
do it. pete: it all makes sense. jedediah: really fun. pete: well i don't know if it's called toyland, the 2020 race is underway, and it seems like we're talking impeachment every day and apparently there are still candidates out on the trail still talk about real issue issues, maybe, maybe not, former vice president is now lashing out punching back at president trump over the ukraine controversy and this whole thing has been going on and signed a lot of light on the former vice president, his son, his dealings , what he's been up to as any man of the establishment would do the pages at the washington post with an op-ed saying trump won't destroy me me and he will not destroy my family. jedediah: here is a quote and he slanders anyone he sees as a threat. that is why he is frantically pushing flatout flies and conspiracy theories against me and my family. no doubt hoping to undermine my candidacy for the presidency and to trump and those who facilitate his abuses of power and all of the special interests funding his attacks against me
5:03 am
please know i'm not going anywhere. you won't destroy me and my family and come november 2020 i intend to beat you like a drum. that famous quote he's been saying over and over and over. griff: without a doubt. this is a clear sign whether it is biden or this op-ed he is feeling threatened. he is trying to fight back but the president is continuing to fight back at every turn as well you see this tweet among many, this one yesterday saying that the first so-called secondhand information whistleblower got my phone conversation almost completely wrong, so now where it is, they are going to the bench and another whistleblower is coming in from the deep state also with secondhand information , meet with shifty, keep them coming the tweet, a reference to clearly, the new york times article yesterday, that the second whistleblower member of the intelligence community is thinking about coming forward. jedediah: can you just look at the parallel though between that trump tweet which is funny it made me chuckle and then that biden op-ed.
5:04 am
that biden op-ed is just someone whose entrenched in d.c. whose been there too long and talks like a politician. if you weed through the op-ed and you should for your own amusement, it's nauseatingly vague when it comes to talking points and that's what you'd expect from a typical politician and then you have the trump tweet and it just shows you why trump was appealing to many people, some republicans, some independence, just because he doesn't talk like a politician. he just kind of says what he feels and there is a huge very drastic parallel between these politicians that if joe biden does wind up getting that nomination you'll see on that stadium -- pete: he is a constant politician, he called him hiden biden at the beginning because the premise is to stay away from the reporters as much as he can, so he can frame his argument very nicely so when he goes on the campaign trail we've seen one or two questions from reporters he shouts down immediately so contrast that with president trump who stands in front of the washington press for 20, 30, 40 minutes on a
5:05 am
daily basis, answering any question to the camera, joe biden wants to hide behind never being asked tough questions. you can't win the nomination let alone the presidency doing that. griff: and that's the difference what is the sitting president, the other is trying to get a nomination and i spoke to kevin with a long relationship with biden, he's a strategist and he talked about what this is doing to biden's candidacy so listen. >> he has to step up his game when it comes to ukraine. we need clear answers from his campaign. i think you saw a little bit of frustration among major donors and they had a summit in support of the vice presidents campaign this past weekend in philadelphia but clearly they are seeing this drag down his momentum and he needs to re capture the momentum in this race. >> he has had an onslaught of attacks his entire summer. every national piece has been negative about either this ukraine story or this president and his attacks, so he needs to regain momentum in this race and take the fight back to the president. pete: his answer at each stop and most recently has been don't ask me that. you can't ask me that. of course there was no
5:06 am
connection yet. photographs coming up pictures taken on the golf course different stories between what hunter biden says and whether he says it no one is pressing him on it and that's why your average voter who supports this president sees all of that as white noise and yet another establishment guy that wants the job because he feels like he deserves it as opposed to someone who came in and said i rode up the escalator because i was going to change the game. they are coming after me just like they come after you. jedediah: even if your goal was to take the fight to the president as you just heard in that clip, okay you're going to do it through an op-ed? no, go out and be able to get on the debate stage and talk about the issues in a compelling way. joe biden is so bad at this. i mean, i thought hillary clinton was the worst politician i ever saw running for president truly this guy is terrible at this and he knows it, so he's trying to figure out ways how can i get a message out there that will contradict trump, but listen using an op-ed that just shows that you are from political generation that is not what is popular and happening
5:07 am
right now. you need to be if you're going to be on the left you need to do it, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, you need to have that populist appeal and go out there and talk to voters and in the same way that president trump can, this is doing nothing. griff: and that is elizabeth warren is really starting to threaten him in ways that we haven't seen before. her steady rides although warren now has her own controversy. now to set this up we've been listening to elizabeth warren whose been talking on the campaign trail recently telling a specific story that actually pre-dates to 2017 but she's really been hitting it several times and it goes back to her days as a special ed teacher. listen to what she's been saying lately. >> my first teaching position was as a special needs teacher. by the end "first school year, i was quite visibly pregnant and the principal didn't invite me back for next school year. i was visibly pregnant, and the principal did what principals did back in the day.
5:08 am
wished me luck, showed the door and hired someone else for the job. >> i was visibly pregnant which meant the principal gave you a handshake, wished you well and hired somebody else for the job. >> i was visibly pregnant, and the principal did what principal s did in those days. wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. pete: she's got the story down. griff: compelling story. jedediah: visibly pregnant. pete: the details are there. i got pregnant, the principal said okay, we're moving on to something else. a story of discrimination against women, a story of discrimination against people who were pregnant, and except we got video tape from 2007 before she was running for president, before she was in office, maybe before she started telling a telltale that she wanted to bring empathy to her. listen to elizabeth warren in 2007 on this very same story. >> i worked in a public school system but i worked with the children with disabilities, and
5:09 am
i did that for a year, and then that summer, i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an emergency certificate it was called and i went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said i don't think this is going to work out for me. and i was pregnant with my first baby, so i had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years and i was really cast casting about thinking what am i going to do? jedediah: to repeat she said i actually didn't have the education courses. quite a different story. elizabeth warren has turned out to be quite the compelling storyteller. i have to say whether she's talking about her ancestry or whether she's talking about, you know, being visibly pregnant or whatever it is, she has a way of telling stories and for some reason, she is not properly held accountable because we have seen her in the polls have we not? griff: we have indeed. if you look at the real clear
5:10 am
politics average, and that really grades them, you'll see on this graph we'll show you the alliance with the green word at the top is biden the blue one there is bernie sanders but the brown one that you see at the far right of the screen climbing , that is warren in that sort of slow and steady wins the game that is exactly what any candidate wants and this is when warren is taking off and to her credit is taking selfies with people, accessible on the campaign trail so we'll see what she has to say between now and october 15 the next debate about that story. jedediah: the question is if you're a good campaigner, is that what it is? she's a good campaigner, gets out on the campaign trail, people like her and feel she inspires them, it doesn't matter if she's distorting the policy like that? pete: she's a more energetic version of bernie sanders, who should have won the nomination in 2016 and the president gave her the nickname which is effective in exposing her deceit
5:11 am
and i think we should change that name, because you know, you call your teacher ms. or mrs. , whatever, but ms. pocohontas says i got fired from the principal. let's hear from the other people there because her story in 2007 was i made a decision, i didn't have the qualifications i stayed at home. great good for her. don't turn around 12 years later when you're running for president say i was discriminated against because i was pregnant. that's not true and false salesmanship, holding yourself up to the people who vote for you. jedediah: let us know does it matter? do people care or is it just about being a good politician and forget everything else. let us know what you think. we'll turn to headlines now, we are getting our first look at a deadly shooting scene in kansas city, kansas. a police officer says four people are dead, another five victims are in stable condition at the same hospital. right now, authorities are looking for the gunman who they say walked inside a bar and opened fire. no suspects are in custody and
5:12 am
police say there could be more than one suspect on the run. >> and four people are hurt including two firefighters after explosions rock an october fest celebration in california overnight. >> i don't know. something exploded. jedediah: three giant blasts sending massive fireballs into the air. two firefighters were injured while investigating the first explosion. hundreds of people fleeing the area for safety. fire officials say an underground electrical vault exploded none of the injuries are life threatening. and here is a live look in hong kong where the streets are flooded with pro-democracy protests, and they are covering their faces in defiance of an anti-mask law and critics argue it's aimed at stopping a month-long movement and police firing tear gas during the intense clashes. >> a wounded veteran regains his independence thanks in part to tobey keith.
5:13 am
check this out. >> [indiscernible] >> [applause] jedediah: the independence fun teaming up with country stars across the country giving away these specialized wheelchairs at their conference. the all-terrain chairs help wounded heros get back to what they love doing outdoors and pete you're familiar with this program you were there, as florida georgia line presented a chair to another veteran this summer? pete: yes, fox is partnering with the independence fund which is an amazing organization which helps severely wounded vets get out there and do what they want with these track chairs so i guess standing on stage, everyone was cheering for the vets, and it was amazing i mean just a powerful moment so good on tobey keith, good on florida georgia line, it's a great mission. griff: well president trump defending himself from democrats attacks. president trump: well i heard
5:14 am
adam schiff got four pinochios. griff: now aoc is calling his comment anti-semetic. assist life long democrat calls it outrageous. you don't want to miss this. >> ♪ ♪ it's time to sell or trade in your car. with truecar, just enter your license plate and see your car's value in real time. sports package and low mileage? nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer, and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now.
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i'm happy to give you the tour, i lohey jay. it. jay? charlotte! oh hi.
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5:18 am
the whistleblower complaint but one person is coming to his rescue. congresswoman saying understanding that trump is engaged delivering anti-semitism towards chairman schiff. life long friend of donald trump , andrew stein. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. griff: first the tweet he just showed by aoc, your thoughts? >> well, it's almost laughable to say that the president is anti-semetic. first of all he's been the best president israel has ever had and giving israel control over the golden heights, changing the capitol to jerusalem and many many other things so when it comes to israel he's the best president we ever had. also most of his friends are
5:19 am
jewish. i mean, i've been friends with him since 73, and his best friend, you can go on and on and his son-in-law, who he works with every day, very closely, is jewish, his daughter-in-law converted so it's a stupid thing that aoc said. griff: well as you describe, the donald trump you know, have known since 1973 that doesn't sound to me like a guy that would be anti-semetic. do you think aoc is really pushing across the line that is unfair? >> well i think aoc says many stupid things but the media goes along with it, let's say she's become the darling of the left wing media which means most of the media outside of here, so they let her get away with a lot in fact it was a woman and her town hall event last week that was so worried about climate
5:20 am
change, she said we should eat babies and aoc didn't say anything. so her green new deal is absurd if you look at it on face, and can't drive cars, can't go on a plane, can't travel by plane, can't eat hamburgers, so there's many things she says that are stupid, but saying that the president is anti-semetic is the worst she's ever done. griff: it bothers you? >> because i know the guy, i love him and i know how when my dad was dying, he reached out all the time, you know, and once a week and then for six months and said is there anything i can do? and the mans stories like this of his kindness which the public doesn't see. griff: well thank you for sharing it with us andrew stein, we appreciate you being here. thank you for having me. griff: converting to christianity in one of the most dangerous places to be a christian, iran, a new
5:21 am
documentary reveals the underground movement sweeping the country. ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪ who were inspired by different cultures ♪ and found that the past can create new memories... leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. for everywhere you go, expedia has everything you need, all in one place.
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pete: it's an incredible fight for faith a new documentary shed ding light on muslims walking away from islam and toward christianity in one of the most dangerous places to be a christian in the world. iran. their voices change to protect their identity. >> [indiscernible] pete: and
5:25 am
the iranian awakening is what some call it the filmmakers calling it the fastest growing church in the world and move the mostly led a majority by women but not just women. joining us now is the team behind sheepamongwolves ii documentary director dalton t homas, and gentlemen thank you all for being here. i'll start with you, dalton. lay out this film because there was an article on i haven't heard of a church let alone quickly inside iran. break this down for us. >> the bottom line is theres two different irans. there's the iran that you hear about in the news which is the regime, but then there is the iranian people, and those two things are very very different, and it was probably about six years ago that joel and i got connected to the leaders of the church in iran and we began
5:26 am
meeting with them pretty much every year since then in countries around iran and all over the world meeting with them for training and encouragement and we started hearing their stories and looking at the hallmarks of this movement that there's no centralized leadership. there's no buildings. there's no 501 c3 and no denominational leanings and it's mostly led by women and the most startling thing is they are aggressively pro-israel and 100% former muslim so you look at the hallmark distinction of this movement going this is one of the most profound untold stories not just in the middle east but in the world today, because iran is the number one existential threat against israel today and yet deep in the heart of the country is a movement growing that's following the jewish that loves the state of israel that loves the jewish people. pete: joel for our viewers for myself still just wrapping your head around a church inside iran , give me a sense of size and scope. what are we looking at here? >> so there are various mission s organizations that do a
5:27 am
lot of statistics and so forth, so first of all they are saying that it's growing at just under 20% per-year, so that would mean it would double every five years , and numbers are somewhere between a quarter million upwards as much as 3 million, and our people inside -- pete: christians in iran? >> yeah, our folks inside say it's closer to half a million to a million. >> these are muslim background christians not just nominal grew up christian. pete: converts to christianity from islam. i've got to believe the regime doesn't like this much. >> right. the regime exists. they maintain their control through the whole narrative of being the stewards of this invisible figure and the sort of thing so when people embrace a different religious system that means they will lose power and their grip on the people and so they don't like it at all. pete: as a former head of israeli intelligence of lebanon and syria you know this region better than anybody in this room how did you get involved in this project? >> well during the syrian
5:28 am
project, that the army did in syria, they came to israel and joined the project with the idea , so we have syrian refugees , it was a beautiful project but now we have the international and it's kind of an umbrella organization for everything but i want to talk about iran for a minute. i think that it's all about iran we need to remember that iran is all over the field. we have the nuclear agreement that it's going to be redone again. we don't know it will be for the benefit of irs. israel. remember iran is establishing efforts in syria and iraq beginning of 2018, and iran is actually the regime that exports all over the world so we have three scenarios here. one, iran will continue giving strategic weapons of hezbollah and that can launch a war.
5:29 am
we have the gulf persian issue with the u.s.. so we know what's happening. >> i have to say that what we see in iran there at the underground church, in a way, for the benefit of israel, even though the former israelis are not involved in this project it's a good thing for us. i met a couple of the leaders that care about the jewish people that care about israeli so we have the iranian people and you have the iranian regime so it's something different. pete: a pro-israel christian church inside iran growing faster than any other population in the world, maybe a million it's an amazing story unfortunately we have to leave it. where can folks learn more about the film? >> you can watch it for free, it's on youtube, and increasing number of platforms. pete: check this out. sheepamongwolves ii. thank you for this amazing work bringing it to the world. hopefully more eyes will be on it today as well. >> thank you so much.
5:30 am
pete: thanks a lot we appreciate it. on political news are democrats all talk about impeachment? well president trump is telling nancy pelosi to hold the vote. ed henry, ed is here, reacts and we'll tell you why he's in florida this morning as well, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ griff: it's your shot of the morning you're looking live at the international space station, installing new batteries on the iss. jedediah: the lithium icon batteries arrived last week after being launched from southern japan and they willpower the satellite's laboratories. pete: that is a live shot i've ever seen i couldn't find them at first right at the top of the screen there they are kicking around and the two astronauts will be repairing what's called a cosmic particles detector first of five space walk sets for october. can you imagine? jedediah: no i don't need to go into space. pete: that would be amazing. griff: i don't think they know they are on fox & friends right now. pete: give us a wave, if you're listening to fox & friends kick your leg. jedediah: you would do this pete , i know you. pete: i'm told there's some training required but once i did
5:35 am
that of course. that would be mind blowing. griff: but who does know that we're putting them on tv right now is our friend ed henry, down in miami. ed, how are you? ed: i'm great. i think pete wants to go into space after what happened to his minnesota twins. i've got my new york yankees hat jedediah: i know. ed: "start spreading the news." i want to be a part of it. jedediah: by the way, ed, i noticed that you tweeted at him and he didn't even have to be -- pete: i came on ed, i neil: i was coming i got nothing to say, 8-2 it's embarrassing. ed: last weekend i wore the twins hat and i stayed silent because honestly i think the twins had a good team. had a rough weekend but we'll have to go to your building we still got to win it. pete: oh, yeah you sound real worried. >> [laughter] ed: maybe this is a little farfetched, because 10-4 and 8-2
5:36 am
pete: you should see my text messages from ed henry on this one. brother congrats. griff: we got to talk to you about what i was reporting on this week going to be doing more of and you're at the forefront and that is the pressure mounting on democrats hoenig this vote on impeachment inquiry and the white house will send that letter to nancy pelosi saying they aren't going to turn over documents in the subpoena for vice president pence, or secretary pompeo, they want this vote, ed. what do you think? ed: yeah, it may be check mate by the president because he's saying you just want to have this unfettered access to the president, his top aids and he's going to push back on these subpoenas so look for the president going on offense this coming week, number one, but number two, we've heard a lot about the president with nancy pelosi to hold this vote on an impeachment inquiry which she's ducked so far. a lot of people think that just has to do with the politics of it and it's part of it that pelosi doesn't want to put the sort of moderate democrats who won trump-friendly districts in 2018 on the record. i've got to tell you i've been digging around theres more to
5:37 am
this story. there's advisors to the president saying look the real reason why pelosi won't have the vote is that if there's an official vote, and an official inquiry, not this sort of pseudo inquiry, is open, you have to give subpoena power to both sides. not just the majority, democrats in the house, but the minority republicans. that's what happened to water gate and what happened in the clinton impeachment and so the white house wants to see the vote, because then if all of a sudden the republicans in the house have subpoena power they are calling all kinds of witnesses, what kind of dealings democrats might have had on ukraine, maybe they would call hunter biden as a witness. i'm looking at the new york times this morning saying among other things they claim that the president has been hurling unfounded allegations, they say, at the former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. how do we know it's unfounded? nobody is really investigated. griff: that's a huge point actually just to walk that out one more step, if the subpoena power if the house is able to actually impeach him without having to take this vote, once it gets to the senate where
5:38 am
republicans mitch mcconnell has control, you would certainly arrive at that subpoena power? ed: absolutely because then you'd have a formal trial, if, if, if, the house actually doesn't just vote on an inquiry but actually votes on articles of impeachment. this would be down the road, obviously, but they have the majority in the house, the democrats, so one would assume that if they are going to go full bore here they will eventually vote on articles of impeachment and get them done. maybe they will pullback. i don't want to get ahead of the facts but if they do vote for articles of impeachment, it would go to the senate as you say, there would be a trial, and that's where mitch mcconnell is the majority leader and so yes, as a co-equal branch of government, congress obviously is going to have power here to go through the evidence as we saw in the clinton impeachment trial, for example, but what's important is that earlier in the process right now, democrats and adam schiff and nancy pelosi, they're running this whole thing without really any input from the republicans. that's why they are scared to have a vote on an inquiry,
5:39 am
because all of a sudden hunter biden and other people will be called as witnesses as well. jedediah: ed quickly can you just weigh in on this joe biden op-ed in the washington post for weeks of desperation? ed: i heard exactly what you said at the top because i wanted to check in on you guys and i thought it was fascinating because you're right, jedediah this is so 1984 or something, let me write an op-ed and i heard pete's voice kind of mock ing the vice president. i mean look, he's entitled to a defense. i think it's smart for him to pushback. i think it's late for him to pushback. i think the venue of an op-ed in the washington post at a time when the president is out there on twitter, out on social media, driving his own defense, and as we said a moment ago, going on offense as well, it really looks like the former vice president is behind the curve here, on all of this, and the president and rudy guiliani have succeeded in something key, which is that a few weeks ago when they were kicking this up, they wanted to get joe and hunter biden front and center.
5:40 am
they have succeeded at that, whether the democrats want to admit that or not. on the flip side of course i don't want to leave out the fact that this president has also put himself in real political peril by the phone call and public comments he's made about yeah, i want an investigation by ukraine and oh, yeah, by the way , i want china to investigate the bidens. yes there's a political benefit to the president, which is joe biden's in real trouble because of all of that but the president is under the microscope as well. pete: ed we got to go. why are you in florida? ed: my son is at the university of miami parents weekend, the miami athletic department was kind enough to invite us we went to the football game yesterday, we had a blast. we got a lot of fox fans from the miami athletic department that watched what we talked about with my sister colleen who by the way is doing great so they called me up on friday and said we want your family to come out and watch the game and miami kind of had a ferocious comeback , but lost to virginia tech but my son patrick is having a great time at the university of miami and by the way, aoc said you only have a
5:41 am
couple more years for miami so i want to enjoy it while i can. jedediah: good to see you. pete: he's wearing a yankees tie by the way. turning griff: turning on your headlines one of jeffrey epstein 's business owners, a woman claims les wexner, the billionaire owner of victoria's secret is responsible for the 1996 attack on her telling the washington post that epstein assaulted her and he denies ever knowing the woman. >> and good samaritans spring into action after a man is struck by lightning. you can see him fall to the ground after a flash of light. wow the jolt sending his dogs running, a man at a nearby veterinarian hospital ran over to help and called over a hospital technician and they performed cpr, until more help arrived and the man was airlift ed to a texas hospital and is now recovering with serious injuries and the dogs were eventually found. >> and future nba star zion
5:42 am
williamson sure could get a lot of cheers this season but won't be for this. >> ♪ oh, i want to dance with somebody, i want to feel the heat with somebody ♪ griff: the number one draft pick booed off the court of his performance with "i want to dance with somebody" and more than 10,000 fans showing up for the teams first open scrimmage and those are your headlines. jedediah: i enjoyed the performance, i may be the only one but i did. pete: he's a great basketball player. jedediah: [laughter] and the press, well the royals suing two tabloids accusing them of hacking his voice mail. the former prosecutor shares his take on the royal battle we have that coming up, next. >> ♪ ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music
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pete: welcome back. uber launches a new high flying service the rideshare company now offering helicopter rides between lower manhattan, in new york city, and jfk airport. the eight minute flight costs about $200 for a one way trip. that ride could take over an hour or more depending on traffic. i've been there. could be worth it, if you really got to make it. and those flying into the city can likely find a job at macy's, which plans to hire 80,000 employees this holiday season. christmas season, i stand corrected. 30,000 of those jobs are at fulfillment centers and another thousand will be put to work on the famous thanksgiving day parade and the retailer will be holding hiring events later this month. jedediah on to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. prince harry filing lawsuit against two tabloids over alleged phone hacking, accusing the daily mirror of intercepting his voice mail. this within days of his wife meghan markle announcing a
5:47 am
lawsuit on sunday over a breach of privacy for publishing her private letter to her dad. here with more is robert bianchi , criminal defense attorney, welcome. >> thank you. jedediah: so what do you make of these lawsuits and could they be successful? >> they could be successful it is based on the facts and we don't know all of the facts right now but i would think as a lawyer if the prince were coming to me the question to him is a high profile figure, many of which i represent now in my criminal defense practice is do you want to mix it up and get into the swamp and the mud with what's going to occur here in a lawsuit because all your dirty laundry is going to be turned upside down, and that's going to be a frenzy for the media, the very thing he's trying to prevent from happening and his whole life and all of his blemishes and everything that happened could be exposed. i think it's going to be a media frenzy. jedediah: this is a very sensitive issue for prince harry though given what happened to his mother, related to the tabloids, so do you think that that is sort of compelling his
5:48 am
decision? >> yeah, he actually said that. that he didn't want his wife to be victimized. i feel bad for the guy. it's very difficult. i was in a high profile public figure when i was the head prosecutor. i can only imagine what he's dealing with people saying things that are untrue, you know they are untrue and this is your wife and he said he didn't want his wife to be subjected to what happened to his mother so that's first and foremost in his mind. jedediah: we have a statement from newspapers who owns the sun and daily mail and we confirm that a claim has been issued by the duke of sussex and we have no further comment to make he current time and then we have a statement from the fox & friends no comment to sharon this, are you surprised they aren't saying anything? >> no i'm not surprised first of all you shouldn't be saying anything in the context of litigation and moreover, as lot of this information exactly what is being alleged isn't out in the public but the best advice always is and i advise my clients and deal with it myself personally is the more you speak , the more fuel and oxygen you put on the fire and it's like a beast, the media, no
5:49 am
disrespect we're both in the media world but it's like a character in daunte it reminded me of the hungrier it is and the more it eats the hungrier it becomes so to me, less is more when you're dealing with this. jedediah: good advice but sometimes it's so hard to follow because you see things about yourself that are untrue or see things that you love that are untrue you want not only to set that record straight but you want to hold the people accountable who are running like wildfire with these, potentially hacking into your voice mail, that's seer just stuff. >> and that should be left for prosecutors to deal with if there is that kind of hacking because that would be a crime in england but you bring up a great point jedediah. in my mind, the media strategy should be there. i don't know if you do it through the vehicle of a lawsuit as opposed to a public relations campaign at least that's how i handle it with my clients. a lawsuit is a bad place because you now are on the crucible of being cross examined by lawyers for the other side and that can get ugly. jedediah: it seems to me it's a very high level public figure as he is or even a public figure that's not quite as high, it's
5:50 am
very difficult to jog into when a lawsuit like this, you make a statement by following one, but can you actually win this? >> well yeah, you can. jedediah: and how? >> many people in england have won them. jedediah: and they have a lot of money. >> millions and millions of dollars from these tabloids who have done very bad things so it has been successful in the past and it could be for him but not without a lot of damage and the more he's out there the more media frenzy there is. jedediah: i understand his rage though i really do. >> absolutely. jedediah: thanks for being here. the new york city pizza fest is underway this weekend and we are dishing up some of the best on the fox square, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪
5:51 am
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is pete: welcome back. well the second annual new york city pizza festival underway right now, in new york city and lucky for us we're getting a piece of the pie you might say. jedediah: joining us now, founder of the festival and co- founder of the pizza academy foundation, peyton smith owner of mission pizza, and winston-salem, north carolina, and owner of good pie in las vegas you guys have some amazing pies. >> [laughter] jedediah: so you have some amazing pizza here. can you just tell us what making a great pizza? >> the ingredients and the technique of these guys. pete: tell us about the festival >> so this is the second year
5:55 am
we're doing it it's in the bronx on arthur avenue. it is all of the best pizza makers in the world we have 30 of the best guys assembled, we have guys from around the country like winston-salem and las vegas and the best guy from denver and dallas and the best guys from new york as well you can go to one street one place and eat the best pizza in the world, today from 12-5. griff: and they're telling me that more than 40,000 slices of pizza yesterday? >> yes, sir. today more for sure. griff: let's talk about these pizzas. first of all what is this? >> this is a delivery box. griff: pre-dates domino's. griff: i bet that it stayed hot. >> yes. there is holes in the bottom and they sell it on the street as they say by slice.
5:56 am
you paid after eight days there was no money in naples. delivery and all. rick: it's right around the block from where i live and it's amazing. pete: when i think pizza i don't necessarily think winston-salem. what are you talking about? >> [laughter] >> you know, the thing about winston-salem is we have a really young emerging spirit of people who just want to do their thing and it's not really customary in my part of the south, but we've been embraced there, and people give us the freedom to do our thing, and put our food on the plate. it's super. so i fell in love with pizza and that's why i'm here. griff: the problem though is vinnie from las vegas, born in new york, says the best pizza is this pie here. tell me about it. >> well this pie is inspired by a dish my father used to make, sausage stuffed artichoke and then we have the margarita here and this is known as the best selling pizza on our menu. sausage artichoke, tomato, super
5:57 am
delicious. griff: thanks very much vinnie. we've got a fox news thing coming in here another whistleblower is now coming forward, and we're going to eat pizza and also tell you about this breaking news, more fox & friends.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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6:00 am
griff: this is a fox news alert right now we can confirm that there is indeed another whistleblower in connection to the disclosure to the intel inspector general's report. this is just coming in now, we ran in, obviously we're having pizza, but this is what happens, sorry, when news breaks. now, we have a tweet we want to show you. this is from the attorney of this new whistleblower, moments ago, here is the tweet. i see whistleblower update. i can confirm that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers in connection to the underlying august 12, 2019 disclosure to the intelligence community inspector general, no further comment at this time. that's what we know. jedediah: multiple whistleblower s so a lot of
6:01 am
questions remain are these people who have firsthand knowledge of the incident, are people just getting second or third hand knowledge? what will the impact of this be? will they corroborate the story we saw from the first whistleblower? what will be the implications for the trump adminitration moving forward on this issue, and of course, how it will be played out in the media. before we have anything i'm sure some have already ran with this story i'll sit back tight and wait and see. pete: listen folks this is how it goes right? one a whistleblower whose actually a leaker hates the president, so pushes information letting adam schiff conveniently know a couple weeks beforehand what's coming so they can frame their narrative and make the president look bad and then you got another one and another one and another one and the media will run around saying second whistleblower, third whistleblower, fourth whistleblower, so yeah, we come in with a fox news alert on this understand it's a new piece of news, but for those of us that have watched this process unfold , it's groundhog style yet again. yet another piece of information that isn't confirmed in any way but the networks will go wall to wall today and for the rest of the week a cascade of
6:02 am
whistleblowers. it's really just the deep state rearing its head because they hated this president from the beginning. one persons whistleblower is another person's leaker so we don't know what they have, what they say they have, is it secondhand like this other guy, firsthand knowledge? we don't know but it's not worth being breathless about it, because they've already seen the transcripts. griff: it's only because we ran in. but a good point listen we can't get ahead of the facts we don't know what this whistleblower alleges. we did see and we font know these are connected but we saw a story in the new york times yesterday there was another whistleblower in the wings. we saw the president tweeting -- pete: oh, the new york times knows? how would the new york times know before everybody else? shocking because the new york times works for the democrats and vice versa and they feed each other information and all to make the president look bad and we talk about this whistleblower like they deserve credibility when they don't know what they know and how well they know it and it's always the new york times and the washington post and cnn giving us all this stuff telling us it's legitimate and for people out there
6:03 am
watching it, it's hard to take seriously. griff: and you're defending because you support president trump but this is also not necessarily good news for joe biden, because of the questions that have come up with his involvement with his son involved in all of this. jedediah: joe biden had penned that new op-ed we were talking about in the washington post and now you have the new york times coming out saying joe biden now looks more vulnerable than at any point in the campaign. you heard that right. that is the new york times now remember, this is the op-ed, the washington post where trump won't destroy me and he won't destroy my family, and this is, you know, looks like an act of desperation to a lot of people, new york times obviously making that statement about joe biden that many people feel that he is not resonating with people that he does not have that populous energy, that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have had, and that he seemed to be the most electable guy for a long time based on what the establishment was saying, but it's not looking that way any more so joe biden is having to come out and figure out how do i appeal to people
6:04 am
and voters and because it's such an established politician the only way he knows how to do that is to go through an op-ed in the life as you said pete of the washington post because when he gets on that debate stage, he can't get that energy. he cannot be that campaigner. pete: he hasn't had it and he also can't answer questions spontaneously. griff: so take to a pre-scripted piece in the four corners of a newspaper which joe biden loves the good old days of the newspaper wishes that's the kind of media environment he could control but he can't any more, because now you've got twitter and social media and the ability to get actual narratives out there. when he was pressed once at least on friday in los angeles about his son's ties to the ukraine, here is how he non- answered it. >> this is not about me. it's not about my son. >> how would you rule as vice president as in charge of policy in the ukraine and your son's job, how is that not a conflict of interest? >> it's not a conflict of interest. there's been no indication of any conflict of interest. period. i'm not going to respond to that
6:05 am
let's focus on the problem. focus on this man, what he's doing, as no president has ever done. no president. pete: griff you pointed out earlier, focus on this man. that finger. griff: and that sends a signal to all of the reporters in the campaign trail, peter doocy and others who first started to press him when we saw biden react emotionally like that and as governor huckabee pointed out it's this clear sign of being on the defensive which is where canada doesn't want to be it's clear this will not go away and while you have the administration fighting subpoenas, right, that is trying to get more information you have a candidate at the center as well of this controversy whose going to be continuously asked about it and his answer to dismiss it, he's not going to talk about it any more is not going to suffice. pete: good point and his answer, now that i think about it even more, focus on this man, this man. they are so obsessed with president trump that it all becomes, how can we find anything on him as opposed to the actual facts and the actual
6:06 am
situation and you start when you start to look back all the way to 2016 it sure feels like its been all about targeting trump. jedediah: he also counts on you notice joe biden is counting on the media to have his back. it's counting on them to not demand an answer from him as they would from president trump, for example, but it is a big step for the new york times to come out and make this admission that this is a huge challenge for joe biden and he's really not stepping up to that challenge. this is a quote from that article that we mentioned earlier the article was titled biden faces biggest challenge and struggled with formal response. the quote now mr. biden looks more vulnerable than at any point since he entered the campaign facing one of his greatest challenges of his candidacy mr. biden has plainly struggled to meet the moment so that's no small thing that a newspaper like the new york times not right leaning by any measure is coming out saying hold on a second you have been challenged. you have been asked to step up to the plate you are not delivering as many thought you would and enough to answer whether he likes it or not he can say all he wants so i don't need to answer that but people will expect that someone running
6:07 am
for president of the united states will answer. griff: and governor huckabee here is what he said. this isn't going to get any better. listen. >> he started out overwhelming ly the front runner and his name id, the fact he had been a vp, a loyal democrat all those things gave him that instant front-runner status and without any distinction among the others, well that has suddenly changed. joe is dropping like a rock, elizabeth warren is going up like a rocket and i don't think it's going to get any better for joe biden because where does he go? it's not like we don't know him. it's just that the more people find out about him and some of these shady deals, the less comfortable and confident they are that this is a guy that they want to entrust to the president pete: when the more you see the less you like and the less you say the more effective you are that's not a viable president. griff: and also look brand new polls out this morning showing how joe biden is doing in the 2020 race. jedediah: garrett tenney is live in washington with a closer look at the new numbers garrett what do you got?
6:08 am
reporter: these two new polls look at two key states for the 2020 election and in both south carolina and wisconsin joe biden is the top choice for democratic primary voters, and in the palmetto state the former vice president increases an already- commanding leap with 41% among democratic primary voters, that is 29 points ahead of the other top two democrats, elizabeth warren with 12 and bernie sanders with 10. south carolina is the fourth state to vote in the democratic primary and it is the first with a large african american population, which plays well to joe biden. looking ahead to the general election though, wisconsin is a state president trump won by less than a single percent and if the election were held today, it would be another close one. joe biden is again, the top choice among democrats and he is the only candidate to beat trump out right in a head to head matchup, 48-39%. sanders beats trump by 5 and warren by 4, though there are 13
6:09 am
-14% of voters who are still undecided so still, enough votes for trump to pull ahead of either sanders, or warren, in a head to head matchup, not biden though at least in this latest poll, though it is also worth noting this poll was taken september 29 to october 2, just as this ukraine story was beginning to ramp up. back to you all. griff: bingo bingo garrett good point thank you very much that's very significant because what we are uncovering now, we are hearing and seeing biden fighting on the defensive this weekend is only going to continue into the week particularly with this news of another whistleblower in the wings. jedediah: but the question is do democratic voters care and believe him when he says oh, this is a non-scandal this is president trump digging for xyz, do they believe him? how do independent voters feel about this and will the expectation be that joe biden has to answer these difficult questions or people will simply stay home and not be encouraged to vote for him if he is that candidate going against president trump. i don't have the answers to those questions but i'm curious
6:10 am
to see how these polls potentially dip for him once this scandal is weighed in as part of a factor. pete: and are the polls accurate and do they matter? it's very very early. you still have the sense among trump supporters that you don't talk about your support for president trump, the polsters or anybody else, but what is clear in that south carolina poll though is that joe biden retains a lot of support in the black community no doubt and that in south korea is a big part of what he's counting on. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines now on this 9:00 a.m. hour, and a fox news alert breaking overnight. a police officer says four people are dead and another five victims are in stable condition after a bar shooting in kansas city, kansas. right now authorities are looking for the gunman who they say walked inside a bar and opened fire. no suspects are in custody and police say there could be more than one suspect on the run. >> and attacks with north korea ending in confusion, the stockholm meeting seemed to start off well as negotiators from both sides were smiles but
6:11 am
eight hours later, north korea announced talks have broken down over the u.s. refusal to give up their old attitude and the state department insists there were good discussions with plans of returning to sweden in two weeks to continue those discussions. >> and a north carolina mom believes she has discovered the secret sign of a middle school romance. she shared what she calls a psa on facebook, warning moms of clean girls they are given their scrunchies to boys to let them know they have a crush on them. do you feel like you're buying them every other week? let me let you in on a little secret they are being found in the dryer of every boy mom's home. we asked what you thought and your responses are pouring in. i'm a school resource officer, at pope school in pope, mississippi and i can verify it is most definitely a thing there and the scrunchieses are back and tina says as a middle school teacher i can report the
6:12 am
exchange is alive and well. i'm telling you man. griff: i'm worried now two and a half hours ago, i inquired in my household about this and it has been nothing but radio silence from my wife, and 13-year-old daughter i don't know if they are covering something up or doing something else but they don't like the disclosure. jedediah: [laughter] griff: there's a scrunchies count every night. so one of senator warren's go-to stories on the campaign trail. i was visibly pregnant and the principal did what principals did in those days. wished me luck, and hired someone else for the job. pete: well turns out that has not always been her not even story not even close. here is what she used to say we'll bring it to you, stick around. >> ♪ ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love,
6:13 am
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6:16 am
jedediah: a fox news alert a lawyer now revealing he is representing an additional whistleblower, here to weigh in fox news contributor and democratic strategist jessica tarlov welcome. thank you, good morning. jedediah: i want to get your take, good morning to you, i want to get your take on this whistleblower. they are reporting that this whistleblower this is abc reporting at this point, the whistleblower had firsthand knowledge, spoke with the ig, is an intel official. we don't have many details right now. is there any comment you want to make on what the potential impact would be? >> the potential impact was enormous here that was the main claim that people who were saying that president trump was being setup, that it was a witch hunt, et cetera, a hoax, we're saying secondhand information shouldn't count even though according to the whistleblower guidelines a secondhand information absolutely is legitimate. so, with firsthand knowledge here, and the lawyers reporting actually that they are representing multiple
6:17 am
whistleblowers, really strikes to the heart of the argument that trump's defenders have been making. i would add though that that argument actually never held any weight because the readout from the calls and the memorandum of the call had the quid pro quo in there. jedediah: i didn't see any. i didn't see any quid pro quo. >> could you do me a favor though? hold on. combine that with the text messages that came out of that hearing, where you had bill taylor saying twice, that we shouldn't be exchanging military assistance. jedediah: hold on a second are you concerned because nancy pelosi was declaring that oh, let me go forward with impeachment, before she had any facts that transcript you're referencing which by the way i saw no quid pro quo in, i was looking closely for it she did not even wait to see that before she rushed to say let's call for impeachment. you had many democrats coming out saying the same thing. why is that not bother some to democrats that they are rushing to villify the president before they have adequate information? it came out today as well everyone is rushing to say oh, well this validates.
6:18 am
it doesn't validate anything. >> the president vilified himself on the south lawn last week when he was asked by a reporter, early thursday morning , asked by a reporter what would you have that i say to the ukraines looking into the bidens and he says also china as well and then he asked president xi to look into the bidens in china. the record of that call was also stored on that high security server where he was holding the ukraine call where they were moving all of these conversation s with foreign leaders. the facts are senator ron johnson a defender of the president corroborated the story that bill taylor told in those text messages. he had a conversation with ambassador sunland, confirm ing there was a quid pro quo for the military assistance. senator johnson then went to the president who denied it. there is a record in i believe it's three different places including directly out of the president's own mouth. jedediah: so where, i want you to point to me where are the high crimes and misdemeanors that the would allow impeachment to go through and why has nancy
6:19 am
pelosi not called for a vote? why has she not demanded that democrats and republicans get on board and be held accountable and say do you know what? this is why this president deserves to be impeached and now i'll go through with it. >> republicans want to spend their time focusing on the procedure here. jedediah: but why doesn't that matter? >> listen nancy pelosi could call that vote on friday and call it tomorrow. i know the president is sending that letter. the information is there. jedediah: why isn't she doing it >> maybe she will do it tomorrow? i honestly believe that there is no doubt in a majority of house democrats minds that this president abused the power of the office for his personal gain we heard from the sec chairwoman , who says you can not solicit foreign interference which dirt on a political opponent would be and do that legally. it is a crime. he is abusing the power of the office, he has been doing it consistent lip this is the most egregious example of it and no doubt we'll find out more and think about this. the impeachment inquiry has not even formally begun and we already know what he has done
6:20 am
with the ukraine and china. think how much -- jedediah: you're anticipating that nancy pelosi is going to call for a vote on impeachment and you're anticipating the president will be impeached and the public this will be received well and work out for democrats well in 2020 is that what you're saying? >> the policy of impeachment which i was very hesitant about until we found out what was going on with his conversation with the president were for democrats and nancy pelosi was right in holding back. jedediah: but when the transcripts came out a lot of people looked and said there was no money withheld here. where is the joe biden -- >> actually the money was being held up hundreds of millions of dollars. jedediah: no but that money was already not as a result of this call though. where in that language can you point to me that says if you don't do this for me, i'm going to take this away for you, whereas we did have joe biden on record, exactly that in video, how is that possible? >> well when you watch the video of joe biden and pay attention to the timeline, you know that the prosecutor who by the way the imf, the european union, all of our allies all wanted him to to removed for
6:21 am
office because he was completely corrupt came after the case into hunter biden's company, and that doesn't work. joe biden is supported by the international community on that move. jedediah: we unfortunately have to go. more fox & friends coming up on the other side. when you shop for your home at wayfair,
6:22 am
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6:24 am
>> we the jury do find the defendant as to count one first degree murder guilty. >> jodie arias will spend the rest of her life behind bars convicted for the murder of her lover travis alexander. prosecutors wasted no time getting to the point displaying photos of a bloody crime scene. >> the prosecutor felled a photo of travis alexander detailing his violent and brutal murder. >> you would acknowledge that looks at the knife, with the
6:25 am
stabbing right? and according to your version of events, you would acknowledge that that stabbing was after the shooting? >> out of control. sudden heat of passion. you may not know it, but she may very well. >> i was just horrified with what happened and that i could be capable of doing something like that. griff: the world was captivated by the selacious details around the jodie arias murder case, all detailed in a month-long trial that ended in first degree murder conviction and life sentence for defendant jodie arias but now an appeals court has agreed to reveal the case against misconduct allegations against lead prosecutor juan martinez, troy haystack den from our affiliate station covered the trial expensively and he was the point man, got the exclusive interview with jodie arias moments after that conviction, troy, this is an unbelievable development, what is going on? >> well first of all, griff can
6:26 am
you wrap your mind around the fact that we may see another jodie arias murder trial even though it's a slim possibility? let that sink in for a second, bud. you were out here with me. you know what a circus this was. right? it was crazy the way the trial played out in the middle of that circus was jodie arias of course , but also, there was prosecutor juan martinez and now her team is saying that his actions inside and outside the courtroom were prosecutorial misconduct so they are claiming that's the basis of this whole appeal. they are claiming that he had an affair with a blogger during a trial and gave her information he shouldn't have and that information was then published and could have gotten to the jury. they say he had inappropriate contact with a juror who had been dismissed and was getting information from her on what the jury was thinking during the trial would use that against jod i, and that he wrote a book during the case actually publish ed before the whole case was over, so arias' team is saying this means she doesn't get a fair trial and you have to
6:27 am
throw out this verdict and the appellate court just said okay, come in here and make your case, they have oral arguments octobee are griff. griff: troy have you gotten any feedback from travis alexander, the murder victim, of jodie arias stabbing, shooting, slit ting the throat of travis have you gotten any feedback from how the family feels about this? >> well his brother-in-law harold actually just reached out to me on facebook of all things when i broke this story about the fact the appellate court is going to be looking at it and he said to me do you remember the last thing that jodi said before she got off the stand at her sentencing and i said yes i do and the thing she said was he was alive when i slashed his throat, and so she's admitted to killing him and this was a gruesome crime and we need to remind people, stabbed dozens of times, shot in the head, his throat was slit so deep that almost decapitated him and she admitted to doing it but said look i did it because of abuse. griff: this is unbelievable. thank you very much for joining us you led that case last time
6:28 am
and you will this time stay tuned, thank you, sir. >> thanks buddy great talking with you. griff: it's one of senator elizabeth warren's go-to stories on the campaign trail, watch. >> i was visibly pregnant, and the principal did what principal s did in those days. wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. griff: turns out that's not how she always told that story. we'll bring it to you, coming up
6:29 am
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like me-ow. >> ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ pete: you know our new york city -based producers are just rubbing it in this morning. jedediah: [laughter] pete: so my minnesota twins didn't beat the yankees last night, but my buddy jimmy is right off camera, wave jimmy no one can see you. he went to the game with me last night and was going to the vikings game as well we get our chance to get revenge against new york later on today in football. griff: well now in the last hour , we were talking to our friend ed henry. let me show you what happened. ed: i think that pete wants to go into this after what happened to his minnesota twins.
6:33 am
start spreading the news. griff: oh, boy. ed: ♪ i'm leaving today, i want to be a part of it ♪ griff: and you started singing it like you're not, i think supposed to sing it. that's like stockholm syndrome. pete: we've all heard it. i heard it last night, and listen, i have nothing to say. jedediah: my favorite part is that ed was all set for the segment just to aggravate you. it's so great! pete: we get our revenge in minnesota. the red sox were down 3-0 to the yankees 10 years ago and came back and won four straight games griff: although the minnesota twins haven't won a post-season playoff game in 15 years? jedediah: he's getting enraged and i'm in between the two of you. [laughter] griff: the vikings will do better. pete: you guys i love you too.
6:34 am
griff: meanwhile, someone is having a more difficult day than pete and elizabeth warren running for president climbing in the polls, but now has a possible, said once before, saying now, problem. pete: she's got a she said she said problem because she hits the trail these days and tells a story about when she was first a school teacher and how she was pregnant and got fired but here is the story she's been saying over the last couple o of years and especially recently about her early employment, listen. >> my first teaching position was as a special needs teacher, and by the end of the first school year, i was quite visibly pregnant. >> i was visibly pregnant. >> visibly pregnant. and the principal did what principals did in those days. wished me luck and hired someone else for the job. pete: so that's the story today, jedediah. jedediah: she's alleging out right discrimination says visibly pregnant multiple times
6:35 am
saying i was fired from the job because i was pregnant and at the time that was the protocol they would say sorry going t find someone else to do the job whose not pregnant so unfortunately for elizabeth warren back in the day, she wasn't quite, take a look at what she was saying i think it was 2007. >> i worked in a public school system but i worked with the children with disabilities, and i did that for a year, and then that summer, i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an emergency certificate on this call and i went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education, and said that i don't think this is going to work out for me, and i was pregnant with my first baby, so i had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years and i was really casting about thinking what am i going to do?
6:36 am
jedediah: the perpetual storyteller. she gets away with this and tells her stories about her heritage, which one was it in this case visibly pregnant and that's why you got fired or did you not have the adequate education courses? it's amazing to me that politicians in this day and age knowing that we have video, they will lie and deceive and the reason she does it is because she has gotten away with it. this is a woman who lied about her heritage and somehow is managing to rise in the polls. griff: well now we'll see what she has to say. you say that she's lying and of course, we have the tape which shows that she's saying two different things; however, she will have an answer and she is undeniably a increasing threat to biden and sanders particularly if you look at the real clear politics average, this is a combination of all of the national polls you can see on the top the green line that is of course joe biden, the blue line is bernie sanders, but if you can follow that brown line, particularly on the right side of your screen, that climb there at the end that is a slow and
6:37 am
steady climb and she is getting right up there. now biden is out there having to answer to these ukraine allegations and he's at the center of this impeachment inquiry, and that is not a good thing for him, because obviously he's getting asked about on the campaign trail and been playing it all morning but warren has a chance now to try and answer this, to convince you, jedediah and all of the other voters, pete, that there's a reason why her story has changed and she can move on but with that steady climb, you have to take her as a very serious -- pete: sure but you say she will have to have an answer, she doesn't answer by taking a dna test and show she's 1/1,000 native american proving she had been lying about her heritage to advance herself. i'm sure back in the day antonio do know if she was married or single at the time so mrs. warren or ms. warren, so now she's the school teacher who lied about her heritage and now she's lying about why she got fired because some principal was discriminating against her. not true. how are you going to explain it and people start to see a pattern just like you see a
6:38 am
pattern of low energy or people start to or of crooked hillary, the idea that someone is not being truthful with you. if elizabeth warren is continually spinning a tail of her background, it makes you start to wonder who is she for real. jedediah: she is a good politician and one of the reasons she's rising in the poll s is she is better than joe biden and better at spinning a lie which many politicians need to be able to do. you got to be able to lie well. well it's true and she's proving she is quite capable of doing that. pete: well said. we've got a couple headlines for you now as well. a man is behind bars after randomly beating four sleeping homeless people to death. new york city police say randy s antos bludgeoned them with a metal pipe in chinatown. a fifth homeless person was attacked and rushed to a hospital in critical condition. cops say the suspect whose almost homeless has 14 prior arrests including four in the past year. model citizen. a scary situation at disney world, riders stranded in the air for hours after a gondola
6:39 am
looses power at the orlando park , after the malfunction and disney says the ride which opened last week will be closed for an investigation, no one thankfully was hurt. and peter baker the drummer of the band "cream" -- now despite being together for only two years baker along with eric clapton and jack bruce sold more than 15 million albums together and baker went on to play in multiple bands even forming his own ginger baker's air force and the 80-year-old had a long history of health problems rest in peace. those are your headlines. all right, now we're going to head out to rick richmuth whose outside and it's not too bad out there is it rick? rick: not bad better than yesterday its warmed up around 20 degrees but cloudy and we do have rain coming intake a look at the weather map to show you what's going on across the country. temps still warm across the south but we have just one last
6:40 am
day that things are going to cool down 75 this morning in dallas, that's going to be high by the time we get to tomorrow because we have this front moving through bringing rain scattered showers across parts of the southeast which we'll take because we need any rain we can get but a little bit heavier especially across parts of kentucky, severe weather and thunderstorms across southern areas of missouri. that threat behind us and cooler air, and we'll see the rain maybe two to three inches in a few spots but the real cold air comes in behind the next storm coming in thursday, across the northern rockies and take a look at that by thursday, we have pretty significant snow across parts of the dakotas and into nebraska so winter is here guys it's coming can't avoid it much longer back to you. jedediah: wow already into snow. amazing. griff: i'm not ready for it. jedediah: i know. it is a great tariff revenue debate, a lawmaker now saying americans could get money in their pockets from president trump's tariffs. griff: how? well we'll ask maria bartiromo, she's here. pete: good morning. maria: how are you?
6:41 am
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pete: welcome back. unemployment dropping to a 50 year low in september falling to 3.5%. jedediah: critics pointing out jobs will flow to 136,000 below the 2018 average of 214,000, so should we be worried about a slowing economy? griff: nobody better to ask than "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo, so here we've got this great jobs number. maria: yes. griff: we've seen at least in the manufacturing sector a little bit of a slowing in the economy. maria: that's absolutely right. we had a tough week in terms of economic data and it was largely about manufacturing. when you look at factory output, it slowed down below the 50 level and below 50 is contraction so people with worried this is a precursor to a recession. i think there's no question that the economy is slowing down. capex has slowed down that's capital expenditures ceo's
6:45 am
putting money into r & d and i-t , et cetera, and that has also slowed down however it's not recessionary numbers, and it's partly the fact that the dollar is very strong, and that's making things more expensive versus international items, it's partly the trade uncertainty, ceo's managers sitting on cash, waiting to see where this trade fight with china and u.s. mca go by the way and so in the process we are definitely seeing a slower economy but friday's number was very strong. as you just said a 50 year low on unemployment, 135,000 jobs created in the month of september that's strong, that's growth. that's not recession and just a reminder recession is two- quarters of contraction, two -quarters of negative growth. we're not seeing that at all. we're seeing gdp and economic growth still on the upswing. pete: maria you mentioned tariff s, senator tom cotton proposed that tariff revenue be rebated to taxpayers in the bottom three brackets so as we're staring down china, what do you think? maria: it sort of flies in the face of what the administration has been saying and that is that the consumer is really not
6:46 am
paying for the tariffs just yet but look this is another idea to help the bottom of the scale, in terms of the bottom three brackets, senator cotton's idea basically wants to give a rebate to singles making up to $84,000 or $86,000 a year and couples $168,000 a year. you know, i don't think it really moves the needle on growth or really moves the needle for people, but he's trying to look at the tariff revenue that this administration is definitely generating as a result of these debates and fights with china, and this impasse with the u.s. mca passing and saying let's try to help the consumer who might be struggling. i don't think the consumer is struggling at that much though, pete. that's the real truth of this. it's the consumer that's been holding up really well and manufacturing that has been weakening, as a result of these other issues but the consumer is doing very well actually right now. jedediah: now you obviously cover all of this juicy economic stuff on fox business all the time, fox business has done this amazing re-launch, you guys have a new website, you have a new app, complete new look, how is
6:47 am
this been and what can people expect? maria: its been great the ratings have been really strong on fox business last week as we did this refresh, and we're trying to make it cleaner on the screen and our whole campaign is titled invest in you and that really, you know, has a lot of different meanings. it is certainly looking at what families and pocketbook issues are important to families and people out there who don't really focus on the nitty gritty in terms of business markets but want to know basic issues and understanding of how can i have wise investing and savings for the long term, and not think that i'm going to get rich overnight so we're trying to come up with ideas and plans to help those people, but it also means truth. we're seeking truth. i mean, we are making sure that you're not going to get, we're not going to get on the bandwagon of the mainstream media and all of this in the way , we are actually seeking truth and whether that's positive for president trump or negative for president trump, positive for the administration,
6:48 am
negative for the administration, that's what we're doing. we're invested in you. griff: speaking of truth in 12 minutes you'll have "sunday morning futures", who you got coming up? maria: we have a big show and i think we'll break news. we have senator lindsey graham coming up chairman of the judiciary committee. a lot of people aren't talking about the fact this whole impeachment in inquiry is p ha ing in the intel committee as opposed to the judiciary committee. the jurisdiction for any impeachment of a duly-elected president is the judiciary committee. why did nancy pelosi give it to the intel committee? let's talk about that and i'll pose a question directly at the senator saying why haven't you subpoenaed the whistleblower? i mean, you have subpoena power, you're in the judiciary committee you want to ask them and also i want to ask about that deep dive he's been talking about, where are all of the subpoenas for those people at the top of the fbi and the cia who we know tried to put their hand on the scale in the 2016 election, and also representative john ratcliffe here is where we get breaking news because he was in the room of the hearing on friday, closed door hearing, we'll talk to him about that and then i've got
6:49 am
george papadopoulos coming on, as well as jonathan ward. don't forget george papadopoulos , he's the guy who, you know, he was dropped a hot potato of saying russia has e-mails of hillary clinton. he's probably one of those subpoenas of lindsey graham. pete: very good. jedediah: you have seen him on fox & friends and things only seem to explode, and he's back with more science experiments for us to try, coming up. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ (engines rev) the only thing better than horsepower... more horsepower. (engines rev) if we were for everyone, we'd be for no one. with dodge power dollars, more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye.
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(pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so.
6:52 am
pete: well you never know what to expect when our next guest comes to the studio but we do know that segments are likely to end with a bang.
6:53 am
griff: steve spangler coming back and emmy award winning host of do-it-yourself, diy, which appears on fox & friends nationwide, steve? i'm excited been waiting all day for this. >> thanks for having me out here why is it whenever i'm here the fire department is here? >> [laughter] >> police officers are here and these people are running backwards. hey, so here is what's kind of fun. we start from the very very top. if you take a soda can and calculate the area of a soda can it's about 67 inches. so we take the air pressure that's pushing on us that puts about 1,000 pounds of pressure on that can. so if you ever made it a party and you finish with a can like this, and then you crush the can with your hand, and then you throw it away, it takes so much time don't you think? so here, it's so much easier watch. you just take a soda can like this, and we pour water in the can, boil it and hold on to it and turn it up side down into the water like this.
6:54 am
do you see how it crushes? here so watch. take the can. turn it up side down and so now, like that. and then you're okay, so here do this. there it is, so you see how it pulls the water up? go ahead and try it. i've got a bigger one. oh, there you go. there is a little crush. it was a crush. so watch if i heat it up like this, anything worth doing is worth over doing so now you just got to heat it up like this. that was a little bit better, right? so here is our crush and so now watch what happens when we crush this way. see that's what i'm looking for. thanks, everybody i'll be here all week. so i know, thank you, thank you, so we're going to see how we're heating it, pushing the air out and now the outside air pressure watch this is crushing the can. but! anything worth doing again is worth over doing so watch this. we have that same drum here, come here and take a look at this.
6:55 am
that's a 55-gallon drum. instead of it didn't blow up that's an implosion instead of an explosion. griff: we got a minute left. so he seals it up like this, brian is moving it around look at that. it's not the most friendly camera angle, but we'll see how we take it down like this? got it? feeling good? all right here we go, ready? here we go you do it. watch this. so now come here guys. we put it in here, like this, come here come here. now, look at this and so now we're just going to cool it down so we cool it down now, now we're going to let the outside air pressure, no kidding come here! look at that! that's crushing a can! listen to it. listen listen listen. wow! >> [applause] >> so we won't send that to you in your kit of the month club but we will. >> do you have a kit of the
6:56 am
month? it is so important for kids to study science. >> it is. >> every month we put a new kit on your door. i'm just trying to get kids excited about science, so that one day they understand that the job waiting for them, it's awesome. >> spangler science, check it out. more fox & friends, coming up! >> look at that. seriously look at that. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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7:00 am awards, it's in st. petersburg, florida we'd love to see you. jedediah: lots of cool people going to be there. i will be there. though i might be delivering a baby. maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo. joining me exclusively straight ahead right here on "sunday morning futures" senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham on the democrats impeachment push, as the white house plans to send a letter to speaker pelosi tomorrow daring her to hold that vote on this matter. house intel and judiciary committee member john ratcliffe was here the congressman was in the room when he testified on friday but the controversy now is at the center of this impeachment inquiry and also the reaction to a word of a second whistleblower this morning, and he spoke to the intel community 's inspector general. plus, former trump campaign aid george papadopoulos is here, on the attorney general william


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